Stroganoffi know, Pici00:00
concept10i keep getting sata errors.. anyone know boot arguments for a safe boot of the install cd?00:00
coincoin169hello all00:00
HardyOneerrrrr nm :/00:00
gregcha117my sound is completely screwed can someone help me out?00:00
eisenhowershould wpa_supplicant be installed by defualt on gutsy?00:00
chris710hi, i need some help cos i installed ubuntu 7.10 on my portable computer and my touchpad don't work,who can help me?00:01
sz90concept10: here's what I used: defaults,errors=remount-ro00:01
gregcha117when i click on my volume icon is says there are no gstreamer plugins or devices found00:01
aetaricchris710: check for the synaptic drivers00:01
sz90also, the device was referenced in fstab by the uuid, not the /dev/*00:01
aetaricthats only thing i can think of00:01
nikrud!grub | Steven100:02
ubotuSteven1: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:02
stefgOdd-rationale: one thing coming to my mind is: there's a hidden file  /media/.hal-mtab that might contain outdated info. Unmount the drive and delete that file00:02
kindofabuzzwhats up with grub2?  anyone messed with it?00:02
coincoin169have you any troubleshooting with the sound in hardy heron beta ?00:02
Odd-rationalestefg: will look. Reboot after?00:02
stefgOdd-rationale: log out, log in should do00:03
Pici!hardy | coincoin16900:03
ubotucoincoin169: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:03
chris710aetaruc> i did sudo apt-get install gsynaptics and i installed it but it does'nt work(ps: i'm new in linux)00:03
Canaris_I am currently running Ubuntu 7.10 alpha and I was wondering If installing Ubuntu Server (7.10) would give me the possibility to end up with a more minimal system after the installation?00:04
Canaris_oops...forget the 'alpha'00:04
fk7_seanyone here using google adsense00:04
Odd-rationalestefg: brb00:04
* Canaris_ does00:05
stefg!minimal | Canaris_00:05
ubotuCanaris_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:05
kindofabuzzCanaris_: server edition is ubuntu without the GUI00:05
kindofabuzzplus some more stuff can be added at install00:05
aetaricits all good...run cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep mouse00:05
Canaris_well I cant use the minimal cd, because i only have a wifi connection (WPA) available00:05
Canaris_so netinstall CDs are pretty much out of the question00:05
Canaris_fk7_se, what do u wanna know abbuot adsense?00:06
subsumeI used the ubuntu upgrade instructions from Feisty to Gusty and now my computer starts up and only shows a blinking underscore.00:06
fk7_sewell one thing i want to know is can you put it on a googlepage page00:06
chris710aetaric>grep mouse?00:06
fk7_seand is it worth it?00:06
Canaris_googlepage page??00:06
stefgCanaris_: you can still use a repo on CD...00:07
aetaric| grep mouse00:07
Odd-rationalestefg: nope00:07
Stroganoffsubsume: do you see the grub "loading.." screen beforehand?00:07
stefg!install | Canaris_00:07
ubotuCanaris_: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:07
aetaric| pipes the output to another program00:07
subsumeStroganoff: yeah00:07
FearedBlisshow can i partition my hdd via gui00:07
HardyOneunop_, thanks for your help00:07
FearedBlissi mean cli00:07
FearedBlissi have a ibook g300:07
FearedBlissso far i "mklabel mac"00:07
subsumeStroganoff: in default mode I can get all the way to login but logon hangs00:07
FearedBlissto create the /dev/hda1 Apple partition00:07
subsumeStroganoff: default = debug00:07
Stroganoffsubsume, use a livecd and check your syslog00:08
FearedBlissmkpart primary HFS START ENd00:08
FearedBlissi dont know how to use START END00:08
Stroganoffsubsume, it's located at /var/log/syslog00:08
aetaricwe want to pipe the cat of the X11 config file to grep which searches for a pattern and the pattern we want is mouse00:08
stefgCanaris_: so would need a mininal and an alternate CD. the alternate is just for providing the packages you want, not for avtual installation00:08
happy_tu1hello i have a question about the command ...gnome-screenshot...00:08
Stroganoffhappy_tu1: ask away00:08
chris710aetaric>can you help me in pm please?00:08
happy_tu1what attributes can i put to save without any interaction00:08
gailHow can I set up a wifi ad-hoc network?00:09
Canaris_stefg, ahh ok. didnt know that you could combine the too00:09
Stroganoffhappy_tu1: gnome-screenshot --help00:09
Stroganoffor use scrot00:09
happy_tu1just to save to a dir and continue00:09
Canaris_stefg, thx. I'll give it a try!00:09
Strife89Quick tip: Google "Universal Extractor". Very useful for pulling files from Windows installer programs.00:09
fk7_sei have a good question, how does microsoft stay in business?00:09
happy_tu1i looked at the help00:09
Stroganofffk7_se: vendor lock-in.00:09
Stroganofffk7_se: embrace, extend, extinguish00:09
happy_tu1always i get the dialogue box to save as00:09
HardyOne!offtopic | fk7_se great question ....00:10
ubotufk7_se great question ....: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:10
subsumeStroganoff: if I pasted it could you tell me anything about it?00:10
fk7_sei mean its just my opinion but gusty blows vista out the water00:10
Stroganofffk7_se: microsoft is a completely new singularity in capitalism00:10
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Stroganoffsubsume: someone might tell you something about it. use pastebin.00:10
intarwebzmicrosoft the lawsuit company?00:11
pantalooni'm about to give up on ubuntu and reinstall xp...do developers actually use their computers? how do i burn a file larger than 4gb?00:11
stefgOdd-rationale: i would have a look at dmesg for suspicious messages, otherwise i run out of ideas (and am too tired to do proper troubleshooting) ;)00:11
Odd-rationalestefg: OK. Thanks!00:11
aetaricpantaloon to a dvd00:11
kindofabuzzdoes suspend even work for anyone in gutsy?00:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:11
pantaloonduh, i'm talking about a single file larger than 4gb00:11
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
Stroganoffkindofabuzz: yep, me. i'm using ibm thinkpad though.00:12
kindofabuzzStroganoff: well i have a desktop, put suspend or hib don't work properly00:12
aetaricchris710: yes. sry im on a diff client then you so im for me is a little diff00:12
c-ronchris710, do you got a terminal open?00:12
pantaloonit doesn't work in ubuntu's burner or brasero00:12
Stroganoffkindofabuzz: thats a shame :/00:12
Stroganoffkindofabuzz: check syslog00:13
aetaricchris710:you are a registared user correct?00:13
pantalooni refuse to buy nero linux just to burn large files00:13
Stroganoffpantaloon: k3b00:13
c-ronchris710, paste into terminal:  cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep mouse00:13
fk7_sei do have a weird problem, dreamweaver 8 used to run in wine before i reinstalled gusty, now it does not work, any ideas?00:13
chris710i have already done it00:13
c-ronchris710, what did it say?00:13
chris710Driver   "mouse"00:14
kindofabuzzis there a linux utility or command that will list my motherboard make and model?00:14
stefgkindofabuzz: usually this is caused by restricted drivers misbehaving, or half-broken acpi (which is mended by dirty hacks in other OS's). but the gutsy kernel isn't the best one anyway, so wait for hardy00:14
aetaricchris710: hmmmmm..let him help you i haven't the slightest idea...did you restart?00:14
eisenhowerhow do i move something in root?00:14
kindofabuzzstefg: thanks00:15
eisenhowerwell to /etc   keeps saying i dont have permission00:15
gailIs there a way to check if a wifi link is up and running from the command line in ubuntu?00:15
chris710aetaric>how can i restart(do you wanna say reboot?00:15
kindofabuzzeisenhower: mv or cp00:15
FearedBlisshow do i say "end of disk" in part : mkpart primary reiserfs 1 <end>00:15
zcat[1]!sudo | eisenhower00:15
ubotueisenhower: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.00:15
eisenhowernono kindofabuzz: ansered my question. =)00:16
aetaricchris710: run sudo init 6 or sudo reboot or sudo shutdown -r now00:16
kindofabuzzmv is move cp is copy00:16
Alohais there a #ubuntu-offtopic channel?00:16
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:17
subsumeivman is giving me installation problems00:17
fk7_seis there any software close to dreamweaver functionality, i've install NVU (which is pretty good for free)00:17
subsumechoking dpkg00:17
maimsterSup everyone.00:20
c-ronhola maimster00:20
sjovanany one that can help me out? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4573456#post4573456 <--- it's about gnump3d password protection00:20
amiasfk7_se, have you tried bluefish00:21
wantE17styleare servers often attacked?00:21
fk7_sei've seen it but i think i tried about a year ago00:21
kindofabuzzfound one, sysinfo00:22
fk7_sei'll get it again and see00:22
amiasfk7_se, do you need wysiwyg00:22
alan_mand with THAT show stopper peace out.00:22
bunewhat kind00:22
amiaswantE17style, whos ? how ?00:23
wantE17stylemy ubuntu lamp server is being pinged and syn flooded constantly00:23
bunewhod you piss off00:23
Odd-rationalestefg: Found the solution in the forums. New I should have gone there first but I was kind of lazy... :P00:23
wantE17styleit's a tor/freenet server00:23
aetaricwantE17style: sounds like a DDOS attack00:24
stefgOdd-rationale: so solve the mystery ... for the log00:24
bunemaybe someone on tor decided to flood you?00:24
wantE17styleare syn flood attacks /pings of death directed attacks?00:24
wantE17styleaetaric yes I agree00:24
wantE17styleyes but why?00:24
amiaswantE17style, they can happen , is it one particular ip or lots ?00:24
pimplifei cant get an internet connection to my router00:24
wantE17styleis it some general attack by a repressive government?00:24
pantaloonStroganoff, I installed K3b and it says "It is not possible to add files bigger than 4GB"00:24
bunemaybe a botnet owner00:24
wantE17styleonly one00:24
bunethen no00:24
Odd-rationalestefg: Let me pull that link up again...00:24
amiaswantE17style,  what does the server do , where is it hosted ?00:25
Stroganoffpantaloon: that seems to be an UDF limitation00:25
Strife89When I run certain programs, the application "taskbar" says it's starting the program, but soon after, it stops. This happens especially with games, so I assume that Ubuntu is stopping them from running because it fears the graphic load will slow it down too much. Any suggestions to force it to let the app run anyway?00:25
fredmvrunning into a weird problem here guys...00:25
wantE17styleit's only a Tor/Freenet server currently00:25
stefgpantaloon: thats a restriction of ISO9660 .. you need UDF for files > 4 GB00:25
fredmvI'm running 7.10/gutsy, booted into a supposed Xfce session, but it's acting like gnome (context menus, etc.).00:25
pantaloonhow do I burn UDF in ubuntu?00:25
fredmvfirst time I've ever seen this happen00:25
Stroganoffpantaloon: dont mind my last remark00:26
aetaricSYN packet flooding is a tale tale sign of DDOS attacks. setup shorewall or another firewall to drop packets from an IP after X number of SYN packets are recieved00:26
wantE17styledoes ubuntu linux protect automatically against syn floods?00:26
pimplifei cant get an internet connection00:26
stefgpantaloon: check the k3b howto... i never used that, but i'm pretty confident that k3b can do it00:26
Strife89By the way, I'm using an NVidia TNT2 graphics card, and I'm using restricted drivers for it.00:26
astheglorioushey guys00:26
Stroganoffpantaloon: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=41479700:26
wantE17styleok , I use firestarter00:26
Stroganoffuse google, pantaloon00:26
stefg!k3b | pantaloon00:26
ubotupantaloon: k3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto00:26
Strife89 I tried running some of the programs in an XFE session. They won't even try to start.00:26
asthegloriousndiswrapper is choking on 64 bit drivers00:26
kindofabuzzi use a router =)00:26
Strife89Some programs I try to run SHOULDN'T even slow things sown much. Anyone heard of Cave Story (2D platform-style game)?00:27
wantE17stylebut won't I stop tor and freenet from working if I tell the firewall to block after a certain number of syn packets??00:27
Strife89The program I'm trying to run has a configuration program (which is separate). In addition, I have a copy of the Windows version. The Windows config runs under Wine, but when I start the main program, it quits a second later.00:27
honkkopfHELLO i am just instaling vmware server and i dont know how i accept the konfiguration through the eula could you help me?00:27
aetaricno you want it to block 1 ip the source00:27
aetarici'll find you a site00:28
Strife89Back to my question: I assume Ubuntu stops programs when it thinks they'll tax my system. Can I force it to let them run anyway?00:28
pimplifei cant get an internet connection?00:28
Stroganoffhonkkopf: is this an ubuntu issue?00:28
stefghonkkopf: #vmware00:28
wantE17stylebut I read that spoofing ip addresses is common for pings of death and syn floods00:28
Stroganoffelaborate, honkkopf00:28
subsumeHow do I have dpkg reconfigure all?00:28
subsumedpkg-reconfigure -a?00:28
honkkopfstroganoff: yes it is because of the console funktion00:28
buneAnyone setup their ipod touch successfully with amarok? Amarok just constantly asks for password with OpenSSH <_<00:28
aetaricit is and most firewalls will realize that ips are spoffed00:29
asthegloriouscan anyone help with ndiswrapper on 64 bit ubuntu?00:29
Stroganoffhonkkopf, have you tried the TAB key00:29
gasparchhi there :) are there some screencast or podcast courses on ubuntu? i00:29
honkkopfperfekt thank you00:29
volkodavhow do I get gnome to remember my session apps ?00:29
gasparchi'm looking for commertial screencast or podcast courses on ubuntu ....00:29
wantE17stylethere is no option in firestarter for stopping syn floods :( does it do it as a standard function??00:29
stefgwantE17style: you might consider joining #ubuntu-server or some channel specialized in server security. This isn't exactly an ubuntu support issue00:29
=== _CaNeS is now known as CaNeS
astheglorious64 bit ubuntu, trying drivers for realtek 8187B X64, crashes totally when I modprobe ndiswrapper00:29
wantE17styleoh I didn't know about that00:30
aetaricwantE17style: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/674900:30
pimplifei cant get an internet connection?00:30
subsumeUbuntu hangs at a blinking prompt, Help!!00:31
wantE17stylewhat about this too? - http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-limit-linux-syn-attacks.html00:32
DoctorAndonutsthis has probably been asked to death but...00:32
aetaricwantE17style: that should work00:32
DoctorAndonutswhat happened to the ubuntu store00:32
DoctorAndonutsits broken00:32
iceswordIndyGunFreak, hi,how are you doing there00:32
stefgsubsume: do you get the boot menu, and it boots into the blinking nothing, or is that directly after BIOS POST ?00:32
wantE17stylebut those rules won't thwart Tor or Freenet???00:33
=== acidburn is now known as AcidBurn
IndyGunFreakicesword: surviving00:33
iceswordIndyGunFreak, er,what happened00:33
IndyGunFreakicesword: just tired.00:33
iceswordIndyGunFreak, can you be more clear?00:33
IndyGunFreakicesword: uh, i'm just tired.. working alot, etc.. nothing that serious00:34
iceswordIndyGunFreak, then have a holiday,00:34
aetaricjus make sure you use the right ports and it shouldn't00:34
IndyGunFreakicesword: i try, i try00:34
aetarici run iptables for my proxy site00:35
aetaricand for my smtp mail daemon00:35
wantE17stylewhat if they ping of death/syn flood the tor/freenet ports?00:35
subsumestefg: yes00:36
subsumestefg: If I boot into debug mode I can get to a login prompt but if I attempt to login it hangs forever00:36
aetaricit should drop packets for the offending ip addresses00:36
wantE17styleok.......thank you00:36
stefgsubsume: so i take it that your xserver died. ATI card ?00:37
aetaricif you need more help im sure the people in #ubuntu-server know iptables pretty well you could ask them00:37
subsumestefg: ...no, because debug mode just goes to prompt....00:37
kindofabuzzwantE17style: just get a good router and don't worry about it =)00:37
subsumestefg: this is right after a dist-upgrade00:37
subsumestefg: mysteriously my wifi card is gone too00:37
astheglorioushelp :'(00:38
subsumestefg: and my network card if ifconfig is any indication00:38
kindofabuzzreplace the firmware with dd-wrt and you'll be alright00:38
stefgsubsume: yeah... so you got a new kernel, but probably the restricted driver failed to upgrade. Can you boot with the old kernel?00:38
wantE17stylekindofabuzz: good routers are expensive :P I am searching for a cisco router on ebay00:38
Odd-rationalestefg: ok. Found it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3254924&postcount=1100:38
aetarickindofabuzz: i have a cisco 3620 series router.......but i can still get SYN flooded....00:38
wantE17styleno my cheap router is awful :P00:38
subsumestefg: sure but how do i get those restricted drivers back?00:38
kindofabuzz$60 is expensive?00:38
subsumestefg: they must be available because a clean desktop install of ubuntu installs the card just fine00:39
kindofabuzzlike i said, put DD_WRT firmware on your cheap router and poof, you got a #600 router00:39
wantE17styleall the $60 routers I used are terrible00:39
=== Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
RockmanDensetsuI have troubles with my Mic.00:39
RxDxi have a GF 6200 (AGP).. should i install nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new?00:39
aetaricyeah $600 is expensive00:39
wantE17styleI ried to install dd-wrt but my dlink router is not supported :'(00:39
stefgsubsume: what card is that?00:40
kindofabuzzRxDx: i suggest using Envy, it will pick the best driver00:40
wantE17styleI will buy a used cisco router on ebay :P00:40
kindofabuzzdd-wrt is the best thing i've ever done to my router00:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGRxDx, nvidia-glx-new00:40
wantE17styleit seems great00:40
RxDxkindofabuzz, i did.. but i can feel that my 3dcard works very better on winxp them ubuntu00:40
wersquick question. i need a light (doesn't eat much resource) theme. please dont point to me gnome-look.org. please suggest a specific theme. :)00:40
wantE17stylebut I need different hardware :P00:40
aetariclol wantE17style: what you gonna do about the IOS? know IOS commands?00:41
[Hardy]TuTUXG!envy | RxDx00:41
ubotuRxDx: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:41
wantE17style:P no - I am a newbie to linux :P what is IOS? :-/00:41
askandHi! I dont really know how this works..but on the ALSA site one can read about the Creative Labs X-Fi this: "Card delivered to developers. Completely new architecture. Creative actively preventing support due to no datasheets being released to ALSA developers. Reverse engineering work not started due to lack of time.". However the OSS-driver do support this card, cant ALSA use the OSS-code?00:41
aetaricIOS is the cisco systems firmware...it is cli00:42
subsumestefg i don't think its restricted because an identical hardware machine doesn't have the wifi card in the device manager00:42
subsumenot as restricted anyway00:42
subsumehow can i tell what the card is?00:42
wantE17styleohhh , I planned to install dd-wrt on the cisco router :P00:42
rskaskand: kinda like saying, can't IE use FF code?00:42
wantE17stylecan I do that?00:42
stefgsubsume: lspci | grep VGA00:42
aetaricno GUI there and you have to buy a router online off the cisco site to get IOS00:42
astheglorioushello, a little help00:42
michealPWI volunteered to deploy Ubuntu v7.10 on my friend's Audio Recording computer. I was hoping to get 2 audio cards working,00:42
aetaricIOS is the only thing that will run00:42
wantE17styleoh, damn :(00:42
michealPWWhich I have, hehe... My problem is Cakewalk SONAR and WINE:/00:42
subsumestefg oh thaty00:43
moogmusicwhen i suspend ubuntu 7.10 at my laptop, i dont have a network connection anymore after resuming from suspend. wny help ?00:43
subsumestefg: i thought we were talking about the wifi card?00:43
askandrsk: hmm..but isnt there a difference between drivers and programs?00:43
michealPWHas anyone had success? Anyone know of good alternatives or advice to SONAR with Ubuntu?00:43
wantE17stylethere are lots of cisco routers for sale on ebay tho :-/ but no software included00:43
kindofabuzzwantE17style: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices00:43
michealPWaskand: Technically, wouldn't drivers be considered programs or "software" ?:)00:43
=== kindofabuzz is now known as kindofabuzz_
mad_max02can any of you guys tell me does Cedega work as good or better or wors than wine ??00:43
subsumestefg its nVidia Corporation NV6 Vanta/Vanta LT00:43
subsumerev 1500:43
stefgsubsume: no... obviously your x server (the part which does the gui) doesn't work00:43
wantE17stylekindofabuzz - I checked already - my router isn't supported :(00:44
subsumestefg well the wifi stopped working too00:44
askandmichealPW: yea..ok I see00:44
stefgsubsume: so did you use automatix/envy ?00:44
FearedBlissdoes debian etch 4.0r3 have WPA support for Original Airport out of the box ?00:44
FearedBlissI know 8.04 alpha 6 has it00:45
michealPWaskand: Basically, drivers are software libraries that expose functions, which the operating system uses to interact with your hardware at the kernel level, IIRC.00:45
[Hardy]TuTUXG!debian FearedBliss00:45
subsumestefg: no idea what you are talking about00:45
[Hardy]TuTUXG!debian | FearedBliss00:45
ubotuFearedBliss: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!00:45
FearedBliss[Hardy]TuTUXG, I already know that its based on it.. the question is does debian have WPA support.. Ubuntu tends to go custom kernel on everyone00:46
FearedBlisslets c00:46
stefgsubsume: try 'sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) && sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-legacy' then 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start'00:47
subsumestefg: that computer is tanked man. no wifi. no eth0. no way to apt-get00:48
subsumeman/woman =)00:48
stefgsubsume: ah yes... forgaot00:48
subsumestefg: its weird because I updated another machine just fine00:48
subsume(not just fine, its can't do 1200x)00:48
michealPWPerhaps I could use my friends system to test the latest build of Ubuntu Studio, then:/00:49
stefgsubsume: so check in /etc/X11/xorg.conf if the driver is set to 'nvidia'. change it to 'nv' temporarily and see if that gives you a gui for starters00:49
michealPWI really hope I can get SONAR to work, or at least find something of comparable quality, else I'll have a real hard time preaching the Ubuntu gospel:(00:49
flickafter i suspend to ram, my eth0 connection does not wake up - did anybody face this problem?00:50
laptorwhat's the different between ubuntu dvd and ubuntu cd?00:50
=== kindofabuzz_ is now known as kindofabuzz
aetariclaptor: one is a cd the other is a dvd00:50
flicklaptor, dvd contains more packages, which you have to download (if you want to install) if you have a cd00:51
Stroganoffflick: does it wake up with sudo if-up00:51
barslowis it possible to make a .iso bootable backup of exactly how i have ubuntu setup right now?00:51
barslowincluding all the packages00:51
subsumestefg: do I need to restart...?00:51
subsumestefg: it was nvidia00:51
flickStroganoff, nope - it says unknown device eth0=eth000:51
[dcr]How can I set a user to automatically login again and remove the password?00:51
stefgsubsume: just 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart'00:51
laptoron ubuntu dvd kde package00:52
fa1salاستفسر زياده00:52
laptoror just gnome00:52
subsumestefg: bingo00:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGfa1sal, what?00:52
subsumestefg: why not just stick with nv?00:52
frank23Windows installer royally screwed up my partition table. Please read here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60815/   I just want to know if rewriting the partition table as I suggest will work and if there is anything I should watch out for.  Right now I'm in a ubuntu livecd.00:52
fa1salno thing00:53
aetarici don't even know which channel to send him too00:53
subsumestefg: oh wait. login is hanging. =)00:53
barslowis it possible to make a .iso bootable backup of exactly how i have ubuntu setup right now?00:53
subsume'failed to initialize HAL'00:53
stefgsubsume: something with the restricted modules went wrong. so you are now on the (non 3D) free nvidia driver.00:53
flickStroganoff, it actually says "Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"00:53
laptorone more on ubuntu dvd kde package or just gnome00:53
[Hardy]TuTUXG!ubuntu-al | fa1sal00:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-al - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:54
* akumar_ be back after 9:30 eastern00:54
[Hardy]TuTUXG!ubuntu-ar | fa1sal00:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-ar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:54
[dcr]!gdm | [dcr]00:54
jedi-alexhello, im a newbie and im tring for over 4 hours to install ubuntu 7.10 (stable) but without results... im booting with cd and choosing installation but it always freezes (same with v8 beta)00:54
subsumestefg: someway i can upgrade and default to these restricted drivers?00:55
jedi-alexit seems that there is an incompatibility issue but how can i know the reason?00:55
kindofabuzzjedi-alex: try the alternate cd00:55
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal00:55
jedi-alexit doesnt give any message, just freezing at the logo and the progress bar00:55
FullMon-TI need help building my message.lst00:55
asthegloriouswith wpa supplicant, how do you specify a hex key?00:55
madman91hello all00:55
stefgsubsume: yeah... gutsy can be a pita. why not take a neat backup, do a fresh hardy beta install, (hardy works exceptionally well already) and just skip gutsy? It's not worth the effort with all the troubleshootung, to be honest. gutsy is/was a dud00:55
jedi-alexkindofabuzz thanks man00:56
amortvigilis there a ogg to mp3 converter wich converts all files in specified directories?00:56
madman91is it possible to set SSH up in such a way that certain users can use passwords to login, but others can only use ssh-keys?00:56
laptorfalsal he ask about ubuntu dvd00:56
=== Schmeiz is now known as Schmiez
laptorkde package on ubuntu dvd00:56
laptoror no00:56
fa1salوالله مدري وش تقول00:56
danandjedi-alex - try editing the kernel options at the boot screen - press f6 and remove "quiet splash" - then boot. You should see where and what is causing the install or boot to hang00:57
michealPWlaptor: I don't believe KDE is on the Ubuntu DVD, unless you mean the Kubuntu DVD. It's in the repositories, however.00:57
michealPWAre they called repositories? I mean to say, you can install it with the Synaptic Package Manager:)00:57
kindofabuzzamortvigil: check out http://sox.sourceforge.net/00:57
subsumestefg: will hardy play well with a gusty server?00:57
subsumestefg: I'm in a 40 computer lab. i can move one to hardy and see how it goes.00:58
subsumestefg: can I dist-upgrade to gusty?00:58
michealPWlaptor: Honestly, though.. I had bad experiences with KDE:(00:58
subsumeerrrr hardy00:58
GullyFoyleI would feel like such a wanker if I used wmii. Please help me get past this.00:58
michealPWlaptor: I mean, a lot of them... Straight out the box there were a number of issues that plagued Kubuntu v7.10 for me, including missing MIME types.00:58
subsumestefg: this machine is still hanging at promtp.00:58
laptorno I mean ubuntu00:59
stefgsubsume: just to get things straight: From which version did you upgrade to what new version?00:59
laptorbut now I understand you00:59
subsumestefg: feisty to gusty00:59
subsumewhole lab is feisty00:59
nich0sDoes anyone have a reccomendation for a p2p client for ubuntu00:59
subsumesome of the lab is edubuntu00:59
danandsubsume - can you check your logs to see whats causing the hang? look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:00
kindofabuzznich0s: i just use limewire and for totrrents i use deluge01:00
michealPWLaptor: Don't let me discourage you from *trying* KDE, I mean, it's got a lot to brag about, I love Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor.)01:00
michealPWI miss it on GNOME:)01:00
subsumedanand: how do you know its X? it happens right after GRUB01:00
danandsubsume - or /var/log/gdm ...01:00
michealPWOther than that... KDE re-invents the GNOME wheel, with a "K", in my personal opinion.01:00
nich0skindofabuzz: THanks :)01:00
costihi everyone, whats the name of this nice OSX looking taskbar?01:01
stefgsubsume: ok... so you ended in desaster (like many others). you can spend 6 hours in troubleshooting now, or 2 hours for taking a backup of your data, wiping the disk, install hardy beta from scratch, and restore your personal files01:01
GullyFoyleI would use Limewire if I were a knob-gobbling tool01:01
michealPWhaha GullyFoyle.01:01
kindofabuzzGullyFoyle: ?01:01
x1250If I want to use the new beta ubuntu release, do I have to replace "gutsy" by "hardy" (in sources.list) ?01:01
danandsubsume - oh.. sorry ... kinda confused between eveyones probs then.. :)01:01
subsumestefg: no backup necessary01:01
subsumewow. i see error output now01:01
michealPWLimeWire's good at finding search results, if you're searching for malware.01:01
x1250is it hardy the new upcoming release?01:01
subsumedevice mapper linear dm-linearr device lookup failed01:01
subsumeits just spamming that01:02
GullyFoyleoops did I say that out loud?01:02
michealPWOther than that, it struggles to find anything, in my experience.01:02
costix1250: yes01:02
stefgsubsume: so just scrap that... not worth the effort. take a fresh hardy install from scratch01:02
subsumestefg: can i do it from the command line or must i get disk?01:02
x1250costi: ok, thanks01:02
ThreeFingerPeteby hand i edited xorg.conf to add a resolution to my monitor(it supports it). however, i cannot get it to show up in preferences. how do i cause it to reload that list?01:02
stefgsubsume: you need a disk. you don't upgrade, you completly reinstall01:02
kindofabuzzGullyFoyle: are you calling me a tool?01:03
subsumestefg ok01:03
c-ronmaynards-girl, tool fan?01:03
maynards-girlc-rom, yep01:03
ThreeFingerPeteit seems using control alt backspace doesnt reset my xorg01:04
kindofabuzztool is the only "metal" band i can listen to01:04
GullyFoylekindofabuzz: sorry, I forgot which channel I was in. No offence intended.01:04
atg_ghhhaaaa, I'm going nuts, need help01:05
michealPWaMule, to the rescue!01:05
RockmanDensetsuI have troubles with my Microphone :(01:05
cost1whats the name of this OSX- ike panel, pls?01:05
RockmanDensetsuUbuntu 7.1001:05
cost1RockmanDensetsu: look at alsamixer01:05
cost1RockmanDensetsu: enable capture (-;01:05
RockmanDensetsucost1 > i try with all in google forums, ubuntu-es ubuntu.org, etc..01:06
michealPWIs struggling with Cakewalk SONAR on Ubuntu a lost cause?01:06
RockmanDensetsucost1 > i recompile my soundcard01:06
cost1RockmanDensetsu: omg01:06
subsumestefg: do you know if there is a lightweight gusty I can get from command line?01:06
michealPWI've invest a lot of time.. Before I got further, I'd like to know if it's a big waste of time?:/01:06
subsumestefg:  I want to make a thin-client from gusty01:06
RockmanDensetsucost 1> I try with the sigmatel patch (downgrade the drivers)01:06
michealPWsubsume: Gobuntu?:P01:06
RockmanDensetsucost1> but nothing work01:06
subsumemichealPW: wtf?01:07
c-ronmichealPW, why would you want to run sonar in *nix? just use windows doe that01:07
stefgsubsume: you don't want gutsy. you want hardy (8.04).01:07
kaffienhow can i modify the settings on beryl / xgl?01:07
c-ron*for that01:07
subsumestefg: i'm sorry i meant Hardy!01:07
cost1RockmanDensetsu: did you look if the configuration on alsamixer is right?01:07
michealPWc-ron: I don't like Windows, and me and Microsoft don't get along anymore.01:07
subsumestefg: is there a lightweight install of hardy?01:07
atg_ok man, this is it, I'm reinstalling windows :(01:07
stefgsubsume: what do mean by lightweight?01:07
RockmanDensetsucost1> yeas, alsa mixer its right, i try with all configurations01:07
jrgphow well does compiz work with dual monitors under hardy? I'm using a gfc 6600 with the restricted drivers.01:07
stefgsubsume: what machine/hardware and what purpose?01:07
cost1RockmanDensetsu: perhaps a hardware error?01:07
michealPWc-ron: I'd like to deploy Ubuntu on my close friends home audio studio. I've gotten the hardware setup (2 audio cards) and such,01:08
subsumestefg: apt-get install edubuntu-addon-light gives you a smaller version of edubuntu01:08
michealPWBut SONAR's a non-starter so far, aheuheuH!~01:08
skavezwould connecting an ubuntu server box via ethernet to my mac give ubuntu internet access? i'm considering installing ubuntu server on an extra pc01:08
cost1RockmanDensetsu: does it work on a other os?01:08
RockmanDensetsucost1>in the audio settings the error its with the pipeline01:08
subsumestefg: i've got some pretty powerful client machines.01:08
subsumestefg: purpose: an elementary school lab01:08
RockmanDensetsucost1>preconfigured MS Windows Vista work on01:08
stefgsubsume: so you are setting up a terminal server?01:08
subsumestefg: uhm... not sure what you mean by that. but there is a server here.01:09
cost1RockmanDensetsu:  sorry, i do not know what to do )-;01:09
michealPWsubsume: Seriously, have you looked at Gobuntu for that? It's intended for people who want to build Ubuntu-based distributions, IIRC.01:09
stefgsubsume: so how much ram has the typical machine?01:09
RockmanDensetsucost1> thanks for you attencions (:01:09
cost1RockmanDensetsu: np01:09
cost1RockmanDensetsu: buena noche01:09
subsumestefg: how can I check? =)01:09
stefgsubsume: free -m01:10
c-ronmichealPW, have you check winehq to see if anyone has been able to run it?01:10
michealPWcost1: So, basically SONAR's a no go? Is there anything of comparable quality?01:10
subsumestefg: says total 37601:10
michealPWc-ron: Nothing on WineHQ was pleasing. The closest anyone has gotten and documented was getting it to *play* audio, aheuheuH!~01:10
cost1michealPW: what?01:10
moogmusicwhen i suspend ubuntu 7.10 at my laptop, i dont have a network connection anymore after resuming from suspend. wny help ?01:10
izzy_echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname01:10
michealPWcost1: Cakewalk SONAR, for professional audio recording.01:11
izzy_anyone know how to set the hostname on ubuntu 7.10 server edition ?01:11
RockmanDensetsu Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller01:11
izzy_its echo something not sure what the rest of it is01:11
ubotuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab01:11
cost1michealPW: hmm i do not know something about audio recordig... (-;01:12
ketzereiI can't install Ubuntu. Alternate cd or otherwise. Kubuntu installs just fine, I'm running it now. Ubuntu just seems to hate me, 64 bit or otherwise.01:12
Stroganoffflick: have you googled your mainboard chipset or ethernet chipset with ubuntu suspend?01:12
RockmanDensetsuLaptop Gateway 694701:12
ketzereiI get an "Errno 5 Check cd for defects, clean disk drive, or move to a cooler enviroment."01:12
stefgsubsume: ok, that should be enough for a standard desktop install... http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-beta-desktop-i386.iso . but this isn NOT edubuntu01:12
ketzerei I've burned like 4 different cds already, and none work.01:12
Stroganoffor just linux suspend, flick01:12
subsumestefg: i am already downloading that01:12
cost1does anyone know a panel which looks like the mac OSX one?01:13
Odd-rationale!awn | cost101:13
ketzereiCost1: AWN01:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:13
PiPMeistersearch for mac4lin01:13
