Hobbseehe ended up in ubuntu-ops.  i'm unsur ewhy that's so surprising to him00:29
PriceChildhe asked to be unbanned in #ubuntu, in #freenode00:38
PriceChildso i told him come here00:39
PriceChildno idea what the ban is about00:39
PiciI think he was confused that you were in both locations00:55
jdongis PriceChild applying for sainthood too??00:55
PriceChildjdong: what've I done now?00:56
jdong20:55 <+Pici> I think he was confused that you were in both locations00:56
PriceChildjdong: haven't applied yet, need a little more practice.00:56
PiciYou'd need to be dead too :/00:56
PiciOr is that getting printed on US money?00:56
* jdong thinks of mean joke, but decides not to say it....00:58
ubotuIn #ubuntu-chicago, Spaceman3750 said: ubotu j1mc is <reply> The destroyer of all things doc related01:39
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu (grey_)01:50
PriceChildAmaranth: what was that link? :01:51
PiciIt was just an irc link.01:51
AmaranthPriceChild: some irc channel01:51
PriceChildwould that really go to a channel? :/01:51
Amaranthwhich looks 4chan related01:51
PriceChildthere's no prefix01:51
Amaranthoh, then it might not01:51
Amaranthi dunno, i guess it depends on the server?01:52
PriceChildodd how it join/parted yes01:52
PriceChilddoesn't it require a prefix, to stop users/channels getting confuseD?01:52
Hobbseewhich link?01:53
PriceChild01:50:28 < ~grey_> irc://irc.delinked.us/chanchan01:53
Hobbseetrillian will obey that01:53
Hobbseeer, cz, actually01:54
robby_kaneok so im here asking to get unbanned is that posible?01:55
* AndrewB prods PriceChild 01:56
Picirobby_kane: one moment please :)01:56
robby_kanehay may i form a request to get unnband?01:56
robby_kaneoh ok sorry :)01:56
robby_kanei can wait 01:56
Picirobby_kane: Do you recall why you were banned?01:56
robby_kanefor posting lines of errors that the terminal gave me when thay told me not too..... also thay always aked me what is rong and i couldent explain it without doing so but ya 01:57
robby_kaneim realy sorry for spamming the channel 01:57
PriceChild!paste | robby_kane 01:57
uboturobby_kane: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:57
PriceChildrobby_kane: you were given that advice by ubotu ^01:58
* PriceChild wonders why you claimed different reasons for being banned in #freenode.01:58
robby_kaneahh well i dint understand it at the time lol XD01:58
PriceChildrobby_kane: got it now?01:58
robby_kaneyes that i understand01:58
PriceChildGood good.01:59
robby_kanehow about being banned in ##linux?01:59
PriceChildWe're only #ubuntu people.01:59
robby_kaneok ok :)01:59
robby_kanei hate this chair brb01:59
PriceChild!guidelines | robby_kane 01:59
uboturobby_kane: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:59
PriceChildrobby_kane: go read that too please.01:59
PriceChild(including the page linked to)02:00
naliothrobby_kane: ##linux-ops is your next stop02:00
robby_kaneok so im unbanned?02:02
robby_kanei can go to linux next if u want :)02:02
naliothrobby_kane: it is up to you where you go from here :)02:03
robby_kaneok ok so i read all the guidlines and i am verry sorry can i get unbanned >'_'<02:05
robby_kaneso is there enything i can do to get unbanned?02:11
robby_kanecan i try and bribe u?02:11
PriceChildrobby_kane: right so you understand why and how we use pastebin, I'll unban you, please abide by the channel guidelines :)02:12
robby_kaneya ok cool so now sex no spam no pastes of randomw junk and no trolling/ flameing02:13
robby_kanegot ya...02:13
naliothcivility is all we ask  :)02:13
robby_kanebut im only human XD02:14
nikrudis anyone else getting annoyed by the dal.net recuiters. It's getting a bit repetitious02:35
naliothnikrud: not recruiters.  trolls on a chaos campaign.02:36
nikrudseemed polite enough, but it's annoying02:36
Picinikrud: its been going on for quite a while02:37
nikrudPici: I've seen it before, but now it's like almost daily. Come into ubuntu, ask a couple questions, then pm and recruit.02:38
nikrudeh. Just wanted to complain at someone02:38
naliothnikrud: call in the airstrikes! full napalm run!02:39
* nikrud sidles away from nalioth (again ;P)02:39
Picinikrud: I usually drop a note in #freenode with the persons nick and host info when I get those.02:46
nikrudDon't know if I want to escalate that far. I'll see how they took my last, hard brushoff first.02:47
naliothnikrud: they will outnumber you by proxy02:48
nikrudnalioth: they're all out of that one channel there? Sigh02:49
nikrudanyway, it's more of an annoyance than anything else. I've had worse things happen in my life02:49
=== anthony is now known as tonyyarusso
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)03:22
ubotuNetham45 called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:22
tritiumGee, thanks, Floodbot303:23
tritiumGee, thanks, Floodbot2, rather.03:23
PiciBots were probably lagged.03:23
tritiumI guess03:23
PiciOr they just don't like you.03:23
tritiumAnd now I don't like them ;)03:24
ubotuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (SidStudios)04:50
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums-beginners, paultag said: !learn paultag is sweet04:53
nikrudfloodbots in #ubuntu are acting up again05:37
tritiumThey sure are05:37
nikrudso do some magic :)05:38
tritiumI have no control of the floodbots05:38
tritiumIn fact, I got muted myself today by one of them.05:38
nikrudthat's why it would be magic, I guess. 05:38
* tritium eyes FloodBot2 05:38
nikrudhow did that happen?05:38
tritiumI was being particularly helpful, I guess.05:38
nikrudlol, flooder05:39
tritiumI think the bots lagged, and saw that I was responding to too many people, or something.05:39
tonyyarussowhat sort of acting up tritium ?05:39
tritiumLet that be a warning to you ;)05:39
tritiumtonyyarusso: lagging, and then muting the most helpful people05:39
