cogenoIs anyone here familiar with systemimager?00:41
Bisclaveretso... having an unusual problem01:15
Bisclaveretfresh install of xubuntu 7.10 downloaded yesterday, then ran the system updater while at work. when i came back restarted01:16
Bisclaveretnow whenever i go to accessories>terminal X quits, and i'm dumped back to login01:16
cogenoYou too, eh?01:31
Bisclaveretthis is a common happening?01:31
cogenoI don't know, I'm having the same problme01:32
Bisclaveretwell in syslog i have Mar 19 20:41:12 Dragon gdm[4912]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :001:34
Bisclaveretand the only error in xorg.log is EE) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable01:34
Bisclaveretsome warnings though01:35
Bisclaveret(WW) intel(0): DRI is disabled because it runs only at 16-bit depth.01:35
Bisclaveret(WW) intel(0): xf86AllocateGARTMemory: allocation of 1024 pages failed (cannot allocate memory)01:35
BisclaveretWW) intel(0): Direct rendering disabled01:35
Bisclavereti'm using onboard video01:36
cogenoYeah. same story  here01:43
Ultraputzi have an issue with two wifi monitors in the system tray -- any idea how to get rid of one ?02:16
Ultraputz.ee = estonia ?03:24
Ultraputzany idea how to kill one of the network monitors if you have 2 of them in your system tray03:30
DissentorNo idea, sorry.03:30
Bisclaveretany idea why x stops whenever i try to open a term window?03:30
zoredacheUltraputz: delete everything under ~/.cache/sessions and relogin03:31
Bisclavereti can ctrl-alt-f1 but then that completely defeats the purpose of having xubuntu with a gui03:31
zoredacheBisclaveret: several people have reported similar issues, it usually tends to be related to the video driver (i810 or nvidia)03:32
Ultraputzdanke. brb03:33
zoredacheseveral people report the similar issues, and have fixed it with various different tweaks03:34
Bisclavereti'm using i81003:34
zoredachecheck out bug 9184903:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91849 in xorg-server "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9184903:35
Bisclavereti don't know where to go or how to fix it considering this is currently the longest i've been in any linux flavor continously, since my main machine died03:35
zoredachethere are some work arounds there03:35
Bisclaveretand this is the 3rd flavor of ubuntu i've tried and the only oone thats really been useful/ran decently ;)03:36
Bisclavereti forgot how to save end exit in vim03:46
Ultraputzno cigar -- still have 2 network indicators in sys tray :-)04:04
Lectusis there a light player for playing radios (like banshee) for xubuntu?05:34
jimmywwwcould someone help me please06:17
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:33
jimmywwwokay, i have a x-series  220 and i would like to put xubuntu on it, but wont boot to the livecd06:41
jimmywwwor any cd to that matter06:41
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siggjenjimmywww: you might want to set bios boot device to cd-rom or open boot menu on start07:42
jimmywwwi have done that07:42
siggjenwell then i have no idea07:44
Bisclaveretso new question, need help compiling. or rather, i know what i want to do, i don't know if it can be done or how to do it08:23
Bisclavereti have angband, and would like to compile it (the release in synaptic is old by several versions) as well as some variants. but i've never compiled anything in linux before or with gcc, only djgpp08:25
Bisclaverethow would i form the ./configure command in that i would have an executable i could place on the desktop (or have something in the applications>games selector) that would launch the program wheras i can stick the library files in /usr/local/lib/angband/08:27
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hyakuheihey all, I'm still having kernel issues. I get this when I started restricted-manager: modinfo: could not find module ipw394510:01
hyakuheiit shows ipw3945 - so it knows it should be there but the module is missing, having sound issues too... :'(10:01