cost1ok, yhx01:13
ketzereiAvant window manager01:13
stefgsubsume: edubuntu has its own channel #edubuntu. you should probably ask there for the lastes edubuntu news01:13
subsumestefg: I don't need to use edubuntu01:13
subsumestefg: its a dead project in my mind01:13
subsumestefg: this lab just happens to have lots of edubuntu01:14
ketzereiI can't install Ubuntu. Alternate cd or otherwise. Kubuntu installs just fine, I'm running it now. Ubuntu just seems to hate me, 64 bit or otherwise.01:14
c-ronmichealPW, read this: http://forums.presonus.com/showthread.php?t=452001:14
subsumestefg: you really think gutsy was a dud, eh?01:14
tifine_what is the player to play .mkv movie, i am trying to play kaffine but some times movie stops or sometime you can hear the sound and picture still.01:15
Stroganofftifine_: try mplayer or vlc01:15
subsumemichealPW: gobuntu uses only open source drivers, etc?01:15
tifine_Stroganoff, try both same happening01:15
stefgsubsume: the idea behind edubuntu is that you have only one powerful machine in the lab, and use old and obsolete computers just as terminals. all the actual work is done on the powerful machine. But if you have halfway decent machines, you should rather go for ubuntu, it's less complex01:16
ryrystifine_, with vlc u play mkv's. videolan.org :)01:16
subsumemichealPW: so lame. hell I remember a dist of ubuntu that didn't even come with mp3 support. hideous.01:16
subsumestefg: yeah but these clients are strong enough and i don't want to weigh down the server01:16
ketzereiI get an "Errno 5 Check cd for defects, clean disk drive, or move to a cooler enviroment."01:16
tifine_ryrys, they why somtimes movie stops and you can hear the sound they speaking01:16
cost1tifine_: perhaps install some missing codecs?01:16
nikrudsubsume it still doesn't, in that sense01:16
subsumestefg: bah, edubuntu doesn't even do that well. in order to get a good setup you have to customize it01:16
tifine_cost1, okie what codecs i needed to install for mkv movie01:16
subsumenikrud: what didn't?01:16
c-ronmp3 != free01:17
subsumenikrud oh01:17
subsumenikrud yeah, that's a little too hardcore OS for me =)01:17
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:17
cost1 tifine_: moment, i will check the wiki01:17
michealPWThanks for the read, c-ron01:17
ryrystifine_, hmmm alsa problems maybe....01:17
Stroganofftifine_: try without binary video drivers01:17
mike__how can i install this VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731.i386.tar.gz PLZ ...01:17
=== jpw27 is now known as jpw27_
nikrudsubsume I'm talking about ubuntu. Still doesn't come with mp3 support. You have to add it01:17
tifine_Stroganoff, without binary drivers ??01:17
subsumenikrud: yeah, i got that.01:17
Stroganofftifine_: i cant find any confirmation at google related to your specific problem. just many people with movie playing without sound01:18
subsumenikrud: that's easy enough to add. a monitor driver can be hell =)01:18
mike__how can i format my Slave IDE hdd thata NTFS into a linux fileSys ?01:18
tifine_Stroganoff, i can hear the sound but why movie sometimes go to still and then play then still01:18
Stroganofftifine_: i mean the closed source drivers coming directly from ati/nvidia/matrox/s301:18
tifine_tifine_, but i dont exactly know which drivers i need for it01:19
Stroganofftifine_: is it just one .mkv file or any?01:19
kindofabuzzis no one talking or is something messed up on my end?01:19
izzy_what does the echo command do ?01:19
kindofabuzzsend me a msg please01:20
tifine_Stroganoff, just only one file01:20
tifine_Stroganoff, just only one file01:20
Stroganofftifine_: it may be related to the codec. "mkv" ist just a container format01:20
tbwnoobhello room01:20
tbwnoobmy graphics are flickering using ati?01:20
Stroganofftifine_: you could try to convert that file to xvid.avi or something01:20
incugusHello everyone, im a new ubuntu user, and im having some dificulties, i was wondering  if anyone has some spare time to help me out.01:20
cost1 tifine_: sory, i did not found anything01:21
subsumestefg: I'm just curious but why doesn't this darn computer start without being in recovery mode?01:21
tifine_Stroganoff, any idea how should i convert .mkv file to avi file01:21
subsumestefg: even though I can go into recovery mode and then start GDM just fine.01:21
levieme confundi del canal :P01:21
unkhotHello, I have a apache chrooted, but some tools like squirrelmail needs 'locales' to select another language, wich files do I need on chroot? Or what do I need ? thank you01:21
levietodos hablan en inglés?01:21
Stroganofftifine_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56701601:21
cost1levie: si01:22
Stroganofftifine_: or use the command line interface of ffmpeg or mencoder (see google etc.)01:22
tritium!es | levie01:22
ubotulevie: En el canal donde esta solo se premite hablar ingles. Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:22
tbwnoobhello , i have ati driver installed and when they are being used in the 3d mode they flicker, do i need new drivers or are my settings worng?01:22
izzy_Setting The Hostname01:22
izzy_echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname01:22
leviesi ok gracias01:22
izzy_Setting The Hostname01:22
izzy_echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname01:22
izzy_(/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname)01:22
Stroganofftbwnoob: are you on the latest updates including kernel?01:22
izzy_does that look right ?01:23
izzy_ignore the () its so it would show up01:23
Stroganofftbwnoob: have you googled your ati card + flicker + compiz or aiglx01:23
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> i dont know can you tell me how to check please?01:23
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> yes i have i have googled away01:23
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> all of those01:23
Stroganofftbwnoob: open terminal (alt+f2 -> xterm), type: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:23
leviela mayoria de ustedes son de Usa??01:24
alindemanWhere do I set my users' preferred locale (env variable LANG)?01:24
nathan42100that was....weird.01:24
tbwnoob0 new01:24
Stroganofftbwnoob: are you using gutsy/ubuntu7.10?01:24
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> yes i am01:24
Stroganoffk do the thing01:24
nathan42100RhythmBox just played the right song but displayed the title and length and stuff wrong01:24
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> it said zero new01:24
leviebye a todos :)01:25
kindofabuzzok it was this script messing it up01:25
subsumeHow can I apt-get hardy??01:25
Stroganoffok tbwnoob: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:25
tbwnoobim there01:25
Stroganofftbwnoob: ctrl+W... search for "defaultdepth" and set it to 1601:25
cyntek_I am now recieving a problem with gutsy gibbon 7.10, the playback of audio cd's are playing way too fast. Is there a solution to fix this bug.01:25
Stroganoffinstead of 2401:25
stefgsubsume: no CD burner inreach ?01:25
subsumestefg: I have a burner. I just want to use it as a thin-client01:26
subsumestefg: (as well as burning the iso i am downloading)01:26
nathan42100welllll.....anyways, I can't write linux scripts for my life...can someone help me make a login script that a) mounts both hard drives and b) asks whether or not the user wants to boot into xubuntu or ubuntu (xfce vs GNOME)01:26
=== sparc is now known as pradeep
tbwnoob<Stroganoff ok01:26
tbwnoob<Stroganoff i set it to 16 from 2401:26
Stroganoffnathan42100: use gdm session vor xfce vs. gnome01:26
stefgsubsume: i see... you can do a minimal install then... but that's a different CD :-)01:26
tbwnoob<Stroganoff : shouls i save?01:26
subsumestefg: what is the source package name for the min install?01:27
Stroganofffor choosing desktops i mean01:27
Stroganofftbwnoob: yes. ctrl+alt+bckspacke01:27
stefgsubsume: it's no package.. it's an .iso01:27
Stroganoffafter safing01:27
subsumestefg: its a package too, i bet01:27
LumberCartelI've been setting up some old machines for people with Ubuntu Linux on them (they were previously Windows boxes from a school that upgraded their hardware, but the licenses weren't transferrable), and the few people who received them are very happy with them.01:27
tbwnoob<Stroganoff restart x server?01:27
cyntek_I am now recieving a problem with gutsy gibbon 7.10, the playback of audio cd's are playing way too fast. Is there a solution to fix this bug.01:27
Schmeizhow do i get ATI drivers working on ubuntu01:27
stefgsubsume: but you have a harddrive inside the client, don't you?01:27
subsumestefg: well..yeah01:28
gleblanc_I'm not sure if anybody here would know, but I'm having trouble with soundconverter not recognizing my mp3 libraries on ubuntu01:28
hischildSchmeiz, enable the restricted drivers under system->adminstration->restricted drivers01:28
nathan42100stroganoff: how do I do that? I want it to actually pop up a box and not have to go into options each time to change it01:28
gleblanc_Any thoughts on how to debug?01:28
LumberCartelI've been using g4u to replicate Ubuntu installs, and all is working well, but some of these machines have larger drives and I'd like to know how to set up a partition using the extra disk space.01:28
eduardoHey kids - another question... When upgrading my Ubunty, apt asked me if i wanted to use a new config or keep an existing now... so I said use new. I THINk that was in regards to "initramfs"... anyway my system doesn't boot now due to initramfs issues. is there any recourse?01:28
stefg!minimal | subsume01:28
ubotusubsume: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:28
subsumestefg: but I have a NFS loading /home drive01:28
LumberCartelAny help would be greatly appreciated.01:28
sjovangot a teamspeak isntall issue. I can't se the problem. http://pastebin.com/d222b358a <--- can you guys?01:28
cyntek_I am now recieving a problem with gutsy gibbon 7.10, the playback of audio cd's are playing way too fast. Is there a solution to fix this bug.01:29
Stroganoffnathan42100: there may be a hotkey for switching sessions. anyway you could create a blank session with your choosing script and your mount stuff01:29
LumberCartelI've found a few other poor families without computers -- the kids will be using Ubuntu with OpenOffice.org for their homework.  I've been giving these machines away for free.01:29
stefgsubsume: so are you going to vnc/rdp/xdmcp into the server, or do you run apps locally?01:29
c-ronLumberCartel, nice. :)01:29
cyntek_good cause!01:29
nathan42100Stroganoff...i have no clue how to do this stuff, which is why I am ehre01:29
Stroganoffnathan42100: you have to look into the necessary command yourself. the sessions are at /usr/share/xsession or somewhere (im not on linux right now)01:29
=== tim22 is now known as qwed
subsumestefg: run apps locally01:29
LumberCartelc-ron:  Ubuntu has been great for this.01:29
kindofabuzzLumberCartel: can i have one? i'm poor01:29
cyntek_good cause!01:29
cyntek_I am now recieving a problem with gutsy gibbon 7.10, the playback of audio cd's are playing way too fast. Is there a solution to fix this bug.01:30
stefgsubsume: so just use the standard install, except tjat you mount /home via nfs01:30
LumberCartelc-ron:  I've already promised these machines to other -- they're 1 GHz AMD Durons so they're quite slow.  When I get more I'll ask around here though if I can't find good homes for them.01:30
nathan42100Thanks stroganoff01:30
intarwebzwhat's the difference between a windowing system and a window manager?01:30
LumberCartelSorry c-ron, that was meant for kindofabuzz.01:30
c-ronI pulled an old p2 out of a dumpster and put xubuntu on for my broke ass roommate01:30
RockmanDensetsuia have a problem01:30
cyntek_I am now recieving a problem with gutsy gibbon 7.10, the playback of audio cd's are playing way too fast. Is there a solution to fix this bug.01:30
RockmanDensetsuwith my SO01:30
RockmanDensetsuubuntu 7.1001:30
stefgsubsume: so that's not exactly a thin client, but a fat clinet01:30
RockmanDensetsuthe trouble its with my micropone01:31
subsumestefg:  yes a fat client a la https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients01:31
Stroganoffnathan42100: you will have to find a little program that lets you create custom graphical message boxes01:31
LumberCartelI'm fairly new to Linux, and am wondering:  How can I get a list of partitions, and how can I create a new one?  I know how to mount partitions from separately mounted drives already.01:31
michealPWExcellent read, c-ron.01:31
navetzhey guys, what do I download to be able to watch wma streamed videos?01:31
nathan42100how do I edit the files....01:31
nathan42100stroganoff: how do I edit the files01:31
michealPWCleared a couple of things up, helped a lot as well.01:31
navetzor quicktime videos01:31
michealPWUbuntu Studio it is!01:31
c-ronmichealPW, do you make music?01:32
Stroganoffnathan42100, i mean for creating your custom DUAL CHOOSE box. then you have to start gnome-session or xfce-session (or is it xubuntu-session) with that dialogue box01:32
Kubuntu-userHi all01:32
c-ronhowdy Kubuntu-user01:32
nathan42100stroganoff: I still need to know how to edit them...they won't open in gedit even with sudo01:32
Stroganoff!bash | nathan4210001:33
ubotunathan42100: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:33
stefgsubsume: but these fat clients don't have a local harddrive. if you have harddisks inside your clients i would just use them as plain network clients, all apps installed locally and save lots of network traffic01:33
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:33
Stroganoffnathan42100: use "sudo nano file" for a starter01:33
LumberCartelGoogle hasn't been very helpful for partition management solutions in Ubuntu -- all I keep finding is stuff about Windows partitions, which is what I'm trying to get the world to get away from.01:33
nathan42100I have to edit them in nano is what you are saying stroganoff?01:33
tbwnoob_that crashed me01:33
Stroganoffand create new ones01:33
Stroganoffand understand what your doing (the hard part for a noob)01:34
tbwnoob_<Stroganoff that crashed my xserver01:34
Stroganoffso read some wesbites01:34
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  'sudo fdisk -l' for a list, to make/move/alter them - i normally use gparted.01:34
Stroganofftbwnoob_ sure you did nothing wrong except change the defaultdepth?01:34
LumberCartelAh, fdisk.  Thanks Dr_willis.01:34
Stroganofflet me have you ati card then01:34
vltHello. I fetched the source of a package (`apt-get source pkgname`), extracted it (`tar -xzf pkgname-version.tar.gz`) and modified a .cpp file. What's the easiest way to get an installable .deb file?01:34
tbwnoob_what version of ati should i install01:34
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  same name as the command under windows. :) well used to be under windows.01:34
tbwnoob_8.3 8.4 or 8.2?01:35
Stroganoffplus tbwnoob: paste your /var/log/Xorg.log into !paste01:35
Dr_willisLumberCartel,   gparted will show them also - of course.  but fdisk -l is a good command to get a list of all the disns on a system01:35
stefgsubsume: bedtime for me... good luck with hardy01:35
kindofabuzzi think i'm gonna go install Debian on my other hard drive just to try it out01:35
Dr_willisTesting out SIDux right now on some of my machines01:35
tifine_Stroganoff, any idea how long does that gonna take to convert ?01:36
LumberCartelDr_willis:  I see hda1, hda2, and hda5 only.  Seems others are left out of the list?01:36
kindofabuzzwhat is Deb's default gui?01:36
tbwnoobeven now because i have vesa enabled now01:36
tbwnoobas my driver01:36
tbwnoobshould i change it back to ati then to my car log?01:36
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  what others?  It should list all that are seen by the bios.01:36
tbwnoobvar log?01:36
Stroganofftifine_: shoudlnt take more than 10 minutes with average settings01:36
=== ce_chinnese is now known as fiton
Stroganoffif it's just 700mb01:36
Vorodiegreetings every one01:36
LumberCartelOh.  So the numbers aren't consecutive then.01:36
tifine_Stroganoff, no its 8gb :P01:37
c-ronthis may be inappropriate, but is hardy heron a rip on hairy hardon?01:37
Stroganoffk that will take some time01:37
Dr_willisLumberCartel,   thats how extended and logical and primary partitions are named. 1-4  = primaries, 5+ = logicals/extendds01:37
Stroganofftifine_: i hope your output file is not 700mb ;)01:37
kindofabuzzc-ron: LOL never thought about that01:38
Schmeizevery time i plug in my ATI video card, i can't get Ubuntu to start up01:38
Itaku!lol | kindofabuzz01:38
ubotukindofabuzz: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.01:38
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> okay im going to try different drivers and see if any one is better01:38
Vorodiei have a question: the Fridge page say that 8.04 is going to be LTS, while the Kubuntu announce say that it is NOT. what is correct?01:39
crackheadjunkyhello all01:39
c-ronubotu, has no sense of humor01:39
kindofabuzzwhat?  so were supposed to say" hey i laughed at that"?01:39
tbwnoobill be back if that doesnt work01:39
Stroganofftbwnoob: theres only fglrx and ati01:39
Stroganoffk there that new one01:39
warriorforgodWhat would be the easiest way to migrate an ubuntu server off a VM to a physical machine.01:39
Stroganoffwell gl01:39
tbwnoobthere are 3 different ati versions01:39
crackheadjunkyguys, i need some help with alsa, or my realtek sound.01:39
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Partition.html has a lot of info. Some of it may be a little out of date.01:39
c-ronkindofabuzz, the bot wouldn't appreciate the humor01:39
navetzcan anyone play this? http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/nba/nbacom/nbatv_top10/top10_080322.asx01:39
Stroganofftbwnoob: what ati board do you have?01:39
LumberCartelThank you Dr_willis.  I'll read that.01:39
navetzI cant figure out what to install to paly it01:39
kindofabuzzc-ron i'd (lol) at that but the bot wouldn't like me01:40
tbwnoob<Stroganoff> ati x130001:40
crackheadjunkyubotu, realtek01:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about realtek - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:40
Stroganoffnavetz: have you install mozilla-mplayer?01:40
crackheadjunkyplease help with realtek sound01:40
navetzStroganoff: I don't think so, is that what I need?01:40
c-ronnavetz, mplayer plays it in firefox01:40
alan_m!jp | xxx_01:40
ubotuxxx_: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい01:40
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  under many new disrtos - the ide drives are called by the 'sd' type names. hda1 = sda1, and so forth. Due to some changes in how drives are handled. - somthing to watch out for01:40
Schmeizcan anyone help me? i've got an ATI Raedon 9250 video card. every time i plug it into a PCI slot on my motherboard and start up my computer, Ubuntu does not work. whats wrong??01:40
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peace-keeperhi how can i see how much memory a process is using01:41
[Hardy]TuTUXG!cn | xxx01:41
ubotuxxx: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:41
navetzc-ron: mine trys to open with mplayer, but it wont work.01:41
alan_mone of those two will help em out heh01:41
kindofabuzznavetz: works for me01:41
crackheadjunkySchmeiz, ati has horrible linux following, you need to find the right driver for it01:41
Stroganoffnavetz, i dont know exactly if asx streams work in mplayer01:41
Stroganoffbut its the best one01:41
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE01:41
tbwnoob<Schmeiz> when you launc ubuntu press esc and go into the safe graphics mode then type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:41
Stroganoffnavetz | !medibuntu01:41
kindofabuzzwhat game is on now? is memphis on?01:41
tbwnoobthen select vesa as your driver01:41
Stroganoff!medibuntu | navet01:41
ubotunavet: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:41
Stroganoff!medibuntu | navetz01:41
ubotunavetz: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:41
Schmeizcrackheadjunky: where can i find the drivers? ATI's site is no help, it gives me a .run file that i cant use01:41
Stroganoffoops ;)01:42
c-ronStroganoff, mplayer plays it. i just checked01:42
crackheadjunkySchmeiz, use synaptic01:42
Stroganoffnavetz: install mozilla-mplayer with those medibuntu repos01:42
tbwnoob<Schmeiz>install envy01:42
crackheadjunkySchmeiz, type in ati in the search in synaptic01:42
navetzStroganoff: alright, thanks.01:42
Dr_willisSchmeiz,  some people use the ati installer (which is that .run file)  - but its not reccomended.. envy is not recomended either. :) but good luck01:42
LumberCartelDr_willis:  Thanks.  I'm familiar with some of this stuff from NetBSD.  It seems that Linux does things quite differently.01:42
urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:42
revnedHello. I'm having trouble setting up Twinview. Whenever I set the settings and hit apply and save file.  The changes dont take affect after I restart the X Server01:42
LumberCartelDr_willis, thanks again for all your help.  I'll be reading for a while then I'll return if I have any more questions.01:42
Dr_willisLumberCartel,  bsd names the drives in a different way also.. GRUB also names them in a different way also. :)01:43
tbwnoob<Stroganoff any luck on which version of driver i should use01:43
navetzStroganoff: i notice in the repos that there is also kaffiene-mozilla, would that work as well?01:43
warriorforgodWhat would be the easiest way to migrate an ubuntu server off a VM to a physical machine.01:43
Stroganofftbwnoob: what ati board do you have?01:43
subsumeI can't connect to the internet with ubuntu... what do I need to check?01:43
subsumeMy wifi card is set up right01:43
Schmeizalright since the other two aren't recommended, i'm lookin up ATI in the synaptic package manager01:43
tbwnoob<Stroganoff ati x130001:43
Stroganoffnavetz: most likely not01:43
tbwnoob<Stroganoff ati amd raedeon x130001:43
kindofabuzzdid memphis win today?01:43
crackheadjunkysubsume, what does ifconfig say?01:43
navetzStroganoff: alright, thanks01:43
Stroganoffnavetz: you need those evil codecs from medibuntu01:44
alan_m!ot | kindofabuzz01:44
ubotukindofabuzz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:44
yowshihmmm that howto is only for people who dont have the partitions in thier fstab01:44
subsumecrackheadjunky: ifconfig says not much. my wlan0 is there.01:44
subsumecrackheadjunky: how do I set my gateway, etc?01:44
yowshianyone know how to mount an ntfs partition or hdd that is already listed?01:44
navetzStroganoff: i think i have them01:44
tbwnoob<Stroganoff any luck01:44
c-ronurthmover, can you modprobe nvidia ?01:44
crackheadjunkysubsume, do u use dhcp or what?01:44
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=== FFEMTcJ is now known as replicant
Stroganofftbwnoob: what ati gpu do you posess?01:44
yowshigerf fstab != to fdisk01:44
Stroganoffnavetz: whats that?01:45
izzy_Setting The Hostname01:45
izzy_echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname01:45
izzy_(/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname)01:45
HinHinsubsume, goto system > network01:45
navetzStroganoff: I downloaded xine-plugin and it works01:45
Schmeizanother quick question01:45
Stroganofftbwnoob: your graphics card01:45
tbwnoob<Stroganoff whats a gou and how do i find out01:45
navetzStroganoff: thank you01:45
izzy_anyone know if that code is right ?01:45
HinHinand click properties01:45
Schmeizhow do i set up a network printer?01:45
subsumeI am comfy with commandline but ok01:45
BysmuthMageif I burn the ubuntu live cd image to a DVD disc will it still work or is there something specific to a CD on there01:45
Stroganoffnavetz, ur welcome ;)01:45
crackheadjunkySchmeiz, im no good there01:45
Schmeizi wanna print to a printer on windows xp01:45
tbwnoob<Stroganoff i use an ati x1300 on ubuntu 7.101:45
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kindofabuzzwoot! go tigers!01:45
alan_m!samba | schmiez01:45
ubotuschmiez: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:45
subsumecrackheadjunky: I don't have a bcast or ip or anything. what file do those live in?01:45
alan_mhave you tried this?01:46
subsumeHinHin: ok, there i am01:46
crackheadjunkysubsume, you should not need that, that is why i am asking01:46
c-ronkindofabuzz, what did the tigers do?01:46
urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:46
crackheadjunkysubsume, private room?01:46
urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:46
urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:47
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urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:47
urthmoverI have manually compiled the nvidia drivers and everything looks good (resolution etc.) when I reboot ubuntu says that it can't detect the graphics adaptor and then boots in a low graphics configuration.  How do I get the new nvidia drivers to stick after a reboot? (/etc/modules HAS nvidia in it)01:47
alan_mGuys, this is a support room, keep the random chatter in #ubuntu-offtopic as ubotu has informed, thanks :)01:47
kindofabuzzurthmover: try Envy01:47
Dr_willisurthmover,  you are probelry on ignore by 90% of the channel now.01:47
tbwnoob<Stroganoff okay ive got version 8.4 ubnstalled now01:47
urthmoversheesh  so sorry guys01:47
subsumecrackheadjunky: just msg me?01:47
tbwnoob<Stroganoff i need to restart then i will get you me my var .log01:47
Dr_willisurthmover,  :) is there some reason you dident use the restricted-manager tools and used the nvidis installer?01:47
urthmoverI was scrolled down all the way01:48
digitalslaveanyone know why msn support would suddenly stop working with pidgin and how i can fix it?01:48
crackheadjunkysubsume, i thought you could get another room here, guess not...01:48
urthmoverthat is what I did Dr Willis01:48
subsumecrackheadjunky: =)01:48
urthmoverusing the restriced tools01:48
urthmoverI do both01:48
peter-I did update my ubuntu to hardy beta. Its good but when i launch compiz, it wont show borders. I have installed emerald. I have ati's graphic card.01:48
crackheadjunkysubsume, ifconfig sees it?01:48
peter-I did update my ubuntu to hardy beta. Its good but when i launch compiz, it wont show borders. I have installed emerald. I have ati's graphic card.01:48
c-ronurthmover, tried envy?01:48
crackheadjunkysubsume, do you see your network in the list?01:48
peter-Sorry spam :S01:48
subsumecrackheadjunky: the device? yeah? but the device ahs no IP or anything01:48
subsumecrackheadjunky: yeah, its there.01:48
urthmoverand it works...but when I reboot nothing sticks...and yes I havve Envy installed01:48
Integrationhey guys i'm using drupal6 when I try to do changes to the navigation like disable or drag and move an item and then save it won't make the change. Any ideas?01:48
subsumecrackheadjunky: i just can't connecto internet01:49
Dr_willisurthmover,   thats what you said. :) or  thats now how i read it..   -   'I have manually compiled the nvidia' is not using restricted-manager01:49
poseidonFor somereason I can't get a wireless connection anymore.  When I click on the network manager the wireless netowkrs don't show up anymore.  and when I click on manual configuration wireless networks still doesn't show up as an option.  However if I go to the network editor I can see the last reuter I was on, and it's info01:49
BysmuthMageif i'm out of CDs can I just burn the ubuntu live cd image to a DVD and use that?  (the target machine does have a DVD drive)01:49
poseidonIn hardy Heron.  I'm in xp right now01:49
crackheadjunkysubsume, ok, have you configured wep or anything?01:49
digitalslavecomplains of ssl support and im assuming its tied to the firefox install but the libs seem to be there01:49
subsumecrackheadjunky: lots of other computers are using web just fine (including me now)01:49
urthmoverwell I meant that the nvidia precompile kernel program from a CLI was done01:49
Dr_willisurthmover,  check your kernel versions,  also check your xorg.conf to see if its some how getting changed. I guess.  Its possible by trying envy, or other tools. you may have confused some things.01:49
subsumecrackheadjunky: fresh install of ubuntu didn't get the network right01:49
crackheadjunkysubsume, do you have the network encrypted?01:49
subsumecrackheadjunky: no01:50
urthmoverpossibly I'll look there  thanks01:50
crackheadjunkysubsume, what version of ubuntu are you running?01:50
tcpdumpgodHey, can anyone get the Fasttrack plugin for GiFT to connect?01:50
subsumecrackheadjunky: setting dns addy worked =)01:50
crackheadjunkysubsume, got it?01:50
subsumecrackheadjunky: yeah01:51
crackheadjunkysubsume, sweet01:51
Stroganoffpeter-: you dont upgrade with ATI and compiz to beta.01:51
digitalslavekopete msn works fine just pidgin is messed up01:51
Stroganoffpeter-: open a terminal (alt+f2 -> xterm) and type compiz --replace01:51
peter-Stroganoff, How i can upgrade to beta?01:52
Stroganoffpeter-: see if there are errors01:52
BysmuthMageoh 8.04 for ati cards just do "SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz"01:52
kindofabuzzkopete rocks01:52
Stroganoffpeter-: you HAVE upgraded to beta (HARDY is beta)01:52
BysmuthMagein terminal01:52
digitalslavefirefox is installed in /usr/lib/firefox and the firefox beta has been placed in /usr/bin/firefox301:52
crackheadjunkyanyone using firefox 3?01:52
peter-Stroganoff, I mean compiz and emerald01:52
c-ronkubuntu hardy has kde 3.5, but remix has 4?01:53
digitalslaveerr /usr/lib/firefox3 that is01:53
Stroganoffpeter-: noobs shouldnt go beta. post you logfiles with http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org into #ubuntu+1 or just give up on compiz for now ;)01:53
digitalslavefirefox3 is great but seems its borked my ssl support in pidgin?01:53
Stroganoffi see, peter-01:53
kindofabuzzwhat does firefox have to do with pidgen?01:54
crackheadjunkydigitalslave, thats weird01:54
crackheadjunkydigitalslave, i dont believe that is the problem with pidgin...01:54
Stroganoffdigitalslave: install firefox-201:54
digitalslaveive read the ssl libs are contained in the firefox folder?01:54
crackheadjunkydigitalslave, not for pidgin, i dont think01:54
digitalslaveive removed and reinstalled both firefox and pidgin from repos and its still borked01:54
kindofabuzzdigital: try the firefox forums, forums.mozillazine.org01:55
Stroganoffdigitalslave: or have you installed firefox3 manually over your old firefox?01:55
Stroganoffare you on gutsy?01:55
mannexEvery time I try to update or install a package it additionally tries to install "sun-java6-doc (6-03-0ubuntu2)". I think the reason for this is because I tried to install the sun-java6-doc in the past and it failed, now it tries to perform this operation every time, and it always fails. How can I remove this package from the list so it does not try to update at all?01:55
digitalslaveno firefox3 is kept seperate in /usr/lib/firefox3 - yes gutsy01:55
tifine_Stroganoff, when its gonna do the conversion does it gonna make the 8gb .avi file or 700mb file ?01:55
bluecakehow to config ubuntu, so i can use wireless card for internet, and config eth0 to be and use both interfaces the same time? when i plug in wired eth0, wirelss turns off automatically01:55
Stroganoffdigitalslave: still, you should install fx3 with the swiftfox repos for now01:56
whyameye_is there a way in the Gnome environment to prevent applications from stealing focus?01:57
digitalslaveall i know is shortly after running firefox3 msn disconnected and hasnt been able to utilize ssl since01:57
Stroganofftifine_ that depends on your settings in that conversion manager and of the bitrate of the mkv. you should use a bitrate between 900 and 1100 kbit/s for your output file01:57
Stroganoffif its not HD01:57
kindofabuzzdigitalslave: does this help any? http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/FAQssl01:57
digitalslavei read that it just says to build it yourself01:58
Stroganoffdigitalslave: sudo apt-get purge firefox01:58
tifine_Stroganoff, I just installed the mencoder and use the simple command i.e. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MEncoder01:58
digitalslavebut ssl should be included in the gutsy repo no?01:58
Stroganoffand remove ~/.mozilla01:58
xp_prg_can anyone help me with port forwarding?01:58
Stroganoffthats right digitalslave, i have no real clue what the source of the problem might be01:58
warriorforgodWhat would be the easiest way to migrate an ubuntu server off a VM to a physical machine.01:58
tifine_xp_prg_, on router, which one do you have ?01:58
kindofabuzzLibpurple needs to be compiled with SSL support in order to work with MSN, Novell GroupWise, and some Jabber/XMPP servers which support or require it, such as Google Talk. You will need either GNUTLS and all its dependencies or Mozilla NSS and NSPR.01:58
digitalslavedoing the purge - didnt do that before just removed01:58
Stroganoffxp_prg_: read the manual of your router01:59
peter-Stroganoff, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60818/01:59
xp_prg_I am trying to do an ssh tunnel01:59
xp_prg_can anyone assist me?01:59
AnthraxDreamCan anyone tell me why my NTFS drive is no longer showing up on ubuntu but it shows up on vista?01:59
tifine_xp_prg_, here it is http://portforward.com/01:59
Schmeizhow long does it normally take samba to send a document to the printer?02:00
Schmeizcuz i've got almost a 1 minute delay from when i hit the print button, to when it actually prints02:00
pretenderCan anyone help with making DVD Case Cover in ubuntu with GLabels02:00
h0axI am a total n00b at linux and am trying to get my wireless working I have a linksys wpc11 ver 4 card can someone help me please02:00
Stroganoffpeter-: use gconf and remove that path that is indicated in the gconf line of that error log02:00
peter-Can you copy it to me, so i know what of them?02:01
peter-Stroganoff, Can you copy it to me, so i know what of them?02:01
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:01
digitalslavepurge and removing .mozilla did nothing same error02:01
digitalslaveif tried LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib and that didnt work either just as a test02:01
kindofabuzzdigitalslave: did you see that ssl link i posted? did that help any?02:02
Stroganoffpeter-: /apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens/options/initiate_edge and02:02
AnthraxDreamCan anyone tell me why my NTFS drive is no longer showing up on ubuntu but it shows up on vista?02:02
phoenix24Is there any utility, that can generate call graphs from the source-code ?02:02
digitalslaveno thats for compiling yourself with ssl support which i shouldnt need to do for gutsy02:02
crackheadjunkyAnthraxDream, check your fstab file02:02
AnthraxDreamWhere can I find that?02:02
crackheadjunkygedit fstab02:03
Stroganoffdigitalslave: open pidgin from command line and giev ssl errors02:03
Schmeizis samba really supposed to take this long to communicate?02:03
prince_jammysAnthraxDream: check the output of: grep ntfs /etc/fstab02:03
kindofabuzzdigitalslave: Uninstall any previous versions of Pidgin using apt, Synaptic, or similar. Then install the libnss3-dev package with Synaptic or apt-get install libnss3-dev. Now re-run ./configure, make, make install. Alternatively, use apt-get build-dep gaim (or pidgin on Gusty, although gaim will work) to get all of Pidgin's dependencies, then rebuild Pidgin.02:03
Schmeizi sent a job to the tray over 2 minutes ago02:03
prince_jammysAnthraxDream: and you will see the line, if it's there02:03
