jepeltwhas anyone found that installing ubuntu-restricted-extras does not enable MP3 playback, or is there an additional step required?00:10
Dr_willis_jepeltw,   some programs may need addational libs/files00:10
HowardTheDuckHardy isn't going to ship with the VLC version mentioned here, is it?:http://torrentfreak.com/vlc-player-vulnerable-remote-hijack-080318/#comment-31475900:11
HowardTheDuckaccording to that link, the remote hijack issue still exists00:12
HowardTheDucksorry, proper link: http://torrentfreak.com/vlc-player-vulnerable-remote-hijack-080318/00:12
HowardTheDucklink 2 advisory http://secunia.com/advisories/28233/00:13
Dr_willis_If its considered a security updates. ubuntu tends to  update  when thats the issue.00:13
HowardTheDuckDr_willis, even so close to final?00:14
HowardTheDuck"Initially it was reported that the flaws in version 0.8.6d were fixed in the latest release, but this turns out not to be the case. Auriemma writes: “The old buffer-overflow in the subtitles handled by VLC has not been fully patched in version 0.8.6e.”" so the problem still exists in both gutsy and hardy?00:16
hmullerDoes debuild have problems signing where an openpgp smartcard is used to store secret keys, or is their a configuration step I am missing?00:20
Dr_willis_HowardTheDuck,  ages ago thee was a big firefox 'bug' that  caused some grief. Ubuntu patched the older firefox,  so it dident have the bug. :) but all these web sites still thought ya had the older version with the bug. so reported you as still having the bug.00:25
Dr_willis_HowardTheDuck,  i dont see that vlc explot as being a huge deal.  I  imagine  it will get fixed rather quickly00:25
carwashAnyone here have the nvidia-driver working acceptably with fullscreen flash and general 2D?00:26
HowardTheDuckDr_willis, thanks, I trust the ubuntu developers, believe me, but I wasn't sure how these things are addressed so late in the game. Thanks!00:27
hmullercarwash: define fullscreen flash00:27
carwashhmuller, fullscreen youtube videos. I get watchable framerates with the VESA driver, but something that looks like 3-4 fps with nvidia.00:28
Dr_willis_HowardTheDuck,   i would not be suprised if the release gets delayed.. id rather them delay it then rush the thing.00:28
HowardTheDuckDr_willis, I hope not!00:28
hmullercarwash:  The nvidia driver works well for me, but I haven't tried youtubing full screen, I get 3000fps with glxgears00:28
carwashI get ~10 000 fps with glxgears, but all 2d-operations make xorg eat cpu. (scrolling, flash video, resizing windows etc.)00:29
carwashI would use the vesa driver if only i could get suspend/resume to work with it.00:30
hmullercarwash:  vesafb doesn't work for me, I'm trying to get uvesafb to work (amd64), gimme a minute or two and I'll test youtube full screen00:31
carwashhmuller, what card do you have?00:31
h3sp4wnI don't really have issues with the nvidia driver - I can run ut2004 60 fps on 1920x120000:31
hmullercarwash: nvidia 8400M GS00:31
hmullercarwash:  scratch the test, I seem to be having problems with flashplugin-nonfree.  It installed, but FF3 doesn't recognize it as such.00:34
jester7anybody have hardy running with an ati x1250 graphics card?00:35
carwash_sorry,. the b43-drivers aren't exactly very stable... :/00:36
h3sp4wnThings don't happen that quickly if there is no specs00:37
J-_woo, just made my first script with a notification. First script ever, and in Hardy. =D00:38
J-_Thought I'd share.00:38
Jordan_UFor some reason I am getting flickering with openGL applications when compiz is on, even when they are full screen ( and therefore should not be redirected )00:39
locomofor me opengl apps fail to go fullscreen if compiz on00:41
RAOFJordan_U: I suppose you really _do_ have unredirect-fullscreen-windows on? :)00:42
Jordan_URAOF, Yes00:42
* RAOF is therefore out of comments.00:42
mcquaidanyone know if the beta release is on schedule for tomorrow?00:46
Ahmuckany idea when kubuntu hardy beta is out ?00:46
hmullercarwash:  I got flash working, now how do you identify the fps in fullscreen mode?00:47
Stroganoffmcquaid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule00:47
carwash_hmuller, well, i count :P it's so slow i can see it paint each frame00:47
Stroganoffoops sorry mcquaid00:47
Ahmuckkewl, thx00:48
Ahmucklooks like tomorrow or tonight00:48
Stroganoffkde4 wont be much better until then, Ahmuck ;)00:48
hmullercarwash:  it seems normal to me at high quality, sound is good but an artifact every now and then in the video00:48
carwash_hmuller, what card do you have?00:51
hmullercarwash: 8400M GS  (Inspiron 1420 w/core2duo)00:51
hmullercarwash: it's understood we're talking nvidia cards00:52
AhmuckStroganoff: until the beta?00:52
Stroganoffor even the final00:52
Ahmuckis is kde4 slated for hardy, or a dual option install?00:53
carwash_hmuller, yes, i was just curious if you had an 8-series card or not00:53
hmullercarwash: pretty happy with it.  bad news is there is no splash lovin for the adventurous amd64ers00:54
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mcquaidi have a friend who i setup with the last alpha and told him to wait for the next beta release before upgrading again.00:56
=== bhb is now known as ajmorris
mcquaidif it's released tomorrow, and say he only gets to updating 3 days from now, well he doesn't really have the beta, he has the beta +2 days of any newer releases00:57
mcquaidis there a way to ensure updating to a release that might not be necessarily release day?  the only way I can think of is grab an alt cd and use it only has a repository00:58
mcquaidbut i was curious if there was a apt-get way.00:58
Lord_VaMpyroi want to download beta release00:58
Lord_VaMpyroisn't it again out00:58
mcquaidprobably not.  maybe they should have that though.  a separate during devel. that only has snapshots of releases and not day to day additions00:59
mcquaida separate repository...00:59
Jordan_Umcquaid, I think the only thing unique about any of the development 'releases' is that there are no known huge problems with the installer. in which case there is no reason to stick with the beta after install ( or at all when upgrading )01:01
mcquaidbut they do usually list known issues with each release, not just the installer01:01
locomodid you tried to erase dvd+rws with brasero? it seems it formatting them instead of erasing01:01
Jordan_Umcquaid, What's your point?01:02
mcquaidfor ex. alpha 4 has the note about instability using the new gvfs. whereas alpha5 did not01:02
lufisdoes hardy have an smp kernel?01:02
Flannellocomo: Most people do.01:03
Flanneler, lufis01:03
mcquaidand each release has the note about some issues with some rom drives.  but for ex if the beta release notes tomorrow dropped that notice, I would assume it's a corrected issue01:03
lufiswhat do you mean?01:03
Flannellufis: Oh.  Sorry.  Yes, Hardy has a SMP kernel, just like all Ubuntu versions.01:04
lufisWhere is it?01:04
Flannellufis: -generic01:04
RAOFlufis: The default one.01:04
Jordan_Umcquaid, Yes, but that was true about anything < Alpha 4 also, and will not ( hopefully ) be true of anything > Alpha 501:04
lufisokay, could have said that...01:04
Flannellufis: You didn't ask that.01:04
Jordan_Umcquaid, If you are trying to avoid bugs, documented or not, you should not be using any version of Hardy but the final01:05
lufisI asked if it had an smp kernel, because i wasn't aware it has since been merged in with the default01:05
Jordan_Umcquaid, And not having the most recent updates means you may be reporting old bugs01:05
Jordan_Umcquaid, old fixed bugs that is01:06
Flannelold, potentially fixed, bugs01:06
mcquaidJordan_U,  for me anything < al5 was a showstopper with the warning about gvfs so once al5 was released I came on board01:06
Prometheusis the beta still coming out tomorrow.01:07
carwash__My b43-driver is acting up on me. Is this actually working for anyone? Has anyone tried suspend the the iwl4965?01:07
locomoi will wait for gamma01:07
mcquaidI see your point about bugs though01:07
locomofedora 9 beta laso 20th01:10
PrometheusI thought they were going later01:10
* Jordan_U wonders if his XO will be upgraded to fedora 8 automatically when it comes out01:12
Jordan_Uprobably won't01:12
Prometheushmmmm... what to test first, ubuntu or fedora01:13
fangoriousis there no libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 for hardy?01:13
Jordan_UIs there a command that I can use to determine the current window manager?01:13
fangoriousi need it for juniper vpn01:13
fangoriouslaunchpad seems to think there is (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2/1:2.95.4-24) but I can't find it in apt with all the restricted/universe/multiverse repos enabled01:17
carwash_Has anyone tried suspending with the iwl4965-driver?01:17
aldarsioris there a sample sources.list for hardy?01:20
tsukasa__hey i downloaded the wubi heron alpha 6 and did a full apt-get upgrade and it wont boot, complains about the filesystem being readonly01:20
Amaranthfangorious: are you using amd64?01:20
fangoriousAmaranth: no01:20
tsukasa__i dont think its actually mounting the loop filesystem correctly01:21
Flannelaldarsior: Just use update manager to upgrade01:21
Amaranthfangorious: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gcc-2.95/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-24_i386.deb01:22
Amaranthdunno why it isn't showing up01:22
fangoriousguess I'll post in the hard forum01:23
snerfuI was looking at the hardy heron release schedule on the wiki. It says the first beta release is supposed to be tomorrow but there is an exclamation point next to it, does that mean it will be delayed a bit?01:30
Flannelsnerfu: No, those are just decoration01:31
Jordan_Utsukasa__, Anyone what?01:34
tsukasa__Jordan_U, i installed heron alpha 6 via wubi, first thing i did was a full apt-get update/upgrade, rebooted and it complains about read only filesystem01:35
tsukasa__Jordan_U, i think the loopmounted filesystem isnt working somehow01:35
tsukasa__Jordan_U, this is amd64 if that matters01:36
Adlaianyone know what I should be using instead of xmonad-rebuild in hardy?01:36
tsukasa__Jordan_U, i also redid the installation and the apt-get upgrade again, produced the same error01:37
Adlaithere's a note of its removal in launchpad referring to an 'upstream solution', but I can't find any information on such a thing01:37
Jordan_Utsukasa__, Have you filed a bug report? ( make sure to mention that it is reproducible and how to reproduce it )01:38
tsukasa__Jordan_U, not yet, i wanted to check and see if this was known first01:38
tsukasa__Jordan_U, ill do that right now01:38
tsukasa__Jordan_U, where should i file at?01:38
Jordan_U!bugs | tsukasa__01:39
ubotutsukasa__: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:39
awen_anybody here using hardy with iptables + NAT? ... have used it before; but seems to be broken now01:42
awen_nm... packet-manager just messed with my sysctl.conf01:46
penhi, how can I fix my power button acpi event? Before I upgrade to hardy power button actually works, now it's not responding01:50
locomowhat you have selected in power applet?01:51
richard__hardy heron beta fever! :D01:52
penin power applet I select ask me01:53
locomomm try to change maybe?01:54
penyou mean change it and change it back will work?01:54
locomoyeah, or another action01:54
locomoi dont know if it will work btw :/01:55
penhave you tried looking glass?01:55
penit's written in java01:55
Dr_willisthats somthing i havent heard mentionedin ages.. :)01:57
penThen it must be obsolete01:58
Dr_willisit always was01:58
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tsukasa__is the beta being released in 2 hours? midnight rather02:12
tsukasa__or is it some random time tomorrow02:13
locomodude midnight was 7 hours ago lol02:13
ScottK2It's released when the release managers are satisfied it's done.02:14
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abarbacciai found a bug which has been confirmed on launchpad in the lirc package. An upgrade to a more recent version of SVN is required to fix it. How can I help this get implemented?02:34
abarbacciait also exists in gutsy which is why I want to help becuase it was overlooked for taht release as well.02:35
=== carwash_ is now known as car|aw
Stroganoffabarbaccia, write an email to the maintainer of the package02:42
Stroganoffor to the guy commited to the bug, abarbaccia02:45
StroganoffDO IT ******02:45
locomoabarbaccia, i have seen somewhere in ubuntu wiki how to make a bug fix requiest after development freeze02:46
abarbacciaStroganoff: how do i find the package maintainer02:46
abarbacciait's not a terribly difficult fix, i don't think. but without it the package is pretty much useless02:46
Stroganoffpackages.ubuntu.com, abarbaccia02:47
abarbacciagreat. ill let ya know what i fine02:47
RAOFabarbaccia: Really, you want to comment on the bug.02:48
RAOFabarbaccia: For added bonus points, attach a patch to the bug which fixes it.02:48
RAOFabarbaccia: For _super_ bonus points, attach a debdiff against the current package :)02:48
abarbacciai commented on the bug and showed how i fixed it02:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182530 in lirc "lirc_serial loads but does not work (Gutsy 7.10 + Hardy 8.04)" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:49
abarbacciaits not just lirc serial anymore either - its almost (i didnt test everything) all lirc transmitters and a few receivers02:49
abarbacciathey are all fixed in the latest SVN02:49
locomowell i dont know what is freezed in hardy and what not, maybe this bug will be fixed with normal process02:49
abarbacciai would rebuild the package with the latest source but i don't know how in a good way02:50
abarbacciawhen i tried -- err, well, we won't go there02:50
abarbacciai should really learn though02:50
abarbacciaso the package maintainers are listed as core developers + 5 others02:50
abarbacciaso should i email them?02:52
Jordan_UIs there a way to detect the currently running VM from a script?02:54
abarbacciaso the maintainers all have debian email addresses - should i file to debian?02:55
ScottK2abarbaccia: No.02:56
RAOFabarbaccia: No.  The correct way to contact the developers is by a launchpad bug.02:56
ScottK2abarbaccia: Listen to what RAOF is telling you.  He's an Ubuntu developer.02:56
RAOFabarbaccia: Sometimes, bugs on LP get neglected, or seem to get neglected.  This generally indicates that either people are busy, or they haven't seen that it can be easily fixed, or no one who is confident of fixing it has seen it, or...02:58
RAOFabarbaccia: Generally, the bug should get looked at, _sometime_.  It's reasonably easy to make it more likely, by attaching a patch, or doing the packaging work required to fix it, etc.02:59
abarbacciaalright i just got a response from it by Mario. He was looking for a specific patch because a full recompile is time consuming but i don't know where to find that or how to provide that to him...03:03
LibertyShadowIs anyone else experiencing a 404 on the default Firefox 3 b4 homepage? The ubuntu partner page?03:05
abarbacciaalright everyone - work very early. see ya03:05
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abarbacciathanks for the recommendations and help03:06
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odlawhere are the new icons for update-notifier located?  i am trying to find them and all i can see are the old ones03:10
Sebhow is the gutsy->hardy dist-upgrade on i386 these days ?03:15
RAOFSeb: Should be reasonable.  Why don't you test it and file bugs? :)03:16
Sebi'm rea03:16
Sebjust read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=722886 ands that looks bad ;)03:17
Sebbut i'm asking because i'm about t odo it *remotely* for a friend03:17
LibertyShadowSeb, I did a fresh install.  After some tweakage it runs fabulously.03:17
Sebso if it doesn't come abck up i'm toast03:17
SebLibertyShadow: no can do fresh install here, though03:17
Sebdist-upgrade is the only option at hand03:17
LibertyShadowSeb: backup backup backup03:18
Sebif it 1) manages to boot the new kernel and start sshd, and 2) doesn't fail catastrophically with a libc problem or something, i'm good to go03:18
Sebi can fix anything through ssh03:18
Sebbut that link in the topic is scaring me right now03:18
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LibertyShadowI had a libc segmentation fault.03:19
RAOFSeb: A remote install is not _really_ the best idea :)03:19
Sebhrm it seems to be fixed03:19
LibertyShadowIt was not pleasant.03:19
RAOFSeb: Do you have any local access to the box?03:19
SebRAOF: it's a remote *upgrade*, to be precise :>03:19
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
SebRAOF: nah, it's on another continent03:20
SebRAOF: and my friend ain't quite the command-line type heh03:20
RAOFI would therefore suggest "no" is a good answer.03:20
lamalexIs ther a pulse audio configuration app? Firefox will only play sound out of laptop speakers, instead of through discrete sound card like the rest of the system03:20
=== anthony is now known as tonyyarusso
LibertyShadowSeb, if its on another continent... well I have to agree with RAOF03:21
Sebmain reason i want to upgrade him is because of an alsa problem03:21
Sebis there any way to get a newer alsa on gutsy ?03:22
RAOFSeb: You could get the hardy alsa-source package, and build it using module-assistant.03:24
SebRAOF: i'll try that03:25
RAOFSeb: It's not guaranteed to build, but it should.  And if it *does* build, it should work.03:26
Galgaso when is beta expected ?03:42
lungtenhi everyone, is hardy beta out yet?03:50
LibertyShadowlungten, I am watching http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/ like a hawk03:56
GalgaLibertyShadow: hmm nice link :)03:57
lungtenthere's a download link in hardy beta wiki: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.0403:57
lungtenbut its dead.03:57
LibertyShadowKeep an eye on torrent sites as well.03:58
LibertyShadowof course, "March 20" is relative to what time zone?03:59
lungteni think its GMT.03:59
Galgahey, how do you fix that font thing for most of apps ? my font are quite small, specifically in firefox04:00
LibertyShadowtry changing the font size / rendering04:00
LibertyShadowand in firefox you can use Ctrl + mouse wheel to change text sizes04:01
GalgaLibertyShadow: thanks04:01
GalgaLibertyShadow: that rendering thing goes with appearence right ?04:01
LibertyShadowFont size /rendering is in System>Preferences>Appearance04:01
Galgawell i must say i m really enjoying 8.04. its quite stable even unexpected shutdowns (power failures) don't come in way to smooth restart04:11
lungtenGalga, did you get the beta?04:12
Galgaalpha 604:12
RAOFNot that there'll be any difference between the beta and a fully updated system, of course.04:13
lungtenyes. that's roght.04:13
lungtenright, RAOF.04:14
Galgais there any feature like undo-disk changes expected in newer version of ubuntu04:14
FlannelGalga: not in Hardy, but in future versions, probably.04:14
Galgajust like firefox offering restore previous session i am sure the restore session for OS will increase stability04:15
LibertyShadowDoes OSX have that? Time machine?04:16
LibertyShadowI read about it, but never actually seen it.04:16
Stroganoffyes it does04:17
StroganoffGalga: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47497304:18
LibertyShadowAnother wine update04:19
LibertyShadowThe wine project amazes me.04:20
Stroganoffits dazzling win(e)04:21
LibertyShadowWine Is Not (and) Emulator04:21
DanaGOh hey, new info on my hard lockups:04:23
DanaGIt happens in Windows, too.04:23
DanaG(Running HL2 under Vista).04:24
SplexHD lockups?04:24
DanaGHard lockups where not even my BIOS-level "toggle LEDs" hotkey will work.04:24
Splexwhen does it lockup?04:25
DanaGRandomly, but only when using 3D functionality (even something as basic as the rss-glx Flux screensaver).04:26
DanaGArgh, PulseAudio doesn't like remembering where I put audio streams.04:26
DanaGI sure don't want to live alone.04:31
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=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
Galgawhen i try to mount another partition, message says you are not authorize. i added my account in authorization to mount unmount partitions04:38
Galgaam i missing some steps ?04:40
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
Jordan_UIs hardy going to have any utilities that take advantage of pulseaudio's features like per-application volume control installed by default? Without them it seems kind of pointless to use pulseaudio by default, all it does is break audacity :)05:23
DanaGPulseAudio also still doesn't very well remember where I put streams.05:23
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iskinI'm running 8.04 and when I try to use effects I loose the window border. Does anyone know how to fix this?05:38
loahello, why hardy say me that my computer failed to hibernate, when i resume?05:38
Jordan_Uloa, File a bug report ( my guess would be something like it takes longer than expected to hybernate so it gives that warning *before* you hybernate and you only see it after )05:39
loathank you.05:40
Jordan_Uloa, You should still file a bug report :)05:40
Jordan_UAnd that was still nothing more than a guess :)05:41
ethana2Updates liking us all about now?06:00
* ethana2 runs updates06:00
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* DanaG wonders how readable 1920x1200 at 15" is.06:06
AmaranthDanaG: buy a microscope06:06
DanaGPondering for future, actually.06:07
ethana2The eye is pretty high res06:12
ethana2if you have a screen with a higher resolution at a given distance than your eyes06:13
ethana2you have a perfect window into wherever you please06:13
ethana2resolution independence on the desktop is important though06:13
ethana2to not lose any usability while doing that kind of thing06:13
ethana2Man, I can just imagine Halo in WINE at some 4MP res06:14
ethana2sniping would be awesome fun06:15
ethana2It'll be sweet when WINE uses a gallium shim for directX instead of glsl06:15
ethana2i'll bet we can outperform windows by a solid 15% ^_^06:15
DanaGI want OpenAL emulation, myself.06:16
DanaGLike the "Host OpenAL" thingy by Creative, but hopefully less broken EAX, if possible.06:16
DanaGAt the very least, I wish that Host OpenAL thingy would work under Wine.06:16
DanaGGaack, all my kanji-filename files are missing on my ntfs volume.06:18
DanaGSkipping unrepresentable filename (inode 31417): Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character06:20
DanaGAah, apparently calling mount with -o overrides, rather than appends to, fstab options.06:24
DanaGHere's a bug in QuodLibet: information thingy doesn't track song changes.06:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, how so?06:28
DanaGTry going to "Info" on one song, and then skip to the next song.  There's no way to make it follow the change.06:29
[Hardy]TuTUXGlike ... ctrl + i?06:30
DanaGYeah, but you have to do that for each new song, and then close the old one, and then click to the "Lyrics" tab, for example, on the new one.06:31
DanaGAnd you can't use it with the main window in the background.06:31
Galgais there anyway to disable this keystroke repeat bug ? i have disabled keystroke repeating option in preferences>keyboard>settings but even then its happening from time to time06:32
DanaGGalga: bug 19421406:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421406:32
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Galgadoing ALTGR+SysReq+E goes to blackscreen06:32
DanaGK is less destructive.06:32
DanaGIt kills just X.06:32
DanaGOh, and a temporary workaround is to go back to xserver-xorg-core 1.4 (current is 1.4.1-something)06:33
Galgaok thanks06:34
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGThat was odd: I got a hard X lockup with QuodLibet still playing the song it was on.06:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGwill the beta be out on time?06:47
bazhanghow to disable the kde wallet in Hardy? set one up for knetwork manager and promptly forgot the password06:50
jscinozis it just me or is sun-java6-plugin broken?06:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscinoz, how broken?06:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscinoz, 64bit?06:52
jscinozinstall through synaptic or the firefox apt frontend, restart firefox, acts as if java not installed06:52
jscinoztried gcjwebplugin, same thing06:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGthere's the xcb bug (as always), but other thing should be fine06:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGhow about other java program06:53
bazhangthis is the kde4 iteration of Hardy btw06:53
jscinoztutuxg, i've tried gcj and sun-java6 i'll give sun-java5 a try, one moment06:53
jscinozaside from this java issue, hardy is leaps and bounds better than gutsy :D06:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscinoz, if other java program could run, it's mostly like ur java-plugin is not installed correctly06:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGdo u have the java bittorren client? the az.... stuff06:55
