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Nganyone heard of hardy Xorg segfaulting on 945?23:24
Nghmm, maybe earlier than 945, but it's definitely a 9xx23:25
brycehmm, not sure; I have it on 945 without issue (although not updated in a few weeks)23:34
Q-FUNKbryce: amd, which includes the wide screen patch, is in debian23:40
brycetjaalton: hey would you mind uploading my greedy patch - http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/  17749223:40
brycetjaalton: there's been tons of testing, all positive23:41
bryceQ-FUNK: ok, if you've filed a sync request, point me at it and I'll take a look and give a thumbs up23:41
Q-FUNKbryce: I'm waiting for the changelog server to be in sync.  the requestsync message is still missing the log itself.23:44
Q-FUNKrequestsync notices the new version is available, but fails to attach the changelog23:48
brycehmm, yeah that script seems a bit flaky.  I usually just file sync requests manually these days.23:53

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