burzumIm using ubuntu 6.06 server and need to update php5 to 5.2.x is there no package aviliable for it? Do i really have to compile it on my own? :(01:40
ScottKburzum: Did you look at dapper-backports?01:42
burzumUhh no, wait, let me check if i have them in my apt01:44
burzumdeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper-backports main restricted universe multiverse01:46
burzumThis one?01:46
ScottKIf it's not there....01:48
ScottK!backports will give you instructions on how to request it.01:49
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:49
ScottKSo no, you don't necessarily have to compile it on your own ...01:52
kris_phis there an application for ubuntu gutsy server to monitor the ports open and its traffic activity?01:57
kris_phI have chrootkit actually..01:57
keithclark Just wondering what the easiest way to tell the status of the Squid Cache size?  And efficiency?02:00
burzumIs there a way to request a backport without need to create an account for launchpad?02:06
kirklandburzum: aw, launchpad isn't so bad ;-)02:07
kirklandkraut: netstat02:07
burzumkirkland, possible, but im sick of all the effort it takes always to do something with linux, im running here local linux our company uses bsd on their live systems, maybe im going to try this.02:08
burzumeach time i run in a basicly simple problem (i would call updating a programm simple) i get in deep trouble with linux :(02:09
kirklandkeithclark: the various cache configurations are set in /etc/squid/squid.conf02:10
keithclarkkirkland, understood, but I want to be able to analyze the hit:miss ratio, cache size and so on.  On the Squid machine.02:11
burzumBut i found out that my problem is not related to a bug in my php version, so no need to update quickly. I'll replace the server with an win2003 server in the next few weeks.02:11
* mralphabet shakes his head02:11
burzumbut thanks for your help02:11
kirklandburzum: updating a program is very simple.  "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade <PACKAGE>"02:11
burzumkirkland, only if its aviliable02:11
mralphabetis IIS 6 available for nt4?02:12
kirklandburzum: you can build it yourself, if you want02:12
kirklandmralphabet: yeah, you bet.02:12
burzumsure, but i dont want because it would require a lot of time and reading which i dont have yet02:13
burzummralphabet, i dont plan to use iis02:13
mralphabetthat wasn't my point02:13
burzumand 6.06 is not even 5 years old, not to mention that nt is uhh at least 10 years old02:14
kirklandkeithclark: from the server, or from the client?02:15
kirklandowh: howdy02:15
keithclarkkirkland: the server02:15
kirklandowh:  you get some pointers from mathiaz today02:15
kirklandowh: that was a question ;-)02:16
* mralphabet shakes his head at burzum02:16
kirklandmralphabet: some people just need a punching bag02:16
kirklandmralphabet: if he wants someone to put in the effort on his behalf to do a backport (several hours), but he doesn't have time to create a launchpad account (several minutes) to make the request.....02:17
mralphabetkirkland: preaching to the choir02:18
kirklandmralphabet: ;-)02:18
owhkirkland: Yeah, I took ownership of bug 203696 to test in hardy at least. I'm also attempting to download the server guide, but if you've got a fast pipe, or have it already, a .tgz link would be well received :)02:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203696 in dovecot ""undefined symbol: quota" on dapper while trying to use imap_quota" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20369602:21
owhkirkland: I'm trying to get: bzr checkout --lightweight lp:ubuntu-doc/hardy02:21
kirklandowh: i do have a faster pipe than satellite ;-)02:21
owhkirkland: It's not the speed that's killing it, it's the latency.02:22
kirklandowh: yup02:22
kirklandowh: i've been writing a bandwidth benchmark all day today02:22
kirklandowh: which is part of the explanation for my latency in getting back to you02:23
owhkirkland: One of my mates once wrote: "It's the latency stoopid." - Stuart Cheshire. Funny guy. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon packed full of CDs.02:23
owhkirkland: Funny boy.02:23
* owh has been trying to explain to a hosting company that TTL life exceeded is a problem.02:24
ghostnobhi GUys....02:24
owhThey don't yet see it my way :)02:24
mralphabetowh: hah02:24
kirklandowh: ask them if they're bothered by their own personal TTL02:24
kirklandowh: and how bothered they'd be if it were expired prematurely02:25