jscinozyep it works06:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGi never remember its name...06:56
jscinozand its using sun-java606:56
jscinozits just the firefox plugin i cant get going06:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscinoz, i sec let me find a command06:56
bazhangmust only be gnome users hereabouts06:56
jscinozsorry bazhang :(06:57
Lynourebazhang: missed your question, or something...06:57
bazhangno worries jscinoz ;]06:57
bazhangLynoure: my saviour!06:57
jscinozoh wow, rhythmbox is nice now06:58
jscinozthe stores06:58
Lynourebazhang: might work just to delete the saved settings for those networks in knetworkmanager.06:58
bazhanghow to reset kdewallet in Hardy kde4? I set a password for knetwork-manager06:58
bazhangah okay06:58
bazhangthanks Lynoure06:58
Lynourebazhang: kwallet is nice, but yep, not good to forget the passphrase.06:58
bazhanghaha stupid me06:59
Lynourebazhang: you can also just delete the wallet, and make new one. Haven't tried it in kde4 yet, though06:59
Lynoure(in kde3.5.9 currently, switching between those two occasionally)06:59
bazhangLynoure: than ks much; will try all ;]07:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscinoz, try this: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libjavaplugin.so /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b4/plugins/07:02
jscinozcheers looks like it works now07:03
jscinozlooks likewhoever made the download and extract script for sun-java6-plugin forgot about firefox 3 having a different libdir >_<07:04
jscinozfirefox 3 is so fast :D07:04
jscinozi should have upgraded to hardy earlier07:04
jscinozhmm there's no audio output for java >_<07:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGnever tried audio yet07:07
jscinozi was testing java audio with runescape :P07:34
savvaswoohoo openoffice crash :)07:36
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
ethana2brainstorm is great07:53
ethana2but it'd take the resources of canonical, novell, /and/ redhat to do all of them07:53
ethana2which is fine, because according to google trends, ubuntu is stomping all of them07:54
ethana2...do you think novell will ditch suse?07:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, y would they?07:54
ethana2because suse is getting owned07:55
ethana2(according to google trends)07:55
ethana2ubuntu is more searched than mac in one country i saw07:55
ethana2the czech republic07:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, suse still has lots of followers07:56
ethana2less than debian or fedora though07:56
ethana2...both of which ubuntu is over by a factor of about eight07:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGoh, do u mean the suse enterprise version?07:56
ethana2ok, i'll try with suse /and/ sled07:57
ethana2...in caps07:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGfor opensuse, it more depends on the community, so i dont think novel need to spend a lot on it07:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGand it's still very popular in German (at least)07:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGbut i d like to see suse switch to deb tho, lol07:59
ethana2I think novell should embrace ubuntu :)  ..but of course i'm partial08:00
* DanaG ditched SuSE because both the package manager and the repos sucked.08:00
ethana2wait... how do .deb and .rpm differ?08:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, agree08:00
ethana2I've heard .deb is better, but i don't know why08:00
DanaGThat's the backend.08:00
DanaGYaST is the package manager.08:00
ethana2well, i know synaptic, yast, and yum..08:01
ethana2i've had bad experiences with two of them  *cough*08:01
ethana2...but as far as package formats, why .deb?08:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGYaST is much better than other rpm pm for me, basically it's rpm's problem imo08:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, check the wiki page08:02
ethana2'the wiki page'?08:02
* ethana2 goes to google08:02
foxinessethana2: rpm vs deb08:02
DanaGTry YaST in 10.3 under X... it sucks.   YOu have to go to the ncurses version  to get the dependencies and such.08:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, ya, suse 10 is a joke08:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGi remember under suse 10.2, yum is even better than yast08:04
[Hardy]TuTUXGor smart08:04
ethana2ok, so this looks like .deb has more handy features...08:06
ethana2i don't see deltas08:06
ethana2yeah, what about delta-deb?08:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, the problem with rpm imo, is that it needs to be more scandalized08:07
DanaGWow, Timidity as a daemon as root really sucks.08:07
DanaGIt gets way uneven.08:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGmy spell check did that08:08
ethana2sorry, that still makes no sense08:08
ethana2heh, you using pidgin too?08:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGno, xchat...08:09
ethana2well spell check is awesome08:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGstandardized* should be the word i want to say...08:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGor type*08:09
ethana2Would we benefit from a second .deb spec, or is it not possible to do that without introducing compat issues?08:10
[Hardy]TuTUXG"On most Debian based distros, apt and its related tools are the preferred wrapper and on rpm based distros, there is a wider selection e.g. yum, urpmi, yast, smart, apt etc."08:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGsee what i mean?08:13
ethana2I think the .rpm and .deb people should come together at the next major FOSS conference and lay out a spec for a next generation package that merges most of the strengths of each08:14
ethana2and does away with all the division08:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, the problem is they generally hate each other08:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGhell, even some debian users hate ubuntu08:15
ethana2emotion is worthless08:16
ethana2we're only supposed to hate /proprietary/ software projects08:16
fromportalien++  :-)08:16
=== Malnilio_ is now known as Malnilion
Gnineprocess kacpi_notify is giving me 36% cpu load on fresh install (i386 alpha 6/2.6.24-11).08:19
Gnineprocess cannot be killed. sudo is not cooperating08:21
Gninehad to kill compiz and compiz.real processes and do metacity --replace just to get borders and a working terminal08:23
akkejust a stupid question. If i install this alpha6 release.. will I be able to upgrade to the final release without complete re-install?...08:24
Gnineand i thought upgrading was not better than fresh install..  however; 64bit is working and updating/upgrading just fine08:24
Gnineyes, akke08:25
Gnineyou will be prompted by update-manager even08:25
akkeokay, thanks ;)08:25
BUGabundoor just force it08:28
BUGabundoby doing #update-manager -d08:29
cyphaseaaaahh, USB controller + emulators = fun08:32
DanaGYup.  Except with Windows guests and USB 2.0 hard drives in Virtualbox 1.5.2; I haven't tried with
DanaGOh yeah, now VBox can emulate Intel Gigabit Ethernet.08:33
clustyso whats the story with the ipw3945 module?08:33
clustyis it replaced by something else?08:33
DanaGAnd you can even use teaming, I think, if you set up tap devices on the host correctly, or bound the two to separate physical interfaces.08:34
cyphaseDanaG: i think you may have misunderstood me08:34
DanaGActually, I was going off on a tangent, partly.08:34
DanaGI do that sometimes.08:35
cyphasei meant a game controller, and a console emulator :)08:35
BadRobothi there08:36
BadRobotis the Hardy beta released today?08:36
cyphaseno bots allowed in this channel08:36
cyphaseespecially bad ones08:36
DanaGHow does Timidity use OSS without padsp?08:38
BUGabundoBadRobot: it shedule for today08:41
clustyhow can I get my intel 3495 working again?08:41
BUGabundoso my guess it will be available around 22h GMT08:41
clustyi want my wireless back08:44
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, 3495 works here08:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGthe driver is integrated in the kernel i think08:45
clustywell i get no eth108:46
clustyjust some wlan0)_renamed interface08:46
clustyalso the LED does not blink as for scanning for networks08:46
[Hardy]TuTUXGshouldnt it be wlan0?08:46
clustyusually it is eth108:46
clustybut they might have changed it08:47
Gninewireless is wlan08:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGmine is wlan0 and it works well08:47
clustywhich module?08:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGand they added wpa support for network-manager08:47
clustywpa was before with the supplicant?08:48
Gninehave you checked  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:49
clustyGnine, nope. thanks. this seems to be it. lemme try it out08:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, 3495 or 3945?08:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGmine is 394508:52
clustythat one08:52
clustyi always get tio wrong08:52
clustyonly one exists08:52
BadRobothas someone update the libc6 and updated to the new kernel 2.24-12?08:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGBadRobot, read topic08:53
BadRobotoki donkey08:53
BadRobotsorry i mean ok08:54
Gninelibc6 issues are worked out already .. upgrade should be safe now08:55
Gninefor all issues topic is the starter guide08:56
Gninepre-existing.. that is08:56
ogrejava issues with hardy?08:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGjava is not woking well with xlib-xcb, yes08:57
ogreyeah i noticed that08:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGand other issue?08:57
ogrethats it. great distro overall08:58
ogreerr except ipw394508:58
ogrei think its being worked on though08:58
ogreerr i meant iwl394508:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGogre, http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=653237308:59
ogre[Hardy]TuTUXG:  already did that ;P08:59
clustyGnine, now the right interfaces show up09:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGalthough i dont know y they tag that bug as fixed, it is not09:00
clustyGnine, but still no blinky light and no connection09:00
fw0127hello, is there someone have the problem with pop-menu with gui in hardy? when I click on the menu bottun, no menu item pop out :(09:07
Tesla|Workis beta already out?09:18
[Hardy]TuTUXGnot likely09:18
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, could you tell me which modules you have loaded?09:19
clustyiwl related09:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGexcept iwl3945?09:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGa sce09:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's it09:20
clustyi also have cfg8021109:21
clustybecause of the mac09:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGya i have that too09:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhich is used by iwlwifi_mac8021109:22
fw0127anyone use hardy now?09:23
clustynot very good question09:24
[Hardy]TuTUXGshockwave is dead?09:24
clustythe flash thing?09:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGstupid adobe09:25
clustythere was never a plugin for linux09:25
clustyas far as I know09:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGya, they offers flash but no shockwave09:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGi know09:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's y they are stupid09:25
clustyso what does it matter then? :D09:25
clustyif its dead09:25
clustyor dead and buried09:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGcuz i have a shockwave file which have to be open with shockwave player09:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGhuh, gnash opens it09:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGstupid adobe09:27
clustyinstall some windows emulator09:27
Silvercirclemoin wollte mal fragen wann die erste beta version released wird ?09:27
clustySilvercircle, lool09:28
explicitlyDoes anyone have any experience with evolution-addressbook-export?  I have used it successfully in gusty but when I try in hardy i get an warning: "** (evolution-addressbook-export:16195): WARNING **: FIXME: wait for completion unimplemented"09:28
clustya dude from Bremen09:28
Silvercirclewas daran so lustig ?^^09:28
alesanhi, was there an announce for Ubntu+2 yet?09:28
clustysprich english09:28
Silvercircleaso ok :D09:28
clustywas funny cause its something to recognize bremers allover09:28
alesanHardy Heron was announced on august 29th, more than one month before gutsy release09:29
alesannow, we are about one month from Hardy release, did they already announce the next one?09:29
[Hardy]TuTUXGibex something?09:30
clustyguess its 2 versions/year09:30
clustyhe he09:30
clustythe biatch connected09:30
clustylong live ubuntu09:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGhow did u solve that?09:31
clustyi killed network manager09:31
clustyrestaretd it09:31
clustyand attached to essid manually09:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGnot autodetected?09:32
clustyweird part is my twinkly lights are always off :(09:32
clustyi liked my twinkles09:32
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, it was trying for 20min to connect09:32
clustyand would fail09:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGum, reboot?09:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGno help?09:32
clustyguess its still just buggy09:32
clustyalso my suspends are all buggered for now :(09:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGmine is not working09:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGs2ram or s2disk09:33
Silvercirclehere i'm fw0127 ;)09:33
clustyboth were working09:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGi had suspend working once when on edgy09:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGjust that one time then nothing09:34
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, try to pass this to the kernel09:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGwiped my swap couple of times09:35
oxigennetscape died :( R.I.P.09:35
clustyyou either stuck them in defoptions in /boot/grub/menu.lst (dont kill the #)09:35
clustyoxigen, were you still on netscape?09:36
fw0127hallo, i have a strange problem when i click the menu button on top of the window bar, there is no menu list pop out, and the right button of mouse does not work...09:36
oxigenno, i just tried to import old mails..09:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGcommand not found, clusty09:36
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, its not a command09:36
clustyits a kernel param09:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, oh09:36
clustyboot time09:37
clustywrite that on a piece of paper09:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGok, so put them in menu.list?09:37
clustywhen grub asks you press e09:37
clustyfor edit09:37
clustyand after splash add that stuff09:37
oxigeni have no idea how to import my old mails (2001), i have no luck with evolution either :(09:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGboth off them?09:37
clustyfw0127, hey kollege. we have no idea09:38
clustyfw0127, du kriegst ein ban sehr schnell09:38
Silvercircleclusty, er sieht nix von dem was hier geschrieben wird;)09:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, /vmlinuz-2.6.24-12-rt root=UUID=8379d98e-71a1-462c-879e-cfc144fa3738 ro quiet splash acpi_osi!=Linux acpi_apic_instance=2 like this?09:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, sweet09:41
clustyfirst add it by hand09:41
clustyjust to make sure it wont make the sys unbootable09:41
oxigenhmm, where to find old netscape mail client?09:41
oxigenwill it work on hardy? :P09:41
cwilluprobably not, depending on how old09:42
oxigenfcuk, i can't open my old mails :/09:45
locomodid you notice how alpha 6 trashing hdd?09:46
ionstormtrashing hdd?09:47
ionstormwhat do u mean locomo09:47
locomouses hdd with no reason and it seems lag occur09:47
clustylocomo, is it not the tracker?09:47
locomoi was scared and switched to another os09:47
locomohave not seen this with kubuntu09:48
ionstormnah dont notice it09:48
clustylocomo, you scare to easilly09:48
ionstormI dist upgraded from gutsy09:48
clustyif smoke does not come out its fine09:48
ionstormpretty much09:48
ionstormur hdds can get up to 55c I think09:49
ionstormand it will be ok eh?09:49
clustymy drive never got hotter than 4009:49
clustyand then with clogged ventilation09:49
ionstorm55c is the max09:50
ionstormthey are rated at 55c i think09:50
ionstormso maybe 6009:50
ionstormbut right now normally im running at 30-4009:50
ionstormwith hardy09:50
ionstormshitty fan too09:50
clustyionstorm, i was talking laptop drive09:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, sweet it works09:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGbut seems not working well with compiz09:56
fw0127hi, is somebody meet the problem with the window-menu pop problems, i cannot use the menus and right mouse button after upgrade to hardy09:57
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, ohh well10:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, get back to gdm screen and it works10:00
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, thats not much of an improvement10:00
clustycause gnome takes same amount of time to load as the sys to boot10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, u know what's the command for suspend?10:01
clustygraphical or txt?10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, no i use the switch user10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, i wanna try to switch to tty1 and suspend there10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, switch user doesnt kill ur session i think10:02
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, cant remember10:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, ur suspend works with compiz?10:03
clustyyou basically had to do something like a :10:03
clustycat 1 > /proc/acpi.....10:03
clustysome place10:03
clustycant find the file where you need to do it10:03
ionisnt beta 1 due today?10:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, that's fine i will check google10:04
benplaut2 q's: about how long till the beta, and how stable is the current alpha compared to, say, 5.04 early alpha and 6.06 early alpha?10:04
benplauthaven't used ubuntu in a while :P10:04
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, so ur compiz works with suspend?10:04
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, not with hardy10:04
ionclusty there is a search engine named after u10:04
clustythis one chokes always10:04
ionclusty rox10:04
clustyi know10:04
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, thanks a lot that's a big improvement for me already10:05
clustythat is prolly "clusty the cluster"10:05
clustyand I am "clusty the clown" :D10:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGya, u r10:05
clustywhats cool about this channell:10:06
clustyas long as you dont annoy the hell out of ppl theya re willing to help10:06
clustyno matter how noobish the question10:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGhaha, right on10:06
locomoyeah, i was not banned here yet10:06
arvindenriqapport is not working10:06
clustythe debian guys are way more knowledgeble10:07
clustybut also snotty as hell10:07
arvindenriqamaranth apport is not working10:08
clustyarvindenriq, how is it behaving?10:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, /etc/acpi/sleep.sh10:09
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, easier :D10:09
clustylast time I did a console sleep was in debian10:10
clustylike 4 years ago10:10
clustyafter patching the kernel10:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGok i gonna try it from tty110:10
arvindenriqit says this problem report is damaged and cannot be processed10:10
arvindenriqi ve even reinstalled it10:10
fw0127no one knows?10:11
clustyfw0127, we dont like you :D10:12
fw0127i am too hurry :((10:12
fw0127i believe new one is better than the old, but it seems wrong :((10:13
locomoclusty: this channel supposed to be "family frendly", but i dunno if it involve family violence too10:13
clustylocomo, i was not suggesting genocide :D10:14
arvindenriqanyother bug reporting tools?10:15
locomomy mother making death threats to me last month, dunno what "family friendly" mean10:16
fw0127perhaps i should try later :((10:17
locomotry what?10:17
fw0127ask the qustion about the menu popout problems in hardy gui window10:18
locomoah window menu popup...10:18
clustyhe has some issue with menues10:18
arvindhow to make nautilus as default10:18
fw0127i am new to ubuntu10:18
locomodunno, try searching bugs.launchpad.net10:18
locomoand i never believed in OS upgrades... always making a clean install10:19
savvassame here, but clean as in keeping the /home intact :)10:20
clustywhy might that be?10:20
clustyi install only when i get bored or some serious failure occurs10:20
fw0127yes, but i am afraid of a lot of installing other packages and configuations such like mutt, xmgrace, paraview..etc, they make me very hard...10:21
locomomenus a probably related to messed gnome config10:22
fw0127but under kde4 and xfce, now i cannot change the default x-window manager, while the menus at login not allowed :((10:24
fw0127the default session cannot be changed10:25
tvnzhello all, any news about beta ?10:26
locomono bad news is good news10:27
BadRobotdoes someone knows @ what time hardy beta will be up the the servers for download?10:31
Oli``And will the beta be a set of rolling updates for Alpha users or will we need to distro-update?10:33
savvasI need someone to test a bug for me, need 64k-128k or less upload bandwidth (not download)10:36
fw0127i don't know, it seens there is no developer here :10:36
savvasBadRobot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule10:37
LynoureHibernate seems to work perfectly for me, suspend not at all (suspends, but does not even start resuming), it's a HP NC8230, any ideas?10:37
BadRoboti hope there will be an upgrade,like the Alpha 5 to 610:37
Lynouresavvas: tell more.10:37
=== ajmorris|AFK is now known as ajmorris
BadRobotyep,tell us more savvas10:37
savvasOli``: no need to distro-upgrade, if you have alpha, you'll already have beta10:38
savvastell more about what?10:38
savvasI'm not a dev :)10:38
savvasand it says the dates, when it is EXPECTED :)10:38
Lynouresavvas: "I need someone to test..." but there was no details.10:38
LynoureNot promising to test anything before knowing what it entails :)10:39
savvasLynoure: ok http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/19643910:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196439 in linux "hardy: uploading causes network lag" [Medium,Confirmed]10:39
savvasi need someone to start an upload of a big file, just to keep the upload busy10:39
savvasand then go to a site in firefox, like www.flickr.com or a site that wasn't archived by dns10:40
arvindhow to make nautilus as default10:40
Lynouresavvas: hmm, all those things you list as getting lagged need upload too, so it just seems natural10:40
Galgahas anyone experienced where they were unable to access some partitions and later were able to access them by deleting a .bmp file10:40
Lynouresavvas: no QoS in place by default, I think10:40
savvasLynoure: it shouldn't get 100% and stop me from browsing other sites10:40
Oli``savvas: this sounds like a common networking issue... By uploading you're filling all the available upstream bandwidth. So when you "upload" requests to web servers asking for a page, it's going to take longer.10:41
arvind<arvind> register iglesias10:41
savvasOli``: that's the point, it takes *too* long10:41
savvasunresolvable websites every time10:41
Lynouresavvas: without QoS it's a free-for-all grab-fest, really. yes, QoS slightly favouring interactive things might be nice.10:41
BadRobotIn Systems - Preferred Applications ,i guess.Arvind10:42
savvasLynoure: what's qos ? :\10:43
Oli``savvas: you might be able to install some sort of QOS (Quality of Service) to prioritise DNS over HTTP over FTP traffic. Take a look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=799010:43
Lynouresavvas: Quality of Service. Priorisation of bandwidth use, basicly10:43
savvasi think I saw that in my router, be right back10:45
Johan-_any one have a guide for how to connect bluetooth keyboard. All guides are for 7.10 and uses hidd that seems to be missing in 8.0410:45
savvasEnable Quality Of Service10:45
savvasEnabling packet level QoS for a PVC improves performance for selected classes of applications.  QoS cannot be set for CBR and Realtime VBR.  QoS consumes system resources; therefore the number of PVCs will be reduced. Use Advanced Setup/Quality of Service to assign priorities for the applications.10:45
savvasThis one?10:45
savvasrestarting the router, I'll reconnect in a jiffy10:46
