ubuntuSo I'm running badblocks on it and it has reported a couple dozen unrecoverable errors (relocation failed, media error etc)00:00
FrauHansenyeiks, sounds ugly00:01
ubuntuugly indeed00:01
ubuntuI backed up my home dir and didn't get any errors, hopefully stuff still works after a restore00:02
its43thanks for the try frau but no dice, that not what i meant, I'm trying to get my comp to allow me to run my X Box Live thru it, I need to know how to set it up lol00:03
its43i was doing it before when this comp was on windows XP, then a bug made me need a new operation system so now i have linux thanks to my friend, known on here as KAKiller00:05
[ka]killerwhat its43 wants to do is share the connection ofthe computer hes on right now with his xbox00:07
FrauHansenyou mean that it goes like this Xbox --> YourPC --> internet?00:08
its43now this is wierd, I'm talkin to KAK on here and on aim and on my laptop ..........00:08
[ka]killeri would have set it up for him yesterday but ive never set up sharing like that on linux before00:08
[ka]killeryou could have just asked me tojoin00:09
its43dude, you know good and well I'm clinically challenged, good idea's dont come to me only bad ones00:09
mefisto__its43: take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15255500:09
Ace2016LjL: what are you trying to get the bot to do?00:11
FrauHansenits43: or this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-91370.html00:12
[ka]killeri think the command line  scares him00:12
FrauHansen[ka]killer: that could be. i was affraid of it too^^00:13
[ka]killeri jsut set him up with kubuntu yesterday, his windows commited suicide and he had absolutly no windows disks that worked =/00:14
its43indeed it does..........00:14
mefisto__its43: it's only day 100:15
FrauHansenbut i think he should start working with the command on smaller problems than this one00:15
Daisuke_Idoeven coming from a dos background, it scared the bejesus out of me the first time i witnessed the evil known as "regular expressions"00:16
[ka]killersudo rm -rf /00:16
ubot3Factoid evil not found00:16
its43yeah day 1 and I'm allready talking to Mefistopoles trying to get my windows back from the depths of hell00:16
LjLDON'T type that command00:16
its43its prolly on level 700:17
mefisto__yeah you should warn that that command shouldn't be used00:17
Daisuke_Idoits43, trust me, windows is better off there.00:17
its43not when its the only thing i know how to use00:17
jast-mxmhello, is there any way to configure Kate so that each new file you open will just open another tab rather than a new kate window?00:17
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Daisuke_Idoand therein lies the problem00:18
Daisuke_Idoyou don't know how to use other things because you haven't tried using other things00:18
FrauHansenjast-mxm: mine does this by default00:19
Daisuke_Idoi assure you, it's nowhere near as difficult as it seems right now00:19
its43well there was really no point in trying something knew when the old thing still worked00:19
jast-mxmhmm i'm using kde4 and when they are not openng liek this by default00:19
jast-mxmi can't seem to find an option to turn that on either00:19
Daisuke_Idoif people throughout history had thought that way, we'd still be living in caves and beating each other over the head00:19
tux_french channel?00:20
Daisuke_Ido!fr | tux_00:20
ubot3tux_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.00:20
its43I'm diagnosed clinically with acute insanity, the cave and bludgeoning thing ..... sounds fun to me00:20
FrauHansen!kde-4 | jast-mxm00:20
ubot3Factoid kde-4 not found00:20
FrauHansenworked an hour ago^^00:20
FrauHansen!kde4 | jast-mxm00:21
ubot3jast-mxm: KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:21
FrauHansengot my drift? ^^00:21
jast-mxmFrauhansen: thanks00:22
FrauHansenwell, now here is my problem of the day: the update manager does't show in the "tray" on startup like it used to, whats wrong? where are the settings for that?00:23
jast-mxm#kubuntu-es ?00:24
jast-mxmanais: #kubuntu-es00:25
mefisto__FrauHansen: the program is adept_notifier00:25
mefisto__FrauHansen: maybe you just don't have any updates?00:26
FrauHansenah! seems like i disabled it by accident. thanks. fixed. (will see hopefully tomorrow)00:27
spiroowhats wrong with latest Live CD with Beta1? I cannot find the features00:27
FrauHansenthere are no features, its called "bug" when its beta00:28
FrauHansenno, just kidding, i have no idea what you are talkin about00:29
spirooFor instance, after I isntalled with CD, I cannot access greater resolution than 800x600 or desktop effects or anything.00:29
spirooWhen I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy, it worked perfect.00:29
[ka]killerwhen i went from fetsy to gutsy i got all screwy00:30
spirooFeels that some packages not were installed ...00:30
knoppixI need help with kubuntu install00:31
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mefisto__knoppix: you need to be more specific00:33
knoppixwhen walking through the kubuntu install...when I get to the partitioning of the hard drives, it lists my hard drives in the wrong order...calls my IDE main hd 'sdb' and my secondary SATA hd 'sda' so when the install is complete on the main drive it will not boot after install00:33
jast-mxmhmm no one in kubuntu-kde4 will answer me :(00:34
knoppixit lists all drives as SCSI 1, 3, 5, 7 etc...1 is SATA drive (slave), 3 is IDE drive (master), 5 & 7 are both USB HDs00:35
knoppixhowever when I just now booted this knoppix live cd, knoppix recognizes the drive correctly as hda, sda, sdb...00:36
knoppixI reflashed my BIOS and made sure they choose IDE first, then SATA, then USB etc but no luck within the Kubuntu installs00:37
FrauHansendoes it install on the correct drive?00:38
* DOOM_NX auto to 'diafanes-perituligma-me-tis-fouskales-pou-kanoun-tsoukou-tsoukou-kai-ka8ontai-oloi-kai-tis-spane-san-upnwtismenoi', 3erei kaneis pws legetai me mia le3h?00:38
mefisto__knoppix: if you mount the disk, look in /boot/grub for a file named device.map00:39
FrauHansenperhaps it only the order in the installer is wrong... you should be able to fix this later00:39
knoppixit installs on the drive that I select in the partitioning section, however when I reboot it won't boot and the mount point on the / partition has been changed to /media/sdb1 etc00:40
FrauHansenimportant thing is that the system doesn't end up on the wrong drive00:40
FrauHansenhow far do you get when booting?00:41
mefisto__if you have the device.map file, just edit it so grub knows which disk is which, like this: (hd0)   /dev/sda00:41
knoppixit gets a GRUB error 1700:42
FrauHansentry changing the boot entry. i think with "e" you can edit00:43
FrauHansenand change hd(0,2) to hd(1,2) or whatever it is you got there00:44
FrauHansenthis change is now permanet, however00:45
FrauHansenor, if you are on a live system, try what mefisto__ said00:46
FrauHansengood luck to you. i'm outta here. nite.00:46
knoppixI just deleted all partitions on all the drives...00:47
mefisto__knoppix: to do it properly, see this page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=442945 and see the post by mbwardle at the end of the page00:47
knoppixso should I try the install again on the main IDE drive (showing as sdb or scsi3) in the install...then try to point to the IDE drive after the install?00:49
mefisto__knoppix: the problem is grub is treating your sata disk as the first and the ide disk as second. it ignores bios settings. (kubuntu names them all sda, sdb, etc) so you have to tell grub what order you want your disks00:51
mefisto__knoppix: setting the sata disk as first drive in bios settings and then installing might also be a solution00:55
knoppixI'll try that...thanks mefisto__00:56
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knoppixmefisto__, I am going to walk back through the install again...I'm planning on putting the / on my main IDE 30GB drive, and using the other SATA & USB drives as storage only...when I partition the storage drives, can you recommend a mount point to select or fs to choose etc?01:00
mefisto__knoppix: probably mounting the storage drives in /media is best, so kubuntu features will work best. eg, make dirs /media/sata and /media/usb and mount them there01:04
knoppixthanks for all your help and advice mefisto__01:04
reconIs it a known bug that Konqueror's flash doesn't accept keypresses, or some bizarre error on my end?01:06
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MrBarrettmy amarok wont play mp3 needs decoder.... what do i do?01:22
MrBarretton kibuntu 7.101:22
ubot3For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:27
siddtharthaнеспящие есть?01:43
vince_Good evening, I was wondering if someone could help me with Beryl/Emerald01:44
vince_I'm using Kubuntu01:44
siddtharthaмне бы самому кто помог01:44
siddtharthai need help too)01:44
siddtharthabut with KNetworkManager01:45
MrBarrett<--- want a standalone mp3 mpeg player with user friendly installation on kubuntu 7.101:47
vince_Mr Berrett, Is there somethign wrong with Amerok?01:47
MrBarrettwith decoder01:47
MrBarrettyeah on decoder01:47
vince_Oh you don't have the MP3 Decoder is that the issue?01:47
MrBarrettyes no decoder01:48
vince_Use Automatix01:48
MrBarrettwhere is Automatix?01:48
vince_It will enable a bunch of things that is disabled by default due to draconian US Copyright laws01:48
MrBarrett<--- newdie01:48
ubot3Automatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »01:49
siddtharthavince_ help me too please, may be you know why knetworkmanager may ignore all my network devices ?01:50
vince_siddtharatha: Im not an expert by any means..  Do you have networking avalible on the machine or are the devices compleately disabled?01:51
siddtharthaall network devices works good01:51
siddtharthabut manager said there're no any devices01:52
siddtharthaok, nevermind... its not critical01:54
yakuziwell are you using a wired connection now and have wireless on without being connected?01:54
siddtharthaboth of them01:54
siddtharthaeth0 and wlan001:54
yakuziwell if i use wired and have wireless on without connection on the wireless, i've the same, nothing to worry about01:55
vince_Apparently mine is the same way as well ;-)01:55
illusionizecould somebody go into there KDE Menu and tell me what the command they have for Dolphin is01:55
MrBarretthey vince i got automatrix and on install it says Error Dependency is not satisfiable tango icon theme common???01:55
vince_d3lphin %i %m -caption "%c" %u01:55
lovrehow do i login as root in terminal session01:57
Jucatolovre: sudo -i01:57
lovrenot working01:57
lovrethx Jucato01:57
vince_MrBarrett: Standby01:58
vince_Looking it up now01:58
vince_lovure: You don't.  Use SUDO instead01:58
vince_MrBarrett: Ok forget automatix its been a long time since i've used it and apparently its broken and not maintained now01:59
vince_MrBarrett: Hang on i'm looking up how to do it without automatix ;-)01:59
vince_We'll get your MP3's working just give me a moment :-)01:59
MrBarrettbless you02:00
vince_Ok MrBarrett lets try this02:00
vince_Go to your K menu and go to System -> Adept Manager02:01
lovrei cant send mail using mailx command. Why is this?02:01
vince_It's going to ask for your user password02:01
DOOM_NXcan anyone suggest the best/most advanced DC client for ubuntu?02:01
vince_Go to the many bar02:02
vince_Adept -> Manage Repositories02:02
yakuziok i've a question for you guys: the irc server, is it doing WHO-IS on it's own, or are some sers doing this? reason i ask... i'm trying to check my network with a sniffer (educational purposes only) and i get a lot of WHO-IS on me...02:03
vince_MrBarrett: Make sure that all the Kubuntu Software Repositories are checked02:03
vince_and Multiverse02:03
MrBarrettmy kubuntu pc is not online02:04
lovrecan someone please tell me how to send email from kubuntu? I tried mailx but its not working. I tried /usr/sbin/sendmail and its not working either02:04
kgoetzyakuzi: ask in #freenode02:04
vince_lovure: Are we talking about standard mail here or is this for a server type setup?02:04
kgoetzyakuzi: i expect its the IRCD02:04
lovrevince_: standard mail i suppose. I just want to make a script that would send a mail....02:05
yakuzii wouldn't be surprised...it's too much and too synchronous ;-)02:05
vince_lovure: Do you get any specific errors when you try and send mail?02:05
kgoetzlovre: you'll have to install/configure a mailer (postfix is ubuntu prefered, exim is popular though)02:05
lovrekgoetz: can you elaborate a bit please? What is that program?02:06
vince_MrBarrett: Well I can walk you through this if you have your Kubuntu PC open02:06
lovrekgoetz: its SMTP server?02:06
MrBarrettits next to me02:06
kgoetzlovre: yeah02:07
kgoetz!postfix | lovre02:07
ubot3lovre: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer02:07
yakuzilovre: do you want to have an E-mail app like thunderbird or outlook? then you can try Kontact (it has a mail-part in it, also a calndar etc)02:07
vince_MrBarrett is it booted and online?02:07
MrBarrettkubutu is running but no connection02:08
MrBarretti can usb drive any files across02:08
vince_I don't know how to do it without the Repositories but what you need is the "libxine-extracodecs" package.02:10
lovreyakuzi: i need something to make it possible for me to send mail from my script02:10
MrBarrettis all i need on the DVD version of kubuntu??02:11
MrBarretti have installed the live cd 7.102:11
MrBarretti can get the DVD version02:12
kgoetzlovre: you'll need to setup postix first :)02:12
vince_MrBarrett; The files are not part of the Kubuntu distro by default because of Licencing issues I doubt its on the disks02:12
Wrathyou mean libxine1-ffmpeg ?02:13
Jucatovince_: it's libxine1-ffmpeg now02:13
MrBarretthow hard is it to set up my optus usb wireless on kubuntu?02:13
lovrekgoetz: is it hard to use it?02:14
vince_MrBarrett: No idea.. Plug it in and see if it works is all I could suggest02:14
Wrathjust download the package from http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libxine1-ffmpeg ?02:14
lovrekgoetz: could you offer some quick help02:14
lovrekgoetz: pm?02:14
MrBarrettit plugs and plays on win xp02:14
kgoetzlovre: ask here :)02:14
kgoetzlovre: i'm at work, so i'm looking here intermitantly.02:14
vince_MrBarrett: Good chance it will in Kubuntu as well though no garuntees.02:14
MrBarretti tryied on ku but nothing happened02:14
vince_I know my Belkin works.02:15
lovrekgoetz: well, i installed it, but i dont know what now. how to use it..02:15
kgoetzlovre: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto . do you have any questions after reading that?02:15
lovrekgoetz: sec02:15
MrBarretti know nothing about a manual internet setup on kubuntu02:15
vince_MrBarrett: Neither do I, I suggest typing the card name with UBUNTU or KUBUNTU in google and see what you can find02:16
MrBarrettlook for a driver?02:16
yakuzilovre: i thounk you should try to acces a standard mail-program from within your script...(like open a compose-mail window, automaticly fill in all needed stuff, send it and close all relted stuff properly or something like that)02:16
kgoetzyakuzi: dont be rediculous02:17
vince_Does anyone know anything about setting up Emerald and Beryl on Kubuntu?02:17
Jucato!compiz | vince_02:17
ubot3vince_: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion02:17
MrBarretti dont want to have to turn to bill gates to listen to my mp3s02:17
jarethHey, i was wondering about a potential error w/ Kopete and Pidgin, i reformatted to kubuntu today because i needed to reformat and wanted to try something other than gnome, but my friend on pidgin (a windows user) gets the wrong encoding type error when i message them . . . . any ideas?02:18
yakuzikgoetz: well that's what i would try...with my limited linux knowledge, i'm sure there are better ways02:18
MrBarrettSomeone give me a Macintosh02:18
jarethwhy do you need windows to listen to Mp3?s02:18
MrBarrettno decoder02:19
kgoetzyakuzi: dont try it :) theres two much better ways that i can think of off the top of my head02:19
jareththere are decoders :)02:19
vince_Jereth: Because MP3 support can't be incl;ided by default and his Kubuntu box has no netaccess so he can't pull them fromt he repositories02:19
vince_and Thats the only way I know to do it02:19
jaretho ><02:19
jareththat sucks02:19
jarethwhy not just download the .deb for it02:19
jarethand bring it to the rig?02:19
kgoetzjareth: dependancies02:20
jarethhow many dependencies does a mp3 decoder need lol02:20
lovrekgoetz: i do what it says, but its just not working02:20
lovrekgoetz: no errors, but the mail is not delivered02:20
vince_MrBarrett: Do you have any networking support built into the machine you want to load the decoders on?02:20
Jucatokgoetz: he can see the list of dependencies and download those that he needs from http://packages.ubuntu.com02:20
sudobashhave you tried movie players also02:20
lovrekgoetz: maybe if im behind the router? does it have anything to do with it?02:20
jarethno one else has gotten the wrong encoding type error w/ pidgin before?02:21
kgoetzJucato: he can, but its going to be anoying, especially if the depends need depends02:21
MrBarrettdont think so02:21
Jucatokgoetz: better than nothing02:21
ubot3APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers02:21
vince_MrBarrett: See this sucks,  If you had networking it would take about 4 mouse clicks LOL02:21
kgoetzlovre: router wont be a problem for sending. your isp might be. i dont know enough detail to help you properly. how did you configure it? how are you trying to send mail?02:21
knoppixmefisto__, I'm back...finished the install...still got the error 17...used supergrub disk...now getting error 2202:22
vince_What kind of USB card do you have agian?02:22
MrBarrett1gb usb thum drive02:22
vince_Oh.... Its not a networking drive02:22
kgoetzknoppix: what are grub error 17 and 22?02:23
MrBarrettcan you network 2 PCs via usb?02:23
lovrekgoetz: just as it said on the link you gave me. When i send from root@localhost to user@localhost, it worked. But when i send to someone@gmail.com, its not received on the other side02:23
vince_MrBarrett: Probobly though I've never done it02:23
vince_MrBarrett: Do you have a MODEM or ANYTHING? on the machine you can get on the net with?02:23
knoppixhow can I gain su access to be able to edit menu.lst?...I tried with knoppix and it won't allow ascend to su etc02:23
mefisto__knoppix: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=442945 the post by mbwardle explains what you need to do02:23
kgoetzlovre: right. look in /var/log/mail.* for logs02:24
MrBarrettkubuntu is off line till i figure out the wireless modem im using now on the other PC02:24
mefisto__knoppix: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst will edit it as root02:26
MrBarretti'll try connect with kubuntu again see ya later and thanks02:27
vince_MrBarrett: Sorry I wasn't more help :-(02:27
vince_So does anyone know how to get Compix / Emerald runnign on Kubuntu?02:28
lovrekgoetz: is there any server on the internet i could log on with telnet to send?02:28
kgoetzlovre: i dont get the question02:28
