CIA-24partman-base: cjwatson * r83 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog partman):01:20
CIA-24partman-base: * Backport from trunk:01:20
CIA-24partman-base:  - Don't emit confusing log messages if partman-lvm or partman-crypto are01:20
CIA-24partman-base:  already loaded.01:20
CIA-24partman-base: cjwatson * r84 ubuntu/ (commit.d/parted debian/changelog lib/base.sh):01:22
CIA-24partman-base: - Allow disable_swap to take a device argument, in which case it only01:22
CIA-24partman-base:  disables swap on that device rather than on all devices.01:22
CIA-24partman-base: - Only disable swap on devices that are being changed (LP: #199048).01:22
CIA-24partman-partitioning: cjwatson * r670 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog lib/disk-label.sh lib/resize.sh):01:28
CIA-24partman-partitioning: * Backport from trunk:01:28
CIA-24partman-partitioning:  - Only disable swap on devices that are being changed (LP: #199048).01:28
CIA-24partman-partitioning:  Requires partman-base (>= 114ubuntu4).01:28
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gan_when i install the ubiquity in my system , the error follows WARNING: Undefined kernel key code for 21409:05
gan_cjwatson, i am getting when i install from live cd to my harddisk09:38
cjwatsonthat is not a fatal error09:40
cjwatsonyou can just ignore that09:40
gan_cjwatson, i ignored then also the error is coming10:00
cjwatsonI can't understand that sentence, I'm afraid10:00
gan_cjwatson, i am not able to fix the root partitioon10:00
cjwatsonwe need a bug report with full logs10:00
gan_cjwatson, it is giving the error like ????10:01
cjwatsonhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUbiquity/AttachingLogs; we need /var/log/syslog and /var/log/partman10:01
gan_cjwatson, ok i will send10:02
cjwatson(if you've already installed the system and rebooted, those files will be /var/log/installer/syslog and /var/log/installer/partman instead)10:02
gan_cjwatson, see the link http://pastebin.com/m7bcb2875 syslog file10:03
cjwatsonplease file a bug report10:04
cjwatsonI can't look at it right now10:04
cjwatsonthat looks just hosed though. Check your CD integrity and that your CD drive is clean10:04
cjwatsonMar 20 15:06:03 boss ubiquity: /lib/partman/definitions.sh: line 355: /var/lib/partman/outfifo: No such file or directory"10:04
cjwatsonerr, not that one10:04
cjwatson"Mar 20 15:06:10 boss ubiquity: /lib/partman/definitions.sh: line 155: /lib/partman/choose_partition/ : No such file or directory"10:04
cjwatsondon't see how that could happen with a correct CD10:05
gan_ok , then what to do10:06
cjwatsonalso, you appear to be using some derived distribution, not Ubuntu proper10:06
cjwatsonplease ask them for help10:06
cjwatsonI don't know what strange things they might have done to their live CD10:06
gan_cjwatson, actually this ubuntu cd , but i customised10:07
gan_cjwatson, actually this is ubuntu cd , but i customised with doc how to create a live cd10:08
cjwatsonit would have been polite to say that up-front ;-)10:08
cjwatsonI don't really see how you could get the error above from a line of code that reads (in the standard version) "$dir/${RET%__________*}/do_option ${RET#*__________} "$@" || return $?"10:09
cjwatsonunless $RET contains a space, which it shouldn't there10:09
cjwatsonyou'll need to run the installer with 'ubiquity --debug' to get useful debugging on why it's gone mad10:09
gan_cjwatson, shall i run & send you the output10:10
cjwatsonsure, I guess10:11
cjwatsonif you have any installer customisations, now is the time to reveal them10:11
gan_cjwatson, yeah i ran but i didnt get any error msg on the console , but still i am not able to fix the root file system10:15
cjwatsonthe debug output will be in /var/log/installer/debug10:16
cjwatsonI'm going to be on the phone for the next hour or so10:16
CIA-24casper: cjwatson * r483 casper/ (2 files in 2 dirs):10:21
CIA-24casper: * Stop quoting Exec arguments in .desktop files. Apparently this used to10:21
CIA-24casper:  work but now the system conforms more strictly to the desktop entry10:21