arvindbug reporting tools in HH alpha 6?10:47
Lynourearvind: yes, apport.10:50
arvindits broken10:50
savvasOli`` & Lynoure - thanks :) now to read up on how to limit it10:51
Lynourearvind: report one on Launchpad, then?10:51
arvindLynourne,it says "This problem report is damaged and cannot be processed."10:52
arvindany other?10:52
Lynourearvind: you can you Launchpad with your browser at least...10:52
arvindany other tools?10:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, still there?10:53
Lynourearvind: I don't use other, there might be some10:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGswitch to tty1 and suspend does work, but unable to switch back to x10:55
Lynoure[Hardy]TuTUXG: another suspend debugger... :) I just get mine to suspend, no resume even starting :/10:56
coz_hey all10:56
coz_noticed that gcursor does not work on hardy with libglade-warnings not being able to find signal handler   am I missing something10:57
=== TheImp is now known as TheInfinity
mattikHello, sometimes my wireless network works sometimes not. I have reported it in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/186237 It had to be fixed10:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186237 in linux "No wireless connection with 2200 BG in Hardy Alpha 3" [Medium,Fix released]10:59
Galgaubotu how about keyrepetition ?10:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGLynoure, try to add acpi_ost!=Linux acpi+instance=2 under the kernel options within /boot/grub/menu.list, that makes me be able to suspend from gdm11:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGLynoure, however, no luck with compiz11:00
burken_anyone know if i can reach a windows network from livecd?11:00
Lynoure[Hardy]TuTUXG: what do those do? My hibernation (suspend-to-disk) does work, so I'm a bit careful of stuff that might break it11:01
=== jacobmp92 is now known as jacob
DanaGYay, I figured out a way to hack around the godawful secondary fan in my laptop!11:03
DanaGI've connected the active-low "Sense" pin of my primary fan to the active-high "Control" pin of the secondary fan.11:04
savvasLynoure: do you know if windows systems have this QoS integrated in its operating system?11:04
DanaGThat way, when the primary fan is on, it slows down the secondary fan.11:04
Lynouresavvas: I don't use MS Win much anymore11:05
xopherHi, I got a pulseaudio related question; after I've installed it, programs can't seem to be able to use Alsa anymore, I just get random errors when trying to listen to music etc. System sounds work fine though, and movies if pulseaudio driver is used11:05
DanaGxopher: try the wiki:11:05
Lynouresavvas: I just know they too have some implementation of QoS available, no idea about their defaults11:05
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions11:05
DanaG"perfect setup"11:05
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:06
DanaGThe current PulseAudio inclusion is incomplete; it needs a few more packages and settings to really work well.11:06
savvasLynoure: ok thanks :) this should definitely fix it up11:06
xopherDanaG, well ok, I'll wait then ツ11:06
mattikburgen: bug is bug11:06
DanaGACtually, you can install the stuff yourself.11:06
xopheroh, where can I find the stuff required?11:07
Lynouresavvas: :)11:07
DanaGThe wiki explains it.11:09
DanaGI just install almost all *pulse* packages, except the LIRC ones.11:09
xophergot 'em, and eh, got it working too, just changed to ALSA to PulseAudio in Preferences -> Sound .. And now I feel stupid for thinking it was more difficult than that ツ11:11
KrimZoni seem to be having some trouble with sound - mostly with audacity which, whenever i enter preferences, doesnt respond for about 10 seconds, then it has a big list of audio devices to choose from with no indication of which will actually work11:11
xopherBut I still can't get any sound from my LFE or surround, and I only get sound from my front speakers if I enable 'duplicate front'11:12
xopherit's an ALC850 integrated card, via_82xx11:12
=== burken__ is now known as burken
DanaGPulseAudio doesn't do surround for me on my Audigy2, either.11:12
xophersnd_via82xx actually11:12
h3sp4wnPulse here sounds really thin11:12
KrimZonaudacity also does a big pause of non-responsiveness when starting up11:12
xopherwell, I can live without that for a while, now that I got music playing .. ツ11:13
h3sp4wn(Identical soundcards 2 laptops one has OSS this has alsa + pulse)11:14
h3sp4wnwell its the same soundcard (usb) dunno whether pulse is doing any unnecessary resampling or what but its annoying me11:14
DanaGCheck /etc/pulse/daemon.conf for the resample method.11:16
h3sp4wnWhat are the choices ?11:17
DanaGman pulse-daemon.conf11:17
h3sp4wnI didn't change it (speex-float-3)11:17
DanaGComment out the default, for reference.11:17
=== daubafk is now known as daubers
h3sp4wnso we don't have dump-resample-methods11:21
DanaGmanpages have the list.11:21
DanaGyeah resample-method=  in man pulse-daemon.conf11:22
h3sp4wnIts not guaranteed that its compiled with all of them though11:23
DanaGI believe they are all.11:24
DanaGall are.11:24
burkenwhat can i do when synaptics is trying to fetch a file version that is not in the archive?11:24
DanaGYell at it?11:24
DanaGIf it's trying to install old versions, you may just need to update the package lists.11:25
burkenDanaG: Ok gotta check that one11:25
h3sp4wnDanaG: can I just kill -HUP to reload the settings ?11:26
burkenDanaG: it worked :) ty11:27
DanaGI'm not sure about that for pulseaudio -- you may have to restart the daemon and apps.  Let me see what it does when I 'HUP' pulseaudio.11:27
DanaGBeats me; it didn't quit, at least.11:28
KrimZoncan anyone help me with audacity?11:30
LynoureKrimZon: ask the specific question11:30
KrimZonwhen it starts up, theres about 10 to 20 seconds unresponsiveness, same when i edit preferences or try to record or play11:31
KrimZonthen it doesn't record or play11:31
KrimZonand it says: "Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate."11:32
DanaGThat's be Audacity not getting along with PulseAudio.  You may have to 'pasuspender audacity'11:33
DanaGI don't get why PulseAudio is installed by default without any of the advantages (such as the tools!).11:33
mattikok, I have to change router from wpa2 to wpa. Then it maybe works with ubuntu11:33
wxPythonplease explain to me why does some code have self.parent=parent in its lines?11:33
h3sp4wnmattik: I can use wpa2 if I use raw wpa_supplicant11:34
LynourewxPython: some code? Wrong channel?11:34
h3sp4wnnetwork manager just messes up the key11:34
wxPythonLynoure where can i get help on that?11:34
wxPythonwhich channel?11:34
KrimZonaha, it keeps saying "Expression 'ret' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 103411:35
KrimZonExpression 'AlsaOpen( hostApi, parameters, streamDir, &pcm )' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 106611:35
KrimZon" in the console11:35
LynourewxPython: assuming from your nick, #python, maybe?11:35
LynourewxPython: or #theprojectthecodeisfrom11:35
wxPythonLynoure i'm banned there11:35
wxPythonon #python11:35
wxPythonthe mother-fuckers banned me11:35
Pici!language | wxPython11:35
ubotuwxPython: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:35
wxPythonthe mother-fuckers banned me11:36
LynourewxPython: no surprise, based on the lines above.11:36
wxPythonis hardy beta out?11:36
Pici!guidelines > wxPython (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)11:36
PiciNo surprise there...11:36
KrimZonDanaG: it still hangs when i run it as "pasuspender audacity"11:36
bazhangouch language11:37
KrimZoni'm tempted to uninstall pulseaudio11:37
DanaGPulseAudio is unnecessary if you don't use the multiple-device or networked-device features.11:37
KrimZonyeah, i just have one soundcard, and only use it from this machine11:37
h3sp4wnI dunno why its all done in userspace either11:38
coz_hey guys just noticed , after doing the current updates, that gtk is no longer working under compiz fusion   did something break?11:40
KrimZonhmm... trouble is, trying to remove libpulse also wants to remove stuff like dgen, dosbox, dosemu, vdrift, vlc and a bunch of other games, libraries and players11:40
Johan-_sorry for spamming, but does anyone have a good guide for connecting a bluetooth keyboard to ubuntu? All guides I can find is for 7.10 and hidd seems to be missing in 8.04. The gui for the bluetooth wont work :/11:41
coz_Johan-_, you may want to check the bug reports on this    there is most likely a few entries there11:42
DanaGYou can leave pulse library but leave the daemon.11:42
DanaGI mean, leave the libraries, remove the daemon.11:42
Johan-_coz_: checked what I can find. It seems to be working, but not for me so I'm guessing I'm missing something11:43
KrimZonwhat package is the daemon?11:43
coz_Johan-_,  oh mm  well  not sure what to suggest here other than maybe reporting this yourself or waiting a bit for updates but I think reporting it might prove to be better11:44
Johan-_coz_: but I don't realy thing it's a bug. More stupidity from my side.11:45
coz_Johan-_, oh :)11:45
coz_Johan-_, well then keep asking here  every so often so you dont appear to be flooding :)11:45
Johan-_that's the problem, don't like to spam :)11:46
DanaGBy "missing" , do you mean "not packaged", or "not installed"?11:46
KrimZonthis is headwrecking, its still showing it in the sound options, and audacity is still hanging11:46
KrimZonso i wonder if any of the devices in audacity's preferences are really installed, and what to pick to actually play sound11:47
h3sp4wnIts still not much better with remixing disabled entirely11:47
DanaGh3sp4wn: try with just bare ALSA.11:47
h3sp4wnIs there a plug I can use to bypass pulse ?11:48
coz_h3sp4wn, you want to disable pulse audio?11:48
KrimZonaha, now it's gone11:49
* DanaG must sleep 'ze' laptop.11:49
h3sp4wnNot really - I want to test whether the issue is alsa or not11:49
KrimZonbut audacity still hangs11:51
burkenshould i be able to use SUDO on livecd?11:51
coz_h3sp4wn, you can go to system/preferences/sound11:51
burkeni get "sudo: unable to reolve host ubuntu"...11:52
=== savvas_ is now known as savvas
h3sp4wnKrimZon: The docs implies if you remove pulseaudio-esound-compat then pulse won't be started when you go into a gnome session11:53
KrimZonaha, i'll restart x then11:54
h3sp4wn(But I dunno whether the docs are accurate I would guess quite unlikely not11:54
nandemonaiHi peoples. Does anyone know if VLC is going to be updated to support pulseaudio properly by release?11:55
h3sp4wnI really don't know what is happening here - The sound is distorted really easily11:56
h3sp4wn(On the headphone output) - could be the outputs are at +4dbu  (as should be or at least selectable) so they do that for the headphone output also11:57
KrimZonaudacity also blocks all sound still11:57
h3sp4wnKrimZon: What apps do you use often ?#11:58
h3sp4wn(For sound)11:58
KrimZoni play media in the default media player because others dont seem to have worked11:59
KrimZonbut i need a decent wave editor for making music11:59
KrimZoni got jeskola buzz working in wine11:59
KrimZonoh, i also watch youtube and iplayer in firefox12:02
KrimZonand i like having a startup sound12:02
KrimZonand all my games need sound - primarily darkplaces, fte, and guildwars under wine12:03
h3sp4wnI have noticed ut2004 is alot smoother if I use OSS not alsa12:04
h3sp4wnI am not bothered for all the sounds being of high quality so I might try to build the oss4 pulse12:05
DanaGIs there an OSS4 pulse?12:12
DanaGOh yeah, OSS4 hard-locks on my Audigy2.12:13
burkenanyone happens to know how to get root privlieges on livecd?12:13
Johan-_burken: it should work with sudo su or just use sudo12:14
Johan-_burken: but I had some problems with that on the alpha6 disk12:14
burkenJohan-_: but it doesnt.. i get "unable to resolve host.."12:14
burkenJohan-_: yep also have alpha 6..12:15
Johan-_burken: try sudo xterm or something12:15
Johan-_burken: But I'm just guessing. Have no idea on how to solve it12:15
burkeni get the same error..12:15
humboltoIs emerald still in use for theming compiz in Hardy?12:15
humboltoIf not, what else?12:15
humboltoHow do I theme compiz?12:15
Dr_willisYou can use emerald i imagine.12:16
Dr_willisif you want., or use the gnome, or kde widget things for compiz and use those themes.12:16
humboltoBut what is used by default?12:16
Johan-_humbolto: the packages is in synaptic atleast12:17
Dr_willisI dont use compiz :) i imagine its set to use the gtk/gnome stuff.12:17
humboltoJohan-_: I know12:17
AutoMatriXhi folks12:21
co0lingFir3hi, is the hardy beta already available?12:26
lastaeveryones waiting...12:27
co0lingFir3lasta, but it should be released today, shouldnt it?12:27
co0lingFir3is there any ETA when the beta will be released?12:28
Johan-_will it actually be any huge changes from the last alpha?12:28
h3sp4wnJohan-_: Nothing has noticibly changed for me recently12:31
Johan-_the gdm change from 5 to 6 so12:32
aetaricif hardy is still alpha then will it be ready for release?12:33
aetaricin april?12:33
eklofSure. It's a month left.12:33
Johan-_aetaric: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule12:34
Johan-_24 april12:34
gweephello .... i have a little problem. i use hardy heron. i will install my printer (canon mp160) on this, but i have the problem, i can't the path /dev/usb/usbpl0 .... what is now the same? - sry for my bag english :)12:35
TyphoxCan you tell me how to add a template to the rightclick>new Document-menu?12:37
TyphoxoO my Firefox doesn't like apachefriends...12:39
jribTyphox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/175365  check if Bruce's comment applies to you12:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175365 in nautilus "Templates not working" [Low,Incomplete]12:39
BergcubeNow with the beta out, I wonder about something.  Will a fully dist-upgraded alpha be equal to the current beta?  Or should I download the beta and reinstall to be completely current?12:39
Typhoxok, thx12:39
Pici!final | Bergcube12:40
ubotuBergcube: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:40
h3sp4wnBergcube: never reinstall Debian or Ubuntu12:40
BergcubeThanks a lot people!12:40
mohkohnUpgrade to Hardy has broken my LUKS/ Dm-Crypt12:45
Typhoxcd ~/.config/12:45
Typhoxwrong window^^12:46
TyphoxHaha, yes, it is how bruce said.12:47
mohkohnI finish up with a busybox shell which says (initramfs)12:47
Typhoxthere is a bit too much translated, i think12:47
Typhoxjrib: Thank you very much12:48
h3sp4wnmohkohn: I take it you worked out how to recover prior to starting to use it right ?12:53
h3sp4wnBoot from working live cd12:54
mohkohnh3sp4wn, ?12:54
h3sp4wnDunno why anyone would use a volume manger or raid impliementation if would make it more difficult to actually recover if there was an issue than without12:55
h3sp4wnTake appart the initramfs and put some set -x 's in there so you can see what its doing12:55
h3sp4wnIs there a way I can dump simply what is being piped out of pulse12:58
mohkohnthanks for the pointer h3sp4wn I will try12:58
XceIIMorning: With all the problems I had with 7.10 / is now resolved with hardy: Thank you.12:59
XceIIHave a super day folks.12:59
h3sp4wnmohkohn: You might look for a live cd with particularly good hardware detection12:59
h3sp4wnknoppix maybe ? if you have no idea how to manually mount it13:00
mohkohnh3sp4wn, and with dm-crypt!13:00
noelferreirahi. how do i upgrade from gutsy to hardy?13:01
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, carefully13:01
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, wouldn't you rather wait until next month?13:02
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, no sad face! it makes me sad !13:02
noelferreirai am not the type of waiting13:02
GiddyGlipperthere we go13:02
GiddyGlipperlet's see that smile13:02
GiddyGlipperI know you can do it13:02
h3sp4wnmohkohn: When I first started using lvm2 I spent ages trying to find out how I would recover if it messed up - it is worth it - what use is more secure or reliable data if when there actually is a problem you cannot get to it13:02
Johan-_noelferreira: if your setup works my opinion is to keep it13:03
GiddyGlipper \o/ Woot13:03
noelferreiraworks perfectly :)13:03
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, it's difficult for me to wait, but you know something, it's worth it!13:03
fuzzy76Is Hardy beta released as a cd image, or is it just a generic milestone?13:03
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, then you can get out your hardy twister mat and right foot left arm with all of us together!13:03
Johan-_fuzzy76: everything is both i belive13:03
h3sp4wnmohkohn: Did it get broken for all kernels or do any previous ones work13:03
GiddyGlipperI would like to see all of the ubuntu animals dance together13:04
GiddyGlipperbehind door #1, it's breezy badger!13:04
GiddyGlipperbehind door #2, wearing a smashing gown with flower hat, it's edgy eft!13:05
DanaGI liked the nice eft-theme usplash theme from usplash-dev package; where are the feisty and gutsy and hardy equivalents?13:06
J-_GiddyGlipper: lol13:06
h3sp4wnI would laugh actually probably at the reaction of the warthog13:06
GiddyGlipperh3sp4wn, he comes out dressed in a dirty bib, he stuffed his face before door #0 opened13:07
noelferreiraGiddyGlipper, the problem is that i am compiling now glib-2.15.6 and maybe it is already in the beta release of hardy13:07
GiddyGlipperh3sp4wn, oh and high heels made from diamond13:07
DanaGwtf? brightness keys broken.13:07
h3sp4wnThe best usplash theme I ever saw was never actually supposed to be used (was just a half finished mockup)13:07
=== daubers is now known as daubafk
DanaGThe spinny one, or the "minimal" one?13:07
J-_DanaG: They've been broken for me for a longgg while.13:07
DanaGI wish ubuntu would use fbsplash!13:07
indomitii upgraded from gutsy to hardy and now i have some problems.... first of forward/back mouse buttons do not work in nautilus or firefox anymore13:07
GiddyGlippernoelferreira, go with whatever you want, just remember anything is possible in alpha and beta13:08
DanaGBrightness keys are sporadic for me.13:08
GiddyGlipperI want brightness keys on my brain13:08
h3sp4wnI wish gnome wouldn't interfere with stuff ibm has designed and works perfectly13:08
J-_They worked with the first kernel available, after that they've been broken.13:08
DanaGOh.... an ACPI exception:13:09
h3sp4wnMy brightness keys are not working on this HP13:09
DanaGACPI Exception (battery-0306): AE_ERROR, Evaluating _STA [20070126]13:09
DanaGBUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000002813:09
J-_where's been broken, he's been grindin'!13:09
* GiddyGlipper pelvis thrusts the air13:09
GiddyGlipperJ-_, elvis has left the building!13:10
GiddyGlipperthe heron cookies are fresh today13:11
DanaGThey've worked up until the latest -12 change.13:11
DanaGThe slidey applet works, though.13:12
J-_DanaG: hrm, all I remember is trying them with the first kernel(no updates) and they works =S13:12
askandIs it correct that the beta should come sometime 20 april?13:13
DanaGI think g-p-m is what's broken, actually.13:13
J-_"they works" lol, ohlawd. My english is quite good.13:14
DanaGPerhaps console-setup broke keys.13:16
DanaGUgh, also try scrolling over the brightness applet... it flickers 95%-100%-95%...13:19
J-_mine is just really delayed, and doesn't do anything. Same with the applet for the panel13:22
DanaGAah, the Input events are being lost.13:23
mohkohnh3sp4wn, my 2.6.24-1 kernel boots :)13:23
DanaGMaybe Xorg is grabbing the keys.13:24
h3sp4wng-p-m is a waste of time its stupid13:25
insomninjaIs there a way to get sound working in wine? It seems to not like pulseaudio...13:25
J-_Have the left and right page keys work for anyone? the ones on laptops just above the right and left arrow keys on thinkpads?13:25
J-_is that the right description for the keys?13:25
J-_I've never used them13:25
h3sp4wnxrandr is annoying also in that it defines another interface when thinkpad-acpi / ibm-acpi had all this stuff working properly ages ago13:26
DanaGBrightness works on console before Xorg grabs it, so Xorg must be doing something wrong.13:26
J-_!info xrandr13:26
ubotuPackage xrandr does not exist in hardy13:27
GiddyGlipper"bright light!" - gizmo13:27
h3sp4wnDanaG: My thinkpad has the same issues13:27
* J-_ swoons13:27
DanaGXorg must be killing the keys somehow.13:27
h3sp4wnWell even it X it works but it gets reset by that crap13:27
DanaGIt works for a while, and then breaks.13:27
DanaGAnd the keys stop appearing even to acpid.13:27
* DanaG goes to try stopping gdm, then go to bed. Good night.13:27
mthodehardy is still on for later today right?13:29
mohkohnI put it on nospash so I can see what is happening.13:29
J-_mthode: Not sure what you mean?13:29
GiddyGlipperJ-_, beta13:29
mthodeya bete13:29
* GiddyGlipper hands J-_ some coffee13:30
J-_I know it's Beta...13:30
* J-_ needs a tea13:30
J-_I should make one13:30
GiddyGlipperJ-_, use teatimer13:30
mthodethe beta for hardy is supposed tot come out today, I was just wondering if it was still on track13:31
J-_GiddyGlipper: S&D?13:31
GiddyGlipperJ-_, ?13:31
J-_I thought Beta was already Beta?13:31
J-_GiddyGlipper: Stupid windows program. I'm surprised I remember the name. Had to think about it.13:31
GiddyGlipperthe topic should be amended to mention beta imo13:31
mthodeavailable to the public13:32
GiddyGlipperJ-_, what is the name? is there a teatimer for windows?13:32
mthodeI agree on the topic change13:32
J-_GiddyGlipper: S&D, Search and Destroy. But I'm pretty sure windows programs are offtopic. =)13:33
orkunhey there firefox runs perfectly on gutsy(v3 and v2) - with hardy scrolling is REALLY jerky and slow. if i keep scrolling cpu1 goes to about 90%(oscillating) and cpu2 to about 40%(diagram looks like a mountain). surfing is no fun right now. im not talking about japanese ads in youtube. i am talking about search results @ google. smooth scrolling is disabled any hints?13:33
lethalambyne vim expert over here :)13:33
orkuni messed around with gtk2 to install global menu a little. rest should be clean and unbloated13:33
h3sp4wnorkun: There is the thing for /etc/environment that disables pango13:34
DanaGOkay, even my power button is broken.  Great.13:35
hwildeanybody have a resolution for   BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!13:35
DanaGAnd no events are reaching anywhere, even if I cat the bare device, or tail acpid log.13:35
J-_uh oh, that's not good13:35
orkunthanks trying out disabling pango h3sp4wn, but i read at google that it is only a minor performance tweak13:36
DanaGI unloaded button; if I quit within, say, 10 seconds, then reloading it has worked.13:36
DanaGNope.  No power button.13:36
DanaGCorrection: it sees the button but does nothing.13:36
mohkohnIt seems when I boot into the new kernel I get cryptsetup: source device bladiblah not found13:36
DanaGLid doesn't work, either.  Nor does brightness.13:37
mohkohnis it possible that a module for dm-crypt is not loading with the 2.6.24-12-386?13:37
DanaGThis issue goes deper than gnome; right now, I'm going to bed rather than dealing with it.13:37
lungtenhi everyone, what time is hardy beta getting released?13:37
DanaGGood night.!.13:37
lethalambygood ques lungten13:37
lethalambywhat date13:37
mthodeit seems more like dm-crypt is not recognising your device13:37
h3sp4wnOnly solution I found for that was use AcceleratedX13:38
lungtenits supposed to be today AFAIK13:38
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:38
J-_darn =\13:38
orkunokay metacity --replace solves it for firefox.(totally) so firefox 3 at hardy conflicts with compiz and did not with gutsy(it is an improvement by a factor of 20 at least) - has pango anything to do with compiz?13:38
mthodeya, later today, I just want it on my laptop13:38
mohkohnmthode, was tht comment for me?13:38
* J-_ has hardy on the lappy.13:38
mthodemohkohn yes13:39
h3sp4wnorkun: dunno (or really care) about compiz13:39
mohkohnI can boot into 2.6.24-113:40
orkun`maybe better this way :>13:40
mthodecompiz adds a little functionality but not much13:40
orkunbut just too beautiful :>13:40
h3sp4wnWell at least until it uses my video card effectively13:40
richard__beta 1 fever!!! :D13:40
orkunfor me it is the difference between windows and linux :) the thing i miss at redmond :>13:40
mthodesame here richard__13:41
orkunby the way with hardy my speakers stop automatically when plugging in headphones! nice. worked on years for any way stopping the speakers with gutsy. so does fullscreen with flash work now :>13:41
mohkohnSo what might be a work around. Boot into the 2.6.24-1-generic and edit a file to tell the 2.6.24-12 to load the modules?13:41
richard__orkun, hotplugging doesnt work for me, but fullscreen flash does13:41
richard__too bad rendering is painfully slow when in fullscreen13:42
h3sp4wnmohkohn: The workaround probably involves taking both initramfs's appart with - gzip and cpio13:42
richard__flash in general is really slow in linux13:42
