pc-illiteratehey guys. its me again :(00:04
pc-illiteratehey odd-rationale....still wanna help me ?00:05
pc-illiterateactually if anyone can tell me why i get a black screen after booting into xubuntu ?00:07
pc-illiteratebrand new install, i dont know whats goin on00:08
pc-illiterateno help huh ?00:16
j1mchi pc-illiterate00:17
pc-illiteratehi j1mc00:18
j1mcdo you have a question?00:18
j1mci just joined the channel - what is your question?00:18
pc-illiteratei get a black screen on boot up. brand new install00:18
j1mcno text at all?00:19
j1mcif you press ctrl-alt-f3, what happens?00:20
pc-illiterateafter the progress bar screen...i get a black screen00:20
j1mcdid the install complete successfully?00:20
pc-illiteratenever tried00:20
pc-illiterate i just got done taking an hour to install00:20
pc-illiterateas far as i know it fully installed. it wanted to reboot00:21
pc-illiteratewhat does ctrl+alt+f3 do ?00:22
j1mcit gets you to runlevel 3 (which is a terminal) vs. runlevel 7, which is the full graphical environment.00:23
pc-illiteratedude, i know nothing of linux. the install was my introduction here today00:25
j1mcit's ok.  i was just trying to explain that pressing those keys would get you to a terminal vs. all of the graphics and stuff.  :)00:26
j1mci wanted to see if anything was even available from a terminal.00:26
pc-illiterateoh. ok00:27
j1mcdo you know what version of xubuntu you were trying to install?00:27
pc-illiterate7.10 ?00:28
pc-illiterateyep. 7.1000:28
j1mcwhat kind of computer do you have?  and do you know what kind of graphics card you have?00:29
Seeebanyone knows why my cpu has 95% activity? http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotsm4.png  => what are mount.fs and gam_server and why does Thunar need so much resources?00:29
pc-illiteratelol. hell yes i do.00:29
pc-illiterate i type slow gimmee a sec00:29
pc-illiterate1ghz celeron , 256 ram , gforce4 mx440se 64m gfx card ,00:31
j1mcare you on that computer right now, or are you on a different computer?00:31
Seeebiam on it00:31
Seeebit is core 2 duo 1.8300:31
Seeeb1gig ram00:32
Seeebif i close thunar, everything is ok again00:32
pc-illiteratesame one00:32
Seeeb5% cpu activity - but if i open it up00:32
Seeebits 100% again00:32
j1mcSeeeb: sorry, i was writing to pc-illiterate00:32
j1mcum, Seeeb ... i don't know if i can answer your question.  :[00:33
Seeebah :f00:33
j1mcSeeeb: maybe try in #xfce?00:33
Seeebok thx00:33
j1mcpc-illiterate: you are dual-booting then?00:33
pc-illiteratei'll tell ya what though...i get i think 3 options for booting into xubuntu00:34
j1mcwell, we would need to boot into xubuntu to get the information necessary to see what is going on.00:35
j1mcand i need to go soon.00:35
pc-illiterateok...what info you want ?00:35
j1mci need to see if you can get into a terminal at all (ctrl-alt-f3) and then what your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file says.00:36
pc-illiteratebrb in a few00:37
Seeebis it possible to set my xubuntu that way, that i have just to singleclick on files on the desktop to open them ?00:44
Seeebi just found out how to do that in thunar00:44
Seeebjust = only ;)00:44
j1mcSeeeb: i can't find a setting to do that other than in thunar.  :(00:46
pc-illiteratecrap...need some help if someone has patience01:01
viddask away01:02
ricoguys, i forgot the keys to press to shrink my window size (from the bottom) can someone reload my memory?01:02
pc-illiterateok...black screen after progress bar after boot01:03
viddwhat version?01:03
ricocan't get to the bottom of update screen to buttons01:03
pc-illiteraterecovery mode... it runs thru and stops after root@ubuntumypc:"#01:04
viddpc-illiterate, no...gutsy? hardy? feisty?01:04
pc-illiterateoh thats was for me lol. i look at keyboard to type...gutsy is 7.10 right ?01:05
pc-illiterateok then..01:05
viddfresh install? upgrade?01:05
pc-illiteratebrand new install01:05
viddhow many display adapters?01:06
pc-illiterateon board and gforce4 mx440se01:06
viddrico update screen? for display resolution?01:07
pc-illiterateusing gforce...1024 x 768 3201:07
viddpc-illiterate, plug your monitor in the other jack (or a second monitor)01:07
pc-illiteratei tried that...black screen or colored snow01:08
viddpc-illiterate, two monitors?01:09
pc-illiteratejust 101:09
viddswitch the plug to the other display adapter and reboot01:10
pc-illiterateok...i'll give it a shot01:10
pc-illiteratebrb i guess01:11
viddrico...still there?01:11
ricovidd, ya, just got back01:13
viddyour issue...what screen do you need to update?01:14
ricovidd, i'm on a box i gave to a friend, and can't get any better screen res than 640.  no other options available on the screen mgr01:14
ricoi was trying to run update mgr but the window stretches below the bottom of my screen so i can't get to the 'install' button01:15
ricoi rember someone telling me a mouseless trick to shrink window, but i forgot which keys01:16
viddhave you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?01:16
* vidd dont recall the shortcut01:16
ricoguess the other option is cli update, would that be sudo apt-get update?01:17
vidddepends on what you are trying to do01:18
ricoi just want to install recommended updates01:18
ricohe has 56 pending cause hasn't kept up with them01:18
viddthen run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:19
ricowhy dist-upgrade?01:19
ricoalready running gutsy01:20
viddupdate refreshes the apt-cache and dist-upgrade updates all programs01:20
ricooh, k01:21
ricohow can i force close update manager?01:22
ricoterminal won't work i guess because update mgr open but it won't close01:22
ricothat wants to disconnect me from chatzilla, can't i just close the update mgr?01:24
viddyou need to have the update mgr in the front01:24
ricooh, k, lemme try01:24
riconope, still won't close; do i have to reboot?01:26
pc-illiteratedidnt work.  get a black screen on the onboard....01:37