AnthraxDreamWell it was showing up before. It just stopped like 20 minutes ago02:03
crackheadjunkyAnthraxDream, you could do what prince says, or you could just gedit fstab02:03
kindofabuzztaken from http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/FAQssl02:03
digitalslavekindofabuzz, it should be in the repo already02:03
warriorforgodWhat would be the easiest way to migrate an ubuntu server off a VM to a physical machine.02:03
Stroganoffcrackheadjunky: gedit + config files sucks, even non sudo :p02:04
crackheadjunkyStroganoff, it works...02:04
digitalslaveit was working and just stopped after running firefox302:04
Stroganoffon the other hand. nvm02:04
peter-Stroganoff, Did the line end on and or are you pasting new line?02:04
Stroganoffpeter- yes there was more to this line02:04
Stroganoffyou log is not that long02:04
Stroganoffyou are able to ctrl+f gconf02:05
crackheadjunkyAnthraxDream, you could also go to terminal and type in fdisk -l02:05
digitalslaveStroganoff, they trapped the error so it just says there is no ssl support02:05
MFenhow do i change the player that runs when i insert a dvd?02:05
crackheadjunkyAnthraxDream, and give us the output02:05
Stroganoffwho are they?02:05
michealPWStroganoff: Alt+F2 > gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:05
MFeni want to use vlc instead of totem, which always plays the director's cut trac02:05
michealPWStroganoff: Gedit loves you!:)02:05
digitalslavepidgin dev?02:05
michealPWeven for configuration modifications.02:05
peter-Stroganoff, Thanks. Im asking again if i have an problem :p02:05
StroganoffmichealPW, creating root owned .gedit files in ~?02:05
eraemaajaervisomebody know if there is q function in Amarok equivalent to Winamps Jump to Track?02:05
MFeni've already tried right-clicking the dvd icon to see whether i could change the app the same way you would change the app for an .mp3 file or something.  no option in that properties dialog would do it, though02:06
Schmeizcan i disable the login for ubuntu at the start?02:06
michealPWStroganoff: Yea, well, in Gedit's configuration you can disable the creation of the ~ backups, IIRC.02:06
MFenit's also not in system > preferences > preferred applications02:06
michealPWStroganoff: Added fileIO weight anyways, right?:)02:06
method1how do i sign up for the weekly news letter ?02:06
subsumelets say I have a little script which mounts my nfs /home drives. where can I put this to instantiate it?02:06
StroganoffmichealPW well you can? thats nice. are you giving me noob commands (alt+f2) plus special knowledge?02:06
michealPWStroganoff: Of course! Kate > Gedit, too.02:07
crackheadjunkysubsume, sorry, no good there...02:07
subsumecrackheadjunky: =)02:07
GEISHi, im going to install ubuntu for my server, however how do i have a gui access instead of sshing into the server since i will be installing ubuntu-desktop as well?02:07
michealPWStroganoff: I'm newbie, but I have a feeling Gedit and Kate build from the same OSS project, heehee:)02:07
crackheadjunkyGEIS, just boot the disk, it is a live cd, then install it with the install icon02:07
peter-Stroganoff, So do i remove that line what you said?02:07
Stroganoffwith the gconf editor tool, yes02:08
Stroganoffand the other line, too02:08
peter-hope it works02:08
Stroganoffi wouldnt think so, peter-02:08
peter-Stroganoff, Why?02:08
Stroganoffpeter- feeling ;)02:09
peter-Stroganoff, And what other line?02:09
peter-Stroganoff, Ok.02:09
sourcemakerhow bad is the performance when I use an encrypted file system? It's is maybe better to create a encrypted patition for the user home?02:09
peter-i remove that initiate_edge key02:09
Stroganoffpeter-: you are on fglrx, right?02:09
Stroganoffthen retry?02:09
GEISHi, im going to install ubuntu for my server, however how do i have a gui access instead of sshing into the server since i will be installing ubuntu-desktop as well? (what i mean is how to i connect it with a gui access instead of sshing)02:10
StroganoffGEIS bad idea to install the desktop02:10
Stroganoffif you dont want to surf and watch movies on the server02:11
Stroganoffthere are web interface projects for servers02:11
=== Kr0ntabz is now known as Kr0ntab
izzy_not much has changed with ubuntu server since 5.1 has it ?02:11
Stroganofffor basic/ultimate remote access you have to install the "ssh" package, you can access it from windows with "putty"02:11
jbinderYes it has..02:12
peter-Stroganoff, Was there that other line?02:12
StroganoffGEIS, read my messages.02:12
GEISi know02:12
GEISbut i need the use of amule02:12
Stroganoffuse mldonkey, GEIS02:12
GEISand amule nongui version doesn't work perfectly02:12
GEISStroganoff, nongui?02:13
h0axwhen i try to install ndisgtk it says   some of the packages could not be retrieved from the server02:13
MFenwhere do i change the preference that causes totem to launch when i insert a dvd?02:14
StroganoffGEIS: if you really want to install a desktop you should use xubuntu + the "vino" vnc server02:14
moogmusicwhen i suspend ubuntu 7.10 at my laptop, i dont have a network connection anymore after resuming from suspend. wny help ?02:14
GEISStroganoff, using a web interface to control mldonkey?02:14
moogmusichow can i restart my wifi after resuming (and it doesnt work)02:14
moogmusicifconfig up/down doesnt work02:15
StroganoffGEIS, web interface is built into mldonkey02:15
Stroganoffread some docs about mldonkey...02:15
GEISonly vnc server works with gui access? no inbuild applications that allows me to setup gui control?02:16
StroganoffGEIS, you can use X forwarding02:16
Stroganoffrather complicated and doesnt work with windows02:16
Kubuntu-userI've installed commercial drivers for nvidia tnt2.after that i ran my os once more.my ubuntu 7.04 is up to date.problem:hi-res=800x60002:16
HinHinStroganoff, X11 forwarding is really simple02:16
HinHinand you can SSH the remote machine using windows too02:17
Stroganoffanyway GEIS, you may not want to install a desktop but keep it nice and easy with mldonkey02:17
HinHin(via something like putty)02:17
StroganoffHinHin, thanks for the heads up02:17
HinHinhmm... if memory serves you need to enable it in the sshconfig file02:17
GEIShow do i install mldonkey if i have no gui in the first place to control the web interface?02:18
StroganoffGEIS, you set up mldonkey with the command line02:18
Stroganoffand config files02:18
Stroganoffand read the manpage or a beginner tutorial about mldonkey02:19
peter-Stroganoff, Can you help me with this compiz?02:19
JangariIs there a way to restart to a particular entry of the menu.lst from a command line?02:19
Stroganoffpeter-, i have almost no own experience with compiz02:19
HinHinStroganoff, and GEIS you might want to look into X11 fowarding02:19
HinHini do recommend a fast connection though...02:20
StroganoffHinHin: always promoting the cause? ;)02:20
Kubuntu-userHelp me02:20
HinHinthe cause?02:20
Stroganoffnvm ;)02:20
AnthraxDreamHow do I go about setting up my wireless connection?02:21
StroganoffKubuntu-user: update to 7.1002:21
cory__Hello again everyone02:21
ph0rensichey folk02:21
ph0rensicOh man this is Sick!!!02:22
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:22
AnthraxDreamit doesn't work when I manually set it up, and when I attempt to connect while using theroaming mode ubuntu locks up02:22
ph0rensicI connected my pc to my 37" flat panel tv!!02:22
Stroganoffph0rensic, OH SHI-02:22
ph0rensicAnd I got wireless keyoard and mouse.. chillin on m couc hehe02:22
AnthraxDreamHow do I go about setting up my wireless connection?02:23
Kubuntu-userStroganof: my os IS up to date02:23
Stroganoffyour un gutsy, Kubuntu-user?02:23
Stroganoffon gutsy02:23
cory__Anthrax, its not automatic?02:23
Stroganoff!wireless | AnthraxDream02:23
ubotuAnthraxDream: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:23
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h0axi too am having issues setting up my wireless02:25
Kubuntu-userYes,today i clicked update icon02:25
h0axbut im puonding thru it02:25
h0axpounding even02:25
moDumasshey all, web based internet is super slow on my machine, any ideas?02:27
moDumassslow in Firefox and Konqueror and Opera, but not slow in bittorent02:27
nikrudmoDumass you uploading at a high rate in bittorrent?02:27
Nasrawhat is bittorent .....new in linux....02:28
moDumassnikrud, no currently its off02:28
nikrudNasra like azureas02:29
moDumassi aslo uninstalled tor and torbutton in the event that they had anything to do with it02:29
nikrudmoDumass hm. that takes care of my thought02:29
Nasranikrud...how do you compare this program in windass?02:29
moDumassNasra, what program, a torrent client02:29
moDumassi like ktorrent02:30
nikrudNasra I don't use torrents much. I hear good things about deluge , another torrent client02:30
kindofabuzzo love deluge02:31
papitohabla espanol02:31
nikrud!es | papito02:31
ubotupapito: En el canal donde esta solo se premite hablar ingles. Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:31
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jbinderWrong channel.02:34
jbinderAnd pardon my French. :P02:34
kindofabuzz!Domo arigato02:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about domo arigato - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:34
redbrainomg this is a huge channel02:37
redbrain<3 ubuntu02:37
nebnavanyone know how progress is on maemo desktop for ubuntu mobile and embedded? worth porting to devices?02:38
digitalslavefor the ssl in pidgin i have found that ldd of ssl-nss.so finds libnssutil3.so not found anyone know how to fix?02:39
rski heard redbrain is the last windows user02:39
nebnavcan i use pidgin for IRC? xchat kinda sucks.02:40
h0axI cannot tell if my issue is with wpa or with the wireless card   I went to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsLinksys and some people have had this card work out of the box not sure what to do02:40
Starnestommynebnav: you could, but pidgin's irc support isn't very good02:40
digitalslavenebnav, yes you can02:40
kindofabuzzrsk: use chatzilla!02:40
kindofabuzzfirefox addon02:40
davedkindofabuzz, that's kinda like saying "that hammer sucks, here have a rock"02:40
nebnavwhat are you using? i presume your on a linux based os(ubuntu).02:41
kindofabuzzwhat's wrong with chatzilla?  better tha an im plugin and xchat02:41
davedi use xchat with a bunch of preferences tweaked02:41
davedand blacktheme02:41
Starnestommykindofabuzz: if firefox crashes, so does chatzilla, and you have to restart chatzilla when firefox has to restart02:42
digitalslaveanyone know what the libpurple2 package is called?02:42
davedbut i agree it's really not that great, just the best of the crap02:42
Dr_willisI will stick with xchat.02:42
kindofabuzzi've never had firefox crash so...02:42
ythe1300I have02:42
digitalslavekindofabuzz is NOT a myspace user ;)02:42
Dr_williswe need a flash based irc client.....02:42
davedi've never had firefox not crash at least once a day02:42
Starnestommydigitalslave: it might be libpurple0 or libpurrple-dev02:42
digitalslaveouch not flash02:42
ythe1300nither am I02:42
ythe1300@ David: ouch02:43
nathan42100so....I just deleted some things and they aren't in the trash....02:43
digitalslavethere IS a difference between delete and send to trash ;)02:44
Schmiezi still cant freakin get my ATI Raedon 9250 PCI card working with ubuntu02:44
Schmiezi dunno what i'm doing wrong02:44
nathan42100....I thought the delete key sent it to the trash, like windows...02:44
davednathan: delete like hit the delete key or delete like 'rm -rf /'02:44
nathan42100delete key daved02:44
pantaloonhas anyone actually burned a file >4gb? I've got k3b 1.04 installed with mkisofs and genisoimage and I get an error every time I try to add a file larger than 4gb02:45
nathan42100would the fact that I am deleting them in xubuntu make a difference?02:45
davednathan42100, it could02:45
davednathan42100, it's all up to your windowmanager to deal with trash02:45
pantaloontried both udf and rockridge udf02:46
Dr_willispantaloon,  dont you need to use the udf filesystem for that? I seem to recall some other burner app warning me of this.02:46
ythe1300Schmiez: even with the nos drivers?02:46
Schmiezcan anyone help? i've got an ATI Raedn 9250 PCI Graphics card and when its hooked up to my pci slot, and boot my pc, ubuntu doesn't even load up02:46
digitalslaveugggg f pidgin i say i dunno what the deal is reinstalled purple and pidgin and still no ssl02:46
pantaloonyes, you do, but it still doesn't work :(02:46
Schmiezythe1300: nos drivers?02:46
ythe1300Non-Open Source02:46
davedSchmiez, buy an nvidia card02:46
ythe1300daved: :P02:47
nebnavhow do i convert from .avi to dvd file structure? mencoder or something? 7.1002:47
Schmiezi dunno how to get the drivers to work02:47
ythe1300Schmiez: is it booting at all?02:47
davedwell i was only half-joking.. if he values his time at all it will be worth it in the end to just suck it up and buy the better-supported card :)02:47
NasraCan you tell me ....how Bittorent is used for?02:47
kindofabuzzpantaloon: does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35238602:47
Schmiezit gets to the point with the ubuntu logo, and the bar, the bar fills up, then the screen goes black and nothing happens02:47
davednasra: downloading files02:48
ythe1300Daved: true02:48
kindofabuzzNasra: for torrents02:48
Stroganoffnebnav: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56701602:48
Nasrayes sir....02:48
themoebiushey, I'm trying to remove a service from running by default. its /etc/init.d/boinc-client and its not in my sessions list when I go to System-> Preferences -> sessions02:48
NasraI am new to linux....I am learning now...02:48
kindofabuzz!torrent | Nasra02:48
ubotuNasra: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P02:48
ythe1300Schmiez: still though we can get it to work :)02:48
davedthemoebius:  update-rc.d boinc-client remove02:49
Nasraso can I use it to burn an iso...as in linux.....02:49
Picithemoebius: 'Session' services only run once you login, daved's command will work.02:49
Pici!boot | also themoebius02:49
ubotualso themoebius: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:49
Schmiezythe1300: what can i do to get it to work?02:49
* w30 wants to apologize to all the MS Vista users for gloating. I just upgraded my laptop to the latest and greatest ultimate operating system and had no driver or application problems whatsoever. Suspend and hybernate work perfect, the wireless connection is rock solid. What more can I say. (Upgraded Feisty to Gutsy Gibbon).02:49
ythe1300got to give me more info.02:49
Nasraok...kind of understanding02:49
Schmiezlike what?02:49
nathan42100daved, any other ideas?02:49
davedpici: ah thanks, been looking for something like bum :)02:49
pantaloonkindofabuzz, not really...i've already tried K3b v1.0.4 and it's a no go...i've managed to create an iso file using genisoimage from the command line, but i was hoping there'd be a more graphical method if you know what I mean02:50
tehquicknessAnyone notice that 8.04 is much slower than 7.10?? is this due to Gnome 2.2??02:50
Stroganoffw30 wait until you run into problems ;)02:50
themoebiusdaved: it says update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/boinc-client exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force)02:50
nebnavStroganoff: thanks but is there some sort of batch script that will install deps and then convert?02:50
ythe1300Schmiez:  does it boot with onboard?02:50
davednathan42100, not sure what wm you're running under xfce4 but it may use a different system for "trash"02:50
kindofabuzzdigitalslave: Why can't I use OpenSSL for SSL support in libpurple? ¶02:50
kindofabuzzThe OpenSSL license is not compatible with the libpurple license (GPLv2). The Free Software Foundation maintains a list of open-source licenses and details their compatibility or incompatibility with the GPL. The OpenSSL license is discussed there.02:50
Schmiezythe1300: yah it boots with onboard02:50
kindofabuzzIn summary: you need GNUTLS or Mozilla NSS and NSPR; OpenSSL will not do.02:50
davedthemoebius, update-rc.d -f boinc-client remove02:50
nathan42100daved, is it still trash:///02:51
GEISStroganoff, i cant find installation guide for mldonkey webui version02:51
w30Stroganoff: No worry, you guys in here will help me fix 'em.02:51
Schmiezythe1300: yah it boots with onboard02:51
ythe1300Schmiez: Have you tried booting with the Onboard turned off in the BIOS02:51
StroganoffGEIS: just install mldonkey with sudo apt-get install mldonkey02:51
davedthemoebius, technically you need to set it to kill at runlevel 3, but the link or software pici linked will be much more helpful to you if you're not sure what i mean by that02:51
Schmiezno i havent. i'll try that real quick02:51
Stroganoffthen read the manpage with: man mldonkey02:51
digitalslavethen why is libpurple0 a dependency of pidgin?02:51
pantaloonkindofabuzz, I'm trying to burn said iso file now02:51
davedthemoebius, but running that command will disable it for now (though it may begin autostarting again if boinc-client package upgrades)02:51
davednathan42100, im really not sure, i dont run xfce402:52
davednathan42100, it may not use the trash at all02:52
nathan42100try it in GNOME02:52
Stroganoffw30: first help urself with wiki, google and obtaining debian/linux background knowlege ;)02:52
digitalslavewhich also brings me back to the fd up firefox!02:52
themoebiusdaved: thanks02:52
nathan42100i know it does the Icon is still in the bottom right corner...02:52
davednathan42100, my trash works fine in gnome02:52
davedthemoebius, np02:52
Dr_willisdaved,  i seem to recall xfce doing somthing differently with trash.. but i dont use it either.02:52
kindofabuzzdigitalslave: here's that link again in case you didn't read it earlier: http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/FAQssl02:53
nathan42100fixed, but kinda02:53
nathan42100not really02:53
digitalslaveanyone know the nss and nspr package names?02:53
Schmiezythe1300: disabled and trying it now.02:53
GEISwhat does mldonkey stands for anyway02:53
StroganoffGEIS, wtf?02:53
w30Stroganoff: doing it that way is much better because you learn something by doing it yourself if possible.02:53
StroganoffGEIS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mldonkey02:53
Scunizinathan42100, in Gnome if you delete something it's gone.. If you send it to trash it lands in the "trash can"02:53
nathan42100daved, there is a difference between trash: (where it all went to) and trash:/// (which is what the shortcut in the bottom right brings me to)02:53
Schmiezthe ubuntu logo shows up. and the bar is loading.....02:53
digitalslaveive read if over and over and it has nothing to solve the problem and you dont understand the problem or you wouldnt be posting the link ovekr and over02:53
Schmiezonce it completely fills the screen goes black02:53
ythe1300I know that I had a PC that would not boot with my 5200 unless the onboard GFX was disabled.02:53
Schmiezand then nothing happens at all02:54
nathan42100daved, doesnt do that for me...02:54
Schmiezi'll never freakin get this thing to work02:54
Schmiezi just got ubuntu and started it for the first time today02:54
ythe1300Schmiez: Have you tried to boot in low GFX mode?02:54
fab4fanSchmiez: and ?02:54
nathan42100:-/ no restore button02:54
nathan42100Shmiez, whats the problem?02:54
Nasra...just started like a week ago....I love it...02:54
Schmiezythe1300: how do i do that02:55
Nasrareal learning big time....by asking alotof questions...02:55
Schmiezthe problem is i cant get my ATI Raedon 9250 to work with ubuntu02:55
ythe1300Schmiez: booting off the live CD?02:55
davedmy first copy of linux came on a 1.4m floppy :P02:55
StroganoffSchmiez, it should run using the open source "ati" drivers02:55
Schmiezthe onboard vid card works, but when i have my monitor hooked up to my ati, or if i have my Ati in my pc at all, it doesn't work02:55
kindofabuzzdavid: DSL?02:55
davedkindofabuzz, slackware02:56
nathan42100schmiez, did you try the safegraphics boot?02:56
fab4fanSchmiez, is there a BIOS setting to disable your onboard video card ?02:56
Schmiezfab4fan: i did that already just tried it02:56
ythe1300fab4fan: already tried that02:56
fab4fanok, just checking02:56
ryan@daved wow and to make matters worse it was metric02:56
w30daved: I am a new user then; I started with RedHat 4.6 on a cd. *smile*02:56
Schmiezi can get a safegraphics boot to work, but its just gives me the terminal02:56
LleumasThe thumbnail previews to my videos aren't showing up. Any ideas? I have xine installed.02:56
ythe1300that's fine02:56
kindofabuzzyeah i think my first install was red hat02:57
kindofabuzzi love Debian distros though now02:57
w30no live cd's though.02:57
ythe1300Schmiez: you should be able to edit the video config file from there.02:57
cory__hey guys im thinking about dual booting Windows XP, can i do this with Ubuntu installed first?02:57
Stroganoffi started with suse 7.3 on ten cds ;)02:57
Schmiezythe1300: how do i go about doing that?02:57
ythe1300Schmiez: giv e me a sec and I'll remember how too.02:57
fab4fancory__, I had better luck with XP installed first02:57
fab4fancory:  that's what I'm doing now02:58
kindofabuzzcory__: yeah it's possible, google it though, unless someone here knows what to do02:58
davedcory: you can, but you'll need to fix the boot-loader after windows clobbers it02:58
davedcory: there are about a gajillion hits on google for that very topic i'd imagine02:58
kindofabuzzwhy would you wanna install it though? =)02:58
cory__to play games02:58
Stroganoffcory__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoverGrub02:58
w30cory__: windows likes the first partition on the first hard drive so watch out and also windows will redo the mbr.02:59
kindofabuzzhave you looked at www.winehq.com to see if possible to play uneder wine?02:59
davedcory: may want to give wine/cedega a shot with your games first.. could possibly save yourself the trouble of dualboot02:59
ythe1300it's like edit x.org config02:59
cory__I did try wine, It doesnt play sound from my USB headphones02:59
Stroganoffrather quake3 for ever than using wine for games ^^02:59
fab4fancan you rename a mount point after it's been created ?02:59
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
ythe1300Schmiez : let me boot my box up brb02:59
kindofabuzzso you're gonna install windows just so your usb headphones will work?03:00
kindofabuzzi'm ure there's a fix for it03:00
cory__cedega sounded like a good idea, but i dont wanna pay03:00
davedcory: you have to pay for windows03:00
cory__i dont03:00
cory__it comes free for me03:00
kindofabuzzcedage cheaper than windows03:00
iceswordyou ve payed to it03:00
Stroganoffok all, lets move this cedega-vs-windows talk to #ubuntu-offtopic03:01
Stroganoffcory__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoverGrub03:01
kindofabuzzanyone tried Mepis?  any good?03:01
w30kindofabuzz: Does ndiswrapper work with all windows drivers or just with a few like wireless and winmodems?03:01
cory__well i tried to dualboot ubuntu from windows XP, but my partition with windows on it dissapeared03:01
kindofabuzzw30: dunno =)03:01
cory__so i cant access that. and my hd is 100gigs smaller according to Gparted03:01
fab4fancory:  you have to be careful when you set up the partition for ubuntu to not write over the windows partition03:01
digitalslaveand you dont HAVE to pay for cedega - build it yourself or use wine03:02
neosixHello! I'm using Fluxbuntu and I don't know how to change cursor theme?03:02
cory__and fdisk -l says its only 200g harddrive03:02
ythe1300Schmiez:  booting into safe GFX now :)03:02
neosixcan anybody help me?03:02
Schmiezythe1300: already there03:02
w30kindofabuzz: it would be kool if ndiswrapper would make some of these laptop cameras work.03:02
ythe1300Schmiez: me :P03:02
fab4fanI could use some help with renaming mount points and getting them to automount at startup so they appear on my desktop03:02
ythe1300can you start X?03:03
Stroganoffneosix: sudo apt-get install xfce4-mcs-plugins03:03
Stroganoffthats the easy way03:03
Schmiezstart X?03:03
ythe1300(   startx   )03:03
Schmiezwhat do i type?03:03
ythe1300Schmiez just startx03:03
Schmiezoh lol03:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about azureas - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:04
Schmiezstartx gave me a black screen03:04
ythe1300would have been to easy ;)03:04
DG19075!azureus |Nasra03:04
ubotuNasra: azureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo03:04
nebnavhelp! if i dd'd my hard drive and created an .img (compressed it) could i somehow mount a partition with this image? plz help!03:04
Schmiezlol yeah of course, its never that easy :P03:05
kindofabuzzSchmiez: gnome?03:05
w30fab4fan: you need to edit /etc/fstab. If you don't know how then check out google and see what advice comes up there.03:05
davednebnav: (as root)   mount -o loop /path/to/.img  /mnt/point03:05
Schmiezkindofabuzz: hmm? what about gnome?03:05
kindofabuzzwhat WM are you trying to start?03:05
Schmiezi've got an ATI Raedon 9250 PCI card03:06
kindofabuzzso gnome?03:06
Schmiezand i can't get ubuntu to show up with it03:06
Schmiezyea gnome03:06
ythe1300Schmiez: try this dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:06
nebnavdaved: i know about loop devices, but could i mount the image as the main hard drive and use it.03:06
kindofabuzztry sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start03:06
w30fab4fan: "/dev/hda3       /diri           ext3    defaults 1 1"; thats opne of mine03:06
davednebnav: you want to boot off of it?03:06
fab4fancan i rename a mountpoint in Gparted ?03:06
kjp2so I've followed the instrucitons on the wiki, to get zfs working through FUSE but it fails, restarting with a error found at pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60821/03:06
kjp2any thoughts ?03:07
Schmiezythe1300: i tried doing that :/03:07
fab4fanw30:  in your fstab file ?03:07
Schmiezit walks me through the whole procedure03:07
kindofabuzzSchmiez: try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start03:07
nebnavdaved: yeah i know it sounds crazy but some sort of netboot or configure grub or something. pxe maybe.03:07
Schmiezalright give me one moment03:07
davedkjp: pastie the contents of /etc/init.d/zfs-fuse03:08
redbrainhey join #linuxoutlaws :)03:08
w30fab4fan: yep! "/dev/hda5       /mnt/win_c      vfat    user,exec,rw,noauto,iocharset=utf8,umask=0      0 0"; another example03:08
redbrainor listen to the podcast bring linux user community closer together03:08
davednebnav: it's technically possible, and you want to look towards advanced grub configs.. pxe and netboot arent going to help you03:08
Schmiezkindofabuzz: i just get a black screen like always03:08
kindofabuzzyeah your xorg.conf is screwed03:09
Schmiezwhat can i do to fix it?03:09
w30fab4fan: the mount point has to exist. like /diri and /mnt/win_c03:09
kindofabuzzdid you do what ythe1300 suggested?03:09
ythe1300Schmiez: the command I gave you earlier should have worked :(03:10
Schmiezi finish it and i dont know what to do afterwards03:10
fab4fanw30: so I create the mountpoint first ?03:10
Schmiezyeah i try that and i still have the same problem03:10
w30fab4fan: the command mkdir works for that if you don't know.03:10
w30fab4fan: yep.03:10
ythe1300Schmiez: can you boot with the live CD?03:10
fab4fanw30:  thanks, I know the command mkdir03:10
ythe1300(make sure you have the onboard off)03:10
kindofabuzzhit trl-alt f703:10
nebnavdaved: replace the ramdisk or something? probably not.03:11
fab4fanw30:  about 7 years ago I used Unix on the job, but it's been a w hile03:11
kindofabuzzjust to make sure you're not in a vt03:11
Schmieznothin happens when i do that03:11
kindofabuzzyeah Schmiez03:11
davednebnav: the "easiest" (and take that with a grain of salt) way would be to resize partitions to make room for a paritition the same size or bigger than your .img,  dd the .img on to it and boot from that03:11
w30fab4fan: in fstab be sure and use the complete path with / and everything for clarity.03:11
fab4fanw30:  what are the parameters "1  1" in the fstab mean ?03:11
Schmiezi couldn't get the live cd to work either, so i used the alternate03:11
davedkjp2: paste the contents of /etc/init.d/zfs-fuse onto paste.ubuntu-nl.org03:12
kjp2daved:  coming.03:12
tehquicknessHas anyone notice that gnome 2.22 is slow?03:12
w30fab4fan: look at man fstab for that stuff03:12
Schmiezkindofabuzz: nothing happens when i do that03:12
rick_hi im having trouble with gnome, http://pastebin.com/f7da51a6e03:12
fab4fanw30: got it, forgot about "man"03:12
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* RabidWeezle looks at his dvd::rip03:12
kindofabuzzSchmiez: is this a fresh install?03:12
darkcrabProblem: if I try to run my games in fullscreen while desktop effects and emerald is enabled, I get a blinking box on the screen, is there a fix?03:12
davedrick: i have to say that's the first textual rickroll ive seen03:13
Schmiezkindofabuzz: yeah, i installed it just a few hours ago03:13
RabidWeezleoh great, I ripped it in spanish03:13
* RabidWeezle smacks head03:13
rick_daved: :)03:13
Schmiezi've been using ubuntu with my onboard gfx03:13
kindofabuzzSchmiez: so when you boot up you just get a black screen from the beginning?03:13
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:13
kjp2daved: here's the file. (after the **** line) http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60823/03:13
Schmiezwhen i boot up, it gets to the ubuntu logo, and the bar, the bar fills up, then right afterwards (where ubuntu would start ) i just get a black screen03:14
Stroganofflol @ ROMES03:14
RabidWeezleanyone good with dvd::rip?03:14
darkcrabProblem: if I try to run my games in fullscreen while desktop effects and emerald is enabled, I get a blinking box on the screen, is there a fix?03:15
nebnavdaved: thanks!03:15
Schmiezwhen i boot up, it gets to the ubuntu logo, and the bar, the bar fills up, then right afterwards (where ubuntu would start ) i just get a black screen03:15
RabidWeezledarkcrab, I always shut down compiz for fullscreen games03:15
yowshigrrr virtualbox is useless for games03:15
darkcrabso it is a known bug rabidweezle?03:15
Stroganoffyowshi, monkey island 2 runs well in vbox ;)03:16
sapHi, would someone be knowing a quick (easier) method of converting ~ 30 images from .GIF to .JPEG ? ( i.e. without having to open each individual image in GIMP and choosing "save as" option individually for each of those images , which is time consuming)03:16
davedkjp2, change the line   if [ $COUNTER = 10 ]; then   to have   == instead of =03:16
Stroganoffone should use scummVM though03:16
yowshiStroganoff: i just tried to run starcontrol 203:16
RabidWeezledarkcrab, it's something to do with glx and compositing, it's ALWAYS alot faster to disable compositing before you run a gl/glx game03:16
yowshiand before that starcraft03:16
cyclonutneed some bash help with the following script: http://pastebin.com/d6b56196003:16
darkcrabk thank you Rabidweezle03:16
yowshiStroganoff: it just runs so freaking slow03:17
justinmiller87Is there a service I can stop and restart in order to have my user groups refresh without logging out and back in?03:17
Schmiezyou have any other ideas kindofabuzz, or ythe1300?03:17
cabrioleurStroganoff, it runs well in dosbox too.03:17
cyclonutlines 13-19 are the issue. if its parmater set to stacked, it does not work properly03:17
Stroganoffyowshi: use dosbox03:17
w30darkcrab: do you have a nvidia propriatory driver?03:17
yowshistarcraft is a windows game starcontrol 2 is a dos03:17
ythe1300Schmiez: no man that's kind of messed up03:17
kindofabuzzSchmiez: try rebooting into recovery mode, hit esc so you get the grub03:17
Stroganoffcabrioleur, i like you lurking factoid bots03:17
cyclonutooops replace line 19 with xrandr --output VGA --$movetoside LVDS03:17
kindofabuzzif you don't already get it03:17
cattellarhi, I have a network with Uubuntu 7.10 and Windows Vista, I want to print from my vista laptop, I can but I have to click in the network and put a username and password to do it. Is there a way to do it automatically without submitting a password?03:17
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darkcrabno w30, I have a integrated intel chipset with an intel graphics card.03:18
yowshiand yeah i would normally use dosbox for starcon 2 but for starcraft wines gotten a little screwy for starcraft03:18
cyclonutwouldnt ya know it, as soon as I ask it works03:18
kjp2daved: same error.03:18
cabrioleurStroganoff, I'm a long term dosbox user, as well as dosemu. I need my Betrayal at Krondor from time to time and dosbox is a lifesaver.03:18
darkcrabdosbox is amazing03:18
Schmiezalright i'm in recovery mode03:18
Stroganoffdidn't mean or wanted to know that, cabri.03:18
Schmieznow what?03:18
kindofabuzzSchmiez: now do the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:18
yowshicabrioleur: yeah but i want virtualbox to run xo so i have a sure fire way to run any windows game i want03:19
yowshiwine is buggy and breaks from release to release03:19
kindofabuzzSchmiez: i'm not a pro at this, i'm pretty much googlin' for ya lol03:19
davedkjp: does "stop" work and "restart" not work?03:19
cabrioleuryowshi, invest in vmware.03:19
justinmiller87Can I refresh my group memberships without logging out and back in?03:19
yowshii like wine it just isnt as reliable as i would like03:19
kjp2daved: stop fails as well.03:19
yowshicabrioleur: why should i pay twice to run an os?\03:20
RabidWeezledosbox is great, but you know, I noticed though that the windows version runs descent better, maybe I need to use their svn :/03:20
kindofabuzzthe newest wine is pretty good compared to other versions03:20
cabrioleuryowshi, you pay 1 for os, and 1 for virtualization that works.03:20
RabidWeezlewine is getting better by the day it seems, I can't wait for their 1.0 release03:20
mackidyowshi, if you want a sure-fire way to run any windows game you want, then buy cedega03:20
w30darkcrab: the binary driver from Nvidia is causing problems like that and also loosing f7 when switched from one of the other f(n) consoles. I used flglx or whatever it was in beryl to get away from that.03:20
yowshiRabidWeezle: i found that the windows version ran sloooooow. but i was using a p2 450 at the time03:20
yowshimackid: wine > cedega03:20
tbwnoobHow do you change your ati depth to 16 without crashing your xserver03:21
cabrioleurmackid, cedega doesn't work for all games.03:21
orudiewhat is a name of a graph library ?03:21
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RabidWeezleI'm running a 2.1 ghz, but did you try frame skipping yowshi ?03:21
CRINGOI have an extra internal hdd that I've been trying to add to fstab under a different directory, but it won't mount, I have to mount it with root and it calls it "disk" like it's an external hdd, and each time I boot, it has a different UUID, anyone know why this may be?03:21
mackidyowshi: or install windows, then, i guess. and yes, you're right cabrioleur03:21
RabidWeezleframeskipping can mean a world of difference in dosbox03:21
MrVirusHey is anyone useing proftpd?03:22
Schmiezkindofabuzz: is their anyhing specific i should put in the reconfigure when i'm going through this?03:22
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zachwlewisI've been trying to install cnet (a network simulator), but every time I try to run make, I get the same error: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size. What should I look for in changing the default int size to match the one on my 64-bit machine?03:22
ythe1300Schmiez: you may want to post this one up in the forums and see if a mod can help out03:22
kindofabuzznot that i can think of, maybe try vesa?03:22
