tyceother then it just not being safe, is there any other reason I just shouldn't set it up to use root?00:00
ViakenSo...err...the frontend doesn't come up now, and mythtv-setup talks about wanting to upgrade our schema, then seems to crash... >.>00:48
ViakenAh..I think it's in the process of updating.00:58
ViakenAh...upgrade failed.01:02
ViakenHooray logs...01:02
tyceany ideas why mythfilldatabases says it runs and grabs data, but then when I look in the program guide they are all unknown?01:16
IceWeweif anyone can help me with nuvexport, I'd be very grateful... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4498478#post449847801:44
KillerKiwi2005hello, is upgrading from gutsy to hardy mythbuntu supported? or should I do a reinstall?01:58
tgm4883KillerKiwi2005, depends, we would like you to do it, so we can see how well it goes02:16
KillerKiwi2005lol :)02:17
* tgm4883 isn't kidding02:18
ViakenHe's really not. They need guinea pigs.02:20
KillerKiwi2005sell it to me what new features will i get vs pain from wife for missing her recordings02:21
KillerKiwi2005flv in mythweb... does that work out of box?02:21
KillerKiwi2005or does it require transcodeing?02:21
tgm4883while we do need people to test it out, and we will try to help you fix any problems, you must realize that Mythbuntu Hardy comes with an Oklahome Warranty02:21
KillerKiwi2005... well i do have 3 hds in it and im only using 2....02:22
KillerKiwi2005actully 3 hds02:22
KillerKiwi2005did gnome-lirc-properties make it in?02:22
ViakenOklahoma Warranty?02:22
tgm4883Viaken, if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces02:23
Viakenlol nice02:23
MythbuntuGuest77I have been running -fixes weekly builds and tonight with a "apt-get upgrade dist-upgrade" I was at 0.21....  Now I noticed the mythbackend fails at the schema upgrade to 1171.  Anyone else seeing this?  Error is "Query was: INSERT storagegroup (groupname, hostname, dirname)     SELECT 'Default', hostname, data     FROM settings     WHERE value = 'RecordFilePrefix';"  "Error was: Driver error was [2/1062]:"02:56
tgm4883!ask | alfa03:03
ubotualfa: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:04
tritiumWell, it seems the latest upgrade broke mythfrontend.03:09
ViakenHardy or Gutsy?03:11
degresevenhello, i just installed the update to 0.21 but the update for mythvideo is grayed out & i can't install it. anyone know what the deal is with that?03:11
tritiumViaken: gutsy03:11
ViakenWhat went wrong with you?03:11
tritiumViaken: mythfrontend won't start.  Trying to run from the command line errors out with this message:03:12
tritium2008-03-11 21:08:53.203 This version of MythTV requires an updated database schema. Please run mythtv-setup or mythbackend to update your database.03:12
rhpot1991degreseven: dpkg -l |grep myth03:12
hadstritium: Do that then :)03:12
rhpot1991see if mythvideo version matches the rest03:12
tritiumhads: yes, I will, but that still doesn't address the root problem.  An apt-get upgrade shouldn't require additional intervention afterward.03:13
Viakentritium: I ran into the same/similar issue. Check /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log03:13
tritiumViaken: thanks, I will.03:13
ViakenI had to go in and remove the audioprops column from the programs table in the mythconverg database.03:13
hadstritium: Running one of the installed programs isn't really intervention. It's also a mythtv requirement. now.03:13
tritiumhads: I've already completed mythtv-setup before.  A simple upgrade should not require it again.03:14
tritiumIt *is* intervention.03:14
degresevenrhpot1991: what am i looking for here? its pretty much all 0.21, mythvideo is missing03:14
hadsIt's a mythtv requirement.03:14
tritiumAs I said, I completed that requirement long ago, when I first installed.03:15
degresevenrhpot1991: er, sorry.. mythvideo is not missing, it's still at 0.20.203:15