CIA-24casper:  specification (LP: #204185).10:21
cjwatsongan_: please don't attempt to DCC send it to me10:23
cjwatsonit won't work, and your DCC request appears to be broken anyway according to my client10:23
gan_cjwatson, now the patebin is also not working what to do, how to send10:24
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure that " port 0" is not a valid source10:24
gan_cjwatson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919/ see this debug link10:28
gan_cjwatson, are you there10:38
cjwatsonI told you I was going to be on the phone11:58
cjwatsonand I was :-)11:58
gan_cjwatson, no problem12:03
cjwatsongan_: ok, so partman threw an exception somewhere, after which ubiquity got very confused. Could you put /var/log/partman on paste.ubuntu.com as well? It should indicate why12:06
cjwatsonseems to be while you were creating a new partition12:06
gan_ok just a min12:06
cjwatsonnow, it's also a bug that ubiquity got confused ...12:07
gan_cjwatson, see this link http://paste.ubuntu.com/5923/ /var/log/partman12:13
cjwatsonok, the reason you're encountering this is that you're using bash as your default /bin/sh12:28
cjwatsonUbuntu's default is dash, and it appears that dash and bash behave slightly differently on particular shell code in the middle of the installer12:29
cjwatsonI produced a test case to confirm this12:29
gan_so what i have to do12:31
cjwatsonthis appears to be a customisation you've applied yourself12:31
gan_can i change my bash to dash12:31
cjwatsonso you ought to be able to undo it12:31
gan_cjwatson, yeah12:31
cjwatsontechnically, I think it is a bug in partman-partitioning12:32
gan_cjwatson, then whats the solution for this12:32
cjwatsonchanging the default shell to dash is the safest approach; I can't guarantee that there aren't other areas of the partitioner that depend on the same difference12:33
gan_how to do it12:33
cjwatsonyou must have done it in the first place12:33
cjwatsonassuming you started from an Ubuntu 6.10 live CD or later12:34
cjwatsonyou could also apply a patch something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5925/ to /lib/partman/free_space/50new/do_option12:34
cjwatson(might not apply directly with the patch command, but it's just a matter of switching the order of two lines12:35
gan_which two lines12:36
cjwatsonread the patch12:36
gan_it means you are asking me to do manually.12:37
gan_cjwatson, better i change my bash to dash12:38
cjwatsonsure, that should work12:38
cjwatsonI assumed you had changed it for a reason12:38
cjwatsonwhat was that reason?12:38
cjwatsonI'll fix the code so that this shouldn't happen in 8.04, at least in that particular case12:39
gan_cjwatson, why cant you do it for bash12:39
gan_cjwatson, i always work with bash that is the reason12:40
cjwatsonthe patch I gave you should fix it12:40
cjwatsonfor bash12:40
cjwatsonif you write shell scripts that make use of special bash facilities, you should put '#! /bin/bash' at the top of them, not '#! /bin/sh'. That way, it doesn't matter what the system default shell is.12:41
cjwatsonInteractive shells are bash anyway, regardless of what /bin/sh points to.12:41
cjwatsonthe reason for the difference here is that if you say 'local VARIABLE' in dash (for some value of VARIABLE) and VARIABLE already has a value, then dash uses that as the initial value of the local variable; while bash always initialises VARIABLE to the empty string12:42
gan_cjwatson, i have to paste this patch under /var/log/partman am i correct12:43
cjwatsonlocal isn't standardised, so differences are to be expected12:43
cjwatsonuh, no, that's completely wrong12:43
cjwatsonyou need to edit the file /lib/partman/free_space/50new/do_option, as I told you12:43
cjwatsonread the patch - lines beginning with "-" are to be removed, lines beginning with "+" are to be added12:43
gan_i like to be in bash only, i am getting confuse with dash12:45
gan_cjwatson, ok thanks i do the thing & i will reply you surely , now i have to go out12:47
cjwatsonbut you're confusing the system12:47
