Crys_hello again11:34
Crys_Yesterday I successfully solved a problem with the hotkeys of my Asus laptop11:35
Crys_Today I'm trying to solve the suspend problem. It's an Asus L5800C Laptop with an ATI FireGL card11:35
Crys_ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 01)11:36
Crys_Everytime the laptops wakes up from suspend to RAM or suspend to disk it reboots. I suspect the graphics card11:36
Crys_http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Asus_L5800C looks good except that neither the fglrx driver nor suspend works with my machine11:50
Crys_I'm still having issues with suspend on my laptop. Is anybody here to give me some hints? It works out of the box on my workstation and my old laptop19:43

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