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: Hey, I was away. sorry. What is happening?01:38
vidddoes [ctrl]+[alt]+[F1] bring up a terminal?01:38
pc-illiteratei cant get anything but a black screen after booting01:38
pc-illiteratei was told f3 not f101:39
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: What are you using? the LiveCD of the alternative install CD?01:39
pc-illiteratealtern and installed fine as far as i know01:39
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: But when you boot up, just black screen?01:40
pc-illiteratei tried booting into recovery mode but it just dies i think01:40
pc-illiterateyep...after progress bar , black screen01:40
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: No text anywhere?01:40
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: Try what vidd said: ctrl+alt+f101:41
pc-illiteratei hit ctrl+alt+f3 and get a blinking cursor that accepts no input01:41
pc-illiteratewhat do i type into the terminal ? i told you im dumb on this l;ol01:41
viddthen switch to ctrl+alt+F801:42
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: Do you get a terminal that asks for your login?01:42
viddOdd-rationale, his boot is stalling01:42
Odd-rationalevidd: I can tell.01:42
pc-illiteratethat sounds right01:42
Odd-rationalevidd: But at which process? is that what we need to find out?01:43
pc-illiteratei tried clearing everything like prefetch files and stuff when i shut down windows too01:43
viddpc-illiterate, after you ctl+alt+f3....ctl+alt+F801:43
viddthis should bring up where in the boot process your stuck01:43
pc-illiteratewrite that down and come back ?01:44
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: Could you post the last line?01:44
pc-illiterateim here01:44
pc-illiterate you mean after f8 right ?01:44
vidddid you install windows first or linux first?01:44
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: Yes. after01:45
pc-illiteratewindows on master first, linux on slave after01:45
viddok...reboot and let us know what the last line is....and what specs of your machine (mem on slave and ram)01:46
pc-illiteratememe on slave ?01:47
pc-illiterateoops. mem on slave ?01:47
viddhard drive space01:48
pc-illiteratespecs...1ghz celeron 256 ram01:48
pc-illiteratetotal is 20 gig reformatted tonight01:48
viddall on the slave drive?01:49
pc-illiterateyes. 20 gig slave 60 gig master grub on master...01:50
viddok.... let us know where it stalls01:50
pc-illiterateok...be back01:50
Odd-rationaleI'll be out for a while. be back later...01:52
schmichaelanybody know why xubuntu 7.10 wouldn't be able to join my wlan even though it appears to properly detect my Prism2.5 wifi adapter?02:02
viddwhat does lspci (or lsusb) detect the wifi as?02:03
schmichaelwifi0 and wlan0 show up in ifconfig -a, network manager detects my network, but it can't seem to join02:03
schmichaelvidd: Prism2.502:03
schmichaelIntersil Corp Prism 2.5 Wavelan chipset rev 0102:03
schmichaelsorry if i shorten things, i can't exactly paste into irc from that laptop :)02:04
schmichaeli'm working from my desktop which is debian sid and uses madwifi02:04
schmichaeli thought ubuntu 7.10 "just worked" with my laptop, but i just installed xubuntu over it and its obviously not just working02:04
vidddid you use ndiswrapper or a native driver?02:05
schmichaeli've never used ndiswrapper before in my life so i guess native02:06
schmichaeli get lots of noise in /var/log/syslog... anything in particular i should look for?02:07
pc-illiteratenadda. nothing. zip. zilch02:07
viddschmichael, do you use nm-applet?02:08
schmichaeli'm seeing hfa384x_set_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS_WRITE failed (res=127, rid=fc48, len=2)02:08
schmichaelcompletely default install02:08
schmichaelfrom the alternate cd02:08
schmichael"Association failed" shows up a lot02:08
viddnm-applet isnt part of the default install...is it?02:09
schmichaelmust be02:09
schmichaelnm-applet 0.6.502:09
schmichaeli just ran through the alternate cd installer02:09
schmichaelhaven't changed a thing yet02:09
schmichaelnm-applet is showing my wlan02:10
schmichaeland my wlan's MAC is showing up in syslog02:10
vidddid you verify that the authentication was entered correctly?02:11
schmichaeldon't tell anyone, but i have an open wlan ;)02:12
schmichaeli just use MAC filtering02:12
viddturn off the mac filtering for a bit...see if that lets your system connect02:13
schmichaelgood call02:13
schmichaelsame thing02:15
schmichaeli'm running tomato firmware and its logs don't show a thing02:15
schmichaelalthough the only client related data it really logs is dhcp reqs02:15
viddpc-illiterate, so you have rebooted an hit ctrl+alt+f3, got the blinking cursor, hit ctrl+alt+f8 and it shows nothing?02:16
viddschmichael, is your system using static or dhcp?02:16
pc-illiteratenope. no cursor. that was in recovery02:17
pc-illiterateim a lil busy at this second guys. i'll be right back02:17
jusama14I want to dualboot xubuntu and Xp...I already have xubuntu installed and do not wish to remove it. Is there a way to dualboot it with XP?02:17
jusama14w/out starting with  XP first.02:17
schmichaeljusama14: i'm doing it02:17
schmichaeli started with xp first02:18
viddjusama14, yes....02:18
viddits a massive PITA02:18
jusama14vidd, what steps would I take?02:18
schmichaeldon't you have to boot from a linux cd and overwrite the mbr somehow?02:19
viddi never bothered to read the instructions02:19
ricovidd, u still here?02:20
viddrico, yeah02:20
ricojust finished doing the update and dist-upgrrade, i was hoping that might fix my screen res problem, but screen manager still only offering 640 resolution... could it be that this monitor doesn't go any better than that?02:21
ricoi noticed there was a xorg update and gnome display mgr update in the process, but still no change02:22
viddyou want to get to a tty and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:23
