kickinoI've got a question because of "Ordering". There is conference for child in the end of April. And we would like to share some of the Edununtu CDs at our stall there. But I don't know if we can get some CDs in the short of time. :(09:00
kickinoSomebody there who can help me in this point?09:00
Kamping_Kaiserdid someone ping? i notice a highlight on this channel09:10
Kamping_Kaiserkickino, if you request a custom shipit order, and give them the details of why you want them and how soon, they may be able to help you09:11
kickinoOkay, I'll have a try.09:12
kickinoBut is it possible to get some CDs of my "local Ubuntu/Edubuntu"-group in the near? How can I figure out where the "next group" is? Maybe they can help me, too, and have got some CDs also?09:15
Kamping_Kaiseri'm not sure i follow your question09:15
highvoltagekickino: usually a loco team is a national team. where are you from?09:45
highvoltagekickino: you should certainly be able to get into contact with your loco team and ask them to order some extra discs for you09:45
kickinohighvoltage: Where can I find some information about my nationalteam?09:50
ograkickino, just hang around here, juliux will likely show up during the day, he's deeply involved with the german LOCO and the ubuntu e.V.09:51
kickinoah. Nice, I'll wait for him. :-)09:52
ograwhere in germany do you sit ?09:52
highvoltagekickino: there's also a german loco channel, which is quite large, at #ubuntu-de09:52
kickinoogra: Middle of Germany. Thueringia :)09:55
kickinohighvoltage: oh. heh. I tried #edubuntu-de and this is quite small :)09:55
* ogra waves from hesse10:02
kickinoogra: hehe :)10:06
juliuxRichEd, ping11:43
RichEdhi juliux11:44
juliuxRichEd, do you know if there are some edubuntu 7.10 cds left?11:44
highvoltageyay, tomorrow is a public holiday \o/ \o/ \o/11:45
* highvoltage didn't know11:45
juliuxhighvoltage, lol11:48
juliuxhighvoltage, in germany monday is also a public holiday;)11:48
Kamping_Kaiserone day at a time :)11:49
highvoltagejuliux: here too!11:49
lagahighvoltage: i didn't know either, so i gotta buy some food11:49
highvoltagebut I knew that. so the added bonus of tomorrow just compounded the goodness of it ^_^11:49
RichEdjuliux: yes ... how many do you need ?11:54
RichEdyou can mail marilize@canonical.com11:54
RichEdhighvoltage: you didn't know it was easter friday ?11:55
RichEdand monday is off as well11:55
Kamping_Kaiser\o/ :)11:55
* laga wonders about saturday11:55
ograRichEd, did you come around to test a cmpc install yet ?11:55
RichEdnot sure if it's because of that whole nailing that guy to a tree, or lobbying from the chocolate cartels11:56
RichEdogra: on the today list i'm afraid11:56
RichEdlast few days have not been productive11:56
johnnyvirtualbox users ? anybody using the e1000 driver?11:56
ograhighvoltage tested already a bit :)11:56
highvoltageRichEd: nope, been too busy to pay attention!11:56
* RichEd wonders how highvoltage missed the gazillion easter egg displays while he has been shopping11:57
highvoltageRichEd: it's been a while since I went to any kind of shop :)11:57
ograshops are overrated11:58
highvoltageRichEd: and I use privoxy to filter out ads on the Internet11:58
highvoltageRichEd: and google to filter out my spam11:58
RichEdogra: i went in good faith to get a second 2GB USB yesterday ... and the traffic choas put a spanner in the works11:58
highvoltageRichEd: and I mentally block out other people in the office when it sounds like they're talking about boring stuff.11:58
* RichEd wonders if i can do a USB to USB copy ? classmate to notebook ?11:58
ograRichEd, you can install to external devices, not sure i told you ... so you dont need to wipe the existing install11:59
highvoltageRichEd: are you going away for the weekend. maybe we should have coffee some time. maybe some time during next week too.11:59
RichEdogra: ^ can i do USB-USB ? i.e. boot with new image on the USB stick and do the copy from classmate to notebook using a straight USB to USB cable ?12:00
ograafter you installed, yes12:00
highvoltageogra: wouldn't it be easy to back up his current install to an installer disk using squashfs? haven't thought it through... but it could be a nice backup mechanism, don't you think?12:00
highvoltageogra: usb to usb? how would that be done?12:00
highvoltage(between two notebooks)12:01
ograwell, you need two external devices for that12:01
RichEdhighvoltage: not sure it can be done ... was spec-u-lating12:01