owhI figured that this will change when I choose a different hosting company, or if I keep ringing the corporate support queue :)02:25
ghostnobI'm trying to make Window server 2003 connect to my Ubuntu server at home, is it possible to also connect the windows mail server exchange with ubuntu mail server...? i know this is dumb but I play alot with this things at home and would like to know what I can up with...02:26
owhAt the moment they're blaming it on their load balancers. I think it is a routing issue myself :)02:26
mralphabetghostnob: what do you mean by connect?02:26
owhghostnob: What do you mean when you write: "connect the windows mail server exchange with ubuntu mail server"02:26
mralphabetghostnob: exchange forward to ubuntu forward to internets?02:27
ghostnobyes... right..02:27
ghostnobthat's what I mean...02:27
mralphabetexchange has a "relay everything through x.x.x.x"02:27
mralphabetsendmail / postfix / whatever mta has a "relay everything for x.x.x.x"02:28
owhkirkland: Should I continue to struggle with the bzr, or are you secretly squirrelling away in the background - there is no expectation either way.02:28
ghostnobok.. I'll try it this weekend and I'll let you guys know what I come up with.. I'm a student and I also work, so the little time I have is for my linux and windows administration development02:28
ScottKrelayhost is the configuration you want when you setup postfix02:28
kirklandowh: i'm pulling it down02:30
kirklandowh: but this thing must be massive.....02:30
owhDid you get the lightweight version?02:30
owhNo changelogs etc?02:30
ghostnobI got the 7.10 DVD from UBUNTU....02:30
owhkirkland: bzr checkout --lightweight lp:ubuntu-doc/hardy02:31
owhkirkland: That supposedly is small, just the docs.02:31
ghostnobI haven't explore everything yet... But I have it on my laptop and I use it with SUSE 10.1 server...02:31
* owh doesn't know as it's not here yet :)02:31
kirklandowh: okay, i just restarted with that02:31
kirklandowh: and it's going much faster02:31
owhkirkland: If speed is an indication of size, then that's good :)02:32
owhOh, found the latency rant from Stuart: http://www.stuartcheshire.org/rants/Latency.html02:34
kirklandowh: i agree with his statement.  i have a colo backup of my critical data at my parent's house, 500 miles away.  incremental changes I handle with rsync.  major sync differents, I jump in the car and drive with a USB hard drive and get some home cookin' out of the deal02:35
owhkirkland: Yup. That's what I'm working on with my clients as well.02:35
kirklandowh: even lightweight, it's still big02:39
owhHow big?02:39
owhkirkland: How big so far?02:41
kirklandowh: seems i've downloaded a measly 85M so far :-/02:43
keithclarkkirkland:  Are srg and squidview two examples of what I should me looking for?02:43
owhkirkland: Kill it.02:44
kirklandkeithclark: hey, i'm still looking for your answer...  squidview i tried, but it looks like it analyzes from a client perspective02:44
keithclarkkirkland, yeah, that was my opinion as well.02:44
kirklandowh: i had better luck with "apt-get source ubuntu-docs"02:44
owhkirkland: Damn, that's a good idea.02:45
owhkirkland: Tah.02:45
keithclarkkirkland, I just can't seem to scope out the right app.02:45
kirklandowh: not as up-to-date as from the source repo, but pretty damn close02:45
kirklandkeithclark: i'm bothered by it too... i've run my own squid for years, but never personally questioned hit ratio02:46
kirklandkeithclark: now i'm curious ;-)02:46
owhkirkland: Well, I've just fired up my hardy vm and I'll do an update and get it. It will have to do.02:46
kirklandowh: i'd do both if i were you....  background a bzr pull in a screen session02:46
kirklandowh: grab the source in the mean time02:46
keithclarkkirkland: haha, for sure.  I know it works as I'm using it remotely now, but I just have to know how efficient it is.  And, does it need more disc space?02:47
owhkirkland: Nah, after half an hour of downloading the bzr I had all of 2.2 Mb.02:47
kirklandowh: pooh02:47
owhkirkland: Getting individual shitty little files just doesn't work.02:47
owhkirkland: Now if I could tell bzr to pack in into a big chunk, then send it, I'd be laughing.02:48
kirklandowh: it does that.... every time it builds a source deb ;-)02:49
owhkirkland: Funny.02:49
owhOh, it was a joke ;-)02:49
* owh <grins>02:49
kirklanda glass of wine and I'm a regular comedian02:49
ajmitchowh: funnily enough, when checking out with a smart server at the other end, it should tar it all up & send it02:50