hyakuheiwooo, - it workies!10:22
hyakuheipurged restricted-manager-core, all of the linux modules, all of the linux images, and then installed just the generic ones. All works now :-)10:23
chronic1I installed xubuntu for a friend and everything worked perfectly at my house. He took the machine to his office and now he claims there is no Toolbar at the top and the only thing on the screen is a couple of icons (filesystem, and another).13:30
chronic1Any ideas? I've never had any problems like this before. I've confirmed that his monitor is displaying the entire screen because when he maximizes the filesystem sindow he can see everything.13:30
ere4siget him to type in a terminal -   xfce4-panel13:30
chronic1is there a hot-key to open a terminal? or is it /usr/bin/xterm from the filesystem window13:33
ere4sijust xterm will do13:34
ere4siF2 on some systems13:34
chronic1maybe ctrl-f2?13:37
ere4sictrl+alt+f2 will give a console - crtl+F7 to get back13:39
ere4sisorry - alt F7 to get back13:39
chronic1hmmm....wouldn't I need to run that command in the x-session13:41
ere4siit might be easiest to browse to /usr/bin/xterm13:42
chronic1yeah -- alrady did that...and xfce4-panel did the trick13:43
chronic1but do you have to make your own xinit file for XUbuntu? I'm trying to figure out how my friend's computer just starts up a blank xsession.13:44
chronic1I don't think he knows enough to delete that file, lol.13:44
ere4siapplications - sessions and startup settings - and select the automatically save sessions on logout checkbox13:47
ere4sithat will save his panel for startup13:52
chronic1"Jeremy: It won't let me type in the window! It won't let me type in the window! Me: You have to bring this thing back...it is doing stuff I don't know how to fix over the phone. Jeremy: Wait...wrong keyboard."13:52
ere4sihehe :)13:52
ere4siyou're a good friend chronic1  :)13:53
chronic1What about the launch gnome services and launch kde services? Don't think I installed kde services.13:53
ere4siI use gnome services for that13:54
ere4siand I didn't install either13:54
ere4sibut xfce4 uses gtk so... I chose gnome13:55
chronic1hmmm....when he closed the terminal it closed the panel....even when he runs it with &13:55
ere4sitell him to type exit instead of clicking the x for shutdown13:56
chronic1He says he is getting a critical error "Can not open pager."13:56
chronic1everytime he runs xfce4-panel13:56
ere4si"pager is a panel app that shows a miniature view of all desktops - must be an issue with it13:58
ere4siI don't know how to deal with that sorry - never had a similar prob13:59
chronic1no worries...neither have i13:59
chronic1when the box left here...it was connecting to secure wireless networks and doing everything quite nicely (considering the age of the system)13:59
chronic1claims he plugged it in at work and had all of these weird problems....i don't know how people do it14:00
ere4siwas the pager app installed on the panel? - he might have done some playing around...14:03
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Askarii/ns ajoin add /xubuntu14:56
SpaceAviatorIs it illegal for me to buy a domain xubuntu.something?15:32
ere4siI guess the name "xubuntu" would be owned - but that is a guess15:34
SpaceAviatorI have a domain.15:34
TheSheepit's not illegal, but canonical can take a legal action if you start using it in a way that would confuse people to think it's official15:35
TheSheepSpaceAviator: see http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy15:38
pleia2SpaceAviator: see http://www.ubuntu.com/legal15:38
SpaceAviatorI am talking from my cell15:38
SpaceAviatorjust tell me the bottom line. Would I get screwed?15:38
TheSheepSpaceAviator: probably not, unless you try to hurt canonical/ubuntu15:39
TheSheepSpaceAviator: but I'm not a lawyer15:39
TheSheepSpaceAviator: I'd advice you to contact your lawyer and consult it15:40
SpaceAviatorI am 17 :D15:40
TheSheepthen your parents are responsible for your actions15:40
