gmazk_kitche: is there a IRC channel where I can report this failure?00:00
dvoid_whats is the equivalent to inittab in ubuntu?00:00
hischildyowshi, .... you have to use chown the sudo binary as root:root in rescue mode ...00:00
yowshiwil;l do unop__ sorry for delay was writing all that down00:00
hischildunop__, the sudo binary is no longer owned by root ... he has to reown it (ls WILL say it's owned by root)00:00
wantE17styleis there a way to make a source who is sending a ping of death wait 24 hours??//?????????????????/00:00
geniiexegesis: That's not an Ubuntu question, perhaps ask in ##windows for vista-relaed issues00:00
wantE17stylemy router doesn't seem to offer a timeout.........00:00
yowshiunop_ does this require a full reboot or will a change session into failsalfe terminal work?00:01
hischildwantE17style, you can drop the packages00:01
exegesisgenii it has to be an Ubuntu question because I had no problems booting into Vista before, and if it's a Windows issue I might as well forget it since their help sucks00:01
hischildyowshi, you have to be root ... thus a reboot into rescue is needed00:01
unop_yowshi, you could drop down into runlevel 1 if thats what you mean00:01
kitchegmazk_: I wonder if it's a heat issue00:01
unop_hischild, the problem is that $(which sudo) is no longer setuid root - thats what we're trying to fix00:01
yowshiyeah at the login screen it allows me to change session into terminal and login as root00:01
hansderagonGreetings.  Is there an equivalent of consolehelper for Ubuntu?  I have a script that needs to become root after asking for the password to the user.00:01
kitchegmazk_: or it's draining the battery so fast that your laptop will shutdown00:01
shivAre you pretty safe with Ubuntu for security, in terms of firewall? Or should I install Fwbuilder?00:01
unop_yowshi, that should work00:02
wantE17stylehow do I write the IPTABLE rules to drop packages? I think it is dropping ICMP pings already............I set that rule with firestarter00:02
yowshicool bbs00:02
dai1313belkinhelp, acctually im pretty useless too, ask someone else00:02
slideHow can I restore an old servers mysql installation? I have the entire old ubuntu filesystem and a fresh install and need to migrate the mysql server over. Any guide or anything?00:02
Jack_Sparrowshiv, You dont need to add one00:02
portamenteffshv: i've had good luck with the native firewall in Ubuntu and other *nixes00:02
hischildunop_, i know, the problem in it, is that the sudo binary is no longer owned by root ... if he reboots into rescue mode he's auto set as root ... if he then chown's the sudo binary as root:root and does your chmod thing, he will have sudo access again00:02
unop_racemap,  --  date -s "$(cat date_file | tr -d '\n')"00:02
shivJack_Sparrow: K00:02
wantE17stylewhat is fwbuilder??????????00:03
racemapunop_:thanx so much00:03
gmazk_kitche: it may be. But different users of different notebook manufacturers are reporting the same issue since last week. So I'm suspecting about some update problem or something.00:03
unop_hischild, hmm, i dunno if i paid attention to his sudo's ownership -- let's see when he gets back00:04
geniiexegesis: Any idea of what the last thing was that happened that might be relevent? updates,downloads,cold reboots, etc?00:04
MUS4SHIIICan anyone help me with mythtvfs in the fstab?00:04
gmazk_kitche: maybe some wrong ACPI table.00:05
wantE17style:( no knows how to help me? :'(00:05
ConstyXIVanyone have a link to the hardyheron background by chance?00:05
yowshithe ls -l $(which sudo) hasnt changed00:05
hischildunop_, if you ls -al the file it'll say it's owned by root ... yet chowning the file root:root actually fixes it (i've experienced it myself by a "slight" mistake)00:05
exegesisgenii no because I don't usually boot into Vista, and I tried a couple months ago and that's when it happend00:05
yowshii wonder incidentally if this has something to do with my home folder privs and my .d,rc file00:05
unop_yowshi, ok, let's see the output of that ls command anyway00:05
Jack_Sparrow!helpme | wantE17style00:05
ubotuwantE17style: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:05
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ ls -l $(which sudo)00:06
yowshi-rwsr-xr-x 2 proxy root 106336 2007-06-15 08:54 /usr/bin/sudo00:06
unop_yowshi, ahh, seems hischild was right after all --    run this command (as root) -- chown root:root $(which sudo)00:06
hischildunop_, somewhere it has a thread on the forums about it that helped me out on it00:06
yowshiok bbs00:07
unop_hischild, thats strange, why did they change ownership of sudo like that -- pretty stupid imo00:07
wantE17stylewell, how about someone explaining if I need this 'fwbuilder'?????00:07
hischildunop_, they didn't ... he probably did a chown on the /usr/bin folder which contains the sudo binary00:07
hischildwantE17style, perhaps a little attitude change would help00:08
geniiexegesis: I'm not sure if Windows still has the boot menu you can access by F8 key and select Safe Mode or so on, but perhaps worth trying before using some recovery strategy off the bootable cd like fixmbr or so on00:08
jester7anybody here have a dell inspiron 1525?00:08
unop_hischild, thats likely00:08
hischildunop_, made that mistake once myself00:09
wantE17styleI'm not patient anymore - this vaunted linux is supposed to be able to withstand web attacks00:09
exegesisThis is gonna sound dumb but I'm using XChat IRC and just deleted the Menu toolbar from appearing; how to I get it back?00:09
Jack_SparrowwantE17style, if you understand firewall/iptables.. you know that you dont00:09
yowshithat di8dnt fix it00:09
exegesisgenii I'll try that00:09
yowshithough now it says root root00:09
wantE17styleI want to know why this flaw is crashing my server........00:09
wantE17styleof course, I don't00:09
hischildwantE17style, take a look at a good look at iptables and look for a manpage.00:09
wantE17styleif I did, then I could solve this problem00:09
unop_yowshi, what happens when you try and sudo now?00:09
ConstyXIVare there any gnome-based irc clients besides xchat and pidgin?00:09
yowshioshi@ubuntu:~$ sudo pcmanfm00:09
yowshisudo: must be setuid root00:09
unop_yowshi, damn -- output ls -l00:10
hischildunop_, .... let me check for that site again00:10
Jack_SparrowConstyXIV, Konversation, kvirc etc00:10
wantE17stylemanpages are too arcane......00:10
unop_yowshi, what does ls -l output now?00:10
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ ls -l $(which sudo)00:10
yowshi-rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 106336 2007-06-15 08:54 /usr/bin/sudo00:10
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ConstyXIVJack_Sparrow: i said GNOME-based00:10
yowshii am thinking i should unedit the sudoers file as well00:10
yowshisinc ei did try and edit that ealier and never removed what i added00:11
hischildchmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo and chwon root:root /usr/bin/sudo .... unop_ and yowshi  ... do those 2 commands and you'll be good00:11
hischildmake that chown and not chwon00:11
unop_yowshi, hmm, setuid seems to reset -- let's give this one more try --  run this command (as root) -- chown root:root $(which sudo)l chmod 4755 $(which sudo)00:11
wantE17styleI notice that near the time my router is forced to reset is when my server crashes00:11
unop_yowshi, no l :p00:12
yowshijust checking00:12
unop_yowshi, that should be a ;00:12
yowshiah ok00:12
yowshii see two command one line thing00:12
hischildunop_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21976700:12
yowshiisnt the command seperater a : not an ;?00:12
hischildyowshi, no, it's a ;00:12
yowshiok bbs00:12
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Jack_Sparrowgigi, Hello, welcome to ubuntu00:13
minimecConstyXIV: There is a special xchat-gnome version with a different layout. But ... irssi beats them all...00:13
wantE17styleis it possible to deactivate ping for tcp/udp for linux?00:14
unop_Wanderer, ping uses icmp not tcp/udp00:14
unop_wantE17style, ^^^00:15
wantE17styleok, thanks00:15
wantE17styleI"m simply mystified why ubuntu is freezing :/00:15
shawnharnis tritium herte?00:15
unop_shawnharn, seems to be -- could be afk00:16
yowshiok that didnt work and removing the entry i put in sudoers for my user has gotten me back to permission denied00:16
hischildunop_, you seen the link?00:16
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unop_hischild, aye, pretty much what we recommended00:17
yowshiwish i could just login here as root and run the commands as you guys give them to me00:17
hischildunop_, indeed00:17
yowshiwithout all this logging out crap00:17
shawnharnhe was going to helo me today00:17
unop_yowshi, what error did you get prior to removing the sudoer entry?00:17
MUS4SHIIIcan anyone help me with mythtvfs fstab config?00:17
hischildyowshi, you can use irssi in the recovery mode and then do it :-)00:17
Bob_DoleCommand line IRC client00:18
unop_yowshi, what does ls -l $(which sudo) read now?00:18
Bob_DoleI've not used it, because I'm one of those n00bs who prefers to not venture out of the GUI very often00:18
yowshiunop_ i didnt try i figured i would remove my editing first and then run the commands00:18
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ ls -l $(which sudo)00:18
yowshi-rwsr-xr-x 2 root root 106336 2007-06-15 08:54 /usr/bin/sudo00:18
yowshiwith the usr/bin/sudo bit in red00:18
unop_yowshi, ok, thats good -- now you need your group/user in sudoer to be able to sudo00:19
hischildunop_, you made him create a new group? or he still has his old details?00:19
yowshibut it was already in there a yoshi ALL=(ALL) ALL entry00:19
unop_yowshi, is it in now tho?00:19
erle-swapon: /dev/sda1: Invalid argument00:19
erle-what the fuck?00:19
unop_yowshi, it has to be in now00:19
yowshino thats what i added00:19
yowshiand then just commented out00:20
Jack_Sparrowerle-, Watch the language please00:20
* Pelo needs a new hobby00:20
erle-Jack_Sparrow, sorry00:20
yowshiok bbs00:20
unop_yowshi, uncomment it00:20
crossm0veI am trying to install 'dchroot' I get the error E: Couldn't find package dchroot00:20
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unop_hischild, using his existing group membership00:20
Pelocrossm0ve, do it through synaptic, dchroot might not be the exact name of the package00:21
minimecBob_Dole: irrsi is a monster (in good/bad terms). irrsi can do evrything and drive you mad at the same time. I   guess it's like being married ;)00:21
crossm0vePelo: How do I do it through synaptic?00:21
Pelocrossm0ve, you have a gui right ? gnome ?00:21
hischildunop_, then he should be able to sudo now00:21
crossm0vePelo: Yes00:21
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Pelocrossm0ve, menu > systm> admin > synaptic package manager,  use the search feature00:21
crossm0vePelo: Thank iyou00:22
unop_crossm0ve, sure you didnt make changes to /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:22
* Pelo thinks the quality of gratitude is dropping in this channel 00:22
xjkxi installed ubuntu on usb flashdriver. i created only one partition with 2gb. its not even close to that, but somehow it seems to have mounted it all separately, its saying /usr is full, what should i do ? I am using the persistent thing00:22
shivPelo: why00:22
yowshithat didnt work00:23
yowshithere is also this wierd little %admion entry in there that i commented out00:23
unop_yowshi, error message?00:23
yowshipermission denied00:23
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ sudo pcmanfm00:23
yowshisudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied00:23
shivPelo: ah, lol. cause I appreciate all the help :P00:24
Peloxjkx, 2 gig isn'T much to run ubuntu ,  you might want to consider puppy linux for a flash drive00:24
unop_yowshi, uncomment admin -- it's needed :)00:24
Jack_SparrowPelo, it should be plenty for persistent00:24
demonsporkwhenever I try to set my time in the menu, it changes, but after every reboot it changes to one hour ahead. I have the correct time zone selected and other OSs detect the hour correctly00:24
yowshiwell the admin line wasnt in the how to you linked me to00:24
Pelodemonspork,  daylight savings time in your area ?00:25
AndersonMy external hdd is mounting as RO how do I make it RW?00:25
crossm0veunop_: I just booted the CD... so I don't think so00:25
Jack_SparrowPelo, I have a couple of 256meg I use for persistent.  the persistent image on them is only 45 megs when fresh00:25
unop_yowshi, the howto was just to demonstrate how to add stuff to the sudoers file -- but you have ruled yourself out of being able to sudo by commenting out the admin group00:25
ma5t3rw1ttI have a question. In Windows, I am able to share my wireless internet connection through my ethernet . Are you able to share your internet connection here on Ubuntu?00:26
PeloJack_Sparrow,  i'll beleive you , I know little about it00:26
captmorganhello, I have some questions regarding putting /home on a new HDD I just got00:26
Peloma5t3rw1tt, yes,   I think you do it using firestarter or someting , check sharing internet in the forum00:26
Jack_SparrowPelo, you may have been thinking iso2usb, and 2 gigs is not really enough for that00:26
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ sudo pcmanfm00:26
yowshisudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied00:26
yowshisame problem00:26
unop_crossm0ve, ahh, you trying to install dchroot in a live CD session?00:26
crossm0veunop_: Yes00:27
ma5t3rw1ttPelo: Will do, thanks00:27
unop_yowshi, pastebin the contents of /etc/sudoers00:27
AndersonMy external hdd is mounting as RO how do I make it RW?00:27
crossm0veunop_: dchroot and debootstrap00:27
PaulOgle591I have a question about wubi00:27
unop_crossm0ve, you'll need to enable the universe repository00:27
Pelocaptmorgan, just make a partition on that hdd,  , copy your current /home to it , edit fstab to reflect that your new hdd shold be mounted to /home and reboot00:27
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:27
Jack_SparrowAnderson, let people know what type of partitions are on that external00:27
yowshii cant view the file00:27
Pelocaptmorgan,  you might want to use the live cd to delete the content of your old /home folder00:27
AndersonJack_Sparrow, how do I find that?00:27
AndersonJack_Sparrow,  mount?00:28
unop_yowshi, errm, sorry -- make a copy of it (as root)00:28
ido-how can i resize my partition without reformatting ?00:28
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, you want sep partition for home right?00:28
PaulOgle591I have wubi installed and as I get in to kubuntu, after it gets past the kubuntu splash screen i am left with a blank screen00:28
Anderson/dev/sda1 on /media/usbdisk type ntfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=077,iocharset=utf8)00:28
Jack_SparrowAnderson, sudo fdisk -l00:28
Itakuwhats the command to go to a mounted filesystem off of live cd to use like passwd and that00:28
Peloido-, just use the live cd and use the gnome partiton editor in the admin menu00:28
Peloido-, backup first00:28
unop_Itaku, chroot ?00:28
depItaku: chroot00:29
AndersonJack_Sparrow, HPFS/NTFS00:29
ido-and if i done have a livecd handy ?00:29
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, Here is a link with the basics  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:29
amenadoItaku-> have you mounted the FS yourself ?00:29
fevelim looking for a good torrent aplication for ubuntu, i need one that has good criptography, works with upnp and alternates ports whenever it starts, can anyone indicate me a good program?00:29
Peloido-,  you cannot rezise a working partiton, if the partiton is not the one you are working on it won'T be a problem00:29
PaulOgle591you wouldn't need crpytography for legit downloads ;)00:29
Peloido-,  you might also consider getting the gparted live cd00:29
Itakuand whats the apt-get package for like the core utiluties?00:29
CahoneI really like the idea of Linux but it is exhausting to say the least00:29
amenado!who | Itaku00:29
ubotuItaku: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:29
Fryguy--fevel: dunno about upnp, but deluge will probably work, and of course azureus is available (I personally recommend rtorrent, but I think you might be looking for a gui)00:29
Jack_SparrowAnderson, I am preoccupied, I was only trying to help you form a better question so you would get the right answers..  look into ntfs-3g00:30
* Pelo is getting too good at this, it's scary00:30
chris062689I love Ubuntu :)00:30
AndersonJack_Sparrow, gotcha, thanks00:30
MUS4SHIIIwhat is the best widget system out there? I want to pin certain things to the desktop so that I can hotkey to the desktop and see my widgets on my third monitor.00:30
Itakuwhats the apt-get package for like the core utiluties?00:30
ido-Pelo: can i duplicate a working partition to a larger drive ?00:30
Itakulike rm00:30
Pelochris062689, so do we all00:30
fevelFryguy--,  yes ill like one that runs on a gui soh I dont need to keep a terminal open00:30
AndersonMy external hdd is mounting as RO how do I make it RW? It is type HPFS/NTFS.00:30
ido-via dd or something ?00:30
Jack_SparrowAnderson, Windows may have also locked it in which case you would be looking at ntfsfix00:30
fevelFryguy--, thanks for the tips00:30
AndersonJack_Sparrow, k00:30
captmorganPelo  & Jack_Sparrow - I am going with  fresh install of 7.10 and I currently have one 120gb (orig drive w/ ubuntu on it) and I just got a 500gb drive. I am wanting to move all my music and videos to the new HDD and do a fresh install of Ubuntu of the 120gb drive00:30
Peloido-,  you can always copy it , but you won'T be able to swtith to it "hot" I guess00:30
unop_Itaku, coreutils ?00:30
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, so far so good00:31
CahoneI guess i have to buy practically a whole new system to get everything to work properly...or so it seems00:31
lordleemofevel: ktorrent   azureus00:31
Itakumeh i got to reinstall00:31
amenadoAnderson-> you did man mount? the man pages will give you some idea of how to do it right00:31
Fryguy--captmorgan: why do you need to reinstall?00:31
Itakunow i got my security breeched00:31
Itakunot an exploit00:31
ido-no need to switch hot, i can reboot for that, i just want to replace my drive with a larger one00:31
ido-how do i do that ?00:31
demonsporkPelo, it adjusted the error to daylight savings time when it happened00:31
CahoneWhat are the best components that work with Linux00:31
Fryguy--Cahone: way too vague a question00:31
captmorganJack_Sparrow so can I just copy my stuff to the 500 gb drive and install to the 120 drive?00:31
fevellordleemo,  transmission doesnt alternate ports right?00:31
unop_Cahone, everything and nothing all at the same time . :)00:32
yowshiit's no good00:32
lordleemofevel: never used it sorry00:32
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, yep. you may need to give yourself permissions later, but that wont be a big deal00:32
Pelocaptmorgan, I have two 80 gig drives as follows,  hdd1   10 gig / , 2 gig swap , 68 gig /home, hdd2   9 gig windows,  1 gig vfat , 60 gig download00:32
yowshii have tried the cp command twice and the copied just wind up as protected as the original00:32
PaulOgle591i find that my nvidia card has pixel diahrea with liunx video drivers00:32
CahoneFryguy--, well i got an MSI video card and AOE Flat screen and KDS CRT and it is a mess00:32
bastid_raZorfevel; it doesn't automatically switch ports but it can be done in a quick three clicks of the mouse00:32
captmorganFryguy-- I was messing with a customization of adding the File Menu View Tools bar to the bar on top and it got totally screwed up so I am just going to re-install\00:32
PaulOgle591thats the only component along with hd audio that has problems00:32
* nikrud has never heard of a download file system00:32
PaulOgle591will they fix HD audio drivers?00:32
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, no need for that...00:33
_polto_hi all00:33
Fryguy--ChaosMachine: shouldn't be00:33
yowshii could login to gdm as root00:33
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, we can fix it with one line00:33
unop_yowshi, ouch, cp would copy permissions too -- copy using cat --  cat /etc/sudoers >> /tmp/sudoers00:33
CahoneFryguy--, yes?00:33
Pelodemonspork,  this is a fresh install ? do the upgrade there was a bug fix for the daylight thing, it might fix it00:33
Fryguy--captmorgan: there are very rare circumstances to reinstall an operating system, screwing with menus shouldn't be one of them :/00:33
fevelwhat do you guys have to say about deluge? has anybody used it?00:33
zocky_how do I make compiz start automatically without using system->preferences->appearance, since that doesn't seem to work with my driver setup?00:33
Fryguy--Cahone: sorry I mistyped.  your equipment is fine, linux is going to work with any monitor, and pretty much any video card00:33
nikrud!resetpanels | captmorgan00:34
Pelonikrud, not a download file system, more an explanation of the use of the partitons00:34
ubotucaptmorgan: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:34
bastid_raZorfevel; deluge is similiar to transmission00:34
ChaosMachineFryguy--, :)00:34
Fryguy--fevel: i've used it, it's fine.  I prefer rtorrent00:34
captmorganFryguy-- I have been without desktop effects for over 6 weeks after that00:34
ido-Pelo:  ?00:34
orbisvicisfevel, deluge nice, but not on windows ; (00:34
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan, ctrl-alt F2     then    rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity00:34
nikrudPelo: I know, just all the others were file systems. Was funny ;)00:34
orbisvicisdepends what you are looking for00:34
Fryguy--captmorgan: so? fix it.  (desktop effects are a waste of cpu cycles btw)00:34
TheMusoPaulOgle591: You were wanting to ask about wubi?00:34
Peloido-, ???600:34
TheMusoPaulOgle591: Have you received an anwer yet?00:34
Jack_Sparrowctrl-alt F7 to come back00:34
MUS4SHIIIanyone know how to pin desklets to the desktop so they don't go away when I hotkey show desktop.00:34
Jack_Sparrowcaptmorgan,   http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/00:35
lordleemofevel: i just had a look at the sight looks like a good client maybe ill try it00:35
fevelorbisvicis, what do you mean windows? im looking for getting around those damn isp restrictions, they denie it00:35
CahoneFryguy--, well I cant get the resolutions i want and cant use dual monitors and I cant use enhanced video modes that Ubuntu says it offers00:35
Peloido-, you would do better to clean installn an dthen copy the content of your /home to the new hdd00:35
Fryguy--Cahone: so configure your system correctly so that you can.  The problem isn't your hardware00:36
orbisvicisfevel, deluge does support torrent encryption if thats what you are asking ?00:36
depMUS4SHIII: Not possible. If you want a more detailed description of why, ask, but it's related to their gtk implementation00:36
orbisvicisbut so does azureus 2.5 for win00:36
ido-too much time00:36
_polto_I am running a 64 bit ubuntu Gutsy on my desktop and i am trying to get Xilinx ISE work. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XilinxISE#head-c95f0e4e1b1574f6f38d37ff4400188041b3e5c5 say (last lines) what ia32-libmotif3 package does not exist. On Feisty i already run Xilinx with all futures. the Gutsy 64 bit is looking for /usr/lib32/libXm.so.3 where can i find it ?00:36
ido-i can however mount my home elsewhere.00:36
CahoneFryguy--, well i looked for the drivers everywhere and cant find them for any of the devices00:36
ryzkayour name???????????????????????????????????????????????????00:36
PaulOgle591As i am still a windows user, what is the best c++ compiler that I can use, with a reasonable ide that still follows all of the gcc rules00:36
CahoneFryguy--, I would love to know what im doing wrong00:36
Fryguy--Cahone: what devices are you having problems locating or configuring drivers for00:37
Peloido-, you can copy yor /home to the new hdd and change fstab to point to it00:37
PaulOgle591im looking into visual studio and am finding that makes its own rules00:37
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unop_PaulOgle591, anjuta00:37
* Pelo is getting a bit confused about ido- 's issue00:37
PaulOgle591how about devc++00:37
bperryPaulOgle591: monodevelop :-)00:37
orbisvicisPaulOgle591, vis studio free for students. or bloodshed dev-c++00:37
yowshii couldnt figure out how to make it cat to a file i had made so i could find the bloody thing00:37
MUS4SHIIIThanks dep. Is there any way to get some kind of widget layer pinned? I miss my "Outlook on the desktop" from my MCE install.00:37
* Fryguy-- is a software engineer00:37
yowshibut there are only 3 uncommented lines and i wrote em down00:37
Fryguy--what do you want to know about programming?00:37
unop_PaulOgle591, gcc (or rather g++) is the c++ compiler -- you can use any ide you like00:37
PaulOgle591i have vis stuio 200800:37
_polto_any idea on how to install 32 bit version of libmotif3 on 64 bit Gutsy ?00:38
theunixgeekWhat's the difference between a delete_event and a destroy event in GTK?00:38
PaulOgle591one more question00:38
* Pelo thiks Fryguy-- might be too good for this crowd, he should go to #debian and talk down to the ops there 00:38
CahoneFryguy--, Graphics drivers for the MSI RX1600Pro-TD256E and AOC Flatscreen monitor and KDS CRT00:38
PaulOgle591does anyone know about Wubi?00:38
orbisvicisPaulOgle591, eclipse and netbeans have good ides. Vim has good syntax highlighting00:38
PaulOgle591and how to use Wubi?00:38
theunixgeekPaulOgle591: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wubi_%28Ubuntu%2900:38
Jack_SparrowPaulOgle591, yes.. enough to stay away from it00:38
PaulOgle591but i am running into troubles00:38
arvind_khadrihi are there any GUI html editors,a one like frontpage00:38
PeloPaulOgle591, as I understant it , wubi creates a  virtual ubuntu that runs inside windows00:38
nikrudPaulOgle591: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234  for wubi forums00:39
unop_theunixgeek,  the former is a result of a user action -- the latter usually means the object is unreffed -- usually the result of code00:39
depMUS4SHIII: Compiz's "Widget Layer" may be what you're looking for, it is a toggle-able widget display00:39
Jack_SparrowPaulOgle591, we dont support it in here00:39
PaulOgle591i understand that too00:39
CahoneFryguy--, i have looked everywhere and tried to use other drivers offered in Ubuntu but i dont know which ones to choose00:39
stwangedoes anyone know of a text editor with a GUI that runs over SSH? ie. something like BlueFish or GEdit, but instead of X-Forwarding, it just synches the text up over the connection, not the graphics00:39
PeloPaulOgle591,  sort of like if it was running on a vrtual macine00:39
theunixgeekunop_: thanks00:39
PaulOgle591any particular reason why you don't support it?00:39
=== adhdyoshi_ is now known as ADHDYoshi
PeloPaulOgle591, we just deal with straight ubuntu here, it's more then we can handle usualy00:39
arvind_khadriJack_Sparrow, hi are there any GUI html editors,a one like frontpage00:39
MUS4SHIIIthanks, I'll look into that. I've got Compiz working pretty well, so I'll see what's available in there.00:39
Fryguy--Cahone: monitors don't have drivers.  As for the video card, that's a plain ati card, they get detected out of the box with 0 issues.  What is the specific problem you are having?00:40
Jack_SparrowPaulOgle591, That would drift into discussion, simply put.. it isnt a good way to install ubuntu00:40
unop_arvind_khadri, there's ooweb part of open office00:40
Jack_SparrowPelo, Last I heard.. it can be very dangerous00:40
PaulOgle591well thanks for your help00:40
cogenoIs anyone here familiar with systemimager?00:40
arvind_khadriunop_, thanks ,i dont have any knowlwdge of htm would i be able to create  a webpage00:40
* Pelo thinks Jack_Sparrow should have used his quiet voice00:40
Fryguy--arvind_khadri: nvu, but please learn proper html it's not that hard00:40
PaulOgle591actually one more question00:40
AndersonI am trying to get RW to my external HDD, originally formatted in windows, type HPFS/NTFS. I ran ntfsfix and it gave back some errors. So I tried mounting and creating a folder. No luck. I tried running ntfsfix on the mounted device, and it says 'Refusing to operate on read-write mounted device /dev/sda1.' Can any explain what is not working for me?00:40
PaulOgle591is HD audio support planned for the next release?00:41
PaulOgle591i plan on moving my HP to linux00:41
yowshiunop_, http://pastebin.com/m36f39dde00:41
depMUS4SHIII: Good luck, personally I just wish they'd code the show desktop button so that it didn't screw up things so badly. Meh.00:41
Fryguy--PaulOgle591: define "hd audio"00:41
Pelo!ntfs-3g > Anderson check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:41
yowshithose are the three lines i wrote down00:41
PaulOgle591HD audio drivers00:41
yowshithe only three uncommented lines00:41
CahoneFryguy--, I cant seem to pick an ati driver  (which i have tried) that will work.  for example i want to run in 1280 x 1024 and all i can get is 800 x 600 and no dual monitors either00:41
Jack_Sparrow:)   Jack must be tired.. yo are right00:41
MatToufoutuheya happy linuxians :)00:41
unop_arvind_khadri, ooweb is the openoffice counterpart to frontpage -- its a WYSIWYG editor00:41
arvind_khadriFryguy--, :) am taking a chance on it,will surely learn00:41
Fryguy--PaulOgle591: what makes hd audio drivers different from normal audio drivers00:41
yowshithe rest is default stuff telling you what the file is00:41
arvind_khadriunop_, thanks a lot00:41
captaingeekanyone know how to make a gdm session that uses compiz as the windows manager00:41
DJ_HaMsTai just installed ubuntu on an amd 64 machine, using ati radeon xpress 200 built in vid card, had to install under safe mode because normal mode would not display screen, now when i boot it wont display anything unless i enter recovery mode how can i fix this problem ?00:41
orbisvicisarvind_khadri, use kompozer, not nvu (which is no longer maintained .. ?)00:41
AndersonPelo, Oh, I see. So even though it is mounted as read write, I have to use my ntfs-3g program to mount it.00:41
Fryguy--Cahone: so then edit xorg.conf so that it does what you want00:41
cogenoIs anyone here familiar with systemimager?00:42
arvind_khadriorbisvicis, i use GNOME :)00:42
cogeno(Sorry for the repeat, but it got bumped up awfully fast)00:42
PeloEVERYONE , as you can see the channel is quite busy tonight, please don'T use the enter key for puntucation and use the name of the person you are talking to in each line00:42
Fryguy--DJ_HaMsTa: edit your xorg.conf file, or dpkg-reconfigure xserver00:42
* yowshi is in need of a smoke00:42
PaulOgle591I don't know exactly, I just know you have to fix settings in order to implement it.00:42
CahoneFryguy--, ok well i dont know how to do that "per say"00:42
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:42
depcaptaingeek: gdm doesn't use a window manager at all00:42
Fryguy--Cahone: gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:42
MatToufoutudoes anyone knows a driver for a "hercules classic silver" webcam? i couldnt find any....00:42
captmorganHey guys I am back, I tried what the ubot suggested that I put into the terminal and that didnt work, I didnt realize what ctrl-alt-F2 would do and wasnt prepared so I didnt have the commands I needed to enter whn I got there and had to shut down00:42
orbisvicisarvind_khadri, we all make exception i guess. I feel its the only decent wysiwyg html editor ... so youll have to install kde deps00:42
PaulOgle591I know. But for the next release will the make it so you don't have to "fix" intel HDA00:43
unop_yowshi, you have the strangest problem i've seen in a long time00:43
Fryguy--Cahone: and xorg.conf is very well documented, has it's own manpage, 10s of thousands of google results, and I believe examples in /usr/share/doc00:43
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yowshii think this is related to my .dmrc problem00:43
yowshiit says my home folder aint owned exclusivly by me00:43
AndersonI ran ntfs-3g and I got back an error that mounting that device is not supported, with a list of windows fixes and ntfsfix options to correct it.00:43
Jack_SparrowPaulOgle591, Please understand, I am not trying to be rude.  We want to you use and enjoy ubuntu.  But in a virtual file inside widows... you wont get the full effect of how nice it is00:43
unop_yowshi, is this as a result of something you did, changing permissions, etc?00:43
AndersonI have already ran ntfsfix00:43
arvind_khadriorbisvicis, :) i would first try nuuv nd then maybe komposer00:43
Fryguy--PaulOgle591: what specific problems are you having with "hd audio" i have an "hd audio" card and it works just fine00:43
yowshii was trying to change permissions around in wine00:43
PeloAnderson, my mistake I didn'T read all the way throught,  unmount it ,  sudo umount /mountpoint ,  then remount it just as a regular ntfs drive   sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/whatever /mountpint ,  then run that thing again00:43
yowshiin the .wine folder00:43
arvind_khadriorbisvicis, am nt against KDE!!!!00:44
yowshiusing pcmanfm00:44
yowshierr pc file manager00:44
unop_yowshi, is your username YOSHI (mind the caps) ?00:44
CahoneFryguy--, ok i will try to learn about it00:44
yowshiyes it is00:44
Jack_SparrowPaulOgle591, It has more to do with hda implementations of the standard by different manufacturers.. but it will be better with each release00:44
AndersonPelo, run ntfs-3g after already mounted?00:44
captaingeekdoes anyone know how to make a session that uses gnome/compiz and can be selected at the login screen under options > session?00:44
Fryguy--Cahone: as for dual monitor support, be sure to enable xinerama and use a window manager that supports it (both compiz and metacity do000:44
CahoneFryguy--, it pulled up a blank document when i entered it in the terminal00:44
unop_yowshi, ok -- can you ouput this --  whoami; groups00:44
yowshithing is even the root account cant use sudo00:44
TXTadoh, good...I see dual monitor talk00:44
Fryguy--Cahone: then you didn't enter it correctly00:44
unop_yowshi, ehh?00:45
PeloAnderson,forget about ntfs-3g,  unmount the drive and remount it without write support00:45
TXTadany idea why I can't have compiz with Xinerama?00:45
whitehat_hello ppl00:45
Fryguy--Cahone: /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:45
yowshiyoshi adm dialout cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev scanner netdev lpadmin powerdev admin00:45
CahoneFryguy--, thats what i thought00:45
meherenyowshi, root has no need of sude00:45
whitehat_if i was a mexican midget00:45
meheren*sudo lol00:45
whitehat_I would use windows00:45
MatToufoutudoes anyone knows a driver for a "hercules classic silver" webcam? i couldnt find any....  (i appologize for repeating, but it's going so fast here!!)00:45
PaulOgle591what is the release date for Heron00:45
Fryguy--PaulOgle591: i think april 27 is the tentative date00:45
meherenyowshi, sudo is like a fake root account00:45
yowshiyes but it shouldnt get permission denied when you run sudo should it?00:45
Fryguy--i'm sure it's on the wiki/all over the internet00:45
unop_yowshi, i seriously suspect by changing permissions you might have upset permissions on other system files00:46
AndersonPelo,  I can't write to it, which is what I need.00:46
jimbojweasy question: i just installed memcached, and now it appears the user 'nobody' is firing it up during the boot process - i grepped through /etc for "memcached" and found references in rc0.d through rc6.d - what should I change in which file to make it not start up by default?00:46
jimbojwthanks in advance00:46
yowshioh crapshot00:46
unop_yowshi, when you sudo as root what error message do you get?00:46
yowshipermission denied to sudoers00:46
Jack_Sparrowyowshi, what about setting a new root user password ?00:47
unop_meheren, root needs sudo to be able to login as other users like with su00:47
PeloAnderson, I thought you were having problems because the drive was corrupted or someting and you ran ntfsfix to fix it but it wouldn'T because it was read/write,  so you unmount,  run ntfsfix again , then remount it and use it00:47
yowshiJack_Sparrow, ummm huh?00:47
Fryguy--unop_: uh, don't think so00:47
MUS4SHIIIanyone know of a hotkey that lets me switch audio streams in mplayer during play? I have MythTV installed with the default player set as mPlayer. My Anime is mostly dual language audio tracks and I would like to switch with the remote.00:47
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: #mplayer00:47
Jack_Sparrowyowshi, understand, it is something to be avoided... but in this particular case it might work00:47
meherenunop_, yeah did'nt think of that but why would root ever need to be logged in as other users...00:47
void^MUS4SHIII: # for me00:47
unop_Fryguy--, when you are logged in as root -- how do you change to another user?00:47
PeloAnderson, if i didn'T understand your problem just ignore me00:48
Fryguy--unop_: su <otherusersname>00:48
yowshiJack_Sparrow, yeah i dojt know how to do that00:48
meherensu user00:48
jimbojwor, should I install "bum" as per the factoid to control my init scripts - or is there a widely used gui editor00:48
yowshior wqhat to do with it once i have done that00:48