owhajmitch: Ah, so we just blame launchpad then?02:50
ScottK2owh: That's my usual approach.02:51
ajmitchyes, I think all that part is coming soon enough02:51
owhIts funny and sad all at the same time in a way.02:51
keithclarkkirkland, should one not be able to access the file from OO Database and work with it there?02:55
kirklandkeithclark: it looks like "polygraph" is what people use to benchmark squid02:57
keithclarklet me check that out02:57
keithclarkdo you use squid-prefet?02:57
kirklandkeithclark: no, never heard of it02:57
keithclarkkirkland: used for prefetching pages in squid02:58
kirklandkeithclark: fyi... there is a #squid on this irc server02:58
kirklandkeithclark: i think they may be a better resouce02:58
keithclarkkirkland, I tried, but no response02:58
owhkirkland: What next, tell desktop users to ask questions in #ubuntu-server :)02:58
owhkirkland: Or even s/ask/stop asking/02:59
owhkirkland: Either way, the wine will help to make it funny :)02:59
owhThat's more like it, getting the source documentation now at up to 200kB/s.03:00
owhThat's not bad for a supposed 1Mbit connection :)03:01
keithclarkkirkland: thanks for trying!03:01
kirklandkeithclark: sure no problem.  ping me back here, if you figure it out.  i'm quite curious now.03:02
owhkirkland: keithclark, what's the question?03:02
keithclarkkirkland, sure will!03:02
keithclarkowh, second....03:02
kirklandkeithclark: i'm most bothered that i've found a number of hits in google with people claiming a hit ratio of some such, but I can't for the life of me figure out how they determined that03:03
owhkirkland: That's from the squid statistics / status page.03:03
keithclarkowh:  I want to be able to analyze the hit:miss ratio, cache size and so on.  On the Squid machine.03:03
kirklandowh: okay, so from my squid server, how I would i find out what its running hit/miss ratio03:04
owhkirkland: From memory there's a web interface for that.03:04
keithclarkowh cachemgr?03:04
owhkeithclark: I'm remembering a web server on port 3306, but I'm old and forgetful, so that might be wrong :)03:05
keithclarkowh....not a problem!  I'm also no spring chicken....I just wanted a simple app that would tell me how my server is doing....03:05
owhkirkland: After all that pussing around, we're talking about a serverguide that's 484K. Count 'em. 484. I could have typed it faster :)03:06
owhkeithclark: Lemmie have a looksee.03:06
kirklandowh: holy smokes03:06
keithclarkowh, that would be terrific!03:06
ajmitchowh: 3306 = mysql :)03:06
owhajmitch: Told you I was old and forgetful :)03:07
owhkirkland: Holy what, where?03:07
kirklandowh: 484k03:07
owhkirkland: Yeah.03:07
kirklandowh: there's something wrong with that, IMO03:08
owhkirkland: You're not wrong there.03:08
kirklandowh: I'm still downloading th source03:08
owhkirkland: Huh? I've just gotten that.03:09
owhkirkland: Oh, you're talking about the bzr.03:09
kirklandowh: yup03:09
kirklandapt-get source happened very fast03:09
owhkeithclark: My memory is telling me that you want: squid-cgi, which gives you what you're after.03:10
owhkeithclark: That is, I searched the apt-cache, looked, did a google and it looks like what I'm remembering.03:10
keithclarkowh, let me check.03:10
keithclarkowh, yes but then don't I need apache installed and running?03:11
owhkeithclark: Not apache especially, just a web server.03:12
keithclarkowh, hmm, I just wanted a simple app.03:12
keithclarkowh, maybe my database analysis would work?03:12
owhkeithclark: I'm *guessing* that the cgi is calling an API of sorts, so I suspect that there is a command-line tool for it also.03:12
owhkeithclark: Well you could just run webalizer across the logs.03:12
owhkeithclark: From memory it's all pre-configured.03:13
keithclarkowh, ok, let me check that next!03:13
owhkeithclark: Also: http://www.squid-cache.org/Misc/related-software.dyn03:14
owhkeithclark: And: http://code.google.com/p/squidutils/03:15
keithclarkowh, yeah, I've been looking there but I've not found the right match.03:15
owhkeithclark: http://samm.kiev.ua/sqstat/03:15
keithclarkowh:  My match would be hit/miss ratio, disc space use.  Very simple and does not have to be real time.03:16
owhkeithclark: Well, that's two commands, du -sh . and grep "Miss" * | wc03:16
owhkeithclark: You don't need anything cool for that :)03:17
keithclarkowh, I know there are log analyzers out there galore to analyze all activity to the ultimate end, but I want a cloud view of my server03:17
owhkeithclark: So, run a cron job every hour that runs a few commands across your log file.03:17
