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Traveler4anyone knows an app like fspot for pdf documents (tagging) ??12:34
KirrusTraveler4, this room is fairly quiet when theres no scheduled session12:35
KirrusYou'll find your questions answered quicker in #ubuntu12:35
* mypapit out!!!13:43
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navinemok here it goes.... Suppose i want to permit a particular device like a USB or any other device to a particular user only, can anyone help me here.that too dynamically,i want to know it specifically??20:03
Zelutnavinem: search for20:19
Zelutnavinem: erg, "udev rules" on google. that'll be the best route.20:19
clown8works for me22:38
IRCcrackbabyI guess this works too.... w00t or something23:23

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