cjwatsonwhich means that the version of openoffice.org-hyphenation in hardy (and incidentally also feisty and gutsy) shares a file with the current version in hardy00:00
cjwatsonmore usually the second named package will be from an older release, and you can use that as a hint for the << you need to use in Replaces00:00
cjwatsonit looks like that particular one is out of date, mind you00:00
jwendellpochu, thanks00:01
cjwatsonah, it's because it was in hardy, and therefore you need a Replaces to account for that00:01
cjwatsonnot necessarily that it is currently in hardy - it keeps historical information00:01
cjwatsonnote that those lists will have false positives where dpkg-divert is involved and appropriate manual overrides haven't been added00:02
calcoh ok00:03
calcyea that list looks really nice :)00:03
alex_jonig'night all, and thanks again for the info00:08
Prometheusis the release still on for tomorrow?00:17
Hobbseemorning sabdfl00:22
PaulOgle591I have a question about wubi?00:26
TheMusoJust missed him.00:27
ograhe is in #ubuntu i think00:28
theunixgeekWhat's the difference between a delete_event and a destroy event in GTK?00:37
nxvlis there any way to debug a postinst without building the package?01:12
cjwatsonyou can edit them in place in /var/lib/dpkg/info/01:17
cjwatsonmost are shell, so adding 'set -x' near the top will give you an execution trace01:18
nxvlcjwatson: the problem is that i need it to be on fresh install01:23
nxvlcjwatson: i will try to check what to do, thanks :D01:23
cjwatsonnxvl: 'dpkg --unpack foo.deb', edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/foo.postinst, 'dpkg --configure foo'01:23
cjwatsondebugging the preinst is harder; for that you need to unpick the deb with ar and tar and then put it back together again the way you want it01:24
cjwatsondoable but tedious01:24
nxvlcjwatson: oh! thanks i will unpack it :D01:24
nxvlbut unpack is running postinst01:27
slangasekpostinst is the --configure stage, which happens after unpack01:28
nxvli'm doing dpkg --unpack and it is running things i have write on .postinstt01:29
cjwatsonthen you have made a mistake somewhere. dpkg --unpack does not run the postinst.01:30
nxvlcan it be running the .config?01:32
cjwatson(except in cases where it needs to roll back from errors)01:32
cjwatsonit might run the .config if you have '. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule' in your .preinst script01:32
ograswapped postinst with preinst ?01:32
cjwatsondpkg doesn't call .config directly, only when you source the confmodule01:33
nxvlcjwatson: thanks01:33
cjwatson(because debconf is only integrated into dpkg with spit-and-sawdust)01:33
nxvlcjwatson: thats the why01:33
* nxvl HUGS cjwatson 01:33
cjwatsonthe difference between config and postinst is rather important ... :-)01:33
nxvlif i run "dpkg --reconfigure foo" it will run the scripts on /var/lib/dpkg/info/ doesn't it?01:37
cjwatsonthere is no such program. Do you mean dpkg-reconfigure?01:41
cjwatsonread its code and look around line 96 for what it does01:42
cjwatsonit's quite a short program01:42
bryceis there a way to set upstart to boot up a system without starting gdm?01:48
bryceessentially, boot into root level 2?01:49
bryceer run level 201:49
slangasekthe default runlevel with upstart is 2; though I understand what you mean, that runlevel layout is RH-specific01:50
j1mchi all - i asked in #ubuntu-motu earlier, but got no response.  the xubuntu-docs are finished. (you can view them at: http://doc.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/ ) would someone be willing to build them for me, or to help me build them?01:51
TheMusoslangasek: Ok, _MMA_ and I are happy with UbuntuStudio images.01:51
slangasekTheMuso: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all doesn't show any test results, is that validation in progress?01:52
TheMusough hang on01:52
TheMuso_MMA_: ^^^01:52
* TheMuso only tested a manual partition install with creating new partitions... I have no time to do other tests, so I supposed I'll have to leave it up to the others to give the final word then. _MMA_ stated that he was happy, dispite having only done one form of install, which one I am not sure...01:54
brycehrm, well guess I can just have them twiddle /etc/X11/default-display-manager01:56
slangasekbryce: so in theory, you could get what you wanted by mv /etc/rc3.d/{S30,K30}gdm, and then, if upstart's sysvinit emulation is feature-complete, append '3' to the end of the boot line in grub01:56
brycebrb (rebooting fresh upgrade from gutsy to hardy, wish me luck)02:01
_MMA_slangasek: Sorry. Had alot going on here. I did 2 tests. Added the results.02:10
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slangasek_MMA_: ok, cheers02:29
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calcare there any negatives to using wubi?04:03
tritiumYou have to have Windows?04:04
ash211you'll be running two OSs at once, so things will be slow04:06
ash211at least Windows-slow :)04:06
RAOFash211: But you won't, right?  You boot into linux on the metal; it's not virtualised.04:08
ash211I'm pretty sure it is, actually.04:09
ash211It's homepage says you don't need to modify partitions or bootloaders, so I'm thinking it must run as an app within windows04:09
ash211everything I'm reading seems to point that way04:09
RAOFIt doesn't change the partitions because it makes a filesystem in a file on your existing NTFS partition, and it doesn't add a *new* bootloader because it uses Windows' existing bootloader.04:11
calcash211: it doesn't run on top of windows04:11
ash211hmm, didn't know that04:11
ash211looks like I had a fundamental misunderstanding in how it works04:12
calcevand: any ideas?04:12
calci need to blow away my laptop anyway so i was considering just reinstalling ubuntu in wubi form since it appears ubuntu supports ntfs write properly now04:13
calci need windows occasionally on bare metal (not via vm) to update stuff04:13
bdmurraystuff sounds mysterious04:15
calchmm sounds like hibernation/suspend may not work on it04:18
calcwhich isn't good for a laptop04:18
GriswoldWonder if wubi runs in Wine...04:19
ash211now that's a headache!04:19
GriswoldYeah :P04:21
GriswoldRecently, we got Cygwin running in Wine :)04:21
GriswoldLike in the last couple weeks, iirc.04:21
GriswoldThere are still some problems, like GCC doesn't work properly, etc.04:21
GriswoldBut the basic shell runs.  :)04:21
GriswoldWubi edits the bootloader?04:22
calcwubi is just an installer i think04:22
calcthat causes the windows bootloader to load something to bootstrap a loopback linux boot04:22
calcso no it wouldn't run under wine04:23
calcor at least would be very unlikely to do so properly04:23
bdmurraythere is some info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/Wubi04:28
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calclooks like hibernation doesn't work according to the wiki beta page04:47
calcbut sleep should04:48
calcanyone familiar with virt-manager?05:12
slangasekI know it can be used to administer guests on a remote server, because that's what the release notes in front of me say ;)05:14
calcheh yea05:14
calcwell i am trying to get virt-manager/kvm setup so i can get rid of vmware05:15
calcbut it won't let me select the "enable kernel/hardware acceleration" option05:15
slangasek64-bit system?05:15
bdmurrayslangasek: I'm having issues using my wubi install of ubuntu should that be a wubi bug?05:16
calc64bit desktop that has the vmx extension05:16
slangasekbdmurray: as I starting point, I suppose so?05:16
slangasekcalc: then you're already a step ahead of me in the analysis :)05:16
calcthats all i know to do05:16
* calc thinks there should a setup page on the wiki about it05:17
slangasekI agree05:17
calckeescook: you awake?05:17
calciirc keescook was mentioning he was using it earlier today05:17
calci was going to host all my images on my desktop to get rid of the space issue on my laptop05:18
calcand then found out it is supposed to run it faster with hardware accel, but its still grayed out05:18
calcmy laptop is one of the cheapo chips with it disabled05:18
calcapparently the chips they use in store laptops don't have it (or didn't last june)05:19
slangasekmy laptop was not cheap, but it's still disabled :P05:19
