dholbachgood morning06:07
pittipochu: bug 18664707:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186647 in elisa-plugins-bad "promote to main" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18664707:29
loolpitti: Okay07:38
huatspochu: ping08:11
huatsmoring everyon e:)08:11
huatsone :)08:11
slomo__seb128: is the metacity compositor enabled by default in ubuntu (i mean, the gconf setting enabled, not metacity build with compositing support) ;)09:28
mvoslomo__: it shouldn't09:28
mvoif it is, then thats a bug :)09:28
seb128slomo__: what mvo said09:29
seb128slomo__: we use compiz by default09:29
seb128if compiz doesn't work you likely don't want a compositor09:29
slomo__ok :)09:30
slomo__i just ask because i finally tried the compositor in metacity and it slows down my system :P09:31
seb128yeah, it's not good09:31
* seb128 hugs mvo09:32
* mvo compizeses seb12809:32
slomo__might as well be caused by my graphics hardware :)09:32
* mvo hugs seb12809:32
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seb128mvo: do you have an idea of what the screenshot fail to get decoration under compiz?10:58
mvoseb128: what screenshot  was that?11:07
seb128mvo: applications, accessories, screenshot11:07
seb128mvo: try to use it on an application dialog only11:08
seb128and notice that it doesn't get the decorations11:08
mvoseb128: ok, I will do that after lunch11:08
seb128mvo: enjoy ;-)11:08
mvoseb128: and with metacity this works?11:08
pochuhi all11:13
seb128mvo: yes11:21
seb128hello pedro_, pochu11:21
seb128pitti: hey12:12
seb128pitti: I just figured why apport is badly translated ;-)12:13
pittihey seb12812:13
pittiseb128: can we talk in 30 mins? need to run off again, sorry12:13
seb128pitti: that's alright, I'll try to come with a patch meanwhile12:13
* pitti hugs seb12812:13
seb128and I'm going to eat something too12:13
* seb128 hugs pitti12:13
seb128pitti: ok, I've a patch for you12:44
seb128=== modified file 'po/Makevars'12:44
seb128--- po/Makevars 2007-05-21 13:36:59 +000012:44
seb128+++ po/Makevars 2008-03-20 12:41:57 +000012:44
seb128@@ -1,2 +1,3 @@12:44
seb128 top_builddir=..12:44
seb128 DOMAIN=apport12:44
seb128pitti: the cdbs magic calls intltool-update -p on apport build, which doesn't work for the python files you have since you don't use .py for the filenames12:44
seb128pitti: that makes it work out of the box12:45
pittiseb128: aaaah, good catch12:52
pittiseb128: I thought it would do some 'file' like matching12:52
seb128pitti: no it doesn't12:53
seb128pitti: should I commit to bzr?12:53
pittiseb128: I wonder why it works for me12:54
pittiseb128: after all, I just copied the pot to de.po and translated that12:54
pittiseb128: sure, please do12:54
seb128pitti: you likely run the make apport.pot target?12:54
seb128pitti: which uses the --language=python argument you have in the Makefile12:54
seb128pitti: but "intltool-update -p" which is what cdbs does doesn't use it12:55
pittiright, make -C po merge-po12:55
pittiseb128: so adding that to Makevars means we can drop the argument from Makefile, right?12:55
pittiseb128: right, so it doesn't actually use the po/Makefile $(DOMAIN).pot rule12:55
T_A_Vâñåì çäðàñòâóéòå13:07
T_A_Vcodepage utf813:24
pittikwwii: oh, btw, I haven't forgotten about your sponsoring mail; but given the freeze I didn't treat it with urgency14:03
kwwiipitti: cool, thanks :-)14:03
kwwiiactually, there will be another change in gdm anyway14:04
kwwiiso you might want to wait for that14:04
pittiok, noted14:14
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seb128mvo: do you have a bug about the gnome-app-install categories not being translated?15:02
seb128mvo: hum, ignore the comment15:02
* seb128 grrrs at the language-selector just closing when there is no network15:05
mvoseb128: does it? no error message?15:08
seb128mvo: well, I clicked ok,it started synaptic, complained about package not being installable and I was back to the desktop15:09
seb128mvo: would be nice to have a "retry" option15:09
