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JordanCYo ludoRA00:14
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Muhammad_SaadHow do I make a font package so that my friends can easily install them without the need to be told all the details?07:45
johnnycan't you just drop it in fonts:// in nautilus? or does that still work these days?07:50
kgoetzshould still work07:50
Muhammad_SaadI thought that it would be easier for friends with little knowledge of Linux.07:51
kgoetzeaiser then dropping files in a directory?07:51
Muhammad_SaadI mean, they will just double-click the package and the fonts will be installed system-wide.07:52
Muhammad_SaadUseful for those who are addicted to windows. :)07:53
Muhammad_SaadWhy does the CD I requested from free shipping service does not seem to include any educational applications?07:56
Muhammad_SaadI have been asking this question again and again and again but I have never got an answer. :-( What is wrong?08:00
johnnyi've never actually used an edubuntu cd08:03
johnnyi'm here for the thin client discussion08:03
johnnyhaven't gotten to edu apps yet08:03
Muhammad_SaadHello, I was disconnected just after I asked my question. Did someone answer it after I was disconnected?09:21
Muhammad_SaadIt seems like nobody is here... :-(09:32
evenanyone uses sabayon and/or pessulus with xfce?!19:25
ogra_cmpc_xfce doesnt use gconf ....19:25
evenogra_cmpc_: i try kiosk mode, but i dont know how configure the desktop to apply to all users19:29
ogra_cmpc_sabayon modifies gnome and nautilus settings, it wont gain you much with xfce ...19:31
ogra_cmpc_pessulus is a gconf lockdown editor, xfce doesnt use gconf19:32
evenogra_cmpc_: so, what i do to customize xfce desktop to all users?19:41
ogra_cmpc_no idea, i'm no xfce user, i guess #xubuntu could answer that19:42

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