ricotty, you mean terminal, right?02:23
viddno...a tty .... [ctrl]+[alt]+[F1]02:24
ricok, lemme try it02:24
viddhello gerro02:26
RESmonkeyhello everyone02:26
gerrovidd: hey vidd long time no see, you doing okay?02:27
viddyeah...im back from hiatus with the community =]02:27
schmichaelwelcome back!02:28
schmichaelget this... nm-applet is now showing 2 bars like its connected02:28
gerronever been there.. with the community? was it one of those ubuntu gatherings I've heard about?02:28
schmichaelit says the speed is 2Mb/s02:28
schmichaelbut no IP02:28
schmichaelthe driver is hostap_pci02:28
gerroschmichael: what card you working with?02:29
viddschmichael, i dont use nm-applett .... i prefer to hard code my /etc/network/interfaces02:29
schmichaelgerro: Intersil Corp Prism 2.5 Wavelan chipset rev 0102:30
schmichaeli'm going to pycon in a couple of days, so it'd be nice to have easy roaming support02:30
gerroyeah that works best usually entering the info in yourself02:30
schmichaelbut i'd settle for poking at /etc/network/interfaces02:30
ricovidd, uhhhh, that one threw me02:30
viddthrew you?02:31
gerroschmichael: never used one those prism cards but here they're quite nice, probably needs custom drivers or something?02:31
ricohad copy/pasted the tty command you said but when went to tty of course i could not paste02:31
schmichaelgerro: i had plain old ubuntu (i think 7.10) installed before and don't remember doing anything special02:32
gerroschmichael: lshw doesn't say its disabled right?02:32
ricocan you give me the command again and tell me what to expect02:32
viddrico, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserv-xorg02:33
schmichaelgerro: DISABLED02:33
gerroschmichael: oh you using 8.04? I haven't had a chance to try it :(02:33
vidddont hit enter until you verify it is right02:34
gerroschmichael: it does say disabled for that device under lshw? then there isn't a suitable driver found02:34
ricoverify the command is properly written you mean?02:34
ricowhat will happen, how will i get back out of the tty1?02:35
viddit will kill your x session02:35
gerrorico: ctrl alt f7 to get out of it02:35
gerrorico: or ctrl alt backspace to start a new x session02:35
dezrikhello im having problems with nm-applet02:35
ricovidd and gerro, so i am ready to goto tty1?02:36
gerrorico: I got no clue what your doing just how to use ttys >,>02:37
viddgerro, he's reconfiguring x02:37
gerrovidd: why can't he press esc at boot and do nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf then set it up or if its completely trashed then do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:38
ricoi'm guessing i'll be knocked off the chat, see you when i get back i guess02:38
viddrico go to tty, typt the command....then comeback b4 hitting enter02:38
schmichaelha, it seems i blogged about ubuntu 7.04 not detecting my wifi in this laptop: http://michael.susens-schurter.com/blog/2007/04/16/installing-ubuntu-704-feisty-fawn-on-an-ibm-thinkpad-t30/02:38
schmichaelhow the hell did i get 7.10 working...02:38
ricook, so to comeback i will do control/alt/f7?02:39
ricook, lemme try02:39
gerroshouldn't he do stop on gdm?02:40
gerroand if so then would ctrl alt f7 work?02:40
viddyou dont have to stop x to reconfig it...02:40
gerroif you use auto detection stuff it tends to get better results if you do02:41
ricook, i'm back.  tty asked me for user/password then command prompt, then i entered: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserv-xorg02:41
viddit willstop it and restart it02:41
gerroif he knows already what to put minds well edit xorg.conf directly from any mode long as your root02:41
viddyou want to walk him through that?02:41
viddi always mess it up that way02:42
gerroheck no I'm just saying some people are picky and I don't understand rofl02:42
ricoso guys am i ready to go back and hit enter?02:42
viddwhat will happen is this.....02:42
gerrovidd: why not rm xorg.conf?02:43
gerrowouldn't that cause it to generate a default one?02:43
gerroor crash and die?02:43
ricowe no like crash and die02:43
viddmethinks it crash and diw02:43
gerrorico: you'd still have command prompt to fix it :P02:43
dezrikim having trouble with nm-applet is there another Network Configuration tool?02:44
viddbut no chat to get instructions02:44
gerrodezrik: yeah umm try wifi scanner02:44
ricoya, scarry02:44
ricovidd, i guess i'm ready to try your way.  you were about to tell me what would happen02:44
gerrodezrik: ah darn that's not the right name for it.. I just use kismet usually02:45
viddit will bring up a type of wizard02:45
gerrorico: how did xorg mess up anyway and are you at all able to enter a graphical mode?02:45
ricoyes i have graphical, but only 640 screenres is driving me nuts02:46
gerrorico: then don't go reconfiguring xorg lol02:46
viddyou will mostly accept the defaulttill it talks about display02:47
gerrorico: sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf edit the resolution your monitor supports and its refresh rates02:47
ricodon't know why gutsy din't do all this on install, it's sposed to i thought02:47
gerrorico: yeah it does but your monitor might not be listed or its unsure of what to put because of the type of graphics card its using02:48
ricovidd, ok, i will mostly accept the default untill display, and then what?02:48
gerrorico: there also this command ddcprobe to list info about your monitor like colors it supports and refresh rate02:48
ricogerro, ya, this monitor is a Hansol, never heard of it b402:48
viddrico, follow gerro advice first02:48
gerrovidd: did you tell him to make a backup file before reconfiguring I mean it still partially works02:49
viddnot yet02:49
ricoguys, would i be better off switching out monitors?  i have some others downstairs02:49
ricoless risky?02:50
gerrorico: wouldn't work, you need to edit the settings02:50
gerrorico: and if you specify it exactly to your monitor it won't use any "safe defaults" and perform better02:50