slangasekI'm told that it's largely a BIOS issue05:19
calcslangasek: oh05:19
slangasekat least for mine05:19
calci think for some its disabled in cpu itself, and iirc mine is like that05:20
calcits a C2D T530005:20
slangasekright, mine's a T5500; I hadn't heard about the possibility of disablement within the CPU05:20
slangasekI just know "no worky"05:20
calcah ok05:21
Amaranthas i understand it it's just your BIOS locking it out because you didn't buy the business laptop05:21
Amaranthnot that it helps05:21
calcAmaranth: so its not something that the kernel can just override like it can in most other cases?05:22
AmaranthI guess not05:22
Amaranthwhat laptop is this?05:23
Amaranthoh, desktop05:23
calcwell on my desktop it shows that it supports it in cpuinfo05:24
calcbut virt-manager won't let me select the box05:24
calcon my laptop it doesnt show that it supports it in cpuinfo05:24
Amaranthah, so what laptop?05:25
calctoshiba satellite A205-457705:25
Amaranthof course the hardware extensions don't really speed things up05:25
Amaranthvmware will still blow it away05:26
calcAmaranth: oh :-\05:26
Amaranththe vmware guys found that when they made vmware use the hardware extensions things got slower05:27
calcaccording to intel, whether its in bios or not, my and slangasek's cpus don't do VT05:27
Amaranthah, sucks05:27
* calc wonders what Intel Trusted Execution Technology is05:28
Amaranthi guess they had to do something with the chips that failed testing05:28
calcits not the execute disable bit, so wonder what tha tis05:28
calcall of the T7XXX series does it05:29
dholbachgood morning06:07
warp10Hi all06:19
highvoltagegood morning dholbach06:22
dholbachhi highvoltage06:22
keescookcalc: yeah, check with soren just in case.06:38
* dholbach hugs keescook06:38
keescookhi dholbach!06:38
keescooklamont: say, I'm tracking down an issue, and I've traced it back to swapon in feisty.06:39
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keescooklamont: between feisty and gutsy 30swsusp-resume.dpatch vanished without reference in the changelogs.06:39
keescooklamont: the patch seems to be the cause of the "zomg my swap UUID changed" bug, and lacking is the cause of the "ack, I have no swap anymore" bug.06:40
keescooklamont: seems the correct fix is to teach mkswap how to re-use and existing UUID, and then update 30swsusp-resume accordingly -- that should fix both bugs.06:40
huntekeso, I see http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/94/ (#1 idea, suspend), and have read some of the comments, such as this is extremely difficult for many factors.  Is there any momentum on this front, in spite of the many factors?06:55
keescooklamont: oh, hey, hardy mkswap supports UUID.  :)07:02
pittiGood morning07:29
superm1slangasek, verified the i386 works for us.07:34
superm1(on the mythbuntu alt disk that is)07:34
slangaseksuperm1: great, thanks07:36
slangasekpitti: morning07:36
pwnguinhunteke: it's something that will take more than ubuntu to fix. it's not just attention to a few details and patches away from "just working"07:38
pwnguinhunteke: I think mjg59's been doing a decent job cataloging the problems with the current "architecture"07:39
superm1unfortunately too, issues lie in the videobios sometimes07:39
huntekepwnguin: alright, I'll buy that.  But is there a discussion somewhere about it?  The only thing I see from Canonical/Ubuntu are borked scripts/hibernate,sleep buttons, and details through brainstorm.07:39
huntekepwnguin: cool where do I find that?07:39
huntekemjg59's stuff that is07:39
pwnguinlinuxconf. lemme grab a link real quick07:40
superm1which on the windows side of things, that's part of the reason why they will only qualify a particular driver release to that machine.  they have a special code path to work around a bad vbios07:40
huntekek, thx07:40
huntekesuperm1: yeah, I sorta figured, part of the buying-through-a-vendor-service and MS tax, I expect07:41
huntekepwnguin: oh excellent! it's a movie presentation.  :-)07:41
superm1well not even that.  it's exclusively that vendors don't always stick to the "spec"07:41
huntekemuch easier to digest07:41
pwnguinwell, broken video bioses etc can probably be avoided by intelligent linux laptop vendors07:42
pwnguinbut even in such limited and advantageous, I dont think the current suspend / hibernate regime is helping07:42
huntekepwnguin, superm1: so perhaps a better question, how can I help tilt against this windmill?07:43
pwnguinhunteke: read LKML?07:43
superm1the problem with them is that they typically freeze a month or two before the laptop is about to be released, so if linux is an afterthought by the vendor, they won't have much leeway in getting vbios fixed.07:43
huntekepwnguin: no, just the digest I get through LJ07:43
pwnguinhunteke: which is that?07:44
huntekeLinux Journal07:44
huntekesort of more oriented towards beginners07:44
pwnguinoh. not liveJournal.07:44
huntekethat say, linux magazine07:44
pwnguinmakes more sense07:44
thekorn_morning dholbach, I added a dialog to choose teams to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thekorn/five-a-day/teams.applet07:44
pwnguinhunteke: well, aside from patience and learning more, you could perhaps found a kernel forum on the subject?07:45
pwnguinor fund one ;)07:46
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aboganikeescook: Are you around?07:48
dholbachabogani: he might have gone to bed (0:52 at his place)07:52
dholbachthekorn: you ROCK - looking at it in a bit07:52
aboganidholbach: Ops Sorry!07:52
huntekepwnguin: sorry had to run away for a min.  hehe, seeing as how I'm basically a poah-ass-student, funding isn't an option.07:53
huntekeI would like it to be though.  so perhaps after I make my first million or something . . .07:53
huntekeare there other things I, as a peon could do?07:54
huntekeread lkml I suppose07:54
slangasekthe options basically involve "practice patience", or "become an expert and get irreversibly sucked in to the development process" ;)07:55
huntekehehe, alright.  I guess I was looking for more social things07:55
huntekeperhaps analogous to "writing my congress/senator"07:56
keescookabogani: while dholbach would normally be right, I'm addicted to fixing a swap/resume issue at the moment.  what's up?07:56
dholbachkeescook: wow07:56
slangasekhunteke: in reference to fixes for laptop support? you have far less leverage with your laptop vendor than you do with your senator :-P07:56
slangasekkeescook: pff, who are you kidding, I see you keeping late hours all the time :)07:56
huntekesay, where're you all?07:57
keescookslangasek: I want to deny!  ... but it's true.07:57
huntekeit's almost 4a here, well past my bedtime07:57
pwnguin(yes, it is way late here)07:57
dholbachand I thought I was mad getting up early because my girlfriend had to (after a very short night) :)07:57
aboganikeescook: Sorry for bother you but #107209 is already fixed. Please set it accordingly for Gutsy and Hardy. Dapper seems not affected.07:57
slangasekdholbach: oh, don't let the presence of either kees or myself leave you with any doubts about your own madness07:59
slangasekI assure you, I'm also quite mad07:59
dholbachslangasek: I wouldn't dare to excuse my own madness with that of other people :)07:59
keescookabogani: dapper is affected (it lacks the "fix" that was attempted in 2.6.17).  Yes, Hardy is fixed (which is why there isn't a "linux" task)08:00
keescookI knew I was in trouble when I'd say thing like "Am I crazy, or $blah", and people would say "yes".08:01
aboganiWhy bug is marked "In Progess" fro Hardy and Gutsy? :-?08:02
keescookabogani: not sure where you're looking ... linux-* tasks are a bit oddball (there is no "hardy" version of linux-source-2.6.15 e.g.)08:03
aboganiOpss i' looking wrong bug report!08:06
* abogani really need a coffe!08:07
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keescookabogani: oh! haha. okay, sanity returns08:07
keescooklamont: debdiff attached to bug #66637 for your examination.08:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 66637 in util-linux "After running mkswap, swap space is discarded, system fails to hibernate (invalid swap signature)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6663708:38
* keescook goes to bed08:38