keithclarkowh, I see what you are getting at03:17
owhkeithclark: KISS.03:17
keithclarkowh, that is what I wanted!  A KISS solution03:17
keithclarkowh: everything else is way too detailed.03:18
owhkeithclark: The ratio is trivial. Count the total number of requests, count the total number of cache misses, do maths.03:18
keithclarkowh:  I just want to know how much it is using, and should I give it more space, and how efficient is it03:18
kirklandkeithclark: yeah, if you're open to that, i think you have all you need in /var/log/squid03:18
kirklandkeithclark: plus some grep | wc | bc magic :-)03:19
kirklandkeithclark: step (3) profit03:19
owhkeithclark: If I had more hours in the day I'd offer you an hour to put it together for you, but not this day :)03:19
keithclarkowh kirkland: yup, I need to brush up on my command line03:19
owhkirkland: Hey, where's step 4?03:19
kirklandowh: fiji03:19
keithclarkowh, thanks for the offer, I'll try and if I get stuck, you might see me here.03:20
kirklandowh: beach, sun, and drinks with little umbrellas03:20
owhkirkland: Now there's an idea. No Internet would be good :)03:20
keithclarkBut, it should be possible to import into Open Office Database and analyze as I see fit, no?03:20
owhkeithclark: I have to say that the wc/grep would be a whole lot simpler.03:21
kirklandkeithclark: i think so03:21
owhkeithclark: Your biggest problem wit OO will likely be the size of the log files.03:21
kirklandkeithclark: as a next step, though, i suggest persisting in #squid in +8, +12, and +16 hours03:21
keithclarkowh, you are right KISS03:21
kirklandi think we're just off on our #squid timezone sweet spot03:22
kirklandsomeone there will surely know the answer to this question without even thinking about it03:22
owhkirkland: Yeah, but by that time, a cron job will give you output :)03:22
kirklandokay, adios, manana03:23
keithclarkkirkland: thanks!03:23
owhkirkland: That needs extra letters, but g'night :)03:23
keithclarkowh, thanks for your help as well.  I have the right mindset now!03:24
owhkeithclark: That's cool. Pleasure to help.03:24
keithclarkowh, command line is a lot of fun.  I've not done that since my DOS days03:25
owhkeithclark: I'll be around, feel free to ask questions. If I'm able I'll help.03:25
keithclarkowh:  awsome.03:30
kamikazemorning :)07:51
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
kris_phwill I give attention this warning [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts?08:13
_rubenkris_ph: its a warning, hence non-fatal, but it indicates that your apache config isnt completely optimal08:18
_rubeni have that message 3 times when i start apache on one of my server, havent gotten around to dive into it, works like a charm though08:19
kris_ph_ruben: okay.. I appreciate that.. can you tell me how to fix it?08:19
_rubenkris_ph: not in detail, but im assuming it has something to do with have "NameVirtualHost *:80" in your config but no "<VirtualHost *:80>"08:20
_rubenor perhaps "<VirutalHost foo.bar.com:80>" for example08:20
_rubeni suggest reading the documentation on virtualhosting on http://httpd.apache.org08:20
kris_ph_ruben: my httpd.conf is empty.. why do you think?08:24
kamikazeit's called apache2.conf in ubuntu if i'm right08:26
kamikazeif using apache 2 that is08:28
_rubencorrect .. and apache 1 hasnt been supported for a while now in ubuntu, afaik08:40
_rubenbut most likely you'll need to be looking in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ *if* things were done properly08:40
kris_ph_ruben: mmm.. what should be the correct configuration there?08:50
_rubenkris_ph: this is probably a good start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#head-8c16bcd2517fa5b9fa35d616f00d3bb59e98137308:53
J-_I'm trying to configure for a static IP on my server. I've changed interfaces, and resolv.conf, is this correct? http://pastebin.ca/950060 If not, what do I need to change?09:07
=== kamikaze is now known as kamisalami
kris_phJ-: in your /etc/resolv.conf the entries there are the name servers of your ISP?09:16
J-_kris_ph: no09:19
J-_kris_ph: by nameserver's what do you mean? DNS?09:19
kris_phJ-_: you should be using the nameservers (IP) of your ISP...09:20
J-_I think I need to set up the noip program to do so09:20
J-_kris_ph: am I correct?09:22
kris_phJ-_: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/network-configuration.html <<<<<< check it..09:25
kris_phI suggest.. you leave the file blank and try to restart your server.. and do "cat //etc/resolv.conf09:29