h3sp4wnIf its just like a missing module then there is a quite easy manual fix (/etc/initramfs-tools/modules)13:42
h3sp4wnWe don't really13:43
orkunyes but i noticed huge improvements :>13:44
mthodeit would be nice to have a nice flash player that doesnt lock up a computer when playing fullscreen13:44
h3sp4wnLook at acrobat reader13:44
h3sp4wnor any of the alternatives are better in 90% of cases13:44
orkuni think he means it is the same thing with acroread :>13:44
mthodeif more people help out with gnash that would work13:45
orkunprogramm performance very slow. rendering speed maybe a little bit faster. but i still stick to evince :>13:45
richard__documents = yawn13:45
orkunteach me programming - i will help :)13:45
GiddyGlipperbring on the beta13:45
GiddyGlipperbeta ! beta ! beta !13:45
richard__GO GO BETA FEVER!13:46
h3sp4wnThe Sun plugin for flash is rock solid13:46
h3sp4wn(I think su13:46
h3sp4wnn forces it to be properly tested or gets the code or something13:46
richard__sun plugin = solaris only?13:47
rpedrowill I get kicked if I ask when beta coming out?13:47
richard__TODAY! :D13:47
richard__join the beta fever squad! :D13:47
mthodewe should start a club13:48
vistakillerwhen the beta comes?13:49
h3sp4wnI think Canocial should start a similar scheme to Sun has where they pay for people to go in and fix their software to work properly (but keeping it non free)13:49
lungtenvery soon.13:49
ubotuRemember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.13:50
h3sp4wnThose things are of questionable value13:50
tgillespiehi all, is rhytmbox broken for anyone else?13:50
GiddyGlipperhit refresh on microsoft's site instead13:51
GiddyGlippertgillespie, upgrade to banshee13:51
orkunno tgillespie works like a charm13:51
orkunany upgrades on banshee?13:51
h3sp4wnThe thing is for the most part you will just be hitting your isp's netcache anyway13:51
henkjanisp's netcache?13:51
mthodeisp cache the web to make it cheaper on themselves13:52
richard__banshee eh... need to see how well that works with my player13:52
mthodeI'm just refreshing the ftp servers13:52
richard__vs amarok and its podcast sync magic13:52
GiddyGlipperh3sp4wn, what is this isp cache you speak of?13:52
GiddyGlipperh3sp4wn, thanks to tor,  my isp caches nothing, unless it's encrypted13:53
h3sp4wnI only worked for 2 different ones but both used transparant caching13:53
orkunGiddyGlipper: has banshee finally got a plugin to clean up the library? i mean the programm is awesome but without any rhythmbox-like categories like artist or album in the library for me it is simply useless13:53
mthodethey use transparent proxies and cache the most commonly accessed data13:53
GiddyGlipperorkun, You may be better answered on #banshee, or irc.gnome.org, #banshee13:53
h3sp4wnIts usually done in hardware though with netapps / netcaches (or was)13:54
GiddyGlipperh3sp4wn, they can smell my onion layers :)13:54
henkjanmthode: most isp's dont13:55
mohkohnWill drinking Anghor Beer help me solve the dm-crypt program or just make me feel better about it?  :)13:55
GiddyGlippermohbana, why not try truecrypt?13:55
Galgawhus the command to install java vm, sudo apt-get install ?????13:55
mthodereally, I thought they did13:55
h3sp4wnhenkjan: How many have you seen ? (i worked at 3 and they all did)13:56
henkjanh3sp4wn: i'm working at an isp and we don't13:56
mthodemohkohn most definitely13:56
h3sp4wnmaybe its no longer economical13:56
henkjanh3sp4wn: afaik most dutch isp's dont13:56
henkjanh3sp4wn: most have an proxy wich u can use13:56
mohkohnGiddyGlipper, I think you mean me. Truecrypt does have some value. It is now crossplatform with linux, osx and windoze13:56
mohkohnBut to my knowledge it does not do full disk encryption.13:56
henkjanh3sp4wn: but with todays broadband connections its not that usefull anymore13:57
mthodeonly on windows does it do full disk encryption atm but they are fixing that I think13:57
GiddyGlippermohbana, oh, sorry. :) It does fde on windows only atm as far as I know13:57
h3sp4wnhenkjan: Most isp's still give crap latency even now13:57
mthodeI know aol still uses cacheing13:57
tgillespieactually no, its my sound thats broken, i get "audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument"when trying to play sound..... anyone got any ideas?13:57
henkjanh3sp4wn: not that i'm aware of in the netherlands13:58
mthodethey are a big company but are going down13:58
mohkohnAlthough you could run one os, create a hidden volume and run your os in virtualbox13:58
mthodewe should throw a party when they go offline13:58
h3sp4wnhenkjan: compare a consumer connection to an 8mb baseband13:58
h3sp4wnNope just really poor latency14:00
h3sp4wnand up and down are not the same14:00
mthodewe need more synchronous connection imo14:01
sebbarhi, kubuntu 8.04 isn't out yet, is it?14:01
GiddyGlippersebbar, that depends, are you going 88 miles per hour?14:02
richard__sebbar, beta 1 fever!!14:02
indomitiafter upgradring to hardy it does no longer mount ntfs volumes from usb-drives..... any fix?14:02
mthodedo you have 1.21 jiggawatts?14:03
indomitii have a 500gb usb drive, with 400gb reiserfs and ~100gb ntfs partitions...14:03
sebbarGiddyGlipper: miles, what's that? :)14:04
mthodesebbar: 141.622272 kph14:05
sebbarmthode: ah ok thanks. not right now, maybe tomorrow on the german autobahn :)14:07
Galgaindomiti: you have to open the drive using some windows env, and then click show all files. there will be .bmp file approx 260 kb or so. when you will view it, it will show a long black bar, having stupid icons. once you are sure you have the right one found. delete it. then empty trash bin. message will say do u want to delete 2 files, click yes. after that you will be able to mount the partition. I am not sure whether this trick will work for you,14:07
mthodeok lol14:07
r0ll3hi. i have a problem. i try to translate it in english: "E: the package linux-headers-2.6.24-8 have to be reinstalled, but i can't find an archive." can anybody help me please?14:08
r0ll3i try to make a dist-upgrade but everytime i get this error...14:10
mthodeis hardy gonna support ext4?14:12
rskmthode: ext4 is still in development so i dont think soo14:13
rskfilesystem is kinda critical.. dont want that broken :)14:14
bazhangLTS with ext4? o_014:14
mthodeI know that fedora 9 is coming out with it14:15
orvokkiHeh, isn't Fedora mostly the test-bed for RHEL? :P14:15
mthodeyes lol14:15
orvokkiIt's allowed to be buggy.14:15
jimqodenot mostly, that what fedora is all about :)14:15
mthodethe next version of RHEL will include it too14:16
bazhangumm #fedora then?14:17
jimqodethe next version of RHEL will include it if it works :)14:17
mthodeof course14:17
h3sp4wnIts no more buggy than ubuntu14:19
jimqodeI don't think releasing beta stuff with LTS release is a good idea.14:19
h3sp4wnand they fix stuff in the released version14:19
mthodeprobably in the next lts release14:19
stefano_the youtube plugin for totem doesnt work anymore, or, to be precise, totem doesnt want to play the videos, it says i don't have sufficient rights to play them14:20
h3sp4wnI dunno to do those things requires more people being paid to do them14:20
jimqodesetting up package sacks... ... ... ... ... :)14:20
jimqodestefano_, there is a bug report for that in launchpad14:21
oxigenNon, je ne regrette rien14:21
stefano_jimqode, i'll look it up thanks14:21
Galgai have installed jre6, but firefox is still unable to use it ? am i missing somethin14:22
Galgareboot ?14:23
Lamegoreboot will not do anything with firefox14:23
oxigenthat always help if you use windows14:23
Galgaso what are my options then ?14:24
oxigenaaa jre6!?14:24
oxigenjava, huh?14:24
oxigenthat sucks14:24
oxigeni can't run it either14:25
oxigenthis is 5 years old bug!14:25
oxigensun sucks14:25
jimqodecan't be. Java is working on my gutsy14:25
jimqodeI didn't try it on hardy though14:26
oxigen32bit huh?14:26
BeBoo_Galga: http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/firefox-linux.html#install-java14:26
Galgaoxigen: yes14:26
jimqodeyup. working on 32 here14:26
BeBoo_ya know, google is a great resource when you actually use it... that page was teh first result when i searched for "firefox linux jre"14:27
oxigen14-JAN-2003 :/14:27
jimqodeBut IRC also is a great resource when you whine :P14:27
oxigenyea, i can run it on 32 bit FF too14:27
BeBoo_lol jimqode14:28
BeBoo_that's all people do on here14:28
BeBoo_whine, bitch, moan and complain14:28
oxigenthat's why are we here!14:28
oxigenannoying bug reporters!14:28
savvaswhy.. thank you :p14:28
oxigen& savvas is our hero!14:29
savvasyou'll be hearing less from once this baby goes stable14:29
savvas*from me14:29
oxigen:) cool!14:30
onlinelliHi everyone, I'm trying to do the upgrade from gutsy to hardy - but I'm stuck at installing the linux-headers... can anyone please give me a hint on troubleshooting?14:30
* oxigen hugs savvas14:30
savvasonlinelli: can you give us a hint of the problem? :)14:30
oxigenonlinelli: do fresh install man, that's at least tested enough..14:31
onlinelliim stuck here:14:31
onlinelliEntpacke Ersatz für discover1 ...14:31
onlinelliWähle vormals abgewähltes Paket linux-headers-2.6.24-12.14:31
oxigenkemeletme cuncokat hunderege o kishtulo14:31
jimqodeWasn't this an english only channel?14:32
oxigen-> hu ubuntu14:32
jimqodeoops that was the message. sorry :)14:32
oxigenubuntu is international!14:32
GiddyGlipperjimqode, sometimes i can't tell if it's a foreign language or the strong tea14:32
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat14:32
oxigen:) pici ok, ok, we love you too!14:33
jimqodeGiddyGlipper, or too much radition from crt monitors14:33
jimqodeGiddyGlipper, radiation even14:33
GiddyGlipperjimqode, did you know crts were intentional? to paint the people so they would show up anywhere/everywhere14:34
Skiessitoday is the beta release day?14:34
oxigenit is?! beta!14:34
GiddyGlipperjimqode, with radiation14:34
jimqodeGiddyGlipper, I'm a marked man now14:34
jimqodeNo. I think 30th is the beta release day14:34
Skiessiwhy there isn't anything about beta in the topic?... or is this inaccurate? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule14:35
oxigenwe'll get full of new packages then! \o/14:35
bazhangbeta freeze today14:35
oxigengimme new glibc7!14:35
mthode 2114:36
mthodeMarch 13th14:36
mthode<!> Rebuild Test14:36
mthodeMarch 20th14:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)14:36
jimqodeThat was a bit intense. maybe he didn't know about pastebin?14:37
bazhangmmm nice! moved it up a week!14:37
mthodelinky link is linked https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule14:37
oxigenyou are fast Pici! how you can do that? do you use xchat?14:37
bazhangwe can click the link no need to paste it here14:37
mthodeprobably a setting on the server for flood control14:37
Picioxigen: No, irssi.  I have aliases setup to op me and then do some action, mute/ban/kick/ etc.14:37
Picimthode: no, it was me.14:38
RainCTbazhang: beta freeze ends today14:38
oxigeni need 7 minutes to set ban in xchat14:38
jimqodeoxigen, you can always make aliases14:38
oxigenhuh, how?14:38
MenZaAm I the only one whose python-wxgtk2.8 package is borked?14:38
* oxigen is irc noob too!14:38
oxigenhurry up!14:39
jimqodeoxigen, tcp or perl plugin for xchat14:39
jimqodetcl even14:39
oxigenoh, perl...14:39
GiddyGlipperjimqode, google stasi radiation painting tagging, interesting stuff14:40
hwildeumm I've got BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!    so I guess that package is also borked for me.14:40
oxigendid you see song 99 bottles written in perl?14:40
jimqodethere was a web site with 99 bottles written in every computer language14:41
Four23619Any idea how much longer until Hardy beta?14:41
oxigencheck THIS out! http://99-bottles-of-beer.net/language-perl-737.html14:41
jpatrickFour23619: been prepared I think14:42
oxigenyou can paste this in file.pl and try14:42
oxigen& it work!14:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about utc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:42
mthodejust needs to be put on the servers14:42
GiddyGlipperjimqode, "The Stasi files reveal that dissidents were labelled with radioactive substances in a number of ways. If people could not be sprayed with a radioactive solution the spies would label their cars, documents or paper money, Becker reports.14:42
GiddyGlipper A favourite radio-nuclide was the beta and gamma emitter scandium-46. If floors in dissident meeting rooms were treated, he says, the Stasi could follow anybody who attended. And the Stasi also developed an airgun that could fire radio-labelled silver wire into a car tyre from 25 metres away."14:42
Pici!ot | GiddyGlipper14:42
ubotuGiddyGlipper: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!14:42
clustyany1 here using vmplayer under hardy?14:43
Galgamplayer yes :)14:43
clustyGalga, very funny :D14:43
SkiessiI tried but then I had to mess around with the modules, but I didn't14:43
oxigenguys i can tell you that is very hard in hardy to import old mails from 200114:43
clustySkiessi, well it wont work with the new kernel14:44
clustyoxigen, still netscape stuff?14:44
oxigenyeah :/14:44
clustyany important emails from 2001?14:44
oxigenit looks we have bug in thunderbird!14:44
oxigenclusty: yea, i have all porfolio in there :(14:45
clustyoxigen, you an artist?14:45
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | If you are here to ask questions such as: "What repositories do I use?" "Is Hardy going to break for me" or do not know how to deal with dependencies in apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta is "Coming Soon"
oxigennot all but... important14:45
oxigenclusty: artist! :)14:45
bazhangheh coming soon14:45
oxigeni can draw nice frogs and spiders!14:46
clustyoxigen, and happy stickmen14:46
clustynow really. what kind of portofol;io?14:46
oxigensome advertising i need to show to one guy who want to pay me good14:47
clustynow you have a reason to dig deep :D14:47
clustymoney/gals or rock 'n roll14:47
clustymake the world go round14:48
oxigendang, i'll ask him if i can skip that one, because i use only linux now..14:48
clustycan't you like wine the windoes ancient netscape?14:49
oxigendoh, i hate wine14:49
clustyso you would rather lose 1/2 day than use wine?14:49
oxigeni want normal import! i'm hardy user now!14:50
oxigenit's 2008 already! :)14:50
oxigenwine is evil!14:50
locomoreally? i was sure 202914:50
oxigenwine is probably invented by some evil corporation14:51
Skiessiumm why14:51
locomowhat you mean? linux should patent breakage?14:52
oxigento track your warez!14:52
Skiessi:o umm what?14:52
Four23619Wine is awesome.14:52
oxigenusers run warez usually with wine14:52
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o14:53
scizzo-hmmm wine is planing the release for 1.0.0 in 6th of june according to the release notes on 0.9.5714:53
Four23619Everyhting I run with Wine, I legaly own.14:53
Skiessianyway, oxigen, did you have some sort of problem?14:53
oxigenno, i dont use wine14:53
orvokkiAlso Wine conversations belong to #winehq14:53
oxigeni'm clean as angel!14:53
orvokkiOr even #winehq-social or whatever it was.14:53
clustyi also done use wine14:53
oxigengpl only14:53
clustyi use vmware :D14:54
clustyand i agree wine blows14:54
oxigenstallman is my guru!14:54
h3sp4wnoxigen: I don't believe you14:54
oxigenit's true!14:54
clustyoxigen, who's he?14:54
h3sp4wnX isn't under the GPL14:54
Four23619It isn't?14:54
oxigenwho dont know who stallman is should not use ubuntu at all!14:55
locomo<oxigen> you one of these religious fanatics?14:56
clustystallman looks like a linux guerilla guy14:56
h3sp4wnstallman has publicly stated he hates ubuntu14:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGoxigen, i wish i dont know who he is14:56
h3sp4wnbinary blobs in the kernel14:56
oxigen[Hardy]TuTUXG: why???!!!??14:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGoxigen, he's a toll14:56
oxigenoh? :)14:57
oxigenwhat do you mean?14:57
GiddyGlipperif this keeps up, i'll go back to talking about stasi and radiation ;P14:57
h3sp4wn[Hardy]TuTUXG: Not really14:57
h3sp4wnThink about he actually did stuff about it14:58
PiciIf you want to talk randomly, #ubuntu-offtopic is the place to go. Not here.14:58
h3sp4wnlike wrote gcc and emac14:58
oxigenstallman has publicly stated he hates ubuntu?14:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGso he turned into a troll14:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGhe hates linux in general14:58
scizzo-[Hardy]TuTUXG: do not talk like that about stallman14:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGhe said it's GNU/Linux not linux14:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGam i wrong?14:59
h3sp4wnFortunately because of that the Linux will eventually be replaced14:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGand where is Hurd or GNU/Hurd?15:01
h3sp4wnnexenta is getting better if they got the nvidia drivers working when OSS4 is merged to Solaris15:01
h3sp4wnthen they will be no reason anymore15:01
richard__BETA FEVER!!15:01
orvokkiI would seriously recommend listening to Pici.15:01
bazhangwhat is the /topic?15:01
bazhanghas this become #ubuntu-offtopic?15:02
PiciI realize that this channel isn't very busy, but its still not an offtopic channel.15:02
* scizzo- agrees with Pici 15:02
PiciI can't tell one person not to talk about radation poisoning (or whatever that was) and then allow someone else to rant about why RMS is a troll.15:03
h3sp4wnIs Nexenta offtopic ?15:03
h3sp4wn(I would help them if it was with apt etc)15:03
orkunhey there. is there any change 8.04 and 7.10 handled my intel card? my onboard intel is being used with the module intel_agp and i experience video issues right now15:03
h3sp4wnbazhang: fluxbuntu ?15:04
orkunits a mobile graphics adapter 94515:04
levmattahello all, I am having problems suspending my Hardy Alpha6 on a Dell Inspiron 152515:04
h3sp4wnBoth are ubuntu plus changes15:04
bazhangorkun: I have that same card and the difference between gutsy and hardy is extreme ;]15:05
XceIII have only 1 question: How do and or can I make my audio louder.15:05
XceIIin hardy15:05
scizzo-has anyone else been experiencing problems with dual monitors being detected in alpha 6? I have 1 samsung 226CW (not in list but 226BW is) and 1 SyncMaster 920T but only the 226CW is detected in the graphics tools....15:06
bazhangsorry h3sp4wn I thought nexenta was solaris15:06
h3sp4wnbazhang: Solaris kernel15:07
leftyfbso does anyone know if there will be more updates for people running alpha 6 today or will the beta release just be alpha6 + the updates we have already?15:07
PiciAny non Hardy questions are offtopic15:07
bazhangh3sp4wn: just dont mention radiation..oops15:07
scizzo-leftyfb: probably package updates if you use the alpha 6 already15:07
h3sp4wnWhen does it cease to be hardy ?15:07
orkunany progress on that bazhang? i cannot scroll with firefox :(15:07
orkuntoo slow :>15:07
scizzo-leftyfb: the main changes will be on the CD/DVD if there is any "major" code changes15:07
orkunturning off compiz helps for me. but i cannot miss expose and zoom15:08
bazhangwell orkun I am using kubuntu-kde4, so your gnome (presumably) experience might be a lot different--but thus far it is superb in all ways15:08
orkunso yours works even better than with gutsy?15:09
XceIIya, my hardy is and has resolved all my issues with compiz15:09
bazhangorkun: also I'm not using compiz as kde4 has the open gl goodness built in ;]15:09
scizzo-leftyfb: you will probably notice later tonight when the release is out15:09
XceIIworks great15:09
levmattamy compiz-fusion Negative feature is all messed up, besides that compiz is fine15:09
XceIIand firefox, is very speedy15:09
levmattaany one on fixing my suspend ????15:09
orkunsame for me but scrolling with firefox AND opera has become impossible15:10
h3sp4wnbazhang: Does kubuntu still use pulseaudio ?15:10
bazhangorkun: the wireless, the video, the startup, suspend, hibernate, they all just amaze (never had the last two ever, on any distro)15:10
orkuneverything else has been resolved thanks to hardy :>15:10
XceIIya, i have a feeling that hardy is going to set some standards for the linux community.15:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, only suspend not working? how about hibernate?15:10
levmattabazhang: my wireless required a lot of work to run15:11
orkunyes same for me... pc speakers work(woohoo). but "metacity --replace" feels soo freee... unless i want to change my window :>15:11
bazhanglevmatta: as this is still alpha/beta; it is mostly fixit diy--bug hunting and reporting15:11
levmattahibernate works15:11
ader11Is there a wma decoder available? I'd prefer mp3 or ogg15:11
h3sp4wnader11: You can buy one from fluendo15:11
levmattag-p-m suspend failed it says15:11
XceIIGood day folks.15:11
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!15:11
levmattaI looovvvee Hardy15:12
orkunthen im gonna say hello to launchpad15:12
orkunthanks for any help :>15:12
bazhangit truly rocks15:12
St0n3-C0lis hardy beta out?15:12
bazhangread the /topic15:12
[Hardy]TuTUXGbeta is "coming soon"15:12
ader11h3sp4wn: Do you know of any freely available ones?15:12
[Hardy]TuTUXGas on topic15:12
h3sp4wnader11: Dunno ffmpeg can do it15:13
bazhangader11: the medibuntu codecs for gutsy work with hardy for now15:13
levmattaon a side note when the beta/final version does come out can I just apt-get dist-upgrade ???15:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, there is a bug with compiz and suspend15:13
jane_ader11, yes i use the medibuntu too15:13
h3sp4wnBut just comparing the gstreamer mp3 plugin from fluendo (that is free) against the normal gstreamer one15:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, no u dont need15:13
bazhanglevmatta: you have it already instaled? then just keep updating15:14
h3sp4wnIf I had alot of wma I would buy it15:14
St0n3-C0lGuys...how much memory is recommended for Hardy? I've 256mb ?15:14
[Hardy]TuTUXGor convert them with itunes15:14
St0n3-C0lI am thinking to try out Alpha today ;)15:14
levmatta[Hardy]TuTUXG: how can I check if this bug is the problem. In the  message file it just says "suspend failed"15:14
Skiessilevmatta, if you're using already the hardy repository, dist-upgrade only15:14
h3sp4wnSkiessi: Probably not very wise15:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, i really dont know..15:15
Skiessihuh why?15:15
h3sp4wnSt0n3-C0l: ^^15:15
bazhang384MB for Hardy was it? or 512 now?15:15
levmattaI will try to disable Compiz-Fusion and give it a try15:15
Skiessih3sp4wn, why?15:15
St0n3-C0lnoo :(15:15
St0n3-C0l384mb :'(15:16
St0n3-C0lRAM ?15:16
levmattathanks, people I will try things out and come back15:16
h3sp4wnmy tab completion failed me but dist-upgrade implies apt-get (or not reading the aptitude docs recently)15:16
h3sp4wnSt0n3-C0l: On that hardware I would go for FreeBSD 715:16
BelisarivsHi all.15:16
St0n3-C0lh3sp4wn: I am running Gutsy fine :) and for lnog time15:16
St0n3-C0lI've dedicated 1.5 GB swap15:17
BelisarivsWhy does upgrade to Hardy remove restricted-manager?15:17
Skiessiit has a new program for that15:17
MenZaAm I the only one whose python-wxgtk2.8 package is borked?15:17
ader11thank you, h3sp4wn, bazhang, and jane_15:17
bazhangall the drivers are now open source?15:17
[Hardy]TuTUXGMenZa, i got that too15:17
Belisarivs<Skiessi>May I ask which one?15:17
bazhangMenZa: yeah same here15:17
MenZa[Hardy]TuTUXG: ah ok - as long as it isn't just me.15:18
h3sp4wnSt0n3-C0l: You could probably get much better use of your memory with bsd15:18
clustyoxigen, with all due respect, stallman looks like a wacko15:18
clustyhe goes over board15:18
bazhangclsuty offtopic15:18
[Hardy]TuTUXGMenZa, it's installed, just apt-get complains stuff15:18
BelisarivsI use Intel 3945 wifi tard, so it needs proprietary firmware.15:18
bazhangclusty even15:18
St0n3-C0lh3sp4wn: Hmm...but i've long associated with deb :( I am sort of in Love :D15:18
Skiessi!info jockey-gtk15:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, lol but well said15:19
ubotujockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.2-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 96 kB15:19
St0n3-C0lh3sp4wn: I will give BSD a try, but my cd-rw is out of order. Is there any other way? Floppy?15:19
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, works suspend?15:19
bazhangnet install15:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, sort of, switch to tty doesnt help tho15:19
h3sp4wnSt0n3-C0l: Probably - take a look at the Freebsd handbook15:19
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, have to do switch user then suspend15:19
h3sp4wnSt0n3-C0l: Its actually accurate and well written (as even are the manpages)15:20
clusty[Hardy]TuTUXG, no clue15:20
St0n3-C0lHmm oki thanks :P15:20
St0n3-C0lh3sp4wn: Thanks15:20
savvasDoes anyone have a straightforward solution to limit every output/outgoing connection on port 80 to 6 kb/s using iptables or such? (spare me the man iptables etc please, I couldn't find my way through)15:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGclusty, good enough, consider i havent been able to suspend for a longggg time15:20