dholbachgood night keescook08:48
TomaszDpitti, when will langpacks be released? it's been over a week I think09:14
pittiTomaszD: right after beta freeze is over09:15
TomaszDpitti, thanks09:15
sorencalc: "Executable Disable" bit is the ability to mark certain pages in RAM non-executable. It foils buffer overflow attacks.09:24
sorencalc: You may have heard about it as the NX bit.09:24
mvopitti: I commited a small fix for dapper->hardy upgrades into the hal bzr, please review and if you are happy, I'm going to upload09:26
sorencalc: It's true that certain C2D's don't have the IVT extensions, namely the T52x0, T5300, T54x0, T5500 with stepping "B2", E2xx0, E4x00 and E8190 models. (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VT-x#Intel_VT_.28IVT.29)09:26
slangaseksoren: so if I see stepping: 6, does that mean the chips support it and my bios is ornery?09:27
\shif somebody is so kind, and can explain how to setup a sane and clean chroot for building lpia apps on archs like i386 or amd64...reading this maemo-sdk-setup-doing-manually-stuff on nokia pages scares me...are the any possibilities to do it in a debian way? :)09:28
sorenslangasek: If you're looking at the cpuinfo anyway, just look for "vmx" in the cpuflags.09:28
slangasek\sh: debootstrap --arch lpia?09:28
sorenslangasek: (Notice how I avoided exposing my lack of ability to actually answer your question)09:28
slangaseksoren: yeah, no vmx in the cpuflags; I was vaguely hoping that was because the BIOS had hidden it from me :/09:28
sorenslangasek: No.09:29
sorenslangasek: The cpuflags will show it regardless.09:29
sorenslangasek: When you try to load the modules, they'll tell you that the BIOS doesn't like you.09:29
slangasekheh, ok09:29
\shslangasek: if this is so easy...is it compiling to i386 or ARM arch?09:30
sorenlpia is i386 compatible.09:30
\shsoren: thx09:31
* soren wanders off again (seeing as he's supposed to be on holiday)09:32
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pittihow can I reduce the 'wait for root fs' delay again?09:46
ograpitti, isnt that just waiting until the device shows up (HW dependant)09:49
pittiright, but in my special case I need to fix the initramfs first, and I'm sick of waiting one minute :)09:50
emgentheya people09:52
seb128is the language selector menu item not working on the CD a known issue?09:58
slangasekwhich one?10:02
slangasekthe one that opens right at boot?10:02
seb128slangasek: system, administration,  language support10:02
slangasekUbuntu? Kubuntu?10:02
mvoseb128: what happens if you click on it?10:02
mvoseb128: and what is printed on the terminal if you run: gnome-language-selector?10:03
seb128mvo: the desktop has "/usr/bin/gnome-language-selector -n" as a command10:03
seb128mvo: the "" are breaking it10:03
slangasekthere was a bug reported against language-selector-qt only10:03
slangasekso I guess the gnome one wasn't tested10:03
seb128clicking on it gives a "no such file or directory"10:04
mvoseb128: that is strange, my bzr looks fine10:04
* mvo investigates10:05
seb128withou the "" around the command name it works correctly10:05
seb128hum, I don't get it, the version installed on my desktop doesn't have the bug10:06
seb128ah, 0.3.1 on the CD10:07
mvoI think its because the desktop file is modified for the language-selector ..10:07
seb128how come?10:07
mvoin livecd build (or whatever the script is called :)10:07
mvoits run with -n there to supress the message about missing language-pack packages10:07
seb128ah ok10:08
seb128so whatever does this change is buggy10:08
seb128cjwatson: ^?10:08
mvoit probably happend when we swichted it from root to use and removed the gksu10:08
pitti\o/ I managed to do an encrypted LVM installation with the desktop CD10:09
cjwatson./scripts/casper-bottom/35fix_language_selector:24:    sed -i '/^Exec/ s|/usr/bin/gnome-language-selector|"& -n"|' /root/usr/share/applications/language-selector.desktop10:12
cjwatsonseb128: that code dates from October 200610:13
cjwatsonseb128: have the semantics of Exec changed?10:13
seb128cjwatson: not that I know, but could be a side effect of the gnome-desktop switch to gio10:13
seb128I'm not sure it's correct to use "" there or if the fact it was working before was a bug10:14
seb128let me look at the spec10:14
cjwatsonhttp://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ar01s06.html seems to suggest it was a bug that it worked before10:15
davmor2ogra ping10:15
cjwatsonis there a bug number for this?10:15
seb128cjwatson: not that I know, I was asking what would be the right component10:16
slangasekcalc, bdmurray: does bug #203984 really refer to suspending *from* the CD, or from a system installed using it?10:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203984 in linux "[hardy beta] [amd64] squashfs errors on resume from desktop cd" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20398410:18
seb128cjwatson: bug #20418510:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204185 in casper "language-selector menu entry broken due to extra quote use" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20418510:19
cjwatsonthe history suggests that in fact it was necessary at one point10:20
cjwatson"Make sure to quote arguments to properly" is the (slightly mangled, apparently) log message10:20
ogradavmor2, pong ?10:20
davmor2ogra: edubuntu failed to install from netboot (mini.iso)10:21
ograoh, crap, we need to stop building that10:21
cjwatsonseb128: thanks, fixed in bzr10:21
seb128cjwatson: thank you10:21
cjwatsonogra: no we don't, mini.iso is common to everything10:21
cjwatsonyou just need to stop testing it ;-)10:22
ograwell, it shouldnt be in the task list10:22
cjwatsondavmor2: Edubuntu is only installable as an add-on CD now; discard all test cases that involve testing it directly10:22
davmor2think it is to do with italc-client10:22
cjwatsonoh, netboot10:22
cjwatsonthat actually should work10:22
cjwatsonogra: no reason why not, if installing over the network10:22
ograoh, right10:22
ograthat should j8ust install edubuntu-desktop10:22
cjwatsondavmor2: post syslog10:23
davmor2ogra: I'm letting stgraber know the error10:23
davmor2cjwatson: How do get the syslog?10:24
ograitalc-client only depends on libitalc libqt4-core libqt4-gui10:24
ograso i wonder what can go wrong ther10:24
cjwatsondavmor2: back up to the installer main menu and select "save debug logs"10:24
* ogra tries to apt-get it 10:24
stgraberI tried edubuntu addon yesterday on i386 and it worked well, italc was installed and working after rebooting10:25
stgraberand I'm running the devel package for iTalc on my lappy (amd64)10:25
ograworks fine from apt-get as well10:25
ograand runs with no problems ...10:27
slangasekyes, speculation is moderately pointless without the log file :)10:27
ograactually i dont understand why it gets pulled in at all10:29
ograits only a dep in the addon seed, not of edubuntu-desktop itselrf10:29
* ogra wonders if tasksel exposes edubuntu-desktop-addon instead of edubuntu-desktop10:30
pittimvo: ugh, good catch; please upload10:30
davmor2guys goto www.davmor2.co.uk10:31
davmor2cjwatson: ogra: stgraber:10:32
mvothanks pitti, will do10:32
slangasekdavmor2, stgraber: use of deprecated chown syntax in postinst10:33
davmor2slangasek: no idea it just stopped installing :)10:33
slangasekstgraber: but I guess the more significant problem is that the package assumes group 'admin' exists when it doesn't?10:34
stgraberwhen is the admin group created ?10:34
ograi would be more intrested why its pulled in at all10:34
slangasekdunno; it's not part of base-passwd, I would suggest that you simply try to create the group yourself before using it10:35
stgraberslangasek: hmm, wouldn't that cause a fail for the package that actually creates it ?10:35
stgraber"addgroup admin" when "admin" exists returns 110:36
slangasekall such packages *should* know how to handle a group that already exists; I'm looking for the responsible package to verify, though10:36
davmor2guys anyone who needs the log if you can copy it that would be great then I can carry on testing10:36
slangasekstgraber: well, the only package I see creating the group in postinst on my system is jockey-common10:37
stgraberdavmor2: for me that's ok, I know what to change10:37
