ubot3In #ubuntu, soundray said: ubot3, no, Vista is the best incentive to learn Linux, says Pelo00:37
PiciAnyone else see evidence of what pelo is reporting?00:51
PriceChildNo idea.00:52
stdinI see 2 people join/part quite quickly, but nothing worrying00:53
Pici/clones returns nothing to be alarmed about either00:53
PiciHmm.. There are a lot of root_*s in #kubuntu (again)01:46
LjLPici: i'll kick them (again)01:46
LjLi will have to take down the bots for the whole night. the "new" server's PSU is making a grinding noise, and that's not good to left on during the night01:59
LjLHobbsee: twas like the most unfortunate server upgrade evah02:00
nickrudHobbsee: I just want you to know, you are the reason I had to install a 32bit os ;)02:01
Hobbseenickrud: oh?02:02
nickrudlightning in thunderbird, couldn't find one for 64bit02:02
naliothnickrud: it compiles on 64bit02:03
nickrudnalioth: you know I hate compiling ;)02:04
Seeker`Hobbsee: If its worth anything (which I suspect it isn't :P), I agree with your email about IRSEEK02:04
naliothwhat email?02:05
HobbseeSeeker`: feel free to add it02:05
PriceChildnalioth: ubuntu-irc ML02:05
Hobbseenalioth: you were right. she'll never be happy02:06
Seeker`hmm, either my mail is slow, or the list doesn't like it02:23
nickrudwhy?  It's just window dressing, removing irseek02:24
Seeker`nickrud: what do you mean?02:24
nickrudthe logs are still taken, and as Hobbsee says in the mail, there's nothing keeping someone from wgetting them and doing whatever02:25
Seeker`nickrud: Do you agree that the IRSEEK logging is superfluous?02:26
nickrudSeeker`: superfluous yes. As tonyyarruso replied, should it be forbidden?02:26
nickrudwhat's to stop them from just running xchat and logging into channels they want to copy? With all the idlers, who'd know?02:27
Seeker`as my reply states (if it ever arrives), if noone actively wants it there, and it is superfluous, what harm is there in removing them?02:27
nickrudI'm just saying the issue way overblown.02:28
Seeker`People have expressed a dislike for these bots, and, as far as I am aware, everyone else doesn't really care whether they are there or not. IMO it would be easier to remove the redundant bots than to convince the people concerned about privacy that the bots probably aren't doing any harm02:28
Seeker`If you dont upset anyone by removing them02:29
no0ticwhat's to stop them just to grab ubuntulog's logs and do whatever they want? So, why forbid them to log directly?02:29
Seeker`if ubuntulogs' logs are there and are perfectly good, why not just tell them to use that directly?02:30
Hobbseeno0tic: absolutely nothing.  02:30
nickrudAnd then the people who are expecting some form of privacy are totally misled. Seems cleaner to acknowledge they are using the logs by letting them be present themselves.02:31
Seeker`It should be in the topic of the logged channels that they are logged, but that is a different matter02:32
no0ticcould our logs be released under a certain license?02:32
nickrudthen refusing other bots would make some sense02:32
HobbseeSeeker`: it's in the guidelines, mentioned from the topic...02:33
Hobbseeno0tic: no one could actually police it02:33
Seeker`Hobbsee: I thought it might have been, but I'm too tired to go looking :)02:33
Hobbseealong with all the rest of the useful stuff that shoudl be in the topic, but doesn't fit.02:34
no0tichow many users complained?02:34
Hobbseea few02:34
Hobbseemost were in /query02:34
no0tica relevant percentage of 1200?02:35
nickrudhow many were incited?02:35
Seeker`I doubt that anyone will complain abotu the lack of IRSEEK bots. Surely if there is a solution that will make x users happy and 0 unhappy, that is the best option?02:35
Seeker`no0tic: define a "relevant percentage"?02:36
no0tic5/10% 02:36
no0tic60/120 users, I think it's a good percentage02:36
Seeker`thats quite a lot02:36
LjLno0tic: what makes you think IRC logs are eligible for a license to begin with?02:37
no0ticLjL, nothing, I'm only brainstorming to find out a possible solution02:37
Seeker`no0tic: The SU at my uni needs 100 signatures out of ~10,000 students to call an EGM02:37
no0ticok, let's take 1%02:38
naliothtbh, i've only heard one user complain about the irseek bots02:38
Hobbseei had more in query, but i dont' remember hwo they were now02:39
no0ticanyway.. I think it could be dangerous to bend to few users complaining for something like that. Anyone here has logs of almost everything happens in #ubuntu* channels and anybody could do whatever they want with those02:39
Hobbseeno0tic: agreed, but still.02:39
Hobbseeno0tic: if anything, it's setting a precedent for anyone to bring a logging bot in there02:40
Hobbseewhich cna then be known-malicious02:40
Hobbseeor a bot which logs, and does other things too02:40
nickrudit is true, it only takes one person to bring up a valid point (not ready to call this one one, though)02:40
Seeker`what harm is done by removing the bots?02:41
HobbseeSeeker`: very little, i suspect02:41
nickrudhm. Didn't I once hear of a 'no bot's' policy once?02:41
Hobbseenickrud: yeah, excluding official ubuntu cloaked ones02:41
