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tjaaltonbryce: soren asked some time ago to change the default mouse driver to vmmouse, which falls back to using 'mouse' when the host is not a virtual machine. I could patch the server do that if it's ok?10:03
* soren hugs tjaalton 10:03
jcristautjaalton: will it fall back if vmmouse isn't there?10:03
tjaaltonjcristau: yes10:04
tjaaltonah :)10:04
tjaaltonjcristau: I don't have any code yet10:04
tjaaltonbut yes, that should be considered as a must-have feature :)10:04
Ngwhy does vmware need its own mouse driver? they emulate network cards and cdroms and allsorts, but they can't emulate a simple mouse?!10:15
sorenThey can.10:16
sorenAnd do.10:16
sorenHowever, if the vm uses the vmmouse driver, everything just works sooo much better.10:17
sorenYou don't have to grab the mouse input, you can just move in and out, it does absolute positioning... I recommend you try it and see for yourself.10:18
soren(kvm supports vmmouse, too)10:18
Ngin theory I have a vmware image somewhere, but I've not used any virtualisation in anger since I bought vmware about 8 years ago ;)10:21
Ngand that was just to run Outlook, of all things10:22
Ngon a more useful note - what's textured video all about and why would I want to enable it? :)10:33
tjaaltonyou wouldn't10:36
tjaaltonat least not now10:37
tjaaltonsince it sucks with the current driver.. you get all the effects but it's very slow10:37
jcristauyou would if you want video to integrate correctly with compiz10:37
tjaaltonbut it eats all your cpu and more10:37
jcristauworks for me10:38
tjaaltonright, maybe for !96510:38
Ngthanks :)10:38
NgI've not tried video yet on this chipset10:39
Ngnot much point until I get audio ;)10:39
tjaaltonthe latest l-u-m should work10:39
Ngit's not *that* audio bug10:41
Ngthis chipset just isn't supported in a released ALSA yet10:41
sorenOh, new laptop?10:42
sorenWhich one?10:42
NgX300 :)10:42
tjaaltonNg: ah, loss10:42
sorenOh. I thought you were leaning towards the HP.10:42
Ngsoren: I was, but I am weak ;)10:44
Ngif anyone has any clues for building LUM with a snapshot of alsa, I'm all ears, but that's getting off-topic for here I guess10:45
sorenJust a bit :)11:16
tjaaltonjust as offtopic for me to ask soren why I can't install any kvm guests :)11:17
sorenHeh :)11:17
sorentjaalton: Maybe you're not pressing the right keys?11:18
tjaaltonsoren: there's no 'any' key :/11:18
sorenHm.. Is there a XF86Any keysym? That would be pretty neat :)11:20
Nghaha :)11:22
tjaaltonhehe ;)11:22
mvoNg: ohhhhh ... you got a X300? how sweet12:19
Ngyeah, apart from probably being the first person to install linux on it, it's great ;)12:20
NgI can't find *anything* on the web about it that isn't me filing bugs ;)12:20
tjaaltonI'd be glad to be the first person filing bugs about it12:22
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mvotjaalton: whats up with nvidia-glx-new currently? is there some conflict with it and the xserver? I got some reports about upgrades stoping because of that13:06
tjaaltonmvo: shouldn't be, no updates there for a while13:20
mvook, thanks - I will investigate13:20
mvotjaalton: my bad, sorry. seems to be "envy" releated13:32
tjaaltonmvo: heh, ok13:33
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brycetjaalton: yep, mouse -> vmmouse is ok14:52
tjaaltonbryce: cool, just took a brief look at what needs to be done for it15:06
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tjaaltonxserver-xorg-core does not currently depend on any drivers (directly), so I'm not sure if the server should check first if vmmouse is available, since it doesn't seem to do that for mouse either15:09
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brycetjaalton: I'm taking a sick day today.  This flu that I've been working at getting over is taking a long time to go away, and I'm feeling pretty worn out today17:51
tjaaltonbryce: sorry to hear that.. get well!18:20
brycebtw, yesterday I coded up a little X utility - http://bryceharrington.org/files/xorg_info.c18:23
bryceit determines the driver and chipset by parsing the Xorg.0.log, and collects a few other useful bits of info18:23
brycegcc xorg_info.c -o xorg_info -lX11 -lXxf86misc -lXrandr -lXv18:24
tjaaltonok, I need to try it out later18:32
tjaaltonthe live-session doesn't seem to include any headers :)18:32
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ubotuNew bug: #201596 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (main) "xv is not working on intel 965 (x3100) when using compiz" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20159622:16
Ngthat bug report seems to be the same chipset as me, and Xv seems to be fine22:58
tjaaltonsame here22:58
Ngat least, I played the nelson mandela video and it was fine ;)22:58
Ngalso the latest package makes scrolling in FF nice again :)22:59
tjaaltonyep, the new greedy patch was somehow broken23:02
tjaaltonrunning nvidia beta blob version 171.06.. still seeing pink/yellow shadows23:24
tjaaltonhmm, someone fixed the font rendering23:26
tjaaltonno more fuzzy fonts23:26
pwnguini thought that was a dpi thing23:42

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