Nithmc-george: make a back up before you run it00:00
starshineanyone else willing to try to help with "Falling back to standard locale" ?00:00
soundrayxb3rt: it must have left behind that setting. Check where it's made with 'cd /etc ; grep -r http_proxy *'00:00
JaxJagsfansoundray: it says, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 203 2008-02-27 21:32 /etc/modules00:00
Nithdpkg-reconfigure has a nasty habit of loosing all of your resolutions00:00
mc-georgethanks pelo00:00
iRRVi01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]00:00
soundrayJaxJagsfan: so this file exists and has 203 bytes. Do a 'cat /etc/modules' to see what's in there now00:00
ArthurArchnixIntegration: Yup. 20GB for install sounds about right, then there is the backups or whatever that Vista makes.00:00
PeloNith, the problem is that he can'T use is current xorg.  loosing his rez is trivial00:01
amenadoNith-> then its a good idea to save a copy of your xorg.conf before issuing such command00:01
paulshermanhow do i get my soundcard to work?00:01
soundrayJaxJagsfan: I don't need to know, so don't paste or pastebin please00:01
Integrationoh my god lol00:01
xb3rtsoundray: a screenful of stuff showed up with a lot of Permission denied statements00:01
Pelo!sound > paulsherman check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:01
starshineany experts in chroot environments about? maybe they can help with this locales thing00:01
paulshermanok thanks00:01
* Pelo goes to make some food, bbl 00:01
h0axhow hard is it to configure a nvidia dual monitor card to work with ubuntu?00:02
soundrayxb3rt: slight modification: 'cd /etc ; grep -r http_proxy * 2>/dev/null'00:02
l33i need you lsmod00:02
pike_h0ax: pretty easy /msg ubotu dualhead00:02
l33iRRVi: lsmod pastebin please00:02
* Nith hates graphics issues00:02
IntegrationArthurArchnix, do you think it's worth it to keep vista? or should i just put xp in half of the drive and half for ubuntu00:02
JaxJagsfansoundray: sorry my chatzilla screwed up00:02
mrpocketsesdfcvafwzSFVCAWSZFV !!!!!!!!!!100:02
Nithmrpockets: I know what you mean00:03
mrpocketsthank you00:03
soundrayJaxJagsfan: forget about this file for the moment. When you run 'lsmod | grep emu10k1', does it give you any output?00:03
xb3rtsoundray: should that of shown its location00:03
JaxJagsfansoundray, hang on00:03
soundrayxb3rt: yes00:03
PurpZeYCan someone help me out, I can't seem to boot into Ubuntu at all on my dual HD/Dual boot. It was working fine yesterday, earlier I booted back to Ubuntu and now about half way through the "bar" on start up my monitor loses signal and I get nothing.00:03
starshinesoundray: is this locales thing going to screw up my normal apps usage00:03
h0axthanks pike_00:03
ArthurArchnixIntegration: Why does it matter what I think? Do you need Vista? Do you like it?00:03
iRRVil33: http://rafb.net/p/dLn26w59.html00:03
l33iRRVi: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-219336.html00:04
soundraystarshine: I don't think so. I've had this problem with perl scripts for a while, but it never affected functionality in any way I could notice00:04
iRRVil33: i'll check it out00:04
l33iRRVi: check your bio00:04
l33iRRVi: check your bios00:04
JaxJagsfansoundray: yes it gave me a long answer.  Too long to paste here00:04
NithPurpZeY: after you restart and you loose the signal, does CTRL+ALT+F1 still work?00:04
IntegrationArthurArchnix, well I was saving it because I don't have an install disk for it and it came preloaded. I was thinking to keep it also for whatever new technology comes out for Vista only.00:04
starshinesoundray: it's just, I'm gonna have somewhat less talented linuxers hanging out in that chroot env, and I don't want them freaking out at me :/00:04
soundrayJaxJagsfan: does it look more like data or more like error messages?00:05
PurpZeYNith: I don't think so. I tried it. I'll try it again in a sec.....Well, this is curious. I can boot into the old kernel...but I upgraded the new one a few weeks ago.00:05
JaxJagsfansoundray: lemmie check again00:05
ArthurArchnixIntegration: Sounds good. You should use the make recovery disk option that they have.00:05
elTigreHey, I want to use xrandr to set up a dual head configuration00:05
elTigrebut xrandr only shows one output00:05
elTigrewhich I think is wrong, since I can clone the desktop00:06
iRRVil33: been there done that00:06
NithPurpZeY: sorry, thats beyond me -.-00:06
JaxJagsfansoundray: I don't really see any errors there00:06
soundraystarshine: have you entered the error message 'as is' into google?00:06
l33iRRVi: sorry00:06
PurpZeYNith: Well, I am trying the new kernel w/ ctl + alt + f1...see if that gets me anywhere. . .00:06
soundrayJaxJagsfan: okay, that means that the driver for your soundcard is loaded. No need to manipulate /etc/modules00:06
starshinesoundray: yes. I got hits on a few forums.  several answers were offered. some worked for their users (breezy mostly) but none worked for me.00:06
IntegrationArthurArchnix, I'm going to look for a way to stop the backups that vista makes from eating my whole hd00:07
JaxJagsfansoundray: sounds are still not working though00:07
derdui_could anybody help me please? in cups i see this:"Unable to open USB port device file: No such file or directory" what can i do?00:07
kris_phstarshine: It really helps.. how to find and delete files with "nagio" automatically?00:07
kris_phstarshine: *nagios00:07
PurpZeYNith: Ok....Wow, for no particular reason at all it seems to be working now....Maybe my gfx card is going....I tried it a ton of times too, now suddenly it works....too bizarre.00:08
soundrayJaxJagsfan: do you have a loudspeaker symbol in the top panel?00:08
kaxii can't figure out why autologing in with kdm is not working for me. in installed a base ubuntu system with kdm and it doesn't auto login even after i edited /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc and uncommenting AutoLoginEnable=true  AutoLoginUser=ubuntu00:08
JaxJagsfansoundray: yes I do00:08
NithPurpZeY: the magic of tech support00:08
iceswordfirefox beta 4 is out,hohoho00:08
* PurpZeY giggles.00:08
hkaishow to get under vmware a already exiting image running? I cannot startup my nic00:08
soundrayJaxJagsfan: double-click that to open the mixer control panel00:08
PurpZeYNith: It's the ever present "tink" in your car that never happens when you get to the mechanic. . .00:08
soundraystarshine: is there anything wrong in /etc/environment ?00:09
JaxJagsfansoundray: It's open.  Now what?00:09
xb3rtsoundray: did you get my querey00:09
Nithbut so much the better00:09
Nithhope the bug stays down00:09
starshinekris_ph: do the search I offered, add -type f into the line so it only finds *files*00:09
starshinesoundray: other than that I'm chroot'ing into the area?00:09
soundrayJaxJagsfan: see if Master and PCM are unmuted and turned up00:10
soundrayxb3rt: no, sorry, must have missed it00:10
AR1FA4_UkHEY GUYS im new 2 linux an im trying 2 compile my wifi drive as it tells me in the read me file it instructs me of a command which is $ make , so i past it into terminal and it say bash $: command not found, any ideas00:10
starshinesoundray: the current one has a PATH line at the top and the rest is a comment block00:10
soundraystarshine: forgot, sorry.00:10
JaxJagsfansoundray: You mean turned up all the way?00:10
starshinesoundray: but I'm not sure that it can properly honour it when I 'log in' this way :/00:11
iceswordAR1FA4_Uk, whick make00:11
soundrayJaxJagsfan: why not, unless you wake someone up if it suddenly works...00:11
xb3rtsoundray: i just sent another one00:11
NithAR1FA4_Uk: make is available in the repos. Try going system --> Administration --> Synaptic then look for "make" there00:11
starshinesoundray: though there is a previous copy backed up from legend2440 giving me localeconf to try00:11
JaxJagsfansoundray: I have both all the way up and unmuted.00:11
NithAR1FA4_Uk: then install it if its not installed, if it is then you've a diff problem :)00:12
soundrayxb3rt: 'gksudo gedit /etc/environment' and remove the http_proxy line00:12
hkaisanyone here, who cann tell me how to get my nic running?00:12
lsmobrianAR1FA4_UK:   do not include $ just type make00:12
AR1FA4_Ukok ill try that00:12
soundraystarshine: mine has LANG="en_GB.UTF-8", so if that's missing in yours, it could be part of the problem00:12
kris_phI got this error: /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail: line 875: /usr/sbin/sendmail-msp: No such file or deirectory.. what does it mean?00:13
soundrayJaxJagsfan: now have a look at System-Preferences-Sound and try some of the test buttons00:13
xb3rtsoundray: after doing that I got a similar error00:13
Nithlsmobrian: good catch00:13
soundrayxb3rt: you need to activate the change. Easiest thing is to reboot00:13
xb3rtsoundray: ok00:14
threeseashelp: having a package manage problem, need more space, where can I get some (via delete)00:14
starshinesoundray: I got it. wanna hear what fixed it?00:14
lsmobrianthreeseas, a good place to look is in /boot, if u have more than one kernel, you can go into synaptic and delete old/unused kernels00:14
soundraystarshine: please00:15
hkaisI have a old vmware-instance, and my nic will not come up. How can I get the nic running?00:15
andguentthreeseas: /var/cache/apt/archives/ usually has plenty you can empty out too00:15
starshinesoundray: someone had previously suggested I run locale-gen.  it wasn't sufficient to run that with no commandline.  I've told it to generate two obvious named locales and now there's no more complaints.00:15
AR1FA4_Ukok thank u terminal is doing summthing now00:16
starshinesoundray: in my case en_US and en_US.UTF-8 and of course other people's mileage - or kilometreage - will vary00:16
soundraystarshine: wow, sometimes you just have to intervene at a low level...00:16
JaxJagsfansoundray: I clicked on sound capture: ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and it gave me this error message, Failed to construct test pipeline for 'gconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat'00:17
soundraystarshine: knottage ;)00:17
JaxJagsfansoundray: I think that is the problem there.00:17
starshinesoundray: yeah so basically, I needed *several* of the offered answers. together.00:17
elTigresorry my computer crashed00:17
AR1FA4_Uki have another command which says # make install, should i ignor the #00:17
elTigreor at least it was totally unresponsive so that I couldn't do anything00:17
soundrayJaxJagsfan: what about the playback options?00:18
JaxJagsfansoundray: hang on lemmie try them00:18
pisecxhi all. can anybody help me to fix one problem? I have some runnable .sh in my home directory. I have created /usr/bin/myprogram where is have types the path to this .sh file and made it +x. all is ok, when I type program name it runs. but it keeps the console. I can not close console before to close this program. if I will close the terminal, the program is closed also. as a result I can not run this with alt+f2, and I can not make desktop shortcut00:19
AR1FA4_Ukthx 4 your help, lsmobrian00:19
Arrickhey alll.... I am running a ubuntu server install, 6.06.* and have ssh installed on it. I access it from windows, using putty, and everything works fine, however when I run "apt-get update" it throws an error of "Incorrect MAC received on Packet" during the section of updates from "Get:7 http://security.ubuntu.com dapper-security/main packages" amy ideas?00:19
elTigreHey, what can I do to make xrandr acknowledge my second screen??00:19
starshinesoundray: and the tircky ouchy thing is, even setting it to C, it wasn't gonna be happy while I had no locales generated at all.  results of debootstrap based install, I think.00:20
JaxJagsfansoundray: it pops up a testing window that has a meter that goes back and forth and it says to click Ok to finish but still no sounds00:20
soundraystarshine: makes sense00:20
threeseasandguent: that directory is already empty.00:20
andguentarrick: can that server access the internet ok? Is it correct to assume you are running headless (no monitor)?00:20
soundrayJaxJagsfan: is your SB Live card selected in the menus at the bottom?00:21
hkaisIs my issue a big problem? How can I setup my nic under ubuntu lts?00:21
JgonickQuestion for audio.  I have audio, but the volume control is glitchy.  when you click on it once it shows Bass, not the master volume.  Is theis typical and if not any idea on how to fix it?00:21
andguentthreeseas: another option to try is 'cd /' then 'du -sh *'00:21
soundraypisecx: call your program with 'programname &'00:21
Arrickit can access the internet, yes, and also it is indeed running headless (at the moment, kvm is at the house andguent) im at school00:21
pisecxsoundray: let me try00:21
soundraypisecx: if that's not enough, 'nohup programname &'00:22
andguentarrick: weird MAC address messages sometimes means an IP address conflict, not sure if this is your problem though00:22
iceswordguys,rise up,upgrade your firefox to beta 4,damn good it is!00:22
AchothI disagree.00:22
JaxJagsfansoundray: Yes it is.  It shows SBLive! Value [CT4831] (Alsa mixer)00:23
andguentthreeseas: that command will tell you what directories are taking up how much, cd into the biggest one and repeat the du00:23
pisecxsoundray: thanks a lot!00:23
AchothBecause I prefer Opera :P00:23
geniiArrick: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/faq.html#faq-incorrect-mac00:23
pisecxsoundray: it works now00:23
iceswordAchoth, hmm,one 's meat is another's poison00:23
mrpocketsI should be able to upgrade pidgin to the newest version with sudo apt-get upgrade pidgin, right?:00:23
JaxJagsfaniceworld: I'm using Firefox 3 Beta 4. :)00:24
Achothicesword: One mans disgust is another mans fetish.00:24
JaxJagsfanIcesworld: Not on this Linux PC though but on my WindowsXP machine, yes.00:24
Wavesonicsok i need some serious help00:25
Wavesonics i edited my xorg.conf, and it runs fine, but now the resolution and display program doesnt work00:25
Wavesonicsdoesnt launch even00:25
elTigreHi! I want to setup Dual Head support on my laptop with an Intel chip00:25
andguentmrpockets: that is a safe command to run when upgrading pidgin00:25
JaxJagsfansoundray: Let me try changing speakers and see if it's the current speakers not working right.00:25
elTigrethe only guide I found for that does not work as the assumption is for xrandr to find the second screen00:25
andguentit will get the newest version available from the repositories (possibly not the NEWest....)00:26
WavesonicselTigre: join the club, been on this for hours00:26
pisecxsoundray: its ok now with running in console and then close console, but it still not working with alt+f2, is it possible to resolve it?00:26
elTigreI had it working once00:26
soundrayJaxJagsfan: okay. I'm logging off soon. Sorry I haven't been much of a help.00:26
elTigrewith an x config00:26
WavesonicselTigrea: me too for a moment... but it looked all efed up00:26
Dr_willispisecx,  dont use the 'close button' on the termional window. spawn stuff to the background with & and use the exit command in the terminal.00:26
Seeebanyone knows why my cpu has 95% activity? http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotsm4.png  => what are mount.fs and gam_server and why does Thunar need so much resources?00:27
pisecxDr_willis: hm.. ok00:27
soundraypisecx: add the & at the end of the calling command inside your script00:27
Dr_willispisecx,  :) but i just heard the last bit of your problem. I just got here.. but thats a common 'thing' that people dont realize  :) the close button tells all spawmned things to close also.00:27
=== CarNagE` is now known as Carnage\
pisecx#! /bin/sh00:28
pisecx/home/z/idea-7590/bin/idea.sh > null00:28
soundraypisecx: so make it00:28
Dr_willis/home/z/idea-7590/bin/idea.sh > null  &00:28
soundray /home/z/idea-7590/bin/idea.sh > null &00:28
brandonc503im trying to change my resolution but nothing is happening00:28
pisecxoh, ok =)00:28
Dr_willisGotta love bash job controll.00:28
Dr_willis& is our friend.00:28
Dr_willisif thats a one line script = you could make it an alias.  also.00:29
soundraypisecx: btw, to conform to standards, you should put this in /usr/local/bin rather than /usr/bin00:29
pisecxalt+f2 still don't work )00:29
brandonc503says in 20 seconds its going to revert back if i dont keep settings.. so i say keep but nothing happens00:29
sfearsare you already at the maximum resolution brandonc50300:29
Wavesonicsdo dual head displays need to be the same resolution?00:29
pisecxsoundray: ok, I will00:29
Dr_willisWavesonics,  no they do not.00:29
Jeriathi need quad displays00:29
Jeriathper machine00:29
Jeriaththen ill be good on desktop space00:29
Dr_willisWavesonics,   I hook up tv and high res lcd;s all the time. :) or 2 different res lcd's00:29
WavesonicsDr_willis: is there any problem with doing dual head with compiz?00:29
Dr_willisWavesonics,  ive done it with my nvidia cards just fine.00:30
Jeriathits a pita though00:30
Jeriathespecially with different resolutions00:30
Dr_willisYou dont want my oponoion of ATI cards.00:30
Jeriathi dunno about ati00:30
Jeriathcept that they suck00:30
Wavesonicsi had it working using xrandr for a moment, but it looked all efed up00:30
Wavesonicstrust me... i know.00:30
Dr_willisI wouldent even want to use compiz with ati.00:30
Dr_willisI dont really use comiz with nvidia either. :)00:30
Wavesonicsit's an old Radeon 9800 Pro, about 5 years old now00:30
Wavesonicswell Compiz with 1 head is running jsut fine so far00:31
Dr_willisWavesonics,  i got one of those. :) proberly one of the better cards  for ati these days.. which is sad. :)00:31
Dr_willisits in the closet.. but its a backup card.. just in case. heh.00:31
soundrayxb3rt: all right?00:31
chxhi, i get php: Symbol `client_errors' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking i reinstalled all php packages and still00:31
p221072who can help me in installing a new theme for gnome?00:31
xb3rtsoundray: 1 second00:32
Wavesonicsman, i have tried so many times over the years to get dual head working... and i was so close this time00:32
Dr_willisp221072,  i normally download the various theme bits with the gnome-art program, and drag/drop them to the theme selection tool.00:32
Dr_willis!info gnome-art00:32
ubot3gnome-art: install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-7ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 27 kB, installed size 200 kB00:32
larrythis is my first time using this program . i can't get anything to open after i dpownload them . any suggestions on how to do it ?00:32
Dr_willislarry,  depends on what you are 'downloading'00:33
WavesonicsDr_willis: is there a problem with having the frame buffer over 2048x2048? Mine needs to be 3084x120000:33
xb3rtsoundray: it worked, but now my synaptic says theirs a broken package on my system00:33
larryeverything i'm downloading00:33
soundrayWavesonics: I know. What really freaked me out was how in Mac OS X it Just Works -- no config at all00:33
Dr_willisWavesonics,  Framebuffer for the console? getting the console dual headed.. is a much different task then getting X on a dual head.. I normally disable the framebuffer.00:33
Wavesonicsno no00:34
Wavesonicsthe VIrtual Directive00:34
soundrayxb3rt: what package is that?00:34
andguentbrandonc503: my wife had that problem yesterday.... my fix was to edit xorg.conf, but there should be a better way, can you try Ctrl-Alt-Numpad+ or Ctrl-Alt-Numpad- (minus)00:34
adrock358I have ubuntu / vista dual boot.  I can't find a driver for my network adapter in vista.  Anyone know any vista help channels?00:34
xb3rtdoesnt say, im suppose to locate it00:34
robobobguys how do i single out my band with so all of it is devoted to a specific program00:34
Dr_willisYou mean for a large virtual desktop. I havent used that in years.00:34
soundrayxb3rt: best to exit synaptic and run 'sudo apt-get -f install'00:34
WavesonicsDr_willis: how do you have yours set up?00:34
WavesonicsDr_willis: I was using xrandr to do it00:35
Dr_willisWavesonics,  i have 2 widescreen monitors, using nvidia, with twinview.  -  What part specificially are you refering to?00:35
soundrayadrock358: ##windows00:35
Pelorobobob, not sure there is a throttling prog in ubuntu but try searching throttle in synaptic00:35
ubot3vista is the new 'operating system' by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows00:35
WavesonicsDr_willis: Ah well, twinview is a nvidia specific app I'm guessing?00:35
adrock358soundray.  thanks bro.  have a good one.00:35
* vehho está away.. [automaticamente away depois de 20min] [t7DS: pager/on, logging/on]00:35
geniirobobob: You want to throttle bandwith or just have another priority to run it at?00:35
soundray!away | vehho00:36
ubot3vehho: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubotu Guidelines»00:36
* Pelo wants the !vista message to read , Vista is the best incentive to learn linux 00:36
Nithadrock358: do you know the card?00:36
Dr_willisWavesonics,  twinview is an extension to the xinerama support of X. ati has a similer thing.00:36
WavesonicsDr_willis: Do you know what it is called? I'll bet it is part of the restricted driver which was giving me problems, so now Im using the open source one00:36
geniirobobob: For specifying bandwidth limits to an app, use trickle. For re-prioritizing use renice00:37
soundrayubot3, no, Vista is the best incentive to learn Linux, says Pelo00:37
Wavesonicshahahahaha ohh goood.... i jsut some how disabled my primary display... awesome.00:37
Pelosoundray, are you mocking me ?00:37
MalachiI was using sbackup and didn't realize that it created temporary files. (I should have known.) I ran out of HD space and had to reboot. When I reboot, I didn't gain any HD space. Where are the temp files for sbackup located?00:37
soundrayPelo: yes. Is that a problem? :)00:38
ubot3vista is the new 'operating system' by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows00:38
PeloMalachi, try in /tmp or in /home/username/.sbackup00:38
Pelosoundray, it could become one00:38
soundrayPelo: hasn't worked anyway00:38
soundrayPelo: I better log off before you threaten sanctions.00:39
shedflexhi there, there's a package I want to build from source 'avr-libc' in ubuntu because the prebuilt one is missing some vital lib files - how can I ask 'apt' to download the source I need?00:39
nemcoEnter text here...hello00:39
MalachiPelo: Already looked, couldn't find anything.00:39
Pelo!hi | nemco00:39
ubot3nemco: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:39
nemcoi need enter to kubuntu-es00:39
Chousukeshedflex: apt-get source00:39
shedflexthanks Chousuke00:40
nemcobut i don understand englis00:40
Chousukeshedflex: of course, you need the source repos00:40
Chousukeshedflex: see also apt-build :)00:40
shedflexChousuke, oooh okay00:40
nemcohow i can enter to kubuntu-es00:40
PeloMalachi, how large is this file suppose to be ? might it be the largest on your hdd ? ,  use the search in the places menu, search for *,  and use the search hidden files and folders otpion00:40
Chousukenemco: /j #kubuntu-es00:40
drc!es | nemco00:40
ubot3nemco: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:40
shedflexChousuke, time to go find the source site then for this :)00:40
Pelonemco,   type /join #kubuntu-es00:40
shedflexChousuke, ah, they get added when installing apt-build :D00:41
=== PiPMeister is now known as Pipen
MalachiPelo: I found an 896MB file called core in /lib/udev/devices00:42
hotmonkeyluvHow do I increase/decrease the screen brightness on my laptop (not with the hotkeys, they don't work). Is there a gui of sorts for that?00:42
PeloMalachi, hold on , let me see if I have the same, it might be important<00:42
ChousukeMalachi: run "file" on it to see what it is00:42
ChousukeMalachi: it might be a core dump00:43
ChousukeMalachi: in which case you had some *huge* program crash :)00:43
PeloMalachi,  I have the same file  leave it alone00:43
PeloChousuke, I have the same file and it is 896 meg00:43
Pelomy comp hasn't crashed in a while00:44
ChousukePelo: it's a symbolic link to /proc/kcore00:44
Nithmy /lib/udev/devices/core is 11 bytes00:44
Chousukewhich means it doesn't actually take 890MB of space.00:44
PeloChousuke, I noticed, not leeet enought to know what it means00:44
foibleshow do you add startup scripts to gnome00:44
Chousukeor well, shouldn't.00:44
sfearsfoibles, add them to /etc/rc.local00:45
NETWizzI have a 3200+ Athlon 64 and a replacement 4200+ X200:45
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brandonc503hey all. i cant change my resolution....it thinks its done but still says original size?? what can i do?00:45
javierhi i am using ubuntu 7.10 i`m trying to install gantt project but the original version it is on .rpm  however i converted to .deb but when i intalled the program does not run00:45
NETWizzHow do I ensure I have support for Dual Core on Gusty?00:45
foiblessfears, ill look into it00:45
ChousukePelo: a symbolic link is a file that's just a "the file's not actually here, go to <anotherpath>"00:46
sfearsbrandonc503, are you using restricted video drivers and are they enabled in system/administration/restricted drivers00:46
Nithwow, wierd00:46
PeloChousuke, I mean I don't know what kore is used for ,  not sure what an 896 meg one means,  my system doesn't crash ,00:46
andguentbrandonc503: my wife had that problem yesterday.... my fix was to edit xorg.conf, but there should be a better way, can you try Ctrl-Alt-Numpad+ or Ctrl-Alt-Numpad- (minus)00:46
Niththe symlink says 11 bytes, the actual file says 768M00:46
brandonc503sfears yes and yes00:46
sfearsbrandonc503, nvidia?00:47
javiersomeone know about grantt project00:47
ChousukePelo: I think it just means memory.00:47
RadarHow do I get a file to run on startup?00:47
brandonc503sfears yeap00:47
Nithits binary -.-00:47
andguentradar: system startup, or gnome login?00:47
ChousukePelo: it shouldn't take space as it's un /proc00:47
javieri think so00:47
sfearsbrandonc503, alt+f2 nvidia-settings00:47
Chousuke/proc is a special place full of unreal files :)00:47
Nith/proc/kcore is like an "alias" for the memory in your computer. Its00:47
Nithsize is the same as the amount of RAM you have, and if you read it as00:47
Nitha file, the kernel does memory reads.00:47
Radarandguent: since the system doesn't have gnome, I'd say system startup.00:48
Nithsorry, that came out more lines than I thought it would00:48
PeloChousuke, might be related to a nautilus crash I had earlier when I xkille conky00:48
Niththats according to http://www.unixguide.net/linux/faq/04.16.shtml00:48
ChousukePelo: nah00:48
Radarandguent: there's no screen/keyboard/mouse for this computer, so I want some kind of notification that it's finished booting.00:48
ChousukeNith: that's what I suspected.00:48
MalachiI found it. /var/backup00:48
NETWizzHow do I ensure I can run a Dual Core processor?00:48
MalachiThanks, guys.00:48
PeloMalachi, congradulation00:48
ChousukePelo: anyway, that file takes exactly 0 bytes of disk space ;P00:48
AbsintheAre there any i686 optimized versions of Ubuntu?  I'm building a new computer and it seems strange to have the OS designed to run on the i386.00:48
ChousukePelo: despite looking big :9000:48
PeloChousuke, I won't worry about it then,  I rarely worry with ubuntu00:49
andguentradar: try /etc/rc.local00:49
Chousukeanyway, time for me to sleep.00:49
Chousukegood night.00:49
andguentradar: if you are close to the server, beep is a fun play toy, eject; eject -t, or just email00:49
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Pelo!ops , might be time to put some protection on the channel00:50
ubot3Pelo: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:50
PiciPelo: ?00:50
PeloPici,  lots of join and parts by the same , i feel a flood comming00:51
kirbylooks normal to me pelo00:51
Radarandguent: beep is indeed what I had in mind, I have a piece of classical music I got bored one day and converted to beep.00:51
Sinnermanis there a way to make the icons appearing in the menus in the gnome-panel smaller?00:51
Pelokirby, just a feeling00:51
brandonc503so the cntr alt + - changes resolution but none of those fit screen .. making them too big to fit on screen.. and the alt f2 thing says cannot find file00:51
kirbypelo, floodbots  and join throttling exist for a reason, they got it covered00:52
andguentradar: oh dear, mine just usually go be-doop or something :)00:52
sfearsbrandonc503, your saying nvidia-settings isn't found?00:52
beeneri drasticly need help could some one help me out00:52
Radarbeener: don't ask to ask.00:52
brandonc503sfears im typing that in run app and says the location of file could not be found00:52
Pelobeener,  we need to know the problem first00:53
beenerhere  http://pastebin.com/m2f12df51 (this is easier then explaining it again00:53
sfearsyou could try to set it using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" but there's a lot of questions in there, just answer them the best you can.. make sure nvidia is what you choose for the driver00:53
Pelobeener,  just summerise this , it's a busy channel wwe don't usualy read posts00:53
beeneri need to know how to undo what firestarter did00:54
beenerif its unistalled and purged00:54
beenerthen i cant get online00:54
brandonc503sfears should i install that?00:54
* Nith shutters at firestarter00:55
Pelobeener, firstarter is jsut a front end for iptables,   iptables -l will show you the rules in progress,  iptables -r rulehere should  remove them, man iptables for more details00:55
sfearsnope.. it just a reconfigure brandonc50300:55
Jack_Sparrowbeener, try          iptables -F00:55
beenerif its installed and has the same setting as it did before i unistalled it then it works00:55
beenerdoesnt work00:55
beenerthis is the 5 channel ive been to00:56
ubot3Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:56
Pelobeener, firestarter is just a gui frontend,  what it does won'T be removed if you remvoe the app,00:56
sfears<~~~ sits on the couch all day00:56
Nithbeener: you need to "flush" the iptables rules00:56
beenerhold on ill show you what i ran00:56
sfearsis ubot3 stalking me?00:56
sfearshow does it know all this personal information00:57
andguentubot stalks us all00:57
Jack_Sparrowsfears, no00:57
brandonc503so what can i do?00:57
Jack_Sparrowbeener, try       sudo  iptables -F00:57
NithJack_Sparrow: will that flush all three sections?00:57
NithAlphaGod: answer00:57
AlphaGodhow do I change the alias for eth0 to eth1 and vice versa?00:57
beenerdidnt work00:58
AlphaGodI've tried updating /etc/modprobe.d/aliases and it didn't work00:58
AlphaGod7.10 server btw00:58
kestirhow do you tell wget which directory you want a file to be downloaded into?00:58
threeseascan't get there from here, but you can see there00:58
beenerive ran sudo iptables -F, iptables -t nat -F, iptables -t mangel -F00:58
Jack_SparrowNith,  See man iptables              or iptables --help00:59
beenerand then i ran instead of the F i uised X00:59
hoopyso i have an alternate ubuntu disc at its start up menu00:59
hoopyi want to just do a live text mode00:59
Pelokestir, man wget , it should be in there00:59
NithJack_Sparrow: kk, thx00:59
beenerand none of that worked00:59
nixnoobiehello all00:59
Jack_Sparrowbeener, then it seems you did more than just set a port wrong00:59
Nithnixnoobie: hello00:59
threeseasI need to move some files temporarly so I can make room for synaptic to do what it needs to do b01:00
kestirPelo: have you read the channel rules?01:00
AlphaGodso, any thoughts on that problem anyone?01:00
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beeneri also had the changed the policy , and i tried to get it to share a connection'01:00
Pelokestir, a while back01:00
nixnoobiesyanptic is acting funny on me, its listing a lot of my packages including stuff like gnome and the kernel as local install under the status tab, any way to fix this?01:00
kestirPelo: you need a refresher01:00
threeseaswhat file manager might I use that has sudo permission ability?01:00
sfearsthreeseas, alt+f2 gksu nautilius01:01
Pelokestir,  you ask for an option to a command ,  it is much simpler for you to read the manpage then for me to read the manpage and then tell you what I found01:01
kestirPelo: hmm, you're digging yourself deeper01:01
NETWizzI need help installing SMP01:01
NETWizzIs there a quick guide?01:01
kestirPelo: read the rules and wget manpage...you're just looking foolish now01:01
Pelothreeseas, just start nautilus with gksu , as in gksu nautilus01:01
AlphaGodSymettric Multi Processing?01:01
nixnoobieENTWizz, you shouldnt have to install SMP01:02
kestirPelo: channel rules most importantly01:02
beenerJack_Sparrow: what should i do to figure out how to fix this01:02
AlphaGodthe correct kernel gets installed when you install01:02
bazhangkestir ease up01:02
NETWizzI installed with a Single Core processor01:02
kumarphillyanyone here use cgi irc at all?01:02
AlphaGodif you added a processor after the fact you just have to get the smp kernel01:02
NETWizzDo I upgrade the Kernel or hte Processor first01:03
kestirbazhang: Sorry...but twits that sit in a support channel and tell people to rtfm get under my skin01:03
Jack_Sparrowkestir, wget -O /tmp/3d.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/3d;a=snapshot;h=db3c51d6c5c0df268fc1ec29a4264ef3d21dbbb3'    as an example01:03
sfearscgi irc?01:03
NETWizzI have the box sitting right here01:03
AlphaGodprocessor Netwizz01:03
NETWizzFirst upgrade the processor?01:03
bazhangkestir name-calling is off the table here thanks01:03
sfearsnope.. i do not use cgi irc01:03
AlphaGoda dual core will work with a standard kernel01:03
Jack_Sparrowkestir, wget -O /home/jack/Desktop/3d.tar.gz 'http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins/3d;a=snapshot;h=db3c51d6c5c0df268fc1ec29a4264ef3d21dbbb3'    as an example01:03
kestirJack_Sparrow: Ahh, I was trying the --directory-prefix switch but was getting nowhere...01:03
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NETWizzAlthoguh a dual core will work, how do I enable SMP?01:03
beenerJack_Sparrow: ?01:04
AlphaGodupdate your processor and then get the new kernel netwizz01:04
NETWizzWhat is the procedure01:04
kestirbazhang: you're right, my apologies01:04
Jack_Sparrowbeener, We are going to need to know what all you did in order to untangle it01:04
AlphaGodinstall the processor...boot...apt-get the smp kernel....update grub....reboot01:04
beenerJack_Sparrow: k01:04
AlphaGoddoes that help?01:04
NETWizzWhat is the name of the kernel I need?01:04
Nithand Pelo has been helping people constantly today01:04
bazhangNETWizz: make sure you have the generic kernel01:04
cataldus3dsomeone has a geforce 7200 and use ubuntu 7.10?01:04
beener <beener> i had it share my wirless connection01:04
beener[18:46] <beener> set policys to samba everyone, http everyone, ftp everyone01:04
beener[18:46] <beener> and i had to set my eth0 to a static ip of
beener[18:47] <beener> then my net started to work right after i set all that01:04
beener[18:48] <beener> was trying to share my eth0 | the internet conection was eth101:04
FloodBot3beener: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
Jack_Sparrowkestir, Does that answer your question01:05
cataldus3dim with trouble to enable cube01:05
NETWizzI currently have this: Linux ubserver 2.6.22-14-386 #1 Sun Oct 14 22:36:54 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux01:05
brandonc503is there any app i can use to test video preformance?01:05
kestirJack_Sparrow: yes, that's working. Thanks!01:05
brandonc503i wana see what AAS setting works best01:05
AlphaGodthat should work netwizz01:05
Jack_Sparrowbeener, Please do not paste into the channel01:05
sYn_0n3would smp pertain to quad core processors also?01:05
NETWizzYeah, but how do I get the right kernel?01:05
Jack_Sparrowkestir, np.. and Pelo is a good guy...01:05
fus10nxHas anyone here sucessfully had HDMI video+audio work in Ubuntu?01:05
nixnoobiebrandon, yes open a command line and type in glx-gears01:05
AlphaGodapt-cache search smp01:05
bazhangcataldus3d: I have the 7300 and the cube works fine; please specify your problem--how did you install the driver01:05
NETWizzI want the exact same kernel only the smp01:05
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Peloahhh chucks Jack_Sparrow01:05
NETWizzI also want PAE01:05
kestirJack_Sparrow: I'm sure he is.  rtfm just gets under my skin is all01:06
nixnoobiethe generic kernel is smp enabled01:06
AlphaGodhdmi most likely won't work since I doubt the OS or card is HDCP compliant01:06
sYn_0n3ful10x: im on hdmi to dvi connection now no sound01:06
fus10nxso ill do DVI graphics card01:06
Jack_Sparrowkestir, Towards the end of the day.. we sometimes get a bit lazy01:06
mrpocketsapt-get upgrade pidgin wont' upgrade pidgin to 2.4.001:06
mrpocketsany ideas why?01:06
AlphaGodI've never seen a HDMI graphics card01:06
NETWizzHow do I test if my current Kernel has SMP?01:06
nixnoobieNETWizz, the generic kernel shoudl be both SMP and PAE enabled01:06
Jack_Sparrowmrpockets, because it isnt in the repos... go to getdeb.net01:06
sYn_0n3sorry for bad english i meant dvi to hdmi01:07
bazhangNETWizz: uname -r in the terminal01:07
NETWizzWhat do you mean01:07
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone. i'm having some trouble running the utilities from gnome-system-tools (network-admin, users-admin, services-admin, time-admin, shares-admin). i get the error msg "The configuration could not be loaded \ You are not allowed to access the system configuration". packages are up to date. anyone know what to do about this?01:07
fus10nxwell I am building a new machine (Asus maximums extreme main board, Quad Core QX9650, 5 - 10K RPM Raptor Hard drives) but the last thing I need is a graphics card. So debating what to get.01:07
AlphaGodoh...dvi to hdmi *might* work...what kind of tv are you connecting to?01:07
NETWizzuname -r -=--->  2.6.22-14-38601:07
fus10nxAlphaGod: Sharp Aquos01:07
sYn_0n3im on a westinghouse 24 in hd 1080p monitor01:07
NETWizzIs that SMP?01:07
fus10nxit has DVI port on the TV01:07