mackidzachwlewis: it's not an error if it's a warning03:22
calczachwlewis: good luck with that03:22
ythe1300Schmiez: just the video03:22
MrVirusIm having a permissions problem with proftpd, I cant amend/reset any files03:22
wenceslaohello every one03:22
calczachwlewis: its probably not 64bit clean03:22
cabrioleurRabidWeezle, It's strange, but my dosbox on slackware (from linuxpackages) runs times faster that on anything else. Never understood why. Must be the config.03:22
zachwlewiscalc: The way it's set up, it treats all warning as errors and fails to compile.03:23
wenceslaonew to lenux and this chat03:23
wenceslaocan some one please teach me more03:23
calczachwlewis: its probably not really a warning for a 64bit machine03:23
zachwlewiscalc: I've not got a 64-bit version of Ubuntu installed.03:23
cabrioleurwenceslao, you need a book!03:23
calczachwlewis: an int and a pointer are different sizes on 64bit systems03:23
wenceslaoi have one03:23
kindofabuzzman Gov't Mule rocks =)03:23
calczachwlewis: oh i see03:23
ythe1300kindofabuzz:  sounds like a good Idea, I know that my 3870 won't boot with the Ati driver.03:23
wenceslaobut i also want to make more friends cabrioleur03:23
mackidzachwlewis: you should... consider.. installing amd64 ubuntu if you have a 64bit machine03:23
RabidWeezlecabrioleur, probably was compiled better by the packager03:23
calczachwlewis: so you are running ubuntu i386 then?03:23
CRINGOI have an extra internal hdd that I've been trying to add to fstab under a different directory, but it won't mount, I have to mount it with root and it calls it "disk" like it's an external hdd, and each time I boot, it has a different UUID, anyone know why this may be?03:24
zachwlewiscalc: How can I check that? I'm actually not 100%.03:24
wenceslaohow can i update my fire fox software03:24
Schmiezall done and now rebooting03:24
donkey7186How do i get someone to remote desktop my computer??????????03:24
mackidzachwlewis: $ uname -a03:24
ythe1300Schmiez: Crosses fingers03:24
cabrioleurwenceslao, then ask questions if you don't understand something. Beside, I'm glad you are trying Linux out.03:24
* Schmiez crosses finger03:24
kindofabuzzzachwlewis: what is your processor? if just a pentium then yeah you have i38603:24
calczachwlewis: assuming you are running the 32bit verison of Ubuntu then removing the -werror from the compiler options should let it compile03:24
fk7_sehello everyone03:24
wenceslaoi have already downloaded the newest version03:24
wenceslaobut the comp is still running the old version03:25
kindofabuzzSchmiez: hehe03:25
zachwlewisLinux cottontail 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 21:45:15 GMT 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:25
calckindofabuzz: some pentium 4's can run amd64 version03:25
wenceslaocan some one help me with that03:25
nikrudCRINGO the only reason it could have a new uuid is if you manually changed it, or the partition definition somehow got changed.03:25
calczachwlewis: you are using the 64bit version03:25
mackidzachwlewis: that's amd64. hence x86_6403:25
Schmiezi got a bunch of text03:25
fk7_sei just got apache to work but i can't view any jpgs on my server, it says forbidden03:25
RabidWeezlewenceslao, is it a .run file or a tar.gz?03:25
zachwlewiscalc: Okay, I see.03:25
Schmiezasking me to type in my ser login03:25
ythe1300calc: ?03:25
kindofabuzzcalc: didn't know that, but why would you wanna do that?03:25
calczachwlewis: so you can't make that code work as is, because its not written properly and won't work on 64bit03:25
wenceslaorun file03:25
w30wenceslao: there are books out there now for you distribution if it's a major one.03:25
kjp2daved: any other ideas ?03:25
donkey7186How do i get someone to remote desktop my computer??????????03:25
wenceslaois ubuntu03:25
calcythe1300: ?03:25
cabrioleurwenceslao, "chmod +x *.run", "./nameofthefile.run"03:26
zachwlewiscalc: Any way to force it to run in 32-bit mode, or run a 32-bit emulator on my machine?03:26
ythe1300calc: there where no 64bit P4's03:26
calczachwlewis: not easily03:26
fk7_sedonkey: vncviewer03:26
donkey7186fk7_se how do i get that03:26
wenceslaothx cabrioleur i will try it03:26
w30wenceslao: Also play around on Ubuntu.com and their forums and wiki's and howtos03:26
Schmiezythe1300, kindofabuzz: i did it, rebooted, boot normally, and now i've got a text based login03:26
RabidWeezlewenceslao, right click the file, set the attributes that it can be executed, then in a terminal run it like: sudo ./nameoffile.run03:26
calcythe1300: oh i think i am getting confused there were 'Pentium D' that were 64bit03:26
fk7_setype it into terminal, are you using ubuntu?03:26
kindofabuzzSchmiez: so making progress?03:26
Schmiezi hope this is03:26
ythe1300Schmiez: try start X now?03:26
wenceslaook rabidweezle let me do that03:26
fk7_seif you type vncviewer in terminal it will ask to the ip to connect to03:26
kindofabuzzSchmiez: is that the server ubuntu?03:27
ythe1300Schmiez: good chance it won't work but..03:27
RabidWeezlewenceslao, I would uninstall firefox from synaptic first03:27
calcythe1300: actually the Pentium 4 620 was 64bit iirc03:27
RabidWeezlesince you are breaking away from apt-get when you install like that03:27
justinmiller87I did sudo adduser $USER groupx and I don't want to log out because I'm in the middle of something. Is there any way to refresh my group memberships without logging out?03:27
calc^ evidence of 64bit P4's03:27
calcthe Pentium D's were 64bit and so were the Pentium 4 6xx series03:27
fk7_sedonkey: did it work?03:28
Dr_willisjustinmiller87,  you could 'ssh in' or start a xterm with a login shell..perhaps.. but that would do it just for that one shell03:28
kindofabuzzSchmiez: status?03:28
cabrioleurDoes anybody remember an easy book about linux? It was about magic, and using Linux was described as using magic, commands were spells etc? My little brother became a guru (on mac x) thanks to this book.03:28
Dr_willisjustinmiller87,  its a bit of a pain :)03:28
donkey7186fk7_se i got the box to pop up03:28
justinmiller87Hmm, ssh into my localhost. Interesting.03:28
zachwlewiscalc: I've got an install of Ubuntu on a vmWare machine on Windows. Do you think it would work there?03:28
calczachwlewis: you could setup vmware or something like that to run a 32bit version of Ubuntu03:28
Schmiezit says fatal server error: no screens found  XIO: fatal IO error 104 (connection reset by peer)......03:28
zachwlewiscalc: hivemind.03:28
donkey7186fk7_se how do you get it to connect. when it asks for server do you type the ip? cause my ip isnt working if so03:29
RabidWeezlecabrioleur, best book I ever got was the dummies books03:29
calczachwlewis: yes that might work, the code is buggy though in general so it might have other issues03:29
cabrioleurzachwlewis, sure it will.03:29
zachwlewiscalc: What code is buggy in general?03:29
calczachwlewis: casting int to pointer is a bad thing to do and shows that the person who wrote the code didn't know what they were doing03:29
M4rotkuhello, i've been having a bit of a problem with my sound, in that it stopped working completely. =(03:29
fk7_sewell you also have to turn desktop sharing on, on the computer you are connecting to03:29
kindofabuzzSchmiez: keep messing with the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, change stuff around, try VESA03:29
RabidWeezlecabrioleur, the "secrets" books are really good too03:29
Schmieztry VESA?03:29
zachwlewisOkay, time for a new query.03:29
* calc got to run, wife is nagging him to go to bed03:29
cabrioleurRabidWeezle, it was for kids, or with some kind of charm. I used manpages, but I wish I remember the name.03:30
mackidcalc, zachwlewis: what about using 32-bit libraries? I run a 32-bit version of firefox, for example, on my amd64 install of ubuntu (so flash works)03:30
Schmiezkindofabuzz: what is VESA03:30
fk7_seit is under System-->Preferences-->Remote Desktop03:30
zachwlewisI have an nVidia 8800GT, and since I've installed it, I can't get any advanced graphics effects working. How can I install new drivers for it?03:30
UncleChevitzI want to access a directory that I don't have permission for (/var/lib/php4 wants root) I pointed my CLI there, but "ls" gives a permission denied, should I just change the directories permissions? or can I sudo and just don't know how?03:30
kindofabuzzyou should have the VESA option when re configuring03:30
ythe1300calc: I stand corrected 620 does appear to be 64bit enabled03:31
yowshiRabidWeezle:  how do you adjust frame skipping in virtualbox?\03:31
kindofabuzzwait, wehn you rebooted you didn't do recovery again did ya?03:31
RabidWeezlecabrioleur, I started with Redhat 6 for dummies, linux in a nutshell (more complicated by oreilly), and linux secrets 13 years ago03:31
cabrioleurzachwlewis, you can install the newest ones from the official website. Just download them, uninstall what you have, and run the script.03:31
Schmiezkindofabuzz: no03:31
RabidWeezleyowshi, it's all in the man page "man dosbox"03:31
yowshinot dosbox03:31
yowshii am not running starcraft in dosbox03:32
zachwlewiscabrioleur: What official site? nVidia? How do I uninstall my current drivers?03:32
mackidcabrioleur: is that the best way? I just checked "use restricted drivers" in some preference or system config program03:32
RabidWeezleI run starcraft in wine03:32
Schmiezkindofabuzz: no03:32
cabrioleurzachwlewis, find them in the synaptic tool. Yes, they have a nice, user friendly installer on nvidia.com.03:32
kindofabuzzwhat vid card you got Schmiez ?03:32
zachwlewisI installed some package from nVidia and have "use restricted drivers" checked, but it still doesn't work.03:32
yowshiRabidWeezle: lets see i have issues with how wine handles starcraft like the bnet problems03:32
yowshiscreens not refreshing and stuff03:32
ythe1300kindofabuzz 925003:33
RabidWeezleoh ouch03:33
Schmiezkindofabuzz: ATI Radeon 925003:33
mutantmani have a problem guys03:33
mutantmancan you help me?03:33
RabidWeezleI donno if virtual does frame skipping, I've never touched it03:33
mackidzachwlewis: go to system > preferences > display/graphics and see what driver you're using03:33
kindofabuzztry this, get back to your prompt03:33
cabrioleurzachwlewis, before you do that, I'm gonna ask you something.03:33
yowshiso i installed windows xp in virtualbox with the hope of being able to run games fluidly03:33
Schmiezrecovery mode?03:33
cabrioleurzachwlewis, do you have a 3d acceleration?03:33
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!!03:33
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!!03:33
yowshibut games run horribly slow in wirtualbox03:33
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!!03:33
kindofabuzzi don't think it matters03:33
Flannel!repeat | mutantman03:33
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!! ^1please help meh03:33
ubotumutantman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:33
cabrioleurmutantman, go to their website.03:33
donkey7186fk7_se i did the remote desktop but what is my ip? the one where it says user can view desktop using this command?03:33
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!! ^1please help meh03:33
talcitedoes anyone know where firefox stores security certificates that get verified? I want to use one with wget, but I can't find the certificates03:33
aoupimutantman: calm down03:34
zachwlewiscabrioleur: No, it will only let me keep the "none" setting in the appearance manager.03:34
RabidWeezlefirst stop spamming, then I'll tell you03:34
mutantmanim sorry03:34
aoupimutantman: no one will help you when you spam, better luck next time03:34
w30zachwlewis: us synaptic and type in nvidia in the search box and look for the nvidia drivers. After that you need to enable the propriatory drivers in the preferences>non-free drivers or whatever it is.03:34
mutantmani never used this bfore03:34
cory__This is lame!!!03:34
Schmiezwell i'm already in recovery mode03:34
Schmiezso i'll do it here i gues03:34
kindofabuzzmutantman: have you tried the urban terror forums??03:34
mutantmani looked everywhere03:34
mutantman i cant find anything!!!03:34
cabrioleurzachwlewis, open a terminal, and type glxgears, and tell me if you can see the wheels.03:34
rfiattguys, i need help from someone that runs World of Warcraft on Wine03:34
RabidWeezleI'll pm you03:34
cory__is urban terrorist any good?03:34
zachwlewiscabrioleur: What drivers should I look for to uninstall?03:34
kindofabuzzif i find how to do it, you owe me $2003:34
calcmackid: that might work but he would have to make it compile as 32bit code as well instead of native (64bit)03:35
Schmiezme or mutantman? lol03:35
* calc really has to go now, bbl03:35
zachwlewiszachwlewis@cottontail:~$ glxgears03:35
zachwlewisXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:35
zachwlewisError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual03:35
ythe1300@ kindofabuzz lol03:35
mackidcalc yeah exactly. ok bye03:35
mojoHi - Does anyone know the status of pulseaudio and jack?  i asked in the ubuntustudio chat but everyone seems to be afk atm.  I am trying to figure out from the forums, but a link to a project status page or something would be appreciated, or an answer if someone happens to be up on that03:35
mutantmanPLZ HELP03:35
mutantmani need to know how to make an urban terror dedicated server!!! ^1please help meh03:35
cabrioleurzachwlewis, the problem is that the drivers are rarely a problem. 95% it's your xorg.conf file or compiz itself.03:35
kindofabuzzmutantman: http://www.urbanterror.net/urt_manual/server.htm03:35
UncleChevitzI want to access a directory that I don't have permission for (/var/lib/php4 wants root) I pointed my CLI there, but "ls" gives a permission denied, should I just change the directories permissions? or can I sudo and just don't know how?03:35
mutantmank brb03:35
bazhang!helpme | mutantman03:35
ubotumutantman: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience03:35
kindofabuzzmutantman: you didn't look very hard03:35
Flannelmutantman: please stop repeating your question.  Wait at least 15 minutes between repeats.03:35
mackidzachwlewis: system menu > administration > screens & graphics > graphics card tab, what is listed under driver03:35
Schmiezso i'm in the recovery mode now03:36
cabrioleurUncleChevitz, "sudo ls /var/lib/php4"03:36
mutantmani was at this site!!!03:36
mutantmanit doesnt say anything...03:36
CRINGOoh, nikrud, you were helping me earlier before I passed out :p, my /home wasn't mounting by itself, so you told me to do fsck in safe mode, i did with -n just to see what would happen and it said there were errors, but it said I was mounted to /, so i did umount / and then ran fsck and it said there weren't any errors03:36
Flannel!enter | mutantman03:36
ubotumutantman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:36
UncleChevitzk thnx duh I guess03:36
kindofabuzzSchmiez: do a sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst03:37
mackidzachwlewis: click the menu and try to change it to nvidia, is nvidia listed?03:37
nikrudCRINGO so, did you do the check on home and it work aftewards?03:37
CRINGOnikrud, my fstab had 1s and 2s on multiple fs's for fsck, so i took them all to 0 for all except / and /home and it boots fine03:37
RabidWeezlemutantman, check your pm03:37
mutantmanlol how?03:37
Volkodavwhen pidgin 2.4.0 will be in repos?03:37
RabidWeezlewhat irc client?03:37
zachwlewismackid: Should I use the "Choose driver by model" radio button?03:37
mackidzachwlewis: under "choose driver by name"03:37
kindofabuzzmutantman: http://www.urbanterror.net/urt_manual/server.htmhttp://www.urbanterror.net/urt_manual/server.htmhttp://www.urbanterror.net/urt_manual/server.htm03:37
zachwlewismackid: Or, in the choose driver by name>03:37
nikrudcool, now I remember, the fsck stuff in fstab03:37
mutantmanIT DOESNT HELP03:37
Flannelmutantman: Looks like it says *everything* you need on that page.  What are you having trouble with?03:37
zachwlewisOne is just called "nvidia". Is this it?03:38
mutantmani cant make a dedicated server03:38
rfiattdoes anyone runs WoW on Wine, pm me plis i have some questions03:38
mackidzachwlewis: yes that's the one03:38
kindofabuzzSchmiez: get it open?03:38
ythe1300Good Night all03:38
CRINGOnikrud, i think i thought that if i did fsck / it would include /home, i was real tired XD03:38
mutantmanit wont pull one up03:38
Schmiezkindofabuzz: ok i did it03:38
zachwlewisI hit Okay.03:38
zachwlewisNothing really changed.03:38
mackidzachwlewis: ok, is it still selected under "driver" now?03:38
ythe1300Schmiez: if you can't figure it out post in the forums :)03:38
nikrudCRINGO lol, being tired is not good for the old attention thingy03:38
Flannel!doesntwork | mutantman03:38
ubotumutantman: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:38
kindofabuzzlook for defoptions=vga03:38
mutantmanit wont pull up a ded server03:38
Nasrasudo upt-get install .....to install about for uninstall?03:38
kindofabuzzor something like that03:38
mackidzachwlewis: let me rephrase, does "driver" in the screens & graphics admin pane say "nvidia" now?03:39
sjovanany one that knows the command for seeing what port a prog uses?03:39
davedkjp2: still around?03:39
mackidsjovan: google it03:39
CRINGOnikrud, but in fstab, the last numbers, they're for the order fsck does right? So there shouldn't be two different filesystems with 1 or 2 correct?03:39
kjp2daved: yes.03:39
Flannelmutantman: Have you tried their IRC channel?  They're actually be able to help you.03:39
zachwlewismackid: After I clicked okay and closed the thing out, I reopened it and it went back to vesa.03:39
Nasrawhat is the command for installing a program?03:39
cabrioleurmutantman, did you try to set up your server.cfg correctly?03:39
davedkjp2: try changing /bin/sh to /bin/bash at the top03:39
mutantmani have a good server.cfg03:39
RabidWeezlesjovan, sounds like a usefull app for sure if you find one03:40
mutantmanit wont start the server is the prob03:40
zachwlewismackid: Before I close it, it says it right now.03:40
sjovanmackid: yes, that was the plan if no one gave me the awnser03:40
nikrudCRINGO it doesn't matter, I have two with 1 and two with 203:40
CRINGOnikrud, i think that's what was throwing it off03:40
cabrioleurmutantman, what's the error.03:40
Schmiezhow do i look for it03:40
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P03:40
zachwlewismackid: I just clicked "test" and it closed the window down. :(03:40
mackidzachwlewis: try system menu > administration > restricted drivers manager03:40
kindofabuzzmove the cursor up and down?03:40
mutantmanWhen i go to start server, and dedicate to internet, it wont bring up the ded server windows03:40
CRINGOnikrud, is there a 3,4,5, or does that number only go to 2?03:40
kindofabuzzarrow keys?03:40
mutantmanWhen i go to start server, and dedicate to internet, it wont bring up the ded server window*03:40
kjp2daved: woah. that worked. why the hell did that work ?03:40
CRINGOthat's what i was wondering03:40
kindofabuzzwait just close that03:40
mackidzachwlewis: is there anything listed in the restricted drivers manager?03:40
Schmiezi got a screen with a grey bar up top, absolutely nothing in the middle, then a list of commands at the bottom03:40
davedkjp2: you on hardy beta?03:41
RabidWeezlewhat's the port or program in question?03:41
kindofabuzzjust close it03:41
cabrioleurmutantman, server windows? there is no server windows...03:41
zachwlewismackid: The only one is Atheros HAL. It is enabled and in use.03:41
nikrudCRINGO 2 as far as I've ever seen. I will say that I'm fuzzy on those, just know enough to know that they don't affect mounting ;)03:41
kjp2daved: no 7.1003:41
mutantmani mean like03:41
mutantmanthe console03:41
davedkjp2: looks like at some point ubuntu started symlinking /bin/sh to /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash03:41
mutantmanthe server running u know?03:41
davedso bash-only crap doesnt work03:41
davedtook me forever to figure out what that == wouldnt work03:41
mackidzachwlewis: weird, nvidia should be listed.. i don't really know at this point, try googling for ubuntu nvidia driver03:42
kindofabuzzactually i'm just gonna give you the link i'm reading, i gotta piss, look at the responses towrds the bottom03:42
mackidzachwlewis: or maybe someone else can help you03:42
cabrioleurmutantman, what you have when you execute ioUrTded.i386?03:42
sjovanRabidWeezle: found it :D netstat -anp|grep <id or name>03:42
kjp2daved: ah. great.03:42
kindofabuzzSchmiez: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usplash/+bug/6355803:42
CRINGOnikrud, okay, well... I'm not sure what's going on then, maybe I'll run fsck on /home and I'll do that other hdd too, not sure why it won't mount it with fstab03:42
mutantmanit wont execute03:42
zachwlewismackid: Okay. Thanks for all your help. :)03:42
sjovanthat was one lucky google :D03:42
mackidzachwlewis: no problem :)03:42
cabrioleurmutantman, "sudo chmod +x ioUrTded.i386"03:42
* RabidWeezle copies that to a notepad for later use03:42
mutantmankk one sec03:42
nikrudCRINGO it's happening to someone else tonight, can't figure it eather03:42
Flannelmutantman: Go to the Urban Terror IRC channel, and ask there.  We have no idea how that server works, they'll have a much better chance of helping you.03:42
mackidsjovan: excellent03:43
CRINGOnikrud, what's their name?03:43
yowshianyone know how to get games to run at decent speeds in a virtualbox os?03:43
nikrudCRINGO steven103:43
cabrioleuryowshi, pac man03:43
RabidWeezlemutantman, Flannel is right, with specific software problems, it's always best to ask the people who make the software03:43
davedkjp2: that script also has numerous bugs in it btw :P03:43
yowshicabrioleur: pac man?03:43
davedkjp2: but i fixed them all and it still wouldnt run, was driving me mad03:44
RabidWeezlemutantman, I wouldn't goto a windows help channel to ask about problems with EZ Cd creator03:44
kjp2daved: I didn't write it.03:44
cabrioleurmutantman, it's everywhere on the internet now. Abandonware they say.03:44
=== [1]rafaelito is now known as rafaelito
cabrioleurmutantman, did you try to run it now?03:44
mutantmanit said03:44
mutantmanchmod: cannot access `iourtded.i386': No such file or directory03:44
davedkjp: *nod* just saying :)03:44
CRINGOnikrud, maybe with my other hdd, the slave master jumpers aren't set right? I could pull it out and double check but blah if I don't need to.03:45
cabrioleurmutantman, use capital letters.03:45
nikrudCRINGO not sure03:45
prince_jammysmutantman: case sensitive03:45
cabrioleurmutantman, ioUrTded.i38603:45
unkhotHello, on a chroot, what is the way to use locales too, wich files do I need? /usr/share/locales only does not work, any idea? thanks03:45
cabrioleurmutantman, I want you to run this server because I really enjoy this game :-)03:45
Nasrawhat is the program to uninstall a program?03:45
mutantmanone sec03:45
zachwlewisWhere is the default runlevel stored in Ubuntu 7.10?03:45
mutantmano ty =)03:46
NasraI mean the command03:46
prince_jammysNasra: sudo apt-get remove progname  (if you installed with apt)03:46
=== ubuntu is now known as lemcott
CRINGOokay nikrud, Steven1, I'll be back once I figure out what's going on and let you know03:46
Dr_williszachwlewis,  ubuntu dosent really use runlevels like other disrtos do.03:46
Flannelzachwlewis: /etc/event.d/ [something]03:46
lemcottI need help uninstalling ubuntu03:46
Dr_willis!upstart | zachwlewis03:46
sjovanbut this i don't get ---> http://pastebin.com/d68cd9040 <--- the tut talked about port 14534, but what with all the other ports? don't i need to open them on the router? it's for the same prog...03:46
ubotuzachwlewis: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:46
mutantmanstill wont work03:46
mutantmano wait03:47
zachwlewisThis driver wants me to close X and set the runlevel to VGA.03:47
Nasraprince_jammys.....wannna uninstall the exaile music player....03:47
Flannelmutantman: Ask the Urban Terror people.  We have no idea what its looking for, and as such, why it's failing03:47
Dr_williszachwlewis,  so basicially it saying 'close X' :)03:47
prince_jammysNasra: sudo apt-get remove exaile (most likely)03:47
zachwlewisOkay. How do I do that? :P03:47
lemcottI used gpartitioner to make my second HDD a FAT32, i was hoping that i could just go into vista and format it03:47
cabrioleurFlannel, I do have an idea. I've done this before multiple times.03:47
lemcottbut now GRUB is giving me error 1703:47
Dr_williszachwlewis,  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop - WE do not advise using the nvidia or ati video driver installers... good luck.03:47
lemcottand I cant even get in to fix it!03:48
zachwlewisSo, what nVidia driver should I use to run my 8800GT?03:48
sean_Is there a special channel to deal with hardy bugs or is it just here?03:48
cabrioleurlemcott, go to your windows boot cd, and go to command prompt. (fix something option)03:48
Flannelsean_: #ubuntu+103:48
Dr_williszachwlewis,  i use the ones that restricted-manager installed here.03:48
bazhanglemcott: what is on the other partition and are you going to reinstall ubuntu?03:48
mutantmanok i did that command03:48
sean_Flannel, I just read that. X_X03:48
sean_thank you03:48
mutantmanit didnt say anything , but no errors03:48
Dr_williszachwlewis,  had no problems with them. But others have i hear.03:48
cabrioleurlemcott, then type fixmbr or mbrfix. It will correct the problem for you.03:48
zachwlewisYeah. Is there a way to just uninstall all my graphics drivers and let ubuntu find new ones?03:48
lemcottcabrioleur, i dont have a windows vista boot cd03:48
nilminusi have a question related to gdb. i am trying to create a breakpoint to a C++ file inside my project but it says : "No source file named pspp.cc" . Any idea about what the problem could be ?03:49
prince_jammysmutantman: means it was successful03:49
thisdyuhey guys im a bit confused, i need to use airdriver is used to install the monitor drivers for my wifi card right? will this effect any of my current drivers03:49
lemcottbazhang, my first hdd is vista, second is ubuntu, and im trying to make it back into vista03:49
mutantmanok what do i do now?03:49
bazhanglemcott: do you plan on reinstalling ubuntu?03:49
kindofabuzzSchmiez: nano your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and look for your vid driver setion, change it to vesa, try that03:49
mutantmanwhat do i do now?03:49
lemcottno, i need the space as of now, so i need it to be vista recognized/usable03:49
cabrioleurlemcott, that's a problem.03:50
bazhanglemcott: sounds like a windows only question then03:50
lemcottwindows doesnt recognize it03:50
mutantmani might have got an error, nothing happening03:50
NasraI like this chat room....you guys are ready to help.....I love it....03:50
cabrioleurbazhang, don't leave the customer when he is dissatisfied. He might come back whey you're nice.03:50
carloshello all, I'm trying to connect on my wireless network, but i'm having this error: Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device eth0 ; No such device. .....someone know what can i do?03:50
zachwlewisIs there a way to just uninstall all my graphics drivers and let ubuntu find new ones?03:50
lemcotti formated it to be fat32 and now i cant even get into windows!03:50
cabrioleurlemcott, I'll find a solution for you.03:50
bazhangcabrioleur: read the /topic03:50
mutantmanim going to ut03:51
cabrioleurbazhang, and his problem is how to remove _grub_!!03:51
Flannellemcott: If you have no Vista CD to properly add it back, you could try SBM (smart boot manager), or failing that, you just need to keep GRUB around, on a tiny GRUB partition03:51
Nasrais great03:51
mutantmanidk how to goto urban terror...03:51
lemcottthe only reason im on is im using the livecd to boot from, grub wont even let me touch anything03:52
Ziroda1Hi I am having some issues with VNC, is there anyway for VNC to work with the current X desktop?03:52
mutantman(the channel)03:52
levanderIs there a command to read the IDV3 tag out of an MP3?03:52
cabrioleurlemcott, the answer step by step is here: http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=334003:52
mutantmanCan SomeOne Please Tell Me How To run A Dedicated Server On Ubuntu???03:52
mutantmanCan SomeOne Please Tell Me How To run A Dedicated Server On Ubuntu???03:52
bazhang!repeat | mutantman03:53
ubotumutantman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:53
cabrioleurmutantman, what's the error now?03:53
yowshicabrioleur: pac man? what do you mean by that03:53
kindofabuzzmutantman: did you even read the link i gave you? tels you everything03:53
mutantmani never got it to work03:53
Flannelmutantman: It's on a different server, this may work (depending on your IRC client): /connect irc.enterthegame.com then /join #urbanterror03:53
Mnabi1hello , i wanna install enlightment on ubuntu , how can i do that >03:53
mutantmanTHE LINK DOESNT WORK OK?03:53
cabrioleuryowshi, it's an old game. You can find it everywhere in abandonware collections.03:53
CRINGOnikrud,  forgot i wanted to throw this at you, http://pastebin.com/ddef976d <- look at sdb1, it's been mounting it as disk-2, I manually mounted it to /media/nota03:53
CRINGOnikrud, did I need to umount it first?03:53
intravenoushey guys, how do i change servers with xchat?03:53
intravenousim looking to get onto slashnet03:53
Starnestommyintravenous: /server new.server03:53
kindofabuzzmutantman: it does work, http://www.urbanterror.net/urt_manual/server.htm03:54
CRINGOintravenous, /server server.name.net03:54
intravenousthanks man03:54
nikrudCRINGO ues03:54
yowshicabrioleur: heh what about starcraft? i would like to run that at decent speeds reliabvly online and without the problems wine has with bnet. an no i am not paying cedega for ripping off wine03:54
CRINGOnikrud, so you can have a device mounted to multiple places? does that screw anything up?03:54
cabrioleuryowshi, starcraft (broodwars too) run smoothly with unmodified wine.03:55
mutantmanno ones there...03:55
EstesarkHi, a question: I have two hard disks, one which is mounted to / and another which is mounted to /home. I get the feeling that, because /home is a directory of /, that my files are being duplicated. I say this because / is very nearly full, even though I don't really have anything in there at all, except for in /home. How do I check that I've mounted everything right and sort it out if it is wrong?03:55
zachwlewisOkay, I managed to remove a lot of stuff. How do I add back the restricted drivers manager and let it find an appropriate driver for my 8800GT?03:55
msseverMnabi1: There's an Enlightenment package in Ubuntu03:55
Nasranow just installed azureus...how do I use it....what is the procedure?03:55
nikrudCRINGO it's not common, no. I don't think I've ever seen it myself, except with --bind. I'm not really up on esoteric mount options03:55
carlossomeone know what command do i have to use to connect on the wireless network?03:55
msseverMnabi1: If you want a more recent version, Google is your friend03:55
yowshicabrioleur: no it doesnt. take a look at the bnet interface. i get windows that dont refrsh properly and stuff03:55
CRINGOokay nikrud, thanks03:55
andi5Estesark: check out baobab :-)03:56
zachwlewisNasra: Find a torrent file, and have the program open it.03:56
mutantmanstill cant get my server to work!!!!03:56
nikrudCRINGO I'm tired, my attention thingo is not functioning well :)03:56
EstesarkWhat's that, andi5 ?03:56
yowshi+in the game itself anf does but outside of a game it doesnt03:56
zachwlewisNasra: It will then proceed to connect with other computers and download your files.03:56
CRINGOheh, np03:56
kindofabuzzmutantman: learn to google and read the damn link i gave you, it tells you everything about the server03:56
EstesarkOh, the disk usage analyser... so what am I looking for exactly?03:56
mutantmanIT DOESNT HELP OMG03:56
msseverEstesark: Typing mount will show you if everything's mounted properly -- also try df03:56
mutantmanIT HELPs 003:57
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:57
kindofabuzzmutantman: how does it not help? it tells you step by step what to do03:57
zachwlewisOkay, I managed to remove a lot of stuff. How do I add back the restricted drivers manager and let it find an appropriate driver for my 8800GT?03:57
Nasrazachlewis: question...where do I put the file to download or where will it go and find it?03:57
zachwlewisYou should be able to use "Open with...".03:57
zachwlewisThen, choose your program.03:57
zachwlewisIf not, it doesn't matter where you save it.03:57
kindofabuzzzachwlewis: Envy03:58
andi5Estesark: your data is not duplicated, that is for sure.. mount will tell you whether you have mounted /home correctly though03:58
zachwlewisYou can either double-click and choose a program, or open it.03:58
zachwlewiskindofabuzz: Pardon?03:58
bazhangmutantman you should direct your questions to the person who was helping you03:58
davedis there a gnome cd/dvd burning program similar in functionality to k3b?03:58
yowshicabrioleur: no it doesnt. take a look at the bnet interface. i get windows that dont refrsh properly and stuff. in the game itself it does but outside of a game it doesnt. unless you have a solution03:58
fab4fanw30:  that worked !03:58
fab4fan/msg w30 that worked !03:58
lemcottcabrioleur, thank you thank you thank you!03:58
kindofabuzzzachwlewis: you asked about video drivers, use Envy, intalls everything for you, ati and nvidia03:58
lemcottill be back on after going into windows!03:58
zachwlewiskindofabuzz: Where do I find that?03:59
cabrioleurlemcott, you are welcome.03:59
fab4fanwhoa lag03:59
redheathi everyone03:59
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:59
kindofabuzzjust google envy, first link that pops up03:59
bazhangkindofabuzz: that script is not much liked in these parts03:59
Estesarkandi5: This is what I get from mount: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d943982103:59
redheatI need some help around here if possible03:59
kindofabuzzwhy not bazhang ?03:59
EstesarkI'm not really sure what I should be looking for03:59
fab4fanredheat: whats up ?03:59
bazhang!envy | kindofabuzz zachwlewis03:59
andi5Estesark: what about df?03:59
ubotukindofabuzz zachwlewis: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:59
redheatI'm trying to install ubuntu 7.10 on my machine next to my other operating system..hi fab4fun03:59
kindofabuzzwell yeah, but still, works fine on my end04:00
fab4fanredheat:  you have an existing OS on the drive ?04:00
Estesarkandi5: df output: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d2df9503904:00
msseverEstesark: Well, it shows that / and /home are on two separate drives04:00
redheatwindows xp and windows vista, now as I know, any linux distribution can be installed on any logical partitions..04:00
kindofabuzzSchmiez: any progress?04:00
redheatsee I was aiming to install two linux systems on the smae harddrive, opensuse 10.3 and ubuntu 7.1004:00
xanderpHelp please!! I just applied some updates, rebooted and now my system boots to a busybox cli!04:00
Estesarkmssever: I really can't believe that I've used 80% of my primary drive though, considering I download everything to /home04:00
redheatand boot them all using the vista bootloader..04:01
fab4fanredheat:  true but first thing you want to do is backup any data onto CD or DVD04:01
kindofabuzzi'm about to go try MEPIS, i'll be back04:01
fab4fanredheat:  I'm not 100% sure but I think GRUB will overwrite the Vista bootloader04:01
redheatfab4fan, the whole harddisk has been formatted, and right now all I have on it are two fresh copies of windows vista and windows xp04:01
