sorenIt is a bit confusing. :)00:00
ScottK2Debian arch: all ~= RPM noarch.00:00
mok0Yeah, I really like that noarch :-P00:01
awen_soren: just need to learn it :)00:01
mok0runs on no arch's00:01
jdongmok0: everything runs on noarch :D00:04
mok0jdong: ha!00:04
zulsoren: go to bed...sheesh00:06
sorenzul: I don't wanna!00:06
sorenI'm busy taking over the world.00:06
zulsoren: its like someone is paying you to stay up00:06
awen_soren: thanks for all the help... now I just have to fix the two lintian errors :)00:11
sorenzul: You'd think so, wouldn't you :)00:11
zulsoren: how late is it there? 1ish?00:12
awen_zul: correct :P00:12
sorenzul: Something like that.00:17
Hobbseeyay, random subscriptions to bug.s00:24
* Hobbsee doesn't remember why something changed in edgy.00:25
mok0Good morning, Hobbsee00:26
Hobbseemorning mok000:26
* mok0 should probably go to sleep soon...00:27
mok0breaking: Obama wins Mississippi00:28
* awen_ just realized that the default wallpaper has changed... that's why it looked different00:29
Hobbseeugh.  us politics00:31
TheMusoAustralian politics is bad enough.00:33
awen_Anyone wants to have a look at a new package? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=uniconvertor ... all suggestions+comments from RainCT has been incorporated00:36
protonchrisHobbsee: Would you be will to look at bug 200292 ?00:38
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 200292 in libgda3 "Sync libgda3_3.0.2-2 from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20029200:38
awen_getting much to late... goodnight people00:44
sorenYEah, same here.00:44
soren(Unsurprisingly, as we're in the same $TZ)00:45
awen_he :)00:46
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Hobbseesomeone should update awn.01:28
RAOFBy 'update' you mean FFe?01:30
RAOFAnd grab 0.2.6, or whatever the release is?01:31
Hobbseeyeah, looks like it01:31
RAOFHobbsee: And probably introduce a plugins package? ;)01:31
RAOFI suppose so.01:32
RAOFI might actually _use_ an updated awn.01:32
=== dijital1_away is now known as dijital1
bddebianHello protonchris01:46
emgentheya gang!01:47
bddebianHeh, hi emgent01:47
=== farruinn_ is now known as farruinn
protonchrisbddebian: Are you up for taking a look at a package that needs sponsoring (motu-release has already approved)?01:54
bddebianprotonchris: What package?01:55
protonchrisbug 19074401:55
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 190744 in libgdamm3.0 "Request: Upgrade libgdamm3.0 to upstream version 2.9.81" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19074401:55
bddebianprotonchris: I'm lazy, do you have a source package posted somewhere?02:03
protonchrisbddebian: just a sec02:04
protonchrisbddebian: I can post the files to my server.  Will that work?02:09
protonchrisbddebian: http://protonlab.net/~chris/libgdamm3.0/02:10
bddebianAnd why is it libgdamm3.0-2.9.88?02:14
protonchrisShould be libgdamm3.0-2.9.8202:15
bddebianYeah, sorry, but why 3.0 with 2.9.82?02:16
protonchrisI am not sure why they decided to call it 3.0 when it was first packaged.  I assumed that upstream was leading up to a 3.0 release.02:21
RAOFPresumably that's the soname, right?02:22
bddebianSure, just looks odd :)02:24
protonchrisThat package produces a libgdamm3.0-9 binary package.  The soname is 9.02:25
bddebianUhm, that's even worse :)02:28
bddebianDo we care that the soname doesn't match the package name?02:38
tritiumHey there, bddebian :)02:39
bddebianHi tritium02:39
protonchrisWell, we also have a libgdamm1.3 in the archive with a soname of 8 :)02:39
bddebianprotonchris: OK, uploaded, it's all yours now! :)02:40
protonchrisbddebian: Will the bug close itself since I put the bug number in the changelog?02:47
bddebianIt's supposed to02:47
protonchrisCool, thanks again.02:47
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nehanybody know if mythtv .21 will make it into hardy?05:08
RAOFneh: It already has.05:09
nehRAOF: ah, I must have looked in the wrong place before, now I see it. thanks.05:12
* Hobbsee wonders why our eclipse version is so old06:16
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
RAOFHobbsee: Because everyone hates java.07:06
RAOFIt's like the stillborn progeny of gods too dark to comprehend, animated by sheer bloodymindedness.07:07
HobbseeRAOF: awww07:07
RAOFOr, alternatively, just because no MOTU actually _uses_ Eclipse.07:07
* RAOF 's Java developing friend is particularly impressed with the way Eclipse can happily consume > 3Gb of memory.07:08
dholbachgood morning07:08
RAOF'Morning dholbach!07:08
RAOFNow, let there be a chicken/pasta/pesto bake thing prepared!07:08
dholbachhi RAOF07:10
RAOFHobbsee: You use Gnome-Do, right?  How would you feel in principle about a FFe for it?  I'd need to actually cut a release of it, but trunk has some significantly cool new features.07:17
HobbseeRAOF: what features?07:17
RAOFHobbsee: The inteface is a little shinier, but the really killer feature is that it now learns what you use most, and prioritises hits by that.07:20
HobbseeRAOF: excellent.  can we get some of the plugins too?07:20
tonyyarussooooh, I like that.07:20
RAOFAlso, on the plugins front, there's an awesome Launchpad plugin, and better error catching in Do.07:21
RAOFSo it should be harder for plugins to bring down Do :)07:21
RAOFHobbsee: There's _already_ a gnome-do-plugins package, right?07:21
HobbseeRAOF: yummy.  i din't ahve that.07:22
HobbseeRAOF: yeah, i want to see the LP one in there too07:22
RAOFRight.  So, were I to cut a release we'd pick up the freshly merged LP plugin, and a couple of other less awesome ones.07:22
RAOFHobbsee: Incidentally, Do is an awesome Rhythmbox interface :)07:23
RAOFWere you using Do without the plugins?  That'd be quite a lot less awesome.07:24
Hobbseeanyway, yes, i'd approve the uvfe for it07:25
Hobbseethe mroe plugins it has, the more usfeul it is07:25
* tonyyarusso thinks you should include zelut's apt-get plugin07:27
RAOFRight.  So, I'll try and get my ducks in a line so that I can cut a release & package on the weekend.07:28
RAOFMaybe.  It's not soumething that *I* use :)07:28
RAOFtonyyarusso: ^^^07:28
* RAOF goes back to roasting capsicum07:29
tonyyarussoRAOF: nah, but it looks nifty07:29
RAOFMan I need a parsley plant...07:34
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RAOFDear aptitude: _FASTER_!  I want to see if I can unbreak X :)08:30
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
DaveMorriswho do I need to poke to get a patch I provided to a bug built and released?09:23
DktrKranz2DaveMorris: could you please indicate which bug you are referring to?09:27
DaveMorrisBug #19543309:29
DktrKranz2bug 19543309:34
DaveMorrissince ubot seems to be broken09:38
