psyke83hi kwwii, still awake?01:39
psyke83kwwii, I guess you're not, but if you read this later, I've made a few more modifications to the theme (darker menu background and fixed an Evolution bug), here's v0.14: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=63182&d=120597714501:41
DanaGHmm, I still like the Aurora appearance, with orange coloration.04:56
mguneskwwii, ping06:42
mgunesdoes ubuntu-artwork still install Human Murrine by default or was it switched to Clearlooks?06:53
kwwiimgunes: it should now only install ubuntulooks again :-)09:27
mguneskwwii, why exactly?11:32
psyke83kwwii, hey, I updated Human-Murrine-Mod to make the menu background darker, and fixed an Evolution bug. It's here: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=63182&d=120597714515:59
psyke83kwwii, selected items in Evolution was inconsistent, see this screenshot: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=63149&d=120596075016:00
psyke83it's fixed with the update, and I didn't find any regressions16:01
_MMA_psyke83: Since you seem to like to hack on gtkrc. You wanna play with the Ubuntu Studio one? I'm sure there's an issue or 2.16:11
psyke83_MMA_, I'll take a look, but are there specific issues you're aware of?16:12
kwwiipsyke83: killer, thanks16:12
_MMA_psyke83: Mostly some text issues with some apps. Might just come down to them not using GTK correctly.16:14
psyke83_MMA_, do you want it to be compatible with the Color Picker?16:15
_MMA_Sure. If you know how to add it.16:16
_MMA_psyke83: After Hardy I had planned on also updating the theme to the newer Murrine layout. It's gonna take some work. It has to keep the same look.16:18
psyke83what do you mean by "new" Murrine layout?16:18
_MMA_Well Im still hard defining all the colors.16:21
_MMA_there's all that @ stuff at the top now and such.16:22
_MMA_Where it defined a shade of one color and such.16:22
psyke83_MMA_, I'm going to re-base your theme from Human-Murrine(-Mod), and modify the colours and tweak other settings (e.g. menu stripe), and we'll see how it works16:25
psyke83that will make it Color Picker compatible16:25
psyke83I noticed the Fast User Switching applet doesn't look right with your theme16:26
_MMA_psyke83: You have to be careful with that. I have settings that aren't in Human-Murrine that are very necessary.16:38
psyke83_MMA_, I'm checking it thoroughly, don't worry16:39
psyke83it's already 85% identical, I just need to apply your specific tweaks16:40
_MMA_I originally made Human-Murrine for Ken. :P16:41
psyke83my modification was based off Human-Clearlooks, though16:45
kwwii_MMA_ rocks!16:56
_MMA_kwwii: Your socks right off. ;)16:59
kwwiiI could hear a lead riff playing in my mind when I said that (so it was like _MMA_ rocks! Deedeleedeedeleedee)17:02
_MMA_kwwii: Got my passport today. Should be all set for Prague.17:03
kwwii_MMA_: excellent :-)17:11
psyke83_MMA_, nearly done, but I'm reluctant to emulate something in your theme17:23
psyke83_MMA_, look at the ghosted buttons: http://connogriofa.googlepages.com/UbuntuStudio2.png17:25
psyke83do you not think this is better than having a dark backgroun with white text (your theme)?17:26
psyke83my way seems more subtle and less prominent17:26
_MMA_This is why I mentioned to be careful. I believe there is a fix in my theme for that. Here's a TWF screenshot. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialHardy?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=theme.png17:27
psyke83_MMA_, so you prefer it your way?17:28
psyke83I'm referring to button2, togglebutton2, checkbutton3,4 and radiobutton3,417:29
_MMA_Well, if you're finished what you're doing, send it to me and I'll look over it. See what the guys think.17:30
_MMA_Use it for a couple of days.17:30
psyke83_MMA_, gimme a few more minutes, I didn't fix the radiobuttons or import the panel settings17:30
psyke83did you notice anything else wrong from my twf screenshot?17:30
_MMA_Buttons are more round in your shot.17:32
psyke83I still have some minor changes to make, including the menu text colour17:33
psyke83I'll reduce the roundness17:33
_MMA_psyke83: Your highlight ratio also looks to be slightly higher.17:43
psyke83_MMA_, it's ready, just packing it for you now18:25
psyke83_MMA_, http://connogriofa.googlepages.com/UbuntuStudio-Mod_v0.1.tar.gz18:29
_MMA_got it.18:29
psyke83I only modified gtkrc and index.theme, and the panels refer to the /usr/share.. blah location, so it needs to be installed globally as usual18:29
psyke83ah, the tooltips are yellow, but you can fix that yourself (defined at the top of the gtkrc)18:30
psyke83and you need to find a nicer colour for the special nautilus widgets (open the trash folder to see)18:31
psyke83_MMA_, when you modify the theme, don't insert absolute color values, instead try to use the "mix" or "shade" functions based off the reference colours18:32
_MMA_If it gets me the color I want, sure.18:33
psyke83kwwii, are you bothered with Human-Clearlooks any more, by the way?18:37
kwwiipsyke83: not too much, no19:15
psyke83kwwii, I'm creating Human-Mod now, it's easier than I imagined to make it almost exactly the same19:27
psyke83I'll show you some results later to give you an idea19:27
kwwiipsyke83: cool20:28
psyke83kwwii, a tiny bugfix to make GtkCombo menu items use black text: http://connogriofa.googlepages.com/Human-Murrine-Mod_v0.15.tar.gz20:34
psyke83kwwii, and Human-Mod (seems identical, except is not Color Picker compatible): http://connogriofa.googlepages.com/Human-Mod_v0.1.tar.gz20:34
kwwiipsyke83: killer, I'll look into that21:12
psyke83_MMA_, were there any problems with the UbuntuStudio mod?21:23
_MMA_psyke83: Sorry man. I have alot going on here today and plan on going through it tomorrow.21:31
psyke83not a prob21:32
kwwiipsyke83: your human mod is really close23:00
kwwiithe one thing that I miss is a bit of saturation on the active overlay part23:00

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