ricoomg.  ok, so where are we02:50
ricoi don't know if i will muff this up if too complicated.  i not so smart.02:51
gerrorico: where do you feel comfortable command prompt or gui?02:51
ricogui, naturally, but if i have a helper i can muddle thru command line02:51
gerrorico: then get to gui and quit calling me a helper :D02:52
ricoteacher, then?02:52
ricowhat do you mean gete to gui?02:53
gerrojust press ctrl alt f702:53
gerroyour back at desktop then right?02:53
ricoyes, i'm on desktop now using chatzilla02:54
gerrocan you open a terminal? or press alt f2 and enter xfce4-terminal if thats too hard big to read enter xterm02:54
ricodo i have to 'close' the tty?02:54
gerronot really02:55
gerroit takes very minor kb of memory02:55
ricook, opening terminal now02:55
gerrothen sudo su and enter your root pass since we doing some systems stuff02:55
ricowhat do you mean sudo su?02:56
ricothat is whole command?02:56
gerromousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you want a pretty text editor or nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you prefer command line one (don't do if you did xterm because can't copy/paste)02:56
gerroyes its whole command02:57
gerrosudo= do as root su= become super user02:57
ricoso, simply 'sudo su'?02:58
ricok, i am superuser02:58
riconow, mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ?02:59
gerroyou opened up the file with mousepad or nano?02:59
* vidd needs to rack out02:59
ricothanks vidd02:59
viddgood luck03:00
ricogerro, i din't open anything but terminal 'sudo su'03:00
gerrothe terminal can open everything else03:00
ricok, so what next03:00
gerroscroll down you will see a line about your resolution03:01
gerrojust put in there for the largest one it lists whatever you think your monitor will support03:01
gerrotake into consideration if your graphics card can keep up with your monitor (usually they can quite well)03:01
ricono, i don't have any output there yet ... is this where i do 'mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf'?03:02
gerroyou do that inside the terminal you did sudo su in03:02
ricomousepad not installed says i can install it. do it now?03:03
ricoas superuser?03:03
gerrowhich ubuntu distribution are you using?03:03
gerrotry gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf instead then03:03
ricousing gutsy 7.1003:04
gerronot xubuntu though right?03:04
acaceolIs anyone here? I have a problem with Synaptic.03:05
ricono, ubuntu03:05
gerrorico: yeah ubuntu comes with gedit installed just try that pretty much samet hing03:05
acaceolOh, different conversation.03:05
ricogerro, ok, so what's my command then?03:06
gerroacaceol: sup, what's the problem?03:06
acaceolI have a broken package, and I can't fix it, and I can't remove it.03:06
gerrorico: your opening gedit a text editor to the location /etc/X11/ for the file xorg.conf so 'gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf' X11 being your graphics stuff and etc being your config files03:07
acaceolAnd when I try to get anything else, it says that I have a broken package and it won't let me install.03:07
gerroacaceol: try apt-get autoremove and apt-get clean03:08
ricok, so : gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   ?03:08
gerroacaceol: that removes packages that have issues and cleans out older .debs incase you some how messed up a packages installer03:08
gerrorico: yep03:09
acaceolsubprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 12703:10
gerroacaceol: umm sorry when using apt-get command do sudo or do it as root03:11
acaceolI did.03:11
ricoi got a gnome warning autthentication failed but it did bring up the file just the same, i'm gonna pastebin it and be right back to show you03:11
gerroah... crap might have some problems with your repositories then acaceol03:12
acaceol/var/lib/dpkg/info/wamerican.postrm: 12: /usr/sbin/remove-default-wordlist: not found03:12
gerroacaceol: which part did it mess up at?03:12
acaceolI think the missing dependancy is the uninstaller. >.>03:13
gerrorico: authentication fails if you enter your password in wrong..03:14
ricogerro, here is the file: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59325/03:15
gerroacaceol: umm I'd suggest taking that output and run synaptic from terminal to get any errors it outputs then pastebin it and perhaps post a comment on forum and/or #ubuntu03:17
gerroacaceol: if you have any other ubuntu systems you could grab those files from and hope it starts working again?03:17
gerrorico: alright which graphics card and monitor exactly models and what does lspci list for your graphics card line03:18
acaceolI don't, sadly03:20
ricogerro omg i don't know.03:20
ricohow do i find out03:20
gerroacaceol: maybe another box you could install ubuntu to virtualbox or run copy of wubi and get the info?03:20
gerroacaceol: give me the names of files you need and I'll see if I got a copy if you want03:21
acaceolApparently I need /usr/sbin/remove-default-wordlist03:22
gerrorico: just do lspci and pastebin it03:22
gerrorico: pastebin all it says should list that03:22
gerrorico: lshw lists lot of hardware info too but its very indepth03:22
acaceolIf you get wamerican then you should have the file, but I wouldn't want you to mess up your computer, too03:23
gerroheck if you could pastebin ddcprobe too it would help think you have to 'apt-get install xresprobe' package03:23
gerroacaceol: wouldn't mess up anything just copying stuff03:23
ricogerro: nothing happens after i do lspci: (gedit:5833): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:03:24
ricoAuthentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.03:24
gerrorico: hold ctrl then press c in the terminal03:24
gerrorico: that will cut off any thing its currently telling you about if it hasn't ended already03:25
gerroacaceol: hmm /var/lib/dpkg/info/wamerican.* right?03:26