DktrKranz2DaveMorris: It was me who commented on it.09:41
DktrKranz2it's uncommon to depends on -dev packages, though.09:42
DktrKranz2does opensg require files in these -dev packages?09:42
DaveMorrisopensg-dev needs to fulfil against those since thats whats returned by osg-config (and pkg-config since I based it on the osg-config results)09:44
DaveMorrisso atm when you try and link against opensg it fails as it can't find the libs to link against09:46
DktrKranz2does it happens at build time?09:46
DaveMorrisyes (not build time for opensg, but build time for programs linking against opensg)09:47
DaveMorrisI missed them off when I built the package as I didn't try linking against it in a clean environment (have now learnt :) )09:49
YokoZarI have a package (zsnes) that recently started building on amd64.  The last upload added amd64 arch to the control file, and it builds fine if I use dpkg-buildpackage.  However, looking it up on launchpad, the build daemon isn't even trying to build it on amd64, and gnome-app-install has it unclickable still09:50
YokoZarDo we have to manually tell the buildd to attempt amd64 ?09:50
DktrKranz2DaveMorris: ah... have you some examples?09:51
DaveMorrisyeah, give us a sec09:52
DaveMorrisDktrKranz2:  http://foss.it.brighton.ac.uk/epoch/opensg-example.tar.gz09:59
DaveMorrisTo build create a symbolic link in the trunk dir called OpenSG pointing to the trunk dir (ln -s . OpenSG), then use make (there are targets to install make the test if you wanted, you need to run the test though).  It depends on the package libopensg-core-dev09:59
RAOFYokoZar: No, AFAIK you shouldn't have to explicitly ask the buildd to build it (or, rather, having amd64 in the arch field *is* explicitly asking for it).10:10
YokoZarRAOF: ok then...so what do I do here?10:11
YokoZarhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsnes/1.510-2ubuntu1  <-- note it doesn't even try10:11
=== ogra_cmpc_ is now known as ogra_cmpc
DktrKranz2DaveMorris: ok. I'll have a look this evening then. Thanks.10:12
* RAOF has a look10:12
RAOFYokoZar: I can't see anything obvious, and I don't really have time for a more detailed poke.10:15
YokoZarthanks RAOF.  Do you happen to know who I should bother?10:15
RAOFProbably anyone on #ubuntu-devel would work :)10:15
\shYokoZar: ask pitti ;)10:17
awen_RainCT: thanks for the help yesterday... i've changed it to use pycentral, and uploaded it again, if you have time for a look: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=uniconvertor10:20
\shoh wow..I found my window manager for working really fast10:28
\shwmii rulez10:28
* pochu waves good morning10:54
\shhey pochu10:56
pochuhey hey \sh10:57
huatsScottK hey11:31
huatsthe other day you were asking to let you know if some sponsoring was needed for the python-xml bug : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tinyerp-server/+bug/19948711:33
HobbseeRainCT: how'd you break X?11:44
=== tb1 is now known as tbf
\shoh I'm really in love with wmii12:00
zulHobbsee: with a hammer or other blunt objects or even a pointy stick12:08
Hobbseezul: didn't work12:08
zulHobbsee: bigger hammer?12:09
Hobbseeyeah.  purged more12:09
Hobbseekittens died.12:09
ScottKnxvl: Would you please merge your change in Bug #179790 with the debdiff in Bug #199487, give it a test, and let me know.  I'll sponsor it.12:26
RainCTawen_: no problem :)12:30
RainCTHobbsee: break X?12:30
Hobbseesomoene was trying to fix it12:30
Hobbseedid my nick completion break?12:31
RainCTHobbsee: guessed that :)12:31
Hobbseei think it was RAOF12:31
zuldholbach: ping12:36
ScottK2pochu: Weren't you going to take care of getting spe updated?12:38
speakmanhi, motu ;)12:44
speakmanA new version of "most" is released since nov 2007 and now it finally support vt100 colors!12:45
\shwtf is "most"?12:45
speakmanDoes ubuntu have any maintainer of that package, or does it come straight from Debian?12:45
speakman\sh: How about apt-cache show most ?12:45
persiaspeakman: Unfortunate timing.  We're nearly to BetaFreeze for hardy, although it sounds like a welcome improvement for intrepid.12:45
\shspeakman: just tell me what it is...12:45
speakman\sh: a pager. A great one. The best. :)12:46
speakman(try export PAGER=most and "man printf" e.g.)12:46
\shspeakman: you mean like "less" or "more"12:46
speakmanenv PAGER=most man printf12:46
speakman\sh: yes, but alot better12:46
speakman(why not make it default in ubuntu btw?)12:47
persiaspeakman: It's imported from Debian, although MOTU coordinates the state in Ubuntu, and so is the Maintainer in many senses.12:47
speakmanpersia: ok, thanks for explaining. Is it possible to make it in interpid?12:47
speakmansorry, hardy12:47
\shspeakman: well gnu less or more are mostly standards in unix derivatives != linux :)12:47
speakman\sh: give it a try. Install it, run "env PAGER=most man printf", an uninstall it if it wasn't as expected. ;)12:48
persiaspeakman: Yes, but with significant difficulty, and only if it is really important.  At this point, most developers are focused on bugfixing and making sure the distribution is in a state for release, so updates don't get very much attention.12:48
speakmanpersia: I see. One pretty big thing is that you can finally pipe bzr diff output (and as long as bzr doesn't color the diff it self, pipe it through "colordiff") through it!12:49
speakmanelse you're stuck with less (or even more, cant remember)12:50
pochuScottK2: AFAIR Stani was going to release 0.8.4e so we can get rid of the symlinks and of our own setup.py. But I won't be able to upload it until next week anyway12:50
pochuScottK2: I'm not even sure whether I could make it for beta, so if you can do it that'd be nice12:50
persiaspeakman: That sounds great, but I'm not sure it competes with the > 219 packages that currently cannot be installed for developer attention.12:51
pochus/I could/I'll be able to/12:51
speakmanpersia: guess you're right... too bad I didn't see it earlier. Released nov 2007.12:52
ScottK2pochu: OK.12:52
ScottK2pochu: I thought it was d that did that?12:52
persiaspeakman: Yes, too bad indeed.  In December or January would have been a good time for the sync.  In any case, it ought be eligible for backports in May, so it won't be too long post-hardy to wait.12:53
speakmanpersia: actually, it isn't even in debian yet. Just msgd "mako" about it12:53
speakmanehm... is there any good tutorial (or gui) how to make my own deb package?12:54
pochuScottK2: sorry, who did what?12:54
broonieNormally there's a bot that would have given you a canned answer to your question in response to that command.12:56
persiaErr.  That should have provided a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide12:56
