joebake1Thanks for the comments.00:26
joebake1I want to install server johnny_ because  this laptop has a dual core centrino with 3 gigs of RAM and it is screaming fast.  So I'm thinking of demonstrating it as an LTSP server.00:28
stgraberRichEd-2: I have something that will be useful with classmates and similar setups using iTalc. I have a working avahi integration script that should work with both LTSP setups and workstations setups.00:36
stgraberRichEd-2: I have that working with ugly bash scripts, will write something cleaner tomorrow (probably using python)00:37
RichEd-2great :) i'm busy testing the classmate now ...got a few minor hassles ... working through them00:38
RichEd-2maybe you have an idea on this one ...00:39
RichEd-2i can configure the wireless network manually on the command line using iwconfig and ifconfig00:39
RichEd-2but network manager says wlan0 does not exist00:40
RichEd-2so i am having to reconfigure the wlan each time i rebot00:40
RichEd-2bit of a pain00:40
stgraberand the NIC name doesn't change ? or is something like wlan0_rename at some point (that's the kind of weird thing I had with some intel NICs)00:41
stgraberNM logs everything in syslog so you should be able to get more details from it00:45
* RichEd-2 wil look00:50
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solifugusWhere is the dhcp configuration file?01:46
solifugusI need to see how it is configured...01:46
solifugusnormally, it would be /etc/dhcp.conf  but it isn't..01:46
solifuguson edubuntu01:46
helpmewithhomewoany any body know stuff on mtn. like their type ex dome, fold, fault..i need to know them for the ghats, drakensberg, ander, atlas, ruwenzori, cameroon. thanks01:48
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ioannai'm wondering if anyone may be able to help me04:28
ioannai run a tiny private school and need help with download and installation04:30
Kamping_Kaiserioanna, i'm sure someone can try and help out04:31
ioannai don't have a working CD drive, can i still install it from just the simple download04:33
ioannaor do i save it to a zip drive, or what is recommended04:33
Kamping_Kaiseryou need to install from cdrom. either an ubuntu cd or an edubuntu cd can be used, because you can download some extra tools onto an ubuntu system and make it into edubuntu04:34
ioannai cant do that as i dont have a working CD drive04:35
ioannaim currently downloading edubuntu 7.1004:35
Kamping_Kaiserits posable to network install, but thats much more complicated04:36
ioannaso in other words, i will need to hire someone to install ubuntu04:36
Kamping_Kaiseror find a working cd burner/cdrom (to burn and install off)04:38
johnnyor a big usb flash drive possibly..04:39
ioannawho could i ask who would know for sure if i could use a flash drive04:40
johnnythe internet?04:40
johnnya working cdrom drive is a good thing to have tho04:40
johnnyand they are cheap04:41
ioannamy firmware is corrupted for both my cd and dvd drives04:41
ioannai have a hacked windows box04:41
Kamping_Kaiserflash sticks are a bit iffy, as bios has to support it04:42
johnnyyes.. the bios has to support it for sure04:42
ioannai see04:42
johnnyusually private schools .. even tiny ones can afford to spend the $10-20 USD to get a new cd drive tho..04:44
ioannahow do you install the driver tho04:45
ioannafor the new drive :P04:46
johnnythey don't need drivers04:46
johnnyfor windows nor linux04:46
ioannaah, okay04:47
johnnywhich windows/04:47
johnnythen you just need an iso burn option04:47
johnnythere's a free utility mentioned04:47
johnnyon the ubuntu install doc04:47
ioannai will look that up, thank you04:48
johnnysadly windows xp doesn't let you do it by default :(04:48
ioannabbiab, thanks for your help04:51
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talntidHi all :)05:33
talntidAnyone knowledgable alive tonight? :)05:33
talntidgot an issue that seems unsolvable..05:33
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:34
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