highvoltageok, I thought RichEd meant directly from classmate to notebook12:01
ograyou boot from one, then dd the internal one to the spare external one12:01
* ogra wonders why RichEd has *anything* on that crufty gutsy install thats worth keeping at all12:02
ograacrually i think /home was separate on  the gutsy image already, should suffice to save the files from there12:03
highvoltageogra: maybe he's sentimental? :)12:03
RichEdi had limited storage and backup space ... and not enough free time for clear headspace to juggle12:05
RichEdwill move to the 8.04 beta12:05
ograaccording to highvoltage even the za translations work fine :)12:06
highvoltageza-english, at least!12:06
ograwe dont ship any others :)12:06
highvoltagewhich I think is just english-uk with a few extra words :)12:07
highvoltagebut yes, it works.12:07
highvoltagereally!? wow, I didn't realise that.12:07
ogra(its in there only by accident actually, because its part of teh -en langpack)12:07
RichEdhighvoltage: it works ! bevok !12:07
highvoltageRichEd: heh12:07
highvoltageRichEd: it's actually spelt with an "f", but I think it's better that you spell it wrong, we don't want to learn the channel any nasty words :)12:08
RichEdogra: did you see the /msg ? or are you on the small screen ?12:08
ograi am on the small screen since 6 weeks (and didnt touch any other in that time), i see your message though12:10
ograyou dont see mine ?12:10
ograi thought i registered12:10
ograRichEd, see me now ?12:11
neopsyche_wifi card need to setup as AP.. anyone?13:02
juliuxwhole sentence?13:03
lagaheh, how ironic.13:04
highvoltageneopsyche_: I think I've seen howto's for that on the wiki13:04
highvoltagecan't remember where though.13:04
juliuxlaga, yes13:05
juliuxneopsyche_, http://wiki.ubuntubrasil.org/LinuxAccessPoint13:05
neopsyche_juliux, thanks13:21
dtraskmorning all!  (at least it's morning here)13:37
stgraberhi dtrask13:37
* dtrask is offering FREE snow to anyone who wants it....we have plenty here13:38
Kamping_Kaiserthe new edubuntu artwork is fairly :o13:38
Kamping_Kaiserdtrask, a few days i'd have taken some13:38
stgraberdtrask: no thanks, I already have enough here :)13:39
dtraskKamping_Kaiser: We'll be skiing into August here in Maine ;-)13:39
dtrasklittle worried about flooding though....hope we can just "melt" without the assistance of rain ;-)13:40
Kamping_Kaiserdtrask, :o13:41
* Kamping_Kaiser finds the whole snow thing quiet novel13:42
dtraskYou'll like this....I'm sitting in my classroom...typing on my System76 laptop (Darter 2) which comes preloaded with Ubuntu while watching my students use a Smartboard attached to Edubuntu as well as using their Edubuntu thin-clients...they are 1st graders 6 year olds working on changing fonts and stuff in OpenOffice....pretty cool13:45
* laga is afraid that those 1st graders at openoffice than him13:46
* laga adds "are better".13:50
* Kamping_Kaiser notices the hardware tool available in applications -> system tools doesnt seem to offer a way to make a launchpad account. (i also think it shouldnt be in applications, but thats just me)13:51
Nubaehey, has anyone tried out the elonex laptop with edubuntu?13:58
Nubaelooks like a really nice thin terminal option for kids, at the price its selling it (99 pounds) seems even better than the eee pc or classmate13:59
Nubaebut maybe its not powerful enough14:00
NubaeIt has a LNX Code 8 mobile 300mhz processor and 128 meg ram14:02
ogra_cmpcah, the brick14:03
* ogra_cmpc wouldnt want one14:03
Nubaethe brick? :-)14:03
ogra_cmpcit looks like a brick with all the electronics in the lid instead of the base14:04
Kamping_Kaiserwebsites nicely broken14:04
Kamping_Kaiserogra_cmpc, its an odd look for sure14:04
ogra_cmpcand given the specs i think it doesnt behave much differently to a brick14:04
NubaeI've currently been tasked with setting up the servers for Open learning exchange Nepal, for their pilot projects, I'm looking at all the alternatives to the OLPC XO14:04
NubaeUbuntu seems keen on using classmates, any particular reason?14:05
ogra_cmpcthe olpc (even i dont like the HWS at all)  will be heaps better that this thing14:05
ogra_cmpcit wouldnt even make a nice thin client14:05
Nubaeyeah OLE nepal has 200 of them, but for older kids I'm not convinced its the best choice14:05
ogra_cmpcget a classmate or eeepc14:06
Kamping_KaiserNubae, i'm with you there14:06
Kamping_Kaiserall those things have micro keyboards :(14:06
ogra_cmpcmicro keyboards rule14:06