tonyyarussoLjL: Maybe there should be some kind of exception to the flood detection based on whether there is a nick prefixed in the message, and it changes on each line.05:40
nikrudtonight, after the recent flood. they were playing patty cake with each other, seems to have settled out05:40
tritiumtonyyarusso: good suggestion05:40
tritiumWell, good night, folks.05:42
* tonyyarusso notes that it's easier said than coded05:42
* nikrud notes that goes without saying05:43
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums-beginners, paultag said: !learn paultag is awsome05:44
AmaranthI don't see anything wrong with the floodbots06:02
Amaranththey did exactly what they were supposed to do06:02
tritiumAmaranth: not exactly06:12
Amaranthtwo of them set +J instead of one06:12
Amaranththen they deopped each other until only one was opped06:13
tritiumPerhaps they're working properly at the moment, but not earlier.06:13
Amaranththey were when nikrud said something here, as far as i can see06:13
tritiumYes, but not earlier than that when I was muted.06:14
Black_Magic_Err, Can i ask Why i was banned from #Ubuntu?06:16
=== Black_Magic_ is now known as Black_Magic
=== Black_Magic is now known as Johnny4
=== Johnny4 is now known as Black_Magic
nikrudAmaranth: I probably jumped the gun, true06:20
tritiumBlack_Magic: I believe it was for running a bot.06:20
Black_MagicI havent had a bot in #Ubuntu06:20
tritiumJohnny4 auto-responded to a bot factoid request06:20
tritiumBlack_Magic: ring a bell?06:21
Black_MagicOh Well then Sorry i just was adding AI to it so it joins channels it likes it just scans channels and chooses random also i was adding tcl scripts so it has features06:22
Black_Magicsec... telnetting it06:22
Black_Magicto see what channels it was joining06:22
tritium2008-03-20T06:44:13 <tonyyarusso> !8ball are you a bot06:23
tritium2008-03-20T06:44:16 <Johnny4> tonyyarusso, my 8-ball says how appropriate, you fight like a cow...06:23
tritiumBlack_Magic: after that, tonyyarusso banned you.  Please talk to him.06:23
Black_Magichow did he know the !8ball thing?06:23
Black_Magicsecond Im adding #Ubuntu to Blacklist for Toys ect06:24
nikrudBlack_Magic: these guys have been around the block. Skating around the edges will get you tripped up.. 06:24
Black_Magicnikrud, Huh?06:25
nikrudBlack_Magic: I like you, talk with you a lot. But you play around the edges too much.06:25
Black_MagicWell its a new bot and a buddy is helping my Make AI06:26
Black_Magicnikrud, Please Explain "Skating Around the Edges"06:26
nikrudBlack_Magic: skating around the edges is pushing the envelope ;)06:26
Black_MagicOh Sorry Im not trying to push the envelope well Im Sorry for my bots responds and ill make sure that all scripts keep him away from Ubuntu's Official channels 06:27
stdinphobos_anomaly needs a ban in #u due to (failed) dcc attack06:28
nikrudBlack_Magic: you'll need to talk to tonyyarusso about it as tritium says. I'll talk to you later, it's bedtime06:28
Black_MagicHes away cleaning up..06:28
tritiumstdin: thanks.06:32
Black_MagicWell thanks for your help and sorry for my bot Joining #Ubuntu and disturbing it.06:33
tritiumBlack_Magic: just talk to tonyyarusso later.  I expect he'll take care of it.06:34
Black_Magictritium: Ok mm Want to come to ##Black_Magic and help me find bugs in my bot?06:34
tritiumBlack_Magic: no, thanks.  I'm going to bed.06:35
Black_MagicOh ok thx anyways06:35
tritiumSure, good night.06:36
tritiumWatch out for phobos_anomaly.06:54
tritiumBlack_Magic: no, note to the other ops06:58
tritiumGood night.06:58
ompaulBlack_Magic, might I ask what you are still doing here?07:00
* ompaul is just curious07:00
Black_Magicompaul: Waiting for the one who banned me from #ubuntu to come back07:01
ompauli.e. has you gots a wiki page done?07:01
* Black_Magic Whoops forgot about it :P07:01
Black_Magicoh i remeber why the thing wouldnt load my user prefrences07:01
Black_Magicfirst time users have to set them then submit but it wouldnt load07:02
Black_MagicAlso im not talking because dont want to annoy ops07:04
Black_MagicAAnyone know where i can get the ubotu source?07:08
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:10
Black_Magici know that ubotu is supposed to be opensource07:10
ompauldid you bother to read that link?07:11
elkbuntuompaul, clearly not07:12
ompaulI am gone07:12
Black_Magici am reading it07:12
Black_Magici just remeber reading it when i first knew about ubotu  and i dont remeber any Source downloads07:12
jussi01Hobbsee: poke back?07:20
tonyyarussoBlack_Magic: oh hey, looks like you're on the same host as your bot eh?07:45
tonyyarussoBlack_Magic: Seeing the backscroll here, looks like the major points have been covered, but one other thing:07:45
Black_MagicIve been waiting  ^^07:45
Black_MagicNo Bots aloud in Ubuntun channels07:45
tonyyarussoWhile as long as it stays out of ubuntu channels we don't really care, I'd suggest that most channel owners don't appreciate unauthorized bots joining.07:45
tonyyarussoYou might consider modifying the code so that it instead messages you with the channels it was considering, giving you an opportunity to contact the channel owner first before authorizing it.07:46
Black_Magici usualy ask but i made an AI Where it randomly picks one channel every 30Mins and joins07:46
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, bad move... that could get your host registered as a bot net and banned from the network07:47
tonyyarussoYeah, just have the AI action be to message you instead of joining, you know what I'm saying?07:47
tonyyarussoYou could even add a command like @authorize channel that you could manually give it after checking in with the owners of its choice07:47