cjwatsonyou can perfectly well use bash for your own scripts, just by putting /bin/bash at the top12:48
gan_cjwatson, yeah12:48
cjwatsonthe system default doesn't change that at all12:48
cjwatsonthis was a fun little installer bug, though, so thanks for reporting it!12:48
gan_how the dash starts12:48
gan_ok thanks for your patience12:50
cjwatson"how the dash starts" -> I don't understand the question12:50
gan_bash starts /bin/sh like that for dash12:51
cjwatsonI still don't understand. Are you talking about the first line of scripts?12:52
cjwatsonIf you use bash-specific features, say /bin/bash. If you use dash-specific features (this is very rare - this installer bug is one of the very few cases I've encountered), say /bin/dash. If your script is written to the POSIX shell standard and will work with either, say /bin/sh.12:53
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CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2578 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py): * Remove dead code for the old resize widget.15:43
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2579 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/noninteractive.py): * Fix printing of non-latin text in the noninteractive frontend.15:44
bdmurrayevand: you asked about bug 204133.  do you want to work on debugging it?17:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20413317:22
evandbdmurray: do you still have the image?17:27
bdmurrayevand: yes, I do17:27
evandcan you try running a chkdsk C: /f /r ?17:29
evandon the host Windows install17:29
evandthen try booting Ubuntu again and see if that fixes it17:29
bdmurrayDo you just use chkdsk in a command prompt or does it require booting into something special?17:30
evandjust in a command prompt17:31
evandit will say that it cannot run chkdsk at this time because the disk is mounted17:31
evandand ask you if you want to do it on next boot17:31
evandsay yes, then reboot Windows17:31
bdmurrayokay, I'm on it17:31
evandthanks, much appreciated17:31
bdmurrayevand: my windows vista foo is really bad.  How do I get in an "elevated mode"?17:35
evandright click on the application and select run as administrator17:37
evandyou can drag a shortcut on the desktop and right click on that if you don't want to dig for the actual program location17:38
evandUAC is a mess.17:38
bdmurraymakes me love Ubuntu even more. ;)17:39
evandhahaha, indeed17:40
bdmurrayevand: still seeing the same "Buffer I/O error on device loop0"18:02
evandargh, hrm.18:04
evandI don't suppose you have a serial port and cable from which you can get a full log of whats happeneing?18:05
bdmurraymy laptop has no serial port but I have a usb to serial adapter if that is any help18:06
mario_limonciellbdmurray, you have a null modem cable to go with that?18:07
mario_limonciellyou should be able to dump to it then18:07
bdmurraymario_limonciell: somewhere I'm sure18:08
mario_limonciellon your kernel command line, you can add it as a console output, or you can just redirect the app causing that18:08
evandif you find it and could set that up and attach a full log to the bug whenever you have some free time, I'd appreciate it18:08
bdmurrayevand: how much of a priority do you think it is?18:10
evandbdmurray: not too high, I believe.  I haven't seen this bug anywhere else yet.18:11
bdmurrayI'm so special18:11
evandI asked Agostino if he has, but he's away for the weekend18:11
mario_limonciellhow widespread has testing been going on wubi aside from evand bdmurray and TheMuso?18:12
evandthe Wubi forum on ubuntuforums.org18:12
mario_limonciellso a fairly sizable number of folks then?18:12
evandI've seen a handful of people there test it, but those are only the ones who replied18:12
bdmurrayokay, I think I've found the cable is there some documentation you point me at for doing this?18:17
mario_limonciellwell so where are those errors coming from, kernel log?18:18
mario_limonciellsyslog or similar?18:18
mario_limonciellif that's the case, something like this is what you want: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-Serial-Console-HOWTO/configure-kernel.html18:19