slangasekI don't think you want to depend on that :)10:37
stgraberindeed :)10:37
stgraberso it's probably created by the installer when adding the user to the system10:37
slangasekbut, jockey-common does have a good example of how to do this idempotently10:37
slangasekyes, probably10:38
davmor2anyone else need the log?10:38
davmor2stgraber: the same thing happen on 64bit too10:38
slangasekyes, it's not architecture-dependent10:39
stgraberslangasek: how can I quickly check if the group exists ? (!= parsing /etc/group)10:39
slangasekstgraber: see the jockey-common postinst -- "getent group admin"10:40
stgraberok, will be fixed after beta (I need to upload a fix anyway)10:41
ograogra@ceron:~/devel/seeds/edubuntu.hardy$ apt-cache show edubuntu-desktop|grep italc10:42
* ogra scratches head10:42
stgraberwhat's exactly the problem ? the edubuntu desktop task installs the content of edubuntu desktop addon task ?10:43
slangasekogra: education-thin-client-server suggests it, though it's a bit odd if that causes it to be pulled in10:43
ograi wonder if -meta is out of sync10:44
* ogra tests an update run10:44
slangasekthe Packages file lists italc-client as part of edubuntu-desktop-addon task, yes10:44
stgraberthat's right10:45
ograbut its not in -desktop10:45
stgraberso netinstall installs edubuntu-desktop-addon instead of edubuntu-desktop ???10:45
ogra-addon creates -desktop10:45
ograor: is the base for *10:46
ograAdded italc-client to desktop-addon-i386, desktop-addon-amd64, desktop-addon-powerpc, desktop-addon-ia64, desktop-addon-sparc, desktop-addon-hppa, desktop-addon-lpia10:49
ograRemoved thin-client-manager-gnome from desktop-kde-i386, desktop-kde-amd64, desktop-kde-powerpc, desktop-kde-ia64, desktop-kde-sparc, desktop-kde-hppa, desktop-kde-lpia10:49
* ogra cries10:49
ograslangasek, fine with you to fix that after beta ? i dont want to delay anything10:51
stgraberdoes that only affect the netinstall ?10:51
slangasekogra: yes, after beta should be fine10:52
ograthere is no other method i know of that would allow you to use edubuntu-desktop dirctly on install10:52
mdzmy fonts in mutt are borked after last week's updates; it can't display line drawing characters or international characters10:52
ograso likely only the netboot is affected10:52
mdzhas anyone else seen something similar?10:52
slangaseknot here, mutt displays fine for me10:52
ogramdz, checked your locale ?10:53
stgraberif that's only netboot, it'll be fixed as soon as the fix is uploaded so will be fixed hours after Hardy's beta.10:53
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stgraber_MMA_: Ubuntu Studio Alternate i386 (20080319.1) needs testing11:10
Riddellmvo: what would you think to adding a Kubuntu KDE 4 Desktop file in app-install-data?11:18
* Hobbsee wonders when jono will appear.11:18
RiddellHobbsee: do you need him for something?11:19
davmor2Hobbsee: after the hard work is done ;)11:19
HobbseeRiddell: got some questions on dealing with abuse of power, and how to do that.11:20
RiddellHobbsee: he's on #kubuntu11:20
HobbseeRiddell: oh, he's in -women too.  should have checked for that, thanks.11:21
Riddellgood to know he knows his place in life :)11:25
davmor2Riddell: you'd think the beard was a give away though wouldn't you :)#11:28
HobbseeRiddell: heh :)11:32
Seveasdavmor2, or the duck :)11:34
mvoRiddell: that sounds good, that will install kubuntu-kde4-desktop ?11:38
Riddellmvo: yes11:47
Riddellmvo: can I add that somehow or do you have to do it?11:48
mvoRiddell: I added it to my bzr tree11:52
Riddellmvo: groovy11:54
pittimdz: mutt WFM11:55
pittiargh, just got that g-settings-daemon start failure on the live system12:01
timlinuxHi. Can someone point me to the correct channel to ask questions relating to PPAs12:05
Fujitsutimlinux: #launchpad12:05
timlinuxFujitsu: many thanks12:05
timlinuxlaunchpad seems to be missing from the wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:07
* timlinux will see if he has perms to add it12:07
FujitsuIt's not part of Ubuntu.12:07
timlinuxwhat is it part of?12:07
cjwatsonstgraber: the admin group is indeed created by user-setup while adding the user to the system; please use addgroup --system admin to create it, not just addgroup12:08
FujitsuIt's not part of anything.12:08
timlinuxFujitsu: :-)12:08
timlinuxFujitsu: everything is part of something12:08
* timlinux is going meta12:08
timlinuxok thanks for the info, cheers12:09
ograFujitsu, well, ts part of the public conspiracy to lower microsofts market share :)12:09
Fujitsuogra: Heh. True.12:09
ograeven thought i'm not actually sure there is such a thing like a public conspiracy :)12:10
persiaOne can conspire publically.  Conspiracy is a matter of intent :)12:11
ograi thought secrecy was mandatory12:12
highvoltageogra: nah, the secrecy just makes it more sensational once it gets out. it's a marketing trick :)12:12
persiaAlso, it's typically easier to conspire secretly.  When your opponent can see your plans, they are more able to counteract.12:13
_MMA_stgraber: Sorry. I had. Just forgot to add the results there. I just added 64bit results. Added now.12:13
stgrabercjwatson: ok, thanks12:34
stgraber_MMA_: thanks12:34
stgraber_MMA_: btw, during release time you may want to join #ubuntu-testing for ISO testing related stuff12:35
mdzogra__: haven't changed my locale12:43
mdzstill en_US.UTF-812:44
mdzchanging to .ISO-8859-1 gets it displaying properly again12:44
mdzbut I don't know why12:45
_MMA_stgraber: Sure. I try to. Just been hectic around here.12:45
stgraberdavmor2: Do you have a bugnumber for the iTalc problem you found earlier ? (I have the fix but would like to link to LP)12:48
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
davmor2stgraber: not bugged it yet was trying to find out what to report it against when you said you could fix it12:59
davmor2stgraber: I can throw one to gether now for you if you want13:00
stgraberdavmor2: please report against /+source/italc/13:00
davmor2stgraber:          Bug #20423513:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204235 in italc "Edubuntu fails to install from netboot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20423513:05
stgraberdavmor2: perfect, thanks13:05
evandcalc: sorry to be so late in reply, but it doesn't use virtualization and suspend should work but hibernate does not13:11
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saivannIs there a developer that can take a look at bug 192845 ? A patch is attached so this bug might be easy to fix before Hardy and avoid regressions13:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192845 in udev "[Hardy] Intel 3945ABG Long boot delays while "Loading hardware drivers"" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19284513:49
HobbseeKeybuk: would be the one13:51
Keybukthe patch is almost certainly invalid13:51
Keybuk(without looking at it)13:51
Keybukthe patch is invalid13:52
Keybukthough it's a nice hack ... :)13:53
saivannHeybuk: invalid? Does it gives some hint on what caused the regression?14:14
saivannHeybuk: No matter, I just seen your comment on bug, thanks for your work :)14:18
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Adri2000slangasek: can you please push wxwidgets2.8 (universe) through the queue, it fixes a postinst-failing bug (bug #203526)14:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203526 in wxwidgets2.8 "python-wxgtk2.8 uninstallable due to post-installation script error" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20352614:26
calcslangasek: yes suspending while booted off the cd14:46
calcslangasek: works fine on i386, on amd64 kernel it gives those weird errors14:46
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=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
cody-somervilleIs it possible for me to get rid of openoffice.org or is Xubuntu forced to ship with it because of the lang-pack dependencies?15:01
ogra_cmpccody-somerville, its only lang-support that should pull in oo.o stuff15:09
ogra_cmpcuse the lang-pack packages15:09
cody-somervilleWould someone be kind enough to merge ~xubuntu-devel/ubuntu-seeds/xubuntu.hardy/, regenerate xubuntu-meta, and upload for me? :)15:15
superm1cody-somerville, I wasn't aware those language packs actually translated xfce anyhow.  do they ?15:16