tonyyarussoLike I said, it's not really our immediate concern, but in terms of "best practice" and what you'll want to do to stay on the right side of the line with freenode in general you'll want some minor modifications.07:49
tonyyarusso(I'm also going to be amused at the equation of randomness to AI, btw)07:50
ubotuIn ubotu, Hirvinen said: !no, version is <reply> To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell. Version number is of the form <year of release>.<month of release with a possible leading zero>. See !release for more information on releases.07:51
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell07:53
Black_Magic_Sorry for leaving so sudden07:54
Black_Magic_X-Server froze and i couldnt do anything so had to reboot07:55
tonyyarussoI see - what's the last thing you saw?07:55
Black_Magic_You where telling me about recoding07:55
elkbuntuBlack_Magic_, did you see us tell you why?07:56
elkbuntuwell, you could get confused with a botnet, and banned from the network07:56
Black_Magic_Also the AI i was making is for finding IRC Buddies it joins and searches for 30mins for the Nick that you sujested and if not there it switches channel but i had set the plugin to all channels (the ! Plugin) so during the time its there it could be activated07:57
tonyyarussoWe don't particularly care what the purpose is or how it works - we just think you should turn off any random joining.  Have it check with you first instead.07:58
Black_Magic_Well tony Will you Whip up a TCL Script to make it do that?07:58
tonyyarussoNope - that'll be your job :)07:58
Black_Magic_Aw :P Well sorry about my bot joining  could you explain all the stuff about recoding and stuff because i only saw a small bit07:59
Black_Magic_then everything froze :/07:59
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, finding irc buddies for what purpose?07:59
elkbuntunobody wants to be buddies with a bot07:59
Black_Magic_elkbuntu: Its suppose to work like !findbuddy <buddynick>08:00
tonyyarussoYou mean /whois?08:00
Black_Magic_Like buddies of yours that you met and then havent seen in a while08:00
Black_Magic_it searches IRC Channels on the network and tries to find that nick08:00
Black_Magic_and then invites them to the base channel that youve set08:00
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, so long as it's not being used for spam, which it sounded like08:00
tonyyarussoSo, whois combined with automatically spamming the results...08:01
Black_Magic_it doesnt message them08:01
tonyyarussoWell what does it do?08:01
Black_Magic_it just invites to My channell 08:01
tonyyarussoAnd how's a message in the server window different from a message in a PM window?08:01
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, it sounds like a recruiter bot to me08:02
Black_Magic_i mean the bot theres a recruiter bot08:02
Black_Magic_Like say You met nickrud once in a channel08:02
Black_Magic_and you became good friends but you hadnt seen him for a while08:03
Black_Magic_so you do !findbuddy nickrud08:03
Black_Magic_and it finds him invites him and then tells you what channel it was08:03
tonyyarussoThe proper thing to do would be to /whois him to see if he's online, if yes then go back to the channel you met in, and chat there like you had before.08:03
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, or, use memoserv08:03
tonyyarussoYour method would be considered spam, yes.08:04
=== Black_Magic_ is now known as Black_Magic
tonyyarussoright, memoserv would be the else { } there08:04
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, so by your logic, companies are entitled to put you on a mailout list if you've bought from them before?08:05
elkbuntuwithout asking you08:05
elkbuntuwell you're employing the exact same methodology here08:05
tonyyarussoand invite you to take part in their new special offer!08:05
elkbuntutonyyarusso, swap 'offer' with 'channel' and bingo08:06
Black_MagicWell ill just crash the project of the find buddy i just didnt know about memo server ect08:06
tonyyarussoyeah, memoserv is pretty sweet really  /me took a while to find out about it too08:06
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, there's no problem you making your bot do other things, just intrusive things like hunting people is generally bad and annoying08:07
Black_MagicAlso since IRC is not like IM i thought it would be useful to help find buddies maybe if i did keep it just set the bot to stay in channel for about 2mins instead of 30? the 30 was just incase he just joins it..08:07
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, many irc clients can keep buddy lists anyway08:07
Black_Magicelkbuntu: Well idk where to get modules and such so i have to have friends make em for me08:08
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, it's the perfect type of project to teach yourself programming with. try python08:08
* Hobbsee eyerolls08:08
Black_Magicwell i have Supybot and Eggdrop based bots around just all on diffrent networks08:09
Hobbseea great idea, putting a bot into a large channel, without checking if it's always silent.08:09
Hobbseethen you should have a clue about lobotomising.08:09
Black_Magicso if the bot was silent i wouldnt be in this bunch :P08:09
elkbuntuno, we would have caught it eventually08:09
elkbuntuwe have to check our thousand users regularly to catch out telltale botnets08:10
elkbuntuthey're notoriously bad at hiding08:10
Black_Magichmm can i know exactly how you detect them?08:10
Black_Magicif they dont speak and such?08:10
tonyyarussoprobably with black magic :)08:10
Black_Magicit could just be an auto-joiner08:11
Black_Magiclol Shh :P08:11
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: white magic08:11
HobbseeBlack_Magic: so, you failed.08:11
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, we've had practice08:11