void^MUS4SHIII: doesn't work on the fly with ogm though00:48
AndersonPelo, No you are on the right track, but ntfsfix returns errors and remounting does nothing.00:48
unop_Fryguy--, right, exactly what i mean -- sudo provides that alternative00:48
Jack_Sparrowyowshi, one sec00:48
AndersonPelo, Also, even after ntfsfix ntfs-3g gives errors.00:48
PeloAnderson, run ntsf fix while the drive is unmounted00:48
Fryguy--unop_: sudo is a glorified shortcut to su -c, if you are already root, sudo does nothing00:48
AndersonPelo, No change00:48
MUS4SHIII:( that's dissapointing00:49
Super_Napalmcan anyone hear me I was on earlier trying to get my question answered but it was ignored, so either no-one knows or I don't have Xchat configured right...00:49
Fryguy--as root, sudo su [user] and su [user] will do exactly the same thing00:49
yowshiwe can hear you00:49
Super_Napalmah kk00:49
MUS4SHIIIare there any other players that will?00:49
PeloAnderson, can you read the drive if you mount it without ntfs-3g ?00:49
* Dr_willis_ gives Super_Napalm a cup of coffee00:49
Super_Napalm^^ thx00:49
unop_Fryguy--, err, i dont agree sudo is a shortcut to su -c .. it's an entirely different executable providing better control of who can and cannot do things on the system00:49
AndersonPelo, no, it won't even mount with ntfs-3g. If I mount it regularly I can read it though.00:49
Jack_SparrowPelo, have you been following yowshi 's problem.  What about recovery mode, set a root password or reset it as the case may be...  would he then have the use of sudo again ..?00:49
Fryguy--unop_: it's a glorified shortcut to su -c00:50
AndersonPelo, I am trying to back up my data on this computer so I can put a fresh install on.00:50
Fryguy--unop_: note the "glorified" part.  of course it's a different executable00:50
yowshiJack_Sparrow, current solutions have revoleved around chmodding the sudo and sudoers file and editing the sudoers file00:50
unop_FrancoGG, i disagree -- really i do -- su -c has no interaction with /etc/sudoers (which is crucial in deciding which users and groups are given different levels of permissions)00:50
PeloAnderson, uninstall ntfs-3g ( completely uninstall ) ,  delete the line from the fstab file,   reboot,  reintall ntfs-3g, try to remount the drive00:50
PeloJack_Sparrow, hold on , reading up00:50
Jack_Sparrowyowshi, I saw that, and they have not seemed to work..00:51
Super_NapalmOkay, I got a problem starting up Half Life 2, everything downloaded and installed fine but when i try to launch it nothing happens, no intro video, menu or even an error message. Only thing it does do is change the resolution to 1024x768. Anyone know whats wrong?00:51
AndersonPelo, Thanks I'll work that00:51
yowshiyep but nothing else has been suggested00:51
Fryguy--unop_: yes. i know this.  I didn't say sudo was a shortcut to su -c, i said it was a glorified shortcut to su -c.  it does the exact same thing with some additional security measures and other things that dont' really matter.  If you are already root, sudo does nothing.00:51
arvind_khadriunop_, where do i get ooweb00:51
yowshii did try a gnome reset though00:51
PeloJack_Sparrow, can you summerize yowshi 's problem ? just the current status, I don'T need to know how he got there00:51
yowshithat was the very first suggestion00:51
Fryguy--Super_Napalm: wrong channel, try #wine00:51
yowshii cant sudo00:52
gligorhoriahellow i have e tehnical question, i have an old pc and i want to change the timer interups frequency from 100 hz, to aroud 50 or 66. Are these values safe? And can i change this without recompiling the kernell? (it takes aboute 3 h and i run a server...)00:52
Super_Napalmah kk00:52
Super_Napalmsorry for bothering :P00:52
yowshii have permission denied to the sudoers file00:52
Peloyowshi, are you sure your caplock is not enabled or something silly like that &?00:52
yowshils -l $(which sudo) spits out as being owned by root root00:52
Fryguy--yowshi: then you aren't root00:52
cahoneFryguy--, So what driver should i use for the RX1600Pro Card?  I know you said it is ATI but i tried the different ATI drivers in Ubuntu and they didnt work really00:52
unop_Fryguy--, you can control what sudo does in the context of root -- which is why /etc/sudoers needs an explicit entry for root00:52
Jack_SparrowPelo, he lost the ability to use sudo password denied I believe00:52
gligorhoriasudo nano sudofilelist00:52
arvind_khadriFryguy--, , where do i get ooweb00:52
Fryguy--arvind_khadri: >?00:52
yowshiyou dont need to be root to use sudo00:52
BleckmI'm having a problem when booting with the Ubuntu LiveCD, it's not going straight into Gnome, its bringing up a login prompt, any idea whats wrong?00:52
Fryguy--arvind_khadri: why are you asking me?00:52
yowshiit isnt even asking for a password just telling me permission denied00:52
unop_Fryguy--, and if thats the case, you can prevent root from using sudo too00:53
anteayai am working through a tutorial and have looked at my user.log for the first time.  I have been using sudo to execute commands when necessary and if i am reading the .log file correctly it appears that when i use sudo to execute a command i don't drop back down to a regular user afterward.  I am i doing something wrong, or perhaps i am reading user.log incorrectly.00:53
PeloJack_Sparrow,  I think nikrud  might be better able to solve that00:53
Peloyowshi, is this your computer ?00:53
unop_arvind_khadri, as long as you have open office installed -- ooweb is available -- CTRL+F2 and type in ooweb00:53
Jack_Sparrownickrud will be on after work00:53
arvind_khadriFryguy--, oops sorry,ok where do i find nvu00:53
yowshii can get into the root account so yes00:53
Fryguy--unop_: what does that do? nothing....  the ENTIRE PURPOSE of sudo is to elevate a users priviledge to root level for 1 command.  If you are already root, elevating roots priviledge to root does nothing00:53
Peloyowshi, can you go into  menu > systm >admin > users ?00:53
Fryguy--arvind_khadri: www.google.com/?q=nvu00:53
l3onHi all... someone know why this "while" is broken?00:53
yowshiprobavly not00:54
nikrudyowshi: have you edited /etc/sudoers at any time?00:54
Fryguy--l3on: this is #ubuntu, not #programming or #shellscripting00:54
Pelol3on, we need an actualyu question ?00:54
=== ajmorris is now known as bhb
yowshisince it requires a sudo thing i did nikrud do that00:54
jimbojwcan anyone help me understand the difference between /etc/rc#.d/K##blah and /etc/rc#.d/S##blah  - I'm happy to rtfm, just don't know what manpage to read or what to google for00:54
yowshiand no i cant get into users and groups from this account500:54
l3onFryguy--: ok :)00:54
nikrudyowshi: that wasn't a very clear statement. What sudo thing?00:54
Lord_VaMpyrowhen go out the 8.04 beta?00:54
yowshii would need to logout and back in under the root account00:54
arvind_khadriunop_, thanks...ooweb aint available in GUI menu00:54
=== Old_Soldier is now known as thc
Fryguy--yowshi: as a user, obviously you can't edit a file owned by root.  That should be obvious00:55
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  S = started , K - killed. One is ran when a service starts, other ran when it shutdown.00:55
=== thc is now known as Old_Soldier
nikrudyowshi: no, if you have a root account, you can do   su root  in a terminal00:55
Pelojimbojw, they are run levels,  the apps in each of those folders will load in turn00:55
danandgligorhoria - are you talking about the kernel rtc?00:55
jimbojwthanks Dr_willis00:55
yowshiahha i did not know that00:55
unop_Fryguy--, err no .. sudo isnt always about elevating priviledges, you can use it to drop privilidges (or should i say, logging in as different users) too -- and if you prevent root from using sudo (like how yowshi has somehow done) sudo does something under root -- you get me?00:55
jimbojwthanks Pelo00:55
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  check out the various 'sysv' type docs for more info. the # is the Order they get started in.00:55
nikrudyowshi: so, what exactly did you do to /etc/sudoers?00:55
BleckmDoes the LiveCD have a default user/password that it auto logs into normally?00:55
Pelojimbojw, there is actualy a read me text in eacch folder that explain a lot about those rc sthing00:55
Jack_SparrowBleckm, yes00:56
Fryguy--unop_: name one thing I would want to do as root that I can only do by using sudo first00:56
yowshii added yoshi ALL=(ALL) ALL00:56
Lord_VaMpyrocan i download the beta release of hardy heron?00:56
gligorhoriadanand rtc = (real time clock)?00:56
jimbojwthanks Dr_willis_ / Pelo - how do I determine which of those is responsible for enacting the service I want to disable?00:56
Fryguy--Lord_VaMpyro: join #ubuntu+100:56
yowshiwhich basically means i added my account00:56
PeloLord_VaMpyro, ask in #ubuntu+100:56
danandgligorhoria - yes00:56
Jack_SparrowBleckm, I believe ubuntu is the user name00:56
jimbojwi'm guessing runlevel 200:56
nikrudyowshi: hm.   did you use visudo to edit it?00:56
jimbojwthanks Pelo - i'll check out the readmes00:56
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  lots of reading ? :)00:56
Pelojimbojw, you need to look into them an check the names of the fies00:56
BleckmJack_Sparrow, thanks, any idea what the password might be, or how change it?00:56
yowshiyes i did nikrud00:56
Jack_SparrowBleckm, you dont..00:56
whaaahi guys. my windows have no toolbars/statusbar. how do i fix this?00:56
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  ssh = ssh, samba = the samba service. and so forth... :) i find the names rather straight forwared00:57
unop_Fryguy--, when you say "sudo first"? -- does that include things like "sudo cat /etc/sudoers" ?00:57
=== bhb is now known as ajmorris
Fryguy--whaaa: run a window manager00:57
nikrudyowshi: do   sudo -i  as your regular user, and put the full output on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org00:57
Jack_SparrowBleckm, What exactly are you trying to do?00:57
Pelowhaaa, check in the display menu00:57
Fryguy--unop_: sure00:57
BleckmWell, unfortunately I'm booting up the LiveCD, and it giving me a login prompt.00:57
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  most are links to the other actual startup scripts also. do a 'ls -l'00:57
whaaai am running compiz00:57
yowshithis problem started when i was trying to fix some permission problems with my .wine folder using pc file manager00:57
Pelowhaaa, ask in #compiz00:57
jimbojwDr_willis_ - yeah, i just need to turn one off - I've done this before, i just don't remember how, nor where I read about how to do that00:57
unop_Fryguy--, right, there's one example then :) -- you need to do that as root but sudo first00:57
whaaaPelo: thanks00:57
yowshicant nikrud00:57
Fryguy--unop_: cating /etc/sudoers as root is going to be successful under any circumstance, you don't need to sudo to cat a file00:57
BleckmI'm guess there is another problem, but I just used the CD to install it on the box I'm currently using.00:57
aldarsiorIs there a bittorrent client for linux with remote http control?00:57
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ sudo -i00:58
yowshisudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied00:58
jimbojwdon't know if I need to edit a symlink, or delete a file00:58
Jack_SparrowBleckm, ah.. ok.. it isnt seeing your video card correctly would be my guess...00:58
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  thers varuous 'sysv' front end tools. you can use.00:58
lordleemoyowshi: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/sudo write down on paper what you need  then boot into recovery mode00:58
aldarsiorI'm worried about constantly running a vnc server00:58
__infurnus__does /etc/hosts.deny overwrite hosts.allow e.g. in hosts.allow sshd: ALL but in hosts.deny ALL: ALL00:58
nikrudyowshi: is that the only error line (I was looking for all the errors)00:58
Fryguy--aldarsior: there are several00:58
Dr_willis_jimbojw,  or theres some command line tools also.. or you can do it manually with the links00:58
Pelojimbojw,  that,s waht the read me files explain00:58
yowshiyes it is nikrud00:58
BleckmOh thats weird, I could've sworn they are using the the same card, GeForce 7300.00:58
gligorhoriadanand hmm i'm not sure, the only thing i can tell u thow that ther is a setting when compiling the kernell that configures how many times the procesor stop to reschedual the proceses and send out the data that it procesed, more like pframes per second00:58
Dr_willis_aldarsior,  ktorrent has a web interface plugin.00:58
Jack_SparrowBleckm, nvidia 8000 series?  64 bit maybe00:58
nikrudyowshi: what does   ls -l  /etc/sudoers  say?00:58
unop_Fryguy--, right .. ok, i see what you mean -- being logged on as root, why do you need sudo -- well, you might want to login as another user (in the way you use su)00:58
Fryguy--aldarsior: rtorrent works well for remote control (run it in gnu screen and reconnect via ssh), azureus has a web interface, i think deluge does.  Or you can remotely forward x applications using xpra00:58
Dr_willis_aldarsior,  rtorrent in a screen session is also doable. :)00:58
dep__infurnus__: deny overwrites allow, or in apache speak: ORDER allow, deny00:59
jimbojwthanks guys - i'll check out the readmes00:59
Fryguy--if i'm root, and I want to log in as another user, I use su, not sudo00:59
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ ls -l /etc/sudoers00:59
yowshi-r--r----- 1 root root 423 2008-03-19 20:25 /etc/sudoers00:59
anteayai am looking at my user.log file for the first time and it seems to me that when i sudo, i am not dropping back down to regular user status but staying as root.  Is there a way to confirm this?00:59
aldarsiorI had a little trouble with rtorrent in the past00:59
Jack_SparrowBleckm, try this  At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"00:59
aldarsiorbut that was a long time ago00:59
__infurnus__dep: not apache.../etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny which takes priority?00:59
aldarsiorthanks a lot00:59
nikrudyowshi: next, what does  groups   say00:59
BleckmThanks, I'll try that.00:59
yowshifull command please00:59
nikrudyowshi:   groups00:59
dep__infurnus__: deny will take priority, sorry, I just was making a bad apache joke before00:59
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ groups01:00
yowshiyoshi adm dialout cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev scanner netdev lpadmin powerdev admin01:00
__infurnus__dep: ahh lol thanks01:00
yowshii tried to ls -l groups LOL01:00
Peloanteaya, sudo stays enabled  for a few minutes so you don't hve to enter the passw for every single command during a long series01:00
nikrud!who | yowshi (when the channel scrolls fast, it helps)01:00
ubotuyowshi (when the channel scrolls fast, it helps): As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:00
Fryguy--aldarsior: probably pebkac, it runs wonderfully01:00
anteayaPelo: thank you01:00
=== shiv___ is now known as shiv
anteayaPelo: can i execute a command to force a drop?01:00
nikrudyowshi:    have you edited    /etc/sudoers   and removed the line you added?01:01
Peloanteaya, probably,  try man sudo , there should be options to let you do that in there01:01
anteayaPelo: thank you01:01
keithclarkI seem to be experiencing an extremely long bootup time on my laptop with Ubuntu 7.10.  Any ideas?01:01
aldarsiorFryguy--: No, I'm pretty sure it was missing some very basic feature01:01
lufisdoes hardy have an smp kernel or what?01:01
Fryguy--aldarsior: i haven't experienced that01:01
aldarsiorof course, what's very basic to me could be obscure and unnecessary to somebody else01:01
yowshiyes i have nikrud01:01
Pelokeithclark, bios power saving features slowing your cpu and/or hdd ?01:01
Fryguy--lufis: wrong channel, join #ubuntu+1 (and yes it does)01:01
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark, remove splash from the grub command line.. see if that helps01:01
rddyeah xp boots faster than ubuntu on my toshiba laptop01:02
meherenrdd, ! wow01:02
yowshinikrud, and it tells me the exact same thing. permission denied01:02
yowshito sudoers01:02
gligorhoriaPelo not realy01:02
nikrudyowshi:   su  root ,  visudo /etc/sudoers01:02
yowshinikrud, i just did that01:02
Fryguy--yowshi: then you are editing the file01:03
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, I will modify.01:03
AndersonPelo, no luck01:03
BleckmJack_Sparrow, it seems to be slowing down at a point and saying I/O error, dev fd0, sector 001:03
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark, It seems to have helped some people01:03
BleckmAnything to worry about?01:03
nikrudyowshi: and it said permission denied ??01:03
PeloAnderson, hmm, are you sure01:03
yowshiand you dont need the /etc/sudoers bit and yes nikrud even after removing what i added it says permission denied01:03
BleckmAnd now a lot of SQUASHFS errors.01:03
Jack_SparrowBleckm, it should hang there for two passes then go through01:03
danandgligorhoria - your talking about interupts right ? Got to say I'm no expert on this but i think were talking about the same thing :) try man rtc. you can control through the sysctl command ie sysctl dev/rtc/max-user-freq=1024 and view settings in /proc and /sys. Other than that i'm not too sure :) Hope that helps01:03
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, I hope it works for me as well!  Thanks.01:03
yowshinikrud, but i can edit from the root no problem01:03
PeloAnderson, I mean are you sure you deleted the fstab line for your ntfs drive and made ntfs-config make a new one ?01:03
AndersonPelo, Yea, I uninstalled, there wasn't even an entry in fstab for the dev rebooted and reinstalled. tried to mount and no luck01:04
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark, good luck.. let me know if it works eh01:04
nikrudyowshi: please, I'm trying to check things ... , and thanks for answering the actual question :)01:04
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, will do. (I just have to wait for it to boot first!!!)01:04
AndersonPelo, tried ntfsfix again to no avail01:04
yowshinikrud, no problem i am trying to answer as best i can01:04
nikrudyowshi: next ,  ls -l /usr/bin/sudo01:04
PeloAnderson, mignht not be listed asa a dev might be listed using the uuid ,  check the fstab again and try to look for a line with fuse in it01:04
yowshi ls -l /usr/bin/sudo01:05
yowshi-rwsr-xr-x 2 root root 106336 2007-06-15 08:54 /usr/bin/sudo01:05
yowshi nikrud01:05
PeloAnderson, or a line with ntfs-3g01:05
AndersonPelo, the dev doesn't show up at all, as fuse as /dev/sda1 or as ntfs-3g01:06
PeloAnderson, please pastebin your fstab file so I cna have a look01:06
Pelo!pastebin > Anderson01:06
gligorhoriadanand The ubuntu server kernel is set to a timer interrupt rate of 100 Hz (CONFIG_HZ=100, CONFIG_HZ_100=y), which means it accepts 100 interrupts per second. can i change this on the fly (without recompiling the kernell?)  is this it? ty for the first answer i will try that01:06
nikrudyowshi: I'm stumped at the moment. I'm gonna google a bit01:07
gligorhoriadanand yes indea i think we were on the same subject :D01:07
BleckmJack_Sparrow, same thing happens, starts up Gnome, and gives me a login box, I'll try the other fix you recommended after removing quiet and splash now.01:07
yowshii may have like unop say changed various file systems with one click when i was trying to much with my .wine folder nikrud01:08
isleshocky77If I have a program which is giving me a Segmentaion Fault, what's the best way to figure out what's going on?01:08
slylockhello guys i am having some problem here01:08
Jack_SparrowBleckm, one sec.. want to try something01:08
yowshimanewhile i need a smoke bbs01:08
slylockwhen i run01:08
slylockapt-get build-dep libqt4-core01:08
Fryguy--isleshocky77: learn to program and read crashdump/stacktrace01:08
Peloslylock, please don't use the enter key for punctuation01:08
nikrudyowshi: could be. But, with sudo set suid, sudoers with the correct read permissions ....01:08
AndersonPelo, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60243/01:08
isleshocky77Fryguy--: I know how to program.  It's subversion which is doing it on commits01:08
PeloAnderson, hold on01:08
danandgligorhoria - I'm not too sure... :D - try cat cat /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-freq ??01:08
Fryguy--isleshocky77: so look in /var/crash01:09
AndersonPelo, k01:09
dep*grumble* the only problem with being named 'dep' is anytime anyone talks about build-dep it thinks they're talking to you01:09
isleshocky77Fryguy--: Thanks. Will do that now.01:09
Jack_SparrowBleckm, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg (to just set res) If you get locked out Select vesa as your video card and 1024 max res.  Use tab or enter to accept all other defaults  not sure if you will need sudo.. in live..  try startx at the end of that..01:09
aldarsiorIs there anything like Debian-testing for ubuntu?01:09
Flanneldep: write a more strict regexp?01:09
Atma26is this the right channel for basic questions?01:09
FlannelAtma26: yep01:09
afabianWhat about Johnny Depp?  or a bank deposit?  Or a depo shot.  Or the Home Depot.01:09
PeloAnderson, sudo apt-get install ntfs-config01:09
aldarsiorbecause while the current version of deluge appears to have a web interface, the version currently in ubuntu doesn't appear to01:09
aldarsior(or I can't find it)01:09
AndersonPelo, K01:10
Flannelaldarsior: The dev version, or the stable version are your two choices01:10
slylock apt-get build-dep libqt4-core01:10
BleckmSorry for a dumb question, but how do I drop to a terminal from the x login screen?01:10
Peloslylock, waht is the issue ?01:10
depFlannel: yeah, I should, grrr xchat =)01:10
aldarsiorFlannel: is there a sample apt/sources.list file for the dev version?01:10
slylockReading package lists... Done01:10
slylockBuilding dependency tree01:10
slylockReading state information... Done01:10
slylockE: Unable to find a source package for qt4-x1101:10
Atma26i keep getting a "cannot eject volume error", but I have no discs in my disk drives or usb volumes attached, any ideas?01:10
Fryguy--Bleckm: ctrl-alt-f1 or f2 or f3 or f4 or f5 or f6, or just run a terminal emulator in x (gnome-terminal for example)01:10
Jack_SparrowBleckm, not a dumb question at all.01:10
Peloslylock,  then instal the dependency first01:10
unop_nikrud, i wonder if the permissions of any of sudo's libraries might have something to do with it (/usr/lib/*sudo*)01:11
AndersonPelo, couldn't find it in APT, what section is it in?01:11
Flannel!hardy | aldarsior01:11
ubotualdarsior: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:11
Jack_SparrowBleckm, Has this same cd worked on another machine?01:11
slylockPelo: i cant find the qt-x1101:11
PeloAnderson, just type sudo apt-get install ntfs-config in a terminal01:11
BleckmYeah, the one I'm using now actually.01:11
unop_yowshi, what does this output?  ls -l /usr/lib/*sudo*01:11
Peloslylock, did y ou check using synaptic ?01:11
Flannelslylock: What version of Ubuntu are you running?01:11
DrIPhi all01:11
DrIP i need to get my ubuntu server as a wireless gateway (where wireless has my internet and LAN has my other computers attached to the same router)01:11
AndersonPelo, That's what I did. It said it couldn't find the package01:11
PeloAnderson, do you ahve all the repositories enabled ?01:12
Jack_SparrowBleckm, I need to start dinner.. someone elase will have an answer for you .. after I eat I amy think of something01:12
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, Woohoo!  From 3 minutes to 30 seconds.  Thanks!01:12
BleckmAnd its worked on the machine I'm using it on before, but I installed another harddrive so, being that I'm more familiar with windows I did all the formatting with parition magic, and decided to clean out the ubuntu install and put a fresh one on the new harddrive.01:12
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark, happy now01:12
AndersonI think so, hold on01:12
BleckmThanks for helping.01:12
nikrudunop_: I wouldn't expect it, since sudo is the parent (or whatever the tech term is)01:12
slylockPelo: yea nothing there01:12
isleshocky77Fryguy--: There is not /var/crash01:12
slylockPelo: it cant search anythign there01:12
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, I'm very happy.01:12
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark, enjoy..  Im off to start dinner01:12
Peloslylock, qt-x11-free01:12
FlannelAnderson: Is this feisty or gutsy?  You need universe enabled.01:12
=== rdeez is now known as aridese
AndersonPelo, main restricted, universe multiverse,01:13
tim3049Hello...can anyone give me a shove in the right direction with Samba?01:13
AndersonFlannel, Edgy01:13
yowshiback nekrid01:13
yowshineeded a smoke01:13
Fryguy--isleshocky77: no idea then, that's where my crash dumps go01:13
FlannelAnderson: Ah!  Well, that'd be why.01:13
Fryguy--tim3049: #samba01:13
PeloAnderson, back port,  3rd tab01:13
AndersonFlannel, hence the attempt to put a fresh install01:13
AndersonPelo, gotcha01:13
tim3049Fryguy: thanks!01:13
FlannelAnderson: Sorry, I just got here01:13
yowshiyoshi@ubuntu:~$ ls -l /usr/lib/*sudo*01:14
yowshitotal 1201:14
yowshi-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  787 2007-06-15 08:54 sudo_noexec.la01:14
yowshi-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6448 2007-06-15 08:54 sudo_noexec.so01:14
yowshinekrud unop_01:14
FloodBot2yowshi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
slylockPelo: letme try it01:14
PeloAnderson, not sure it ' actualy available in edgy,  that,s quite a while back01:14
Peloslylock, sudo apt-cache search packagename is your friend01:14
FlannelPelo: it's not.  Feisty and Gutsy only.01:14
cameodemonanyone successfully used an ~/.xsession file with gutsy? its been a real pain01:14
AndersonPelo, Yeah, I couldn't update while I was in Iraq. It's not in backport either01:15
unop_yowshi, ls -ld /root01:15
PeloFlannel, we found the problem then,  he'll need to install his rw ntfs support the hardway01:15
slylockPelo: its a bit confusing01:15
slylockPelo: i was getting error related to glib and also x1101:15
PeloAnderson, you'll need to install ntsf write capability the hardway01:15
yowshidrwxr-xr-x 44 root root 4096 2008-03-19 20:36 /root (unop_ nekrud)01:15
yowshii added the () so as to not flood01:16
AndersonPelo, I'm always up for a challenge.01:16
Peloslylock,  apt-cache search glib01:16
slylockPelo: but i cant find glib in the repo either01:16
PeloAnderson, I don't know if I still ahve a link for hat , hold on01:16
AndersonPelo, k01:16
unop_yowshi, so su works fine?01:16
PeloAnderson, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Edgy01:16
yowshisu works yes unop_01:16
FlannelAnderson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions  7.04 instructions01:16
FlannelAnderson: er, wait.  6.10, sorry.01:16
yowshii actually have the root account in a second tab right now01:16
FlannelAnderson: Still on that page though.01:17
Atma26any ideas for mysterious "cannot eject volume" errors?01:17
aldarsiorFlannel: thanks!01:17
FlannelAnderson: I suppose that'd actually be: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions/ThirdPartyNTFS3G01:17
slylockPelo: i found libglib1.2-dev01:17
Peloslylock, anyreason you are not installing using synaptic ?01:17
Peloslylock,  that would probabaly do01:17
slylockPelo: i hope thats glib01:17
kris_phwhat's the command to know the version of apache2 running?01:17
unop_yowshi, i really suspect that permissions upset on system files/dirs might be to blame .. I can't think of anything more01:17
AndersonFlannel, Pelo, alright I have some reading to do. Thanks for the help.01:18
Flannelkris_ph: apache2 -v01:18
yowshiunop_, how do i check and correct them though using the cli only01:18
NMajikHow can I check why a port is open? I figure there should be a way using netstat but I don't know how01:18
iceswordyowshi, nano /etc/sudoers,move to root all =all all,below it,add (username you want ) all =...,just like that root line01:18
yowshiunop_, i am preferential to guis since i typo so much01:18
Fryguy--NMajik: man netstat01:18
BleckmI hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 at the login prompt when Gnome starts on the liveCD and it says "Loading, please wait..."  Then repeats "User not known to the underlying authentication module" 11 times, and I can't type any commands.01:18
Flannelicesword, yowshi, DONT use nano.  ALWAYS use visudo01:18
yowshiicesword, huh01:19
PeloAnderson, best of luck01:19
iceswordFlannel, i cannot use vim01:19
kris_ph Apache/2.2.4 (Ubuntu) <<< is this the latest in the repo?01:19
Fryguy--Bleckm: what about ctrl-alt-f201:19
Flannelicesword: visudo will use nano if that's your preferred editor.  But what are you trying to accomplish anyway?01:19
yowshiicesword, also i already tried adding my username it didnt work01:19
Fryguy--icesword: so learn it. it's not that hard.  I use it for 8+ hours a day01:19
BleckmTook away the loading please wait, but has the errors repeat.01:19
Flannelicesword: You're trying to add a user to be able to use sudo?01:20
nikrudunop_: yowshi I've been looking around with out any luck. I think you're on the right track unop_ but figuring out what ...01:20
Flannelkris_ph: In gutsy, yes.01:20
=== kirby is now known as everything
NMajikFryguy--: That's all greek to me01:20
unop_yowshi, you'd need to compare permissions of each and every file against some sort of baseline -- let me think about this01:20
Fryguy--NMajik: that's unfortunate.  it looks like english to me01:20
=== everything is now known as Charitwo
lilythwhy can I record from my line in with 'arecord' but not be able to get to my device with /dev/dsp or hw:0,0?01:21
yowshiunop_, each and EVERY file in noth my hard drives?01:21
Fryguy--NMajik: google + documentation is your friend.  this is #ubuntu not #ihaverandomproblemswithcoreunixcommandsandcantreaddocumentation01:21
kris_phFlannel: running sudo apt-get upgrade will upgrade apache2 once the latest stable version is already available in the repo, right?01:21
adrian_2002cai was wondering if the ubuntu web page https://help.ubuntu.com/  is also open source01:21
NMajikFryguy--: I've checked that channel; I'm the only one there, I expect there should be more people01:21
digin4where can i get ubuntu studio themes?01:21
Fryguy--kris_ph: assuming you updated your repo using apt-get update, yes01:21
BleckmFrom googling it seems like the CD might be corrupt, I'll just burn another one.01:22
unop_yowshi, well, in every directory that matters atleast, yes -- let me see what i can script up01:22
Pelodigin4, try www.gnome-look.org01:22
Flannelkris_ph: Gutsy will *always* have 2.2.4.  It will still recieve bugfixes/security updates though.01:22
Fryguy--digin4: apt-cache search ubuntu studio01:22
adrian_2002ca(can i use the style to make my own web page?)???01:22
Flannelkris_ph: So, depending on what you mean by that question, maybe.01:22
tim3049Looks like everyone in #samba is looking for answers as well. I'm trying to figure out why when I run "sudu apt-get install samba" that I get the error "Package samba is not available..."01:22
Fryguy--digin4: will list you all of the icons, menu,s graphics, themes, etc that you want01:22
yowshithank you unop_ and nekrud and everyone else who has tried to help01:22
digin4thank you :)01:22
kris_phFlannel: I've seen in the official site that the latest version is 2.2.6....01:23
Flanneltim3049: pastebin your sources.list01:23
Flannelkris_ph: Thats correct.  Gutsy will never have 2.2.601:23
yowshilast time i tell pcmanfm to apply permissions to every folder in wine01:23
kris_phFlannel: for what reason?01:23
tim3049Flannel: Sorry, i'm not sure what that means. Is there a link that will help me through it?01:23
Fryguy--kris_ph: releases of ubuntu don't upgrade major revisions of software01:23
Flannelkris_ph: Because thats how Ubuntu does stuff.  Versions are frozen for the life of any Ubuntu version.  They *do* get updates though. bugfixes and security updats.01:24
Flannel!paste | tim304901:24
ubotutim3049: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:24
CThodoes gutsy install any port scanners by default?01:24
Flanneltim3049: /etc/apt/sources.list, copy it to pastebin, and give us the URL01:24
Fryguy--CTho: if you count nc + shell script as a portscanner, then yes01:24
CyberCodis there a specific ubuntu brainstorm irc channel?01:25
minimectim3049: Verify your /etc/apt/sources.list. de/activate #CD-Source,the ubuntu sources.01:25
kris_phFlannel: uhuh. for that reason then.. though some of the web servers running in earlier version of apache...it is still secured in the since that patches made available for higher versions could still be installed in their old version.. right01:25
iceswordCyberCod, #ubuntu-ops?01:26
Flannelkris_ph: correct.01:26
whitehat_hey, guys big problem, my laptop has this error when trying to play sound (it's ubuntus problem cause debian works fine) it says01:26
Flannelkris_ph: Just any new features released in 2.2.6 wouldn't be present.01:26
Fryguy--kris_ph: security updates are made, major revisions aren't upgraded. simple.01:26
whitehat_that Gstreamer is not found01:26
Fryguy--kris_ph: you realize like, 1/3 of the internet, is still using apache 1.x, right?01:26
whitehat_that means that 2/3 isn't :)01:26
CyberCodwhat would happen if I were to add ubuntu repositories to another debian linux OS?  Would it work? Could I install software?01:27
whitehat_i can do math hahahaha01:27
Fryguy--CyberCod: no01:27
yowshiFlannel why not include 2.2.6?01:27
kris_phFlannel: yeah.. I noticed that.. I thought honestly that their web servers are not secured anymore since their apache version is not updated01:27
PriceChildCyberCod: things will break01:27
brent113Question: When I try to shut down in Gutsy, the first time I click the shutdown button in the top right it takes ~50 seconds to bring up the shutdown/restart/other options window.  If I cancel out and do it again though it behaves normally.  Anyone have an idea?01:27
fevelhas anyone seen the iphone development kit?01:27
Fryguy--yowshi: because 2.2.4 is what was available when gutsy was available, and is what the rel-engs decided to go with01:27
CyberCodIts in Virtualbox...01:27
PriceChildCyberCod: things will break01:27
minimecCyberCod: Not a good idea. Imagine all the dependency problems...01:27
Flannelyowshi: With a stable version number for all software, you can make sure it plays well together01:27
CyberCodwon't break anything too bad01:27
Fryguy--brent113: did you go through your session and disable things? namely the power management daemon?01:27
yowshiyeah i get it01:28
CyberCodwouldn't dependencies be IN the repos?01:28
brent113fryguy: I'll try that01:28
yowshihardy might have 2.2.6 then?01:28
Fryguy--brent113: no DON'T try that, it's what causes that problem01:28
Fryguy--yowshi: maybe01:28
fevelwhitehat_, its really easy with that "what you see is what you get" framework01:28
CyberCodWell, I wanna respin Ubuntu01:28
Fryguy--yowshi: join #ubuntu+1 for hardy issues01:28
kris_phI guess hardy will have 2.2.6... :)01:28
Fryguy--or just compile it from source yourself01:28
CyberCodand Dreamlinux has that nifty MkDistro tool01:28
brent113fryguy: well it is disabled, if it's that predictable01:28
yowshifryguy i am not using hardy01:28
fevelI was wondering if theres something like that for coing in python01:28
Fryguy--brent113: if it's disabled, then enable it01:29
snerfuI was looking at the hardy heron release schedule on the wiki. It says the first beta release is supposed to be tomorrow but there is an exclamation point next to it, does that mean it will be delayed a bit?01:29
whitehat_no, it's only for winodws :(01:29
CyberCodso I was thinking, if you can't bring the tool to Ubuntu, can you bring Ubuntu to the tool?01:29
fevellike an ide I could get running on ubuntu01:29
CThoFryguy--: if you can give me a command line to get it to scan (or a shell script that loops ports?) that would do01:29
Fryguy--snerfu: join #ubuntu+1 for hardy01:29
Fryguy--CTho: just install nmap01:29
snerfuThanks Fryguy.01:29
cahoneFryguy--, Hey Fryguy i was able to edit the xorg.conf file to get a good 1024x768 Resolution for my one monitor.  Do you know how to use the System Appearance Preferences in Ubuntu and is that application simply modifying the xorg.conf file? or what?01:29
ektobot_What room is ubuntu UK?01:29
minimecCyberCod: Well... the problem sometimes is not only the package, but the version too. Imagine hardy repo on debian etch... Impossible.01:29
CThoFryguy--: ok01:29
brent113fryguy: well, thanks.  do you know why it does that?01:29
Flannel!uk | ektobot_01:29
ubotuektobot_: Join us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk01:29
whitehat_nope fevel, where out of luck apple seems to like supporting microsoft01:29
ektobot_:P thanks bot01:29
Fryguy--brent113: not specifically, but the power daemon is what is responsible for figuring out the current and available power states of the machine01:30
CyberCodI was hopeful synaptic would be smart enough to resolve dependency issues if all the packages were present01:30
whitehat_hey guys this is driving me nuts what does XD mean?01:30
brent113ah, i found a site, thanks so much!!01:30
whitehat_oh it's a laughing face01:30
FlannelCyberCod: Only if their versioning scheme is compatable01:30
cahoneFryguy--, In the Appearance Preferences I am specifically trying to use the Visual Effects Options but they wont enable?01:30