persia(not that it is especially good, but it's a place to start reading)12:57
speakmanoh, thanks alot. I'll start there. :)12:58
speakman(and thanks for generally being polite and open-minded!)12:58
ScottK2pochu: I thought it was 0.8.4d that had the changes so the symlinks could be gotten rid of.13:05
ScottK2\sh: Did you see my response to your ffmpeg ping?13:07
\shScottK2: nope13:07
* \sh is busy doing stress tests and gnuplotting :(13:08
pochuScottK2: according to Stani's mail it's fixed upstream, and he said he will release it as 0.8.4e if everything worked fine13:09
\shScottK2: what was it? :)13:11
ScottK2\sh: I was asking what testing you'd done on this.13:14
ScottK2pochu: Would you please get in touch with him then.13:14
\shScottK2: build tests works...and functional: I used it here to move the metadata from several of our h.264 FLVs to the correct position to stream it via mod_flv_streaming/lighty13:15
\shhere == company :)13:15
ScottK2\sh: OK.  2nd question: If siretart likes it, how come he didn't upload it?13:16
\shScottK2: because he just got the bug report yesterday...and he is busy as I understood...13:16
ScottK2\sh: This is a part of the system I know little about, so I'm a bit nervous about uploading it.13:16
siretartScottK2: sorry, I was terribly busy yesterday, I looked at the debdiff, it looks okay to me13:16
ScottK2siretart: Understand.13:17
siretartbut I didn't testbuilt it yet. however I'm confident with that upload. (I assume we're talking about the missing tool, right?)13:17
\shsiretart: yepp13:18
ScottK2\sh and siretart: OK.  I'll test build and upload if it builds13:19
\shScottK2: thx a lolt13:20
dholbachzul: pong13:24
zuldholbach: rpm sponsor request why did that get thrown to me?13:25
dholbachzul: I had to pick somebody :)13:25
zuldholbach: gee thanks ;)13:26
siretartScottK2: thanks!13:32
ScottK2\sh and siretart: Uploaded.13:46
ScottK2\sh: Next time please put the bug in the changelog (I added it).13:46
pochuScottK2: he said he was going to be offline for a few days as he was going to be an uncle. He'll likely release it once he's back13:47
\shScottK2: thx...yeah I forgot that, damn...13:59
bobbozul; ping14:05
zulbobbo: pong14:06
bobbozul im the guy working on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rpm/+bug/7335514:06
zulbobbo: hello14:06
bobbozul; should i bump the debian standards to 3.7.3 from 3.7.2?14:06
bobbozul; thanks14:06
hellboy195\sh: may I disturb you again?14:13
\shhellboy195: fire away...if I don't have time, you won't get an answer in time ;)14:13
hellboy195\sh: ^^. I'm doing the merge of electricsheep now. And the ubuntu changelog says: Merge debian/rules to keep our kscreensaver changes.14:15
hellboy195 . But if you look at the patch that DaD created ,.. Was that terrible documentated? Btw you are again the last uploader ^^14:15
hellboy195\sh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612/14:15
hellboy195\sh: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/electricsheep14:15
bobboHow do you get debdiff/debuild -S to include new files?14:19
\shhellboy195: hmm..i don't use dad but mom...and then I'm normally comparing diff.gz ;)14:19
hellboy195\sh: ^^ so DaD is f***** up?14:20
\shhellboy195: well, what is the problem anyways?14:22
smartercould someone please look at kde4-style-bespin 0.1~svn080206-0ubuntu2?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kde4-style-bespin14:22
hellboy195\sh: if that are remaining changes or not ...14:22
smarterIt only fixes a bug14:22
smarterin  the packaging14:23
\shhellboy195: did debian upstream include the kscreensaver desktop file ?14:23
hellboy195\sh: no14:23
\shhellboy195: then it's the remaining change :)14:23
Adri2000\sh: it seems to me that the problem is that there are 2 or 3 changes you didn't mention in the changelog14:24
\shhellboy195: the gnome stuff was included in 2.6.8-7 and 2.6.8-7ubuntu1 readded the kscreensaver desktop bits14:24
hellboy195\sh: and what about the ectricsheep-2.6.8/debian/patches/05_multihead_support.dpatch14:25
\shhellboy195: well, I just checked the last uploader ;)14:26
hellboy195\sh: rofl. that means?14:26
\shhellboy195: the last uploader forget to mention this as well14:26
hellboy195\sh: ha!14:27
hellboy195\sh: thx ^^14:27
\shhellboy195: well, he and I didn't drop it...14:27
\shhellboy195: check dbts if the bug is reported for the multihead patch14:27
hellboy195\sh: it isn't. so I have to include it and report that back to debian folks :)14:30
\shhellboy195: try to include that in a debian package (means create a sid package with the patch included and make a debdiff )14:32
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
hellboy195\sh: what's the difference?14:33
\shhellboy195: the buildsystem :) try to build the resulting new debian package against a sid pbuilder/sbuild chroot and make it running :)14:33
hellboy195\sh: never did that before but ok ^^. and thx again14:35
\shhellboy195: just create pbuilder for sid (it's the same way as for hardy but s/hardy/sid/ ;))14:35
hellboy195\sh: I know that but I mean when I reported changes back to debian I did it the normal way ;)14:36
=== ogra_cmpc__ is now known as ogra_cmpc
\shhellboy195: having a debdiff is sometimes better for the maintainer ;) he just needs to testbuild/test run it ... in no time ;)14:37
hellboy195\sh: submitodebian actually genereates a debdiff !?14:38
\shhellboy195: dunno...I#m doing it manually14:40
\shsometimes I don't trust automations ;)14:40
\shbah...lighty 1.4.19 is out14:40
\shand it looks worth an FFe14:40
zulbobbo: looks good14:40
bobbozul; cool, thanks14:41
hellboy195\sh: ^^ I do it automatically but double check it :)  then hf with lighty ^^14:41
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
hellboy195dholbach: I still make stupid mistakes xD (nn merge) sry for that nonsense14:42
zulbobbo: uploaded14:43
dholbachhellboy195: no problem14:43
bobbozul; thanks for reviwing/sponsoring14:43
\shI'm building lighty 1.4.19 it helps us a lot for hardy...14:50
hellboy195\sh: what about electricsheep.desktop14:55
hellboy195??? My debdiff: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12606769/electricsheep_2.6.8-9ubuntu1.debdiff14:55
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
bobbozul; the rpm update FTBFS15:37
zulbobbo: Ill take a look15:37
=== schierbeck is now known as __schierbeck__
\shScottK2: I need your advise: do you think an update of lighttpd 1.4.19 is a bugfix or a new upstream (read for more info: http://www.lighttpd.net/2008/3/10/1-4-19-made-in-germany) :)15:46
sistpoty|workhi folks15:47
\shScottK2: for me it looks more like an bugfix release...15:49
ScottK2\sh: I'm not certain.  It looks like it's good to have.  If you think it's bugfix, I'm not going to argue it.15:51