HobbseeBlack_Magic: try in small,unimportant channels, and learn to run a bot there.08:11
Black_Magiclol see thats kind of boring no one to talk to but a learning bot..08:11
elkbuntuwhen you've been doing this for years like we have, you learn how to spot the bad things08:11
Hobbseeso, stick it in -uncensored.  they talk there.08:12
Black_Magicit has a brain.. and learns from things in channels too08:12
Hobbseeit != you.08:12
Hobbseeyou need to make it behave.08:12
Black_Magicusualy it just stays quiet and listens when joins channels08:13
Hobbseeyou should *ensure* it does that before putting it in any channels you don't ahve access to, or that are big.08:14
Hobbseea good thing to do would be to remove the characters that it responds to08:14
Hobbseeor force it to be muted08:14
elkbuntua learning, hunting bot? i can almost picture how he was going to have it... him: gee, i wonder where steve is ... *bot runs off to ask every nick and ident that matches 'steve' if they know someone called black_magic*08:14
tonyyarussoUsually should be always, especially when there are functions built into bots to make it so.  btw, for the supybot end of things, the documentation on supybot.com and the #supybot channel are very useful.08:14
* elkbuntu shudders08:14
elkbuntuvery bad idea dude :)08:15
tonyyarussoThere's even a #supybot-bots channel where you can go test.08:15
Hobbseeelkbuntu: they can be interesting.  one of mine learns.08:15
Black_Magiclol mine learns too08:15
Black_Magicit has a brain file :P08:15
elkbuntuHobbsee, yeah, i have one on another network08:15
Black_Magicit learns from phrases and if you say a keyword in a phrase it states that08:15
HobbseeBlack_Magic: fortunately, i'm good enough of a botmaster to make it shut up when it's not there, and not to have it in channels where it shouldn't be.08:15
HobbseeBlack_Magic: you don't, and therefore aren't.08:15
Hobbseeelkbuntu: yeah, mine's on another08:16
Black_MagicHobbsee: Well ive only been using bots for about a week IM LEARNING08:16
Black_Magicand i dont have a mentor so im trying08:16
HobbseeBlack_Magic: then you have *NO REASON TO PUT IT IN #UBUNTU WITHOUT THINKING*08:16
Black_Magicnot good with dcc and this /msg bot name command stuff08:16
tonyyarussoYou can learn, but you MUST learn in your own channel, not something like #ubuntu.  That should be very plainly obvious, given the consequences otherwise.08:17
Black_MagicWell can you tell me if it joins any channels its not supposed to because im about to power it up again and send it to ##Black_Magic08:17
HobbseeBlack_Magic: you can't do that yourself?08:17
tonyyarussoIt is _your_ responsibility, not ours.08:17
elkbuntudude, if you dont know what it's doing, dont touch it08:17
Black_MagicMaking sure it doesnt go into UBUNTU was my point08:18
Black_Magicnot the other channels08:18
Hobbseeit had better not go into any other channels tha tfall into the ubuntu namespace, or else you can probably expect something for your cluelessness...08:18
Hobbseeadn it won't be pleasant.08:18
elkbuntuBlack_Magic, if it ever shows up in ubuntu channels again, you wont recover usage of them so quickly08:18
tonyyarussoFrankly, we have about three times as many things to keep track of as any sane person can put up with as it is.  I, for one, go to school full time and work three jobs, and make time for Ubuntu stuff.  I really can't be babysitting bots.  It's much more efficient for me to simply kill them as soon as they look like they might waste some of my time.08:19
Hobbseetonyyarusso: which is exactly why there's a "no unofficial bots" policy in any of the channels.08:19
Black_MagicI knew i shoudl of just shut up as soon as i finished waiting and got a reply and successfully undid ban and then tweaked bot08:19
Black_MagicMy big mouth got yall all rambled Have fun Cya later08:20
HobbseeBlack_Magic: btw, having it in there at all makes it bannable.08:20
Hobbseeif you hadn't figured thatout08:20
Hobbseeit's not just talking bots.08:20
tonyyarussoWell, if his modification does actually work, he's #freenode's problem now.08:20
elkbuntuhe's sure as hell better not make it hunt08:22
Hobbseeif it gets caught spamming, then...08:24
* Hobbsee should go back to class08:25
jussi01have fun Hobbsee 08:26
Hobbseewill do08:26
elkbuntublack_magic is darkmystere? i know that nick from somewhere...08:52
Seeker`elkbuntu: yes08:55
Seeker`I also told him yesterday or the day before to keep his bots out of #ubuntu* channels, as it is against policy08:56
elkbuntuSeeker`, so this wasnt the first time?08:56
Seeker`he had a bot in #ubuntu-offtopic for a couple of mins the other day, but it parted / he told it to part after a minute or two08:57
Seeker`I only noticed after it had quit08:57
Seeker`It was called Mind_Freak08:58
elkbuntuthis one was a much more sedate name08:58
elkbuntuandrew4 or something lame like that08:58
Seeker`I dont think he is really sure what he is doing08:59
tonyyarussoJohnny4 (they've gone as high as 7)08:59
tonyyarussoNow going by Reaper`08:59
Seeker`He is a regular in -uk09:01
Seeker`Black_Magic that is09:02
elkbuntutonyyarusso, /they/?!09:04
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: in -uc, has cycled through various nicks09:04
elkbuntuhow many does he have going?09:04
Seeker`This all started when he realised that ##ubuntu-uncensored didn't have ubotu09:05
elkbuntuoh dear09:06
popeythere is an ##ubuntu-uncensored?09:07
* popey takes his clothes of and joins09:07
Seeker`mmm. Hob.bsee posted a log of something that happened in there, and it just so happened that it caught the beginning of him asking why there wasn;t an ubotu, and suggesting that they get together and code a replacement09:08
Tm_Tpopey: beware, you're not alone there09:13
elkbuntuTm_T, i think that's now a problem of the *other* people, more than a problem of popey's09:13