LjLnickrud: no bots unless authorized, and these ones currently are.02:41
no0ticare there effective methods to check whether a "user" is a bot or else?02:43
* nickrud just hates being demagoged02:43
LjLSeeker`, Hobbsee: what harm is done by removing Google (after all, all the content is available somewhere else)? yet some harm is done. searchable logs, not limited to Ubuntu channels, in a central place, can be an asset. and remember that the "percentage" of people complaining about them is about the same percentage as the people who complain, uuuh, about just everything we do?02:43
LjLno0tic: turing test02:43
no0ticLjL, and if he simply doesn't reply?02:44
HobbseeLjL: if you're doing that, it's spam, no? :)02:44
LjLno0tic: then you're screwed.02:44
LjLHobbsee: hm?02:44
naliothno0tic: there are ways, yes02:45
* nalioth will not share his methods02:45
HobbseeLjL: giving people turing tests02:45
LjLthere are no ways02:45
Seeker`LjL: But all of the ubuntu logs are stored in 1, easily accessible place, then typing "ubuntu irc logs" will get them all of them02:45
Seeker`it doesn't reduce acessibility02:45
no0ticnalioth, ok, I trust in your methods, don't want to know anything else02:45
LjLnalioth likes to insist there are, and i'm sure there *are* for most practical purposes (such as bots hanging in many channels, for instance, or little glitches in CTCP replies, or dubious hosts, etc)02:46
LjLbut generally speaking, i really, really think there is no conceivable way to tell a bot from a user, aside from a turing test02:46
* nickrud considers thumbsrcrews for nalioth02:46
naliothLjL: it may not be a "bot" per se, but a userless client and a cronjob that scps to a web enabled page02:48
* Seeker` goes to bed, almost an hour after thinking "I'll just see what this 1 email is..."02:48
Seeker`s/.../before bed.../02:49
no0ticSeeker`, 'night02:49
LjLnalioth: so, you're telling me that if i have a perfectly normal client (and take care to make my so my idle time never gets ridiculous), not in an overly large amount of channels, and post some irc-related thing to some *other* machine (via scp or something), you can track that?02:52
Hobbseenalioth: has evil ways :P02:53
no0ticLjL, let's suppose I have my logs in my public_html, no scp in between :)02:53
LjLno0tic: well in that case it doesn't take very much to spot them02:55
no0ticLjL, rigth02:55
band4lifeljl i was hoping to be allowed to return today03:05
LjLoh, i see. your nickname made me think you were banned for life and evading03:05
LjLmust have been wrong03:06
band4lifewell im here to ask to get back in, and change my nick.03:06
LjLwell look, tell you what03:09
LjLi find it important for my actions to be reviewed and make sure i'm not getting off the right track03:10
LjLso when you say03:10
LjL<band4life> true,  but from what I gathered at other channels my banning is not unheard of.  Infact it is common.  So if I am going to continue to be mistreated, I am going to report some of the ops.03:10
LjLperhaps you should go on and do that03:10
band4lifeLJL so what you are saying is that you are going to extend my ban?03:15
LjLextend? i don't think i said it *would* be lifted03:16
LjLi think i probably told you to come back in some days, and that was likely before you went up ranting in #freenode as well03:16
emmais Hobbsee here?03:36
PriceChildemma: anything I might be able to help with instead?03:36
emmaNo I'm afraid not.03:36
emmaI'll try to find her later. Take care.03:39
* Hobbsee was busy.03:46
Hobbseepatience, patience.03:46
tonyyarussoHobbsee: she's still online if you want it...03:53
Hobbseetonyyarusso: not overly.03:55
Hobbseenickrud: who, me?04:23
nickrudnah ;)04:23
Jack_SparrowWe need to keep an eye on Zcat04:53
tonyyarussoeh, perhaps.  lastlog looks pretty okay04:54
Jack_SparrowHe was giving detailed info on how to write a virus in linux earlier in ubuntu..  04:55
Jack_SparrowA new user comes into the channel and is excited does not need to be greeted with <zcat[1]> petercoh7: the feeling wears off, you find out that ubuntu has bugs too and is just another OS :)04:56
tonyyarussodidn't see that first one04:57
Jack_SparrowSeveral hours ago...  04:59
nickrudlol, well it is just another os05:00
Jack_SparrowMaybe so, but you dont slap a new user that is excited about it..   THat is just rude05:01
naliothcivility is welcomed here05:02
Jack_SparrowI dont find that a very civil way to greet a new user05:03
Jack_SparrowAfter his virus discussions earlier today .. I think he needs to be watched05:04
naliothhow about talking to him05:07
naliothcatalyze and all that ?05:07
Jack_SparrowIm too tired at this point.. It has been a long day...05:08
Jack_SparrowFeel free...05:08
Jack_SparrowI only logged back in to get my mail..... Just noticed him for the second time in one day..   Goodnight05:10
nickrudzcat's been around for a long time, he's probably amenable05:12
tonyyarussoProbably just needs a nudge on things that are less than helpful methinks.  The lines in between the two aforementioned things look like normal support, and valuable.05:14
Seeker`are there restrictions as to who can post on the ubuntu-irc mailing list?09:23