Fryguy--cahone: yes it just modifies the xorg.conf file, and then makes a backup of it.  And provides a fancy gui wrapper around text editing that usually just gets in the way (in my opinion)01:30
fevelXd is like a large smile with closed shut eyes01:30
whitehat_cahone, install the compiz manger01:30
cogenoIs anyone that is currently in here familiar with systemimager?01:31
Fryguy--cahone: enabling compiz on ati is outside the scope of this channel, google is good, #compiz-fusion, and I think #ubuntu-effects exists01:31
jsoftwAny suggestions on a decent visio like program? Dia sucks, no decent icons/images01:31
fevelwhitehat_, I meant not coding for the iphone...I meant an ide that would run on ubuntu and code python using a lego like approach01:31
cahoneOMG so Compiz is that complicated?01:31
Fryguy--jsoftw: i use dia01:31
Fryguy--cahone: yes01:31
minimecCyberCod: This goes far beyond package managment...01:32
whitehat_fevel, ah I wonder....01:32
Fryguy--cahone: desktop effects are a waste of cpu cycles anyway :(01:32
CyberCodwell, does anyone know a good tutorial on remastering Ubuntu01:32
ryrysjsoftw: i use Dia with icons packages :)01:32
Fryguy--(compositing is not, however)01:32
fevelwhitehat_, would be nice right?01:32
cahoneSo when do i just get to use my computer?  Does everything require that you work on your computer and not with it?01:32
cahonesorry for the neg attitude lol01:32
Fryguy--cahone: not at all01:32
NMajikFryguy--: I am completely stumped, will you help?01:32
veliushello, i have recompiled my kernel several times. I cant get my ethernet card to work. even though i chose the right drivers.01:32
adudehow can i make a webpage as the background01:32
Fryguy--NMajik: ask a question, and I answer it01:32
Fryguy--NMajik: or direct you to the location of the answer01:33
veliusshould i compile ethernet driver as a module or built in?01:33
fevelwhitehat_, python is easy to get logic going...If I could build a gui for the logic using building blocks would be nice01:33
Fryguy--velius: you almost certainly don't need to be compiling an ethernet driver01:33
Atma26anyone know how to get rid of a repeating "cannot eject volume" error?01:33
veliusno fryguy01:33
veliusi am recompiling the kernel01:33
veliusi selected the right ethernet module but it isnt working01:33
cahoneI really dont get it?  It seems as though the simplest of things is so complicated in Linux?01:33
fevelAtma26,  if you could restart gnome01:33
Fryguy--velius: well, since you pretty much use ethernet 100% of the time the machine is on, it should be compiled in01:33
cahoneSee i cant even speak strait anymore01:34
veliusshould i compile the ethernet driver as a module or build it into the kernel01:34
matthobHi, anuone know why when I use Gpart, shows my HDD unallocated complete even when I have 3 partitions there?01:34
Atma26fevel: i tried that01:34
veliusi will try that01:34
Atma26fevel: no effect01:34
NMajikFryguy--: I used the command "sudo netstat -e -e -l -p > ~/tmp". Used grep to look in that file for the port shown, which I found. Instead of a PID/Program name though I just get a hyphen01:34
cahoneGuess i just have a massive learning curve to join in on all the fun01:34
veliuswell thanks for the help im off to compile :)01:34
veliusman i miss freebsd01:34
UbubeginHi, where is nice site to get nice desktop themes and logins for ubuntu...01:34
Fryguy--NMajik: then it's something in the kernel using that port01:35
Fryguy--NMajik: (i think, not 100% sure, i'm like 90-95% sure)01:35
bperryUbubegin: gnome-art?01:35
Fryguy--Ububegin: gnome-look.org01:35
Fryguy--and bperry's suggestion, that i was in the middle of typing and got beat01:36
NMajikFryguy--: But I can't use netstat to look further into what it's being used for?01:36
Fryguy--NMajik: not that i knwo of01:36
NMajikFryguy--: Is it reasonably safe to assume it's not a security issue?01:37
adudehow can you make a webpage as the desktop background?01:37
matthobAnyone know how to solve that Gparted shows UNALLOCATED all the HDD even when I have 3 partitions?01:37
Fryguy--NMajik: probably01:37
cahoneFryguy--, are things like compiz temorary patch programs (for lack of a better term) that i will have to implement and delete everytime i make a simple hardware exchange like installing a new video card?01:37
CyberCodI guess thats a "no".. :(01:37
fevelmatthob,  did you choose the right HD01:37
Fryguy--cahone: no01:37
Flannelmatthob: what does `sudo fdisk -l` (lower L) show?01:37
UbubeginFryguy, bperry : looking at it now... :D01:37
cahoneFryguy--, so you use compiz with other cards too?01:37
Fryguy--cahone: yes01:38
matthobfevel, yes its the right hdd, the only one in fact.01:38
byrdI have a odd question: I have a CD here burnt and I want to find out if it's Alpha 4 or 5 of Ubuntu 8.04 - is there a way to do so?01:38
bperrybyrd: md5sum it01:38
Fryguy--cahone: compiz interfaces with X, it doesn't do anything directly with your video card.  Assuming you have X11 configured correctly, then it works, regardless of what video card it actually is01:38
matthobFlannel, i need to reboot to see what does, What probably need to show ?01:38
bperryand compare it to the two md5sums canonical offers01:38
whitehat_snivel, only 59 ppl bought my program :(01:38
cahoneFryguy--, this is interesting so many hidden delights...i dont know how i would have ever guessed i needed compiz without someone like you to tell me?01:38
byrdbperry: can you check md5sum with a whole cd? or do you mean the isos?01:39
Fryguy--cahone: you don't need compiz01:39
cahoneFryguy--, ahh ic01:39
byrdaight, thanks01:39
cahoneFryguy--, then how do i get the visual effects to work?01:39
Fryguy--cahone: use compiz01:39
Fryguy--compiz IS the visual effects01:39
cahoneFryguy--, kk01:39
slylockPelo: u there01:39
Fryguy--but you don't need compiz to get your computer to run (alluding to the point you made earlier about working on the computer, not with it)01:40
Peloslylock, more or less , you'll be competing with torchwood for my attention , make it good01:40
cahoneFryguy--, i do like a level of cool computing experience and not simply a terminal screen when i use a computer01:40
bperryterminal is better :-)01:41
Fryguy--cahone: that's somewhat of a hyperbole, but ok (I actually prefer a screen full of terminals whenever possible)01:41
bperryFryguy--: wtf? you know gnome-terminal has tabs right?01:41
Fryguy--the only noteworthy thin i do outside of terminals is web browser and video playback01:41
matthobFlannel, If any property, what should show the "fdisk -l". I just have one HDD and four or five NTFS partitions01:41
slylockPelo: package glib-2.0 was not found in pkg-config perhaps you should add  the directory containing 'glib-2.0.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH evvirnoment variable01:41
bperryunless you use xterm01:42
Fryguy--bperry: yes, usually only have 1 open with multiple screen sessions split up01:42
cowboy29how do i compile a source code in ubuntu?01:42
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:42
Peloslylock, libglib-2.0 and ibglib-2.0-dev01:42
slylockPelo: it says the same for gthread01:42
cahoneI build websites and use PHP CSS HTML and the rest of the crap too01:42
LadyNikondang wrong one.01:42
Peloslylock,  robabaly01:42
Fryguy--bperry: I dislike tabs because it hides an entire interface, and I have a large enough monitor that I can show several terminals at once, and i like to be able to read them all without hitting keys to change tabs01:42
byrdbperry: do you have an idea as to where the alpha 4/5 checksums? the pages http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/MD5SUMS are dead01:42
Fryguy--cowboy29: install the build-essential package and have at it01:43
Peloslylock, doyou have a gui ? gnome ?01:43
Flannelmatthob: it will list the partitions01:43
cahoneI am a visual person and like working in graphics programs as well as programing01:43
slylockPelo: yea01:43
cowboy29i am very new to all this so please put this in lamen terms01:43
MatToufoutuquelqu'un a dejà utilisé freenet?01:43
Flannel!fr | MatToufoutu01:43
Fryguy--cowboy29: if you are new to this, then you shouldn't be compiling code01:43
ubotuMatToufoutu: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.01:43
Peloslylock, menu > stystem > admin > synaptic package manager,  always install the -dev related package of the dependency you need01:43
MatToufoutuoups excuse01:44
MatToufoutumistook channel01:44
cahoneI dont think Deamweaver works in a Linux environment thought01:44
Fryguy--large guis like that just cause me to work more slowly01:44
Peloslylock, what app are you trying to install again ? it's probably in synatpic as well , just do a search for it first,  synaptic will isntall all the required dependencies01:44
bperrybyrd, do you have the isos on hand?01:44
cowboy29hehe well is all i am trying to compile is ftpd pro01:44
matthobFlannel, I guess shows no partitions, just the hdd without partitions or type ofs01:44
byrdbperry: yup01:45
Fryguy--cowboy29: there's plenty of ftp daemons available in ubuntu, there is no need (or good reason) to be compiling your own01:45
cowboy29well this is the one the forusm had instructions on how touse and setup but i went to install it like it said and it told me package could not be found01:45
slylockPelo: i am trying to compile the source code of qt01:46
cowboy29so i downloaded the package and have it untared just need to compile it so i can install it01:46
Flannelcowboy29: Which one?01:46
icanhasadminHaving difficultly starting fglrx/AIGLX on radeon xpress 200m. tried nearly everything.. willing to follow suggestions01:46
bperryon the disk and in the isos, there is a file called md5sum.txt01:46
slylockPelo: i need the 4.3.2 not the older one01:46
capitalideaI have ntfs-3g but I cannot mount a larg (500GB) NTFS volume, I need help I have no idea how to proceed from here...01:46
slylockPelo: thats why i am compiling it01:46
Fryguy--cowboy29: install packages using ubuntu's package management sytem (synaptic) unless you have very good reason to do otherwise01:46
bperrybyrd: compare the two md5sum.txt's to the one on the CD01:46
bperrythat will tell you01:46
Flannelcowboy29: proftpd is in the repositories.  install the 'proftpd' package, and you're good to go.01:46
slylockPelo: actually i had ubuntu  6.06 before and qt compiled fine on it but now i have 7.10 and i am having problems01:47
Peloslylock, ok , well , you can still install the dependendies from synaptic, , like I said , always install the -dev packages , close synaptic before running make ,  and you might also need to compile some of the dependencies ifyou need more recent ones01:47
nicodarioushey all01:47
byrdbperry: i found the one on the cd, but which ones should i compare them to? the only other checksum file i could find was the alpha 6 one :x01:47
cowboy29wel i did the sudo apt-get install proftpd-1.3.1 and it is still telling me it can not find the package01:47
nicodariousjust jumping in here.  I'm new to this channel but have a little knowledge on Ubuntu.01:47
exegesisI want to do a fresh install of Gutsy but don't want to lose my preferences etc.  How do I do that without using an external drive?01:48
Peloslylock,  installing the current qt from synaptic, and then removing it , leaving thedependencies migth speed things up01:48
Flannelcowboy29: Because the package name is 'proftpd' without the version information.01:48
bperrybyrd, heh, that will tell you also, if they don't match, you have alpha 501:48
Peloexegesis, just move your /home folder to a seperate partitons01:48
Fryguy--exegesis: back up your /home directory somewhere01:48
nicodariousexegesis, what prefs do you want to keep?01:48
slylockPelo: hmmmm how do i remove it then after installing it01:48
unop_yowshi, are you still here?01:48
exegesisnicodarious my firefox, amarok things.  I'm sure there's more but that's all that comes to mind01:49
nicodariousexegesis, you don't have to delete your home partition to do a fresh install of Gutsy, or any Linux for that manner01:49
cowboy29and i get this error when i try to use the synaptic01:49
yowshii am back01:49
capitalideaI have ntfs-3g but I cannot mount a larg (500GB) NTFS volume, I need help I have no idea how to proceed from here...01:49
yowshiwent for a smoke unop_01:49
byrdbperry: hah, fair enough.. i think i might as well download alpha 6 as i'm going to have to mass update whatever alpha i have anyway.. thanks for your time :)01:49
Peloslylock, use synaptic,  search for qt,   which ever pacakge you end up installing ,  remove the same package with right ciick uninstall01:49
exegesisfryguy my last name's fry, why'd you choose that name?01:49
Flannelbyrd: mount them and check timestamps01:49
Fryguy--exegesis: super mario brothers 201:49
clearzencapitalidea: are you mounting it from the CLI?01:49
nicodariousexegesis, do a backup of your synaptic packages through synaptic and save it on your desktop.01:49
capitalideafrom Nautilus01:49
exegesisfryguy oh, cuz people call me Fryguy from time to time, haha01:49
cowboy29error E: Encountered a section with no Package: header01:50
cowboy29E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_gutsy_main_binary-i386_Packages01:50
cowboy29E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:50
cowboy29E: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:50
cowboy29W: Duplicate sources.list entry cdrom://Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016) gutsy/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/Ubuntu%207.10%20%5fGutsy%20Gibbon%5f%20-%20Release%20i386%20(20071016)_dists_gutsy_main_binary-i386_Packages)01:50
FloodBot2cowboy29: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
unop_yowshi, cool -- i need a smoke now -- the script is almost finished, i need to test it out and generate a baseline of my system for you01:50
cowboy29W: Duplicate sources.list entry cdrom://Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016) gutsy/restricted Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/Ubuntu%207.10%20%5fGutsy%20Gibbon%5f%20-%20Release%20i386%20(20071016)_dists_gutsy_restricted_binary-i386_Packages)01:50
capitalideaARGH FLOOD! KILL IT!01:50
icanhasadminflooding seriously unnecesary01:50
unop_what a cowboy? (literally)01:50
capitalideapastebin mutherfooler01:50
yowshithanks unop_ you and nekrud have been a life saver01:50
Flannel!ops | grey_01:50
ubotugrey_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!01:50
icanhasadminlol@ "don't use enter as puncuation"01:50
nicodariousexegesis, that will be your install fille for when you reinstall.  also, when reinstalling, just don't format your /home partition and relabel it as home.  that way, all your stuff on /home is safe and sound.01:50
pushpopCan someone help me with this question http://pastebin.ca/94981001:51
Pelopushpop,  jsut summerize the question in here01:51
zezui'm trying to get audio working on a notebook, i tried modprobe snd-intel8x0 and get errors :|01:51
zezuanyone know what might be the issue, i'm reading a ton of forums atm01:51
exegesisnicodarious I'm confused.  If I do a fresh install my /home won't necessarily be deleted?01:51
capitalideazezu, paste the errors to a pastebin like pushpop did01:51
Fryguy--exegesis: it will, which is why i said to make a backup of it01:51
exegesisnicodarious I'm doing a fresh install because I want to delete Vista from my cpu, but also don't want to loose my preferences01:52
nicodariousexegesis, if you tell the installer NOT to format /home, then it won't touch it.01:52
Fryguy--nicodarious: the installer isn't able to do that if it's on the same partition (which it is by default)01:52
Pelonicodarious, that only works if /home is on a different partitosn then /01:52
zezucapitalidea: will do01:52
bj0ng0hmm, could anyone recommend a commandline cpu,ram or something benchmark..? :)01:52
nicodariousexegesis, ahhh... didn't know it was on the same partition.01:52
yowshii've never really understood how to save a /home partition01:53
* capitalidea wishes belgian beer wouldn't skunk before it reaches Texas01:53
Peloyowshi, just create a new partition,  copy your /home to it , and make a line in fstab that the new partitson mojunts to /home01:53
zezuAll operation not permitted errors for modprobe :: http://rafb.net/p/WQf49P65.html01:53
capitalideayowshi, you make several partitions, you make a mount point for one of them /home01:54
depbj0ng0: try top01:54
Old_Soldieryowshi, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:54
=== byrd is now known as byrd_
Fryguy--yowshi: tar cjf /tmp/Home.tar.bz2 /home01:54
nicodariousexegesis, then do this, copy everything from /home (primarily all your .hidden files, like firefox settings and all) onto a separate hard drive or partition.  then do a backup from synaptic of all your installed programs and save that somewhere safe, like where you put your /home stuff.  then you're all set to reinstall.01:54
yowshiyeah but i dont understand fstab editing01:54
Old_Soldierjust copying will mess up your permissions01:54
Peloyowshi, you just ask here and we can give you a line to put in your fstab , we'll just have to ask you a couple of queisotns first01:54
=== byrd_ is now known as byrd
exegesisnicodarious ok, thanks01:55
cowboy29i am getting a erro telling me it can not lock my adminstration direcotry01:55
nicodariousexegesis, then when you're reinstalled, have synaptic look for that file you saved and it will redownload and reinstall all your programs you had installed before.  move all the saved /home stuff back to your home and log in as your user.01:55
Fryguy--cowboy29: need to be root to install software01:55
yowshiheheh i mean i have a seperate /home partition but if i ever had to install fresh well i'm at a loss of how to save my data hehehehe01:55
capitalideaAnyone have any advice for troubleshooting an ntfs-3g problem? I can't mount a 500GB drive with one large NTFS volume, and I really really need to be able to01:55
Pelogotta go , later folks01:55
yowshicool Pelo01:55
nicodariousexegesis, lost connection?01:55
Dr_williscapitalidea,  mount it manually with sudo, look for error messages01:55
bj0ng0thanks ;D01:55
clearzencapitalidea: I assume you are trying to mount it in a terminal right01:55
nicodariousexegesis, did you get my last?01:55
exegesis nicodarious actually my biggest concern I just realized is my music and documents.  How can I keep them on my cpu and not have to transfer them (there's a lot) to an external hd?01:56
exegesisnicodarious yeah, I did01:56
capitalideaclearzen: I was using nautilus actually. I'll try from the CLI though01:56
cowboy29i get that  message as root too01:56
exegesisnicodarious I can xfer the important stuff from /home and that won't take long, but the music will kill me01:56
nicodariousexegesis, if they are on your /home/exegesis/Documents/* folder, you HAVE to transfer them.01:56
Fryguy--cowboy29: then you have another window open that you are installing software in (your package manager is open or something)01:56
nicodariousexegesis, if you want to keept hem that is lol01:57
zezui'm reading something about a bug w/ acpi, anyone know if this might be the case with my audio prob ?01:57
=== Black_Magic is now known as Darkmystere
Fryguy--capitalidea: what is the filename of the device you are trying to mount?01:57
exegesisnicodarious oh, dang01:57
nicodariousexegesis, i'm afraid that the time will be the key here.  best thing to do is to COPY your /home/exegesis/* folder to a safe spot.01:57
Fryguy--zezu: probably not01:58
* capitalidea is perplexed01:58
nicodariousexegesis, sorry there isn't any other way around it.  but when you reinstall do it this way:01:58
clearzencapitalidea: ?01:58
capitalideaThere seems not to be any trouble doing it manually without any options.01:58
captaingeekanyone know how to delete a group?01:58
nicodariousexegesis set up a / partition, and then a /home partition.  this way you don't have to do this again01:58
zezui'm hoping not too, i dont want to disable acpi or manually build a new kernel01:58
cowboy29more or less reboot and try again01:58
Fryguy--exegesis: why are you reinstalling?01:58
* capitalidea looks suspiciously at nautilus01:59
zezukernel isn't that bad, but more time than i'd like to spend atm01:59
encryptzcaptaingeek: man delgroup01:59
Ouroborosityi've hit a wall here01:59
nicodariousfryguy to get rid of Vista =-)01:59
icanhasadminzezu: sorry i just steped in, are you getting ANY audio at all?01:59
cahoneare there any movie or tv show websites you can watch on Ubuntu01:59
capitalideacaptaingeek: be careful, some groups, many, are necessary01:59
georgy_28nicodarious, : groupdel01:59
zezuicanhasadmin: none01:59
Ouroborosityi've tried the livecd, alternate install, and even wubi01:59
Ouroborosityand ubuntu will not work01:59
icanhasadminzezu: Toshiba laptop?01:59
Fryguy--nicodarious: how why not just get rid of vista then? there's no reason to reinstall ubuntu to get rid of vista01:59
zezuin sound settings autodetect and nothing else dont make a peep01:59
exegesisfryguy because I want to get Vista off01:59
capitalideaicanhasadmin: icanhascatmacros?01:59
zezuHP notebook, w/ ICH801:59
FlannelOuroborosity: Have you verified the CDs? (Check for defects)01:59
nicodariousgeorgy_28  ???01:59
exegesisnicodarious will it be obvious how to set up a / and a /home when I do a fresh install?01:59
Ouroborositycd is perfect01:59
Fryguy--exegesis: there's no reason to reinstall ubuntu to get rid of vista.  just get rid of it...02:00
Ouroborosityeven dl'd again and reburned02:00
aetaricis it safe to migrate from debian's etch to gutsy?02:00
icanhasadminzezu: VERY unlikely it's an acpi error. you can pass a command to turn acpi off, then you'll know for sure. but very very unlikely. it's probably an alsa issue. I'm assuming you have alsa installed?02:00
exegesisfryguy how?  I've dl gparted and started messing around with that02:00
Ouroborosityit locks up in the middle of booting02:00
exegesisfryguy but I wasn't able to satisfactorily figure it out02:00
Fryguy--exegesis: well what do you mean "get rid of vista"02:00
zezuicanhasadmin: yes alsa is installed02:00
zezuicanhasadmin: i get an error w/ modprobe http://rafb.net/p/WQf49P65.html02:00
nicodariousexegesis, when you are reformattion, you can set two partitions up.  just make one (the first) as about 25 gigs (your / part), then your swap (about 1 to 2 gigs), then new partition for the rest.02:01
Ouroborosityfor all the talk of ubuntu being the easiest to work with i'm getting fed up02:01
cahoneIs there any entertainment websites that are compatible with Ubuntu...like itunes does not work with it?02:01
exegesisfryguy completely erase it from my hd02:01
nicodariousexegesis, after this, label the last one as /home02:01
icanhasadminzezu: same output when you "sudo modprobe" ?02:01
nicodariousexegesis, when it asks to label them02:01
exegesisnicodarious what will the / partition do and be?02:01
Fryguy--exegesis: so then just remove the partition using gparted, and edit /boot/grub/menu.lst so it doesn't show up in your boot menu02:01
captaingeekhow do i list users through the terminal?02:01
nicodariousexegesis, that is your / (root)02:01
Fryguy--captaingeek: cat /etc/passwd02:01
exegesisnicodarious ok02:01
zezuicanhasadmin: tbh I hadn't tried, used to being logged in as root in a LFS dist.02:01
nicodariousexegesis, that is where all your programs will be installed.02:02
Ouroborosityany suggestions on why even LiveCD won't boot?02:02
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
capitalideaIs there some way I can determine what trouble nautilus has in mounting this NTFS volume of mine? (Which otherwise mounts without issue from the CLI)02:02
nicodariousexegesis so make it about 20 to 25 gigs.  depending on how much you install.02:02
aetaricim now stuck between etch and gutsy02:02
encryptzOuroborosity: bad cd?02:02
FlannelOuroborosity: I'd be worried more on why the alternate CD doesn't boot.  Thats a safer bet.  Does it not boot, or not install completely?02:02
Ouroborosityredl'd and burned it02:02
exegesisfryguy then how could I make a / partition and a /home partition by just deleting vista with gparted?  I want to do that b/c I hear it's beneficial02:02
icanhasadminzezu: 100 percent positive you were logged in as root? doesn't seem that way in the pastebin, i could be wrong02:02
byrdWhen looking for themes for Ubuntu on gnome-look.org (Is there a better site?), what category do I look under, like GTK, Metacity, etc?02:02
encryptzOuroborosity: check the checksum?02:02
Ouroborositythe CD is find02:02
Fryguy--exegesis: you can just create a partition to use for /home using gparted02:02
exegesisnicodarious ok, that helps02:02
aoeuidproblem: computer no longer produces any sound, from any programs, even after restarts02:02
Ouroborosityi tried three times from three different sources02:03
Fryguy--and then mount it in /etc/fstab02:03
encryptzOuroborosity: but did you check the md5 checksum on the iso?02:03
capitalideaOuroborosity: boot options, have you explorex them?02:03
aoeuidanyone have any ideas?02:03
nicodariousexegesis, just label it as   /     .  linux knows that that is root02:03
capitalideaexplored them*02:03
exegesisnicodarious ok02:03
digital_freak_0_aoeuid: what sound card do you have?02:03
zezuicanhasadmin: no i'm not i meant that i'm not used to sudo, i was using another distro prev. (LFS=you build it)02:03
Fryguy--nicodarious: there is no reason for him to reinstall ubuntu so the conversation is pointless02:03
Ouroborositywhat boot options would you recommend to a nub?02:03
aoeuidno idea, but it was workinfg fine before02:03
nicodariousexegesis.  if you want i can give you an output of my own partitions so you can get an idea what i mean02:03
aoeuidfor about half a year02:03
zezuicanhasadmin: anyhow it works just fine w sudo, no errors, no output at all02:03
aetaricdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.14.5ubuntu16_i386.deb (--unpack):02:03
aetaric unsupported dependency problem - not installing dpkg02:03
Fryguy--I have my /home on another machine heh02:03
Ouroborositybecause i've tried every different installation possibility out there02:03
encryptzOuroborosity: you still haven't answered my question02:04
exegesisnicodarious I'm pretty sure I get it now, but thanks02:04
nicodariousfryguy, i understand this, but this cleans up his hard drive, just in case, and also helps him learn the ins and outs of Linux a little bit.02:04
digital_freak_0_if you look at your volume control do you see a tab called switchs02:04
icanhasadminzezu: Ok.. and still no sound i'm guessing? All the normal stuff checked? Nothing muted? physical sound control on computer if there is one? alsamixer checked?02:04
Ouroborosityyes, the CD is fine02:04
Ouroborosityi checked it02:04
aoeuidalsamixer checked?02:04
encryptzOuroborosity: that's not my question, if the cd is fine. my question is verifying the md5 chekcsum against the iso02:04
Ouroborositybut even without the CD02:04
Fryguy--nicodarious: it's a waste of time.  Manually remounting /home to a new partition on an already running system is going to teach him far more about how linux works, in a shorter amount of time, with less work and hassle involved02:04
OuroborosityWubi should have worked02:04
Ouroborosityor the alternate installer02:04
FlannelOuroborosity: does the alternate CD stall during boot? or during install?02:05
Ouroborosityduring boot02:05
digital_freak_0_is there an analog/digital switch?02:05
nicodariousfryguy, i know when i got rid of windows, i didn't like how the partitions were set up and separated, and the easiest way for me to move them around without having in depth knowledge is to back-up and reinstall.02:05
zezuicanhasadmin: yes everything checked there, my keyboard icon says i'm muted, but its not in software, alsa etc02:05
capitalideanoacpi stuff I would guess, Ouroborosity02:05
Seven_Six_Twofor some reason, I can't use the ubuntu 7.1 cd that I burned. It has been checked. It's on an mdg machine and gives me an i/o error on my floppy. I turned it off in bios, but now the cd just goes to busybox02:05
capitalideasomething similar02:05
encryptzOuroborosity: i'll take that as a no. that should be the first think you do before burinng the disc02:05
capitalideai don't know, just use bluunt for trauma and try them all02:05
cahoneI may be wrong but so far Linux makes a great web server but it does not seem to work well with almost everything02:05
Ouroborosityi've about come to blunt force trauma yeah02:05
icanhasadminzezu: That's an acpi thing, ignore that. can you pastepin your .. uh,, hold on. /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base ?02:06
Ouroborositythree different approaches, all fails02:06
Ouroborositymust be my computer itself02:06
Fryguy--cahone: it's just you.  And it makes an OK server, but there are better solutions for that as well.02:06
yowshiencryptz, doesnt the ubuntu install cd have a checkdisk in the boot menu?02:06
Seven_Six_TwoI tried modifying the boot options (erasing quiet and adding irqpoll) but then I get lots of text with no errors and it still goes right to busybox02:06
clearzenFryguy--: ok server?02:06
Fryguy--cahone: it's just you being inexperienced with a new operating system02:06
Fryguy--clearzen: yes02:06
FlannelOuroborosity: It fails during boot, but boots the integrity check fine?02:07
encryptzyowshi: yes. but, before even risking buring a bad disc, you should always check the checksum. it'll save you discs02:07
Ouroborositythat's what's so wierd02:07
nicodariousfryguy, i understand that, but for now, i want to make sure that he can od a basic setup of a partition table before he learns the in-depth part like that...  i know that it's not necessary, but when i was first starting out (back in red hat 6.0), it took forever to learn how to manipulate partitions...02:07
cahoneI guess cause I cant use it with itunes or cinemaNow or lots of websites02:07
Fryguy--nicodarious: you probably didn't have a good teacher then, it's pretty basic and simple02:07
cahoneIs there a good Movie rental website for Ubuntu?02:07
Fryguy--cahone: works fine with all of those (I happen to know that for a fact because we are developing a competitor to those products at work)02:08
encryptzcahone: eh?02:08
Seven_Six_Twoare there any other options that I should try?02:08
nicodariousfryguy, you're right.  I had NO teacher... as i do not have now.  everything I have learned, I have learned for bbs's and webpages, and books that i found.02:08
Ouroborositycan anyone recommend a different livecd distro so i can even see if any linux works for me?02:08
phaedralI got this MacBook Pro as a gift, but really miss my linux; thinking about Ubuntu 'cause the guy at boingboing.net speaks highly of the combo; suggestions?02:08
nicodariousfryguy, and a lot of it is still over my head, heh.02:08
zezuicanhasadmin: http://pastebin.com/d3166bd1c02:08
cahoneFryguy--, So your saying there is an iTunes install for Ubuntu?02:08
Ouroborosityi may have just committed heresy or soemthing02:08
yowshiOuroborosity, LOL i doubt it02:09
Fryguy--cahone: yes, itunes runs in linux just fine02:09
markycan somebody help and tell me why Xorg sigsegv's when i enable twinview in nvidia-settings?02:09
Fryguy--cahone: if you insist on using it you can02:09
icanhasadminzezu: is that the whole file? it seems to be seriously cut off02:09
capitalideaWe're breaking a hole in the ice just for you at this very moment Ouroborosity02:09
epitronis there a way to grant a user Administrator privileges from the commandline?02:10
capitalideaIf you float, we'll know for sure you're a witch at which point we will burn you alive for root's sake02:10
yowshicapitalidea, a nhole in the ice?02:10
epitron(i installed ubuntu from debootstrap)02:10
Fryguy--Ouroborosity: i've run linux on a 386 with no hard drive.  i'm PRETTY SURE linux is going to run for you02:10
Flannelepitron: sudo usermod -G admin -a [username]02:10
epitronFlannel: oh, that's all it is? nice. :)02:10
Ouroborosityfryguy: well that's what i thought too02:10
cahoneFryguy--, well i got shows like Star Trek Voyager I have bought though iTunes and would like to watch them still02:10
Ouroborositybut this pos is proving me wrong02:10
Flannelepitron: Yeah, you just have to add them to the admin group02:10
yowshiFryguy--, why would you run a computer with no hdd?02:10
phaedralfound the how to at the wiki02:10
epitronFlannel: how do the gnome menus know to show you the admin features? is that hardcoded?02:10
encryptzFlannel: me prefers gpasswd02:11
Fryguy--yowshi: computers didn't always have hard drives...02:11
encryptzgpasswd -a <user> <group>02:11
zezuicanhasadmin: http://pastebin.com/d6769919 sorry try this02:11
Flannelepitron: I'm not really sure02:11
yowshiFryguy--, i have never seen a 386 with no hdd02:11
KuroachiaWhat is the ubuntu equivalent to something such as netstumbler?02:11
Fryguy--yowshi: had one laying around, wanted to see if I could do it02:11
epitronFlannel: ok.. thanks :)02:11
encryptzthat way, you can't forget the -a with usermod -G, and screw up all your groups02:11
phaedralOuroborosity: you might ask in ##linux where it's not OT; and $.02, knoppix has always worked live for me02:11
epitronencryptz: gpasswd does the same thing?02:11
Ouroborosityknoppix, ok02:11
encryptzepitron: yes02:11
Ouroborosityoff to ##linux02:12
epitronencryptz: sweet02:12
Fryguy--Kuroachia: aircrack or kismet probably.  The *nix toolset for network sniffing is MUCH more diverse than it is on windows02:12
Flannelencryptz: adduser would also be appropriate02:12
Fryguy--Kuroachia: this isn't an appropriate channel for that though02:12
=== plen0x_ is now known as bloo`
capitalideaOuroborosity: there are boot time options02:12
encryptzepitron: gpasswd -M larry,moe,curly stooges02:12
encryptzfor example, adding larry moe and curly to the stooges group02:12
Kuroachiafryguy: I don't want network sniffing or cracking or anything of the sort, simply something that will update me on the local networks02:12
icanhasadminzezu: add "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" to the last line, save it, and reboot entirely.02:13
Fryguy--Kuroachia: network-manager does that already02:13
Fryguy--(the network icon in your gnome-panel)02:13
zezuicanhasadmin: will do, thanks02:13
=== Nikki|AWAY is now known as Nikki85
Kuroachiafryguy: I have an issue with network-manager though, it has such a slow refresh time02:13
Kuroachiafryguy: unless there is a way to reconfigure this?02:13
rrowellI've got a buddy who is trying to install a video card... Total linux newb he is and of course X won't start because it needs a different driver then what it needed when he installed.  X works if he boots from the live CD though so I was curious if there was some dpkg-reconfigure or something that will auto-detect his screen stuff without much (any) input from him...02:13
capitalideaOuroborosity: do you have an NVIDIA card?02:14
Fryguy--Kuroachia: so then start using some of the other tools that I mentioned and doing more research into the matter.  Although ubuntu very much wants you to be using network-manager02:14
encryptzrrowell: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:14
icanhasadminzezu: i'm restarting too, video driver issue, i'll be back in a min02:14
Fryguy--rrowell: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:14
yowshiwouldnt the normal dpkg thing from xorg.cong work?02:14
Fryguy--shit i got beat02:14
nicodariousrrowell, have you tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?02:14
encryptzFryguy--: ツ02:14
Ouroborositycapitalidea: y es02:14
robby_kanecan i ask a question02:14
yowshii can never remember all those seemingly random letters02:14
icanhasadminencryptz:  is that a japanese "shi" or "ji"? :P02:14
Fryguy--encryptz: my terminal doesn't do unicode..02:14
cahoneFryguy--, So how do you install iTunes?  All i see are windows and mac downloads?02:14
yowshii just call it the dpkg thing02:15
encryptzicanhasadmin: you know your katakana, eh?02:15
Kuroachiafryguy: ok thanks, the reason I ask is because whenever I move somewhere (think like from home to school) I have to restart the manager completely in order to view the current networks. Is this normal?02:15
exegesisHow do I format an external hdd?02:15
Fryguy--cahone: windows applications typically run in linux just fine via wine.  if you have further needs than that, you can run a virtualized instance of windows using virtualbox02:15
icanhasadminencryptz: boku no nihongo ga warui da :(02:15
Fryguy--Kuroachia: no idea, i never use wireless on my machines02:15
capitalideaOuroborosity: try it with nosplash02:15
cahoneFryguy--,  hmm interesting02:15
Kuroachiafryguy: okie dokie thanks though :)02:15
robby_kaneitunes sucks... sorry to say it... but i was wondering if i have 2 partions of ubuntu how can i acces the files on 1 partion02:16
Ouroborositysorry, help a newbie out, nosplash?02:16
Fryguy--robby_kane: just mount the other partition02:16
capitalidearead the boot options page and use the option "nosplash" per the instructions there02:16
Fryguy--Ouroborosity: a newbie, who runs LFS?  lol02:16
patrick_is it possible to play video games (diablo, wow etc) on ubuntu using wine? or some other method?02:16
robby_kaneFryguy: how?02:16
yowshiFryguy--, whats lfs?02:16
Fryguy--robby_kane: using the 'mount' command02:16
robby_kanehow do i chak what its listed as to mount it02:17