Tm_Telkbuntu: not really, IF me is there09:14
* popey hugs elkbuntu 09:14
Tm_Tthen it definately is popey's problem09:14
* Seeker` considers joining, just to see what is going on09:14
elkbuntuTm_T, my point is, popey doesnt need the warning09:14
elkbuntuSeeker`, dont, you're giving them the attention they dont really need09:14
Tm_Telkbuntu: hm, true, thanks <309:14
* popey wonders if he is one of 09:14
Tm_Tpopey: you don't need attention, so yes09:15
* Tm_T hides09:15
* Seeker` disappears09:16
jpatrickSeeker`: http://hobbsee.com/ubotu/emma_conditions you seen this?09:27
elkbuntuplease stop talking about this here09:28
MyrttiTm_T: you think it would be safe for me to tell what I accidentally did yesterday at -ot?09:57
Tm_TMyrtti: it's never safe per se, but go ahead =)09:58
Myrttiyou're right of course09:58
elkbuntuwhich was what?10:00
jussi01Myrtti: dont!! :P10:01
MyrttiI'll say it cryptically10:01
Myrttipedo mellon.10:02
* jussi01 hugs Myrtti 10:03
Myrttijussi01: did you get it ;-)10:07
jussi01Myrtti: no, didnt understand, but I already know what you did ;)10:07
Myrttidang :-P10:07
* jussi01 saw it happen10:08
MyrttiI need lunch10:08
jussi01go eat then :d10:08
Tm_Tdon't eat me10:09
* Tm_T hides10:09
* jussi01 takes a bite out of Tm_T, after pulling him out from behind the couch :P10:10
ajmorris|AFKi was just wondering where ubotu is hosted? is it a private server?10:14
Seveasajmorris|AFK, anything else we can do for you?10:27
ajmorris|AFKah, hello Seveas10:27
ajmorris|AFKhmm... with your ubotu, how did you define the message that it says when it doesnt have a factoid... like i dont know anything about <factoid>10:28
Seveasthat's somewhere in the config10:29
Seveas@config list encyclopedia10:29
Seveas@config list plugins.Encyclopedia10:30
ubotu#database, #prefixchar, #searchorder, alert, aptdir, datadir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel10:30
ajmorris|AFKok, thankyou, i couldnt find it, but ill keep looking :)10:30
Seveas@config plugins.Encyclopedia.notfoundmsg10:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about %s - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:30
Seveasthat's the message, %s will be replaced by the factoid10:30
ajmorris|AFKah kk, tks10:30
Seveasajmorris|AFK, please see the /topic -- no idling in here, bot questions are better in #ubuntu-bots10:32
ajmorris|AFKoh, sorry10:32
ajmorris|AFKis that a please get out?10:32
ajmorris|AFKwell, tks again10:33
Mezdamn stalkers :P11:40
Picier? okay.11:40
elkbuntuMez, that's not a stalker, it's your reflection... step away from the mirror.11:41
Mezelkbuntu, freenode devs following me to other areas ...11:41
Mezspb :P11:42
MezI just went into another server, and there he was talking hehe11:42
PiciQtpaxa: Good morning, how can we help you today?11:44
Mez<chrisg> and i'm stalking you two spb, Mez 11:44
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu (seppo)12:07
ubotuTrae called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:07
ubotuunop called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:10
* Pici facepalms12:43
jpatrickpoor guy12:44
* jussi01 headdesks12:44
elkbuntuPriceChild, someone joined the ESR club?12:44
* Myrtti tags the thread with "ICT Darwin Award" tag12:51
MezMyrtti, unfortunately, tags are not available until the next release of the forum software.13:07
MezLobby your local admin :D13:08
PriceChildMez: we've got a test site going 8-)13:13
MezPriceChild, you do ?13:13
MezCan I see?13:13
PriceChildMez: nope, its broken sorry.13:14
MezPriceChild, broken?13:14
PriceChildJust giving the standard database error error.13:14
MezPriceChild, what database error though?13:15
PiciSo, when are you copying test to production?13:15
PriceChild"The database has encountered a problem."13:15
PriceChildwhenever its ready? I'm just a lacky, i don't do these important things.13:15
MezPriceChild, view the source ;) the Full error message is in a HTML comment13:16
MezMySQL Error   : Unknown database 'uf37'13:16
PriceChildpffft, not really worrying13:17
PriceChildInstalling ubuntu on a machine with an annoying graphics card for the first time, and wooo bulletproof X :D14:00
=== vorian is now known as help
=== help is now known as vorian
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:37
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:37
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:37
* Pici watches15:38
Meznot a netsplit ...15:39
Mez!staff | whomp the mass join ?15:39
ubotuwhomp the mass join ?: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)15:39
PriceChildSeveas: feature, not bug :P15:40
Picidamn, alot of people in -ungregged15:41
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)15:42
Seveaswe could use some k-lines15:42
SeveasPici, bots I guess15:42
Seveas!staff | -unregged is now full of bots15:43
ubotu-unregged is now full of bots: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)15:43
Picithere we go15:45
PiciThanks staff :)15:45
Javidlet's have an explanation of why I'm banned.15:45
Javidsince the one who did it isn't responding15:45
Javidtoo busy banning half the channel, presumably.15:45
SeveasJavid, 'Ethnic cleansing' is uncalled for.15:46
Javidwell then what the hell are you doing :P15:46
naliothwhat a lovely person15:46
seisenhey Pricechild can I get my cloak back?15:46
Mez-unregged is still full of clones15:48
naliothMez: patience15:48
Mezah, didnt see you there nalioth :D15:49
nalioththere is another channel with thousands of them15:49
naliothwe are investigating15:49
Seveasnalioth, would it be good to have +rR or +i on?15:49
naliothMez: that's a quick way to get klined  :)15:49
Meznalioth, sorry - was just looking how many were there15:50
PiciHow many? 15:50
Mez868 in that channel15:50
Mez(from what it said)15:50
PriceChildMez: /names15:50
