brendan_anyone around for a (hopefully) easy question?21:39
brendan_well.... i'll just throw it out here, in hopes that someone takes note. :)21:42
brendan_i'm using upstart inside a xen domU21:42
brendan_(aside: works great, very happy with it)21:42
brendan_however, i've noticed something wierd when using the "console output" stanza21:43
brendan_if the script runs during the startup phase (ie, "start on startup") then everything works great21:44
brendan_if i switch to runlevel 2 (by calling /sbin/runlevel --set=2) then i start getting the "staircase effect" for anything starting up afterwards21:45
brendan_i've tried setting "stty onclr", but it doesn't work. (capturing the output of stty -a shows that the setting has been set)21:45
brendan_obviously, this is just a nit-picky display issue since there is no functional problem with upstart running21:46
brendan_but i was hoping someone had an idea of something else i could try21:46
brendan_i can run "tput hpa 0" to reset the line to the left everytime before i echo something out, but that only works for things i intentionall echo21:47
brendan_STDERR output still ends up with the staircase effect21:48
brendan_any ideas?21:48
keesjbrendan_: perhaps it  is a tty that gets started on runlevel 2 , the replacement inits do grep /etc/inittab and do perform kinky actions21:48
brendan_would upstart itself be doing that behind the scenes?21:49
keesjyes, can be 21:50
brendan_the only scripts upstart is running are the ones i've placed in event.d - the ones that call external scripts in init.d have all been replaced21:51
keesjin that case I guess not. I have no idea :p21:53
brendan_heh. drat21:53
keesjbut apparently you do use the "compatible" scripts. As I understand it "runlevel" really is a system v scripts21:55
brendan_is there a better way to switch the runlevel?21:56
brendan_or is the idea that runlevels will disappear completely with upstart eventually?21:57
keesjthe whole concept of runlevels as numbers is "system 5 init"21:57
keesjbrendan_: I am not a developer of upstart so I can not say21:57
keesjbut yes. the idea is to let event perform the right actions21:57
brendan_kreesj: ah. thanks21:58

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