lovrekgoetz: instead of running my smtp server, can i use an existing server that is allready running on the internet?02:29
lovrekgoetz: since i cant get it to work02:29
slothwhy won't an archive extract if crc fails?02:29
kgoetzlovre: you should get your mail server working. its probably only configured to send local mail, not to relay or send remote02:30
mefisto__sloth: error during download?02:30
Wrathits probably corrupt sloth02:30
knoppixmefisto__, so how to I boot where I can get to console and not have the fs as read only?02:31
lovrekgoetz: can you help me with configure, any usefull link? im totally noob with this and i  should get this working by tomorrwo02:31
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kgoetzlovre: /msg ubotu about postfix and mta and mda02:33
kgoetzi dont have a postfix server handy i can reconfigure to tell you what each step is02:34
mefisto__knoppix: you can edit the grub menu entry before boot if you hit "e" so you can change the entry to the right disk and boot kubuntu normally, then edit menu.lst device.map etc as root (sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst)02:35
lovre[03:35] [Error] ubotu: No such nick/channel.02:35
lovrekgoetz: [03:35] [Error] ubotu: No such nick/channel.02:35
LjLlovre: use ubotwo02:35
LjLerr, ubot302:35
lovreits just not working02:39
dwidmannknoppix: if you're running knoppix atm, you could rgith click the drive, go to properties, and change it to read write IIRC ........ not sure if you are or not, seeing as you're in here02:39
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dwidmannLjL: why so many ubotu bots anyway?02:42
LjLdwidmann: because the main one's b0rked02:42
dwidmannLjL: yes, but still, why use different nicks for the backups?02:43
Jucatobecause they are different accounts02:44
LjLdwidmann: because i don't have the password for the other, for starters :)02:44
dwidmannLjL: ah, that would do it02:44
LjLdwidmann: also because we're planning on a better and automated backup system, but haven't quite managed to have it working yet, so we patch in backup bots as the need arises02:44
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BunnyRevolutionhi.  i would like to log into a computer remotely.  is there a way to set up a beacon?02:45
dwidmannBunnyRevolution: I'd use ssh, you'd need openssh-server installed on the computer you want to log into to do it though02:46
BunnyRevolutionhow would i know it's current ip address?02:46
dwidmannBunnyRevolution: can probably use its hostname02:46
dwidmannBunnyRevolution: unless its across the internet, in which case you would need to know its real ip address, which wouldn't necessarily be constant (most are dyanamic unless you pay more $)02:47
BunnyRevolutionyes.  that is the problem.  i have 3 machines at a local genalogy library.  with the upcoming release of hardy, i'd like to upgrade and manage them remotely.02:48
BunnyRevolutionwhat i wondered if they would say "here i am" to a server and i could connect either directly to them or via the server02:49
dwidmannBunnyRevolution: you could probably work out a script ot something to ftp/sftp its current ip address to a server on the net containing its current web ip address, or maybe you could have it emailed to your or something like that.02:49
dwidmannBunnyRevolution: you'd also need to set up the router to forward to the computer you want to access from across the net02:50
BunnyRevolutioni was hoping there was something like webex i could put on a server02:50
dwidmann(I'm full of ideas, but I've never really tried it before)02:50
mefisto__what about krdc? does that do what BunnyRevolution wants? (I've never tried it)02:51
dwidmannmefisto__: hmm, might, but its definitely *slow* when running across the net02:52
adrock358Ok.  I had a dual install (win/ubunt).  I was having problems getting on the net and decided it would be better to just do a fresh install.  So, I erased the partition that ubuntu was installed on (on my WD 320 gb HD).  At the same time, I decided to increase my Windows Partition size, so I did that using Gparted.  I repartitioned the unallocated space, that partly housed my past Ubuntu installation.  So, I erased the Ubuntu partition from my singular HD02:52
Matt1728what's the command to install all of the java components?02:53
dwidmannMatt1728: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk02:54
ahmoshi, i can't access an ext3 partition (can't write)02:54
vince_Does anyone know how to enable Emerald | Beryl02:56
vince_| Compix, on Kubuntu?02:56
Jucatovince_: didn't I give you a link already?02:56
mefisto__dwidmann: will that install them all? maybe sun-java6* would be better?02:56
vince_Jucato: If you did I didn't see it sir02:57
ahmosha ha ha02:57
Jucato!compiz | vince_02:57
ubot3vince_: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion02:57
vince_jucato: Thank you02:58
ahmosnow can any body help me02:58
ahmos i can't access an ext3 partition (can't write)02:59
dwidmannmefisto__: it should ..... jdk depends on at least most of it02:59
ahmosthere was a command i forgot it02:59
lovredoes anyone know of any public SMTP relay i could use to send mail?03:00
dwidmannmefisto__: maybe it does depend on them all, or mayb e it's missing the plugin .... can't really tell because I run x86_6403:00
mefisto__ahmos: is the partition set up in fstab?03:01
crazy_busI set up a Avermedia DVB 771 using instructions at the linuxtvwiki.  The remote connected to it is detected by kde automatically.  But I'm having trouble setting up lirc to change what each button does.  Is there a ways to change them without setting up lirc or can anyone help me install it?03:02
mefisto__ahmos: have you tried "sudo mount -a" ?03:03
ahmosmount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/74a982b9-ae61-48ff-a5e7-1e31d2a3895b does not exist03:04
ahmosi got that03:04
ubot3pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:04
ahmosthere was a command like sudo chmod -r a+rw ,and by the way it is a fresh kubuntu and i am installing updates now03:06
mefisto__ahmos: if you type "mount" on its own, it will show you what is mounted and where, and whether it's rw or ro (read-only). what does it say for the problem disk?03:09
ahmosi got /dev/sdb2 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)03:10
ahmossorry this is the one /dev/sdb3 on /media/sdb3 type ext3 (rw)03:13
mefisto__ahmos: can you write to it as root?03:15
sudobashroot should be able to write to pretty much anything that isnt rom (read only material)03:16
sudobashif it is ntfs then use ntfs-3g03:16
ahmosno ext303:16
ahmosntfs is working proberly03:17
=== a is now known as a__
sudobashthen root should be able to write03:17
ahmosyes but it is hard to use root every time03:17
ahmosand i had slved this issue before but i forgot how..03:18
mefisto__ahmos: ok so it's just permissions. is the dir you are trying to write to owned by another user on this machine? otherwise you could probably set up fstab better, if you want free access to write to the partion03:18
mefisto__ahmos: or leave fstab alone and chmod the files/directories you want to write to so you own them03:20
kludge_hey hey =)03:21
ahmosyes how to chmod plz03:22
* kludge_ just lurks (watches and learns)03:23
kludge_So nice to see a channel of support for Kubuntu users. =)03:28
sudobashhave you seen the channel list?03:28
KLinuxkow do you install window decoration in kde 3.5?03:28
kludge_nope, just thought i'd give Konversation a bash, i'm used to the dreaded mIRC on win32/6403:29
* kludge_ hides as he said the bad word :P03:29
kgoetz:@ :p03:29
KLinuxthere is no import button or anything03:29
kludge_hehe!. I'm actually so impressed with KUbuntu 8.03 Hardy Heron, it's actually got a place on my WD74GB raptor =)03:29
crazy_busbefore I installed kdelirc my computer recognised some buttons on my infrared remote control.  Is there anyway to change what these buttons as irkick says it detects the device but doesn't do anything03:29
=== luis_ is now known as TiGrEMx
LadyNikonanyone know the default location of the vim colors folder?03:30
kludge_also, most impressively (or at least the reason i feel the latest KUbuntu 8.03 is better than any distro for a linux n00b to try, is it doesn't hate my graphics card OR sound card) \o/03:31
mefisto__ahmos: sorry, I was busy. "sudo chmod +w filename" will make the file writeable03:31
kgoetzLadyNikon: in /usr/share/vim/03:31
LadyNikonkgoetz: when i put a theme there.. it doesnt work out03:32
LadyNikonlike dark is the default.03:32
kgoetzLadyNikon: you should put custom stuff in your ~/.03:32
LadyNikonwhen Ichange the background to a color in that folder.. it no worky03:32
LadyNikonkgoetz: put it there too.. no worky03:32
LadyNikonI had to create the .vim/colors folder03:33
KLinuxso there is no way to add window decorations to kde 3.5?03:33
kgoetzLadyNikon: ask in #vim . its probably going to be much faster to ask there03:33
LadyNikonanother channel to join03:33
kgoetzKLinux: there probably is but no one here right now can tell you03:33
kgoetzi'm in 40, you cant complain :P03:33
LadyNikonKLinux: ask in the forums03:33
LadyNikonkgoetz: how do you know I am not in 50?03:33
LadyNikonand i can complain all i want :D03:34
kludge_/whois FTW03:34
nonewmsgshow do you use stirgi03:34
* LadyNikon heads over to #vim03:34
LadyNikonkludge_: why does that win?03:34
KLinuxis there some other program we use to decorate or does everyone just use the ones that come with the distro?03:34
* kludge_ waves bye to LadyNikon =) good luck03:34
kgoetzLadyNikon: i dont, but its usuallya safe bet ;)03:34
kludge_i seem to be having a weird clash, and the nVidia drivers won't install... I'll plug away at it a while longer before i ask in here ;)03:35
dwidmannnonewmsgs: do { bang_head_against_wall(); } (while conscious);03:36
KLinuxdoes emerald work independantly from compiz cuz i am using default vesa on ati and cant successfully change video drivers for 3d03:36
nonewmsgsdwidmann: hehehe.03:36
kludge_might disappear because i'm about to quit KNetworkManager03:37
kludge_hmm. seems to work without it :| damned extraneous programs running on my linux distro!03:38
kgoetzKLinux: you opted in ;)03:40
kludge_well, i was going to try a sexy 64bit linux, but KUbuntu 8.03 sucked me in so badly i can do without using half of my RAM  </303:40
kgoetz8.04 :)03:40
kgoetztheres 64bit install cds for 8.0403:41
kludge_ahh, 8.04 by bad, Hefty Heron03:41
kgoetzhardy :p03:41
dwidmannHefty? kludge, **hardy** has feelings too!03:41
kludge_:P gimme a break you guys... Whats with all the dodgy names :P03:41
kludge_is it just to make windows sound even more mundane than it is? :P03:42
Daisuke_Ido8.10 will be the point where i officially stop calling releases by their code name.03:42
Daisuke_Ido"intrepid ibex"03:42
kgoetz'gutsy' was that release for me. here i will, in general use i dont anymore03:42
kludge_well i must say 8.03/8.04 i'm running is the only linux distro that has installed FLAWLESSLY from start to finish!... That's enough for me to give it some more time03:42
KLinuxis 8.04 out? i havent used ubuntu in months03:42
kgoetzanotehr 3 weeks~03:43
kludge_Terratec Phase 28 Producer soundcard (Envy24 chipset) and GeForce 8800GT both recognised and installed perfectly... boots into X no problems at 1920x1200 resolution03:43
mefisto__you can install window decorations, eg "sudo apt-get install kwin-baghira"03:43
* kludge_ whimpers submissively03:43
kludge_yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! it's finally let me install proper nVidia drivers!03:45
kludge_Compiz here we come <303:45
KLinuxmefisto__: thanks for the info is there any other way to do it in KDE in general (im actually using suse)03:45
mefisto__KLinux: there is a kde gui program that does it, but I can't remember what it's called03:47
KLinuxis it "dekorator" by chance?03:47
KLinuxi have seen this on kde-look but dont know what it is03:47
mefisto__KLinux: yes that's it. never used it though03:48
KLinuxill check it out thanks for the info03:48
TeslaTonyDoes anyone know of a decent 3D CAD program?03:50
TeslaTonyKDE or GNOME03:50
kgoetzdoes qcad do 3d?03:50
=== milian_ is now known as milian
mefisto__but it's pretty good otherwise03:52
TeslaTonyI need to draw some machine parts and such, which needs 3D03:53
vLdSScould someone point  me to a tutorial about installing a linux distro on a USB drive?03:56
dwidmannDoes anyone here know what would cause a grub error 16 (inconsistent filesystem structure) error?03:58
joinmeindeathi'm trying to use xen with kvm but i don't have /dev/kvm with linux-image-2.6.24-12-xen kernel03:59
joinmeindeathdo you have any clue?03:59
Jnauthey, I'm new to Kubuntu, from Ubuntu, it seems about the same but there is a complication. I'm trying to install a program called "frostwire" but I can't figure out how. "./configure" doesn't seem to work, can anyone help?04:01
guga0101can someone tell what you usually do when you want to install some app that has released its tar.gz recently but there is no repository package yet for that new version?04:08
Daisuke_Idoenable backports :D04:09
Daisuke_Ido!backports | guga010104:09
ubot3guga0101: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:09
guga0101great; lets see!04:10
guga0101Daisuke_Ido: good to know that04:16
Jnauthey, I'm new to Kubuntu, from Ubuntu, it seems about the same but there is a complication. I'm trying to install a program called "frostwire" but I can't figure out how. "./configure" doesn't seem to work, can anyone help?04:16
Daisuke_Idosudo apt-get install frostwire04:16
guga0101but.. they don't have the really latest version of nmap, for instance hehe04:16
Daisuke_Ido!repos | Jnaut04:16
ubot3Jnaut: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:16
guga0101the problem is.. how to install from sources (tar.gz) and also making it easy to uninstall the whole app?04:18
kgoetztry checkinstall04:19
guga0101sure! lets see04:19
Jnauti dont see any 'frostwire' in the reposotories04:20
Daisuke_Ido!frostwire | Jnaut04:21
ubot3Jnaut: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire04:21
BunnyRevolutioni'd like to get some packages from hardy for gutsy04:21
guga0101kgoetz: perfect!! that's what i needed! thank you04:21
JnautAAH! I've tried checkinstall, the .deb file, and "apt-get install" and i still cant get frostwire04:31
Jnautis anyone here who can help04:31
=== evalles is now known as effie_jayx
Daisuke_Idoyeah, don't use frostwire, it's a waste of time and a cesspool of copyright infringement.04:36
Jnauti was thinking of something a little less "non-frostwire-ey"04:36
Jnautcome on, theres got to be some1 who can help04:37
Daisuke_Idoyou're going to get a similar response from a lot of people.04:39
joinmeindeathhello everyone04:46
joinmeindeathanyone there?04:46
cuzntmy volume disappeard04:52
Jnauttried right clicking panel "add applet".... "Volume"??04:53
cuzntadds the wrong one04:53
Jnautwell im not very experienced :( hope some1 else is here04:54
cuzntno biggie04:54
* cuznt is just throwin it out04:54
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=== pevey_ is now known as pevey
peveymsg NickServ set email gardner.steven@gimail.af.mil05:00
peveyhi, this is my first time utilizing irc05:01
lolihi allways05:02
Odd-rationalepevey: use "/msg" not "msg"05:03
lolihay alguien05:03
=== pevey is now known as pevey_
ubot3Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:04
=== pevey_ is now known as pevey
peveythank you Odd-rationale05:07
namespaceHi, I'm using KDE4 with Kubuntu 7.10 and my shutdown button in the menu, only links to Logout (which goes back to the logon screen) How can i make it shutdown??in the system settings, the shutdown thing is set to everybody and /sbin/halt is there, that looks good... any ideas?05:14
Odd-rationalenamespace: try in #kubuntu-kde405:15
namespaceOdd-rationale: yup, just logged on there lol.... thanks :)05:16
asobiwhat's a good replacement for SyncBack?05:17
Odd-rationaleasobi: What is SyncBack?05:17
asobibackup software05:18
Odd-rationaleasobi: have you looked at keep?05:18
asobikeep is horrible05:18
Odd-rationalekeep is a frontend to rdiff-backup05:18
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
asobii want something that will scan a folder, detect any changes since last backup, copy it to destination without any compression05:20
Odd-rationaleasobi: rdiff-backup will do that. so will rsync i beleive05:22
asobiworks great05:28
asobiif keep is just frontend why does it compress?05:28
Odd-rationaleasobi: you can set it to no compression05:29
asobii think i had unchecked compression05:30
asobiah well, will try again05:31
ubot3#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!05:41
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rsc-232whats the tv app program for kbuntu?06:25
rsc-232sudo apt-get install tvtime dont work06:25
ForgeAusVideo4Linux??? I don't actually know06:25
dwidmannKDM april fools day edition is hilarious!!06:48
Rozza5[->>>>AmSg<<<<-] brb reboot...06:49
Odd-rationaledwidmann: how do you get it?06:49
dwidmannOdd-rationale: update maybe?06:50
Odd-rationaledwidmann: hmm.06:50
* dwidmann is using hardy06:50
Odd-rationaleI see.06:51
unix_infidelanyone know of a way to view archives in rss?06:57
ses59if I want to use a proxy server to hide my ip address what you recommend07:55
kgoetzses59: on freenode? ask for a cloak. in do you mean in general?07:56
ses59I want to use yahoo web mail without my ip addrss showing up07:56
JAMI'm on the 8.04 beta and I just did an update which change the default wallpaper and KDM background to a weird picture of a unicorn07:56
ses59in general07:56
Jucatohahah! JAM try asking in #ubuntu+1 please07:56
Jucatothat's amusing though :)07:56
Daisuke_IdoJAM, possible april fool's joke?07:56
ses59i have someone trying to find my address so I want to hide it from now on07:56
JAMcould be07:57
JAMwanna see? ;]07:57
Daisuke_Idonow, when you say someone, do you mean the fbi?07:58
ses59no sent email and do want it to come back to me07:58
Daisuke_Idoyou sent someone mail07:59
ForgeAushey Jucato :)07:59
Daisuke_Idoand don't want a reply?07:59
Jucatohey ForgeAus07:59
ForgeAushehe here's me trying to do things the software wasn't designed for again :)07:59
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: kinda offtopic and shady, but more offtopic, don't you think? :)07:59
* Daisuke_Ido scratches his head07:59
ForgeAus(this time still working towards KDE for Interix)07:59
emilsedghJucato: i got a heart attack for that kde joke in the morning ;)08:00
ForgeAusonly gentoo-alt under Interix is pretty much bleeding-edge08:00
Jucatoah yeah JAM. I bet that's a 0401 prank :)08:00
Daisuke_Idoi'm thinking i'm not going any further into this, and will just say that if you would like to operate your little spam ring, google your alternatives.08:00
JAMok :}08:00
ses59no spam I only sent one email08:00
Jucatoemilsedgh: nice ain't it? :P08:01
emilsedghJucato: yeah it was so cool =)08:01
emilsedghis there any way to install gcc 4.3 under gutsy? any package/tutorial?08:02
emilsedghi heard runs and compiles everything MUCH faster08:02
Jucatosorry no idea08:05
kblinhi folks08:21
eddieftwhi kblin08:22
kblinis there a way to replace the bootspash in kubuntu?08:22
kgoetzyes there is.08:22