encryptzicesword: unfortunately, i don't know japanese. i know my unicode though. ツ02:17
rrowellencryptz, Fryguy-- nicodarious : dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is asking a million questions, any way to make it a bit less verbose?02:17
Fryguy--yowshi: 'linux from scratch' a project that involves building an entire linux system from scratch by manually compiling everything from source02:17
yowshioh wait linux from scratch02:17
encryptzmeh. bad tab complete. and he left02:17
Fryguy--robby_kane: well what drive on your system is it on02:17
iceswordencryptz, pardon??????02:17
Fryguy--rrowell: no02:17
robby_kanei only have 1 hard drive02:17
robby_kaneit has 2 partions02:17
Fryguy--rrowell: try -phigh, like i suggested02:17
encryptzicesword: sorry. meant for someone who left, so your nick got the tab complete02:18
clearzenrrowell: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:18
Fryguy--robby_kane: so mkdir /mnt/tmp; mount /dev/sdXN /mnt/tmp  where X is the drive and N is the partition number02:18
robby_kaneim going to reinstall ubuntu but want to store a file for later use02:18
nikrudyowshi: how's your sudo issue? any resolution? (for my notes)02:19
robby_kanehow do i check witch partion is witch02:19
yowshiunop_, is writing up a script02:19
robby_kaneis there a comand to check?02:19
encryptzrobby_kane: sudo fdisk -l02:19
nicodariousrrowell dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:19
encryptzrobby_kane: will list your disks and partitions02:19
Fryguy--robby_kane: mount them and look. or use a tool like fdisk to get more information, or use df to see what is currently mounted and make inferences from that02:19
odlawhat is the notifier that tells me i need to update my packages in gnome called?02:19
patrick_how do you add backgrounds so when you zoom out of the cube desktop you see like the sky in the back instead of just the grey area02:19
nikrudyowshi: ah, reset all permissions?02:19
clearzenodla: update-manager02:19
rrowellFryguy--, Thanks, perfect02:19
nicodariousrrowell it'll ask a little less questions with the -phigh options.02:20
yowshinikrud it is generally thought now that my problem lies in some general file system problems i caused sop he is writing up a script to find which files are fucked up02:20
Fryguy--patrick_: #compiz-fusion02:20
rrowellnicodarious, Only asks one about screen resolution for me02:20
patrick_fryguy no one in there seems to respond at all02:20
yowshiman i cause the wierdest and most insane problems i tell ya02:20
nikrudyowshi: thanks. And, don't forget this is supposed to be a family friendly, G rated channel :)02:20
Fryguy--patrick_: that's unfortunate.02:20
nicodariousrrowell you need to pick your video driver though?02:20
robby_kanewhat is a linux swap?02:20
robby_kaneit was listed in my dives02:21
Fryguy--robby_kane: a partition for swap space (virtual memory that's stored on the hard drive)02:21
patrick_oops haha02:21
yowshii once erased my entire grub by accident while trying to add my gentoo installation into the boot list02:21
nicodariousrrowell you could do this too:  vim into /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the video driver manually to vesa02:21
robby_kaneok i see02:21
icanhasadminyay i'm back02:22
nicodariousrrowell that way you can bypass the questions, but still get a base video till you can get your drivers for nvidia installed.02:22
=== jescis_ is now known as jescis
nikrudyowshi: as they say, with great power comes 'Oh crap I messed it up again'02:23
DareDevyli have no idea to change its default runlevel to 1,ubuntu has no /etc/inittab02:23
yowshiLOL yep nikrud that about sums it up02:23
FlannelDareDevyl: /etc/event.d/02:23
aetaricis udev required by gutsy?02:23
clearzenDareDevyl: sudo telinit 102:23
nikrudDareDevyl: why would you want a default of 1, anyway?02:23
yowshithey should hand over all future devs of ubuntu to me for 1 month to se ehow idiot proof they are02:23
aetaricbut is it a req.02:24
aetariccan i remove it?02:24
yowshilike every month i gotta go to into failsafe mode to fix something i screwed up02:24
=== [gquit]bombadil_ is now known as [gquit]bombadil
Fryguy--aetaric: why do you want to play with things that make up the fundamentals of ubuntu as a distribution?02:24
zezuicanhasadmin: that didn't help :|02:24
=== [gquit]bombadil is now known as bombadil[gquit]
icanhasadminzezu: still nothing? you checked alsamixer?02:25
DareDevylFlannel clearzen thanks , nikrud  my X is crashed02:25
Cranehelp. somehow a directory disappeared. I have no clue how, my best guess someone did rm. is it possible to recover it or lost forever?02:25
aetaricim trying to swich from debian's etch to gutsy.....its breaking (like i would expect.)02:25
zezuicanhasadmin: yes, its looks ok to me, master and pcm are up high and not muted02:26
Fryguy--Crane: it's possible to recover, but generally pretty hard.. outside of the scope of this channel02:26
nikrudDareDevyl: ah, hit escape when you see something about grub starting, then select recovery mode. Drops you into runlevel 102:26
aetarici didn't want to build it from the ground up again02:26
icanhasadminzezu: That's extremely odd, to be honest with you. Sorry, it's out of my realm of expertise now :-/ see if you can asd crimsun when he is around02:26
robby_kaneok how do i unmount using the comand line02:26
Fryguy--aetaric: debian and ubuntu are different operating systems, you can't switch from one to another..02:26
Fryguy--robby_kane: use 'umount'02:26
icanhasadminzezu: er, i mean "ask" crimsun lol02:26
zezuicanhasadmin: thanks02:27
Craneit's not unrecoverable (someone has a copy but is not around for another 3 days) so I thought more of a undelete option02:27
yowshirpbby umount mount point no?02:27
icanhasadminzezu: sorry :(02:27
aetarici was hoping you weren't going to say that..oh well.....destroy and recreate02:27
yowshilike umount cdrom002:27
DareDevylnikrud ok. which file should i change ?02:27
Azodonis there a better system monitor program availble besides the one that comes with gnome02:28
Fryguy--Azodon: what do you want to monitor that you are lacking?02:28
nikrudDareDevyl: you shouldn't need to change any file if you enter recovery mode. Otherwise, it's rc-default02:28
Azodonyea top, but GUI02:28
aetariclol GUI HA02:29
aetaricalthough ubuntu is a GUI friendly system02:29
icanhasadminthere is one.. somewhere.. it's called something.. but i never use it02:29
yowshiwait isnt gnomes system monitor gui based? or am i thinking of the processes monitor02:29
icanhasadmintop is awesome02:29
Azodonthere is nithing wrong with eye cady, it's 2000 frekin 8 not 198702:29
Fryguy--i like htop more02:29
aetaricnothing is wrong with eyecandy...on a desktop....not my $20,000 server02:30
yowshii prefer guis because i make to many tpyo's02:30
Fryguy--i prefer cli's because it's faster and more efficient for me02:30
aetariceyecandy takes up proc power...02:30
cahoneWhen you download with FireFox where are the files located?  I am trying to find a file to install with Wine02:30
yowshifryguy to each his own. for me a gui is truely faster02:30
Fryguy--cahone: by default they go to your home directory i think02:31
icanhasadminOh god, here comes the gui vs command line argument..02:31
PositronicDefault is desktop I though02:31
Fryguy--yowshi: then you probably haven't learned cli tools sufficiently02:31
eegoreanyone here familiar with Sun Netra T1's and installing a server on them?>02:31
aetarici can be02:31
yowshiFryguy--, i used to use dos fluently but then windows came along and i didnt touch much of a command line for like 10 years02:31
capitalideaI prefer my preference because Jesus loves me more when I use it and you are a cretenous scoundrel who should be locked up and never allowed near any transistor for the rest of your natural life, and then some. Idiot.02:31
noble-what's the name of the package for screenlets? I can't find it now.02:31
Fryguy--yowshi: dos is an extremely poor example of a cli02:31
robby_kanety for helping me mount a drive02:32
capitalideaHey guys, which is better: Vi or Emacs?02:32
aetaricdos is suckware02:32
Fryguy--capitalidea: lol, i'll laugh, and then answer (vim)02:32
robby_kaneim going to reintall ubuntu now lol02:32
capitalideaGnome or Fluxbox?02:32
yowshiFryguy--, maybe it is but trhe point is i havent touched a cli in like 10 years then i come to linux and well massive lists of commands to remember and my typo rate and such...yeah guis are my friend02:32
Fryguy--we are split 50/50 vim/emacs at work, gets pretty funny sometimes ;)02:32
aetarici use both02:32
capitalidea(the answer to that was ratpoison is better)02:32
aetarici don't use gnome i use kde02:33
=== Verichip__ is now known as Verichip
capitalideaWrong answer.02:33
yowshicapitalidea, gnome for the win02:33
nikrudofftopic but dos gave more control than windows (especially with some extensions you could get or write)02:33
TuxOtakuokay, I have a bit of an odd question....is there any way I can get a copy of ubotu's help scripts it uses?? I'm trying to build a similar help bot on another network (it's not ubuntu related though)02:33
Fryguy--yowshi: which goes back to my point, you haven't learned cli tools sufficiently, so of course you aren't going to prefer them and you are going to find them slower02:33
capitalidea(shot) you ded02:33
yowshiFryguy--, yeah but we arent in the commodore age any more guis are widely dispersed everywhere. while i admit i like the cli in linux i would like a gui for most of what i do02:34
aetariccisco routers.....cli or interface02:34
TuxOtakuaetaric, cli02:34
Fryguy--yowshi: not really.  at my job all of my files are located on an nfs mount that is mounted on a development server that I connect to.  if I REALLY want to I can mount nfs on my local workstation, but it's easier and faster to just work on the development server directly02:34
morgancan anyone help me with setting up a custom resolution?02:34
Fryguy--yowshi: just because your experience indicates that guis are prevalent doesn't necessarily make it true02:35
noble-can anyone tell me why screenlets doesn't show up in the package manager? I had it last week now nothing.02:35
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:35
nikrudnoble-: screenlets were never in ubuntu repos, you may be thinking of gdesklets, or had a 3d party repo enabled02:36
mixedanyone knows how to create a ghost back up of your partitions?  I want to create a backup of my distro before I make any changes to it, I just finished installing it02:36
alanbshepard70does anyone know of a package that will allow me to recover files from a hard drive that had it's file table corrupted? The table has been restored and before anything is written to the drive I'm hoping to avoid 100% data loss.02:36
=== tocmo0nlord is now known as DJ_HaMsTa
aetaricbuy a 2nd pc and install the norton crapware to it02:36
capitalideaalanbshepard70: disk forensic tools I am guessing yeah?02:37
capitalideaI think there are some in the repos02:37
* capitalidea looks02:37
Fryguy--mixed: probably look at dumpe2fs02:37
alanbshepard70capitalidea: Yea something like that. Is something like that in the repos?02:37
cahoneWell Wine failed to install iTunes02:37
mixedFryguy, I will google it, thanks!02:37
Fryguy--mixed: whoops nevermind, that's not the same as bsd's dump at all02:37
silent_on a scale of 1-10, how lame is running cygwin through wine?02:38
aetariccahone: XD did you think it would work?02:38
mixedFryguy, ok thanks either way! LoL02:38
Fryguy--mixed: apt-get install dump and try that02:38
cahonekeeps saying this installer requires the computer to be running XP or Vista02:38
aetaricsilent_: -102:38
mixedanyone knows how to create a restore point in ubuntu?02:38
cahoneaetaric, yes Fryguy said Wine would install and run windows programs02:38
yowshicant run nTune with wine though :(02:39
nikrudmixed: create a backup02:39
aetaricit will......but i wouldn't just expect it to work all uber-like out of the box like the rest of ubuntu (minus mp3 support)02:39
capitalideaalanbshepard70: foremost is one such program02:39
cahoneFryguy said iTunes will run on Linux with Wine but i dont know exactly how to make it work02:39
aetaricyou can play WoW on wine though XD02:40
mixedmikrud,  how do you recommend I should create the backup?  Is there a utility similar to ghost except for linu?02:40
yowshitry winecfg and adding it to specifically run as a winxp prog02:40
MUS4SHIIIcan anyone help me with an fstab issue?02:40
icanhasadminubuntu works mp3s fine out of the box. takes all of 2 seconds to install restricted drivers02:40
silent_I set up my bro's laptop with gutsy... he plays WoW regularly on it02:40
aetaricif it can be done...its called www.google.com02:40
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: just ask a question02:40
capitalideawho cares about itunes on linux when gtkpod works great02:40
alanbshepard70capitalidea: Thanks I'll check it out.02:40
capitalideaalanbshepard70: you can find more02:40
cahonewill gtkpod play my iTunes purchased files and movies02:41
silent_apparently amarok also accesses up to the iphone02:41
capitalideaby searching for 'forensic' from Synaptic02:41
silent_for music and stuff02:41
aetaricit does02:41
icanhasadminhint for profit: don't purchase DRMed anything02:41
aetaricidk about the purchase file though02:41
nikrudcahone: if they are drmed, no02:41
silent_what is drm?02:41
Fryguy--hint for big profit: don't buy any form of media :)02:41
MUS4SHIIII can't get one of my mounts to mount with permission for all users to have access. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60254/ it is the last line about mythtvfs02:41
aetaricdigital rights management02:41
JohnRobertwhat's the name of that alsa oss wrapper program?02:41
nikrudsilent_: it's a way to keep your player your namesake02:41
cahoneThis is a real pain02:41
capitalideaDid you mean _drum_?02:41
alanbshepard70capitalidea: I found three including your recommendation, if they don't work I'll keep looking. Thanks again.02:42
aetaricno he ment drm02:42
icanhasadminFryguy--: please don't encourage people to steal things :P02:42
silent_nikrud, I found a way to keep my wallet full :P02:42
aetaricnot steal.......but not drm02:42
capitalideaNo results for 'drm'. Thank you for choosing Windows Live Search!02:42
unop_yowshi, you there?02:42
aetarictry DRM or digital rights management02:42
yowshiunop_, yes02:42
nikrudsilent_: not to sound pompus, but I honor _all_ licenses ;p02:42
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: what permissions do you want it to be mounted with?02:43
silent_nikrud: I'm a poor university student02:43
morganhey quick question, I just installed mintLinux and some text is really small while others is normal, anyone have an idea where to fix that?02:43
unop_yowshi, can you allow private msgs ..?02:43
silent_nikrud, haven't a dollar in the world02:43
Fryguy--morgan: wrong channel02:43
nikrudsilent_: I'm not wealthy. And have limited media02:43
MUS4SHIIII would like to be able to read and write with my primary user02:43
morganFryguy its basically ubuntu and no one is on that channel02:43
silent_nikrud: stop listening to your morals02:43
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: so use uid and gid options to set it to the uid and gid of your user (default 1000)02:43
capitalideaNo results for 'DRM or digital rights management'. Are you a terrorist?02:44
yowshiunop_, done already why wouldnt they be allowed02:44
silent_I sure am02:44
Fryguy--morgan: "basically ubuntu" isn't ubuntu.  join mint's support channel for mint supportr02:44
JohnRobertdigital restrictions management02:44
nikrudsilent_: and I didn't want to sound judgemental, sorry if I did. rflol. Ok, I'm enough off topic, this strait jacket they gave me sucks02:44
aetaricwtf no windows live sucks search on google02:44
silent_nikrud: lol02:44
morganyou probably know the answer too02:44
Fryguy--morgan: probably02:44
MUS4SHIIII just added rw to the last line, but my "sudo mount -a" says "fuse: mountpoint is not empty fuse: if you are sure this is safe, use the 'nonempty' mount option"02:45
morganFryguy-- yeah I use that word a lot lol02:45
yowshiunop__, why wouldnt they be allowed?02:45
silent_apparently age of empires III runs with wine02:45
silent_I'm trying now02:45
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: use uid and gid like i said02:45
unop__yowshi, let me try pming you again02:45
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: and don't mount to an existing location02:45
yowshiif it is disabled i dont know where it is disabled02:45
yowshiunless your trying to dcc pm me02:46
unop__yowshi, ok, pm me then02:46
Fryguy--god i hate when people message me..02:46
Fryguy--i have enough windows to deal with as it is02:46
aetariclol cli pwns02:46
Fryguy--aetaric: ?02:46
Fryguy--aetaric: yes it does02:47
Fryguy--if only finch weren't so awful02:47
yowshihmmm on a router but simple query should work02:47
yowshiworks on every other irc server02:47
yowshino wonder02:48
yowshii am ajn unregistered user02:48
FrailmageHow do I open up ports with Ubuntu?02:48
Fryguy--Frailmage: there is no firewall installed by default on ubuntu02:48
aetaricstop iptables........02:48
Frailmageokay then.02:48
unop__Frailmage, you run the service/application -- it opens ports (or rather, it listens on ports)02:49
FrailmageOkay thanks.02:49
aetaricanyone know if centos is a good server dist02:49
Fryguy--aetaric: it is, we use it at work02:49
unop__aetaric, that depends on how you define "good" :)02:49
Fryguy--not my first preference, as I prefer debian based systems, or bsd if possible, but it works well for our operations engineers02:49
yowshiquery unop__02:50
unop__yowshi, you dont seem to be getting my replies -- i see yours tho02:50
Fryguy--you need registered nick to send messages on this server02:50
nikrudunop__: you sure you have this alias registered?02:51
m0ng0apewhy would I be able to use smbclient -L xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -U samdude (works perfectly after password prompt), but then my winxp system gets bad password errors when trying to connect to same system ?  this is driving me NUTS02:51
Fryguy--m0ng0ape: winxp or vista?02:51
unop__nikrud, hmm, didnt realize that -- i'd been disconnected and xchat's logged me on another alias02:51
oboy03how do i scan mounted disk with avast?02:51
unop__yowshi, gimme a sec02:52
m0ng0apeFryguy--: winxp02:52
Fryguy--is the directory you are looking at browsable?02:53
Fryguy--m0ng0ape: how are you trying to connect to it on windows02:53
Positronicis Microsoft's Zune recognized by Ubuntu?02:53
Fryguy--m0ng0ape: and are you specifying a domain on windows02:53
Azodonmy ubuntu 7.10 doezsnt seem to be using my swap partiton at all. system mon say  0 of o used. i have a swap partion . maybe during install it didnt get set to mount? is there a way to fix this ? my swap is sda202:53
jetscreamerAzodon: it isn't using it, no need02:53
m0ng0apenet use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:samdude02:54
jetscreamerAzodon: do swapon -s02:54
aetaricswap /dev/sda202:54
m0ng0apeFryguy--: net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:samdude02:54
jetscreamerAzodon: mine gets not used also02:54
aetaricyeah thats the right vcommand..i would ahvae tabed till i got it02:54
Fryguy--m0ng0ape: you need to specify a domain as well, depending on how samba is configured02:54
Azodonok, but the system monitor says 0 of 0 being used. ok mabey ,no need02:54
Fryguy--Azodon: is it listed in /etc/fstab ?02:54
Fryguy--Azodon: what does 'free' tell you about swap02:55
jetscreamerswapon -s will tell you if it's activated02:55
AzodonSwap:            0          0          002:55
aetaricswapon -a adds right?02:55
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u0
jetscreamer'mounts' all02:55
jetscreamereven thought it's not mounting i guess02:55
Azodon swapon -a02:55
Azodonswapon: cannot canonicalize /dev/disk/by-uuid/eba9b7b6-6262-406c-a2e0-e947b430fdc3: No such file or directory02:55
Azodonswapon: cannot stat /dev/disk/by-uuid/eba9b7b6-6262-406c-a2e0-e947b430fdc3: No such file or directory02:55
jetscreamerAzodon: don't worry about that, do swapon -s02:56
Fryguy--check fstab02:56
aetaricmkswap on that disk?02:56
LifeisfunnyDoes anyone know how to get the 'streamtuner' ap to give a list of categories in the sidebar pane?02:56
m0ng0apeFryguy--: net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:WORKGROUP\samdude also fails02:56
=== ka2u0 is now known as ka2zzzz
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u0
Azodonit is not in fstab02:57
jetscreamerlooks like it is in fstab02:57
leonidazhello azodon02:57
austin987howdy. After upgrading from gutsy to feisty, I no longer have sound. My ac'97 onboard sound is no longer recognzied. $ sudo modprobe ac97_bus does not help, $ aplay -l still lists no sound cards02:57
jetscreamerbut uses uuid02:57
Azodonjetscreamer:  swapon -s02:57
AzodonFilename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority02:57
jetscreamerAzodon: ok easy to fix02:58
leonidazsomebody from mexico?02:58
aetaricwell its a good thing my desktop is XP and my server is ubuntu02:58
austin987anyone have any suggestions/seen this problem?02:58
jetscreamerit's listed by uuid in your fstab apparently and all you have to do is comment it out and copy the line but change the new line to /dev/sdb2 or whichever02:58
jetscreamerAzodon: or, you could mkswap -v1 /dev/whatever and change the uuid to the correct one02:59
Ouroborosityhey, i'm back02:59
jetscreamercorrect new one or change it to the existing uuid (but no mkswap)02:59
Splashaya naon02:59
Ouroborosityso i tried running nosplash02:59
ziggy_does someone has a suggestion for creating incremental backups? preferably with tar?02:59
Ouroborosityand i found something02:59
aetaricaustin987:did you google for the problem first? cause i've seen it work b402:59
Fryguy--ziggy_: i use rdiff-backup02:59
Ouroborosityerror_code 0x72/0x8003:00
Ouroborositymean anything?03:00
ziggy_does rdif only sync folders or also writes into tar?03:00
aetaricdang stupi code...forget a space and you look stupid for it03:00
Ouroborosityi googled it, and other folks have the exact same problems and error, but no one knows03:00
austin987also checked ubuntuforums.org03:00
Fryguy--ziggy_: it doesn't do tars, it keeps an intact filesystem with incremental diffs between executions03:00
yowshii wonder if trying to send me that fuile crashed him03:01
anathematichow do i install a .deb on ubuntu server?03:01
Malik_hey can some1 help me with ubuntu installation03:01
jetscreamerdpkg -i03:01
Fryguy--anathematic: dpkg -i .deb03:01
Malik_iam stuck at the partioning03:01
m0ng0apedpkg -i *.deb03:01
Fryguy--Malik_: we can't help you until you ask a meaningful question03:01
anathematici should write this stuff down03:01
Malik_wats a swp partion03:02
Fryguy--Malik_: it's a partition used to contain virtual memory on your hard drive03:02
austin987aetaric: typically see ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory (in wine)03:02
aetaricaustin987: no idea03:02
Fryguy--Malik_: depending on circumstances, the linux kernel will use swap space in place of real system memory03:02
austin987or ALSA lib conf.c:3513:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_card_driver returned error: No such file or directory (in vlc)03:02
Malik_frguy--: can u be my guide for a 3 mins i will tell u where iam in the installtion and where iam stuck03:02
Azodonthanks , brb,03:02
austin987thanks anyway03:02
Fryguy--Malik_: just ask questions03:03
m0ng0apewhy would I be able to use smbclient -L xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -U samdude (works perfectly after password prompt), but then my winxp system gets bad password errors when trying to connect to same system ?  this is driving me NUTS.   tried net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:samdude and net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:WORKGROUP\samdude03:03
Malik_i got the live cd03:03
Malik_ran it03:03
Fryguy--don't ask to ask, and don't ask for help, just ask questions03:03
Malik_and went to installation03:03
aetarichmmm alsa was always problematic fo me..........03:03
Malik_rite now i got a dell 40 gb hd pc03:03
Malik_with windows xp03:03
rainwalkerwhere are the settings for network connections stored? I need to delete the one I have for the hotel I'm at so I can re-connect the right way03:03
Malik_and aim going to hav to have xp on it to03:03
aetaricswap is a space that ram gets dumped to03:03
whitehatok, when I try to turn my voulme on I get this error... no volume control Gsreamer plugins and/or devices found!!! how do I fix please03:03
Malik_and i donot know how to partion it03:03
Malik_i ahv never partioned anytin before03:03
Fryguy--Malik_: why didn't you just use guided03:03
Malik_cause that does it to the whole disk03:04
Malik_doesn't it?03:04
Fryguy--Malik_: no03:04
aetarichow much ram in system?03:04
whitehatplease the volume prop?03:04
Malik_does it allow u to use the frree soace03:04
Fryguy--Malik_: there's a magical option that basically "installs ubuntu side by side with windows, sets up dual boot automatically and doesn't ask any more questions about it"03:04
Fryguy--yes really03:04
Malik_it will also levae my data D partion alone rite?03:04
Fryguy--Malik_: yes03:04
Malik_so which option is that agin03:05
aetaricomg drive names ick03:05
Fryguy--Malik_: guided03:05
whitehatpleae guys could ya help me with my volume prob?03:05
Malik_and does it create the swap and root stuff to03:05
Ouroborositywell ok then03:05
Fryguy--Malik_: it does everything, correctly03:05
Ouroborosityi go to ##Linux asking for help03:05
aetaricif xp is installed it should leave it alone and put it in the boot menu03:05
Malik_alrite lemme go there and see03:05
Ouroborosityand in 2 minutes i get harassed, and yelled at by mods03:05
KingMorpheusdoes anybody use ubuntu as a ghost operating system?03:06
tclevalhey, how can i list the processes that opened a tcp port?03:06
aetaricis it an alsa proble?03:06
aetaricwhite hat03:07
aetaricis it an alsa problem?03:07
whitehatyes!, you have a answer!03:07
Fryguy--tcleval: use netstat03:07
aetaricnope i hate alsa03:07
whitehatalsa ? never heard of also03:07
tclevalFryguy-- i ll try it right now03:07
aetaricadvanced llinux sound architecture03:07
whitehatCOuld ya please tell me how to make ubuntu reconzie the laptop speakers03:07
tritium!sound | whitehat03:08
aetaricit play your sound03:08
ubotuwhitehat: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:08
tritiumwhitehat: try looking at those docs03:08
instaanyone have a tutorial on making the "mark as junk" feature in evolution actually work?03:08
vonkhello :)03:08
KingMorpheus<---------- wonders if anyone here is usin ubuntu as a ghost operating system and details of that :)03:08
vonkwould anyone have the patience to deal with a noob having ubuntu installation problems?03:08
tritiumKingMorpheus: what do you mean by "ghost"?03:09
instavonk just explain what's going on the best you can03:09
Fryguy--vonk: just ask questions, don't ask to ask03:09
aetaricno if you want to use "ghost" that is symantic/nortan crap....but thats my opinion03:09
aetaricand that runs on windows03:09
KingMorpheuscan ubuntu pull files from windows when it needs it tritium??03:09
icanhasadminalsa actually works pretty good03:09
tritiumKingMorpheus: yes, it can mount fat and ntfs partitions read and write03:09
vonkhehe, fair enough :-). My computer has 4 harddrives, all of them are SATA. Windows sits on the first of these disks, and I have tried to install ubuntu on the second disk03:09
aetaricit kills my laptop all the time03:10
vonkunfortunately, when i get to grub and try to boot to linux, i get an error 1703:10
vonkunable to mount selected partition03:10
KingMorpheuswhat about drivers, i will be running in sli, can ubuntu support03:10
cahoneEnter the command  ati-driver-installer-8.3-x86.x86_64.run to launch the ATI Proprietary Linux driver installer. The ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Setup dialog box is displayed. WTF?03:10
vonkwhen i try to load windows, i get  an error 13, invalid or unsupported executable format03:10
aetaricvonk: do you know what kernel you were using?03:10
tritiumcahone: please don't do that03:10
tritium!ati | cahone03:11
ubotucahone: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:11
vonkaetaric: i don't. perhaps you can tell me how to figure that out?03:11
KingMorpheusis amd really doing that good of stuff with ati?03:11
aetaricare you at the grub menu?03:11
cahonehow do you navigate to the install file in terminal and run it?03:11
vonkno, i am currently running off the live disc03:11
JohnRobertI'm having trouble with a bunch of games, they all work fine, but the sound is screwed up if I use an alsa driver, and if I use oss emulation the video takes a framerate hit (although the sound is ok)..any ideas?03:11
JohnRobertI'm talking about quake2, doom3, ut200303:12
icanhasadmincahone: you're actually in the right folder already, just "sudo ./ati-driver-installer-8.3-x86.x86_84.run"03:12
ziggy_how can I add a timestamp to a filename? I want to create backup tars like this backup20081224-122006.tar03:12
tritiumcahone: don't use that, please03:12
JohnRobertand it's all running on a core 2 duo 2.4ghz, 3gb ram, geforce6 8300 GT03:12
icanhasadminziggy_: sounds like you need to make a fun batch file to do that :D python ftw03:12
cahoneicanhasadmin, so just put sudo in front03:12
ziggy_bugger, never did before ;-)03:12
cahonetritium, dont us what?03:13
tritiumcahone: or, if you decide to go through with that, realize that we won't support any ati problems you have03:13
aetarichmmmm your best bet would be to press esc when it says so on the screen doing a normal boot and editing the root(hd*,*) line if it is the 2nd drive 1st part. it will be root (hd1,0)03:13
tritiumcahone: non-ubuntu-packaged ati installer .run file03:13
vonkyup, it is set that way03:13
tritium!ati | cahone (for the second time)03:13
ubotucahone (for the second time): For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:13
m0ng0apewhy would I be able to use smbclient -L xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -U samdude (works perfectly after password prompt), but then my winxp system gets bad password errors when trying to connect to same system ?  tried net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:samdude and net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:WORKGROUP\samdude03:13
infernal_jesuscahone: su is much better, don't have to bother with sudo03:13
infernal_jesuscahone: or just login as root :P03:13
tritiuminfernal_jesus: wrong answer03:13
icanhasadmininfernal_jesus: yeah please don't tell him that03:13
aetaricso your linux root"/" is the first part03:14
infernal_jesusbut that's what it's all about :D03:14
infernal_jesusbeing root :P03:14
unopziggy_, timestamp=$(date '+%Y%m%d-%H%m%S');   # do command with file$timestamp03:14
efirewickI am trying to install 7.10 on a evo n600c laptop off the live cd, and the partition editor just hangs. Does anyone have a quick fix?03:14
millllmannnnwhat is a good alternative to webmin?03:14
tritiuminfernal_jesus: no, please don't advise that here.  Sudo is the recommended approach.03:14
Starnestommymillllmannnn: ebox?03:14
millllmannnnive heard its buggy with 7.103:14
aetaricsu - root owns fyi03:14
Sebhow is the gutsy->hardy dist-upgrade on i386 these days ?03:14
infernal_jesustritium: oh ok, oh, oops, it is ubuntu :P sorry03:14
joshritgercan someone help me with keyring manager? it is my first time using a wifi card03:14
Fryguy--Seb: join #ubuntu+103:15
SebFryguy--: ah ok03:15
vonkaetaric: i am not sure i understand youl. when i was in grub and i pressed e, and the line read root (hd1,0)03:15
icanhasadminsudo -i ftw03:15
vonkaetaric: am i supposed to point it to the "/" directory or something?03:15
paNix3dis anyone fimiliar with commview for wifi?03:15
aetaricthen try (hd1,1)03:15
icanhasadminor 0,003:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about keyring - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:15
tritiuminfernal_jesus: it's channel policy.03:15
aetaricno it has to mount you root folder to find your kernel to boot the os03:16
vonki believe i tried that already. i think my 2nd partition was swap (hd1,1). and i think (hd0,0) is where i have windows03:16
icanhasadminoh you have windows, n/m03:16
icanhasadminvonk:  you aren't installing on an external hd are you?03:16
infernal_jesustritium: ok :)03:16
icanhasadminn/m then, sorry :)03:16
cahoneThis is a Nightmare...why cant i simply click on a dam install file and then thing works03:17
vonkperhaps this is relevant, when i boot to the live disc, i need to edit the boot options to take off the 'quiet' and 'splash' tags or else it just black screens03:17
vonkand sits there and wont get anywhere03:17
joshritgerI just setup ubuntu with wifi for the first time, i type in my password and it connects. do i let keyring manager allow once or allow so it will remember the passkey03:17
tritiumcahone: I've given you URLs to follow for ati.03:17
Fryguy--cahone: we gave you plenty of resources to follow03:17
vonkwhen i take off those, at one point i see a "buffer I/O error on device fd0 logical, block 0"03:17
tritiumjoshritger: that's up to you03:17
icanhasadminvonk:  that could be an acpi issue03:17
cahoneYa but they dont make sense03:17
Fryguy--cahone: so then go and install windows03:17
vonkfollowed by another line end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, logical disc 003:17
=== lipsinAway is now known as lipsin
joshritgertritium: what is the difference? I couldn't find any documentation03:18
Fryguy--cahone: what do you want from us03:18
vonkand it says that several times03:18
aetaricvonk fd0 is you floppy03:18
tritiumcahone: they make sense03:18
aetaricthats so weird03:18
vonkah, okay. well i have unplugged the floppy03:18
cahoneso i got to learn how to program to run this crap03:18
fevelhow can I save the positioning of my windows when I close them?03:18
Fryguy--cahone: not at all03:18
tritiumcahone: no, not at all03:18
cahoneomg well off to read my but off03:18
Netham45how do I keep a monitor from shutting off?03:18
tritiumcahone: read the URLs03:18
xqcahone: No, you just need to learn to learn ;)03:18
Fryguy--cahone: nobody has asked or directed you to a link that involves editing source code as far as I know03:18
vonkicanhasadmin: it might be an acpi issue indeed.. there was some confusing stuff going on with the discs on this computer from the get go03:18
fbcHow do you replace the vista bootloader with grub?03:19
aetarichey can someone tell me if mounting a disk is possible on alive cd03:19
icanhasadminvonk: laptop? and if so what type?03:19
Fryguy--cahone: you obviously want to just go and use windows, so go and use windows03:19
vonkicanhasadmin: nope, it is a desktop that i have built myself03:19
cahonewell the learning curve is tremendous thats all03:19
tritiumjoshritger: it's a matter of if you want to type your password each time you log in, or if you want the keyring manager to always remember it03:19
xqLinux, no matter the distro, takes some getting used to03:19
icanhasadminvonk: very confusing. sorry i don't know a lot. just try to help where i can :)03:19
tritiumcahone: it's a few minutes of reading03:19
Fryguy--cahone: so was windows when you first started using it03:19
vonkicanhasadmin: anything you can help with is appreciated :-)03:19
aetaricthats so wierd03:19
Fryguy--cahone: if you aren't willing to take the time to learn a new operating system, then don't03:19
aetaricis it sata or ide?03:20
vonkaetaric: i am quite confused myself :-/03:20
vonkit is SATA03:20
cahonewell im trying but im also trying to get up and running quick03:20
Netham45How do I keep a screen from timing out and blanking?03:20
xqcahone: It will become easier with time. :) Actually, you'll look back and appreciate the learning and reading. Trust me03:20
tritiumcahone: summary: use System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manger03:20
=== anthony is now known as tonyyarusso
cahonesorry im just frustrated thats all03:20
aetarictry this sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt03:20
tritiumcahone: 20 seconds of reading would have shown you that, cahone03:20
vonkaetaric: i can do that from the live disc, right?03:20
Fryguy--cahone: of course you are, and you have been, for some time.  being frustrated doesn't get things done, getting things done gets things done03:20
fbcHow do you replace the vista bootloader with grub? I currently have a dual boot system and have decided to go ubuntu all the way!03:20
aetarici think so...im bankking on it03:21
xqcahone: Maybe try to do it when you have a little patience and just a few more minutes of time :\ I understand your frustration of the switch. But do have a bit of patience and understand there is a bit of a curve.03:21
Fryguy--fbc: ?? you are booting ubuntu with vista's bootloader?03:21
fbcFryguy--,  yes03:21
vonkaetaric: okay, i did it. no messages display03:21
vonkjust another line for me to enter stuff into in the terminal :)03:21
xqcahone: Just bear with us and bear with Linux. You will appreciate the change. There are many, many advantages :)03:21
aetariccd /mnt03:21
tritiumcahone: also, you have to be willing to listen.  We've told you many times about those instructions, and you kept ignoring, and asking for help on that .run file03:21