ricogerro, ok, here's what i got: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59326/03:27
acaceolYeah, I think03:30
acaceolI have .config, .list, .md5sums, .postinst, .postrm, and .templates03:30
gerrorico: do "apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati'03:31
ricoas superuser still?03:32
gerrorico: yeah03:32
gerrothat will add the video driver you need, it might already be installed03:32
ricogerro: Reading state information... Done03:33
ricoxserver-xorg-video-ati is already the newest version.03:33
rico0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:33
acaceolThis line of the sh:     /usr/sbin/remove-default-wordlist wamerican03:34
ricoso it seems that it is already installed, right?  but not working?03:34
acaceolIt's missing that file03:34
gerrorico: "Driver"vesa"" where it says that in xorg.conf change vesa to radeon and remove03:34
ricogerro, what do you mean 'remove'?03:35
gerrothe line where it says Virtual 640 480 then under Modes change 640x480 to something reasonable like 1024x768 change defaultdepth to 1603:35
gerrorico: sorry I pressed enter early :(03:35
ricoomg, i'm confused...03:36
ricostill don't know what you mean 'remove'03:36
acaceol"...change vesa to radeon and remove the line where it says..."03:37
acaceolIt's one sentence03:37
gerroacaceol: I really don't know what to do and don't want to go overboard replacing things because might be hazardous03:37
acaceolI'll try removing that line and see what happens.03:37
acaceolI have the installer CD, so I don't really mind if it goes unstable or anything.03:38
gerroacaceol: basically you tried to remove some dictionary and synaptic crapped out on you.. probably some guide on how to remove unwanted dictionaries and what to do if something goes wrong03:38
gerrothat's what you did right?03:38
gerroacaceol: yeah if you got any files just run livecd and copy them to a flash drive or burn to cd won't lose too much I hope03:39
ricogerro, can't find the gedit, must've closed, do i just : gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf  again?03:39
gerroacaceol: but I don't quite know what you did, perhaps you could check your command history for the last day or so and it will show?03:40
acaceolI don't have any files except Synaptic packages and my backround (which I made in a minute with GIMP)03:40
gerroacaceol: ah I suck pretty bad with gimp :(03:40
acaceolHeh, I just did the Plasma Shader thingy in the Effects menu03:41
acaceolMakes a nice backround03:41
gerroacaceol: is that where they get those default backgrounds?03:41
gerroacaceol: default ubuntu background looks like someone took a switch blade to an lcd monitor >,>03:42
acaceolHeh, I don't think so03:42
gerrowell I sorta broke my laptop screen and it looks kinda similar.. except the blops of dark dead pixels :(03:42
acaceolI broke one of mine, too...03:42
gerrodid it have a webcam by the monitor?03:43
acaceolSucks, it was a Compaq from a long time ago.03:43
acaceolNo, heh03:43
acaceolIt didn't have a CD drive03:43
acaceolI don't think...03:43
gerrowell mine broke from the webcam downward spiderweb sorta crach think casing is weak there03:43
gerroacaceol: sooo lucky none those primitive cd drives :/03:44
gerrocrack I mean like in the monitor part03:44
acaceolI mean like something hit the screen and the glass in front of the LCD shattered03:45
acaceolWhen I boot it up, it looks like a rainbow in a taffy puller03:45
gerroI tend to skip a lot of minor words when typing, think I'm going crazy or english language is too bulky...03:46
acaceolProbably the latter; maybe both :p03:46
gerroheck if I care what you think :P (notice I didn't say I)03:47
gerromaybe some form of unconcious doublethink stuff going on..03:47
acaceolErm, you did say "I".03:48
gerrothink I'm going crazy was no I03:48
acaceolWhat other language do you know?03:49
gerroacacceol: any ideas how to fix synaptic so far?03:49
gerroacaceol: I know ingles03:49
acaceolRe-installation, nothing besides that03:49
acaceolCan I just delete everything manually?03:51
ricogerro do i change vesa to radeon under 'boardname' as well?03:51
acaceolLike, delete the file that tells Synaptic it exists?03:51
acaceol(Or remove that line if it's in a big file)03:51
gerroacaceol: heck yeah but last time I told someone to rm on irc I got the third degree and banned from #ubuntu lol03:51
ricoalso, do i change default depth from 24 to 16 in both instances?  how do i save changes to file?03:52
gerroacaceol: but doesn't it have some sort of index to keep track of this stuff so deleting wouldn't help?03:52
acaceolThen I'll delete the index. I don't care anymore. >.>03:52
gerrorico: sure if you like but I don't know if that will do anything think its just like a variable for informational purposes03:52
acaceolTell me where it is, and I'll delete it03:52
gerroacaceol: I dont' know my synaptic is working :/03:52
ricogerro, so then to save and test result what do i do?03:53
gerrorico: yes both instances03:53
gerrorico: hmm might want to try it at 24 though I think some radeon have trouble going lower03:53
gerroso don't worry about changing that03:54
gerrotop left click file then save then click x03:54
gerroand it should be saved03:54
ricogerro, so change 16 back to 24 again?03:55
gerrotry a restart to test if it works I'm too lazy to press a bunch of buttons :D03:55
gerrobut if that doesn't work then try 1603:55
ricook, i go try.  wish me luck.03:55
ricook, made changes, still not sure how to save?03:57
gerrosave like how you would save a text file03:57
gerroyour editing these changes into xorg.conf directly right?03:57
ricoyes, directly03:58
ricovia gedit03:58
ricoso just hit the save button on gedit?03:58
gerroshould be pretty easy to save yeah try that03:58
ricothen restart?03:59
ricook, see you later.  thanks for all your help.04:00
gerrorico: its getting kind of late and I have to go but there some info here http://www.x.org/archive/X11R6.8.0/doc/xorg.conf.5.html about what examples to put so if you don't understand what's in that file you can change it.04:00