\shScottK2: I didn't see any new features, TBH...it builds clean, I added all diffs between our actual hardy version to actual debian sid version...so for me, I would just upload but I already filed a bug report anyways :)15:52
ScottK2OK.  It's not clear to me if you have a change where they didn't support a required http feature and now they do if that's a bug or not.15:54
ScottK2But as I said, I won't argue it,15:54
\shScottK2: ok...let's got the FFe way :) I mean, I have everything in place..and it's only a matter of two people approving it :)15:55
\shwas it motu-release or ubuntu-release team...15:58
\shah motu-release ;)15:58
\shScottK2: bug #201439 if you want more input :)15:58
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201439 in lighttpd "[FFe] lighttpd 1.4.19" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20143915:58
ScottK2\sh: I don't.  I'd say just upload it.16:01
=== soren is now known as soren_not_joking
\shScottK2: "In the Name of Castle Greyskull" I will ;)16:02
=== soren_not_joking is now known as soren_joking
=== soren_joking is now known as soren
rockstar_After speaking with nealmcb last night, I'd like to become a motu.  Can someone describe the standard environment you work under to do tests and fixes?  Are you all running Hardy on a development system?16:08
\shrockstar_: get familiar with pbuilder/sbuild environments...chroot debootstrap and things like that...16:09
jdongpbuilder is the standard build environment for most of us16:09
jdongand no, not all of us are running Hardy, though a good number of us do16:10
jdongrunning hardy is not a requirement16:10
rockstar_\sh, jdong thanks.  I'll dig in there.16:10
nxvlScottK2: already merged the bugs you ask me to merge16:13
nxvlScottK2: patch is on Bug #17979016:13
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 179790 in tinyerp-server "postgresql listens on :5432" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17979016:13
* cody-somerville now has 50 uploads :)16:16
ScottKnxvl: OK.  Thanks.16:20
nxvlScottK: also i ask for your feedback on a blueprint16:21
nxvlScottK: did you notice it?16:21
mathiazdholbach: can you add me to the ubuntu-*-sponsors teams ?16:21
ScottKnxvl: No.  I didn't notice it.16:21
nxvlScottK: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-centralized-services-administrator16:22
dholbachmathiaz: done16:24
mathiazdholbach: thanks16:24
ScottKnxvl: Interesting idea, but if we have ebox, how interested are people going to be?16:26
nxvlScottK: as i said on the wiki, ebox is web based, so it *CAN* be a security issue at some point keeping in mind that is "remote" aplication16:28
ScottKnxvl: I agree and this would be useful that you don't want a web server running on.16:28
ScottKnxvl: I'm just not sure how big a share of servers that is.16:29
nxvlScottK: also i have the big idea to write a framework for developing curses and gtk modules for it, so it cas be used in the future for full administration of the system, in server and desktop16:29
ScottKWhy gtk?16:29
nxvlfor desktop and home servers16:30
nxvlfor ibex i want it only to be focused on gtk16:30
nxvlon curses16:30
nxvlfor ibex+1 maybe add gtk support16:30
nxvlfor home servers and to be able to use it on desktop and home servers16:30
nxvli want it to be writing using layers, so the UI is completely separeted from the backend16:31
nxvlso it can be used for adding a gtk support, but that would be for ibex+116:31
\shnxvl: make it independed...write a backend with all functionality...and prepare frontend calls for having multiple frontends (gtk, qt, curses, web, WHU)16:31
nxvli don't think i have the time to have it ready for ibex if i also want it to be gtk16:32
nxvl\sh: thats what i mean when talking about layers16:32
nxvlScottK: also we need to discuss it more widely on UDS, but i don't want to go there with empty hands16:33
zul*cough* func - https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/func/ *cough*16:35
nxvlthat's why as for your feedback, i know you, and you are a retailer person, so your opinion is really important for me16:35
nxvlzul: 40416:36
=== leonel_ is now known as leonel
nxvloh! it was a certificate warning :P16:36
nxvlzul: but it's only for network, not for services16:36
zulnxvl: extend it then why invent the wheel?16:37
nxvlzul: because i want it to be modular16:37
\shnxvl: it's named "MVC" (Model View Controller) ;)) It inherits different design patterns :)16:37
nxvlalso if i based it on other applications, my idea is more like YaST, but a working one16:37
nxvl\sh: yep, here it's called "por capas" which is literaly transtaled as "by layers"16:38
\shnxvl: I just read a cool book about design patterns...most of the stuff was already known and I am/was using those patterns already...but the naming is quite interesting (just because you use the same "language pattern" with other fellow developers) :)16:40
\shnow I just need to get the design pattern books from the GoF (Gang Of Four) ;)16:41
nxvl\sh: can you point me at it please?16:41
\shnxvl: to have a really cool reading about this dry stuff, use http://www.amazon.com/Head-First-Design-Patterns/dp/0596007124/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1205340103&sr=8-216:42
\shnxvl: forget about the java parts inside...it's worth a reading16:42
nxvl\sh: thnx16:43
\shnxvl: I bought the "Heads First Java" and the "Heads First Design Patterns" and now I know Java and all those nifty coolish naming schemes for standard stuff ;)16:46
\shnxvl: and it's really cool...not the usual content about rewriting the documentation parts...new idea of learning things very fast...16:47
\shhey highvoltage16:51
highvoltagehey \sh!16:51
\shwhat was the meaning of "NBS" again?16:53
* \sh needs an abbrev translator...16:53
jdong\sh: not built source, I think?16:53
highvoltageheh, that's what I guessed too, but it sounds wrong16:53
highvoltageubotu: NBS?16:57
smarter"[17:53] * \sh needs an abbrev translator..." sudo aptitude install bsdgames && wtf wtf16:57
\shhighvoltage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NBS :)16:57
highvoltageah :)16:58
\shok...time to go home :)16:58
\shfor ibex I have already 3 new packages on my list...16:58
\shok...cu later16:58
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
jussi01jst a quick confirmation, Ive uploaded a debdiff to a bug, then subscribed ubuntu-universe-sponsors, anything else I need to do?17:01
jussi01Adri2000: thank you, I assume that was aimed at me?17:07
Adri2000yes :)17:07
nehany chance of xmonadcontrib 0.6 getting in to hardy? I see xmonad is in, but all the best stuff about xmonad is in contrib. If there's something I can work on to help get it in, just point me in the right direction...17:08