savvas*6 kilobytes per second :P15:21
levmattahello, I am back (I have a problem with suspend)15:21
h3sp4wnsavvas: tc but its not really straight forward15:21
savvasI'm going to need the whole command :)15:22
bazhangtraffic shaping with firestarter?15:22
savvashm.. worth a shot bazhang15:22
levmatta[Hardy]TuTUXG: I tested it with and without the Compiz-Fusion and both times it worked (but my wireless is currently disabled), so I'll have to test at home15:22
h3sp4wnsavvas: No way it takes me a few days to get so I can use it myself15:22
bazhangor perhaps /j #comcast ?15:22
savvashehe :)15:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, so lost wireless connection after resume?15:23
bazhangthat's a joke btw15:23
h3sp4wnIts complicated and even then when everything is write the isp messes with the connection15:23
levmatta[Hardy]TuTUXG: no no, I had the problem  at home with my  Wireless ON. At work, my wireless must be OFF15:25
h3sp4wnIs there any high quality QOS things in ubuntu15:25
levmattaI have a complicated network setup, here at work15:25
mthodeare we allowed swear here?15:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGdont know15:27
bazhangmthode: sure but then a quick kick/ban15:27
levmattabe polite15:27
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:27
mthodeyou an official ubuntu guy [hardy]?15:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGand dont swear on me15:28
[Hardy]TuTUXGmthode, bazhang  is the op so...15:29
levmattais the NEW default firewall going to have a GUI, I am using firestarter but it cannot handle my ever changing of network interfaces15:29
h3sp4wnWho is official for Ubuntu as far as I know there is no one who works for them who is not working for Canocial not Ubuntu15:29
bazhang[Hardy]TuTUXG: haha not me15:30
* bazhang points to pic-i15:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGi want to work for canocial tho15:31
=== vorian is now known as help
[Hardy]TuTUXGit seems like a cool company15:31
=== help is now known as vorian
mthodethat it does15:31
insomninja(Reask from >1h ago) Is there a way to get sound working in wine? It seems to not like pulseaudio...15:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGinsomninja, try alsa15:32
bazhangthey are amazing15:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGamazing the bad way?15:32
bazhanghaha no15:32
savvaslevmatta: which new firewall?15:33
levmattawhy do wee need yet another level of indirection on the sound stack (ALSA, GSTREAMER) and now Pulse???15:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, pulse is cool15:33
savvasbazhang: firestarter doesn't have an option to limit bandwidth15:33
levmattasavvas: Hardy comes with a building firewall15:33
savvaslevmatta: does it have a name?15:34
levmatta[Hardy]TuTUXG: G-Streamer is also very cool15:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, pulse is cooler15:34
h3sp4wnbazhang: Really I need to ask them something - similar issue 4front were very helpful with15:34
tgillespiehi all, how do i get the good bash completion that was available in previous ubuntus?15:34
levmattaI guess it is really cool, bbut why? why? linux audio just seams messed up15:35
h3sp4wnYep layers and layers of abstraction15:36
tgillespiei installed bash-completion, but it doesnt have anything that the preivous ubuntus had, such as apt-get completion and sudo completion15:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGlevmatta, someone made the decision, ppl have to follow even if it maybe not a good one15:36
bazhangh3sp4wn: aye; and so many folks in #ubuntu feel like they are being shunted off when directed to #alsa or #compiz, but they are very good15:36
Artimustgillespie: Install bash-completion and edit /etc/bash/bash.bashrc and uncomment the bash-completion lines15:36
h3sp4wnbazhang: My ice17?? issues are still not fixed years later15:37
levmattaWhy bash-completion does not come as default??15:37
tgillespieArtimus ah thats great thanks, is it a bug that ts not there by default?15:37
bazhangh3sp4wn: what issues are those? could you be more precise?15:37
levmattaI am using Fish, it is much better than Bash15:37
savvaslevmatta: it seems that the new uncomplicated firewall is ufw - command line for now :)15:38
tgillespienot necessarily the package installed, but if the package is installed completion should surely be activated yes?15:38
Artimustgillespie: I think it is...  If you look at it, it will check to see if /etc/bash_completion exists first.15:38
Artimustgillespie: So if bash completion isn't installed, /etc/bash_completion shouldn't exist...  Unless someone install bash-completion and then removes it.  Then the config file will probably still be around15:39
tgillespieyes, but its commented out by default15:39
h3sp4wnbazhang: selecting between +4dbu and -10dbu15:39
mthodeufw is just ezmode iptables15:39
tgillespieat least on my install, which is fresh as of yesterday15:39
bernierHi, my HDA intel soundcard is not detected in hardy, can someone help me get it working?15:39
h3sp4wnThe hardware supports one somewhere in the middle also15:39
Artimustgillespie: Correct.  There's only that one problem.  What if you remove bash-completion?  /etc/bash_completion might not be removed by apt (unless you purge the files)15:40
tgillespieArtimus good point, but surely there is another way to see if it is installed15:40
savvasbernier: find a bug report, if not one, report it: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu15:41
tgillespieby reading some other installed files, that are removed on removal15:41
Artimustgillespie: Let's see what happens when I remove bash-completion without touching /etc/bash_completion.15:41
Artimustgillespie: After uninstalling, /etc/bash_completion exists, as does bash_completion.d15:42
tgillespieArtimus what files are removed?15:42
Artimustgillespie: Good question, I'm trying to load up Adept...15:43
MenZaWiat, the Screena and Graphics tool isn't in Hardy?15:44
rskMenZa: its called monitor resolution settins now :=15:44
Artimustgillespie: /usr/share/bash/bash_completion is installed by the package and is removed when the package is uninstalled.15:44
Artimustgillespie: I'm not sure if a check like that would be allowed, though...15:44
MenZaWhere can I find it*15:44
rskor Screen resolution15:45
tgillespieArtimus why not?15:45
rskin system preferences15:45
MenZaWell, I'm trying to configure my X, so shouldn't it be in Administration?15:45
Artimustgillespie: It's checking for the location of a default config file.  Seems kind of...  hackish to me.15:45
tgillespieArtimus only as hackish as the way it does it now15:46
tgillespieArtimus and it works lol15:46
Artimustgillespie: If anything, I'd have it do a double check.  IF /usr/share/bash/bash_completion exists AND IF /etc/bash_completion exists15:46
mananan2how do i change the startup disk when running ubuntu from the live cd?15:46
MenZaI see what the problem is15:46
bohsainin hardy, i get an error say that i may be out of diskspace, but i have enough space!!15:47
Artimustgillespie: You going to submit a bug report about it?15:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, u mean boot from livecd?15:47
mananan2booting from live cd15:47
tgillespieArtimus yea, that could work, there must be an even better way, what happens if it sources the file when it isnt installed?15:47
tgillespieArtimus and yes i will i think15:47
Artimustgillespie: Alright, feel free to PM me the bug report, I can put my two cents in on the report.15:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, u have to enable boot from cdrom from the bios15:48
mananan2mac os x15:48
bazhangmananan2: this is gutsy or hardy15:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, macbook?15:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGctrl+c when booting15:48
bazhangmananan2: you were just asking in #ubuntu15:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGor ctrl+a15:49
mananan2tried that15:49
mananan2no joy15:49
Kunisweet so beta's out?15:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, ya, check apple.com15:49
mananan2grub hard disk error?15:49
SkiessiBeta isn't out.15:49
bazhangKuni: check /topic15:49
MenZaoh dear.15:50
MenZagnome-display-properties is segfaulting15:50
Kunihah, didn't see that15:50
bardyrHappy beta day :)15:50
Kunithe site's up, so I figured so was the beta15:50
tgillespi1Artimus: already a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/2509615:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25096 in bash "bash completion enabled by default (or move to another package)" [Wishlist,Fix released]15:50
Kuninot that it really affects me, I've been on alphas since 4 anyway15:50
GiddyGlippertopic still says beta coming soon15:51
bazhangKuni: exactly ;]15:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGbeta is out?15:51
mananan2is there anyway of changing the startup disk when running ubuntu?15:51
* Kuni facepalms15:51
mananan2yes / no?15:51
moose__was it released yesterday and then pulled or something? a couple of sites claim it's out and link to http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04 (which doesn't exist.) Maybe they are just LYING.15:51
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta try for yourself ;]15:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGBETA is OUT!15:53
mananan2tried apple no joy15:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, so u can get into the livecd or not?15:54
Kunimananan2: I dunno. For me, to change disk is done in bios15:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGKuni, he's on a mac15:55
bazhangthey have efi15:55
Kunimananan2: but apple thinks they're too good for a bios, so I dunno.15:56
mananan2there is bios but i cant get at it15:56
mananan2when i startup without the live cd it keep just giving grub hard disk error15:56
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=== monica is now known as kalpik
MenZaI have a TwinView setup, but I'm forced to scroll on one of my screens if I want to see the full area. What gives?15:57
bazhangmananan2: this is the alpha5 disk or 4 or beta or which one?15:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, u installed ubuntu?15:58
bazhangmananan2: which disk15:58
mananan2basically i cant control the ubuntu startup screen15:58
bazhangmananan2: please; which disk15:58
mananan2i cant select the option run from first hdd15:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, that one won't work on a mac15:59
mananan2so i'm screwed15:59
bazhangmananan2: which release version?15:59
mananan2newest 7.1015:59
levmattaI have inserted a comment in Bug #25096 so they verify it.16:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25096 in bash "bash completion enabled by default (or move to another package)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2509616:00
bazhang#ubuntu mananan216:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, 1. run the 1st option if u wanna try livecd, 2. eject live cd and boot into macosx 3. u should ask quesitons about 7.10 on #ubuntu16:01
mananan2ya but i cant do anything else16:02
bazhangwrong channel mananan2 thanks16:02
mananan2is there anyway i could select another option or change the startup disk/16:02
* enyc looks around in search of hardy beta disk ;-)16:03
mananan2i'm sure the question i ask is common to all versions16:03
bazhangnot so mananan216:03
bohsainhow can i add more space from the ntfs partition in hardy?16:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGmananan2, go to #ubuntu i will try to help u there16:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGbohsain, no u cant do that in hardy16:04
bohsaini have to reinstall?16:05
bohsaini didnt face this problem 'til i upgrade from 7.1016:05
Sebi'm trying to dist-upgrade from gutsy to hardy16:06
Sebi've gotten most of the package, but for a couple of them (the generic kernel and gimp-help, to name a few), aptitude is stuck on "0% [Waiting for headers]"16:07
Skiessibohsain I guess you could install gparted when running from livecd if you have enough ram and then edit the partition sizes with the program16:07
Sebwhat does that mean ?16:07
Sebmost of the packages*16:08
fw0127i have just upgrade to hardy yesterday, it happens that all menus cannt be selected by mouse, and the right button is no reaction, should i wait to the next alpha or beta version?16:08
savvasSeb: change your mirrors in /etc/apt/sources.list to http://archive.ubuntu.com16:08
Sebsavvas: i have done that already16:08
Sebsavvas: no matter the mirror I choose, I get the same message16:09
Skiessibohsain, and gparted may be already installed because it's kinda useful tool to run from a CD16:09
Sebsavvas: and I've tried a bunch of them, both from big official mirros nere whaere I am, and also from the *ubuntu.com16:09
bohsainSkiessi: th.x16:09
savvasSeb: well you could browse the packages.ubuntu.com and download it manually in /var/cache/apt/archives/16:10
bohsaini think there's other thing wrong, it say i may be out of diskspace, and in the same time i have about 80 GB free !!16:10
Sebsavvas: a bit backwards, but would probably do, indeed16:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat a fool16:10
Sebsavvas: after waiting for a long time, it eventually says (for instance, for that package): Err http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic 2.6.24-12.22 Connection failed [IP: 80]16:11
bazhang[Hardy]TuTUXG: and nary a thank you16:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGbazhang, hehe16:12
bazhangaccidentally erased osx and did not know it? o_016:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGapple fanboys16:13
bazhangnot so much that but just non-thinking users16:14
[Hardy]TuTUXGapple is for those ppl, that's y i bought a macbook to my gf16:14
savvasSeb: well as you can see, is pretty much alive16:14
Sebsavvas: yeah, so i'm surprised as to why it only fails for *those* packages16:14
Sebsavvas: it can get to Packages/Release just fine16:15
Sebsavvas: and it got the rest of them without flinching16:15
Sebsavvas: and my wget is going strong right now16:15
savvasSeb: architecture? x86 or amd64?16:15
Sebsavvas: so aptitude/apt-get are definitely fucking up here16:15
Skiessibohsain, what says you may be out of diskspace?16:15
Sebsavvas: x8616:15
Skiessi*disk space16:15
Sebsavvas: hrm I might have to take that back, it stopped after 4,200,071 bytes16:16
savvasSeb: is your connection metered / limited to several GB per month?16:17
savvasmaybe a firewall is installed.. ?16:17
Sebsavvas: no firewall installed, and i don't know of any firewall that'd stop an established TCP connection after a given number of bytes, this makes no sense16:17
Sebsavvas: i don't think i'm being metered either16:17
Sebsavvas: i'll try with curl, and -C -16:19
Sebsavvas: is there a way you know of to have apt-get/aptitude automatically attempt to resume the download of a .deb ?16:20
savvasSeb: for the sake of it, try the mirror http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com then exit and sudo aptitude update;sudo aptitude upgrade16:21
savvasSeb: i think apt does that automatically16:21
Sebsavvas: i think something's wrong with that file, even curl can't seem to resume16:21
Sebsavvas: would you do me a favor and try "curl http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic_2.6.24-12.22_i386.deb"16:22
Sebsavvas: meanwhile i'll try the french mirror16:22
savvasok i'm downloading16:22
savvasfull 56kilobytes per second16:22
Sebsavvas: thanks a lot16:22
savvasit seems it's going fine16:23
Sebsavvas: out of curiosity, why the french one ?16:23
savvasSeb: because i know it's updated and working :)16:23
Sebheh fair enough16:23
savvas35% and still full bandwidth, should i continue? :P16:24
Sebok then it's my connection16:24
savvasi'll take it to the end, maybe there is a problem16:25
Sebsavvas: why is it i can't download the rest of this file, but i can get the first 20% of it as many times as I want ??16:25
flipstarworked here fine16:25
Sebsavvas: i mean, what kind of ISP limitation is that ??16:25
Sebit's not like it's saving them anything, akaics16:26
richard__BETA FEVER! ;D16:26
savvasSeb: I would check a router/modem first, then firewall, iptables -L (or delete all the rules with iptables -F), then check if anyone is using a bittorrent, check the web/mysql/some service that maybe eats bandwidth, then check with the ISP :)16:27
x1101maybe you connection to the download is dropping briefly16:27
Sebx1101: it's always after the same exact number of bytes, so i doubt it16:28
x1101ok, your probably right then16:28
Sebsavvas: all of this would be easier if it was actually my box; i'm remotely dist-upgrading a friend, and know nothing about his DSL setup :\16:28
GiddyGlipperi'm hungry for beta16:28
x1101well that doesnt help much16:29
savvasSeb: well i'd check this: sudo netstat -nep | head -n 2016:29
savvasSeb: ignore from the "Active UNIX domain sockets" line and down, check the outgoing connections16:29
savvasif he's downloading anything else, kill it :)16:30
Sebsavvas: I have already done that, and apart from an IM client, nothing16:30
Sebsavvas: and then again, even if he was downloading, why could I always get the first 4M of that file ?16:30
x1101the isp might have up/download cap16:31
Sebx1101: which doesn't seem to fit with the scanario i'm seeing: I'm being denied the ability to resume a large file download, but I can get the 1st 4M as many times as I want...16:32
x1101what i mean is an "at a time" up/down cap, which makes no sense, but when do ISP have to make sense16:33
BunnyRevolutionSeb: wget ?16:33
savvasSeb: have you tried with wget and packages?16:33
Sebsavvas: yes, as I've said i've tried with curl -C -16:34
savvasah true16:34
Sebsavvas: and it won't get *one byte* when I try to resume after those 4M have been downloaded16:34
flipstarSeb you have no problem with other packages ?16:35
flipstar(that are above 4mb)16:35
savvasSeb: well i think there are some ISPs with a burst rule, it gets a lot at first, then gets limited by time, if they don't have credits left then they don't have any download bandwidth, breaking up their downloads16:36
orkunhi - there was one part where i could select v4l 1 or v4l 2 for my webcam in the settings menu. i cannot seem to find it anymore with hardy. help?16:36
jester7the beta iso should be released today, correct?16:36
savvasthis way they make sure you get nothing more than internet website browsing16:37
Sebflipstar: i'd say so, yes; gimp-help is also quite large, and seems to fail16:37
Sebsavvas: i've managed to access his dsl router with links, and the'res nothing funny with his firewall, nor is QoS setup16:37
flipstarSeb can you download stuff in general from the web? or does it always fail after 4mb ?16:38
savvasSeb: try this one, with wget: wget http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glibc/libc6_2.7-9ubuntu2_i386.deb16:38
GiddyGlipperi'm hungry for beta16:38
savvasit's about 4 mb16:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta#head-8845f7d03a79ba22bbc3993ed0ffc8395651a9a016:40
kristjan_is there a way to limit fps in kde4 then vsync is off?16:40
GiddyGlipper[Hardy]TuTUXG, thx what does that say16:40
Sebsavvas: aight16:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, to dl beta16:40
GiddyGlipper[Hardy]TuTUXG, thx why hasn't topic changed?16:41
Sebsavvas: worked fine16:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, um..16:41
savvasSeb: now this one: wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-6/hardy-alternate-i386.iso16:41
GiddyGlipperit still says beta coming soon16:41
Sebheh, exponential size increase eh ? :>16:41
savvasSeb: just checking with small and big files, this one is 669mb :)16:42
savvasSeb: out of curiosity, can you tell me the port netstat told you that IM is using?16:42
Sebsavvas: i've already gotten more than 6M with this one16:43
Sebsavvas: this makes no fucking sense at all :(16:43
Sebsavvas: 505016:43
x1101how odd16:43
StevGiddyGlipper: not released yet :P16:44
GiddyGlipperStev, :)16:44
savvasSeb: keep it going16:44
GiddyGlipperi'm hungry for beta16:44
savvasSeb: until 30mb, then stop it16:44
Sebsavvas: maybe theu're using a web proxy, and their cached version of the kernel package is fucked16:44
Sebsavvas: i'll try to switch my sources.list to using ftp16:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, eat some alpha16:45
savvasSeb: good idea :)16:45
jussi01!ohmy | Seb16:45
ubotuSeb: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:45
ionstormis there problems with dist upgrading to hardy16:46
Sebubotu: sorry about the language16:46
savvasSeb: wget ftp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic_2.6.24-12.22_i386.deb16:46
ionstormfrom gutsy16:46
ionstormits better to do a fresh install right?16:46
flipstarnot necessesary16:47
ionstormim running hardy now and my startup scripts are fuqd, im using bum to manage my startup apps16:47
ionstormdoesnt that work anymore?16:47
ionstormor sysv-rc-conf?16:48
Sebsavvas: yeah, that'll be a more meaningful test, let me try that16:48
flipstarionstorm: sysv-rc-conf doesnt work ?16:48
Sebsavvas: same exact problem16:49
ionstormit works fine, but I had installed preload and de-activated it with sysv-rc-conf and then re-activated16:49
ionstormdidnt come back16:49
Sebsavvas: can i try rsync sources16:49
savvasSeb: be my guest :) limit his bandwidth too16:49
savvas--bwlimit=50 will limit it to 50 kilobytes per second16:50
Sebsavvas: i've only ever used http and ftp, is is it just perl -i -pe 's/deb .*:/deb rsync:/' ?16:50
savvasSeb: hold a sec, let's try with a single package first16:50
Sebsavvas: k, then i'm trying wget through ftp, with bw limiting16:51
IcemanV9totem-gstreamer is missing x-zip decoder plugin?? i am trying to watch ncaa tourney online on hardy (all up to date 1 hr ago)16:52
savvasrsync -P --progress --bwlimit=50 archive.ubuntu.com::ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic_2.6.24-12.22_i386.deb ./16:52
Sebsavvas: no dice with wget/ftp/bwlimiting16:52
=== daubafk is now known as daubers
ionstormI had to update-rc,d preload defaults16:53
savvasSeb: the bw limit for wget is --limit-rate=50 :)16:53
ionstormbecause sysv-rc-conf didnt reenable preload16:53
ionstormi cant get bootchart to work16:54
Sebsavvas: yeah, that i know ;)16:54
ionstormit never makes an image16:54
Sebsavvas: but it didn't get any further than the rest16:54
ionstormanyone have this issue?16:54
savvasSeb: ok, try this: rsync -P --bwlimit=50 --progress archive.ubuntu.com::ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic_2.6.24-12.22_i386.deb ./16:54
flipstarionstorm: the sysv-rc-conf is only for next boot..16:54
ionstormflipstar, oh, how do you make the settings perm,16:54
Sebsavvas: doing this now, but i'm afraid it won't work. It tried to resume and didn't go nowhere, so I removed my local (truncated) copy and started over16:54
Sebsavvas: same thing16:55
Sebtime to scp from a remote shell account i think16:55
flipstarionstorm: when you set it in sysv-rc-conf it will load this on boot, not on actually running system16:55
savvasSeb: how are you connected to him? vnc ?16:56
Sebsavvas: ssh16:56
flipstarSeb i would try to download local and transfer from local to the remote16:56
Sebyep, my plan16:56
Sebafter that i will be running out of ideas :)16:56
flipstargood luck then :)16:56
ionstormanyone have an issue with bootchart in hardy?16:57
=== TheImp_ is now known as TheInfinity
Sebsavvas,flipstar: heh, his ISP can't do nothing against scp :>17:01
Sebit's going string right now17:01
asdrubalwhat is the time frame on fixing linux kernel?17:03
* Seb may have spoken too soon17:03
Sebstalled at 79%17:03
asdrubalWhy didn't ubuntu try to get Linus to include the alsa updates? at least that way the kernel developers would fix all the problems17:03
Seband i don't know of any resuming cpabilities for scp :\17:03
Sebor are there any ?>17:03
Sebasdrubal: i doubt ubuntu could strong-arm linus into doing anything about the kernel, man17:04
=== daubers is now known as daubafk
GiddyGlipperi'm hungry for beta17:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, eat some alpha17:07
GiddyGlipper[Hardy]TuTUXG, mm17:07
GiddyGlipper[Hardy]TuTUXG, k now i need beta :)17:07
Galgabeta will include kernel i686 or 686 ? instead of 386 ?17:08
savvasGalga: here you go http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/17:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGthe generic kernel is for 68617:08
savvasyou'll be the tester for beta :)17:08
Galgasavvas: nice17:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGand there is also amd6417:08
Galgasavvas: thanks17:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGGiddyGlipper, go yell at #ubuntu-dev17:08
savvasGalga: by tester, i mean it's not official ;)17:08
Galgasavvas: its ok i can understand.17:10
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:11
=== azdrubal is now known as asdrubal