Meznot as far as I'm aware (possibly subscribers only though)(10:22
Mezbut I dont think there are restrictions on who can subscribe10:22
Seeker`I have subscribed10:24
Seeker`I sent a post last ngith, and it seems to have disappeared10:24
Mezcheck your mail logs ?10:28
Seeker`It has appeared in the "sent" folder10:31
* Seeker` -> uni10:32
Myrttithat's a disturbing message for a Finn11:22
Seeker`Myrtti: why?11:23
Myrttiuni means sleep11:23
MyrttiI actually stared that one for like a minute uncomprehending11:24
Seeker`uni means university for me :) Which is closely associated with sleep :P11:24
Myrttiyeah, I know, but still11:24
Myrttineeded some mental adjustment to get the real meaning11:25
Seeker`what is the finnish for uni?11:25
Seeker`hmm, not easy to remember11:27
Piciubot3: whoami12:04
ubot3Factoid whoami not found12:04
AndrewBhey Mez 12:38
MezAndrewB, gimme 10 mins or so, about to go for lunch12:38
AndrewBNo problem12:39
AndrewBI can try and work out which are invalid12:39
AndrewBoh damn http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/bans.cgi is down12:42
Davieyup here12:44
DavieyAndrewB: remember sqlite is teh suck12:44
Picisqlite does full-file locking12:45
AndrewB Sorry, bantracker has been shut down for anonymous users due to server load 12:45
AndrewBit's ok  I have a heft log12:45
PiciWhat ban are you looking for?12:45
AndrewBall of them ;)12:46
PiciI was going to say that my bantracker fork work-in-progress bot may have caught it if you were looking for something specifically12:47
MezI'm getting an op error12:55
Mez args = ('database is locked',)12:55
Pici08:45:00 <Pici> sqlite does full-file locking12:55
PiciWait and refresh12:55
PiciOr just mash refresh if you're impatient.12:55
MezSorry, bantracker has been shut down for anonymous users due to server load12:56
* Pici shrugs12:56
PiciCan anyone here get ubot3 into new channels? or start ubotwo up?12:57
PiciLjL: around? ^12:57
jussi01nalioth: maybe if he is around12:57
jussi01Pici: where do you want it?12:57
* jussi01 has ubot5 if needed12:58
Picijussi01: bugs, -devel, -motu12:58
AndrewBhttp://tuxhacker.org/hosted/banlist.txt   the few I have went through13:01
AndrewBMez: ^^13:01
jdongwill the real ubot.* please stand up?13:11
* Mez is thinking of making a bot that tracks bans, removes those of people who are klined, and pokes ops now and then to remind them to remove their bans13:14
jdong<banbotu> There are unused bans on your /mode. The /mode cleanup wizard can help you clean up your modes. Click this message to start the wizard.13:15
Mez"would you like me to clean your bans for you"13:16
Pici<clippybotu> I see you're trying to ban someone.... 13:16
Mez"are you sure"13:16
Mez"I'm going to anyway"13:16
jdongPici: ROFL13:16
Mez"This bot has encountered a general protection fault"13:17
jdongYou have 26 days left to activate this bot.13:17
Myrttiguru meditating13:17
PriceChildSeeker`: FYI there is nothing in the moderation queue for the ML.14:16
PiciPriceChild: do you have bot control? ubotu is on the fritz again/still and ubot3 is missing in a few channels14:17
PriceChildubot3: whoami14:19
ubot3Factoid whoami not found14:19
PriceChildubot3: part #ubuntu-ops 14:19
ubot3PriceChild: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:19
PriceChildPici: no14:19
jdongPriceChild: well.. you're a bot, right?14:20
Seeker`PriceChild: Hmm. Shall I try sending it again, see what happens?14:20
PriceChildjdong: what are your instructions master?14:20
PriceChildSeeker`: PM me your email so I can check you're subscribed?14:20
jdongPriceChild: bug 19632214:20
PriceChildI got one subscription today, and it was from the most amazing sounding name ever.14:20
jdonglol I have no idea if that actually exists14:21
Picijdong: "All source packages" page empty when distribution doesn't use Launchpad for packaging14:21
PiciIn Soyuz [Confirmed/Undecided]14:22
PriceChildPici: excuse me, but who is the bot here?14:22
* Pici shuts his bot 14:22
PriceChildI hate it when screen finds a line of irssi, and decides to duplicate it in every single channel I switch to.14:23
PriceChildI don't want Pici shutting his bot in all my super secret channels!14:23
PiciPriceChild: I know, it realyl confuses me14:23
PriceChildNot that I don't want Pici...14:23
PiciNo offense taken14:24
PriceChilddetatch and reatatch seems to fix it14:24
* PriceChild huggles pici14:24
Picioh, LjL woke up14:28
LjLshould have put it in crontab sorry14:29
LjLsince the server was turned on well before i woke up14:29
LjLinit.d for a bot...?14:29
MyrttiI've got init.d for irssi14:30
LjLthat's a bit... non-standard14:30
jdongpfft event.d14:30
Myrttiif I want irssi up on server boot and to grep some logs at server shutdown...14:30
LjLwhat about sources.list.d14:30
LjLMyrtti: grep logs at shutdown?14:31
jdongLjL: that relies on a buffer overflow in apt14:31
* jussi01 schedules a cron to smack jdong over the head with a fish14:31
LjLjdong: sounds elegant14:31
jdongLjL: yes it would be beautiful14:31
MyrttiLjL: I've got a special use case for the logs14:31
Myrttiit's called "stalking"14:31