ubot3To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork08:22
MilhousePunkRock!moodin | kblin08:22
ubot3kblin: moodin is a ksplash theme engine, enabled by default in Kubuntu Dapper, and you can grab it for Breezy here: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=2570508:23
MilhousePunkRockOh, he said bootsplash...08:23
Jucatoyep :)08:23
* Jucato wonders if kblin's now confused :)08:23
kgoetzthat breezy reference could probably go08:23
* kgoetz wonders if anyone ever cleans ubotus brain out08:23
MilhousePunkRockBTW, I can confirm the unicorn...08:23
Jucatoonce in a while. if someone notices08:23
Jucatoexcept that's not ubotu :)08:23
kgoetzi thought it was the same backend08:24
kblinacutally both are useful08:24
MilhousePunkRockI though it had something to do with cute fluffy bunny being the default plasma theme in kde4 though...08:24
Jucatokgoetz: I don't have access to ubot308:24
kgoetzJucato: strage.08:24
kgoetzubot3: seems to act quite differently to ubotu :/08:25
ubot3kgoetz: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:25
kblinI'm trying to roll out a couple of pcs our boss wants to run Linux on. Our users are scared of Linux, so the idea was to make kubuntu look like it was Vista and claim any slight differences in using the things are "vista's" fault08:25
* kgoetz lols08:26
kgoetzthose plans always make me do taht08:26
kblinit works08:26
kblinwe tried that when XP came out08:26
kblinit's just that back then, Linux wasn't quite there08:26
kgoetzin your NSHO of course08:27
kblinwell, I've got a list of "killer apps" that need to work08:27
Jucato(of course Linux isn't quite ready to imitate Windows... but offtopic anyway)08:27
kblinand photoshop started working in wine some months ago08:27
* kgoetz looks the other way and goes 'lalalala'08:29
kgoetzafk. heading home08:30
Jucatotake care08:30
crazy_busthe epg on two stations is a hour off in kaffeine. Is there anyway to manually add a hour to it so I know which program is currently playing?08:50
tyronHi im trying to remotedesktop to an xp machine and when i try to search it cant find it. when using ubuntu i just put in the ip and connect08:51
lingardis it possible to mount a network folder to a local location?08:55
emilsedghlingard: KDE applications are netework transparent.but you could mount remote ssh directories as a part of your filesystem with somehting that i dont remember its name!08:56
emilsedghmaybe it was fuse08:56
ubot3FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems08:57
ubot3sshfs: filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2.1 (gutsy), package size 41 kB, installed size 148 kB08:57
lingardwould it be easier to set up a network folder on this machince (kubuntu)?08:58
nomopofomoHow can I extract all of one kind of file from a directory and all directories within it?08:59
lingardmy other is running vista but it won't let me access this machine from it without a login08:59
lucaciao a tutti09:07
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
needhelpare there any applications which can have a Web interface to upload files into the server?09:24
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: No FTP access to the server? Konqueror handles ftp just as it was local...09:25
JucatoKonqueror using sftp:/ ftp:/ ssh:/ or fish:/ ?09:26
emilsedghthere are many web based file manager though09:26
Jucatowell, if you by "web based"  you mean AJAX-y stuff, each site/app has their own09:27
emilsedghthere are many FOSS web based stuff in php for that thing09:28
needhelpyeah webbase.. what is the term to search on google?09:28
needhelpMilhousePunkRock: i set up proftpd on the server..but others have to use ftp programs to come in.. some users don't have ftp program..need to have a webbase interface for them to come in09:29
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: So that is something on the server side...09:30
emilsedghneedhelp: web based file manager, php file manager, etc.09:30
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: Maybe google knows that as "upload form" or something alike09:30
needhelpweb based file manager!09:30
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: Tell them to get a proper OS that does not need a seperate ftp client ;)09:31
emilsedghyeah! MilhousePunkRock's solution is the best one09:31
emilsedghforce them to use Kubuntu =)09:31
MilhousePunkRockWho asked about that unicorn earlier? It's even in the changelog as "April Fool" ;)09:33
needhelpMilhousePunkRock: yea but even with broswer as ftp client, resuming a big file is a problem~~ hope to find something that is webbase and can resume09:33
emilsedghneedhelp: http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&type_of_search=soft&words=file+manager+php09:34
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: Konqueror can resume09:34
needhelpcan firefox??09:35
Jucatoum.. I think the ability to resume is server-dependent09:35
MilhousePunkRockneedhelp: Can firefox upload at all?09:37
emilsedghit could09:37
JucatoMilhousePunkRock: extensions09:37
emilsedghinstall fireftp extension09:37
MilhousePunkRockAnd that's why I prefer Konqueror... It comes with all that beauty already...09:37
ForgeAuskonqi doesn't have the kinda extensions firefox has tho thats a little drawback09:38
ForgeAusbut then those extensions prolly would just slow it down09:38
emilsedghForgeAus: it has...but noone writes them for konqueror09:38
emilsedghForgeAus: it even has some extensions located in extragear/base i think09:39
ForgeAuswell I know it uses kio-slaves which are brilliant enough extensions :)09:39
Raleskhi all09:41
RaleskHas anyone here ever used/created custom keyboard layouts?09:41
MilhousePunkRock!anyone | Ralesk09:41
ubot3Ralesk: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:41
Raleskeh, fine :)09:42
MilhousePunkRockRalesk: My direct answer would be: Most likely anyone has...09:42
Raleskthe only way I could make it work is by modifying the symbols file for a language (in my case the 'hu' one)09:42
Raleskbut it gets ruthlessly overwritten every time X gets updated09:43
MilhousePunkRockRalesk: Are you trying to have easy switching of keyboard layouts?09:43
RaleskI'm trying to have a custom layout I made.09:43
emilsedghlike Dvorak?09:43
ubot3dvorak is a keyboard layout that aims to be more comfortable and efficient alternative to the standard "QWERTY" pattern. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvorak_Simplified_Keyboard09:44
MilhousePunkRockor NEO?09:44
Raleskdvorak isn't custom :)09:44
MilhousePunkRockI have yet to meet someone that actually used dvorak...09:44
RaleskI made a layout that can be used with the hungarian accents but is based on the US QWERTY and thus can be used very well for programming -- which is quite not the case with the official hungarian layout09:45
emilsedghRalesk: you should go to X support channels (if there is any)09:45
RaleskI just copy a section into the hu symbol file, and Ubuntu does some black magic and automatically updates the xml and plain keyboard databases (doesn't happen on freebsd and some other linux distros)09:46
emilsedghor look at example X map files09:46
MilhousePunkRockRiddell: Hi... Nice April Fool's joke... ;)10:06
RiddellMilhousePunkRock: seems to have gone down well10:10
MaliqueGood, it seems there are actual people here! LOL10:10
MaliqueAnyone might be able to help me work out how to make my sound work? Possibly?10:11
emilsedghi got a heart attack! that wasnt nice! ;)10:11
MilhousePunkRockRiddell: I first thought it was related to me installing kde4 just this morning... Which comes with cute fluffy bunny as the default plasma theme, which makes a perfect couple... Pink fur and unicorns... ;)10:12
emilsedghbut the 'sorry-rms' dept was so cool, kudos to Riddell10:12
MilhousePunkRockemilsedgh: sorry-rms?10:13
emilsedghfrom the sorry-rms dept.10:13
MilhousePunkRockMalique: You need to ask a real question...10:14
Fyl0nI tried 8.04 (KDE3)10:14
Fyl0nBut in Konsole the TAB for autocomplete does not work.. how can I enable the TAB autocomplete function?10:14
MaliqueI thought I'd just ask first to see if anyone was willing to help me... but if you like I'll be specific10:14
MilhousePunkRockemilsedgh: Enlighten me, please10:15
MaliqueI'm trying to get sound working on a Medion MD96420, it's got 3 devices on it's sound card - two analog, one digital. The first analog is an ALC883, the second is ALC 268. I get sound through the headphones, not through speakers. KMix only says it reads the ALC26810:16
MaliqueI try using alsamixer, and it spits out "ALSA lib simple_none.c:1741:(simple_add1) helem (MIXER, "Headphone Playback Switch' ,0,0,0) appears twice or more10:17
Maliquealsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: Invalid argument10:18
MaliqueThe controls in KMix (at least the main and the headphones) DO control the headphones, but still no sound through either the two main speakers or the built-in subwoofer10:18
MaliqueI have tried a number of options in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base, to no avail10:19
MaliqueAll those lines I got from this forum post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=616845&highlight=realtek+alc26810:19
MaliqueThe module is loaded according to "cat /proc/asound/modules"10:19
MaliqueThe module loaded is snd_hda_intel10:20
MilhousePunkRockemilsedgh: Ah, KDE's ISO Delegate Votes Yes to Office Open XML, that one... :D10:20
MaliqueSo my question is: How do I make my speakers work?10:21
MilhousePunkRockMalique: Did you try building your own alsa modules? That worked for me for a tricky audigy card, I have seen many howtos for Intel HDA to do that...10:22
MaliqueThat was my next thing to try, but I just wanted to check to see if there was anything else first. Does the method outlined in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449 for recompiling alsa from source build the modules?10:23
MilhousePunkRockMalique: The comprehensive sound problem solution guide is a good ressource to start with... I am too lazy to read it all over again, but it does have a sectio on module assistant, doesn't it?10:25
MaliqueYup, ok thanks I'll try that.10:26
MaliqueBTW, did anyone else get a unicorn wallpaper replace the default Kubuntu wallpaper in some of the latest Hardy updates?10:27
MilhousePunkRockMalique: Read the changelog and look at your calendar ;)10:28
MilhousePunkRockMalique: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/k/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings_8.04-17/changelog10:28
MaliqueWhoops, why didn't I put those two together? LMAO10:28
eddieftwheheeh hilarious10:29
MilhousePunkRockRiddell: When do we get the original wallpaper back, by the way...10:29
eddieftwis that the default hardy background now...? hilarious10:29
* Malique feels like a total git now haha10:30
=== JanMalte_ is now known as JanMalte
RiddellMilhousePunkRock: wallpaper shouldn't have changed10:39
MilhousePunkRockRiddell: Well, you didn't do it... But I thought you'd know about it: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/k/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings_8.04-17/changelog10:40
=== ewgenij is now known as ewgenij__
Jucatowas it the wallpaper or the login background that changed?10:40
MilhousePunkRockJucato: Actually both10:41
MilhousePunkRockJucato: The Kubuntu default wallpaper got replaced by that lovely unicorn, so it applies to both10:41
cpk1argh hardy isnt going to be LTS?10:43
Jucatonot Kubuntu Hardy10:44
eldariareally? I thought it was only kde4 vertsion that was not going to be LTS10:45
Jucatoboth won't10:45
Jucato(old, very old, news :P)10:45
MaliqueSince when?10:45
MaliqueCoulda sword it was :(10:45
Jucatosince November or December 200710:45
MaliqueAhh yeah, because of KDE410:46
cpk1you mean I have to *gasp* use gtk if I want LTS?10:46
* Jucato shrugs10:47
Jucatodo you *really* need LTS?10:47
cpk1i suppose it wont matter anyways since the only LTS machine I want to have is my router and server which is headless and no X anyways =P10:47
MaliqueOK, BTW, I recompiled the ALSA modules, and the same issue is coming up with alsamixer: "ALSA lib simple_none.c:1741:(simple_add1) helem (MIXER, "Headphone Playback Switch' ,0,0,0) appears twice or more"10:48
MaliqueStill no sound :(10:48
JucatoLTS actually has little to do with stability per se. it's just a "mark" and a promise from Canonical that they will provide commercial support for an extended period of time. so unless you're a Canonical customer, that means very little...10:48
cpk1but it will continue to get security updates right Jucato? I wont need it to have the latest bleeding edge, but just basic updates without doing a full upgrade10:49
Jucatofor 18 months, yes10:50
Jucatoyou can always disable the -updates repository and only allow for -security updates10:50
MaliqueGAHH I hate this stupid sound :@10:50
cpk1Jucato: but normal releases only get updated for the 6 months right?10:51
Jucatocpk1: huh?10:51
cpk1Jucato: how long does a non-lts release get updates if you dont add -backports?10:52
Maliquecpk1: no, normal releases get 18 months, LTS get 3 years10:52
Malique(from what I understand)10:53
Jucatocpk1: they get updates as they come. you're confusing getting updates and new releases10:53
Jucatocpk1: if you mean "how long is a regular release supported?", 18 months, as I've mentioned10:53
cpk1oh I see alright10:53
Jucato(of course, by "supported", that means gettings security fixed and updates...)10:54
MaliqueMilhousePunkRock (or anyone else who knows): I tried compiling ALSA from source, it compiled and installed (I think) but still no sound, and alsamixer still won't work. Any other things I can try?10:55
cpk1whats your audio chip?10:55
MilhousePunkRockMalique: I think the comprehensive sound problem solution guide tells you to open a new topic in this case... Did you follow the guide step-by-step?10:56
kblinis there a way to start a predefined ssh session by clicking on an icon?10:56
Maliquecpk1: ALC268, or ALC883, there's two of them listed in aplay -l. MilhousePunkRock: Not so much step-by-step as in hacked-apart-and-done-periodically-over-the-last-12-hours LOL10:57
MilhousePunkRockMalique: Start over again, remove and purge everything alsa related and stick to the guide10:58
MaliqueOK, I'll try10:58
lingardi've installed samba, is it supposed to be in my menu?11:01
Jucatolingard: afaik, no11:02
kblinlingard: no. samba is a server, not a GUI program11:02
lingardhow do i access a workgroup?11:03
kblinI use konqueror for that11:03
lingardor is there a network manager with a GUI?11:03
kblinyou can set up the workgroup settings from system settings, iirc11:03
kblinlingard: and you can also set up samba from "system settings" if you want to share your files :)11:04
kblinnever tried that, though11:04
lingardhow do i do it from the system settings, i can't seem to find anything for it11:04
lingardmy other machine is on vista and it can find this one on the network folder but it's asking for a login and nothing seems to work11:05
cpk1Malique: when you compiled alsa did you add any options with ./configure?11:06
Smuttanyone know how i can change my userid in irc?11:08
emilsedghSmutt: you could change nick by typing /nick MyNewNick11:09
sverihi, i tried to get my usb wlan adapter (dlink dwl-g122) running with ndiswrapper (rt2500usb driver) and everytime i try to connect dmesg tells me: wlan0: authentication with AP <MAC Adress> timed out, the funny thing is, the first time i tried it it worked, but scince then it wont work anymore11:09
=== Smutt is now known as rattts
ratttsok thanx11:09
icewatermansveri: ndiswrapper is a really bad hack11:10
Maliquecpk1: Nope, I didn't add anything11:10
sveriicewaterman: what else should i use?11:10
icewatermansveri: you should be a driver for linux11:10
icewatermanrt is that realtek?11:10
icewatermanif so, good luck, get new hardware11:11
sveriicewaterman: i should be a driver? i dont understand what you mean11:11
sveriicewaterman: no, its not realtek11:11
icewatermansveri: there is some driver for linux.11:11
sverilike i wrote, its a dlink :-)11:11
icewatermansveri: manufacturer doesnt matter11:11
icewatermanrt2200.sf.net or so11:11
sveriicewaterman: ah, i see11:11
icewatermansveri: you should find a driver is what i meant, or there should be a driver. look at the url i gave you+11:12
icewatermanif it doesnt exist, try google with rt2200 and linux11:12
icewatermanthey might have a driver for your rt2500 as well11:13
sveriicewaterman: ok, i'll try it11:13
icewatermanif the chipset is realtek though, you can totally forget it11:13
Ace2016but ndiswrapper does work quite well after you get it to work in the first place11:13
sverihm, like i said, i got it working once11:14
icewatermanAce2016: if it takes 10 hours to get it work, you are better of spending 20$ to get a supported one and the end is you get even better hardware11:14
lingardif i add myself to the root groop will that mean i don't have to sudo anymore?11:14
icewatermanlingard: yes, but a very bad idea11:15
cpk1Malique: is it an intel chip?11:15
lingardwhy's that?11:15
icewatermanlingard: it is as if you11:15
icewatermanwere running all as root11:15
sveriicewaterman: can you advice a usb wlan adapter which is known to work well under linux and with wpa support?11:15
stoffelllingard, like driving at fast speed without your seat belt on ...11:15
stoffellor parachute jumping without a parachute :p11:15
icewatermansveri: later yes, atm no, because i have no browser yet11:15
lingardok, i'll leave it :)11:16
icewatermansveri: check the url first, you might have one that works nicely already11:16
Maliquecpk1: Yup, it's using snd-hda-intel as it's module11:16
sveriicewaterman: k, i'll report back later and see if i can do anything11:16
lingarddo i have to put myself in a certain group to be able to access files whilst on another machine on the network?11:16
icewatermanlingard: if you want to not enter your password while running sudo, you can add NOPASSWD directive to sudoers (man sudoers). however from the security perspective that is almost the same as if you were running all as root11:16
cpk1Malique: not sure if it makes a difference, but ./configure --with-cards=hda-intel something you can try doing if you recompile it again, but I have no idea if it changes anything or not11:17
icewatermanlingard: samba or nfs?11:17
lingardi installed samba11:18
lingardbut i have no idea where it went11:18
icewatermanlingard: then the answer is no11:18
icewatermansamba doesnt care much about permissions11:18
lingardit asks me for login details when i try to access it11:18
icewatermanabout user/group permissions that is11:18
icewatermanlingard: yes, and you need to enter them11:18
lingardand my username and password are shown as invalid11:18
MaliqueActually, that does ring a bell, I think I did do that (after module-assistant wouldn't work for me). I just cut-n-pasted from the comprehensive sound thread11:18
icewatermanlingard: you do not understand samba at all, read a samba howto first11:19
icewatermanor find and pay someone 50$ an hour to explain it to you - i'd recommend you start reading, its been always cheaper for the last couple of millennia :)11:21
cpk1there is swat too lingard11:22