Askariithere are lawyers for 17 yr olds too15:40
SpaceAviatorAskarii: maybe.15:40
SpaceAviatorBut I figured out it would take quite some time to get @ubuntu.com email15:40
SpaceAviatorbut then I loved xubuntu like hell15:40
SpaceAviatorso I got that domain15:40
SpaceAviatorfor Indian LoCo15:41
ere4sialot of years left then to pay back financial damages then when you're 1715:41
ere4siso be very careful15:41
pleia2SpaceAviator: read the information on the legal and trademarks pages when you're not on a cellphone, there are email addresses to contact from there if they are unclear or you have other questions about it15:41
SpaceAviatorok pleia215:41
SpaceAviatorWell I am not using it for anything official. Just the site for the indian xubuntu users15:42
SpaceAviatorhavent even started on it yet15:42
TheSheepit's not a problem usually, if you don't use it to attack them15:42
SpaceAviatorI <3 them. Attacking is too far fetched15:42
TheSheepand then again, they have to send you a 'cease and desist' letter before they can sue you15:43
SpaceAviatoryeah I figured that out15:43
SpaceAviatorI am just busy with my senior year. After that I dive into the community completely.15:43
TheSheepbut asking them doesn't hurt15:43
SpaceAviatorI'll send them a mail soon, TheSheep15:43
SpaceAviatorthanks for the help people15:56
SpaceAviatorhave a pleasant day15:56
St0n3-C0lWhere to find Alpha 3 screenshots?16:02
St0n3-C0lok done16:03
St0n3-C0lYup bro thanks i got it...i was searchin wid Alpha 6 :P16:08
St0n3-C0lim using ubuntu 7.10...what do i do to get it?16:16
St0n3-C0lubuntu 8.04 alpha needs 384mb :P16:16
ere4siSt0n3-C0l: 8.04 is still beta - end of april the stable is released16:18
St0n3-C0lYup i know...but will the stable one be needing 256 mb ? :P16:21
St0n3-C0li've 256mb ram ehe16:21
ere4siseems they all need more each release - I've just installed the server edition with fluxbox to get a lighter system on one box16:23
St0n3-C0lhmm...one advised me to go for Freebsd 7 ehe16:27
St0n3-C0lcos it's fast16:27
ere4sithere's lots of alternatives - the main issue I've found is whether the packaging system for progs in an os is usable - ubuntu does the best job16:29
St0n3-C0lhmm...i was thinking to give debian a shot16:30
St0n3-C0lthis 8.04 Xubuntu needs 256mb16:30
St0n3-C0lwasn't this supposed to be a light-weight? :P16:30
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: livecd needs lots of ram16:31
St0n3-C0lTheSheep: I don't need livecd, I will just upgrade eh :D16:31
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: if you install with the alternate cd, it should require less16:31
St0n3-C0lThey've given the absolute value16:31
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: where?16:31
St0n3-C0llemme get the link16:32
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: it says 64MB16:33
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: 256MB is for Firefox ;)16:33
St0n3-C0lHmm why so much ? :P16:34
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: graphics needs ram16:34
St0n3-C0lBut why did you point out Firefox only?16:34
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: besides, it's not that much by today's standards16:35
ere4siSt0n3-C0l: so you're 256mb should be ok16:35
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: because firefox is the most commonly used application with high memory requirements16:35
St0n3-C0lTheSheep: I know but I've an old pc with DDR I technology. and DDR 1 is still expensive16:35
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: gimp is not used nearly as often16:35
St0n3-C0lIt hurts when DDR 2 is nearly 50% cheap than DDR 1 :P16:35
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: ignore these specs and see how it works for you, if it's too slow, try using a different web browser, opera for example is rumoured to have lower memory footprint16:36
St0n3-C0lI use opera but I am having trouble with flash files16:36
St0n3-C0lIt says click to activate?16:36