MezPriceChild, doesnt always show truly though15:51
PiciPeak for #ubuntu-unregged@freenode: 925 > Thu Mar 2015:51
PriceChildMez: better than being klined.15:51
Mez* Can't end /NAMES command for #J: channel not found 15:51
jpatrickubotu: tell busfahrer about paste15:52
MezPriceChild, I'm pretty sure that if I WAS klined - then 1) Staff would realise the mistake as at least 2 of them know the nickname or 2) It wouldnt take to long to get unklined by emailing the right place15:52
* Pici thinks that channel is a black hole now, doesnt suggest joining.15:52
MezPriceChild, that is of course unless I do something that I'm not meant to15:52
PiciMez: What if the channel was turned into one of those places where auto-klines happen?15:53
PriceChildMez: still, is it worth minutes other people's time to fix? And names work for me.15:54
MezPici, see #2 and PriceChild I wanted a count ... :P Which you dont get with /names15:54
PiciMez: I know :), nal already gave me the curiousity killed the cat speech once before :)15:55
* PriceChild wonders what irssi does to count them on join15:55
MezPici, shouldnt that be curiosity klined the cat ?15:57
Picifyi: /names -count #channel works in irssi15:57
SeveasLjL, err, the floodbots now gang up on people15:57
Seveasthat's not good :)15:57
MezSeveas, gang up ?15:57
Picihow so Seveas?15:57
Mezdo explain ?15:57
Seveas<FloodBot1> jake2point0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:58
Seveas<FloodBot3> jake2point0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:58
Seveas<FloodBot2> jake2point0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:58
jpatrickhaha, err15:58
PiciIdont see that.15:58
Seveasodd, channel isn't +z15:58
* jpatrick neither15:59
Mez* FloodBot2 sets mode -z #ubuntu16:00
Mez* FloodBot2 removes ban on %jake2point0!*@*16:00
MezIt +z's and -z's as it mutes people to track when they stop flooding16:00
Seveasah of course16:00
Mezwhich is probably why you saw all three saying it16:00
Mezhmm - looks like an arguments brewing16:01
* Mez wonders who has the task of klining everyone and is flooding the network with kline commands16:02
* Mez watches #freenode for staffer Excess Floods16:02
Seveas<-- jake2point0 has quit (K-lined)16:11
Seveasnalioth, wasn't that just a simple flooder? 16:12
Mezyeah, he was flooding his Xorg.conf16:13
Seveasbut not something hideously k-linable16:13
PiciMaybe hes guilty of something else somewhere else...16:13
Seveashe actually was in for help16:13
SeveasPici, could be16:14
Mez* jason_ has quit (K-lined)16:14
Mez* jason_ (n=jason@ has joined #ubuntu-unregged16:14
Mezunder a minute ?16:14
Seveasdiff. ip?16:14
Seveas--- [jason_] (n=jason@pool-71-246-98-111.nycmny.east.verizon.net) : Jason Ganetsky16:14
Seveas--- [jason_] irc.freenode.net :Thu Mar 20 16:11:41 200816:14
Seveas--- jason_ :End of WHOWAS16:14
MezKline evader ... nice16:15
PiciSame realname on whois and whowas16:15
Mezcan you get a kline for evading an accidental kline I wonder?16:15
naliothjake 2.0 unklined16:23
naliothMez: depends16:23
Meznalioth, on whether it's me ? :P16:25
Seveasyou should always be k-lined16:25
* Mez is surprised he hasnt been before16:25
Mezthink the last time I was klined on any network was when I klined myself16:26
Seveasnalioth, can you fix that? :)16:26
Mezdont think I've ever been klined otherwise16:26
naliothSeveas: he just missed it this last time16:26
* jussi01 got caught in a #ubuntu accidental kline once16:26
Mez/kline #ubuntu ?16:27
jussi01no lol16:27
MezI'm sure some of the staff feel like that sometimes16:29
MezYou know though - thats the first botnet attack that I've seen that didnt actually ... do anything16:29
Pici"Oh, its #ubuntu again"16:29
MezIt sorta just got muted and redirected to -unregged16:29
Mezwhere it did nothing16:29
* Mez pets FloodBot16:29
jpatrickMez: I think it's best that way... :)16:30
Mezjpatrick, I'm not complaining :D i'm happy about it16:30
mneptokhmmm ... my GF has the movie "Failure To Launch" on a CD, and i'm wondering if NASA uses an acronym for that. if so, it's lawlesome.16:46
naliothfaster than light?16:46
* Pici nods16:46
mneptokthat meets the same acronym criteria until we get a static warp shell16:46
mneptokbah, no FTL16:47
MezIOBM = In ocean By Mistake16:47
mneptokIOBM could also mean constipation16:47
mneptokright. it could also mean coprophilia.16:48
mneptokand now, i need to STFU16:49
mneptok"that line" is right behind my toes.16:49
Picithe_humble_noob: How can we help you todaY?17:02
the_humble_noobI have been banned (for argumentativeness I think)17:02
the_humble_noobWas really frustrated with a wireless problem.. and was not getting the help I was hoping for. After using caps I was banned.17:03
the_humble_noobAnyway.. needless to say.. I am feeling somewhat stupid now.17:03
PiciOkay, let me take a look here at our logs, one moment.17:03
the_humble_noobIf someone could please unban me that would be great.17:03
mneptokthe_humble_noob: you do realize that there are people of all skill levels in #ubuntu?17:04
the_humble_noobIf not.. thanks for the great service and time everyone puts in.17:04
jpatrick!guidelines | the_humble_noob: if you haven't seen these, please read them17:04
ubotuthe_humble_noob: if you haven't seen these, please read them: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines17:04
mneptokfrom a cursory glance, it looks like people misunderstood you, and you got pretty steamed.17:04
mneptokAP vs ad-hoc?17:04
the_humble_noobYes... i even drew a diagram for one of them.. they still diddnt get it.. I was really frustrated because It would be such an easy thing to fix in XP.. but in linux .. i have been trying to sort it out for HOURS :-)17:05
the_humble_noobhence.. the new nick (NOOB) because i really dont know whats going on in ubuntu half the time..17:05