ScottKneh: The freeze for new packages for Hardy was a month ago.17:17
nehScottK: xmonad .6 went in 2 days ago...17:19
sistpoty|workneh: that was a dependency of the ghc6 transition iirc17:20
ScottKneh: There are freeze exceptions for good reasons.17:22
nehok, so no xmonadcontrib. I wouldn't know for sure if I didn't ask, would I? :-)17:23
ScottKIf you can and are sufficiently motivated, see the Universe section of wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess17:24
nehfwiw, the package is in debian sid: http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/xmonad-contrib17:30
Laneyneh: But quickly! BetaFreeze is tomorrow17:32
* sistpoty|work heads home17:35
jdstrandhi emgent17:36
emgenthi jdstrand :)17:36
jdstrandI uploaded the vlc update17:36
jdstrandthe patches were good, however there were a couple of things with the debdiff (that I just fixed)17:37
jdstrandwhen referencing a CVE, it is preferred that you use mitre rather than nist17:37
Amaranthwhy is that?17:38
jdstrandwhile not a strict debian policy issue, common practice dictates that the line width for the data portion of the changelog not exceed 80 characters17:38
jdstrandAmaranth: convention more than anything else (perhaps bec nist is US based?)17:38
jdstrandemgent: also, the 'gutsy' debdiff didn't have the -security tag17:39
emgentuhm ok thanks17:39
jdstrandemgent: nothing showstopping, just little things17:40
nehSo, if I file a bug to request syncing xmonad-contrib from debian, is sid the appropriate source?17:40
emgentjdstrand, :)17:41
james_wneh: yes, though it will happen automatically for hardy+1.17:42
nehjames_w: right, but I'm hoping to get it for hardy...17:42
rockstar_I've been looking through the bugs, triaging and finding dupes.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subversion/+bug/43423  This bug seems to be fixed.  Is there a reason why it hasn't been closed?17:50
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 43423 in subversion "svn over https not working any longer" [Critical,Confirmed]17:50
affluxrockstar_: I think you can mark this as fix released. Note that bug triaging is rather in #ubuntu-bugs ;)17:53
=== dpm__ is now known as dpm
rockstar_afflux, awesome, thanks.  I'm kinda new to helping out.17:54
affluxrockstar_: you're welcome :)17:54
nehI don't know if it has a chance for hardy, but there it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/20149417:54
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201494 in ubuntu "Please sync xmonad-contrib (0.6-4) from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]17:54
alleetorkel, siretart: how was the aufs experiment going?17:54
Laneyneh: I think you need to subscribe motu-release17:55
Laneyneh: Please do bug people into at least taking a look ;)17:56
nehLaney: thanks, done17:56
LaneyI'm quite interested in having a go with xmonad - wish I had the power to influence any decision :<17:57
nehLaney: it's quite nice once you get used to a haskell config file.17:58
LaneyYeah, I'm a Haskeller myself. Hence the interest :)17:59
nehah, I'm not, but I like it anyway17:59
torkelallee: I had better success with removing resolv.conf, mtab and syslog.conf from the nfsroot18:00
alleetorkel: okay, thx18:00
torkelallee: I will try aufs again when I have some more time, but that will propably not happen the next couple of weeks (unless I'm getting very bored preparing the setup for our new clusters)18:02
KhajaviI want to package my php software18:04
Khajavihow to?18:04
ubotwoThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports18:04
Khajavithanks alot18:05
Khajavianother question? what is the different between code.launchpad and sourceforge?18:07
hexmodeKhajavi: different services18:08
Khajaviwhich is better?18:08
hexmodelaunchpad, of course18:08
Khajavican you say why?18:08
hexmodeseriously, what do you want to know?18:08
hexmodesf is filled with ads18:09
highvoltagewell, at least code.launchpad.net don't have any ads.18:09
KhajaviI want package my php then introduce it to my freinds18:09
highvoltagehexmode: snap :)18:09
* hexmode high fives highvoltage18:09
highvoltagehexmode: ^518:09
Khajaviis it possible that my package go to ubuntu repository?18:10
hexmodeKhajavi: if you put your pkg in a ppa18:10
hexmodeyour friends can point to your ppa and upgrade automagically18:10
highvoltageor you can have it sponsored by a MOTU if you want it to go into Universe.18:10
hexmodeand, of course, you can do that on launchpad and not sf18:11
RainCTKhajavi: some differences: Launchpad has no ads, project registations need no approval, LP hosts Bazaar branches (SF CVS and SVN) and anyone can create as much of those as he wants in any project, bugs can be linked to external bug trackers and the BTS in general is more usable, etc.18:11
RainCTKhajavi: if you want more details better ask in #launchpad, this channel is for packaging18:11
Khajavithnak RainCT18:12
Khajavitutorial to be an MOTU?18:12
Khajavihow can I be MOTU?18:12
IulianKhajavi: See /topic18:14
Khajaviyes I find it:-D18:14
Laneyneh: I'm doing a test build of xmonad-contrib to add to the bug report. Hopefully that will give it some weight.18:28
tsmitheslomo, ping (re mscore)18:38
slomotsmithe: sorry, busy atm... write me a mail please ;)18:39
tsmitheslomo at debian dot org?18:39
RainCTwhat does beta freeze mean? :P18:39
slomotsmithe: for example, yes18:39
RainCTit's only for main/restricted, or?18:40
nehLaney: great, thank you18:45
LaneyBah, pbuilder needs the --logfile option before the .dsc path18:49
* Laney turns over a table18:49
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
Laneyneh: Done.19:01
Laneyneh: Now you just need to poke the right people ;)19:01
ScottKsuperm1: You're mythtv-plugins backport depwaits on several archs due to lack of fftw-dev.  Would you please look into it.19:03
ScottKLaney: Or wait your turn because people get annoyed with excessive poking.19:03
candrewshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/199754 That package has been completed, builds, and works on Ubuntu. How does it get included in the repository?19:03
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 199754 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] mod_auth_cas" [Wishlist,Incomplete]19:03
nehLaney: I have no idea who to poke for this... and I don't want to piss anyone off19:03
neh(like ScottK just said...)19:04
Laneyneh, ScottK: OK sorry.19:04
LaneyI thought there was a pokage system in effect, my bad.19:04
ScottKcandrews: New package freeze for Hardy was a month ago.  You come back in mid-May and work on getting your package into Debian in the mean time.19:04
candrewsouch - I guess I missed that by a while :-)19:05