St0n3-C0lwhen i do it...it doesnt work16:37
TheSheepactually, I think they specified the mmemory so high because there were people with 64MB ram coming here and complaining it's slow16:37
St0n3-C0li've flash installed and it works well on firefox.16:37
St0n3-C0lUbuntu beta users gave me a shock ! :P16:37
St0n3-C0l384 mb haha!16:37
TheSheepram becomes increasing cheap16:37
St0n3-C0lI am not interested in using compiz16:37
St0n3-C0lTheSheep: Yup DDR 2 is but DDR 1 is expensive still16:38
St0n3-C0lcos one point is manufacturing is less now16:38
St0n3-C0lof DDR 116:38
TheSheepwell, maybe you can buy some second hand...16:38
St0n3-C0lActually here the quality is so rough.16:38
St0n3-C0lI will still go in the market cos I wanted 1gb16:38
St0n3-C0lIf I get 512mb, I can still use Ubuntu. Cos I love gnome not XFCE :D16:39
TheSheepthere is a miniram-howto there16:39
ere4siI turn of some services for a slight speed improvement e.g. cups16:40
St0n3-C0lere4si: I did that, also I turned off 4 virtual consoles :P16:40
St0n3-C0lI prelinked too16:40
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: virtual consoles don't take additional ram :)16:41
TheSheepSt0n3-C0l: maybe a byte or two16:41
St0n3-C0li read an article on linuxjournal.com16:42
St0n3-C0lthey said i16:42
TheSheepyou can check it with the system monitor, really16:43
cody-somervillePlease consider helping test the next release of Xubuntu. Please visit http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/xubuntu/all19:09
maxamillioncody-somerville: how have you been?19:11
maxamillionit would appear so19:13
cody-somervilleI'm just at work19:13
cody-somervillemaxamillion, How are you?19:13
maxamillioncody-somerville: i'm at work as well19:14
maxamillioncody-somerville: did i tell you i got a full time linux admin job?19:14
cody-somervillemaxamillion, Did I tell you I got a full time programmer job? :)19:15
maxamillioncody-somerville: no you didn't!!!19:15
maxamillioncody-somerville: congrats!!!! that's awesome19:15
cody-somervilleCongratz to you as well.19:15
* maxamillion now swims in both the rpm and deb pools :P19:15
maxamillionall our servers here are RHEL so i jumped head first into fedora to learn it, its actually quite nice ;)19:16
maxamillionthere are things i like about debian more, but i think both have their place19:16
maxamillioncody-somerville: what language do you code in for your job?19:16
cody-somervillePHP so far.19:16
maxamillioni still haven't gotten around to learning much php ... i just do everything in python19:17
maxamillionits my swiss army knife19:17
cody-somervilleI'm getting sick of loosely typed languages19:18
maxamillionwait ... python is strictly typed19:19
cody-somervilleNo it isn't.19:19
maxamillionwell ... its dynamicly typed but i don't really consider that a typing19:21
maxamillionyou have to type cast to perform certain operations19:22
maxamillionits strictly typed but not statically typed19:23
cody-somervilleFair enough19:23
maxamillionnow i'm not sure19:23
maxamillioni'm asking in #python :P19:23
cody-somervilleI prefer static, strict typing :P19:23
maxamillionahhh ok19:24
maxamillionpython is strongly typed but uses dynamic typing19:24
maxamillioni had my verb-age incorrect19:24
maxamillionso you prefer static typing over dynamic? ... why is that?19:25
* maxamillion is now curious19:25
cody-somervilleMakes source code easier to read19:25
cody-somervilleAnd I'm smarter than the compiler. I know what type I want.19:26
maxamillionlol, fair enough19:26
maxamillionbut i don't think you can get much easier to read source code than a well written, well commented piece of python code19:27
cody-somervilleMaybe ;]19:27
cody-somervillePython is pretty easy to understand.19:27
maxamillionbut i will agree that languages like perl need to be shot in the foot19:29
maxamillionthe level of obfuscation that can be slapped into working perl code makes me sick19:30
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ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!21:24