LjLMyrtti: as in, checking if you've been stalked, or stalking?14:31
Myrttithe first14:32
LjLthat too definitely sounds like a cron's job...14:32
LjLi've got a special use case for logs too14:32
LjLand that is, building them up and treating them like a child14:33
LjLonly to have a wildrunning ">" erase them all in a bunch of seconds14:33
AndrewBMez: the bot you talk of we already have. Called dircbot  contact philkc he may be able to assist.14:58
AndrewBthough it doesnt do the kline thing14:59
naliothPici: did you get your ubot* support?15:00
LjLubotwo and i are back15:01
naliothi guess nobody remembers their ubot3 access15:08
PriceChildI don't think I have any :/15:10
* Mez_ waits to see how long it is till Mez Excess floods again15:17
Mez_when/if he reconnects15:17
Amaranthubotwo: whoami15:18
ubotwoAmaranth: Amaranth15:18
Mez_ubotwo: whoami15:19
ubotwoMez_: I don't recognize you.15:19
Seeker`Mez_: Why the excess flood?15:23
Mez_Seeker`: cause xchat is deciding to /who every channel I'm in at the same time15:24
Mez_nalioth: no, xchat15:24
naliothsounds broken.  try ii15:24
* nalioth runs15:25
* Mez_ sighs 15:26
Mez_I've said enough times that irssi isnt good for me15:26
ubotwo*taptap* Is this thing on?15:27
naliothubot3 info ii15:27
ubot3ii: minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-3 (gutsy), package size 13 kB, installed size 80 kB15:27
naliothSeeker`: i don't stutter15:27
* Mez hopes to survive long enough to join channels slowly15:27
naliothMez_: ^^^15:27
naliothalthough "minimalist" isn't the word i'd use to describe it15:28
naliothit _is_ however bulletproof15:28
Mez_nalioth, *Shrugs*15:29
stdineesh, what's with all the roots' in #k !? root__ root___ root____ root______ root_______ root________ root_________15:33
LjLugh, again?15:33
stdinI'm beginning to think it's the same person/group as the vit_*'s we had a while ago15:34
stdinvery similar IP to the one vit in #k now15:35
Picistdin: we cleared them out yesterday too15:37
jpatrick+b *!?=root15:37
Picithen nal sent them on a ride on the train15:37
Mezw00t... I think I'm in the clear15:37
LjLyeah, don't kick them15:38
stdinwhat I did with vit was ban vit_*!@* so vit and vit_ could join, but root is a bit too general do do that15:39
LjLstdin, vit_ can't join if you ban vit_*!*@*, the * quantifier inclues the empty word15:41
stdinLjL: when the ban was in place there was vit and vit_, so it seemed to do what I wanted (if I'm remembering right)15:42
naliothstdin: again?15:42
LjLstdin: were probably already in the channel when you banned15:42
PiciYou could ban *!?=root@*.dyn.dsl.cantv.net15:43
stdinLjL: no, I did a mass /remove before15:43
LjLPici: well, not really, they had very different hostnames yesterday15:43
Picior .cantv.net15:43
PiciThat looks to be common between the few I just looked at15:44
stdinI only see them in #k too, and they never seem to speak (same as vit)15:44
naliothMez: it's all your client settings15:44
LjLstdin: don't know then, maybe they changed nicks while in the channel - i can say for sure that * is a zero-or-more15:44
nalioththese are zombies (root*)15:44
LjLPici, yesterday they had numeric IPs as hosts15:44
LjLlike the one that just joined now15:44
nalioththey are programmed to maintain 15:44
PiciLjL: They are numeric, I'm dnsing them15:45
PiciThat should work right?15:45
LjLPici: bans on hostname won't ban the IP15:45
LjLPici: the vice versa is valid15:45
LjLalthough, uhm15:45
PiciLjL: fooey15:45
LjLi thought freenode always reversed-dns everyone15:45
nalioththat should solve things (and get them on the freenode radar)15:46
LjLnalioth: put one _ maybe?15:46
nalioththey have appeared with _ and __ appended15:47
LjLnalioth: yeah i mean root_*!*@*15:47
LjLjust to avoid banning "root"15:47
naliothwe could forward them to -read-topic or -proxy-users or -unregged15:47
LjLand others with nicks that begin like that15:47
* nalioth would like to forward them to /dev/null, but would get in trouble if he did15:48
LjLnalioth: or -83, which i really should give another name15:48
LjLnalioth: still there's been some people before complaining that their nick was banned in some channels because it began with "root" - while having nothing to do with root. that's why i suggest root_*!*@*15:48
stdinhow about root_?*!*@* then? that'll let root and root_ (LjL was right after all)15:50
naliothstdin: the ? is superflous in your suggestion15:50
LjLstdin, in this case we want root_ banned i think15:51
naliothand superfli too15:51
stdinnalioth: I just tested name_*!*@* and it bans name_ too15:51
LjLalthough, root_ has been idle for 8 hours15:51
LjLthey *are* two different bans15:51
stdinbut then there's normally a root and root_ on freenode somewhere anyway15:51
LjLyeah in fact root_ is online15:52
LjLbut anyway, he's unlikely to join #kubuntu15:52
LjLon the other hand, "rootfoo" might15:52
stdinwe don't support root accounts anyway :p15:52
LjLi've created #ubuntu-graylist (and redirected the old #ubuntu-83 there), please use it for any subnet bans15:55
LjL(which does *not* mean subnet bans should be taken lightly, mind. just, still better than plain banning)15:56