xqFloodbot going whacko?03:22
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!03:22
xq(yeah, Floodbot is going whacko)03:22
Fryguy--fbc: this applies to you, though the title is misleading: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:22
vonkthat was odd03:22
aetariccd /mnt/boot/grub03:23
vonkaetaric: i do ls and i see desktop documents music pitures public templates videos03:23
vonkaetaric: okay, there03:23
aetaricls that03:23
vonki ls and see menu.lst as well as all other fun grub things03:23
icanhasadminmenu.lst is my hero03:23
aetaricvim menu.lst03:23
nikhello umm are the wacom drivers available for ubuntu yet?03:24
vonkluckily i know how to use vi (i am not a total linux nub :-))03:24
tritiumnik: for quite some time, yes03:24
xqnik: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom03:24
nondescripthey sexy people03:24
Fryguy--nik: pretty sure wacom drivers have been available forever03:24
Netham45hey nondescript03:24
aetaricthe insert key or i allows you to edit this doc. when done hit esc the type :wq!03:24
vonkaetaric: title           Ubuntu 7.10, kernel 2.6.22-14-generic03:25
fbcFryguy--,  Which part of that applies to me? the part about overwriting the windows bootloader???03:25
vonkaetaric: root            (hd1,0)03:25
Fryguy--fbc: yes03:25
xqnik: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25151 is also valid to your case, most likely.03:25
vonkaetaric: kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=UUID=e992a327-7f95-4291-adce-fef15cfa7870 ro quiet splash03:25
xqnik: have fun!03:25
aetaricchage to (hd1,1)03:25
aetarichit esc then type :wq!03:25
Fryguy--for some reason I giggle whenever people recite super basic vim commands :)03:26
vonkaetaric: it is write protected03:26
aetaricvim for edit emacs for program03:26
vonki guess i need to sudo vim it03:26
aetarictype :q!03:26
Fryguy--vonk: yes03:26
hischildhow can i see what the device name is of my hd when it's nto mounted by command line?03:27
aetaricand run sudo vim menu.lst then make the change03:27
Fryguy--aetaric: i use vim for programming as well (albeit with a .vimrc and .vim/ that would rival some emacs setups)03:27
vonkalright, success03:27
fevelhow can I reposition my windows03:27
vonkaetaric: shall i reboot now?03:27
unop_hischild, mount ?03:27
tritiumfevel: with the mouse03:27
Fryguy--hischild: it will probably be /dev/sdX, where x is either a, b, c, or d03:27
hischildunop_, it's unmounted so it doesn't show up under mount03:27
IndyGunFreakfevel: you'll need a good saw, preferrably circular.. and soem carpentry skills03:27
aetaricyou shall reboot and pray lol if that don't work then i got nothing03:27
vonkaetaric: also, i should have my 2nd harddrive (sdb) as the first in my boot list, right?03:27
vonkhehe, okay03:27
unop_hischild, ohh, misread your typo :)03:27
hischildFryguy-- i'm looking for a way to be sure03:28
feveltritium,  but when I close them they default to the corner03:28
Fryguy--fevel: assuming you are using a standard ubuntu install, window management works just like you'd expect it to03:28
unop_hischild, fdisk -l03:28
vonki'll do it :-). see you in a few minutes. thanks for the help03:28
aetaricit can be anywhere03:28
HardyOneto install a app into /usr/share I would move the .bin file to that directory first?03:28
hischildunop_, a thanks03:28
fevelFryguy--,  cant I rearrange the windows permanently?03:28
Fryguy--fevel: I'm not using the standard ubuntu window manager, so I don't know if it supports that03:28
fevelwat you using?03:29
tritiumHardyOne: if you insist on installing non-ubuntu-packaged software, you really should put it under /usr/local03:29
Fryguy--fevel: no03:29
Fryguy--fevel: xmonad03:29
qcjnhi, anyone uses mpd, i want to know my comprehension of it03:29
efirewickhas anyone heard of partition editor hanging when trying to install 7.10?03:29
unop_HardyOne, but a .bin file might be an installer not the actual program executable -- like the java one03:29
IndyGunFreakefirewick: it happens.... i've had it happen03:29
MarupaApproximately how much does a 'settled in' installation of Ubuntu take?  I estimated 5GB, but it seems to be pushing it....On that note, what places usually take the most space, and how do I clean them out?03:30
Fryguy--tritium: and if it's prepackaged, like a .bin, it should be in /opt03:30
xqqcjn: what do you want to know about MPD?03:30
IndyGunFreakefirewick: i've found the best thing to do, is partition the drive, prior to installing, then install.03:30
fevelFryguy--, seems pretty cool03:30
Fryguy--Marupa: my ubuntu install is like 2.5 gigs not counting my home directory03:30
HardyOneunop, it is the installer so it would install to /usr/share by default?03:30
MarupaFryguy--, Not including my /home either.03:30
HardyOnetritium, noted :)03:30
efirewickThat is what I was going for... just utilizing some time while downloading some iso's...03:31
qcjnxq: from what i understand, gmpc and phpm2 are clients for mpd... but is jinzora similar to phpm203:31
unop_HardyOne, that depends on whether the installer installs to the current directory (.) or not -- in most cases, the installer has hardcoded paths and it doesnt matter where you run the installer ffrom, the installed files always land up where they should do03:32
efirewickthe whole drive is ntfs right now. so i figured it had a funky problem.03:32
HardyOneunop_, ok thank you03:32
qcjnxq: or is jinzora different03:32
Fryguy--qcjn: jinzora is a replacement for all of mpd03:32
* Krozy is getting giddy about Hardy Heron03:33
lee___Yeah, I seriously need some help .. Something is seriously wrong I think03:33
xqqcjn: MPG is just a remote access DAEMON/"server" for playing music files from your P.C. while you are on another P.C./laptop/workstation or whatever (at work, on a LAN, wherever). As long as the client supports it. It provides music playback over a network...it can ALSO act as a client if you want it to though.03:33
lee___Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server03:33
lee___Xlib: No protocol specified03:33
lee___(firefox-bin:16473): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:03:33
xqqcjn: Jinzora is kind of the same thing so it would replace it entirely like Fryguy-- just said03:33
lee___I can't run anything for some reason, can someone help?03:33
Fryguy--lee___: restart X?03:33
lee___I did03:34
qcjnxq: ok, it's like a kit03:34
xqqcjn: Jinzora is easier to use and is friendlier to a lot more platforms -- web based etc.03:34
unop_lee___, how are you attempting to start firefox?03:34
Fryguy--lee___: what is the output of ls -a ~/.[xX]*03:34
m0ng0apewhy would I be able to use smbclient -L xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -U samdude (works perfectly after password prompt), but then my winxp system gets bad password errors when trying to connect to same system ?  tried net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:samdude and net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share /USER:WORKGROUP\samdude03:34
tritiumqcjn: I use mt-daapd03:34
xqqcjn: Basically. Kind of like how we have to choose between which mp3 player we want to use to play a song when we go to play a song ;-) No need to use two.03:35
lee___Fryguy--: Can I PM it to you?03:35
Fryguy--lee___: no, pastebin it if you must, it should only be one line03:35
xqqcjn: Pick which one best fits your needs or which you feel most comfortable with.03:35
unop_m0ng0ape, what does net use spit out (error messages) ?03:35
lee___Fryguy--: It's multiple lines, and I can't open firefox, so how do you expect me to pastebin it?03:35
Fryguy--install pastebin?03:35
Fryguy--use a cli browser like linx?03:35
Fryguy--scp it to another machine and pastebin from there?03:36
Fryguy--manually type it out ?03:36
Fryguy--it really shouldn't be that long03:36
MarupaIs there a way to see a list of packages that are installed but sorted by size?03:36
lee___Forget it, Fryguy--, It's like 7 lines, but I think I know which one you want03:36
lee___/home/lee/.Xauthority  /home/lee/.xsession-errors03:36
Fryguy--lee___: no03:36
qcjnxq: i've already installed mpd with GMPC and phpm2, with icecast..It works good03:36
jumpkickcan anyone recommend a good app for adding / deleting tracks from an Ipod on Ubuntu?03:37
lee___No what?03:37
Fryguy--lee___: if i was looking for .xsession-errors I would have asked for it03:37
Fryguy--jumpkick: gtkpod03:37
lee___Fryguy--: Then do you want xmms, xine, or xchat2?03:37
unop_jumpkick, gtkpod03:37
jumpkickokay thanks gents I'll apt-get that one03:37
Fryguy--lee___: so the entries are .xsession-erorrs, .Xauthority, xmms, xine, and xchat2?03:38
=== morgan is now known as elcapitan
elcapitandoes anyone know of a good resource where I could look into adding the resolution 1280x768?03:38
xjkxi removed gnome* (apt-get remove gnome*) now my usb ubuntu doesn't book anymore :P03:38
Fryguy--elcapitan: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:38
xqMarupa: I don't know how to sort by size. I just know you could dpkg --get-selections > my-pkg-list03:38
xqMarupa: Then you should see a file called my-pkg-list and just gedit it (or open it or what not) and it will have all installed packages in it...03:39
lee___What's a CLI browser (I mean, give me the name of one)03:39
icanhasadminmobiCHAT: pong03:39
unop_Marupa, i dont think that is possible (easily atleast) -- because some packages contents when installed to the file system have different sizes depending on the environement03:39
jribMarupa: you can use aptitude search with a custom output and 'sort'03:39
m0ng0apeunop_: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password03:39
Fryguy--lee___: linx, lynx, w3m, links203:39
m0ng0apeunop_: Logon failure: before I put in password I get System error 1326 has occurred.03:40
lee___Fryguy--: Says no such package "linx", but "lynx" is installing.03:40
qcjnxq: from what i've understand, it's easier to use jinzora, like it would be the best thing to do... or there advantage doing otherwise ?03:40
yowshiunop_, your script isnt finding the baseline file anymore :(03:40
ShpookHello everyone. I'm trying to burn a cd, so I insert the blank CD, set up what I'm going to burn, and click on Write. Ubuntu(Well, Nautilus I guess) keeps telling me to insert a blank cd.03:40
xqMarupa: You could sort afterwards if you export the file to a program of choice03:40
nondescriptlynx is sexy03:40
unop_Marupa, if you can script .. you can list installed packages with 'dpkg -l' and package contents with 'dpkg -l packagename' -- together you should be able to script up a solution03:40
Fryguy--lee___: w3m is installed by default as well i think03:40
unop_yowshi, just a sec03:41
xqqcjn: If you're already using one and it is working fine -- then...well, I don't see a point in changing. However, if you want to test Jinzora out by all means feel free to try it out. I've heard good things about it.03:41
ShpookWould it be Nautilus not recognizing the cd? Or a hardware problem?03:41
diegohello what we can do to solve lgobla warming03:41
lee___Anyway, Fryguy--, what do I need to do03:42
tritiumdiego: please stay on topic03:42
Fryguy--diego: stop wasting energy by having a computer on to ask about it03:42
xqdiego: lol03:42
Fryguy--lee___: before you do any of this, try deleting .Xauthority and restarting X03:42
qcjnxq: ok, thanks, it gives me a good idea03:42
vonkno luck :-(03:42
diegohello how we can save energy ?03:42
efirewickshpook: I was running into this same problem, 20 hrs later I just installed k3b and it works just fine. Much better program.03:42
xqwe should all turn off our PCs and stop the huge carbon footprint of this channel!03:42
lee___rm -rf /home/lee/.Xauthority?03:42
nondescriptlol @ diego03:42
tritiumdiego: this is an ubuntu support channel.  Please stay on topic.03:42
Fryguy--lee___: sure03:42
xqor aim for more energy efficient PCs and data centers! that would help as well.03:43
diegohow we can save water?03:43
Shpookefirewick: You know, I never even considered k3b. I completely forgot I have KDE installed...lemme give it a shot. Thanks!03:43
IndyGunFreaktritium: he's a troll, just let him let out enough rope to hang himself.03:43
xqdiego: we could stop the rain from falling.03:43
HardyOneguess that was the end of the ropw03:43
* nondescript waves to diego03:43
m0ng0apeunop_: ?03:43
vonkwell, when i tried (hd1,1) it said that the partition did not exist03:44
nondescriptI dont like xchat03:44
vonkso i /e cried03:44
millllmannnnis vmware server free?03:44
jumpkickFryguy--, uncop_ -- er...  I guess I'll have to try something else... gtkpod doesn't support m4a files in gutsy.... :(03:44
nondescriptwhats a good alternative03:44
vonknondescript: irssi03:44
Fryguy--nondescript: irssi03:44
xqmillllmannnn: I believe so, it's just workstation that is $$ because of the snapshots03:44
nondescriptis that the command line one?03:44
Fryguy--nondescript: yes03:44
KrozyI like xchat, but wish I could filter out the "has joined" and "has left" messages03:44
jumpkick... .m4a' failed: m4a/m4p/m4b not supported without the mp4v2 library. You must compile the gtkpod source together with the mp4v2 library.03:44
xqWell, and Fusion is $03:44
nondescriptah nice, totally forgot about that one. thanks03:44
unop_m0ng0ape, what i would do if i were you is monitor the samba log files --  tail -f /var/log/samba/log.[ns]mbd03:45
vonkit seems that my buddy aeteric who was helping me earlier has left :-(03:45
unop_m0ng0ape, and then try logging in from the remote machine again -- hopefully you should be able to see whats going on with samba as and when the user is being authenticated03:45
vonkdo any of you other ubuntu gurus have any ideas for how i might fix my error 17 woes?03:46
lungtenhi everyone, is hardy beta out yet?03:46
Fryguy--lungten: #ubuntu+103:46
lungtenOK. Thanks03:46
Shpookefirewick: Thanks! That worked perfect. :-D03:47
Tommy`theneb: ping03:48
vonkhm.. well, if you guys dont know how to fix this problem, would any of you mind doing the trouble of scrolling up to see the command aeteric gave me to mount sdb and then go to the proper grub directory?03:49
vonki can play around some more then03:49
tritiumvonk: is the drive mounted?03:49
DareDevyltrying to write a simple script...i need to add a few directories to my path...However "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/pathto/dir" isnt working...please help..03:49
vonktritium: it might be. i can get there graphically, at least. so i suppose it is mounted03:50
vonkbut i dont know how to get there in terminal03:50
SpookyETI'm having trouble with synaptics in X. While it gets detected, it does not work. It says, "Synaptics Touchpad The '/dev/input/event* device nodes seem to be missing."03:50
tritiumvonk: grub's configuration directory is /boot/grub/03:50
unop_DareDevyl, how are you running the scrupt?03:50
nicholas_oh hi, I have a humourous dilemma, I pinged my router with the 'ping' command, now I don't know how to make it stop (besides x'ing out of the console). WHAT DO I DO!!?! D:03:50
vonktritium: aye, there is something funny going on though since i am running on the live disc03:50
jumpkickFryguy--, uncop_ --  gtkpod-aac works for m4a though!  Thanks03:50
Fryguy--nicholas_: press ctrl-c03:50
Krozynicholas_: ctrl+c03:50
tritiumvonk: meaning?03:51
nicholas_thank you.03:51
vonktritium: so /boot/grub is for the live disc install, i think03:51
nicholas_what does ctrl+c mean? XD03:51
vonkso the root directory is different03:51
nicholas_it worked, but why c, of all letters?03:51
Marupahit the control key, and hit C03:51
Fryguy--nicholas_: c for cancel03:51
tritiumvonk: yes, but you'd navigate to /path-to-mounted-drive/boot/grub03:51
vonkand i am not sure how to make it point to the root directory on sdb, where is where the linux partition sits03:51
nicholas_I have learned, thank you my friends!03:51
dimedohi, i'm looking for a way to script simulated mouse and keyboard inputs for my x windows system on ubuntu 7.10, any ideas?03:51
unop_dimedo, what kind of script?03:52
vonkdimedo: i dont, but i know of an open source program which does that. it is called synergy, might be able to pull some code out of it03:52
DareDevylunop_ nevermind done03:52
unop_DareDevyl, forgot to source the file?03:53
vonktritium: do you know what "path-to-mounted-drive" would be? (i am le noob, sorry)03:53
Jimmmhi all03:53
dimedounop_: i just need to control mouse and keyboard virtually by some kind of script03:53
vonkdimedo: http://synergy2.sourceforge.net03:54
unop_dimedo, i dunno about mouse control -- but there's something called xmacro/xmacroplay that might be able to sendkeys03:54
vonkthere should be some useful code there for you, dimedo03:54
JimmmI just did a wubi ubuntu install it will read y my recovery partition but not the first c drive partition03:54
vonktritium: aeteric told me how to do it, but sadly i have forgotten already.03:55
Jimmmis there any way to get it to read drive c?03:55
vonkguess i shouldnt have smoked so much pot in my younger days.03:55
diktushello all03:56
vonkhello diktus03:56
diktusi have a problem with my sound03:56
diktusi use linux mint 3 cassandra03:56
ircleuserI am new to linux and i need some help; I am installing ubuntu (i think it is 7.04 or 6.06 not sure) on a machine previously running windows xp. I use windows to play games and I do not want to wipe the windows partition. Is there any way to create a new partition with the live cd or the windows disk?03:56
tritiumdiktus: wrong chanel03:56
dimedovonk: i'll check that, thx03:56
diktussound card detect but no sound hear03:56
ircleusersorry to jump in03:56
=== ircleuser is now known as tempo-
dimedounop_: i already found that, but i can't find any usefull example on how to use that03:57
vonktritium: could i bother you to scroll up and give me the command that aeteric did? normally i'd be logging all this stuff, but logging on a live disc isnt really practical/useful03:57
vonkdimedo: you're welcome :-).03:57
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:57
tritium!sound | diktus (You might try these, but we don't officially support non-ubuntu distros)03:57
ubotudiktus (You might try these, but we don't officially support non-ubuntu distros): If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:57
tritiumvonk: what is it you want to do?  Mount the drive?03:58
vonktritium: mount it, and then cd to it03:58
tritiumvonk: do you know which /dev/sdX corresponds to it?03:58
vonktritium: yup, sdb03:59
tempo-um guys?03:59
tritiumvonk: and what is your mount point?03:59
vonktritium: i dont know what that is, sorry.03:59
tempo-oops sorry04:00
tritiumvonk: you can pick any place to mount it.  You're sure it doesn't auto-mount at boot?04:00
J3KYLLhi, i have a quick question about hd's and installing. i'd appreciate any help thanks.04:00
unop_dimedo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=279697#post27969704:00
Fryguy--J3KYLL: just ask questions, don't ask to ask04:00
tritium!enter | J3KYLL04:00
ubotuJ3KYLL: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:00
vonktritium: i dont think so. i dont see anything in / that seems like a likely candidate04:00
tempo-Fryguy: "just ask questions, don't ask to ask"04:01
tritiumvonk: it wouldn't auto-mount under /.  It would be under /media.04:01
tempo-How should i go about partitioning a hard disk running windows for ubunto 7.04?04:01
vonktritium: /media is empty04:01
tritiumtempo-: throught the installer04:01
Fryguy--tempo-: the installer will take care of it for you04:01
tritiumvonk: one second04:01
DG19075agreeing with tritium here04:01
vonktritium: thanks much for your patience :D. glad to see this is not a RTFM spot :P04:02
tempo-i got that far... but the HD has an XP partition already that i dont want to ge rid of...04:02
tritiumvonk: did you create a directory to use as the mount point?04:02
tritiumvonk: :)04:02
vonktritium: i dont think so04:02
DG19075my usb drives mount under /media04:02
MUS4SHIIIDoes anyone know if it is possible to get a room list of either ICQ or AIM with Pidgin? I have both ICQ and AIM set up, but when I look for room lists I can only choose my IRC accounts.04:02
Fryguy--tempo-: the installer will take care of it for you04:02
vonktritium: unless you mean on sdb. when i made the ubuntu install, it has "/" as its mount point.04:02
tritiumvonk: well, you had to mount it somewhere.  Create a directory, say /media/temp.  Then, sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/temp04:02
diktusi have read and i think the problem is the module doesn't load04:02
vonkmount point /media/temp does not exist04:03
Fryguy--MUS4SHIII: join #pidgin04:03
tritiumvonk: I told you to create that directory first04:03
diktusi confuse to add module name in /etc/modules04:03
diktuswhat module name should i add04:03
ppibburrtempo: i think the installer will first want to take the whole disk, you'll have to choose manual04:03
tritiumdiktus: /etc/modules is a text file.  Add the module name on its own line to that text file.04:03
tempo-Fryguy: the installer gives me some options for the partitioning setup. I just want to make sure I am not overwriting my windows drive04:03
nifeis there some way to make java take less memory to install ?  I have a virtual dedicated server with 256 megs and it keeps failing04:03
tritiumdiktus: which module have you determined is not loading?04:03
Fryguy--tempo-: it should be pretty self explanatory04:03
diktusbut i dont know the module name04:03
diktushow to know the soundcard module name??04:04
Fryguy--diktus: ask google04:04
tempo-Alright, thanks guys, I'll be back in a few04:04
NeT_DeMoN_hello all04:04
diktussoundcard module04:04
vonktritium: well, unfortunately i think i am too tired and confused for this right now. thanks a lot for your help, but i think i will return to this problem tomorrow when i am better rested04:04
diktusin konsole show only fuse and lp04:04
=== giovani2 is now known as giovani
ApOgEE-hi all...04:04
tritiumvonk: are you sure?  All we have to do is create one directory.04:04
vonktritium: haha, okay, if it is so easy then we can do it :-)04:05
NeT_DeMoN_im dual booting vista and ubuntu on this laptop but my networking does not work, how wouldi fix that?04:05
crxyemis there a way to change the color of the scrollbar  I change the title bar color etc... I'd like the scrollbar match04:05
tritiumvonk: so, create the directory of your choice, perhaps /media/temp, and then "sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/temp"04:05
ppibburrmkdir foo | sudo mount /dev/blah foo04:05
NeT_DeMoN_its an atheros wireless network driver04:05
diktushow to get the list of module??04:05
FAJALO1hello all, is there a way  so that the startup / menu is only the ubuntu icon, instead of all of the stuff after it?04:05
Fryguy--crxyem: yes the scrollbar is themable along with the entire rest of the interface04:06
vonktritium: mount: /dev/sdb already mounted or /media/temp5 busy04:06
tritiumppibburr: don't pipe those two commands together04:06
vonk(i did sudo mkdir temp5)04:06
ZimboAnyway know why I'm not getting any system beeps on this laptop?  I have checked System->Preferences->Sound->System Beep and it's set to both sound a beep and flash the window, but only the later happens.  This is on Gutsy with an Acer 4520.04:06
Fryguy--FAJALO1: yes take a look at the available applets to put onto the panel one of them will do what you want04:06
Stroganoffvonk, have you tried reinstalling grub with chroot?04:06
SidStudiosYeah, Zimbo04:06
crxyemFryguy: yeah I figured so I just can't seem to find what actually changes it04:06
tritiumvonk: it's already mounted.  Type "mount | grep sdb"04:06
vonkStroganoff: i havent, maybe you could help me do that?04:06
ZimboYes, Sid?04:06
FAJALO1fryguy, where would i find these said applets?04:06
SidStudiosYou're not using the correct ALSA driver for System beep, zimbo04:06
Fryguy--crxyem: just use a different them, there should be a few available04:06
Fryguy--FAJALO1: right click on the panel and add04:06
ZimboThanks... any suggestions on how I might go about fixing it?04:07
vonktritium: done. nothing happened04:07
FAJALO1fryguy ok thank you.04:07
ZimboSid: Regular sounds (like the log-on/log-out sound work)04:07
Stroganoffvonk: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435104:07
vonkStroganoff: thanks much04:07
tritiumvonk: "mount" should list all mounted filesystems.  Please run it.04:07
Stroganoffthats not the chroot method04:07
vonktritium: done. i do not see sdb on there though04:07
ppibburr/dev/sdb should be /dev/sdb#04:07
ppibburrwhen you mount04:08
tritiumvonk: yet you say mount said it was mounted?04:08
crxyemFryguy: that's the easyway out, I cutomized the default theme, and would like to change the scrollbars etc... .  without loosing the theme I have now04:08
vonktritium: it seems that way... weird, huh?04:08
Stroganoffvonk: here are the compact methods: http://www.oc-tec.de/forum/showthread.php?t=1222104:08
ApOgEE-I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy on HP Compaq nx9010... How can I get blender to work on this laptop?04:08
tritiumppibburr: ah, right04:08
Fryguy--crxyem: well save your current theme and work with another one.  The customize part of the themes menu is pretty full featured04:08
tritiumvonk: you need to try mounting either /dev/sdbX, not just /dev/sdb04:09
vonkStroganoff: http://www.oc-tec.de/forum/showthread.php?t=12221 i am sure would be very helpful if i knew german :-/04:09
tritiumvonk: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb, please04:09
Stroganoffjust read the commands, vonk ^^04:09
ZimboStill there Sid?04:09
m0ng0apestill no idea...04:09
yowshii am about to give up on this problem04:09
vonktritium: okay, done04:09
tempo-I am back.04:09
yowshiand reinstall ubuntu04:09
vonk   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System04:10
vonk/dev/sdb1   *           1       59323   476511966   83  Linux04:10
vonk/dev/sdb2           59324       60801    11872035    5  Extended04:10
vonk/dev/sdb5           59324       60801    11872003+  82  Linux swap / Solaris04:10
vonksorry for the spam04:10
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:10
yowshii never thought i would have to do that04:10
ApOgEE-I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy on HP Compaq nx9010... How can I get blender to work on this laptop? can anyone point me to the right direction so I can fix it?04:10
tritiumvonk: okay, use that sudo mount command from earlier with sdb104:10
chris062689I have a question.  When you use the Live CD, is it all loaded into RAM?  So the Hard-drive is never used correct?  (No swap file)04:10
tempo-The windows partition takes up the whole disk and the smallest ammount of continuous free space is 205mg. is there a way to back up my windows system?04:10
vonksudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/temp5 great, it worked!04:10
Fryguy--chris062689: the hard drive is never used04:10
vonkthanks tritium04:10
tritiumvonk: sure04:10
vonksorry it was so troublesome :)04:10
tritiumvonk: no, it wasn't04:11
Stroganoffchris062689: the livecd will mount the linux swap partition, if availalbe04:11
unop__tempo-, you could use something like ghost04:11
chris062689but other than that, it's all in RAM correct?04:11
Fryguy--chris062689: yes04:11
Stroganoffthats right, chris062689, no worrries04:11
vonktritium: based on the sudo fdisk -l sdb up there, i should be booting to (hd1,0) right?04:12
tempo-unop__: can you elaborate on ghost?04:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about clamav - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about clam - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:12
tritium!botabuse | RoAkSoAx04:12
ubotuRoAkSoAx: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.04:12
Greyergwow. IMHO it's really dumb to have the default xchat package in ubuntu automatically join a channel. I seems like it would lead to a channel crowded with people saying stupid things.04:12
yowshiunop__, it failed and comparing chmod files before running bash and after there is no change04:12
unop__tempo-, ghost is a software for windows (primarily) that creates a backup image of all the files for a given partition/drive04:13
sFEARsis my /proc/ioports file supposed to be empty?04:13
masakaCan anybody help me with Intel video drivers? G35 chipset, onboard graphics04:13
Fryguy--masaka: ask questions, don't ask to ask04:13
unop__yowshi, and the bash script ran fine?04:13
tempo-how big would the backup file be?04:13
yowshiyeah it didnt spit out any errors04:13
tempo-my system takes up around 100gb04:13
unop__tempo-,  <= the size of the parition04:13
Fryguy--Greyerg: hrmm, a channel like that sounds very familiar04:13
fatguyI cant get the usb mouse to work on my laptop, Ive looked in the forums and cannot find a solution04:14
tempo-grrr. I dont have an external hd larger than 80 X(04:14
KrozyI'm contemplating getting a new SATA hard drive to replace 4 IDE drives and installing fresh.  I saw that there is an encrypted file system option available now.  Is there anything I should be mindful of before pursuing such an endeavor?04:14
unop__tempo-, wow, thats big -- the backup file could be upto 100gb in size -- depending on things like compression, etc used when creating the backup04:14
masakaFryguy-- I can't even find the chipset in the FAQ list. Am I out of luck?04:14
SidStudiosfatguy: I bet It'll work on Windows04:14
fatguySidStudios, it does04:15
Fryguy--masaka: probably not04:15
Fryguy--Krozy: would recommend truecrypt instead04:15
masakaFryguy-- What to do next?04:15
Fryguy--masaka: what is the problem04:15
GreyergFryguy--: it's familiar because you're there now. excuse my while I figure out how to add ircstorm with this new gui...04:15
unop__tempo-, i guess the best strategy then is to try and move as much as you can off the drive onto another, defragment the drive and try and resize it with partition magic or something else that splits paritions04:15
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
tempo-unop: yeah. my computer has a ton of music and dvds that I have ripped, not to mention games. the only reason i use windows is because of games. otherwise I would be permanently linux and mac.04:15
IndyGunFreakdonkey_1234: test04:15
donkey_1234it works04:15
masakaFryguy-- the best driver it finds has only 55 Hz refresh rate.04:16
IndyGunFreaki know. :)04:16
J3KYLLi tried install ubuntu to my 6g hda HD and i got an error message around 30% saying "cannot write to (read-only)" whats going on? if this one doesn't work should i try to install on my 320g sata HD?04:16
Fryguy--masaka: on an lcd or ?04:16
KrozyFryguy: What makes truecrypt a better choice?04:16
mEck0hi! is it possible to install Gnome 2.22 in 7.10?04:16
masakaFryguy-- I have CRT04:16
Fryguy--Krozy: better encryption, more secure, easier to use04:16
tempo-if there was a way to run my games on linux then i would just trash the windows and start fresh with ubuntu04:16
Fryguy--masaka: probably just edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf manually04:16
vonktempo-: you can04:16
Ashfire908asking now seems too late, but if i install/update programs on a livecd with a usb drive to make it persistent, will they stay the next time i boot?04:17
vonktempo-: get Cedega04:17
unop__tempo-, there are quite a few applications for linux that allow you to play games -- wine, cedega, x-over-office, etc04:17
=== _max is now known as max
tempo-and to connect to the internet... I am using a USB wireless card and i am so new to linux i dont know how to find the right drivers.04:17
ZimboIs there a means to get double-tapping a laptop's (Synpatics) touchpad to send a double-click event rather than two single-click events?04:17
SidStudiostempo-: Be warned, if it runs at 99FPs on Windows, It'll run at 60FPS on ubuntu04:17
Fryguy--SidStudios: ??04:18
unop__SidStudios, what?04:18
tempo-the big games are flightsim X and it runs slow on windows.04:18
Ashfire908FPS = frames per second04:18
tempo-correction, big game...04:18
Fryguy--Ashfire908: yes i know what basic acronyms mean04:18
coolgnome-panel are disappearing & come back when i hover mouse over them. but i check auto hide is disabled. What can be the reason?04:18
vonkSidStudios: it will, yes, if you enable vsync and your moniter is 60hz :P04:18
highbassHey guy!! i just installed the newest alsa drivers according to the instructions here...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=455147 ... because i was having problems where sound would come form speakers even thou headphones were plugged in... also note i stalled the newest alsa drivers 1.6 .. anyways now i dont have nay sound wahtsover when i click on the volume control i get the error saying "no volume control GSTREAMER plugins and/or devices" .. i d04:19
tempo-if it goes from 99-60 than i dont want to know what 40-10 would be like...04:19
tempo-I have heard of wine04:19
belkinhelp2hello fellow ubuntu users....does anyone know how to change the LAN settings from 10 to 100mbit/s?  It seems my NIC is bottlenecking my connection.04:19
Fryguy--in my experience, frame rates in linux have been better than they were in windows.  Very limited samplesize though, so it doesn't mean much04:19
SidStudiosvonk: I'm sorry, my games run faster on Vista than Ubuntu.04:19
J3KYLLare there any important things or guide lines i should know when selecting a HD to install ubuntu on? one's that will work, ones that won't, etc ?04:19
yowshiSidStudios, where you getting your facts from04:19
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: linux driver will autonegotiate a link04:19
unop__tempo-, you could cechk the wineHQ to see if your game/app is supported04:19
tempo-ok, brb04:20
belkinhelp2Fryguy...then where is the bottleneck?04:20
SidStudiosyowshi: Err, my own computer?04:20
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: if it's running at 10mbps, then that's either because of your network card, your switch, the cabling, or some other piece of networking04:20
unop__yowshi, so did the script run fine?04:20
|2-bits|I have a problem. I installed some package, and now I have some strange new menu items04:20
vonkSidStudios: it shouldnt be that way, i dont think04:20
yowshisomething running faster on vista then anything else? i find this highly suspicious04:20
|2-bits|It has Other -> { Lock screen, shutdown }04:20
masakaFryguy--: looks like all my attempts to set up the hardware are recorded in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Is there a way to start from a clean slate?04:20
|2-bits|How do I remove these items?04:21
yowshiunop__, yes it did04:21
SgeoG'night all04:21
Fryguy--masaka: just edit the existing file (it has a lot more in there than just your video card)04:21
tempo-nope, AOE, rise of nations, and flightsim X not supported at all04:21
|2-bits|they are in the applications menu, I might add04:21
unop__SidStudios, you probably did have the right drivers/configuration for your particular video adapter -- if optimized right, games can run quite well on linux04:21
coolJ3KYLL, just learn how Ubuntu names partions. in windows its C,DE but in Ubuntu its hda1,hda2...04:21
yowshiunop__, it didnt spit out any errors while running the bash script04:21
SidStudiosvonk: Why, not everyone has a Pentium 3 computer04:21
donkey_1234     /msg nickserv set hide email on04:21
Fryguy--cool: linux doesn't use hdx anymore apparently, ide got merged into the sdX disks04:21
ZimboHere's another one... how do you disable the "feature" where the scroll wheel of a mouse switches desktops when the pointer hovers over a blank part of the desktop?  My touchpad simulates a scrollwheel and sometimes this just cases Gnome to go nuts thinking I'm trying to change desktops when I'm really just trying to move the mouse.04:21
tempo-coult i do a 50/50 partition and wipe windows then just reinstall my games.04:21
SidStudiosunop__: If Ubuntu is so good, why don't they just make Linux ports? From what I know, It's not very hard to build a linux version, therefore increasing their target audience by a LOT..04:22
tempo-I have all the movies/music on my mac04:22
donkey_1234 /msg nickserv link donkey7186 trackstar04:22
masakaFryguy--: is there a way to force re-start video detection?04:22
belkinhelp2well the modem is an adsl2+ capable of 25mbits, the router is a di-524 with a 10/100 WAN and the NIC is an integrated Ausu 1400+ so im assuming its also 10/100, and lastly im running CAT5e cables04:22
Fryguy--Zimbo: that's part of compiz, just install compizconfig-settings-manager and edit that behavior04:22
Krozy|2-bits|: You can manually edit the menu via, System > Preferences > Main Menu, but I'm not sure if thats what you want to do, or if you want to uninstall those packages.04:22
tritiumSidStudios: ports of what?04:22
Fryguy--masaka: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-sorg04:22
Fryguy--masaka: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:22
tempo-I would rather just backup my special files then do a reformat04:22
SidStudiostritium: Games like Counter strike source, and other popular games04:22
Ashfire908If i install/update programs on a livecd with a usb drive to make it persistent, will they stay the next time i boot?04:22
|2-bits|Krozy: I have no idea which packages caused it (it happened in my last install too), so I think I am just going to edit the main menu04:22
tritiumSidStudios: that's up to the game companies.04:22