Viakentritium: Did you reboot after the upgrade?03:15
hadstritium: It's a requirement to upgrade the DB schema. A mythtv requirement...03:15
tritiumrunning mythtv-setup every time you want to run the front end, or every time a package is upgraded, is not a documented myhtv requirement03:15
hadstritium: Read the error message.03:15
rhpot1991degreseven: and what are the rest 0.21?03:16
tritiumhads: then perhaps there should have been a note during the upgrade to re-run mythtv-setup, but there was no such note03:16
tritiumViaken: no, not yet03:16
Viakenrestart mythbackend, see if that works03:16
hads... or mythbackend.03:16
hadsWhich is required for the fronent anyway.03:17
degresevenrhpot1991: right03:17
rhpot1991sudo apt-get install mythvideo should fix that03:17
tritiumhads: what's your point?  It still should not be required for a user to run after upgrading packages.03:17
rhpot1991try that and see if it works03:17
rhpot1991if not you might need to sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to get the required packages03:17
hadstritium: If you say so.03:17
tritiumhads: it is poor package management03:18
hadstritium: Sure.03:18
tritiumhads: what's with the attitude?03:18
degresevenrhpot1991: hm it seemed to work, hah. Any idea why only that package would be blocked in the update manager?03:18
rhpot1991degreseven: it requires a new package with it I think03:19
rhpot1991as a dependency03:19
degresevenrhpot1991: oh ok. well thanks for the help03:19
tritiumHmm, 9 new packages to upgrade, and several more if I dist-upgrade, but mythdvd is to be removed...03:21
tritiumViaken: did you dist-upgrade, and allow removal of mythdvd03:21
ViakenI did a full-upgrade, and don't recall what got removed.03:23
ViakenUsing aptitude, mind you03:23
tritiumI use aptitude as well.03:23
tritiumI'm just not too excited about mythdvd being removed.03:23
tritiumMaybe that's a mythtv requirement ;)03:23
ViakenThis system isn't beefy enough to play DVDs realtime, so I don't care. lol03:23
tgm4883tritium, mythdvd is now part of mythvideo03:23
ViakenI'll be upgrading soon enough.03:24
tritiumtgm4883: ah, cool.  Thanks.03:24
tgm4883degreseven, whats missing?03:24
rhpot1991degreseven is good, he just needed to force the mythvideo install03:25
tgm4883rhpot1991, was mythdvd installed?03:25
rhpot1991didn't ask03:26
rhpot1991I know I had to do that03:26
rhpot1991I recall it has a new dependency, or was it that it wanted to remove mythdvd?03:26
tgm4883IIRC, mythdvd is depreciated03:26
rhpot1991ya it is03:26
rhpot1991its in mythvideo like you said03:27
tgm4883mythvideo is the new mythdvd03:27
tgm4883know what else is depreciated?03:27
rhpot1991whats that?03:27
tgm4883foxxbuntu is depreciated03:27
rhpot1991not as much as Hillary is03:27
MythbuntuGuest77so i did the mythtv-setup and all of the logs are pointing to "Database Schema upgrade FAILED, unlocking." at 1171.  Note: This is on 7.10, does anyone have this issue?03:27
* rhpot1991 moves the political speak here instead03:27
tritiumMythbuntuGuest77: I'll try soon.  I'm having problems that sound similar, but haven't run mythtv-setup yet.03:28
MythbuntuGuest77It results in the frontend/backend not starting.... Nice mythbuntu logo on a black backdrop.....03:29
tritiumMythbuntuGuest77: I'm just dist-upgrading first.03:29
hadsMythbuntuGuest77: Mythtv ticket #492703:30
tritiumMythbuntuGuest77: mythfrontend works for me now.  Sorry...03:31
tritiumhads: as I suspected, re-running mythtv-setup was not necessary.03:32
MythbuntuGuest77Ticket 4927 looks like the one.....03:32
hadstritium: Haha, so, like I said earlier...03:32
MythbuntuGuest77So this would be a recompile to apply the patch...  Is that right..03:32
tritiumhads: no, it's not like you said earlier.03:33
hadsMythbuntuGuest77: Shouldn't be nessecarry, the issue is in the SQL so you should be able to do it manually.03:33
tritiumhads: it's more like I said earlier.  Proper package management shouldn't require the user to run it.03:33