MaliqueOK, for something more pressing: I need to get this damn wireless running. It's one of those RaLink ones. I got the driver off the website for RT2860, but it won't compile :(11:24
cpk1well why wont it compile?11:25
icewatermandibcit: /quit11:26
icewatermandibcit: add a / or no command will work11:27
MaliqueI don't know, I don't know enough about compiling to really understand it. The compile process just seems full of errors. It exits wirh error 211:27
icewatermanMalique: best way to fix this: look at the website to find ou11:28
=== yorrit is now known as t00r
MaliqueWhat web site? The RaLink website? They only seem to have a small Linux section with just downloads for drivers and release docs11:28
icewatermanthey probably have some sort of faq etc. if you got the driver from the manufacturer, they will not maintain it and you'll need to hope for some project to have taken the maintenance over11:28
icewatermanMalique: there is a project for the ralink drivers11:29
icewatermanuse google11:29
MaliqueThe RT2x00 project11:29
icewatermanMalique: yes11:29
cpk1ralink is actually pretty linux friendly11:29
icewatermanget the driver there11:29
MaliqueI'll try it out. Thanks11:29
cpk1their latest supplicant version is from jan 0811:29
lingardhow do i run swat?11:30
icewatermancpk1: yes, they just dont maintain their drivers, but thats ok, since you can get it from some projects who took over the work11:30
icewatermanlingard: RTFM11:30
lingardi'm reading the samba one first11:31
icewatermanlingard: this is my last answer to you, there are a lot of howtos for samba+swat and even ubuntu+samba+swat11:31
cpk1Malique: did you read the readme after untarring the drivers from ralink?11:32
Maliquecpk1: Yer, I read the readme, no help. I've also found the RT2x00 project site, it reckons the driver is already in the 2.6.24 kernel, but it's buggy11:42
cpk1you might just be missing a compile dependency Malique11:44
MaliqueThe problem seems to happen during the compile process when it gets to compiling rt_linux.so, the rest until that point are fine11:45
cpk1Malique: what does it say when it gets to that?11:46
MaliqueIt starts hammering out a bunch of errors, all different sorts, then it exits error 211:47
cpk1either give me the first line or pastebin the whole thing, vaguaries help no one11:48
Maliquecpk1: I got it up on http://pastebin.com/md04b8d011:51
MaliqueThe entire contents of my console after "sudo make"11:51
cpk1you dont need to make as root11:52
Maliquecpk1: If I don't make as root, it fails much earlier. I'll add the output of that to a second post after my first on pastebin11:53
cpk1Malique: did you make the 2 changes it says to in the readme?11:55
Maliquecpk1: Yes I did. In the first place, the only thing I needed to change was MODE = STA, since it had a slightly different line "RT28xx_MODE = STA" below it. TARGET was already set to LINUX and the source was set to /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build, which seemed to contain the kernel headers (I originally tried /usr/src/linux-headers... but that had even more errors and completely failed)12:00
MaliqueIn the second part, I didn't know what to do with GCC and LD, so I left them default, nor did I understand the CFLAGS part, but I did set HAS_WPA_SUPPLICANT=y and I tried both HAS_NATIVE_WPA_SUPPLICANT=y and n12:02
icewatermanMalique: did you check whether there might already come a package with kubuntu?12:02
|Dreams|when does hardy heron get released?12:03
icewaterman|Dreams|: end of april probably12:03
|Dreams|ok cheers12:03
Jucatomid april. you can check with #ubuntu+112:04
Maliqueicewaterman: Not that I can tell, only source packages for the rt2x00 and lower12:05
MaliqueNot the rt2860 driver12:05
icewatermanMalique: doesnt that driver also cover for yours?12:05
jareth 12:06
MaliqueI don't know, it's hard to tell from the site. Plus from what the site says the driver itself is already built into the kernel but it doesn't work.12:07
cpk1serialmonkey appears to only go up to rt7312:07
icewatermanMalique: if the driver is built into the kernel, then it is no longer maintained on the project side but by the kernel developers (maybe same people) but consider whatever is on their site legacy)12:08
MaliqueSo that means I'm screwed for the rt2x00 driver. So that brings me back to the official rt2860 driver then12:09
MaliqueWhich I can't compile12:09
HaskearI just updated Ubuntu and theres a gay looking unicorn wallpaper at logon :o whats the deal?12:10
icewatermanMalique: try the version from the kernel12:10
icewatermanMalique: the rest doesnt compile because it is outdated and kernel api has changed since it was released12:10
cpk1Malique: just read an intersting post that says it will compile on 2.6.23.XX kernel but not 2.6.24.XX kernel12:11
* icewaterman didnt know unicorns could be gay. i thought there was only one left...12:11
Maliquecpk1: Yer, I just found that one myself :@12:11
Haskearicewaterman probably why its so happy :p12:11
icewatermancpk1: gutsy uses 22 so there should be no problem12:11
MaliqueI'm not using Gutsy, I'm using Hardy12:12
tomahasamootIs is safe to install kde4 from adept manager in kubuntu 8.04, or will that mess up kde3?12:12
icewatermanMalique: try ubuntu+1 then12:12
icewatermanbtw. that is what happens if you use beta software :)12:13
kgoetzor install on april fools day12:13
MaliqueLOL, I've learned not to trust the Kubuntu upgrade process, so when I got this new laptop I put Hardy on straight away so I dodn't have to go through it again LOL12:13
cpk1Malique: put /home on a seperate partition makes upgrading a lot less scary12:14
ActionParsnipMalique: never had an issue personally12:14
icewatermancpk1: also a safe bet is not to use ubuntu kernel :)12:15
jarethwhats wrong w/ the ubuntu kernel and upgrading? lol12:15
cpk1theres no problem with the ubuntu kernel... unless you actually are using something that you need to worry about kernel size12:16
icewatermanjareth: dunno, never had a problem with vanilla kernel though - i compile kernel myself because i boot from usb and it has to be small12:16
icewatermanwith a small initramfs12:16
Maliquecpk1: I've got /home on a separate partition. I'm assuming though you're talking about wiping the old version and fresh installing? I'm talking about using the upgrade program, it usually has craploads of errors through it12:16
icewatermanMalique: i recently upgraded to hardy and ran into no problems related to the installer12:16
cpk1Malique: yup I know, thats why you keep /home on its own partition so you can wipe / if you have to12:17
jarethi see a few others are on hardy12:17
ActionParsnipi installed Hardy on a virtualbox and it was ok12:17
icewatermanall problems were related to software i upgraded to - but that happens when beta software is involved12:17
jarethhave any of you had any problems w/ messaging pidgin users w/ kopete?12:17
ActionParsnipim at work at the moment and cant be bothered wheni get in to play with my system12:17
icewatermanjareth: i dont use kopete12:17
ActionParsnipjareth: none that i know of. What you experiencing?12:17
icewatermanironically i compile it at the moment12:18
ActionParsnipI use pidgin but not kopete12:18
jarethit says encoding differs between users12:18
jarethor (myself) has a buggy client12:18
jarethwhen i sent them a im12:18
* icewaterman uses bitlbee12:18
jarethi could receive thers fine12:18
ActionParsnipjareth: did you install from repos?12:18
jarethi used hardy heron, it came w/ it12:18
=== Pensa`MIA is now known as Pensacola
cpk1hardy is still beta12:19
jarethbut would your guess be that it is me?12:19
jarethor the pidgin user?12:19
jarethboth of us have no problems w/ people that use regular aim and windows12:19
icewatermanjareth: time for a bugreport12:20
jarethalso, i have a ubuntu 7.10 rig next to me that was able to use pidgin to communicate fine12:20
jarethi guess so ;)12:20
jarethgo to the ubuntu bug tracker? ive never reported one before lol12:20
ActionParsnipjareth: can you get us the exact error12:20
jarethyes h/o a sec12:20
jareththe pidgin user12:22
jarethgets this error when i send a message12:22
jareththere was a error receiving this message. Either you and <USER> have different encodings selected, or <user> has a buggy client.12:22
jarethwhere user would be me12:22
MaliqueOK, I can't compile the rt2x00-source because it's included in the kernel, and make won't let me compile it "needlessly"12:22
jarethanyone on kubuntu have any friends using pidgin they wanna message? :D lol12:22
jarethafk for a few12:22
kgoetzmartalli: if its in the kernel, why are you rebuilding it?12:23
MaliqueBecause it doesn't currently work, and there's no way for me to compile the RT2860 driver without downgrading the kernel which I wouldn't know how to do in the first place12:24
ActionParsnipjareth: http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/509212:24
ActionParsnipjareth: are you fully updated?12:24
jarethno not yet, ive got like 100 but i checked if kopete was one and it wasnt12:25
jarethi just downloaded kubuntu yesterday, i was gonna dl the updates in a few mins when i left :)12:25
kgoetzMalique: what does "doesnt work" mean?12:25
jarethyou think its the pidgin user then?12:25
jarethis there any way to change encoding types fo raim even??? lol12:26
Maliquekgoetz: It means my wireless card (a RaLink "Unknown device 0781" with subsystem "Unknown device 2790") doesn't work in my Medion MD9642012:26
kgoetzwhat is a medion?12:27
MaliqueFrom what I could find on Google, the RT2860 drivers should work, but they won't compile on the 24 kernel, and rt2x00 is buggy in the kernel and doesn't work12:27
MaliqueMy next hope is to try and find out what my card translates to in Windows, find the drivers there, and PRAY TO CHRIST it works in ndiswrapper12:28
jarethi know that DHCP didnt work w/ my wireless card12:29
jarethso i just forced a IP / DNS etc in there12:29
Maliquekgoetz: Medion is a German brand of computers sold pretty much exclusively in Aldi stores12:29
jaretho wait the whole driver is bad for you : /12:29
Maliquejareth: Yup, the driver is rooted in the worst possible way it seems12:29
MaliqueThe card is detected with lspci, but beyond that it may as well be a carrot squeezed into a USB slot12:30
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
cpk1Malique: try ndiswrapper then and hopefully that will work12:34
MaliqueFun. The Linux drivers for my wireless card are less than half a MB, but the Windows drivers are 32.5MB12:34
Maliquecpk1: Yup that's what I'm gonna try now12:34
jarethwell, im out :) see you later ^^12:36
=== eszter is now known as juergirl
nick__hey i need help12:47
kgoetz!ask | nick__12:47
ubot3nick__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:47
ubotunick__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:47
nick__i got a error when i surf on the internet12:47
kgoetzJucato: could ubot3 be muted please?12:47
nick__pluginviewer error12:47
nick__kgoetz:  can you help me plz12:48
kgoetznick__: no, you havent given us enough information12:49
nick__umm ok when i surf on the ether a eroor pop and said i have nspluginviewer error12:49
nick__ethernet *12:49
kgoetzsurf with what?12:50
nick__konkeror and firefox12:51
pushaxdid anyone get the unicorn patch?12:54
Maliquepushax: Yup, I fell for it LOL12:55
eddieftwi did, i thought it was awesome12:55
pushaxI thoguht someone hacked my computer till I patched my laptop12:55
eddieftwi wish i could keep it :(12:55
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
MaliqueGreat. Now the Windows drivers I've got are in an executable setup file :@ and it won't run in wine13:13
ere4sidon't you need the .inf file for wine?13:15
MaliqueI need to get the inf file out of that executable setup file in the first place so I can use it with ndiswrapper13:15
MaliqueBut it's not an extractable exe, it's just a setup exe :@13:15
nosrednaekimMalique: use cabextract13:16
nosrednaekimoh.. and vista drivers don't yet ork13:16
MaliqueVista driver's don't work in ndiswrapper? That's OK, I can use the XP ones instead, assuming they work13:17
Dr_williswine whatever.exe :)13:17
Dr_willis(done that befor!)13:17
Maliqueand cabextract didn't work on it :( it's not a valid cabinet13:17
nosrednaekimMalique: well, what card is it?13:17
MaliqueIt's a RaLink RT2790 (I'm assuming that number from "Unknown device 2790")13:19
Dr_willisHmm.. Its really annoying when burning a lot of dvd's in k3b, (several copies of same data) that the autoplay thing pops up everytime i insert the next disk...13:23
MilhousePunkRockDr_willis: Why not just disable it?13:25
jetsaredi1can someone explain why my background suddenly turned into a unicorn picture when I applied the latest updates?13:25
Dr_willisMilhousePunkRock,  i LIKE the feature for the FIRST blank dvd.. so it launches k3b.. but k3b should disable it while i am making copies13:25
=== jetsaredi1 is now known as jetsaredim
Dr_willisBecause its april first.13:26
nosrednaekimDr_willis: agreed13:26
* jetsaredim rolls eyes13:26
* nosrednaekim is having the time of his life13:26
MilhousePunkRockDr_willis: Hint: Add the media applet to kicker, from there you can launch k3b too...13:26
Dr_willisMilhousePunkRock,  rigth.. but i dont need yet another icon. :)13:27
* Dr_willis just disables ALL autostarting bs. :)13:27
MilhousePunkRockDr_willis: That will only appear when a disc is inserted though13:27
Dr_williswant some real fun...  VNC into a box with the vncsession running kde.. every time someone at the real machine pops in a cd. you get that dialog.13:28
Dr_willisif you have 10 people all vnc'd in running kde.. all 10 of them get it..13:29
MaliqueOK, just so I know, if I'm running 64bit Kubuntu, and I use a 32bit driver on ndiswrapper, will it work?13:29
nosrednaekimMalique: no13:29
MaliqueHow the hell am I gonna get this driver out? :'( this computer is beginning to shit me13:30
libithello, I've just noticed that /tmp on some centos5.1 install is not world-writable. Is this a new default ?13:30
libitsorry, wrong channel :-)13:31
ere4siMalique: the .inf file points to the .exe - it "should' be separate13:32
Dr_willisHmnm.. I just noticed that in kde. if the icon/folder/file names are so long the icon names wrap around.. it WILL be smart enough to consider a _ to be a start of a new word and wrap the whole word to the next line13:32
ubuntu_hey guy13:33
jpatrickjetsaredim: yes, it is the artwork for Hardy13:33
MaliqueIt's not in this case. The RaLink setup exe is self contained and not a container :( I DID manage to get a hold of the driver but I can't tell if it's 64 or 32 bit or not13:33
MaliqueDoes wine run as if it's 32 or 64bit?13:33
nosrednaekimI think it also works in 64 bitbut i'm not positive13:34
Maliquendiswrapper does seem to be able to tell the driver is installed and the card is present13:34
Maliquebut it still isn't showing up as a working card in iwlist or anything else13:35
ubuntu_i was trying to install something for my mouse but he said to uninstall xmodmouse something like that and i not abble to enter in startx because he said /ect/x11/x not executable13:35
ubotuKDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde413:35
ubuntu_someone can help me plz13:37
Malique:'( This stupid wireless card won't work no matter what I throw at it! So much for RaLink having such good Linux support13:40
nosrednaekimMalique: try using 32 bit kubuntu13:41
nosrednaekimubuntu_: try "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart"13:41
Dr_willisMalique,  ive herd of a lot of people disssapointed with them13:41
MaliqueHave I got much more chance of getting it working in there? And my sound which is now completely borked after compiling alsa from source?13:41
ubuntu_nosrednaekim:  thanks13:42
nosrednaekimMalique: sure...there are far better windows drivers for 32 bit13:42
Malique*sigh* OK then, guess I gotta download the 32bit iso, and pray to God it'll fix my issues. Thanks for all your help guys13:44
=== NetersLandreau__ is now known as NetersLandreau
Dr_willisMalique,  Try a beta cd of the next release? it may have support for your sound card.13:46
ActionParsnipMalique: what sound card you got??13:48
ActionParsniphydrogen: are you in a school of some kind?13:51
MaliqueDr_willis: I was already using Hardy Beta. ActionParsnip: It's a HD Intel chip, ALC883 or ALC263, not sure which (there's those two plus a digital one in aplay -l)13:52
ActionParsnipMalique: does lspci show which?13:52
ActionParsnipMalique: you seen this one? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto13:53
MaliqueActionParsnip: I'm pretty sure it shows them all as being one card. aplay does as well, those three are considered to be subdevices of one card13:54
MaliqueActionParsnip: Yer I saw that one briefly, but didn't try it. Meh, I'll wait until I get the 32bit Kubuntu and install that, if I still have sound troubles then I'll try it then.13:56
MaliqueNot much I can do now until I get the 32bit iso downloaded13:56
ActionParsnipMalique: looks pretty comprehensive. I'd give it a whirl13:58
rysiek|plguys, can hostname contain non-ASCII chars (i.e. Polish diacritics)?13:58
MaliqueActionParsnip: Thanks, I think I will, I'll try it out first if the sound doesn't work out of the box with the 32bit version (which, knowing my luck, I highly suspect it will still suck)13:59
ForsakenSoulHi I know that this isn't the right channel to ask for this but has anyone here used virtual box and had a problem with starting it14:02
ForsakenSoulin vbox the guys could actually help me14:02
troofyif i dont have dns control, hurdles will i face in my .com?14:02
ForsakenSoulwhen I was using ubuntu I had no problem with vbox but in kubuntu it just won't start the VM giving a status of aborted14:03
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:11
llutz !apt-fix14:12
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:12
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:18
adudecan you install kubuntu on a mac14:40
o_0_hi everyone.. :)14:43
nosrednaekimhey o_0_14:43
o_0_:) i got into some trouble with Kubuntu connecting to the internet.. and i am new to linux.. could you guys help..? i would be grateful..14:45
nosrednaekimwe can try... state the exact problem :)14:45
o_0_i connect to the net through cable modem..14:46
o_0_i started using Kubuntu Gutsy since October last year and was using Ubuntu Feisty a couple of months before that. net was working fine with both of the systems...14:47
o_0_until a few days back when it suddenly stopped working.. It shows me connected. but there is no data transfer.. even a domain name is not resolved if i request a web page..14:48
nosrednaekimo_0_: how about pinging?14:48
geniiLikely dns, yes14:49
o_0_just before this happened, Kubuntu hung up one day... i thought this might have left something corrupt..14:49
o_0_nosrednaekim: i can't ping any machines on the LAN except the one IP that my ISP gave me to log in to my account.. now that is REALLY strange..!14:50
geniigoogle.com is IP, try to ping it14:50
o_0_well then, i just decided to run pppoeconf once again..14:51
nykohow do i install domino ?14:51
o_0_genii: k..14:51
nykodo he have a apt-get ?14:51
o_0_it went through smoothly.. same settings again.. but it din't work...14:52