ZimboThanks Fryguy, I'll try it04:22
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: then you'll have a 100mbps connection, what is indicating to you that you only have 10mbps?04:22
vonkSidStudios: Loki tried that. it did not work and was not profitable =/.04:23
SidStudiostritium: The whole "free" thing will never work; people want to make profits. That's the only reason they will be motivated to make anything for anyone at all04:23
J3KYLLthanks COOL, but one more thing. are there HD requirements for install? eg. a certain size, type?04:23
coolFryguy--, Nice. it removed lot of confusion but in think grub still uses hdx naming convention, inst'it?04:23
Krozy|2-bits|: What are the names of the applications?04:23
Fryguy--cool: no idea04:23
unop__SidStudios, there are ports being created for games all the time .. or platforms to run the games (and well) all the time04:23
tempo-can i reformat from the live cd?04:23
vonkSidStudios: in any case, you should not see any performance decreases when running cedega. it does not go through a virtualmachine or anything so theres no extra steps. should be exactly the same04:23
belkinhelp2Fryguy...my speed tests are constantly topping out at 6mbits or so04:23
Fryguy--tempo-: the livecd has an installer on it, yes04:23
|2-bits|Logout and Lock Screen04:23
Krozy|2-bits|: when you edit the main menu, you can view the properties of those unwanted items that may give a clue as to what they are04:23
unop__tempo-, sure04:23
J3KYLLCOOL, im getting confused about the HD intstall because i've tried numerous times04:23
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: mbps or MB/s04:23
|2-bits|somehow these functions made their way to my applications menu04:23
vonkalso SidStudios, i think many open source developers would disagree with you about the money being motivation for everyting :P04:23
coolJ3KYLL, this would help you,https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation04:23
coolJ3KYLL, ask whats your confusion04:24
unop__yowshi, hmm, guess a reinstall is imminent then -- i'm out of ideas completely :(04:24
vonkSidStudios: linux is both excellent and (for hte most part) free, so there you have it :D. proof that good things come without money, sometimes04:24
tempo-cool. one last thing. My live cd is either 7.04 or 6.06. will compiz fusion come on either?04:24
ppibburri'm writing a dvd creator, comparable t qdvd, as a hobby :)04:24
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: what does ethtool eth0 tell you04:24
SidStudiosunop__: Maybe if "Linux" was just an operating system, much more applications will be made for it. Because, a) The whole world isn't comfortable with building things from source. b) Linux should adopt ONE kind of package management and really work on the GUI. Windows is really winning in on this part.04:24
tritiumSidStudios: that's one opinion.04:24
J3KYLLCOOL, this is my confusion : i tried install ubuntu to my 6g hda HD and i got an error message around 30% saying "cannot write to (read-only)" whats going on? if this one doesn't work should i try to install on my 320g sata HD?04:24
yowshiwell them tommorow i will have questions on how to not lose my /home or my /usr/amovie directories04:24
Fryguy--SidStudios: nobody cares04:24
tempo-keep in mind that I am an EXTREME n00b with linux and i have no idea what i am doing short of installing it and starting firefox04:24
highbasscan somone please guide me in the right direction.. ! i updated my alsa sound card drivers to the newest one because i was having issues... and now my system doesnt even detect a sound card!!!! i am on ubuntu 7.1004:25
taintsaucequick question - i've gone through two installs recently on my laptop (an older dell latitude PIII) and on both XFCE and KDE, the ctrl+alt+f2 tty is too large to work with - you can't see the bottom line ever04:25
yowshiuntil then night all and unop__ thanks for all your patience time and effort04:25
taintsauceanyone know how to fix this?04:25
vonkSidStudios: so theres 2 instead of 1 :-P. whats the big deal?04:25
vonkSidStudios: also, you dont need to build everything from source. theres plenty of compiled binaries available for many applications for linux04:25
coolempo-, on7.10 it would,  but on 6.06 it won't has there was no compiz-fusion back then. there was beryl & compiz04:25
belkinhelp2Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes04:25
belkinhelp2        Speed: 100Mb/s04:25
belkinhelp2I knew that there was somthing screwy about this dlink router04:26
tempo-ok thanks. by yall04:26
belkinhelp2i thought the firmware upgrade would have fixed this04:26
belkinhelp2but it didnt04:26
unop__SidStudios, the reason linux proliferates so much then is a contradiction to your philosophy of "it should be this and should be that" ,... it's about the choice of doing it differently, to each his own and that works like the way that not everyone drives a mercedes or likes it being painted pink :)04:26
SidStudiosFryguy--: You don't because you have a 2D mind, and because you know how to use Linux, you think that everyone should be able to compile things from source. You think that OSS is better than paid for software? I'm sorry, but I'd have to say Microsoft Office 2007 is much better than OpenOffice, in terms of usability, speed, and stability04:26
coolJ3KYLL, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall04:26
yowshiSidStudios, building from source itsnt that hard and ummmm who cares if theres two package managers or that the desktop doesnt look b;ling b;ling i want reliability not eyecandy04:26
KrozySidStudios: Most users can get by just fine without building anything from source, and 2) there are a few good package managers, 3) GUI is great, leaps and bounds ahead of XP and Vista.04:26
tritiumSidStudios: please stay on topic.04:26
SidStudiosyowshi: It's little details like this which will cause people to switch to Linux instead of Windows04:26
Fryguy--SidStudios: I don't think that everyone shoul dbe able to compile things from source.  I am able to because I am a programmer, so I choose to use linux to get my work done, and because of the tools it provides me, I get my work done faster and more efficiently.  Your mileage may vary04:27
SidStudiostritium: Sorry about the off-topicness04:27
yowshibesides if you want eyecandy so much SidStudios you can use compiz fusion04:27
crxyemFryguy: I found the setting04:27
unop__SidStudios, and you can run an entire ubuntu system without even compiling anything ... that's almost not necessary anymore04:27
SidStudiosyowshi: I don't want eye candy, I know what Compiz Fusion is.04:27
J3KYLLCOOL : thank you very much. ill check out the resources you gave me04:27
belkinhelp2I switched to Linux when I read that the NSA was doing "security work" for windows Vista!04:27
vonkSidStudios: total control is hardly a 'little detail' :D. but that said, if you like windows so much, why don't you just use windows?04:27
coolJ3KYLL, the recommend way to install to Ubuntu is to leave free space atleast 10GB & ask installer to use that free space04:27
fatguyI cant get the usb mouse to work on my laptop, Ive looked in the forums and cannot find a solution: [  137.964000] [<f88856a0>] (usb_hcd_irq+0x0/0x60 [usbcore]) [  137.964000] Disabling IRQ #7 [  139.500000] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -250264335 ns)04:27
belkinhelp2there is something wrong about that all the way around04:27
ZimboI checked out compiz config settings and I'm not seeing one related to regular old desktop switching (there is stuff like "desktop cube," but that's not enabled)04:28
SidStudiosunop__: I'm sorry, but you fail to see that every time I reinstalled Ubuntu when I used to use it, I had to RE-Compile ALSA, get NDISWRAPPER and about 10 different files, and then perform some really weird-ass tasks just to get wireless working.04:28
tritiumSidStudios: truly, there is no need to know how to compile anything at all to run ubuntu04:28
vonkSidStudios: no one is going to try to convince you to use linux if windows is what you prefer. not sure what kind of response you are trying to provoke here..04:28
Ashfire908how do i check the space usage of a device (i mean /dev/???? not "flash drive")04:28
SidStudiosvonk: Wow, that's the first time I've heard someone not give dumb reasons why I should'nt use the OS I'm using. That's why I like this so much more than forums..04:29
Stroganoffstating facts is not provoking. and it isn't completely a matter of choice or preference either, vonk04:29
KrozySidStudios: My personal advice on the whole ndiswrapper debacle is simply avoid at all costs using hardware that sux-out-of-box.04:29
unop__SidStudios, well if you don't like putting in effort to getting the best out of your system -- then ubuntu is _NOT_ for you04:29
Fryguy--SidStudios: that's an unfortunately experience for you.  I haven't had that experience at all, and neither have 10s of thousands of other users.  I haven't compiled a single piece of code on this ubuntu systems for the purpose of running the machine, and everything that i've tried to do i've found ample documentation online, typically well written and well organized04:29
SidStudiosKrozy: So I should buy another laptop just because my Wireless isn't supported out of the box?04:29
asmerHi. Does anyone know if it is safe to increase my ubuntu partition size with Acronis Disk Director, without losing any data or making ubuntu unbootable? Thanks04:29
Stroganoffvonk, just stop playing games except quake, teewars ut2007 ;)04:29
ZimboI have a suspicion desktop switching with the scroll wheel isn't a compiz-only thing... anyone care to agree/disagree?04:29
tritiumSidStudios: if you want to continue this conversation, please move it to #ubuntu-offtopic, so as not to spam this channel.  This channel is for support.04:29
Stroganoffsry i mean SidStudios04:30
Fryguy--Zimbo: disagree04:30
belkinhelp2Fryguy...wait its the wrong NIC04:30
vonkStroganoff: i think you are getting me confusing with sid :P. i am not talking about playing games :-).04:30
belkinhelp2Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes04:30
belkinhelp2        Speed: 10Mb/s04:30
belkinhelp2        Duplex: Half04:30
ZimboThe compiz "Expo" effect is pretty cool04:30
SidStudiosFryguy--: Haha, lucky for you, I think it's something with the AMD/Broadcom software developers that nothing is detected right on my compouter..04:30
Zimbook, Fryguy, I'll disable compiz for a bit and see what happens :-)04:30
tritiumSidStudios: the problem is the hardware manufacturers, in your case04:30
Fryguy--SidStudios: again, unfortunately that's a bad experience for you04:30
ppibburrbroadcom becomes esy with firmware-cutter04:30
josh__can someone help me with gnome?04:30
SidStudiosI'd also like to know who here can actually hibernate their computers?04:30
vonkin any case, these are problems for later. thanks a lot for the help tritium and Stroganoff! have an excellent night, everyone04:30
Fryguy--josh__: don't ask to ask, just ask04:30
tritiumSidStudios: I can.04:31
SidStudiostritium: With no work arounds?04:31
tritiumvonk: no problem.  GOod night.04:31
ppibburrinpirion 1501, hibernates04:31
Fryguy--SidStudios: i can04:31
tritiumSidStudios: none whatsoever.04:31
unop__SidStudios, I can but dont04:31
* vonk hibernates.04:31
tritiumSidStudios: and sleep as well04:31
Fryguy--every computer I have *nix on hibernates just fine04:31
belkinhelp2sidstudios.....how much do you get paid to disrupt the ubuntu community?04:31
Odd-rationaleSidStudios: Mine worked out of the box04:31
josh__i want to be able to open a folder and when i do it opens file browser instead of the little rinky dink windows showing the contents of the folder04:31
tritiumSidStudios: again, you better take this to #ubuntu-offtopic, please04:32
asmerHi. Does anyone know if it is safe to increase my ubuntu partition size with Acronis Disk Director, without losing any data or making ubuntu unbootable? Thanks04:32
* Ashfire908 can't hibernate when he is using the restricted nvidia driver04:32
Stroganoffjosh__, the file browser shows contents of folder04:32
Fryguy--SidStudios: if you don't want to run *nix, then don't run *nix.  Dont' join a channel on irc and complain about your problems.  Either solve them yourself, ask for help in solving them, or give up.  Trolling IRC isn't going to help you, and it's just wasting my time for people who have legitimate questions04:32
coolasmer, why you want to use  Acronis Disk Director?04:32
Stroganoffare you using xubuntu, josh__?04:32
Fryguy--asmer: should be fine04:32
killer_who knows how to use qq04:33
ubotu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい04:33
Stroganoffasmer, you should use the gparted livecd instead04:33
josh__okay, go to applications, system tools , then file browser, it has the back arrow and menu, but when i open a folder directly, it doesn't have the arrow and navigation tools04:33
killer_ Is there any body Chinese?04:33
asmerfryguy thanks04:33
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:33
unop__!cn | killer_04:33
ubotukiller_: please see above04:33
SidStudiosbelkinhelp2: I don't get paid, it just irritates me to see people saying "Ubuntu rocks, everything works!" when in reality, a lot of hardware is not supported, and neither is half the software out there. Maybe you guys might get the hint when you finally realise why Adobe isn't spending money on building software for Ubuntu. Obviously, they've done market research and found that linux has little potential, and Windows will still rule for the 04:33
killer_I see04:33
asmerstroganoff because i have experience (have used many times) with Acronis04:33
Fryguy--josh__: so just click on the view menu and check off the toolbars you want visible?04:34
tritiumSidStudios: that's not the reality.  A small subset of hardware has issues, not "a lot of hardware."04:34
unop__!ot | SidStudios04:34
ubotuSidStudios: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:34
Ashfire908ok uh how much wear and tear would installing a bunch of updates and a few new programs (~50 mb worth total) onto a livecd with usb drive for persistence, and would they stay installed after i restarted?04:34
Stroganoffasmer, the ui of gparted is basically the same ;)04:34
coolasmer, we can't help you in it, if you use Gparted then we could04:34
acxtyHi guys, is it necesary to reboot the computerr when I change the ip address? or a way to avoid this of happening04:34
SidStudiostritium: Ubuntu is for home computers, and isn't the most productive thing in the world. The Mac OS X dock is even worse than the ubuntu menus.04:34
unop__acx_, not necessary04:34
asmerstroganoff and i can use it to just increase the size without deleting or formatting?04:34
Fryguy--SidStudios: nobody here is claiming "ubuntu rocks" and as for you citing a single company not developing for linux, that's fine.  And yes you are right, the desktop userbase of linux is very small.  What exactly is your point of that statement?04:34
Stroganoffyes, asmer04:35
coolacxty, no, use sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:35
ZimboFryguy: Looks like you're correct; if I tell compiz to go away there's no more desktop switching with the mouse04:35
tritiumSidStudios: it has been more productive for me than any other OS04:35
ZimboNow if only I could find the right setting to change!04:35
Fryguy--acxty: ifup and ifdown should work fine04:35
josh__doesnt' do what i want it to do.04:35
acxtythanks guys04:35
ppibburrAshfire, if they were wrote to usb they will be there...04:35
SidStudiostritium: Then why don't big companies use it? Why do they stick to "Virus prone windowS"?04:35
Stroganoff!flood > Stroganoff04:35
ppibburrbut if the cd is setup for persistence is another matter04:35
tritiumSidStudios: they do, including Dell.04:35
Fryguy--SidStudios: uh, plenty of big companies use linux.04:35
SidStudiostritium: Maybe, because the average person that sticks t04:35
unop__tritium, Fryguy--,  SidStudios, we should continue this conversation in #ubuntu-offtopic and leave folks here get on with support04:35
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:36
Ashfire908ppibburr it is04:36
Fryguy--SidStudios: last check, more than half of the webservers on the internet were running linux or another *nix04:36
coolFryguy--, Please stop going offtopic on main support channels04:36
Fryguy--SidStudios: you really should become more educated on the whole situation instead of just being an anti-fanboy trolling and flaming in a channel04:36
acxtyother question, I have access by ssh to a computer, I want to run a python script on it, the problem is that if I close the ssh window the script stop, it is possible to have a program continue running after close the ssh windows04:36
ppibburrthen when it boots and it mounts the usb, usually / then youre good04:36
SidStudiosFryguy--: A webserver is not the same as a personal computer.04:36
Fryguy--cool: I spend multiple hours a week in here supporting noobies, I'm going to spend a few minutes having a slightly offtopic discussion04:37
KrozySidStudios: Companies generally don't "turn on a dime" to switch entire architectures.04:37
SidStudiosFryguy--: You call me a troll just as you cannot come up with any useful arguments04:37
tritiumSidStudios: #ubuntu-offtopic, now, please04:37
Ashfire908ppibburr, ok04:37
Fryguy--SidStudios: nobody said it was, and if you'll notice I already cited low desktop penetration like 5 minutes ago.  please read what I say04:37
coolFryguy--, for that join #ubuntu-offtopic04:37
Stroganoffjosh__, you could copy /usr/share/applications/defaults.list to ~/.local/share/applications/ and edit04:37
josh__Fryguy: do you know what i'm asking04:37
Fryguy--josh__: I thought i did, but since you are asking me that i guess not04:38
ZimboHere's the answer for disabling scroll-wheel desktop switching: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=601716 .  My problem (after Fryguy's pointed me in the right direction) was not realizing the scroll wheel events just show up as "mouse 5" and "mouse 6" "buttons"04:38
Ashfire908ppibburr, is doing 50-70 mb of install/updates very hard on the life expentancy of the drive?04:38
Stroganoffjosh__, edit the two lines "inode/directory" and "x-directory"04:38
ppibburrashfire no04:38
josh__k stroganoff i'll try it04:38
belkinhelp2fryguy...im at 10mbps04:38
belkinhelp2how do i change that04:38
ZimboThanks Fruguy04:38
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: install a network card that doesnt' suck?04:38
ingestanyone here a doxygen user?04:39
belkinhelp2dont let sid get under your skin04:39
jaguar6Ashfire908: No04:39
belkinhelp2hes a well paid agent04:39
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: i don't know.  something in your network topology is causing it to negotiate low, or your network card is poorly supported in linux04:39
belkinhelp2its a realtek04:39
josh__i should probibly sayi'm using debian04:39
ppibburrAshfire the way the inserted data is inserted into the filesystem and the writes to usb, are configured to extend life expetancy04:39
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: realtek cards are generally AWFUL, invest the $20 in a nice intel card04:39
Krozybelkinhelp2: I found this online that may be of help to you: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-change-the-speed-and-duplex-settings-of-an-ethernet-card/04:39
Stroganoffthats ok, josh__04:40
Cpudan80Hey - when formatting/partitioning ubuntu manually -- do you set swap to primary or logical?04:40
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: IIRC there's comments in the realtek drivers for both linux and freebsd with lots of profanities about how poor they are :)04:40
ppibburrbut ensure reboots or shutdowns are clean04:40
belkinhelp2let me do a bit of reading here04:40
belkinhelp2and ill be back04:40
josh__there's no defaults.list04:40
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: 1 sec04:40
Cpudan80nevermind my bad04:41
* Cpudan80 smacks self04:41
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: i'd recommend this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683310612204:41
zezuI've got no audio on a HP notebook w/ ICH8, alsamixer shows volume up/no mute, modules are loaded properly it seems, and main system volume is up, but no audio (7.10) .. anyone have any ideas?04:41
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: extremely well supported on *nix (there's a dedicated employee at intel who writes the drivers for freebsd), and very good performance04:41
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: and it's gigabit, so if/when you choose to upgrade your lan you are already set04:41
Stroganoffjosh__, qry04:41
Fryguy--belkinhelp2: and not overly expensive ($30 shipped is well worth it than trying to get your realtek to give any sort of performance)04:42
hischildwhat is a decent command line torrent program?04:42
Fryguy--hischild: rtorrent BY FAR is the best choice04:43
Fryguy--hischild: for cli or gui04:43
chapocer3Hi ya'll. I have been having a problem booting in to Ubuntu... every time after i choose ubuntu from GRUB, my monitor goes in to Power Saving mode.. sometimes my monitor will come back on once i get to the login screen... but sometimes my comp just reboots after about a minute of not recieving a video signal.. I've researched this from both the perspective of possible issues with my monitor (LG L1920P) and from the perspective of an issue wi04:43
Stroganoffjosh__, have you tried "preferred applications" or something like that in your gnome settings menu?04:43
hischildFryguy--, it's cli i'm looking for04:43
Fryguy--hischild: then rtorrent is what you want.04:43
hischildFryguy--, any chance you can help me get it running? =)04:43
Fryguy--rtorrent has wonderful documentation, pretty self explanatory04:43
Stroganoffchapocer3, try to uninstall usplash04:43
hischildi failed the last time i tried ..04:44
Fryguy--hischild: so try again, and read more documentation04:44
hischildFryguy--, i'm already reading =)04:44
Fryguy--hischild: i'm on freebsd, so I don't know how much help I'd be to you anyway04:44
hischildFryguy--, that's ok, i welcome any help04:45
gr1ff1nis there a way to make a card reader working on gutsy ?? Ricoh Co Ltd R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro Host Adapter (rev 22) pls04:45
OwnatikHi, I installed ubuntu but Grub doesn't load at start. I tried reinstalling it from a tutorial on the forum but it's still not working. Someone can help me?04:45
ppibburrthere is a rtorrent deb04:45
hfhey guys i am really stuck at a problem!... i was haivng problems with my sound card... so i updated to the newest alsa drivers.. and now my sound card isnt even being detected!!!!! can anyone please help me!04:45
Fryguy--Ownatik: how many hard drives do you have04:45
Stroganoffchapocer3, have you tried the recovery option in grub yet?04:46
OwnatikFryguy-- 204:46
gr1ff1nhf: run: module-assistant auto-install alsa04:46
chronosI'm on my laptop in a city about 38 miles away from my home computer. I have ubuntu installed on each computer with SSH and FISH access to each. I really need to see my Firefox history on my home computer so I can show a page to my boss. Is there any way to see the history from here?04:46
Fryguy--chronos: you can use X11 forwarding if you want04:46
acxtydoes screen is available for ubuntu?04:46
Fryguy--ssh -X04:46
Stroganoffchronos, copy the whole .mozilla folder ^^04:46
Fryguy--acxty: that's not english04:47
Ownatikbut one is an old used only for backup, windows and linux are installed on the same HD04:47
acxtyFryguy--, ???04:47
chronosStroganoff: where's the history in that folder? I don't want to replace the contents of my firefox with the one from home?04:47
Stroganoffchronos, no just the history.dat04:47
Fryguy--chronos: just do X11 forwarding and run firefox remotely04:47
Ashfire908Is doing 50-70 mb of install/updates (downloading, unpacking, configuring) hard on the life expentancy of a usbdrive at all?04:47
Fryguy--chronos: will probably be faster to get set up04:47
HinHinhey guys, how do i make an application get called globally?04:47
Stroganoffchronos, you could make a backup of your firefox04:47
ppibburrashfire no04:47
Fryguy--HinHin: what do you mean04:47
chronosFryguy--: will tha take over the sesson that I have running at the house?04:48
Fryguy--chronos: no04:48
chapocer3Stroganoff, after uninstalling usplash (it also uninstalled ubuntu-desktop with it), is there anything i need to reinstall in order to not bork my boot process?04:48
=== _Vinnonet is now known as Vinnonet
OwnatikFryguy--: i have 2 HD, but one is an old used only for backup, windows and linux are installed on the same HD04:48
Fryguy--Ownatik: what happens if you try to boot from the other hard drive?04:48
HinHinFryguy--, let's say i compiled some program and e.g. aircrack but i can only access that program if i call it while i'm in the directory it's installed in04:49
OwnatikFryguy--: didn't try04:49
Stroganoffchapocer3, was there anything else that has been uninstalled by this?04:49
chronosFryguy--: so essentially, my wife can continue surfing without me disturbing her firefox?04:49
HinHini want to just type 'aircrack-ng' to open the program anywhere04:49
Fryguy--HinHin: put the executable in a directory that is in your PATH (echo $PATH to see it)04:49
ppibburrhinhin symbolic link04:49
Stroganoff!paste > chapocer304:49
Fryguy--chronos: yes04:49
OwnatikFryguy--: but when i was installing grub i didn't hear the scratch of my old HD04:49
chapocer3Stroganoff, no i just selected to remove usplash, and it removed usplash and ubuntu-desktop04:49
Fryguy--chronos: your wife should be a different user on the system though :)04:49
Fryguy--Ownatik: so, try it04:49
chronosAlright I'll give it a shot04:49
ppibburror add the dir to your path04:50
Stroganoffi'm not sure about these -desktop meta packages anymore (i dont use them)04:50
Stroganoffbut you should be fine, chapocer304:50
HinHinppibburr, how do i make sym links?04:50
josh__i want :  http://www.flickr.com/photos/21166408@N04/2347177100/  to replace  http://www.flickr.com/photos/21166408@N04/2347178230/04:50
zezuanyone even have suggestions on where i can find more info about non working audio? i've looked at much of the audio related threads on forums etc, but there are many many04:50
josh__that shoudl clear things up04:50
chapocer3ok, thank you very much for your assistance, im going to see if that solved me04:50
Fryguy--chronos: it should be as easy as ssh -X yourname@yourothercomputer.com, then when you get a connection, if you run firefox from the command line it should run your remote firefox and display it on your local screen.  you might need to google some of the details but yah04:50
ppibburrsudo ln -s path/to/file /usr/bin/04:50
ppibburrmight work04:50
Stroganoffchapocer3, your video driver could still be messed up04:50
HinHincool i'll try that04:50
Stroganoffchapocer3, no info, no answers ;)04:51
Fryguy--chronos: if you run into enough problems you can just swap .firefox directories for the time being (back up your current one, grab the remote machines one, put that in place, run firefox, get bookmarks, and then switch back04:51
Fryguy--chronos: also, i recommend google bookmarks with the gmarks firefox extension if you do multiple machine bookmarking a lot04:51
Fryguy--ppibburr: don't put non-ubuntu things in /usr/bin, self-compiled things should go in /usr/local/bin or /opt04:52
ThkaalLe sigh, I have a question about Feisty if people are still answering those.  I transferred my hd to a new system and now it won't boot.  The splash screen freezes the moment it shows up.  Then after a few moments it gives me that /bin/modprobe abnormal exit error.  Any fixes?  I checked the forurms, but the mobo doesn't have raid.04:52
Stroganoffchronos, the session is in sessionstore.js04:52
StroganoffThkaal, does the recovery mode work?04:53
hischildFryguy--, i can't get my torrents to move from closed ... it's a 600 meg torrent yet it won't start ... :(04:53
StroganoffThkaal, there should be an option in grub04:53
Fryguy--hischild: select the torrent and press ctrl-s04:53
Fryguy--what happens04:53
Thkaalrecovery mode from the live cd?04:53
hischildFryguy--, closed state moves yet doesn't start04:53
Stroganoffno from your hard drive grub04:53
Stroganoffpress esc while grub is starting04:53
Thkaaloh that...04:53
Stroganoffyou could uninstall usplash04:54
Zach_im trying to install linux on my flash drive (fat) and i get the directory too deep error so i tried NTFS and that doenst work ether any ideas04:54
Fryguy--hischild: press right arrow and see if you are connected to any peers, or if there are any trackers04:54
Thkaalit loads up to a certain point, then it just stops.  no prompt at all.04:54
Stroganoff"certain point"?04:54
hischildFryguy--, one tracker, that i know is up ... and peer list shows UBFAILED04:54
Thkaalit states that error and then stops04:54
fatguyhow do I tell if I have the ohci_hcd module?04:54
gr1ff1nlsmod | grep ohci_hcd should tell you that04:55
Fryguy--hischild: make your terminal wider04:55
Fryguy--hischild: is the torrent something you can share?04:55
ThkaalThe recovery mode loads and when it comes to that error, it stops.  That's what I mean by certain point.04:56
ZimboCould someone clue me in as to what the different between aptitude and apt-get is?  The later retrieves "bundles" of packages all at once rather than just individual packages or something?04:56
fatguyohci_hcd               22916  004:56
fatguyusbcore               138632  5 ndiswrapper,uvcvideo,ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd04:56
hischildFryguy--, i'll ssh ... second04:56
gr1ff1nfatguy: your module is loaded then04:56
Fryguy--Zimbo: aptitude is newer, functionally for day to day use there is little to no difference between them as far as I know04:56
StroganoffThkaal, what about backupping /home and reinstalling? :D04:57
ZimboAnd "aptitude SomeRandomPackage" will generally work the same as "apt-get SomeRandomPackage" ?04:57
fatguygrlffln, its supposed to run my usb ports and its not working...04:57
StroganoffZimbo, generelly yes, but there are minor differences04:58
Zimbook, thanks04:58
hischildFryguy--, the huge and amazing difference is that you have to apt-get autoremove to remove unused packages as where aptitude does that, aptitude sorts the searches, has a nicer front end and apt has a lot of different programs (apt-cache, apt-file etc) which are all integrated into aptitude.04:58
gr1ff1nfatguy: what have you got when you run: lsusb ?04:58
StroganoffZimbo, in gutsy you should always use apt-get04:58
ZimboBack in a bit... I have to re-start the X server...04:58
fatguyBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000004:58
fatguyBus 002 Device 002: ID 0c45:62c0 Microdia04:58
fatguyBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000004:58
ThkaalStroganoff, I tried reinstalling, but it comes up with the same error.  I would love to try to do some of the chroot fixes on the forums, just to test if installing the modules listed would help, but I don't kno whow to do that.04:59
fatguyThe microdia is my webcam I am guessing04:59
StroganoffFryguy-- apt-get is newer..04:59
Fryguy--Stroganoff: no it's not04:59
Fryguy--apt-get has been around since before ubuntu04:59
josh____> i want :  http://www.flickr.com/photos/21166408@N04/2347177100/  to replace  http://www.flickr.com/photos/21166408@N04/2347178230/04:59
josh__i hope this helps04:59
Stroganoffaptitude even longer, Fryguy--04:59
Fryguy--Stroganoff: are you sure?04:59
tritiumStroganoff: no, apt-get came first05:00
Stroganoffmkay :/05:00
tritiumBut both apt-get and aptitude preceded ubuntu05:00
Fryguy--i was using apt-get back in the 1.x versions of debian05:00
unop__Zimbo, aptitude installs recommended packages by default, and has better dependency resolution algorithms for when you have broken package scenarios05:00
hischildFryguy--, the peer lsit is empty05:00
Stroganoffaptitude is deprecated nonetheless ^^05:00
gr1ff1nfatguy: your usb ports isn t recognised, hold on05:00
Thkaali could wait for hardy heron to come out, but has that module been a fix?05:00
tritiumStroganoff: no, it's not deprecated.  It's a valid tool.05:01
Stroganofffor some tasks05:01
fatguygrlffln, ok05:01
unop__Stroganoff, like what tasks exactly?05:01
Fryguy--hischild: so then you aren't going to download if you don't have any peers05:01
tritiumStroganoff: for all the same tasks apt-get performs.05:01
Stroganoffmanaging package freezes and what not05:01
hischildFryguy--, which makes perfect sense ... yet how can i get em in there ... as i can't see an error nor does it give me one05:01
efirewickIndyGunFreak: Finally got 7.10 to install. used gparted boot cd, and also had to unflag ntfs boot and mark as hidden for ubuntu live partition editor not to hang.05:02
Fryguy--hischild: maybe nobody is seeding the torrent05:02
Stroganoffyeah but apt-get recently got pretty good orphan packages / autoremove abilities, too05:02
fatguygrlffln, I believe this is my USB  controller http://hardware4linux.info/component/17663/05:02
hischildFryguy--, doubtfully ... just checked it on the other box, which downloads it perfectly05:02
IndyGunFreakefirewick: great.. problematic installs always suck05:02
efirewickthanks for the help.05:02
Fryguy--hischild: dunno then05:02
unop__Stroganoff, hmm, that might be an ubuntu specific thing ( i heard ubuntu wasnt developing aptitude as eagerly as debian) but not so on debian05:02
Fryguy--hischild: might be a firewall thing05:02
hischildi'll look tomorrow ... nwo i'm gonna get some sleep05:02
Fryguy--hischild: go bug the rtorrent people05:03
StroganoffThkaal, are u using any strange hardware?05:03
captaingeekholy crap fryguy!05:03
captaingeekhow long are you gonna be on here?05:03
hischildFryguy--, i'll bug em when i'm awake and not as sleepy as i am now =)05:03
hischildthanks though!05:03
Fryguy--captaingeek: ?05:03
efirewickI was just getting nervous, thought I had to force my wife to start using windows again...=-O05:03
ThkaalStroganoff, no.  It's a hellish packard.05:03
Thkaala wally-world special.05:03
gr1ff1nfatguy: have you got any error mesg after pluggin in ?05:04
Fryguy--captaingeek: what do you mean how long am I gonna be here?05:04
Fryguy--i've only been here like 5 hours05:04
fatguygrlffln: none tried mouse and usb drive05:04
darkscriptwhen i am in fedora i use rpm -ql [packagename] too look at a package i installed via yum05:05
ThkaalIt's wierd, the thing worked fine.  Was even able to get the decss and flash to work on it without problems.05:05
darkscripthow do i look at where things are installed via debian files?05:05
captaingeekwhat are some cool things to do with linux that you can't do with winblows?05:05
linuxfreak78Hello everyone05:05
darkscriptis there an rpm -ql equivalent?05:05
unop__darkscript, dpkg -l05:05
Thkaalcaptaingeek, you can brag that you have a windows free system05:05
Fryguy--captaingeek: have a usable shell that has useful functionality, remotely connect to that shell, export it to other machines05:05
StroganoffThkaal, have you analysed /var/log/syslog?05:05
Thkaalcaptaingeek, that alone is work billions.05:05
ppibburrCaptian: write custom interface script to every thing? OTB05:05
leo_rockwcaptaingeek: move windows like jello? lol05:06
gr1ff1nfatguy: run dmesg | tail after pluggin any usb...05:06
Thkaalstroganoff, let me go look at it.05:06
Stroganoffplox :roll:05:06
Fryguy--i love when I ask people to not message me, and yet they continue to05:06
Fryguy--I have WAY TOO MANY windows open right now to deal with messages05:06
captaingeekhow do you make a shell script that can format user-inputted data into an email and send it?05:06
slagHey all, I have a nvidia card with an S-video out and was wondering if I can pipe AVI movies out of the ubunt box to my TV?05:06
josh__can people read this?05:07
Fryguy--josh__: yes05:07
Fryguy--captaingeek: outside the scope of this channel05:07
Krozycaptaingeek: A major reason why I switched was for better hardware support.05:07
dsfhey guys i am having a VERY weird problem... for some reason i am getting sound coming out of my speakers and my headphones whereas that shouldn't happen when my headphones are plugged in!!... anyone know how to resolve this issue!????05:07
Stroganoffcaptaingeek, look into shell scripting, into the "read" command and into the launch parameters of your mail client05:07
r00723r0Anyone know of any good GTK audio players like Exaile?05:07
slagCan someone tell me how.....what application i need?05:07
Fryguy--r00723r0: quodlibet05:08
r00723r0Quodlibet comes with that annoying tagging program.05:08
ppibburrxmms is gtk05:08
r00723r0Something without skins.05:08
Stroganoffr00723r0, rythmbox?05:08
Fryguy--r00723r0: imo that "annoying tagging program" is one of the absolute best available05:08
Thkaalstroganoff, var/log/syslog is empty05:08
Stroganoffr00723r0, audacious?05:08
r00723r0I'll give quodlibet another try.05:09
StroganoffThkaal /var/log/syslog.0 ?05:09
unop__captaingeek,   read msg; sendmail person@domain.com <<< $msg   -- although it might not work and depends on your version of sendmail05:09
Thkaalstroganoff, i only have one syslog there, and it's empty.05:09
Stroganoffstrange ^^05:09
nortyQuestion: When I open pdfs and often time other programs my screen opens to a size larger than my screen, how do I get it so that it opens to the screen max but not over?05:10