hadstritium: Whatever.03:33
tritiumYou'd prefer the user to have to do it?03:34
rhpot1991its easier than building from source, is it not?03:34
tritiumrhpot1991: are you asking me?03:35
hadsMythbuntuGuest77: What you would need to do is look at what the schema upgrade is doing in libs/libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp and do it manually according to the patch on that ticket.03:36
grepdashvhey all03:37
grepdashvcould use some help with a brand new mythbuntu setup03:38
tgm4883_laptop!ask | grepdashv03:39
rhpot1991grepdashv: ask your question and someone will answer if they know it03:40
grepdashvok thx...thought there might be some kind of question bot >_>03:40
rhpot1991tritium: ya, just saying junk breaks on upgrades it will get fixed03:40
tritiumgrepdashv: there is, but they're having problems today03:40
rhpot1991its better than building from source after all03:41
tritiumrhpot1991: that's true03:41
grepdashvi've got a pvr-150, and it seems to be detected ok, but when i try to set it up as an input and scan for channels, i get an error that says it can't be opened03:41
grepdashvdon't all answer at once >_>03:45
ubotugrepdashv: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:52
grepdashvwow is that the bot just now catching up?03:53
tritiumyes, grepdashv03:54
grepdashvtritium: any idea on my pvr150 issue?03:54
tritiumgrepdashv: No, I'm sorry.  I don't have one, and I've not encountered that error.03:54
grepdashvi was surprised that i didn't see anything about the error in the faq, since the card comes pretty highly recommended03:55
grepdashvbut i may have missed it03:55
rhpot1991grepdashv: try to sudo modprobe ivtv and then try it again03:56
grepdashvivtv is loaded already afaik03:56
tgm4883dmesg | grep ivtv03:56
grepdashv[   53.285504] ivtv0: Autodetected Hauppauge WinTV PVR-15003:57
grepdashvtgm4883: any thoughts?04:00
tgm4883thats the only thing that shows up?04:01
grepdashvno, no04:01
grepdashvthat was just what seemed most relevant04:01
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:01
tgm4883put the whole thing there04:01
tgm4883grepdashv, pastebin this04:04
tgm4883ls -l /dev/vid*04:04
tgm4883also, is this a gutsy or hardy install?04:04
grepdashv7.10, so gutsy?04:05
tgm4883mythbuntu install?04:05
grepdashvcrw-rw---- 1 root video 81,  0 2008-03-11 11:40 /dev/video004:05
grepdashvcrw-rw---- 1 root video 81, 24 2008-03-11 11:40 /dev/video2404:05
grepdashvcrw-rw---- 1 root video 81, 32 2008-03-11 11:40 /dev/video3204:06
grepdashvjust those 304:06
tgm4883and in mythtv-setup you set it up as /dev/video0 and as a hauppauge PVR card?04:07
grepdashvtried it as each of v4l and mpeg04:08
grepdashvbut when i got to the input section, neither one allowed me to scan for channels...failed to open card04:08
grepdashvfyi - it was because i had no scheduler set up; i have it using "no grabber" now05:18
hugolpcan I update the server to .21 without reseting or touching the database?06:36
hugolpor do the packages take care of that?06:36
foxbuntu___hugolp, you will be required to update everything to .2106:39
foxbuntu___Frontend Included06:39
foxbuntu___.21 does not work with previous versions06:39
tgm4883_laptopyou don't work with previous versions06:40
hugolpfoxbuntu___:  updating the frontend is fine, but what about the database?06:43
tgm4883_laptopthe db schema will need to be updated06:44
foxbuntu___hugolp, everything has to be upgraded06:44
hugolptgm4883_laptop:  means I have to delete the one that is now, and let the packages create an empty new one and configure it or I dont need to delete it and it will be upgraded automagically?06:45
foxbuntu___tgm4883_laptop, I know I don't work with previous versions06:45
foxbuntu___hugolp, it will be upgraded06:45
hugolpfoxbuntu___:  cool06:45
hugolpgoing to upgrade now06:45
camelreefgood morning07:01
tgm4883yes it is07:01