msseverEstesark: If you look at the disk usage analyzer (can't remember its name and I'm not on Ubuntu right now), it'll graphically show you what's eating your space04:01
cabrioleuryowshi, wine did have issues with compiz. Did you try to turn it off?04:01
andi5Estesark: ouch ... either use baobab or "du -sm /*" to find out a bit more ... 115 GB is quite a lot :)04:02
redheatthis is what I've been working on getting rid off, see there's this awesome program called Easy BCD, which you can get from this URL04:02
fab4fanredheat: they are fresh copies ? just installed ?04:02
msseverxanderp: Are you sure it's busybox? or do you just mean CLI?04:02
yowshicabrioleur: this was before i installed compiz04:02
sjovanokay... i just banned my self from my own teamspeak server. how do i unban?04:02
Estesarkmssever: That shows that /etc and /home take up the most space, but in total, everything adds up to about 200 GB, not the 300GB+ that df/mount is showing04:02
xanderpit says busybox.04:02
yowshicabrioleur: it aklso had issues with alt+tabbing04:02
redheatyep fab4fan04:03
msseverEstesark: Hmm... have you drilled down into /etc to find the trouble?04:03
msseverxanderp: Can you boot normally in recovery mode?04:03
donkey7186QUESTION. does anyone have trouble getting to the linksys setup website. ?????????04:03
andi5mssever: fyi, that is baobab :)04:03
Sum1hello all:)  I have a question04:03
msseverandi5: thanks04:04
bazhangdonkey7186: that is your router not the website04:04
saminthemiddleSum1: me too ;-)04:04
msseverdonkey7186: no04:04
andi5Estesark: what about /tmp or /var?04:04
donkey7186i know but how do i get to it cause that is the default and it isnt working04:04
saminthemiddledonkey7186: are you connecting though it nowL04:04
Estesarkmssever: Wow, no, I hadn't... apparently I've got 106 GB of backups. That must be it.04:04
redheatnow, this is how I partitioned my harddrive, first of all I have a 320 GB harddrive, where I have assigned 100 GB for windows vista, another 100 for windows xp and the rest is left as unallocated space, space I turned the remaining space into an extended partition with multiple logical drives, and I have kept 22 GB for ubuntu along with 22 GB for opensuse and 4 GB for swap04:04
donkey7186yes im connecting through it04:04
bazhangdonkey7186: what error are you getting04:04
xanderpmssever: nope.  I hit esc on the grub, turned off spash and quiet, and it shows mounting problems for root.  I'm wondering if my uuid changed?04:04
Sum1i have a multiboot system, and I want to upgrade to 704, if I do so from the software updates manager, will it mess up my multiboot or my partition?04:04
saminthemiddledonkey7186, try http;//
donkey7186just when i type in it bring up a page cannot be found04:05
xanderpthe prompt says initramfs04:05
cabrioleuryowshi, I know. I'm sorry I cannot help you. VMWare is my only suggestion, as you might have it for free.04:05
msseverxanderp: were these just run-of-the-mill updates?04:05
bazhangdonkey7186: this is wired or wirelessly04:05
msseverdonkey7186: can you ping
redheatnow nearing the end of ubuntu's installation, there's that small advanced option which tells you where do you want to install the grub04:05
saminthemiddledonkey7186, sorry
donkey7186how can i try to ping it04:05
xanderpyup, mysql, mythtv, some libraries, that stuff... I didn't see anything system related...04:05
bazhangdonkey7186: you need an ethernet cable to set it up04:05
EstesarkThis is confusing, being helped by two people at once (though I appreciate it). I'm pretty sure it's those backups that are taking up all the space, I must have mucked up my configuration. Anyway, thanks, andi5 and mssever.04:05
redheatby the way fab4fan, http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Ubuntu this is the wiki to how to install04:05
donkey7186cause the router is on my main computer which i am in front of04:05
msseverEstesark: np04:06
redheatubuntu and yet let it load from within vista's boot loader04:06
donkey7186well im trying to set it up on my regular computer04:06
andi5donkey7186: ping :)04:06
redheatfab4fan, are you still with me04:06
legend2440are the pre-released updates in gutsy safe to use or are they beta?04:06
saminthemiddledonkey7138, from the terminal type ping
donkey7186where do i type that terminal?04:06
fab4fanredheat: yeah04:06
fab4fanredheat:  I'm not familiar with the Vista bootloader04:06
redheatno, just look at it..04:06
andi5is vista a new gnome theme?04:06
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donkey718656(84) bytes04:06
redheatthere's nothing to it, since that program called easy bcd will do it for you...04:07
msseverxanderp: Well, your UUID isn't *supposed* to change... Have you tried recovery mode (If you answered that already, I apologize)04:07
=== [r00723r0] is now known as r00723r0
saminthemiddleSum1: I'm not sure, but you should always make backups of your data04:07
xanderpcan i take option e to edit grub line, then change the root= to say / instead of UUID=blahblahblah...04:07
andi5xanderp: what filesystem?04:07
Sum1back up my  entire win side?04:07
xanderpmssever: i tried recovery, it barfs too04:07
redheatso the whole trick is just point your grub to root partition the one that has a mounting point of /04:08
xanderpandi5: the default ubuntu fs...04:08
msseverxanderp: you have to specify your partitions grub-style04:08
andi5xanderp: which is? ... ext3?04:08
redheatnow, it seems that ubuntu doesn't work under a logical drive...04:08
donkey7186so what should i do now04:08
saminthemiddleSum1: why not? But I don't think it will hurt the windows partition04:08
redheatit need s a primary partition04:08
cabrioleurSum1, it should not, and 99.99999% will not make any mess with your windows partition, but again 0.00001%...04:08
xanderpmssever: I didn't change anything, the defaults that ubuntu put in grub are what i was using.04:08
fab4fanredheat:  it looks like it should work04:08
msseverxanderp: Or maybe not...I don't remember04:08
bazhangdonkey7186: to connect to your router you need an ethernet cable to it04:08
Ashfire908is there a program to convert a video to MPEG4 format? (or something else that a psp supports04:09
brandonhey everyone, I just installed ubuntu, and now when i start it up, my monitor(not ubuntu) says 'Out of range'so i think there is a problem with the resolution, is there a fix for this?04:09
saminthemiddledonkey7186: try connecting to the router, it might be broken though to hard-resetting it might help04:09
wenceslaoany ladies in here??04:09
msseverxanderp: I was saying that in answer to your question about changing the root to /04:09
wenceslaothat what to chat with a newbe to be friend04:09
bazhangwenceslao: offtopic04:09
redheatthat's what I thought, but it doesn't when I try to install ubuntu in one of the logical partitions I've created, but it works like magic when I put it in a primary partitions04:09
donkey7186connect to the router how?04:09
cabrioleurredheat, it will work with lvm's as long as you install it during installation.04:09
andi5xanderp: /etc/fstab should tell you,... if it is ext3, i could suggest to use labels... set them with 'sudo e2label /dev/sxxn mylabel' and LABEL=mylabel in /etc/fstab04:09
donkey7186im already wireless04:09
LinuxMercedesAny idea as to why when I run sudo apt-get upgrade I get the message "E: could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock-open (11 resource temporarily unavailable)?04:09
xanderpandi5: i have to GET to /etc/fstab first... :)04:10
fab4fanredheat:  since you can have several primary's that should not be a problem04:10
legend2440LinuxMercedes: make sure Synaptic is closed04:10
saminthemiddlebrandon: I always thought that out of range usually referred to refresh rate, try booting to a command line and editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:10
pike_LinuxMercedes: synaptic is open or another apt-get is running04:10
bazhangdonkey7186: to setup your router you iniitially need an ethernet cable to get into the router config04:10
LinuxMercedeslegend2440: it is04:10
Sum1Ok, so I tried this upgrade from S/M earlier, and I didnt know if this would mess up my partition so I used the force quit app to force quit the upgrade process.  Now my S/M says that there are like 814 updates and when I run it it says that all updates cannot be installed and suggests that I run a distrobution update to get the updates that I can.  I dont know what I have done04:10
msseverxanderp: Honestly, though, I'd be surprised if your UUID changed. Why do you think it did?04:10
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saminthemiddledonkey7138, I'm sorry, did you say you're wireless?04:10
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, apt/aptitude/synaptic/etc is open somewhere04:10
brandonsaminthemiddle: im in the command line right now, how do i edit it via command line?04:10
cabrioleurSum1, brake your system :-)04:11
xanderpI thought i had that problem once before... when I saw that line in grub it reminded me of it.04:11
LinuxMercedespike_: I don't think it's open: ps only lists bash and ps04:11
saminthemiddlebrandon, sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:11
cabrioleurSum1, give more output on pastebin..04:11
saminthemiddlebrandon, oh, and you might want to apt-get install vim04:11
donkey7186bazhang ok on my regular computer which is what i am trying to setup linksys, it is already connected via ethernet cable. how come it doesnt work on that computer when i try to go to
=== ce_chinnese is now known as fiton
saminthemiddlebrandon, the default vi is lousy04:11
msseverxanderp: how far along in the boot process do you get?04:11
legend2440LinuxMercedes: a reboot might help04:11
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, you cannot have more than one apt or package manager running at the same time04:11
LinuxMercedeslegend2440: I'll try that04:11
xanderptrying recovery mode again to see...04:11
bazhangdonkey7186: and what does the ping return in terminal?04:11
saminthemiddlebrandon, press I to ender edit mode, escape to exit edit mode, and :w to save :q to quit04:12
wenceslaoanyone like to chat with a newbe to be friend and teach about lenux04:12
cabrioleurdonkey7186, did you check if you don't have a mac filtering or other kind of tool?04:12
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, "ps" shows nothing usefull04:12
Sum1Is it updating 610 (my current version) or is it updating me to 704.  Sorry guys kinda new to both IRC and Ubuntu.  What is pastebin?04:12
bazhangwenceslao: wrong channel for that04:12
donkey718656(84) bytes that is my ping04:12
xanderpfails when it tries to mount root, but the rest flys by so fast it could have had errors before that04:12
donkey7186no i didnt. i have windows running the router.04:12
andi5xanderp: well, append 'init=/bin/bash' to the kernel line and edit /etc/fstab with vi or your favorite command line editor :)04:12
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:12
Schmeizi got it to work!!!04:12
LinuxMercedesAshfire908: shouldnt it if you're only running command line?04:12
palomerI'm trying to play songs04:13
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saminthemiddlepalomer, hello04:13
palomerbut banshee refuses04:13
Sum1ill check into that04:13
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, ...04:13
mssever!enter | palomer04:13
ubotupalomer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:13
Schmeizmy ATI card works now04:13
saminthemiddleSum1, pastebin is a website where you can paste stuff into04:13
fab4fanshould I be able to see other PCs on my wireless LAN from Ubuntu ?04:13
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, "ps" with no options shows only the current process and ones related with the current terminal04:13
xanderpandi5: will try04:13
fab4fanif they are running Windows XP04:14
cabrioleurpalomer, did you play any flash animations etc. before using banshee?04:14
moDumasshey all, how do i fix supre slow intenret through browsers, not slow through other means, atm just slow through browsers04:14
saminthemiddlefab4fan, I can't04:14
andi5moDumass: did you configure a proxy?04:14
Sum1any more suggestions for my problem04:14
Steven1I think the firefox that is included with the LiveCD should include flashplayer.04:14
cabrioleurpalomer, if yes, or you tried other sources of sound (skype etc.), make sure you have alsa-oss package installed.04:14
brandonsam: it still is saying out of range, also when I try to install VIM it doesnt work04:14
palomerso, when I try to run mplayer it gives me: alsa-lib: pcm_hw.c:1242:(snd_pcm_hw_open) open /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p failed: Device or resource busy \n alsa-lib: pcm_dmix.c:864:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave \n alsa-init: playback open error: Device or resource busy04:14
mssevermoDumass: are you behind a router?04:14
bazhangmoDumass: did you uninstall TOR?04:14
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, "ps -C <command>" shows all processes that are the command <command>.04:14
saminthemiddlebrandon, really04:14
moDumassandi5 no not that i know of, i also unistalled TOR and TOR button04:14
palomerboth banshee and mplayer aren't working04:15
fab4fansaminthe:  if I go to places-networks I can see my LAN but I can't open it and see the other PCs04:15
moDumassmssever i am behind a router04:15
cabrioleurpalomer, yup, that's it. "sudo apt-get install alsa-oss"04:15
saminthemiddlebrandon, I'm not sure why apt-get install vim doesn't work04:15
palomerI installed alsa-oss04:15
palomerstill nothing04:15
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andi5moDumass: what about w3m or lynx from the command line?  are they slow as well?  what does echo $http_proxy or echo $HTTP_PROXY show you?04:16
mssevermoDumass: some routers have trouble with ipv6; but since you've apparently been messing with tor, I'm guessing my idea isn't your problem04:16
palomerI had sound 2 minutes ago!04:16
cabrioleurpalomer, restart your alsa server or restart your computer. Your problems should go away.04:16
brandonsam, when it says continue, i say 'Y', then for install packages without verificaton i say y, then it says... E: Unable to fetch some archives,...04:16
lemcottwas I supposed to direct that at the windows HDD or the one I'm trying to get linux off of?04:16
tarelerulzis there any program for made dvds with you own menus ?04:16
moDumassecho $http proxy shows nothing04:16
bazhangdevede tarelerulz04:16
mssevertarelerulz: Tovid can do it04:17
moDumass<mssever> echo $HTTP_PROXY / proxy shows nothing, no return04:17
saminthemiddlebrandon, first thing, it's saminthemiddle or it won't highlight :-/ and second, why is it asking to install w/o verification?04:17
saminthemiddlebrandon, have you been messing with your repos?04:17
Schmeizuh weird04:17
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> i have turned off ipv6 too04:17
Schmeizbefore i could use my scroll wheel on the desktop to move to the other workspace04:17
Schmeiznow i cant do that04:17
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EstesarkAlright, I have another question now. Having deleted those huge backup files, baobab shows that my total usage is 292.5GB, yet adding up all the folders only shows 43GB. In order to delete the backup files, I had to do it as root - but they didn't go to the recycle bin. df is showing the same figures as before. I'm not convinced those files really deleted, is there a way to check?04:17
mssevermoDumass: are all browsers slow, or just some?04:18
palomerhow do I restart OSS?04:18
brandonsaminthemiddle: no, it looks to me like it cannot connect to the internet, so theres probably a problem with my network card.04:18
Ashfire908LinuxMercedes, a nice(/nicer) interface to processes is gnome-system-monitor, which you can run from System -> Administration -> System Monitor04:18
andi5Estesark: how did you delete those files then?04:18
moDumass<mssever> im just checkin opera, but its slow in all others04:18
Ashfire908is there a program to convert a video to MPEG4 format? (or something else that a psp supports)04:18
saminthemiddlebrandon, but you're talking to me!04:18
moDumass<mssever> firefox and konqueror are slow, im jsut checkin opera i think it stayed fast for some reason04:19
Estesarkandi5: sudo nautilus, and then selected the folders and pressed delete04:19
LinuxMercedesAshfire908: that'd be great, but I'm running Ubuntu server via ssh, so gui is out of the question04:19
brandonsaminthemiddle: im on my laptop, right next to my desktop, for some reason Ubuntu is working fine on here04:19
prince_jammysEstesark: see if they are in /root/.Trash04:19
cabrioleurEstesark, "sudo rm -Rfv /root/.Trash"04:19
lemcottashfire908, search for MC media converter SA edition04:19
lemcottthat works best04:19
saminthemiddlebrandon, okay so can you ping google?04:19
andi5Estesark: but very! cautious when running rm with -f as root, please04:19
mssevermoDumass: Hmmm, dunno what's up04:19
prince_jammys-f is not necessary04:19
brandonsaminthemiddle: no i cannot.04:19
LinuxMercedesAshfire908: but restarting works =]04:20
saminthemiddlebrandon, then your network is borked04:20
donkey7186no i didnt. i have windows running the router.04:20
andi5Estesark: you could replease -f by -i even :)04:20
saminthemiddlebrandon, is this a fresh install? and if it is, did the live CD work?04:20
andi5replace, even04:20
xanderpi should have known better than to apply damn updates.  they alway bork up my machines04:20
inminichey. is it possible to find a .deb file for Opera 8.54?04:20
Schmeizcan anyone tell me why the scroll wheel on my mouse wont change between workstations anymore?04:20
cabrioleurinminic, it's on the opera website.04:20
Estesarkandi5 (and others), thanks. It seems to be deleting properly now. Why did those not show up in the Deleted Items folder when I was running nautilus as root?04:20
mssevermoDumass: have you rebooted? (I don't know that that will work, but I don't have any better ideas)04:20
Ashfire908lemcott, look in the repos or the internet04:20
inminiccabrioleur, nope, they don't go lower than 9.1004:21
* xanderp booting livecd to see what my fstab looks like04:21
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> i have rebooted04:21
moDumassand its fast in opera04:21
andi5Estesark: also, please use gksudo when running graphical applications as root04:21
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> i have rebooted, internet still fast in opera, but slow in ff and konqueror04:21
brandonsaminthemiddle: i used the text install, just because i like that for preference, yes, it is a fresh install, and I will try the live cd right now...04:21
Sum1should I just go ahead and use the distrobution update and take the 814 updates?04:21
Estesarkandi5: I hadn't heard of that, but I'll research it now.04:21
cabrioleurinminic, http://www.opera.com/download/index.dml?opsys=Linux%20Sparc&lng=en&ver=8.54&platform=Linux%20Sparc&local=y04:21
saminthemiddlebrandon, okay04:21
Ashfire908lemcott, i'm looking for a ubuntu program.04:22
prince_jammysEstesark: because you were looking at the Trash in YOUR desktop, not root's04:22
lemcottoh right04:22
inminiccabrioleur, i tried it. gives 404 error04:22
mssevermoDumass: well, I'm officially stumped04:22
lemcottvlc can convert most files04:22
lemcottbut it does it x1 speed04:22
lemcottmeaning if you have a 2 hour and 45 minute movie04:22
EstesarkSo even after sudo nautilus, the "Deleted Items" shortcut goes to user ollie's deleted items folder?04:22
lemcottits gonna take exactly that long04:23
msseverEstesark: no, to root's trash04:23
msseverEstesark: Scratch that04:23
msseverEstesark: I misunderstood you04:23
prince_jammysEstesark: i don't know :) i don't use nautilus. maybe using sudo vs gksudo has that effect04:24
cabrioleurinminic, http://ftp.debian-unofficial.org/debian/pool/non-free/o/opera8-binary-i386/04:24
Estesarkprince_jammys: I'm not sure. Anyway, thanks. Also to mssever and others.04:24
prince_jammysEstesark: that may have been why.04:24
MinusSevenI don't know if there's a way to do it, but in the panels, is there a way to turn off the tooltips?04:24
xanderpok, i'm in on a livecd boot, and looking at my fstab.  my root partition is on /dev/hdc1.  can i just hard code out all that uuid crap and point it to /dev/hdc1?04:24
msseverEstesark: using nautilus as root puts stuff in root's trash, but the trash button on the panel only points to your user's trash04:24
MinusSevenI tried using gconf-editor and going into apps/panel/global04:24
MinusSevenbut it didn't seem to turn it off04:24
xanderp(oh, and it's ext3)04:24
Sykoso what do y'all think of 8.04 beta?04:25
msseverxanderp: yes04:25
xanderpdo i do that in /etc/grub/grub.conf or something?04:25
msseverxanderp: unless you decide to phically change how your drives are connected, you'll be fint04:25
andi5Estesark, prince_jammys: maybe gksudo -l is needed to point to root's trash?  i think that will change $HOME, but i am not sure04:25
dabbillI just put a 8800GT in my computer. Downloaded and installed latest drivers from nVidia, but i am still getting like hte same video performance when i had the 6600GT in .04:25
mssevermssever: no, in fstab04:25
msseverxanderp: no, in fstab04:25
inminiccabrioleur, thank you04:26
xanderpmssever: hehe... talking to your self is the first sign of impending mental collapse!!04:26
mssever!hardy | Syko04:26
ubotuSyko: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:26
legend2440Ashfire908:  for avi to mpeg4 i use devede04:26
msseverxanderp: :)04:26
andi5xanderp: i guess he needed confirmation first :)04:26
michael__Could someone help me out - my Ubuntu laptop has been running way too hot and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to cool it down04:26
andi5turn it off? ... are lm_sensors and sensors-applet installed?04:27
mssevermichael__: pack it in ice :)04:27
michael__mssever:  lol04:27
xanderpmake like it's your birthday?04:28
Syko /sigh, mssever, ubotu, I wanted to hear it from users mouths =/04:28
xanderp(blow on it?)04:28
cabrioleurmichael__, can you monitor your proc usage and fan?04:28
Ashfire908legend2440, it outputs to a mp4 file right04:28
msseverSyko: #ubunti+1 is the place to discuss hardy, not here04:28
msseverSyko: #ubunto+1 is the place to discuss hardy, not here04:28
xanderpwhat's the key to kill the splash screen?04:29
bazhangSyko: wrong channel04:29
andi5Syko: i think that it will come out in about a month, but you have been redirected already :)04:29
Dr_willisheh heh - try again ..04:29
Dr_willisor not.. :)04:29
andi5mssever: are you an earthworm split in the middle?04:29
msseverDr_willis: Oh, thanks... I can't spell tonight :)04:29
legend2440Ashfire908:  there is a selection to convert to Divx/MPEG404:29
Dr_willisI can teither04:30
=== chase_ is now known as catullus
xanderpbastards... i had those entries in the fstab hard coded before... the updates must have replaced my fstab entries with UUID's!!!  (they were still there, but commented out!)04:30
msseverI never realized ubuntu was so hard to spell :)04:30
nikrudsounds like another silly sunday04:30
Ashfire908legend2440, ok.04:30
msseverxanderp: which version of Ubuntu are you running?04:30
michael__cabrioleur:  My processor isn't running all that hot, and I don't have any way to monitor my fan04:30
msseverxanderp: I had that kind of trouble between dapper and edgy04:30
xanderpI'm booted back up again.. everything is working.  it's mythbuntu on 7.1004:30
andi5o man, i read "my professor isn't all that hot..."04:30
xanderp(64 bit)04:30
xanderpoh well, at least i'm back up again.04:31
msseverxanderp: now you know to watch fstab closely, lest updates conspire against you04:32
xanderpI knew it was familiar for some reason... and that UUID stuck out in my mind.  I wonder why it wrongly detects my uuids...04:32
michael__cabrioleur:  Disregard that - it keeps spiking up to 100% usage on the system monitor, but I'm not running anything too resource-intensive...04:32
andi5mssever: i would say, make /etc read-only completely :)04:32
cabrioleurmichael__, use "top" command to catch the bugger.04:33
andi5mssever: but otoh, those changes slip in with updates, and you need write access then...04:33
msseverandi5: xanderp: maybe chattr -i04:33
xanderpthis is the same machine that keeps great time with hwclock, but the rtc is fubar.  (drifts by like 30 minutes/day)04:33
msseverandi5: xanderp: on fstab alone04:33
dabbillI just put a 8800GT in my computer. Downloaded and installed latest drivers from nVidia, but i am still getting like hte same video performance when i had the 6600GT in. Any one know what i can try to get better performace on games in wine?04:33
pike_dabbill: sure the processor or ram wasnt the bottleneck and not the vid card?04:34
xanderpdon't know about chattr -i04:34
dabbillpike_, 4200+ dual core, and 2gig ram.04:34
keoniwhat would cause my 2nd core not being seen?04:34
andi5mssever: on the third hand, this will not work on xfs... but maybe there is another command for that04:34
msseverxanderp: it marks a file as immutable. read the chattr man page04:34
keoniall of a sudden that is04:34
cabrioleurkeoni, not seen where?04:34
bazhangkeoni: what kernel do you use?04:34
msseverandi5: Oh, xfs?04:35
xanderpmssever: already there04:35
keonii think i recently upgraded or something04:35
andi5mssever: or rather everything except ext[23]04:35
keonii noticed my distributed.net stats dropped tremendously about a week ago04:35
msseverandi5: I guess I tend to assume ext304:35
keoniand i just checked all my boxes and i just noticed that top is showing dnetc only running on one core04:36
pike_dabbill: the 8800's have been problematic for some people because of how new they were.. you might grab the latest nvidia drivers see if they make a diff04:36
xanderpchattr looks like just the thing.. i can't think of any reason to have updates screw with fstab... can anyone here?04:36
cabrioleurkeoni, top is made for 1 core. user htop if you want to see more.04:36
michael__cabrioleur:  It looks like "trackerd" is the culprit - how can I disable it?04:36
dabbillpike_, i have the latest nvidia drivers. 169.12 installed04:36
andi5mssever: i have switched quite a while ago, but i have no reason to regret that04:36
mssevermichael__: killall trackerd04:36
cabrioleurmichael__, "killall trackerd"04:37
msseverandi5: switched to what?04:37
andi5mssever: xfs... well, just ignore me04:37
cabrioleurmichael__, and disable it in "sessions" wizard.04:37
msseverandi5: sorry, I got dropped from the channel momentarily04:37
keoniuname says  2.6.22-14-386, htop is saying the same thing04:37
anlekHello everyone04:38
keonithats is running on one core04:38
msseverandi5: how is xfs different from ext304:38
ChristozI have a question04:38
bazhangkeoni: need the generic04:38
cabrioleurkeoni, check you logs, and check your bios setup.04:38
andi5mssever: i think we are quite off-topic already =)04:38
mssever!ask | Christoz04:38
Karsythive just installed a teamspeak server on linux and ive got it running properly. only problem is i cannot configure it because i dont know the IP or the Port of my server. anyone that knows how to find it?04:38
ubotuChristoz: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:38
michael__cabrioleur:  thanks :)04:38
cabrioleurkeoni, "cat /proc/cpuinfo"04:38
tmh__am I the only one who lost sound capabilities in hardy a few days a go?04:38
anlekcan someone help me setup a static IP in Ubuntu 7.10 (Server) but it's running in VMWare Server. I'm not sure how to send it an external static IP.04:38
f0rmathello i was just wondering whether there was an app in ubuntu that can show all the connections my computer is having and show countrys of origin and other stats like that i had a program like that whilst i used windows it was a constant monitor and all you do is click a tray icon to bring up the window...04:39
bazhangtmh__: #ubuntu+1 please04:39
andi5tmh__: please ask in #ubuntu+104:39
xanderpthanks for the help all... off to bed...04:39
Christozbazhang hello ,is there any possibility,for my filesystem to be damaged04:39
Slaj_Rj #xenu04:39
msseverf0rmat: etherape?04:39
tbwnoobmt xserver goes down and says something about internet protocall and bus connection04:39
cabrioleurf0rmat, wireshark :-) ha ha!!04:39
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> would it have something to do with the gheco gekko the mozilla engine?04:39
bazhangChristoz: please specify; what is the issue you are having04:39
andi5moDumass: gecko, you mean... well, does not konqueror come with khtml as well?04:40
Christozbazhang for example when i'm trying to ./configure wormux it cannot find the a sdl lib04:40
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> khtml?04:40
andi5bazhang: to compile stuff you need developer packages, those ending on -dev04:40
cabrioleurChristoz, no04:40
mssevermoDumass: Konqueror doesn't use Geckol; it uses KHTML04:40
Karsyth(12:38:35 AM) Karsyth: ive just installed a teamspeak server on linux and ive got it running properly. only problem is i cannot configure it because i dont know the IP or the Port of my server. anyone that knows how to find it?04:40
Christozbazhang which is weird cause i can see it with my own eyes but system cannot04:40
bazhangChristoz: what is wormux and where did you install it from (random website, repos etc)04:40
keonisays model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+04:41
msseverKarsyth: Try ifconfig04:41
Christozbazhang at first from repos (debian package) but didn't work04:41
msseverKarsyth: and look in the config or docs for the port04:41
cabrioleurkeoni, it should say a line like this" <keoni> i think i recently upgraded or something"04:41
TCMC2010people, I see new ubuntu 8.04 has a 2.6.24 kernel, Will be possible to boot the iso inside a paravirtualized domU virtual machine to install ubuntu ?! where is the .config file for de kernel on boot CD ?04:42
moDumass<mssever> <andi5> ok, hmm, what does opera use that these other 2 dont?04:42
cabrioleurkeoni, sorry, cpu cores       : 204:42
andi5Christoz: to compile stuff you need developer packages, those ending on -dev ... sorry bazhang04:42
Christozbazhang then 've downloades it as a tar soucre ball from the official website04:42
bazhangChristoz: what is the precise error you are getting? are you compiling this from source and have you compiled from before?04:42
moDumassor what would stop internet from blazing with the other two and not with opera04:42
f0rmatmssever & cabrioleur, Thankyou for your help :)04:42
andi5moDumass: please try out w3m or lynx, or remove me from your irc message recipient list :)04:42
keonii think i did about a week ago but im trying to get some suggestions as what to look at to find the culprit04:42
mssevermoDumass: its own renderer... Hard do say for sure since it's proprietary04:42
cabrioleurf0rmat, no problemo amigo.04:42
moDumass<andi5> sorry man, you were jsut one of the 2 people who seemed to know what was going on04:43
dabbillpike_, know of any thing else that i might be able to try?04:43
Christozbazhang you can see various info @04:43
Christozhttp://pastebin.ca/search.php?q=Christosz  and @ http://pastebin.ca/search.php?q=Christoz04:43
msseverTCMC2010: Hardy questions belong in #ubuntu+104:43
bazhangkeoni: the generic kernel supports smp04:43
andi5TCMC2010: normally .configs are at /boot/config-*... i am not sure about the live cds though04:44
TCMC2010yeah, that's I know! :-)04:44
Christozbazhang if you look at the config.log you can see that "rotozoom" is missing but i can tell you its in front of my own eyes04:44
bazhangChristoz: is this your first time compiling?04:44
anlekI'm trying to setup a Linux server running in VMWare Server. And I want that linux server to have an external IP, (host machine is windows 2003 Server). Can anyone point me to where I can learn how to do this?04:44
TCMC2010but the server install isn't live!04:44
Christozbazhang nope04:45
TCMC2010maybe isolinux under .iso ?!04:45
andi5Christoz: you may also look at config.log and check out what went wrong exactly (even more precisely is to look at configure as well)04:45
koko775i just installed a fresh hardy beta amd64 from alternative, and metacity won't stop crashing04:45
koko775has anyone else had a similar problem?04:45
msseveranlek: it's in /etc/network/interfaces04:45
koko775looking at launchpad, i see there are lots of metacity crashes04:45
bazhangkoko775: #ubuntu+1 please04:45
jedi-alexi just installed successfully ubuntu 7.10 (stable) using alternative install version, but my computer only boots in xp!04:45
Christozandi5 obviously i've looked04:45
msseveranlek: I believe that man interfaces will give you docs04:45
anlekmssever, thanks I'll give that a try04:45
jedi-alexdo you know how to boot in ubuntu?04:46
andi5Christoz: oh, i did not see the config.log, i am sorry04:46
Christozandi5 it's ok04:46
bazhangChristoz: there is usually a readme file with those that tells you how to compile it; never seen wormux (no idea what it is), but that might be a good place to look--why not just install from repos if it is there04:47
NutzebahnCould someone show me how to install a GDM theme?04:47
andi5Christoz: configure:9663: result: ERROR: SDL_gfx library version >= 2.0.13 required04:47
saminthemiddleI have a question: how do  tell ACPI to kill ipw3945d and restart it given that ipw3945d isn't in /etc/init.d/04:47
msseverNutzebahn: drag it onto the GDM config window04:47
Christozandi5 this lib is already installed04:47
NutzebahnI don't know where to find the GDM config window, how?04:47
onemike9886hey everyone i am tryin to tunnel my smb shares over ssh so i can access my music n movies on my laptop while im at a friends i have ubuntu 7.10 gutsy on both my laptop and my desktop and i can connect via ssh but if i go into network my samba shares dont show up how do i tunnel them through ssh?04:48
Christozandi5 i'm not "crazy" i'm telling you the truth04:48
msseverNutzebahn: I think it's gdmsetup; I'm not on Ubuntu ATM04:48
Christozbazhang it;s not only wormux it;s openarena too and whatever game need the SDL lib04:49
andi5Christoz: i do not know the configure script... if you want to you could paste that as well :-)04:49
mackidonemike9886: i don't know how to do it with SMB, only AFP, but for afp i do something like this: ssh -L54854: -C user@afpserver.com04:49
andi5Christoz: i would ask other stupid questions then :)04:49
Christozbazhang oh no hard feelings man i didn't want to insult you if i did sorry04:50
Christozthat was fro andi5 sorry04:50
Christozandi5 ok04:51
mackidonemike9886: then i login with afp to localhost:54854 i think04:51
andi5Christoz: i always have difficulties guessing the level of knowledge people have here... sometimes they did not try the most obvious things :)04:51
Angela_Smithhi, anyone know if the 64bit 8.04 has the wubi installer? TIA :D04:51
mackidonemike9886: so it's just a matter of changing port numbers in that command04:51
onemike9886mackid: im only slightly familiar with networking so is the local ip for the desktop and the port for afp?04:51
mackidonemike9886: 548 is afp04:51
bazhangAngela_Smith: #ubuntu+1 please04:52
mackidonemike9886: 54854 is arbitrary i think04:52
mackidonemike9886: yes, that's right, i just looked it up04:52
Jeffmeisterhowdy fellow ubuntu users!04:53
JeffmeisterIm a noobie and need some help anyone wanna try to join the hell im in trying to install ubuntu right now =P04:53
HardyOneevening Jeffmeister04:53
onemike9886mackid: ok i'll give it a try now do i put that first big command into the terminal on my desktop or my laptop?04:53
andi5HardyOne: #ubuntu+1 ;-)04:54
bazhangJeffmeister: what is your specific issue?04:54
legend2440Angela_Smith: http://wubi-installer.org/faq.php#80404:54
