* Hobbsee thought ubuntu read and wrote to ntfs by default now.13:33
Hobbseeand i thought it also set up samba for you, for windows shares13:35
m-cI've been telling people they can use a LiveCD to recover windows files... is this not right?13:37
MenZaHobbsee: It does the former13:38
MenZaI'm not sure about the latter13:38
MenZaAlthough I wouldn't be surprise.13:38
MenZaI think ntfs-3g has been standard since Gutsy?13:38
MenZa!info ntfs-3g feisty13:38
Hobbseeit has13:38
ubotuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.328-1 (feisty), package size 25 kB, installed size 88 kB13:38
MenZaAye, since Gutsy then.13:38
* Hobbsee has always been able to use samba shares, no setup required, afaik.13:39
Hobbseeguess i will finally have to complain about the full circle stuff then13:39
MenZaI've never needed a samba share13:39
Hobbseeoh, bleck.13:44
Hobbseeif fullcircle is about to start telling people how they can distribute their checkinstalled debs, then i'm going to file a removal request of it from the archive.13:44
BHSPitMonkeyHobbsee, should be able to browse samba shares ootb.  The first time you try to CREATE a samba share, it tells you it's going to install the samba server, and it does.14:47
HobbseeBHSPitMonkey: ahh right14:47
BHSPitMonkey(same for nfs server, depending on which you choose to set up.)14:49
m-cIs the representative from Shipit here?16:37
juliuxm-c, in most areas today is a public holiday 17:03
juliuxm-c, best way to contact shipit is via mail17:03
m-cjuliux: fellow was having trouble logging into shop.canonical.com , but he fixed it17:10

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