cody-somervilleProbably not anymore15:17
superm1in the mythbuntu alternate disk at least, the part of d-i that picks languages has been taken out15:18
cjwatsoncody-somerville: merged; ship seed changes don't need a xubuntu-meta upload15:18
cody-somervillecjwatson, okay, thanks15:18
cody-somervilleAlso, could someone upload the xubuntu-docs for me?15:23
cody-somervilleThe bzr branch is located at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/xubuntu-hardy/15:23
sistpoty|workpitti | Mithrandir: can you please give back haskell-regex-base on sparc? thanks!15:25
pittisistpoty|work: done15:26
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=== help is now known as vorian
sistpoty|workpitti: will soyuz automatically retry builds that are in dep-wait?15:42
pittisistpoty|work: yes15:43
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: have you encountered bug 203844 during testing?15:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203844 in moodle "Hangs when installed in chroot in hardy" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20384415:43
sistpoty|workpitti: excellent, then I hope that I won't need to bother you with too many give backs to complete the haskell transition on sparc :)15:44
pittisistpoty|work: don't worry; a give-back is that much --><--- effort for me15:45
sistpoty|workheh :)15:45
ogra_cmpccjwatson, intrestingly not, the package also didnt change since gutsy afaik15:45
pittisistpoty|work: as long as your list does not use commas, giving back one or 500 packages is the same amount of work15:45
ogra_cmpcbut i never tried it in a chroot though (even though i dont see why that should matter here)15:46
* pitti pats his script to drive the LP UI15:46
Adri2000pitti or cjwatson: can you please approve wxwidgets2.8 currently in the queue? (see above, slangasek doesn't seem to be here)15:47
pittiAdri2000: will do soon (I currently have ssh hanging again)15:48
cjwatsonI'll do it15:48
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: I'll push it to post-beta15:48
ogra_cmpcmvo reported it just yesterday, we talked about it alredy15:49
cjwatsonseems to be a fix in Debian15:49
ogra_cmpcand io know why i didnt see it15:49
ogra_cmpcmy ucf on the server is outdated gah15:49
cjwatsonor maybe not15:49
cjwatsondoes that mean it *should* be beta-critical?15:50
ogra_cmpcmoodle ?15:50
ogra_cmpciots just the order that needs to change as i understand it15:50
cjwatsonah, it's only shipped not installed by default15:50
ogra_cmpcthere are no server bits that are installed by default in edubuntu anymore15:51
mvoogra_cmpc: anything new on moodle?15:53
ogra_cmpcmvo, just discussing15:54
mvoogra_cmpc: I think the fix is just moving the dh_stop further down, but I only glanced at it15:55
ogra_cmpcyeah, thats how i understood the linked report15:55
ogra_cmpcjust change the ordering15:55
Artimuslibpam-foreground should probably be pulled in as a dependency on ubuntu systems.  Otherwise, errors show up in auth.log when using sudo (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-meta/+bug/195880).  I was directed here to ask what package I should recommend depend on libpam-foreground15:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195880 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-standard doesn't depend on libpam-foreground" [Undecided,New]15:59
cjwatsonrevno: 113816:02
cjwatsoncommitter: Martin Pitt <martin.pitt@ubuntu.com>16:02
cjwatsonbranch nick: ubuntu.hardy16:02
cjwatsontimestamp: Thu 2007-11-22 17:07:54 +000016:02
cjwatson  remove libpam-foreground; packages which need it need to depend on it explicitly16:02
Artimussudo is what causes the error itself...16:03
cjwatsonI'll reassign the bug to the proper place16:03
ArtimusAssigning it as under sudo?  Or another package?16:03
cjwatsonsee the bug16:04
cjwatson/etc/pam.d/sudo doesn't refer to pam_foreground; there is no reason why it should have the responsibility of delivering the dependency/recommendation16:04
Artimuscjwatson: Right.  Looks good.16:06
jdongspeaking of bzr, do we plan on importing bzr 1.3 into Hardy? It seems imminent for release and the guys produce quality releases.16:06
ScottK2We were uploading new tool chain bits up to the beta freeze, so I don't see why that would be a problem.16:07
jdong:) cool16:07
jdongbtw, how's the beta going?16:08
cjwatsonlargely OK except for screwed DVDs16:08
cjwatsonwe'll probably have to just not ship those16:08
jdongmeh that's probably not a big problem for the beta phase16:08
mario_limonciellcjwatson, what happened with the dvds?  oversized or failling alltogether?16:09
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: bizarre gfxboot explosion16:09
cjwatsonI clearly did something very bad in a previous life, because I'm sitting tracing through its memory allocator at the moment16:10
mario_limonciellooh yuck.  don't they use the same gfxboot code though?16:10
cjwatsonthey do, but it depends on exact layout of stuff in memory, which depends on other things in the /isolinux directory on the image16:10
mario_limonciellwhew, didn't realize things were that hardcoded..16:11
mario_limonciellbut then again I do remember you poking around at some of the code at UDS16:11
mario_limoncielland it sure didn't look pretty16:11
jdongI like the old SYSLINUX put-up-a-splash-image days...16:11
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: not hardcoding as such - I think it's a bug in its memory allocator which crashes on certain sizes of allocations, or something like that16:12
cjwatsonthe debug output shows a chunk with negative size16:12
cjwatsonwhich I think is making it oops16:12
pittitkamppeter: hi16:28
pittitkamppeter: thanks for the cups patches16:28
pittitkamppeter: BTW, I recently committed all our remaining patches to Debian, except the ones we just need for daper->hardy upgrade (which don't fit to Debian)16:29
pittitkamppeter: so, in the future we should try to avoid adding a patch to the ubuntu branch only16:29
pittitkamppeter: (you did that correctly, I just want to point it out explicitly)16:29
pittiso after hardy we can just sync cupsys16:29
tkamppeterpitti, on today's patch I need to do a small correction, so wait a little with the upload. I will inform you.16:32
seb128pitti, tkamppeter: do we need to default printer menu item in the preferences menu? isn't that something that system-config-printer can also do?16:34
pittiseb128: hm, s-c-p usually needs 'lpadmin' privileges; I'm not 100% sure, though, I currently don't have a local printer16:36
* pitti tries, I forged a printer now16:38
seb128because I was testing on the CD and having a list with only pdf is not really useful ;-)16:38
tkamppeterseb128, the default printer menu item in the preferences menu is for every user being able to set his personal default printer. s-c-p can set a system default printer (for all users without personal default printer), but it needs lpadmin privileges.16:40
sistpoty|workpitti: please give back haskell-regex-posix on sparc16:40
pittiseb128: I tried it, doesn't work; it asks you for the password16:40
pittiseb128: since it wants to set the global default, not the per-user one16:40
tkamppeterpitti, I have committed the corrected patch to the cupsys SVN (both Debian and Ubuntu) now, now I am doing a build test16:49
keescookdoko: I've gotten the PIE patches working for attach and core, but not "run".  should I upload that, since it's at least progress?16:50
keescookdoko: (context is "gdb")16:50
keescookdoko: also, I enabled the testsuite.  was it intentionally disabled?  it looked like a typo.16:51
dokonot intentionally. I'd upload for hardy16:52
tkamppeterpitti, I have tested the new cupsys patch now. Can you upload the current SVN snapshot into Ubuntu? Thanks.17:00
pittitkamppeter: we are still in freeze17:01
tkamppeterpitti, can you then upload cupsys after the beta release? The patch is not so urgent.17:03
sistpoty|workdoko: could it be that the gutsy-update of libc6 (2.6.1-1ubuntu10) has somehow broken lbreakout2? (bug #196334)?17:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196334 in lbreakout2 "segmentation fault - lbreakout2" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19633417:10
pittitkamppeter: yes17:27