HardyOneandi5, thank you I am already there :P04:54
mackidonemike9886: smb is 445 i believe, so maybe ssh -L54854: -C user@smbserver.com, then login to smb://
Angela_Smiththanks legend244004:54
Rufus53__wow, theres' a few people here04:54
legend2440Angela_Smith: yw04:54
mackidonemike9886: you don't do anything on the actual smb server04:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about www - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:54
mackidonemike9886: only on the client04:54
Jeffmeisterto make a long story short, I have an x86 system, Q6600, 8800GT. I made partition in vista, I booted off ubuntu 7.10 live cd.04:55
Rufus53__can anyone help me with getting mysql to work with php?04:55
LainIwakuraAfter running 'application filename', am I no longer able to type in the terminal (which I typed the command in) until the application is closed?04:55
fr500can anyone helo me to enable file transfers on xhat-gnome04:55
Christozandi5 look at http://pastebin.ca/954892 and at http://img148.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sdlgfxnq0.png  this is so weird04:55
Rufus53__has nvidia fixed the drivers for the 8800gt in linux yet?04:55
r00723r0Anyone know of any good open-source CASs?04:55
Jeffmeisterchose regular install. started getting loading screen loaded up, then got beeps and black screen04:55
nikrudLainIwakura try   appname & , the & will put it in the background and release the commandline04:55
fr500there was some / command you have to run04:55
jedi-alexi cant boot i just installed ubuntu and it only boots into windows xp... i find out in google that i have to add a line for C:\ubuntu.bin but this files doesn't exist04:56
andi5LainIwakura: press Control+Z to suspend and afterwards bg to run in the background... or rather start with "application params &" in the beginning04:56
mackidonemike9886: i have to leave, but if 445 doesn't work, try 139. good luck04:56
onemike9886mackid: ok and the user@smbserver.com would be user@myroutersipaddress right04:56
andi5Christoz: looking04:56
HardyOneJeffmeister, try installing from the Alternate CD04:56
Rufus53__please message me if you know about php and mysql!04:56
mackidonemike9886: the router that the server is behind, yeah, but you'll need to forward port 445 on the router to the PC that is the server if you are using NAT04:56
Flannel!anyone | Rufus53__04:57
ubotuRufus53__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:57
r00723r0Anyone know of any good open-source CASs?04:57
onemike9886mackid: ok i'll see what i can do thanks alot04:57
mackidlol ubotu, someone did it right after you said that...04:57
Rufus53__okay, I get this when trying to get a database working
mackidoh, that's a bot, i understand04:57
r00723r0mackid, ubotu is a bot.04:57
keonithank you whoever recommened i check the kernel, no idea why it whoulda got switched from generic to 38604:57
mackidyeah, i see.04:57
Rufus53__i found that my phpinfo() is not working with php
astro76r00723r0: Maxima04:57
jedi-alexguys please help im trying for over 8 hours to install ubuntu and now i cant boot04:57
JeffmeisterHardyOne: so.... I tried the alternate cd. as soon as it booted first error was ( PCI: Unable to allocate memory ...) then it started and it went thru the text install process. It started installign and i finally thought I was going to make it. At Software and Installing I got to xsorb something and then please wait at 6% and then got error. since im a noob to linux all together i finished the installation04:58
r00723r0mackid, also, my question is my only question.04:58
koko775how do i get xfwm4 to start by default, instead of metacity?04:58
r00723r0astro76, do you know how this compares to SAGE or Axiom?04:58
mackidr00723r0: yeah i realize that, i'm sorry, i'm a little tired04:58
fr500how to save that xchat option /set dcc_auto_send 1?04:58
r00723r0mackid, don't be sorry :)04:58
astro76r00723r0: I do not04:58
Christozandi5 i've looked also at this page http://www.wormux.org/wiki/howto/en/...ource_code.php and no progress has been making04:58
r00723r0astro76, have you tried any other CASs?04:58
FlannelRufus53__: Do you have php5-mysql installed?04:58
mackidalright, i'm out04:58
andi5Christoz: hm... i meant the configure script, not its output :)04:59
Jeffmeisterhardyone: Then I I tried booting into ubuntu and i got a command line with and it stopped at my ISP mask and asked me to input something and then got password which I don't need since its DHCP. so im preety sure it didnt install any thing.04:59
Jeffmeisterso im back to square one04:59
Rufus53__Flannel: not sure, it's the default ubuntu install on myserver04:59
ExoticDancer23 I try ./configure for the musictracker-0.4.1 is not working for me error : C compiler ? any ideas?04:59
Jeffmeisterthe cd was checked for integrity the alternate, with no problem04:59
Rufus53__i've tried editing the php.ini and such04:59
ExoticDancer23Pidgin  I try ./configure for the musictracker-0.4.1 is not working for me error : C compiler ? any ideas?04:59
andi5ExoticDancer23: sudo apt-get install build-essential04:59
saminthemiddlehas anyone else had the problem/knows how to fix the problem of iwl3945 not being able to connect after resume from sleep?05:00
FlannelRufus53__: You don't need to edit php.ini.  Follow these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP05:00
Christozandi5 oops now i'm feeling stupid ...what do yo  mean exactly05:00
JeffmeisterHas anyone with a Q6600, 8800GT have had problems installing Ubuntu with beeps/blackscreen?? If so your help would be greatly appreciated05:00
andi5Christoz: there should be a file named "configure" :-D05:00
HardyOneJeffmeister, you can try the server install cd and when done you sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to get the GUI. more then that I have no idea05:00
Jeffmeisteri dont think that will work05:01
Jeffmeisterthere has to be soemthing else05:01
=== Ghoster is now known as xoRock
HardyOneExoticDancer23, install build-essential from Synaptic05:01
sjovanJeffmeister: have you tryed the alternate cd?05:01
FlannelJeffmeister, HardyOne, better to just use the alternate CD.  Jeffmeister, does ctrl-alt-f1 get you to a termina?05:01
Jeffmeisterhavnt tried that flannel05:01
Jeffmeisternoob to linux05:01
Rufus53__Jeffmeister: I have 2 8800gt's in SLI and i breifly got them working after the nvidia driver installed, but when you restart it goes to a black screen05:01
Jeffmeisterand my laptop broke so I can't be on here and working ony desktop05:02
jedi-alexsjovan i just installed ubuntu and i cant multi boot... how can i fix it?05:02
Jeffmeisterim waiting for it to get back from service05:02
jedi-alexit only boots into windowsxp05:02
ExoticDancer23HardyOne is there a command to do synptic install like sudo install build?05:02
FlannelJeffmeister: Some graphics cards don't like the LiveCD, but work perfectly fine once installed.  You'd get a black screen for the GUI, but the text stuff would work fine (as should the alternate CD)05:02
Jeffmeisterjedi did you install grub?05:02
HardyOneExoticDancer23, sudo apt-get install build-essential05:02
jedi-alexi dont know05:02
Christozandi5 i can't paste it on pastebin...why?05:02
sjovanjedi-alex: sorry, i don't know anything about multi booting05:02
jedi-alexi just wanna boot into ubuntu05:02
jedi-alexand i cant05:02
andi5Christoz: maybe it is too big :)05:03
Jeffmeisterflannel the problem is that my install got stuck at 6% with the alternate cd and I wasn't able to install it05:03
jedi-alexis there something i can do from windows?05:03
FlannelJeffmeister: That sounds like a bad burn, did the disc pass the CD check?05:03
Christozandi5 yes this is correct05:03
ahyuwhiyeis ubuntu using partman like debian during the installation?05:03
Jeffmeisterflannel it did05:03
andi5Christoz: maybe you see something in it by yourself... just start with searching for "required ..."05:03
ExoticDancer23HardyOne it say insert the disc 7.1005:03
Christozandi5 ok hold on please05:03
captaingeekanyone know how to make an account purge itself on logout?05:03
HardyOneExoticDancer23, you can insert the disc but you will want to check !repos05:04
Jeffmeisterjedi get partition magic for xp, make a partition and install it on that05:04
Jeffmeisterall you need is like 20gb05:04
FlannelJeffmeister: Still sounds like a bad burn, uh, you can try the minimal CD, which will download the packages form the internet (and as such, they can't cause problems with data during the install)05:04
Flannel!minimal | Jeffmeister05:04
ubotuJeffmeister: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:04
HardyOne!repos | ExoticDancer23 follow this link and enable universe and multiverse05:04
ubotuExoticDancer23 follow this link and enable universe and multiverse: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:04
Jeffmeisterbad burn even though it passed the test?05:04
Jeffmeisterthe ubuntu test05:04
captaingeekanyone know how to make an account purge itself on logout?05:05
FlannelJeffmeister: well, freezing during package reading just screams bad burn, even though the disk check says otherwise.  Other than bad data, there's no real reason for it to stop consistantly at one package.05:05
Jeffmeisterit was after teh os install05:05
andi5captaingeek: i have no clue, does sabayon offer such a feature?05:05
Jeffmeisterim assuming it was isntalling gui05:05
Jeffmeistercrap like that05:05
FlannelJeffmeister: No, the install itself installs the GUI and such.  What happened exactly?05:06
jedi-alexJeffmeister it took me about 9 to install it successfuly, and at the last part i show that i was installing a dual booting feature but after reboot it only boots into windowsxp05:06
Christozandi5 did you notice about the"rotozoom" in the config.log05:06
dabbillAny one useing an 8800 video card? if so what drivers are you useing? I cant seem to get any type of performace out of my 8800GT.05:06
fr500captaingeek: you want to delete all the home directory and settings at logout?05:06
HardyOne!fixgrub | jedi-alex05:06
ubotujedi-alex: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:06
Jeffmeisterthanks hardy05:06
jedi-alexHardyOne thanks a lot man :D05:06
Jeffmeisterwas preety much what i needed to tellh im hehe05:06
Christozandi5 look i'm sending you the part of the script for rotozoom this is @ http://pastebin.ca/95490105:07
donkey7186i kind of have a problem i installed something from linksys i enabled the WEP password protection thing05:07
JeffmeisterFlannel: It unpacked and then it started with Installing and Software started installing and then got to xsorb and then said please wait... 6% and stayed there for a while... and then said came out with an error you can try to skip. and all i could do was continue05:07
donkey7186how do i remove it05:07
Jeffmeisterlog into your router05:08
FlannelJeffmeister: Oh, still during the install.  Does it do that consistantly?05:08
Jeffmeisteri tried it twice05:08
Jeffmeisterand it did it same place05:08
Jeffmeisterbut i downloaded straight from ubuntu05:08
Jeffmeisterand burned it with poweriso05:08
Jeffmeistertdk cd-r05:08
Jeffmeisterchecked cd with ubuntu and was valid05:09
FlannelJeffmeister: Do you have another computer to verify the CD with?05:09
josh when i do setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a port 0x06A8 irq 4 baud_base 34800 my device works but when i put /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a port 0x06A8 irq 4 baud_base 34800 in /etc/init.d/setserial, i get an error and the device doesn't work05:09
Jeffmeisteri have another computer i can do it to, but its different specs05:09
Jeffmeisterbasic comp05:09
Christozandi5 2 days before i've tried to sow my system where to find it with this command :checking for rotozoomSurfaceXY in -lSDL_gfx... yes05:09
Christozchecking SDL_rotozoom.h usability... no05:09
Christozchecking SDL_rotozoom.h presence... no05:09
Christozchecking for SDL_rotozoom.h... no05:09
josharnt' i supposed to put that line in setserial?05:10
FlannelJeffmeister: Thats fine, the CD does the verification.  We're just looking for different hardware to verify with.05:10
Christozandi5 oops sorry05:10
TheViLliNohhh boy,  does anyone have experience with ati drivers for an integrated x125005:10
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4131809&postcount=9 Jeffmeister have yo seen this?05:10
andi5Christoz: hm... did you install to /usr/local before?  that is the include directory mentioned when compiling the test05:10
Jeffmeisterflannel before i do that let me try the gutsy gibbon minimal05:10
Rufus53__Flannel: if i follow the instructions you gave me from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP, can I just install everything over the top of the existing setup?05:11
andi5Christoz: i would say either clean /usr/local completely or install sdl completely :)05:11
bazhangJeffmeister: that link should do it for you in the livecd installer05:11
josh when i do setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a port 0x06A8 irq 4 baud_base 34800 my device works but when i put /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a port 0x06A8 irq 4 baud_base 34800 in /etc/init.d/setserial, i get an error and the device doesn't work05:11
FlannelRufus53__: you can skip them, or re-do them, sure.  Skip the stuff you've already done, for instance.05:11
Rufus53__thanks, I'm trying it now05:11
RioMercHello ubuntu-ers05:11
TuTUXG_hi RioMerc05:12
Christozandi5 well i tried to show system where to find it with this command : ./configure CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/SDL"05:12
KiD_ChAoSa man by the name of jocob loaded a sinister LKM upon my machine what do i do?05:12
RioMercQuestion: I have two monitors, a dual-head ATI card and fglrx. How do I go about setting up an extended desktop setup05:12
LainIwakuraandi5: Thanks, I started with 'application filename &'. Now is it common to do a Ctrl+c after that so I can back to typing? What exactly does Ctrl+c do? When the application is closed, it also prints that out in the terminal--can I prevent this?05:12
Christozandi5 that's abone /usr/local and worked05:12
Jeffmeisterim gonna try that with the live cd see if it works ok05:12
Christozandi5 this worked05:13
HardyOneLKM? KiD_ChAoS05:13
mojoIs there a history log on-line that i can search the irc chat to see if a question i asked earlier got answered?  I was afk a while ..05:13
RioMercI've already tried BigDesktop, but phailure is the only thing that meets me. Every time.05:13
TheViLliNRioMerc :  lol,,  i have a similar trouble05:13
Jeffmeisterbazhang the thing is i get beeps05:13
Christozandi5 i've made make nad after make install05:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual-monitor - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:13
Jeffmeisterwhen the screen is off05:13
mcquaid__i'm trying to run that script that'll grab the appropriate fglrx version depending on your card.  the script is failing cause it's saying bad xorg.conf05:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:13
Jeffmeisterand thats why i dont think the problem is that05:13
Flannel!logs > mojo05:13
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama05:13
Christozandi5 but when i tried to lunch it the same error occurer again05:13
KiD_ChAoSHardyOne: Loadable Kerlnel Module05:13
bazhangJeffmeister: lets worry about one thing at a time okay?05:13
TheViLliNRioMerc:  what res are you running05:13
RioMercAt the moment05:14
andi5LainIwakura: ctrl-c sends an interrupt, causing many applications to cease... if you do not want them to print to the terminal, then start application &>/dev/null &05:14
mojoFlannel, thanks05:14
mcquaid__this is on a hardy beta box.  this is due to hardy's xorg using a minimal xorg.conf05:14
RioMercBut I've had it ad 800x600 a few times due to a fucked up xorg.conf05:14
LainIwakuraandi5: Alright, thanks.05:14
RioMercI'm on ubuntu 7.10, by the way05:14
ExoticDancer23HardyOne when i ./configure then i use make but then it say "bi targets specified and no makefile found. stop."05:14
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please mcquaid__05:14
RioMercThought I should probably mention that05:14
andi5Christoz: is there a --with-sdl=... flag to configure?05:14
RioMerc!logs > Riomerc05:14
mcquaid__anyway, can anyone using fglrx give me their xorg.conf from gutsy05:14
RioMercDoesn't work :)05:14
mcquaid__bazhang, that's why i asked here05:15
TheViLliNRioMerc:   I must have reconfigured mine 20 times now.  can't get it out of 800x60005:15
fr500is gns3 available on ubuntu?05:15
HardyOneExoticDancer23, sorry I cant help you.05:15
KiD_ChAoSwho here chooses flux over gutsy05:15
ExoticDancer23HardyOne http://code.google.com/p/musictracker/05:15
RioMercMcquaid, I would, but it's unstable and configured for two monitors. When I say unstable, I mean it will explode your computer every startup05:15
TheViLliNwitht hat driver anyways05:15
Christozandi5 yes this :$ ./configure --with-sdl-gfx-prefix=/usr/local but didn't work05:15
mcquaid__cause i actually need a gutsy fglrx xorg.conf, the minimal hardy one is trying up this script, probably cause it's missing a screen section or something05:15
RioMercTheVillin: I can't even remember how the hell I managed to get it to this resolution05:15
ExoticDancer23HardyOne alright thank you very much05:15
RioMercDo you have a dual setup?05:15
andi5Christoz: do you plan to use /usr or /usr/local now? ... i am ... confused05:15
Christozandi5 i think i must format my system and reinstalling05:15
bazhangmcquaid__: you should pastebin your xorg.conf ih the other channel05:16
andi5format? .. o no05:16
Christozandi5 i've tried both05:16
andi5Christoz: simply remove all contents of /usr/local and retry05:16
pulpfictionis there any GOOD ftp client, with folders monitoring, folders lock while navigating, etc?05:16
Christozandi5 ok whatever bigman says05:16
pulpfictioni've already tested gftp, filezilla and fireftp, but they're too basic :(05:16
mcquaid__bazhang, you don't get it. i don't want help from hardy users, i wanted a 'gutsy' xorg.conf that's shall we say more complete but doesn't matter i'll find it05:16
TheViLliNRioMerc:  did you use the aticonfig tool???05:17
RioMercOnce, but it wasn't too successful05:17
andi5pulpfiction: folders monitoring?  does that mean that the clients keeps polling for directory changes?05:17
RioMercIn the end, I just used a default copy and did some really minor modifications05:17
TheViLliNRioMerc,   hmmm same here05:17
bazhangmcquaid__: sorry I do get it; this is for gutsy and that channel is for hardy05:17
pulpfictionandi5, yes05:17
mcquaid__yep, that's why i don't want to be there05:17
RioMercThevillin: What if I send you my xorg.conf?05:17
mcquaid__and you must not get it, but again it's ok05:18
TheViLliNRioMerc:   sure05:18
TheViLliNRioMerc:  plz05:18
yowshihmmm i am trying to unmount a drive but it is saying it is busy. how do i find out whats using it05:18
andi5pulpfiction: i guess asking for the _why_ is not wanted, right? :)05:18
mcquaid__bazhang, put it this way, if one was asking someone else for a sample gutsy xorg.conf, would they go to ubuntu or ubuntu+105:18
TuTUXG_mcquaid__, what r u looking for in xorg.conf?05:18
KiD_ChAoSbuy a dell TheViLliN05:18
pulpfictionandi5, it's a feature, you may use it or may not.. but sometimes it's quite useful :)05:19
RioMercKid_ChAoS, Die.05:19
TheViLliNKid_chaos:  lol,  thats funny05:19
RioMercYou said the D word05:19
mcquaid__TuTUXG_, i was trying to run this script: http://kanotix.com/files/install-fglrx-debian.sh.  it complains about a bad xorg.conf05:19
elthanpulpfiction: a tick in tintin++ ;)05:19
cyborgi wana by a lenovo 3000 n200 with t7100 processor 2GB ram and intel x3100 vga. my questions: 1. compiz runing on tjhis vga? 2. HD movies(720p) playig this machine with no laggs?  sorry for little english05:19
mcquaid__on this box i'm running hardy beta. in hardy, xorg uses a real minimal xorg.conf supposdedly this screws up this script05:20
legend2440mcquaid__: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/60831/05:20
=== sjovan is now known as sjovan|awy
bazhangTuTUXG_: he is running hardy but wants a sample gutsy xorg.conf05:20
andi5Q: is it just me that keeps issuing 'killall npviewer.bin' every second day?05:20
RioMercTheVilin: Check your channels menu :P05:20
KiD_ChAoSTheViLliN: what do you run05:20
pulpfictionelthan, tintin++ - is that a ftp client name? :P05:20
mojomcquaid__, okay, you are asking for a #stock# gutsy xorg config to use with some script?05:20
KiD_ChAoSRioMerc: what do you run'05:20
mcquaid__legend2440, thx looks perfect. just wanted a clean xorg.conf05:20
RioMercWhat do I run?05:20
mcquaid__mojo, i should be ok thx05:21
RioMercI run ubuntu :P05:21
RioMercHardware or software?05:21
TheViLliNkid_chaos:  which one05:21
legend2440mcquaid__yw gl05:21
emmananybody here knows bash programming?05:21
RioMercTheVillin: Check your channels menu05:21
ubotuYou have lag, I don't have lag05:21
bazhang#bash does emman05:21
elthanpulpfiction: no, it's a MUD client, but there's some useful scripting built in. probably a bash script way to do it05:21
Christozadi5 when your system is completely new what folder and files all in /usr/local?05:22
TheViLliNRiomerc:  what am i lookinf for05:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dynamips - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:22
KiD_ChAoSTheViLliN: what kind of computer do you have? identify the brand of parts?05:22
TuTUXG_mcquaid__, what's the error? bad xorg.conf file?05:22
Christozandi5 when your system is completely new what folder and files all in /usr/local?05:22
RioMercThevillin: Perhaps a window titled RioMerc?05:22
andi5Christoz: puh, it is not empty here anymore, but usually you can remove /usr/local *completely*05:22
cyborgi wana by a lenovo 3000 n200 with t7100 processor 2GB ram and intel x3100 vga. my questions: 1. compiz runing on tjhis vga? 2. HD movies(720p) playig this machine with no laggs?  sorry for little english05:23
pulpfictionelthan, sorry, but what's a MUD?05:23
RioMercMulti User Dungeon05:23
emmanis it possible to create virus using bash?05:23
RioMercIt's like Nethack online :P05:23
RioMercemman, very possibly05:23
emmanhow do i start?05:24
HinHinemman, http://en.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ is quite a good guide05:24
RioMercemman, I don't think anyone would morally tell you though, and apparmor is pretty strong05:24
andi5emman: with bash internal commands?  i highly doubt that... and once you start execing external programs, you cannot call it bash-only anymore05:24
KiD_ChAoSemman: type deltree on a win98 box05:24
mojopulpfiction, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD05:24
bazhangemman: create a virus? for what purpose?05:25
legend2440Dr_willis:  i installed pastebinit. what is the command to send file to paste bin? ie xorg.conf?05:25
M4rotkucan any1 help me with my sound? it is not working atm05:25
emmanandi5 bash calling a script is it possible?05:25
TheViLliNkid_chaos:  asus m2a-vm, am2 4400+, 2 gig.   im on a budget  ;)05:25
andi5bazhang: replace all system binaries in /usr/bin by symlinks to /bin/bash :)05:25
RioMercBazhang: Crazy guess here: Infecting people?05:25
bazhanglegend2440: cat and pipe it to pastebinit05:25
andi5emman: "bash calling a script"?  what do you mean?05:26
emmanbazhang one can be a good programmer if he knows how to destroy and fix a system05:26
RioMercTheVillin: Accept?05:26
=== ce_chinnese is now known as malang
hischildandi5, he's probably trying to make a forkbomb05:26
legend2440bazhang: cat etc/X11/xorg.conf  | pastebinit?05:26
KiD_ChAoStype: ls *.*05:26
bazhangemman: why do you want to create a virus? that sounds fishy..05:26
emmanwhats that?05:26
=== malang is now known as ika
bazhanglegend2440: aye05:26
legend2440bazhang:  ok ty05:27
emmanbecause its exciting way to learn programming05:27
emmanim just a starter05:27
maraudererrr   uhh   buggy   thumbs down05:27
RioMercWhen did that happen?05:27
kindofabuzzwhy not create a program that solves a real problem instead of creating a virus?05:27
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:27
hischildRioMerc, i have no idea05:27
* andi5 would call that nonsence... tralala05:28
Christozandi5 don't laugh05:28
* andi5 laughs05:28
Christozandi5 how can i remove everything in there?05:28
maraudervirus, lame,   try removing them off machines all day for a while.   then you will really know05:28
emmanyou have to destroy something in order to learn how to fix it05:28
marauderat least make it so the user never sees it05:28
emmani want to destroy my ubuntu05:28
bazhangemman: more info about viruses can be found in ##windows05:29
emmanand find ways to fix it05:29
hischildemman, that's incorrect05:29
andi5Christoz: sudo rm -rf /usr/local .... make sure you have no typo in it and do not delete stuff you need :)05:29
emmani want it in linux05:29
RioMercemman: Fuck no.05:29
bazhangemman: that is offtopic here05:29
Starnestommyemman: and it's probably illegal05:29
andi5emman: destroy your linux?  ... man shred05:29
emmanMy linux05:29
emmanand fix it after05:30
RioMercemman: Oddly enough, the best way to learn how to fix somthing is to fix it. I don't know how it happened, but I think it has somthing to do with logic and common sense05:30
bazhangemman: still offtopic here05:30
RioMercemman: Throw your hard drive out the window and put the bits together again05:30
pike_emman: youll get plenty of chances to fix linux without deliberately breaking the system :)05:30
andi5emman: well, remove /usr/bin/gnome-panel and reinstall from the console or your running terminal ;-)05:30
RioMercpike_ tells the truth05:31
emmanit can be done easily05:31
bazhangenough with the ot05:31
cyborgi wana by a lenovo 3000 n200 with t7100 processor 2GB ram and intel x3100 vga. my questions: 1. compiz runing on tjhis vga? 2. HD movies(720p) playig this machine with no lags?  sorry for little english05:31
=== marauder is now known as TheViLliN
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebininit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:31
kindofabuzzyeah, i've been running linux now for about a month, i've learned alot in that time, still got alot to learn05:31
emmani want to make a bash that will override an existing bash05:31
bazhangcyborg: should be fine05:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:31
emmanis it possible05:31
pike_cyborg: yes definately05:31
RioMercWhat about pastebininit05:31
RioMercI have no idea how to use it05:31
Christozandi5 i think i should not touch anything in ust/lib05:31
emmana bash that would insert code to the kernel05:31
RioMercemman, probably not05:32
RioMercAppArmor says no.05:32
pike_cyborg: ive run compiz and hd movies on a celeron 1.8 with 256mb ram with no stutter05:32
kindofabuzzemman: you said you're new to programming, learn hello world should be your first step, not writing things that destroy things05:32
bazhangRioMerc: you install it and the cat and pipe whatever you want there and it gives you a url to paste here05:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:32
nikrud!info pastebinit05:32
ubotupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 7 kB, installed size 84 kB05:32
RioMercBazhang: There being?05:32
emmanim not an idiot to just destroy things05:32
andi5Christoz: ust/lib?  do you mean /usr/lib?  well, right, without /usr/lib you will find yourself rebooting into the console and reinstalling ubuntu :)05:32
q_a_z_stevecan anyone here help me with xampp on ubuntu gutsy?05:32
KiD_ChAoSi told my girlfriend i have ultimate power over her......she said no way....then i said "sudo suck -my dick" and she did it thanks to all you guys at Ubuntu05:33
bazhang!ot | emman05:33
ubotuemman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:33
legend2440RioMerc: its pastebinit  in synaptic05:33
Christozandi5 hehe05:33
nikrudemman you're off topic for #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic might be interested05:33
emmani want to learn to fix and handson with my linux05:33
Christozandi5 i meant usr.local/lib05:33
RioMercI've already installed it05:33
RioMercWhat's the command for it05:33
kindofabuzzKiD_ChAoS: your girlfriend has a #$^%??05:33
q_a_z_steveI'm trying to use this to host a bamboo invoice server via php5... I've got everything installed for XAMPP, but where do I put files now, so they'll be available on the server? I would like them to end up as something like localhost/bamboo05:33
kindofabuzzthat's just wrong05:33
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: language05:33
nikrudKiD_ChAoS ease up05:33
pike_emman: id recommend a server install then installing only what you want not using the metapackages as a start05:33
KiD_ChAoSok ok05:33
andi5Christoz: watch your paths... you need a leading slash to make it absolute, and path elements are always separated by slashes :)05:33
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:34
emmansorry for being offtopic, thanks pike05:34
KiD_ChAoStryin to liven you people up05:34
mcquaid__damn ati's are a pain. the script says no xorg 7.2 support for 8.28...05:34
nikrudKiD_ChAoS you've been around for a while, you know the rooolees05:34
mcquaid__or run it for 2d only05:34
legend2440RioMerc: example cat etc/X11/xorg.conf |pastebinit sends xorg.conf to paste bin05:34
emmancan i have a room that discusses these things?05:34
bazhangRioMerc: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit for example; that returns a url05:34
Christozandi5 i fear the feeling of suicide05:34
M4rotkucan anyone give me advice for getting my sound to work?05:34
andi5emman: #flood05:34
KiD_ChAoSyes nikrud sorry goodnight05:34
nikrudemma possibly #ubuntu-offtopic05:35
nikrudKiD_ChAoS see you later05:35
Christozandi5 can we do this via skype ?05:35
RioMercpastebininit: command not found...05:35
RioMercSuppose a restart is needed05:35
bazhangRioMerc: pastebinit05:35
RioMercI'll play around with it later05:35
andi5Christoz: no, not really :) ... but feel free to /query me05:35
legend2440RioMerc: pastebinit not pastebininit05:35
KiD_ChAoSlater nikrud05:35
RioMerc :P05:36
Christozandi5 ok05:36
dabbillAny one useing an 8800 video card? if so what drivers are you useing? I cant seem to get any type of performace out of my 8800GT.05:36
TuTUXG__RioMerc, u probably need to sudo apt-get install pastebinit first05:36
RioMercNaw, just used synaptic05:36
bazhangit should come by default imo05:36
TuTUXG__not here05:36
RioMercYeah, that sh!! is HANDY05:36
Dr_willisdabbill,  using an 8800 here - using the restricted-manager drivers worked fine for me.05:37
spartan7Hi peeps05:38
dabbillDr_willis, it wouldnt detect my card05:38
RioMercHey hey, I turned on my registration05:38
RioMercThere's TheVillin.05:38
Dr_willisdabbill,  and thats my fault? :)05:38
nikrudDr_willis which 8800 do you have? I've seen some stuff about the 8800gt not being supported till a later release of nvidia's driver05:38
dabbillDr_willis, no lol, was just sayin :(05:38
Dr_willisnikrud, 8800gtsxxx I belive is the exact Name05:38
* nikrud looks forward to the video drivers getting synced up again05:39
RioMercI don't suppose anyone wants to help me setup BigDesktop for flgrx?05:39
Rufus53__Flannel: that LAMP tutorial didn't work05:39
dabbillahh i have 8800GT in my linux box, and 8800GTX in my windows box05:39
Dr_willisnikrud,  its amaxing how different they cam  make these 8800 cards...05:39
bullgard4After Ctrl+Alt+F1 I can return to my X now only after pressing Ctrl+Alt+F8. In the past it used to be Ctrl+Alt+F7. Pressing now Ctrl+Alt+F7 displays a console with 4 lines of text starting with 'Reloading' and an active prompt. There are only 6 getty processes. What is the reason that the X windows system moved?05:39
dabbillalmost worth it to trade them.05:39
* nikrud shudders at ati (has hexperience)05:39
Rufus53__http:// here is my phpinfo();05:39
TheViLliNwhats that about the 8800.   is it supported??05:40
Rufus53__no mysql05:40
andi5bullgard4: did you upgrade recently?05:40
Omertawhat IRC client are y'all using05:40
ejoibabi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi ba05:40
ejoibabi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi ba05:40
Dr_willisTheViLliN,  depends on the card. and what driver sversions you are using.05:40
RioMercMy god.05:40
TuTUXG__which nvidia driver is in gutsy?05:40
andi5huh, that was fast05:40
spartan7I have a prob with my sound card. When i attatch to my docking station the sound is low but when i have the laptop alone there is no sound from the laptop speakers05:40
RioMercWhat just happened?05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about troll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:41
bullgard4andi5: I did not upgrade recently. I am using Ubuntu 7.10.I did update regularly only.05:41
dabbill8800's are support just some have problems with games heh05:41
bazhangkick ban the flooder05:41
Rufus53__is Flannel here?05:41
nikruddang, thought that was there. Done, bazhang05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tard - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:41
dabbilllike the 8800gt's i am noticing05:41
RioMercthevillin: Accept, would'ya05:41
ethan961ugh, ati. nVIDIA ftw05:41
ubotuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:41
sh44nkAnyone know of anything that will shrink the size of a video?05:41
zcat[1]sh44nk: ffmpeg05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about woman - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:41
kindofabuzzso what exactly is s pastebinit?  i figure it has something to do with pastebin05:42
RioMercYes, nVIDIA can easily beat ATI with a largish club05:42
nikrudhelp out a brainfart. how do I do a reverse dns lookup?05:42
andi5[ot] hehe... ask about women ;-) ....05:42
TuTUXG__sh44nk, re-encode it with ffmepg?05:42
TheViLliNDr_willis: well im trying to get this on board ati x1250 to work,but i was thinking of moving up.  like the 8600gt or gts .   in that range05:42
ethan961fglrx ftl05:42
RioMercfglrx is the best we have05:42
=== antg is now known as grueg
sh44nkCould do that, easy command that will do it?05:42
=== Rufus53__ is now known as Rufus
bazhanghttp://remote.12dt.com/lookup.php nikrud05:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mencoder - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:43
nikrudbazhang isn't there some command line tool?05:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mencode - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:43
bazhangnikrud: could be let me check05:43
spartan7can anyone help me with my sound on  my laptop please?05:43
TheViLliNRioMerc:  this program is ghey.  i can see the transfer but it sits at 0% with nothing to accept05:43
zcat[1]ffmpeg -target vcd comes out at a nice rez and bitrate for gootube uploads05:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:43
who__how do i make the screen stop turning off after 15 min?05:43
sh44nkI got it. Mencode05:43
fab4fanwhat is the best music player/cd ripper/organizer for Ubuntu ?05:43
zcat[1]!info ffmpeg05:44
ubotuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): multimedia player, server and encoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 184 kB, installed size 652 kB05:44
andi5someday mankind will be able to communicate by using only ubotu's factoids...05:44
TuTUXG__sh44nk, mencoder05:44
michael__Could someone help me out?  Evince is taking up 70%+ of my CPU power and making my Ubuntu laptop run really hot05:44
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:44
BlueATHeartfab4fan: I've had good luck with amarok05:44
RioMercTheVillin: http://paste.stgraber.org/191105:44
RioMercThat's my xorg05:44