nixnoobieanybody know why synaptic is showing almost all of my packages as local/obsolete status even though everything is up to date?01:07
bazhangNETWizz: nay; you need the generic01:07
beenerJack_Sparrow: http://pastebin.com/m3c7141f4 (sorry about that)01:08
AlphaGodfus10x: that should work fine...is that a 1080p?01:08
NETWizzHOw do I get the generic?01:08
Pelonixnoobie, did you install a lot of package from deb files you downloaded instead of from the repositories ?01:08
fus10nxAlphaGod: yup.01:08
nixnoobieNETWizz, the generic kernel is installed by default01:08
AlphaGodapt-cache search 2.6.22-14-386-generica01:08
Jack_Sparrownixnoobie, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit                           give us a link01:08
AlphaGodapt-cache search 2.6.22-14-386-generic01:08
NETWizzThe kernel I have is apparently not generic01:08
sYn_0n3AlphaGod:my monitor is maxxed@ 1920x1200 thats actually better than hd 1080p01:08
Jack_Sparrowbeener, I dont have time.. I need to eat..01:08
nixnoobiePelo, no, all of my packages are from the ubuntu repos01:08
AlphaGod1080p will look pretty good too01:08
beenerJack_Sparrow: oh alright01:09
Nithwha, pastebin has a prog?01:09
sYn_0n3yes it would01:09
* Nith goes to investigate01:09
AlphaGod1920x1080 is nice too01:09
AlphaGodso, back to my problem01:09
khyron320how do i figure out what /dev location is my LPT?? im setting up LCDproc  /dev/ttyS0 is the default but its not working01:09
Jack_SparrowNith, run that comman.. very cool01:09
AlphaGodhow do I change the alias for eth0 to eth1 and vice versa?01:09
fus10nxAlphaGod: ya just need good graphics card that will play nice in Ubuntu01:09
Pelonixnoobie, might be from 3rd party repos or they might also be packages you selected an olderversion for,  I know that those I have lised as obsolete are debs I got online01:09
fus10nxAlphaGod: Any suggestions?01:09
NETWizzI also have the nvidia driver01:10
beeneris there anyone else who could help me01:10
sYn_0n3still getting used to the size... ive only had the monitor 4 days..lol01:10
NETWizzand I have the build essential01:10
nixnoobieAlphaGod, in my limited experience, nvidia cards play better with linux than ati cards01:10
AlphaGodI agree nix01:10
NETWizzThat means I need the restricted modules, the image, and the headers right?01:10
Pelobeener, did you try that sudo iptables -F command 3 ppl sugested %?01:10
beenerPelo: yes i did01:10
sYn_0n3oh just fyi im on a nvidia geforce 8800 gt 512ddr201:10
Tu13esis it normal for transferring files from a HFS+ drive to an ext3 drive to take a longgggg time?01:10
beenerstill cant connect01:10
AlphaGodhow do I change the alias for eth0 to eth1 and vice versa?....one more time01:10
nixnoobiePelo, this is a fresh install and the only third party repo I used was WineHQ's, which I later removed and went back to the ubuntu wine01:10
Pelobeener, there is an #iptables channel, they migth know better then we do01:11
bazhangsYn_0n3: you got that working with the nvidia drivers? been considering that card my self01:11
andguentalphagod: check and see if you have an /etc/fstab file01:11
beenerPelo: thank you01:11
sYn_0n3yes sir working with compiz and emerald01:11
Pelonixnoobie, that status  display is not life and death, it is jsut informative, I would not worry to much about it01:11
AlphaGodof course I have a /etc/fstab but that doesn't help with alias for modules01:11
TaRDywhat would the best client be for watching TV off my tv tuner?01:11
boohooI've got 7.10 installed, and when I open up the terminal, and try to use vi, my keys seem to be messed up01:11
boohoothe up arrow key types up an A01:12
sYn_0n3i junked my ati card and went to nvidia i love it01:12
nixnoobieNETWizz, restricted manager should automatically detect and install drivers for your card01:12
bazhangTaRDy: watching only or watching and recording like a Tivo01:12
Nithboohoo: you need a vimrc01:12
fus10nxha ha01:12
TaRDymostly just watching bazhang01:12
boohooNith: uhh, how do I get htat?01:12
sYn_0n3nixnoobie:it depends not all drivers are supported01:12
nixnoobiePelo, I know but I use upgrade system and I'm afraid of it getting rid of something important like gcc or something01:12
Nithboohoo: #vim is probably a better place01:12
AlphaGodyou can get ati and linux to work if you're lucky and the stars are in the right place and your cat loves you01:12
Jack_SparrowNith, Did you check pastebinit out01:12
sYn_0n3fyi i installed my nvidia drivers from source and not from synaptic01:12
TaRDybazhang, if the better client is just watching then i dont mind not recording01:13
andguentalphagod: are you looking for the info in /etc/networking/interfaces or something else?01:13
NETWizzRegardless, I need these right?01:13
NETWizzlinux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-generic - Non-free Linux 2.6.22 modules on x86/x86_6401:13
NETWizzlinux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-14-generic - Ubuntu supplied Linux modules for version 2.6.22 on x86/x86_6401:13
NETWizzlinux-image-2.6.22-14-generic - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.22 on x86/x86_6401:13
NETWizzlinux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.22 on x86/x86_6401:13
sYn_0n3if you are having problems use envy to install the drivers01:13
Kumoolis there a way to open the terminal using just the keyboard?01:13
FloodBot3NETWizz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
* andguent running ati propritary drivers on 200M01:13
NithJack_Sparrow: very nice01:13
bazhangTaRDy: not sure about just watching--I tend to use the net for just watching01:13
nixnoobiesYn_0ny, true but I think NETWizz mentioned nvidia, which I believe are supported01:13
AlphaGodandguent: I modified /etc/modprobe.d/aliases to point the alias to the driver and that had no effect01:13
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NETWizzIs that the correct list?01:14
AlphaGodandguent: I can give you more background if you want that much detail01:14
sYn_0n3nixnoobie: it did not install my card correctly..im on an nvidia 880gt01:14
NithKumool: system --> preferences --> keyboard shortcuts01:14
NETWizzanyway, I can do the processor first right?01:14
NithKumool: by default, no but you can set one there01:14
Pelonixnoobie, this is an upgrade ?  that might be becuse those packages have not been upgraded yet and were compiled for another release ,  I 'm just taking wild guesses here , nothing should be removed from the files listed in that status, as far as I know on the the one that states unsued or someting( sorry mine is in french) get deleted when you run autoclean01:14
andguentalphagod: lets make sure we are on the same page: eth0 and eth1 both work, but you want them to flip IP address settings right?01:14
beenerPelo: no one is talking there01:14
NithKumool: if you want to use the windows key + something, hold the windows key down before trying the bind01:14
nixnoobiesYn_0n3, well shows you what I know, I use an intel card and avoid the whole mess01:14
muzikjock58does anyone have a solution for xsane crashing on start01:14
sYn_0n3lol true true01:14
Kumoolnith thx i checked that but i didnt actually wanna mess with it01:14
muzikjock58cant scan, printing works good01:15
Pelobeener, you need to ask a question and be patient, not all chanels are as busy as this one,  and you might have to ask at different times of day01:15
AlphaGodandguent: they both work but here is my config currently: eth0 is nvidia nic onboard, eth1 is marvel yukon gb nic, eth2 and eth3 are dual port intel nic01:15
NithKumool: I've mine mapped to winkey + t and its the first thing I do on every install01:15
Pelobeener, ##linux might also be a good place to ask01:15
AlphaGodandguent: I want to change the nvidia nic to eth1 and the marvel yukon to eth001:15
boohooNith: It works perfectly fine on my other box01:15
Pelobeener, you might want to consider reinstalling firestarter and disabling it before removing it01:16
beenerPelo: everyone i asked left me hanging the tryed then just left01:16
threeseasis there a way to extend a partition via a lnk or something? (I have plenty drive space just not on the root partition (but home is on its own)01:16
nixnoobiePelo, upgrade-system is a script that basically runs apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, deb-orphan, and then clean, the deborphan part is what would get rid of stuff01:16
Nithboohoo: check your ~ on your other box for a file called .vimrc01:16
AlphaGodandguent: if you're curious this is a server box that will be running vmware server01:16
andguentalphagod: I dont think module order will help --  ACK I know what i did, i said fstab didn't i......01:16
Nithboohoo: its hidden(the dot) so do ls -a to check for it01:16
Pelobeener, we don'T have all the answers, we're just users like you01:16
andguentalphagod: i meant /etc/iftab01:16
beenerPelo: tried that too but ill rery it | and i understand01:16
Waffles385Nith, Kumool was asking about the terminal to key shortcut... what do you think of the tilda package?01:16
AlphaGodandguent: no iftab01:16
andguentalphagod: silly fingers trying to do the thinking for me01:16
cataldus3dhow to setup nvidia correctly in 7.10?01:17
Kumoolnith ah ok thx this is great :) i hate using the mouse01:17
sYn_0n3question im using a quad core q6600...im on plain vanilla kernel..should i change to smp?01:17
cornfusedcataldus3d: are you talking about the driver01:17
Pelobeener, it push comes to shove,  you can always clean install ubuntu ;-(01:17
cataldus3dabout all01:17
NithWaffles385: When I first installed ubuntu (year and a half or so) I tried it, I don't remember why but I uninstalled it01:17
cataldus3dim tried many things, im lost01:17
andguentalphagod: yea, try man /etc/iftab01:17
NithKumool: np01:17
AlphaGodandguent: ok...give me a sec01:17
nixnoobiecataldus, if youre not afraid of the command line you can use the install documentation from nvidias website, its not that hard01:17
beenerPelo; thats something im realy dreading because i spent more than 15 hours setting it up to run right01:18
boohooNith: ahh, I see what you're saying01:18
NETWizzI got it01:18
boohoocopy that vimrc over to mine?01:18
AlphaGodandguent: no man entry for /etc/iftab or iftab01:18
NETWizzjust install the processor first then install the generic kernel01:18
NithWaffles385: I think it's because I like more than one window and felt restricted by tilda01:18
nixnoobieno problem, NETWizz01:18
zthhow can i make sure OpenGL and my NVIDIA driver is enabled? i will need the commands since im on enlightenment and not gnome irhgt now01:18
Pelobeener, but now you know what you are doing so it will take less time, also , you can put your /home folder on a seperate partiton and use it there, ( select manaual partitionning) , that will save all your data and app settings01:18
Waffles385Alright, I just got done installing it and saw you guys talking about it... just curious01:19
DevourerIs there a way to specify which desktop I would like a program to appear in when I execute it from the terminal?01:19
Kumoolnith what is that?01:19
Nithboohoo: yup, so on your other box "scp .vimrc username@ipOfOtherMachine:~/" and it'll be done01:19
andguentalphagod: or echo "eth0 mac 00:00:00:00:00:00 arp 1" > /etc/iftab (update your appropriate mac and interface of course)01:19
Pelozth, check in your xorg.conf file,   gl should be listed in the module section,   and nvidia or nv as a device01:19
NithKumool: tilda's a package that lets you pull down a console much like in games( e.g. quake).01:19
AlphaGodandguent: do you think that's the best way to do it or is that really just a brute force approach?01:19
inflexokay, now I'm confused...  I can do an 'apt-build info avr-libc',   but when I do an 'apt-build install avr-libc' it complains "Missing source package name for source_by_source().01:20
nixnoobiezth, run glx-gears and look atht fps count, anything <1000 means that your card isnt working01:20
andguentalphagod: i have a man /etc/iftab, but i'm on gutsy for my server, not sure if dapper doesn't have it or what -- not sure if you would consider it brute force, but I have never needed another way01:20
KumoolNith so i just press ESC and itl come up on half the screen??01:20
beenerPelo: thats what ive done from the begging set the /boot on its own partition also01:20
NithKumool: its usually bound to the tilda key but effectively01:20
KumoolNith but wouldnt that be bad i mean what if i wanted to close it?01:20
AlphaGodandguent: this is a new install of 7.10 server so I should be able to follow what you're doing01:20
* Nith shrugs01:20
inflexI also get - Unable to find source information for avr-libc at /usr/bin/apt-build line 48201:20
NithI don't use it, I don't really remember01:21
Pelobeener, not sure waht the purpose of that would but but you seen to understand the technique01:21
* Pelo 's typing is realy going to hell , it's getting late01:21
nixnoobiezth, nevermind, i used glx-gears as a test when I was on PCLOS01:21
billeniumIn ubuntu/linux can i make a file that when opened, opens the terminal and runs the commands (like a .bat in windows)?01:21
AlphaGodandguent: if I populate iftab appropriately and reboot that will work then?01:21
* Nith hands Pelo some coffee01:21
* Nith has become a recent abuser of the sacred brown liquid01:22
nixnoobiebilenium, yes you can, its called a shell script, google it for more info01:22
brandonc503is there any app to test video preformance.. im not sure what you test that by .. maybe frame rate??01:22
cornfusedbillenium: the equivalent of batch programming in Linux is shell scripting01:22
* Pelo runs away screaming from Nith , are you trying to give me insomnia ???01:22
lunksI'm getting libdvdread: Invalid IFO for title 1 (VTS_01_0.IFO). if I try to play a DVD.01:22
cornfusedbillenium: exactly01:22
nixnoobiebilenium, yes01:22
andguentalphagod: blah, ok, so i was shelled onto a gutsy workstation and lost track of which box i was on, gutsy desktop has man iftab, i agree that gutsy server does not -- i can't imagine there would be any harm in it01:22
billeniumthanks cornfused01:22
billeniumand nixnoobie01:23
nixnoobiebrandonc503, maybe run one of your screensaver, if its choppy your card isnt working01:23
AlphaGodandguent: ok....so it's a lot like fstab...if it's there then the system will read it and use it?01:23
boohoohmm, this seems to be all messed up, I hate to change a couple lines, filetype plugin or something01:23
=== sCOTTo_ is now known as sCOTTo
boohooeven though Ubuntu's vim is newer than the one on the Fedora box01:23
Apple_Cathow can i rotate a screen, in a 3 screen setup01:24
brandonc503i wana know what AAS setting will work best..  what vid card in which comp.. i got 4 comps im working with and wana make them as equal as possible01:24
andguentalphagod: i've never seen iftab not work, but i havin't added it much when it wasn't there, i would say try it, worst that happens is you waited a few minutes for a useless reboot right? :)01:25
cornfusedApple_Cat: are you using compiz?01:25
beenerPelo: if i work backwards it should be fine wheni unistall it right?01:25
Pelobeener, work backwards ?01:25
AlphaGodandguent: fair enough....I'll try anything once ;)01:25
Orynethi people can anyone teach me how to enable 2 display for ubuntu? i mean having 1 big display by connecting 2 monitor?01:26
beenerPelo: install it and do everything exactly the same then undo it when i get a conection,01:26
cornfusedOrynet: what video card?01:27
Pelobeener, when you get the connection I would jsut stop there,01:27
Oryneti am not sure about the model01:27
cataldus3di tried this,01:27
beenerPelo: i realy dont want to have firestarter on my computer it cause nothing but trouble01:27
cataldus3dbut when im at command line, i dont know some commands to back to graphic mode01:28
PiciDoes Sonata support gnome's multimedia keys?01:28
Apple_Catcornfused: yes using compiz, nvidia card with restricted drivers01:28
nixnoobiecatalus3d, then I'm out of ideas, to get back into graphic mode type in init 501:28
mixedI can01:28
nixnoobieor startx01:28
mixedI can't seen minized applications in my taskbar, anyone seen this problem before?01:29
Pelobeener, then just don'T start it ,  like we said before, firestarter is just a frontend,  it doesn't actualy do anyting on it's own,  when yuo turn it on it just sits there and monitors , untill you tell it to do something then all it does is sends modifications to iptables01:29
Orynetcornfusted: ATI graphic card.01:29
nixnoobiehowever, id probably just restart the machine01:29
Orynetcornfused: ATI graphic card.01:29
cataldus3dxgl not present01:29
beenerPelo so if i dont start it everything should be fine01:29
Pelobeener, in other words,  firestarter is just a graphical interface for someting else01:29
cornfusedOrynet: try System -> administration -> Screens and Graphics01:29
cataldus3di typed compiz01:29
Pelobeener, yes01:29
SmegzorNautilus is using almost all my cpus (both of them).  How do I find out what its doing?01:30
Newbuntu2I'm trying to install a EUB-362 (atheros chipset). I've seen recommendations to use ndiswrapper, but some say atheros is supported by madwifi. Does anyone know which way I should go/differences between the two?01:30
beenerthats wired?01:30
nixnoobiewell all, I am out of here, been fun, later01:30
cataldus3dnvidia driver is enable01:30
cataldus3dthe restricted driver01:30
Apple_Catxandr seems to be the way, how can i access it under gnome ?01:30
mixedmixed:  if you can't see minimized applications in your taskbar you're screwed!  switch back to windows or use SuSE!01:30
beenerPelo: if i set my eth0 to its orignial setting and not a static ip then my eth1 cant connect01:30
Pelobeener, you can try and use firestarter to remove any settings you may have added that should get it going again01:30
AlphaGodandguent: heh....the file is created....apparently I can use ifrename to call iftab and rename the interfaces.....either this will work or the server will be off the network01:30
AlphaGodandguent: wish me luck01:31
cataldus3dwhen i tries visual effects doesnt enable01:31
nixnoobiecataldus, sorry man, I got no ideas for you, thats why I stick with my wimpy but compatable intel graphics card01:31
cornfusedApple_Cat: are you talking about rotating the screens through different monitors01:31
Pelobeener, I donT' know about that bit , but that is not iptabls related as far as I know, that is part of the network manager ,  menu > system > admin > network01:31
Apple_Catyes changing one screen out of three from landscape to portrait01:31
beenerbut thats odd never did that before01:31
AlphaGodandguent: oh well...apparently ifrename isn't installed in 7.1 server either01:32
beenerafter using firestarter is when i started useing a static ip01:32
Orynetcornfused: my secondary display option is disabled... even tough i have the setting's of panel made.01:32
=== root____1 is now known as warriorforgod
Pelobeener, did you setup a static ip for your computer in your router ?01:32
beenerPelo: no its always been dhcp01:33
cornfusedOrynet: you can do it the manual way, but it takes a lot of knowledge about your monitors and you have to manually edit the xorg.conf file01:33
=== dijital1_away is now known as dijital1
warriorforgodWhen I installed ubuntu it installed grub to /dev/hdb1 however I have to have /dev/hdb1 set to boot first so grub will run.  How can I change this?01:33
SuperQwarriorforgod: you can use fdisk01:33
Pelobeener, then it shodl also be dhcp in the network manager,  not sure what is going on , not realy my field of expertise,  i can set a static ip up but I don'T knwo how to trouble shoot one01:33
sacamano2 quick questions- how do you add a service to startup (beagle) and where do you edit screens?01:33
Pelobeener, maybe the ppl in #netowrking might know01:34
Orynetcornfused: ok thanks. I think i shouldn't try any further then.01:34
nickrudwarriorforgod: after you've booted into ubuntu,  sudo grub-install /dev/hda01:34
beener.. there al busy01:34
beenerone said to comeback tommarow01:34
juank_pradasacamano: add beagle to your session programs01:34
beenerso ill check back ther tomarrow01:34
* Pelo hopes beener doesn't think he's tring to get rid of him with all these recommendations01:34
cataldus3dplz someone can help me?01:34
SuperQnickrud: that only works if warriorforgod wants to change the MBR01:34
boohoois it possible to make the terminal window black (bg) and green (fg)01:34
SuperQoh wait.. hdb1 won't work anyway01:34
beenerPelo: youve been the most help all the other just got tired and left01:34
boohoolike the matrix kinda thing :D01:34
Pelocataldus3d, you need to ask a question01:34
SuperQboohoo: yes01:34
sacamanojuank_prada, thanks. how about edit scerens?01:35
sacamanoi only want one01:35
SuperQboohoo: right-click on a terminal and click "Edit Current Profile"01:35
Pelobeener, I'm goint to bed in 15 minutes, donT' take it personnaly :-)01:35
leeWhat can I use to record my desktop?01:35
andguentalphagod: any luck? I dropped connection for a sec there...01:35
Pelolee, sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop01:35
SuperQboohoo: there is already a pre-defined greeon on black :)01:36
warriorforgodnickrud: Ok, my system crashed and I am booted into a gentoo livecd right now.  How can I change it so that it will boot from /dev/hdb1.  Both /dev/hdb1 and /dev/hda1 have the bootable flag toggled in fdisk01:36
nickrudlee: istanbul,01:36
leeUh oh :<01:36
boohooSuperQ: hmmm, I don't see it01:36
juank_pradasacamano: what do you want to edit?01:36
AlphaGodandguent: nope....apparently ifrename isn't in 7.1 server so I can't call iftab to use it01:36
unix_lappyis anyone here using the official ubuntu server VM images for a web production server01:36
SuperQboohoo: what do you see?01:36
Pelonickrud, instanbul ? is that new ?01:36
boohooSuperQ: got it01:36
leeWhich one do I use, Istanbul or recordmydesktop?01:36
SuperQboohoo: woot01:36
leeNo Pelo.01:36
beenerpelo: thanks for all the help you, you have help me narrow it down some more01:36
beenerPelo: take care01:36
Pelolee, which ever you prefer , your choice, won't cost you anything01:37
nickrudwarriorforgod: hm, you probably want to write the MBR to either hda or hdb , not the partition hdb1. What exactly do you want to see when you boot?01:37
leeI have bad records with Istanbul01:37
boohooSuperQ: is this a Ubuntu addition?01:37
boohoothis Edit Configuration?01:37
nickrudlee: then try the other ;)01:37
warriorforgodI want to be able to boot from /dev/hdb instead of /dev/hda01:37
SuperQboohoo: no, normal Gnome feature01:37
leenickrud, where does it go in KDE?01:37
boohooSuperQ: okies01:37
ubuntubetacan anyone see me talking?01:37
andguentalphagod: my apologies for the wild goose chase, i guess the next fix is to just get out the labeller and slap 0-3 on the back of the case :)01:37
sfearswarriorforgod, mabey it your boot/grub/menu.lst file01:37
cornfused!GRUB | warriorforgod01:37
ubot3warriorforgod: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:37
juank_pradaubuntubeta: i can01:38
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Question  sudo grub-install /dev/hda     grub uses hda even if you have /dev/sda correct   ?01:38
Pelolee,  check in synaptic I beleive there is a gui version of it , might be for gtk tho,  the extra libs will be added01:38
SuperQubuntubeta: yes01:38
AlphaGodandguent:lol....I think udev is the way to do this....I just have to figure out the syntax01:38
leePelo, I'm talking about Istanbul01:38
Pelolee, nvm then01:38
nickrudwarriorforgod: a sec while I get the right syntax for the command01:38
Nithboohoo: aterm is also made to let you change colors, shades and such01:38
nickrudJack_Sparrow: no, it'd be sda if the disk is seen as sda01:38
mrpocketsif i've got the three .deb packages for the new version of Pidgin01:38
warriorforgodRight now if I set /dev/hdb drive to boot first I get bootable FS not found.  If I set /dev/hda to boot first It boots grub off of /dev/hda01:38
mrpocketshow do i install it ?01:38
Jack_Sparrownickrud, thanks...01:39
AlphaGodandguent: ok...got it....udev is the way to do it01:39
boohooNith: I think vim-full should be installed by default01:39
* Nith concurs01:39
geniimrpockets: sudo dpkg -i <filename1> <filename2> <filename3>01:39
SuperQmrpockets: dpkg -i pkg1.deb pkg2.deb01:39
Nithnot everyone uses vim though, and I can understand that01:39
cataldus3dAPI mismatch: the client has the version 1.0-9639, but01:39
cataldus3d[   27.652920] NVRM: this kernel module has the version 1.0-9631.  Please01:39
cataldus3d[   27.652922] NVRM: make sure that this kernel module and all NVIDIA driver01:39
cataldus3d[   27.652924] NVRM: components have the same version.01:39
Apple_Catlooks like it isn't possible to change one screens resolution with xandr01:39
brandon_ I'm looking to run separate x screens on two monitors.  I have kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy ...ati x800 with the envy driver used the auto install using the envy app.01:39
Nithcataldus3d: please don't paste more than one line01:39
Tu13eswhat's the best way for my laptop to sync with my desktop's music library?01:39
andguentalphagod: have a link? I would be curious to see01:39
mrpocketsgenii,  but I should uninstall the current version first, right?01:39
boohooI'm impressed with Ubuntu, for not paying a dime, I'm getting really good stuff01:39
cataldus3dim sorry im desperate, can you help me?01:39
SuperQTu13es: that's complicated01:39
Apple_Cat( sorry not resolution but rotation )01:40
AlphaGodandguent: here you go: http://www.science.uva.nl/research/air/wiki/LogicalInterfaceNames01:40
Tu13esSuperQ: yeah :(01:40
boohooI'm not sure why I didn't move all our Fedora infrastructure to Ubuntu01:40
SuperQTu13es: personally, I would use rsync01:40
Tu13eswhen I had just Macs I could just share the iTunes library01:40
juank_pradacataldus3d: you might be desparate but there are some rules to follow.. use a paste bin utility or something01:40
Pelocataldus3d, thsi might help01:40
SuperQTu13es: but that's not "easy to use"01:40
* sfears is interested in the answer to Tu13es's question01:40
Pelo!nvidia > cataldus3d check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu01:40
geniimrpockets: Ideally yes01:40
mrpocketswhats the command :-X01:40
Tu13esSuperQ: I think I can figure out rsync easy enough, the only problem comes when files are chagned but whatever music player's library isn't01:41
Pelog'night folks , I leave you in the capable hands of nickrud01:41
ubuntubetaI just updated ubunt beta, and it bombed, everything looks great, and I had to do partial upgrades once or twice.  When in the terminal (I can only do CTRL+ALT+1,2,3,4,5 sessions) I try doing sudo aptitude -f install gnome-about gnome-applets gnome-panel nautilus etc, etc...  Prompting no packages will be installed01:41
Newbuntu2join /ndiswrapper01:41
cornfusedmrpockets: I believe you are looking for sudo apt-get remove <packagename>01:41
mrpocketsthanks man01:41
SuperQamarok seems like a nice media library application01:41
mrpocketsi appreciate the help01:41
mrpocketssorry for all the noob questions01:41
cornfusedmrpockets: that's what this channel is for01:42
RequinB4mrpockets: please don't apologize01:42
geniimrpockets: The other version you have, from deb files or through package manager?01:42
mrpocketscame with the install01:42
zoskyhi Ubuntu krew. props for all your great work!!!01:42
mrpocketsversion 2.2.001:42
leenickrud, PM please?01:42
SuperQbut I don't think either Rhythmbox nor Amarok support library syncing01:42
AlphaGodandguent:I completely figured it out; in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules the kernel populates the mac addresses and interface names....I just had to switch some things around01:43
ubuntubetaI also tried sudo apt-get -f remove  gnome-about gnome-applets gnome-panel nautilus etc, etc... but this says they are not installed >_<01:43
nickrudlee what's up, I'm doing some research on grub. Havent' had this issue myself for a whiile01:43
leeMy ogg from Istanbul..Just won't play :<01:43
geniimrpockets: Then use synaptic to uninstall current version01:43
mrpocketsi just apt-get removed it01:43
jimmygoonAnyone familiar with jungledisk? Basically, I'm wondering whether or not I should trust it?01:44
geniimrpockets: Ok, same thing then :)01:44
nickrudlee: have you tried the other? I think istanbul has issues when compiz is running.01:44
exegesisHow do I list my partitions in the Terminal?01:44
leenickrud, compiz isn't running :<01:44
mrpocketsTrying to do stuff through terminal as much as i can01:44
Flannelexegesis: sudo fdisk -l (that's lowercase L)01:44
Nithexegesis: ls /dev/sd*01:44
andguentalphagod: very nice, i should have fallen back to my classic fix for any config file I cant find -- 'find /etc|xargs grep eth0' -- that page just got another del.icio.us tag01:44
needhelpAlert! My PC suddenly powered off, and now it won't power on again. What happens? May I have lost my files?01:45
RequinB4mrpockets: terminal may be more efficient (because the keyboard is), there is no substitute for knowing where the GUI stuff is on a system :)01:45
Flannelneedhelp: Unlikely that you lost your files.  What do you mean by "wont power on again"?01:45
juank_pradaneedhelp: the power source might be failing01:45
exegesisFlannel: here's my output, can you explain it to me?01:45
exegesisFlannel: /dev/sda1   *       10870       28972   145412347+   7  HPFS/NTFS01:45
exegesis/dev/sda2               1       10421    83706651   83  Linux01:45
exegesis/dev/sda3           37780       38913     9108855    7  HPFS/NTFS01:45
exegesis/dev/sda4           10422       10869     3598560    5  Extended01:45
exegesis/dev/sda5           10422       10869     3598528+  82  Linux swap / Solaris01:45
FloodBot3exegesis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
Flannel!paste | exegesis01:45
ubot3exegesis: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:45
RequinB4!paste | exegesis01:45
geniineedhelp: Sounds like a hardware problem. Likely your power supply or so01:45
nickrudwarriorforgod: the procedure I used is documented at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show#head-bf0ad184b84304b51996a11111a1901667529a8001:45
ubuntubetaneedhelp: make sure the power cord is plugged in and try reseting that cord01:45
AlphaGodandguent:thanks for the help, sometimes I just need an outside hand to inject ideas on words i can search on and then I can track down the problem01:45
=== mick_home__ is now known as mick_home
needhelpFlannel: nothing happens when pressing the power button01:45
zoskyi hope some1 can help... how do i rebuild ALSA with a patch ? i need to add a patch for my ScratchAmp USB soundcard (http://www.xwax.co.uk/scratchamp.html)01:46
needhelpubuntubeta: how do i reset the cord ?01:46
andguentneedhelp: double check your power cord, power strip, surge protector and whatever :)01:46
Flannelneedhelp: aright, then it's extremely unlikely you've lost data (well, except what was unsaved when you lost power).  You've just got a regular hardware problem01:46
farruinn_What's the best filesystem for sharing between Linux/Windows/Mac/etc? Fat32 or NTFS probably?01:46
juank_pradaneedhelp: the power supply is dead01:46
cornfusedfarruinn_: Linux can understand more Filesystems than Windows and windows uses NTFS by default now so I'd say NTFS01:47
orudiecould anyone provide a tutorial on how to set static ip on lan for my ubuntu box pz01:47
needhelpokay, I'll have to buy a new power supply then01:47
exegesisFlannel: here's my output for my partitions: <http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59309/>.01:47
ubuntubetaneedhelp: unplug, replug01:47
Flannelneedhelp: Thats hard to diagnose confidently over IRC, but is a possibility.01:47
Jack_Sparrowzosky,  /join #Alsa01:47
andguentalphagod: glad to help in whatever way i did.... i had to track down iftab back when my company was cloning ubuntu workstations, and we wanted to know why no workstations would ever use eth0 once cloned :)01:48
needhelpokay, thanks01:48
geniineedhelp: Remember this is only our best guess to the issue. Try with a known good power supply if possible before buying a new one01:48
zoskyJack_Sparrow, ill give it a shot01:48
needhelpi will genii01:48
Flannelexegesis: what's your question about your partitions?01:48
sacamanohow can i remove my 2nd desktop01:48
orudiei'm new to linux, trying to figure out how to set static ip on lan for my ubuntu box01:49
wolvenarcan anyone explain why processes ran by init even with root privs so not seem to have the came rights as root exec from shell01:49
orudiecould none help plz ?01:49
cornfusedorudie: wireless or ethernet01:49
ubot3The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:49
farruinn_cornfused: Linux supports NTFS 100% these days?01:49
sfearsorudie, system/administration/network properties or your connection01:49
computerHey I am having a problem with my ATI card I was wondering if someone could help me?01:49
ubuntubetais it ok to ask for beta support on upgrading here?  I ran into a problem doing dist upgrade...01:49
wolvenaror point me where I can learn why01:49
Flannelubuntubeta: Hardy is still an alpha, and #ubuntu+101:49
sfearsproperties of* your connection01:49
cornfusedfarruinn_: I've never had any problems with it's support in gutsy01:50
computerCan anyone help me with my ATI card problem?01:50
Sinnermanhow do i make the icons in my gnome-panel menus smaller?01:50
farruinn_cornfused: thanks :)01:50
exegesisFlannel: what's it mean?  Why do I have 5?  I only want 3.  Also I can no longer boot into Vista (I rarely if ever want to, but if it's there I want to be able to).01:50
orudiesfears: i dont have gui, running server 7.10 ed01:50
computerI have gutsy and a Radeon TV 200 QW [Radeon 7500] card when I try using it I get a black screen after the ubuntu loading screen01:51
sfearsohhh.. umm01:51
AlphaGodandguent: this was one of those cases where I had never had to do this before so I wasn't sure where to start; once I had someone injecting ideas I've never used it got me on the right path01:51
sfearsnetwork.conf file?01:51
Flannelexegesis: You have four meaningful ones.01:51
cornfusedcomputer: can you boot in recovery mode?01:51
=== farruinn_ is now known as farruinn
[dcr]Whats a good FTP client to use with Linux?01:51
computerif I edit my xorg.conf file like the forums say it boots but it only boots in terminal mode or whatever01:51
nickrudorudie: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59310/ is the one I've used, just set the addresses to match your network01:51
nickrudorudie: and install resolvconf , it will read the dns defined in there01:51
computercan anyone help me?01:52
cornfusedcomputer: did it ever work?01:52
ubot3FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd01:52
computernot the ATI card01:52
=== sCOTTo_ is now known as sCOTTo
cornfusedcomputer: I mean the graphics01:52
=== icesword is now known as vsftpd
computeronly with the on board01:53
computerwhen I try editing the xorg.conf file I get terminal but no graphics01:53
wolvenarcan anyone explain why processes ran by init even with root privs so not seem to have the came rights as root exec from shell01:53
computerso I can't open anything01:53
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, Make sure you set v/h rates for your monitor not just a base sync rate in that xorg01:53
orudienickrud: sudo apt-get install resolvconf ?01:53
nickrudorudie: yes.01:53
andguentwolvenar: daemons run from init.d are often run as lower privileged users for security reasons, if apache is running as root, and someone cracks your apache, they have root privilages01:53
andguentso, for apache, it runs as the user www-data intentionally01:54
computercan I post my xorg file here...01:54
oms3hello friends01:54
computerbecause I'm new to configuring it01:54
exegesisFlannel: then what are the four meaningful ones and what do they mean?01:54
cornfused!paste | computer01:54
ubot3computer: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:54
zoskycan any1 help me figure out how to add a patch to ALSA ? http://www.xwax.co.uk/scratchamp.html01:54
nickrudorudie: after you set that up, the auto will cause the interface to come up when you boot. you can control it manually with   sudo ifup eth0   sudo ifdown eth0  (or whatever ethX you actually have)01:54
orudienickrud: installed, whats next ?01:54
nickrudorudie: do you know your gateway address?01:54
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, NOT in here.. one sec01:55
Flannelexegesis: Well, sda4 is an extended partition, which means it houses sda5 (And any other higher ones you create).  Why do you think you should only have three?01:55
orudienickrud: yeah01:55
wolvenarunderstandable, however I have a script that I need to have root privs, on a non networked machine, it's works great from bash, but not init or cron01:55
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit   in a term01:55
sfearsorudie, /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf01:55
exegesisFlannel: well I was just cruising the forums and some people who dual boot have Windows partition, Ubuntu partition, and a backup partition or something01:55
Flannelexegesis: you have a NTFS, an ext3, another NTFS, then your swap partition.01:55
nickrudorudie: copy that text to /etc/network/interfaces , and set your gateway. What exactly is your gateway?01:55
computerwhats that do Jack?01:55
exegesisFlannel: what do those mean?  NTFS, ext3, swap?01:55
Flannelexegesis: they probably have a swap partition as well.  don't worry, yours looks normal.01:55
orudienickrud: isnt the gateway the ip address of my router ?01:56
cornfusedcomputer: it puts it into a pastebin01:56
nickrudorudie: yes01:56
orudienickrud: like
KumoolNith, what if i wanted to open a console based app?01:56
Flannelexegesis: NTFS is the filesystem for windwos, ext3 is the filesystem (well the default) for Ubuntu, and swap is swapspace for linux01:56
orudienickrud: ok01:56
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, it pastes your xorg into a pastebin and gives you a link to give people that are helping you01:56