Nubaethere is also the ECS G10 coming out14:06
ogra_cmpcyou get used to it pretty fast14:06
Nubae10 inch screen and 8 hour battery life14:06
* ogra_cmpc at least14:07
Nubaethe field is transforming so quick not sure what to focus on... but for now its the XO laptop cause of the durability and mesh neworking14:07
* Kamping_Kaiser hates small keyboards14:07
* ogra_cmpc did as well until he got his first classmate14:08
ogra_cmpctoday my prob is rather that i feel lost on my normal one14:08
ogra_cmpcyou have to move your hands so much14:08
Nubaeso ogra, how does it compare to an XO?14:08
ogra_cmpcway beyond14:08
Kamping_Kaiseri have an xo, and i've used classmates. just cant like it when i spend so much time on real keyboards14:08
stgraberogra_cmpc: you also do less typing mistake than with the cmpc :)14:08
ogra_cmpclike i always like to say: classmate == cut down laptop, OLPC == pimped mobilephone14:09
ogra_cmpcstgraber, yeah, i just often hit the caps key14:09
ogra_cmpcthats a bit badly placed14:09
Nubaek, so its really about speed?14:10
ogra_cmpcand i'm missing my right shift14:10
ogra_cmpcNubae, its abut usage ... OLPC will still need a year or so to even get a handfull usable apps running ... and even then they will be sluggish14:10
NubaeI now have to convince them to drop Fedora on the server and not build a gui from scratch a la ebox14:11
Nubaeyeah so, u think classmate is best option at the moment for older kids?14:11
ogra_cmpceeepc is the best opiton imho ... that will change with the next gen classmate which is already in the works though14:12
Nubaeeeepc is more expensive though isn't it?14:13
ogra_cmpcno idea what the eee costs atm14:13
Nubaethe new one looks very nice eeepc 90014:13
Nubaebut read the cost would be 499 dollars14:13
Nubaewhich seems high14:14
ogra_cmpcclassmate was supposed to go out for 200 something14:14
ogra_cmpcbut what i've seen so far was rather near 40014:14
Nubaecan one use ip6 instead of dhcp with pxe to hand out images?14:17
dtraskogra_cmpc: at that price where's the advantage of the cmpc over the eeepc?14:18
ogra_cmpcdtrask, no idea, i'm not intel14:19
ogra_cmpcoh, btw14:19
ogra_cmpcdtrask, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/classmate/images/hardy/14:19
Nubaeso each server they want running at the schools (ole nepal this is) should run moodle, dansguardian, dhcp for the mesh networks and squid. My first thought was to install webmin, but maybe ebox would be better14:20
ogra_cmpcebox is quite cool14:21
Nubaejust that later on down the line has to be really easy to maintain by local nepali sysadmins/teachers14:21
NubaeI've taken a look at ebox, can one take out features relatively easily?14:21
ogra_cmpcask in #ubuntu-server they maintain ebox14:22
Nubaeoh, cool, will do14:22
dtraskogra_cmpc: Thanks....I'll give it a shot later14:22
ogra_cmpcnote that it will wipe the device (and it might need a reinstall, i'm still fiddling wiht the best partition setup)14:23
Nubaeits a good excuse for them to move from Fedora too ;-) I really want them to use debian or Ubuntu, but they're using fedora on the latops so don't know how easy it will be to convince them14:23
ogra_cmpcbut its reasonably faster than gutsy wqas14:23
ogra_cmpcNubae, just give them some ubuntu CDs and let them experience the difference14:24
* dtrask steps away to teach spreadsheets to 3rd graders on Edubuntu thin-clients ;-) will check my screen as often as I can14:24
Nubaedo you know anyone using wireless thin clients?14:26
ogra_cmpcthats not possible14:26
Nubaenot at all?14:26
ogra_cmpcWLAn has nothing like PXE14:26
ogra_cmpcyou can build something that boots from a local flash disk or so ... but netbooting wont work14:27
stgraberyou would need a kernel and initrd installed on the client (flash memory ?) and then some kind of update script checking kernel's version with the one on the server at every boot14:27
stgraber+ add the wireless tools to the initrd14:27
ogra_cmpcincluding essid and key14:28
dtrasksomehow you need to boot the device (even minimally) to load the wireless...right?  I think some are doing something they call wireless thin clients, but they are not TRULY thin...they have something like flash memory to at least get the wireless up14:28
stgraberI started working on some kind of wireless thin clients a while back but haven't had time to get something working14:28
Nubaesounds interesting, certainly an alernative to running every client 'fat'14:28
stgraberI basically just did the kernel+initrd version checker14:28