bdmurraykernel, I can boot into single user mode but see those messages18:19
mario_limoncielldepending on how early they pop up you should be able to use that as listed above.  if they are really early (like before usb is loaded ;)), you'll miss them18:20
bdmurrayokay, and what is the best app on the non-broken system to use to catch the messages?18:21
mario_limoncielli use cutecom/minicom18:22
mario_limonciellcutecom is for X18:22
mario_limonciellminicom for a terminal18:22
mario_limonciellcutecom is a lot easier to configure imo18:22
bdmurrayI've used minicom before just wanted to be sure18:22
mario_limonciellnp, best of luck :)18:23
xivulonevand ping19:11
evandxivulon: pong19:11
xivulonso this loop0 thing, I haven't seen that19:12
xivulonthere was something similar when vfat was used19:12
xivulonsince the fs was ro to begin with19:12
xivulonnot sure if that's the case19:13
evandbdmurray is using Vista, so it's definitely not vfat, but he's working on getting a full log using a serial port.19:14
mario_limonciellor at least trying to :)19:15
xivulonis that reproducible?19:15
xivulonI see bdmurray is here too, hi19:16
bdmurraygetting the full log is proving challenging19:17
xivulonmight it be that 204133 is related to 20080320?19:17
bdmurrayThat was a typo on my part it really was 20080319 - I'll update the bug19:17
bdmurrayI did get some pictures of call traces19:17
xivulon204128 <-> 204133 that is19:17
xivulonbdmurray, did you try reinstalling?19:18
bdmurrayNo, I was thinking about that next19:18
bdmurrayDo I need to remove the existing install first?19:19
evandit will force you to, though I'd suggest moving it out of the way in case reinstalling makes the bug disappear.19:20
xivulonYou could move root.disk to a different dir19:20
xivulonso we could get that back in case the new one works well19:20
mario_limonciellevand, did you get a chance  to look over that other noninteractive thing I ran into yesterday?19:21
bdmurrayxivulon: where will I find root.disk?19:22
bdmurrayfound it19:23
evandmario_limonciell: I've been looking at it as I work on other things today.  I fixed the immediate problem, but uncovered others when I did, so I'm working on those now.19:24
mario_limonciellah i see19:26
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xivulon_back, battery power meter wasn't too reliable...19:30
xivulon_so bdmurray, if you backup your previous file, I'd suggest to try a reinstallation19:32
xivulon_at the first reboot, press esc, and select verbose mode, that runs ubiquity with debug flag19:32
xivulon_evand the other bug you mentioned was about reconnection, was that running off a physical CD19:34
evandxivulon_: the bug where Wubi cannot install without being connected to the Internet?19:35
xivulon_I there is a log..19:36
* xivulon_ reading log19:36
evandYes, that was running off of the Beta candidate.19:36
xivulon_apparently the issue is that the md5 check of squashfs failed19:38
evandindeed, I caught that while pasting the log19:38
xivulon_if that failed then it is normal that a connection is required19:38
evandthough I believe this was with two different images19:38
evandI'll verify the CD image and try again though19:38
xivulon_that should be the md5 of squashfs file only19:39
xivulon_when using a physical CD and without internet connection the md5 for the individual file is used19:40
xivulon_taken from md5sum.txt19:41
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* xivulon at dinner19:46
evandxivulon: I checked the md5sum of the squashfs in Ubuntu and it matches the line in md5sum.txt20:05
bdmurrayxivulon: I've updated bug 20412820:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204128 in wubi "After install completed bar wasn't all green" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20412820:07
evandheh, at least we know the CD-ROM drive is ejecting for sure now.20:09
bdmurrayevand: my "Ubuntu Setup" window in not responding in Vista.  any ideas?20:09
evandattach %TEMP%\Wubi-8.04-alpha-rev449.log to that bug report?20:11