tgm4883but just barely07:01
camelreefat least in Scotland07:02
tgm4883it's 00:02 here07:02
foxbuntu___camelreef, its 2A here :)07:02
camelreef7 here07:02
foxbuntu___weather is prob better there too07:02
foxbuntu___camelreef, something we can do for you?07:02
camelreeffor the time being, nothing07:03
camelreefI'm a happy user07:03
camelreefexcept if you know how to fix the UPnP memory leak07:03
camelreefI have UPnP turned off as I don't need it in the mean time07:03
foxbuntu___camelreef, nope sorry, thats a work in progress as im told07:06
=== foxbuntu___ is now known as foxbuntu_laptop
camelreefwho's working on it ?07:07
foxbuntu_laptopnot sure07:07
foxbuntu_laptopare you using MythTV 0.21?07:09
camelreefI'm the one who posted the valgrind log07:13
camelreefI was using the PPA backport, now I have the official backport07:14
foxbuntu_laptopcamelreef, you need to upgrade to hardy sometime so you can stay up-to-date with the changes07:35
foxbuntu_laptopthe backport is intial release only for 0.21, gutsy wont get the 0.21-fixes branch07:36
camelreeffoxbuntu_laptop, I'm trying to stick to something relatively stable07:36
foxbuntu_laptopcamelreef, I understand...just letting you know07:36
camelreefbut the alpha cycle has normally ended, I may switch once beta has started07:37
camelreefI know the process07:37
camelreefI started my mythtv system on gutsy alpha 2 or 307:37
camelreefthat was alright, I was building it, and the tuner driver also had issues07:38
camelreefbut now it is seriously in prod07:38
camelreefI may start switching a few non-critical machines to Hardy in the next few days, though07:39
camelreefhugolp doesn't know what he wants08:09
camelreefwork time08:10
=== MythbuntuGuest10 is now known as Rimers
Rimershi all09:08
Rimersis there a way of monitoring what programs is accessing swap / harddisk? my Mythbuntu is accessing one of my drives all the time and i cant find out what program is doing it.09:09
camelreefand another good morning from Scotland09:25
lagagood morning from germany :)09:26
camelreeflaga, any news on that leak? Any ticket on that upstream? i failed to find one09:27
lagai'm going to make one now, didn't have time last night09:28
lagathanks for the log, btw09:28
camelreefI can make a new one with the ubuntu2 backport that has arrived in the mean time09:29
* camelreef should be getting his 1TB WD GP disk today :o)09:30
lagacamelreef:  dont think the ubuntu2 build is gonna fix it.. doyou ystillhave the version number of that older build youused yesterday?09:31
* laga should be getting his 500GB WD GP disk tomorrow :)09:31
camelreefI was using the 0.21 released code backported on the mythbuntu-experimental PPA09:32
camelreefthere will be some liceCD, dd and gparted action tonight09:34
lagagood luck :)09:35
lagamine will go in my main desktop (which is alsomy myth frontend)09:35
lagamy current samsung hdd is making lots of vibrations.. and they're most audible on the couch09:35
camelreefI have currently a pair of 200G, noisy as hell09:36
camelreefI'm planning on making that BE/FE less noticeable09:36
camelreefhdd is the first step09:36
camelreef2 case fans will be replaced too09:36
camelreefthen the CPU heatsink/fan, for a model that is PWM compliant09:37
camelreefand finally the power supply09:37
lagai've already got noise dampening etc in this case09:37
lagaalso some hdd noise blockers, but i don't think they're very good09:38
lagaand rubber nipppels for the fans :)09:38
lagacamelreef: though it'd be cool if you could make sure the problem still exists with -ubuntu209:41
lagano need to valgrind, though09:41
camelreefhold on09:41
camelreefah, one kid in front of the TV09:41
camelreefbah, it's just a backend restart09:42
lagadamn kids, get off my tv.. ;)09:43
camelreefnot that I mind, I'm at work09:43
camelreefand the 2-year old knows how to use MythTV09:44
camelreeffrom the keyboard09:44