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!21:27
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Bisclaveretpeople were talking about firefox earlier22:40
Bisclavereti used to use k-meleon on a 48mb ram win95 computer22:40
Bisclaveretit was fast22:40
Bisclaveretabout as fast as the IE3 that was on it22:41
TheSheepBisclaveret: great, now just port it to gtk and we are done :)22:42
Bisclavereti'm not even sure if k-meleon is even being actively developed anymore, that was about 4-5 years ago, the last time my compy broke down and i was subject to a pentium-90 :p22:43
Bisclaveretyep, but a problem, it uses windows API instead of XUL22:45
DrIPhi all, how can i run things upon system startup?22:46
DrIPno user login, but system startup22:46
TheSheepDrIP: /etc/rclocal22:47
TheSheepDrIP: remember that they run as root22:47
siggjenyou might want to look into rcconf22:47
maxamillionBisclaveret: XUL is relatively worthless22:47
DrIPalso, when C++ finds header files, where does it look for them first?22:47
DrIP../common/ssl_calls.c:24:25: error: openssl/rc4.h: No such file or directory22:48
maxamillionDrIP: depends on the compiler, i believe gcc checks its stdlib directory first22:48
DrIPerr ^^ where should i put those heaser files for openssl/*22:49
TheSheepDrIP: I think 'gcc -print-search-dirs' will tell you22:49
maxamillionDrIP: you might need to read the gcc man pages ... you are going to have to pass a parameter so that gcc knows where to find it22:49
TheSheepno, wait, that's for library files22:50
TheSheepDrIP: usually in /usr/src/22:50
DrIPthanks for everything!22:50
DrIPTheSheep: ok, that sounds right22:50
Bisclaveretanyone have any idea about my gcc/compiling question? i'm completely new to compiling in A. linux and B. gcc22:51
TheSheepno, wait, that's just header files from kernel22:51
TheSheepDrIP: /usr/include/ :)22:51
DrIPi'm just a noob lol22:51
TheSheepDrIP: that's good, you have a tremendous potential to learn :)22:52
DrIP:) thanks22:52
Bisclavereti've only compiled C code in djgpp so i don't know exactly how to go about compiling sourcecode in gcc, but i assume it's the same, but the output would be completely different in functionality as djgpp is dos and the library files would be in the same path as the executable there22:52
TheSheepBisclaveret: ask the question already :)22:53
BisclaveretTheSheep: are you familiar with angband/nethack?22:53
TheSheepBisclaveret: yes22:53
maxamillionBisclaveret: TheSheep wrote a nethack-style game ... well technically two of them (and they dominate btw)22:54
TheSheepmaxamillion: now I'll look really bad if I don't know the enswer :P22:55
Bisclavereti'm trying to compile angband from source, and i THINK i've figured it out with ./configure but i don't know where to put the library path files. i used ./configure --with-libpath=/usr/lib/angband/lib22:55
Bisclaveretthen make22:55
TheSheepBisclaveret: just configure alone should do it22:55
TheSheepBisclaveret: the defaults are fine22:55
maxamillionTheSheep: lol, sorry :D22:56
Bisclaverethow will the executable know where the /angband/lib files are?22:56
TheSheepBisclaveret: you might want to use --prefix if you don't want it to be installed system-wide though22:56
TheSheepBisclaveret: it has it hardwired at compile-time22:56
maxamillionBisclaveret: its in the repositories, why are you compiling from source?22:57
TheSheepBisclaveret: if you don't specify it, the defaults are used22:57
maxamillionBisclaveret: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=angband&searchon=names&suite=gutsy&section=all22:57
Bisclaveretbecause the version in the repositories isn't the current version22:57
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's developed very actively22:57
maxamillionTheSheep: really?22:57
maxamillionTheSheep: i've never heard of it22:57
TheSheepmaxamillion: since 15 years :P22:57
Bisclavereti'm mostly a 2.8.2 version and variant man myself though22:58