J-_how do I kill a job that has been stopped?09:55
henkjanyou know the pid of the process? kill <pid>09:56
J-_it won't die09:59
henkjantry kill -909:59
J-_thaqnks a lot10:00
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, you about? i was wondering if you could disable boot on the T1000. i cant seem to send 'Stop A' to it :(10:12
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: Hmm?10:13
Jeeves_You can do a 'break -y' to interupt the bootloader10:13
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, i cant send stopa to the sun as it boots, ^break hasnt worked either10:14
Kamping_Kaiserbreak +y? i'll have to try that.10:14
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: If you reset it, you see al the 'cpu cpu cpu cpu cpu' messages10:15
Jeeves_Than you send a break from the ALOM10:15
Kamping_Kaiseri'm just trying to get into openfirmware, but `console -f` starts solaris booting10:16
J-_How can I figure out what group my current user is?10:31
J-_To be PHP pages admin10:31
Kamping_Kaisertype `groups`10:31
J-_Would the default group be admin?10:33
Kamping_Kaiserdefault group for what?10:33
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: Succeeded yet?10:34
J-_I'm trying to figure out which group I belong to so I can set myself up to be the PHP admin for apache.10:34
Jeeves_J-_: open a terminal10:36
Jeeves_J-_: type 'groups'10:36
J-_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#head-6aac570a36ae91754513949f6b2d1df5e61fe5ac is what im trying to do10:36
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, no.  i'm sitting at a solaris login prompt, and i cant figure out how to break out :|10:36
J-_I did and it listed 11 groups beside my name.10:36
J-_one including admin, so I'm guessing that is what I'm looking for?10:37
Kamping_Kaiserother then 'administer php' what do you want to do? whas the purpose?10:37
blue-frogJ-_: what do you want to do? write php code? go ahead write..10:37
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: I'll show you :)10:37
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, ok :)10:37
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: Can you still see what happens?10:38
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, yes i can :)10:38
Jeeves_Good :)10:38
Jeeves_first we reset the box10:39
Jeeves_Than we send a break10:39
Kamping_Kaiserfrom alom, i assume.?10:39
Jeeves_You see it looking for hardware, right?10:40
Kamping_Kaiseryep, and the ok prompt10:40
Jeeves_And now it says '{0} ok '10:40
Jeeves_Than 'boot net'10:40
Jeeves_And than an error I've seen before, but I don't know why10:40
Jeeves_The only way I could come out of there, was to powerof and poweronn10:41
=== kamikaze is now known as rdlang
Jeeves_So now it's turned off10:41
Jeeves_Now we turn it on10:42
Jeeves_(This takes ages)10:42
Jeeves_btw: Anyone here who knows why ksoftirqd is eating 100% cup while only doing 40MiB/sec over the NIC?10:43
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, how are you breaking it while it boots? do you have two alom sessions open?10:44
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: Yes10:45
Kamping_Kaiserhm. my ssh sessions to the alom both send the same data at the same time. (so i cant use one to break)10:45
Kamping_Kaiserwonder if i'm doing it wrong10:45
J-_I'm still having trouble changing the user, and group. I don't know what to strings to change. It's pretty confusion.10:46
Jeeves_J-_: Skip the step10:46
Jeeves_You don't need it10:46
Kamping_KaiserJ-_, i still dont know what your trying to do it for10:46
J-_I'll skip10:46
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: So now we can instruct the bios bootloader10:47
Jeeves_{0} ok boot net10:47
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: There you go10:48
Jeeves_Kamping_Kaiser: 'break -y' is an ALOM command10:48
Jeeves_Just like 'console'10:48
Jeeves_Don't always type 'console'10:48
Kamping_Kaiserahaha. i'm trying to boot the wrong mac :|10:51
Jeeves_Ok, so can I go back to work now? :)10:55
Kamping_Kaiserhehe, should be able to :)10:56
J-_How would I copy/paste a file from my Desktop to my Server via SSH?11:09
Kamping_KaiserJ-_, scp11:10
J-_cp index.html ssh user@IP /var/www?11:10
* J-_ googles11:10
Kamping_Kaiserno, scp index.html user@host:/var/www11:11
Kamping_Kaiserscp --help11:11
J-_cool, thanks a lot, again. =)11:11
J-_permission denied!11:15
J-_what the heck! =\11:15
Kamping_Kaiserdo youhave permission to write to /var/www on the remote server?11:16