stdinheh, I knew I'd see vit_ soon after the root_'s went15:59
LjLya... interesting15:59
LjLa 190.*15:59
LjLnalioth, look at that15:59
MezAOL ?15:59
LjLno, cantv.net according to pici's dns16:00
stdinall seem to be CANTV Servicios, Venezuela16:01
stdin(vit_'s and root_'s)16:02
naliothand you should always ban the IP (it will ban the hostmask, too)16:12
LjLnalioth: the IPs vary widely though (190.* up to 201.* at least), while the hostmask - if it was there - wouldn't16:13
naliothbut the hostmask is added depending on info16:13
LjLnalioth: but on info provided by the ISP, not the user itself...?16:14
naliothsome trolls have skillz, and can manipulate their equipment/packets, LjL 16:14
jussi01nalioth: could we have ubot3 into #ubuntustudio ?16:45
jussi01thanks nalioth 16:49
LjLbot is going down, changing PSU, should really be 10 minutes this time18:12
MyrttiWasn't Sevvie supposed to come back like, yesterday?18:32
Myrttior do I remember wrong18:32
LjLhere, maybe it wasn't 10 minutes, but it wasn't that bad18:39
LjLnow to just hope this €15 thing doesn't explode too early. or at least doesn't take the mobo with it when it does.18:39
Seeker`€15 for a PSU?18:40
Seeker`I cant imagine that would be stable18:40
LjLSeeker`: i'm not entirely comfortable either, and it's 370W (not that the server would take very much power but)... i thought i'd find a two-fans 420W one, which i bought in the same place little time ago for €30, but the only alternative they had available was a 570W (!) one for €4018:43
LjLperhaps i could put the lousy one on my desktop... although my desktop definitely takes up more power18:44
LjLbut i wouldn't cry so much if my desktop broke as if my server did18:45
LjL(well, unless the HD broke)18:45
LjLuhm, according to lm-sensors, the +12V, +5V and +3.3V are almost spot-on, for as much as that means18:46
LjLthere is a supposedly +2.5V output that is really 0.35V18:47
Seeker`I probably wouldn't feel "comfortable" with a PSU < £20 or so18:47
LjLand the sensors don't give readings for the negative ones18:47
Seeker`my current one was ~£50 I think18:47
Seeker`could you not order a better one18:48
Seeker`and then keep the cheap one for emergencies if another one blows again18:48
LjLSeeker`: well, as i said, i'd much rather have bought the €30 one, so i guess my "comfortability" target is similar to yours. i wouldn't but a £50 one i think... i'm that cheap18:48
* LjL wonders if the cheap 370W one could power his desktop at all18:49
PiciI need a new psu for my desktop, I have a paperclip wedged in the fan right now because it makes noise <.<18:50
LjLprobably not, newegg gives >300W for something like my desktop18:50
LjLPici: ...18:50
LjLPici: you realize that's likely to blow up not only the PSU but mobo/etc too?18:51
PiciLjL: I need a new hardware anyway18:51
Seeker`LjL: My power supply is a Corsair 520w modular thing18:51
LjLPici: the HD too18:51
LjLSeeker`: what does modular mean18:51
PiciLjL: Its the windows computer18:51
Seeker`LjL: Its quiet, and I quite like corsair stuff - its reliable18:51
LjLPici: oh - then switch the PSU to 110W and turn it on18:51
Seeker`LjL: The only cables "built in" to the box are the mobo connectors18:52
PiciLjL: it is on 11018:52
LjLPici: ah right you're on the evil side. well then switch it to 23018:52
PiciLjL: eh... I'd rather not :p18:52
Seeker`LjL: And then there are a series of cables you can plug in if you need them, so it reduces the number of spare wires hanging around the system18:52
LjLSeeker`: ah well that's nice but i can do without, reliability though i shouldn't, not for the server anyway18:53
LjLbut meh, if newegg gives some 330W for my desktop, then i suppose i probably shouldn't plug it into a 370W supply18:53
Seeker`LjL: This is for my desktop, which I use for gaming etc.18:54
Seeker`I have an nvidia 8800GTS, which seems to be quite power hungry18:54
LjLSeeker`, none of my computers are particularly power hungry i guess, what i have on my desktop is a geforce 5200, and on the server, well, i won't ever put whatever it's got in 3D mode... so i don't really need *watts* on the server, i do need it to not blow up though :|18:55
LjLbut then as little power-hungry as my desktop may be, it's still worryingly close to 370W i'm afraid18:56
Seeker`how do you work that out?18:56
LjLSeeker`: oh genii just gave me this site http://educations.newegg.com/tool/psucalc/index.html18:56
LjLstill anyway i really don't understand why my old PSU, that worked for years, refuses to power the new server mobo18:57
LjLworks fine on the old...18:57
* Seeker` wonders what counts as a "high end" motherboard18:57
Seeker`that gives me something between 470 and 496 W18:59
Seeker`I've got a 520W18:59
LjLSeeker`: i don't know, i put in "high end" for the server because it's got 4 IDEs and was generally fancy for its time19:05
LjLwhile on my desktop, i've got some thing (with a celeron on it) that's got *3* PCI slots. guess that doesn't count as high-end19:05
LjLwait, no, *2* PCI slots. and an AGP19:06
Meznalioth, what's your email address?19:17
* Mez nearly sent an email to "naoliv£19:18