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slangasektjaalton: hi, what kind of "progress" is bug #189343 "in" currently? :)17:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189343 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "DRI doesn't work with fglrx 8.01" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18934317:38
tjaaltonslangasek: good point, I think it can be closed since 8.3 is in. at least it fixed the issue for the reporter17:40
slangasekok, I wasn't sure how to check that 8.3 was in - thanks17:41
tjaaltonsee, it's clearly fixed :)17:42
slangasekoh, sorry, I didn't know that "8.3" was supposed to be read as a regexp ;P17:45
slytherinCan any of the buildd admins give back nautilus-share?17:45
tjaaltonAMD can't decide whether to use . or - :)17:45
Riddelltkamppeter: where are the specs for the common print dialogue?17:47
slytherinpitti: Can you please give back nautilus-share and mysql-gui-tools?17:51
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cjwatsonAdri2000: done17:58
=== lamont` is now known as lamont
wasabithis is odd. I have a DVD which I cannot seem to read on Linux17:59
wasabiplain ol' data dvd.18:00
Adri2000cjwatson: thanks18:00
wasabiLooks like it's attempting to access beyond the end of waht it thinkgs is the device.18:00
wasabiWonder if this is a bug in the iso9660 fs driver or something wacky about this DVD18:00
wasabior just a screwed up device driver.18:00
wasabiYeah... weird. blockdev shows it as only being 1.1 GB. Disk is much longer than that.18:02
wasabithe mounted FS says it's 3.8G18:02
slangaseksuperm1: so has mythbuntu alt amd64 gotten any testing?18:04
mario_limonciellDaviey, ^18:05
slytherincjwatson: Are you one of the buildd admins?18:05
slytherinwasabi: did you burn the DVD in XP?18:05
wasabiIt's not mine. Came from MS though. It's a MSDN DVD.18:06
wasabiI'm thinking it might be the two SATA DVD drives reading the disk length wrong.18:06
wasabi"or something"18:06
cjwatsonslytherin: no - ~launchpad-buildd-admins18:07
wasabiIt's been pressed. No idea where the original FS was built. Also I don't know how disk length stuff works with a DVD>18:07
wasabiI'd assume it is some disk metadata at the beginning which only the drive cares about18:07
slytherinwasabi: or may be there is problem with UDF driver in Ubuntu18:08
wasabiThe UDF driver would not lie about block device size. Only about it once it's been mounted. No?18:08
wasabiSeems to be iso9660 anyways.18:09
slytherincjwatson: thanks. But it is hard to find who is awake at this time18:09
Davieyslangasek: AFAIK amd64 alt has recieved _no_ testing18:16
slangasekDaviey: will it, in time for us to be able to confidently include mythbuntu in the beta today?18:18
slangasekDaviey: doing your own beta later is always still an option if you need more time...18:18
_MMA_Daviey: Well, I as well as TheMuso did 64bit installs of Ubuntu Studio Alt. Pretty much the same thing as the Ubuntu disk. Mostly.18:18
DavieyI don't have an amd64 dev machine..  i can only test it in vm :/18:19
Davieyone mo.18:19
slangasek_MMA_: that's not the same thing.  I'm not willing to announce, and take up archive space, for completely untested images that may be broken for unforeseen reasons18:19
slangasekeach image needs to get tested before it goes out in this mail...18:20
Davieyslangasek: yep, just trying to pull someone to test it physically18:20
DavieyIf anybody else in here wants to help, that would be MUCH appreciated!18:21
tjaaltonpitti: does bug 202848 seem valid? Jockey writes "Defaultdepth" which is wrong18:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202848 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "GeForce FX5200 drivers xorg bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20284818:27
_MMA_slangasek: I never suggested otherwise. :)18:27
tjaaltonshould be DefaultDepth18:27
tkamppeterRiddell, the specs for the Common Printing Dialog are in the works by Peter Sikking and his current student. They will be ready end of May when we will have the coding kick-off for the dialog end of May (directly before LinuxTag) in Berlin.18:31
tkamppeterIf we are lucky, we will have two GSoC students working on the implementation of the dialog. The coding session of the GSoC begins end of May. See also https://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting and https://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Google_Summer_of_Code. I am GSoC admin for the Linux Foundation.18:33
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dokocjwatson: are there known problems with non-working keyboard at the boot screen (new MacBook Pro)?18:39
stgraberdoko: is that with DVD ?18:42
jdongdoko: macbooks don't always bring up legacy keyboard support18:45
jdongdoko: I have to use rEFIt to reliably have keyboard on bootloader18:45
slytherindoko: If you are not too busy, can you please give back nautilus-share and mysql-gui-tools?18:49
cjwatsondoko: if it's DVD, that's known18:56
cjwatsondoko: if it's not, could be USB issues18:56
cjwatsonholding down shift at boot might help18:57
mario_limonciellcjwatson, that's the only known issue on the dvd right?  We don't use gfxboot for our factory install, so it wouldn't affect us then.18:57
mdzpitti: I had some fsck related issues on boot yesterday; would you like to talk about them?18:57
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: we can't tell because we can't boot it ;-)18:57
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well you can probably boot a usb stick with grub (or similar) installed, and call upon the initrd and vmlinuz files in casper/, I suppose, but fixing gfxboot is more of priority18:58
cjwatsonI've found the gfxboot problem, so we shouldn't need workarounds18:59
cjwatsontoo late for beta though18:59
mario_limonciellgoing to re-generate one shortly after beta then at least?18:59
dokostgraber: yes, dvd19:05
nxvlcan someone explain me how the XubuntuY.Z versions work19:06
stgraberdoko: ok, so it's a know gfxboot bug19:06
nxvly know that on debian a package versioned by -X is versiones as -X.Y if it is a NM upload19:06
nxvlbut on ubuntu why to we use ubuntuX.Y?19:06
jdongnxvl: X.Y is used for security and stable release updates, where we need something between X and X+119:08
slangasekcody-somerville: I see quite a few outstanding tests on the xubuntu images, according to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/xubuntu/all; do you have anyone available to help round out this testing?19:08
nxvljdong: that's what i thougt, thanks for it!19:08
dokoslangasek: given back19:09
slytherinnxvl: XubuntuY specifies that it is a X version from Debian with added changes made in Ubuntu19:09
slytherindoko: what that for me?19:09
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: right, if I get it sorted before going on holiday19:09
dokoahh, yes19:10
slytherindoko: Thanks. :-)19:10
slangasekdoko: I'm sure I'm also grateful for it being given back, whatever it is ;)19:10
cjwatson(I know where the problem is - just a matter of finding an efficient fix)19:10
nxvlslytherin: yes, that i know19:10
nxvlslytherin: i wanted to know why does ubuntuX.Y exist19:10
slytherinnxvl: ok19:11
thomthey're updates after the distribution has been released19:11
thomie, security or critical fixes19:11
cody-somervilleslangasek, I'll see about trying to round some people up19:13
nxvlthom: thnx19:13
slangasekcody-somerville: cheers19:13
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pittislytherin: given-back19:33
pittimdz: still there? sure19:34
slytherinpitti: doko did that already. And the builds have succeeded. :-)19:34
pittitjaalton: hm, that's done by guidance-backends19:34
pittitjaalton: so, entirely possible that it is a bug, but so far it didn't matter19:35
pittixorg.conf has been pretty much case insensitive so far?19:35
=== kylem_ is now known as kylem
tjaaltonpitti: right, maybe some drivers are more picky about it, intel at least works with both cases19:41
pittitjaalton: it's not that trivial to fix in guidance-backends unfortunately, I already tried it a while ago19:41
pittibut if it's actively  breaking stuff instead of just being cosmetical, we should do something about it19:42
ScottK2tjaalton: I've subscribed to that bug.  If there are pointers towards guidance-backends that I can do something with, I'll take a shot at it.19:42