lagamy 2yr old nephew never gets too watch tv, his mother is very strict about that09:44
camelreefthe remote is a little bit too abstract for him09:44
lagacamelreef: does it also consume 100% CPU?09:47
lagaok, that happens for hitme..09:57
lagai made a upstream bug report09:57
camelreefyesterday it took alot of CPU09:59
camelreefbut that may have been valgrind09:59
camelreefand I am @ 62M atm, nothing to call home about09:59
camelreefand it's not rising dramatically10:00
lagaok, i was just wondering ;)10:00
camelreefweird build by the PPA ?10:00
camelreefwas I paying for my eagerness?10:00
lagano, hitme666 is seeing it too, he's got it from hardy10:00
camelreefwas he on ubuntu1 or ubuntu2 ?10:01
lagaubuntu2 i think10:02
camelreefcrap, if thisd thing is not consistent, even on the same machine....10:02
lagamaybe because you got the update?10:03
lagawe'll let the devs look at it10:03
camelreefI'm starting djmount on the network, see if using a upnp client changes things10:04
directhex|work(note: djmount doesn't work on amd64)10:05
lagadirecthex|work: heh10:06
camelreefI'm using it from a 32 bit machine on the network10:06
lagajava doesn't work well onamd64 either :/10:06
lagaso projectx is borked.10:06
lagawhich sccks because mytharchive finally worked for me with that10:06
camelreeflaga, fix your reception10:07
camelreefcommercial removal failed because of bad mpeg2, fixing the cabling and installing a masthead amp fixed it10:07
lagamy reception is fine (DVB-C). mythtranscode doesn't work well with multiple audio streams.. and i think projectx is faster anyways10:07
lagaand it really sucks if you get french audio because it decided to throw the german audio stream away (i only have this situation for one channel which i barely watch, but hey)10:08
camelreefusing a upnp client made the be go up to 120M, and it went back to 65M10:08
camelreefbehaving normally10:09
lagawe'll let the devs look at it :)10:09
camelreefI gzipped the log and attached it to the MythTV ticket10:15
lagacamelreef: thanks10:15
sebrocklaga, I upgraded to Gutsy instead10:27
sebrockthey have this really handy new tool "do-release-upgrade" for servers10:28
sebrockwent pretty smooth except it stalled on restarting nfs-kernel-server10:28
lagagreat :)10:28
sebrockhad to 'dpkg --configure -a' after a reboot to make it finish10:29
* laga is afraid that his ACPI wakeup setup will break when upgrading. :/10:29
sebrockwhat's that?10:29
lagasebrock: my backend shuts down when it's idle and will wake up for the next recording10:29
sebrockoh I dont use that10:30
sebrockmy backend is on my 24/7 server10:30
laga(although that hasn't worked so well lately, maybe i need to poke 0.21..)10:30
sebrockis that a ug in gutsy or backend?10:30
lagasebrock: i can't really justify that for just mythtv :) i used to have a 24/7 server, too10:30
sebrocksure, but my server also does a helluva lot of other stuff, ftp, cups, apache...10:31
sebrockto name some10:31
lagasebrock: i still have feisty. i dont think it's a real bug at all.. there are certain locking mechanism where it determines whether it's safe to shutdown or not. maybe i broke one of these10:31
Davieygah, servers should be 24/710:31
lagasebrock: yeah, mine only does mythtv. (and my local repo)10:31
sebrockright, btw dpkg --configure -a10:31
lagaDaviey: no worries, my dedicated server runs 24/7 :)10:31
sebrockwhat is that, I was told to do it when updating the repo10:32
lagasebrock: it'll reconfigure all packages10:32
sebrockand then it continued to configure stuff10:32
sebrockbecause the upgrade stalled somewhere when configuring packages10:33
sebrockso I'm unsure if I now have a full Gutsy or somewhere between 7.04 and 7.1010:33
lagatry to upgrade again?10:34
laga(i had to upgrade three times when going from gutsy to hardy.. but i also had some broken third-party packages)10:34
sebrockwell doing the same command tells me there is no new upgrade10:35