ricois cont alt backspace good enough for restart?04:01
gerroI have no clue I usually use that for when I crash something04:01
gerrojust try a full restart04:01
ricoi don't have a shutdown button, i don't know why, think its related to resolution issue.  how else to restart?04:02
gerroshutdown -h 0 as root in the terminal04:02
gerroor you can click the menu and click quit04:02
ricoomg.... i fixed one thing and screwed up another.  reconfigure xorg x11 conf file and now i have the various resolutions available in menu, but all of a sudden my screen has gotten way crazy, looks like interference on the screen, and i can barely read the text i'm writing.  is this a known issue ayone?04:33
ricooh, well i try again tomorrow, looks like i will need to access chat from another machine...04:34
slimjimflimanybody know where to get a list of boot times for different versions of xubuntu?05:07
zoredachesorry, what do you mean by 'boottimes'?05:15
pc-illiterateok. i had 3 people trying to help me earlier. anyone else want to give it a shot ?05:16
slimjimflimzoredache, yes05:17
pc-illiteratecan someone help me with a crashing boot ?05:58
pc-illiteratestalling boot, what ever it is05:58
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
slimjimflimwhat happens?06:02
slimjimflimany error messages?06:02
pc-illiteratei never make it to the login screen i guess06:02
pc-illiteratejust get a black screen after the progress bar06:02
pc-illiteratei hit alt+ctrl+f8 and watch where it crashes at06:03
pc-illiterateafter like 8 lines past loading gnome agp? controller ?06:04
pc-illiterateanyway it is after it flips to next screen in loading06:04
captinehigh there.  Anyone got wifi working with wep/wpa?  Am in a Hostel in San Fran, and can view the network, but when trying to connect, it asks for some file in wifi-radar?06:08
captineanyone able to help?06:08
pc-illiterateok...guess i'll try to find an answer before everyone wakes up06:12
captinepc-illiterate, thanks.  I have looked, but am not sure how to use wifi-radar.  also, if i need to d/l anything, must do before i reboot i.e. d/l in windows06:17
pc-illiteratelol. no captine. im having my own problems . lol06:23
slimjimflimpc-illiterate, can you switch to another tty and log in that way?06:27
slimjimflimsorry about the lag06:27
meridianno prob06:35
meridiannot sure why i cannot get my own nick to work06:35
slimjimflimmeridian are you logged in twice?06:59
meridianno idea07:00
meridianlogged in, and think it disconnected, and auto relogged07:00
meridianthink that ghost thing is happening or something07:00
slimjimflimdo you have an alternate nick?07:02
meridianthis is the alternate.07:02
meridiancaptine is the main07:02
=== meridian is now known as captine
slimjimflimsounds like a job for #freenode ops07:03
captinelol.  np07:04
rico_Can someone please help me with openoffice.  I am trying to make a simple flyer for my lost dog, and i can't seem to insert picture from my desktop.14:35
gabkdllyinsert -> picture -> from file14:40
gabkdllywhen you open the word processor, take a look at the menu at the top of the window. Click on "Insert", then move down to "Picture", then select "From File" and you will get a dialog to help you select the file you would like to insert14:43
rico_gabkdlly: kool, thanks, i was trying drag and drop wouldn't work, now i got it. thank you thank you.14:43
rico_gabkdlly: ok, i got one picture on there, but when i try to add another it says 'filter not found', what could that mean?14:47
gabkdllyrico_: maybe that means the file format is not supported?15:07
gabkdllyyou could try converting the image to a format that you know is supported, using imagemagick or the gimp15:07
gabkdllythe command to convert images is "convert input-file [options] output-file" on the command line. read up on it with "man convert"15:10
tech404can anyone tell me reasons to go swap file vs. swap partition? I don't run out of HD space but I don't think I have ever paged before either. Just seems like a waste and I wanted to hear some opinions.17:27
PriceChildtech404: you can't resume fom swap file iirc17:27
PriceChildtech404: you don't want to run out of memory though... better to have a little swap before random processes are killed to free things up.17:28
PriceChildtech404: the advantage of a swap file is its much more easily modified in terms of size17:28
PriceChild*one of17:28
pc-illiteratei need some help from a very patient person17:28
tech404pc-illiterate: typically in a setting like this you should just ask your question... not ask to ask a question17:30
pc-illiteratei tried all that last night. no one was around17:30
pc-illiterateim getting a black screen after loading progress bar17:31
tech404sometimes it is hard to find the right person but if they are on they will help17:31
pc-illiterateno login...nothing17:31
pc-illiterateodd-rationale tried yesterday but had to leave17:31
pc-illiterateactually i had a few people helping me17:31
pc-illiterateive installed twice17:32
tech404:) well I am not an expert but I will be happy to listen17:32
pc-illiterateso my problem goes like this17:32
pc-illiterateim getting a black screen after loading progress bar17:32
pc-illiterateonce the progress bar screen disappears, i get a black screen17:33
tech404so during boot you see the progress bar but after it is finished the screen goes blank and shows no login?17:33
pc-illiterateyou got in17:33
tech404have you tried using <ctrl>+<alt>+F1 to see the console or removed splash from grub?17:34
pc-illiterateonly thing that works is alt crtl delete to restart17:34
tech404can you get to the console?17:34
pc-illiteratei cant get anywhere17:35
tech404and what is the last thing it says when you remove splash in grub?17:35
pc-illiterateam i having a problem because my pc is an emachine ?17:35
pc-illiterateremove splash ?17:35