exegesisFlannel: ok, that makes me feel a little better.  I can't boot into Vista.  Is there a good how-to online for common problems or something?01:56
andguentwolvenar: visudo -- add a line like this: www-data ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/eject ---- change www-data to your low privilaged username, change /usr/bin/eject to your script path01:56
orudienickrud: should i nano interfaces ?01:57
wolvenarthank you andquent I will try that01:57
lee___I can't play .ogg files on my computer, any idea why?01:57
Flannelexegesis: That'd be a GRUB issue.  Do you have a windows entry in your menu.lst? (/boot/grub/menu.lst) pastebin it.  I'm actually not sure how to dualboot into Vista with GRUB.  Someone else here may be able to help you though.01:57
zoskyJack_Sparrow, pastebinit, thats really cool !!01:57
computerThats how I have it edited.... but it just takes me to terminal basically01:58
orudienickrud: or should i make that executable first ?01:58
cornfusedcomputer: are you sure that's the correct BusID for your card?01:58
nickrudorudie: yes. The only change you should need to make to that stanza I gave is to change the gateway to , every thing else should be fine, unless you have a particular address you want the machine to be, other than xx.xx.xx.20201:58
geoff_Can any one help?  I am trying to change my date format configuration and don't know where it is.  I need to change from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy (or vice versa)01:58
juank_pradalee___:  need the proper codecs01:58
lunksI'd like to build a single module instead of building the whole kernel. How to do it?01:58
lee___juank_prada: Which are?01:58
computer01:0b.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]01:58
nickrudorudie: it's a configuration file, it doesn't need to be executable01:58
Kumoollee___, just get a player like audacious or xmms look for em01:58
orudienickrud: it has no .extention01:58
* netopalis has major USB issues. If you can help, please send a PM01:58
sfearslunks.. mabey use the "./configure --with" option?01:58
nickrudorudie: that's by design. Do not change the name of the file at all01:59
Kumoollee___, just getting the codecs 1 by 1 is such a pain01:59
juank_pradalee___: mostly gstreamer01:59
wgwinn Any suggestions on how to move from a 64bit kernel to a 32bit one?01:59
cornfusedcomputer did you install the correct driver?01:59
schmichaelanybody know why xubuntu 7.10 wouldn't be able to join my wlan even though it appears to properly detect my Prism2.5 wifi adapter?01:59
computerUmm... well I can't find the driver01:59
exegesisFlannel: here's what my /boot/grub/menu.lst says: <http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59312/>01:59
nickrudwgwinn: reinstall the os01:59
lunkssfears, sorry but it's not clear for me. :D I use make-kpkg to build the kernel. I want to specifically build only b43, my wireless driver. I accidentally checked it off on my .config01:59
cornfusedcomputer: I wouldn't suggest attempting to use a card with no driver02:00
exegesisFlannel: I assume that means I have a Windows entry02:00
computerWell I don't know where to get the driver02:00
netopalisUSB devices are not working in Ubuntu, nor are they working in Windows Vista.  I'm running Wubi, so this may be an explanation of the link.  Any suggestions?02:00
cornfusedcomputer: google the model02:00
computerI have to use this card because I have to dual boot to windows and this card is the only one that works in windows and this is my parents computer02:00
sfearslunks, you could download the driver source files, compile them, & add the module to your /etc/modules file02:00
computerI have googled it and people give the one program for linux that installs drivers for ATI and NVIDIA but thats for the newer cards and this is too old for it :(02:01
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org 59313   from my ati 750002:01
lunkssfears, do you know if there are other ways of enabling modules? /etc/modules didn't work very good last time, but it could be bad luck. If you know another way to ensure module loading, please tell me. :D02:01
computerit's blank02:01
sCOTTonith you here02:01
lunkssfears, ah, and I have the sources, but dunno how to install it02:01
cornfusedcomputer: I believe the link he meant was http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5931302:02
sfearslunks.. sudo modprobe modulename02:02
orudienickrud: hey, i hope resolvconf is not gonna conflict with my already installed and configured ddclient02:02
mrpocketsapt-get moo02:03
bigdad1eim in dier need of help getting srcds to show on the main server list. i have set my router up to work with it. its just now i think theres something in linux holding me back02:03
lunkssfears, hmm i knew about it, but what if I want to make it load every start?02:03
lunkssfears, and also, how to install a module that comes with the kernel?02:03
Jack_Sparrowzosky, Yes very cool02:03
sfearshaha.. moo02:03
ubot3Factoid srcds not found02:03
sfearsi have moo'd toady02:03
sfearslunks.. add the module name to /etc/modules02:03
Jack_Sparrowzosky, Sorry, I was booting another computer and uploading the xorg from that 7500 ati02:04
lunkssfears, ok, then =)02:04
computerthats xorg doesn't have a ATI it's intel stuff02:04
lee___I installed Audacious and XMMS, but I can't see my .ogg files in it, why not? :<02:04
lunkssfears, thank you very much!02:04
sfearslunks.. modprobe is the program that inteligently loads modules02:04
nickrudorudie: resolvconf sets up /etc/resolv.conf for you, so you can use names in firefox instead of ip addresses, has nothing to do with ddclient telling the world your ip address02:04
juank_pradalee___: you need th codecs02:04
bigdad1eis there something i have to do within linux to get my real ip to show up?02:04
lee___juank_prada: I have them ..02:04
warriorforgodnickrud: Ok.  I followed that link you gave me. I issued the sudo /sbin/grub,  then root (hd1,0),  setup(hd1) and then quit.  So now when I reboot it should boot of of hdb which is hd1 in grub correct?02:04
Kumooljuank_prada, audacious comes with em02:04
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, Wrong box...02:04
sfearslunks.. so that would be the way to load any module that isn't compiled directally into the kernel02:04
zoskyJack_Sparrow, wow man you is busy02:04
computerIf I could find a driver download for it, it would be nice02:05
Kumoollee___, can u see the playlist is what u mean?02:05
lee___Kumool: It's a video I'm trying to watch02:05
juank_pradaKumool: hehe didnt saw the audacious part...02:05
cornfused!who | computer02:05
ubot3computer: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:05
lunkssfears, I'm only missing the install part, I'm afraid02:05
threefcatai tried to install Extreme Tux Racer but it says dependency not satisfiable: libc6, but it is installed?02:05
threefcatahow come?02:05
=== Itakuu is now known as Itaku
lunkssfears, where should compiled modules go in order to modprobe find them02:05
Kumoollee___, try vlc it can see any type of format02:05
juank_pradalee___: oh well you should have said that first... use Totem or VLC02:05
netopalisCan anyone help me with my weird USB issues?02:05
nickrudwarriorforgod: did you do the sudo grub-install /dev/hdb ? That should have been as far as you needed to go02:05
computeranyone... I just need the 01:0b.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]02:06
computer driver02:06
=== Smorg is now known as Ormaaj
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, Yes.. sorry.. I cant remember which box has the 7500..02:06
sfearsi THINK that's what the depmod -a command is for.. someone else back me up on that one02:06
Itakuis there a good screen recorder for linux02:06
bigdad1eis someone in here anygood with srcds set up? and router bypass02:06
warriorforgodnickrud: the sudo grub-install errored out, so I went on to the manual way.02:06
=== osxdude|overhere is now known as osxdude|laptop
ubot3Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:06
juank_pradaitaku istanbul02:06
Kumooljuank_prada, i think he's already tried totem but it doesnt see em02:06
Jack_Sparrowcomputer,  it looks like you edited that xorg of yours manually..02:06
computeryeah I did02:06
sfearsdownload drivers/make/make install/depmod -a module name/sudo modprobe modulename02:06
orudienickrud: ok, can i show you what i got so far in /network/interfaces02:06
nickrudorudie: good, I was going to ask for that02:06
Kumoollee___, is it a .ogg? what is it?02:07
sfearsmabey the make install registers the module with modprobe02:07
nickrudwarriorforgod: then you should be good, if you set up the work space properly02:07
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59316/02:07
cornfusedcomputer: revert back to an old xorg.cong file to get the standard video card working and try one of the graphical methods. Obviously the manual method isn't working for you02:07
lee___Kumool: It's a .ogg, and even VLC crashed tryign to play it02:07
warriorforgodnickrud: ok.  Here goes.  If I am not back in 5 minutes, it didn't work, but thx for the help either way.02:07
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, lspci | grep -i vga should show you the right pci port for setting up the video card in your xorg02:07
=== Ormaaj is now known as Smorg
juank_pradalee___:  by any chance... do you have compiz enabled?02:08
Itakuhow do i use istanbul?02:08
lee___juank_prada: Not to my knowledge, how can I check?02:08
nickrudorudie: I missed removing the # from in front of iface , otherwise it looks good02:08
juank_pradalee___: do you ahve the cool effects ubuntu comes with?02:08
andguentmrpockets: proof that linux programmers usually are dorks :)02:08
sfearsi thought all programmers were dorks02:08
sfears<~~~ not a dork02:09
nickrudorudie: after you make that change, you should be able to bring it up with   sudo ifup eth002:09
Itakujuank_prada: how do i use istanbul?02:09
NETWizzWhat is that?02:09
nickrudsfears: doesn't matter what else you do in life, even get into space: if you program, you're a dork02:09
Kumoollee___, did u install from synaptic u usually need som libraries...?02:09
orudienickrud: ifup: interface eth0 already configured02:09
lee___Kumool: Install what?02:09
[gquit]bombadilwhats a good graphical ftp client?02:09
sfearsagreed nickrud02:10
nickrudorudie: sudo ifdown eth0 ; sudo ifup eth002:10
* netopalis could really use some help with his lack of working USB devices...Anyone know how to get them working?02:10
sfearsnetopalis, be a little more specific02:10
Jack_Sparrowcomputer, I am trying one other computer to see if it has the 750002:10
sfearsyour usb fan is not working?02:10
orudienickrud: did that, nothing happend, i guess restarted and changes applied ?02:10
sfearslittle desktop airconditioner?02:10
netopalislol, nothing works on my USB ports02:10
Flannelexegesis: yeah, that's a windows entry.  Do you have another one like that?  Or is that the only one?02:11
netopaliswebcams, mp3 players, usb memory sticks..02:11
netopalisAnd it doesn't work on Windows either02:11
nickrudorudie: you shouldn't see anything, but you should be able to ping google.com02:11
andguentnetopalis: does it work anywhere at all ever? when was the last time it worked? can you get any usb device with a light to light up when plugged in?02:11
juank_pradalee___: can you play any other video format?02:11
netopalisIt worked a few days ago, and the lights come on02:11
sfearssounds like a hardware malfunction02:11
sfearshaha.. i should put that on a shirt02:11
Flannel[gquit]bombadil: Places > Connect to Server will work.02:11
lee___juank_prada: No idea.02:11
orudienickrud: pinging, didnt know i couldnt ping before02:11
andguentnetopalis: have you checked bios settings to verify there is no silly "disable usb" setting?02:11
netopalisBut wouldn't a hardware malfunction just hit one of the 3 instead of all 3?02:11
netopalisMy BIOS has very bare-bones settings02:11
nickrudorudie: should get something back right away.02:11
Kumoollee___,  well if vlc crashes it means that u need som libraries but i dont think so because ogg is the default playin format mayb it has something to do with ur graph card or something02:12
juank_pradalee___: try this-> pres Alt+f3 and write : gstreamer-properties02:12
sfearsmabey the usb bus? if it doesn't work in windows or linux it's not a software problem02:12
juank_pradalee___: sorry alt+f202:12
exegesisFlannel: yes, nearly identical except sda3 and root(hd0,2)02:12
bigdad1ehow can i get my real ip to show? i have done everything you can do with my router to get it to show and it wont work. what do i do?02:12
[gquit]bombadilFlannel: thanks02:12
netopalisWell, I thought it might be software since I'm running Wubi02:12
orudienickrud: thanx for your help, i have another thing if you dont mind02:12
netopalisThere is a link there..02:12
nickrudorudie: you all set then?02:12
Flannelexegesis: the other one was root (hd0,0) right?02:12
exegesisand sda102:12
netopalisIf it is a hardware issue, where can I start to fix it?02:12
tech0007can anyone tell me the channel for hardy questions?02:12
cornfusednetopalis: are you on a laptop02:12
orudienickrud: i got something else though :) if you dont mind02:13
nickrudtech0007: ubuntu+102:13
Flannelexegesis: right.  Thats your primary.  The stuff after # is comemnts, so the sda1/3 actually doesn't matter.02:13
orudienickrud: thanx for your help bro02:13
andguentnetopolis:what does the output of these two commands give you: 'lsusb' and 'lspci|grep -i usb'02:13
Flannelexegesis: What happens when you try and boot that entry?02:13
nickrudorudie: sure, I just want positive profe that it worked ;)02:13
Itakuif i download a screen saver how do i set it?02:13
tech0007nickrud: thanks!02:13
bigdad1eno one is going to help me ic02:13
adorablepuppyUbuntu server should come installed with PostgreSQL, not MySQL. MySQL is lame. :/02:13
juank_pradalee___: then go to the Video Tab and see the default Autput... click on Test to check your output is actually working02:13
nickrudorudie: so, what's the question. I hope it's as easy02:14
sacamanohi. i just did a fresh install of gutsy, and for some reason the boot is much longer than before, and doesnt display the ubuntu-loading image, its just blank. any ideas?02:14
exegesisFlannel: I can't remember right now, it's been a little while since I've done it.  Vista tries to fix itself, though, and never actually fixes anything (suprise suprise)02:14
cornfusedbigdad1e: what do you mean by your real IP02:14
Nithbigdad1e: what's your "real ip" the one of your computer or router?02:14
nickrudadorablepuppy: then it wouldn't be lamp02:14
bigdad1einstead of a network ip02:14
* sCOTTo needs an experienced SMB persons help :(02:14
bigdad1eto get rid of 192.16802:14
exegesisFlannel: I know that you probably can't do much if anything with that information, but is there somewhere online I can go after I try to boot into Vista and know what it actually says?02:14
bigdad1eand get 24.14402:14
cornfusedbigdad1e: whatismyip.com02:14
Flannelexegesis: best place is google, actually.02:14
juank_pradaitaku: run istanbul and youll get an icon on your taskbar richt clicl on it will give you options... play with it02:15
Flannelexegesis: get an error code/message/whatever, and google that sucker.02:15
lee___Seems to work, juank_prada02:15
netopalisMy output: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59319/02:15
netopalisAnd yes, I am on a laptop02:15
jerbearthis isn't specific to this room, but maybe someone can help... what are the security risks of leaving keys loaded in gpg-agent and ssh-agent? i'm using keychain to persist them across login sessions, and i'm curious what risks i might be in danger of02:15
bigdad1ei know whatsmyip.org. thats not what im asking. it still shows up after i config dmz on my router02:15
Itakuthose taskbar things dont show02:15
cornfusednetopalis: changing hardware on a laptop is risky02:15
orudienickrud: ok here it goes, trying to run a srcds, i pretty much have it set up, just when i run the exec. server command, the terminal stays active and if i close the terminal window, the server stops02:15
netopalisI know, lol, I've been through a few02:15
orudienickrud: would like to set that on auto start and run in the background02:15
* juank_prada directs itaku to http://dev.gentoo.org/~zaheerm/screencasts/istanbul-screencasting-itself-annotated.ogg02:15
andguentnetopalis: if you plug something into a usb port, does lsusb ever change? anything plugged in as you ran that?02:16
netopalisBut you think that the USB ports are shot themselves?02:16
orudienickrud: and i'm also working remotely02:16
netopalisNothing was plugged in02:16
netopalisLet me grab my memory stick02:16
exegesisFlannel: haha, thanks, will do.  And if all else fails I will come back here.  THanks for you help.02:16
juank_pradaitaku sorry is left click02:16
nickrudorudie: do   <command> & , the & will put it in the background. Then you can type   exit , and the terminal will close and the program keep on running02:16
PurpZeYCan anyone help me analyze a problem...I am only able to boot into Ubuntu intermittently. When I can't, my monitor gets no signal and Ctrl + Alt + f1 does nothing. If I can boot into Ubuntu, it will run for a period of time and then when I try to run an application that requires any computing at all it returns to no monitor signal and ctrl + alt + f1 doesn't work.02:16
adorablepuppynickrud: Who cares about LAMP. . . It's just a stupid acronym. Make a new one. LAPP. Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and Python02:16
farruinnnickrud: I think it will terminate that process if you close the terminal02:16
cornfusedbigdad1e: are you trying to set your IP?02:16
bhupes1i need help to get latest security vulnerabilities ....02:16
orudienickrud: do you mind if i pm you for this ?02:16
farruinnnickrud: since that process is a job for the shell you were in02:17
nickrudorudie: to set it to autostart, add the command  (without sudo) to /etc/rc.local , that will run and start the program on boot02:17
sCOTToPurpZeY: sound like a hardware failure02:17
juank_pradalee___: please check if you can play any other video format02:17
Itakuwhen i download a screensaver how do i set it as my screen saver?02:17
bhupes1e.g. from CVE website02:17
Kumoolyep that does help :)02:17
Nithbigdad1e: the ip address 24.144.x.x has nothing to do with your computer, only your router, you need to find out if you can query your router somehow02:17
nickrudfarruinn: strangely enough, if you type exit it keeps up. I'd been doing disown <process> , but found out it's not necessary. Try with gedit02:17
cornfusedItaku: System -> preferences -> screensaver02:17
PurpZeYsCOTTo: That's what I'm afraid of...any ideas as to what might be failing? Last time it happened, I was playing a video and when it cut out both sound and video cut, that mean it isn't the video card/02:17
bhupes1is there any way i can get register myself to get latest updates?02:18
drakodeahora si puedo hablar mas comodo02:18
juank_pradalee___: if you can then its a codec issue which means you removed the gstreamer ones from your machine02:18
sCOTToPurpZeY: sound like CPU or MB maybe02:18
zero88Please help. I plug in my cellphone with a  micro sd card and it doesnt come up. Im assuming i need some kind of drivers, or is there a way to access it somehow?02:18
netopalisNo change when plugging in devices02:18
netopalisAlso: I just noticed, but the light goes off shortly after it's plugged in02:18
nickrudadorablepuppy: it was a lame joke02:18
drakodei'm... Xd this is not ubuntu-es02:18
Itakucornfused: i know but i downloaded a screen saver off of apt-get but its not showing up02:18
cornfusednetopalis: then it is definately a hardware thing02:18
sCOTToPurpZeY: open ur case and check if there are any heat sync parts off the MB or anything - make sure everything is in tact02:18
PurpZeYsCOTTo: But the problem doesn't seem to occur in windows (on a separate a HD)02:18
netopalisWould a PCI USB card work, you think?02:18
andguentnetopalis: not good, i'm assuming this usb device works on other computers, run dmesg and look for usb or error02:18
cornfusedItaku: what was the apt-get package name02:19
lee___What codes do I need to play .ogg videos I record?02:19
netopalisAnd - that just flooded the terminal02:19
adorablepuppynickrud: Sorry, sarcasm meter fell into the washer.02:19
netopalisHuge list of errors02:19
farruinnnickrud: ah, you're right, you've got to type exit for it to work02:19
netopalisErrors -110 and -3202:19
lee___I can play other OGGs from sites, just not ones I record :S02:19
Itakucornfused: its kanjisaver02:19
juank_pradalee___: recrdo using what?02:20
cornfusedItaku: no clue02:20
juank_pradalee___: i mean a webcam or something else?02:20
lee___juank_prada: Both istanbul and recordmydesktop02:20
lee___Can't play either one02:20
juank_pradalee___: oh02:20
ubot3Factoid screensaver not found02:20
ubot3Factoid screensavers not found02:20
andguentnetopalis google for that, but if you have multiple usb devices that do not work with this computer, do work with another computer, and dmesg has screens worth of "USB device disconnected", its probably hardware02:21
farruinnWhere did ubotu go?02:21
Xcercahi, i just booted into ubuntu using the live cd,  what they best way to install the nvidia drivers for me without installing ubuntu to me hdd ?02:21
Itaku!screensaver kanjisaver02:21
drakodeemm quien sabe como hacer que el xchat al cerrarlo se valla a la barra de los programas ejecutados?02:21
ubot3Itaku: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:21
* drakode is away: Estoy ocupado02:21
* drakode is back (gone 00:00:02)02:21
orudienickrud: i'm sorry but i do not understand what to do here orudie: do   <command> & , the & will put it in the background.02:21
cornfusedfarruinn: I think the bots switch out with each other02:21
juank_pradalee___:  then it might not be problem of the player but of isanbul or the other desktopo recorder...02:21
lee___!es | drakode02:21
ubot3drakode: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:21
Flannel!away > drakode02:21
Kumooldrakode, cuando lo cierras te va a salir un pop up si minimize02:21
nickrudorudie: in the terminal, type   sc<whateverthecommandwas> &  . Then on the next line type exit.02:21
farruinncornfused: I guess it does look like they're sharing the same database. /msg ubot3 ubotu02:21
drakodelee___, i'm.. i use irssi... is my error02:22
netopalisCornfused - is tehre any way to replace the USB ports through one of my card slots?02:22
Flannel!nvidia | Xcerca02:22
ubot3Xcerca: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:22
FlannelXcerca: when it says "reboot" you only need to reboot X (ctrl-alt-backspace)02:22
TaRDycan somebody clearify wine for me? can it access my hardware (ie. my TV tuner?)02:22
ionstormim having problems getting bootchart to start-up and log boots, how exactly does it start because I havnt ever gotten charts02:22
ionstorm id like to know if there is something screwed up in my system preventing it from logging02:23
sfearsi think wine usually works as long as it doesn't use directX rendering02:23
ionstormI have 3 bootcharts running in backround... root      1045  0.1  0.0   1156   192 ?        S    18:47   0:03 /bin/busybox sh /bin/bootchart bottom02:23
Xcercaalright    should i try the regular instrustions for installing the nvidia drivers even though i;m on the live cd  ei  Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get update Type sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx Type sudo apt-get upgrade Type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  Select the nvidia driver from the X server driver list and follow the on-screen steps to complete the configuration02:23
cornfusednetopalis: if you had add-on USB ports and plugged them into your comp, I think they would work, but I'm not sure02:23
netopalisWell, I was just wondering - there' s a rectangular port, the name of which I keep forgetting, on the side of my laptop...Are there USB replacements to go in there?02:24
sfearsfirewire netopalis02:24
JohnMMFloodBot3: how do I install ubuntus?02:24
farruinnHow do I copy a ton of files, retaining their ownership and permissions?02:24
netopalisOh, no, not firewire02:24
netopalisIt's like a card slot02:24
netopalisI want to say PCMCIA02:24
sfearsohh yeah02:24
netopalisBut I know that's not right02:24
orudienickrud: ./srcds_run -console -game tf +ip localhost -port 27015 +maxplayers 32 +map cp_badlands &  . like this02:25
andguentfarruin: cp -a /sourcefiles /destination or rsync -va02:25
RequinB4JohnMM - FloodBot3 isn't exactly flesh and blood :P02:25
bosanachello people why when i open counter strike ( windows game ) on my linux box i play that game by wine and why the Screen Resolution its too big?02:25
sfearsthat should work netopalis02:25
juank_pradalee___: any luck on that ogg issue?02:25
ionstormanyone familiar with how bootchart starts up02:25
ionstormbecause it isnt logging my boots02:25
beautifulsnowbosanac:  try joingin #winehq for help02:25
farruinnandguent: ah, thanks02:25
RequinB4bosanac - probably steam's fault, just go to options in CStrike02:25
nickrudorudie: yes. You should get back a command line.    If you type jobs , that process will be shown. That means it's running in the background, while your typing in the shell is in the forground.02:26
Itakuwhen i download a screensaver how do i set it as my screen saver?02:26
RESmonkeyhow do i go about joining the XUBUNTU irc?02:26
brandonc503so how do i get dreamweaver to access my apache server on ubuntu from another computer?02:26
FlannelRESmonkey: /join #xubuntu02:26
sfearsItaku, system/prefs/screensaver02:26
RESmonkeythank you :)02:26
Itakusfears i downloaded one and its not showing up02:26
sacamanohi, i cant get my normal resolution, it's not an option. whats the command to reconfigure xorg02:26
cornfusedbrandonc503: can you access the server other ways than dreamweaver02:26
sacamanosettings and such02:27
Pirate_Hunterhi how do i change to different workstations using the keyboard?02:27
brandonc503cornfused right but i want to use dreamweaver02:27
lee___juank_prada: Nope02:27
juank_pradabrandonc503: you will probably need to configure apache in a way that accepts request from your dreamweaver pc02:27
beautifulsnowPirate_Hunter:  consoles? I think CTRL ALT + F1 to F702:27
andguentpriate: as in workspaces? try Ctrl-Alt-Right02:27
cornfusedbrandonc503: well let's start with just a normal connection02:27
cornfusedbrandonc503: do you know the IP of the other comp?02:27
orudienickrud: i just did ./srcds_run -console -game tf +ip localhost -port 27015 +maxplayers 32 +map cp_badlands &  . and it didnt get me back in terminal02:27
=== co is now known as she
RequinB4sacamano - to reconfigure X, (i'm assuming you know what you are doing, if not please ask) sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:28
farruinnWhen umount says a device is busy, is there any way to find out what is using the device?02:28
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: nope thats something else thats for cli/shell02:28
brandonc503cornfused yea i have my house ip forwarded thru router to computer...02:28
orudienickrud: nevermind, i typed jobs and it took me back to terminal02:28
orudiethax a lot man02:28
nickrudorudie: yw02:28
sacamanoRequinB4, I pseudo-know what I'm doing. I did this once a couple months ago when my resolution got screwed up02:28
brandonc503so when you enter my ip you get to my server02:28
brandonc503but i wana use dreamweaver to edit from other computer02:28
orudienickrud: so if i want to stop this now, how would i stop this job ?02:28
brandonc503i can use ftp but dont know username and pass.....02:28
juank_pradalee___: maybe its a stupid question but.. are you sure you are saving your videos as .OGG?02:29
nickrudorudie:  one way is fg <tab> , and enter02:29
lee___Yeah juank_prada02:29
brandonc503the setting up apache to accept stuff from dreamweaver seems right02:29
Nithbrandonc503: what ftp server are you using?02:29
drakodeahora si lo vistes?02:29
Nithbrandonc503: and alternatively, you can use samba02:29
beautifulsnowbrandonc503:  Please try to explain your problem all in one line :P It becomes difficult to follow what you say if you break it up02:29
RequinB4sacamano: well, then might want to type here what you are trying to do and get confirmation :P02:29
Itakuwhen i download a screensaver how do i set it as my screen saver???????02:30
juank_pradalee___: then im afraid i cant help you :S... sorry. but it seems like recording is not doing it right02:30
sacamanoRequinB4, my laptop won't allow me to use 1200x800.02:30
brandonc503i have lamp on computer 1.. i want to use dreamweaver on comp 2 to edit website on comp 1 thru internet.02:30
RequinB4!es | drakode02:30
ubot3drakode: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:30
Pirate_Hunterhi how do i change to different workstations using the keyboard?02:30
Kumoollol ubot that channel is more than dead02:31
andguentpriate: as in workspaces? try Ctrl-Alt-Right02:31
cornfusedPirate_Hunter: are you using compiz02:31
Kumoolshut it i kno its a bot02:31
juank_pradabrandonc503: is not a matter of just having lamp... you need to configure it to accepts request from your other computer02:31
ionstormGood evening all, I have bootchart installed to log my boots, *BUT* i have no charts in /var/log/bootchart/* anyone know how to fix it, for some reason bootchart isnt loading or logging02:31
RequinB4sacamano - It is entirely possible that X COULD be the problem, i assume you're tried system - prefs - screen resolution? and ensure that that res is applicable for your comp02:31
beautifulsnowPirate_Hunter:  as in diferent computers or as in different virtual desktops?02:31
Flanneljuank_prada, brandonc503, LAMP is configured to accept connections by default02:31
Pirate_Huntercornfused: nope02:31
sacamanoRequinB4,  Correct. Resolution wasn't available, but it's the native resolution both on ubuntu and windows02:32
orudienickrud: how would i go back into that process ? of my command that i executed? cause it has output02:32
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: hmm i probably should've been more specific i mean those four default workstation in ubuntu, sorry for that02:32
RequinB4sacamano - then yes, boot recovery mode and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:32
sacamanoand RequinB4, do you advise using Fglrx or the ATI specific driver on Screens and Graphic Settings02:32
juank_pradaFlannel: brandonc503, then whats needed is to configure the routing or set dreamweaver to look for the static ip from the lamp server or domain if any02:33
RequinB4sacamano - whichever works best - not my area of expertise02:33
beautifulsnowOh ok Pirate_Hunter :D Well, CTRL + ALT + RIGHT   and CTRL + ALT +  LEFT shoudl let you switch, also.... you can add the workspace applet to your gnome panel so you can just click the worksapce you want to go to02:33
Pirate_Huntercornfused: yeah read the reply i sent to beautifulsnow - the default workstations that come with ubuntu i.e. on the lower right had-side corner02:33
lee___juank_prada: Can you play this? http://fractal.cluenet.org/~lee/out.ogg02:33
beautifulsnowIf those keys dont work, go to sytem>preferences>keyboard shortcuts and see what the current shortcut to switch desktops is02:34
juank_pradalee___: let me see02:34
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: thanx you do not know how helpful that was work can progress a little bit faster now :D02:34
Flanneljuank_prada: Dreamweaver talks to servers in the form of FTP.  So you need to setup an FTP server.  Different ends of the webserver.  LAMP does nothing but serve content, Dreamweaver wants to upload to the server, usually done via FTP (although, if DW supports SCP, I'd definately go with that, you should look into it.  It's much easier to configure as well)02:34
nickrudorudie: now you're getting into stuff I never paid attention enough to learn, didn't want to capture output from a backgrounded process.02:34
brandonc503juank_prada but there are several access types FTP local/network webDAV and rds... what one should i use... i only know FTP02:35
beautifulsnowPirate_Hunter: *IF*  you're using Compiz (visual effects)  you'll probably have to run ccsm from command line (console, terminal, whatever you wanna call it :D) and go to General Preferences,  then to the last tab, and set the shortcuts there02:35
orudienickrud: thats very important for me man02:35
juank_pradaFlannel: well ive never used dreamweaver so i assumed it worked with http instead02:35
brandonc503junk_prada but if i use ftp i dont know what user name and pass to use cause its my computer... not some web site account i made02:35
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: isnt there a way I can use the number to move straight to the workstation i need?02:35
nickrudorudie: then, ask some more. Actually, asking on #bash would probably get you quicker, smarter advice on that issue02:35
Wrathtideafter doing a chmod +x on a file, why is it when i hit enter while selecting the file, it opens up a text editor?02:36
beautifulsnowPirate_Hunter:  mmm.. *ponders*  if you use just a number, it will make it diffuclt to type that number will it not ? :D But say, you could use.... SUPER(windows key) + 1, 2 , 3, 4, hows that sound?02:36
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: dot use compiz graphics is really crap and I have no need to buy a better one if it allows me to work and watch movies but not use compiz02:36
Nithi think adding a session that runs rdesktop is one of the most useful things I've done02:36
juank_pradabrandonc503: sorry i cant help you with dreamweaver02:36
cornfusedPirate_Hunter: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts02:37
gRaCiOsOwhat kind of program could i use to make a dvd copy?02:37
juank_pradalee___: yes i can play that :S02:37
Pirate_Huntercornfused: thanx02:37
lee___juank_prada: Well, I can't. :S02:37
beautifulsnowAlright, then  Pirate_Hunter, System>Prefrences>Keyboard shortcuts is what you are looking for, you can click the keyboard short cut you want to change, and then press what you want to use... have fun ;)02:37
juank_pradalee___: thats soo weird... i mean.. how can you play some other ogg files but not that one o_O02:38
lee___juank_prada: Good question, although, the only ones I have been able to play are in Firefox02:38
Pirate_Hunterbeautifulsnow: np thanx very much progress is being made even now02:38
Nithbrandonc503: you keep saying you don't know what username and pass to use, is that you don't know what's currently set up?02:38
juank_pradalee___:  you have mplayer or something else installed as a plugin for your firefox?02:39
jacoblylesanybody have any success with a usb wireless card?02:39
cornfusedjacoblyles: what card do you need help with02:39
jacoblylescornfused: Linksys WUSB11 v4.002:40
=== Cosmosan is now known as Cosmo-san
jacoblylescornfused: Been working on this for more hours than is good for my sanity02:40
zero88Why wouldnt apt-get be able to find usb-rndis???02:40
lee___juank_prada: My friend played it on VLC, so I tried, and it didn't work :S02:41
beautifulsnowzero88:  maybe you need to enable more repo sources?02:41
aTypicalHi, all.  How do I enable glx on my Intel gm965 video card?02:41
zero88beautifulsnow, nm i got it.thanks02:41
Pirate_Hunterjacoblyles: be patient at least your not compiling anything so just think f yourself as being lucky02:41
brandonc503Nith i may have it set up but i dont know what it would be02:41
LadyPerfectahi, there is any 50plus room to chat?02:42
juank_pradalee___: so you cant any ogg file with in your desktop.. only from firefox?02:42
LinuxMonkeylmao yeah you could be stuck compiling c++ code like me.lol02:42
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orudienick take a look at my rc.local plz, is this what its supposed to be ? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59322/02:42
Pirate_HunterLadyPerfecta: huh dont get the joke???02:42
brandonc503Nith if i went to a web host i get  username and pass but since is my computer im not sure what to use02:42
Nithbrandonc503: do you know what ftp server you have installed?02:42
jacoblylesI'm willing to buy a new wireless card, preferably USB, if it is known to work easily with ubuntu. 6 hours is worth more to me than $5002:42
lee___juank_prada: Yes, and I can't play that one.02:42
brandonc503unless its part of apache then none02:43
mc__is there a way to tell wc to look into subdirectories?02:43
orudienickrud: take a look at my rc.local plz, is this what its supposed to be ? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59322/02:43
cornfusedjacoblyles: do you know what the chipset is?02:43
jacoblylesmost of the forum threads I've followed on WUSB11 end up with someone giving up in frustration02:43
Flannelmc__: feed it multiple files (with a recursive ls02:43
Pirate_Hunteris there a html editor like frontpage that allows different views while working cause ive got bluefish and screem and I couldnt find that options which is so useful?02:44
cornfusedjacoblyles: let me see the result of 'lsusb'. paste it into a pastebin02:44
Nithbrandonc503: ahh, then I'd advise installing proftp02:44
cornfused!paste | jacoblyles02:44
ubot3jacoblyles: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:44
CITguyDoes anybody know how I can setup a wacom tablet?02:45
nickrudorudie: you don't need the   period at the end, and there's no way to see the output. You need to redirect the output to some file, like with >& (I think), other people here know much more about redirecting output to files for reading02:45
JohnuahI need a Ubuntu based Mail Server? Is there any advice for me?02:45
sfearscat /filename > /home/username/Desktop02:45
mc__Flannel: Im not sure how to do it. because I need to filter the files for the .py exstenstion. But if I do "ls -R *py" it does not look into the subdirectories either02:45