the_humble_noobi would say i know like maby 10 percent of how to solve some problems on ubuntu.17:06
mneptoki feel your pain. getting people to understand exactly what the problem is can be frustrating.17:06
the_humble_noobI thought it was pretty simple.17:06
mneptok /whois mneptok17:06
mneptoki *feel* your pain17:06
mneptokbut walk away, hmm?17:06
the_humble_noobwhat do you mean?17:07
mneptokjust ... walk away.17:07
mneptokthere comes a point, usually it hits me just before a diagram, when i think "i'll do IRC again in a couple hours." ;)17:07
the_humble_noobthe humble noob goes away to re-evaluate life.17:07
jpatrickthe_humble_noob: his cloak maybe..17:07
mneptokthere's no point getting that frustrated. they won't listen, and ops will get peeved.17:08
the_humble_noobSometimes i think it is easier to just work without irc.17:08
the_humble_noobThanks.. if someone could let me know.. how long does this ban last for?17:09
mneptokthe_humble_noob: usually 24h before the op that banned you (Seveas in this case) revisits the issue.17:10
LjL-Tempaw stupid nickname17:10
jpatrickthe_humble_noob: you were banned by Seveas 17:10
mneptokthe_humble_noob: he may be listening, and may catch scrool, and unban you before (or after) that.17:10
jpatrickthe_humble_noob: seems you !attitude-d | him...17:10
the_humble_noobyeah.. was frustrated at that point .. because I wasnt swearing at anyone or anything really outragious .. but was annoyed that they were all asking me to go buy a wireless router.. which would defeat the entire purpose of using linux to bypass having to buy a router and having to buy xp .. to use "urchased solutions:"17:12
Mezthe_humble_noob, smoothwall ?17:12
Mezrouter - no box = smoothwall17:12
Mezbest software based router I've found ever17:13
the_humble_noobwould smoothwall enable me to be able to connect my laptop to my pc.. through wifi?17:13
nalioththe_humble_noob: was there anything else we could help you with?17:13
Mezthe_humble_noob, #smoothwall17:14
the_humble_noobno.. probably not. This isnt a support channel for ubuntu right? .. so i guess I will be going now.17:14
mneptokthe_humble_noob: ping Seveas here this time tomorry. or just try to /join #ubuntu17:14
mneptokthat left a somewhat better impression17:16
Seveasthere's nothung humble about that guy17:16
mneptokthe nick change was a bit funny17:16
nikrudmaybe a little humbled. All things are relative :)17:17
mneptoklike incest.17:18
* nikrud realizes that everything said about mneptok is true17:18
Seveasmneptok, indeed, you need to STFU17:18
naliotheverything unsaid about mneptok is true, too17:18
Picioh   my17:18
mneptoknalioth: *that* hurts. but i won't insult us both by denying it.17:19
* Mez pats mneptok on the head17:22
Mez/cs kb mneptok #aag17:22
SeveasMez, that's dangerous, odd things live in his hair17:22
Mezargh! wrong command17:22
Mez/cs kf mneptok #aag17:22
* Mez thinks he'll be more at home there17:23
nikrudI don't think I even want to know about that channel then17:23
Meznikrud, the "g" stands for g**tse17:24
LjL-Tempand the a's?17:24
Seveasascii art?17:24
Mez"all about"17:25
MezI think17:25
Mez/topic #aag17:25
LjL-Tempdo i want to?17:25
* nikrud plugs his ears and covers his eyes17:25
MezIt isnt that bad17:26
LjL-Temp./topic #aag <- you're not on that channel17:26
LjL-Temp+s doesn't help17:26
MezLjL-Temp, ah ...17:26
* Mez can /msg you it if you REALLY want17:26
LjL-Tempnah thanks i guess i can live without17:26
Mezah, already did .... sorry17:27
LjL-Tempwell i just won't click on the links then...17:27
mneptoki'm pathetic, though. i'm all an act.17:27
mneptok*this* guy is scary. - http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/dmilam1.html17:27
LjL-Tempor on that link.17:28
MezLjL-Temp, the links arent that bad actually (though havent clicked the dsl one)17:28
Seveasmneptok, yes, that is fricken scary17:35
mneptokSeveas: you have met me. you know i'm all talk. i'm actually really boring.17:36
SeveasI know17:37
mneptoki shower every day. i have money. there's little vomit.17:37
Seveasthat guy seems to be the opposite17:37
mneptokUSA! USA! USA!17:38
Seveassafe to say from canadistan :p17:39
mneptokEURSA! EURSA! EURSA!17:40
mneptokDELENDA EST!17:42
LjL-TempSAYS YOU!17:43
mneptokdude. Rome, or *Tunis*? duuuuuuude. ;)17:43
* Mez realises everyone is voiced17:43
LjL-Tempthat's a point17:43
Mezlol @ mneptok 17:44
LjL-Tempbah ok i shouldn't op from mirc17:46
SeveasLjL-Temp, wrong button? :)17:46
LjL-TempSeveas: wrong client17:46
Seveas@lart LjL-Temp 17:46
LjL-Tempi'll investigate konversation over x :P17:46
Picinikrud: aww.. I wanted to put something witty in the kick message17:47
nikrudheh. I'm a man of few words17:47
nikrudbesides, it might have been considered baiting, outside the coc. I guess I saved you :)17:48
jussi01Jucato: go to bed, or Ill banforward you to ##bed :P18:09
Jucatojust need to fire up this email begging some relatives for a N800 :D18:09
jussi01hrm, we need to fix that factoid18:17
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, spreading propaganda, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Policy)18:17
jussi01if called in a different channel, it still says -ops18:17
jussi01what the variable to call the channel its in?18:17
ubotusex is <alias> o4o - added by Seveas on 2007-11-15 00:10:1018:18
LjL-Tempjussi01: hm?18:18
jussi01LjL-Temp: call the o4o factoid somewhere othere than here18:19
ubotuo4o aliases: religion, sex - added by LjL on 2006-12-21 03:36:0918:19
jussi01the cahnnel is always -ops18:19
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, spreading propaganda, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Policy)18:19
Seveas!o4p =~ s/#ubuntu-ops/$chan/18:19
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seveas said: !o4p =~ s/#ubuntu-ops/$chan/18:19
Seveas!o4o =~ s/#ubuntu-ops/$chan/18:19