candrewsDoes the package need to be in Debian to get into Ubuntu?19:05
ogra_cmpcno, but it helps :)19:05
candrewsCool - do you know who I talk to in Debian land? (IRC channel, web site, etc) I already filed a bug with them, but I do not know what to do next.19:06
ScottKcandrews: No, but if you get it into Debian the it is automatically imported into Ubuntu.19:06
ScottKcandrews: #debian-mentors on OFTC.19:06
ogra_cmpcwe release in 6 weeks or so ... if you get it into debian during that time we'll sync it with the frist sync for the next release19:06
candrewsthank you - I'll work on that, and hopefully the rest will be automatic.19:08
promaghello hello19:14
promagmy package installs some php scripts, but after install they belong to root:root19:15
mok0promag: yes, that's right19:15
promaghow to change to www-data:www-data ?19:15
promagwell I know chmod :P19:16
promagbut is there a right way?19:16
mok0promag: why do you want to do that?19:16
geserpromag: chown?19:16
promagops yes chown19:17
promagbecause, for instance, those php scripts will need to have write access to a cache directory19:17
promagand that cache directory is a sibling of those php scripts19:17
=== asac_ is now known as asac
mok0promag: you may need to do it in a postinst script19:19
promagusing chown?19:19
promagok ty19:20
promagand to install a apache site?19:20
slangasekscripts should not be owned by www-data19:21
slangasekif you need to do that, you're doing it wrong19:21
slangasekhaving scripts owned by www-data means that the webserver process can overwrite them19:21
slangasek--> security hole19:22
promagit's better to have the cache dir with mode g+rw and be owned by root:www-data ?19:22
slangasekwhat do the cache dir permissions have to do with the permissions on the scripts?19:23
promagslangasek: nothing really19:23
slangasekthen you can have a cache dir that's www-data:www-data, that's fine; but don't chown the scripts themselves19:24
slangasekand a simple chown is appropriate - dpkg-statoverride would be exceptional19:24
DaveMorrisDktrKranz2: you been able to try out the code I supplied?19:49
hellboy195A motu arround? I subscribed a FFe to u-u-s instead of motu-release. anyone willing to change it :)19:50
hellboy195pochu: thx :) bug #20152919:53
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201529 in supertuxkart "[FFe] Please sync supertuxkart 0.4-1 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20152919:53
hellboy195And please grant the FFe ^^19:53
hellboy195DktrKranz: buona sera19:54
DktrKranzhey hellboy19519:54
DaveMorrisDktrKranz you been able to try out the code I supplied?19:54
hellboy195pochu: yes?19:54
pochuhellboy195: what do you mean?19:54
DktrKranzDaveMorris, not yet. Just back home and finish sid upgrade19:54
hellboy195pochu: to ACK my FFe request19:55
pochuhellboy195: I'm not in motu-release, so I can't19:55
DaveMorrisnp, I wasn't sure what timezone you where in19:55
hellboy195pochu: yeah. it was more in generel :)19:55
pochuah, ok :)19:55
DktrKranzDaveMorris, Europe/Rome19:56
hellboy195pochu: thank you :)19:56
* DaveMorris was in Rome the other week for work. Lovely city, but beer was expensive19:56
DktrKranzDaveMorris, heh. Everything is quite expensive in Italy, not just beer19:57
hellboy195DktrKranz: especially in Venezia xD19:57
DktrKranzhellboy195, Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome. You name it!19:57
hellboy195DktrKranz: sure. tourists = money19:58
DktrKranzCitizens = taxes19:59
DktrKranzhellboy195, news for beagle?20:17
hellboy195DktrKranz: Yesterday I ask Matvey, did you notice?20:18
DktrKranzmh... no20:18
hellboy195DktrKranz: He just forgot about it -.- ^^20:18
hellboy195slomo: around?20:20
hellboy195DktrKranz: are you so keen to do it or just looking for work :P20:21
DktrKranzhellboy195, if nobody is on it, I think I can have a look20:22
hellboy195DktrKranz: also nobody is on my other merges ^^. No, I have to sort out who is willing to do it/plans to do it20:23
DktrKranzI didn't follow in these days. Is beta freeze affecting universe uploads too?20:23
hellboy195DktrKranz: persia told me only to do "usefull" merges after beta freeze20:24
hellboy195DktrKranz: useful means extremly bug killing merges20:24
hellboy195DktrKranz: so I suppose less work with approving merges20:24
hellboy195DktrKranz: does it make sense to talk about the sponsoring queue on friday though we are in FF/BetaFreeze? A lot will forget ^^20:26
DktrKranzhellboy195, it does. Some bugs could be useful for release20:26
DktrKranzand I'd like everyone has a chance to get into hardy in time20:27
hellboy195hardy is nearly over ^^ but I know what you mean20:27
DktrKranzhardy is almost done, now it's time to fix everything we can20:28
hellboy195DktrKranz: but I can tell you. I'm keen on merging new hot stuff for ibrex ^^20:29
DktrKranzu-u-s queue ships bugs almost done, so they really deserve to be reviewed20:29
hellboy195DktrKranz: I'm already excited. A new adventure for me. Bugfixing :)20:33
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
hellboy195\sh: hoi :) looked at my debdiff?20:38
\shhellboy195: sorry no...I'm busy with private stuff20:44
hellboy195\sh: np. I'm just wondering why we added a .desktop for Gnomescreensaver20:44
\shhellboy195: it's a helper20:45
\shhellboy195: a replacement for gnome-screensaver actually...20:45
hellboy195\sh: not mentioned in the Changelog ,...20:46
\shhellboy195: of course it is...20:46
\sh  * Fix typo in debian/rules to really install gnome-screensaver20:46
\sh    .desktop file into the screensavers directory (LP: #131748, and others)20:46
\shin 2.6.8-6ubuntu2 ... as I said this afternoon ... it was forgotten to take it up to the actual version20:47
\shhellboy195: it was introduced in gutsy20:47
hellboy195\sh: I don't say something bad about the last uploader ^^20:47
nxvlScottK: isn't Bug #15485 a kmail bug?20:48
\shhellboy195: actually mario forgot to mention it in 2.6.8-7ubuntu1 and I was trusting him....nothing more nothing less...no big deal :)20:48
hellboy195\sh: but especially for new contributor it's hard because the motu who approves the merges always complains about your incomplete changelog entry ^^20:49
\shhellboy195: just mention the forgotten changes (write: last uploaders forgot to mention those changes..please be careful next time, kthx) :)20:52
\shhellboy195: and yes, those things are happening and we all are glad that other motus are catching those things20:52
hellboy195\sh: or the contributors ^^20:53
hellboy195like me20:53
\shhellboy195: yes motus :)20:53
\shhellboy195: I'll count you already in...20:53
hellboy195\sh: ehm. nice but that's really to early. I only did ~60 merges/syncs ..20:54