wgwinnI currently have the latest version of Ubuntu 64-bit installed on an intel laptop dualbooting with vista. Is there a reasonable way to convert it to either run 32-bit kernel OR dualboot the same installation with a 32bit kernel from the grub menu so that i can use it in vmware? vmware on this chip does not support 64bit guest OSes, unfortunately02:45
ubot3wgwinn: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: not well-formed (invalid token): line 384, column 8402:45
jacoblylescornfused: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59323/02:46
NithCITguy: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy section 1.6.302:46
FlannelJohnuah: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/email-services.html02:46
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JohnuahFlannel: Thank You a lot02:46
geniiweird bot failure there02:47
cornfusedjacoblyles: let me do a little research to brush up on some things02:47
munk_HELP! how do i make my laptop touchpad spin the cube without the help of any keyboard keys...?02:47
brandonc503Nith you mean ProFTPd? its all i found in google02:47
=== Empath is now known as Yoomoo
Nithbrandonc503: yeah, its a ubuntu package02:47
Pirate_Hunteris there a html editor like frontpage that allows different views while working cause ive got bluefish and screem and I couldnt find that options which is so useful?02:47
Nithbrandonc503: on your lamp, type sudo aptitude install proftpd02:47
smurnjiffPirate_Hunter: nvu?02:47
* juank_prada directs Pirate_Hunter to http://www.aptana.com/02:48
Jack_Sparrowmunk_, you dont02:48
Pirate_Huntersmurnjiff: is that the only app? it seems to be outdated and not worked on any more if im not mistaken, i hope i am...02:48
Nithbrandonc503: I advise stand alone02:48
juank_pradaPirate_Hunter: check Aptana02:48
Pirate_Hunterjuank_prada: will give it a look02:49
smurnjiffLike juank_prada said, aptana is useful02:49
brandonc503Nith thanks was about to ask you that02:49
munk_Jack_Sparrow, well isnt linux the one who does whatever you want it to? is there a way? thats what i am asking and if yes what is it..02:49
Nithbrandonc503: by default, you log in with your lamp's username and password02:49
brandonc503Nith k its done so do i configure anything restart?02:49
Jack_Sparrowmunk_, You could set the cube to rotate by touching the touchpad, but you would not have any control of the mouse for anything else, everytime you use the pad you would just spion the cube02:50
sfearsjacoblyles, you might need your drivers http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_CASupport_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1166859929435&packedargs=sku%3DWUSB11&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=2943529435B01&displaypage=download02:50
Nithbrandonc503: nope, it should work now. If you like security, I advise changing the port to something other than 2102:50
sfearsfinish picking the options & download02:50
Nithbrandonc503: if you choose to do that, edit /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf and look for the port line but that'll be after02:50
munk_Jack_Sparrow, how about doing that only with the aid of one of my mouse buttons that are beside the touchpad?02:51
Jack_Sparrowmunk_, yes, linuz can be configured to do about anything.. even something bordering on unsmart02:51
sfearsunsmart.. no such thing02:51
Nithbrandonc503: on your windows box, open up your "my documents" folder then type username@ip into the address bar02:51
Nithbrandonc503: where ip is the ip of your lamp box and username is a user on it. It'll ask you for the password and you'll be online02:51
Jack_Sparrowmunk_, maybe you should /join #Compiz and see some of the options people are using02:51
jacoblylessfears: I'll check it out. I do have ndiswrapper installed and I have the windows drivers02:51
dsmith_anyone here use vmware?02:51
sfearsalright.. then nevermind02:52
dsmith_when I try to open a remote vmdk it throws an error02:52
munk_Jack_Sparrow, haha yes so ive heard... i tried asking but no one is responding:02:52
jacoblylessfears: still no wireless option under network connection02:52
Nithbrandonc503: last step would be to symlink /var/www to your home directory for easy access02:52
YoomooI've used ubuntu in vmware02:52
Alfarindsmith> what error? please pastebin it02:52
JohnuahFannel: are you there02:52
Yoomooalso I've used it in virtualbox02:52
Pirate_Hunterjuank_prada: it looks good but i guess its extensively big as a app goes but i havent checked that yet02:52
dsmith_i have a vmdk on my nas and cannot open it02:52
FlannelNith, brandonc503, don't symlink it.  You already have the userdir module available.02:52
sfearshave you loaded the ndiswrapper module.. "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper"02:52
mlLKcan someone help me. i have 6 instances of apache2 running02:52
Yoomoocan you open up other ones?02:52
JohnuahI need a mail server package. whick has included the web , mail parts02:52
NithFlannel: expand plz02:52
Flannelbrandonc503: make a folder in your homedir named public_html and put stuff there (make it readable by www-data)02:52
dsmith_Yoomoo: only on local02:52
AlfarinmlLK, kill them?02:52
dsmith_YooI am trying via network02:53
FlannelmlLK: thats normal02:53
Johnuahand easy to be installed?02:53
mlLKAlfarin: well ya02:53
mlLKFlannel: that is?02:53
FlannelmlLK: yes02:53
Yoomooand it works fine locally?02:53
jacoblylessfears: what's supposed to happen when I type that? It pauses for a second and brings me back to the prompt02:53
dsmith_Yoomoo: yes02:53
NithFlannel: is that default with apache?02:53
geniimlLK: Apache keeps a bunch of servrs running02:53
FlannelNith: is what?02:53
sfearsthat activated the drivers loaded in ndiswrapper02:53
AlfarinFlannel> you sure?  I thought its php that's suppose to have multiple instances running due to fast-cgi02:53
sfearscheck your network connections02:53
Yoomoohave you checked to see if your vmwammrme server is configured correctly?02:53
NithFlannel: userdir module02:53
mlLKgenii: ya, thats the word on the street02:54
cornfusedjacoblyles: have you tried ndiswrapper02:54
threefcatai'm running configure of extreme tux racer, but it says no gl library could be found, what should i do?02:54
sfearswe're working on that right now cornfused02:54
dsmith_Check that a line for uid 98 appears in /etc/passwd.02:54
dsmith_it runs fine02:54
FlannelNith: it is.  Check /etc/apache2/mods-enabled and you'll see userdir.conf and userdir.load02:54
brandonc503Flannel why make that folder why not use the ones i have in /var/www?02:54
mlLKso does gusty default to ip6?02:54
Yoomooso it's only the ubuntu vmdk which is mmessed up?02:54
JohnuahI need a intergrated Mail Server, which has included Web part and Mail Part..02:54
Pirate_Hunterjuank_prada: i just noticed something in the video clip isnt that for windows? im using ubuntu not going to be helpful02:54
Flannelbrandonc503: Because you can put stuff in that folder as your own user, without having to deal with permission issues inside of www-data02:55
dsmith_Yoomoo: no any vmdk that I move over to my NAs refuses to start and gives me "Check that a line for uid 98 appears in /etc/passwd."02:55
Flannelbrandonc503: er, /var/www not www-data02:55
dsmith_I tried edting /etc/passwd, but nothing is working for me02:55
Nithbrandonc503: Flannel's right about the possible permissions errors, you'll have to "sudo a2enmod userdir" to get it to work02:55
jacoblylessfears: still no wireless option under network connections02:55
jacoblylessfears: should I reboot?02:55
munk_anybody here knows a good app for a calculator?02:56
jacoblylessfears: don't know if this helps02:56
geniibrandonc503: You put things in public_html dir in your home. Then the webserver can get to it by a url like http://somewhere/~yourname02:56
jacoblylessfears: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59324/02:56
FlannelNith: its not enabled by default?  What version of ubuntu are you using?02:56
NithFlannel: gutsy02:56
sfearslooks like it should be working jacoblyles02:56
NithI did not install a lamp originally though02:56
FlannelNith: interesting.  On dapper its enabled by default02:56
sfearscheck your system/admin/network & see if it's listed in there with an IP address02:57
neetoIs there any way to get a wireless device to look like a dedicated wireless AP from the outside? I know the mangler supports starting an adHoc network, but I have shorewall setup to allow connections and DHCP/NAT therefore I want it to look like a dedicated router, since essentially it is one.02:57
jacoblylessfears: only two options there - "Wired connection" and "Modem connection"02:57
sfearsyour the second person today that's told me that02:58
munk_HELP! anybody here knows a good app for a calculator?02:58
smurnjiffbc :-P02:58
fratermany 64 bit cups users in the house?02:58
fraterm7.10 of course.02:58
jacoblylessfears: know a usb wireless card without problems in Ubuntu? I'll buy it02:59
fratermor more generally how does one reset the cups system back to scratch settings?02:59
cornfusedmunk_: gcalc is an online calc02:59
tritiummunk_: there's a calculator in Applications -> Accessories  Did you try it?02:59
legend2440threefcata: did you install tux racer already?02:59
NithFlannel: I'd forgotten all about that so cudos for remembering :)02:59
zero88how do you kill a scpicific process02:59
munk_tritium, i dont have it cuz i have kde...do you know what is it called?02:59
frenchycps -A02:59
Yoomooit sounds like the permissions on the vmdk are set wrong if i had to take a guess dsmith02:59
threefcatalegend2440: no, i'm trying to compile it..02:59
tritiummunk_: I don't know what KDE uses for a calculator app02:59
frenchycthen kill the process you want by typing kill and the rpcoess #03:00
munk_tritium, i dont care what kde uses thats why i asked here...what is a good one..03:00
joe_CNHave one question ask for advice03:00
Nithzero88: "ps -e | grep prog" then find the PID, and use "kill pid"03:00
cornfusedzero88: if the process is a visible window 'xkill' is a cool command03:00
joe_CNThe X11 driver is missing. Check your build!03:00
legend2440threefcata: why not just download the deb files?03:00
zero88nith cornfused thanks03:00
tanneranyone have success using 802.11n under ubuntu 7,1003:00
frenchycwhats xkill?03:00
frenchyci dont actually have a rpblem im just here to learn03:00
threefcatalegend2440: i can't find the deb for feisty..03:01
cornfusedit turns the mouse into an x and any window you click is killed03:01
tritiummunk_: gcalctool is what's installed by default on ubuntu03:01
Nithoh, sorry, person03:01
frenchycdamn, just killed my torrent03:01
cornfusedfrenchyc: careful what you click03:01
frenchycso im learning03:01
munk_tritium, thanks03:02
cornfusedI think frenchyc clicked on xchat with xkill03:03
legend2440threefcata: planetpenguinracer in synaptics is the same thing only older version03:03
cornfusedalright, I'm out03:03
* fraterm hrmms03:03
threefcatalegend2440: how old is it?03:03
jacoblylesI'm giving up for tonight.03:04
sfearsjacoblyles, sudo lshw -C network03:04
sfearsi'm guessing it doesn't show up there either?03:04
legend2440threefcata: i don't have fiesty but in gutsy its 031 and the new one is 0.403:05
jacoblylessfears: nope, just the ethernet wired card03:05
threefcatalegend2440: how do you check the version?03:05
legend2440threefcata: open synaptic and look for planetpenguin-racer version will be listed there03:06
Nithwell, time to disappear03:07
juanky_lee___, did you check if you had that package installed?03:07
threefcatalegend2440: ok let me see.03:07
fratermso anyone with a 64 bit box and a printer?03:07
l815how do you uninstall a program that doesn't have an uninstall file?03:08
spork969whats a flash decompiler for ubuntu?03:08
jacoblylessfears: I'm going to buy a PCI card this weekend. Giving up. Thanks for your help.03:09
brandonc503genii but what if i dont want to http://somewhere/~yourname just http://somewhere/   then the files i made03:09
sfearsno problem.. make sure your pci card is linux compatible03:09
threefcatalegend2440: it's .31, too. i give it a shot..03:10
jacoblylessfears: Ill do my homework. My laptop worked easily03:10
legend2440threefcata:  yw03:10
jacoblylesand most people seem to be able to get the PCIs to work03:10
jaso1hi, i need some help03:11
sfearsyeah.. but if you buy linksys you have to use ndiswrapper03:11
geniibrandonc503: Then make an alias entry in /etc/aache2/sites-enabled/000-default  to point to whatever directory you put your web files in03:11
adorablepupp1 /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:12
adorablepupp1. . .03:12
neetoIs there any way to get a wireless device to look like a dedicated wireless AP from the outside? I know the mangler supports starting an adHoc network, but I have shorewall setup to allow connections and DHCP/NAT therefore I want it to look like a dedicated router, since essentially it is one.03:12
ricogerro, here is the file: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59325/03:13
l815how do i uninstall enemy territory if i installed it with a .run file03:14
Johnuahwhick mailbox format could support East-Asia language??03:14
dcatibogwhat should i do my chikka wont run in linux03:14
l815dcatibog, install it and delete windows03:15
Johnuahreally tks bog.03:15
l815then she has no choice ;P03:15
l815le femme nikkita03:15
mlLKgusty uses ip6, right?03:16
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geniisfears: A pidgin-like app03:16
nickrudJohnuah: any format, the messages determine the char set, such as utf803:16
Johnuahoh no, when I install Ubuntu server, it's stopping the progress of config APG..03:16
Johnuahtks, nickrud03:17
l815mILK, yes03:17
l815is urban terror a worthy game to install?03:17
[dcr]l815: is it a linux game? o.o;03:18
lwizardlanyone here know alot about amd chips?03:18
l815[dcr], yeah03:18
brandonc503how do i use terminal to edit a file under sudo so i dont have to change permissions back and forth03:18
[dcr]l815: link me? i wanna check it out now >.>03:18
mlLKsudo gedit filename03:18
l815how do i delete a directory + it's contents?03:18
mlLKl815: rmdir03:19
l815[dcr], http://www.urbanterror.net/page.php?603:19
zedster_brandonc503: you mean like sudo gedit?03:19
brandonc503sounds right03:19
l815mILK, rmdir or rm <dir>?03:19
TaRDyrmdir <dir>03:19
zedster_or if its not a system file you can run chmod 777 to make it not protected03:19
l815TaRDY, mILK, thanks03:19
mlLKl815: man rmdir to figure out how to remove contents to03:20
l815lol chill, i'm scared of rm commands03:20
TaRDyyea rm -rf can be dangerous, but i believe that would work also03:20
legend2440oloughlin75:  rochester,ny?03:20
TaRDyrm -rf <dir>03:20
oloughlin75legend2440: Yes03:21
legend2440oloughlin75:  me too greece03:21
[dcr]l815: you just got me into looking at another game xD03:21
l815rmdir didn't work since directory is not empty03:21
oloughlin75legend2440: :p03:21
PanzerMKZI got 8gig worth of slack space. df -h shows that I have total 147gig and only 139gig is used but I have only about 1gig free. Is there any way to clean up ext3 slack space?03:21
l815[dcr], lol i'm downloading it right now, although my gfx card isn't too great03:21
vircuserhello, does anyone know how to script message dialogs for the GUI? Any pointers?03:21
TaRDyl815, rm -rf <dir> worked on a directory for me earlier, just be careful when you use it03:22
[dcr]l815: dont feel bad i dont have an actual gfx card, i have a built in intel chipset but i think i might try it out aswell xD03:22
=== meisya is now known as choky
l815TaRDY, ok i'll give it a shot03:22
vircuserBasically I want to display the contents of a file and have an "Accept/Decline" dialog ina  window for the user03:22
l815[dcr], lol intel gm965 here >.<03:22
JohnuahI'm really a linux newer. who could give me any advice that how to install a mail server easily???03:22
zedster_[dcr]: what game?03:22
geniirm -r <dirname>03:23
genii-rf even03:23
l815i'm assuming the -f force is not to get asked if each file is to be deleted ? hahaha03:23
vircuserwhat language should i use?03:23
littlepinkdotl815, be very careful with the rm -r switch (if you are root) and extremely with the -rf03:24
lwizardlcan someone tell me what heatsink & fan i need for this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681910319403:24
zedster_lwizardl: wrong place, email newegg03:24
TaRDyvircuser, I don't know too much, but tcl/tk might be a candidate03:24
[dcr]wow l815, intel gm 970 >.> & zedster_, that "Urban Terror" game that l815 just shown03:24
l815littlepinkdot, thanks i am, i didn't use the -f so is there a way to exit the asking ?03:24
TaRDyl815, are you trying to stop it asking you everything to retry it with -f?03:25
littlepinkdotl815, sudo the command, and read what you wrote before hitting enter :)03:25
l815i only typed rm -r just to safe because the "force" option made me weary lol, now i realize what it's for -_-03:26
TaRDydo ctrl+c03:26
[dcr]l815: hey when you get it installed message me your IGN so i can play you in game once i get it down xD03:26
l815[dcr], will do03:26
vircuserthx will check it03:27
Scunizilwizardl, you need an AM2 socket fan.  Check out this page on Tiger direct http://tinyurl.com/2y4caq03:27
OmnipotentEntityhelp please, latest update screwed keyboard, only types like laptop numpad, using on screen keyboard03:27
l815firefox doesn't seem to be displaying some things correctly03:29
[dcr]l815: maybe try an alternative? i use "SwiftWeasel"03:29
Johnuahcould I change the mail server name(postfix) if I want?03:29
tannerOmnipotentEntity: assuming you are on laptop, is your computer stuck in numpad mode? my Thinkpad is Fn+ScrLk key03:29
l815[dcr], i like swiftweasel, but my mouse buttons don't work on it and ff3 i'm used to03:29
OmnipotentEntitynot on a laptop03:30
mlLKcheck this out03:30
mlLKfor ip603:30
l815plus it's just started today -_-03:30
mlLK5×1028 addresses for each of the roughly 6.5 billion people alive today03:30
OmnipotentEntitynum lock not working03:30
[dcr]l815: wow what do you mean your mouse buttons dont work on it? >.> that sounds really weird lol03:30
=== citra_cutez is now known as cwo_pede
mlLK*5×10^28 addresses for each of the roughly 6.5 billion people alive today03:30
l815[dcr], the back and forward buttons i have on my mouse lol03:30
ubot3#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:30
Johnuah!offtopic, right that03:31
ubot3Johnuah: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:31
bazhangcwo_pede: please stop03:31
naliothcwo_pede: can we help you with something?03:31
Johnuahhow to config postfix??03:31
[dcr]l815: you might just need to install a driver for it? Google it up or post it on the ubuntu support forums, someone should have an answer there if no one here knows =]03:31
l815[dcr], i'll give it a try sometime but ff3 is my cup of tea lol03:32
TheMauveAvengerwhere can I go to troubleshoot the pcsx2 emulator?03:32
=== citra_cutez is now known as cwo_pede
[dcr]lol i dont blame you :P03:32
tannerOmnipotentEntity: i have no idea, try killing X server and typing in the terminal, i dont suppose rebooting has had any effect?03:32
l815like the subscriptions part in youtube, the videos are square and not rectangle, and the igoogle title bars on the boxes are larger than usual03:32
JeffDWhat do people recommend (for or against) for a USB page scanner (*not* an all-in-one)?03:33
OmnipotentEntityhaven't tried anything yet, but this occurred immediately after a reboot03:33
bazhangJeffD: ask in ##hardware03:33
ScuniziOops.. looking for a windows channel to ask about an overloaded outlook program.. trying to convince my wife to move to thunderbird.03:34
JeffDbazhang, thanks03:34
frenchychey, i dont know if im in the right channel03:34
frenchycbut im having problems with java03:34
bazhang##windows Scunizi03:34
frenchycand azureus03:34
zedster_OmnipotentEntity: try a reboot of X (alt-ctrl-backspace) (will close your programs)03:34
orudiehow can i uninstall an application03:34
orudieusing sudo apt-get03:35
bazhangfrenchyc azureus is problematic, perhaps try transmission or deluge03:35
tannerorudie: apt-get remove <package>03:35
Scunizibazhang, thanks.. she saves everything.. currently her inbox shows a size of 384299k03:35
bazhangorudie sudp apt-get remove packagename03:35
frenchycbazhang: thanks03:35
orudiebazhang: sudo apt-get remove bind didnt work03:36
lwizardlAzureus is what i use on my desktop03:36
tannerbazhang: perhaps a reason why it failed would be helpful03:36
l815anyone know why this is like this : http://i31.tinypic.com/33xx2k9.png03:36
orudiebazhang: i'm trying to remove bind03:37
OmnipotentEntityok, i started another x session, it works fine until i enable numlock, then i can't disable it because the key for it is disabled03:37
zedster_l815: not sure what is wrong03:37
zedster_did you try it in ff203:37
l815zedster_, randomly they started looking square and not rectangle, and some things on google are the same03:38
l815i dont have ff203:38
TheMauveAvengerwhere can I go to troubleshoot the pcsx2 emulator?03:38
bazhangorudie: you mean bind9? the domain name server?03:38
l815i'm using hardy03:38
zedster_dl it, ff3 is still beta03:38
l815zedster_, but i dont think it has to do with ff because it was fine yesterday, and happened only mid-day today.. maybe a ubuntu patch?03:38
Cpudan80Anybody know how to change the password to your GPG key?03:38
bazhangl815: then that would be a question for #ubuntu+1 thanks03:39
orudiebazhang: yes, i think i know why its not shutting down properly03:39
Cpudan80Like for the private key03:39
Emilianfhi, I am trying to figure out if I can limit the memory for a certain user on the system?03:39
orudieCpudan80: what are you doing here? i thought you said you dont like Ubuntu03:39
l815bazhang, okay03:39
Cpudan80orudie: ?!?!? no way03:39
Cpudan80I love Ubuntu03:39
orudieCpudan80: hmm... ok might have been someone else then03:39
Johnuahdose Ubuntu Server have a GUI03:40
bazhangtanner you referring to azureus? not sure how to help there as I find it problematic; I've found transmission to be rock-solid so just throwing that out as a suggestion, the user is free to /ignore me ;]03:41
orudieJohnuah: no03:41
StarnestommyJohnuah: not by defaukt, but you could install one03:41
zelrikriandocarissa: :D03:41
Johnuahhow to install that03:41
orudieJohnuah: thats what i have installed, the 64 bit03:41
StarnestommyJohnuah: it depends on which gui you want03:41
Johnuahand how to know my server function has ok or not03:42
tritiumJohnuah: do you want gnome, kde, or xfce?03:42
Johnuahany , I just need a Mail server03:42
Johnuahwith web interface03:42
tannerbazhang: uh?03:42
frenchycwell im using deluge now and it works fine03:43
tritiumJohnuah: well, your choices are: ubuntu-desktop (gnome), kubuntu-desktop (kde), and xubuntu-desktop (xfce)03:43
frenchycbut it says An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment:03:43
bazhangtanner you said I should troubleshoot something not sure what you meant by that03:43
Johnuahtritium: did they include server package?03:43
zedster_tritium: theres also icewm03:44
tritiumzedster_: but not an associated *buntu-desktop metapackage03:44
tannerbazhang: i think you have me confused with someone else.03:44
dcesiel_Anyone here use brickOS?03:44
bazhang[11:36] <tanner> bazhang: perhaps a reason why it failed would be helpful03:45
orudiebazhang: after installing resolvconf and modyfing interfaces to set the static lan ip, when i reboot MySQL server fails to start, anyway i could fix that ?03:45
tannerbazhang: referring to your apt-get remove bind statement03:45
orudienickrud: are you still there bro ?03:45
zedster_Anyone have away to on the fly transcode to FLV so I can send video to my WII?03:45
[dcr]l815: my download is done, about to install xP03:45
l815[dcr], firefox just froze >.<03:46
[dcr]Dont force quit yet, give it a min or two lol03:46
nickrudorudie: try  sudo invoke-rc.d mysql start , see if it starts. if not, /var/log/mysql.err or .log should have some info03:46
bazhangtanner: I said apt-get remove packagename; there is no package called 'bind' thus the failure is obvious03:46
zelrikriando [dcr], firefox just froze >.< << I wish they could fix that soon...:/03:47
[dcr]my swiftweasel might freeze but it unfreezes like after 3 or 4 seconds03:47
zedster_bazhang: look online for the name of the package that came in03:47
zedster_[dcr]: is swiftweasel on the firefox oss-ed browsers03:48
[dcr]zedster_: what do you mean? if your talkin like similar to a port, than i can say yeah, its a "more optimized version of firefox for stability and speed" and all that stuff, google :D03:49
bazhangzedster_: your flv thing you mean? I saw something on that a day or two ago; not quite sure if that is what you are talking about03:50
[dcr]basically just a suped up firefox xD03:50
Johnuahcould Ubuntu Desktop support the mail server???03:50
zedster_[dcr]: no theres a big to do about the fact that the firefox icons are not gpl so its not true open source03:50
orudienickrud: invoke-rc.d mysql start attempted but failed, both mysql.log and mysql.err are empty in /var/log03:50
tritiumJohnuah: they're independent of one another03:50
[dcr]zedster_: i really wouldnt know dude, just google it up and get your own opinion together. =]03:51
zedster_bazhang: ya I need my laptop to play the video and transcode it to the wii since the wii lacks the codaces03:51
nickrudorudie: not sure why it wouldn't start. I had that stanza in use with mysql ...03:52
LSD|Ninjasince when does the Wii play video? o_O03:52
bazhangzedster_: I'll try to find the link; have to head out for a bit but will ping you later if I find it03:52
orudienickrud: the system halts on * stopping domain name service... bind when trying reboot03:52
zero88Anyone Know Of Any Programs That Could Help Me Make A Simple Design Or Layout Of A House. Something For Like BluePrints Or Something Like That?03:52
zedster_bazhang: thanks man, LSD|Ninja it dosn't I was asking about sending video as flv to it03:52
orudienickrud: any suggestions lol ?03:54
nickrudorudie: hm. bind, I don't like that at all. It's possible that resolvconf is conflicting though. You could try uninstalling it and moving the domain name servers to /etc/resolv.conf     nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx <newline> xx.xx.xx.xx03:54
Scunizizero88, a quick search turned up http://sweethome3d.sourceforge.net/index.html .. check synaptic first to see if it's in the repo's03:54
orudienickrud: uninstalling bind ?03:54
zero88thaks Scunizi03:55
Scunizizero88, np03:55
nickrudorudie: no, resolvconf. . Unless you're not using the bind.03:55
mdemocritusanyone know any usb diagnostic programs besides lsusb?03:56
orudienickrud: prior to installing it i thought i was gonna use it, but i'm not using it03:56
=== Black-magic is now known as Black_Magic
nickrudorudie: then uninstall it , bind9 iirc03:56
orudienickrud: sudo apt-get remove bind9 ?03:57
nickrudorudie: yes03:57
RadarHey all, I got my reboot and having to re-install the drivers thing fixed.03:58
[dcr]Does anyone know how to freakin install this Urban Terror game? =[03:58
RadarWhat happens now that on boot the driver installation thing is ran on startup with all the options for it to just go off and do it's thing.03:58
tritium[dcr]: calm down, please03:59
legend2440mdemocritus:  usbview in synaptics03:59
[dcr]tritium:  sorry >.> im not hyped up i am just used to talkin like that xD03:59
ToastGuyHow do I locate my server path on my ubuntu machine so I can browse it from my windows machine?03:59
orudienickrud: now it did the same thing when rebooting, it just says * Stopping domain name service... bind and nothing is happening03:59
Scunizizero88, I've been playing with it .. looks pretty cool. you can run it right from the site.04:00
nickrudorudie: sudo apt-get remove --purge bind9 .04:00
=== harrison is now known as necweston
orudienickrud: same04:01
mdemocrituslegend2440: thanks04:01
=== kinabalu is now known as iThaDon
zero88Scunizi, really? i will try that04:01
bluefoxxyo, are there any speech synthisizors for ubuntu? kinda like the [uggh] microsoft text to speach stuff?04:01
nickrudorudie: dpkg -l '*bind*' | grep ^ii , what packages does it say are installed?04:01
legend2440mdemocritus:  yw04:01
Scunizizero88, you have to have java installed.. loads right up04:01
hacknperlanyone do any linux programming?04:02
mdemocrituslegend2440: errors at "cannot open the file /proc/bus/usb/devices04:02
hacknperli would like to find an alternative to delphi, xplatform04:02
amenadoToastGuy-> what do you want to do again? get your server's ip address?04:02
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59331/04:02
=== iThaDon is now known as kinabalu
mdemocrituslegend2440: and it's right... that file doesn't exist....04:02
zero88Scunizi, ya i do, jsut laoded04:03
kingrayrayanybody know what package provides xnest?04:03
[dcr]got it, sorry for my annoyance :304:03
tritiumkingrayray: apt-cache search xnest, and you'll find it04:03
munk_HELP! is there any antiporn good app for linux?04:04
munk_dsmith_, yes04:04
munk_dsmith_, as funny as it may sound, that and my father..04:04
dsmith_conf. your modem/router to use opendns04:05
dsmith_then block all the sites04:05
dsmith_edit the hots files04:05
dsmith_*hosts files04:05
munk_dsmith_, that is alot of sites...im trying to get an app that has all those put together already and for keywords and stuff...04:05
dsmith_you can block block if remember right04:06
tritiummunk_: dansguardian04:06
orudienickrud: ..... :(((04:06
dsmith_yea dans is good04:06
tritium!info dansguardian04:06
ubot3dansguardian: Web content filtering. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 294 kB, installed size 1500 kB04:06
nickrudorudie: this is very strange. if you ran apt-get remove  --purge bind9 , it should have removed the file /etc/init.d/bind9 , which is what you are seeing hang. Make sure that file is gone04:06
nickrudorudie: I mean, look to see if it still exists04:06
dsmith_porn should have its own domain04:06
Sl4y3rthis might sound like a stupid question04:06
mdemocritusdsmith_ hah that'd make my searching easier :D04:07
Sl4y3rbut i cant move files out of one folder into another04:07
munk_tritium, dansguardian? it in the repos?04:07
dsmith_Sl4y3r: permissions issue?04:07
mdemocritusany idea why /proc/bus/usb/devices wouldn't exist?04:07
tritiummdemocritus: please, remember we're a family-friendly channel here.04:07
Sl4y3rno just wont move lol04:07
tritiummunk_: yes, in the universe component04:07
mdemocritustritium: my apologies...04:07
Sl4y3rfrom one desktop folder to another04:07
Sl4y3rno eroor04:07
tritiummdemocritus: no worries04:07
munk_tritium,  thanks man..04:07
threefcatahi, anyone programmed under linux using glut?04:07
dsmith_question for the room, how many would pay money to have someone remote repair/fix issues on thier machines?04:08
orudienickrud: bind9 is in /etc/init.d04:08
kswhat is default runlevel for ubuntu server 7.10 ?04:09
nickrudorudie:  run   sudo apt-get remove --purge bind9  . You should see a message about purging configuration files04:09
tritiumks: should be 204:09
dsmith_duh I'm wrong04:09
tritiumNo, ubuntu and debian don't use runlevels 5 or 604:09
kstritium:  thanks04:09
cwilluwhat's the command to check a network adapter link status? (not ifconfig)04:10
nickrudwell, 6 they do.04:10
tritiumnickrud: ah, true ;)04:10
ksso then this doesn't make sense on ubuntu /debian : # Default-Start:     3 5 # Default-Stop:      0 1 2 6  ?04:10
orudienickrud: here is what happens http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59333/04:11
nickrudks no, default start would be 2 3 4 504:11
legend2440bluefoxx:  festival in synaptic04:11
alexandresalut ca va?04:11
alexandreje m'appelle alexandre et je vous encule04:11
tritium!fr | alexandre04:11
ubot3alexandre: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.04:11
nickrudorudie: and bind9 freezes there?04:11
orudienickrud: yup04:11
nickrudorudie: sudo killall bind904:12
orudienickrud: still there, not changed04:12
ksnickrud:  ok thanks, just wonder if the guy just copied sysv script without knowing specifics of debian/ubuntu04:12
nickrudks you can set up the runlevels like that if you like, but you'd have to maintain them by hand04:12
orudienickrud: sudo killall bind904:13
orudiebind9: no process killed04:13
nickrudorudie: ps -A | grep bind , killall <returned process name>04:13
ksnickrud:  as opposed to update-rc.d ?04:13
nickrudks that's manually ;)04:13
orudienick: ps -A | grep bind04:14
orudienickrud: ps -A | grep bind returned no output04:14
ksnickrud:  then what isn't manual ? :)04:14
grezer34good evening everyone, can anyone tell me how to uninstall xubuntu ??04:14
nickrudks: having the runlevels set by apt-get when you install and uninstall04:14
nickrudor more precisely, dpkg ;)04:15
ksnickrud:  this is startup script for the app04:15
nickrudks I'm speaking in generalities, your specific script obviously doesn't use the debian policy So, manual04:16
TalleyrandHey folks, trying to update my ~/.bashrc file after adding some alias' but "source ~/.bashrc" isn't working, and insight?04:16
lQg_mutilate and kill everybody!04:16
orudienickrud: maybe i should set the /etc/netowrk/interfaces back to default ?04:16
ksnickrud:  ok thanks :)04:16
jribTalleyrand: pastebin it, and explain how exactly you determined it is not working04:17
ryan__Has anyone had any luck upgrading the Nvidia drivers from the nvidia website ?04:17
Newbuntu2does anyone have suggestions for good wireless network GUIs? I don't like iwconfig, and I want something that shows networks and has the most features (if possible also logging signal strength). Any recommendations?04:17
nickrudorudie:   sudo nano  /var/lib/dpkg/info/bind9.prerm  , and on the first blank line put exit 0 . This will bypass the stopping of bind9 , and should allow the   sudo apt-get remove --purge to continue04:17
nickrudorudie: if you're not sure about the blank line, insert a line at line 2 and put the exit 0 there04:18
fbchow do I install a deb package?? dpkg -i http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin_1.400_all.deb04:18
fbc does not work04:18
tonyyarussoNewbuntu2: err, the default perhaps?04:18
nickrudfbc: sudo dpkg -i04:19
fbcnickrud, it still does not work04:19
nickrudfbc and seeing what you're using, webmin is not got04:19
nickrud!webmin | fbc04:19
ubot3fbc: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.04:19
fbcok thanks04:19
schemacsnewbuntu: Yeah I've got a similar gui problem on a kubuntu box. (as I don't like guis much)04:20
ubot3ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec04:20
nickrudorudie: put a copy of /var/lib/dpkg/info/bind9.prerm on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org04:20
jjgywhen installing xp in virtualbox, vb hangs at about 20% through formatting the drive and eats up 100% cpu then dies with an aborted message, any ideas?04:20
Newbuntu2schemacs: are there some you would recommend staying away from?04:21
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59335/04:21
schemacsnewbuntu2: I'm not really an expert on these matters. I'm thinking about creating a perl script with zenity.04:21
schemacsnewbuntu2: my problem is a nice interface for WPA.04:21
nickrudorudie: not line 1, line 2. it needs to be below #! /bin/sh04:21
SpookyETFirefox 3 Beta 3 on the left. Firefox 3 Beta 4 with Profile Guided Optimisations on the right: http://www.paste2.org/p/15666  I'll you judge.04:23
=== schlort_ is now known as schlort
bluefoxx_are there any female english voices for any of the voice synthesizers for linux?04:23
schemacsbluefoxx, there are some nice proprietary ones.04:23
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59336/ and now my bind9.prerm looks like this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59337/04:24
bluefoxx_schemacs: im looking to avoid spending money i dont have...trying to survive and save for a better nvidia...04:24
TaRDyis there a "home" button on firefox 3?04:25
ng0ni can't figure out the sound problem i have.04:25
ng0ni either get really scratchy sound, or perfect sound.04:26
ng0non the same client.04:26
ptn107TaRDy: i think its on the bookmarks toolbar now04:26
schemacsbluefoxx: I don't think they cost any money. They are just not opensource/freesoftware.04:26
schemacsbluefoxx: http://accessibility.kde.org/developer/kttsd/04:26
ng0ncan't figure out what toggles the interference.04:26
legend2440bluefoxx doesn't festival have female voices?04:27
nickrudorudie: try moving the exit 0 below the set -e . That is freaking weird to me at this moment04:27
bluefoxx_legend2440: i dont think so, checked...04:27
J-_laptop!lamp > NeT_DeMoN_04:27
ubot3LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:27
TaRDythank you ptn107, seems kind of foolish they couldnt afford that little icon/button04:28
legend2440bluefoxx http://www.festvox.org/voicedemos.html some of the demo voices are female04:28
ptn107TaRDy: yeah I agree04:28
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59338/04:29
nickrudorudie: much better. Check that /etc/init.d/bind9 is gone04:29
orudienickrud: yup gone04:30
nickrudorudie: now, shutdown should proceed normally04:30
legend2440bluefoxx you install the male and female voice in synaptic  for example festvox-italp16k is female italian voice04:30
orudienick: yes shut down was nice and quick, what about MySQL is that gonna work ?04:31
J-_laptop!md5 > NeT_DeMoN_04:31
nickrudorudie: boot up, lets see what happens04:31
orudienickrud: MySQL database server - FAIL04:31
Black_MagicWell err when i try and do dist-upgrade it gives me error authenticating packages:evolution,evolution-common.evolution-exchange,evolution-plugins,foomatic-db-hpijs,gthumb,hpijs,hplip,kaffeine,network-manager,network-manager-gnome,ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-docs,wine04:31
orudienickrud: i think it all has to do with ip change04:32
orudienickrud: or resolvconf04:32
nickrudorudie: could be. Did you define a specific network ip for mysql in it's config04:32