dtraskkoolu has some14:28
dtraskkoolu.com I think14:28
Nubaeand after that, software installation, home access, application usage happens remote?14:29
stgrabermy idea was to get rid of the DHCP+PXE and just emulate it, so every boot the initrd checks the version of kernel and initrd on the server (using tftp-client) if they match it boots the same way a standard thin client would, otherwise it updates the local kernel+initrd and reboot14:29
stgraberonce you have a way to boot the initrd with wifi support and with the same kernel version as the server, you can just boot as any other thin client14:30
stgraberthe main problem then is the wireless network itself14:30
stgraberyou'd need something of really fast or a lot of AP to have thin clients on wireless14:30
Nubaeor mesh networking14:31
Nubaeon olpc all the laptops run in adhoc mode, even when turned off14:31
stgrabersomething that can give all clients 1MB/s (watching youtube) would be good but the APs I have at school can only gives like 2-3MB/s for all clients ...14:32
Nubaebit individual connections are low bandwidth (11mb I believe)14:32
stgraberNubae: yes, I tried one of those, not sure of how fast the network can be though14:32
Nubaewell since the bandiwdth is shared across the mesh its probably faster than using individual APs14:33
Nubaeinteresting stuff for sure14:33
memolibrebuenos dias15:09
memolibrecomo puedo adquirir una invitación en el canal de edubuntu-es15:09
memolibreas I can acquire an invitation in the channel of edubuntu-is15:17
joebake1If you Ubuntu doesn't fix pulseaudio so that voip clients can work in 8.04 there will be mass defections from Ubuntu and it's derivatives.  Please send the message on.16:41
joebake1I think all that's necessary is to upgrade to the latest gstreamer.16:41
neopsyche_is there any way i can check who banned me on ubuntu?16:49
lagajoebake1: filing a bug report in launchpad and/or giving out the bug id in your message might be better..18:37
highvoltageneopsyche_: yes, you can as on #ubuntu-ops19:27
dasKreechRichEd: ping :)19:50
RichEddasKreech: pong19:57
RichEdnot officially here ... family time ... can chat for a min19:58
dasKreechRichEd: I was asking if annma was invited to UDS ?19:58
RichEdi'll check with ogra_cmpc ... he mentioned today that there was a free spot he thought should go to her19:59
ogra_cmpcRichEd, well, anna isnt really dev ... she should go under edu19:59
ogra_cmpcthats actually wy i mentioned it :)19:59
ogra_cmpcanyway, nobody in the office anymore and its unlikely that someone is tehre over easter20:00
ogra_cmpcso we cant discuss it anyway atm20:00
RichEdi'll have to run it past my boss then ... ogra_cmpc you mentioned a dev cancellation in the same discussion, i thought that was the subs plan20:00
ogra_cmpcright, we have one dev less20:00
RichEdwell i'm ducking out of here ... ogra_cmpc picked up a 2nd 2GB USB on the way out this evening20:01
ogra_cmpcRichEd, seen your mail ?20:01
RichEdso i'll be trying to back-up the old image and get the new one on20:01
RichEdglanced at it ... lemme check20:02
ogra_cmpcwrt classmate ... i9mages etc20:02
dasKreechRichEd, ogra_cmpc: So .. maybe? :-)20:03
ogra_cmpcdasKreech, thats not in our hands, we only can suggest ... its already pretty late ...20:04
dasKreechso speed would be key?20:04
ogra_cmpcso i fear to say maybe20:04
ogra_cmpcwell, speed still means we can only forward it to people in the office  ... its easter20:05
ogra_cmpcthere wont be anyone before tuesday i assume20:06
* dasKreech *looks over at the calendar*20:06
zambawhen chosing the standalone workstation installation.. how does this method interact with a server in the network? the thin client installation is of course fully dependant on it, but how does the standalone installation interact? i'm thinking package updates and shared user databases and file systems20:23
zambaand is it possible to create a mixed and seamless network consisting of a single server and both thin clients and standalone workstations?20:23
dasKreechEdubuntu is now a addon Cd to Ubuntu?20:23
zambait's its own distro20:24
zambai believe20:24
ogra_cmpcthat changed in hardy20:26
ogra_cmpcthe standalone workstation install is as the name says for a standalone workstation :)20:27
RichEddasKreech: the best way to describe it is that it is an educational environment which is installed on top of an ubuntu system20:27
RichEdworkstation or server20:27
dasKreechHow about a Kubuntu System?20:27