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seveas said: !o4o =~ s/#ubuntu-ops/$chan/18:19
Seveas!o4o =~ s/#ubuntu-ops/$chan/18:19
ubotuI'll remember that Seveas18:20
Seveassomebody screwed up the factoid18:20
jussi01thanks Seveas, I had forgotten it :)18:20
jussi01yeah, looks that way18:20
LjL-Tempit's been made shorter18:20
LjL-Tempso i think i know who to point to :P18:20
SeveasLjL-Temp, you originally vroke it18:21
Seveasno, I'm reading logs wrong18:22
SeveasHobbsee broke it18:22
Seveas(logs in ubotu suck, they're puzzling)18:22
LjL-TempSeveas: blame the author18:23
Seveashe sucks18:23
Seveas--> ey-nonymous (n=mudkips@c-69-138-0-58.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu18:30
naliothnot mudkips! oh noes!18:32
LjL-Tempaw come on, you're jumping in joy and clapping your hands18:33
ubotuIn ubotu, Sulabh said: !foo is Lets have a meeting bar18:55
ubotuIn ubotu, Sulabh said: !foo is Lets bar18:55
ubotuIn ubotu, Sulabh said: !foo is the bar18:56
ubotuIn ubotu, Sulabh said: !foo is jpt18:56
Myrtti!botabuse > Sulabh18:56
ubotuIn ubotu, flipstar said: this is okay for me20:06
bodhi_zazen'lo everyone20:25
bodhi_zazenjust a FYI really20:26
bodhi_zazenthe beginner team made a new channel, #beginners-help20:26
bodhi_zazenI do not know it this will be a logn term channel or not, but is there any need to make it an official ubuntu channel ?20:26
bodhi_zazenThe intent is to offer support to new users who show up on #ubuntu20:27
* PriceChild is confused20:27
PriceChild(and by the way earlier, you meant 'the ubuntuforums beginner team' ?20:27
bodhi_zazenyes that team20:28
bodhi_zazenThere was a conversation you had with some of the team members re: starting an irc channel and learning how difficult it can be20:29
PriceChildI had? When?20:29
bodhi_zazenI guess they are going to learn ...20:29
bodhi_zazenyea, with Tronx20:29
bodhi_zazenwhen you and he were disussing #ubuntu20:29
ubotuLamego called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:33
jrib"he better watches his ass" heh...21:38
jribTm_T: comment from a banee21:55
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:17
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:17
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:19
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:19
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:19
CzessiHi, this morning I become my Kubuntu Member. It would by nice, if someone can set the Member cloak for me. My Launchpad profile is https://launchpad.net/~czessi . Thanks a lot22:27
LjL-TempCzessi, please ensure that you have an alternate nickname set up and linked to your primary nickname, and also that an email address is set in nickserv (it can be marked as hidden)22:28
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.22:28
LjL-Temp(some other piece of that page :)22:28
=== Czessi is now known as Czessi__
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi_
LjL-TempCzessi_, you can ask for "czessi_" to be dropped if you like, it's last been used a long time ago (ask in #freenode)22:32
Czessi_LjL-Temp: ok, thanks. i will check this22:36
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi
LjL-Tempat any rate i need a linked nickname (any linked nickname) for the cloak22:37
=== Czessi is now known as czessi_
=== czessi_ is now known as Czessi__
Garyczessi_: I was watching your chat here, thats why :p22:40
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi_
LjL-TempGary: linked and email set?22:41
Garyto the primary Czessi nick22:42
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi__
LjL-TempGary, could you, please22:42
LjL-TempCzessi__, you should have received an email about your cloak22:43
GaryCzessi__: once you have finished with nicknames, can you /nick to your primary nick for me?22:46
Czessi__Gary: yes, i'll create fix an alternate nick for my notebook nick (Czessi-m)22:48
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi
CzessiLjL-Temp, Gary: finished, Czessi is my primary Nick and my alternate nicks are: Czessi_, Czessi__, Czessi-m, Czessi-m_ and Czessi-m__22:54
LjL-Tempwow :)22:54
Garyloadsa nicks :p22:55
ompaulCzessi, you sure you got enough ;-)22:55
LjL-Tempwell i have more but then again :)22:55
Czessiompaul: yes ;)22:55
GaryCzessi: and you also now have a shiny cloak22:56
LjL-TempGary: thanks22:56
Garywell done on ubuntu membership \o/22:56
Czessicool, thanks a lot :-)22:56
LjL-Temphey what is my bot doing in £kubuntu23:04
Myrttibecause they luvz it23:05
TheSheepwhat's Łkubuntu?23:08
TheSheepŁukasz's Ubuntu?23:08
Piciif you say so23:18
LjL-Tempi'm on the wrong keyboard layout23:21
Piciboth bots are in #ubuntu, I muted ubotwo, but it'll probably send out a double message when !this > that is used23:22
LjL-Tempbut i never made it join23:22
PiciI'm just telling you what I see23:23
ompaulLjL, will you ask it to leave or will I?23:25
LjL-Tempdid already23:26
ompaul* peeps[work] has quit ("No, I do not use *sham*poo! I only use real poo. Nothing but the best poo for my wigs.")  <-- forwarded to here23:27
* Pici has no problem with that quit message23:28
LjL-Tempcertainly seen worse23:29
ompaulhowever it is pushing an envelope or am I being too touchy?23:29
naliothompaul: take a walk ( that's a harmless old joke )23:30
PiciI think you're being too touchy, and if nal was here... er23:30
Pici(if nalioth was here he'd say something and then go off muttering about dalnet or something)23:30
* ompaul goes for a walk23:31
ompauluntil tomorrow folks23:31
ompaulI should have known - if you have to ask ... etc23:32
Garytsk... dalnet tsk... mumble mumble23:45
naliothtsk, that guy Gary. . . . mumble mumble23:47
PriceChildtsk in general tks tsk mumble mumble...23:47
Myrttinitey night kids <323:58

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