o_0_well i have Ubuntu feisty installed on the same machine on a different hard disk.. i booted from that one.. i had the same problem there.. :(14:52
luis__hello guys14:53
luis__good morning14:53
o_0_however, windows with which this Ubuntu Feisty dual bpots is connecting to the net without probs.. and that's where i am connected logged in right now :(14:53
luis__i wantn to ask if anyone knows how can i get to use limewire pro faster14:53
clau30_o_0_: so does pinging work or not?14:54
clau30_o_0_: could you post the output of ifconfig?14:54
clau30_!pastebin | o_0_14:54
ubotuo_0_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:55
luis__the things is that i already install it but i am trying to conect it so i can download some music, but is still trying to conect thta means minutos ago and still cannot conect how do i fix this anyone knows??? please14:55
o_0_clau30_: it didn't work i guess.. what i am sure of though, is that when i put, say google.com in the browser, its not able to resolve the domain name, it just gives up after trying for a while..14:56
o_0_i've posted the output of ifconfig here > http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3092785.014:57
luis__so no one knows how to fix this???14:57
clau30_o_0_: maybe try sudo dhclient eth0? sorry, don't have experience with ppps either14:58
o_0_clau30_: i am really foxed.. what could have happened overnight :( my ISP does not provide any tech support on Linux :( so i am on my own.. well, of course i do have u guys to help :D14:59
geniiputting google.com in the browser window is not the same as trying to ping the IP address.14:59
o_0_clau30_: hmmm.. what kind of connection do you use?14:59
o_0_could you just help me with finding a loose end.. i just can't make out anything of it.. windows is connecting to the same connection flawlessly!15:00
clau30_o_0_: from the university campus :)15:00
clau30_o_0_: I see you have an IP. you say ping doesn't work?15:00
eagles0513875join /#java15:00
eagles0513875is there a java channel on freenode15:01
o_0_k.. I am LAN too.. sorry i dont understand much abt the difference between LAN / DSL cable and all.. all i know is I am on LAN, and i have to dial to connect..15:01
clau30_eagles0513875: /join #java15:01
eagles0513875it says attempting to join and thats it15:03
clau30_eagles0513875: no problem for me to join..15:03
o_0_genii: ok.. sorry i missed ur message.. would it be different if i do "ping google.com"?15:03
clau30_o_0_: yes, try ping instead15:03
eagles0513875figured it out i have to be identified to join15:03
o_0_genii: this IRC client on windoze really sux :( i am so missing Konversation15:03
o_0_clau30_: well i can only ping my own machine.. not sure about the LAN.. but it doesn't work with urls like say, google.com15:04
suppenkasper__hello, i have some problems while compilinig a programm, sry, for my bad english, here are the failures from the terminal http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/89210215:05
clau30_o_0_: try tracepath
clau30_suppenkasper__: seems like you're missing some headers. have you tried ./configure before make?15:07
clau30_suppenkasper__: also try sudo apt-get install build-essentials15:07
suppenkasper__clau30_: i installed the build-essentials already15:07
clau30_suppenkasper__: seems to me you're missing the linux header files15:07
o_0_clau30_: genii: could it be possible that my ISP's DNS servers have changed and it doesn't automatically update in (k)ubuntu?15:09
clau30_o_0_: have you tried the command above? what is the result?15:09
geniio_0_: The dea here would be that if you can successfully: ping       then the issue is with your dns15:09
o_0_clau30_: oops! not yet.. wil have to reboot to try it.. i only have this one machine..15:09
clau30_o_0_: ah ok..15:09
suppenkasper__clau30_: the are already installed, too i checked it two minutes before ( sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.24-12-generic)15:09
clau30_suppenkasper__: I suppose you have read http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/install.html ;)15:11
suppenkasper__clau30_: i am using hardy, could this be the problem?15:11
o_0_genii: ok.. that would let me find out whether its a dns issue, right? how else can i go about trying to find whats wrong?15:11
o_0_genii: what could have gone wrong if i am not even able to ping IPs on our LAN itself?15:11
clau30_o_0_: if you know the dns IP you could enter them in linux in /etc/resolv.conf15:12
o_0_clau30_: ok..15:12
clau30_o_0_: do you happen to know german?15:13
o_0_clau30_: no :) only know Hindi and English..15:14
clau30_ok :)15:14
geniiwork needs me, away from computer a bit15:15
o_0_clau30_: actually according to ifconfig, the machine gets connected to the net.. i guess it does when we can get the ppp0 entry in ifconfig's output, right?15:16
MF-Debianwell i have to say, kde4 is rad15:17
denis__hello, I treid to install the ov51-jpeg driver for my hercules webcam15:19
denis__I compiled it but I also have to build a kernel modul which didn't work15:19
clau30_o_0_: yes, you get an IP..15:20
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)15:20
clau30_o_0_: seems like it's a dns problem, that's why I would try to find the dns server(s) in windows and add them to /etc/resolv.conf15:20
nykohow to install dekorator and domino15:21
emilsedghnyko: using adept?15:21
emilsedghinstall kde-style-domino15:21
emilsedghand search for dekorator =)15:22
o_0_clau30_: hmmm.. :) exactly as i guessed.. only that i dont know where they are shown under windoes :(15:22
clau30_o_0_: have no idea either.. google it15:22
o_0_clau30_: okie15:22
nykoemilsedgh:  how to install domino lol15:22
emilsedghnyko: go to adept and find search domino, the name should bt kde-style-domino....just install it15:24
* lombra esta fora: Saindo por enquanto.15:28
nykoemilsedgh:  no domino in adept15:28
=== lombra is now known as fora
o_0_clau30_: well the dns servers are shown in the output of "ipconfig /all" at the DOS prompt in windows15:30
nykoemilsedgh: nvm i install il ./configure make make install but thanks15:30
emilsedghnyko: sudo apt-get install kde-style-domino ?15:31
clau30_o_0_: cool. no go to linux and write them to /etc/resolv.conf and see what happens15:31
=== gf is now known as gf__
clau30_o_0_: should look something like nameserver
clau30_o_0_: then maybe restart the interface (restart the internet connection)15:32
o_0_clau30_: ok..great.. will just do that..  what do u suggest as a second step for troubleshooting this issue?15:32
o_0_yeah.. u mean sudo poff -a; #and then15:32
clau30_o_0_: well if it's not the dns servers, then that would suck :)15:32
o_0_pon dsl-provider again15:32
clau30_yea, I guess (like I said, I've never used ppp)15:33
clau30_o_0_: wait a minute, iptables could cause trouble also15:33
o_0_lol. i'll have to login to doze again for IRC then.. :D15:33
nykoemilsedgh:  no imposible to find this process15:33
clau30_o_0_: I sometimes can't get connected when I freshly boot, but after I reset iptables, it works again15:34
emilsedghnyko: dunno then :(15:34
o_0_clau30_: ok.. i recently heard that my ISP might have changed their LAN speed limit or whatever it is..(from 10 Mbps to something else); could that cause this kinna problem?15:35
o_0_clau30_: ok.. how do u reset iptables?15:35
clau30_o_0_: actually shouldn't be15:35
o_0_clau30_: but hey.. this is the first time in last 8 months that i got this kind of problem, and i'v been using Ubuntu / Kubuntu all these months to connect to the internet15:36
clau30_o_0_: strange, I know..15:36
clau30_o_0_: I use kmyfirewall to reset iptables :)15:36
clau30_o_0_: sudo iptables --flush15:37
clau30_o_0_: Warning though! it could unsecure your computer15:37
clau30_iptables is a kind of firewall15:37
o_0_clau30_: ok.. but my guess was that since i have never touched iptables so far at home, i will not need to touch them either :P15:37
clau30_o_0_: maybe true :)15:38
o_0_clau30_: unless, of course, i want some firewall security..15:38
o_0_clau30_: where are you from? if u dont mind :)15:40
clau30_o_0_: I live in germany15:40
o_0_clau30_: k.. great. i live in India15:41
o_0_clau30_: u studying?15:41
clau30_o_0_: computer science15:41
o_0_clau30_: k.. great.. hey.. i got into this little trble just now.. :) i got dc for a few seconds.. so this client automatically added "_" to my nasty nick :P15:42
o_0_coz my nick was still there as a ghost, i guess..15:43
emilsedgho_0_: so ghost it...15:43
o_0_clau30_: now its gone, timed out.. but how do i change my nick back to the original one?15:43
o_0_i dont know the commands :)15:43
clau30_o_0_: type /nick whatever15:43
nykoemilsedgh:  do you knwo how to install kde theme ?15:44
emilsedgh /msg nickserv ghost yourpassword, kicks the ghost out15:44
o_0_k.. i thought it was something as simple as that.. lol15:44
emilsedghnyko: by installing it from package manager!15:44
o_0_emilsedgh: cool ! thanks for that.. :)15:44
nykoemilsedgh:  package manager like .deb ?15:44
=== o_0_ is now known as o_0
emilsedghnyko: adept is your package manager15:45
nykoemilsedgh: lolll not all theme is in package menager15:45
Itakuhow do i play a dvd on kubuntu?15:45
ricoHey :)15:45
nykoemilsedgh: i got a theme.kth15:45
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs15:45
nosrednaekimhi rico15:46
ricoI'm trying to install KDE 4 onto my Kubuntu, but I'm chasing my own tail atm :(15:46
emilsedghnyko: run kcontrol from run command dialog, then go to appearance->Themes15:46
nykoemilsedgh: yes is what i looking for thanks15:47
o_0clau30_: is it possible to install Linux on MacBook Pro?15:47
ricoI tryed to edit the sources.list file as the site says but it wont allow me to save it, I dont have access, and I dont know how to login as root :S15:47
vbgunzanybody have a clue how to undo an rm command on several files?15:47
clau30_o_0: yes, think so15:47
clau30_vbgunz: lol15:48
o_0clau30_: hmm.. i did google it but couldn't find one straightforward way to do so..15:48
clau30_vbgunz: there is an experimental undelete program, but I just hope you haven't deleted anything important15:48
ricoanyone know how to get KDE 4 to work?15:48
ubotuKDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde415:48
SlimeyPete^^ those packages should work15:49
clau30_o_0: don't know..15:49
vbgunzclau30_: not too important at all, just some notes I was working on15:49
vbgunzclau30_: what experimental program are you talking about?15:49
ricoi tryed to add the command to my source file and it wont let me save the source.list :(15:49
clau30_vbgunz: http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html15:49
nosrednaekimrico: run kate with kdesudo15:49
SlimeyPeterico: did you use sudo/kdesudo ?15:49
SlimeyPete"kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list"15:50
ricois that a command u put into terminal?15:50
SlimeyPeteyes, or the run dialogue (press alt-f2)15:51
vbgunzclau30_: thanks, I hope this sheds some light :)15:51
clau30_vbgunz: it does, kind of15:51
SlimeyPeterico: sudo/kdesudo runs a program with root (administrator) priveliges15:51
clau30_vbgunz: it's a good read :)15:51
dennisterhey channel...anyone need some newbie-type help?15:51
clau30_dennister: yea yea! :)15:51
dennisterlol...i thought i'd offer b4 i moved on to my issues :-)15:52
dennisterclau30_: what's ur issue?15:52
clau30_dennister: none, sorry :P15:52
ricofinally it allowed me to save the source.list, thanks, so now I just go to adapt manager to install KDE 4?15:53
dennisterlol @ clau30_  can u help me with apache then?15:53
SlimeyPeterico: when in adept manager, tell it to update its package list15:53
clau30_dennister: hmm, I won't be around very long15:53
dennisterok, np15:53
clau30_5-10 mins15:53
SlimeyPeterico: i.e. click "fetch updates"15:53
SlimeyPetethen you can search for the kde4 packages and install them15:54
SlimeyPeterico: by the way there is a channel called #kubuntu-kde4 which is dedicated to kde4 support15:54
dennisterquestion for all: how do i get a list of all the standard ports most programs use? I want to change some of them15:54
ricoah k, thanks15:54
ShawnRiskkubuntu is cool15:55
Itakui get this15:55
Itaku-su: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh: No such file or directory15:55
ricothat it is15:55
arkygeekhi everyone.  is there a problem with latest cups and novell's iPrint client?15:55
arkygeekit is locking up my browser in both linux and osx15:55
ShawnRiskcan I help in development15:55
SlimeyPetedennister: there isn't such a list, as far as I know (it'd have to be enormous). Best thing to do is just google for the program name and the word "port", or ask a specific question here.15:56
o_0arkygeek: excuse me for interruption, but are you using osx and linux on the same machine?15:56
dennisterwell i found such a list over a year ago, but have lost it since during upgrades...also, my apache webserver won't start...although it was working fine last night15:56
Itaku-su: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh: No such file or directory15:57
Itakui get that error15:57
SlimeyPetedennister: apache uses ports 80 and 443 by default15:57
dennisteryes, and i'm using 443 for security...but today I've been told that 443 is already being used...but i don't know by what15:58
SlimeyPetedennister: netstat -p15:58
SlimeyPetethat'll show you which programs are using which ports15:59
SlimeyPetedennister: you might need to use sudo too to see all programs15:59
maxagaz I have no borders to my windows16:01
maxagazit's my first time to use kde on gutsy16:01
maxagazI always use gnome16:01
SlimeyPetemaxagaz: do you use compiz?16:01
=== david__ is now known as SplitHC
SlimeyPeteI found that compiz and kwin conflicted on my system16:01
geniiSlimeyPete: There is such a list, incidentally. http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers16:01
Itakuhow do i play dvd's when i cant use that one file thing16:01
Itaku-su: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh: No such file or directory16:01
dennisterSlimeyPete: thx...been using netstat -an too much...16:01
nykohow to play a url in amarok ?16:01
maxagazSlimeyPete: should be compiz-fusion I guess16:01
dennistergenii: my hero :)16:01
SlimeyPetegenii: cheers16:01
arkygeeko_0: yes.  24" imac triple booting with rEFIt :D16:02
geniidennister: I have these sorts of pages bookmarked for just such an occasion16:02
dennistergenii: yes, i wanted to kick myself when i found i'd lost this list16:03
arkygeeko_0: its usually great, but this iprint thing is getting out of hand.  leopard != iprint && hardy herron != iPrint  :'(16:03
ShawnRiskhow do I update from 7.10?16:03
o_0arkygeek: hey cool.. i was recently plannin on buyin a macbook.. but was really foxed over this issue.. i will get it only if it can handle any linux distro16:03
PiciShawnRisk: 8.04 is not yet released.16:03
o_0arkygeek: oh..16:03
arkygeekeverything works beautifully16:04
o_0arkygeek: how did you do it..?16:04
o_0arkygeek: i just hope its not much of a PITA16:04
ShawnRiskhow do I help out with Kubuntu development?16:04
arkygeeko_0: there are lots of howto's    but its easy.  toughest thing was the triple boot configuration probably16:04
o_0arkygeek: i would only need leopard with any linux distro.. is that a bit simpler? :)16:05
o_0arkygeek: cool!16:05
arkygeekalso, ||'s works good16:05
arkygeekfull screen with Spaces and you can confuse the hell out of people16:06
o_0arkygeek: great.. did you need to compile the kernel with some changes? thats the part i am afraid of ;(16:06
o_0arkygeek: lol16:06
jast-mxmis it wise to disable my swap partition while in my live system? i want to disable it, move to a new partition then turn it back on16:07
Sevis_Hello, does anyone know a DVD player that handles built-in menus?16:07
dennistergenii: why would everything be working fine (listening on the right ports) one day and then have problems the next?16:07
* o_0 wonders if computers have started to develop the way human female did.. :P16:08
sistemawhat so me?16:08
jast-mxmanyone have an answers about the swap question?16:08
sistemaesto es un chat?16:08
rickestupdate-rc.d doesn't have a 'show' option, anyone know how to do that (list services and their settings?)16:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about espagnol - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:10
jast-mxmsistema: #kubuntu-es16:10
geniidennister: IP change possibly, then the server is on the right ports but the router is forwarding to an IP it doesn't have. Also maybe a reboot will load the port values for things like sshd from its config file, which unless altered for the new one will default to it's usual values.16:10
geniiApologies for lag, work is requiring me on and off here16:10
dennistergenii: ok, first part of what u said was totally accurate, as i had that problem last night when I plopped my fileserver into a newer, faster box --the fix i used was to make sure the newer box had the same IP as the old one, and everything worked fine again...16:13
dennisterthe prob today i am having trouble figuring out...i haven't changed the ssh port at all, and the webserver is trying to use the standard 443 port, but terminal tells me that port is already beign used by something else :(16:15
vbgunzhow do I completely change the meaning of "rm" system wide? is this possible? change it to mv to trash or something?16:16
ShawnRiskthere   must be a way to see all ports like nbstat or something16:16
sistemaalguien habla español????16:16
llutzdennister: netstat -tulpen16:16
ShawnRiskvbgunz:  why?16:16
metbsd_yah you can't. it's for security16:16
geniidennister: If some configs used eth0 specifically, and you transplanted the drive to another box, it will normally reserve eth0 for the old (now nonexistent) adapter and make the one it finds in the new box eth1. So if apache2 ports file contains eth0 for instance to listen on, instances after this will not be able to use it16:16
vbgunzShawnRisk: mistakes happen and I don't like the unable to easily undo feature16:17
llutzvbgunz: replace "mv" with a shellscript of your own16:18
metbsd_use alias16:18
llutzaliase can be unset16:18
dennistergenii: ok, that makes sense, altho i usually make sure eth0 is used all the time...(once i had 2 eth devices and it gave me no end of troubles)16:19
metbsd_using alias is better than replace system rm!16:19
metbsd_dam it...16:19
ShawnRiskdoes Konqueror work well with gmail?16:20
vbgunzwhat is the console command to properly send something to the trash? along with info files?16:22
dennistergenii: ok, mystery may have been solved: checked the router software just to make sure of the ip address matchup...my fileserver says i still have a static ip address of, but my router software says it's connected via
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
ShawnRiskseems everyone died16:27
nykooups dsl16:28
nykooups sorry *16:28
dennistergenii: and get this! all of a sudden the static ip for the fileserver is showing up as eth1...no wonder!16:29
dennisterk...going for a cig b4 i work on the fix16:29
geniidennister: I explained eth0 will now be nonexistent.16:29