sebrockand apt-get upgrade does neither10:35
sebrockso all is gold?10:37
lagaif you've got "gutsy" all over your sources.list and if sudo aptitude dist-upgrade shows there are no new packages10:40
lagayou should be golden10:40
sebrockthen I am10:42
sebrocksome minor issues with apache2 tho10:42
sebrock[Wed Mar 12 11:43:12 2008] [error] [client] Digest: user `sebastian' in realm `MythTV' not found: /10:45
sebrockthats what I got when trying to access Mythweb10:45
lagago to mcc and set your password again?10:45
sebrockmy pasword is still in httpd-passwords10:45
lagamcc can do it now10:46
sebrockthis is not mythbuntu...10:46
sebrockits just an ordinary gutsy install with myth-backend10:46
lagathen use sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythweb10:46
lagawhich does the same10:46
lagasebrock: you can just install mythbuntu-control-centre on gutsy if you ever feel the need, btw10:46
sebrockso it works on 'just' the backend alswell?10:47
sebrockand a backend thats not from the mythbuntu release10:47
lagamythbuntu is just ubuntu with mythbuntu-control-centre10:47
lagayou probably want to clean out old config files from your feisty mythweb install, though10:48
sebrockresetting the password didnt help10:49
lagahttpd-passwords <- what file is that?10:49
sebrockI wonder what apache thinks a realm is10:49
sebrockthats my file with encrypted passwords10:49
sebrockI updated it with htpasswd but apache still says I'm not in the MythTV realm10:50
lagasebrock: mythweb now uses a different kind of authentication IIRC. you need to clear your old config file10:50
lagasebrock: it's using digest auth now which uses realms.. i think a realm is a third component which is factored in into the password encryption or something10:51
sebrockso which file do I have to delete?10:52
sebrockI tried to change it with mythbuntu-control-center but it still says the same11:00
lagai dunno.11:04
lagai can't know because it was you who made your setup :)11:04
sebrockIm guessing this is something new... my other password enabled sites works fine11:05
lagayes, it's using a different setup11:05
lagahtdigest instead of the old plain auth method11:05
sebrockyeah I noticed11:12
sebrockworks now11:13
camelreefwho came up with a default idle time of 60mn for the EIT crawl?11:20
camelreefmy EPG is emptying itself!11:20
sebrockthere is a gutsy backport now right?11:40
camelreefturn on the backports in synaptics or sources.list11:41
=== camelreef is now known as camelreef-lunch
KipIngramAnyone out there using the SA4250HDC stb?14:10
a1fa_I am thorn apart. Wait for 8.04 or 7.10?14:36
laga8.04 could use some testing, which also means it can break more easily :)14:36
a1fa_its due in april?14:36
a1fa_they wont release POS, I hope14:37
=== JThundley_ is now known as JThundley__
=== JThundley__ is now known as JThundley_
a1fa_i like the philosophy behind mythbuntu14:40
lagawhich is..?14:41
a1fa_the control panel14:41
a1fa_its a very well packaged product14:44
MythbuntuGuest09I am trying to use the MythWeb flash player (and .asx sreams) in 0.21 but I keep getting the error ".mpg does not exist in any recognized storage group directories for this host."  I found the error is being generated by handler.pl.  Has anyone else seen this?14:48
directhex|workMythbuntuGuest09, are you using a framegrabber tv card?14:54
MythbuntuGuest09directhex|work - No... PVR150 and PVR500 cards....14:55
sebrock_how much is there to do on the alpha4 release?14:58
sebrock_or is the most part depending on the 8.04?14:58
sebrock_seems quite rough now that I tested it14:58
lagasebrock_: getting mythtv fixes & patches in (as expected after a new release)... the MCC diskless sections needs some work ;), some stuff finnaly has to be fixed like making shutdown work out of the box..14:59
lagawe're mostly there i'd say, tho14:59
a1fa_laga awesome15:21
a1fa_i will wait for 8.04 stable15:21