Black_MagicAlso, How do i get OpenGL Games to work? usualy when i start them they like flicker in and out not even in  there desinated window04:33
snarksterhas anyone figured out Mach64 driver yet04:33
orudienickrud: no, just installed didnt change anything everything on default04:33
pdbwhy do I have to reinstall my nvidia driver every time i reboot?  The config file doesn't change, but it doesn't recognize the nvidia option til i reinstall it after a boot.04:34
nickrudorudie: I didn't think you did anything. And setting up your external connection shouldn't affect mysql at all. I mean, I used that exact setup with mysql just fine. Thinking, sorta04:34
TaRDydoes amarok not handle wma files?04:34
bluefoxx_ok, what do i do to make a command loop until i hit control+c?04:35
FXRSI need to fix my flash player for firefox and not sure how. lol04:35
TaRDywhile { 1 } ?04:35
snarksterTaRDy: need to install w32codecs04:35
orudienickrud: is there a way to reinstall mysql without making changes to the current database ?04:35
FXRSI just get a black box now and to get the flash to work I have to click on it and then it opens in a seperate window named gnash04:35
TaRDybluefoxx_, are you quitting the whole program with ctrl+c?04:35
fbci love ubuntu... it rocks!!!04:36
nickrudorudie: sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 , it'll ask if you want to remove the databases. Say no. Then sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.004:36
bluefoxx_TaRDy:i want to have espeak repeat something over and over until i kill it04:36
orudienickrud: lol ok04:36
TaRDybluefoxx_, I would try while { 1 } { commands? }04:37
bluefoxx_TaRDy: kk, ty04:37
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_cR_TTM_tog
compbrainBlack_Magic: hi04:38
snarksterhello Black_Magic04:38
snarksterIm in Arizona04:38
Black_Magiccompbrain: I just need to figure out why most MMPORG Games i play like Regnum Online Lastchaos always flicker in and out and its unplayable it doesnt show in the window its supposed to is there a fix for that?04:39
snarksterare you using wine?04:39
zero88Is there a LOG or a file that contains everything that you download with apt-get?04:39
FXRSWhy does install swf-player require half my system to be removed?04:39
zero88Is there a LOG or a file that contains everything that you download with apt-get? I mean at least WHAT you downloaded. Not the actual files04:40
orudienickrud: uninstalled successfull, while installing the last few lines look like this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59339/04:40
zcat[1]zero88: /var/log/apt/term.log04:40
zPliskiNfor some reasons now my pc is extremely slow. is there a way to see what is slowing the pc down ?04:40
zero88zcat[1], thanks04:40
StarnestommyzPliskiN: try system > administration > system monitor04:41
blackvdcan someone please explain to me how to get a decent wi-fi manager cause the one gnome comes with simply doesn't work ..at all ...ever. Thanks.04:41
snarksterHas anyone figured out how to get 3d on a mach64 chip?04:41
nickrudorudie: did you do a purge?04:41
bluefoxx_ok, found it :)04:41
snarksterblackvd what do you mean it doesnt work?04:41
bluefoxx_ while true; do sleep $((RANDOM/1000)) && espeak -s 130 "all your base are belongs to us" ; done04:42
TaRDysnarkster, do you know the package name for w32codecs or where to find them?04:42
compbrainBlack_Magic: native linux games? wine emulated games? what video driver?04:42
zero88zcat[1], how about other then just today. Like the past month or so04:42
nickrudorudie: because, there should have been no stop if you did separate remove --purge and then install04:42
snarksteryou can get them from the mplayer webpage or goto medibuntu repo04:42
stephansdoes anyone know how i can configure banshee in greater detail?04:42
Black_Magiccompbrain, Linux Native games and Wine Emulated games...04:42
zcat[1]zero88: /var/log/apt/term.log.* (compressed archives of all the older stuff04:42
zero88zcat[1], gotcha thanks alot04:43
snarkstersmoke break!04:43
zPliskiNis 100 processes a lot ?04:43
blackvdsnarkster: well for one it constantly ask for the passphrase for the connection even though I've entered it about a dozen times. Also it disconnects every few seconds and the connection drops in and out.04:43
zcat[1]I have 136 processes right now..04:44
StarnestommyzPliskiN: that sounds about average04:44
zcat[1]that's about average for a GUI desktop I think04:44
zPliskiNu have that xorg processe that takes 300 000 of vmsize04:44
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
zPliskiNi have*04:45
orudienickrud: yes i typed this sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.004:46
orudienickrud: and then this sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.004:47
bullgard4Welche Funktion haben die 8 Datenbanken, die Tracker in ~/.cache/tracker/ anlegt, im einzelnen?04:47
zcat[1]!de | bullgard404:47
ubot3bullgard4: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de04:47
nickrudorudie: do this for me:   sudo apt-get remove  --purge mysql-server-5.0 && sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.0  , and pastebin the complete output04:48
jpastoreis there an easy way to take an iso and write to a thumb drive so it's a bootable image?04:48
zcat[1]jpastore: there's an isotousb script somewhere..04:48
bullgard4zcat[1]:  What is the function of each of the 8 databases which Tracker sets up in ~/.cache/tracker/ ?04:48
jpastorezcat thanks I'll look for it04:49
* petercoh7 brand new ubuntu user04:49
zcat[1]jpastore: google 'iso2usb .. there's a bunch of references to it, somewhere in there..04:49
petercoh7I can't believe I didn't discover ubuntu earlier04:50
zcat[1]http://jak-linux.org/tmp/iso2usb.sh  !! bing!04:50
bluefoxx_ok...so i figured out so far that the $((RANDOM/<number>)) randomizes a number up to the specified one, but how can i give it a range? say i wanted it to choose a random number between 37 and 162?04:50
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59340/04:50
petercoh7hey murali04:51
MuraliHi petercoh704:51
Black_Magiccompbrain, so....? i think it has to do with graphical drivers im using but it has to be a  way around that..04:51
petercoh7<--- brand new ubuntu user04:51
bbryanthas anyone seen a workaround for the bugs with bittorrent and wireless cards?04:51
MuraliCan any chat with me04:51
petercoh7murali sure04:52
zcat[1]petercoh7: the feeling wears off, you find out that ubuntu has bugs too and is just another OS :)04:52
petercoh7you're chatting now04:52
petercoh7zcat, true, but the cool factor is really high04:52
Cpudan80petercoh7: Welcome to the club lol04:52
tonyyarussoMurali, petercoh7: This channel is for support only - general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic04:52
orudiepetercoh7: congrads, me too, i'm not only new ubuntu user i'm also a new linux user lol04:52
petercoh7I'm actually a vet unix user04:53
petercoh7but it's been a really long time04:53
bbryanthad tape monkeys back then, eh?04:53
orudiepetercoh7: i'm like the #1 noob here04:53
zPliskiNwhats the command to see what starts @ startup04:53
* petercoh7 dusts off his Unix Manual04:54
* petercoh7 grins04:54
bbryantzPliskiN:  find /etc/ |egrep -i "^/etc/rc"04:54
orudiepetercoh7: i'm a vet windows user lol04:55
zero88Is there a Package for Dev-C++ ?04:55
petercoh7I've got Virtualbox running with WinXP Pro04:55
MuraliPetercoh7 i wanted to chat with you. Can you??04:56
bbryantzero88: no, because dev-c++ isn't cross compatible i don't think04:56
bbryant*cross platform04:56
bbryantCode::Blocks is though04:56
zero88ya it is04:56
=== rara is now known as tsunade
zero88or maybe not04:57
bbryantit's not04:57
zero88bbryant, would you happen to know of something like dev-C++ for linux?04:57
petercoh7murali, check out your PM window04:57
Starnestommyzero88: maybe eclipse or kdevelop04:57
zero88Starnestommy, k thanks04:57
Newbuntu2how do I connect to a wireless network??04:58
nickrudorudie:  sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 mysql-common mysql-client-5.0  libmysqlclient15off  , making sure all the mysql stuff is gone04:58
zero88Newbuntu2, got to System > Administration > Network04:58
orudienickrud: not my database though .... ? really dont want to loose that04:58
OnyxI'm looking for some information on kmdr-executor... does anyone know what package this program lives in?04:58
Johnuahcan I install a mail server in ubuntu desktop??04:59
zero88Newbuntu2, Do you see a wireless Connection there?04:59
nickrudorudie: no, again you will get asked about the databases04:59
Newbuntu2zero88: yes, roaming04:59
tonyyarussoJohnuah: yes04:59
orudienickrud:k let me try04:59
zero88Newbuntu2, click on it and edit it04:59
Johnuahtony, could you provide me any info about that, i'm really a newer04:59
[dcr]Newbuntu2: if you're using a laptop like i am and you are having problems connecting to a wireless network, what i did to fix mine (cause i had a problem too)  was reset my pc and my router and then everything seemed to fall into place. Thats from my own, if you've tried and it dont help, than i'm sorry to bug ya ^^;;04:59
bbryanthas anyone found a workaround for the bittorrent error with wireless cards?05:00
petercoh7check out the section on wireless networking05:00
orudienickrud: same thing bro :(05:00
Newbuntu2zero88: I can disable roaming, but there is nothing on the essid pulldown list05:00
nickrudI didn't say to reinstall!05:00
zero88Newbuntu2, highlight the wireless connection, and click on Properties. check the box Enable this connection. and fill out the info for the wireless ESSID and Key05:00
nickrudorudie: I didn't say reinstall!05:01
[dcr]bbryant: you know, you just made me realise why my bittorent didnt work >.> if you find any info lemme in on it xD i kept using vmware windows to get torrents lol05:01
orudienickrud: ooooh sorry, ok05:01
zero88Newbuntu2, ok. Open a terminal and type     iwconfig  and post it here.   !pastebin05:01
nickrudorudie: so, run that same removal, and put the output on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org05:01
Johnuahcould anyone provide me any info about that, i'm really a newer05:01
ubot3pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:01
bbryant[dcr]: I didn't think of trying torrents through vmware05:01
Johnuahubuntu desktop with mail server, any one ??05:01
bbryantJohnuah: sure05:02
bbryanti'll take one05:02
schemacsDoes ubuntu support Xen stuffs?05:02
[dcr]no problem bbryant05:02
Newbuntu2zero88: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59341/05:02
tonyyarussoJohnuah: Click the little "Help" bubble in your panel, and go to Advanced Topics > Installing Server Applications > Email Services05:02
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59342/\05:02
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59342/05:02
zero88Newbuntu2, hm, let me think about this. You have a wireless option becuase your system sees your wireless card, but you cant see any wireless networks..05:02
Starnestommyschemacs: it does.05:02
tonyyarussoJohnuah: It's all in the documentation that comes pre-installed.05:03
ngabriel__is there something special i need to do in order to share a mounted usb hdd using samba?  Unlike my other shares, this one seems to force me to enter a password when you connect to it05:03
Johnuahtony, but do that mail server have the function of web browser?05:03
zero88Newbuntu2, do you know what kind of card you have?05:03
tonyyarussoJohnuah: What do you mean?  A mail server and a web browser are two different applications...05:03
nickrudok, now the output of   dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep ^ii05:03
=== cSlacker_ is now known as cSlacker
Newbuntu2zero88: its an EUB362. I'm using ndiswrapper05:04
JohnuahTony: I knew that , but I just want to combine them. alike exchange05:04
zero88Newbuntu2, oh ok. So have you gotten it to work at all yet?05:04
neetoDoes anyone know of a way to make my PCI wifi card broadcast itself as a wireless AP?05:04
tonyyarussoJohnuah: Well, courier might work for you.  Otherwise you can always add on the webmail service of your choice - roundcube is pretty for that.05:04
orudienickrud: i get no output upon dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep ^ii05:04
Newbuntu2zero88: just installed it05:04
nickrudok, good. Now, ls -l /etc/mysql05:05
JohnuahTony: and tech detail link??05:05
zero88Newbuntu2, Have you rebooted the system yet. better yet what does this command say.    Ndiswrapper -l05:05
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59343/05:06
bullgard4zcat[1]:  What is the function of each of the 8 databases which Tracker sets up in ~/.cache/tracker/ ?05:06
Newbuntu2zero88: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59345/05:07
xb3rtIn ubuntu when i minimize or exit a window and the bottom part fades back while its going away, is their a way to get different animations for that05:07
nickrudorudie: sudo rm -r /etc/mysql , we want to delete that directory05:07
tonyyarussoJohnuah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Courier, http://www.roundcube.net/05:07
orudienickrud: done, deleted05:07
bullgard4What does 'FF' stand for in the line 'N: Name="Power Button (FF)"' of cat /proc/bus/input/devices?05:08
JohnuahTony: that's so kink of you. appreciately the given info you provided05:08
nickrudorudie: ok, now we have a clean slate. sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.005:08
tonyyarussoJohnuah: good luck :)05:08
Johnuahand are they all free ?05:08
orudienickrud: ok /me crossing fingures05:08
tonyyarussoJohnuah: Of course.05:09
zero88Newbuntu2, well to tell you the truth I dont think i could help you any more. Im stuck pretty much at the same location as you. Ndiswrapper says the same thing for me, but i could never connect. Myc ard lets me see wireless networks but cant connect. My advice for you is to go to Ndiswrapper website. and somewhere i think in the Q/A's or somewhere, it will tell you specifics for your card. For my card it told me i can only see net05:09
zero88works, but canot connect05:09
orudienickrud: FAIL05:09
rebo123I am having trouble connecting to my wireless network. The network tray item finds the access point, and shows a strong signal. I use a 128-bit WEP key on my network, and I enter it into the box that comes up. There is no connection, and a while later, the box pops up again. I am 100% positive that the password is correct, because I can turn on 'show key' to verify it. What could be the problem?05:09
idyllicNewbuntu2: erm, try sudo dhclient wlan0 ... just my 2c05:10
rebo123I should note that everything works fine in Windows.05:10
bullgard4What is the function of each of the 8 databases which Tracker sets up in ~/.cache/tracker/ ?05:10
formolQChi.  i've a stupid question.  i'm searching since 30 minutes and want to go to sleep.  please help me...05:11
formolQChow to do normal page numbering in open office????05:11
Johnuahroundcube lokks very well, but does it support pop3 receiving05:11
nickrudorudie: I'm at a loss then. to me, there's no rational reason you would have a non-working mysql. The last option is to mysqldump your database , remove the databases, and reload it.05:11
zcat[1]Newbuntu2 / zero88: my advice would be to run away from ndiz if at all possible .. try to use he free drivers with fwcutter if possible.. buy a different card if you have to. ndis is not a very good solution imho05:11
xb3rtHow do i customize the animation of a window closing?  is their somewhere i can get different themes for this05:11
orudienickrud: so maybe we should configure the /etc/network/interfaces to default ?05:11
snarksterndiswrapper -i <windows .inf file>05:11
nickrudorudie: you can try that. I don't see what effect it could have, but you're welcome to try05:11
zcat[1]just my 5c though.. ymmv :)05:12
snarksteriwconfig wlan0 essid <network name>05:12
snarksterdhclient wlan005:12
orudienickrud: so how would the default interfaces look like ?05:12
rebo123snarkster, is that for me?05:13
idyllicformolQC: Insert -> Fields -> Page Number/Page Count05:13
nickrudorudie. you can back up the /etc/network/interfaces file , then  all it needs to have .... you didn't remove auto lo <newline> iface lo iet loopback , did you?05:13
nickrudorudie: iface lo inet loopback, that is05:14
snarksterwho ever wanted ndiswrapper stuff05:14
snarksteri used to use ndiswrapper all the time, till my cardbus died05:14
orudienickrud: i did, i showed you what my interfaces looks like05:14
orudienickrud: let me paste you everything i have in there05:14
nickrudorudie: ah, damn I thought you were just showing me what you had added ;)05:14
orudienickrud: lol05:14
snarksteranyone know anything about mach64 video card driver?05:14
Newbuntu2zero88: what is the bootloader part in http://www.keenansystems.com/nub362_eub362_linux_ndiswrapper_driver_howto.htm05:15
Johnuahhey ,tony , are you still here?05:15
tonyyarussoJohnuah: yep05:15
nickrudorudie: add those two lines:    auto lo     <nl>    iface lo inet loopback05:15
=== solidLiq is now known as solid_liq
orudienickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59346/ this is what i have05:15
JohnuahI got some confusion. Rouncude is likely not supporting the POP305:15
orudienickrud: could you just pastebin it to me what the whole thing should be  plz ?05:16
tonyyarussoJohnuah: Hmm, you might be right about that.  /me looks05:16
zero88Newbuntu2,  let me see05:17
tonyyarussoJohnuah: looks like it's IMAP only, yes.05:17
Black_MagicI still cant seem to get the drivers to work for me.... im using ATI Drivers with AIGLX and i cant seem to get  any games to run MMPORG Games like Regnum Online (linux Native) Lastchaos (Wine Emulated) they just flicker in and out on desktop or over the window instead of the  window its supposed to be in  and leaving it unplayable...05:18
zero88Newbuntu2,  not sure, did you not do that part?05:18
Johnuahso, is there any solution which can support both IMAP and POP3? and easy to be deposit05:18
orudienickrud: done, thax for being so patient with me05:18
nickrudorudie: all good now?05:18
tonyyarussoJohnuah: courier should do both - never tried it personally, but it's very common.05:18
orudienickrud: well how can i just attempt to start the server without having to reinstall it , or should i reinstall it ?05:19
Newbuntu2zero88: no, I'm not sure what it means/what I'm supposed to type. I don't have a command called load_fw_ar552305:19
nickrudorudie:    sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a  should finish the install, and start it up05:19
JohnuahTony: on my opnion, Courier will not work well untill some other server have been added in, do that?05:19
Black_Magicnickrud, you have any idea about helping meh?05:20
RyanRyan52How can I contact the repo administrators? I am getting an error while I am trying to mirror ubuntu's packages that is preventing me from getting updates.05:20
tonyyarussoJohnuah: say what?  courier is modular, so you add the pieces you need (pop3 support and webmail I think are some of the modules)05:20
orudienickrud: orudie@ubuntu:/etc/network$ sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a05:20
orudiedpkg: unknown option --reconfigure05:20
zero88Newbuntu2,  im not sure. not sure what a bootloader is05:20
tonyyarussoRyanRyan52: first, what mirror, second, what error?05:21
RyanRyan52orudie: dpkg-reconfigure05:21
nickrudBlack_Magic: I don't use the new ati drivers because they aren't packaged up with ubuntu. I stick with ubuntu packages so I can have a similar system to most users here05:21
nickrudorudie: doh.  sudo dpkg --configure -a05:21
[dcr]I never realised how fast linux was until i turned everything down(graphics and such) and now its like 10x faster than being 100x faster than windows already lol05:21
RyanRyan52tonyyarusso: wrong sha1, I tried with open source labs, archive.ubuntu.org, and mirrors.kernel.org05:21
tonyyarussoRyanRyan52: on a particular package / section?05:21
tonyyarussoRyanRyan52: there is an ubuntu-mirrors mailing list, iirc05:22
Black_Magicnickrud, well i have no idea how to go back....so im stuck with these..i just wantd to test them out to see how they compared to the other drivers if i can fix the OpenGL problem with the flickering and stuff they work really well do the other drivers have AIGLX? if so im switching back that was the main reason i switched to these because they let me have direct rendering and compiz somtimes acts nicer05:22
JohnuahOk, Tony, could you help me to figur out how many modular should I install first . To make the IMAP and POP3 workable05:22
RyanRyan52tonyyarusso: http://pastebin.ca/93931605:22
RyanRyan52its on those 2 packages05:22
orudienickrud: still FAIL, but i think we should do something for the changes of interfaces to take affect05:23
Black_Magicnickrud, sorry about the long typing flood i just feel like typing to day and its lagging a little because i havent turned the window with the game down and its kinda stuck im opening gnome-system monitor so i can fix it wel...if you fidn anyone that can help me please check05:23
prasannahey guys, i had this 'glowing' effect around my windows, but after changin the them, i seemed to have lost it05:23
prasannais there away to get it back05:23
tonyyarussoRyanRyan52: probably better to contact the package maintainer in that case.05:23
RyanRyan52okay, thanks05:23
Black_Magicprasanna, it was Window Reflection try and enable im pretty sure that was what the effect was called05:23
zedster_prasanna: you got emerald installed ?05:24
prasannanot that i know05:24
prasannai just installed ubuntu05:24
nickrudBlack_Magic: all I can suggest  sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r) linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) xorg-driver-fglrx libgl1-mesa-glx  libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-dev05:25
prasannait was there when i booted05:25
nickrudorudie: do.  sudo ifup lo05:25
Black_Magicnickrud, i just want the older drivers back... what does uname -r do?05:25
tonyyarussoJohnuah: I'm guessing you want courier-base courier-doc courier-imap courier-imap-ssl courier-maildrop courier-mta courier-mta-ssl courier-pop courier-pop-ssl courier-ssl courier-webadmin sqwebmail (the -doc package will give you better info)05:26
nickrudBlack_Magic: it matches the running kernel, using that makes sure you get the right packages for the kernel you are using05:26
nickrudBlack_Magic: if you run   uname -r   in a terminal, you'll see what it fills out the name with05:26
orudienickrud: did that, all went ok MySQL is working, however now my forum from my website is gone05:26
Black_Magicnickrud, Oh ok why reinstall new kernal and moduels? would that maybe fix my sometimes internet problem? since it reinstalls moduels? and kernal?05:27
nickrudorudie: when you did the purge, you said no when it asked about removing the database?05:27
=== r00t__ is now known as DaemonLee
Johnuahok , got it05:27
orudienickrud: said no05:27
DaemonLeeHey, anyone got a minute to help me, real fast?05:27
nickrudBlack_Magic: it might. No idea where your internet problem is05:27
tonyyarussoDaemonLee: ask your question and you'll find out05:28
Black_Magicnickrud, well it doesnt connect to internet where is if i switched to another OS it would connect to the wireless network right there..05:28
nickrudorudie: you might have to reconnect up your databases. But it's getting very late here05:28
Black_Magicnickrud, i think it has something to do with wep but i dont get it because it worked before.05:28
DaemonLeeI got a AMD Turion x2 64-bit processor, and it won't adjust it's CPU Freq to anything higher then 800mhz, and I don't know how to adjust it.05:28
Black_Magicnickrud, Reinstallation of xorg-driver-fglrx is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.05:28
nickrudBlack_Magic: I am pretty much clueless about wireless, on my machine it Works for Me™ I consider it black magic05:28
nickrud!gutsysources | Black_Magic05:29
ubot3Black_Magic: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).05:29
Black_Magic!worksforme |nickrud05:29
ubot3nickrud: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:29
Black_Magicnickrud, :p ;)05:29
orudienickrud: ok thanx for your help, same here i'm exhausted05:29
nickrudBlack_Magic: precisely ;)05:29
orudienickrud: thanx for your time and help05:29
nickrudorudie: I'll be back about 16 hrs05:29
nickrudorudie: yw.05:29
sap Hi, which external program should I use in "Sound playing method" for alerts etc. of my xchat ?05:30
DaemonLeeProblem: I got a AMD Turion x2 64-bit processor, and it won't adjust it's CPU Freq to anything higher then 800mhz, and I don't know how to adjust it.05:30
zedster_DaemonLee: you have the freq tool installed?05:31
DaemonLeezedster_, No. Where can I get that?05:31
zedster_I can't find the exact title, google05:32
ecubuntuhey guys, can you help me with something ? http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2363/2328575302_c2660a1ae8_o.png05:32
DaemonLeeIs it CPUFreq?05:32
zedster_DaemonLee: cpufreq-selector is part of it05:33
zedster_DaemonLee: sudo apt-get cpufreq-selector and see if that works05:35
DaemonLeezedster_, It's CPUFreqD05:36
zedster_more then one program than05:36
=== Emilianf is now known as help
DaemonLeethere is no cpufreq-selector05:36
egci think im tired05:36
=== Cosmosan is now known as Cosmo-san
=== help is now known as Emilian
zedster_DaemonLee: that one replaces the powernowd, not worth it05:37
zedster_mine plays nice05:37
prasannasorry i cant get that 'glow' back05:37
prasannai think the effect is called 'window decoration'05:37
prasannabut i enable it and its still not there05:37
DaemonLeeHaha, thanks Zedster.05:38
zedster_prasanna: do you have emerald installed05:38
DaemonLeeI just installed the new one.05:38
zedster_DaemonLee: its ok its linux I did 3 installs before I got it stable05:38
prasannazedster, i jus installed ubuntu, so i'm not entirely sure05:38
prasannahow do i check?05:38
DaemonLeeYeah, this is my first time, installing it on a laptop.05:38
DaemonLeePITA so far.05:38
zedster_prasanna: ok, you have compiz05:39
Johnuahsudo apt-get install postfix . after this command line echo me that: unable to find the source05:39
DaemonLeezedster_, Where can I access cpufreqd?05:40
zedster_umm... I think sudo apt-get should work05:40
zedster_Prasanna, I think you had a theme05:40
prasannaya and i changed the theme05:41
cuackBr0k3N OK05:41
zedster_thats what did it05:41
prasannais there away i could get that glow effect back05:41
Br0k3Ncuack, do you can speaking in english ?05:41
=== cSlacker_ is now known as cSlacker
Johnuahumm... I think sudo apt-get should work : it's not work05:42
Br0k3Ncuack, polp!05:42
cuackGRINGOS Y LA CTM05:42
zedster_prasanna: install emerald if you don't have it and use it to edit the theme05:42
zedster_all I can telll you05:42
zedster_got to go05:43
cuackBr0k3N GRINGOS Y LA CTM05:43
Hobbseeright then?05:43
Cpudan80that was... interesting...05:44
jscinozi have a folder containing a number of avi files, with the names 201.avi through to 211.avi, is it possible to use something like "cp 2[04-11].avi target" to copy only 204.avi through 211.avi?05:44
Black_Magicjscinoz: All you have to do is open terminal cd to the director with it do cp * .avi <destination directory>05:45
Johnuahsudo apt-get does not work05:45
Black_Magicjscinoz: The * acts as a wild card meaning move everything with the extension .avi05:46
jscinozBlack_magic, i know but i dont want it to copy 200,201,202,203 .avi, i want just 204 through 21105:46
jscinozis there a regexp of somekind that can be used in cp to do this05:46
=== Neskaya is now known as hugglehug
Black_Magicjscinoz:just chnage the extention of the ones you dont want...05:47
xb3rtHow do i get rid of my laptops sony bootsplash screen05:47
sapHi, where can I find default sounds in ubuntu ..like "beeps" and stuff .?05:47
Black_Magicxb3rt, i think that is your Bios Boot screen05:47
Flannelxb3rt: BIOS usually05:47
Black_MagicFlannel, is there a way to upgrade your Bios?05:48
Black_MagicFlannel, to the newest one to your brand of computer like Sony AMD Toshiba Ect?05:48
FlannelBlack_Magic: That depends on your situation.  Usually yes.05:48
xb3rtFlannel: do you know how to modify a windows exit animation in ubuntu05:48
jscinozsap, /usr/share/sounsd05:48
jscinozsap, sorry /usr/share/sounds05:48
sapjscinoz, k lemme check that out05:49
Flannelxb3rt: Windows exit animation?  The bitmap thing?  That, and the bootup one, are just images stored places.  But no, I don't know the specifics.05:49
Black_MagicFlannel, explain please i'm intrigued05:49
xb3rtFlannel: like when i exit a window in linux it fads out as its going away05:49
FlannelBlack_Magic: You update your BIOS by following whatever instructions your MoBo MFC has.  Usually by booting to an image.05:49
Flannelxb3rt: Oh.  No, I have no idea.05:49
Black_MagicFlannel,...i was lost at MoBo...05:50
FlannelBlack_Magic: You go to your mother board's website, and follow their instructions for updating your BIOS05:50
Black_MagicFlannel, ok thanks sorry for being so difficult im good with linux but not that good :p05:50
sapjscinoz, ty for that . surprisingly it has lots of kde sounds loaded , considering that i use gnome basically .05:50
DaemonLeeOkay. Now, who can help me open CPUFreq, I tried to sudo it in Yakuake, but it gives me nothing. Just accepts the command.05:51
combatwombatserver irc.partyvan.org05:54
combatwombatmy bad05:54
cyberjamescombatwombat: are you promoter05:55
combatwombatcyberjames, PMed you05:55
vsftpd!8.04 beta05:58
ubot3Factoid 8.04 beta not found05:58
ubot3Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:58
sapgee.. omg .. I loaded a sound file for playing and the sound turns out v garbled and jittered , basically noise. why would this be so?  (for xchat sound playing options i.e. )05:59
xb3rtIs their a way to get Avant Window Manager to load on start05:59
nirupamahow to customize ubiquity05:59
GreyfoxHey folks, "delete" works fine in my Terminal app, but whenever I use nano or vi in my vps, I have to resort to ctrl+h, any clue on how to fix that?05:59
sexy__does anyone have problems with custom cursors only working over firefox?05:59
nirupamahow to customize ubiquity05:59
Black_MagicAlso, Can some one tell me how to revert to original FGLRX drivers after using the ATI Open Source ones for testing reasons06:00
Black_MagicAnd how to enable AIGLX with those06:00
sexy__i have custom cursors from gnome-look.org but they only become visible when i hover my mouse over firefox06:00
sexy__and thats almost all my cursors act that way06:00
Black_Magicsexy__, I have the same exact problem...try using FailSafe gnome for a sec and see if it stays the same color06:01
sexy__Black_Magic: how do i do that?06:01
Black_Magicsexy__, i dont seem to have that problem with AIGLX i think its regular gnome and xgl gnome mixing together...06:01
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Black_Magicsexy__, Well when you login choose session then failsafe gnome then login like regular06:02
sexy__Black_Magic: im using compiz06:02
sexy__oh i see its probably compiz messing it up06:02
sexy__thanks black magic06:02
captinehi all.  anyone able to help with nice gui tool for connecting to encrypted wifi?  Am using windows in a hostel in San Fran, but would like to Sync my evolution mail.  Cannot connect to wifi in ubuntu.06:02
jga23whats the best filesystem to use for a removable hd?06:03
Black_Magicsexy__, yea that what i was meaning if it works with out compiz enabled its just gnome and compiz mixing failsafe turns off any scripts that usualy start that are added on like compiz06:03
DaemonLeejga23, I like FAT32.06:03
Black_Magicsexy__so if your normal session isnt working failsafe usually will06:03
sexy__Black_Magic: i see i hope compiz and gnome become more friendly with one another so that one could enjoy the beauty of having good quality customization of there gui06:04
=== Waffle is now known as Waffles385
captinejga23, i am not sure, but am interested.  please let me know if you find out??06:05
Black_Magicsexy__, lol i loves it too failsafe after using compiz isnt exactly heaven you know? so i just customized the gnome panels with a nice sky picture so it looks nice and added some cool backup themes for metacy ;)06:05
xb3rtwhats hotmails pop address06:05
murlidharwell i am trying to activate equalizer in exaile.06:05
murlidharE: Couldn't find package gstreamer-plugins-bad06:06
Black_Magicxb3rt, you sound verry suspicious with that question...just saying.06:06
Black_Magicxb3rt: you know people are gunna ask your reason right...?06:06
xb3rtim trying to set it up on evolution06:06
xb3rti have multiple accounts06:06
DaemonLeexb3rt, You cannot, unless you pay. I believe.06:06
murlidharxb3rt, there is pop address for free hotmail accounts. only paid accounts have it.06:06
FlannelDaemonLee, xb3rt, if you have an old hotmail account, you still can.  Assuming you got grandfathered in.06:07
Black_Magicxb3rt: Yea thats correct Hotmail started charing for using things like outlook to get mail using a program on your computer06:07
xb3rti have a very old account06:07
sexy__Black_Magic: lol i know i know but hey its still a developing process in the future i think everyones gonna use ubuntu just for the fact of how u can make it look how u want well at least ill be using it for that plus the great benefits of linux but yeah i turned off compiz set the theme to none and the curosor works 100%06:07
Flannelxb3rt: Google is probably your best bet.06:07
murlidharxb3rt, so google it then . i am sure u will find06:07
xb3rti did, i found it06:08
xb3rtbut its POP3 and evolution says POP06:08
xb3rtprobly wont work06:08
murlidharits one and the same06:08
Black_Magicsexy__, i never seen so many needed programs and things that are so small im used to downloading like 1GIG to get something like a Kernal for windows or something or like 500MB just for one program... things like that it surprizes me that an update of 350 programs was only about 200MB..06:08
Black_MagicCan some one please tell me how to get older FGLRX drivers back....the ati ones are on my nerve right now.06:09
murlidharE: Couldn't find package gstreamer-plugins-bad06:09
jga23is there any way to recover the space from the lost+found folder?06:10
Flannelmurlidhar: What version of ubuntu are you using?06:10
xb3rtmurlidhar: what are you doing, i just installed the good, bad, and ugly earlier06:10
xb3rtI have the same thing06:10
sexy__Black_Magic: yeah its amazing, thats the beauty of this distro, things install fast and easy i love it.  this updates like nothing, its so light and easy on ur pc unlike vista or windows thats just eats up your system.. this actually is the REAL WAY of updating an OS were it makes ur system feel faster unlike vista etc06:11
murlidharxb3rt, sorry i couldn't make a thing out of your comment.06:11
Black_Magicsexy__, Mmhmm ;)06:11
xb3rtmurlidhar, i was just asking what problems you were having with it06:11
Black_MagicGuess no one knows06:11
sexy__Black_Magic: cant wait for hardy heron06:12
Flannelmurlidhar: That package doesn't exist in Gutsy, or any other version it seems.  What are you looking for?06:12
Black_Magicsexy__, its gunna be out in a couple weeks you can upgrade now.06:12
xb3rtI just did a sudo apt-get install bitchx       and it installed, but now its nowhere to be found06:12
Flannelsexy__, Black_Magic, Hardy is currently ALPHA software.  Being alpha, it is changing in stability from day to day.  Its strongly recommended you don't update unless you know you want to.06:13
sexy__Black_Magic: i can update now? but will it update to the official release when the offical release comes out?06:13
JavidEvery time I apt-get install anything, it tries to reinstall vmware-server and then errors out on me. How do I knock vmware-server out of the install queue so it doesn't keep doing that?06:13
Spiritualplease, how can I add a printer in ubuntu (in network) where it is connected at a windows 2000 professional?06:13
sexy__Flannel: i see thats true thanks for the tip06:13
Black_Magicsexy__, just keep up with the updates after you upgrade now if you keep up with updates you will have the official release06:13
Flannelxb3rt: BitchX or bitchx will start it.06:13
xb3rtFlannel: ok, ty06:14
sexy__Black_Magic: awesome its worth a try, plus if i mess up its so easy to get back to where i left my distro as06:14
Flanneljga23: just delete the stuff that's in there.06:14
Spiritualwho can help me?06:14
Black_Magicsexy__, please visit #Ubuntu+1 for official support for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron06:15
Flannel!ask | Spiritual06:15
ubot3Spiritual: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:15
Spiritualplease, how can I add a printer in ubuntu (in network) where it is connected at a windows 2000 professional?06:16
sexy__Black_Magic: thanks black magic06:16
JavidEvery time I apt-get install anything, it tries to reinstall vmware-server and then errors out on me. How do I knock vmware-server out of the install queue so it doesn't keep doing that?06:16
SpiritualI've asked06:16
JavidI'd paste the stuff it's saying but then ten thousand neckbeards would have heart attacks that I dare offend their delicate eyes with three lines of text.06:16
xozJavid: apt-get remove it first06:16
Black_Magic!ati > Darkmystere06:16
murlidhar_sorry lag problem06:17
Javidxoz: I kinda need it though, and it works fine, so I don't know why it keeps installing again06:17
nonix4"The Massachusetts police state has already banned the company" - umm, can you spot where I read wrong? :)06:17
nonix4xchan :(06:17
murlidhar_xb3rt, Flannel any ideas how to solve my problem.06:17
xozJavid: what about pin it?06:17
xb3rtFlannel: bitchx is terminal based?06:17
Spiritualhow can I add a printer in ubuntu (in network) where it is connected at a windows 2000 professional?06:18
Parsec300Guys, if you have installed 8.04 Alpha 5 and do all the updates when it is released, you would have the same as the final, right?06:18
