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keescookhi! can someone add the ubuntu security team meeting to the fridge calendar?  1900 UTC for 2 hours in #ubuntu-meeting.17:42
Rinchenkeescook, is that for today?18:13
Rinchenkeescook, as in, 40 minutes?18:13
keescookRinchen: yawp :P18:13
Rinchenkeescook, ok, I'll add it now for you18:13
keescookthanks -- what should the standard notification system be, what mailing list should I cc for my announcements?18:14
Rinchenfridge-devel  for the moment18:15
Rinchenwe still need to sort out the universal address to send email to18:15
Rinchenthat is blocked on something I'm releasing in LP today :-D18:15
Rinchenkeescook, this look right?  http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/138618:17
Rinchenkeescook, minus the horrible graphic which I've poked newz about18:19
keescookRinchen: perfect, thanks!18:19
Rinchenkeescook, welcome!18:20
keescookRinchen: err... the meeting topic shows a conflict at 1900, but fridge doesn't ..?18:48
keescookoh, nm, wrong day18:48
keescookis there any way to get MootBot into #ubuntu-hardened?18:49
Rinchenkeescook, yes18:49
keescookcool, thx18:50
Rinchenkeescook, head over to #ubuntu-scribes and ping Seeker`18:50

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