J-_No, I don't think so. How can I do so?11:19
J-_it's not a remote server. I mean it's in my house, but, am using ssh11:19
faulkes-probably best to create a subdirectory off of /var/www which you do have permission to use11:19
Kamping_Kaiserheh. iw as about to say 'first ask yourself if you need to'11:20
faulkes-sudo mkdir /var/www/mytesthost ; sudo chown myuser:myuser /var/www/mytesthost11:20
Kamping_Kaiseror mkdir ~/public_html (if you dont mind that sort of thing ...)11:21
J-_don't I want /var/www at root of the server?11:21
J-_would sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/www11:22
J-_do the same?11:22
Kamping_Kaiserwhy do you want to?11:22
J-_because I want want a large URL, currently I have, http://site.no-ip.com/. I don't really want http://site.no-ip.com/rootofsite/, I want the root to be http://site.no-ip.com/11:25
Kamping_Kaisertime to learn vhosts :)11:26
Kamping_Kaiserwell, that would be my first thought anyway11:27
J-_how can I see my permissions for /var/www?11:59
Kamping_Kaiser<J-_> would sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/www11:59
ICUJ-_: ls -ld /var/www11:59
Kamping_Kaiseroh, see, not set :|12:00
J-_What permissions is 'drwxr-xr-x 4' Is it in any regards safe?12:02
blue-frogJ-_: you should start by reading the tutorials found here: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/views/linux/libraryview.jsp?topic_by=All+topics+and+related+products&sort_order=asc&lcl_sort_order=asc&search_by=lpi+exam+topic&search_flag=true&type_by=Tutorials&show_abstract=true&start_no=1&sort_by=Title&end_no=100&show_all=false&S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR-LPI12:14
blue-frogJ-_: the website is currently under maintenance but will certainly resume shortly12:14
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_rubenhrm ... trying to create a local mirror using debmirror and rsync, but either doing something wrong or nl.archives.ubuntu.com doesnt like me very much .. im guessing the first or both ;)13:24
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* _ruben pokes henkjan & Jeeves_ 13:28
Jeeves_What's up?13:28
_rubenheh, figured that might draw some attention ;)13:28
Jeeves_You're trying to rsync?13:29
_rubentrying to steal ur data :)13:29
Jeeves_loose the second /13:29
_rubenthink i tried that one13:29
Jeeves_What's your cmdline?13:30
_rubensudo debmirror --progress --verbose --host=nl.archive.ubuntu.com --method=rsync --root=:ubuntu --dist=gutsy,gutsy-updates,gutsy-security --arch=i386,amd64 --rsync-options="--bwlimit=2048" /data/ubuntu13:30
Jeeves_--root=ubuntu ?13:30
_rubenthen it tries to use ssh13:31
_rubenthe : is required when using rsync afaik13:31
Jeeves_Try ::ubuntu?13:31
Kamping_Kaiser_ruben, lookd at the debmirror guide on the wiki?13:32
Kamping_Kaiseractually help.u.c now iirc13:32
_rubenKamping_Kaiser: yeah, i loosely based my commandline on that13:32
Jeeves_rhineheart_m: That's not it13:33
Jeeves__ruben: That's not it13:33
Kamping_Kaiser_ruben, what is the error?13:33
Jeeves_Mar 20 14:29:56 ftp rsyncd[19817]: building file list13:33
Jeeves_Mar 20 14:29:56 ftp rsyncd[19817]: skipping directory /.13:33
Jeeves_That is13:33
_rubenwith :ubuntu : http://pastebin.ca/95027013:34
_rubeni have no prior experience with rsync .. so dont really have a clue myself :p13:37
Kamping_Kaiseri have no experiance with debmirror over rsync. http worked well enough for me13:38
_rubenrsync has built-in bw limiter, thats pretty much the only reason13:38
_rubencould use http and shape the traffic, but still..13:39
Kamping_Kaiserknow the feeling13:39
_rubenfor the sake of it i'll give http a try .. see what happens13:39
_rubenor ftp even13:40
=== crummygummy_ is now known as CrummyGummy
_rubengetting 10Mbps .. not bad13:41
_rubenwonder what the bottlenck is here .. or perhaps its just Jeeves_ sitting on the uplink ;)13:43
rhineheart_mJeeves_: "That's not it" <<<< what do you mean?13:43
* Kamping_Kaiser imagines Jeeves_ sitting with a 'kill _ruben 's bandwidth' tool13:44
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, he ws taking to _ruben13:44
_rubenhmm .. only 16GiB estimated download size13:58
Kamping_Kaiser16? not much14:00
_ruben2 archs for gutsy14:04
_rubenunless debmirror got the number wrong ;-)14:04
_ruben"Download all files that we need to get (16385 MiB)."14:04
_ruben"Failed to download files (18143 errors)!"14:07
_rubensome1 tripped over a cable? :-P14:07
_rubensmall hickup somewhere i guess14:08
Jeeves__ruben: What errors?14:10