fab4fanblueatheart: thank you05:44
RioMercJust copy and paste05:44
andi5michael__: always?  otherwise just kill it (if there is only one, killall evince)05:44
BlueATHeartyour welcome05:44
RioMercthevillin: Be sure to backup05:44
fab4fanwhat format works best for CD ripping ?05:44
RioMercfab4fan: speed or quality?05:45
Rufusrip to ogg, mp3 if you have a mp3 car stereo05:45
zcat[1]protected wmv!!!05:45
RioMercogg vorbis05:45
dabbillWhen i try to run the restricted driver manager it says my video card does not need restricted drivers. i just have the generic installed, should i install another one for my 8800GT?05:45
zcat[1]Sorry.. I thought you said 'worst'05:45
RioMercOgg pwns hard with quality05:45
BlueATHearti've never looked...is there much support for Ogg in the DAP market?05:45
RioMercPossibly not.05:46
hdxxMorning, does anyone has problem with flash in ubuntu? firefox, opera, epiphany freezing?05:46
zcat[1]ogg is good until you try and find something that will play it...05:46
sh44nkThanks TuTUXG and zcat05:46
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112112 nikrud this seems to be it; host but you need to add the external (outside of router) ip05:46
michael__andi5:  Always, yeah.  I've closed it and opened it up again only to have it do the same thing05:46
TuTUXG__hdxx, that's a known problem05:46
who__can somebody tell me how to disable the screen from shutting off after a short time?05:46
fab4fanI've got a little music player but it won't read ogg files... it will read mp3 though, any suggestions ?05:46
andi5michael__: is that a problem specific to a certain pdf you are trying to visualize?05:46
BlueATHeartI use Mp3.....but only cause I have 80gb of mp3s....so moving to ogg is not practical in the slightest05:46
nikrudbazhang it was a brain fart, as soon as you said it I went AHA!05:46
TheViLliNRioMerc:  nice,   i'll have to use that site.   no worrys.  I have like 25 backups there now  lol.   I could just dpkg-reconfig too   ;)05:47
hdxxTuTUXG_: thats wierd, because in other distros flash works perfect05:47
zcat[1]I rip to mp3, usuallt 160kbps or vbr ... it's the one format that will play on just about everything05:47
spartan7can someone help me get my sound up on my HP Laptop?05:47
bazhangnikrud: must be late there ;]05:47
fab4fanblueatheart: how do you convert from ogg to mp3 ?05:47
michael__andi5:  It's been happening with multiple files, all .cbr05:47
nikrudbazhang nearly 11. was winding up for the day when the smut detector went off ;)05:47
BlueATHeartin linux? I'd love to help but I'm brand new to linux myself.... sorry05:47
zcat[1]fab4fan: don't convert from ogg.. rip again or you'll end up with the worst artefacts of both formats05:47
fab4fanwho___: go to System --- Preferences----Power Options05:48
BlueATHeart+1 zcat05:48
andi5michael__: what is a cbr?  are you sure evince is the right tool?05:48
Rufusconstant bit rate05:48
RioMercfab5fan: Change to a bigger music player :D05:48
who__tried it screen still cuts off05:48
legend2440who__: go to system>preferences>power management move slider to never under display05:48
spartan7anyone running ubuntu on an HP dv9000 laptop?05:48
Rufusvbr will dynamically adjust the bit rate depending on the amount of data to be compressed05:48
Rufusvbr = variable bit rate05:48
zcat[1]the only format you should ever convert from is cdda, wav or flac05:48
andi5Rufus: whom are you talking to?05:49
who__i did it didnt work05:49
Rufussorry, andi505:49
michael__andi5:  .cbr is an image archive file, and I assumed Evince was the right tool because it opened it by default05:49
legend2440who__: desktop or laptop?05:49
RioMercI've been trying for two days now: Would ANYONE like to help me setup BigDesktop05:49
* BlueATHeart pulls a ticket from the number querer thingy and waits patiently for his turn with the support gods05:49
TheViLliNrioMerc:  what driver is that.  is it just the generic vesa driver??05:49
Dr_williscbr = comic book archive. evnvince is not the best reader for those05:49
who__im running compiz. wondering if that could affect it?05:49
* fab4fan reads Blueatheart's number - 10120912814729431201209123491249182 in line05:50
RioMercThevillin: fglrx05:50
andi5michael__: normally evince opens only postscript and pdf files... at least i thought so... is there another applications showed when you right-click your file?05:50
zcat[1]now serving 1012091281472943120120912349124914505:50
BlueATHeart.cbr is just a zip archive filled with jpeg's.....one can simply unzip them...05:50
* fab4fan reads the sign over the channel - 20923929023948102341839418741938419238 sold !05:50
michael__andi5:  It also shows file-roller as well05:51
andi5michael__: take this then :)05:51
legend2440who__: oh possibly i'm not runnung compiz so don't know for sure. did you check under screensavers to see if maybe blank screensaver is starting up?05:51
bluebananawe're setting up a new account on our computer. is there a way to keep a log of all visited internet  websites of that new account?05:51
Rufushas anyone here used ubuntu in a home recording studio situation?05:51
Dr_willis!info comix05:51
ubotucomix (source: comix): GTK Comic Book Viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.4-1 (gutsy), package size 227 kB, installed size 1412 kB05:51
TheViLliNriomerc:  hmm   kewl   thx05:51
fab4fanbluebanna: what OS ?05:51
bluebananaand when they log in, and when they log out?05:51
BlueATHeartI hoping someone ccan help me out with an elementary problem......05:51
who__no i didnt05:51
bluebananafab4fan: the best OS.05:51
bazhangRufus: like rt kernel jack ubuntustudio?05:51
who__maybe i should check that one05:52
bluebananafab4fan: it starts with a U. Ends with a U.05:52
TheViLliNRioMerc:   do you know what the modeline section in doing???05:52
spartan7anyone here having problems with their X3100 intel vid card?05:52
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.05:52
andi5Dr_willis: thanks!05:52
nikrud!ask | BlueATHeart05:52
ubotuBlueATHeart: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:52
fab4fanbluebanna :  Uranus 3.2 ?05:52
BlueATHeartI want to upgrade to FF 3 beta but I have no idea how to upgrade an ap in ubuntu gutsy05:52
Rufusbazhang: never tried anything yet05:52
RioMercThevillin: I think it tells gnome what resolutions it's allowed to run05:52
bluebananafab4fan: ubuntu05:52
who__we'll so if that works05:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:52
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:53
RioMercthevillin: Are you getting low graphics mode?05:53
fab4fanbluebanana: ahhhh.. I don't know but there's got to be some history manager or something05:53
ubotuIceweasel's homepage is http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuzilla/ with more detailed information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceweasel05:53
bazhangRufus:  you should check what ubuntustudio has to offer then and decide for yourself05:53
Rufusnice, thanks05:53
TheViLliNRioMerc:  yeah,  im running the driver but i can get any res out of it.05:53
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
TheViLliNRioMerc:800x600.  ewwwwwww05:54
RioMercThevillin: Tried preferences -> screen resolution?05:54
spartan7does anyone recommend any books to shorten the learning curve with linux?05:54
kindofabuzzhow do you find out who a mod of a channel is in irc?05:54
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!05:54
bluebananafab4fan: thanks!05:54
kindofabuzzlinux for dummies?05:54
tritiumRioMerc: don't call us without cause, please05:54
RioMercSorry about that05:54
Jeffmeisterflannel im back here is the update05:54
TheViLliNRioMerc: yeah  only has 2 options.  but when i use the xorg driver's or basic drivers I get 1024x76805:54
zcat[1]kindofabuzz: flood and see who kicks you?05:54
JeffmeisterI tried the alternate install on my other comp and it worked. so im back to square one05:55
TheViLliNRioMerc: really odd05:55
BlueATHeartthanks for the point in the right direction05:55
niuqcan you install linux over a logic partition?05:55
kindofabuzzwell i'm banned from #linux and wanna find out why05:55
andi5tritium: does !op ping you somehow?05:55
TuTUXG__niuq, yes05:55
elkbuntuRioMerc, hmm?05:55
tritiumandi5: yes05:55
RioMercTheVillin, use restricted driver (fglrx)05:55
andi5tritium: cool :)05:55
naliothRioMerc: yes?05:55
RioMercI just accidentally called all the freaking admins05:56
niuqTuTUXG_: there's not any issue?05:56
AnimagladiusHi there ^-^05:56
RioMercFalse alarm guys, I thought it would give information about the ops, not just call them05:56
naliothkindofabuzz: this is not the place for your request, join ##linux-ops please05:56
andi5RioMerc is guilty, please ban him ;-)05:56
JeffmeisterNeed some help guyys!!! I got an 8800gt, q6600, cannot install on live cd get beeps/black screen even on low graphics, alternate cd doesn't work either, installed on another comp but doesnt work on mine05:56
zcat[1]RioMerc: and you're still here :)05:56
Jeffmeisterwhat to do!05:56
AnimagladiusHm? o.O Where's my damn nicklist? D:05:56
StarnestommyAnimagladius: which client do you use?05:56
TuTUXG__niuq, not if i know05:56
naliothRioMerc: please do not do that any more, instead recommend the user /msg ubotu ops05:56
TheViLliNRioMerc:  Done that too.   There is a know issue with trying to run 1680X1050 but I should still get 280X102405:56
kindofabuzznalioth: is that the ops of #linux?05:56
tritiumnalioth: I already scolded him05:56
naliothkindofabuzz: no, it's the ops of ##pretty-hot-ponies05:57
tritiumkindofabuzz: chanserv can also tell you05:57
Jeffmeistercan anyone help me?05:57
elkbuntukindofabuzz, we have absolutely nothing to do with #linux05:57
niuqTuTUXG_: mmm ok thank you05:57
RioMerc1280x1024 is the best you'll get till fglrx or ubuntu updates05:57
zcat[1]Ops on #linux are  Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud05:57
ZMRJeffmeister, just ask05:57
JeffmeisterNeed some help guyys!!! I got an 8800gt, q6600, cannot install on live cd get beeps/black screen even on low graphics, alternate cd doesn't work either, installed on another comp but doesnt work on mine05:57
JeffmeisterI get error with alternate ( PCI: Cannot allocate Memory resource )05:58
kindofabuzzelkbuntu: no duh, just a simple question05:58
TheViLliNRioMerc:  I think I need to add some of those modeline entry's.  Do you know what the numbers represent after the resolutons and hz,  before the -rsync etc..05:58
TuTUXG__Jeffmeister, that's alright05:58
Jeffmeisterhowever it gets to Software installation05:59
RioMercJust grab your xconf.org and copy in the modelines05:59
Jeffmeisterxserver.xorb and then please waiting05:59
Jeffmeisterand gets error05:59
zcat[1]I think... I joined #linux then msg'd ubotu ... hmmm.. wrong answer?05:59
Jeffmeisterhowever it gets passed that on my other pc05:59
Jeffmeisterwhat should I do?05:59
RioMercStill getting no help on BigDesktop here.05:59
TheViLliNRioMerc:  yeah,  will try06:00
legend2440RioMerc: ati card?06:00
RioMerclegend2440: You'd better believe it06:00
ZMRJeffmeister, bad card/connector? for me sound like an hw failure06:00
legend2440RioMerc: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30194106:01
Jeffmeisterbro i play video games on vista with no problems06:01
RioMercTried that06:01
RioMercFailed that06:01
bullgard4In a Red Hat document I read about a /var/named direcotory and zone files. Why does my Ubuntu 7.10 not include a /var/named/ directory?06:01
yowshihmmm i am trying to unmount a drive but it is saying it is busy. how do i find out whats using it06:01
Jeffmeister150+ constant fps in Teamfortress2, 100constant in COD406:01
Jeffmeisterclose to 100 in crysis06:01
andi5bullgard4: did you install bind?06:01
Jeffmeisteri doubt i have a hardware issue06:01
ZMRJeffmeister, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69216606:01
bazhangJeffmeister: did you not try that link I gave you? that pretty much covered your issue06:02
bazhanglanguage RioMerc06:02
RioMercI'll have to use just one screen, this mirrored by default mode is putting too much tax on my card06:02
ZMRJeffmeister, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=opera&rls=en&hs=e4K&q=PCI%3A+Cannot+allocate+Memory+resource&btnG=Search06:02
andi5bazhang: you are right, there is a space missing!06:02
RioMercSorry 'bout !language06:02
tritiumbullgard4: since by default you're not running bind06:02
AnimagladiusCya guys06:02
tritiumRioMerc: you're really pushing your luck tonight, aren't you?06:03
andi5RioMerc: wishing tritium would sleep again? ;-)06:03
kindofabuzzwhat's the command to see how the hard drives are mapped by grub?06:03
RioMerctritium: Yeah, maybe I deserve a 5 minute ban :P06:03
tritiumRioMerc: well, you've promptly apologized each time.  Please do refrain from the foul language.  Thanks.06:04
Jeffmeisterthis is at install tho rmz06:04
devicenullHmm, ubuntu doesn't have an xwine package?06:04
RioMercYeah, I slip up with language every now and agian06:04
pike_kindofabuzz: i normally just do a sudo fdisk -l and hda = hd0 hdb=hd1  etc06:04
RioMercUsed to the rest of the non-family-friendly internet06:04
andi5kindofabuzz: you may have luck that the current mapping is the same as when booting, so issue grub and then use (hdx,y)/ <tab> completion to list files... just a wild guess06:04
=== wraith_ is now known as Rhihannisu
devicenullWhat would cause the context menu option "start with wine" to fail, and running the program manually through the console to work?06:05
bullgard4tritium: Do you refer to "The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is the most widely-used name server software on the Internet"?06:05
kindofabuzzwell i installed mepis but didn't install it's grub cause i didn't wanna overwrite this one, but now i wanna add it to grup, i know it's on sda3 but grub uses sytzx like hd(0,1)06:06
andi5bullgard4: bind9, yes i suppose that is the application to the description you mentioned06:06
tritiumbullgard4: yes, of which you only have the bind9-host package, and not the bind9 server package06:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind9 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:06
ZaschHello. Is there a way to search for files in Ubuntu?06:06
zcat[1]Zasch: locate06:06
pike_Zasch: several06:06
tritiumand which06:06
zcat[1]Zasch: or the search tool on the toolbar (looks like a magnifying glass)06:06
andi5Zasch: find :)06:07
kindofabuzzor he probably means through a gui06:07
kindofabuzzi know my tracker doesn't work06:07
Zaschpike_: What are some of the other ones?06:07
pike_Zasch: there are also some good search tools you can install through the package manager like beagle06:07
zcat[1]Places > Search for files06:07
andi5Zasch: what do you try to achieve?06:07
bullgard4andi5, tritium On my Ubuntu 7.10 computer there is the DEB program package 'bind9-host' installed.06:08
tritiumbullgard4: as I told you there was06:08
SaraphimHi everyone. Is there a way that I can start a program on another user's X server= Say user Joe is logged on an x server and I want to log in as user Joe on an ssh client and start a program on the running X server?06:08
Zaschandi5: I need to scan a large number of documents, and there is a standardised naming pattern ([Year][Department ID][Section ID][Part ID]), and I need to be able to pull up specific documents quickly06:08
Rhihannisulinux n00b here, have a gui question.  is there a way to set different background images/wallpapers for each workspace?06:09
neetoDoes anyone know anything about DNS forwarding on a local network using bind9?06:09
bazhangSaraphim: with or without their knowledge?06:09
pike_Rhihannisu: yes in xubuntu (xfce) and kde (kubuntu) fraid im not sure about gnome06:10
andi5Zasch: do those files change a lot?  i suppose you could either index them, using beagle or trackerd, or use slocate (with anacron)06:10
Saraphimbazhang: Currently I can start the program AS their user, so I suppose they won't be able to know either way?06:10
bazhangSaraphim: with their permission? what program are you trying to run and to what end?06:11
Rhihannisuk thanx Pike, tho I am using gnome for now.  long-time windows guy trying to defect...06:11
pike_Rhihannisu: you might search ubuntuforums.org im sure it comes up often06:11
Zaschandi5: The files should never change after they are put on the computer. Another thing that it needs to be able to do is pull up documents that partially match the filename (so, for instance, if I wanted everything from 2007 from Department 1, I could type in 200701 and get everything). One problem is that I've already put several documents on the computer, but they don't show up in search06:11
Saraphimbazhang: It's a general case. In this case I want to start transmission on their end, but as I said, it's a general case. What I want is for their program to turn up on their graphical interface even though I've started it from a remote SSH terminal.06:12
bazhangSaraphim: you want to use their computer as a zombie botnet? is that the gist of it?06:12
andi5Zasch: you could also use file globbing, like 2008-*-*-whatever.txt and alike (google will help)06:12
tsukasahey guys, my tab autocompletion isnt working with sudo - any idea why?06:13
Saraphimbazhang: No, not at all. I've killed a program remotely because it was being a problem and now I want to restart it and make it appear on their desktop again.06:13
=== trainman is now known as Densha_Otoko
bullgard4tritium: On my computer the DEB program package 'bind9' is not installed. Synaptic says: "Internet Domain Name Server." Would I have a /var/named directory if I installed the 'bind9' package?06:13
bazhangSaraphim: why not just use rtorrent then? no gui06:13
andi5tsukasa: you mean it does not auto-complete binaries in root's PATH but not in yours?06:13
* omolina is away: Not here06:14
Saraphimbazhang: Because I want it to reappear on their desktop. :-)06:14
tritiumbullgard4: I told you you'd only have the bind9-host package installed.  And no, the bind9 package doesn't include /var/named.  Why do you want that directory?06:14
tsukasaandi5, it will complete directories but not say apt-get or mkfs.<tab>06:14
Zaschandi5: Hmm. I'm trying to use Tracker, and it is finding some (old) files but not others. Why would this be the case?06:14
Saraphimbazhang: A more general question then; Is there no way I can launch a program from ssh that will use the target machine's X server as display?06:14
andi5Zasch: i have no idea... i personally strongly dislike programs disturbing my usual work flow :)06:15
bullgard4tritium: In order to learn more about the meaning of Red Hat's 'Zone files'.06:15
bazhangtalk about offtopic ;]06:15
andi5Zasch: please re-ask generically, i.e. do not address me =)06:16
tritiumbullgard4: truly offtopic in an ubuntu channel06:16
pike_Saraphim: 'w' to see whos logged in and their display. then export DISPLAY=0:0  then gedit & or whatever is that what you mean?06:16
ZaschI'm trying to use Tracker to find some stuff. It will find old files, but not new ones. Why is this?06:16
andi5[ot] let us spread fud about redhat...06:16
tsukasaandi5, any idea whats wrong?06:16
legend2440tsukasa: when i type sudo apt <TAB> i have to hit tab twice before it works06:16
bazhangSaraphim: any reason you cannot just ask them to start it? do they know you can ssh into their boxes?06:16
tsukasalegend2440, i can button mash tab it wont autocomplete06:17
andi5tsukasa: i am not sure i understand what kind of autocompletion you mean... could you please elaborate?06:17
RioMercI don't suppose anyone has experience with a Dual Desktop setup?06:17
pike_RioMerc: i have exp poiting to this url :-) http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead06:17
bullgard4tritium: Please tell me please why Ubuntu is not concerned with 'Zone files' and 'PTR' and 'Resource records'.06:17
bazhangbullgard4:  please read /topic06:18
legend2440tsukasa:  does it work if you type apt <TAB> without sudo?06:18
tsukasaandi5, if im doing sudo cd /et<tab> it will complete to etc, but if i do sudo apt-get install firefo<tab> nothing happens. Same with commands, if im trying to autocomplete to 'compiz' and its preceded by sudo, sudo comp<tab> completes nothing06:18
tsukasalegend2440, yes ti does06:18
andi5bullgard4: please install bind9 first06:18
tritiumbullgard4: you asked about "Red Hat's 'Zone Files'," which is why it was offtopic06:18
ZaschAs another question: Is there any way to encrypt things in Ubuntu?06:18
bazhangZasch: sure06:18
tritiumZasch: sure, with gpg, for one06:18
andi5tsukasa: because the auto-completion code detects sudo as executable and not apt-get06:19
pike_Zasch: a few06:19
ubotuTruecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume06:19
pike_Zasch: thats whole disk encryption though06:19
tsukasaandi5, how do i fix it though06:19
andi5tsukasa: you could work in a root shell with sudo -i06:19
ZaschAll I'd like to do is encrypt things like data on customers, that sort of thing06:20
tsukasaandi5, yeah but in gutsy this worked. im running the heron beta right now06:20
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please tsukasa06:20
andi5tsukasa: i suppose bash-completion is still installed?06:21
legend2440tsukasa: read #10 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41431106:21
andi5tsukasa: weird, it works for me...06:21
andi5tsukasa: must be some change within the last month or so06:22
Densha_Otokolol ubuntu virus06:22
andi5written as shell script?06:22
tsukasalegend2440, didnt fix it... opened a new terminal too06:23
bazhangtsukasa: wrong channel for Hardy discussion thanks06:23
tsukasaandi5, are you running x86 or amd6406:23
tsukasaso am i..06:23
tsukasabazhang, we dont know this is a hardy specific issue or not thanks06:24
legend2440tsukasa: #ubuntu+1 is channel for Hardy they may know06:24
ZaschAre there such a thing as "free" and "unfree" image formats?06:24
bazhangtsukasa: this is not the channel for it you have been told several times politely06:24
tsukasalegend2440, yeah, i have the feeling this is just a switch or a whitelist somewhere though06:24
tsukasabazhang, i can tell you something several times too doesnt make me any more of an authority on the subject06:25
tsukasabazhang, i heard you the first time06:25
bazhangtsukasa take it to the other channel06:25
tritiumtsukasa: it's time for you to take it to #ubuntu+106:25
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ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:29
cesar_boHi, I just upgrade to gutsy and when compiz is enabled the end session dialog get very slow, it takes like 40seconds to appear :( How can I solve this, in order to keep using compiz ¿?06:30
LainIwakuraHello, I can access my NTFS partition in Ubuntu and read files on it. Can I write on it though? I never tried.06:31
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travisatLainIwakura: you should be able too, but there is a small chance it can mess up your windows partition06:32
LainIwakuratravisat: Okay. Will reading files on the NTFS partition mess up with my Windows partition?06:33
travisatLainIwakura: no reading will have no effect06:33
LainIwakuratravisat: Thanks.06:33
travisatLainIwakura: in almost all cases writing should have no effect either, but since ntfs is proprietary and the methods are reverse engineered there is a small chance on writing you can mess it up06:34
pike_LainIwakura: writing is considered stable now as well for some time06:34
pike_LainIwakura: worst case.. you lose windows :)06:34
markrianHow/where does GDM store a user's preferred session?06:36
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pike_markrian: gksu gdmsetup  ya mean?06:37
Drizzt321using the standard configuration apps, how would I go about making the media hotkeys as set in System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts perform the correct operation (start, stop, next, previous, etc) on xmms2?06:37
markrianpike_: No, I mean how it knows which session you used last - for instance, KDE or GNOME, or something else06:38
h-townhi! how can I uninstall kd3 4 and all it's related apps from the terminal in gnome?06:38
travisatmarkrian: just out of curiousity why?06:38
pike_markrian: erm id think somewhere in /usr/share maybe06:38
pike_or /etc of course06:38
yowshii have someone managed to make my desktop penels fragged. my botton panel is on the siode and my top is one the bottom. unfortunatly i cant drag move them or access the menu options on the top panel since they arent displated. anyone know how to reset this without a logout?06:39
yowshiif it is even possible06:39
pike_h-town: uninstall a qt lib maybe. some common dependancy06:39
ricksta1080hey guys, im having trouble with trying to use ksayit in xubuntu06:40
Drizzt321using the standard configuration apps, how would I go about making the media hotkeys as set in System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts perform the correct operation (start, stop, next, previous, etc) on xmms2?06:41
yowshierr somehow not someone06:41
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ricksta1080when i run ksayit, it says i must configure it first. when i select launch control center, and error message appears.... it reads, "Control Center Module for KTTSD not found."    any help available?06:43
bazhangricksta1080: this is on gutsy?06:44
ricksta1080im sorry, i dont know what gutsy is?06:44
tritiumricksta1080: ubuntu version 7.1006:45
freddohello everybody06:45
bazhangoops ricksta1080 ubuntu 7.1006:45
freddowhat's the version of perl that comes with 8.04?06:45
ricksta1080hhhm,.... idk, how can i check which version im running?06:45
tritiumricksta1080: lsb_release -a06:45
legend2440ricksta1080: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeaccessibility/+question/2464006:45
bazhangfreddo: hardy questions in #ubuntu+1 please06:46
freddobazhang, ok sorry i didnt knew, thanks for the info06:46
differentrealityhello!  If you have some .iso files for instance  test.iso.a1 test.iso.a2 etc could they be joined using cat ?? (something like   cat `ls -1 test.iso.a*` > test.iso )06:47
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xb3rtanyone know a terminal command for the latest java package?06:48
zcat[1]differentreality: cat test.iso.a* >> test.iso should work too.. as long as 'echo test.iso.a*' lists them in the right order06:48
differentrealitynice :) thank you :)06:48
LainIwakurapike_: Haha, okay.06:49
ricksta1080yeah, im using version 7.10 ; and i have already visited that link provided, legend2440, and i have installed kttsd. yet i still get that error message?06:50
ricksta1080i mean i still get that error message and idk what to do?06:50
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Johnsonanyone here ure the rythmbox alarm plugin06:51
Johnsonfor some reason i cant it to work06:51
markriantravisat: the reason is is that I have a machine I need to connect to remotely and fix, and it's always going into the wrong session by default. So if there's something I can do via SSH to reset the default session, that'd be great!06:52
xb3rt can someone help me get the newest java for ubuntu gutsy06:53
bazhangxb3rt: you have installed ubuntu-restricted-extras? or want something outside the repos06:54
xb3rtbazhang: im trying to install freemind which needs some java dependencys that Im missing06:54
inflexwhat's the difference between Scribus and Inkscape?06:55
bazhangxb3rt: you might wait a couple of weeks when it will be in the Hardy repos06:55
cabrioleurinflex, Scribus is a publishing tool (making newspapers, bulletins, etc), inkscape is a vector drawing software (like corel draw)06:56
xb3rtbazhang: i had it on here, and reinstalled the OS a few weeks ago, but forgot how i got it06:56
inflexthanks cabrioleur06:57
bazhangxb3rt: is that icedtea or the jre?06:57
legend2440ricksta1080: are you using gutsy or kde?06:57
xb3rtbazhang: jre06:58
legend2440ricksta1080: cause ksayit is a kde app and it might be easier to get festival working06:59
bazhanggutsy has gnome and kde and xfce ;]06:59
ricksta1080is festival a program that does the same thing?06:59
ricksta1080the same thing as ksayit06:59
cabrioleurbazhang, or ubuntu-gnome, ubuntu-kde, ubuntu-xfce :-)06:59
ricksta1080im using xubuntu....07:00
legend2440ricksta1080: yes http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=453816907:00
legend2440ricksta1080: sry i meant to ask if you are using gnome or kde?07:01
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ LANG=C apt-cache show bootcd-hppa; Description: bootcd extension to create images that can boot on parisc/hppa.  With bootcd you can copy your system to cd, run it from cd without need for disks and restore your system on disk from bootcd. This package is needed to create images that can boot on parisc/hppa." What does 'hppa' stand for?07:01
ricksta1080i have no clue....07:01
bazhangricksta1080: well xubuntu is normally xfce ;]07:02
cabrioleurbullgard4, Hewlett Packard Precision Architecture07:03
ricksta1080well then, i guess im using xfce. lol07:03
legend2440ricksta1080: i found festival to be pretty easy to get set up. i've never tried ksayit07:05
juice_does anyone know how i can VNC from my ubuntu7.10 pc to my ibook g4 w/leopard?07:05
ricksta1080alright, ill uninstall ksayit and see if i can get festival running. thanx for your help. ill be back if i run into more trouble. lol. thanx again. :)07:05
legend2440ricksta1080: ok good luck07:06
juice_i would like to see my os X  VNC in ubuntu07:06
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tsukasacan anyone help me write a regex? i want 'http://www.google.com' reduced to '.google'07:07
yowshihmmmm i have something wierd going on with my mount command mount -a tells me that /dev/hda1 doesnt exist i cd to the directory and it does indeed not exist nor does fdisk -l find an hda1 but for some reason mount -a seems to think there is one. how would i diagnose what the cause of this is07:07
juice_does anyone know how i can VNC from my ubuntu7.10 pc to my ibook g4 w/leopard? pm07:10
rajeshnsinghhow are you07:10
juice_any one get iMON/iMEDIAN working?07:11
crashhandleris #ubuntu for *buntu with gnome and gnome apps only?07:12
Flannelcrashhandler: no07:12
juice_crashhandler: u can join #kubuntu07:12
crashhandleri want to ask about something here..i also asked #kubuntu but no one answer yet07:13
crashhandlerwhy kopete doesnt support chinese character...why why...how can i possibly enable it07:13
crashhandlergaim and firefox display chinese chars properly07:14
bazhangcrashhandler: you got skim installed?07:14
crashhandlerskim?---i think i have scim,but wait.07:15
crashhandlerno.not installed07:16
crashhandlerill report this later07:16
bazhangkopete for irc crashhandler? konversation is better imo07:17
crashhandlerwhat is the different between scim and skim?07:17
crashhandlerbazhang^  i use kopete for multi messenger07:17
crashhandlerfor irc i use xchat07:17
bazhangskim is the kde fronte end for scim07:17
fnordariusi got a strange problem07:17
fnordariusi have a problem with the language-pack-de07:17
fnordariusborked dependencies07:18
crashhandlerwhat happen to the pack? "_07:18
gantengwhat is this07:18
bazhangcrashhandler: do you click in the message box input method and choose scim?07:18
fnordariusa strange error07:18
fnordariussomething like broken dependencies07:19
crashhandlerbazhang^  yes07:20
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crashhandlerbut still cant view chinese chars in kopete07:20
crashhandlerill try konversation,nvm ;)07:20
bazhangganteng: this is the ubuntu support channel on freenode servers; how may we help you?07:20
gantengwhat u problem how dpo you dtill07:21
abuyazanwhen i run top command , it did not display swap , just write swap: with no numbers ?07:21
fnordariuslife long and prosper07:21
bazhangcrashhandler: let me try kopete just a sec07:21
crashhandlergaim is too irresponsive on my 256mb ram machine07:21
legend2440fnordarius: try installing  language-support-de07:21
fnordariusi tried to install it07:21
crashhandlerbazhang^  yes please,i think kopete cant display chinese characters07:21
fnordariusit won't work07:21
eric84may i ask a question about a problem i'm having?07:22
tsukasaif i have www.google.com how can i regex it to .google?07:22
legend2440fnordarius: so you tried installing  language-support-de and language-package-de?07:22
crashhandlereric84^  yes you may07:22
eric84didn't want to interrupt =]07:23
eric84i installed for the first time on a completely new hdd, was using synaptic to get security updates and it locked up, i rebooted, and now when i login it basically locks up with just the background color, the gui doesnt appear07:24
gyro54Evening all, what is the best SQL creator gui07:24
eric84do i need to reinstall the os?07:24
kounryusuieric84: reinstall would be the easiest and quickest solution07:25
eric84any idea why it might have locked up during the update.. or something i should do to prevent that from happening again?07:25
legend2440fnordarius: do you have gutsy updates selected in synaptic repositories?07:26
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fnordariusok this is the rror msg07:27
fnordariusE: /var/cache/apt/archives/language-pack-de_1%3a8.04+20080317_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/locale-langpack/de/LC_MESSAGES/shared-mime-info.mo', which is also in package language-pack-gnome-de07:27
fnordariusfire in the hole or something07:27
legend2440fnordarius: you running hardy?07:28
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please fnordarius07:28
Adpadhi all, really been battling with installation of Video drivers, can anyone help?07:28
legend2440fnordarius: #ubuntu+1 is help channel for hardy they may know07:28
bazhangcrashhandler: kopete seems to work fine with chinese characters here; just make sure you have skim installed and configured and that should do it07:29
bazhangAdpad: which card and driver and how installed please07:29
crashhandlerbazhang^  ok,thanks for the info,,ill configure skim noww07:29
bazhangcrashhandler: you need to install it first iirc ;]07:30
Adpadbazhang: nVidia drivers for 6600 GT, installed using standard manual download based on a forum guide, also tried to use Envy07:30
crashhandlerbazhang^  ive installed it just now,but where to run skim?07:30
smehmoodhey all, is there a way I can access the files that are in the release cdrom repo from an online repo?07:30
bazhangAdpad: uh oh envy07:30
Adpadbazhang: I was desperate07:31
Adpadnow I'm updating Ubuntu to see if that helps07:31
bazhangAdpad: why not use the restricted drivers manager? that usually does the trick07:31
AdpadI've got the KDE Community version07:31
Adpadis there an equivalent on KDE?07:32
bazhangcrashhandler: have you checked in utiltites for taht?07:32
bazhangsmehmood: you want to update and it asks for the cd?07:33
smehmoodbazhang: no I want to install a package (pptp-linux) and then it prompts me to insert a CD which I don't have with me07:33
bazhangAdpad: sure just a sec07:33
Adpadthanks a lot :)07:33
eric84what would be the easiest way for me to reinstall ubuntu if i can't boot to the os?07:34
Adpadbazhang: do you recommend I do a complete uninstall of Envy btw>?07:34
bazhangsmehmood: ah well then go into software sources and disable the cd as a source07:34
Dr_williseric84,  best would be to fix the installed OS. not reinxtall at all.07:34
moDumasshey all, anyone know how to mount a HDD in a NAS as a local HDD?07:34
smehmoodbazhang: I just finished commenting it out, hopeing it'd work07:34
eric84willis: someone else suggested a reinstall would be easiest... what would you suggest if after logging it freezes, no desktop appears?07:35
eric84sorry, not logging it, logging in07:35