evandxivulon: have you had reports of successful Vista installs?20:12
evandoutside of VMWare that is, as I tested that successfully.20:18
bdmurrayhmph, I had some information about it not responding and then the window disappeared on me20:19
evandhrm, though that reminds me that TheMuso had issues with Vista as well, though they disappeared.20:19
bdmurrayI just saw "checking the installation" go past 100% for whatever that is worth20:23
evandyeah :/, that's my fault20:26
evandI still need to fix it, it's a long standing bug when using --automatic20:27
bdmurrayokay, at least its known ;)20:28
evandheh, indeed20:28
bdmurrayI added some pictures to bug 204133 from the first disk image20:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20413320:29
evandiz kernel bug :)20:36
evanddoesn't appear to be the same issue I ran into with VMWare and 64-bit, but we had already assumed that.20:37
evandhrm, still no luck with the serial console?20:37
bdmurraynot yet20:41
bdmurrayI'm at the same place after a reinstall too20:41
bootlacesHey All...has luks/cryptsetup made it's way into ubiquity for HH? Can't see it mentioned in launchpad or ubiquity..22:06
xivulonevand, just run a successful installation on vista22:06
xivulonusing wubi 449 and ISO 20080318.122:07
xivulonbdmurray, re progressbar, I can confirm it finishes when the bar is not 100%, but that does not have any implication22:08
bdmurrayxivulon: I've put up some pictures of the crash at http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/tmp/22:08
xivulonthe bar progress is calculated by nsis, their algorithm is likely wrong22:08
bdmurraythe ones starting off 20080320-*22:09
xivulonbdmurray, did  you experienced crashes only with today's ISO?22:10
xivulonIt would take me ages to download that...22:10
bdmurrayI was using 20080319 and that is the only one I've tried wubi on22:10
xivulonyou used amd64 correct?22:15
xivulonwell I started downloading the 19 ISO.22:17
cjwatsonevand: possible hint for you in bug 19788722:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197887 in ubiquity "Accessibility non-functional in only-ubiquity mode." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19788722:25
xivulonbdmurray, I suspect that the nsis algorithm estimates the progress by counting the number of "calls" within the installation function at compile time, but it does not take into account parts of code that are not executed at runtime because of logical conditions.22:26
xivulonwill test that assumption in coming days, I do not think it is very important unless the actual installation is affected22:27
xivulonwhich does not seem to be the case22:28
Davieymario_limonciell: amd64 alt seems fine22:28
bdmurrayxivulon: yes, I used amd6422:28
evandah, thanks cjwatson22:31
evandxivulon: ack'ed22:31
evandI'll toy with that tonight22:31
mario_limonciellDaviey, let slangasek know22:33
mario_limoncielloh you did22:33
mario_limonciellokay good :)22:33
xivulonbdmurray did you try booting with init=/bin/sh22:34
bdmurrayxivulon: no, I did not22:36
xivulonmight be worth a go22:36
xivulonyou could then try the rcS scripts manually22:37
xivulonfirst maybe check that the fs is r/w22:37
evandbootlaces: No, it was a low priority specification for Hardy that was deferred.22:47
bootlacesevand, thanks for the update22:47
bootlaceslooks like I'll be using the alternative installer :)22:47
xivulonevand, I'd need to reboot to test the reconnecting issue, but I'd have to interrupt the download then, that would be a post beta fix anyway correct?22:48
evandyes, the beta is going to be released today, only a very serious issue would postpone it.22:49
evandWell, today EST.22:49
xivulonI'd thought so22:52
xivulonI can push a new rev with an extra debugging line, if you send me the log that should be enough for me22:54
evanddinner, back in a bit22:56
xivulonrev 45622:57
xivulonevand, I can confirm #20399823:58
xivulonno need to send me the log23:58
xivulonI will fix that in the coming days, you might want to add a caveat23:58
xivulonI'll do that...23:59

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