Stroganoffwe're talking about the syslog of your broken installation, right? :D05:10
dsfhey guys i am having a VERY weird problem... for some reason i am getting sound coming out of my speakers and my headphones whereas that shouldn't happen when my headphones are plugged in!!... anyone know how to resolve this issue!???? ps... i have Intel Corporation 82801H  soundcard05:10
r00723r0Something's wrong with my Gstreamer. I have no clue what, or even how to diagnose. Anyone have any advice?05:10
Thkaalnot from filesystem.05:11
unop__!pm | captaingeek05:11
ubotucaptaingeek: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.05:11
r00723r0I get some fakesink shit.05:11
Thkaalthe one from /media/disk/var/log/syslog05:11
captaingeek!pm | unop__05:11
ubotuunop__: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.05:11
fatguygrlffln: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24847229@N03/2347206020/05:11
StroganoffThkaal, have you reinstalled clean (deleting everything but /home)?05:11
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:11
leo_rockw!ohmy r00723r005:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy r00723r0 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:11
leo_rockw!ohmy | r00723r005:12
ubotur00723r0: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:12
Thkaalstroganoff, i did more than that, I completely rebuilt the partition.  formatted and everything.05:12
josh__why is noone helping me05:12
UbubeginAnyone knows how to change this skin... *when u click the red button on the top-right corner, which shows the Logout, Switch User and Lock Screen etc..*05:12
slagHey all, I have a nvidia card with an S-video out and was wondering if I can pipe AVI movies out of the ubunt box to my TV?05:12
slagdo i need a special application ?05:12
ThkaalI did a completely clean reinstall of ubuntu.05:13
Stroganoffgutsy? :D05:13
slagyes gutsy05:14
Stroganoffhave you tried alternate cd -> command-line system (install mode)05:14
ZimboSince I'm a somewhat lame Windows user at times, is there a means to set double-clicking a window's "root" menu (the upper left-hand button) to execute "Close" like Windows does?  I used to have a KDE install around that I believe did this, although machine has Gnome on it05:14
Thkaalstroganoff, a different version of ubuntu?  because that cd was brand new, just burned it.05:15
Stroganoffalternate cd is an alternative installer for the current ubuntu (gutsy)05:15
Fryguy--Zimbo: i don't think the default ubuntu window manager supports that.  There are hundreds of window managers available though, i'm sure you can find one that has the feature set you are looking for05:15
fatguygrlffln: you get that?05:15
Thkaali haven't even downloaded gutsy yet, this is all feisty.05:16
ZimboFryguy: OK... it is a Gnome issue rather than a Ubuntu one, right?05:16
leo_rockwZimbo: yeah, what you're describing can be done easily in kde, idk about gnome tho05:16
=== leo_rockw is now known as leo_away
Stroganoffok then Thkaal05:16
Stroganofftry gutsy ;)05:16
ZimboAlright, I'll do some Googling and see what I can find05:16
abhi_help my monitor has gone blank. i don't know what went wrong i think it's displaying at the wrong resolution. i get the login screen but after i log in, the screen goes blank. how to resolve? the machine is working fine, i can ssh to it.05:16
Fryguy--Zimbo: it's neither, it's your window manager05:16
=== ka2u0 is now known as ka2zzzz
Fryguy--abhi_: ssh to it, go to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and grab an older version of it05:17
Fryguy--or dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:17
abhi_Fryguy--: wat u mean older version?05:17
Thkaalstroganoff, alright.  and to update to heron, I just save the /home?05:17
StroganoffThkaal, ubuntu.com -> download -> "Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD"05:17
Fryguy--abhi_: i'm assuming you were making changes when it broke?05:17
Thkaalyeah, i know.  already dl'ing05:17
StroganoffThkaal, if your gutsy is running fine, you can just update to heron in a couple of weeks without worrying about /home05:18
ZimboFryguy: My window manager would be Compiz at the moment?05:18
Fryguy--Zimbo: yes05:18
Fryguy--Zimbo: probably05:18
ZimboSo what window manage to Kubuntu use?  (Since KDE is where I've seen this feature before)05:19
Thkaalokay.  i had heard that gutsy had this problem too.05:19
Fryguy--the kde window manager, kwm i think it's called05:19
StroganoffThkaal, start a topic in the forums then05:19
Stroganoffthis channel has its limits ;)05:19
Fryguy--Zimbo: i'd give you recommendations on window managers, but you wouldn't like what i use :)05:19
ZimboAh, gotcha... so desktop managers often have preferred windows managers, although in theory you can mix and match?05:19
Fryguy--Zimbo: yes05:19
StroganoffThkaal, try installing a cmdline system first05:20
=== nino is now known as liEta
ZimboWhere does something like GTK come into all this?  Does a GTK app "talk" (call) the window manager or the desktop manager?  Or both?05:20
ThkaalWill do.  thanks for the help.05:20
Fryguy--Zimbo: gtk has nothing to do with either of those things05:20
Fryguy--gtk is just a mechanism for drawing windows and controls inside of windows on the screen05:21
abhi_Fryguy--: pretty weird i am able to get an output on Vncviewer from my laptop. i checked the resolution using that, its correct for the monitor, i am able to switch resolutions also using vncviewr but i strangely don't get any output on the monitor. why is this happening?05:21
* nikrud wonders if Fryguy-- ever sleeps05:21
ZimboRight, but doesn't gtk itself have to talk to either an X server or a windows manager?05:21
Fryguy--Zimbo: it will communicate directly with x05:21
kindofabuzzwhat would be a good way to delete my XP from one hard drive and then move my ubuntu partition to that hard drive?05:21
Fryguy--abhi_: no idea, i don't use vnc05:21
Ububeginwhich player can play radio channels from *ShoutCast* .. I have tried Rhythmbox and xmms but to no avail05:21
ZimboAnd X will notify the windows manager that will then add decorations to the window?05:21
kindofabuzzand get grub right05:21
Fryguy--Zimbo: yes05:22
Stroganoffkindofabuzz, format xp partition, move your filesystem to that partition and edit grub menu.lst and /etc/fstab accordingly05:22
Stroganoffthat should be it, roughly05:22
ZimboAh, ok, I can see now why theming (more or less) works regardless of whether you have a native GTK app or wxGTK app, etc., then, I guess05:22
kindofabuzzthat's it?05:22
Fryguy--kindofabuzz: yes05:22
RCA`is it possible to install ubuntu on my pc ( i am running windows vista ) i just want to use both, like ubuntu in a different window or something.... ((i do have the original ubuntu cd in my hands))05:22
Fryguy--Zimbo: wxGTK is just a wrapper around gtk to make things easier, it's still gtk05:23
unop__Zimbo, the xserver asks gtk applications to draw themselves to the screen -- the window manager typically asks a gtk application to maximize, minimize, stick, etc05:23
kindofabuzzso when i format the xp part it won't get rid of the grub?05:23
Fryguy--RCA`: it's possible, but not recommended, to install ubuntu inside of windows.  If you really want to install both, look at virtualization programs like virtualbox or vmware05:23
nikrudRCA`: you can either install it on another partition on the drive, and boot alternately, or install vmware-server on your vista and run ubuntu inside that (a window in vista)05:23
Stroganoffkindofabuzz, you could do all that with the livecd including reinstalling grub05:24
bladinhofelips ;D05:24
felipshi, bladinho05:24
Fryguy--kindofabuzz: if you do get rid of grub, you can use a livecd to just reinstall it05:24
abhi_can anyone tell me why do i get a blank screen on my monitor after login? i am able to see this screen on a remote machine using vncviewer though05:24
kindofabuzzwhy would you install linux inside windows?  kinda defeats the purpose05:24
Fryguy--kindofabuzz: not really05:24
ZimboI've written wxWidgets apps before (on PCs), where essentially it's wxWin32 -> win32 GDI calls -> (video card driver, I suppose).  If I write a wxGTK app it's wxGTK -> GTK -> X server which then fires off messages to the window manager and desktop manager?05:24
unop__kindofabuzz, for the inverse of the reason you install windows within linux i suppose :)05:24
individual_elevehello,is there a site in which could help me how to put 2 hard disk on a single pc,i want to use the other hd to install ubuntu05:24
nikrudkindofabuzz: I run windows inside linux, makes better sense to me but some might want the opposite05:25
Fryguy--kindofabuzz: there's plenty of uses to have a linux sandbox like that05:25
jester45how do i change my icon theme? i have the folder in /usr/share/icons/05:25
Stroganoffjester45, using the gnome settings manager05:25
Napoleon98for vbox I need to enable my usb devices in the /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh file, but I'm new to linux so have no idea how to do this...05:25
nikrudjester45: system->prefs->appearance, hit the customize button. Then you can select icon theme05:25
Fryguy--jester45: right click on desktop, hit change background, click on the first tab, then customize, and you'll see an icon tab there05:25
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:26
Stroganoffgoood night05:26
individual_elevehello,is there a site in which could help me how to put 2 hard disk on a single pc,i want to use the other hd to install ubuntu..05:26
jester45ok thanks Fryguy--05:26
bladinhofelips ;D05:26
Fryguy--!rpeeat individual_eleve05:26
unop__Zimbo, you could see it that way but the x-server isn't always the bridge between the application and the window manager05:26
Fryguy--!repeat | individual_eleve05:26
ubotuindividual_eleve: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:26
jester45individual_eleve: not a site but i cant help05:26
nikrudFryguy--: interesting change to the background switcher05:26
Zimbook, thanks unop__05:26
RCA`ok ill download vmware server and ill try it on05:26
jester45individual_eleve: i meant i can05:26
RCA`i don't know what it is but ill find out soonn05:27
Fryguy--nikrud: ?05:27
ZimboAny suggestions -- given that I've done a few wxWidgets apps -- whether it'd be better to try writing Linux apps with GTK++ vs. wxGTK?05:27
StroganoffRCA` wait05:27
StroganoffVMware costs money05:27
Fryguy--Zimbo: wrong channel05:27
nikrudFryguy--: haven't changed the background enough to realize it pulls up gnome-appearance-properties now05:27
individual_eleveok,,can u tell me how..05:27
ZimboGood point, sorry I was getting carried away05:27
Fryguy--nikrud: oh05:27
nikrudStroganoff: no, vmware-server is free05:27
Fryguy--nikrud: back when I was using gnome, I didn't have any panels, so I found it faster to do that than to alt-f2 and start typing05:28
spartan7_question. i am running compiz cube but I cannot see the whole cube. can anyone help?05:28
Stroganoffbut you need machine files too?05:28
unop__Zimbo, it's gtk+ not gtk++ :) and you probably will have better support/progress using the gtk+ api instead05:28
cyborgcan somebody help me, how can i write files biger then 2 GB on my DL drive?05:28
jester45cyborg: what filesystem05:28
unop__cyborg, whats DL ?05:28
* nikrud starts just about everything with alt-f2 now05:28
Fryguy--cyborg: ?05:29
cyborgduble layer05:29
Fryguy--nikrud: you mess with gnome-do at all?05:29
nikrudFryguy--: not yet.05:29
jester45individual_eleve: can you join #viddandme ?05:29
ZimboThanks unop__ ... I'll look into that and get back on topic in this room :-)05:29
StroganoffRCA` http://wubi-installer.org/05:29
nikrudFryguy--: it's not in the repos yet, so I wait, patiently05:30
StroganoffRCA` if it doesn't work, file bug reports ^^05:30
spartan7_anyone know how I can view the whole compiz 3d cube?05:30
nikrudStroganoff: wubi has some issues, RCA` should wait for the hardy version if he's going to use that05:30
geektasticgirlnew to ubuntu, love it.. anyways.. when I installed it, it recognized my nvida 7950gt fine (in my PC).. it set me up at 1920x1200 resolution no problems.  But for some reason after a recent reboot I stuck at max resolution of 1600x1200.  I go to screen resolution and dont' see 1920 option. sigh05:30
jester45individual_eleve: what part are you stuck at ?05:30
RCA`Stroganoff can i run a ircd a eggdrop and a bnc on this ?05:30
Fryguy--nikrud: gnome-do might get me to come back to using a desktop environment again, we'll see (i use quicksilver at work and it's pretty nice)05:30
nikrudgack, I hate this05:30
Fryguy--RCA`: sure, but if that's all you want to do why not just use cygwin if you are determined to stay in windows?05:30
cyborgi have some big .mkv files05:30
RCA`cygwin ?05:31
StroganoffRCA` it's included on the hardy heron alpha 6 iso05:31
Fryguy--cyborg: pretty sure the limit of iso9660 is 2GB05:31
Stroganoffcygwin is a good idea too05:31
unop__cyborg, it might be a limitation of the filesystem05:31
RCA`ok look , my plan is ...05:31
Fryguy--RCA`: www.cygwin.com05:31
cyborgno any chance?05:31
jester45cyborg: you could use split rar files05:31
geektasticgirli can't get 1920x200 any longer.. max is 1600x1200 why?05:31
unop__cyborg, compress or split the files down05:31
RCA`i want to host a ircd (gnuworld compatible) a eggdrop and bnc for undernet ( for me ) someone told me to come here and ask help about it :s05:32
cyborgor make iso?05:32
RCA`i have a ubuntu cd here05:32
StroganoffRCA` http://debian-cygwin.sourceforge.net/05:32
Fryguy--RCA`: this isn't really the appropriate place to be asking about server and application setup05:32
jester45geektasticgirl: try running this in a terminal cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep 192005:32
RCA`i know05:32
Fryguy--we answer ubuntu questions, not linux server administration questions05:32
Ashfire908i'm trying to share a printer with samba but i can't connect to it and a windows coumputer can't either.05:32
geektasticgirlok 1 sec jester05:32
Fryguy--jester45: don't cat | grep :(05:33
Fryguy--jester45: it hurts kittens05:33
unop__cyborg, you could make an iso file but you might not be able to burn it -- or you might be but not be able to read contents of the disc later on05:33
jester45sry its habit05:33
StroganoffRCA`: either use the newest alpha of ubuntu, or use some emulator like "virtualpc" or "vmware", or use cygwin05:33
Napoleon98how would one change /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh to allow usb devices in vbox? I know what i need to change, just not how to, new to linux...05:33
Fryguy--Napoleon98: i'm pretty sure the ose edition of virtualbox doesn't support usb passthrough, might want to check into that05:33
cyborgthen winxp  & nero?05:33
Fryguy--ok i really should go to bed now05:33
geektasticgirljester i get nothing05:33
Fryguy--geektasticgirl: you'll need to add the 1920 resolution  back then,  you deleted it somehow05:34
geektasticgirli have no idea how i deletee it05:34
ZimboThe one thing I still haven't been able to figure out is how to get system beeps in, e.g., a terminal actually produce a sound (being able to select a .wav file would be nice, but anything is better than nothing).  Any ideas?05:34
geektasticgirli just installed system05:34
Fryguy--probably as simple as editing that file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) and finding the 1600x1200 lines and changing it to 192005:34
geektasticgirland didnt' mess with any confs05:34
=== tom_ is now known as tomvolek
cyborgor any other linux distro?05:34
Fryguy--Zimbo: wow you actually like your terminal to beep at you?05:34
geektasticgirlhave no clue how it got deleted05:34
nikrudgeektasticgirl: did you install the restricted driver ?05:34
geektasticgirli was playign with wine resolution, that's it05:34
geektasticgirli have the "New" nvidia driver05:35
Napoleon98the faq said to just delete a comment out of the file, but its read only, and i dunno the terminal script well enough atm to figure it out05:35
ZimboI don't really like the nasty long PC speaker beep, but if I can't have a .wav (or similar) file, I'll take it over nothing05:35
nikrudah, resolutions in wine. Not something I know in the least.05:35
Fryguy--ok i'm going to bed now :(05:35
cyborgok thanks the help05:35
geektasticgirlwell my desktop is 1600x1200 now all the way around lol05:35
Fryguy--5.5 hours is enough :/05:35
nikrudFryguy--: good night05:35
unop__cyborg, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9660 does say that 2GB is the maximum file size for a file on the iso-9660 filesystem05:35
geektasticgirlgonna edit theat conf file thanks05:35
ZimboThanks for the help Fryguy!05:35
fbcWhat would be the equivalent to the PUBLIC folder in ubuntu? I'd like to share music with the other users on my computer.05:35
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
fismoll8is nx a better remote desktop server than freenx?05:36
Fryguy--fbc, set up samba or nfs or cifs (google)05:36
Fryguy--fismoll8: xpra is better than both05:36
fbcFryguy--, no, not across the network05:36
unop__fbc, i dont think there is one, but there are a variety of ways you can set something like that up05:36
nikrudgoodnight, Fryguy-- ;)05:36
cyborgahaammmm unoip__05:36
fbcFryguy--, on the same computer05:36
=== lipsin is now known as lipsinOffline
Stroganoffgeektasticgirl, have you tried nvidia-settings?05:36
cyborgahaaammmm unop__05:36
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:36
iskinI'm running 8.04 and when I try to use effects I loose the window border. Does anyone know how to fix this?05:37
geektasticgirlsays: Device : Generic Video card in teh xorg.conf05:37
Fryguy--fbc: oh, there is no default public folder, it would be easy enough to create one.  just pick a location and make it, and make it owned by group "users" with g+rwx permissions on it05:37
Fryguy--and just put it anywhere (/media might be a decent choice)05:37
bazhang!hardy | iskin05:37
ubotuiskin: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:37
fbcunop__, ok any guide or howto?05:37
fbcFryguy--, cool05:38
=== _Magilla is now known as Magilla
geektasticgirlgeez looks like i am gonan have to reinstall unbuntu just tog et this rez working again. cause i have no clue how to edit this file05:38
abhi_Fryguy--: how do i resolve blank monitor issues? the only thing i remember doing is disabling compiz special effects, since then my monitor appears blank05:38
fbcFryguy--, thanx05:38
nikrudgeektasticgirl: try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:38
unop__fbc, sudo mkdir /media/shared; sudo chmod -R 777 /media/shared05:38
geektasticgirlnikrud ok05:38
cyborgthx unop__05:38
Gary_inNYChi, is the latest update libkrb53 legit?05:39
grammwhere is the install directory for gnuplot05:39
unop__cyborg, it's probably why most DVD movies are split down into various .vob files .. the size limit05:39
grammbetter question: where does gnuplot (through the repos) install to?05:39
unop__gramm, find out -- dpkg -L gnuplot05:39
geektasticgirlgonna reboot05:39
grammunop__: thanks05:39
cyborgok  i m not an expert this topic    ...   i m just downloadin some HD movies05:40
Gary_inNYCi just have a quick question about an update prompt i'm getting for "libkrb53"... is it ok to install?05:40
unop__Gary_inNYC, sure05:41
=== Maz is now known as Mazus
owen1i want to temporary unload gnome from memory. is it possible?05:41
owen1or maybe just the gui.05:42
unop__owen1, you'll need to stop the GDM05:42
owen1unop__: can i bring it back?05:42
tritiumowen1: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop05:42
unop__owen1, sure05:42
HinHinsudo /etc/gdm/stop05:42
HinHini think05:42
tritiumHinHin: close05:42
Stroganoffsudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:42
HinHindarn :P05:42
HinHinXD yea05:42
tritiumowen1: then, sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start, when you want to start it again05:43
Stroganoffowen1, use Ctrl+Alt*F605:43
fismoll8Fryguy: xpra is better than nx?05:43
owen1tritium: and to start :  invoke-rc.d gdm stop05:43
Stroganoffand F7 is back.05:43
owen1tritium: (start)05:43
tritiumowen1: yes05:43
Stroganoffowen1, why do you want to unload it? :D05:43
owen1Stroganoff: thanks05:43
tritiumowen1: F1 through F5 are also valid.  No reason to prefer v.c. 605:44
tonyyarusso!8ball are you a bot05:44
Johnny4tonyyarusso, my 8-ball says how appropriate, you fight like a cow...05:44
fismoll8anyone know of a remote desktop server that is free and faster than nx?05:44
fismoll8I think nx might be the fastest05:44
owen1i have only 512 ram and try to play flightGear. it's amazing flight simulator.05:44
Stroganofftritium, let people have some discoveries of their own :p05:44
thenetduckhey, can someone here help me understand what IBM's DB2 Express -c virtual appliance does?05:44
onefunkanyone using Ardour?05:44
FlyerfyeHey guys, Im having trouble killing a process, Ive tried "killall wormux" and it doesnt work05:44
Stroganoffok owen1, it wont run without xorg05:44
Stroganoffand gdm stops xorg05:45
tritiumStroganoff: he missed my comment, so he essentially did05:45
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:45
Stroganoffi mean stopping gdm stops xorg05:45
unop__Flyerfye, what does killall say when you try and kill that process?05:45
unop__. o 0 ( I tried driving my car and it doesn't work .. ?? )05:46
Flyerfyeit completes without error but the process continues05:46
fismoll8Flyerfye: try killall gnome-panel and killall nautilus05:46
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:46
fismoll8if that doesn't work, type in /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:46
fismoll8then, make sure never to run that program again05:46
unop__Flyerfye, try this -- killall -15 wormux || killall  -9 wormux05:47
Stroganoffowen1, create a special gdm session for flightgear05:47
fismoll8good one unop--killall 9 is a beast05:47
owen1Stroganoff: tritium i am confused.05:47
tritiumowen1: by what?05:47
unop__Flyerfye, why kill nautilus ??05:47
Flyerfyeone of them worked05:47
FlyerfyeI think unops05:47
unop__err fismoll8 why kill nautilus and the gnome-panel?05:47
fismoll8I thought his program had to do with one of them05:47
Stroganoffowen1, stopping gdm will prevent games from working.05:47
Flyerfyebut the gnome panel and nautilus did nothing05:47
neohow to install modems in ubuntu? laptop model hp 9601au05:47
Flyerfyeso.... thanks05:47
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:47
owen1Stroganoff: why?05:48
jhonovichhow can i kill multiple processes at once, i know the pid numbers for each process05:48
tritiumStroganoff: because it stops X05:48
unop__fismoll8, he's trying to kill something called wormuz05:48
lartza_owen1: They depend on drivers what X runs05:48
unop__fismoll8, and kill -9 should be used sparingly -- which is why i used -15 first05:48
owen1Stroganoff: mmm.05:48
Stroganoffowen1, there is a way05:48
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:48
Bongrips4lifehi.  i am new to ubuntu and was having a hard time with amarok05:48
Stroganoffyou know how to use the terminal and sudo?05:49
unop__jhonovich, for i in pid1 pid2 ..; do kill $i; done05:49
Bongrips4lifeit plays a mp3 file but i dont get sound05:49
owen1Stroganoff: yes. i am actually using irssi now.05:49
tonyyarusso!dialup | neo05:49
ubotuneo: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up05:49
jhonovichunop__:  sweet, thanks05:49
Bongrips4lifei know my speakers are working i dont know what is wrong05:49
Stroganoffowen1, find this settings dialogue in ubuntu: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c101/scottgm/Screenshot-Sessions.png05:50
owen1Stroganoff: ok. thank you!05:50
tritiumowen1: are you good?  I'm going to bed, unless you have another question for me?05:50
owen1tritium: no. but thanks for the help!05:50
tritiumowen1: no problem.  Good night.05:50
onefunkanyone using Ardour?05:51
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:51
levanderHas anyone else checked out Magnatune on rhythmbox?  How do I get rid of the lady who counts tracks in between in each song?05:52
owen1Stroganoff: my session screen looks different. i am using 7.1005:52
neoactually i could not find any drivers for my modem05:52
Stroganoffowen1 create a session05:52
ZimboI'm reading about the slocate command here, and it says that typically 'updatedb' is run by a scheduled job every day or week... how do I verify whether or not that job is scheduled?05:52
Stroganoffowen1 a new session. it must not contain "gnome-session" but "xterm"05:52
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:52
ChrisULMhey guys, whenever i open up "movie player" it opens up in fullscreen and I cant close the window. the only way to get it to close is by using alt+f4. Any ideas?05:53
owen1Stroganoff: how to create new one?05:53
unop__Zimbo, the job is a cronjob -- and it should be in /etc/cron.d/daily05:53
Stroganoffclick the button05:53
lartza_I can't compile QuesoGLC, OpenGL Utility missing05:53
Stroganoffit dont use gnome, owen105:53
Stroganoffotherwise, use this help file or similar, owen105:53
co_maniescah ganteng05:53
Zimbounop__: The only thing in /etc/cron.d is a file named anacron?  (and .placeholder)05:54
owen1Stroganoff: in my sessions form, i don't have this button.05:54
lartza_one problem: libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/libasound.la' or unhandled argument `/usr/lib/libasound.la'05:54
ZimboAh, but there are other cron directories (looking now)05:54
Zimbocron.daily is where it is05:54
ZimboCool, thanks unop05:55
ZimboIf your PC has been powered off do all the "missed" cron jobs run when you next power it up & log on?05:55
lartza_HOw can I install OpenGL Utility? I can't compile QuesoGLC05:55
Stroganoffowen1 there are two way: use sudo and a text editor (like nano) and edit in /etc/gnome/sessions05:55
Stroganoffor use that alternative method, owen1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomXSession05:55
nikrudZimbo: a few minutes later, yes.05:55
Stroganoffowen1, i cant help you with buttons for i have no gnome.05:56
ZimboThanks nikrud.  (Looking at some jobs...)  I see they 'nice' themselves... clever folks, those linux guys...05:56
nikrudZimbo: /etc/init.d/anacron handles that05:56
owen1Stroganoff: what do u have instead?05:56
Stroganoffsome mix up of xfce and icewm05:56
Stroganoffowen1 i will post a minimal install script on the forums soon, stay tuned :D05:57
lartza_I'm using gnome, what's your problem?05:57
Stroganoffuntil then, use above methods.05:57
owen1Stroganoff: install of what, icewm? is it a gnome replacement?05:58
lartza_owen1: Gome or metacity replacement05:58
ZimboGoodnight guys, thanks for all the help05:58
Stroganofflartza_, he wants to create a minimal gdm session in order to play a flight simulator05:58
lartza_Stroganoff: I can't play it neither, I mean FlightGear05:58
owen1i can play. but not full screen.05:59
lartza_owen1: Maybe try sudo apt-get install icewm and icewm --replace?05:59
unop__Stroganoff, he can do away with the GDM completely -- and start XFCE/Fluxbox from a terminal05:59
=== RCA` is now known as RCA
Stroganoffjust create a minimal GDM or X session damnit05:59
howdyhoYou guys I have a question.. you don't have to tell me HOW to do it.. just if it's possible.. I'll try to find the answer somewhere05:59
unop__!ask | howdyho05:59
ubotuhowdyho: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:59
owen1lartza_: sure. but i first want to try Stroganoff idea.06:00
Stroganoffthats right unop__06:00
howdyhoSorry =(06:00
lartza_mine would be easier...06:00
Stroganoffread this wiki page06:00
lartza_helped for me with couple games06:00
howdyhoWell the question is: The menu where I get to pick the sessions in the beginning when I log in. Is there a way to have multiple gnome sessions each with a different theme?06:00
owen1Stroganoff: lartza_ ok. i will. but the idea is to get rid of gnome but still keep X?06:00
Stroganoffand the ability to choose06:01
Stroganoffbut it would be more user friendly for you to just edit /etc/gnome/sessions/06:01
lartza_owen1: That doesn't remove gnome, only metacity with a little more lightweight wm06:01
owen1lartza_: Stroganoff: btw, i don't have sessions file inside gnome folder.06:03
Stroganoffi mean /etc/gdm/sessions06:03
Stroganoffi wrote it 3 times, one of them was wrong :D06:03
bullgard4What is th purpose of the kernel thread pdflush?06:03
owen1Stroganoff: i don't have it there either.06:03
Stroganoff/etc/gdm/sessions/ is a directory, owen106:04
lartza_I have modified gnome session to use icewm and it was a pain to get back to metacity because i didnt remeber the file and nobody didnt know how to help06:04
lartza_Stroganof: owen1: No06:04
Stroganofflartza_ then DONT MODIFY the session06:04
owen1Stroganoff: i don't have this folder..06:04
StroganoffBUT create a new one06:04
lartza_It's not the folder06:05
unop__lartza_, probably was ~/.xinitrc06:05
Stroganoffyeah it might be /etc/X11/gdm/Session/06:05
unop__lartza_, do you use the GDM ?06:05
lartza_unop_ it was session06:05
lartza_unop_ and already fixed06:05
lartza_Stroganoff: No it should be on home dir06:06
unop__lartza_, i was going to say, you could use the GDM to pick and set the default session06:06
owen1Stroganoff: no gdm folder there.06:06
lartza_its in home dir, but ill search what dir06:06
Stroganoffowen1, i hope you have bookmarked this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession?highlight=%28Session%2906:07
owen1i thought that ubuntu-gnome=debian...was i totaly wrong?06:07
Stroganoffno you were almost right ^^06:08
owen1Stroganoff: bookmarked06:08
howdyhoIn menu where I get to pick the sessions in the beginning when I log in. Is there a way to have multiple gnome sessions each with a different theme?06:08
lartza_here ~/.gnome2/session06:08
lartza_i used that06:08
unop__howdyho, sure -- you can use GDM to startup on different displays or have GDM nested in another display via XNest06:09
owen1lartza_: i don't have session folder there.06:10
AdemoSGetting Evince crashes in Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit. Here's the log: http://pastebin.ca/94996106:10
lartza_owen1: It should be session file06:10
owen1lartza_: no session file there.06:11
lartza_owen1: Then I don't know, not the biggest ubuntu geek around here06:11
Stroganoffhowdyho, have you looked into System->Preferences->More Preferences->Sessions06:12
owen1lartza_: np. thanks.06:12
howdyhounop_: I'm sorry I have no idea what that means.. I just started using Linux last night06:12
howdyhostroganoff: I'm there now.. Nothing that looks useful =/06:13
Stroganoffowen1, there it is (maybe): /usr/share/xsessions/06:14
unop__howdyho, this is what i mean - http://dailypackage.fedorabook.com/uploads/2007-08-02-Xnest2.png06:14
unop__howdyho, another - http://dailypackage.fedorabook.com/uploads/2007-08-09-Xephyr.png06:14
AdemoSnevermind, figured it out06:14
owen1Stroganoff: yes.06:14
=== cZw0_ is now known as [RPA]cZw0|w0rk
owen1Stroganoff: i have gnome.desktog file inside.06:15
Stroganoffcreate a new gaming.desktop file06:15
howdyhoThat's not what I meant.. But I'll be playing around with those later06:15
owen1Stroganoff: before i start. is it risky?06:15
howdyhoWhat I meant was: Right at the beginning.. when I first log in.. How can I have multiple options for different gnome themes06:15
Stroganoffno, owen106:16
Stroganoffjust dont delete your gnome.desktop06:16
owen1Stroganoff: ok. 1 sec06:16
howdyhoJust like how I can choose between gnome and enlightenment06:16
howdyhoBut GnomeX and GnomeY or something06:16
Stroganoffowen1, http://pastebin.se/19387606:16
Stroganoffhowdyho, the same for you06:16
Byron54Hi, i just installed ubuntu 64bit for the 1st time, but the ubuntu loading screen doesnt show up when ubuntu is booting up06:17
Stroganoffcreate a new file in /usr/share/xsessions/06:17
jmdcI am having problems importing the gedit module in python. all of the gedit plugins work, and they all import gedit, but if I start a python shell and do import gedit I get module not found errors06:17
Nergari was trying to install skype(x86) in a x86_64 system following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype#head-6c3cbecd1f1ecd4388bde1462ee364bb57e4533b but now when i boot GDM fails to start :'(06:17
owen1Stroganoff: done. what's next?06:17
Stroganoffhowdyho http://pastebin.se/193876 thats the basic structure of a sessions file. instead of xterm you want "enlightment" or "enlightment-session" or something06:17
Byron54ubuntu is booting fine, but instead of that loading screen (with the orange progress bar) the screen goes blank06:18
Stroganoffowen1, if you have created a valid new .deskop file, just logout into GDM and choose it06:18
Stroganoffthen from xterm, fire up flightgear06:18
jimmywwwi need some help will someone please help06:18
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:18
howdyhoso if I put Gnome in there.. It'll be a completely different Gnome than the one I'm using now?06:19
owen1Stroganoff:  invoke-rc.d gdm stop ?06:19
Stroganoffno owen106:19
jimmywwwi have just got given a x-sersis 22006:19
jimmywwwand i would like to install xubuntu on it06:19
Stroganoffowen1, are you in gnome? if yes: just log out06:19
jimmywwwi have the cd06:19
jimmywwwbut i cant get06:20
Stroganoffthen you are at the graphical login prompt where you can choose ur new session06:20
jimmywwwit to do anything06:20
owen1Stroganoff: can i do it from the command line?06:20
jimmywwwbut go thru the bios06:20
jimmywwwcan someone help06:20
Stroganoffjimmywww, xseries 220?06:20
Stroganoffowen1: invoke-rc.d gdm start06:21
Stroganoffowen1: then ctrl+alt+F706:21
Stroganoffthen choose session06:21
jimmywwwwas used as a server i think before i got it06:21
owen1Stroganoff: after i log out. i will not be in the irc anymore so i need to understand what to do...06:21
Byron54hmmm just looked on the forum, looks like its my video card (Nvidia 8600GTS) and there are apparently no fixes06:21
ArthialasHello, can anyone help me with network problems?06:21
Stroganoffowen1 i won't explain to you a dozen times06:22
jimmywwwso what does anyone recommend06:22
Stroganoffat your login screen you can choose between "GNOME" and "GAMING"06:22
Stroganoffjust open your eyes and dont **** ur *****06:22
jimmywwwi have the computer right next to me and the live cd is in the drive06:22
owen1Stroganoff: ok. let me right all the stuff u wrote.06:22
Stroganoffjimmywww WHAT is your problem?06:22
Stroganoffowen1 just start gdm06:22
Stroganoffnothing will break06:23
olieHi all. From sound juicer, I cannot extract to mp3. After editing the sound profiles and enabling the mp3 profile, I can not select it!!! Any idea? Thx.06:23
Stroganoffyou can come back here if you just dont get it06:23
jimmywwwstroganoff, i cant get it to boot into the live cd06:23
pat6starArthiala: what's your problem?06:23
ArthialasI can't get system to connect to the wireless network, can anyone help?06:23
pat6starArthialas: what's your problem?06:23
Stroganoffjimmywww, use the alternate cd instead06:23
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal06:23
jimmywwwor any cd06:23
olieI have the impression something is broken in the sound profiles' system!06:23
howdyhoStroganoff: I can't write anything to /usr/share/xsessions06:23
mkquistjimmywww: have u set ur bios to boot from cd first?06:24
howdyhoOr copy for that matter06:24
Stroganoffjimmywww, go into the bios setup and change boot priority06:24
pat6starArthialas: are you using wep, wpa wpa2?06:24
jimmywwwi have done that06:24
mike__is there a defult fire wall in ubuntu ?06:24
mkquistjimmywww: and it still wont boot to any disc, even ones you know work?06:24
owen1Stroganoff: ok. i am scared but i guess i have no choice..06:24
Byron54anybody here had problems with Nvidia 8600GTS card?06:24
jimmywwwmkquist, i am unsure but i think thats the case, this live cd has worked for me before06:25
owen1Stroganoff: ok.  1 sec06:25
pat6starByron54: besides the price?06:25
Byron54pat6star:  :) mine was cheap06:25
mkquistjimmywww: and you have tried other discs that have worked?06:25
Stroganoffif it breaks, hit ctrl+alt+backspace06:25
owen1Stroganoff: ok06:25
Stroganoffyou will be back at login06:25
Byron54pat6star: but my boot splash screen doesnt show up06:25
Arthialasnope, it's just a plain wireless06:25
pat6starByron54: lol, mine wasn't, but no...I don't have any problems with it...ubuntu detected mine and worked right out of the box06:25
jimmywwwmkquist, no other cd works06:26
sFEARshow do i change the color of the screen that shows while booting between the login window & the desktop06:26
pat6starArthialas: what is the result of typing ifconfig?06:26
tieTYT2how can i redirect to a file that is named the current date every time i use it?06:26
Byron54pat6star: everything else works fine just my screen goes into standby while ubuntu is loading06:26
mkquistjimmywww: id try to burn the live cd again.  Maybe it was 'marginal' and now it just fails.  That's the only thing I can think of...06:26
StroganoffsFEARs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USplashCustomizationHowto?highlight=%28usplash%2906:27
phobos_anomalySEND DCC _HELLO_HELLO_HELLO_06:27
mkquistjimmywww: i know people say it doesnt matter, but burn the new one slow...06:27
Arthialasactually i'm new to linux, what are the normal procedures?06:27
mike__is there a defult fire wall in ubuntu ?06:27