ScottK2pitti: I've got some more Guidance work planned after beta, so if we can narrow it down, maybe I can hack something out that'll work.19:42
tjaaltoncool, maybe I'll ask for the log with the broken setting, that should confirm it19:43
ScottK2I know exactly where to patch to look for the downcased letter when guidance reads xorg.conf in and change it if that would be useful.19:44
sistpotydoko: you know some bits about wxwidgets, right? Are there any caveats allowing an update of wxformbuilder (bug #203781)?20:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203781 in wxformbuilder "new upstream release 3.0.56 (RC8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20378120:09
dokosistpoty: I didn't follow upstream too close ...20:11
sistpotydoko: ah, ok... whom could I asked then?20:11
sistpotydoko: ok, package is from bug reporter, so nevermind ;()20:13
keescookdoko: is there an up-to-date "here's how to make a python package from scratch" document anywhere?  From my perspective things keep changing (python-central, -support, -foo) -- I can't keep up.  :)20:22
dokokeescook: ok, I should write such a doc ...20:23
keescookdoko: I'd really like that.  :)  even a "use pkg $BLAH as an example" in a wiki page would rock.  :)20:25
pittibah, seems that hardy started to make some pling and plong noises on suspend/resume. WTH???20:29
jdstrandkeescook: I don't know how up to date it is, but I've been using http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy20:29
pittiis that pulseaudio?20:29
jdstrandkeescook: noone has complained with auth-client-config or ufw :)20:29
jdstrandkeescook: and by up to date, I mean relevant20:30
jdstranddoko: is http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy20:30
jdstrandwhat we should be working off of?20:30
keescookjdstrand: cool, yeah.  I just wanted to get some kind of officially blessed cookbook.20:31
dokojdstrand: yes, this still looks fine, just add that we prefer python-central for new ubuntu packaging, because it handles upgrades better and lets dpkg/apt doing the file conflict/replacing stuff20:36
jdstranddoko: cool, thanks!20:39
slangasekpitti: gnome-power-manager, fix is in the queue20:41
slangaseker, or maybe it's in the queue; I talked to ted about it, not sure if it's been sponsored just yet20:41
ScottK2doko: Speaking of Python - I'm not sure pushing python-xml removal late in the cycle is turning out to be such a great idea.  I've seen more than one package inadvertently broken.20:42
dokoScottK: unfortunate, but ... which packages are broken?20:43
ScottK2doko: The most recent was wxwidgets2.8.  The guy that broke it was looking after it, but I don't know if he's fixed it yet.20:44
ScottK2I'm more worried about breaking things and then not finding out until after release.20:44
ScottK2That and most of the remaining ones that I've looked at need code copied into them.20:46
ScottK2doko: Did you consider dropping python-xml to suggests for python-reportlab solve the transition or should it be removed entirely?20:47
dokoScottK: can be completely removed for reportlab20:47
ScottK2doko: OK.  I can do that one.20:47
pittislangasek: g-p-m> what fix?21:32
slangasekpitti: the pling/plong noises on suspend/resume21:39
slangasekpitti: it's not in unapproved though, so someone needs to sponsor it for ted still21:39
pittigreat that it's not considered a bling feature *phew*21:39
Tm_Thi kids21:44
ion_Hi mom.21:45
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Davieyslangasek: Mythbuntu beta amd64 alt seems fine22:29
slangasekDaviey: lovely, thanks :)22:33
Davieyhave done, hit the wrong channel first :(22:35
cody-somervilleIs there a rebuild of the cds in progress?22:38
slangasekcody-somerville: no, is there some reason you would expect rebuilds?22:39
cody-somervilleI thought we were planning to release the beta this evening22:39
infinitycody-somerville: Which is precisely where there are no rebuilds. :)22:40
cody-somervilleWell, could you please rebuild Xubuntu alternative for i386?22:40
cody-somervilleIt is over sized and I committed the fix earlier today22:41
slangasekit can be rebuilt, but it won't be included in the beta22:42
slangasekthat fix should've been committed weeks ago, when I was trying to get someone to pay attention to it for alpha622:42
cody-somervilleUnfortunately Xubuntu has been going through a leadership crisis22:43
slangasekif the Xubuntu developers want to release Xubuntu beta alternative CDs after the fact, that's fine with me and I'm happy to assist, but I can't hold back the beta for all the other flavors22:44
cody-somervilleCan you start the build and we can just slip in the new iso when it is ready?22:45
slangaseknot at this precise moment, my hands are busy with beta publishing22:46
mjg59slangasek: Were you planning on doing an acpi-support upload at some point?22:46
slangasekmjg59: to drop the suspend/resume code?22:46
mjg59slangasek: Because the toshiba_acpi.modprobe file that someone removed needs to go back, or Toshibas are broken22:46
infinitymjg59: Beta is already on its way out...22:46
mjg59infinity: Then it'll have to be post-beta22:47
slangasekmjg59: is there a bug report about this?22:47
mjg59slangasek: I doubt it, I just noticed it in the changelog22:47
slangasekok - if I'm to upload it I'll need to understand why the change was wrong, so I can properly document it against further oopsery22:48
mjg59I pointed out that this wasn't a good idea on ubuntu-devel, but getting anyone to listen to me nowadays is effort :)22:48
slangasekso if you're around in a few hours we can talk about it, or if you file a bug and milestone it I can take it from there22:48
mjg59Yeah, I'll do that22:48
slangasekhrm, I don't recall seeing anything about this on ubuntu-devel recently :/22:48
mjg59Might have been devel-discuss22:48
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ion_slangasek: You have a 108x88 DPI monitor?22:58
slangasekion_: 1400x1050, 15", so sayeth xdpyinfo22:59
ion_slangasek: 108x88 DPI would mean non-square pixels.23:00
slangasekion_: er, sorry, 1280x800, 15"23:00
infinityMost laptop screens are non-square, ish.23:00
slangasekyes, I'm aware that implies non-squareness; you're welcome to deduce xdpyinfo's math error if you like :)23:00
ion_slangasek: Try measuring the display's size and adding a DisplaySize setting to xorg.conf and see if it the X and Y DPIs are still different.23:00
infinityion_: Mine is 122x127 DPI.23:01
infinityAlthough, 108x88 seems a bit more extreme.23:01
mjg59slangasek: 19988823:05
mjg59blueyed: Please don't delete files from packages without trying to find out why they were added in the first place. In this case, you broke hotkeys for all Toshiba owners.23:06
mjg59blueyed: Also, there was no point adding any suspend/resume related code to acpi-support in hardy. It's entirely unused.23:07
mjg59blueyed: In summary, please try to work out what a package is meant to do before uploading new versions :)23:07
blueyedmjg59: I know, it was a bunch of collected patches/supposed fixes.23:10
mjg59blueyed: Yes, but it, well, wasn't23:10
mjg59It was a bunch of fixes and breakage23:11
mjg59slangasek: I can't milestone any more23:11
slangasekmjg59: ok, done23:12
mjg59slangasek: Argh. You'll need to delete events/lenovo-eject as well.23:12
mjg59It's a dock eject button, not a CD eject button23:13
slangasekmjg59: is there something that makes it work for that?23:13
mjg59The firmware ought to basically handle it23:13
mjg59But I don't have a dock to test23:13
mjg59Using it as a CD eject button is definitely wrong, though23:13
slangasekthen isn't it also a problem that I'm able to see an acpi event for it at all?23:14
keescookmjg59: say, my crazy disasming friend of mine is coming over shortly, got a tarball of the usplash+libdisasm goo handy? I don't want to reinvent the wheel...  :)23:14
mjg59keescook: I've been trying to think through the possible ways of doing it23:15
mjg59keescook: I'm beginning to think it's not practical without an nx machine23:15
mjg59Oh, no, wait23:15
blueyedmjg59: toshiba hotkeys problem because of bug 180678 ?23:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180678 in acpi-support "dmesg: toshiba_acpi: Unknown parameter `hotkeys_over_acpi'" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18067823:15