Bisclavereti didn't like the inclusion of lua because it made it harder to compile and ate up so much ram22:58
TheSheepBisclaveret: but it makes it easier to develop further22:58
maxamillionTheSheep: jeebus22:59
maxamillionTheSheep: is nethack still actively developed?22:59
Bisclaveretcurrent version source is 3.0.9b22:59
TheSheepmaxamillion: yes22:59
Bisclaveretand 3.0.9.c is in the works22:59
maxamillionhuh ... i'll be23:00
maxamillionTheSheep: any word on those students who wanted to write for your game?23:00
TheSheepmaxamillion: and it changed considerably with latest release23:00
TheSheepmaxamillion: no23:00
TheSheepmaxamillion: they were surprised that opensource also needs licenses23:00
maxamillionTheSheep: LOL23:00
Bisclaveretangband follows a ~6 month release schedule, nethack is "whenever the devteam feels like it" it seems23:01
maxamillionTheSheep: what's their concern with the license? ... its GPL isn't it?23:01
TheSheepmaxamillion: no concerns, they were just surprised to even hear the word23:01
maxamillionTheSheep: oh .... huh23:02
Bisclavereti'm a fan of the MIT license :/23:02
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's a school project, so I guess they will start working on it 3 days before the deadline23:02
TheSheepBisclaveret: it has its advantages, true23:03
Bisclaveretbut that doesn't get you distributed with linux :p23:03
maxamillionTheSheep: ah, true .... forgot about that23:03
Bisclaveretwhich is a reason why angband got GPLd23:03
Bisclaveretkind of a "nethack's done it, why can't we do it?" thing23:03
TheSheepBisclaveret: different distributions follow different license guidelines23:03
TheSheepBisclaveret: I bet they meant BSD23:04
maxamillionBisclaveret: you can distribute MIT licenced stuff with GNU/Linux ... MIT-Scheme is distributed23:04
Bisclavereti think thats thier next target23:04
maxamilliongranted i think that's dual licensed (which is something i hardly understand)23:05
Bisclaveretthey're moving for a creative commons license i think23:05
maxamillioni'm out of here23:05
maxamillionlaters all23:05
TheSheeplicense is nothing but an agreement from the author granted without the need to ask23:05
TheSheepyou can have as many such agreements as you like23:05
Bisclaveretthe original angband license was extremely basic and there were concerns about it's legality23:06
TheSheepprovided that all the authors agree23:06
TheSheepBisclaveret: I like the Moo License23:06
Bisclaveretif i could access my broken computer, i have my original copy of PC Angband 2.04 Frog-knows which started me to the whole roguelike thing i downloaded off a BBS like 14 years ago, that has the original license on it23:08
Bisclaveretit's still officially a patched Umoria 5.1423:09
Bisclaveretwell angband compiled and appears to work in terminal23:10
TheSheepI used to be addicted to moria23:10
Bisclavereti wanted it to run in terminal only because i'm used to running it in dos and hate the windows GUI23:10
Bisclavereter the GUI mode that i23:11
TheSheepBisclaveret: I recommend the Terminus font for your terminal23:11
Bisclaveretso i compiled it with curses instead of x11/gtk/sdl23:11
Bisclaveretis that appropriate? lol23:12
Bisclaveretalso i don't have the x11 or sdl libs on me atm >.>23:12
Bisclaveretif i make install, will i be able to launch it from anywhere in terminal?23:12
Bisclaveretall i've done in my experience is make -f makefile.ibm, upx -9 angband.exe, copy them both to floppy to put on my 38623:21
TheSheepBisclaveret: sudo make install23:24
TheSheepBisclaveret: it will copy the files in system-wide locations23:25
TheSheepBisclaveret: you need sudo to have write permissions there, of course23:25
noclueI'm not sure this is xubuntu specific, but whenever i try to launch a program that requires sudo (e.g.:synaptic), X hangs after i enter the password. If i ctrl+alt+backspace out of X, it works fine.23:25
TheSheepnoclue: did you try to wait a while after entering the password?23:26
TheSheepnoclue: for me it's about 30s wait and it goes on23:26