naliothMez: all these launchpad and wiki pages and personal websites and you can't find my email?  i'm at gmail.com19:22
PiciWow! Hi Seveas!19:23
Meznvm nalioth found it on LP19:30
MezPici, did you find a place for Mootbot (or was that Seeker` ?)19:30
PiciMez: Wasn't me who you were talking to19:30
Mezprobs Seeker` then19:31
naliothMez: i told you my email19:33
Meznalioth, my connection here died19:33
Seveaswhich channels is ubotu kicked out of?19:33
Picior at least most of the channels I'm in19:34
naliothMez: you've notg left this channel since i told you  :)19:34
* Pici sneaks off19:34
SeveasI'm bringing it back19:35
Seeker`Mez: Was me19:37
MyrttiSeveas: should I unban him now from -offtopic?19:42
Seveassigh, ubotu is banned?19:43
Seveaswho the F* did that? Ubotu doesn't rejoin when kicked...19:43
Myrttiwe weren't sure, sorry19:45
Myrttibut I did it19:45
* Myrtti offers a yarn ball of silk and wool to almighty Seveas19:45
Seveasif you're not sure, why not try simply kicking and see what it does?19:46
Myrttithe thing is we wanted to have him active on more important channels and not to strain it with -offtopic19:46
SeveasI k/b'ed ubot3 from #ubuntu now ubotu is back19:46
PriceChildWhy don't we simply mute the other bots in channels? Especially like #ubuntu and #kubuntu?19:49
naliothSeveas: please use +q19:49
Seveasnalioth, right back at y'all19:49
naliothSeveas: i banned no bots19:49
naliothSeveas: i advised +q 19:49
Seveasthey ignored it, you could have fixed it.19:49
naliothi'm not in all the channels19:50
MezSeeker`, did you find a home?19:50
Seeker`Mez: Still trying a few possibilities19:50
MezSeeker`, well if need be, I can give it a home19:51
Seeker`Mez: Cool, I'll keep that in mind if the current plans fall through19:51
MezSeeker`, no problem. Though I19:51
Mezm currently writing plans to integrate a new server into my network19:51
* Myrtti hides and touches no bots ever again19:57
PiciSeveas: The bot may have just not joined some channels, at some points it was excess flooding out.20:13
PiciAlso, I think people were getting confused because !fact > user was sending two things, often many minutes apart20:15
LjLSeveas, we fix what we can fix, you have to realize there are a "few" channels, some of them we don't have easy access to to begin with...20:23
ubot3In #kubuntu-fi, Nakkel said: !xvmc is XvMC (X-Video Motion Compensation) is a X Video extension allowing video programs to offload video decoding to the video-hardware. Currently only !binarydrivers for NVidia cards support XvMC.20:23
SeveasLjL, the only channels with bans were #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic20:23
Seveasyou all have access there and especially #ubuntu would be the first to check, methinks20:24
LjLSeveas, oh i think it was removed from -offtopic because some ompaul guy somehow seemed convinced that the bot abuse in there would cause the lag :)20:24
LjLSeveas: in #ubuntu, i definitely thought it was muted20:24
Seveasthe botabuse plugins were all unloaded already20:25
PiciLjL: it was, until it people were complaining that they were getting double messages at time about !this > that20:25
LjLSeveas: yeah well don't look at me :) anyway i'm surprised about #ubuntu. i made it part #ubuntu-devel as well because we had no way to mute it there when it was requested, making it rejoin20:26
Seeker`Would a "mute in channels x,y,z" function be useful in the new bots?20:26
SeveasSeeker`, the new code I'm working on will have failover code which makes sure one and only one (and always one) will talk at any given time20:27
Seeker`ah, ok20:28
jdongso ubotu's okay now?20:31
AmaranthWhat have you done to ubotu?20:44
* Amaranth hugs ubotu20:44
* Amaranth cries20:44
Alan_Mman, i believe the reaming people about how they help out in open chat in the main support rooms gotta stop, can we at least TRY to private message and say "hey look buddy...i feel what you did was wrong, can you please stop and do it this way next time?"21:07
PriceChildAlan_M: I'm not sure I understand?21:08
Alan_MBruenig basically told me how i helped out was the "wrong way"21:09
Alan_Min front of everyone....21:09
Alan_Min my opionion if the steps to help someone end up at the same end point...its not "technically" wrong.21:10
Alan_Mit takes me everything i have to help out now with the community, because i feel my contributions are just getting frowned at...im trying..shouldnt that be enough?21:11
PriceChildI'm not yet up to date with the logs, but I don't agree with "in my opionion if the steps to help someone end up at the same end point...its not "technically" wrong."21:11
PriceChildfor example, using automatix to install libdvdcss221:12
* tsmithe was watching this take place, and felt that whereas bruenig was technically most accurate, Alan_M's methods were most user-friendly. nor did bruenig offer different help.21:12
Alan_Mi was using a ubuntu supported method.21:12
Alan_Mnothing 3rd party21:12
PriceChildAlan_M: I'm not saying you were right or wrong in channel... I just don't agree with that one message.21:12
Alan_MI understand.21:13
Alan_Mits not even right or wrong anymore what im getting at.21:13