\shhellboy195: that's good :) time to apply20:54
hellboy195\sh: you make me laugh :)20:55
\shdid I mention, that wmii is wonderful when working mostly on the console? :)20:55
\shhellboy195: that was serious20:55
hellboy195\sh: ähm. I *still* make mistakes and I want to gain experience in other parts of the motu work before I apply ;) (As I said, *only* merges/syncs so far)20:56
\shhellboy195: we all make mistakes..which is good...it makes us more human :)20:56
hellboy195\sh: yeah but I want to be a motu but I'm not feeling like one. Give me some more months :)20:58
=== Allan_ is now known as Hit3k
DktrKranzhellboy195, nobody is perfect, and nobody knows everything. just ask when unsure21:00
hellboy195DktrKranz: yeah. But I still make partially newbie mistakes and I want to reduce that ;)21:00
=== jekil2 is now known as jekil
hellboy195\sh: but I'll apply for membership in ~ubuntumembers. you can vote for me :)21:01
DktrKranzhellboy195, you'll have some time to improve21:01
hellboy195DktrKranz: yeah I already said. Some more moths before I apply :)21:02
DktrKranzgood work, then21:02
DktrKranzmy caps lock is broken...21:02
hellboy195DktrKranz: any news about fail2ban?21:02
DktrKranzdidn't look properly21:03
DktrKranzi'm focused on u-u-s21:03
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
ScottK2hellboy195: If you've only done merges/syncs so far, then you should find some bugs to fix.21:14
hellboy195ScottK: That's my plan ;)21:15
ScottK2hellboy195: What kind of packages are you interested in?21:15
hellboy195ScottK: hmm. can you give examples?21:16
hellboy195wb DktrKranz ^^21:18
ScottK2hellboy195: Do you use Ubuntu/Kubuntu?  Interested in server?21:18
DktrKranzthat capslock was killing me21:18
hellboy195ScottK: Ubuntu :)21:18
hellboy195DktrKranz: bad capslock ^^21:19
* ScottK2 won't be much help then.21:19
hellboy195ScottK: kubuntu/server expert?21:19
hellboy195DktrKranz: being a motu before Andrea returns would be somehow funny xD21:19
DktrKranzhellboy195, funny, but not improbable21:22
hellboy195DktrKranz: he will be absent soo long? :(21:24
DktrKranzor you won't take so long, your choice :P21:24
hellboy195DktrKranz: hrhr ^^. The only thing which is limitating me is school. last 3 moths, last year ,..21:25
DktrKranzhellboy195, scholl first!21:27
hellboy195then I have to change something now ^^21:28
RainCTargh.. damn epiphany package21:30
RainCTalways install the wrong one :P21:30
RAOFepiphany-_browser_ :)21:30
FujitsuHas anybody ever wanted epiphany, not epiphany-browser?21:31
RAOFWhat _is_ epiphany, anyway?21:32
FujitsuSome game, IIRC.21:32
FujitsuAh, maintained by joerg.21:32
ScottK2hellboy195: There's plenty of good work available in Bug #199014.21:34
RainCTyeh, some game.. if at least it was a good game :P21:37
hellboy195ScottK: yeah. I see. great :) btw.  I hope I can count on you when I apply for membership in ~ubuntumembers21:39
hellboy195DktrKranz: And I promise you *if* I'm a motu one day. I'll join u-u-s . I know that it's really important :)21:40
RainCTawen_: neither lintian nor linda are happy with your package21:42
hellboy195DktrKranz: and to make you happy ^^21:42
hellboy195ScottK: just can I take/assign one to me if I want?21:42
ScottK2hellboy195: As long as it's not assigned to someone else.21:43
awen_RainCT: they are happy when i run them on the .changes file?21:43
hellboy195ScottK: that's clear ^^21:43
KasimirGabertI've been having troubles getting REVU to work for nearly a month now! (well, a month ago, and then today and yesterday still)21:43
KasimirGabertwould somebody be able to help me?21:43
KasimirGabertjust a few quick pointers?21:43
KasimirGabertmy question is basically21:43
RainCTawen_: They can do two sorts of reviews, on the source and on the binary; the source is clean, but the .deb no. I'm posting their complains in REVU; most of the errors should go away adding a call to dh_strip.21:43
KasimirGabertit says it is uploaded21:43
KasimirGabertbut nothing happens21:44
RainCTKasimirGabert: have you joined the universe package contributors team?21:44
KasimirGabertlet me double check21:44
KasimirGabertand thanks!!!21:44
KasimirGabert                Your involvement                                                                     You are a member of this team.21:45
KasimirGabertso I should be21:45
awen_RainCT: okay, actually makes sense, that you can do that too... i'll look at it, and thanks21:45
RainCTKasimirGabert: Do you have your PGP key on Launchpad, and have you used the same one to sign the package(s) you uploaded?21:46
RainCTKasimirGabert: uhm.. what package was it?21:46
KasimirGabertat least I believe it is the same key21:46
KasimirGabertI don't see why it would be otherwise21:47
KasimirGabertI do have another PGP key21:47
KasimirGabertbut it is associated with my GMail account21:47
KasimirGabertand not with the account I use to sign my packages21:47
RainCTKasimirGabert: the package is there21:48
KasimirGabertmaybe I'm going crazy21:48
RainCTKasimirGabert: xboardloader_0.1.4-1ubuntu1.dsc, xboardloader_0.1.4-1ubuntu1.diff.gz, xboardloader_0.1.4.orig.tar.gz21:48
RainCTKasimirGabert: and also xboardloader_0.1.3-1.tar.gz, xboardloader_0.1.3-1ubuntu1.diff.gz, xboardloader_0.1.3-1ubuntu1.dsc21:48
KasimirGabertit doesn't seem to be at http://revu.tauware.de/index.py21:48
KasimirGabertand I don't seem to have an account..21:48
RainCTthere are some other xboardloader uploads marked as rejected though21:49
KasimirGabertNo REVU account for kasimir@kgprog.com exists yet.21:49
KasimirGabertrecent ones?21:49
KasimirGabertwhy would they be rejected?21:49
KasimirGabertbad quality of package?21:49
KasimirGabertsorry about this, and thank you a lot21:49
RainCTKasimirGabert: Feb 20, Feb 21 and Mar 1221:50
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
KasimirGabertdo you know why they aren't showing up at revu.tauware.de ?21:50
RainCTKasimirGabert: aren't they neither on http://revu.tauware.de/index.py?archived=true?21:51
RainCT(sorry my connection is damn slow right now.. actually it's quite often damn slow :()21:51
KasimirGabertI'm sorry21:51
KasimirGabertI'll be happy when residential Internet speeds in the US are like in Japan :)21:52
RainCTok I see.. all files were rejected (don't really understand REVU yet :))21:52
KasimirGabertwhat does that mean?21:52
KasimirGabertor... what am I doing horribly wrong?21:52
KasimirGabertI tried to follow the directions...21:52
RainCTbut I don't know why.. (there are errors in the changelogs, but I don't think that those would cause a reject)21:53
RainCTsiretart: are you around?21:53
RainCTawen_: (forgot to say that I've already posted the comment)21:53
KasimirGaberthm... I have multiple email addresses on Launchpad21:54