_ruben[  7%] Getting: pool/main/e/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs-udeb_1.40.2-1ubuntu1_amd64.udeb  # failed:Connection closed at /usr/bin/debmirror line 1318, <RELEASE> line 855.14:12
_rubenJeeves_: just curious, is there speed limit on your side (for the ftp) ? or is it just my connection here not living up to its specs?14:18
Jeeves__ruben: No limit here14:18
_rubenJeeves_: didn't really expect that either .. if debmirror would use multiple connections it'd probably go faster, then again, this saves from doing shaping myself ;-)14:22
cjsis there a quick answer to "how does ubuntu server edition stack up against other server-geared distros like CentOS/RHEL?"14:47
Jeeves_cjs: It has a packagemanager that doesn't suck14:48
NubaeHow well does ebox work with LDAP out of the box?14:48
cjsJeeves_:  yum is fine14:48
Jeeves_cjs: No it isn't ;)14:49
Nubaedoes it install slapd and ldap client as well as do some sort of user migration from posix?14:49
_rubenebox is rather new, other than that i do not know much about it ;-)14:50
_rubeni guess #ebox is decent place to start14:51
NubaeWhat I'm looking for really is a unified control panel that manages squid, dansguardian, some sort of firewall, dhcp, dns and various subnets14:51
cjsJeeves_: well, I guess I meant more in terms of package reliability, support, and performance14:51
_rubenthe plans for ebox are rather big i think, but resources tend to be a limiting factor14:51
Nubaethat and central user management in which case I thought LDAP would probably be a good choice14:51
Nubaeruben, I was advised to ask here about ebox14:52
Nubaewell, at least ebox and its current integration with ubuntu14:52
_rubenah ok ;)14:52
Jeeves_cjs: I don't think performance is really different between the Linux'es14:52
Nubaedo you know if it is debian specific?14:52
Jeeves_Canonical can offer you suppor14:52
_rubenJeeves_: seems my ftp connection is stalled again, probably just my side though ;-)14:53
Jeeves_cjs: There' no package-management-system like apt14:53
cjsJeeves_: I suppose that's a matter of opinion. Personally I like both apt and yum. imo, there's no package management system like the long dead red-carpet.14:53
Nubaeactually, sabayon's new package managemnt system looks quite interesting14:55
Nubaeso can someone with ebox experience tell me if its relatively easy to customise the gui?14:56
Nubaeeasy as say webmin?14:57
_rubenwoohoo .. "Failed to download files (16172 errors)!"14:58
_rubenlets switch from ftp to http to see if that improves things14:59
_rubenhmm .. debmirror doesnt show per-file progress when using http15:03
lamontjdstrand: Mar 20 08:35:22 mix kernel: [303996.622460] audit(1206023722.207:54):  type=1503 operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" name="/var/lib/misc/shadow.db" pid=31189 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd"15:12
lamontwhy does adding 'db' to nsswitch require that cupsd have read access to the shadow file??15:13
jdstrandlamont: I don't know off-hand15:13
jdstrandlamont: does cups fail in some way?15:14
lamontgnome-screensaver refuses to unlock the display unless it has read perms though...15:14
lamontlibnss_db.so needs to be taught how to check a password without actually reading the stupid file...15:14
* jdstrand nods15:15
jdstrandlamont: btw-- I have another little patch for bind9.preinst *ducks*15:15
jdstrandlamont: bind and mysql were the first apps to have a profile migrate from apparmor-profiles to the package15:16
lamontjdstrand: win.15:17
jdstrandlamont: as such, there has been refinement15:17
lamontso, uh, package it locally and verify that you're happy this time????? :-)15:17
jdstrandlamont: did you upload already?15:17
jdstrandit isn't critical15:17
* lamont was starting to get sick on tue, dead-to-the-world yesterday, and firing on about half-thrusters today15:17
jdstrandlamont: oh, I have a whole battery of tests I run against it15:18
jdstrandlamont: sorry to hear you aren't feeling well15:18
jdstrandlamont: it isn't failures, but rather corner cases15:18
lamontcorner cases _are_ the only place that we find bugs, it seems...15:19
jdstrand-8 is in sid now15:19
jdstrandlamont: and it isn't a bug per se-- it's putting in force-complain in another instance (to be safer on upgrades)15:20
lamontah, right15:20
jdstrandlamont: anyway-- I'll run my battery of tests and send it along15:20
lamontgo ahead and make it a new bug.15:20
lamontSuccessfully uploaded bind9_9.4.2-8_i386.changes to ftp-master.debian.org.15:20
* jdstrand nods15:21