a1fa_hopefully mythbuntu lets me import my old database without much manual work15:22
laga if you just upgrade from 7.10, you don't even have to import anything15:23
a1fa_debian testing15:24
a1fa_i am whiping out the hard-drive15:24
sebrock_laga, I just tried the LiveCD and I must say there was a bunch of problems. One was my sound was broken :P anyway, I noticed that the imon-pad lirc conf is wrong... SOudgraph updated their harware so the hex signals are not the same any more15:32
sebrock_however I have mapped it for you if you would like it15:32
lagasebrock_: it would be great if you could file a bug report15:33
sebrock_I think I already did it once15:33
lagayour sounds was broken? there were problems with that, but i think they've been resolved for the live disk? file a bug report for that as well ;)15:33
lagasebrock_: ah15:33
sebrock_I'll check15:33
sebrock_should I file the lirc thing under mythbuntu or lirc?15:35
sebrock_A of the sound, I use passthrough to my digital receiver, Did not work at all this time15:36
lagathat might actually be a known problem in 7.1015:37
lagain mythtv 0.2115:37
sebrock_it works in mythbuntu 7.10 OTB15:38
lagathe broken passthru15:38
lagaodd then15:38
lagaamybe you should check dmesg for unresolved symbols in the sound driver..15:38
lagaok, i gotta run. been sitting here for too long :)15:39
sebrock_I'll wait for a release first15:39
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suamme1Hey, I'm having a problem with the latest 8.04 update. My cx88_alsa module doesn't work anymore. Would this be a bug, or something intended I didn't catch?17:53
KipIngramAnyone online use the SA4250HDC stb (firewire)?18:08
hugolphi, Im trying to update to mythtv .21 and apt-get wont let me. do I have to uninstall myth-backend .20 previous to install .21?19:08
hugolpthe only way to install is to force it with aptitude full-upgrade19:09
Davieyhugolp: hey - you will need to sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:22
a1fa_did u check topic?19:22
hugolpalfa checking now19:25
a1fa_good boy19:26
a1fa_why you fussing19:29
hugolpeverything went fine, but the OSD flickers19:51
hugolpnobody else is having problem with the OSD flickering?19:56
jamesdupgrading to .21 broke playback of previously recorded.. some work some just give a blank screen....21:27
MythbuntuGuest39Is mythstream broken in 7.10 post 0.21 update?  It says it must be recompiled for 0.21 libs...21:32
nettow0822 has anyone installed the mythbuntu .21 upgrade through backports yet?21:32
TRRiSSYes, I have, but having some troubles now because I use the legacy nvidia drivers, something to do with glXGetProcAddress21:34
MythbuntuGuest39nettow0822:  I did... For the most part it went smooth...  Mythstream is having dome issues and the mythweb has some issues if you have non standard storage locations....21:36
jamesdi'm having issues wtih nvidia closed source drivers and playback...  some recordings play fine others don't, get a blank screen21:39
nettow0822jamesd have you tried this site? http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=1421:47
directhexjamesd, blank or green?21:48
jamesdits a darkgrey maybe black21:49
jamesdnettow0822, which thread...21:55
nettow0822jamesd no thread...just was giving you a possible source21:56
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jamesdperhaps its just me, but i think if upgrading to a new version of an application like mythtv breaks something, i should be looking at the application for the problem not the video driver.22:04
myth-newball my video menus have stopped working after myth update? anyone22:28
jamesdno clue.. i upgraded... it works but some tv channels don't work... wrong settings looks like standard mode works.. but 1080i shows are broken22:33
myth-newbWhen i go to media library22:34
myth-newbnothing happens22:34
myth-newbit stays on the main screen22:34

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