geniidennister: The file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules contains the list of adapters it will reserve names for. You can remove the old eth0 line and make the eth1 into eth0. This will make the new adapter into eth0. Udev at the least will need a restart, but it's better in this case to reboot after changes there.16:34
tzdHi! I'm having a problem with my external hdd. For some reason it just won't show my NTFS partiton? It does show my smaller ext3 partition that's on the same drive. Can someone please help me?16:41
ShawnRiskhow big is NTFS?16:43
geniiI'm tempted to say it's very large and evil16:45
dennistergenii: ok, I've edited the udev...persistent-net.rules by swapping the old fileserver box to eth1 (in case I ever want to use it again with that nic card's mac address) and the new fileserver box to eth016:46
dennisterrebooting the fileserver now16:47
ShawnRiskcan you reboot your secondary harddrive without rebooting full linux?16:48
geniidennister: If your router supports to assign an IP based on mac address, make sure it's giving the one you want to the server as well. Or if you are manually assigning it in /etc/network/interfaces or similar, that it's not in the dhcp range the router is also handing out16:51
=== StoneApple is now known as StoneNewt
blue_Anyone recommend a IDE for C++ programming in Kubuntu?16:54
blue_im installin Kdevelop atm :D16:55
suppenkasper_sudo modprobe -r ov511 doesnt work -> FATAL: Module ov511 is in use.  how can i fix this problem?16:55
SlimeyPeteI don't use c++ but have heard that most people use kdevelop, or eclipse16:55
ShawnRiskI use Code::Blocks in Kubuntu16:55
TrollinatorI use Eclipse CDT 4.0, and it's by far the best IDE for C++ on Linux.16:55
blue_i want to get eclipse workin for java too, but it didnt work last time, im gonna try to install it again16:56
ShawnRiskI really like Code::Blocks as it is cross-OS16:56
TrollinatorSo is eclipse...16:56
blue_i think il try eclipse as i used it and carbide before on vista, ty guys16:56
ShawnRiskvista gross16:57
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
blue_well kubuntu doesnt have DX10.....16:58
ShawnRiskand it shouldn't16:58
Trollinatorit should actually16:59
TrollinatorGaming is the only reason why many people still have Windows.16:59
blue_can we not do the linux is better then windows thing?16:59
blue_im a games programmer :P hence y u wanna get some experience in linux17:00
ShawnRiskthen you should be able to make amazing games in Linux.17:01
blue_i hope so, i dont see why games shouldnt be multi platform17:01
tzdShawnRisk: Sorry, had to leave for a few while. it's roughly 400gb. I've tried unplugging the drive and remount it and it says it's activated but i am unable to see it within dolphin17:01
ShawnRiskdid you try terminal?17:02
yotuxis kde 4 ready for kubuntu 8.0417:02
ShawnRiskblue_: I mean without DX1017:03
stonddoes anybody know a good and easy to use video converter/encoder for KDE I am using Kubuntu 7.10 installed on a PS317:04
blue_well yeah, no reason a good game has to use DX10, OpenGL is very capable17:05
tzdTrollinator: doubt that's the only reason why they still have windows ;P17:05
Trollinatorit' certainly the only reason for me :)17:05
tzdhaha fair enough ;)17:05
nosrednaekimstond: avidemux17:05
ShawnRisktzd: did you try to load the NTFS in terminal?17:06
dennistergenii: u were a bit too late with that last advice, i'm afraid, cause after the reboot things were still problematic, so I changed the router info to make sure the first ip address it gave out was to the server...i'll have to change that again to match your advice :-)17:06
dennister'tis ok17:06
blue_btu some people have macs too, not like macs are more useful than a pc with windows or linux17:06
tzdShawnRisk: no i haven't17:06
tzdShawnRisk: by "load" you mean mount right?17:06
ShawnRiskmount yes17:07
tzdok :) will try it17:07
ShawnRiskblue_: I have a mac, with windows and linux on there17:07
blue_what hardware>17:07
blue_the core2 with 8600gt?17:08
=== allquixotic_ is now known as allquixotic
ShawnRiskI am not 100% sure, this is a year old Macbook17:08
blue_ah maybe not then, the newer macbooks are similar spec to my laptop, i almost got one witht he intention of puttin vista on it17:09
ShawnRiskvista :(17:09
blue_its massivley better than XP17:10
ShawnRisktzd: when you know if it works let us know, there might be an error for us to think about17:10
tzdShawnRisk: well it's been ages since i mounted it the manual way... I'm trying with this cmd: sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 but I the receive an error message17:11
ShawnRiskwhich is?17:11
tzdShawnRisk: hmm ops my bad... ntfs instead of ext3 :/ have to try that before I'll ask17:12
tzdShawnRisk: ok it mounted now in terminal17:12
dennisterk...gonna repower everything one more time...better work now! :-) bbs17:12
ShawnRisktzd:  can you see it in terminal?17:13
tzdShawnRisk: ok i am able to access it the "long" ( /media/sdc1) way via dolphin. Oh and yes I can see it in terminal. The issue i have now is that i can't see it within "Storage Media" for dolphin. All my hdds usually show up there but this partition doesnt17:14
ShawnRisktzd:  are you sure you set it up to do that?17:15
iyohi, I can`t finish my installation of kubuntu. It fails when it has copied about 400 MB to harddisk. Do you know why?17:15
tzdShawnRisk: I'm not sure, but i do know it has been there before.17:16
ShawnRisktzd: how did you mount before?17:16
nykohow do i configure my web cam17:16
tzdShawnRisk: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc117:16
ShawnRiskno before that17:17
tzdShawnRisk: before that it didn't work due to wrong filesystem... i tried with sudo mount -t ext2 ...17:17
tzdShawnRisk: and before that my hdd mounted automatically17:18
tzdShawnRisk: according to my fstab: /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 ntfs defaults,umask=007,uid=0,gid=46,auto,rw,nouser 0 117:18
ShawnRisktzd:  thinking17:19
stonddoes anybody know a good video converter/encoder that is easy to use and to install I am using Kubuntu 7.10 installed on my PS317:19
tzdShawnRisk: ok :) I've found out that when this happens (when the partition doesn't mount automatically) it sometimes works after a few reboots.17:20
nykosomeone can help me whit my webcam plzz17:21
ShawnRisktzd: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Dapper#Windows  look here that is where you will find out some info.  If it doesn't go, then look at #1717:23
tzdShawnRisk: Thanks! will have a look later. Just noticed an odd thing in my fstab... Above the line i pasted before i had the following on it's own: auto nouser,noauto,atime,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 017:25
tzdShawnRisk: i'm pretty sure that might have something to do with it?17:26
geniiNetwork problems, will return. If anyone sees dennister tell them I'll return when possible.17:26
ShawnRisktzd:  Might, but it auto nouser,noauto odd17:26
tzdShawnRisk: indeed and there's no device parameterns and no mounting points listed17:27
ShawnRisktzd:  that too, maybe you should read up on what should go in there17:27
tzdShawnRisk: I'll have a look on my other partitions just to make sure i don't accidently remove any of those mounting points17:28
ShawnRisktzd:  that would be good17:29
ForsakenSoulcan someone tell me if kubuntu 8.04 is stable enough to use ?17:30
Tm_TForsakenSoul: if you have to ask, no17:30
Tm_TForsakenSoul: longer answer, #ubuntu+1 might know what's not stable, but what is "stable enough" for you depends on you17:31
MF-DebianForsakenSoul: also there are 2 versions17:31
ForsakenSoulwith KDE 4 and KDE 3,6 right ?17:32
MF-DebianForsakenSoul: one with kde4 and one with 3.517:32
nmjohnsois anyone else haveing trouble keeping k9copy running?17:32
MF-Debianll in the process of being ported i guess17:33
MF-DebianForsakenSoul: i'm using the kde4 one right now, seems stable, but lacking a few things that are still in the process of being ported i guess17:33
ShawnRisktzd:   I know you will get it working :D17:33
nmjohnsoi just installed it from repos and it starts going but then crashes after about 15% done17:34
tzdShawnRisk: hehe I hope so. Thanks a lot for your help! Have modified fstab now so I'm off for a quick reboot. Hopefully I'll return within the next 5 minutes ^^17:34
ShawnRisktzd:  :P17:34
ForsakenSoulMF-Debian, well I need VirtualBox to work because I have problem with the old kubuntu ... makes some strange things and no one was able to help me17:34
ForsakenSoulI also need it for ruby programing watching films listening to music17:35
* milian is away: Zur Zeit nicht da.17:35
MF-DebianForsakenSoul: i dont know what "makes some strange things" means sorry17:35
iyohow big partion do I need for /boot ?17:36
nmjohnsoi only use 3 partitions17:36
MF-Debiancrackhead_25: got any?17:36
ForsakenSoulMF-Debian it means that it doesn't want to start a new VM and doesn't show any errors17:36
ForsakenSouland nothing in the log17:36
ForsakenSouljust aborts17:36
MF-DebianForsakenSoul: ah ok17:36
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
ForsakenSoulMF-Debian that means strange things :D17:37
jussi01!away > milian17:38
tzdShawnRisk: Yep, that did it :) Sorry for taking your time in vain. Thanks for your patience and help though!17:40
fenixQue Lindo es el mundo del la liberta..17:40
medhati have tnt2 nvidia i want enable desktop effects is there any body know how cuz its not working at all17:41
nmjohnsois there another program to copy dvds that works as well?17:41
ShawnRisktzd:  No problem I love to help, if you have anymore questions let me know17:41
=== Airforce5555 is now known as Soccer5555
MF-Debiannmjohnso: 1 to 1 copy, or shrinking included?17:42
nmjohnsoit in the repos...shrinking doesn't matter i have a dvd burner so either way it should be ok17:42
tzdShawnRisk: hehe will do ;) No worries so far... now when i got my disk "back" im about to boot up that old winXP ;p17:42
ShawnRiskoh okay17:43
a_c_mwhat FTP client would people recomend? KFTPGrabber is really bad17:43
=== Greenery__ is now known as Greenery
a_c_mi've resorted to using fireftp (firefox plugin)17:44
tzda_c_m: agree. Let me know if you find a good one please17:44
a_c_mbut feel there MUST be better ones out there17:44
geniikonqueror is not a bad ftp client17:45
nykono one know how to enable my web cam on linux17:45
ShawnRisktzd:  What are you doing now?17:45
tzdShawnRisk: modifying a few windows program i can't use in linux :)17:46
ShawnRisklike which ones?17:46
genii!info kasablanca17:46
* genii probs at the bot17:47
tzdShawnRisk: photoshop17:48
tzdShawnRisk: well i suppose i can use it via wine but i always seems to get in trouble with wine17:49
* DOOM_NX helloooooooooooooo17:49
medhathey is there any body know hot to enable desktop effects on tnt nvidia17:49
ShawnRisktzd: you can use GIMP, or http://max.limpag.com/2007/05/27/installing-photoshop-on-ubuntu-linux/17:50
tzdShawnRisk: i usually use gimp which is great but i need my macros ;)17:51
dennistergenii: u still here? i'm still having problems, I'm afraid :(17:51
tzdShawnRisk: And since i already have it installed on windows via vmware then there's no need really for me to use wine17:52
tzdShawnRisk: but thanks anyway :)17:52
geniidennister: I'm around, back and forth from work.17:53
ShawnRisktzd:  Your welcome17:53
dennisterdefinitely using eth0 at every reboot; router's only giving out dchp addresses for a range that excludes both this pc and the fileserver (they're both on static), and while x11vnc, samba, mysql and postgres are all on right ports, but apache still wants to listen on
ShawnRiskhow do I install flash in Konqueror?17:54
geniidennister: What is your Listen line in /etc/apache2/ports.conf           ?17:56
dennistergenii: the first line is "Listen 81", but further down, due to the ssh, it's "Listen 443"17:58
geniidennister: Should change from Listen <port#>   to   Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:<port#>    eg: Listen       or so17:59
dennistermy netstat output for these two ports are o.o.o.o:81 and
medhathey i want to enable desktop effects on nvidia tnt is any body can help18:00
ShawnRisktzd: are you good in Photoshop?18:01
geniidennister: Also add or check in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf      for a line like: ServerName       (or what your server IP should be instead)18:02
tzdShawnRisk: not really. My gf is really good though ;)18:02
dennistergenii: i've got the actual servername in apache2.conf, and hosts file correctly done; i hate those annoying fqdn error messages...18:03
* DOOM_NX opa giati paei pros ta pisw h karekla?...18:03
geniidennister: OK18:04
ShawnRisktzd:  cool18:04
ShawnRisktzd:  This is offtopic of kubuntu but I want to ask you a few questions if you want to answer them.  They are around a group I am starting18:05
tzdShawnRisk: yeah, she teaches me occasionaly... i mainly use it for my website: for reoccuring things i have to do18:06
jussi01!gr | DOOM_NX18:06
ubotuDOOM_NX: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes18:06
tzdShawnRisk: depends on what kind of questions ;)18:06
jussi01ShawnRisk: please use #kubuntu-offtopic18:06
DOOM_NXsorry i'm almost drunk ad exhausted18:06
DOOM_NXdon't mind my /ame18:06
jussi01DOOM_NX: please dont do that here :)18:07
ShawnRiskjussi: we will18:07
lopinAnybody know how to troubleshoot nvidia graphics card issues?18:07
jussi01lopin: whats your issue?18:08
ShawnRisktzd: just want to know if you want to join my environmental group?  There are more but I want to ask elsewhere and not kick out18:08
lopinLow resolution and refresh rate.  i think the driver may be wrong...18:08
dennistergenii: hey, i was going to be changing ports for my hardening project anyway, right? :-)18:08
lopinI'm working on a friends comp, and I've personally only dealt with ATI cards...18:08
jussi01lopin: please answer a few questions, which card do you have?18:09
lopinStill trying to figure that out...18:09
lopinGive me just a sec...18:09
tzdShawnRisk: join the channel #kubuntu-offtopic18:09
jussi01lopin: lspci in terminal should tell you18:09
lopinDid that two secs before you typed that...  ^.^18:09
medhathey i have tnt i want to enable desktop effects working18:10
geniidennister: At least the ssh and 80, yes18:10
jussi01!compiz | medhat18:10
ubotumedhat: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion18:10
lopinI can't see anyth‌ing...  All I'm getting is unknown device...  Like everywwhere18:11
medhatiam using gnome right now18:11
lopinGot it! 00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0531 (rev a2)18:11
jussi01lopin:  can you paste bin it please? (output of lspci)18:11
medhatand it seems that drivers not support pixmap rendering cuz its very old legacy card18:11
jussi01lopin: ok, so its a pretty new card then?18:11
medhat:lopin use envy18:12
lopinI believe so...18:12
=== jan__ is now known as PPSD
jussi01medhat: please dont recomend envy18:12
jussi01!nvidia | lopin18:12
ubotulopin: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:12
medhatok its worked fine for me18:12
jussi01lopin: please follow that guide18:12
jussi01!envy | medhat18:13
ubotumedhat: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »18:13
lopinSo, It should be relatively similar to what I do for the ATI cards then?18:13
jussi01lopin: correct18:13
dennistergenii: ok, had some probs editing the ports.conf properly, but managed it, and now i've finally been able to start apache (even asked for the pass phrase...good sign)18:14
medhatso can i enable desktop effects or what my tnt2 is old legacy and drivers dont support some extensions is there any one have an idea18:15
jussi01medhat: I couldnt get my tnt to work with compiz, however you could try asking in #compiz-fusion18:16
rickestthe binary driver page won't help anyone with an nVid 880018:17
medhatjussi01: afriend of me could once with libmesa or something18:17
jussi01medhat: hence why I suggested #compiz-fusion :)18:17
medhatok man thanks for giving attention18:18
jussi01!ru | ramzay18:19
uboturamzay: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:19
nykohey guy what is the app for record and listen my voice and use mic in kopete18:22
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Cthulhu
=== allquixotic_ is now known as allquixotic
geniiNetsplit :)18:28
jessica_how can i make it so when i close the lid of my laptop it will lock the computer18:32
marco__why wine freezes my laptop?18:32
=== Lil is now known as JoshaRB
dennistergenii: i'm still having probs here, I'm afraid...can't load the webserver :(18:35
* DOOM_NX goodnight everyone! just ring me if u need anything, love u all :)18:35
rysiek|plguys, I am desperately trying to change the kdm theme18:35
rysiek|plI have installed kdmtheme package18:35
geniidennister: I thought you said apache restarted OK.18:36
ElectricKetchuphey is there a way I can monitor disk usage from the kubuntu install cd?  I'm used to using gkrellm, but that's not on the CD.18:36
rysiek|plbut changes made in System Settings -> Look and Feel -> KDM Theme erase the default theme setting, but do not set a new one18:36
rysiek|plI get a standard qt-form based kdm greeter18:37
dennistergenii: in terminal it asked me for passphrase, i entered it successfully...terminal told me apache had restarted ok, but i still can't load mysite18:37
geniidennister: Since it should be using now 81, the url should be like:  http://someplace-or-IP:port           eg: http://mydomain:8118:38
geniidennister: Also check if 81 is being forwarded or possibly still 80 from previously on router18:38
dennisterright...the router...18:39
=== leviathan is now known as ncv`Leviathan
jessica_how can i get it so when i close the lid of my laptop it locks18:41
JoshOvkijessica_: if you single click the battery in your taskbar18:41
ramzay !ru18:42
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:42
JoshOvkithere are options for "When Laptop Lid Closed" and one of them is lock screen18:42
dennistergenii: ok, i don't think i was or could change the port on the router...but I did finally manage to load mysite by https://<servername>:<newsshport>18:43
jessica_thanks ive done it18:43
JoshOvkii like easy questions. i get to answer them :D18:44
dennisterit's a relief, but it's taken me about 4 hours to get this problem fixed so i can load my site, and I'm not convinced it will work next time i reboot18:44
=== JoshaRB is now known as LilSarge
JoshOvkidennister: think possitive18:45
dennisterbut sql-ledger on apache in the new, faster cpubox is an incredibly faster application :-)18:45
venikWhy does the sound disappear?  Pidgin fails to notify me when others log in, etc., because the sound stopped working.  The only way I know to revive it is to reboot-- just like in WINDOWS... ;-(18:45
dennisterJoshOvki: hey, i was looking on the bright side , heheheh18:45
monolithHow do you make Kopete flash the taskbar when you get an IM in an MSN chat with more than one other person?18:45
dennisterthe slowness of setting up the inventory process was taking all my time away from actually building pc's with the inventory18:46
dwidmanndennister: forget the exacts, but it'd be under the "chat" section instead of im18:47
dennisternow to get the bloody case fan working on the fileserver...18:47
dwidmannsorry dennister, meant monolith :s18:48