keescooknx in this context is?23:15
mjg59blueyed: Yes23:15
mjg59blueyed: Don't delete that file. It's there for a reason.23:16
mjg59blueyed: And #194609 even has someone commenting that the proposed patch is wrong!23:16
blueyedmjg59: but it said "toshiba_acpi: Unknown parameter `hotkeys_over_acpi'"?!23:16
mjg59blueyed: Yes, but that was a *kernel* bug23:16
mjg59Not an acpi-support bug23:16
mjg59The kernel's been fixed23:16
mjg59slangasek: #194609 could do with milestoning as well23:18
blueyedmjg59: oh, I see. I'll fix it23:19
slangasekhow's about I just talk someone into sticking a milestoner bit back on you... :)23:19
mjg59slangasek: I think that's it for now :)23:20
mjg59keescook: Ok, so here's roughly how I think it should work:23:24
mjg59keescook: Map the BIOS23:24
mjg59keescook: Register a SIGILL handler23:24
mjg59keescook: Disassemble the instruction at the IP. Place an illegal instruction immediately after it23:24
pwnguinis fixing that why my power button works again?23:25
mjg59keescook: If the instruction is a jump or a loop, also place an illegal instruction at the destination23:25
pwnguin(toshiba laptop)23:25
mjg59keescook: If it's a call, place an illegal instruction at the destination23:25
mjg59pwnguin: Unlikely23:25
mjg59keescook: Enter vm86 mode23:25
slangasekmjg59: but the thinkpad one really should go away, right?23:26
mjg59slangasek: Yeah, I think that's ok23:26
slangasek(I mean, as soon as I killed it locally, my hotkeys started working again, so)23:26
mjg59keescook: In the sigill handler, invalidate the mapping and repeat23:27
mjg59keescook: Oh! And print the instruction and registers, obviously :)23:27
keescookmjg59: heh.  yeah, that part.  :)23:27
keescookthat mapping/unmapping is not currently happening?23:27
mjg59keescook: None of this is currently happening23:28
mjg59I was trying to find some way of avoiding some of this awkwardness, but I think this is the cleanest way23:28
keescookmjg59: right, -- i'm just trying to understand how vm86 works -- I haven't spent too much looking at it.23:28
cjwatsonkeescook: I found the gfxboot bug!23:28
keescookcjwatson: ooooh! what was it??23:29
cjwatson(sorry, not to distract you)23:29
mjg59keescook: vm86 is given a structure with original register state, and then executes stuff23:29
slangasekyes, let's not distract kees from his bios sigill handling with discussions of forth code... :-)23:29
* keescook cries23:29
mjg59keescook: So, in theory, when you hit the sigill handler, the registers are now what they would have been after you executed that instruction23:29
cjwatsonkeescook: files read by gfxboot aren't zero-terminated (it gives you back a pointer to the middle of a cpio archive in memory), but we were using strstr on them and strstr expects zero-termination23:29
mjg59asac: Is there still no way to add https exceptions in epiphany?23:30
cjwatsonand then we plonked a zero byte after the end of the string which happened to sit on top of the metadata for the next malloc chunk23:30
keescookmjg59: right, so, the BIOS mapping part -- do you mean duplicate the bios memory elsewhere so we can modify to with the illegal intrs?23:30
mjg59keescook: mmap it from /dev/mem with PROT_FIXED23:30
keescookcjwatson: oooh snap.  nice catch.  how much longer did you spend on that madness?23:30
mjg59keescook: That's done already23:30
mjg59keescook: The issue is that you need to modify that mapping to include the illegal instructions23:31
mjg59keescook: So you need to munmap() it and then mmap() it again afterwards to get the original contents back23:31
keescookmjg59: err.. and it'll let me _change_ the memory?  right, this is where I'm a bit confused23:31
mjg59keescook: It's the difference between physical and virtual address space23:31
cjwatsonkeescook: about two or three hours; I discovered a gfxboot primitive that dumps out all the malloc metadata, and discovered that it printed "oops: <blah>" when stuff went wrong, so given that I was able to binary-chop and figure out what was corrupting memory23:31
keescookah, it'll let me mod it, but it's only for my mapping23:31
mjg59keescook: You're mmapping 0xc0000 of physical address space into 0xc0000 of your virtual address space23:31
keescookcjwatson: nice -- did you submit that upstream?23:32
mjg59And yeah, you can make it COW23:32
cjwatsonkeescook: not relevant23:32
keescookcjwatson: ah, dang23:32
cjwatsonkeescook: the code that was broken was entirely written by me23:32
keescookcjwatson: erf. heh.23:32
sistpotymjg59: (not to interrupt you), do you have any opinion if we want eeepc-acpi-scripts as FFe (bug 195724)23:34
keescookmjg59: this'll be ... not fast.  ;)23:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195724 in ubuntu "[FFe] Please sync eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.0 from debian unstable" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19572423:34
mjg59sistpoty: Erm. No clue.23:34
sistpotymjg59: ok, thanks23:34
mjg59I'd need to take a look at the package first23:35
mjg59keescook: Yeah, but nor is x86emu, so...23:35
mjg59keescook: The trick is then to try to get the debug output to look like the x86emu debug output23:35
keescookmjg59: you had said something the other day about bios memory and how it wasn't going to work?23:35
sistpotymjg59: if you could do so, and comment on the bug, that would be great :)23:35
mjg59keescook: Yeah, that was based on my original idea23:35
mjg59But I think the current one avoids that23:35
keescookmjg59: ah, okay.  yeah, this is just single-stepping.  should work fine.  ;)23:36
keescookwhy does it need to look like x86emu debug output?23:36
mjg59keescook: So we can diff them23:36
mjg59And figure out where it's going wrong23:36
keescookah! heh.23:36
keescookso, remind me, we're just trying to do a simple POST, right?23:36
keescookor is it deeper?  I'm realizing I need to actually get a "reproducer" of the calls that are failing now that I've got my hands on hardware23:37
keescookbetter yet -- what do I need to tweak to get the x86emu debug output?23:38
mjg59keescook: We want to know why usplash dies on nvidia with x86emu, but not with vm8623:40
mjg59Hang on...23:40
mjg59keescook: http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/x86_debug/23:41
keescookmjg59: eexcellent.  so that for libx86 -- how do I run usplash with x86emu?23:42
mjg59I believe it's nobbled so it always runs with x86emu23:43
mjg59keescook: Oh, and remember that this all has to be on a 32-bit kernel23:43
mjg59sistpoty: No, that package shouldn't exist23:44
sistpotymjg59: ok, thanks, then I'll reject it23:45
mjg59sistpoty: acpi-support should already do all of it23:45
sistpotymjg59: thanks again for the info :)23:45
keescookmjg59: okay, I think I know where my confusion lies.  vm86 is a syscall.  x86emu is a library, libx86 is a library.  usplash is linked against libx86.  where is x86emu, and who is currently using vm86 calls?  :P23:49
mjg59libx86 ( by default) uses x86emu on x86_64 and vm86 on x8623:51
mjg59The magic code needs to be added to lrmi.c in libx8623:51
mjg59lrmi is the layer that does the vm86 handling23:51
keescookah, gotcha.  (currently reading http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/libx86/)23:53
keescookokay, so, then why do I want to run a 32bit kernel?  just to get the "it works" debug log?23:54
keescookokay.  same page achieved.  :)23:55
mjg59vm86 doesn't work on 64-bit kernels23:55
keescookright -- that part i got.  you didn't mean "all work will be done on 32bit kernels"23:55
mjg59Oh, right23:55
mjg59Once we've got a vm86 log, the bugs can be fixed on 64-bit23:55
keescookyou meant, get a working dump on 32bit, then attack 6423:55
mjg59But x86emu runs on 32-bit as well23:55
mjg59And fails in the same way23:55
keescookand to force x86emu when running 32bit, I'll want the libx86 package from your tmp dir you just sent me?23:56
mjg59Which also does the debug output23:57
* keescook claps stupidly23:57
emgentheya people23:58
keescookhi emgent23:58
emgentkeescook: about pentest team, next Security meeting (26th) we can start the project.23:59
emgentreport-tool it's ready, i will update bzr branch to it23:59

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