prince_jammysxb3rt yes06:18
murlidhar_Parsec300, yes06:19
Parsec300murlidhar, thx06:19
Flannelxb3rt: it is.06:19
Flannelmurlidhar_: That package doesn't exist in Gutsy, or any other version it seems.  What are you looking for?06:19
nonix4Parsec300: well, user accounts created in alpha 5 may have some defaults that differ from the ones that'd be created w/ final...06:20
murlidhar_Flannel, i am looking to activate equalizer in exaile media player'06:20
murlidhar_Flannel, it says that GStreamer equalizer is not available.  It can be found in gstreamer-plugins-bad
murlidhar_damn the lag.06:22
Flannelmurlidhar_: I don't see any package like that.... well, anywhere.06:23
murlidhar_Flannel, me too don;t see any package . i went to channel exaile for some help lets see if i get any info on that.06:24
rhineheart_mwhere to download driver for atheros 5007eg wireless?06:24
ByronHi, how do i uninstall a video card driver? (one i installed from the nvidia website)06:24
Flannelmurlidhar_: That's probably the best place to go.  It's certianly not an Ubuntu package, its not in debian, and it's not in medibuntu either.06:25
xb3rtWhats the best way to run WoW on linux06:26
Flannelxb3rt: wine.  It works really well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft06:27
xb3rtFlannel: the crappy thing is i bought it from a direct download06:27
Flannelxb3rt: I have no idea what that means.  Wine is still the best method though.  You might be able to get additional wine support (to resolve whatever direct download issues you have) in #winehq06:28
LogicalDashI've got an ATI card and fglrx installed, but i keep getting errors to the effect that there's no direct rendering device. What does that mean?06:28
xb3rtFlannel: it just means that i dont actually have the game, I paid to download the install file, but that should still work in wine06:29
Flannelxb3rt: that's correct.06:29
xb3rtFlannel: i just changed my user login name, and now my sudo password doesnt work.....how do i go about fixing that06:31
xb3rt/etc/passwd ?06:32
Flannelxb3rt: type 'groups' are you in the admin group?06:32
Flannelxb3rt: and how did you change your login?06:33
murlidhar_Flannel, got it. it is in the repos but the version is 0.10 .06:33
Flannelmurlidhar_: Whats the package name?06:33
murlidhar_Flannel, found that in synaptic.06:33
murlidhar_Flannel, gstreamer 0.10-plugins-bad06:34
murlidhar_Flannel, just search gstreamer bad in synaptic u would get the result.06:34
Flannelmurlidhar_: The version is 0.10.5, just like it asks for.06:35
murlidhar_Flannel, and u know what . it is working wonderfully well in exaile.06:36
=== co_ckp_keabisan_ is now known as co_ckp_gitulhoo
gb__hello folks06:40
gb__is there no host.deny file in buntu?06:40
murlidhar_see ya guys . everything is working perfectly in my OS now.06:40
gb__murli ruk06:40
murlidhar_gb__, are u an indian?06:41
gb__murli 1 sec06:41
Flannelgb__: They should be in /etc/06:41
lostهلووووووووووووووووووووووو بيبي06:41
gb__Flannel:  i did chech mate nothing there06:41
Flannelgb__: What version of ubuntu are you running?06:41
gb__i was surprized too06:41
murlidhar_gb__, sorry i missed out . what is the problem?06:42
gb__murli where r u from?06:42
gb__murlidhar_:  i'm looking for host.deny file to block ip's06:42
murlidhar_vizag  . why?06:42
gb__cnt find it06:42
pstvHelp...dvd player not working06:42
lostهل تتحدثون العربية ؟؟06:42
gb__murlidhar_:  just asking06:43
murlidhar_gb__, i am sure about that probly googling it would help you.06:43
Flannelgb__: install the tcpd package06:43
arquebusI have a bad problem, Ive installed ubuntu on a partition. Its seems to run fine, but I cant install anything, I always get a message that says it cant be installed on my computer because the vendor does not support some hardware on my computer, which is crazy, because I just have a regular core2duo. Can anyone help?06:43
murlidhar_gb__, where are u from?06:43
Flannel!english | lost06:43
ubot3lost: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat06:43
ubot3Factoid ar not found06:43
pstvAnyone else having problems with DVD not playing lately?06:43
gb__Flannel:  ok mate thanks06:43
gb__murli 1 sec let me install the package06:43
gb__pstv:  nope dvd's work ok here06:44
gb__using vlc06:44
gb__Flannel:  got it tyvm :)06:44
Flannelgb__: It is actually a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbase/+bug/10837906:45
ubot3Malone bug 108379 in netbase "Feisty - /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny are missing" [Undecided,Fix released]06:45
pstvgb__: I heard something about ubuntu not playing dvd recently because of restricted laws06:45
gb__aah ok06:45
Flannelpstv: Codecs aren't installed by default06:45
Flannel!dvd | pstv06:45
ubot3pstv: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:45
gb__Flannel: thanks once again mate06:46
gb__i'm out bbl06:46
Lap_Topany one can help me how to install ftpserver06:46
Flannelgb__: no problem06:46
pstvok i'll look into it thank you06:46
Lap_Topi m new for ubuntu and linix06:46
gb__Lap_Top:  it is easy apt-get install gproftpd06:46
FlannelLap_Top: What are you going to be using it for?  Just regular file transfers?06:46
Lap_Topbut i would like to install GUI based ftpserver06:46
Lap_Topany one can guide me step by step how to install06:47
FlannelLap_Top: A GUI based ftp server?  What are you talking about?06:47
Lap_Topand from where to get that gproftpd06:47
morgananyone know how to get e-sword modules on 7.1006:47
Lap_Topi use to use windows xp and that had ftp server named bulletproff ftpserver06:47
FlannelLap_Top: If you're just using this for personal use, you might enjoy SCP over FTP.  It takes away all need for any configuration, and is also secure, not transferring in plaintext06:48
FlannelThat is, SCP as an alternative to FTP.  not "SCP over FTP"06:48
Lap_TopFlannel: can we talk private06:49
arquebusubuntu wont install anything for me because it say (for everything that I try to install) that it is not compatable with my hardware. But I just have a run of the mill x86 rig. What could be wrong? Im not able to get updates either06:49
Lap_Topi m newbie for ubuntu06:49
FlannelLap_Top: Thats fine, you can talk here.  Nothing to be ashamed about being new06:49
Lap_Topno i m not ashamed ok i dont mind06:50
Lap_Topplease flannel tel me how to get ftpserver and install and configure on my computer06:50
murlidhar_arquebus, it happened to me earlier just restart it once.06:50
Lap_Topcan u please guide me step by step and help me download and install and configure it06:50
FlannelLap_Top: do you actually need FTP? or do you just need some way of transferring files betwen two computers?06:51
arquebusmurlidhar- thx for the response, but I have restarted a couple of times, and its still the same problem06:51
Lap_TopFlannel : actualy i want other ppl to access my ftp server by sitting any where on the world06:51
murlidhar_was your cd labelled 38606:51
FlannelLap_Top: Ah, so you want to set up anonymous FTP?06:51
murlidhar_or 68606:51
=== Eztlixochitl is now known as xipietotec
Lap_Topno i want to creat user name as well06:52
Lap_Topi hav not install any ftpserver on my ubuntu yet06:52
murlidhar_and a passwrd protection too?06:52
arquebusmurlidhar- That could be it, I dont know, Ive always assumed that 386 and x86 were the same thing06:52
pstvubot3: the link didnt work for mine i have gutsy06:53
ubot3the: Full-screen character mode text editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1-4ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 307 kB, installed size 860 kB06:53
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd06:53
FlannelLap_Top: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/ftp-server.html will walk you through it06:53
BloodyScumwhats the command in shell to copy a file from one location to another06:53
murlidhar_arquebus, did u try alternate cd?06:53
vsftpdpstv, ubot3  is bot,he cannot answer you06:53
Flannelarquebus: As far as computers are concerned, unless your rig is a 286, they are.06:53
FlannelBloodyScum: cp (CoPy)06:53
vsftpdBloodyScum, cp file1 file206:54
pstvvsftpd: will u be able to help?06:54
vsftpdwhat is it06:54
arquebusmurlidhar- I dont know anything about the alternate cd06:54
Javidj/j gobolinux06:54
murlidhar_!alternate | arquebus06:54
ubot3arquebus: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal06:54
arquebuswhat is the difference between 386 and 686?06:54
kondom686 is higher06:55
vsftpdhmm,we all call then x8606:55
Lap_Topflannel: there is one more problem i m facing when i used windows xp my internet browsing was faster and download speed was too fast and when i switched on ubuntu the speed is down what the reason06:55
kondomand 300 more06:55
crshmanhi all, is there a command to remove a drive from a running ubuntu system?06:55
bullgard4I just forgot what Usenet client program Ubuntu recommends to use.06:55
crshmanit's completely unmounted laready06:55
arquebusmurlidhar- I dont think there is any reason for me to use a special install cd, my computer is pretty normal06:55
vsftpdcrshman, so what mean remove06:56
crshmanit's in a sata array06:56
crshmani mean physically remove the drive06:56
crshmanand tell the kernel it's gone06:56
[dcr]ER, if its unmounted, just take it out I believe crshman06:56
[dcr]Should be good.06:56
vsftpdhmm,after you umounted it06:56
arquebusIm using the pidgin messenger client right now and I want to switch to msn messenger, but I dont see any thing in the menus to do that. Anyone know?06:57
crshmanok well the system didn't crash.....but one thing i do notice....06:57
cwillucrshman, you mean to tell the machine to power the bus down for a hot swap?06:57
crshmanwell i'm not going to be swapping it....i'm just removing it06:57
crshmanbut i suppose06:57
Waffles385arquebus, you dont really switch... you run both at once06:58
[dcr]arquebus: I use "emesene" for My MSN messaging needs. Its got alot of nice features and almost a grand port of Windows Live Messenger to Linux :306:58
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd of kernel 2206:58
arquebusok thx Waffles, but I dont even see anything for me to choose msn messenger with, where do I select that?06:58
Waffles385arquebus, Ive heard emesene is alot nicer than pidgin but I don't use MSN at all... but to add an account go up to Accounts, Manage06:58
crshmanwhen the system queries all the disks or does a search for them (say the partition/disk list in webmin) it takes MUCH longer than it did when the drive was in there06:58
JavidI use amsn06:58
crshmanwhich leads me to believe it's hanging up on the missing drive06:58
cwillucrshman, hdparm has some related options, sdparm (not installed by default) may be useful06:59
bluefoxxok, so i have a ogg video file and a song i made and i want to stitch them together, what program should i use for this purpose?06:59
Javidit's got a windows port too, I just punted the official client entirely06:59
[dcr]I tried aMSN but i find it no where near as good as emesene in my opinion >.>06:59
Waffles385arquebus, then click Add and there is a drop down box with MSN in it06:59
[dcr]But hey, thats just me xD06:59
crshmanah ok thanks cwillu06:59
cwillucrshman, if something was still using the block device, it could break something06:59
JavidI'll have to try emesene then06:59
cwillu(i.e., the /dev/sd*, as opposed to the mount point)06:59
[dcr]You should :3 Also check out its plugins, theres so many and their all really good :306:59
crshmanhow do i find out if something is?06:59
arquebusdcr- Im unable to install anything on ubuntu right now because it says everything I try to install is uncomptable with my hardware (if you can help with that problem also Id appreciate it)06:59
Javidprograms should do everything they need to do out of the box, I hate having to hunt down plugins.06:59
cwillulsof might show something;  what are you doing exactly?06:59
arquebusthx Waffles07:00
cwillumight just wreak havoc on the kernel module's perception of reality as well :p07:00
crshmani have a raid 5 of 6 drives07:00
crshmanan single sata os drive07:00
[dcr]Javid: thats the thing, it has everything already, than it has its own menu for plugins, you just tick which ones you want to use. :)07:00
crshmanand this drive that i'm pulling out07:00
crshmani want to yank it without dropping the system07:00
cwilluwhat raid chipset?07:00
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd of kernel 2207:00
crshmanSW raid07:00
Javidoh ok07:01
cwillubuilt in controller?07:01
life2atreusi have no sound07:01
crshman4 ports on the builtin, and 4 on a pci card07:01
cwilludo the controllers support hotswap?07:01
crshmanas far as i understand yes07:02
Javid[dcr], emesene is not in apt :[07:02
cwilluthey usually need to be notified that your planning on it if they're not a full raid card07:02
[dcr]Javid: its not, but google it and you'll get the software source links to add so it will be :)07:02
=== meridian is now known as captine
cwillucrshman, kinda like how you probably wouldn't try to unplug your agp card while the system is running07:02
crshmantrue true07:03
cwilluit's hung now you said?07:03
crshmanok so i suppose the question is....who do i tell and how =)07:03
thew00hey guys, anybody know anything about iptables?07:04
Waffles385thew00, I know a little07:04
Waffles385what are you looking for?07:04
thew00it seems like i blocked all internet stuff07:04
thew00and i wanted to know how to clear the ip table07:04
thew00as in let every connection flow through07:04
Waffles385try sudo iptables -f07:04
life2atreuswhat does sudo mean?07:05
thew00hold on, i have to get on my desktop rlly quick07:05
thew00sudo = root07:05
Waffles385lets you run commands as root from other users07:05
cwillucrshman, this is out of date (no mention of sata), but includes 'this may just fry your hardware' style warnings: http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Software-RAID-HOWTO-4.html :p07:05
life2atreusis sudo japanesse07:05
thew00and what is the command -f for?07:05
crshmanyeah i saw that =D07:05
Waffles385it deletes all the rules07:05
thew00i think flush didnt work07:05
Waffles385you can do iptables -L to get all your rules07:05
x_Hello everyone ... i need some Codec player for MP2   ... anyone know how i can get that ?!07:05
thew00but hold on07:06
thew00i have to boot up my desktop07:06
thew00for inet07:06
thew00uh, for iptables07:06
cwillucrshman, lvm?07:06
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd of kernel 22 , before compressing , i checked the aufs ,it is there & getting load with kernel , but if i boot with live cd there is no aufs07:06
crshmani'm just removing a single drive....so it was just formatted with ext307:06
thew00and life2atreus, i think sudo relates to the command su07:06
cwillucrshman, but it was part of a raid?07:06
Thurin1x_, Synaptic is your friend ;D07:07
Thurin1x_ open Synaptic and type mp2, or mp2 codec07:07
Thurin1Or install Mplayer ..:)07:07
x_Thurinal   ya but what's the full terminal command ?!07:08
Waffles385x_, not sure if it handles it, but i'm a big fan of VLC07:08
Waffles385x_, you could do apt-cache search mp207:08
Waffles385see what that brings up07:08
Thurin1x_ sudo apt-cache search mp307:08
x_Waffles385    VLC can't play that .. i tried07:08
Thurin1or .. you could always use Synaptic in X =)07:09
cwillucrshman, may just be that the kernel module is confused now;  it's possible to reload it, but tricky if you're using it (for other drives)07:09
lancerockeHi all07:09
thew00everytime i try to ping my router, it says Operation not Permitted07:09
lancerockeHow do I enable compix on XFCE?07:09
crshmani popped in the drive again07:09
Waffles385x_, it looks like theres an MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoding library.... libtwolame0... i dont know if it will do what youre looking for but you might try it07:09
crshmanand all is back to normal07:09
crshmanbut i'm going to try that little trick they have on that page =P07:10
Waffles385thew00, can you run iptables -L?07:10
cwilluthat falls under 'things I wouldn't do' :)07:10
crshmanwell it's not a critical drive...07:10
crshmanit has a SMART reported error07:10
thew00waffles, it seems like it cleared07:10
crshman(hence the removal)07:10
lancerockeCan anyone tell me how to enable compiz/desktop effects on XFCE?07:10
x_Waffles385  i think so , that sould be audio codec player ... lets try that .... what's the command line ?!07:10
Waffles385thew00, a basic question but are you connected? physically and DCHP or however youre obtaining the IP?07:11
Waffles385x_, try aptitude show libtwolame007:11
Waffles385that'll show you info about it07:11
Waffles385if you want to install07:11
thew00yes, i am connected, dhcp07:11
Waffles385sudo aptitude install libtwolame007:11
zod_Ust want to say have an real good day in the Linux World all, never give up07:12
lancerockeI dont even see where to change the fonts on XFCE07:12
thew00what files does firestarter manipulate besides the iptables?07:12
Waffles385thew00, I don't really have too much experience, but if you think it's a problem with iptables try sudo iptables -L to see what rules you have07:12
Waffles385if you want use pastebin and we can look at it maybe someone could help07:12
lancerockeCan anyone tell me how to enable compiz/desktop effects on XFCE?07:12
x_Waffles385   it says the codec is not installed07:12
thew00before we try anything else, could you tell me what files firestarter manipulates if you know that?07:13
thew00i had it installed and deinstalled it yesterday07:13
thew00but the setting seem to still be there07:13
Waffles385I've got no idea, don't know what firestarter is07:13
tbr281so, the "dell AIO 922" still doesn't work on ubuntu?07:14
thew00firestarter is as far as i know a gui for the iptables, but i think it might have manipulated some other files07:14
thew00often mistaken as a firewall07:14
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd of kernel 22 , before compressing , i checked the aufs ,it is there & getting load with kernel , but if i boot with live cd there is no aufs07:14
Waffles385thew00, sorry man, I dont know enough07:14
thew00its cool, thx for your help tho :)07:14
tmadsenI know some iptables, but not firestarter07:14
Waffles385x_, did you run the sudo aptitude install libtwolame0?07:15
tmadsenhave you read the great great tutorial on iptables thew00?07:15
Waffles385Good luck thew0007:15
Frogzoothew00: firestarter is a front end to iptables07:15
thew00tmadsen, i was looking to find some help on IRC before i read through that07:15
x_Waffles385   yeah .. but still can't play the audio  :-(07:15
thew00it seems a little bit too long for me at 3 in the morning07:15
Lap_TopFlannel Please Guide Me Is This GUI Based07:16
Lap_Topsudo apt-get install vsftpd07:16
tmadsenok, it's nice though ... and if you look at the examples in the back you'll get the hang of it I'm sure07:16
tmadsenwell, ok07:16
Begasusmorning peeps07:16
vsftpdLap_Top, why install me?07:16
Begasuscan anyone tell me how I cn mount a volume with user rights (eg ... I have to use 'sudo mount etc' but I can't look into the folder as a user)07:17
thew00Frogzoo, do you know if firestarter manipulates any other files  besides the iptables?07:17
Waffles385x_, sorry man, i donno07:18
jscinozhey guys, im using an intel a/g/n wireless card, connected to my wrt 350N router, i'm using the iwl4965 driver, but i appear to only be getting 802.11G speeds (54mbit), any ideas what i'm doing wrong?07:18
tmadsenBegasus: http://www.willempen.org/mount-user-permissions/07:18
ganaufs is not supporting the livecd of kernel 22 , before compressing , i checked the aufs ,it is there & getting load with kernel , but if i boot with live cd there is no aufs07:18
x_Waffles385   i install the , command was " sudo apt-get install psi3 "   but after installation i got that : Error: could not open input file input.dat  Segmentation fault (core dumped)07:18
mactimesHello.  How can I check if my display adapter supports xgl?07:18
thew00mactimes, im sure it supports it07:19
x_Waffles385    dosent matter ... u r/was a big help ... thanks :-)07:19
thew00im running it on a 50 dollar laptop07:19
Waffles385i have no idea, segmentation faults aren't fun07:19
Waffles385good luck07:19
thew00and that pretty smoothly07:19
mactimesthew00: Hummm.  I have enabled restricted driver for my display adapter, but cannot enable desktop effects.07:19
thew00had the same problem, dont know what i did, but now it works just fine07:20
Begasuschecking tmadsen07:20
thew00what version are you exactly running?07:20
mactimesthew00: It Gutsy Gibbon.07:20
mactimesthew00: Display adapter is an onboard ATI07:21
mactimesthew00: But there is an ATI display acceleration driver, which I already enabled.07:21
thew00what version of xql?07:21
thew00we're talking about the desktop cube, right?07:22
mactimesthew00: Yup07:22
mactimesthew00: How do I check that?07:22
thew00if u installed i thought u'd know07:23
thew00but hold on07:23
thew00what does it say when ur trying to go to the advanced settings?07:23
mactimesthew00: Nothing.  It just goes.07:23
mactimesthew00: But no cube after exiting and rebooting though.07:23
ubot3I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:24
thew00and how are you accessing it? system --> preferences --> advanced desktop effects ?07:24
mactimesthew00: Yup07:24
mactimesthew00: I installed that from synaptic07:24
ubot3<(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^)>07:24
EarlGreyHey all, please does anybody know how to change icons for some mimetype (i would love to have different ones for OOo files) I can't find that anywhere for over two days ...07:24
mactimesthew00: Could you guide me from the beginning?07:25
MotorCityMadManhello, can konversation be configured to enable ident response from no ident response07:25
thew00hold on07:25
thew00open up a terminal07:25
crshmandoes anyone know why when i click "Partitions on Local Disks" in webmin the process "xfs_db" starts and uses ALL the CPU and basically haults the system until it completes?07:25
thew00type in ccsm07:25
MotorCityMadManusing ubuntu 7.1007:25
thew00and tell me what it says07:25
mactimesthew00: What is ccsm?07:25
mactimesOh, hold on.07:25
mactimesGot ya07:25
thew00its the advanced settings ur trying to access07:25
thew00it should show a bugreport07:25
mactimesSlow down.  I'm not that fast :)07:26
mactimesthew00: Ok, it is open07:26
thew00so it worked ? :P07:26
mactimesthew00: Well, it is open.  Now what?07:26
thew00isnt that what you were trying to do?07:27
mactimesthew00: That windows for configuration opens ok.  The problem is that the cube won't work.07:27
thew00oh, you just gotta set it right07:27
mactimesthew00: I have another computer with NVidia display adapter and it works there.07:27
thew00and google the hotkeys for it07:27
thew00u got the same settings as on ther other computer?07:28
mactimesthew00: Well, I'm not sure.  I just installed it and clicked to enable the cube.  Rebooted already, but the cube won't work or any other effects.07:28
mactimesthew00: I enabled the restricted driver for ATI already.07:29
thew00even if you enabled the options?07:29
derbenjaminmactimes welcome to the club07:29
mactimesthew00: Yup07:29
bazhangzedster: here is the link for the Wii--flv encoding http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48517307:29
mactimesderbenjamin: I can't say I'm happy for that ;P07:29
Lap_Topany one tel me how to install windows based software at ubuntu07:30
derbenjaminme neither ;)07:30
thew00ok, lets try this:07:30
Lap_Topis it possible07:30
thew00open up terminal and type in: compiz --replace07:30
thew00maybe it's not even running07:30
bazhang!ccsm |  mactimes07:30
ubot3mactimes: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion07:30
mactimesthew00: Ok, hold on, I'm doing it.07:30
Waffles385Lap_Top, I wont walk you through it, but check out Wine07:30
mactimesbazhang: Already did that.07:31
bazhangLap_Top: what software? games or other07:31
MotorCityMadManwood this suggest that port tcp 113 needs to be open ?07:31
derbenjaminmactimes what ATI card is it?07:31
Lap_Topbazhang: one software named gigatribe (Ref: www.gigatribe.com)07:32
mactimesthew00: It says: "Checking for xgl: not present. \ No whitelisted driver found"07:32
bazhangLap_Top: what does it do?07:32
thew00hm, then idk, google the errormsg07:32
mactimesderbenjamin: I would have to boot up to windows to see.07:32
derbenjaminfglxrinfo ?07:32
thew00i wish you good luck mactimes07:33
mactimesderbenjamin: Hold on. I'll have to type it.  It is running in another PC.07:33
thew00i have to leave07:33
mactimesthew00: Thanks for the support anyways :)07:33
derbenjaminmaybe this will help you http://www.tjansson.dk/?p=7607:33
thew00yw, atleast i tried :P07:33
mactimesderbenjamin: ATI Radeon Xpress Series07:34
derbenjaminsounds like my problem07:34
derbenjamincompaq desktop pc?07:35
Lap_Topbazhang: Its peer to peer file transfer software who ever use gigatribe07:35
mactimesderbenjamin: Nope.  Home made :P07:35
bazhang!appdb | Lap_Top you can check if #winehq supports it (wine)07:35
ubot3Lap_Top you can check if #winehq supports it (wine): The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org07:35
mactimesderbenjamin: Intel motherboard.07:35
wainii have a big problem with my package-managment system07:36
derbenjaminyeah probably x200 or sth like that07:36
bazhangwaini what is the problem--please be specific07:36
derbenjaminmaybe this one will help http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=583707:36
wainidpkg -P mythweb07:36
wainidpkg: error processing mythweb (--purge):07:36
waini Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should07:36
waini reinstall it before attempting a removal.07:36
Cain_whats a good msn client for linux07:37
mactimesderbenjamin: I'll try it.07:37
derbenjamini played around until i got it running but very slow07:37
bazhangCain_: amsn can do it07:37
tmadsenCain_: pidgin07:37
derbenjaminso i went back to mesa07:37
Begasushmm can't seem to login as su Tm_T07:37
Cain_i cant see someones webcam in kopete :(07:37
Begasussudo works but su not07:37
mactimesderbenjamin: Opening now. I'll try and follow it through07:37
Begasuserr tmadsen *07:37
derbenjaminreport if success :D07:37
Cain_Begasus: sudo su07:37
bazhang!sudo | Begasus07:37
ubot3Begasus: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.07:37
Begasusthat I know07:37
mactimesBegasus: Have you enabled root account?07:38
bazhangBegasus: best never log in as root07:38
Begasusdefault install so nothing fancy yet07:38
wainican anyone help me?07:38
MotorCityMadManmaybe installing oidentd may solve this problem07:38
Begasusloged in as user07:38
mactimesBegasus: I recommend you to take a look at security risks before doing so, but su won't work until you enable root account.07:38
mactimesBegasus: You can use sudo to run administrative tasks and tasks with administrative rights.07:38
bazhangand Begasus logging into root on IRC is madness, frankly07:38
BegasusI k cain's option woked07:38
Begasus'sudo cd' doesn't work07:39
bazhangBegasus: dont need sudo for cd07:39
mactimesBegasus: Just do cd07:39
BegasusI'm almost always loged in IRC07:39
derbenjaminuse sudo su07:39
Begasusno rights to go into the mountpoint07:39
bazhangderbenjamin: bad idea07:40
wainiyou have to use "sudo su" not the "su" to become root07:40
derbenjaminbazhang: why?07:40
derbenjaminanyway what is he trying to do?07:40
wainican anyone help me with my package-system-problem?07:41
bazhangderbenjamin: bad idea to do it; especially bad to recommend that others do it as you have no idea what he is trying to do07:41
bazhangwaini: it says to attempt a reinstall before removing it07:41
derbenjamin<- says sorry and shuts up07:41
Begasusbazhang, going through the page tmadsen showed me earlier07:41
tincantipperhow do i set the default aspect ratio for VLC Media Player to 16:10?07:41
Begasusand need to be root for that07:42
bazhangBegasus: you should sudo and not sudo su07:42
mactimesbazhang: I guess once he's been advised that it can be dangerous, there is no reason for keeping information secret...  This is free/open source, right?07:42
bazhangmactimes not about secret; about giving poor advice07:42
Begasusbeen using linux longer then today so I know that using su isn't a good idea if not needed07:42
mactimesbazhang: Ok, check this out07:43
wainii do not want to reinstall07:43
wainii want to removeit07:43
bazhangwaini reinstall the package not ubuntu07:43
mactimesBegasus: Ok, enabling root account or doing sudo su IS one of the most risky (I mean DEADLY RISKY) things you can do, unless you know VERY VERY well what you're doing.07:44
Begasustrying to set user rights to a mounted volume07:44
mactimesBegasus: Once that has been said, at your own risk, what you asked is:  1st enable root account: sudo passwd root07:45
mactimesBegasus: Go ahead and su. Enjoy it moderately :)07:45
BegasusI apreciate your comments mactimes ... and one can't be told enough to use it with good sense ;)07:46
mactimesBegasus: I would also recommend you DISABLING root account once you're done, like this: sudo passwd root -l07:46
Begasusexit after sudo su also works07:47
Black_MagicCan someone help me with Youtube videos07:47
tincantipperhas anybody here installed Eve Online using Wine?  nobody seems to be home in #winehq07:47
Black_MagicI cant do full screen the lil full screen window07:47
Black_Magiccomes up small..07:47
Black_Magicwhen i try and make it bigger it shows for a sec but if i click or mess with it it goes away.07:47
MidgetSpyHey all, I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 on an ASUS P5E-VM HDMI motherboard. The board has onboard analog (headphone jacks) and digital (coax) on the back. The analog jacks output sound no problem but I can't seem to get the coax to output anything - what can I try to troubleshoot?07:48
tmadsenBegasus: I'm sry but was afk. Instead of switching to su account, can't you just put sudo in front of the chown command?07:48
tmadsenor did you already try that?07:48
bazhangtincantipper: did you check the wine appdb?07:48
Begasusthat works for chown tmadsen  ... not for changing directory07:49
tincantipperbazhang: yes.  it's runnable, but I get an error when I try to install it saying that I have to be an admin to install it07:49
bazhangBlack_Magic: in firefox or downloaded? I use Miro for that07:49
Begasusseems that one needs to set the rights inside the mounted point07:49
bazhangtincantipper: then put sudo in front of the command07:49
tmadsenaha, you've tried it outside the dir with sudo?07:50
Begasusit shouldn't be so hard though ...07:50
Black_Magicbazhang, Firefox if i like click another window while Youtube Fullscreen is there  and it goes away..07:50
tincantipperhang on bazhang, ill try it07:50
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
tmadsenwell, I just never heard of something like that :)07:50
loaHello, if i install my kernel how i can install restrected modules?07:50
bazhangBlack_Magic: well that is true of most full screen videos--moving the mouse or clicking on the screen will cause some reaction07:51
life2atreus C library headers (glibc-devel or build-essential)07:51
life2atreusError: The above Linux package(s) seem to be missing from your system.07:51
life2atreus       Please install them and then try to install OSS again.07:51
life2atreuscant find these packages07:51
tincantipperstill says it, bazhang07:51
bazhanglife2atreus: compiling something? install build-esssential07:51
wainithis was the reinstall07:51
wainibut it do not worked07:52
Black_Magicbazhang, well i cant install anything right now upgrading to Hardy wish there was a way to have two running apt based programs at one time.. or at least the terminal apt-get07:52
life2atreusi think i know the prob when i did the apt-get i added and s at the end of essential07:52
wainiit looks very bad07:53
bazhangBlack_Magic: well just have to wait on the other apt-get to finish07:53
Black_Magicbazhang, they should make a way to use two at a time... your like cut off from the world until it finishes :P07:53
bazhanglife2atreus: that would do it; apt is very picky about correct package names ;]07:53
Black_Magicbazhang, cant even  install a package manually, can you use sources when apt is running?07:54
bazhang!brainstorm | Black_Magic add your idea here ;]07:54
ubot3Black_Magic add your idea here ;]: Post your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!07:54
wainianyone an idea?07:54
adam1979Hey all, I am trying to set up an ubuntu wireless router/dns/dhcp server07:54
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
bazhangloa this is a specially compiled kernel?07:55
adam1979I have almost everything working, I just cannot ping the public interface of my router from the nat'd client machine07:55
loa<bazhang> yes07:55
adam1979Could any one help out?07:55
loa<bazhang> i need ipw3945 from restricted modules.07:56
bazhangwell loa the restricted modules are for the ubuntu kernel, so you would need to compile that module iwl3945 iirc yourself07:56
wainihttp://pastebin.com/m722952da - please help me with my package-system problem07:57
wainii want to remove the mythweb-package - but without success07:57
bazhangwaini what caused the breakage? what did you do?07:59
wainii do not really know07:59
bmzis the laptop mode hdparm bug fixed in 8.04?07:59
wainii only wanted to remove the package07:59
bmzI just did a new install and don't want to kill my hd.08:00
adam1979did you try apt-get remove -f08:00
wainiit the original package from the tree08:00
adam1979or --force-yes08:01
adam1979or clean08:01
bazhangbmz a install of Hardy?08:01
wainiyes - but it says always: dpkg: error processing mythweb (--remove): Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal.08:02
wainibut the reintall did not worked either08:03
bazhangwaini: you did sudo apt-get --remove?08:03
asymptoteanyone know a good channel for the game UrbanTerror08:03
pstvHELP..DVD player is not working08:03
wainiany chance without reinstalling the system?08:04
bazhangpstv hardware issue?08:04
bazhangwaini please answer my question08:04
wainii did apt-get remove -f mythweb08:04
pstvbazhang: not hardware.. my movies are not playing08:04
wainimoment please08:04
bazhangpstv and you have the stuff from medibuntu?08:05
wainii am back08:05
pstvbazhang: yes i did lastnight and it worked but the video quality was poor..so i reinstalled ubuntu OS and try again this time its not working08:06
taksHello there08:06
bazhangpstv physical dvd's iso files or other08:06
asymptote your turn08:06
asymptoteI have a question that still has not been answered08:07
asymptoteand I think its rude of you to interrupt08:07
wainiis that wat you want? - bazhang08:07
pstvbazhang: real dvd movies08:07
jscinozhey guys, im using an intel a/g/n wireless card, connected to my wrt 350N router, i'm using the iwl4965 driver, but i appear to only be getting 802.11G speeds (54mbit), any ideas what i'm doing wrong?08:07
pstvbazhang: from a physical dvd08:07
asymptotejscinoz there are no N drivers for linux as of yet08:08
jscinozdarn :P08:08
taksCan anybody help me,, I want to work in GUI with root previlage08:08
asymptotejscinoz you should check the hardware compatibility list before purchasing equipment08:08
asymptotejscinoz you probably spent money that could have been saved08:08
jscinozasymptote, i dont mind living with G speeds for now, :P08:08
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_skTOKET36B
jscinozasymptote, this card was standard on this laptop08:09
waini@taks: start from terminal or choose as root from submenue08:09
asymptotejscinoz it's that type of thinking that is slowing down networks worldwide08:09
jscinozwhat? the "i dont mind waiting" thinking?08:09
asymptotejscinoz that card may be standard but obviously it did not come with a linux distribution08:09
=== icesword is now known as vsftpd
asymptotejscinoz otherwise the wireless card would be working at N speeds although that is currently impossible08:10
wainiany ideas for my package-problem?08:10
taks@waini,, thanks dear, but I am new to Linux & i want completely to work in GUI enviroment for few day using all the priviliges08:10
jscinozasymptote, yes thats what i mean, the card came standard with the laptop, which game with vista originally, which didn't get booted once before being wiped for ubuntu :P08:10
jscinozasymptote which came*08:11
taks@waini ,, can I logon directly as root08:11
waini@taks: what the hell you want to to?08:11
carreragcc is producing error: No curses/termcap library found08:11
jscinoztaks, not by default, there is a way to enable it give me a minute.08:11
asymptotejscinoz that was a very foolish investment given the cost of Vista - you should have purchased the laptop from a supplier like System7608:11
wainialways work as root is mostly not a good idea08:12
taks@jscinoz,, can you please tell me the way to logon as root08:12
asymptotejscinoz you see, if you purchased the laptop with Vista, then the cost of the operating system is included in the retail price08:12
carreragcc error: No curses/termcap library found. Which package do I need to install? Thanks08:12
jscinozAsymptote, s76 doesnt ship to australia, and theres a nice trick with windows you can do, format your HDD, mail microsoft the disk and state you decline the EULA, they refund you08:12
asymptoteyou cannot log in as root08:12
asymptoteon that distribution08:12
taks@waini ,, ok thanks08:12
bazhangsudo apt-get -f install waini what about that command?08:12
tmadsencarrera: sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev?08:12
asymptoteyou need authorization from a gpg key that must be submitted in writing to the local office08:12
carrerathanks tmadsen!08:12
jscinoztaks, one moment i'm trying to find the thread about it08:13
carreratmadsen, which functions does the curses lib provide again?08:13
tmadsencarrera: I don't know if it'll work, but you're welcome anyway :)08:13
waini@bazhang: worked!08:13
tmadsencarrera: I have no idea08:13
carreratmadsen, :)08:13
carrerai'll look it bup08:13
taks@jscinoz, take your time I am here08:13