Alan_Mits the reaming in open room.21:13
PriceChildAlan_M: I'll have a talk with bruenig.21:16
mneptokPriceChild: that's the wrong approach. now you die.21:16
* mneptok ignites21:16
Alan_MThanks guys.21:16
* Alan_M exits....stage left21:17
PriceChildAlan_M: I think if he approached it a different way, it could have been less patronising, more informative.21:17
PriceChildAlan_M: however...21:17
PriceChildAlan_M: I don't think it would have been constructive for him to tell you things in PM whilst you were helping someone else.21:17
Alan_Mit just threw me so off guard i guess.21:18
PriceChildIf someone thinks they know a more correct way of doing things, I'm pretty sure they would rather inform both of you at once, rather than you tell someone a worse method, and not convey the better one until the next person,21:18
Alan_Manywys...back to crazy land...i mean #ubuntu heh just kidding :)21:20
Alan_MThanks for the input/support/smack across the skull :)21:20
* PriceChild burns21:22
PriceChild(laggy match)21:22
cornyHello, I wanted to ask about the Nickname service.21:58
cornyAre Nicks ever taken from someone because they haven't logged on in forever?21:59
ompaulthat would be a #freenode issue as far as I am aware 21:59
ompauland in practice :)21:59
PiciWe're only here to take care of the #*ubuntu-* channels21:59
cornyok, thx22:00
Picisure thing22:00
Seeker`Is ubotu being slow again?22:04
naliothubotu test22:06
ubotwohardy aliases: ubuntu+1, heron, 8.04 - added by PriceChild on 2007-08-29 22:41:0622:06
ubotwoHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu22:07
naliothSeeker`: let's not load ubotu up, ok?22:07
Seeker`nalioth: I tried using the factoid in -uk, and no response22:07
naliothit's dead, jim22:07
Seeker`yeah, I noticed22:08
ompaulubotu worked in -ot just now22:08
Seeker`ompaul: look in -uk22:08
naliothi put a +q on ubotu in #ubuntu 22:09
Amaranthubotu is working fine in #ubuntu-desktop22:09
Amaranthand it just PMed me when i said that :P22:09
ompaulsorry 22:10
ompaulI stuck two in there22:10
ompauldid not see 322:10
naliothubotu: test22:11
Seeker`ah, ompaul has muted ubotu in -uk22:12
Seeker`is it ok to remove the mute?22:12
naliothso long as ubotu is working22:12
ompaulI did not 22:13
ompaulahh hang on 22:13
ompaulis that a couple of days ole22:13
Seeker`-22:11:51- ~s~ 8 - #ubuntu-uk: ban %*!*@ubuntu/bot/ubotu by ompaul!n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul, 287059 secs ago22:13
ompaulyeap you can 22:13
ompaulubotwo part22:13
* ompaul is some kind of operator22:14
MyrttiI'm getting strange wibes from that marttiini feller at -ot22:14
ompaulMyrtti, hmm22:15
* ompaul goes to look 22:15
ompaul /msg ubotu o4o > martiini 22:16
ompaulMyrtti, ^^22:16
ompaulI just did22:16
* jussi01 pokes Myrtti and reminds her she made a classic finnish mistake :P22:16
Myrttiirc all day?22:16
jussi01Myrtti: no... s/w/v/22:16
Myrttihm, true22:17
Myrttinever thought of that22:17
no0ticMyrtti, ircing al day is a classic finnish mistake?22:20
Myrttino0tic: you're talking to a citizen of the nation of Linux, IRC, ssh and irssi22:21
Myrttiyes, it's a classic Finnish mistake.22:21
* Seeker` starts getting withdrawal symptoms22:21
Myrtti!info pimppa22:22
ubotupimppa (source: pimppa): powerful tool to loot binaries from newsgroups smartly. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.8-0.1 (gutsy), package size 187 kB, installed size 800 kB22:22
Myrttiguess what that means in Finnish22:22
no0ticMyrtti, ok, I'm a bit finnish :) I'm ircing since tomorrow morning at 2 am (now it's 23:23 pm)22:22
no0ticMyrtti, using linux, ssh and irssi22:23
Myrttino0tic: you're screwed. Life lost. Let us play Albinoni's Adagio22:23
no0ticI know22:25
ompaulno0tic, since tomorrow morning?22:27
ompauluntil maybe22:27
no0ticI hope no22:28
Seeker`no0tic: but "since" is past tense, "tomorrow" is future tense22:28
* ompaul starts to do dangerous stuffz 22:29
no0ticI'm screwed22:29
Seeker`ompaul: what sort of dangerous stuff?22:29
Seeker`no0tic: how so?22:29
ompaulSeeker`, you did ask22:29
no0ticI've been ircing since today 2 am, that's better22:29
Seeker`can I ask why?22:29
Seeker`no0tic: much :D22:29
jdongompaul: you won't be disappointed22:29
jdongompaul: do, however, recompile the kernel with SCHED_ULE22:29
Seeker`no0tic: You've had a break I hope22:30
ompauljdong, how wrong you can be22:30
ompauljdong, you don't know what my expectations are22:30
jdongtotal carnage? :)22:30
ompauljdong, it will be for a few minutes anyway22:30
jdongompaul: sweet :D22:30
jdongompaul: that sounds like my Darwin install :)22:30
ompauljdong, I sneer at your arch22:31
no0ticSeeker`, yeah, I lunched22:31
Seeker`no0tic: 21 hours on IRC is bad - you need more of a break :)22:31
ompaul /cs  k no0tic go away 22:31
ompauljdong, I want to play with pf - been a long time22:32
jdongSeeker`: openbsd packet filter22:32
jdongompaul: pf is JITted in FBSD7, right?22:32
no0ticompaul, I don't think it would change anything, there are too many channels out here22:32
jdongompaul: that should be some kickass filtering performance for those long rulesets22:32