_rubenok, that's it for today .. time to go home .. lets hope debmirror wont require any intervention untill it completes15:21
lamontafk for a bit15:21
jdstrandlamont: won't get to it til tomorrow though15:21
jdstrandlamont: hope you feel better15:21
lamontit'll be at least tomorrow before I look at it anyway.15:21
Solarionso, how do I go about setting /sys/bus/usb/<device>/power/autosuspend and friends automatically?15:26
Solarionudev is driving me crazy and rc.local doesn't seem to do anything either15:27
nxvlnijaba: did you take a look at the patch?15:29
nijabanxvl: yes.  it looks pretty straightforward.  I think mathiaz should be working on integrating it15:29
nijabanxvl: thanks a lot15:30
mathiaznxvl: I'm currently looking at it.15:30
nijabanxvl: where are you based, btw?15:30
nxvlnijaba: based as in timezone/country?15:31
nxvlmathiaz: oh great15:31
nxvlmathiaz: let me know if something is wrong15:31
nxvlalso working on this i noticed that it is using .config, not postins15:32
nijabanxvl: yes.  Your name sounds spanish, but you could be anywhere...15:32
nxvlnijaba: Lima - Peru15:33
nijabanxvl: cool!15:33
nijabanxvl: will I see you at UDS?15:34
nxvlnijaba: yes!15:38
nijabanxvl: looking forward to it15:38
nxvlnijaba: i'm really excited and counting the days for it :D15:39
nxvlnijaba: also i will be going to paris after uds15:43
nijabanxvl: me too ;)15:43
nijaba(but that's because that's where I live)15:43
nxvlactually a long cross-europe trip, but i will stop in paris some days15:43
nxvlnijaba: yes i know, i saw it at LP15:43
zulnijaba: shouldnt you be able to just take the train then?15:44
nxvlzul: that's what i will15:44
nijabanxvl: hey, I'll be glad to take you for a drink then15:44
nijabazul: train to prague? about 12h I think15:45
zulheh...probably easier to fly then :)15:45
nxvlnijaba: ok, i will ping you when i reach paris :D15:45
nijabanxvl: great15:45
nxvlwell, i'm going to the doctor, bbl!15:46
nxvlmathiaz: when you are done reviewing the patch please send me some feedback on the report or by mail15:47
nxvlmathiaz: i will be very apreciate since i needed o read and learn a lot for working on it15:47
mathiaznxvl: sure15:48
nxvlmathiaz: thnx15:48
* nxvl HUGS mathiaz and nijaba 15:48
nxvlsee you later15:48
keithclarkIf I change a client's proxy server via Network Proxy tool, does it then change it for every application run?16:58
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stiv2kare there any good alternatives to squirrelmail?17:52
sommerstiv2k: you could take a look at horde imp, but I'm not really sure it's better or worse17:54
Jeeves_stiv2k: Maybe roundcube?17:54
stiv2kim just looking for something not as boring17:54
stiv2ki mean, cmon, squirrelmail uses frames17:55
stiv2kthat shit might have been cool back in 200117:55
stiv2kknow what i mean?17:55
sommeryou could add some nudy pics :-)17:55
Jeeves_stiv2k: Than you must take a look at roundcube17:55
stiv2kJeeves_: i am looking now, it looks interesting!17:55
stiv2ksommer: lol :P17:55
keithclark If I change a client's proxy server via Network Proxy tool, does it then change it for every application run?17:56
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stiv2kJeeves_: do i want package "roundcube", "roundcube-webmail" or both?17:59
=== lamont` is now known as lamont
Jeeves_stiv2k: Ehm18:00
stiv2kJeeves_: aptitude search roundcube18:00
stiv2kboth packages have like almost identical descriptions18:00
Jeeves_roundcube-webmail, i believe18:01
stiv2kJeeves_: am i going to need to create any custom apache config for it18:03
googlah|sleepyjust noticed I could do alt+1, and some (arg 1) came in shell, is that some kind of predefined stuff?18:11
keithclarkok, I'll try later....18:38
nxvlmathiaz: did you want me to apply the patch to the new version of mysql uploaded some hours ago?18:41
nxvli make a version mistake18:42
nxvlmysql has been uploaded to gutsy18:42
nxvlmathiaz: i have just realize that the template is missing on the patch i uploadto Bug #16216719:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162167 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mySQL password asks only once" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16216719:29
nxvlmathiaz: i will upload it in a minute19:30
auraxanyone here knows something about jsvc?20:06
auraxi'm trying to load a jar as a service... but having problems with it20:06
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nxvlmathiaz: ok, uploaded20:43
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