asymptotetaks don't even bother08:14
bazhangsudo apt-get remove packageA -f waini or just a regular remove08:14
asymptotetaks you cannot log in as root08:14
jscinoztaks see if this helps http://www.ducea.com/2006/06/21/ubuntu-how-to-enable-the-root-account/08:14
jscinoztaks it is outdated, no idea if it works now08:14
bazhangtaks you never want to log in as root; doubly bad is in IRC ;]08:14
asymptoteroxygir2 did you see the Sens lose tonight08:14
taks@jscinoz,, thanks dear, I will follow the link08:15
jscinoztaks, i'd recommend you avoid running your desktop environment as root08:15
asymptoteroxygir2 Bruins won 4-108:15
taks@jscinoz, why wats the problem running directly as root08:15
jscinoztaks, huge security vulnurability, tell me why you need to do it anyways?08:15
bmzyep, hardy08:15
bazhangtaks may as well run ##windows as insecure as that is ;]08:16
jscinoztaks,you could just add gksu/sudo in front of any command you want to run08:16
bazhang#ubuntu+1 bmz08:16
lancerockeHi all. Is there a window for me to vew my processes? "killall xfwm4" so im thinking it might be another version i have installed so i want a list of my processes08:17
jscinoztaks, why do you want to run your entire session as root?08:17
taksWell right now I am in class VII , I have worked with windows, now i m switching to Linux, and whenever I want to install anything new it ask for root password,08:17
asymptotedoes anyone here play UrbanTerror08:17
bazhanglancerocke: in terminal type top08:17
bazhangtaks not root but sudo08:18
glickhey where can i see a list of new features that will be in hardy hering?08:18
taks@jscinoz, ok sudo command08:18
lancerockebazhang: i dont see anything in the list that remotely even says xfce08:18
bazhangglick #ubuntu+108:18
jscinozasymptote, yes i'm the maintainer of it in debian08:18
jscinozwell trying to at least, its sitting on mentors waiting for a sponser :P08:18
lancerockebazhang: wait.... i saw xfce-session for a second then it went away08:18
jscinoztaks, if its a graphical program use gksu instead08:19
jscinoztaks, sudo is if you are running a terminal program08:19
taks@jscinoz,, ok gksu , I will try this,08:19
jscinoztaks, you shouldnt need to type your password that often, it remembers it for 15mins (or less, not sure)08:20
lancerockebazhang: im trying to follow this tutorial http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox and when i type killall xfwm4 it says danny@danny-desktop:~$ killall xfwm408:20
lancerockexfwm4: no process killed08:20
taks@jscinoz, so it means that , once I use sudo command i can work for default timeout of the password08:21
slackerHi everyone08:21
jscinoztaks, the reason you have to use sudo/gksu to run something as root means that something can't royally bork your system (to the point it fails to boot) without you specifically giving it root. If you ran your session as root it'd be like windows where you are administrator by default (and thus why viruses propgate so easily and do so much damage)08:21
lancerockeCan anyone help me?08:21
jscinoztaks, yes, you still need sudo before each command, but it shouldnt ask for password again if its only a short time after the last sudo use08:21
jscinoztaks, the same applies for gksu08:21
glickhmm everyone in ubuntu+1 seems asleep08:22
taks@jscinoz, thank bro, got a good help from you. thanks for your patients08:22
vsftpdhow to translate in that traslation project08:22
bazhangglick it will pick up later08:22
glickspeaking sleep08:22
slackerI've set up printing via lpr and recently I'm getting extra summary pages printed after each job listing user,host,class,job. Does anyone know where they come from?08:22
asymptoteit's patience08:22
glicki should probably go to bed too08:22
asymptotenot patients08:23
jscinoztaks, not a problem :)08:23
asymptoteyou aren't in a doctor's office08:23
jscinozasymptote, don't be harsh, english may not be taks' first language.08:23
vsftpdbazhang, how to translate in that translation project08:23
lancerockeI need help. im trying to follow this tutorial http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox and when i type killall xfwm4 it says danny@danny-desktop:~$ killall xfwm408:23
lancerocke xfwm4: no process killed08:23
bazhangvsftpd: which project?08:23
asymptotejscinoz don't tell me what to do08:23
jscinoztaks, email me at jscinoz@gmail.com if you need further help.08:23
legend2440glick: http://www.techthrob.com/tech/hardyalpha4.php08:23
jscinozasymptote, sorry :P08:23
asymptotejscinoz you don't know what his first lanaguage is08:23
taks@jscinoz yes08:23
bazhangasymptote: ease up08:24
glickthanks legend244008:24
asymptotejscinoz, for all you know taks could be al kaida08:24
jscinozasymptote, alright, sorry for making that assumption.08:24
vsftpdbazhang, translation ,https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+lang/zh_CN08:24
* jscinoz holds his head in his hands.08:24
asymptoteso jscinoz you said you maintain the game urbanteror08:24
=== solidLiq is now known as solid_liq
jscinozyes, it's currently waiting for sponsership in debian08:24
bazhangasymptote: name-calling is out of bounds here08:24
jscinozi was aiming for hardy but missed the feature freeze, so if i get it in debian it'll be in Ubuntu intrepid by default08:25
asymptotejscinoz, i'm having an issue w/ the game08:25
jscinozasymptote, what seems to be the problem?08:25
asymptotejscinoz, i downloaded the zip file and made the .i386 file executable and ran it08:25
bazhangvsftpd: do they have some contacts listed? you might want to talk to them08:25
asymptotejscinoz, however the graphics are messed up08:25
vsftpdbazhang, ohh,i am sorry08:26
asymptotejscinoz, there are a bunch of polygons - trianlges and boxes08:26
asymptotejscinoz, it's difficult to describe08:26
jscinozasymptote, i assume you have your proper graphic card drivers?08:26
Nubaehey anyone know if firefox-3.0 is beta 3 or 4 in the gutsy repos?08:26
asymptotejscinoz, I am using a ThinkPad T60 which has an ATI x1300 video card and I have the restricted drivers installed08:26
snewphigh-freq, is it possible to exclude openoffice's appearance to the gtk them that i'll be using ?08:26
bazhangNubae: a quick peek in synaptic will tell you ;]08:26
asymptotejscinoz, so I believe that is taken care of08:27
asymptotehey jscinoz I was kidding about the N-drivers before08:27
jscinozasymptote, what colour depth are you using in game, and what colour depth is your desktop08:27
NubaeI'm on a terminal, have to update, etc, I hoped someone would just know08:27
asymptotejscinoz, is colour depth the same as resolution ?08:27
slackerok, solved. thanks ;)08:28
asymptotejscinoz, I've been messaging you using /m jscinoz - did you get any private messages from me ?08:28
jscinozasymptote nope not getting any from you >_<08:28
asymptotejscinoz, I've been messaging you about the moderator08:28
asymptotejscinoz, ok, I don't know IRC all that well so ok08:28
jscinoztry /msg jscinoz message08:28
jscinozinstead of /m08:28
RelaedHello !08:29
asymptotejscinoz, I just msgs youd08:29
dgjonesNubae, firefox 3.0 beta 3 is in gutsy backports08:29
jscinozasymptote nothing >_<, add me on msn jscinoz@gmail.com or xmpp jscinoz@gmail.com or yahoo jscinoz or aim jscinoz08:29
RelaedI have just encountered a problem that both my speaker and headset letting out sound right now.08:30
dgjonesNubae, http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy-backports/firefox-3.008:30
asymptotejscinoz, it appears that I'm not a registered user so I can't pm08:30
RelaedAnybody have an idea ?08:30
Nubaebeta 4 is just out, fixes some issues, was hoping it had been update08:30
dgjones!register | Relaed08:30
ubot3Relaed: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.08:30
jscinozasymptote /msg nickserv register password email08:30
asymptotejscinoz, i'll add you to my gmail08:30
bazhangasymptote:  jscinoz you can make a channel #helpasymptote and chat there08:30
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_maniacSU2g
asymptotebazhang, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING08:30
cpk1question: does ubuntu come with hdd hotswapping?08:30
asymptotebazhang, YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE08:30
bazhangasymptote: instead of private messaging--take it easy there fella08:31
jscinozasymptote, type /join #helpasymptote  just so other people dont need to read, gets chaotic with 1174 people in here :P08:31
asymptotejscinoz, I'm studying for a database test but I'll add you to my gmail and msg you sometime08:32
RelaedAnyone know why my speaker and headset are both letting out sound at the same time ?08:32
carreratmadsen, libncurses5 wasn't the problem, my system was actually missing libncurses5-dev08:32
jscinozalright sure, also if you are interested, latest builds of my urbanterror packages can be gotten off a torrent i'm running magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LAO5G3HZE353DQS5WVO7LDFM2HAKLNRU08:32
* sap is back (gone 02:03:38)08:32
bazhangnice thanks jscinoz08:32
jscinozthat torrent is DHT only, so if your client doesnt have DHT then you wont be able to download it :(08:33
bazhangcpk1: like ntfs drives? should do08:34
alanbshepard70I'm trying to catalog the file names on a few data DVDs I have and the LS command works great for it but I'm having some trouble. Sometimes when I insert the DVD the OS doesn't cache the whole file structure of the disc and so LS provides an incomplete file list. Is there a way to force a full read and catalog?08:34
jscinozwell i'm off to dinner, should be back in 30mins or so, asymptote send me an email or add me on one of the IM platforms i said above and i can help you :)08:34
Nubaeanyway, thanks08:34
RelaedAnyone know why my speaker and headset are both letting out sound at the same time ?08:34
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
cpk1bazhang: like I have a hard drive that I just unmounted and want to physically unplug it from my computer while it is still running (this is an ide drive)08:35
bazhangcpk1: be sure to safely remove it ;]08:35
Lap_TopFlannel are uthere08:35
alanbshepard70Relaed: it's probably due to a faulty switch. I'm having the same problem and it's because my headset jack doesn't disconnect the rear jack as it's supposed to.08:35
alanbshepard70Relaed: If you know how to solder you can simply buy a new switch and swap out the two.08:36
Relaedalanbsheppard70, isn't it a software problem ? It was ok like moments ago, and I have never enountered such problem before.08:37
FFEMTcJMy computer has rebooted it's self twice (last night and the night before) while I was alseep. I can't think of any reason why it would. Is there somewhere that I can look that might tell me why it's rebooting itself?08:37
alanbshepard70Relaed: Make sure the headset plug hasn't slipped out ever so slightly08:37
legend2440are the updates from pre-released updates (gutsy proposed) ok to use or can there be problems with them?08:37
bazhangFFEMTcJ: how much ram you have? any process running?08:37
alanbshepard70Relaed: push on the jack and see if that fixes it. I've never in my life seen a headset and line out jack switched by software on a home computer.08:38
FFEMTcJbazhang: 2gb.. I'm sure I do but I don't know what.. I just started using Ubuntu last week.. Were can I look to see about processes?08:38
bazhanglegend2440: like from backports or where? what packages are you referring to?08:38
Relaedalanbsheppard70, OK, thanks08:39
bazhangFFEMTcJ: that would be top in the terminal08:39
asymptotedoes anyone know a channel for battle.net08:39
thejamjam_vais installer autre chose parsqu'apperament Xchat ca tourne pas terrible08:39
asymptoteor the irc server08:39
thejamjam_une idée ?08:39
Lap_Topbazhang: please tel me how to use gigatribe to connect my gigatribe friends08:39
dgjones!fr | thejamjam_08:39
ubot3thejamjam_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.08:39
bazhangasymptote: you need a list of channels?08:39
alanbshepard70asymptote: have you tried google?08:39
asymptotealanbshepard70, watch it08:40
bazhang!irc | asymptote08:40
ubot3asymptote: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:40
asymptotebazhang, i was just wondering if there was a way to connect to battle.net IRC servers08:40
FFEMTcJbazhang: there are processes running. It's showing 704000k mem used and 16652k of swap08:40
bazhangasymptote: sure just add them to your irc client08:40
asymptotebazhang, I really don't appreciate your berating remarks08:41
legend2440bazhang: in synaptic>settings>repositories>updates id i check box for pre-released updates and reload a bunch of upgrades show up. are those upgrades ok to use?08:41
loaFFEMTcJ, you have UPS?08:41
Relaedalanbsheppard70, it's not fixing it08:41
FFEMTcJloa: yes. power hasnt been out either.. I walked away this time for about 30 minutes..08:41
lancerockeIm trying to run OpenBox and im getting the error message "Openbox-Message: A window manager is already running on screen 008:42
lancerocke" Can anyone help me please?08:42
=== lipsin is now known as lipsinOffline
bazhanglancerocke: did you choose openbox from session in the login window?08:42
lancerockebazhang: no because I want to run openbox/xfce and im following this tutorial http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox08:43
bazhanglegend2440: ok to use? likely okay but again if this is a backport or such there is some risk imo08:43
alanbshepard70Relaed: try pulling the plug and re-inserting. Are you using a stereo plug in a stereo jack? (<--- Silly ? but sometimes little things cause probs)08:43
legend2440bazhang:  ok ty08:43
lancerockebazhang: there is currently no xfce/openbox option08:43
FFEMTcJbazhang: or loa any other thoughs?08:43
lancerockebazhang: can u help me?08:44
Relaedalanbsheppard70, I am switching to windows to confirm that it is a hardware problem. If is, I gotta go and fix it...08:44
bazhanglancerocke: aha a custom type job? sounds fun--never tried it so really no idea how that would work--let me check the link08:44
RelaedThanks for helping me08:44
alanbshepard70Relaed: You're welcome.08:44
lancerockebazhang: thank u so very much08:44
loa<FFEMTcJ> check out logs.08:45
FFEMTcJloa: which ones/where.. I'm sorry, but like I said, I'm really new to ubuntu/linux08:45
dgjonesRelaed, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/speakers-and-headphone-both-play-together-592807/ there's supposed to be a setting for Headphone Jack Sense, that may solve it08:46
bazhanglancerocke: did you try that with a sudo in front of it?08:46
loaFFEMTcJ, vim /var/log/messages08:47
dgjonesah, never mind, they've disconnected08:47
lancerockesudo killall?08:47
bazhanglancerocke: aye08:47
lancerockebazhange: /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml08:47
lancerockebazhang: danny@danny-desktop:~$ sudo killall xfwm408:47
lancerocke[sudo] password for danny:08:47
lancerockexfwm4: no process killed08:47
ameznaricive installed a new graphics card and now the screen is all garbled... how can i run gnome in low graphics mode08:48
FFEMTcJloa: All it has is a bunch of things that say -- MARK --08:49
bazhanglancerocke: is that the name of the process?08:49
dgjones!fixres | ameznaric08:49
ubot3ameznaric: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto08:49
bazhangameznaric: what card and waht driver and how installed please08:49
lancerockebazhang: i dont know if its the name of the process because im just following the  tutorial. How do I find out what window manager is running and shut it off?08:50
ameznaricati 8100... so far it worked on the default driver, so i downloaded the updated driver from ati...08:50
ameznaricsfter restarting, gnome said it cant start the driver08:50
lancerockebazhang: so i can run openbox08:50
ameznaricand that it will use the low graphics mode08:50
ameznaricso it was ok, but 256 colors08:50
bazhanglancerocke: aye; I see the tutorial let me check something08:51
ameznaricafter a few more attempts, it accepted the graphics card08:51
ameznaricbut the screen is garbled08:51
ameznaricso id like to reset it back08:51
ameznaricor at least start it in low graphics mode08:51
lancerockebazhang: ok08:51
ameznaricso my question is just how to start gnome in low graphcs mode08:52
ameznaricor x...08:52
RelaedFinally it turned out to be a software-hardware problem08:54
bazhangkillall xfdesktop what about that lancerocke08:54
Relaedheadphone and speaker output are separate on this chipset...08:54
lancerockek brb08:54
ArthurArchnixameznaric: Why did gnome say it can't start the driver? Switch to antoher terminal, like Ctrl+Alt+F1 and do: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf  and make sure the correct driver is listed.08:54
FFEMTcJloa: any thoughts on that?08:54
lancerockebazhang: danny@danny-desktop:~$ killall xfdesktop08:55
ArthurArchnixameznaric: If it is, you can try replacing it with the old driver name08:55
lancerockebazhang: danny@danny-desktop:~$ killall xfdesktop08:55
lancerockedanny@danny-desktop:~$ openbox08:55
lancerockeOpenbox-Message: A window manager is already running on screen 008:55
bazhanglancerocke: then openbox & exit08:55
_[Shadow_Angel]_Âñåì ïðèâåä08:55
ArthurArchnixameznaric: But first, find what driver is list, let's say it's called ATI, switch to yet another terminal Ctrl+Alt+F2 and type: sudo modprobe ATI  or whatever the name of the driver is. Do this only if you haven't restarted your computer since installing the new driver08:56
bazhanglancerocke: I have to head out for a bit; certainly the other fine folks here can help you (when they wake up ;] ) I will try to help later if you need08:56
=== Verichip__ is now known as Verichip
lancerockebazhang: ok08:57
mika__hi there08:57
bazhanglancerocke: I saw this link for you info: http://www.osnews.com/story/18248/Openbox_Window_Manager_Grows_up08:57
alanbshepard70Relaed:  Haven't seen that before, Did the problem occur within windows also? It it occurred in both OSes it may still be hardware, even if the outs are separate something tells the PC to switch the active port and that part may be broken, it does seem unlikely that it just happened out of no where though.08:57
loaFFEMTcJ, try to install last kernel and use tests for hardware08:57
mika__any ideas howI can get sound working on gutsy08:58
mika__soundcard is SigmaTel STAC9271D08:58
lancerockeis there anyone that cna help me kill my current (unknown) window manager so i can run openbox using this tutorial? http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox I dont want to logout and login to openbox using the session manager because it has to be XFCE/OpenBox08:58
FFEMTcJloa: I'm sorry, once again, your gonna have to explain how to do that08:58
loaFFEMTcJ, for example try to gzip your films with best quality08:58
Relaedalanbshpepard70, it's a problem that headphone doesn't mute speakers for their output are seperate on the chipset.08:59
mika__I went through some guides I found from net (eg installing latest alsa drivers)08:59
mika__but no luck08:59
Relaedalanbshpepard70, I am on a Samsung Q45 so and this problem is only with Linux, it's ok in vista08:59
kr0nushi, I'm having problems trying to bring up the java console09:01
dgjonesRelaed, I posted this earlier, but you'd just gone off line09:01
dgjonesRelaed, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/speakers-and-headphone-both-play-together-592807/ there's supposed to be a setting for Headphone Jack Sense, that may solve it09:01
kr0nusfrom the Java control panel, I hit advanced, expand console, check 'show console', apply, ok09:01
kr0nusbut when I load applets, console still doesn't come up09:01
alanbshepard70Relaed: I'm better with hardware, dgjones seems to know what's up.09:01
Relaeddgjones, thank you for your information in time !09:01
quakkyHey guys, i am trying to install the nvidia drivers for ubuntu that i downloaded from nvidia's website, but asks me to log in as root ...what's the solution to that?09:02
dgjonesalanbshepard70, Relaed, I don't know if its the answer, I'm not on ubuntu at the minute, I've just seen that suggested as an answer in similar cases of sound coming out of both headphone and speakers09:02
Relaedalanbshepard70, yeah, I will never buy Korean stuff again if it were a hardware problem, lol09:02
FFEMTcJquakky: from the terminal $ sudo09:03
bosanacHello people i'm running linux ubuntu 7.10 and i want to config my video and have some program like " movie maker " for Linux ubuntu 7.10 ? can somebody help me PLEASE ?09:03
lancerockeis there anyone that cna help me kill my current (unknown) window manager so i can run openbox using this tutorial? http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox I dont want to logout and login to openbox using the session manager because it has to be XFCE/OpenBox09:03
quakkyk let me try09:03
Relaeddgjones, Reading the post.09:03
ArthurArchnixRelaed: I had the same problem on my HP notebook. I have an intel card and the secret was adding an option for my card in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base09:04
ArthurArchnixRelaed: Take the make and model of your sound card, and use that to search the forums to see what kind of option you need to add to that file.09:04
ArthurArchnixbosanac: I've never used it, but heard good things about cinerella09:05
bosanachow to install it?09:05
quakkyumm how do i close X-server?09:05
RelaedArthurArchnix, I see, I don't know if the following pages are useful to me or not: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/13681009:05
ubot3Malone bug 136810 in linux-source-2.6.22 "snd-hda-intel - Lenovo N100, headphones does not mute speakers" [Medium,Triaged]09:05
mika__bosanac ... try avidemux, virtualdub ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_editing_software09:06
=== jono is now known as xoRock
lancerockeis there anyone that cna help me kill my current (unknown) window manager so i can run openbox using this tutorial? http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox I dont want to logout and login to openbox using the session manager because it has to be XFCE/OpenBox09:07
=== xoRock is now known as jono
ArthurArchnixRelaed:  what's your sound card?09:08
RelaedArthurArchnix, wait a sec. I am checking.09:08
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: What goes wrong when you type killall xfwm409:08
=== jono is now known as mahkmud
sCOTTohey guys - i need some help - i have played around in my new ubuntu install TOO much - as a result my filesharing is screwed - i cant browse other machines which are windows machines on the network or browse my ubuntu machine FROM the linux machines... can someone help me restore my network setup all the way back to the original settings? I wouldnt ask unless i had spent some time trying to figure it out myself09:09
=== mahkmud is now known as xoRock
bullgard4sCOTTo: I would advise that you report an error message that you encountered when you tired to restore your system yourself.09:10
osfameronsCOTTo: your filesharing worked before?!09:10
osfameronI've never really got samba filesharing to do anything much useful at all on my ubuntu installs09:11
sCOTToosfameron: to a degree yes - i could browse other machines on my network before...09:11
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: you can run  "ps -e " and the "kill -9 <PID of prosses you want to kill>"09:11
LSD|Ninjaosfameron: define 'useful'09:11
sCOTTobullgard4: i dont know HOW to restore the system09:11
RelaedArthurArchnix, Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller09:13
mmmiiikkkeeeyea I had  a lot of trouble with samba also...09:13
RelaedArthurArchnix, that's my audio device.09:13
* sCOTTo liked this article.... http://potchery.blogspot.com/09:13
LSD|NinjaThe big problem with samba on Ubuntu is that it doesn't share your ~ by default and that you have to manually smbpasswd -a your account09:14
bullgard4sCOTTo: If it is that bad then I advise that you save your /home directory's contents and set up Ubuntu anew.09:14
ArthurArchnixhmm... well, I've got an ICH7, so this may not work for you. The good news is if it doesn't work it simply doesn't work. It's easy to revert changes.09:14
sCOTTobullgard4: I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW I GOT about RESETTING THE NETWORK CONFIG TO THE ORIGINAL STATE - IS there a program that can help me / GUI :) ??09:14
lancerockeoh sorry09:14
lancerockei was afk09:14
lancerockeArthurArchnix: danny@danny-desktop:~/Desktop/openbox-$ killall xfwm409:15
lancerockexfwm4: no process killed09:15
ArthurArchnixRelaed: gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base09:15
bullgard4sCOTTo: Did you use the network manager before?09:15
heym1can I use gtkrc to use different iconsets for certain application? e.g. evolution use tango and thunar use mac09:15
sCOTTohmmmnot sure i dont think so09:15
ArthurArchnixRelaed: Add this at the bottom:  options snd-hda-intel model=laptop09:15
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: what do you mean.09:15
ArthurArchnixRelaed: Save, reboot, cross fingers09:15
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: thank you for ur response09:15
lancerockeArthurArchnix: Thank you for your response09:16
bullgard4sCOTTo: Dis you use Synaptic before?09:16
RelaedArthurArchnix, rebooting... thanks09:16
ArthurArchnixRelaed: It should be possible to restart the sound without rebooting, but I've never shined to it.09:16
bullgard4sCOTTo: Did you use Synaptic before?09:16
sCOTTobullgard4: yu09:16
=== Jettis_ is now known as Jettis
lancerockeArthurArchnix: It say that xfwm4: no process killed09:16
sou1Hello, I just reformatted using a new version of guty's cd; however i can not get my compiz preferences updated... i dont have the preferences options under apperance.. what do i need to do?09:17
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: what does ps | grep xfwm show?09:17
sCOTTobullgard4: yes network manager is on my system09:17
sCOTToi dont know if i used it09:17
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: I mean first you run "ps -e" to find the PID(the left most number) of the program you want to kill09:17
lancerockeArthurArchnix: Nothing - danny@danny-desktop:~/Desktop/openbox-$ ps | grep xfwm09:17
ArthurArchnixare you sure its running then? Why not just move on to step two09:18
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: the "kill -9 <PID>" to kill the program09:18
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: you want to kill a program right?09:18
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: yes09:19
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: whatever window manager is running - http://pastebin.com/m7251dd4209:19
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: If you followed the directions you pasted, it would have killed your WM then replaced it with openbox. Have you checked to see if openbox is already running?09:19
bullgard4sCOTTo: You could try to de-install network manager and then re-install Network Manager. If after reinstalling Network Manager you network access is still broken, then you will see error messages in either a Gnome terminal or in dmesg. Please report these error messages here.09:19
lancerockeArthurArchnix: I i dont know how to do that09:19
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: compiz is your window manager09:20
sCOTTobullgard4: how do i uninstall networ manager09:20
ArthurArchnixreplace xfwm4 with compiz09:20
sou1 Hello, I just reformatted using a new version of guty's cd; however i can not get my compiz preferences updated... i dont have the preferences options under apperance.. what do i need to do?09:20
lancerockeArthurArchnix: so i cant run compiz with openbox?09:20
ArthurArchnixcompiz is a window manager. openbox is a window manager.09:20
bullgard4sCOTTo: Look it up in Synaptic.09:20
heym1can I use gtkrc to use different iconsets for certain application? e.g. evolution use tango and thunar use mac iconset. will include work?09:21
RelaedArthurArchnix, it didn't work.09:21
ArthurArchnixRelaed: Bummer. You remember that bug report lnk you pasted09:21
sCOTTobullgard4: do i do a REINSTALL or uninstall and then reinstall ?09:21
RelaedArthurArchnix, yes09:21
ArthurArchnixRelaed: If you scroll down you'll see what options other people have tried. Try those as well. Even though they didn't work for them, they might work for you. This is where knowing what command restarts alsa is useful, since without that command restarts are required after each change to alsa-base09:22
heym1any ideas?09:22
lancerockeArthurArchnix: ok i did killall compiz ; openbox & exit and now - http://pastebin.com/m48206aa009:22
RelaedArthurArchnix, thanks for helping me, and it's time for dinner now. Have a nice day.09:23
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: ok i did killall compiz ; openbox & exit and now - http://pastebin.com/m48206aa009:23
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: Well, I don't see compiz, but I don't see openbox either. You desktop must look messed up.09:23
RelaedArthurArchnix, I'll keep on looking for the solution.09:24
lancerockeArthurArchnix: my desktop looks normal09:24
bullgard4sCOTTo: i.) Look up 'network-manager' in Synaptic. ii.) Highlight it. iii.) Click on it. iv.) Choose: "Fully remove" After you fully removed it: v.) Install network-manager.09:24
life2atreusi fixed my sound prob!!!!09:24
ArthurArchnixIs there a border around your irc client?09:24
lancerockeArthurArchnix: might emerald be my window manager?09:25
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: Dunno, anyway know the instructions say "Now you must log out and log back in. When you go to log out, make sure you check the box that says "Save session for future login" or something like that. When you log back in, XFCE will use Openbox."09:25
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: if you kill 'X' it shoudl kill what ever window manager you are running also..: "kill -9 26150", but i think killing gdm should also work; do you want to kill just the window manager or all of 'X'09:26
ArthurArchnixmmmiiikkkeee: This is what he's doing http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox09:26
heym1can I use gtkrc to use different iconsets for certain application? e.g. evolution use tango and thunar use mac iconset. will include work?09:26
quakkyguys when i try to run the nvidia driver installer, it complaing about me not having libs or something...or not finding a kernal09:26
quakkyanyone know why?09:26
helohalohi! sos! can I install ubuntu onto an already existing linux install? (different distro)09:27
helohalowithout loss of data09:27
lancerockemmmiiikkkeee: i just want to kill the window manager09:27
helohaloso only /bin, etc binaries get replaced, but not all data erased09:27
SupaFlyanyone got any links to security for lamp servers for ubuntu, because i cant really find anything relevant, all the tutorials i find are talking about settings which stragely i dont have09:28
ArthurArchnixlancerocke: Why are you still here? You did step one of the instructions and it seemed to work. Now do step two. Log out, save session for future login. Log back in. We'll still be here09:28
lancerockeArthurArchnix: ok brb09:28
heym1dual iconsets? howto?09:28
mmmiiikkkeeelancerocke: what was wrong with "killall compiz ; openbox & "09:28
heym1I'm waiting and asking my q every 10 minutes it seems...09:29
heym1: /09:29
ArthurArchnixSupaFly: Look for debian docs on the subject. They're probably better and 99% of them will be applicable to Ubuntu. You'll just have to adapt them with sudo instead of su and stuff. Also look up bastille09:29
DCPany 1 help me with audio problem  i have a via 8235 / ac97 set up the audio crackles09:29
SupaFlyoh ok, tyvm09:29
ArthurArchnixSupaFly: Also, google: CIS Debian Benchmarl09:29
amanjwhat belry in the ubuntu09:32
christopherAnyone here familiar with make files and could assist me with a compile crash?09:34
mmmiiikkkeeeany on know of good client for kazza network(fast track) I have tried apollon and K/mldonkey and  I can't get either to work.  I gt mldonkey to connect but could not search any thing09:34
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ cat /proc/bus/input/devices " output includes 2 lines: 'N: Name="Power Button (FF)"' and 'N: Name="Sleep Button (CM)"'. What does 'CM' stand for?09:37
csabai have a widescreen monitor and the fonts are UGLY... its probably because of the graphics card... but there is no driver for the card09:39
csabais there a way to fix this?09:39
csabaon normal monitors the fotns are ok09:40
Linux_FresherHello, I downloaded a file called Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2    .. this is supposed to be a theme file,  as per the instructions, i went to System--> Preferences --> Appearance --> Install --> desktop file Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2  .. but it says installation failed  :( .. so what am i doing wrong?09:40
techt0nixHi i have gotten a new video card its a nvidia geforce 5500 and i can not boot ubuntu up with it, im on ubuntu right now but im on a onboard video card anyone got any ideas?09:40
csababut on on 1280x768 resolution the fonts just look wrong09:40
christopherSo Im trying to install Libc6-dev and its telling me I am missing dependancy of Libc6 so I download this and it tells me I have a newer version???09:41
pluxLinux_Fresher: double klick on it, and it should unpack. Then try to use the unpacked file.09:41
Linux_Fresherplux:  i pulled a folder out of that called Ubuntoon .. now that has multiple sub folders, so after clicking Install, if i show it the extracted folder, it keeps going inside the folder tree ..09:42
pluxLinux_Fresher: then I have no idea atm.09:42
Linux_Fresherplux:  umm .. i will give u the weblink .. there is some stuff there which may further clarify my Q09:43
techt0nixso can anyone help me with my video card?09:43
whochismoi have a problem. One particular SD card doesn't mounts in Ubuntu since today, and I don't know why09:43
mmmiiikkkeeewhochismo: other sd cards mount though?09:45
jimtheodorehenryHey guys. I'm trying to play a folder which has a DVD in it, in Kaffeine over Samba. I'm executing Kaffeine with the command: kaffeine "dvd://smb://zuccon-xp/Mikey-Stuff/movies/10th &wolf" and I keep getting the error "The source cannot be read. Maybe you don't have enough rights..." Is this the correct command to use to play a DVD over the SMB protocol?09:45
Linux_Fresherplux:  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNUtoon%2BUbuntoon?content=7020609:45
* sCOTTo is back with NO sucess09:45
Linux_Fresherplux:  i really want it coz it will look so good with wobbly windows09:46
techt0nixHi i have gotten a new video card its a nvidia geforce 5500 and i can not boot ubuntu up with it, im on ubuntu right now but im on a onboard video card anyone got any ideas09:46
sCOTTobullgard4: you still round?09:46
bullgard4sCOTTo: yes.09:46
quakkyGuys, I broke something..Im running on basic graphic drivers..what can i do to fix things?09:47
sCOTTobullgard4: ok i have rebooted even - and nothing is working at all again! can i tell you my topology in case i might have done the wrong thing ?09:47
bullgard4sCOTTo: Yes, go ahead. May be I can help you a bit.09:48
kalkanhello can anyone tell me why is firefox  slow on ubuntu?09:48
sureshothey how do i edit apache conf file?09:48
sureshoti try this sudo vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf09:48
Linux_Fresherquakky:  there is some sudo command to make x re scan your hard ware .. if u know that command run it, it worked for me after i installed restricted nvidia drivers, when everything went back to 640x480 on restart .. got fixed after i ran that command09:48
sureshotand this Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf09:49
christophercan I change the name of my interface from eth1 to wifi0?09:49
zod_how do i resume an torrent in the native ubuntu torrent downloader??? plz help09:49
sureshotbut the saves isnt made?09:49
quakkyLinux_Fresher: Do u remember that command ?09:49
Linux_Fresherquakky:  aww .. no sorry , i am very new to linux09:49
quakkyLinux_Fresher: cuz I have no idea ...i am new too lol09:49
Linux_Fresherquakky:  but its surely there on forum09:49
Linux_Fresherquakky:  but i guess wait for an hour or so .. very pro and very helpful people come in this channel09:50
sureshotquakky : im new too, how can i edit a file09:50
quakkyLinux_Fresher: 800X600 on 24" is freaking big09:50
Sinisteris there a mirror in gimp ?09:50
quakkyLinux_Fresher: so i hope i find a solution09:51
Linux_Fresherquakky:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-how-to-reconfigure-x-windows-system-xorg-server/   -->  FIRST JUST READ IT .. dont run the command unless someone is guiding u through in this channel09:51
sCOTTobullgard4: Ok - to start with - I have three computers running (faithtop is a dell notebook with ubuntu and wireless connection to a netgear dg834g)(kristop  is a laptop with windows xp home which is hard wired)(server - which is a new install of windows 2003 - hardwired) i want to have a share on the server that both laptops can access... but the windows machnes can see each other - the linux box is VISIBLE from both but not accessible fro09:51
sCOTTom both - same goes - the ubuntu box can SEE the others but not access them...09:51
pcormackhello all09:51
* sCOTTo thinks that ANY help he gets is good...09:51
sureshotohh how do i save after have edit a file in terminal?09:51
Linux_Fresherquakky:  do u know how to install themes in ubuntu ?09:52
sureshoti quit and i have a swap-filw and the original isnt saved09:52
Linux_Fresherquakky:  trying to figure out myself lol09:52
pcormacksureshot how are you editing the file? vi vim nano pico???09:52
techt0nixLinux_fresher in terminal type sudo apt-get install kde09:52
sureshotpcormack: i type sudo vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf09:53
chrisslahi there09:53
quakkyLinux_Fresher: no idea ..Ive been on ubuntu for..oh about 1 hour09:53
bullgard4sCOTTo: How did you test to SEE and did you test to ACCESS?09:53