tech404when you start up the computer it says press escape to enter Grub17:36
pc-illiterateow do i remove splash from grub ?17:36
pc-illiterategrub is the os choice screen right ?17:37
pc-illiterateok...i start pc it shows the emachine start-up screen then goes into grub.....so i press escape and go into grub ?17:38
tech404hold on let me look and make sure I am telling you this right... its not something I do a lot17:38
pc-illiteratethis is my first ever experience with linux...its not going so well17:38
tech404Workaround to remove usplash :17:40
tech4041. At boot, press Esc to access the boot menu.17:40
tech4042. Choose ubuntu and the press the "e" key to edit17:40
tech4043. With the arrow keys, go to the "kernel" line and press "e" to edit17:40
tech4044. Remove "splash" and "quiet" from the line and press "enter"17:40
tech4045. Press "b" to boot your computer.17:40
tech404it can be hard to get over the hump... everything completely new and different is like that :)17:40
tech404it will be worth it17:40
tech404so follow those directions and see what it does... if it freezes again see what the last couple of lines say to see if they can point us in the right direction17:41
pc-illiteratei hit f3 then f8 during boot....it makes it to login. i see that before i get the black screen17:42
pc-illiterateactually theres another line i see before the screen goes black17:43
tech404when you see the login is it a gui or cli17:45
pc-illiterateits cli i guess.17:45
pc-illiterateits like part of the run line17:45
pc-illiterate im not anything but a clicker17:46
pc-illiterateit rolls up real fast and boom black screen really fast17:46
pc-illiterateok...im going to go try this workaround and see exactly17:47
pc-illiteratedid i choose the vid res right ?17:47
pc-illiteratei just moved the red bar to 1024x 768 32 and enter during install17:48
tech404well I don't know but Ubuntu should be able to recover from that17:48
pc-illiterateok...i'll be back17:48
tech404well that sounds safe to me... is your screen very old?17:48
pc-illiteratemonitor is about 4 1/2 years old at most17:49
tech404should be fine17:49
pc-illiterateok....i will return17:49
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pc-illiterateare you still there tech404 ?18:07
pc-illiteratei did that twice...last line i see is starting local boot something . then its black screen still18:07
tech404are you using the computer that is having the problem?18:08
pc-illiteratelemme give ya specs before you ask18:09
gabkdllypc-illiterate: what version of xubuntu did you install?18:10
pc-illiterate1ghz celeron, 256m ram, geforce4 mx440se, master hdd 60g master with xp, slave 20g with xubuntu, emachine T110018:10
pc-illiteratei bought this pc in 200018:11
tech404what is the model number of your computer?18:12
tech404ok reboot again and go into grub but this time pick the on that says (recovery mode)... then after it comes up type "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep '(EE)' "18:20
tech404that symble is a pipe it is shift \18:21
tech404write down what you see and come back and tell us18:21
pc-illiteratedo i put in    '(EE)'    ?18:22
pc-illiterateand, thats after recovery mode runs right ?18:23
tech404yes... recovery mode should bring you to what looks like a old dos prompt... then you will want to type that in18:24
pc-illiterateok because ive ran it before and ive logged in and all but it tells me i need root for everything i try18:25
pc-illiterateanyway....i'll be back18:26
tech404it should not ask you for that with this but anytime something says that and you are SURE that you want to do it just type in 'sudo' before with out the ' ' and it will ask for a password and then do as you ask18:26
pc-illiteratei tried but i couldve been typing wrong18:27
pc-illiterate but i'll be back18:27
pc-illiteratetech: no file or directory found18:45
tech404are you in windows now?18:46
pc-illiteratei rebooted after that18:47
maxamillionwe don't support the microsoft windows operating system in the channel18:48
pc-illiterate hit alt+ctrl+f3 then alt+ctrl+f8 and it told me 'vid disp'( ithink) erro then restarted no problem18:48
pc-illiteratehey max...shhhhh.18:48
pc-illiterateim fine18:48
pc-illiterate we've been working on this for hours18:48
pc-illiterateive actually been trying to figure this out since about 3pm yesterday18:50
tech404did you use the liveCD to install?18:52
pc-illiteratealt cd18:52
pc-illiteratemy pc wouldnt run live18:52
tech404how much ram to you have?18:52
pc-illiteratesorry about the shhhh max. im a little irriated18:53
pc-illiterateshould i reinstall and use my onboard video ?18:55
maxamillionpc-illiterate: its ok, i just try to keep the channel on topic18:57
tech404you may want to try just pulling the VGA card out and plugging into the onboard and giving it another try without reinstalling18:57
maxamillionpc-illiterate: but it appears that the discussion is once again about xubuntu so i shall wander off18:57
pc-illiteratelol max. sorry again18:57
maxamillionno worries :)18:58
pc-illiterateive tried just switching to the onboard but i get the colored snow screen18:58
tech404did you remove the other from the computer?18:58
tech404do you feel comfortable doing that?18:59
tech404I would give that a try.18:59
pc-illiterate if you mean feel like its beyond my grasp....i put everything in18:59
tech404also if you can find another computer so that we can talk and troubleshoot at the same time it would be great19:00
pc-illiteratenot gunna happen. im at home and this is it19:00
tech404ok pull out the other video card.. make sure that you bios settings are for onboard video and then boot up into xubuntu19:01
pc-illiterateok. be back again19:01
pc-illiteratehey tech404 .........19:46
tech404any luck?19:46
Odd-rationalepc-illiterate: You again! Were you *finally* able to install xubuntu?19:46
pc-illiterateyes tech..yes odd19:47
pc-illiterateit doesnt like my gfx card19:47