seb128I was just not connected to the wireless15:10
seb128mvo: I undo the undo, what do you use to translate those categories?15:16
mvoseb128: hm, I suspect its a caching problem, update-app-install data will fix it, I tink l-s should run it15:23
mvook just be more clever15:24
* mvo ponders15:24
seb128mvo: indeed15:24
loolseb128: glib c99 breakage hits mobile packages; can I upload it nowish?15:41
pittiseb128: wb15:52
pittiseb128: FYI, I converted jtv's list to bug 18869015:53
loolseb128: Did you see my ping?15:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188690 in transmission "does not create a PO template on build" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18869015:53
pittiand grabbed a few tasks15:53
lool16:41 < lool> seb128: glib c99 breakage hits mobile packages; can I upload it  nowish?15:53
seb128pitti: re15:53
loolI'm pushing it to our ppa for now15:53
loolWe have an image due tonight15:53
seb128lool: no I didn't, you can put beta freeze is still in action no?15:53
loolseb128: I just changed 01_gettext-desktopfiles in Debian to allow us to sync15:53
seb128lool: cool15:53
loolseb128: Yes, I also intend to ask for a freeze exception now15:54
seb128lool: btw did you read about the pygobject issues yesterday evening?15:54
loolWhich one?15:55
loolThe one about building it?15:55
seb128lool: no, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=448173 is creating 100% cpu use for some applications15:56
ubotuGnome bug 448173 in general "use python-config to get python includes" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:56
seb128lool: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48156915:56
ubotuGnome bug 481569 in gtk "Calling gobject.threads_init() causes a lot of wakeups" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:56
loolseb128: I told doko to merge support for this in hardy's python15:57
loolHe only did so recently15:57
loolIt's already in gutsy though15:57
lool  * Backport new function signal.set_wakeup_fd from the trunk.15:57
lool    Background: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48156915:57
loolpython2.5 (2.5.2-2ubuntu2)15:57
ubotuGnome bug 481569 in gtk "Calling gobject.threads_init() causes a lot of wakeups" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:57
loolseb128: Is this with that python version?15:57
seb128lool: yes, pygobject built to use the setwakeupfd thing has the issue15:58
seb128lool: building without fix the bug15:58
loolseb128: Did you revert it in pygobject or in python?15:58
seb128pygobject, I dropped the configure change15:58
loolseb128: It looks like a bug in pygobject indeed15:58
seb128so it doesn't use the feature15:58
loolI only *read* about the feature, but never tried it out; it was included in hardy only recently15:59
loolI hope we can fix it, as it's really useful to save power on laptop running pygobject/gtk apps15:59
slomo__hey, does someone know if ubuntu suffers from an f-spot but that makes it's extensions go wild with every update? :)16:24
johanbrslomo__: I've heard something about the f-spot in Gutsy not playing nicely with extensions.16:27
slomo__johanbr: i'm more interested in hardy... because the fix for that is found now and it was a big problem in debian16:27
johanbrI thought the Hardy version was okay. Not sure, though.16:28
seb128pitti: g-s-t unlocking still doesn't work on the CD?16:35
pittiseb128: it does work for me on 2008031916:35
pittiit was still broken on 18.116:35
pittiI uploaded a fix yesterday16:36
seb128is there a way to verify the CD version after boot?16:36
seb128the policykit config has no empty space16:37
seb128empty line rather16:37
seb128and I've no warning on the command line16:37
seb128pitti: oh, in fact it's automatically unlocked16:40
seb128pitti: I've just been confused by the button being unsensitive16:40
pittiright, that's how it's currently supposed to behave16:40
pittiseb128: look in /cdrom/.disk/info16:41
seb128pitti: thanks16:42
huatspochu: around ?18:18
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