ader11Is it possible to remove drm in wma17:12
asdrubalWhy did ubuntu get rid of the cx88-alsa module?17:12
asdrubalnow I don't get sound with my tv card17:12
savvasSeb: check if the hard disks/filesystem you're transferring to is full: df -h17:12
savvasbut wait,  it went through with the 600gb17:13
savvasignore that :P17:13
strabeswhat time is beta scheduled to be out?17:13
savvashttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta ;)17:13
savvasstrabes: in 7 days17:14
Galgasavvas: i m x-window user :). your link opens another link, which one should i downlaod :)17:14
asdrubalDoes ubuntu plan on keeping cx88-alsa out of the kernel forever?17:14
Gninedigital rights management questions should be directed to ##windows17:14
strabessavvas: on the hardyheronreleaseschedule it says it's today17:14
savvasGalga: i386 or amd64 ?17:14
asdrubalbecause they removed the bug from launchpad17:14
asdrubalso now nobody even knows the module is gone17:14
savvasstrabes: yeah, well i mean be patient, and /topic17:14
strabessavvas: ooh ok. "coming soon"17:15
Galgai386, desktop17:15
savvasGalga: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/1428 - next to the tile there is an image with a cd and an arrow17:15
GiddyGlipperwhat could it mean!!17:16
Galgasavvas: nice :) thats more like it.17:16
GiddyGlippera cd and an arrow! (mysterious glances)17:16
GnineGalga: do .torrent files when/if possible17:18
Galgawow cool dl speed, almost 400kb17:18
savvasoh for the love of god, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/info/142817:18
IcemanV9is there x-gzip decoder plugin for totem?? i got an error message that it is missing. yes, i am using totem-gstreamer.17:18
GiddyGlipperIcemanV9, totem sucks, use vlc17:19
savvasGiddyGlipper: vlc sucks, smplayer17:19
IcemanV9GiddyGlipper: no kidding. i am trying to stay "default" as much as i can.17:19
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs17:20
savvaslet people use what they like, you might not like it, opinions matter17:20
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.17:20
GiddyGlipperIcemanV9, have you tried vlc? it's better17:20
GiddyGlippersavvas, indeed but perhaps he hadn't tried it yet17:20
savvasi step back then :)17:20
GiddyGlipperthere is no !best but there is !better17:20
GiddyGlippersavvas, then step forward17:21
IcemanV9i installed hardy past week; i am trying to see if everything works without giving up and install something else, such as, vlc, mplayer, etc ...17:21
GiddyGlippersavvas, and back17:21
GiddyGlippersavvas, then step forward17:21
GiddyGlipperand we're dancing!17:21
GiddyGlipperIcemanV9, it's not giving up, it's upgrading17:21
savvasI'd still love hardy if they included deluge-torrent instead of transmission for bittorrent17:21
omarGuys I have a problem with the desktop, I can't see the background, nor the right-click menu, nor the icons. Please help.17:21
IcemanV9GiddyGlipper: ha. in your OWN words. ;-)17:21
GiddyGlipperIcemanV9, :)17:22
savvasand that the firewall ufw had bandwidth / traffic shaping :(17:22
omarGuys I have a problem with the desktop, I can't see the background, nor the right-click menu, nor the icons. Please help.17:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGomar, can u open a terminal?17:23
Gninetransmission allows to control how many leechers and how much bandwidth you share per leech17:23
savvasomar: try press alt-f2 and run: gnome-terminal17:24
IcemanV9hmm. xine would be the next step before install 3rd pty media player17:24
omar[Hardy]TuTUXG: Yes17:24
savvasomar: then: killall nautilus17:24
[Hardy]TuTUXGomar, on terminal, run nautilus17:24
omarI can run the teminal17:24
omar[Hardy]TuTUXG: Done17:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGomar, got the desktop?17:25
omar[Hardy]TuTUXG: Nope, I got the file browser17:26
omar[Hardy]TuTUXG: On the file browser, there's the Desktop folder, but it seems empty.17:26
Gnineis compiz running17:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGomar, sorry, by desktop, i mean wallpaper17:27
omarGnine: Yes Compiz is running.17:27
Gnineon terminal, do 'metacity --replace'17:28
omar[Hardy]TuTUXG: No, nothing seemed to have happened17:28
asdrubalWhy did ubuntu get rid of the bug report for cx88-alsa?17:28
asdrubalthere is no cx88-alsa module anymore17:28
asdrubalwhat happened?17:28
[Hardy]TuTUXGomar, try what gnine said17:28
Gnineomar: is that a fresh install17:28
omarGnine: Yes, I just upgraded it a couple oif hours ago.17:29
Gnineno output on metacity?17:30
omarGnine: I just replaced it with Metacity, but it didn't solve the problem.17:30
Gnineare you using ATI?17:31
omarATI graphic card you mean?17:31
=== macd_ is now known as macd
omarGnine: Nope, I have Intel.17:33
Gninedo you get window borders on your terminal?17:34
=== Spec is now known as Spec[x]
omarGnine: Everything was just fine a couple of minutes ago.17:34
omarGnine: Yes17:35
omarGnine: I can see everything except for the Background, Icons, and the right-click menu.17:36
Gninecheck system>preferences>appereance17:37
is_it_done_yetis it done yet17:37
is_it_done_yetwhy not17:38
IcemanV9wicked!!! totem-xine works!! totem-gstreamer NEVER works since hoary (at least for me)!17:39
niekieis_it_done_yet: don't ask me.17:39
is_it_done_yetniekie, OK17:40
is_it_done_yeti need it17:40
is_it_done_yetmy body is in pain without it17:40
_ajw_it seems like "evolution-addressbook-export" isn't working with hardy yet -- when I try " evolution-addressbook-export -l" it throws up a list of my addressbooks and the warning "** (evolution-addressbook-export:xxxx): WARNING **: FIXME: wait for completion unimplemented" where the xxxx are some numbers (different every time {job no.?})17:40
Gnineby the way, omar, since compiz does not seem to be the problem then, in terminal, do 'compiz --replace' or just restart X to get compiz back17:41
_ajw_Any ideas?17:41
omar_Gnine: Thanks a lot, the problem is now fixed, all I had to do was "sudo killall nautilus", I got my desktop back. :)17:45
Gninethank savvas for that17:46
omar_Well, thank you all! :D17:46
BadRobothi there17:48
BadRobotdoes anyone knows when Hardy Beta will be on the servers for download?17:48
UnNaturalHighBadRobot, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule17:49
Gnineno matter. you still a tester.17:50
omar_Guys, apparently, it seems like Alpha 6 is due today, is it out yet or what?17:52
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
omar_Gnine: Yeah, sure. But by the release of the Beta version, dozens of problems will be tackled, ya know..17:55
IcemanV9will most stuff from hardy be backported to dapper since both are LTS??17:56
GalgaGnine: i can seed when download is finished or should i look for the torrent now ?17:57
omar_Okay, I'm not sure if Alpha 6 is released yet or not. But one thing 100000000% sure about is that I LOVE UBUNTU (and Linux in general)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD17:58
IcemanV9where can i enable the closed-captioning in totem-xine?? i'm watching live ncaa tourney game online.18:01
Gnineyou need a .torrent file for that, Galga18:01
BadRobotwhat is ncaa tourney?IcemanV918:02
IcemanV9BadRobot: college men's basketball tournament (March Madness). it's a BIG event in USA.18:03
richard__beta fever!! :D18:03
Dazgardi've an error with my install "cannot open display: "18:04
Dazgardhow can i get around this ?18:04
Dazgardabyone knows ?18:04
IcemanV9Dazgard: what were you installing??18:04
BadRoboti am waiting for the beta to arrive18:04
Dazgardi hapen some time18:04
Dazgardi just loose my display18:05
BadRobotanyone waiting for Hardy Beta?18:05
Dazgardevery working soft are ok, but i can't launch no apps nomore18:05
IcemanV9BadRobot: ha. i am waiting for the release. ;-)18:07
Dazgardguys, i've to restart X to but able to lauch apps, so brb :(18:08
Dazgardim back18:10
IcemanV9problem solved??18:11
Galgais there default firewall running on alpha 6 ? if so how can i check for status18:13
Dazgardexample :18:13
Dazgard /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin X11 error: Can't open display: :0.018:13
Dazgardecho $DISPLAY -> :0.018:14
flipstar!info uwf hardy | Galga18:14
ubotugalga: Package uwf does not exist in hardy18:14
flipstar!info ufw hardy | Galga18:14
ubotugalga: ufw (source: ufw): program for managing a netfilter firewall. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16 (hardy), package size 21 kB, installed size 204 kB18:14
Dazgardperhaps this has something to do with my netbeans installation18:14
Dazgardbrb killing X .....18:14
Galgaok thanks18:15
Dazgardi'll try not to lauch netbeans and see what happen18:16
BelisarivsHi all.18:17
BelisarivsCould someone help me with wifi card intel 3945 in Hardy?18:17
BelisarivsI just upgraded. All seems to be OK. However my wifi doesn't work.18:18
flipstarwas it working before ?18:19
BelisarivsIt is detected by lspci properly. But it doesn't turn on. No blue light.18:19
BelisarivsYes,  It was.18:19
flipstaryou did a dist upgrade or just updated some packages ?18:20
Belisarivsdist upgrade via "update-manager -d"18:20
Dazgardno display loose, seems to be related to java/netbeans !!18:22
jester7Belisarivs: i have to ask. "no blue light"  are you sure the switch isn't turned off? i've seen people actually bump that switch and troubleshoot their wireless for days :p18:22
Belisarivs<jester7>No, I tried to turn it on.18:23
BelisarivsI'm not such moron. But that happens. :)18:24
BelisarivsI did follow this manual https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/iwlwifi_Intel_3945_4965/gutsy?highlight=(WifiDocs%2FDriver) to switch to iwl3945 drivers18:28
BunnyRevolutionso did kubuntu release a beta today?18:31
TheImpuntil now: no.18:32
kristjan_any kde4 experts here?18:32
sami88Can I update my libc6?18:32
kristjan_sami88: sure18:32
sami88is it safe to do so yet?18:32
TheImpsami88: if you ask this question: no ;)18:32
kristjan_sami88: yeah it's safe18:33
sami88I've been leaving that unchecked in the update manager for the past week, since everyone had an issue (and it was documented in the forums)18:33
kristjan_ok I'm going to ask this again: is there a way to limit fps in kde4 then vsync is off? (if nobody knows, then I guess I give up on this channel)18:34
sami88sorry, I don't use kde that much :(18:35
kristjan_sami88: lol, you don't have to apologize18:35
kristjan_it's the harsh reality of kde user, no distro likes it more than gnome :-(18:36
flipstarkde4 > #kubuntu-kde4 :)18:36
sami88I tried Kubuntu with kde4... it was frustrating.18:36
kristjan_flipstar: nice I thought alpha6 questions come here18:37
* kristjan_ moves away in hope to get the answer18:37
* kumarphilly off to get ritas18:38
BelisarivsI'm back. Something froze my screen. Could use Magic key, though.18:46
BelisarivsAny ideas what to do with that intel 3945?18:46
BelisarivsI spotted, that wireless network is among those available in Network manager. Also ifconfig -a displays wlan0 properly with its correct mac address.18:47
Galgaxserver included with 8.04 is as good as metro-x and accelerated-x or, those commercial products perform better ? thanks18:49
GhotiPhudhi all18:52
Skiessiare they going to release the beta today? ¬_¬ it's kinda late already...18:53
flipstarremember utc ..18:53
fuzzy76it's nearly 19:00 utc, so it's late any way you see it :)18:54
Skiessi6:49 PM18:54
Four23619It is almost 4 AM here, I need sleep. Am waiting for the Beta.18:55
ilyaromanenkohi all! can anyone help me? i need to find one man with certain nickname, how can i do that?18:55
* fuzzy76 is at UTC + 118:55
ilyaromanenkomaybe private message or such sing?18:55
Four23619GMT +9 here.18:55
fuzzy76ilyaromanenko: /whois nickname18:55
ilyaromanenkothanks a lot18:56
flipstarilyaromanenko: if he isnt there anymore type /msg seenserv seen <nick>18:56
fuzzy76It only works if he's logged on though18:56
ilyaromanenkoif there is no output that means he is offline?18:57
fuzzy76or that the output wound up in your status/server window18:57
ilyaromanenkoahaha :) thanks :)18:57
ilyaromanenko:No such nick/channel18:58
ilyaromanenkoi found it18:58
ilyaromanenkooutput ;)18:58
flipstarmeans offline, yep18:58
flipstaror typo :)18:58
GhotiPhudhow would I check out the latest version of xserver-xorg-video-ati?18:58
GhotiPhudI'd like to build it from git18:59
rebelThor_hey, does sound work in 2.6.24-12-generic ?19:02
rebelThor_well, it doesn't for me, worked in 2.6.24-11 though19:02
omarHow can I find out which version of Compiz I'm using?19:02
GalgarebelThor_: #alsa :)19:02
rebelThor_i'm on pulseaudio, audacious seems to be playing, but there is no sound output19:03
flipstarcompiz --version19:03
rebelThor_Galga: #alsa for pulseaudio ?19:03
flipstarrebelThor_: in audacious you can also try alsa or oss19:03
GhotiPhudsound is working for me in 2.6.24-12-generic19:04
rebelThor_flipstar, i did, same result, no sound coming out of the speakers, but also no error19:04
flipstartry mplayr for more output ..19:04
rebelThor_why would i try to find some alternate output method and not try to see what's causing pulse audio not to function?19:05
rebelThor_riiight. so. it just *started working*19:07
rebelThor_changed in audacious to OSS, let it play for about half a minute, then it started spitting sound.19:08
rebelThor_like.. wtf?!19:08
rebelThor_out of nowhere?19:08
ilyaromanenkooh maybe someone helps me with one problem: when i've installed xserver to fix problems with graphical effects it seems to be all ok but new problem starts: when i'm watching films through totem powersave turns off my monitor after 5 or 10 minutes :((19:10
flipstarilyaromanenko: did you disabled the screensaver/power management ?19:11
ilyaromanenkoi've disabled all screensaver and power management19:12
flipstarthis happens only with totem ?19:14
ilyaromanenkohmm :) i haven't test it with others19:14
rebelThor_ilyaromanenko, try mplayer, it is supposed to have a "disable screensaver" switch somewhere19:16
KalElhi...i've got hardy heron accidentally installed. but now that i have it is there any way i can somehow help the community in the release process?19:16
KalElnothing will make me happier than contributing whatever little i can to the ubuntu community.19:17
rebelThor_KalEl,  use it like you would normally would, see what doesn't work properly, and report it i guess19:17
ilyaromanenkothanks - i will try :)19:18
budmangCan anyone help/point me in the right direction for dual monitor?19:20
budmangIntel GMA.19:20
rebelThor_KalEl: also, if you have a laptop, there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam which would be happy to accept your report about different stuff in your laptop (start with another laptop as an example)19:20
Johan-_so "Soon" isn't yet :)19:21
Johan-_any ideas on when the beta will come?19:22
KalElok thanks... but i have a desktop only at this moment. i'll check that site still though.19:22
KalEland btw, just for information as of now i've seen no problem at all with my setup :)19:23
len_The ubuntu wiki page shows 8.04 beta as being ready and and gives download links to it, but the links aren't valid yet.  I guess the documentation is a few hours ahead of the beta itself.19:23
flipstarlen_: this is always like this..dont worry19:24
rebelThor_maybe it depends on the time-zone :D19:25
rebelThor_just as a parenthesis, having an Alpha4 updated with dist-upgrade is no different from a fresh install of Beta, right?19:25
flipstarexcept for your settings19:26
len_Not so much worried as eager.  :) I was running that alpha on a machine up until a week or so again when one of the updates rendered my machine unbootable.  I decided, at that point, to wait until beta to reinstall it.19:26
flipstarprobably the libc thing..19:26
flipstarwe only had one of this afair19:27
richard__BETA FEVER :D19:28
fromportDont Panic! :-)19:28
len_I was having major video problems up until shortly after alpha6, then most of the problems went away and it was starting to look solid; then a day or two after that, I got hosed? :)   I figured there'd be some big issues involved in switching to xorg 7.3, but it looks like those were fixed recently.19:32
aetaricbeta is out today?19:34
bardyrit should be19:35
len_Today was the target day on the roadmap anyway.19:35
richard__im waiting eagerly19:35
Dazgardhi there19:36
Dazgardjust to let you know19:36
aoupianyone comments on updating with update-manager?19:37
Dazgardi installed the jdk provided by ubuntu, and everything gone ok ;)19:37
aoupihas any*19:37
Dazgardso here's the equation hardy + jdk1.6.0_10 + netbeans 6.0.1 = PROBLEMS !!!19:38
len_I'm pretty sure the ubuntu beta will be pretty solid.  I'm crossing my fingers on kubuntu though.  I have much worse problems with the kubuntu alphas than the ubuntu ones for some reason.19:38
GalgaDazgard: jdk is java development kit ?19:38
Dazgardyes Galga19:38
flipstarupdate-manager will disable all third party resources ..19:38
flipstarif you had any19:38
Galgaflipstar: how about re-enabling :)19:39
Dazgardtime for me to leave19:39
Dazgardbye everyone19:39
flipstarmost sources arent for hardy yet i guess19:39
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
aoupiis the beta still on schedule for today?19:40
flipstarmost non-ubuntu sources of course19:40
flipstaraoupi: sure..19:40
aoupigreat :)19:40
len_Was anything updated recently to break nx?  Up through alpha 6 I was running the version on nomachines site for gutsy without any problems.19:40
Galgaflipstar: you mean beta is not available on ubuntu servers ? but on non-ubuntu. nice :)19:41
flipstarw00t? no19:42
Galgaaaah ok, language barrier19:42
flipstari was talking about reposetorys for hardy19:43
sliptteesinstall hardy alfa6 in my other computer selected kemap "br" and clicked in  Next"restart Xsever19:43
sliptteesclicked in "next" the Xserver Restart19:44
len_I hope they changed the default wallpaper in the beta.  That heron wallpaper in heron is god-awful ugly. :)19:45
flipstarslipttees: using a live cd ?19:45
len_in alpha, I mean19:45
sliptteesflipstar: yes19:46
flipstarlen_: wont change anyting anymore in any alpha19:46
richard__I love the default wallpaper19:46
richard__I just wish the theme would lighten up a bit19:47
richard__the window manager theme that is19:47
flipstarslipttees: if this happend only once i would try again..19:47
sliptteestry again and don't work19:48
flipstarslipttees: did you checked the cd for errors? if yes you might try the alternate installer ..19:49
sliptteesflipstar: ckeck m5sum it's ok19:51
len_So that ugly heron wallpaper is planned for final?  Default wallpaper makes no real difference of course, but I gives a bad inital aesthetic reaction.  That was my  reaction, anyway.   Glad to hear someone loves it.  It is probably one of those things you either love or hate.19:51
flipstarlen_: maybe it will changed in beta but artwork deadline is still over ..19:52
fromportmany more choices available:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate19:52
sliptteesi kown19:52
spideylinuxI like the crazy heron wallpaper, but I changed it right away19:53
fuzzy76Are there anyone here that can actually say anything about the progress of the beta images?19:57
fromportwhen they are ready, they are ready19:59
gregoryfromport: can i continue using a6 with updates or do i need to reinstall from the iso?20:00
fromportupdating will be just fine (is my personal believe)20:01
flipstarubotu believes that too :)20:02
ubotuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.20:02
sliptteesflipstar: iso it's ok20:02
sliptteesckecked now!20:03
mirakthis command fails20:03
mirakmkfs.xfs /dev/sdb9 -f20:03
mirakmkfs.xfs: cannot open /dev/sdb9: Périphérique ou ressource occupé20:03
noelferreirahi. i just upgrade to hardy and i have this error when running gnome-setings-daemon : The error was 'BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)'.20:03
noelferreira  (Details: serial 89 error_code 1 request_code 151 minor_code 6)20:03
flipstarslipttees: i have no idea whats wrong then..you might try the alternate installer instead20:03
aoupimirak: make sure it isn't mounted or anything (run "mount" to see mounted disks)20:03
flipstarmirak: try with sudo20:03
mirakflipstar: I do it as root ...20:04
mirakaoupi: nothing is mounted20:04
sliptteesflipstar: ok, i want test alternative cd install20:05
MethodOnewhat cd has the wubi installer, the live or alternate one?20:06
fromportmirak: ls -l /dev/sda920:06
mirakfromport: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 25 2008-03-20 21:01 /dev/sdb920:07
flipstarMethodOne: the live probably since the alternate dont have an X20:07
fromportmirak: are you using a live cd ? alternate ?20:08
mirakfromport: no it's a new hard drive20:09
fromportdid you recently add sda9 ? did you reboot after partioning it ?20:09
noelferreira  (Details: serial 89 error_code 1 request_code 151 minor_code 6)20:12
noelferreira  (Details: serial 89 error_code 1 request_code 151 minor_code 6)20:12
noelferreirahi. i just upgrade to hardy and i have this error when running gnome-setings-daemon : The error was 'BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)'.20:12
* fromport feels a use pastebin warning popping up :-)20:12
noelferreira  (Details: serial 89 error_code 1 request_code 151 minor_code 6)20:21
noelferreirahi. i just upgrade to hardy and i have this error when running gnome-setings-daemon : The error was 'BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)'.20:21
zcat[1]Are the alphas supposed to get better over time, because I don't recally alpha1 being particularly buggy and alpha6 is really terrible (imho) .. I'm a bit worried since there's only a month to release20:21
Johan-_zcat[1]: in the alpha new things are introduced aswell20:22
zcat[1]ahh cool...20:22
zcat[1]I'll wait for the beta then :)20:23
zcat[1]I'm staying with gutsy for my regular desktop.. hardy's way to buggy for me yet :(20:23
Johan-_zcat[1]: it should come tonight :)20:23
Johan-_zcat[1]: I've only hade one serious problem so far20:24
zcat[1]Oh! Cool... how old is a6? I only installed it last night and didn't want to do another 360M of updates ..20:24
gregoryzcat[1]: starting from beta there are only bugfixes (exceptions possible)20:24
zcat[1]Johan-_: stuff like screenlets seem very flakey .. third time it booted up, only one screen came on.. and not the one with the login prompt... those are awful bugs!20:25
zcat[1]I'm hoping hardy ends up much better that gutsy .. I had a few issues with that when it came out... the sound mixer was terrible. The printer dialog was a regression from the nice friendly one in Feisty ... (I ended up finding and installing the older one!)20:27
Johan-_it should become better20:27
Johan-_but it's still a alpha so...20:28
zcat[1]If it's not, I may consider debian this time :-)20:28
Johan-_you cant except it to work right now20:28
Johan-_8.04 is going to me LTS so it will be stable20:29
zcat[1]gutys is pretty sweet now... if hardy works as well I'll be very happy20:29
zcat[1]just wondering if the developers can clean it up enough in a month!20:29
budmangI have a toshiba laptop ith intel gma graphics I need my extended desktop to work, any direction? if I change anything in the screens/graphics, a reboot goes to failed X.20:30
K4k-laptopI found a fix to the network bug I was having20:31
EdwardXp3can someone teach me how to install a kernel?20:31
K4k-laptopI'm not sure yet what caused it though20:31
K4k-laptopEdwardXp3, why do you need a custom kernel?20:31
EdwardXp3so i can stay uptodate with the latest trends, get my feel :)20:31
K4k-laptopok, well there are plenty of tutorials online20:32
EdwardXp3i wanna be like you tried 14???  thats' years old, i've been on 2220:32
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: sudo apt-get install linux-image-whatever20:32
fromportedwardxp3: google is your friend ;-)20:32
Johan-_EdwardXp3: ubuntu updates the kernel for you20:32
Johan-_if needed20:33
EdwardXp3i was on google i want to learn how to do it manual20:33
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: ummmm... gentoo is your friend :)20:33
EdwardXp3i tried looking online for the site, i lost it and now im confused on what to follow20:33
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: I'd start with sudo aptitude install build-essential and a kernel source package .. have it build the binary as a package and things won't break as bad the next time you upgrade the system20:34
EdwardXp3linux-  <-- isn't this 44 MB kernel the new thing though?20:35
zcat[1]you won't generally see any changes in the kernel that directly affect userspace anyhow20:37
Johan-_EdwardXp3: why would you want to compile yourself?20:37
sliptteessee ya20:37
EdwardXp3i have to be universal20:37
EdwardXp3i have to be able to jump on anycomputer and do it myselfd20:37
Johan-_EdwardXp3: back in the days you could get more speed if you compiled it yourself, now you will only have troble20:37
Johan-_EdwardXp3: the vanilla kernel will run better then anything you compile for yourself20:38
Johan-_unless you're really good and have a really old computer20:38
Johan-_the vanilla has everything, more or less20:38