jdong18:31 -!- KIAaze [n=KIAaze@sbgrt25-1.in2p3.fr] has quit [":(){ :|:&};:"]22:33
ompauljdong, I have not done FreeBSD in years22:33
jdongnot again22:33
ompaulkama kamzi22:33
ompauljdong, where?22:33
jdongompaul: #ubuntuforums22:33
Seeker`is that a fork bomb?22:36
jdongSeeker`: it is indeed22:36
Seeker`thought so22:37
jdongI bf'ed him into here for you guys :)22:37
ompauljdong, ohh thank you22:37
jdongompaul: merry christmas!22:37
* ompaul sharpens his axe22:37
ompaulmneptok, ping22:37
* Myrtti gives ompaul her hellokitty empcannon with the almighty sniper's banning utilities and goes to bed22:38
ompaulMyrtti, sleep well22:38
ompauljdong, so I have a perverse setup 22:39
ompauljdong, I have an acer extnsa that was bought with GNU/Whatsit on board22:39
ompauljdong, the second box is a shuttle xpc - this latter item just had "inx" the feisty version on it22:40
ompaulinstalled - you gotta be nuts to use the install script it nukes your partitions22:40
ompaulall of em22:40
ompauljdong, so now that box will get fiesty on it (the shuttle) cos the acer was so low end it had no burner on it22:41
ompaulI have a rather expensive burner on the "now decommissioned machine" so it will go in the acer one of these days 22:42
ompauldecommissioned as the io kit had gone for a walk and kb mouse and usb ports are ded on it (yes on this hardware it is spelt "ded")22:43
Seeker`why decommission a machine22:43
Seeker`thats bad22:43
Seeker`dead mobo then?22:44
Seeker`what socket processor?22:45
ompaulkvm is taking me from one box to another22:45
* ompaul can't remember I got it a few years ago22:45
* ompaul goes to look22:45
ompaulSeeker`, ^^22:48
mneptokompaul: pong22:48
ompaulmneptok, dns servers toasted again this evening22:48
Seeker`ompaul: hmm22:48
ompaulthey must not have signed up to you guys ;-)22:49
Seeker`they dont seem to be "easy" to get hold of 22:49
mneptokompaul: the OpenDNS servers?22:49
ompaulSeeker`, actually I got it two years ago less than today22:49
ompaulSeeker`, actually I got it two years ago less 8 days22:49
Seeker`actually, I was looking at Intel not AMD :P22:50
ompaulmneptok, no my stupido iso22:50
ompaulmneptok, no my stupido isp22:50
* ompaul looks at his typos22:50
mneptokompaul: so switch to OpenDNS :)22:50
ompaulmneptok, and how do you think I am talking ot you ;-)22:50
Seeker`ompaul: Hmm, ebuyer and dabs only stock 1 model each - and they are relatively expensive22:52
ompaulSeeker`, I don't want a mobo I got two good machines22:53
ompauland a laptop and that is before we count my wifes machine 22:53
ompaulmore gnu/linux than most people would shake a stick at22:53
Seeker`ompaul: heh22:54
Seeker`ompaul: you cna never have too many machines :P22:55
ompaulSeeker`, I want an olpc and an eeeeeeeepc22:55
Seeker`I want a storge server , an itx mythtv box and a web / email server22:56
ompaulSeeker`, na you want a shuttle for that the itx is for your desktop to do call on xdmcp on the other box22:57
ompauland then the eeeeeeeeeeeeepc is for doing wireless ssh as a pricey remote control22:57
Seeker`"call on xdmcp"?22:57
ompaulSeeker`, check out xdmcp22:57
ompaulSeveas, it rocks if you have secured network (I know it is why I am paid)22:59
Seeker`ompaul: hmm, I still like my idea better :P23:00
ompaulusers can't do anything no access you got X or nothing23:00
ompaulSeeker`, you might but you can still be forgiven if you turn to the path of insanity :)23:00
Davieyompaul: he'll see the light23:00
ompaulDaviey, when they visit the ward with a flashlight :-/23:02
Davieyompaul: You can convince him at lrl.. Seeker`: btw, you'll be at lrl this year.23:04
Seeker`when is it?23:04
ompauldates now please23:04
Davieylazy web: 19th-20th July, Wolverhampton23:05
Seeker`hmm, may be able to do that23:06
Seeker`depends if i have any money23:06
Davieyompaul: you have permission to buy me drinks23:06
ompaulDaviey, I see23:06
DavieySeeker`: £5 entry fee IIRC?!23:06
ompaulDaviey, it costs more than a fiver to get there23:07
Seeker`Daviey: Its transport and accomodation thatI may have problems with23:07
DavieySeeker`: you'll have graduated by then?23:07
Seeker`Daviey: yes23:08
DavieyThen i'm sure there will be a hotel room floor/sofa bed going.23:08
DavieyDaveMorris slept on my hotel sofa bed last year.23:08
mneptokugh, i need to be in Romania in May, and Finland like 2 weeks later. why fly home?23:32
Seeker`mneptok: where is home?23:34
mneptokSeeker`: Montreal23:40
ompaulmneptok, work in london for a week and a half ( some time allowed for travelling? )23:41
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: what is the meaning of life23:51
pike_sry ignore23:51
Piciubotu: tell pike_ about b23:51
Seeker`mneptok: Visit the UK for a bit23:51
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:55
PiciSeveas: Why is ubotu muted again in #ubuntu? 23:56
Picinalioth: ^ ?23:57
naliothPici: no clue23:57
Pici18:09:11 >>>> mode/#ubuntu [+b %ubotu!*@*] by nalioth23:58
naliothpatience is a virtue23:59
PiciI guve up23:59
naliothwtf is ubotu2 ?23:59
Piciseveas's new bot project23:59
Picihere to confuse us23:59

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