dennisterdwidmann: thx...was very confused18:48
monolithdwidmann: The chat section of what? the settings menu?18:48
dennistergenii: ur my hero :)18:49
geniidennister: Bah!18:49
dennisterlol...now to get the cdrom prob solved...18:51
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:51
sigma_1234cdrom problem?18:51
dennistersigma_1234: yes, cdrom was working fine on old fileserver, then i plopped the drive into a newer, faster pc with a different dvdrw...so now there's an error message when i boot up about the cdrom18:52
dennisteri already tried changing the fstab entry for it...from /dev/scd0 to /dev/cdrom, but nada...same error message18:53
sigma_1234sure that both drives are not set to master or slave?18:53
dennisteralso tried changer the userid and gid from myself to plugdev, but also nada...18:54
dennistersigma_1234: they're both showing up as master in bios18:54
dennisterand they're the only optical drives in both pc's18:55
sigma_1234are they on different ide cables?18:55
dennistersigma_1234: they're on different pc's completely, so yes, different ide cables18:55
venikWhy does the sound disappear?  Pidgin fails to notify me when others log in, etc., because the sound stopped working.  The only way I know to revive it is to reboot-- just like in WINDOWS... ;-(18:56
dennisterremember: i just plopped the hard drive from slow pc into a faster one...hence the probs18:56
dennisterit does work lots of times, actually...could never do that with winblows :)18:56
sigma_1234you need a new drive18:56
* dwidmann is getting very frustrated with grub18:57
dennistersigma_1234: the drive i switched from slow pc to faster one had a great deal of work done on it, so i didn't want to duplicate all those days and days of work18:57
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:58
dennisteri have quite a few drives now, actually18:58
dwidmann"Grub error 16 Inconsistent Filesystem structure"18:58
blue_im trying to build a cpp file with gcc, "gcc main.cpp" returns "undefined reference to main"18:59
dwidmannblue_: use g++18:59
noodles12is there another way to restart your wireless card besides "ifconfig eth0 up/down or ifup/down"?18:59
blue_dwidmann: same thing mate18:59
* dwidmann draws a blank19:00
blue_yeah its weird19:00
stdinblue_: have you defined main() ?19:01
blue_i instaeed CDT for eclipse, wanting to do come C++ code, but when i build from eclipse i get "no rule to make all"19:01
blue_stdin: yeah my program is "int main() {return0;}19:01
stdinblue_: "return 0;" not "return0"19:02
blue_yeah sorry typo19:02
stdinpost the whole main.cpp to pastebin and I'll have a look for anything suspicious19:02
stdinblue_: hmm, odd. have you installed "build-essential" ?19:05
blue_il try an install it now19:05
blue_yeah i had it installed19:06
stdinwell, your program compiles here. not sure what's up19:07
blue_ah well ty for trying it :D least i know im not goin crazy!19:07
blue_what you use to compile it?19:07
stdinblue_: g++ and gcc, both work19:08
venikany ideas why my sounds disappear in Pidgin?19:08
=== aziz_ is now known as aziz
blue_/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.1.3/../../../../lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':(.text+0x18): undefined reference to `main'19:08
blue_thats the exact error i get19:08
stdinblue_: check the file, the only way I get that error is when I don't define the main() function19:09
stdinlike "touch foo.cpp; gcc foo.cpp"19:09
=== lombra_ is now known as fora
blue_stdin: you were right the file was empty, eclipse was lying to me :S19:10
lingardwhen i change owner of a folder and the permission then click ok it seems to be fine but when i go back nothing has changed, what do i do?19:11
stdinblue_: always help to check the simple reasons before the complicated ones :)19:11
blue_stdin: thanks man, now i wonder why eclipse isnt writing to the files :S19:12
=== dyve is now known as Divilinux
stdinblue_: I've never used eclipse, I usually program in nano or kate, and kdevelop for larger projects19:14
blue_stdin: as soon as i include iostream i get errors again19:16
stdinblue_: care to take this to #kubuntu-offtopic ?19:16
blue_stdin: kl19:16
jessica_is there a key shortcut to get the terminal box up19:18
=== leviathan is now known as ncv`Leviathan
cuznti know you can place it on your task bar19:18
cuzntas a quick lin,19:18
cuzntlink rather19:18
jessica_i need a key shortcut if possable19:19
venikhmmm... I guess if I want to use Kubuntu I cannot have sounds with it.. ;-(19:19
cuznttry <alt> + <f2>19:20
cuzntthen type in konsole19:20
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP319:21
jessica_ok thanks19:21
venikIt is checked19:21
stdinjessica_: you can set a shortcut in System Settings > Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts19:21
jessica_ok thanks19:21
venikthe sounds used to work, then died19:21
cuzntmaybe the drivers did not load19:21
cuzntboth of those helps work19:22
cuznti used them19:22
jessica_hold on ware do i find system settings19:22
jessica_i have system and settings19:22
jessica_there seporate19:22
jessica_ooooooo found it19:22
jessica_sorry i feel so dumb19:22
TimSI have a flv video I want to convert to a MP4, how can I do this?19:22
* cuznt is quite dumb @ times19:22
JasonWardHi. I am thinking of trying out XFce. but I don't want to remove KDE. I want to be able to switch between the two without too much hassle19:23
stdinJasonWard: just install the xubuntu-desktop pacakge or the xfce package, it won't remove KDE and you can choose which to login to from KDM19:24
geniistdin: Beat me to it :)19:24
dwidmannme too19:25
JasonWardso, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:25
JasonWardwill do it all for me19:25
blue_JasonWard: i have KDE, Gnome and Xfce on mine atm19:25
jessica_how can i make a key shortcut for xkill i only know how to get to that using alt + F2 > xkill19:25
dwidmannmight change your usplash image and it'll probably ask you which display manager you want to use19:25
stdinjessica_: ctrl-alt-esc19:25
jessica_oo ok thanks19:26
genii!helpersnack | stdin19:26
ubotustdin: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:26
dwidmannNever saw that one before19:26
geniistdin: I'll just be support crew :)19:26
JasonWardthanks  guys19:26
dennisterok, the kde installation in my fileserver is missing a few key system settings (kcontrol --> system administration) modules that I've come pretty dependent on19:26
rysiek|plguys, where do I change KDM theme?19:26
rysiek|plI tried using the kdm theme manager but it just disabled the themes alltogether19:27
dennisterhow do i install, say, Disks & Filesystems?19:27
rysiek|plI am fighting with this bugger (which used to take 2mins in 6.10) for 2hrs now and am getting quite seriously frustrated19:27
ThingusWhat's a good text-to-speech app for KDE?19:28
lingardwhen i change owner of a folder and the permission then click ok it seems to be fine but when i go back nothing has changed, what do i do?19:28
dennister<-------still trying to get the cdrom working :(19:29
nykowhere is xorg.conf ?19:29
stdinrysiek|pl: have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu ?19:30
stdinnyko: /etc/X11/19:30
nykostdin: thanks19:30
rysiek|plstdin: tried using the theme manager but I landed without any theme at all19:30
stdindennister: why not use system settings?19:30
rysiek|plstdin: seems something is seriously b0rked19:30
jessica_if my graphics are running but your in command line how would you get back to the GUI19:30
rysiek|plstdin: so my question is: how to do it manually? in what file?19:30
dennisteri still think my fstab entry for it is wrong, but i need to know which device to use in fstab19:30
stdinryanakca: hmm, I haven't bothered changing the theme if KDM in ages, I don't see it often enough19:30
dennisterstdin: i don't have that module in my kcontrol :(19:31
JasonWarddoes xfce run KDE and GNOME apps? will everything be the same but it will just look different19:31
jessica_for example i think if you press ctrl + alt + F1 it will take you to your command line yet your GUI is still running so you canrt use start x19:31
stdinrysiek|pl: I think it's in /etc/kde3/kdm/19:31
stdindennister: do you have "kubuntu-desktop" installed ?19:31
rysiek|plyeah, but I have a bunch of files there19:31
rysiek|plstdin: well, back to try and error19:32
stdinJasonWard: yeah, all apps will run on all desktop environments19:32
dennisterstdin: no, i don't...and wanted to try and avoid that huge metapackage, actually19:32
rysiek|plstdin: but it's really fscking irritatind19:32
dennisterlot of stuff i don't use, or want to use19:32
geniidennister: sudo apt-get install kde-systemsettings19:33
nykohow to open xorg.conf for editing it19:33
stdinnyko: kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:33
jessica_how do i restart my graphics19:34
dennistergenii: i thought i had that installed already, and now terminal confirms it19:34
blue_jessica_: ctrl-alt-bkspce19:34
dennisterthere are simply some modules missing, like "Disks & Filesystems" under the advanced tab19:34
jessica_that brings your to kdm dosnt it ?19:34
* genii sips a coffee and cogitates19:34
blue_it restarts the x server, you have to log in again19:35
dennisterand i'd really like to solve this friggin cd problem b4 the day is over19:35
jessica_it ends all software and tasks19:35
jessica_surly there is a way just to restart yoru graphics19:35
josemaalguien puede decirme como ver una particion de windows en kubuntu, me dice: permisos denegados al intentar montarla19:37
jessica_isnt there a file that restarts them in /etc/init.d/19:37
stdinjessica_: running that will log you out anyway, you can just logout and press Ctrl-E19:37
geniidennister: The Disks and Filesystems is a prog called mountconfig but thats within the metapackage of kde-guidance19:37
stdin!es | josema19:37
josemaalguien puede ayudarme???19:37
jessica_what dose ctrl + E do ?19:37
dennisterok...simple cdrom problem...you would think...fstab is incorrect...dmesg tells me there are 2 cdroms, correctly identifies them, but I removed one19:38
stdinjessica_: restart KDM/X19:38
dennistergenii: ty, ty, ty19:38
nykostdin:  i have problem whit my g5 mouse logitech when i use it like 10 min she come off and i  can't use it anymore i have to logout and return in19:38
stdinnyko: I've never used a g5 mouse, so I don't know19:40
dwidmannWhoo hoo!! I figured out one piece of the puzzle to my desktop booting issues!19:40
nykostdin:  lol its what im thinking no one have use and actualy have this problem19:41
dwidmannSeems this motherboard requires the partition with the bootloader to be a primary partition with the boot flag .... my old board spoiled me I guess.19:41
=== fora is now known as lombra
* lombra voltou.19:42
=== lombra is now known as lombra_
* milian_ is back.19:45
dennisterk, rebooting now to see if changes to apache, ports, and fstab work and survive19:45
* genii puts on another pot of coffee19:46
=== milian_ is now known as milian
dennister<-------is already suffering from the most severe caffeine high19:46
dennisteri don't usually get them...drink it all day19:47
geniidennister: I've had the flu for a week now and drinking less coffee than usual. So my tolerance went down19:47
dennistero dear :(19:48
ncv`LeviathanAll right, quick question for you guys, been searching and failing to find what I'm looking for. I'm running Ubuntu on MS VPC 2007, and for some reason the cpu NICE cycles aren't registering properly.19:48
dennisteri guess that's one of the bright sides to being a hermit----->very few germs & viruses from other ppl19:48
=== Lil is now known as LilSarge
john__  19:51
dennisterok, this is very annoying: in fstab, what is the proper 'type' for a cd/dvdrom? In my working system here it's set to 'auto' but the fileserver's complaining about 'auto'19:54
rickestdennister: usually iso966019:55
geniieg: /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0       019:55
geniior so19:55
rickestor that19:55
dennisterk, will try19:55
nykosomeone know why my mouse turn off after a while using kubuntu19:55
xchiamiovusb, wireless?19:56
nykono usb wire19:56
nykog5 logitech19:56
leviathanAnd, to answer my own question earlier the idle=poll I used for my laptop originally creating this install was the  problem.19:57
=== leviathan is now known as ncv`Leviathan
xchiamiovturn off, as in it no longer functions?19:57
nykono but he have light19:57
nykobut nothing move i have to use my ps2 wireless19:57
lukas_hello, i have installed the pstricks-package (http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/texlive-pstricks) but pst-dbicons has not been installed. what can i do?19:57
JasonWardHi. I just did. sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  but its a 100MB download. is this with packages as well? isn't there a way to just install xfcs? or is it necessary to get all this?19:59
xchiamiovnyko: sorry, I don't know19:59
lukas_i am using feisty but gutsy and hardy only support pst-dbicons. what should i do? do i have to upgrade to hardy?19:59
nykoim jsut get bored to have this aswer etch time XD19:59
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: Yes you can just install xfce.20:00
JasonWardwhat difference will there be?20:01
dwidmannThis if my first intel board, got it open box and it came without docs, does anybody know if there's a sort of "boot menu" so I can circument having to go into BIOS and changing the boot order everytime I want to change it?20:01
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: You can "sudo apt-get install xfce4"20:02
geniidwidmann: On some of them f10 is a boot menu20:02
JasonWardOdd-rationale: thanks, but what difference is there to that and xubuntu-desktop?20:02
dwidmannthanks genii, will try20:02
Darkrift2dwidmann, some also use escape (when its not used to get into bios)20:03
dwidmanngenii, Darkrift, - thanks guys .... f10 did the trick20:03
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: The diff would be that xubuntu-desktop will be like a xubuntu install. just xfce4 will give you just the desktop environment.20:03
geniidwidmann: np20:04
lukas_is it possible to update a single package to hardy and let the rest of the system be feisty?20:04
DarkriftXtrying to make a heisty distro eh20:04
lukas_DarkriftX, as mentioned above, i just need pst-dbicons (latex package) but feisty doesnt use this. so is the only way to update the whole system?20:06
Odd-rationalelukas_: yes. it is. go to http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/ and manually download the package you want20:06
dwidmannNow all I have to do is get past my grub error 17 (will probably just backup my /var/cache/apt;/archives and reinstall), resintall, and I'll be set (found out he hard way over hte past couple days how picky a motherboard can be about having the boot partition be a primary partition with the boot flag on ..... guess my other boards spoiled me)20:06
lukas_Odd-rationale: and then dpkg -I the package?20:06
robert__Is anyone able to browse the local smb workgroup using dolphin/konqueror ind hardy beta? i tried for 2 days now with no success ( smb4k is working perfect )20:06
Odd-rationalelukas_: dpkg -i20:06
JasonWardok I just stopped my download with cntrl+z. will it automatically clean out the files?20:06
lukas_many thx DarkriftX, Odd-rationale20:07
Odd-rationalelukas_: or double cilck20:07
DarkriftXheh, double click.... i almost forget that gui works in linux except for browsing20:07
lukas_ah right, i am just not used to graphical installations ;)20:07
dwidmannrobert__: jump straight to smb:/hostname and it'll work okay, if you just type in something like smb:/ and expect it to list all workgroups though it will crash20:07
Odd-rationalelukas_: Although in another 23 days it would be best to upgrade.20:07
lukas_Odd-rationale: why 23 days? because of the release?20:08
robert__well i lists my workgroup but i'm not able to browse it20:08
robert__i = it20:08
Odd-rationalelukas_: yes. 8.0420:08
robert__is this a known bug dwidmann ?20:08
DarkriftXdoes anyone know how to change the "resize zone" ? i have to play around for sometimes 15 seconds to get the cursor in the proper spot to be able to resize a window :(20:08
dwidmannrobert__: better than it behaves for me ... it just crashes when I try to list workgroups .......20:08
dwidmannrobert__: I don't know, I just found it out yesterday or the day before when I tried to do it20:09
JasonWardif I stop a sudo apt-get install with control+z . what happens? does it delete the files it stopped downloading?20:09
jarethhey, is there anything like buddy pounces for Kopete? i just switched from pidgin to kopete :)20:09
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: no20:09
DarkriftXJasonWard probablynot, i thnk they stay in the temp folders20:09
jarethJasonward: watch when you do this, youll have to do a killall apt-get to redo it later :)20:09
JasonWardwhats a killall?20:10
jarethkillall kills instances of a command, for instance when you CTRL+Z that process20:10
sourcemakerhave installed the kubuntu gusty beta.... now I receive the information... that there are 89 kde related upates? Why are there so many changes to kde? I did'nt know... that there is a new revision available?20:10
jarethit leaves the lock folder locked20:10
jarethnot allowing you to run any package managers20:10
jarethso you need to killall apt-get20:10
Odd-rationalesourcemaker: gutsy beta? or hardy beta?20:10
dwidmannOdd-rationale: gutsy beta sounds old20:11
sourcemakerOdd-rationale: hardy... sorry20:11
MF-DebianJasonWard: they go in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial20:11
JasonWardsudo killall apt-get?20:11
jarethrun that quick to kill your apt-get20:11
Odd-rationalesourcemaker: just install the updates.20:11
JasonWardok. I just decided I want to resume that download. so if I just tell it to install like normal will it resume?20:12
sourcemakerOdd-rationale: I already doing... but I do not unterstand this... why are there updates?20:12
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: yes20:13
Odd-rationalesourcemaker: dunno :?20:13
MF-Debiani cant decide if i like kde4 or not20:13
JasonWardE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)20:13
JasonWardE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?20:13
Odd-rationaleMF-Debian: of course20:13
JasonWardwhat now?20:13
Odd-rationaleMF-Debian: I con't either...20:13
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: are all other apt-gets adept aptitude closed?20:14
JasonWardif I was to logout now would it still allow me to resume that download?20:15
Odd-rationaleno bots?20:15
MF-DebianJasonWard: yes20:15
Odd-rationalechanchan36: /join #kubuntu-fr or ubuntu-fr20:15
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.20:17
JasonWardI logged out and it still says that it is being used by another program20:17
Odd-rationaleJasonWard: did you sudo killall apt ?20:17
JasonWardI did now. thanks. its working like a charm :)20:18
Odd-rationaleWasn't kubuntu.org going to get a new web design? I remeber there was a competition for user to submit their mockup. Does anyone know which one won and how it will look like?20:21