KasimirGabertdoes that have anything to do with it?21:54
RainCTKasimirGabert: I don't think so, a lot of us have many e-mails there21:54
KasimirGabertand I have been part of the group for a long time21:55
KasimirGabertwell, since I first tried this21:55
RainCTawen_: beside dh_strip, "architecture: any" was already right (it was any the last time I looked at it, or?), and there's a manpage missing21:55
awen_RainCT: i kind of got convinced into arch all ... but yes it should be changed back to any21:56
KasimirGabertRainCT: could it be because I uploaded them back when my default email was something else that they are all being rejected?21:57
awen_do we have some good info about making a man-page (remember something with "po" or something like that) but couldn't find info21:57
RainCTawen_: heh sorry for the confusion :)21:58
RainCTawen_: there's some info on using POD or docbook on the wiki21:58
RainCTawen_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/SupplementaryFiles21:58
awen_RainCT: no worries... combining python and c does confuse :)21:59
awen_RainCT: thanks! ... i'll have a look21:59
RainCTawen_: or just look at some other man page.. there are many groff (the native format in which manpages are written) manpages in ubuntu-dev-tools for example21:59
ScottK2awen_: Grab one that looks good.  Make your changes to make it for your package.  Edit until lintian is quiet (don't forget -I)22:00
* RainCT goes to eat something22:00
awen_RainCT: okay, that's another option. thanks... but point one should be to find out, what that binary actually do :)22:00
RainCTawen_: heh, yes, that can be the most difficult thing (or the easiest) :)22:01
RainCTKasimirGabert: sorry that I couldn't be of more help.. let's see if siretart comes around, he will probably know better22:01
hellboy195DktrKranz: I think I'll wait until friday night/saturday morning and then assign beagle to you :)22:11
DktrKranznot sure if I'll be able to upload it during beta freeze22:11
ScottK2DktrKranz: Since it's in universe you'll be able to upload, it'll just have to be manually published.22:12
hellboy195DktrKranz: ah np. just in generel becaues I know that you won't forget it. at least because we nearly talk to each other every day :)22:13
hellboy195ScottK: btw, what's the official replacement for python-xml ?22:14
RainCThellboy195: python (>= 2.4)22:15
DktrKranzScottK2, are there particular restrictions or standard guidelines apply?22:15
DktrKranz(e.g. asking release-managers before pushing)22:15
hellboy195RainCT: cool, thx :)22:16
RainCTScottK2: what does the beta freeze mean (for MOTUs)? on the wiki it only mentions main/restricted22:16
RainCTKasimirGabert: if you tell me your email I'll check if you're in REVU's db22:21
ScottK2RainCT: Not much.  Just the publisher is on manual, so stuff doesn't get uploaded right away.  slangasek said he'd clarify all that when he announced the actual freeze22:24
RainCTScottK2: ok, thanks22:25
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
hellboy195RainCT: want merges? ^^22:29
* DktrKranz hides22:29
hellboy195DktrKranz: ^^. You've done a lot in the past ;)22:30
DktrKranznow it's other MOTU's turn? :)22:30
hellboy195I want to give you a break :)22:31
hellboy195besides that it's faster than I'm waiting for a sponsor from u-u-s ^^22:31
hellboy195hm merges aren't that important. I want to see my FFe go through ^^22:37
hellboy195off for today. gn8 folks :)22:38
DktrKranzmh... debian's devscripts has'nt Launchpad-fixed-bugs tag...22:39
KasimirGabertsiretart: would you be able to help me with a REVU issue?22:42
bddebianHeya gang23:28
bddebianHi Scott23:29
bddebianHeya slangasek23:30
awen_RainCT: changed it back to arch: any, and added a man-page > http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=uniconvertor ... thanks again23:31
dokoScottK: online?23:38
ScottK2doko: What's up?23:39
dokodo you have time to waste?23:39
ScottK2Not particularly.  If you have something that needs doing, I can see about it.  Herding the python-xml removal is still taking a bit of time.23:40
RainCTawen_: no problem :)23:40
RainCTgood night all23:40
Hobbseewhat is it with people who file uvfe's right before freezes?  :)23:40
dokoyep, the python-xml removal would be nice as well23:41
dokohere is the idea:23:41
awen_yes... good night everyone23:41
dokothe Contents files are regenerated: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/23:41
Hobbseeand sync requests.  for new packages.23:42
dokonow determine every package which has files in /usr/share/pycentral/ ... and rebuld it23:42
slangasekdoko: heh, twitch23:42
dokosladen: ?23:43
slangasekdoko: /me misses binNMUs :)23:43
dokoslangasek: heh, you appear as sladen first ...23:43
dokoyeah, I probaly can't do that before Monday, or is universe still unfrozen?23:44
ScottK2doko: I'm fairly certain I don't have time for a project like that.23:44
ScottK2However, I'm pretty sure we can find someone.23:44
dokoScottK2: would you have time to mentor this person?23:45
ScottK2doko: Yes.23:45
ScottK2I've got someone in mind too.23:45
ScottK2It's a bit late for them right now, but I'll try and catch then tomorrow.23:45
ScottK2Wait a minute23:46
dokoslangasek: already done for main ...23:46
KasimirGabertwould any of you guys have a few seconds to look through and see why all of my uploads to REVU are being rejected? I'm trying to get started with Ubuntu... and not able to upload for some reason :P23:47
ScottK2doko: Does it need to look for the files or can it look for build-dep on python-central?23:47
ScottK2KasimirGabert: You do realize we aren't at the part of the development cycle where we take new packages, right?23:47
dokoScottK2: you'll get some false positives when just looking for d. on p-c23:47
KasimirGabertScottK2: I do understand that, I just feel that I might as well figure out how to upload stuff23:48
ScottK2KasimirGabert: OK23:48
KasimirGabertI'm not asking for it to be looked over right now.. :)23:48
dokobut that shouldn't harm23:48
KasimirGabertthe package is xboardloader ... and it seems to have been denied numerous times23:48
KasimirGabertbut I have no idea why23:48
ScottK2doko: That'll be easier than I was thinking at first.  Maybe I can.23:49
ScottK2KasimirGabert: Try during the European day/evening and look for sistpoty.23:49
KasimirGabertokay, thanks23:49
dokoScottK2: grep ^usr/share/pycentral/ Contents-i386 | awk '{print $2}' |grep 'universe' | awk -F/ '{print $3}'| sort -u > pycentral.universe23:49
protonchrisslangasek: thanks for looking at bug 200292.  I'll see if I can get the upload sponsored tonight.23:50
ScottK2doko: THanks23:50
slangasekprotonchris: no problem23:51

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