pcormackto save a file in vi press "Esc :wq"09:53
chrisslacan anyone tell me howto update from an earliert version to the new one09:53
techt0nixi have gotten a new video card its a nvidia geforce 5500 and i can not boot ubuntu up with it, im on ubuntu right now but im on a onboard video card anyone got any ideas?09:53
chrisslado i only have to change the sources.list09:53
Linux_Fresherquakky:  my 3rd hour i think in total .. btw check out compfiz .. it really looks good .. ofcourse do it after your gfx card starts working09:53
chrisslato the newest version?09:53
sureshotpcormac: what does vi do? i write Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf in the file but when i close it its not saved09:53
Linux_Freshertecht0nix: doing as you say .. will let u know as soon as it finishes09:54
sCOTTobullgard4: i tried them through network from the menu... *feeling like i might have done it wrong...*09:54
DCPanyone know how to stop my audio crackling i have via 8235 audio09:54
pcormacksureshot you need to press Esc and then :wq09:54
techt0nixLinux_Freasher should be about a 700mb file09:54
bullgard4sCOTTo: What menu?09:54
pcormacksureshot :wq tells vi the write to the file and quit09:54
dnearyWat nick does Jono use on IRC these days?09:54
zod_Any one know how to resume an torrent download in ubuntu native torrent program?09:55
techt0nixi have tryed almost everything i know to get my video card to work can somene please help me?09:55
cwilluzod_, just reopen the torrent and pick the same location should work09:55
sCOTTobullgard4: in the top gnome menu it has Applications --- Places---- System................... I used PLACES09:55
cwilluzod_, it'll verify the existing data, and then continue09:55
Linux_Freshertecht0nix:  ok, but do i really need KDE ? i mean gnome is similar right ?    btw i am trying to install this theme -->  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNUtoon%2BUbuntoon?content=7020609:55
sureshoti keep escape pressen in or then type that?09:55
zod_eh im quite new to ubuntu Linux world what is the name of the program?09:56
pcormacksureshot do you see -INSERT- or -REPLACE- at the bottom left of the terminal?09:56
venomehi, anyone experienced with suspend? having troubles setting it up on my notebook ...09:56
techt0nixLinux_freher kde is more of a make it yourself theme09:56
sureshotpcormack: no only see the end of the text in the file09:57
Linux_Freshertecht0nix:  oh .. then its not for me yet .. i cant yet make anything for me unless i learn some basic things in linux like installing a pre-given program .. editing/making/customizing would come after 1 week depending on how good i understand the OS09:57
quakkyLinux_Fresher: gonna give my pc a restart see what happens..09:58
wallacan anyone help me set up apache in ubuntu? i have php5 working fine, but when i try and access "http://myip/apache2-default/" i get the forbidden page09:58
Linux_Fresherquakky:  good luck09:58
unbelievehello! my hard drive is getting smaller every second by *mb .... logging something and I cant find where and what .... any help??09:58
Linux_Freshertecht0nix:  did u see the weblink i pasted ?09:58
sCOTTobullgard4: ?09:58
bullgard4sCOTTo: Ah, yes I see. (But I did not understand your topology fully.) Did you install Samba on your laptop?09:59
sCOTTobullgard4: no... was i meant to - i thought it would have been standard.... i played with it a bit... and couldnt get it working.... so i killed it - then talked to you and then i uninstalled what you told me to10:00
bullgard4sCOTTo: You have got 3 computers in a LAN. One is 'faithtop'. One is 'kristop'. What is the name of the third?10:00
Linux_Freshertecht0nix:  here it goes --->  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNUtoon%2BUbuntoon?content=70206    at the bottom, i downloaded the second file .. not the gnu one, the ubuntoon one i got10:00
venomewalla: and what about http://myip/10:00
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: from the readme file it says you can just copy the Ubuntoon dir to the ~/.icons directory10:00
sCOTTobullgard4: the other is 'SERVER'10:00
sCOTToand it is a server 2003 install10:00
venomewalla: or respectively http://localhost10:00
ArthurArchnixunbelieve: Logs can't be generated that quick, plus a default ubuntu install has something called logrotate that prevents logs from growing beyond a certain size. It's more likely something is being copied onto your system.10:00
Bhadreshany one know to setup dual wan router using ubuntu?10:00
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  ya but it also says OR i can go to system-->appearance  and click install .. i want to do it that way .. right now i cant seem to find the icon folder it talks about10:01
bullgard4sCOTTo: sCOTTo All three are in one LAN. Is this correct?10:01
sCOTToall in workgroup called FAITHCOM10:01
sCOTTobullgard4: all in workgroup called FAITHCOM10:01
techt0nixcan someone please help me with my video card10:01
techt0nixubuntu tells me it has the driver10:02
bullgard4sCOTTo: 'SERVER' uses an Windows operating system?10:02
techt0nixbut i still cant boot ubuntu up with it10:02
sCOTTobullgard4: ys it uses windows server 200310:02
zod_is it any mediacenter for Ubuntu 7.10?10:02
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: the icon foldre is hidden; all folder starting with a '.' are hidden.  i think "control h" will show you the hidden folders10:02
Linux_Fresherquakky:  did it work ?10:02
quakkyLinux_Fresher: nope...10:03
quakkyLinux_Fresher: I tried a command which redid and redetected everything10:03
quakkyLinux_Fresher: however that didnt seem to work..10:03
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  yes, but please .. rather than moving stuff without understanding, i am trying to figure out the basic gui methods in linux .. so i really want to try it the second way10:03
quakkyLinux_Fresher: i cant believe it only took me an hour to mess up linux10:04
pcormacksureshot then just type :wq!10:04
Linux_Fresherquakky:  well, it will surely be solved in here when some pro turns up here .. right now its a bit too early .. from my time, i will say 2 hrs from now10:04
Linux_Fresherquakky:  did it get messed up after u installed the restricted driver ?10:04
axzGuys how to add new wigets to my desktop like net stats or hd usage10:04
quakkyLinux_Fresher: well I downloaded the drivers from Nvidia's website10:05
Linux_Fresherquakky:  btw dont give up .. i had given up on linux 3 times before because i could not drop the 'windows mentality' .. this time i am giving it a go as if it was my first OS of life10:05
quakkyLinux_Fresher: but it was working before10:05
unbelieveArthurArchnix: probably the iptables.. but I did check all logs thay seems to be fine.. How can grep out files by size? then I`ll see wich files are growing.. the speed is unbelieveble.... 300mb left of...10:05
bullgard4sCOTTo: I understand that your Ubuntu laptop computer 'faithtop' does not have the Samba server and client packages installed. You will need to install them.10:05
Linux_Fresherquakky:  hmm .. there must be something that you have told the system or downloaded  before and after .. it cant auto mess up10:05
venomehi, once again could someone advice me on setting up suspend2ram / suspend2disk?10:06
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: sorry, I don't use gnome; but from what i read i thin you need to unzip the file(and not untar it) then specify the the .tar file for the gui program?10:06
Linux_Fresherquakky:  u downloaded directly through nvidia site or used some ubuntu update button and ubuntu got it from nvidia site ?10:06
sCOTTobullgard4: how do i do that quick?10:06
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  okies, now thats a good info , so basically unzip and untar are different things in linux ?  i thought it was just decompressing ..10:06
quakkyLinux_Fresher:this is wat i did..installed ubuntu, installed updates, downloaded nvidia stuff from repo, enabled restricted drivers, downloaded and installed the drivers from nvidia's website...10:07
quakkyi guess i installed 2 sets of drivers?10:07
Linux_Fresherquakky:  and it got messed up  after the reboot right ?10:07
jumeauxslt a tous10:07
quakkywell it got messed up whne i tried the 'gdm' start command10:07
sCOTTobullgard4: can you list any EXTRA packages i would or would NOT install from samba - there are a lot there in synaptics10:08
zod_so when ppls use ubuntu ure dual boot or ust use Linux as main os?10:08
sCOTTobullgard4: is there a good gui i would use for control ?10:08
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: they are seperate things; tar take a group of folders and files and puts them all together as one file(but does NOT compress them); the .bz2 mean the the 'tar-ed' file was then compressed10:08
sureshotit worked now ty pcormack10:08
acee1234i keep getting issues from alot of my programs saying something is already listening on the port they need tor....azureus, ktorrent etc whats going on here. any ideas?10:09
smokeydHi people. I did a "dd if=/dev/hda of=disk.img"  from my hard disk. This disk contains one primary partition and one logical parititon. I can repartition this file with fdisk. But is there also a way to mkfs.etx3 one of the parititions in the image file?10:09
Linux_Fresherquakky:  hmm .. never heard about gdm command , but mine was messed up after the restricted driver reboot .. then was fixed using some command that was told to me here .. but i think u r not too far off from the solution10:09
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:   ooooh .. ok ..10:09
quakkyLinux_Fresher: i think i should just uninstall everything (gotta figure out how) and try reinstalling stuff10:09
sCOTTobullgard4: ok now i go to install it... its already there - my apologise10:09
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: I was thinking you might need to just unzip, but not untar the file; the README file says to use the tar file10:09
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: its just a guess, I am not sure10:10
zod_is it any major problems to use Linux as main os?10:10
Linux_Fresherquakky:  naw, i would hold on .. lets face it , we know nothing of linux yet .. not even the dir command [ which is ls in linux ] .. we cant yet poke around in here like we did in windows without atleast some basic knowledge10:10
bullgard4sCOTTo: According to my experiences you will need the packages samba, samba-common, samba-dbg, samba-doc, samba-doc-pdf.10:10
unbelieveanybody knows howto grep files out by size?10:11
quakkyLinux_Fresher: hehe ya i guess...alright then ..im off to sleep ...6 am and gotta work in 4 hours ..10:11
acee1234no one knows how to see what clogging my ports?10:11
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  ok when i double click on the tar.bz3 archive, it opens up like winzip .. so how to extract the content as a tar file and not as a full folder with subfolders in it ?10:11
Linux_Fresherquakky:  dont worry at all and have a nice sleep .. usually all issues get solved in here for sure10:11
bullgard4sCOTTo: I do not understand your question: "is there a good gui i would use for control ?" Please say it in other words.10:11
=== ogra_cmpc_ is now known as ogra_cmpc
bod_hey guys, i klnow you can change the GDM login screen theme throuh the gui manager but can you do it through terminal,. if so how?10:12
sCOTTobullgard4: disregard GUI question..... can you tell me the settings i need to get this thing working ?10:12
bullgard4sCOTTo: This is tricky.10:12
unbelievehello! my hard drive is getting smaller every second by *mb .... logging something and I cant find where and what .... any help??10:12
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  right clicking on the folder in the archive doesnt have untar option,  only extract option10:12
ArthurArchnixunbelieve I'd reboot, unplug from the net, then use disk usage analyer to locate big files and folders.10:13
beltranhello, im new here  but in short is there any way to undo all the updates ive gotten?10:13
bullgard4sCOTTo: Do you understand German?10:13
sCOTTobullgard4: not enough to get me by no...10:13
ArthurArchnixunbelieve: Chances are though that you accidentally copied and pasted something in the background. do ps ax and see what's running10:14
sebrockI have an issue with upgrading my server to Gutsy, I use the "do-release-upgrade" and everything is fine until it will restart the nfs-kernel-server... then it just stalls and nothing happens???10:14
bod_ps aux10:14
acee1234i keep getting issues from alot of my programs saying something is already listening on the port they need tor....azureus, ktorrent etc whats going on here. any ideas? if you have none where might i ask ive asked #kubuntu and #tor10:14
Linux_FresherQ how to untar a file ? without extracting it ?    eg. ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2   .. i dont want to extract the containts .. only want to untar it .. eventually it has to look something like  Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar   [ i think ]10:14
techt0nixi have a easy ? what does Hotplug mean in ubuntu lol10:14
smithhay algien10:14
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: I don't know how to do that in a gui; I don't use gnome, so you might want to ask some one else "how to unzip, but not untar" a file in gnome10:14
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:   umm .. wait .. u mean  "how to untar but not unzip"  right ?10:15
doffLinux_Fresher, bunzip2 filename10:15
unbelieveArthurArchnix; thanks dude! will try10:15
Linux_Fresherdoff: would this work ?  i pull the folder out of the archive manager --> so this is decompressing [unzipping] .. may be i can re-pack it to .tar somehow ?10:16
bod_Linux_Fresher, why not extract then tar?10:16
Linux_Fresherbod_:   DID IT !! :)10:16
doffLinux_Fresher, this should unpack to .tar file10:17
Linux_Fresherbod_:  but why i have a feeling that i took the longer way around ?10:17
bullgard4sCOTTo: /usr/share/doc/samba-doc/htmldocs/Samba3-ByExample/index.html is the best introduction to your problem. I do not know an English shortcut for that.10:17
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: no; I think you want to just unzip it.... its common in linux to see a group of files the were "tared" then "ziped(compressed)".  if you just unzip the file you get the "file.tar" part back...10:17
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: most gui programs will do both for you to make it easyer on you; they will fisrt unzip then untar the fle10:18
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  i think i am understanding it now , but can i send u the archive file please so that u can have a look at it ?  its very small10:18
acee1234how do you see who is blocking/listing on what port10:18
beltranis there a reasonably easy way to undo all the updates ive gotten or am i stuck with them?10:18
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  and trust me please, its not a virus or worm or anything .. i think10:18
bod_Linux_Fresher, i dont understand,.,. so you have solved the prob? an easy solution would be to right click --> extract here (removing the .tar.bz2) --> then right-click --> archive --> .tar   finished10:18
acee1234or just reformat and be done with it?10:18
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  or i can give u a weblink for it10:18
beltranor do i need to do a fresh install10:19
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: i think you could do what bod_ said...10:19
Linux_Fresherbod_:  yes, i did it that way .. now i have ubuntoon.tar  ,   ubuntoon folder and Ubuntuoon-2Feb228.tar.bz2  on desktop10:19
sCOTTobullgard4: thanks10:20
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: now can you install the .tar file in the gui?10:20
Linux_Fresherbod_:  now next problem ... now when i try to install it through "appearance"  the .tar file doesnt show up .. only the Ubuntoon folder and the tar.bz2 show up10:20
bod_Linux_Fresher, thats fine, the longer filename is just the name of the tarball whereas the tar you made only has the name of the Parent file,. you could rename the new .tar file if you really wanted to10:20
bod_Linux_Fresher, is this a GTK theme?10:21
Linux_Freshermmmiiikkkeee:  i tried to forcefully give it the .tar file by clicking "all files" and choosing it .. now it says invalid format10:21
bod_Linux_Fresher, why didnt you want it in .tar.bz2 format?10:21
Linux_Fresherbod_:  i think so .. not very sure  .. here is the link to it -->  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNUtoon%2BUbuntoon?content=7020610:21
Linux_Fresherbod_:  umm .. i dont know .. if i show the .tar.bz2 format to theme installer, it just says installation failed10:22
beltrandoes anyone know how to undo updates? is it possible? is there an easy way? should i just re-install?10:22
mmmiiikkkeeebod_: the directions says to install the "tar" file...10:22
smokeydhey people. Is there a way to boot the ubuntu live cd into a text-only version? No gdm/gnome/Xorg/etc?10:22
Linux_Fresherya .. website says GTK 2.x  .. is that what u ment ?10:22
Frogzoobeltran: reinstall10:23
Linux_Fresherlol linux is difficult :(10:23
ArthurArchnixbeltran: Depends what updates10:23
sureshotcan i share files from my xp to ubuntu in some way?10:23
beltrani want to wipe them all10:23
bod_Linux yer, its a theme,.,. if it says install failed, did it say why?10:23
ArthurArchnixbeltran: reinstall10:23
benpiccosureshot: you should be able to read and write ntfs10:23
beltranok thanks10:24
smokeydsureshot: yes. ou can access your windows XP parttions directly from ubuntu10:24
Linux_Fresherno other message .. just a window which says installation failed10:24
bod_Linux_Fresher, you moved the tarball to /usr/themes    ??10:24
sureshotbenpicco: i have fat32 on this computer  i think?10:24
Linux_Fresherbod_:  nope, its on my desktop10:24
bod_it can read fat aswell10:24
benpiccosureshot: should be possible too (why would you like to install xp on a fat32 partitio?)10:25
bod_Linux_Fresher, lemme give it a try on my system then il walk yu through it10:25
beltranis this the only linux help id like a second opinion10:25
Linux_Fresherbod_:  thanks .. its some cartoon theme, should go really well with wobbly windows .. so i really want it :)10:25
sureshotpenpicco: im not sure if it its fat 32 where can i see that?10:25
bod_Linux_Fresher, it says it will be default for Edubuntu soon ,.,. ;-)10:26
Linux_Fresherbod_:  umm.. ok.. i dont have edubuntu i think10:26
sCOTTobullgard4: I GOT IT WOOO HOOOO!!10:26
bullgard4sCOTTo: Congratulations!10:27
Linux_FreshersCOTT grtz10:27
bod_Linux_Fresher, hhhmm,. im getting error,.,. il be a few mins10:27
sCOTTobullgard4: i used GSAMBAD awesome as well as the thing in the docs you gave me... i changed the security from USER to SHARE10:27
sCOTTothanks Linux_Fresher10:27
legend2440Linux_Fresher: did you get that theme to install yet?10:28
Linux_Fresherbod_:  sure m8 take your time, i will hang back10:28
* sCOTTo better go10:28
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  naw bro, bod_ is giving it a try at his end10:28
sCOTTocatchayh all!10:28
sureshotbenpicco: when i look in workgroup the ubunto doesnt show up..how do i find and transfer files between xp and ubuntu?10:29
FloodBot3sCOTTo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:29
benpiccosureshot: aah,you are taking about network shares?10:29
sureshotyes..im controlling ubuntu with vnc and want to transfer files to the computer that has ubuntu10:30
legend2440Linux_Fresher: go to your home directory and hit ctrl+h10:30
benpiccosureshot: if so, samba is what you are searching for10:30
adyreHOW CAN I easily change the default 25 port for Postfix to 80, for example...?10:30
adyrePS: Newbie Linux10:30
sureshotoki whay is that?10:30
unbelievewhat does folder /home/user/.cache/tracker    anybody?10:30
bod_Linux_Fresher, works like a charm,.,.,. ok, remove everything to do with gnutoon/ubuntoon from your comp then download the ubuntoon tarball to your desktop and tell me when your at that stage ;-)10:31
legend2440Linux_Fresher: do you see folder called .icons?10:31
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  yup .. i see many folders starting with . now, someone said they are hidden10:31
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  yes .. its there10:31
benpiccosureshot: its an open implemantation of windows smb file share service, you you can share files with windows pcs and the other way round10:31
benpiccosureshot: there should be a howto in the wiki10:31
ubot3Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:31
legend2440Linux_Fresher: is ubutoon folder inside ?10:31
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  basically i can move files there but i want to learn the gui things first before i start moving stuff without understanding what i am doing10:31
bod_legend2440, my way is easier trust me10:32
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  yes there is ubuntoon folder there10:32
sureshotbenpicco. oki ty will look into that10:32
legend2440Linux_Fresher: delete it10:32
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  0.o10:32
bod_oh, lol,.,.10:32
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  it didnt ask for confirmation .. it just got .. well .. deleted10:33
unbelievewhat`s for folder /home/user/.cache/tracker    anybody?10:33
legend2440Linux_Fresher: then open sysrem >preferences>appearance10:33
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  ok now retry to install through theme manager ?10:33
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  ok appearance running10:33
legend2440Linux_Fresher: now point it at the tar.bz2 file10:33
ks3unbelieve: It stores information for searching your files10:34
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:   IT WORKED  !! "The theme Ubuntoon has been installed"   :)10:34
bod_Linux_Fresher, he means, press the install button ,.,.then point to the tar.bz10:34
bod_to late10:34
Linux_Fresherweeee !! sweeeet !!   thanks bod_ thanks legend2440 .. :) :)10:34
bod_Linux_Fresher, HAVE FUN,.,.10:35
legend2440Linux_Fresher: the reason it was failing was because you already had ubutoon in .icons folder10:35
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  can u explain what was going wrong ?10:35
bod_legend2440, ah,.,. cool,.,.10:35
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  but in windows it would ask me something like "there is already a folder called xyz .. overwrite / cancel "  etc .. no such thing in linux ?10:35
bullgard4'cat /proc/bus/input/devices' outputs a line 'N: Name="Sleep Button (CM)"' I take 'CM' as 'Control Method'. My computer does not have a 'Sleep Button'. Can you explain why the kernel still recognizes a 'Sleep button control method' device?10:35
* bod_ gotta do coursework now ;-( ..........10:35
unbelieveks3: it`s nearly 10gb big? O_o can i delete something from it?10:35
ks3unbelieve: you can delete everything from it if you want, but you'll probably also want to disable tracker from running or else it will get recreated10:36
unbelieveks3: how to desable?10:37
legend2440Linux_Fresher: no i guess theme manager does'nt10:37
huiiieach time i plug in an USB-HDD Lacie 500gb, the HDD spins up and does not appear on Gnome-desktop. fdisk -l tells me that the HDD is there. when i unplug and plug it back again, its recognizzed and the icon appears on the Gnome-desktop: my question: HOW CAN I LET SYSTEM LOAD HDD WITHOUT UNPLUG/PLUG, IS THERE A COMMAND-LINE PROCEDURE?10:37
ks3unbelieve: System / Preferences / Sessions - uncheck the Tracker item10:37
unbelieveks3: ok thanks!10:37
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  ah .. but i bet linux could use more of information messages .. i couldnt have figured out why it was not working without your help :)10:38
benpiccohuiii: is dmesg telling you that something went wrong?10:38
huiiibenpicco: i'll check10:38
legend2440Linux_Fresher: how do those icons look?10:38
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  cute and cartoonish10:38
legend2440Linux_Fresher: lol have fun10:38
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  atm finding some good cartoon wall paper to go well with it :D  .. the icons match the wobbly windows ..10:39
beltranok last question, i have not found anything on the forums or other linux help places so is there an irc channel for noobs like me to find help?10:39
cwillu!register | BeCkY10:39
ubot3BeCkY: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.10:39
huiiibenpicco: no, dmesg sees it too10:39
bod_Hey guys, i know you can change GDM login screen theme through the gui manager but can you do it from the terminal?10:39
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  so now ok to delete these experimental files on desktop ?  Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2, Ubuntoon folder and the Ubuntoon.tar that i made ?10:40
benpiccohuiii: any errors?10:40
bod_Linux_Fresher, yes10:41
huiiibenpicco: no, it looks just fine,10:41
huiiibenpicco: it sees the HDD correctly10:41
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  and 2nd Q,  one more error i think, the Appearance Preferences window wont close .. clicked the lower close button, upper right close X, and upper left menu --> close .. the window wont close10:41
legend2440Linux_Fresher: yes10:41
legend2440Linux_Fresher: it won't close?10:42
benpiccohuiii: and canyou mount it manually?10:42
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  ah figured it out  !!  the old failed installation window was still there in background ..10:42
mmmiiikkkeeeLinux_Fresher: did you try "alt-f4"; and that sounds weird why woudl it not close10:42
faileasis there any way to check what specific driver a device is using? i'm having problems getting a ralink RT73 card using the linux compat drivers to connect to a WPA/WPA2 access point. Its detecting it, so i figure the card works10:43
titonhi anyone know how i can reset my laptop battery?10:43
Linux_Fresherrecommend me some good linux for dummies and dunce book  !!10:43
legend2440Linux_Fresher: ok and yes you can delete the ones on desktop if u want10:43
SmegzorHow soon is Ubuntu upgrading to Gnome 2.20?10:43
ActionParsniptiton, how do you mean "reset"10:43
titonor is there an application that can reset my laptop battery10:43
bastid_raZorSmegzor; 7.10 Gutsy is using Gnome 2.2010:44
huiiibenpicco: manual mount works fine, but than its not seen as external HDD. i get some permission issues. is there a command-line that lets the system recheck the USB-port and do the same automatic procedure as when we plug in a ext HDD ??10:44
SmegzorSorry I meant Gnome 2.2210:45
titonwell the battery is getting very bad....only got like 30 miin of time out of it.... and while using it on battery ubuntu warns and goes down to 0 % but i can still use it for like 20 min.... i just need the battery to know when its really empty and realy full10:45
ActionParsniphuiii, check /etc/fstab ;)10:45
faileastiton: what do you mean by reset?10:45
JuhazSmegzor, never. when hardy comes out, it'll have 2.22, but older versions aren't updated.10:45
faileastiton: is it a old battery?10:45
titoni tried running it till it dies and then recharge but doesnt work10:45
Smegzorwill it appear in backports?10:46
prince_jammysbod_: apparently in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom  where it says GraphicalTheme=.   The theme directory names are in /usr/share/gdm/themes10:46
titondesign capacity:         4000 mAh10:46
titonlast full capacity:      368 mAh10:46
titonits well 2-3 years old10:46
Linux_Fresherdid it  :)10:46
zerboxxtiton: how'd you find that?10:46
faileastiton: i'm sorry but its a result of memory effect. you can't do anything about it10:46
huiiiActionParsnip: fstab just lists internal HDDs10:46
zerboxxtiton: thanks! I was wondering how to find that stuff out10:46
titonno biggy hehe10:46
bolderhallo @all10:47
ActionParsniplo bolder10:47
titoni just thought there was a way to teach the battery when its empty and when its full....10:47
bolderits just english here?10:47
titoncuz its not empty when the battery thinks it is....there for i thought maybe it says its full when it isnt10:47
zerboxxtiton: umm for me is says command not found, but I see the info thing right there? any suggestion?10:47
bolderor dual lang=de10:48
faileasbolder: english. there's a seperate german chan10:48
ks3titon: sometimes there's a battery drain option in the bios10:48
ubot3Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de10:48
bolderok thx10:48
faileas!de | bolder10:48
ubot3bolder: please see above10:48
faileasoops ;p10:48
titoni looked i dont have it in my bios10:48
erle-when is the hardy beta release?10:48
titonfigure maybe there was a tool for linux10:48
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  there is one pm for you which is off-topic here .. please reply in there .. thank you :)10:49
ks3titon: Not that I've seen. I've had to replace my battery twice in the past year and a half...10:49
titoni'm afraid its time for me to then ;|10:49
titonhalf an hour is crapp10:50
titonnot very portable then hehe10:50
zerboxxtiton: hey, better than my 15 minutes ;)10:50
huiiititon: i got 45min on ubuntu and 1.45h on windows xp, uh10:50
=== GarethAdams is now known as Hay-Soos
titonu use powernod?10:52
huiiiwhat is hotplug and coldplug?10:52
Linux_Fresherwho right now in here is VERY GOOD at linux ?  i have an off-topic Q10:52
faileasis there any way to check what specific driver a device is using? i'm having problems getting a ralink RT73 card using the linux compat drivers to connect to a WPA/WPA2 access point. Its detecting it, so i figure the card works, but i can't get it connected even with what i am sure is the right password10:52
beltranso much for linux standing a chance at competing with windows, or mac for that matter, i guess i know the answer tomy problemas, go back to windows, it works, and updates dont usualy wreck the comp, oh well, good luck you opensource warriors10:52
heyjoe`hello, how can  aregular user create a file that can only be rm'd by root?10:53
benpiccoheyjoe`: chmod 600 file and chown root file should work10:53
huiiiheyjoe`: create that file as root10:54
keiserri have been downloading a torrent, and reached around 47%, now i just got the same file as a direct link, is it possible to use wget -c to resume that partially downloaded torrent file?10:54
benpiccokeiserr: yes, but are torrent files normaly not just around a few kb?10:54
keiserrbenpicco: i meant i use torrent to download a file. and now want to resume that file but using another source10:55
benpiccokeiserr:so you want to use another torrent for the same file?10:56
atlantidei want to install a new machine and i have this message "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off (inittramfs)" can you help ?10:56
keiserrbenpicco: naa, i got a direct link for that file now10:56
legend2440Linux_Fresher: i pm'd you back did you see it?10:56
heyjoe`benpicco: it doesnt let me chown root10:56
huiiianybody knows how to detect and let system mount automatically external HDD without unplugging/plugging in???10:56
patogenWhat do you do with processes that can't be killed, not even with "kill -9"?10:56
Linux_Fresherlegend2440:  yup .. sorry was on other side of the cube :)10:57
Linux_Fresherbod_:  wb10:57
huiiipatogen: u could do killall <processname>10:57
patogenhuiii: It doesn't work10:57
prince_jammysheyjoe`: it's not possible, unless the user is an admin user, in which case: sudo chown root filename, and sudo chmod 600 filename10:57
bod_Linux_Fresher, wb?10:57
huiiipatogen: u could also do $sudo kill SIGTERM <processID>10:58
Linux_Fresherbod_:  welcome back :)10:58
bod_Can you change the selected theme from terminal ?10:58
bod_Linux_Fresher, ty ;~)10:58
heyjoe`how do i do a filesystem wide search for a file?10:58
=== Black_Rook is now known as Black
patogenhuiii: ERROR: garbage process ID "SIGTERM".10:58
ks3heyjoe`: What's the goal? As long as you have rwx permissions to the directory containing the file, you'll be able to delete it.10:59
prince_jammysheyjoe`: sudo find / -name filename10:59
bod_heyjoe`, terminal --> locate nautilus10:59
ActionParsnipheyjoe`, find / -name "<name of file>"10:59
heyjoe`i tried find filename but that only looks in the current working directory10:59
huiiipatogen: sorry, here correct command: kill -SIGKILL <id-nr>10:59
prince_jammysheyjoe`: find /starting/path -name filename10:59
bod_heyjoe`, locate command is good10:59
ActionParsnipheyjoe`, yeah you need to use / after the find command so it serches from / and below10:59
prince_jammysheyjoe`: locate is fine also, but it doesn't directly search the drive. it searches a stored index11:00
huiiipatogen: and?11:00
patogenhuiii: Still does not kill it11:00
bod_can you change selected GDM login screen from terminal?11:00
Rudin__hello, I want to see a java applet in a web page but I can not see it.  I have Ubuntu 64, can I see java applets in Ubuntu 64?11:00
huiiipatogen: do u know the process id?11:00
ubot3Rudin__: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: not well-formed (invalid token): line 384, column 8411:00
prince_jammysbod_: did you get my earlier message?11:00
huiiipatogen: what do u want to kill?11:00
ActionParsnip!java " Rudin_11:00
ubot3Factoid java " rudin_ not found11:01
bod_huiii, you could use    killall processName11:01
mad_max02Rudin_, u need to install sun java. It worked for me11:01
ActionParsnip!jave | Rubin11:01
ubot3Factoid jave not found11:01
bod_prince_jammys, no sorry11:01
prince_jammysbod_: apparently in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom  where it says GraphicalTheme=.   The theme directory names are in /usr/share/gdm/themes11:01
ubot3To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)11:01
patogenhuiii: Multiple instances of "eject" and I know the process id ... I cannot use "eject" to eject my cd-rom now11:01
huiiibod_: it seems not to work on his11:01
heyjoe`thanks all for your help, that is all for today ;)11:01
prince_jammysbod_: just a guess, but it seems to be stored in that variable in the configuration file11:01
mad_max02Rudin_, just go to synaptics and search for java and install sun java11:01
ActionParsnippatogen, press the button on your drive11:01
prince_jammysbod_: the login theme, right?11:01
mad_max02Rudin_, I have 64bit too and it worked for me11:01
patogenActionParsnip: That does not solve the problem, I like being able to use eject.11:02
huiiipatogen: uups, thats something else, i think u should rather reload that instance than kill it,11:02
patogenhuiii: Hmm how do you do that?11:02
Rudin__mad_max02: did you install java from Applications --> Add/Remove?11:02
bod_prince_jammys, yer,  know where you can select which login theme with the System--> Admin-> Login Window      gui,.,. i need to change the theme with a script, so gui isnt n option11:03
patogenHmm sorry lunch ... will check back later11:03
huiiipatogen: i dont know exactly, modprobe? i dont know this, perhaps u have to re-formulate the question and post it here again....11:03
ActionParsnippatogen, try killing all the eject processes then run another11:03
ActionParsnippatogen, its not something ive used so I'm guessing11:03
ubot3For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:03
ubot3Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter11:04
prince_jammysbod_: then that configuration file is *probably* it. you would have to replace GraphicalTheme=This  with the directory name of you login theme (which is in /usr/share/gdm/themes). again, just a guess, but it seems right11:04
ubot3To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE11:04
benpiccowhy is mono so seldomly updated?  1.2.6 is out there for 3 month now :/11:04
bod_prince_jammys, cool, cheers,.,. im guessing its something similiar but what about changing GTK theme?11:05
ActionParsnipRubin, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall icedtea-java7-plugin11:05
prince_jammysbod_: i'll look around :)11:05
Slartbenpicco: seldomly updated? you want a new version every week?11:06
Rudin__ok, I'll try Act11:06
Rudin__ok, I'll try ActionParsnip11:06
ActionParsnipRubin, http://www.futuredesktop.com/java-plugin-64-bits-ubuntu.html11:06
ActionParsnipRubin, got it from there11:06
bod_prince_jammys, ty,,. where are you looking? on your system or asking other people on irc?11:06
ActionParsnipRubin, dont run sudo gedit like it says though, use kdesu gedit11:07
hwolffDoes anyone know a decent program to automatically manage IMAP emails? (filter spam, move emails into subfolders, forward others to another email)11:07
prince_jammysbod_: the gtk theme  appears to be somewhere stored in .gconf folder in you home dir11:07
prince_jammysbod_: i'm looking in my comp11:07
bod_ActionParsnip, is that a kubuntu variation on gksudo?11:07
prince_jammysbod_: the gtk theme has to be in the user's dir11:07
Slartbenpicco: or you meant why the repository version of mono isn't keeping up with all the mono releases?11:07
benpiccoSlart: no,but i want a new version in ubuntu -it still uses 1.2.411:08
prince_jammysbod_: maybe there's a default somewhere in /etc11:08
benpiccoSlart: yes, i mean, mior releaes of firefox, etc are updatet,too11:08
Slartbenpicco: the whole idea is to decide on one version and use that until the next version of ubuntu comes out.. unless there is something seriously wrong with the version in there..11:08
bod_prince_jammys, there seems to be alot of %gconf.xml files in .gconf11:09
Slartbenpicco: makes for a more stable operating system... you know what is in there.. today, tomorrow and next week..11:09
prince_jammysbod_: search for the string of your current theme11:09
Sergohow should i create the swap? As a logical partition or primary?11:09
bod_prince_what like      locate slickness             ?11:10
Slartbenpicco: there are other distro's that update continously.. debian does that.. I'm not familiar with the others11:10
ActionParsnipbod_, that too :)11:10