tech404so are you running xubuntu now?19:47
pc-illiterateno....updated and d/l nvidia driver19:47
cromaguh, thats was qite a few Xubuntuers :)19:47
pc-illiterateon xp now19:47
pc-illiteratei have more questions than you have time for :))19:48
tech404what kind of card?19:48
pc-illiteratei was reading instructions for install19:49
pc-illiteratecame back here19:49
pc-illiteratemirc will need to be run thru wine correct ?19:50
tech404I would guess so but I think you should try an alternative19:50
pc-illiteratewell i know nothing...19:51
tech404you should install xchat and give that a try19:51
pc-illiteratexchat will bring me here ?19:51
tech404and so will pidgin and that is already on your xubuntu install19:52
pc-illiteratewhat all does pdgin work with ?19:52
tech404just about every chat you can think of19:52
pc-illiterateeven gayhoo and google talk ?19:52
tech404i find that it is not great for irc so i use xchat for irc and pidgin for everything else19:52
tech404yes and msn and icq and so on and so on19:53
pc-illiterateyes...im likin this more n more19:53
tech404you should boot into linux now and come talk to us from there19:54
pc-illiterateok cool19:54
pc-illiteratei are here20:05
pc-illiteratethis is pretty cool20:07
pc-illiteratekinda like trillian20:07
tech404I would bet that your video card is supported... i think that it may have been a setting in the bios20:07
tech404but I would hold off on working on it for a while20:07
pc-illiteratei got the driver20:07
pc-illiterate i just need to know how to "kill all opengl processes" and open a console to type in the run20:08
pc-illiteratei know 1 thing for sure. firefox opens at least twice as fast20:09
tech404i feel very sure that you don't need to install the closed source nvidia drivers for a card that age20:10
pc-illiteratei dont know anything about bios so...20:10
pc-illiterategunna be a pain in the arse to pull it out after i play Ut and boot into linux20:11
tech404you can try if you would like but I think you will find the computer doing the same thing as before20:11
pc-illiteratei just mean use it for xp so i can play. im an addicted gamer20:12
tech404i understand20:15
tech404so am i20:15
pc-illiterateso you think i have the drivers but since im in linux, it uses what the bios says ?20:15
tech404I think that the bios was set to use both cards or to fall back onto the on board20:17
pc-illiterateno built in firewall right ?20:17
tech404no need really20:17
pc-illiteratebut only with xp ?20:17
pc-illiteratewhat about anti virus ?20:17
tech404but you can install one if it makes you feel happy20:18
tech404dont need it20:18
pc-illiterateno firewall no antivirus ?20:18
tech404nothing is listening to the outside world on your system so no need for a firewall and there are not any real viruses for linux20:19
tech404do you use a router to get to the internet?20:19
pc-illiteratean old cheap 120:19
pc-illiteratelinksys networkeverywhere...20:20
tech404you should not need a firewall20:20
pc-illiterateits a $40 cheap router20:20
pc-illiteratewell thats just freakin cool20:21
tech404but if it gives you a warm feeling to know you have one there are plenty available for free just waiting to be downloaded and installed from synaptics20:22
pc-illiteratelol. if i dont need 1 im not really all for d/l useless apps20:22
tech404well congrats again pc-illiterate I hope you enjoy... do some reading up on what new people should know20:44
web_knowshi there20:53
web_knowsdo you guys know of any tag editor that writes the album cover to the file?20:53
Odd-rationaleweb_knows: I think easytag can do that. also depends if your file format supports it.20:54
Whiteheathi ppl - question - how do I set the default font for xfce4-terminal??22:06
Whiteheathi ppl - question - how do I set the default font for xfce4-terminal?? - cant find anything in faqs/wiki etc22:25
zoredacheWhiteheat: there is a setting on one of the menus22:35
Whiteheatzoredache - I havent found it yet - can you be more specific please?22:38
foxrayhi, where are the monitor power management settings in xubuntu?22:39
foxrayi need to set the monitor standby time to 30 minutes22:39
zoredacheWhiteheat: Edit->Preferences->appearance22:48
Whiteheatzoredache: thanks mate - I looked at that screen before and could see the monospace - but didnt notice the size option even though I was looking for it!!??22:52
pc-illiteratecan anyone help me with installing a gforce4 mx series drivers ?23:43
pc-illiterateok. can someone tell me how to get in my bios ?23:46
revlohi, cannot fetch it from the website, maybe I am blind, but how much storage and ram will a very basic xubuntu install need? (just some email little websurfing and gnumeric/abiword)23:48
pc-illiteratei just installed dude23:49
pc-illiteratei have 15gig left on a 20 gig hdd23:50
pc-illiterateand the installer told me 36m of ram23:50
pc-illiterate the livecd uses a lot more23:50
pc-illiteratedoes that help revlo ?23:51
revlo5Gb.. thats alot, do you ahve any user-data on the driver?23:51
revloyes a bit23:52
pc-illiteratethats alot ?  i know the ubuntu site says it takes 1.5 g but i needed more than that i guess23:52
pc-illiterateit also says it needs less ram on the livecd than i actually needed23:53
pc-illiteratebut that was bogus or something. it wouldnt install23:53
pc-illiterateif i helped cool. if not. sorry.23:53
pc-illiterateif you gimme a sec i'll copy n paste whats said there23:54
pc-illiterateCDs require 128MB RAM to run, or 192MB RAM to install. Desktop install requires at least 1.5GB of free space on your hard disk.23:55
revlo1.5Gb ok thx :)23:55
pc-illiteratedont know why im different23:55
revlomaybe addon software like OpenOffice23:55
revloOpenOffice alone takes 700Mb on my Centos Laptop23:56
pc-illiterateyea its there. i did a full alt cd install23:56
pc-illiterateok i gotta figure out graphics. have fun everyone23:56

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