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: well; first you need build tools. Then you untar kernel source. Then as root you type ./configure ; make ; make install and wait. Then you reboot and nothing seems the slightest bit different...20:38
EdwardXp3man times have changed20:38
chdstAs zcat[1] said, Gentoo's more what you're looking for if you're looking to "Do it yourself"20:38
Johan-_zcat[1]: as I can remember you need to configure i a bit more than so :)20:39
EdwardXp3its' just i like having control over my hardware20:39
Johan-_EdwardXp3: then go for gentoo20:39
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: slackware hasn't. even gentoo is userfriendly. ubuntu is designed for ppl who don't want to deal with this stuff; we don't even include gcc by default!20:39
EdwardXp3trying to find speakers' whats' best, and audio drivers' things like that20:39
Johan-_EdwardXp3: I actually thing you had to compile your own kernel there a couple of years ago20:40
cwillustay awake for another 8 hours, or go to bed and wake up in 2 hours20:40
cwilludecisions decisions20:40
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: in ubuntu 99% of the time you plug something in and it works. the other 1% it's probably not supported well in any distro.20:40
Johan-_EdwardXp3: but sure I can see why you want to learn20:40
cwillubah, not #ubuntu-offtopic, sorry20:41
EdwardXp3i've always been new to linux and i never really had time to figure out how; and now im on here20:41
Johan-_cwillu: stay up, the beta should be here :D20:41
cwilluthat settles it :p20:41
EdwardXp3bam! things are crazy easy but i still lack the terminology20:41
Johan-_cwillu: or not20:41
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: you won't learn anything through compiling a kernel20:41
cwilluis it scheduled for today?20:41
Johan-_cwillu: they've update the site atleast20:41
cwilluzcat[1], that's an interesting view20:42
EdwardXp3i'll just default install what i have... how can i upgrade the kernel?20:42
Johan-_EdwardXp3: but if you actually wants to learn linux from scratch try gentoo20:42
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: ctrl-alt-F1, log in, start digging through /etc/ and see if you can do things like reconfigure your network, install and configure a webserver. You'll leran more that way20:42
Johan-_cwillu: scheduled for 20 march20:42
Johan-_cwillu: there's a link to the download but it's dead20:43
EdwardXp3and start x to come back here?20:43
EdwardXp3i wonder if that would work20:43
Johan-_EdwardXp3: but if you do try to change stuff don't expect it to work20:43
zcat[1]gentoo doesn't really teach you much more... if you want to learn, try slackware or lfs20:43
Johan-_EdwardXp3: expect the entire computer to burst into flames :D20:43
Johan-_zcat[1]: gentoo rocks!20:44
EdwardXp3i just bought this computer20:44
Johan-_zcat[1]: all you got was your tarball20:44
zcat[1]EdwardXp3: install slackware, if you can even find your way back here after that I'll be impressed20:44
EdwardXp3lol 500gb sata, 5600+ amd 6420:44
Johan-_zcat[1]: you had to compile everything from scratch20:44
EdwardXp32gb ram20:44
EdwardXp3arggg i want to learn hwo to install a kernel though first20:45
Johan-_EdwardXp3: if you have a new computer vanilla is the best choice, I would say20:45
chdstIf you want a free (beer/speech) OS that's easy to use where you don't have to worry about much of anything, while still giving you the best chance of hardware compatibility, Ubuntu is the place to be, in my opinion.20:45
EdwardXp3i heard great things about slackware, and gentoo actually20:45
chdstEdwardXp3: apt-get install linux-image-2.6... :P20:45
zcat[1]Johan-_: I started with SoftLanding .. 30 floppy disks. I wasn't quite up to building a linux filesystem from within minix20:45
Johan-_zcat[1]: I started in crux, many many years ago20:46
chdstEdwardXp3: Slackware is the sparse desert wasteland of Linux distros. Bring your survival gear. You will definitely learn a lot with it, though.20:46
Johan-_after that gentoo and now I'm so lazy I come here for help20:46
EdwardXp3chdst:  how about doing some sort of autoconfig on the currently installed linux? like add/remove different devices20:46
chdstMost of that is broken out into kernel modules20:46
Johan-_EdwardXp3: start by checking /etc out20:47
EdwardXp3whoa, okay20:47
zcat[1]I come here to tell the developers how broken hardy still is .. you'd think after braving slackware for my first 4 years I'd be able to fix things myself :)20:47
InadeArghi guys, maybe its a stupid question but... Is the beta going to be release today?20:47
Johan-_InadeArg: its scheduled for today20:48
zcat[1]InadeArg: I heard tomorrow. Guess it depends what timezone you're in20:48
cwilluzcat[1], define broken20:48
Johan-_EdwardXp3: http://beginlinux.com/index.php/desktop_training/ubuntu/ubfile_m/ub_compile20:48
Johan-_this seemed to be a good tutorial20:48
InadeArgJohan-_: Thanks20:48
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages20:49
zcat[1]cwillu: booted up. One screen worked, the one with the login window was black. it came on when I did alt-F1 so not unplugged....20:49
Johan-_zcat[1]: it's still a alpha. It's supposed to be broken20:49
cwilluzcat[1], what video card?20:49
zcat[1]cwillu: and screenlets don't start consistently.. although they don't in gutsy either.. I had to hack a script for that20:49
Johan-_ah, I keep on forgeting the ! commands20:49
zcat[1]cwillu: Ummmm... a nvonfree one with binary drivers..20:49
cwilluzcat[1], parse error, sorry?20:50
chdstzcat[1]: My experience with screenlets has always been one of hacking and fiddling, Ubuntu or no ubuntu.20:50
zcat[1]I like my compiz... must have binary drivers !!20:50
Johan-_EdwardXp3: but you should read _alot_ of info about what does what before compiling20:50
cwillu(haven't played with screenlets at all yet, seemed pretty raw, and I'm opposed to the concept to begin with :p)20:50
chdstI could just be unlucky though.20:50
Johan-_EdwardXp3: you need to know exactly what you need for your system to work20:50
cwilluzcat[1], but, what video card?20:50
cwilluati nonfree is a different ballgame from nvidia20:51
EdwardXp3i remember being in there menuconfig sounds soo familiar20:51
chdstcwillu: Not in hardy (for me, at least)!20:51
EdwardXp3thats' what i wanted to know20:51
zcat[1]nvidia 8500gt20:51
cwilluchdst, ?20:51
EdwardXp3usr/src/ :)20:51
cwilluzcat[1], fresh install?  nothing further for configuration yet?20:51
Johan-_could be fun... to compile again20:52
cwillu(i.e., no manual driver install?)20:52
LynoureJohan-_: nothing stopping you, if you really want to20:52
Johan-_se how much smaller you can get it20:52
chdstcwillu: Setting up the ati nonfree drivers was as easy for me as the nonfree nvidia drivers in hardy...very much the same ballgame in my experience. :)20:52
Johan-_Lynoure: no i know :)20:52
zcat[1]I'll grab the beta today and start submitting bugfixes .. lots of config cwillu and no updates, if I updated I'd probably see some of this stuff fixed already :)20:52
cwilluchdst, different manufacturers, different ideas of what constitutes driver support, and it working for you is much like hardy working for somebody a couple weeks ago:  doesn't mean other people don't have big problems :)20:53
cwilluzcat[1], I mean, first boot of a fresh install gave you a black logon screen?20:53
zcat[1]Probably do a presentation at the end of the week 'what's coming in hardy' for our lug ... I like the new features, I just hope you guys deal with the new bugs before release  ...20:54
chdstcwillu: Some background...I've been running compiz since dapper on ATI hardware. I definitely know what you mean. It's so much better than it was, though.20:54
zcat[1]cwillu: third boot.. it was fine the first two.. random bug?20:54
cwilluchdst, yes, but the trick is to forget how bad it used to be so that you can accurately see how bad it is now :p20:54
xnoxIs OOo 2.4 gonna make it into hardy final?20:54
chdstcwillu: Too many scars to do that ^^20:54
cwilluzcat[1], the xorg.log file is probably still around if you haven't rebooted a bunch of times since then20:55
zcat[1]compiz was crap when it first came out.. now I can play games and video with compiz running and everything works how it's supposed to20:55
cwillupastebin'ing it would be useful20:55
b47619is the beta released yet?20:55
cwillunot yet20:55
chdstcwillu: That's not entirely true...I also have an SLI'd nvidia setup at home that _just keeps working_.20:55
Jaymaci read an announcement on planet yesterday but it wouldn't seem so20:56
xnoxWell wiki does already list it :P20:56
zcat[1]cwillu: probably not .. I'll reinstall with the beta when I get it and if it happens again I'll file a bug20:56
cwilluchdst, what's not entirely true?20:56
chdstIt servers as an excellent reminder20:56
b47619https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta  it has a list but they download links go to 404s20:56
Jaymacyeah i saw that too, but the releases.ubuntu.com is still a hardy free zone20:56
chdstcwillu: What I said about not being able to still see how bad it is now...the nvidia experience reminds me every time I leave work. Sorry to be so disjointed.20:56
b47619maybe it is on a mirror...20:57
chdstLong day :)20:57
cwilluwas hoping I wasn't missing stuff and making an ass of myself ;p20:57
zcat[1]I love nvidia .. never had a problem with any of them20:57
Jaymacb47619, I doubt it - look at the topic20:57
zcat[1]they handle compiz better than anything else20:57
chdstIt's very likely my fault, I'm also straying pretty far into the offtopic area :)20:57
Lynoureto me, one non-free driver is about as sad as another.20:57
cwilluI'm a recent convert; I still have a few dozen pci radeons that I'm in love with though20:58
zcat[1]find me a good video card that has free drivers. perhaps I need to try some of the later intel cards? I dunno..20:58
cwilluLynoure, that's why I still use the radeon's :p20:58
ogrehey is update-manager -d to upgrade right?20:58
cwillu-c -d20:58
zcat[1]ati are free now?20:59
Lynourecwillu: same here... I'll sure rejoice if nvidia ever turn their boat, but unlikely to happen20:59
* chdst quietly prays for AIGLX support in RadeonHD for his chipset...20:59
cwilluno, but radeon (open driver) works fine for older cards20:59
Lynourezcat[1]: no, but they have commitment to specs20:59
zcat[1]next best thing... cool20:59
cwilluzcat[1], I do multiseat machines, and the radeons are one of the few cards that I've found both cheap and reliable when you put 4 in the same machine20:59
Jaymacwhat version of the nvidia drivers are in hardy? getting bored of black screen bug20:59
cwillu169.12 if that means anything21:00
cwillu!info nvidia-glx-new21:01
cwillu!info nvidia-glx21:01
cwilluubotu, ?21:01
ubotunvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 169.12+ (hardy), package size 5125 kB, installed size 15228 kB21:01
ubotunvidia-glx (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 1:96.43.05+ (hardy), package size 3761 kB, installed size 11992 kB21:01
chdstteh lagz!21:01
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!21:01
zcat[1]no lag for me21:01
chdstNo lag on that one, had a 12 second pause on the nvidia package info21:02
Jaymaccwillu, thanks21:02
zcat[1]yeah ... bot asleep?21:02
Gninecompiz is b0rked on my machine21:02
Gninemetacity was the saving grace21:02
Johan-_what timezone do the ubuntu devs use?21:02
PsySinedo you think the beta will be out today?21:03
* cwillu is tempted to say next week at the earliest21:03
LynourePsySine: which today?21:03
Gnine!pony | PsySine21:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pony - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:03
EdwardXp3im in the Y/N/M ?  when trying to configure the system,21:04
cwilluseriously, anybody who knows is busy working on it, probably not spending time here :p21:04
EdwardXp3whats' the m for?21:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timezone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:04
xnoxI just hope it will have OO.o RC5 or RC621:04
Jaymac!info network-manager21:04
ubotunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.6-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 151 kB, installed size 572 kB21:04
ant30beta isn't out now ?21:04
PsySineLynoure: march 20 :)21:04
zcat[1]!info openoffice.org21:04
ubotuopenoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): OpenOffice.org Office suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 4 kB, installed size 44 kB21:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tz - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:04
ant30guau, ubotu have a apt inteface ?21:04
chdstI've been hyping the whole office on 3/20 for the beta, there's a chance I'll get lynched tomorrow if it doesn't appear. :D21:04
LynourePsySine: I'd say unlikely, it being almost gone, less than one hour left. :)21:05
ant30!info gazpacho21:05
ubotugazpacho (source: gazpacho): GTK+ User Interface Designer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.1-1 (hardy), package size 506 kB, installed size 2040 kB21:05
jeroen-after upgrading from gutsy to hardy (via internet) I can't start mysql anymore - it gives only a [fail] - how to have a verbose output?21:05
Gninerun it from terminal, jeroen-21:05
chdstErm...there's formally 3 hours left, iff'n I can do math right (there is some question).21:05
PsySineLynoure: depends on your timezone ^^21:05
chdstUTC, that is21:06
zcat[1]so beta is only hours away? or days?21:06
jester7left until what?  beta release?21:06
=== daubafk is now known as daubers
xnoxI do wanna try beta, cause I didn't manage it with alphas but i think I'll be alright =D21:07
LynourePsySine: Yes, that's why the answer. :) No idea where you are.21:07
cwilluif they said today, it'll probably be today (judging from the slow down in updates, I'd agree)21:07
chdstzcat[1]: I'd say hours based on experience...Ubuntu's ability to make deadlines is astonishing, in my opinion.21:07
chdstCanonical's, I suppose21:07
jeroen-Gnine: I do21:07
zcat[1]yeah .. dapper was only two months overdue :)21:08
jeroen-I do a sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start21:08
xnoxchdst: same difference canonical or ubuntu21:08
jester7i was told that the beta is just a snapshot of the repos, so if you were to install alpha 6 and install all of the updates....that's the beta21:08
cwilluchdst, it's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a willingness to slip features (I mean that in a good way)21:08
cwillujester7, yep21:09
chdstxnox: True, but Canonical is the proper name21:09
cwillualthough alpha weirdness may not be completely expunged21:09
cwilluzcat[1], dapper was scheduled for that at the beginning of the cycle though21:09
chdstjester7: Both debian and ubuntu's named released are always exactly that...a snapshot of the state of the repository at a specific point in time.21:09
chdstException are made, of course, for security fixes and the like.21:10
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
xnoxchdst: I guess but it's like Mark said. We had all Canonical's employees in one room for a couple of hours only once. That's google tech talk he gave. So really it's the whole ubuntu community that maters21:10
cwilluchdst, that's a bit over simplified, as they do distinguish between named repositories21:10
jester7cwillu: so what "weirdness" could be left behind?21:10
cwillujester7, well, extreme example, libc6 won't fix itself unless you do it by hand :p21:11
xnoxcwillu: lol =D21:11
Johan-_cwillu: but if you have a working install and then update you should endup with the beta :)21:11
cwilludepending on what updates you installed, and which bugs they had;  I'm uptodate on packages, but I've got a wxpython build error for about a week now21:11
cwilluJohan-_, that's the idea21:11
jester7really?  because on my test box i put alpha 6 on, updated before the lib6 issue, then waited intuil it was resolved before updating again.  i didn't have any problems21:12
cwilluthe 'partial upgrade' thingy you see occasionally is basically fixing up known weirdness21:12
cwillujester7, exactly, you didn't update to a version with an issue21:12
jester7so that's my point, if you were to install alpha 6, then install ALL updates, it should be exactly like the beta, right?21:13
chdstcwillu: I did simplify it a little bit, I didn't mean to leave such ambiguity in my use of the word releases...I really did mean a formal release, with regard to all of the freezes the are required to make any one of them work.21:13
xnoxI did gksudo gnome-system-monitor and find out that I'm running quite a bit of K stuff on my ubuntu. But I'm not running any k applications as far as I know. How come?21:13
chdstBut, again, my communication skills are sub-par right now, as I wind down from a work day. :)21:13
cwillujester7, that's the ideal, and it'll probably be nearly indistinguishable21:13
cwilluxnox, those a kernel processes21:14
cwillukswapd, ksnapd, ksuspend-usbd, etc?21:14
xnoxcwillu: ok, I got scared how did that thing got there.21:14
xnoxcwillu: aha21:14
cwilluaka, don't go killing them :p21:15
cwillualthough I don't think you can anyway21:15
xnoxcwillu: I decided to ask here first21:15
chdstxnox: Good call. :)21:15
xnoxshall I try?21:15
zcat[1]I bet you can.. doing anything after that might be a problem21:15
jester7what's the worst that can happen :P21:15
cwillujester7, well, killing kswapd would stop most any writes to the drive21:16
* Gnine had to kill kacpi_notify for 48% cpu load21:16
chdstxnox: A plain kill (pid) will likely not do anything. Sending an actualy KILL signal though...that's probably where the scary starts. :)21:16
tsukasaisnt the beta supposed to be released today? o.021:16
cwilluthis calls for a test21:16
xnoxsound like fun =D21:16
chdstThough I must admit I'm ashamed that I've never actually tried to do this21:16
xnoxtsukasa: so what? =D21:17
* Gnine resorted to do acpi=off on grub 21:17
cwillukill -KILL 2 (kthread) didn't do anything21:18
zcat[1]should I kill kswapd and see what happens?21:18
cwilluI just tried21:18
cwilludidn't affect it21:18
chdstzcat[1]: I say go for it! :)21:18
* chdst was too slow :(21:19
cwilluzcat[1], same process id, etc21:19
cwilluI told ya :p21:19
zcat[1]  183 ?        S<     0:00 [kswapd0]21:19
zcat[1]zcat@mandela:~$ sudo kill -9 18321:19
cwillumight be a safety built into the kill command though21:19
zcat[1]  183 ?        S<     0:00 [kswapd0]21:19
chdstI'll just have to resort to a "while true kill some gettys"...21:19
DanaGkswapd is a kernel process.21:19
DanaGKilling it would be bad.21:19
* cwillu looks at the scroll back21:20
DanaGWhy are you trying to kill it?21:20
xnoxDanaG: it seems that you can't kill it at all21:20
* cwillu thought he heard an echo21:20
chdstDanaG: We know that...we were just trying to see 1.) If we could kill it and 2.) How bad it would be.21:20
Amaranthyou cannot kill kernel threads21:20
xnoxDanag: we are getting rid of all "K"21:20
DanaGaah, curiosity.21:20
zcat[1]DanaG: my gusty is too stable anyhow.. I need to rough it up a bit21:20
Gninenot having swap is not that bad.. if you have enuff physical memory21:20
cwilluDanaG, somebody thought kde had gotten itself entangled in his gnome install21:20
cwilluGnine, kswap isn't just swap though21:21
xnoxthat was me =D21:21
cwilluGnine, it's paging anything out to disk that was backed in memory21:21
cwilluany mmaps, writes that are buffered or cached, etc21:21
zcat[1]while true; do kill -9 $RANDOM ; done21:21
DanaGDon't you love naming collisions?21:21
chdstzcat[1]: Nice.21:21
Gninegood, i dont mess with obscure stuff like that .. unless necessary ..21:21
zcat[1]just like running 'doze21:21
Amaranthif it has [] around it you cannot kill it, try as hard as you wish21:22
Amaranththat is not a real process, it is a kernel thread21:22
cwilluahem, oomkiller, ahem21:22
ryanakcajeroen-: try /var/log/mysql.log21:22
zcat[1]    1 ?        Ss     0:01 /sbin/init   --- no []'s! Sweet!21:22
jeroen-ryanakca: nothing in there21:23
cwilluGnine, honestly, in most situations, running without swap is just silly21:23
chdstAlt+SysRq+i :)21:23
chdst(Don't do that)21:23
ryanakcajeroen-: /var/log/mysql.err21:23
cwilluany user mode task could cause the system to start killing random processes (although I think they've improved the oomhandlers logic a bit recently)21:24
xnoxcwillu: I don't have swap, cause i have no disk space =D Gigs of photos21:24
chdstActually...here's a fair question. Does Ubuntu catch those SysRq events?21:24
cwilluxnox, when you measure disk space in hundreds of gigs, why care about half a gig?21:24
jeroen-ryanakca: empty21:24
chdstI have never needed to use them in Ubuntu to find out.21:24
zcat[1]I have 2G ram here, and I don't think I've ever seen any of it get swapped21:24
xnoxcwillu: not really hundreds I have only 31021:24
poamjHi there. Does anybody know how i can configure the fonts for kde applications on ubuntu (I am using gnome). I've downloaded qt3-config and qt4-config and configured the font size and style in both, however i can't see the results on applications like Kile and Ktorrent.21:25
zcat[1]Swap:      4803392          0    480339221:25
Gninei didnt say anything about not having swap being a good choice..21:25
zcat[1]see! 0!21:25
ryanakcajeroen-: I don't know, sorry, but ask in here :)21:25
cwilluit gives you a clue that something is going wrong before it causes a problem, and lets you optimize for situations where you can use the physical memory for more important things (although swap-prefetch was a wonderful thing that sadly will never see the light again)21:25
cwilluxnox, if you're to the point where you need one more gig on 300gb, then you're not buying yourself any real time21:26
* xnox dreams about installing Ubuntu on ZFS21:26
cwilluGnine, I know, just a pet peeze21:26
jeroen-ryanakca: I did21:26
xnoxcwillu: I guess I'm trying to sort it out........21:26
cwilluzcat[1], what's uptime?21:26
zcat[1]not much, Just booted back from hardy21:27
cwillurest my case21:27
cwilluor rather, dismiss yours :p21:27
richard__BETA FEVER :D21:27
cwilluff3b4 is certainly helping with my vm usage though, amazing improvement21:28
cwilluit's been 260mb resident and 385 vm for days now21:28
cwilluwhere I used to routinely sit at 750mb resident21:28
zcat[1]even when it's been up a few days I don't think I touch swap though21:28
juank_pradahello guys?.... when is beta being released?21:28
GnineFF is very responsive on metacity21:28
cwillujuank_prada, sometime in 200821:29
KalElis it better than compiz on metacity?21:29
cwilluGnine, I'm honestly tickled21:29
juank_pradai was expecting a more specific date21:29
cwillujuank_prada, probably today21:29
cwillujuank_prada, confidence or specificness, pick one :p21:29
juank_pradamaybe a mixture of both?21:30
KalElhow'bout with 95% confidence it is today?21:30
cwillujuank_prada, 'probably' is a mixture :p21:30
KalElbewarned that's my confidence level though21:30
* xnox counting down 2.5 hours21:31
juank_pradayeah.. that answer was enough for me21:31
_ajw_has anyone else experienced nautilus crashing recently -- it is very unstable for me at the moment21:31
st33medHello. I wondering if I could Upgrade to Hardy Heron (when it is released) via CLI.21:31
Gninecompiz kills my window borders and terminal goes white. oldschool bug if you ask me...21:31
juank_pradaanother question.. is it being released with network manager 0.6.5 or 0.7?21:32
cwillu_ajw_, have you restarted nautilus?  I don't think the updates will do that21:32
xnoxst33med yes you can see LTS upgrade wiki page21:32
cwillu!info network-manager21:32
ubotunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.6-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 151 kB, installed size 572 kB21:32
chdstxnox: Pardon the lag on this, but Look at BtrFS. It's like ZFS, but without evil licensing and much more likely to show up in Ubuntu as a result.21:32
Gninethats on i386 too.. 64bit version didnt give me that (fresh install)21:32
_ajw_it has crashed maybe 10 times today... and has been restarted every time21:32
juank_pradaoh good thank you :)21:32
_ajw_is there something more i should do a21:32
DanaGpoamj: if you want to configure kde stuff, you can use kcontrol (a package)21:32
cwillu_ajw_, what type of folders do you have open?21:33
st33medxnox, can you point me to it?21:33
_ajw_only /home/username21:33
cwillu_ajw_, only problems I've had is running it against sftp hosts where I already have an ssh session open, and control-session enabled21:33
xnoxst33med: one sec21:33
b47619has anyone else had an issue where they can only start ubuntu 8.04 in a failsafe gnome session?21:33
_ajw_cwillu: i haven't been doing anything fancy -- just trying to go one level down in my folders21:34
jeroen-etc/init.d/mysql start: debug said:21:34
jeroen-connect to server at '\''localhost'\'' failed21:34
jeroen-error: '\''Can'\''t connect to local MySQL server through socket '\''/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'21:34