mkquistjimmywww: what kinda media do you use?  I know I buy the cheap stuff and usually it works, but...06:27
mkquistmike__: yes, its built in.. called iptables06:28
jimmywwwmkquist, i have 3 copys of the live cd and 1 has been burned really slow it doesn't work either06:28
pat6starByron54: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to see if it auto-detects the right settings?06:28
mkquistmike__: usually u dont have to  mess with it, but if you want a gui frontedn for it, install firestarter06:28
mike__well i got my modem set for DMZ mode id like to forward a port in ububnt ...06:28
jmdctieTYT2: you can do something like this: echo foo > `date FORMAT`06:29
sFEARsStroganoff, i already have the usplash configured.. then right before the desktop loads after the usplash & login window it splashes a screen for about 5 seconds in the original ubuntu yellow/orange. curious about that one06:29
jmdcsee man date06:29
StroganoffsFEARs sorry that was the wrong one06:29
Byron54pat6star: no i will try that now06:29
jimmywwwmkquist, i think the problem might be the computer and getting it to boot of the cd06:29
mkquistjimmywww: maybe time for a new download then.  have u checked the midsums?06:29
mkquistjimmywww: could be, but if others work...  I'd try that first before giving up06:29
mike__thanks mkquist :p06:29
sFEARsduh... nevermind, i found it06:30
mkquistmike__: np06:30
StroganoffsFEARs, you have to edit the gnome session for that06:30
Stroganoffnot sure06:30
pat6starArthialas: what program are you using for wireless network connections? can you connect the computer you are having wireless problesm with via a cable?06:30
jimmywwwmkquist, others dont work06:30
owen1Stroganoff: i typed invoke-rc.d gdm start    and it say "starting gnome display manager..."06:30
Byron54pat6star: No X server known for your video hardware06:30
mkquistjimmywww: oh, well, not sure then, sorry, I'm outa ideas06:30
Stroganoffowen1, press ctrl+alt+f706:30
mkquistjimmywww: maybe try a new cd/dvd drive?06:31
Stroganoff!behave | Stroganoff06:31
howdyhoHey Stroganoff06:31
Byron54what does that mean? wrong drivers? im using the nvida-glx-new06:31
howdyhoJust one minute of your time06:31
jimmywwwmkquist, that wont be possible06:31
mkquistjimmywww: or first check ur cables, sometimes they can be a prob, make sure ur jumpers are correct too06:31
tux97what about pressing a key to do a one time boot process?06:31
mkquistjimmywww: check the basics first06:31
jimmywwwdoing that06:31
mkquistjimmywww: g/l06:31
lartza_does gpl offer anyone right to modify the program?06:32
mike__are there applications that i can use on ubuntu that will enable me to convert an Avi file to DVD ?06:32
Arthialasit's a default network tools in ubuntustudio, i think it is called "NetworkTools"? I can try a cable connection, would that help?06:32
owen1Stroganoff: nothing (visual) happened.06:32
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
howdyhoOh shit you guys I erased everything in my gnome.desktop file by mistake06:32
lartza_howdyho: dont save it?06:33
Stroganoffowen1, switch to all your F keys, somewhere is the GDM login prompt06:33
lartza_use undo06:33
mariohola, alguien habla castellano?06:33
Stroganoffi dont use a login manager like GDM so..06:33
tieTYT2how can i redirect to a file that is named the current date every time i use it?06:33
howdyhoNo no.. I played around with it 10 mins ago06:34
lartza_mario: This is an english channel06:34
howdyhoNow I opened it and it's blank06:34
owen1Stroganoff: not sure if i understand what u mean. do u want me to try ctrl+alt+F1...F12 ?06:34
mariobuenas noches, quisiera saber si alguno de ustedes habla castelllano06:34
Stroganoffhowdyho how have you managed that06:35
Stroganoffhowdyho it dazzles me06:35
howdyhoI have no idea06:35
howdyhoI opened it up in notepad and it was gone06:35
jimmywwwmkquist, cables fine06:35
howdyhoor whatever the ubuntu equivelant is06:35
mariook, gracias06:35
Stroganoffyeah right06:36
Stroganoffhowdyho http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60261/06:36
Stroganoffthere you go06:36
mike__are there applications that i can use on ubuntu that will enable me to convert an Avi file to DVD ?06:36
owen1Stroganoff: can u elaborate about the last message?06:36
aanybody know when hardy beta will be launch06:36
Stroganoffowen1, press ctrl+alt+f1 then ....f2 ...f3 until you see your graphical gdm login screen06:37
Stroganoffotherwise reboot, then you WILL see that login screen for sure06:37
owen1Stroganoff: ok06:37
Stroganoffhowdyho, did you use sudo to open that file?06:38
howdyhoyes *embarrassed*06:38
Stroganoffthats ok06:38
Stroganoffi just dont get how you deleted it06:38
howdyhoNeither do I06:38
Stroganoffdont use "notepad"06:38
Stroganoffuse "nano" instead in a terminal window06:38
=== jescis_ is now known as jescis
howdyhoJust to clear things up06:39
owen1_Stroganoff: i see black screen, no GUI...thanks god i use irssi. what's next?06:39
howdyhoso if I make a file called gnome2.desktop.. with the Name Gnome206:39
Stroganoffowen1_: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:39
howdyhoIf I use GDM to log in to that.. it'll be a completely different session?06:39
Stroganoffyes, howdyho06:40
howdyhoThanx.. I'm off to try it out06:40
owen1_Stroganoff: sure, but please explain what's going on, i am scared.06:40
Stroganoffrestarting gdm should bring up the login screen at ctrl+alt+f706:41
owen1_Stroganoff: what is gdm?06:41
unop__the display manager06:41
ZeronGnome Display Manager06:41
Stroganoffgdm manages login and X (graphical core)06:41
owen1_Stroganoff: ok. i'll try restart06:42
unop__Stroganoff, I should say it doesnt necessarily manage the xserver tho because the xserver is independant of the display manager06:42
Stroganoffthats right unop__06:42
Stroganoffthx for ur help ;)06:42
howdyhoStrog my man06:43
jimmywwwso can anyone help me06:43
howdyhoGnome works fine (thank god)06:43
howdyhoBut Gnome and Gnome2 are exact copies of one another06:43
howdyhochange one thing in one and the same change is reflected in the other06:44
Stroganoffyou have to edit the the gnome2.desktop file06:44
howdyhoWhat do I have to edit in it?06:44
unop__jimmywww, whats up?06:44
Stroganoffto manage different settings is not so easy ^^06:44
howdyhoI changed the name in the file.. same thing06:45
Stroganoffyou have to invoke "gnome-session" with customized environment variables06:45
howdyhoI don't need different settings.. just different themes06:45
Stroganoffyou have to look tnto that06:45
howdyhoAny clues on where to start looking?06:45
jimmywwwunop__,today i have been give an x-series 220, and i would like to install xubuntu or ubuntu on it, but i cant get it to boot to cd i have set the bios to boot off cd first06:46
tarkusomg guys!06:46
Nergari was trying to install skype(x86) in a x86_64 system following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype#head-6c3cbecd1f1ecd4388bde1462ee364bb57e4533b but now when i boot GDM fails to start :'(06:46
tarkusim gonna poop06:46
tarkusim gonna poop06:46
unop__howdyho, you could install xnest and use gdmxnest to startup GDM within your current session06:46
jimmywwwwhen it boots it seems to ignore there is a cd in the drive06:46
Nergargdm: error while loading shared libraries06:46
* tarkus poops all over the kitchen and smothers it all into a nice little bun sandwich.06:47
Nergarwrong ELF class06:47
unop__jimmywww, did you burn that CD? was it burnt properly?06:47
howdyhoBut would it allow different themes for different gnome sessions?\06:47
jimmywwwcd is burnt correctly has been used before06:47
tux97jimmyww try wipeing off the cd and see if u can press the one time boot key06:47
jimmywwwwhat is that06:47
tux97varies on puters mine on my dell 1521 is f1206:48
unop__jimmywww, have you tried booting some other minimal linux distro?06:48
=== m1a_ is now known as m1a
tux97jimmyww how fast is your puter?06:49
jimmywwwunop__, no but im almost cetain thats not the problem as before i got the computer it was used in a school as a serve06:49
jimmywwwnot sure06:49
jimmywwwabout server06:49
jimmywwwit got wiped before i got it06:50
tacosaladis there an ubuntu program equal to access?06:51
jimmywwwthe computer say on "server" and in another spot "x-series 220"06:51
owen1strongarm: ok. i am back and now the gui is back. what's next?06:51
unop__jimmywww, well, you could try -- there are some tiny boot cds out there -- that'll rule out the CD and perhaps find fault with the drive, it's probable that the drive could be misbehaving06:51
ompaul!enter | jimmywww06:51
ubotujimmywww: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:51
ompaul!bootoptions | jimmywww06:51
ubotujimmywww: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions06:51
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:52
unop__jimmywww, ^^ about 50MB (when i last checked)06:52
unop__sorry, 10 mb :)06:52
Stroganoffowen1, on the edge of the login screen should be the sessions menu06:52
Stroganoffthere you can choose your gaming session06:52
owen1so i neet to log out again, choose the gaming session and fire the game from command line?06:53
owen1Stroganoff: cool. let me try06:54
Gary_inNYCshould i be worried that my filesystem is 9.9% non-contiguous?06:55
AvlancheCan anyone help me with the 041e:4055 (web cam) Linux Drivers06:57
grammis there a way the motu's can update gnuplot in the repos?06:57
unop__gramm, sure, it's their job, is it not? :)06:58
Stroganoffgramm: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess06:58
Napoleon98ok i have a fun retarded question... im using a howto guide to let me use vbox and connect to my wireless card.. it says to use parprouted, and when I use that command line it switches to a new command prompt... how do I use it since it seems to basically be a word editor? or more accurately how would i save what im typing in it?06:58
unop__gramm, well, it depends on what they can do in terms of modifying source to change functionality --- but sure, they sometimes do06:58
Gary_inNYCit seems the more i use my computer, slowly but surely that non-contiguous %age increases.  When should I get concerned?  Should I be?06:59
StroganoffGary_inNYC: sudo apt-get install defrag06:59
jimmywwwmimmal cd does not work either06:59
jimmywwwbut i forgot to say06:59
jimmywwwi goess thru all this stuff the gets stuck07:00
jimmywwwat a screen07:00
unop__jimmywww, can you describe the screen?07:00
jimmywwwwhere, it is illustrating a floppy disk going it07:00
Gary_inNYCim using ext3, would that defrag utility work?07:00
tarkuslet me know what you guys think of this idea for a project. do you think it could gain a respectful base of users? would you join if it was well designed and had potential?07:00
tarkusa collaboration system for members to share ideas and concepts for respective areas. there would be discussion and rating systems so the concepts discussed would mature quickly. this would be similar to ted.com but rather creating collective notions as a community.07:00
StroganoffGary_inNYC, yes07:01
tarkuswould be a great way to brainstorm new ideas for opensource, design, and of course many others.07:01
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u0
tarkusdevelopers can use this as a tool to give them ideas that the users would like to see.07:01
jimmywwwunop__: it also motions toward pressing f107:01
howdyhoIs there a way to install Gnome twice?07:01
howdyhoSo that the first installation is completely unrelated to the second07:02
unop__jimmywww, i dont think thats anything i've seen on a linux CD booting --07:02
tarkuswhat do you guys think of that project idea? ^^07:02
jimmywwwi havent got the live cd to boot07:02
jimmywwwthats the problem07:02
unop__jimmywww, do you reckon it's one of the system's screens then, a BIOS or utility screen?07:02
grammunop__: thanks07:03
howdyhotarkus: Everyone has an idea.. How many people are actually going to start working on them though?07:03
jimmywwwi dont know,07:03
jimmywwwi you give me five mins i will take a photo07:03
unop__jimmywww, hmm, have a windows CD you can try out?07:03
Stroganofftarkus, such project do exist07:03
Stroganoffkind of07:03
Gary_inNYCwow, that defrag utility is just a delete and rewrite task... that'll take forever heh07:03
unop__jimmywww, ok, take a photo then07:03
tarkushowdyho, very, very few. thats the point of this site, because people have ideas but leave them since they wouldnt get to doing it, so why not share it so others might if they know about it?07:04
grammhowdyho: anybody with enough tine and interest to take up the crusade07:04
unop__Gary_inNYC, I reckon it only rewrites files that are fragmented -- so as to not take forever07:04
ompauljimmywww, go into the bios and (A) tell it to boot off the CD rom and (B) check what processor and ram is in there and disk drives07:04
Ububeginshit,I accidently deleted my top panel... what do i do now... :~(07:04
tarkushowdyho, plus the initial concept tat someones starts, WILL branch out into a more mature and better presented idea.07:04
StroganoffUbubegin: Alt+F2 -> gnome-panel07:05
Gary_inNYCi thought in general I'm not supposed to worry about file fragmentation in linux?07:05
tarkushowdyho, for any develper to adopt into his software as a feature or something new.07:05
howdyhoWell it does sound like something that'll work if implemented right07:05
hanasakiwhat is a good pda/phone that runs ubuntu07:05
jimmywwwompaul,  will do that as well07:05
StroganoffGary_inNYC, contagiousy isn't fragmentation07:05
Gary_inNYCso is there any real benefit of using such a tool?07:06
howdyhoYou just gotta work on making it appealing to the developers and not people who think it's a place to ask for programming favors07:06
unop__Gary_inNYC, that's true -- it's a trivial worry -- the filesystems do a good job of keeping files well organised-- but not to perfection, so sometimes defragmentation might be needed (but i cant think of any scenarios)07:06
StroganoffGary_inNYC i would say so07:06
UbubeginStroganoff : I get this *I've detected a panel already running,and will now exit.*07:06
tarkushowdyho, we need to be convinced that it would generate a decent base of contributors, but once we are. we're commited for the long haul to make it work well.07:06
StroganoffUbubegin: Alt+F2 -> xterm -> killall gnome-panel07:07
unop__Ububegin, ALT+F2 - killall gnome-panel && gnome-panel07:07
Stroganofftarkus, just join existing projects07:07
unop__tarkus, sounds like microsoft :)07:08
Stroganofflike svn07:08
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xjkxi did apt-get remove gnome* on my usb-ubuntu and it doesnt boot anymore :s what did i remove in that big list that messed up ?07:08
tarkusunop__, despite your hatred, certain things about microsoft are good..07:09
unop__xjkx, errm, it should boot up -- thought you might not get a graphical display07:09
AvlancheCan anyone help me with the 041e:4055 (web cam) Linux Drivers07:09
unop__tarkus, you infer wrong, i dont hate microsoft -- and by that implication, your project is a good idea :)07:09
tarkusunop__, and what im thinking doesnt steel people money or constrain them in proprietary and commercial cages.07:09
Stroganofftarkus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_collaborative_software07:09
xjkxunop__, yea :/ ubuntu-desktop was removed in that list, is it bad ?07:09
owen1Stroganoff: it worked but most of the keys on the keyboard didn't work...07:09
owen1Stroganoff: so i couldn't play it.07:10
UbubeginStroganoff : no use, even after killall, i still get the same msg..when i do this *Alt+F2 -> gnome-panel*07:10
Stroganoffthats odd07:10
unop__xjkx, well, no -- ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage that pulls in all the other gnome packages -- it can be safely removed to no ill-effect07:10
StroganoffUbubegin: xterm -> ps -all07:10
UbubeginStroganoff : will restarting ubuntu work...07:11
unop__xjkx, what worries me is that by removing all gnome* packages, you might have rendered your system without a graphical display07:11
xjkxunop__, no, i have fluxbox07:11
unop__xjkx, do you get to a console/virtual terminal at all?07:11
tarkusStroganoff, yeah, these are all methods of working a "current" project. and the ideas would be tied to it, either improving it or adding something it lacks..07:11
xjkxit says there is nothing to load on usb07:11
Stroganoffxjkx, just reinstall gnome-desktop07:11
Stroganoff(haven't read everything)07:11
xjkxStroganoff, hard, if usb-flashdriver doesnt boot07:12
jimmywwwunop__: http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/2366/img0928at2.jpg07:12
UbubeginStroganoff: when am i supposed to do now :?07:12
Nergari was trying to install skype(x86) in a x86_64 system following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype#head-6c3cbecd1f1ecd4388bde1462ee364bb57e4533b but now when i boot GDM fails to start :'(07:12
tarkusStroganoff, but im thinking of something to convey general ideas.07:12
Nergarwrong ELF class07:12
Ububeginwhat i mean07:12
Stroganoff!paste | Ububegin07:12
ubotuUbubegin: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:12
=== lipsinOffline is now known as lipsin
xjkxunop__, you know when you try to turn on a machine without HD ? and there is a message printed out that there is nothing to load, its like that the message i get07:12
Stroganofftarkus, i know that07:13
owen1Stroganoff: maybe it's because i have a bluetooth keyboard?07:13
xjkxmight have removed something in mbr of this - crazy/random guess-07:13
unop__jimmywww, yea, does look like one of the systems utility screens -- it's probably waiting for you to insert a boot floppy from the looks of it -- time to revisit the BIOS and see what else can be changed07:13
=== ka2u0 is now known as ka2zzzz
Stroganoffowen1, you have xterm in the gaming session, right?07:14
jimmywwwhttp://img156.imageshack.us/img156/2366/img0928at2.jpg is a picture of that thing i was trying to discribe if a let the computer to run07:14
owen1Stroganoff: don't know what xterm is.07:14
xjkxdoes anybody know if qemu can load a bootable usb-flashdriver ? i could test more here, without rebooting over and over :p07:14
jimmywwwunop__: so what do you want me to do07:14
owen1Stroganoff: where is the location of this file again?07:15
jimmywwwi shall start up the computer and enter bios07:15
Stroganoffgo to you gaming session and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg07:15
unop__jimmywww, well, i'd check the BIOS again -- there might be other options that need setting07:15
unop__jimmywww, yes07:15
Stroganoffowen: /usr/share/xsessions/07:15
owen1Stroganoff: ok. 1 sec07:15
tarkusStroganoff, k. do you think it might work well?07:15
jimmywwwunop__: what should i be looking for07:15
Stroganofftarkus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorming#Software07:16
unop__jimmywww, i can't be specific -- but something along the lines of -- first boot device - or - {get rid of annoying screen wanting me to insert floppy drive} :)07:16
Stroganoffi meant log out to your gaming session07:17
Stroganoffnot edit the file07:17
unop__jimmywww, what do the various function keys do ?? have you tried pressing them ?07:17
unop__jimmywww, @ that screen07:17
owen1Stroganoff: sure. i am writing down the stuff u wrote.07:18
huntekeso, I see http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/94/ (suspend, #1 idea), and have read some of the comments, such as "this is extremely difficult for many factors".  Is there any momentum on this front, despite the many factors?07:18
owen1Stroganoff: after i run this command, try play the game?07:18
Stroganoffno, logout again07:18
owen1Stroganoff: and..07:19
Stroganoffor better ctrl+alt+backspace07:19
Stroganofflogin and play07:19
Stroganoffbut i have no high hopes07:19
Stroganoffyou should start a topic in the forums about your keyboard and your minmal gdm session07:19
jimmywwwunop__, nothing f1 restarts07:19
owen1Stroganoff: should i try cord keyboard?07:20
Stroganoffif all fails, yes07:20
Stroganoffi gotta go now07:20
owen1Stroganoff: thanks!07:20
Stroganoffnp ;)07:20
tarkusStroganoff, molecularthinking might be the closest thing to it, but its still very far away form it.07:20
unop__jimmywww, you could refer to the products manual which might be available on the manufacturers website07:20
jimmywwwi will try07:20
Stroganofftarkus: no reason to start from scratch07:21
jimmywwwi got some more photos of it07:21
jimmywwwuploading now07:21
Stroganoffok its not OSS tarkus07:22
tarkusStroganoff, so you're saying to work with whoever is behind molecularthinking and transform it into something else (if they aprove)07:22
Stroganoffso you may have to start from scratch07:22
glitchI'm new to Ubuntu and have got a question07:22
unop__glitch, ask :)07:23
xjkxglitch, ask07:23
kill_me2I have a question about mounting a ntfs drive in ubuntu07:23
glitchum, I installed it, without it being connected to the internet and it said it needed to connect to get the updates, so when it was all finished, i connected it, and it said it was up to date07:24
glitchbut it wasn't and i don't understand how to make it update07:24
glitchi ended up reinstalling while it was connected and then it downloaded like 200 updates07:24
unop__glitch, i suggest you enable the various repositories and try updating then-- you should see a slew of updates waiting to be installed07:25
glitchhow do you do that?07:25
Hamleddoes anybody have an opinion on which non-adobe flash library/plug-in works best? The proprietary one keeps dying randomly on my system (not sure if it would be affected by compiz or not)07:25
unop__glitch, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources07:25
jimmywwwunop__, http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/1230/img0930oj2.jpg07:26
chris062689So how is everyone tonight?07:26
xjkxchris062689, quiting07:26
=== RichardL_ is now known as rml
chris062689I'm quite happy, I was able to shave a 3.4 GB Ubuntu installation down to 2 GB :)07:27
jimmywwwunop__, is that any help07:28
unop__jimmywww, you seem to have the primary master device set to the CD-Rom -- which means that the only device recognized by the computer is the CD-rom device -- no harddrives, nothing :)07:28
glitcheverything is checked on that.  Would it have done it later by itself?  I'm just confused cause I'm coming from windows, so when something isn't updated, it keeps telling you.07:28
unop__jimmywww, you should set the primary master to the first HDD -- primary slave to the second HDD -- secondary master to the first CD/DVD drive and secondary slave to the second optical device07:29
jimmywwwunop__ so what should i do07:29
bullgard4What stands 'pd' for in 'pdflush'?07:29
jimmywwwwill this help07:29
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
unop__jimmywww, i'm willing to bet it does :)07:29
fabouneysomebody use Flex builder for linux ?07:30
jimmywwwhttp://www-304.ibm.com/systems/support/supportsite.wss/docdisplay?lndocid=MIGR-41893&brandind=5000008 here is a link to what you ask for b4 i think07:30
unop__jimmywww, but ensure that the first boot device is the CD-Rom drive -- it might be on another BIOS option screen07:30
godzemoAnyone have any experience with setting up xmonad to run with gnome?07:30
glitchit also happened with clamtk, it said it was updated when it didn't update at all... is there a cache file i have to clear to get it to work right?07:31
IcomeyDoes anyone have experience getting a US Robotics USR5686E modem to work with Gutsy?07:31
MinusSevenIs there an easy way to upgrade to Gnome 2.22 in Ubuntu 7.10 ?07:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, open synaptic, and click reload, it will show u the packages that are upgradable07:32
bashcahi there07:32
jhonovichi am downloading ubuntu for an amd turion 64 and am trying to determine the answer for the type of computer question - would i be a standard or a 64bit AMD for ubuntu's purposes?07:33
MockYboth would work07:34
MockYbut go 6407:34
jhonovichMockY: thanks, appreciate it07:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGMinusSeven, u could update to 8.04 or compile gnome by urself07:34
mark[oz]is there a video player for ubuntu that can handle fast forward without skipping ahead chunks?07:35
MinusSevenwhich do you recommend, wait for 8.04 ?07:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGMinusSeven, probably..07:36
MinusSevenJust looking for a date it is supposed to be released07:36
glitchoh wow, so i clicked on reload, then on installed to bring those to the top, all those can be upgraded?  They have a green box by them07:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGMinusSeven, sometime in April (hopefully)07:37
godzemoAnyone have any experience with setting up xmonad to run with gnome?07:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, green box means it's installed07:37
jimmywwwunop__ can seem to do that07:38
jimmywwwcant see where07:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, upgradable packages should be shown with a yellow arrow with it07:38
glitchoh ok.07:38
bashcahi there07:38
glitchThat helps out a lot07:39
glitchI was just confused why it would say it was all updated when it wasn't, next time i'll try using synaptic07:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, to upgrade whatever is available, just check "mark all upgrades"07:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, usually u dont need to use synaptic for just upgrading, the upgrade manager will handle that automatically and gives u a notice07:41
os2macyeah about that... mine doesn't07:41
glitchoh good.07:42
fabouneyi have the same problem, but i not understand the answer, can you help me ?07:42
jimmywwwunop__, any sugestions07:43
[Hardy]TuTUXGfabouney, that's fedora, and u prably should go to their channel07:43
fabouneyi have ubuntu ...07:43
glitchok thank you [Hardy]TuTUXG for your help! :+)07:43
foxinessglitch: i like to use aptitude from CLI ,i do not know if synaptic based in it or not07:43
os2macfabouney:  but it sounds like you need to update your Jave Runtime Environment (JRE)07:43
glitchi'm still very new with the CLI, although i got a book on some commands07:44
UltraNavshouldn't be hardy beta1 released today (according to the release schdule) ?07:44
glitchi get around with the very basics on that07:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGUltraNav, later maybe07:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGit will be out when it's ready07:45
glitchspeaking of books, is there any you guys recommend for me to read? I'm new to linux all together, but i'm a+ and net+ certified, after the net+, thats when i got interested in Linux07:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, i learned linux all from internet and man pages07:46
UltraNav [Hardy]TuTUXG: it will be out when it's ready -- sounds like these fortune cookies to me...07:46
foxinessglitch: its good to learn more and more ,u can read about it on wiki07:46
MinusSevenglitch, so you got tired of microsoft you mean?07:46
[Hardy]TuTUXGUltraNav, but u don't want a incompleted or bugged beta, do u?07:46
glitchok cool, thats pretty much what i've been doing.07:46
iceswordglitch, red hat certified engineer exan ,that is a book also a test07:47
glitchyea, getting very tired of it lol!07:47
glitchok i'll check that one out07:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGibm has some nice docs for linux07:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGall available online07:48
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foxinessglitch: the guy how guide me on my start point me to ( www.tldp.org ) ,there are a lot of pdf file good to read07:50
glitchok, I'll check those out too.  There is so much its hard to figure out where to start.  Right now i'm dual booting, but thinking of getting rid of windows all together, just don't know enough to get comfortable yet.  The craziest thing is not needing antivirus, i can't seem to wrap my brain around that.07:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGUltraNav, and afaik, fedora 9 beta is scheduled out today as well, but it's also been held07:50
bullgard4On my computer exists the script file /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions. I would like to know what program calls this program. I tried to answer this question: In http://lxr.linux.no/linux+v2.6.22.14/ I searched for 'functions' but obtained 4959 estimated hits. How to solve this problem?07:51
glitchfoxiness: i'll check that out and start there, thanks!07:52
CVD-PRHey there, Today ubuntu log me out 2 times automatically by his own, any way to know why this i happening?07:53
Gary_inNYCpower failure?07:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGglitch, http://www.freeos.com/articles/3399/  it's a good on for starters07:53
CVD-PRand now the third time in arow!!!07:56
=== lieTa_cuTe is now known as BENCE
ximunder what definition of "online" is man "online manuals"07:57
ximit doesnt search them on the internet so i must be misunderstanding the word online07:58
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Avlanchehey guys how come everytime i open TVTime it auto-closes?08:00
Blakstalum_Is there anyone on here from Baltimore area?08:01
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
phynixdid you try launching it from the terminal Avalanche08:03
glitchwow, there's a lot to read, thank you for all your help everyone!!08:03
Blakstalum_I mean people are just joining and quiting. What's going on?08:03
Avlancheno i just clicked it under Apps>Sound & Video08:04
phynixwell it sometimes helps me to go to the terminal and type the command and see what comes up08:04
phynixi am not saying that will help, but its worth a try08:04
Avlanchexvoutput: No XVIDEO port found which supports YUY2 images.08:04
ximblakstalum theres over 1000 people in here so you gotta expect lots of joins and quits08:05
Blakstalum_ok, I see! this is for help issues, not socializing.08:05
phynixi don't see why it can't be08:05
Blakstalum_neither do I. I think this is great, but not for me. Peace08:06
phynixyou might want to try and past that into google08:06
phynixand see if anyone has posted a fix08:06
=== ce_imutz is now known as andi`medan
Avlancheyep doing that now :)08:08
phynixtvtime is hit and miss with me08:09
Avlanchei think the drivers for my Tv Tuner are not installed or working properly but under hardware I see a Video4Linux thingy so thought it was working08:10
phynixjw what kind of card do you have08:10
AvlancheConexant Falcon II08:10
tricaricHi! I seem to have a problem with 'svn' on a server with Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS08:11
tricaricnow I have installed: svn, version 1.3.2 (r19776)08:11
tricaric   compiled Aug  3 2007, 11:49:3708:11
tricaricbut when I try to use it in a repository, I get: svn: This client is too old to work with working copy '.'; please get a newer Subversion client08:11
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:11
tricaricso... what's the clean way to upgrade svn?08:12
kortopiHi all!08:12
phynixhello kortopi08:13
kortopiwhy does the smtpd.conf file doesn't exist on /etc/postfix/sasl?08:13
kortopiim configuring postfix on ubuntu 7.1008:13
tricaricon another box I with ubuntu 7.10 I have svn, version 1.4.4 (r25188)08:13
kris_phhello.. is this message is significant: [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts?08:14
phynixyou might try howtoforge.com kortopi08:14
phynixi thought i saw a postfix post08:15
Huohi all, anybody here have some experiences with truecrypt (version 5)?08:15
phynixman from what i saw its pretty hard to install right08:15
tux97i was wondering how do u install themes?08:16
Huoi have installed just deb package and it wasn't so difficult08:16
phynixmight give it a try08:16
phynixtux97 well where did you get the theme08:16
phynixhow far have you gotton08:16
tux97i dont know where to go08:16
tux97i'm just looking08:17
tux97i'm there now phynix so if i see one i like how do i install it08:17
damo22E: Couldn't find package compiz-config-settings-manager08:17
damo22how can i fix that08:17
=== Malnilio_ is now known as Malnilion
shane__could anyone here help me with networking Ubuntu08:18
crdlb!ccsm | damo2208:18
ubotudamo22: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion08:18
crdlbyou spelled it incorrectly08:18
phynixok tux97 go to the metacity part08:18
shane__with windows xp or vista08:18
phynixfind one08:18
kristian_Hi! Is there anyone who knows how to change the ownership of a folder? I have read some how tos but I can't do it. The folder I want to change the ownership of is "/home/kristian/Cut_Copy-In_Ghost_Colours-MODCD050-2008-EUPHORiC", so I write "chown -R kristian /home/kristian/Cut_Copy-In_Ghost_Colours-MODCD050-2008-EUPHORiC". The terminal doesn't say anything and the owner is stil root. What am i doing wrong?08:18
phynixtux97 download the file. Go to appearance and click install find the file and click apply. That should do it08:18
shane__is it hard to network with Ubuntu08:19
zmattshane__: not at all08:19
tux97shane i'm doing it08:19
phynixtux97 http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=101&PHPSESSID=cc1bdf4ec66a7383ebe86e1aa990406708:19
damo22 kristian_: chown -R  kristian:kristian ....08:19
shane__where could i get some info on how to network it all ?08:19
tux97shane what do u want to do/08:20
byrtsory, whar make wi-fi ;>08:20
shane__i want to access from Ubuntu to my vista box08:21
shane__and or from my vista box to Ubuntu perferably08:21
phynixtux97 did you figure it out08:21
kristian_damo22: Now i've wrote "chown -R kristian:kristian /home/kristian/Cut_Copy-In_Ghost_Colours-MODCD050-2008-EUPHORiC" in the terminal. still nothing happens?08:21
tux97i'm just lookin at the moment08:21
tux97shane check into samba08:21
bullgard4Auf meinem Computer gibt es die Skriptdatei /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions. Ich möchte herausbekommen, welche Programme dieses Programm aufrufen. Ich habe versucht, diese Frage mittels http://lxr.linux.no/linux+v2.6.22.14/ zu beantworten. Ich suchte dort nach 'functions' aber erhielt > 4959 wahrscheinliche Treffer. Wie löst man dieses Problem?08:21
Ganiam just for you08:21
tux97hold on let me get u my link i used shane08:21
zetheroois there a way to unpack a .dmg file in linux?08:22
shane__is that  a program08:22
GanNot is that08:22
phynixzetheroo if you figure that out tell me08:22
tux97http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 shane how to for samba08:22
tux97phynix whats your theme?08:23
ace_ace121i cant login to this applet : http://www.topcoder.com/contest/arena/ContestAppletProd.jnlp .. i have sun java web start 6 installed.08:23
ryancrin rhythmbox is it possible to share a playlist instead of the whole music library?08:23
phynixhope this helps tux97 http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/SlicknesS?content=7199308:24
tux97ok how do i d/l it08:25
phynixclick on the link at the bottom08:25
kristian_repost: damo22: Now i've wrote "chown -R kristian:kristian /home/kristian/Cut_Copy-In_Ghost_Colours-MODCD050-2008-EUPHORiC" in the terminal.  still nothing happens?08:25
zetheroophynix: seems like qemu is the way to go08:25
brianlightcould someone test my ampache server and tell me if my streams are droping out of playing good08:26
phynixzetheroo thanks08:26
phynixtux97 work?08:26
tux97phynix i'm lookiing for the file to d/l08:27
kortopidoes smtpd.conf file exist? or i'll just have to create it my own. im following the steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/postfix.html for postfix configuration08:27
phynixthere should be three links at the end of the first post08:27
tux97ok then the first link correct phynix08:28
phynixyes tux9708:28
chris062689Does anyone know of a simple, lightweight web server with PHP that I can easily install / remove?08:28
kortopiI also installed the smtpd08:28
ace_ace121it gives a java.net.MalformedURL Exception08:28
tux97ok i saved it now what08:28
phynixgo to appearance08:29
phynixand click the install button08:29
phynixfind the file you downloaded08:29
brianlightchris just search lightweight web server in synaptic08:30
phynixtux97 did that work?08:30
tux97ok i did that now how come i can't see nothing in firefox?08:30
phynixno you can pick from the list right08:31
phynixyou might not like it cause some apps are weird colors08:31
roman_hi! why is there empty /etc/apache2/httpd.conf????08:31
tux97i like it phynix but hwo come i can't see no pages in firefox?08:32
huthidohi everybody08:32
phynixtux97 i don't know why. I wish I could see it so I could guess08:32
phynixmine didn't have that problem08:32
tux97ok i closed it and reopened it and it worked08:33
tux97so make sure themes are metacity?08:33
phynixyou know i always get them mixed up08:33
phynixgtk i think is the right one08:33
phynixi think metacity is the window borders08:34
=== gaurav__ is now known as gaurav_
phynixi always spend a little while guessing08:34
nanobughello everyone08:35
phynixhello nanobug08:36
nanobughi phynix, how are you this morning?08:36
olieHi all. How can I move a panel from the left to the top? (I cant drag and drop it because there is no free space on the panel!)08:37
huthidoCan someone help me about Server of Linux08:37
nanobugunless i'm assuming things and you're across the pond i should say08:37
phynixtired nanobug and ready for some sleep08:37
nanobug:i hear ya08:37
roman_what a lamers channel!08:37