RichEdcould be if you bend it a bit20:28
RichEdubuntu is the base20:28
ogra_cmpcworks as well, but you need a network connection, the cd is built against the ubuntu CD so it needs some libraries kubuntu doesnt have20:28
dasKreechah ok that should be fine20:28
dasKreechis there still a edubuntu-desktop-kde ?20:28
ogra_cmpcit just wont work non networked which we guarantee for ubuntu based systems20:29
zambaogra_cmpc: so if you want a workstation that still should be able to interact with the server, then how? :)20:29
ogra_cmpczamba, no, its a standalone sytem i.e. for a home desktop ..20:29
zambaogra_cmpc: so the only customization for educational environments with a quite a few networked computers is the thin client solution?20:30
ogra_cmpcyou can indeed set up everything as you like but its not different from an ubuntu desktop install apart from artwork and application selection20:30
zambaogra_cmpc: yeah, but i was more looking for the out-of-the-box solution :)20:30
zambawith ldap database, samba and/or nfs and the like20:31
ogra_cmpcwith hardy edubuntu was integrated into ubuntu completely, the ressources we have for such stuff are now bound in the server team for things like LDAP samba etc20:32
ogra_cmpcso the apps get maintained whener the biggest expertise is20:32
ogra_cmpci think they provide a ssamba out of the box install ...20:33
zambahow does this relate to debianedu?20:33
ogra_cmpcnot sure about the ldap and directory server stuff20:33
ogra_cmpcthat might be not there yet20:33
ogra_cmpcmost of the new ltsp was developed hand in hand by me, one upstream dev and one of the debian edu devs20:34
ogra_cmpcwe're working closely together inb that area ...20:35
zambaah, cool20:35
ogra_cmpcwrt desktop and server implementations we do different things20:35
zambadebianedu is using kde and edubuntu gnome, right?20:36
zambagoing to test the thin client stuff now, see how it works20:36
zambai basically just need a fresh install of edubuntu and a laptop sitting on the same network as the machine, right?20:37
ogra_cmpcmake sure the server has two NICs20:37
zambado i need to do any configuration, or is this plug and play?20:37
zambayeah, going to put in a second now20:37
ogra_cmpcthat gives you the full fun of 100% out of the box ...20:37
zambaafter the installation is done20:37
dasKreechThere is a Debian EDU? :)20:37
zambaindeed :)20:38
ogra_cmpcwith one NIC you need to adjust either the NIC IP or the shipped dhcpd.conf20:38
dasKreechwith KDE?20:38
zambaogra_cmpc: yeah, i know how to accomplish that, so that should be no problem :)20:38
ogra_cmpcdasKreech, yup20:38
dasKreechso you guys don't source from them?20:38
zambadasKreech: yeah20:38
zambakde sucks20:38
zambawe hate kde20:38
ogra_cmpczamba, well, its a lot extra work you could have saved by putting it in befor installing :) but well20:39
ogra_cmpc(you need to update teh sshkeys and update the image after adding the NIC and a new IP)20:39
dasKreechzamba: I recall you were taking out all the kde apps from edubuntu20:42
zambadasKreech: hm?20:44
* dasKreech sees your hm? and raises you a uh?20:45
zambai was taking out all the kde apps from edubuntu? :)20:48
zambayou can blame me for doing a lot of things, but removing all the kde apps from edubuntu wasn't really my doing :)20:51
dasKreechzamba: not you personally :)20:52
zambaif you by "you" mean "debianEDU", i'm not a part of that team :)20:52
dasKreechzamba: No Edubuntu was removing all the KDE apps from the Edubuntu distro20:55
zambagod damn typical21:14
zambabasically the only thing i installed edubuntu for was to try the thin client stuff21:14
zambaand what fails after 30 minutes of installation?21:14
zambaoh yeah: "build ltsp chroot"21:14
zambaso not very out of the box21:17
zambalol, this is fucked up21:19
zambathe latest installation image doesn't work21:19
zamba/etc/network/interfaces looks stupid21:19
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:20
zambasorry about that :)21:20
zambaand where is the "educational software" that makes this an edcational distro? i can't see any changes from the usual ubuntu installation21:21
zambaogra_cmpc: how is this supposed to work? i see no startup scripts in /etc/init.d21:27
zambai'm issuing ltsp-build-client manually now, after getting the system booted21:27
zambaand it's retrieving and validating a lot of software21:28
zambaogra_cmpc: please let me know when you're back21:45

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