* cwillu points to b47619 as an example of weirdness that may not just go away with an upgrade (not sure who I was talking to before about that)21:34
cwillu_ajw_, try running it in a terminal, see if anything interesting shows up there21:34
cwillu(killall nautilus; nautilus)21:34
poamjDanaG, thanks for the hint. I'll download it right now21:35
b47619the issue has been present since an earlier alpha...21:35
b47619how do I report a bug?21:35
_ajw_cwillu: will do21:35
cwillub47619, try a new user, probably just config corrupted;  what kind of errors do you get in the normal gnoem session?21:35
b47619I get no errors the xserver just seems to restart21:36
cwilludumps you back at the logon window21:36
cwilluI _think_ this is the log file, can you pastebin ~/.xsession-errors21:37
_ajw_cwillu: nothing shows up and the problem is repeatable...is there a way I can get more detailed info to help me fix the problem?21:37
hydrogen.xsession-errors is probably gigantic21:37
hydrogenyou might want to trim it21:37
martalliI upgraded from kubuntu 7.10 to 8.04...now I have the 2.24 kernel, but when I boot into it, I get tons of errors...something like ata errors, and it never boots, even to a cli.  However, I can strangely still boot into the 2.22 kernel, even with the gui21:37
martalliIs this happening to everyone else?21:38
cwilluhydrogen, b47619 could just delete it, log in, and paste that21:38
b47619can i just send the log file?21:38
cwillu!pastebin | b4761921:38
ubotub47619: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:38
b47619i am using a failsafe session right now21:38
martalliI used the "update-namager -d" command21:38
_ajw_cwillu: I can acess the files/folders fine from the command-line21:38
poamjDanaG, it worked! thanks!21:39
martalliIs there a way to email a pastebin file or upload through ftp?  That might work for b4761921:39
_ajw_cwillu: after stalling for a while it pops up a dialog box with `"foldername - File Browser" is not responding'21:39
KalElmartalli, which kernel version are you running? 2.6.24-12 is the latest i believe21:40
b47619what is the command to view a log again?21:40
cwillu_ajw_, what do you have mounted?21:40
YgorAbreu_ESP_BRHello Guys..so Hardy isnt a beta yet ? or am i wrong?21:40
cwilluI have a hunch that it's looking at a mount that went away without the kernel knowing about it21:40
KalElYgorAbreu_ESP_BR, it is scheduled sometime around today/tomorrow21:41
cwillub47619, move ~/.xsession-errors to a different name, log into the normal session, let it crash, log back in failsafe, and copy ~/.xsession-errors (will have been recreated) to a pastebin21:41
martalliMy unae -s output is: Linux jose-charley 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux, but checking my grub menu, the other kernels are 2.6.24-12-386 and 2.6.24-12-generic21:41
_ajw_cwillu: output of mount --> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60343/21:42
martalliKalEl: I should say that was my uname output21:42
YgorAbreu_ESP_BRkalEl: hmm thanks superman! xD21:42
b47619suwhere is it located?21:42
cwillu_ajw_, can you unmount /media/MEDIA and /media/XP, restart nautilus (kill it, etc), and see if it still happens?21:42
cwillujust playing elimination right now21:43
mphillwas the beta released today?21:43
KalElmartalli, hmm... mine still shows 2.6.24-12-generic in uname -a, probably the 2.6.24-14 is not stable yet21:43
b47619where is ~/.xsession-errors located?21:43
xnoxmphill: not yet21:43
cwillusomebody want to set the motd to "beta not out yet, stop asking"? :p21:43
cwillub47619, ~ means your home folder21:43
_ajw_cwillu: one of my disks (/media/XP) should be mounted with ntfs but mount reports it as mounted withfuseblk21:43
cwillu_ajw_, that's normal21:44
b47619oh thanks21:44
cwillu_ajw_, I just want to eliminate it as a source of confusion, mostly21:44
b47619oh yeah tilde=home folder I forgot21:44
jeroen- /usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed21:44
cwillu_ajw_, have you relogged in the last couple weeks?21:44
martalliNo, the one I am running right now is left over from 7.10 (kernel 2.6.22, not 2.6.24)21:44
KalElmphill, it's not out yet, i believe the topic will be changed once the beta is out21:44
cwillujeroen-, sounds like it's not running21:44
_ajw_cwillu: what does relogged mean?21:45
cwillulogged out, and back in21:45
_ajw_ah yes21:45
cwillu_ajw_, might be an interaction with a dbus update or something along those lines21:45
_ajw_cwillu: this is a laptop21:45
b47619when i try to open the log I get permission denied21:45
b47619and su won't work21:45
* cwillu hasn't shut his laptop (other than suspend) in a few weeks :p21:45
cwillub47619, what does ls -l .xsession-errors say?21:46
b47619sudo works but give me command noit dound21:46
_ajw_cwillu: ;-)21:46
cwillub47619, what command are you running with su or sudo?  (and don't use su)21:46
jeroen-cwillu: thats the problem, it can't start - that is a output of a /usr/bin/mysqladmin --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf ping21:47
_ajw_cwillu: problem is still occuring... terminal reports "** (nautilus:14320): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported"21:47
cwillub47619, it's a text file, not a command21:47
cwillu_ajw_, that should be fine, does the same on mine21:47
b47619perhaps that why...21:47
cwillujeroen-, what does /etc/init.d/mysq<tab> give you?21:48
cwillujeroen-, what does /etc/init.d/mysq<tab> restart give you?21:48
lascadoalguém pode me ajduar?21:48
amar-zewhen can we expect beta ?21:48
cwilluthis year21:48
cwillumaybe today if you're lucky21:49
b47619now hopw cn I open it...21:49
_ajw_cwillu: ...anyway I have to go now -- if it keeps reoccuring i'll be back here21:49
_ajw_cwillu: thanks for your time21:49
b47619I am not that good with linux yet21:49
=== ajmorris is now known as bhbn
=== bhbn is now known as bhb
cwillub47619, in a terminal, tell me what ls -l .xsession-* says21:49
Jaymacb47619, if you are not good with linux yet then you should probably be in #ubuntu21:50
jeroen-cwillu: mysql          mysql-ndb      mysql-ndb-mgm21:50
b47619-rw-r--r-- 1 username username 2624 2008-03-20 07:12 .xsession-errors21:50
cwillu(wasn't dead sure what the command was)21:50
b47619username replace swith username21:50
=== bhb is now known as ajmorris
jeroen- /etc/init.d/mysql restart gives [fail]21:51
cwillub47619, mv .xsession-errors xsession-errors-old21:51
b47619-rw-r--r-- 1 username username 2624 2008-03-20 07:12 .xsession-errors is what it gives me21:51
john__What is a good app to try and recover files from a disk that was just formated? Some how all my disks got relabeled and now i lost my storage disk which now is my boot disk somehow21:51
=== ajmorris is now known as bhb
cwillub47619, don't worry about masking the username, if you're hackable, you were hackable regardless of your username (unless it's also your password, which would just be silly)21:51
b47619it took me to the prompt thing21:52
cwillujeroen-, sec21:52
cwillub47619, okay, now log out, log back in under the normal session, and then log back in again under the failsafe after it crashes21:52
ubuntu2how to install firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 ?21:52
=== bhb is now known as bhb_
cwilluubuntu2, you're running hardy?  don't.21:53
cwilluubuntu2, afaik, the normal updates are running b4 already (even though they're not labelled as such)21:53
=== bhb_ is now known as bhbn
Jaymac!info firefox21:53
ubotufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 61 kB, installed size 116 kB21:53
=== bhbn is now known as bhb
cwilluah, it's even labelled now :)21:53
Gninei dont think ubotu is hardy savvy21:54
b47619ok now what?21:54
cwillujeroen-, memory is failing me, I can't remember where the relevant debug info goes (/var/log/mysql.{log/err} is blank on mine)21:55
cwillub47619, copy the text of that file to pastebin21:55
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:55
b47619how dop i open the file?21:55
b47619how exactly do I open the file?21:56
cwillub47619, gedit ~/.xsession-errors from a terminal will work21:56
cwillub47619, you can also do it by opening your home folder, hitting ctrl+h to show hidden files, and double clicking it21:56
cwillu(b47619, idle curiosity, how did you find yourself running hardy while it was still in alpha)21:57
jeroen-I wait I think in messages, cause my.cnf gives: Error logging goes to syslog. This is a Debian improvement :)21:57
cwillubecause logging everything into one giant file is an improvement21:57
cwillu/var/log/syslog I guess\21:57
jeroen-no messages?21:58
b47619no messages here just follo wthe link: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60344/21:58
cwillujeroen-, no, I meant b47619;  pastebin your syslog if you want though21:58
cwillub47619, in the terminal, what happens if you run 'compiz'?21:58
martallipastebinit is a client for posting to pastebin from cli (sudo apt-get install pastebinit)21:58
martallijust thought I would pass it along as I was curious21:59
jeroen-cwillu: audit(1206028979.284:3): operation="inode_create" request_mask="w::" denied_mask="w::" name="/data2/.mysqldata/k-uptown.lower-test" pid=5826 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" namespace="default"21:59
b47619it started before compiz21:59
cwillumartalli, yep, and I look forward to the day when I can just assume it's installed :p21:59
=== wurst- is now known as wurst
b47619aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity21:59
jeroen- /data2/.mysqldata is my datadir21:59
b47619the screen momentarilt goes black21:59
cwillujeroen-, when did it break?21:59
cwillub47619, ls /etc/gnome/config show anything?22:00
jeroen-cwillu: it is in syslog22:00
cwillujeroen-, when did it last work?22:01
b47619ls: cannot access /etc/gnome/config: No such file or direc22:01
cwillub47619, how did you end up running hardy?22:02
b47619i wanted to.22:02
b47619oh how22:02
* tsukasa_ wants beta22:02
cwillub47619, you seem to have a fairly broken install22:02
martallicwillu: When traipsing into alpha territory, it is always nice to have some cli tools around =)22:02
martalliand a hardline22:02
b47619i installed it on an almost 6gb partition22:02
b47619i have reinstalled it many times22:02
b47619it did the same with wubi22:03
cwillub47619, I'm thinking it'd be best for you to do it again :p22:03
b47619and earlier alphas.22:03
cwillub47619, any idea how /etc/gnome/config could have disappeared?22:03
b47619the live cd will not even load22:03
b47619maybe i typed it wrond let me find it manually22:03
jeroen-cwillu: I think this is the main error:  /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/host.frm' (errno: 13)22:03
cwillub47619, what about the memcheck tool on the live cd?22:03
martalliif the livecd won't load, maybe something is wrong with your cd (or drive)22:03
b47619i tried the cd verify and that was fine22:03
cwillujeroen-, could you answer my question though?  it actually matters :p22:03
cwillub47619, what about the memtest?22:04
cwillub47619, there's also a known bug about livecd boots failing on some ide controllers, not sure if they have it fixed yet22:04
b47619i hav eno /etc/gnome/config22:04
cwillujeroen-, I think you might be running afoul of apparmor (root folders are locked out)22:04
cwillub47619, yes, but you should :)22:04
KalElwell, after the first few days of craze for compize wore off now i actually like metacity, among other things it also allows blender to run in windowed mode22:05
b47619i wonder why not...22:05
cwillume too :)22:05
EdwardXp3cannot open root device "<null>"     --- kernel panic not syncing VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown  <--- i get these kernel errors i did make make install on the extracted contents of thekernel :022:05
=== nastas_ is now known as nastas
jeroen-cwillu: apparmor?22:06
martalliI am happy waiting for kde4...I have found compiz is more gee-whiz than useful (probably the same can be said for more of the kde4 stuff, too.)22:06
b47619i do wonder why i don't have /etc/gnome/config22:06
b47619I am using the graphical install22:06
cwillujeroen-, kernel security module to prevent applications from doing things that they generally shouldn't, and might only do to take advantage of security vulnerabilities22:07
b47619in /ts/gnome all there is the defaults file22:07
cwillujeroen-, root folders wouldn't be allowed by default, so if it worked previous to hardy, I'd blame it on that (updated profiles being more strict)22:07
cwillujeroen-, can you pastebin the syslog file?22:08
jeroen-cwillu: yes22:08
jeroen-cwillu: where's the pastebin link22:09
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)22:09
b47619are there known bugs with a compaq presario sr1620nx?22:09
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com22:09
b47619i didn't know that worked...22:09
bicchiIs there a beta CD for hardy.22:10
b47619is there a !time command?22:10
b47619no beta yet...22:10
b47619whcih I need...22:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beta - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:10
cwillub47619, honestly, I don't think you're at the point where we can get good bug info out of your system22:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alpha - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about motd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:10
cwillu"""f you are here to ask questions such as: "What repositories do I use?" "Is Hardy going to break for me" or do not know how to deal with dependencies in apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY"""22:11
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots22:11
jeroen-cwillu: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60346/22:11
jeroen-do we have SElinux now!?22:11
b47619sounds like no sql database?22:11
cwilluwe've had apparmor for a while now22:11
aetari1SElinux is an annoyance22:12
cwilluSElinux has been implicated in the stopping of several bug exploits in the last few months22:12
cwillusecurity is an annoyance, but it's one I'm happy to deal with22:12
cwillujeroen-, I'm not dead sure if this will work, but I _think_ you can try running sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor stop, and then restarting mysql22:13
cwillujeroen-, it'd be best if /data2 could be moved to something under /var, /media/, etc22:13
jeroen-cwillu: yes that works22:13
cwillu /opt, even22:13
cwillujeroen-, okay22:13
cwilluDON'T LEAVE IT LIKE THAT ;p22:13
jeroen-cwillu: should that be the problem22:13
jeroen-no no22:14
cwilluyou can drop a config file into /etc/apparmor.d/ (not /etc/apparmor/) to set up exceptions (usr.sbin.cupsd exists, for instance), but personally I'd just suggest moving the db22:15
cwillucreating new files and folders under / is a bad habit to get into)22:15
jeroen-cwillu: ok, I can move the database to /var/lib/mysql22:15
jeroen-but why shouldnt it expect a database in another location22:16
cwillurepeat after me: putting things in the standard locations is a good thing!22:16
=== hydrogen is now known as hydrogen_
cwillujeroen-, it's red flag to the kernel when it sees stuff being written to folders from apps it doesn't expect to see such things from22:16
cwillujeroen-, if you needed to have it there (and you don't), you could look up apparmor, and figure out how to do it22:17
jeroen-cwillu: I normally do /home on a separate partition22:17
cwilluthat's another matter though22:17
jeroen-to be able to reinstall linux from scratch22:17
cwillujeroen-, what does that have to do with putting things in the root folder?22:17
jeroen-its from the old days :-)22:17
cwilluyou can make /var/lib/mysql a mount22:18
cwillueven a rebind mount22:18
jeroen-cwillu: /data2 is also another partition, it was just to make sure the database was not overwritten22:18
jeroen-cwillu: thats an option22:18
cwilluit's a better option22:18
jeroen-yes I know22:18
jeroen-this setup is from years ago22:18
jeroen-one moment22:18
cwillueven /media/data2, with a rebind to mysql would work (or a symlink)22:18
jeroen-a soft link you advice or a hard link22:19
cwillupersonally, I'd mount it to /media/disk2, and then symlink /var/lib/mysql/<db> to whereever you want in on disk222:19
cwilluprinciple of least surprise22:19
jeroen-cwillu: with a symlink won't work22:26
jeroen-I try with a copy22:26
b47619what are the possible causes of not having an /etc/gnome/config folder?22:27
* xnox is my mobile JmIrc rules22:27
cwillub47619, running an alpha version?22:27
b47619oh that's why22:27
b47619is there a general chat channel here?22:28
cwillub47619, honestly, I'd say wait until it goes final, and reinstall (or at least beta (later today), and still reinstall)22:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about generalchat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:28
cwillu#ubuntu is the general tech support channel, #ubuntu-offtopic is the general chat22:28
jeroen-cwillu: yes that works22:29
jeroen-so even a symlink will not work22:29
cwilludoes it fail the same way?22:29
jeroen-the symlink?22:29
jeroen-cwillu: kernel: [ 5779.692616] audit(1206051973.891:41): operation="inode_permission" request_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" name="/media/data2/.mysqldata/mysql/host.frm" pid=11064 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" namespace="default"22:30
jeroen-so the answer is ye22:30
richard__BETA FEVER! :D22:31
jeroen-cwillu: oh well, I will keep it here22:32
xnoxMaybe if we start chanting beta it will happen faster?22:33
jeroen-in the past I had also a few wikis over there, but thats now external, so the database is much smaller and /var is also another partition22:33
jeroen-anyone how, good thing to remember22:33
jeroen-for everyone! :-)22:33
DanaGβ! β! β! ...22:34
jeroen-alt r s22:36
jeroen-alt gr s22:36
DanaGWhat's up with that?22:36
DanaGOne is the SCIM thingy of "Latex"22:37
jeroen-I dont know22:37
jeroen-the first one is the ss22:37
jeroen-is that the name?22:37
richard__rigel 5?22:37
* jepler upgrades and hopes there are no gotchas today22:42
=== Adys is now known as Adyse
* DanaG randomly lobs a ☄ at somebody.22:47
=== Adyse is now known as Adys
spiderfire☄ = a rock?22:49
DanaGRun gucharmap and explore -- it's fun.22:50
DanaG⌥⎇⌫ is ctrl-alt-backspace22:50
* tsukasa_ wants22:51
EdwardXp3can someone help me install a kernel image?22:51
EdwardXp3so far i extracted the folder' i did ln -s "linux22:53
EdwardXp3'on the this one linux-
DanaGOne-character word: ℻22:58
Shadow_milHey, there is a blind user, he is using a older version22:58
Shadow_milbut #ubuntu moves to fast for him to follow22:58
J-_I just had a weird freakin deal. my Y key kept on repeating, and the key wasn't even pressed22:58
Shadow_mildo you mind if he comes here and gets some help installing ubuntu22:59
andre3"Coming Soon" means soon today, or soon some day?22:59
Shadow_milhe does not know if his braille device is supported or not22:59
DanaGbug 19421423:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421423:00
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dholbertbeta is up at http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/, for those who hadn't already seen23:14
dholberter, http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/   (no comma at end of URL :) )23:15
richard__SWEET BETA FEVER!!! :D23:15
dholbertYup :)23:18
axisys_i see /usr/lib/firefox-plugins dir23:23
axisys_is that where ff 304b keeps plugins?23:24
Muelliuh. I think I just bricked my Ubuntu :( I just switched to hardy by a sed -i s/gutsy/hardy/g and now cryptsetup within initramfs doesn't find my /dev/sda3 to unlock it :( Any hints?23:24
axisys_Muelli: boot from a live cd and reverse it may be one option23:25
dholbertaxisys_: I think that's where Ubuntu keeps its firefox plugins, yeah23:27
Muelliwell axisys_. I can boot another kernel, and it works fine. I don't have an optical drive anyway :P23:27
dholbertaxisys_: the ones you install via package manager23:27
axisys_dholbert: yep.. cool23:29
axisys_dholbert: thnx23:29
Shadow_milaxisys_, NP23:30
ulisse'lo guys23:30
EdwardXp3:(   i don't know what the hell this is....   fakeroot make-kpkg –initrd –append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers23:30
EdwardXp3no description23:31
axisys_Muelli: cool! then just use updated-manager -d if you want to uprade to hardy23:31
EdwardXp3no how too, no samples23:31
ulisseis it happening also to you to not have any audio device configured in hardy? I tried with two cards that were working nice in gutsy...23:31
axisys_ulisse: the .12 kernel had that problem23:31
axisys_ulisse: i had same issue23:32
axisys_ulisse: they fixed it23:32
ulisseaxisys_: is the fix already in the repos?23:32
Muelliaxisys_: it doens't do anything (e.g. updating anything). In fact, I have hardy packages already. My problem is, that /scripts/local-top/cryptroot fails.23:32
* ulisse tries another kernel...23:35
axisys_Muelli: did you follow the /topic url when upgraded to hardy beta?23:35
Muelliaxisys_: probably not. I pinned hardy packages for a long time and I just switched them over. Like giving hardy 700 and gutsy 650. Just as I do since 5.04.23:37
oxigenok , i have 32 & 64bit firefox on 64bit ubuntu, but java(s?) just dont wrok :/ what can i do, will be this install fixed before 'real' release of 8.04? :(23:38
axisys_oxigen: u will need 64 bit java lib23:39
oxigenmsut check if isn't there already23:39
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | If you are here to ask questions such as: "What repositories do I use?" "Is Hardy going to break for me" or do not know how to deal with dependencies in apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
AnswerGuyEdwardXp3: fakeroot is a Debian developer/maintainer utility to perform certain operations as if you were root without actually becoming the root user; make-kpkg is a utility to make a kernel package from pristine kernel sources; initrd is the "initial RAMdisk" used by the kernel as a temporary root filesystem while booting (so that driver modules and the like can be loaded); append-to-version is just telling the make-kpkg to append the string "-cus23:39
ArandDoes anybody know how to make Brasero NOT ignore hidden files?23:39
AnswerGuy(as reported by uname -r).23:39
AnswerGuyMy question would be: why are you encountering this gobbledy-gook when you don't understand any of it?23:39
axisys_oxigen: when you run file libjavaplugin_oji.so it needs to show 64-bit.. but you may already know that23:41
oxigenaxisys_, no, i must admit that i'm a bit confused about all this java mumblejumble... how do i check if it is 32 or 64 bit libjavaplugin_oji.so?23:43
m1rwohoo PICI23:43
oxigensome say that is better to use 32 bit ff. some say 64, i dont know now..23:43
oxigenand wrappers!?23:44
sleepy554Could someone please pastebin their Hardy Sources.list?23:44
Flannelsleepy554: You don't need one, you can rebuild in software sources23:46
oxigensleepy554: i'm on http://gd.tuwien.ac.at23:46
twosouls82whewhen I try to login I get "Cannot enter home directory. Using /"23:46
twosouls82what does this mean?23:47
axisys_twosouls82: grep your username in /etc/passwd23:47
axisys_twosouls82: look for the home dir23:47
oxigensleepy554: set it in system > administration > software sources23:47
=== hydrogen_ is now known as Hydrogen
axisys_twosouls82: then check if you have the dir available and owned by you23:48
axisys_twosouls82: it should have all been there .. i wonder if you removed it by mistake..ouch!23:48
twosouls82axisys_: those things were checked already23:48
twosouls82it is still there23:48
twosouls82no problems at all23:48
twosouls82might be that $HOME is unset?23:49
sleepy554its annoying when people read backlogs and somehow think theyre clever by abstractly telling you something about yourself23:49
Flanneltwosouls82: Could be permissions23:49
Muellimy problem seems to be, that /sbin/udevsettle doesn't exist in my new initrds :(23:49
Flanneloh, er, nevermind.23:49
axisys_oxigen: cd to the dir where your actual java library is23:50
axisys_oxigen: and then use the file command against the lib23:50
Flanneltwosouls82: so, $HOME is funky, or chdir isn' working.  Check the logs, those are more verbose.23:50
twosouls82Flennel, my VC's are black.. still thinking of a way to get to read them (the logs)23:51
axisys_oxigen: you will have better time using 32bit ff.. try ff 3.04beta23:51
oxigenaxisys_ /usr/bin/java? or /usr/lib/java /usr/lib64/java /usr/share/java? :)23:51
axisys_oxigen: /usr/lib/j***23:51
ArandHow can you set Brasero to include hidden files when burning??23:51
Flanneltwosouls82: TTYs are black?  Intruiging.  This might just be a visible indication of larger problems then.  Try rebooting into recovery mode.23:52
Arandor is Brasero to stubborn for that?23:54
flipstarcool, the beta is out23:55
zenlunaticflipstar: says who?23:55
jer132and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta23:56
Jaymacbeta's now out?23:59
oxigenaxisys_, hmm, so, should i amke symlink form /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-6-sun- to /usr/lib/j***? namely there isn't one atm..23:59

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