bazhangsmehmood now hit refresh (or sudo apt-get update) and then try again07:36
ballei have some problems playing mp3 files and viewing dvd's. the dvd's needs some codecs which i can't seem to install, and there just doesnt come any sound out on the mp3's07:36
bazhangballe: you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?07:36
Dr_williseric84,  boot the rescie mode see if you can get to a console.  if using an ati card. et X to use the vesa driver, or ati driver07:36
balleBazhang: yea i did that install yesterday, still nothing works07:37
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:37
foldart!libdvdcss | balle07:37
ubotuballe: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs07:37
bazhangballe: and you went to medibuntu for libdvdcss2?07:37
eric84Dr_willis: i tried using the boot cd but it just bumped me back to the live cd mode, is there a key stroke or something to get into rescue mode?07:38
ballebazhang: yea i tried that as well, still doesnt compute..07:38
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bazhangballe: well those are not very informative error messages--could you be more precise please? could be a sound and/or graphics issue as well07:38
eric84Dr_willis: i'm sorry that was probably a stupid question, do i just use the live cd to run a terminal?07:39
Dr_williseric84,  thats one way.. but normally theres a rescue/recovery entry in the grub menus when you boot07:40
balleBazhang: well, if i try to play an mp3, even in root, it will play along just fine, but no sound will ever appear to be heard07:40
Dr_williseric84,  what is your video card?07:40
bazhangAdpad: are you on that computer now?07:40
eric84Dr_willis: it's a winfast geforce 207:41
AdpadI am :)07:41
kindofabuzzballe: are you sure your sound works?07:41
bazhangAdpad: could you pastebin your xorg.conf?07:41
ballekindofabuzz: well, no actually how can i check that?07:41
kindofabuzzdid you here anything when you log on?07:41
Adpadbazhang: sure, but it's changed so many times, yet I always get a blackscreen, so I always have to restore to default07:42
kindofabuzzyou should hear a startup sound07:42
kindofabuzzgotta start simple first: are your speakers on and plugged in?07:42
ballekinofabuzz: i hear nothing of the kind, though i have heard some sounds, when using internet messenger...07:43
ballekingofabuzz: i'll check that07:43
kindofabuzzoh ok07:43
kindofabuzzhehe i like that, kingofabuzz07:43
Adpadbazhang: is it alright if I query you? it might make things a little easier to follow ;)07:43
ballekindofabuzz: heh, sry bout that07:44
emjacan anyone point me to a howto/faq (or tell me this is impossible) for mounting a LVM volume/partition in a USB enclosure? I have a HDD pre-partitioned with LVM which I then plonked in a UCB enclosure. How do I access the contents?07:44
eric84Dr_willis: i don't see anything about rescue/recovery when i boot... there's no grub menu displayed07:44
Dr_williseric84,  try hiting the escape key? I hate how ubuntu likes to hied the default grub stuff07:45
Dr_willisNormally theres 2 entries for each kernel.07:45
eric84k thx07:45
bazhangAdpad: better to do it in channel and share the knowledge ;] if you install pastebinit and then cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit it will give you a url to post here07:46
emjaDr_Link: gotta be dumbed down for the masses, eh? ;-)07:46
emjaDr_willis: gotta be dumbed down for the masses, eh? ;-)07:46
eric84i certainly know about as little as possible =D07:46
bazhangemja: support question?07:46
Adpadbazhang: okay, cool, no problem - but please remember that it's the default and only working config - when I install anything it dies!07:46
ballekindofabuzz: no sound on anything sadly...07:46
emjabazhang: sorry?07:46
bazhangemja: name calling not really welcome here thanks07:47
Dr_willisall the recovery mode does is append the  'single' option to the end of hte kernel optiosn it seems07:47
emjabazhang: name calling?07:47
Dr_willis(recovery) single07:47
Dr_willisI wish they had a 'real' recovery mode. that ran some wizard to fix select issues07:47
eric84Dr_willis: i got into the recovery mode.. what should i look for next?07:47
bazhangemja: we were all new users once; you know what I am talking about07:48
Dr_williseric84,  ive totally frogenten your original problem...07:48
legend2440balle: have you checked System>preferences>sound to check if anything plays?07:48
eric84hehe, sorry.. i was running synaptic after a fresh new install, it locked up, i rebooted, now when i login it just locks up07:48
JeffmeisterIm just about done with ubuntu. For the last 10 hours I have been trying to install. I got a Q6600, 8800GT, 3GB DDR2, x86 (32bit) system. Live CD gives me beeping/black screen on regular/lowgraphics, alternate cd will not install correctly, even the minimal install doesn't work... anyone wanna try to help?07:48
emjabazhang: ahh... I can see the honest misunderstanding. No, you're way off mark, but I can see how that happened.07:49
bazhangemja okay then no worries07:49
emjabazhang: your concern is appreciated, however07:49
Jeffmeisterand the fact that i dont have my laptop is ticking me off even more07:49
bazhangJeffmeister: best to take a break; Rome was not built in a day07:49
Jeffmeisteri think07:49
Jeffmeisterim gonna give it a shot tomarrow07:50
bazhangJeffmeister: we will be here ;]07:50
Dr_willissome new machines just have odd-bios oddities. :(07:50
moDumasshey all, so i have a NAS device with 2 hdds in it. 1 200giger, and 1 500giger, i can see the 200giger, but i cant remember how to mount the 500giger07:50
moDumassany ideas07:50
Dr_willistry some other live cd's to see if any other disrtos work.07:50
msx98when will ubuntu 8.04 be released?07:50
Jeffmeisteri heard about some hdci setting in the bios that might help07:50
moDumassim not asking google the right questions07:50
emjamsx98: late next month, I think07:50
bazhangmsx98: late april #ubuntu+1 for more thanks07:50
eric84Dr_willis: did you see my reply?07:51
Adpadbazhang: sorry for the delay, just waiting for processes to free up (i'm busy updating ;)07:51
zcat[1]Jeffmeister: I think mostly you have a video card that's not well supported in ubuntu yet. If there's a LUG in your area, it might be best to find someone there that can help you get stuff running.07:51
bazhangAdpad: no hurry ;]07:51
Jeffmeisteralot of people with 8800GT have installed with no problem07:51
yowshii have something wierd going on with my mount command mount -a tells me that /dev/hda1 doesnt exist i cd to the directory and it does indeed not exist nor does fdisk -l find an hda1 but for some reason mount -a seems to think there is one. how would i diagnose what the cause of this is07:51
bazhangJeffmeister: true; and yours can be fixed as well--best to get some shuteye first ;]07:52
emjaso, anyone know if it is possible to mount a LVM partn in a USB enclosure?07:52
zcat[1]Jeffmeister: Hmmm, yeah. Problems arise when you try ti install the nvidia drivers. Who knows..07:52
Dr_williseric84,  i woudl start with a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'07:52
Adpadhow do I get a drive to mount if it isn't responding after an unclean shutdown??07:52
Dr_williseric84,  it could be it crashed befor it properly installed the video card drivers07:53
LapinuxJeffmeister: you still here07:53
kindofabuzzjeff did you try  changing spalsh to nosplash at the boot options?07:53
zcat[1]Jeffmeister: ran into that card a couple of times tho.. a bit of a hassle but once it's going it's a pretty good card07:53
Dr_willisAdpad,  you mean a ntfs filesystem? or ext2/3?07:53
AdpadDr_willis: sorry, ntfs07:53
eric84Dr_willis: k, thanks for your help07:53
LapinuxJeffmeister: I have almost the same system as you, Q6600, 6800GT, 4GB ram, but am running 7.10 64bit07:54
bazhangJeffmeister: I want to get that card; so will make sure it works for you ;]07:54
Dr_willisAdpad,  try to mount it manually. You will most likely see a message about a 'force option' OR you can reboot to windows and let windows check the disks, and proplery shut down.07:54
kindofabuzzJeffmeister: change quite splash to nosplash at boot options07:54
zcat[1]8500GT here, no problems.. the 8800gt isn't supported in nvidia-glx-new iirc..07:55
AdpadThe reason is: I've _really_ been battling to get virtualbox working with an EXISTING windows installation07:55
LapinuxJeffmeister: err i meant 8600GT07:55
Adpadit goes crazy, very slow, and mouse clicks uncontrollably07:55
brianlightAdpad is this drive a Seagate Freeagent drive?07:55
[[thufir]]what's the correct way to set $JAVA_HOME?  .bashrc?07:55
Jeffmeisterya im here07:55
kindofabuzzJeffmeister: are you running SLI?07:55
Jeffmeisterjust single card07:55
Adpadbrianlight: not a Seagate Freeagent I don't think07:56
kindofabuzztry the nosplash option07:56
b0xmoo: os: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium - (6.0.6000) up: 17hrs 57mins 23secs cpu: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 at 2000MHz (18% Load) gfx: ATI Technologies Inc. ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 (0x7149) 128MB res: 1280x800 32bit 59Hz ram: 813/1021.6MB (79.53%) [||||||||--] hdd: C:\ 4.65GB/51.65GB D:\ 19.22GB/51.36GB net: Realtek RTL8139_810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC - 10MB/s 0B In 0B Out07:56
LapinuxJeffmeister: when its booting, did you let it go for a bit and watch your pc for activity?07:56
kindofabuzzif you haven't07:56
Jeffmeisteri cant boot07:56
Jeffmeisteri cant even install it lol07:56
Adpaddoes anyone know how to get an existing windows installation working nicely in Virtualbox? :/07:56
kindofabuzztry what i said07:56
Adpad[sorry, I know I have accumulated lots of questions] ;)07:56
Dr_willisAdpad,  good luck with that :)07:56
LapinuxJeffmeister: what happens when you try the live cd?07:56
Jeffmeisterwhen i changed to nosplash07:56
Jeffmeisterit just got stuck07:56
AdpadDr_willis: lol, thanx ;)07:56
Lapinuxblank screen?07:57
Jeffmeisterwhen i use the live cd i choose normal or safe graphics07:57
bazhanglet him sleep! ;]07:57
Jeffmeisterand I start loading07:57
Dr_willisAdpad,  i keep my windows installs in a nice safe virtual hard drive file..07:57
Jeffmeisterbut it looks choppy07:57
AdpadJeffmeister: if it's getting stuck, I used safe graphics and it started working07:57
Jeffmeisterand then it starts beeping07:57
brianlightApad I have not used an existing windows installation in Virtualbox but I have installed clean from a CD07:57
Jeffmeisterand it goes black screen07:57
Dr_willisAdpad,  if you boot the actual install -  it might get confused about being put in a totally new machine. and then get confused again whenya boot it inside virtualbox..07:57
Jeffmeistersafe graphics didnt work either07:57
Jeffmeisteralternate cd didnt work either07:58
Jeffmeisterneither did minimal cd that downloads for you07:58
AdpadDr_willis: good idea, but I'm just concerned to move it all across!07:58
Jeffmeisterand you choose installs07:58
LapinuxJeffmeister: my problem was just the screen went blank during boot but would come back once at the login screen07:58
Jeffmeisterwhat is all that i need just ubuntu desktop or what?07:58
AdpadDr_willis: i've managed to get it booted and everything, just with problems07:58
Jeffmeisteror do i need like MAIL servers07:58
Jeffmeisterand all that crap07:58
schweppshow do i find out, from command line, what files a package installed?07:58
AdpadJeffmeister - what graphics card are you using?  been reading about this the last 3 days07:58
kindofabuzzJeffmeister: i just skimmed through this forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=580020  alot of different solutions07:58
Adpadthere is a lot about these things on teh forums as kindofabuzz suggested07:59
Jeffmeisterim gonna07:59
Jeffmeistergo back at it07:59
Adpadthere are some special boot commands too07:59
kindofabuzztry the nosplash first07:59
Jeffmeisterlike i said07:59
Jeffmeistercauses me to do nothing07:59
kindofabuzzoh, ok08:00
Jeffmeisterit stays with a cursor at the top08:00
Jeffmeisterjust blinking08:00
LapinuxJeffmeister: i would try loading the cd again and watch your cd or hd for activity, and try just taking splash off the end08:00
AdpadDr_willis: i've managed to get it booted and everything, just with problems like: many random mouse clicks, insane slowness08:00
kindofabuzzwell a blinking cursor is better than a black screen ! =)08:00
Jeffmeisterno i mean08:00
Jeffmeisterit didnt even load the loading08:00
RammyThat's quite optimistic.08:00
AdpadJeffmeister: have you checked the other screens: ALT + F1 - 808:00
kindofabuzzi think you can hit ctrl-alt-f1 and actually see what's going on08:00
brianlightApad sounds like your not giving your virtual machine any memory08:01
Jeffmeistergonna do some coding08:01
bazhangthis is the optimism channel Rammy08:01
Jeffmeistertry to get this bitch installed08:01
Adpadbrianlight:  - tried giving it almost up to 2 GB :(08:01
brianlightIs this a Vista windows install?08:01
AdpadXP :/08:01
brianlightYour best bet is a clean install from CD08:02
Adpadyea.. A clean install has worked nicely08:02
Adpadcan you do a clean install on another HDD08:02
Dr_willisAdpad,  i would guess hardware driver confliuct and other issues...08:02
cookieI have a problem with pidgin08:02
bazhangalways had bad luck with vbox; vmware-server did it fine though08:02
cookieI can not recieve files08:02
Adpadbazhang: thanks for your patience: finally, Dr_willis: good idea, but I'm just battling to08:03
brianlightAdpad I use virtual box mainly for windows Audio editing apps08:03
Adpadbetter :)08:03
cookieI can send but I can not recieve08:03
kindofabuzzdid jeffmeister leave?08:03
bazhangAdpad: thanks checking now08:03
Adpadbazhang:  does VMWARE-SERVER have a seamless mode?08:03
kindofabuzzdid anyone suggest to him to make sure the actaull cd doesn't have defects?08:03
Lapinuxdont think so08:03
Adpadkindofabuzz: he tried the minimal install as well08:03
Lapinuxand yes he left08:04
AdpadI'm sure it's an NVIDIA issue again08:04
AdpadI've been battling with the same thing over the last few days08:04
Lapinuxi think i had the same problems he did08:04
bazhangAdpad: vertrefresh seems insanely high08:04
cookiecan somebody help me? why can I not recieve files through yahoo with pidginn08:04
mix25Hello, someone can help with my 5.1 audio. I can't get to work right. Now only is working like 2.1. I'm a newbie in linux. Thanks.08:04
cookieI can send but I can not recieve files08:04
Adpadbazhang: Yep - it's the default configuration that I've gone back to in order to get _any_ kde working... if I do nvidia installs, it's corrected...08:04
Adpadbut doesn't work :/08:04
Adpadthat's why it's the "vesa" driver08:05
thelonecabbageI"m having problems with networkmanager08:05
brianlightAdpad have you used ENVY08:05
bazhangAdpad: what about doing the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from the nvidia install?08:05
Adpadshould I try do the install or the xorg-config and get back to you with an updated pastebin ?08:05
thelonecabbagemy docs say that I should be able to right click it and get a VPN configuration option08:05
Adpadbrianlight: I tried Envy, yes :/08:05
thelonecabbagebut it only shows "Enable Neworking" and "about"08:06
brianlightAdpad do you have your kernel header files installed?08:06
moDumassubuntu firefox extremely slow08:06
Adpadbrianlight: how do I check that?08:06
Adpadbazhang: so basically uninstall Envy, nvidia-xconfig, then do a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?08:06
kindofabuzzcookie: if you google it, looks like a known problem08:06
bazhangmoDumass: what about removing and reinstalling it? tried that yet?08:06
moDumassbazhang indeed i have08:07
kindofabuzzcookie: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=Z2M&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=pidgin+can+send+but+not+receive+files+yahoo&spell=108:07
moDumassremoved and installed 3.008:07
bazhangAdpad: uninstall the drivers and the envy and then try the dpkg command and choose a really low res08:08
Adpadcool, brb ;D08:08
kindofabuzzooops that might not work, just google "pidgin can send but not recieve files yahoo08:08
bazhangmoDumass: you installed firefox from the repos?08:09
JeffmeisterPCI: Failed to allocate mem error, what is that08:09
Jeffmeisteri get that when im trying to install ubuntu08:10
msx98is it possible to change system language after installing?08:10
IbbackHi all08:11
=== kindofabuzz is now known as kindofabuzz_
Adpadbazhang: I'm using the 'nv' drivers, and I just get a blue screen of rubbish if I do an xinit -- :208:12
Adpad(with new drivers)08:12
brianlightmsx98 you could do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a08:12
Adpadnew settings for xorg08:12
AdpadI don't want to lose this support window08:12
brianlightbut that asks you to reconfigure everything08:12
brianlightI'm not sure what package holds the system language right of the back08:13
KalEl1) how can i find out who is connected to my computer through ssh? 2) how can i disconnect them?08:13
IbbackHi all. Is it possible to link an existing window xp account to vmware inside ubuntu? or do i need to setup a window xp inside vmware. Does any1 know?08:13
Dr_willisKalEl,  try the 'who' command, and kill the pid of their shell.08:13
juice_anyone know what i can use to share mice and keyboards across different platforms?08:14
Dr_willisIbback,  You mean an existing XP install on a 'real' hard drive and run it inside vmware?08:14
KalElok thanks!08:14
IbbackDr_willis: Yes08:14
arteniusKalEl: also look in /var/log/auth.log to see who's logging in08:15
Dr_willisIbback,  i hear its doable.. and it can cause problems to the xp install. XP will basicially see that its been swaped to a new machine.. and reconfigure/reinstall drivers.. and it may trigger the activation.. THEN if you boot back to the HD.. it will do it all over again..08:15
KalElartenius, ok great! thanks!08:16
bazhangall_generic_ide might help adding that to boot parameters Jeffmeister08:16
bazhangmsx98 sure you change languages after installing; this is not vista ;]08:17
Adpadbazhang:  sorry, screen went crazy again, had to restart08:17
AdpadThis just isn't working for me :((08:17
bazhangAdpad: try the vesa again and ininstall the non-free drivers as well and envy08:18
bazhanguninstall rather08:18
Adpadok, I've uninstalled Envy08:18
Adpadwhat's the command for the non-free drivers? nvidia-xconfig ?08:19
Adpadbtw, the screen is working again under vesa driver now08:19
IbbackDr_willis: So, it is safer to just setup again inside vmware .right? BTW, i can fax from window xp itself but not in ubuntu, so can i still fax using xp virtual machine? I read from somewhere that xp virtual machines can only recorgnize devices that ubuntu only can08:19
bazhangokay Adpad that is good, now go into the restricted drivers manager and choose the nvidia drivers08:19
Dr_willisIbback,  best to reinstall inside vmware..  as for hardware. it depends on the hardware08:20
Adpadbazhang: is there an equiv to the restricted drivers manager for KDE?08:20
Dr_willisIbback,  there are fax tools for Ubuntu - but ive never used any08:20
Adpad(I'm using KDE community edition)08:20
brianlightadpad goto System----->Admin------->Hardware drivers and install the restricted divers ofr your Ubuntu installation08:20
bazhangAdpad: well I am no longer on gutsy so things have changed; but yes there is08:20
todorhow to play mplayer movie with sub08:21
[[thufir]]I'm getting:  "Media change: please insert the disc labeled" when using apt-get to install a package.  I don't have such a disc, is there some setting which can be changed?08:21
bazhangtodor right click on movie screen and choose subtitles does not work?08:21
Dr_willistodor,  when i use gmplayer, theres a menu item for 'show subtitles'08:21
Adpadbazhang: I can't find the Hardware drivers :( would it be in the KDE control center?08:21
bazhangthufir just go to software sources and disable cd as a source08:21
artenius[[thufir]]: you need to remove the CD repo from your repo list08:22
IbbackDr_willis: Actually i had previously installed vmware and i try to fax out using window fax component but unfortunately it too did not detect my fax modem as like ubuntu.08:22
thelonecabbagehow come my networkmanager  (applet) (when right-clicked) has no VPN options?08:22
artenius[[thufir]]: if you're comfortable with the terminal, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and put a # before the CD line08:22
spaceaviatorMy gdmsetup cant find the theme files after I click add even when the file is right there!08:23
bazhangAdpad: more likely in the system admin section; forgot the kde name for that08:23
senorpedrohi folks08:23
moDumass<bazhang> indeed i did install firefox from the repos08:23
[[thufir]]artenius: yes, thanks, I was just looking at that as a solution.  seems odd to be requested for a disc, tho.08:23
brianlightApad use Gome ;)08:23
senorpedrowhat is the difference between updatedb and trackerd? aren't both programs doing pretty much the same?08:23
moDumass<bazhang> im just wandering if my profile is all messed up08:23
bazhangmoDumass: and you removed the previous settings?08:23
artenius[[thufir]]: not if you installed from a disc though, right?08:24
AdpadSO my problems are probably related to KDE ?08:24
bazhangmoDumass: aye, delete it08:24
moDumass<bazhang> i didnt remove prev settings only because i dont know how08:24
Slartsenorpedro: I think updatedb only searches filenames.. trackerd searches content of files.. and mail etc08:24
bazhangAdpad: no way; kde is fine08:24
senorpedroso what do i need updatedb for? because it runs every time i start my system08:24
brianlightyou just need to install your Nvidia restricted drivers for your brand of ubuntu08:25
todorwhen I play movie with sub the sub is not read no font08:25
bazhangAdpad: dont listen to the gnome users ;] I'm on KDE and it rocks08:25
moDumass<bazhang> where?08:25
Adpadcool :)08:25
brianlightI was just stating my opinion about the gnome thing08:25
bazhangbrianlight: as was I ;]08:25
moDumass<bazhang> like i uninstalled ff2.x and selected to install ff3.x, and now i have 3.x with all the same bookmarks and jaz as my 2.x08:26
Adpadbrb, screen might crash again...08:26
[[thufir]]artenius: thanks, that looks to have fixed it.  but, I would hope that all packages get installed from the "internet" since those will be up to date.  the disc might be old, missing, etc.08:26
bazhangmoDumass: check the proxy settings in firefox 308:26
moDumassyeh im lookin into it as we speak08:27
artenius[[thufir]]: yes, it won't look for a CD anymore, just internet repos08:27
moDumass<bazhang> direct connection to the internet was selected08:27
spaceaviatorMy gdmsetup cant find the theme files after I click add even when the file is right there!08:28
bazhangmoDumass: the only thing I can figure is the previous use of TOR; but since you removed it the speed should return to normal08:28
moDumass<bazhang> what else could be slowing down www access through firefox and konqueror but not opera08:28
moDumass<bazhang> yeh and tor would only slow stuff down when tor was on08:29
bazhangspaceaviator: what about drag and drop the tar.gz file?08:29
spaceaviatorbazhang, that works08:29
spaceaviatorbut the add button doesn't08:29
schweppshow do i find out, from command line, what files a package installed?08:29
cambazzhello. is there no better player then amarok or banshee? I just want to play internet radio08:29
spaceaviatorcambazz, streamtuner08:29
bazhangschwepps: the dependencies you mean? or something else08:29
moDumasscambaz, exaile08:29
spaceaviatorbazhang, any ideas?08:30
cambazzhmm... let me try both08:30
spaceaviatorcambazz, streamtuner uses xmms08:30
bazhangspaceaviator: um not really sure as I dont use gnome; but the drag and drop does work right? you can change themes successfully, correct?08:30
kindofabuzz_if i put a file in my NFS folder, is it actaully still on my computer or the server?08:30
Eythancambazz> audacious08:31
brianlightStreamtuner uses what ever you tell it too08:31
kindofabuzz_if not, how can i "push" it?08:31
spaceaviatorbazhang, yeah but I need to upload a remaster so I need everything to work08:31
robokopI have just installed ubuntu on my desktop pc, but now i'm not able to boot in windows anymore, i have set the correct menu entry in the /boot/grub/menu.lst, but it just hangs08:31
schweppsbazhang: no, like, if I installed, say tcpdump via apt-get, where is the tcpdump binary?08:31
brianlightyou can choose your streaming audio player in Streamtuner08:31
bazhangschwepps: the apt cache archives?08:32
Adpadsorry, am back now08:32
robokopschwepps: apt-file show tcpdump08:32
schweppsrobokop: thanks08:33
AdpadCan someone please talk to me about the Restricted Drivers manager in KDE?08:33
Adpadhow do I get to it08:33
schweppsbazhang: so apt-cache?08:33
bazhangAdpad: it's there by default in gutsy; just need to search in the system admin menus for it08:33
quaxrobokop: old problem:  I suggest googling for having the grub-menu on a floppy-disk, then repair windows with the cd. Then you can fiddle it out without time-pressure08:33
Adpadok I'm in System Settings08:34
robokopquax: no floppy drive in my system08:34
quaxis it VISTA, or XP?08:35
robokopquax: XP08:35
dabbillI was just watching gkrellm cpu monitor, and it seems that my computer will only use 1 core at a time. its like if 1 core is at 89%, the other core wont go above 11%. but usually it will just run 1 or the other core at 100%.08:35
brianlightapad I would jsut do a sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new08:35
warrendaesomeone knows how to translate a gtk program in diff languages? (i'm programming a program)08:36
Dr_willisdabbill,  a lot of that depends on the apps running also. I see similer effect, and even under windows it seems i rarely max out both.08:36
brianlightof use the ubuntu restricted drivers manager to install Nvidia drivers08:36
quaxXP is quite unfriendly and uncooperative with linux as regards boot and the mbr. I am not expert enough to talk you through. I suggest: rpeair the boot with windows cd for windows, and try repairing ubuntu thereafter...08:36
dabbillDr_willis, what version of windows you running?08:37
quax(assuming xp is the OS you are working with until now)08:37
[[thufir]]the rjb package fails to install, it seems hung on the JAVA_HOME env variable:  http://www.pastebin.ca/955015  .  any suggestions with regards to JAVA_HOME?  I think I have it set correctly.08:37
Dr_willisdabbill,  Beasta  err Vista:)08:37
robokopquax: fixmbr works, but if i install grub afterwards it leaves me with linux only08:37
brianlightApad the Ubuntu packages you need installed are linux-restricted-modules nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-common08:38
warrendaesomeone knows how to translate a gtk program in diff languages? (i'm programming a program)08:38
Adpadbazhang: I don't have the ADVANCED tab in my system settings for some reason, could that be why I can't find the restricted drivers icons?08:39
Max_demon2i need help08:39
dabbillDr_willis, thats weird, i always see my vista install maxing out both cores or balancing the load between the cores in vista.08:39
bazhangAdpad: this is gutsy correct?08:39
dabbillDr_willis, like see them both running at 60%.08:39
Max_demon2i tried to install 8.04 via Wubi08:39
Max_demon2but when system restarts08:39
Max_demon2i see a wallpaper after loading08:40
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please Max_demon208:40
Max_demon2and installation window08:40
ToddEDManyone here use vmware?08:40
Adpadbazhang: Linux Mint (but it's based on 7.10 right?)08:40
bazhangToddEDM: aye08:40
UbunLinHardy room is dead08:40
ToddEDMi want to know if you can take files from the host , and get it to my windows guest08:41
bazhangAdpad: argh..Mint? that is not supported here; no wonder you are having problems08:41
Adpadoh :( sorry, I hadn't realised08:41
arteniusAdpad: Mint charges money for support08:41
Adpadpeople recommended Mint to me as "the way to go" .. :(08:41
bazhangAdpad: back up and install ubuntu (the original!) and then come back ;]08:41
bazhangwww.ubuntu.com Adpad ;]08:42
Adpadok ;)08:42
bazhangor #linuxmint ;[08:42
Adpadpretty much no-one there08:43
ToddEDMbazhang:  can you get files from the host and put them onto the guest?08:43
Adpadand you guys have been so helpful08:43
Adpadbazhang: by changing to Ubuntu standard is there anything i'll be missing?08:43
Adpadis it harder to use?08:43
brianlightdid I miss somthing Adpad your using mint?08:43
dabbillDr_willis, there are no settings or any thing in Ubuntu to check for dual core CPU's?08:43
J3KYLLi need help setting up my monitor... i've tried researching everywhere!! i don't know how to fix this.. i have tried turning on the nvidia controller on my restricted drivers list and it says "...not enabled" i have an nvidia geforce6100 with a hpw2207 monitor with native resolution 1680x1050 ... please im getting frustraded and don't know what to do :(08:43
bazhangToddEDM: you mean the host and guest os in vmware? I was spacing out there sorry ;]08:44
tsukasahi guys, is there somewhere i can put a command that will be executed on system resume (from ram suspend) ?08:44
ToddEDMbazhang: , lol yeah the os's08:44
bazhangAdpad: yeah you'll be missing the total lack of support in Mint ;]08:44
Adpadbrianlight - yes :/ I thought Mint was based entirely on Ubuntu and therefore 1 and the same08:44
Adpadlol bazhang ;) thanks for all your help08:44
bazhangAdpad: and we never sleep here ;]08:44
Adpadokay, I will be back in a couple of hours08:45
Adpadpity, I got grub working and _everything_ ;)08:45
arteniusAdpad: ubuntu is based on debian, and no, you'll probably find it a lot easier than Mint, especially when it comes to support.08:45
bazhangToddEDM: sure you can do that; you mean shared folders like samba or just drag and drop?08:45
Adpadartenius: thanks08:45
Dr_willisdabbill,  if the kernel fines them it will use them. IF you are using the 386 kernel - i belive it will NOT use them. you need the -generic kernel08:45
brianlightAdpad go gnome dude ;) lulz08:46
Dr_willisdabbill,  at least thats how the  hardy release it working for me.  (which i am  beta testign right now)08:46
tsukasaanyone? looking for a place to drop some commands to be executed on system resume from ram suspend08:46
bazhangyeah try getting ubuntu support in #debian ;]08:46
UbunLinbazhang: You seem to be the most knowledgeable person here. Got time to field a question about Hardy?08:46
ToddEDMbazhang:  all i want to do is take some files i download(in linux) and get them onto windows (bec. they are windows only programs)08:46
ToddEDMits google earth pro08:46
bazhangUbunLin: wrong channel ;] and that would be Dr_willis08:46
dabbillDr_willis, yea it sees the system as haveing 2 cores.08:46
Adpadbazhang: so it's mint's fault damnit!08:46
UbunLinbazhang: Yeah I've been asking for a bit in the other channel. No activity and so far no response on the forum. Quite annoying.08:47
brianlightUbunLin I'm currently on Hardy?08:47
dabbillDr_willis, just tryin to make sure i am getting max performance out of my computer :)08:47
Dr_willisdabbill,  even when reencodeing videos.. i rarely seem to max out my 2 cpus.08:48
Dr_willisdabbill,  theres always other bottlenecks it seems.08:48
Adpadbazhang: if I get the Desktop install of Ubuntu, will it come with KDE or Gnome?08:48
dabbillDr_willis, yea, just wish i could get my video card to work correctly now, so that i can game on this PC.08:48
Adpadkewl, so you choose?08:48
arteniusgo with gnome ;)08:48
brianlightDefault is Gnome though08:48
GpalcoHallo, People! Ubuntu is great! I have a question (maybe a silly one - you tell me) I read about a Microsoft Word vulnerability the other day, which can be used by hackers orviruses. It said it effects "applications which can open, edit Word documents are effected". Does it include Ubuntu + OpenOffice too ???08:49
bazhangAdpad: the gnome is ubuntu; you seem to like kde so that would be kubuntu; there is also xfce which is xubuntu; you can change once you have installed though so no worries ;]08:49
arteniusGpalco: windows viruses don't effect linux08:49
Adpadok excellent08:49
bazhangGpalco: no08:50
J3KYLLi need help setting up my monitor... i've tried researching everywhere!! i don't know how to fix this.. i have tried turning on the nvidia controller on my restricted drivers list and it says "...not enabled" i have an nvidia geforce6100 with a hpw2207 monitor with native resolution 1680x1050 ... please im getting frustraded and don't know what to do :(08:50
Adpaddownloading the Ubuntu image..08:50
Gpalcoartenius, but it is something about Word document type or something. if I got it correctly08:50
bazhangJ3KYLL: could you pastebin your xorg.conf please?08:50
Adpadso you'll be able to help me change, right guys? :P08:50
bazhangAdpad: tis what we live for ;]08:51
arteniusGpalco: only in windows OS's08:51
Adpad:D legends08:51
AdpadI really hopet his sorts out my troubles08:51
J3KYLLbazhang: im really sorry, how do i do that?08:51
Gpalcoartenius, GOOD! Thank you08:51
AdpadI've battled for 3 days, didn't realise that it was Mint because I just assumed it was inherrantly Ubuntu!08:51
tsukasaanyone? looking for a place to drop some commands to be executed on system resume from ram suspend08:51
Dr_willisAdpad,  i use the Linux Mint stuff for ages with very few problems. :)08:51
GpalcoI meen, Good for mt08:51
bazhangJ3KYLL: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; then cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit and post the url it gives you here08:52
J3KYLLbazhang: i know what the xorg.conf is but whats pastebin?08:52
Dr_willisAdpad,  of course i dident see a lot that mint added that i couldent setup manually myself..08:52
J3KYLLohh okay hold on08:52
pedroc_where can i find info about 8.04 ubuntu server edition like php, mysql version?08:52
artenius!pastebin | J3KYLL08:52
ubotuJ3KYLL: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:52
brianlightif your downloading a gusty image all you need to do is System---->Administration------>>Hardware Drivers08:52
=== peter__ is now known as intravenous
AdpadDr_willis: so you recommend too that I go through the trouble to change to Ubuntu08:53
brianlightthat brings up the ubuntu restricted drivers manager08:53
bazhangpedroc_: you can message the bot: /msg ubotu info php hardy and that will give you pm from the bot08:53
Dr_willisAdpad,  learn the linux fundamentals and it proberly wont matter.. :) of course the next release of ubuntu is due out soon. Upgrading to it from a mint install will be..iffy...08:53
Adpad(because Mint is all installed but evidently giving me lots of trouble)08:54
bazhangno direct upgrade from Mint to Hardy?08:54
Dr_willisAdpad,  wahat troubles? you may have identical problems with ubuntu.08:54
AdpadDr_willis: have been unable to get video drivers working for almost 3 days now!08:54
Dr_willisbazhang,  i never upgrade anyway.. but that might be pushing it a bit.. :)08:54
bazhangDr_willis: haha08:54
Dr_willisAdpad,  I imagine  its depending on your card and video driver versions.. you may have identical issues with ubuntu08:55
Dr_willisAdpad,  you 'might' want to check out hardy if you are going to do a reinstall.08:55
J3KYLLbazhang: i did apt-get install pastebinit and got this "Reading package lists... Done08:55
J3KYLLBuilding dependency tree08:55
J3KYLLReading state information... Done08:55
J3KYLLE: Couldn't find package pastebinit"08:55
kamilI have a problem to configure printer behind print server in Ubuntu - it works with Windows client08:55
Adpadbut I can't get to the Restricted Drivers area in Mint08:55
icesword!info pastebinit08:55