noclueTheSheep: probably 5-10 seconds or so23:26
nocluewell, that's not really acceptable is it?23:26
TheSheepnoclue: yes, no clue what it is, I think the bug is reported23:26
noclueah, ok23:26
nocluei'll give it a go, thanks23:26
TheSheepnoclue: it usually doesn't appear on fresh installs, I must have installed/uninstalled something that broke it23:27
Bisclaveretin my install when i try to run synaptic it asks the password by itself23:28
noclueTheSheep: yep, sure enough after about 45-60 seconds it went on23:29
TheSheepnoclue: extremely annoying23:30
noclueTheSheep: indeed.23:30
noclueTheSheep: i wonder if configuring sudo with NOPASSWD would fix it?23:31
Bisclaveretsudo synaptic starts right up for me after prompt for password. odd.23:34
noclueyep, NOPASSWD completely bypasses that issue for me.23:36
Bisclaverethrm no, i was wrong. the old ./configure command worked after putting the right files in /usr/lib/angband/lib. the new ./configure without anything proceeding it fails.23:40
Bisclaveret  Install path:                           /usr/local23:40
Bisclaveret  lib/ path:                              ./lib/23:40
Bisclaveretif i'm going to do multiple variants, shouldn't i specify a path? (angband has it's own libs the program needs to run with it) and if so where should i put them that i don't need to sudo to get them to run? /home/lib1, etc?23:41
TheSheepBisclaveret: make install should put all the files in their right places automatically23:41
Bisclaveretit didn't23:44
Bisclaveretit moved angband executable to /usr/local/bin23:44
TheSheepBisclaveret: you called it at the top level?23:45
TheSheepBisclaveret: of the tarball23:45
Bisclavereti extracted the tarball to home/bisclaveret/angband, went to that location in terminal23:47
Bisclaveretthen did ./configure23:47
Bisclaveretsudo make install23:47
Bisclaverettyped angband, and got a "cannot find /angband/lib"23:47
TheSheepBisclaveret: there is nothng in /usr/local/lib/ ?23:49
TheSheepwait, why does it say ./lib? did you pass any additional flags to configure?23:50
Bisclavereti just did ./configure23:51
TheSheepthis is a little weird23:52
TheSheepBisclaveret: well, I guess you need that --with-libpath=/usr/local/lib/angband  after all23:53
Bisclaveretredid it, now it's doing something totally different. llo23:54
Bisclaveretbisclaveret@Dragon:~/angband$ sudo make install23:54
Bisclaveret   INSTALL     angband              (-> ..)23:54
Bisclaveretbisclaveret@Dragon:~/angband$ angband23:54
BisclaveretThe program 'angband' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:23:54
Bisclaveretsudo apt-get install angband23:54
Bisclaveretbash: angband: command not found23:54
Lokianhi all23:55
LokianCan someone help me with network settings please?23:55
TheSheepBisclaveret: what does /usr/local/bin/angband do?23:56
TheSheep!ask | Lokian23:56
ubotuLokian: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)23:56
LokianI installed a second network card, and now I can't connect to anything, so what do I do to correct this?23:57
BisclaveretTheSheep: : apparently, from what i'm asking, it tells angband the location of angband's /lib files. angbhand requires certain files to run which it first converts from a .raw format then uses them to run various things like the monster info, item info, etc databases23:57
Bisclaveretin DOS, the executable resides in (directory) and /lib directory in the same path as the executable23:58
TheSheepLokian: go to system->netwrok settings and configure that second card23:58
Bisclaveretthe same as in windows23:58
TheSheepBisclaveret: yes, but make install shouold take care of compiling them and putting them where you specified23:58
Bisclavereti didn't specify a location, whers a pastebin23:59
TheSheepBisclaveret: and on unix you suaully don't put everything into one directory, and don't change your working directory to it before starting the program, so using "./lib" makes little sense23:59

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