rickestdoes anyone know mechanism is used such that when you enter a command that isn't installed, bash (presumably?) responds with 'install such-n-such to get that program'.  I like it and just wonder how it works20:26
DarkriftXrickest i have that.... forgot what its called20:27
trappistrickest: command-not-found is the package name - look in /etc/bash.bashrc, at the bottom20:28
DarkriftXahhh, there we go20:29
DarkriftXoooh, i re-read yhour question. if you want to know how it works, my guess is that it has a database of executable names and it just looks in there when you try to run a program that isnt found20:30
rickesttrappist: thanks, will check it out20:32
trappistrickest: the data's in a series of repo-specific databases.  dpkg -L command-not-found-data | grep db for a list.20:34
jarethhow come when i just opened a terminal20:36
jarethmy background changed to a unicorn?? lol20:36
rickesttrappist: very nice, I've always liked that functionality and just wanted to see how they did it. thanks20:37
rickestjareth: lol, a baby kitten was just born20:37
jareththis is my first time on KDE :P20:37
trappistjareth: you must be running hardy20:37
jarethive been on gnome for like 2 years >>20:37
trappistjareth: april fool's joke, I think20:37
jaretho lol20:37
jaretheverytime i run a terminal this will happen? lol20:37
trappistjareth: I dunno, it only happened to me when I logged into kde20:38
jarethi guess i like unicorns today :)20:38
trappistyeah the guys around here had a lot of fun at my expense when they saw how much I liked them.20:39
sinakhello. when I boot kubuntu my monitos goes to power saving mode20:42
sinakthe hard drive seems to work20:43
sinakIt might an acpi problem20:44
sinakany clues??20:44
eddieftwhello, why is there a unicorn on my computer?20:45
geniisinak: Are you able to do ctrl-alt-f1 to obtain a terminal on the monitor?20:45
sinaki have try it20:45
Odd-rationaleeddieftw: you ustin hardy? 4-1 joke I beleive20:45
eddieftwi am scared of unicorns, pleease remove it!20:45
sinakbut it doesn't help20:45
sinak(sorry for my bad english :-p )20:46
eddieftwi had a bad experience at the zoo, i just want my computer back20:46
geniisinak: If your video card has another plug for monitor, see if video is switching to there after the boot.20:46
* Jucato looks for a bat (the animal kind) and whacks eddieftw with it20:47
eddieftwoh man Jucato is in here. i was hoping nobody would catch on :(20:47
sinakgenii I'm using a kvm switch20:47
eddieftwis there anyway to keep that unicorn. i think it looks awesome20:48
Jucatocopy/save the image20:48
eddieftwumm how abotu some help?20:49
eddieftwwhere is the file located and how do i make that permanent?20:49
geniisinak: The kvm may be part of the problem. When not using it does same issue persist?20:50
sinakI 'll try it right now20:50
Darkrift2<eddieftw> i am scared of unicorns, pleease remove it!20:51
Darkrift2eddieftw> is there anyway to keep that unicorn. i think it looks awesome20:51
Darkrift2wow, what a change of heart in 3 minutes20:51
eddieftwyea i was just messing around20:51
jarethi just found its20:51
jarethits called kubuntu-wallpaper.jpg20:52
jarethinside the usr share wallpapers dir20:52
jessica_ive noticed when i run transmission on kubuntu in my system try the icon has white around it and its noticable20:52
jarethquite funny . . lol20:52
jessica_its really anoying20:52
sinakgenii it didn't solve the prob20:54
pepenautahola a todos20:55
sinaki think tha its a resolution problem20:55
pepenautarecien instalo ubuntu y puedo conectar al repositorio de paquetes y al irc20:55
sinakthe problem begins after grub20:55
Jucato!es | pepenauta20:56
ubotupepenauta: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:56
geniisinak: If you can obtain a terminal with ctrl-alt-f1    it may be a resolution problem. If you cannot obtain a terminal, the video is likely going to another plug and not the one the monitor is on20:56
sinakhow can i configure this genii ?20:56
sinakis it a bios option?20:57
geniisinak: You still have not said if by ctrl-alt-f1 you can get a text terminal on the same screen20:57
sinakctrl alt f1 does nothing20:58
FlorentinoHey everyone. I'm new to Linux and a few days a go i finish reading Unix (Visual Guide) and Intro to Linux from the LDP. In other words, I know the basic commands. So where do i go from here?20:58
sinakbut ctrl alt del does reboot20:59
Florentinoany advice would be welcome!20:59
geniisinak: Then try plugging the monitor into what other video plugs your card or computer has.20:59
=== fabien is now known as gambix
sinakgenii my video card has a dvi but I don't have cable for it21:00
sinakonly vga to vga21:00
sinakmm.. I might have a converter21:01
PhilRodFlorentino: well, just depends on how you prefer to do things - if you'd rather just Get Things Done(TM) and learn what you need when you need it, then just carry on with your everyday work :-)21:01
Darkrift2Florentino, find a distro you like, install it and use it :)21:02
Darkrift2and laugh every day at the fact that you cannot get a virus/bsod/girlfriend now21:03
PhilRodif you're interested in learning some theory just for the sake of it, one thing you could try would be shell scripting. But personally I find it hard to work through tutorials unless I have something particular to work on21:03
PhilRodDarkrift2: LOL!21:03
Florentino:>) LOL21:03
Darkrift2who needs females anyways, I have wobbly windows :)21:03
FlorentinoThanks for the advice! I guess I'm having problems moving on to new things because i primarily use my PC for internet access21:05
Darkrift2Florentino, install firefox and your set21:05
Darkrift2nothing else needed21:05
jussi01someone remind me how to check filesize from command line?21:05
Darkrift2ls -l filename21:06
Darkrift2will work21:06
PhilRodFlorentino: if you're interested in just learning, a nice way to do it is to join an open source project that you like21:06
sinakgenii I used dvi but I didn't work :-(21:06
sinakIs it possible to be an acpi problem?21:07
PhilRodjussi01: or "ls -lh" if you prefer "human-readable" filesizes (or "du -sh directoryname" if you want the size of a directory)21:07
FlorentinoI was thinking about joining a project but I'm not sure how would I be contributing ( no programing knowledge)21:07
geniisinak: Conceivable. But usually the simplest problem is the answer. Like wrong output, etc21:08
Florentinoanyway...i think you guys are right. I'm going to stick to user related issues and see where i go from there21:08
=== lombra_ is now known as lombra
Florentinoagain, thanks for the advice!21:08
PhilRodFlorentino: cool, that's reasonable - when you find something that interests you, you can go from there :-)21:08
sinakgenii: other OS's I have installed, work fine21:09
PhilRod(although there are lots and lots of ways to help with open source without programming - documentation, user support, bug triage, artwork, translation, promotion...)21:09
sinakonly with kubuntu I had problem21:09
blaisepascalDoes anyone know how I can get my hands on libqt4-plugin-odbc?  It appears to have been built from qt4-x11-4.3.4-0ubuntu1 but wasn't built from qt4-x11-4.3.4-0ubuntu2.21:10
geniisinak: You were able to run the livecd of kubuntu without issue?21:10
sinakyes no problem21:10
stdinblaisepascal: it wasn't built because it's broken21:11
geniisinak: What is the video card?21:11
sinaknvidia 8500 gt21:11
blaisepascalstdin:  That sucks.  What was wrong with it?21:12
stdinblaisepascal: it won't build for a start21:12
stdinI've tried patch after patch but it just fails. so after several months I give up21:12
blaisepascalstdin:  Any idea how I can get support for QODBC then?21:12
stdinblaisepascal: are you on x86 or amd64?21:13
stdinyou should be able to build it yourself then21:13
blaisepascal...after grabbing the Qt source, right?21:14
stdinblaisepascal: yeah21:14
blaisepascalOK, I'll give that a try tonight.21:15
IkeKrullanyone else find the kde control center administrator mode stops working?21:16
IkeKrullon hardy21:16
stdinblaisepascal: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/sql-driver.html#how-to-build-the-odbc-plugin-on-unix-and-mac-os-x21:16
dennistergenii: I'm still not having any success with the cdrom/fstab issue, and I think i've tried every possible combination by now, of options, types, devices...i'm not getting any dmesg|tail error anymore, but symptoms are still the same...can't mount it manually or through fstab at boot21:17
=== Deviance is now known as TimS
dennisteron the apache side of things, rebooting the first time ater the fix meant apache won't load anymore...as i was afraid it would do after i rebooted...so improvement wasn't permanent21:18
blaisepascalstdin: Yeah, I've looked at it before.  I was having problems with odbc using Qt 4.4, and I was thinking of downgrading in hopes that would solve the problem.  I was hoping it was prepackaged.21:18
dennisternow i've been at this for a solid 7 hours, without as much as a meal, so I'm gonna take a NAP!21:18
dennisterlol...can ya tell i'm frustrated?21:19
alan_mbrb showah!!!!21:19
dennistersee yas in 2-3 hours...maybe i'll be fresher then, can take another stab at solving these issues21:21
geniiwork, away a while21:26
Jucato!away > genii21:26
* Jucato runs away21:26
jast-mxmafter a fresh install Ark can't open zip files or rar files, what do i need to download21:29
jast-mxmwell unrar won't do it21:31
pyro_17but seriously, prolly like 7zip21:31
jast-mxmno, its just a regular zip21:31
jast-mxmi am using kde4 but not getting any response from them21:31
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression21:31
pyro_17arc aparently21:31
pyro_17jast-mxm does it give you an error?21:34
geniiJucato: Hah, sic the bots on me then run away....21:35
=== kent_ is now known as rumbaroy
rumbaroyhello! anybody here got any experience with smart package manager?21:37
JasonWardHi. How do I play mp4 files?21:40
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:40
rumbaroyyou simply install vlc player21:40
JasonWardI have that but even that won't play this file21:41
JasonWardit plays on windows21:41
rumbaroytry the command sudo apt-get ubuntu restricted or something like that. you might want to google it first21:42
mallizehow do i change the command line editor to VI in bash?21:42
JasonWardrumbaroy: thanls21:42
* mallize feels dumb for asking21:42
jessica_dont feel dumb for asking anything21:43
=== andre is now known as andregyn
Odd-rationalemallize: you want to use vi instaed of vim?21:45
geniimallize: sudo update-alternatives --config editor21:45
geniiChoose whichever one you prefer21:45
geniimallize: np21:46
andregynalguem do brasil21:46
rumbaroywhen i try to open the smart package manager, i get: "configuration is in readonly mode". how do I change the configs? help a noob in need! :)21:46
Jucato!br | andregyn21:47
ubotuandregyn: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:47
wadThe CRT on the docking station on my laptop powers itself down after a few minutes of inactivity. I'm trying to figure out how to prevent it from doing so. I've checked the "power saving" settings, and it is disabled. Any ideas where else to look?21:47
Jucatorumbaroy: you probably need to run it with sudo (if it's a command line program) or kdesu (if it's a GUI)21:47
geniiwad: Comment out DPMS line in xorg.conf21:47
wadgenii: Thanks!21:47
juan_Anyone know why my kubuntu 8.04 beta KDE4 now has a fuzzy pink ribbon around some things??  screenshot
zzillezzyes juan_21:48
zzillezzit's april fools day ...21:48
madohello guys ...21:48
juan_seriously? no way21:48
wadgenii: I don't seem to have any such line in my xorg.confg.... ?21:48
zzillezzi asked the same question in the kde4 channel :-)21:49
juan_is it going away tomorrow?21:49
zzillezzi hope so ...21:49
zzillezzwhen the next updates arrive21:49
geniiwad: It will be a line like:         Option          "DPMS"                  under Section "Monitor"21:50
juan_when will that be?  I just want to get rid of the pink stuff asap21:50
emilsedghJucato: http://wgess16.dyndns.org/~tobias/misc/akonadi_crash.png21:50
* wad checks it again21:50
emilsedghi will die because of these jokes!21:50
Jucatocan't wait for 04/0221:50
rumbaroythanks, jucato21:50
wadgenii: Nope, 100% certain it is not there.21:51
geniiI wonder if the next update will fix the unicorn/pink fuzzy ribbon thing21:51
emilsedghJucato: (image came as broken for me in that blog entry, so i read whole text and i believed it =)21:51
jessica_i need some software that will extract data out of iso files21:51
Jucato!iso | jessica_21:51
ubotujessica_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.21:51
emilsedghjessica_: oyu just need to mount the iso i think21:52
madooy guys ... can you help me? ... my soundcard isn't working ... -> 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)21:52
jessica_ok thanks21:52
Jucatojessica_: just mount it and you can browse it like a normal directory21:52
wadmado: Look in /etc/group and make sure your user is a member of the audio group.21:52
wadmado: I discovered this myself yesterday.21:52
geniiwad: OK.21:52
sculeworkkiso is good for that21:52
sculeworkISO thing21:52
madohmmm wad ... here is something -> it says "audio:x:29:mario"21:54
sculeworkjust say groups at a shell will show them21:54
wadmado: So, I assume your username is "mario"?21:55
madoyeah :)21:55
madowad, ... i think the problem is another thing ... i think i need to install something ... but i am not sure ... i'm a beginner21:55
wadmado: I only know a tiny bit, from trying to get sound working on one of my computers.21:55
wadmado: There are experts around, but from what I understand, ALSA is your friend.21:56
madowell ... i found a homepage which describes something ...21:56
wadYou want to enable the sound system,21:56
madobut i have rev0221:56
wadand select Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.21:56
madoalsa ... i have heard that before21:57
wadThis is done under the System Settings.21:57
* wad nods21:57
madowait a sec please21:58
pyro_17is there a place for me to put xset -b so that it runs everytime i boot, so it is permenent22:02
madowad, ... look at that ...22:02
* wad clicks22:02
madoit says that i should "sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-generic"22:02
madoand one commentator showed that it would also work for "rev 02" ... should i give it a try?22:03
MrBarrettis a .elf file like a .exe. on kubuntu?22:03
MrBarretti downloaded a linux mp3 player but i dont know how to install??22:04
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
madoMrBarrett, ... i don't know much about linux or kubuntu but i don't think so ... but wait and hear what others say22:04
MrBarrett<-- newbie to kubuntu22:05
madoMrBarrett, ... me too :)22:05
madoso wad ... what do you think?22:06
MrBarrettkubuntu is on a 2nd puter with no internet connection22:06
madocould it be that easy?22:06
madoor is this a joke?22:06
blekoshi, i made an installation from a .pl file, how can i remove it (the program was vmware-server)22:07
madoor should i look for another way because installing linux-backports-modules-generic was a bad idea?22:07
sculeworkwell whay are you instlling a different mp3 player? Can't you get mp3 playback?22:08
sculeworkMrBarrett: ^22:08
madoMrBarrett, ... i looked for "elf"-files ... and it says it isn't like an "exe"-file22:09
sculework'file some.elf' will tell you what it is22:09
madoso guys ... i have to restart now22:09
MrBarrettamarok needs decoders22:09
madosee you soon22:09
sculeworkexecutable linux format so it is some sort of executable22:10
sculework!mp3 | MrBarrett22:10
ubotuMrBarrett: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:10
sculeworkMrBarrett: you want the first one really22:10
MrBarretti know but how do i get it from the connected computer to the kubuntu computer?22:10
sculeworki assume the kubuntu computer isn't on line(?)22:11
MrBarretti have a 1gb thum drive?22:11
dwidmannWhatsay I skip the network config in the installer, how would I configure it after-the-fact?22:11
MrBarrettkubuntu is currently dtandalone22:11
MrBarrettno connection22:12
MrBarrettinstalled from the live CD not DVD22:12
MrBarrettkubuntu 7.122:12
dwidmannMrBarrett: there was no kubuntu release in january, 2007 :P22:13
MrBarretti am unable to play mp3s or mpegs22:13
dwidmann(ie: the trailing 0 *is* significant)22:13
MrBarretttrailing O?22:14
stdinit's 7.10, not 7.122:14
dwidmann7.10 is not 7.122:14
MrBarrettwhat about my music?22:15
dwidmannMrBarrett: install kubuntu-restricted-extras package and amarok should be able to prompt for mp3 support .....22:15
MrBarretti have them but dont know how to install22:16
MrBarrett<--- newbie22:16
dwidmannMrBarrett: ie: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras22:16
MrBarrettto kubuntu22:16
dwidmannor you could do it in adept, that would work too22:16
MrBarrettkubuntu is NOT connected to internet22:16
dwidmannUm, ummm, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, let me see if I can remember what package amarok wants then22:17
dwidmannah yes, that's the one22:17
Jucato*and* its dependencies...22:17
sculeworkthis is the problem22:17
Jucatohttp://pacakges.ubuntu.com for reference. download the package and the needed dependencies22:18
Jucato(of course from a computer with an internet connection)22:18
sculeworkI have seen a line to do that, I have forgotten, something about --print-urls or such22:18
MrBarrettremember i dont know how in install stuff on kubuntu!22:18
sculeworkand then grab them all22:18
dwidmannMrBarrett: installing packages in gnu/linux is a royal pain in the arse if you aren't connected to the internet .... packages aren't self contained, they have dependencies22:18
Jucatodwidmann: not necessarily true.. depends on the distro and the media which you used to install it from :)22:19
MrBarretti am using a USB wireless on puter#1 but i cant get it to work on kubuntu??22:19
ejortegauis there a way to change the size of an extended partition w/o having to delete its internal logical partitions?22:20
ubotuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers22:20
dwidmannJucato: okay, you're right, but with *this* distro it certainly is a pain, same goes for debian, mandrake, suse .......22:20
Jucatodwidmann: mandrake no longer exists :P22:20
dwidmannJucato: ah yes, forgot about that, when I ran it it *was* mandrake22:20
Jucatoand Mandriva comes with these codecs by default last I checked22:20
dwidmannJucato: completely besides the point22:20
dwidmannJucato: I'm rambling like the offtopic bum I am.22:21
=== ejortegau is now known as Level15
MrBarrettcan anyone sugest another kubuntu mp3 player that will work??22:22
dwidmannJucato, stdin, do either of you know how to manually get the networking going if you skip its config during installation?22:22
=== matteo_ is now known as matteo__
Jucatodwidmann: Kubuntu's installed and running already? knetworkmanager22:22
dwidmannMrBarrett: there won't be any installed by default that will do mp3s, it's a legal thing.22:22
=== Ace2016 is now known as ZarK
=== ZarK is now known as Ace2016
dwidmannJucato: well, I just installed the barebones ("command line system") via the dvd22:23
MrBarrett<--- will pleed insainity22:23
Jucatodwidmann: ah hm.. that I don't know.. what kind of internet connection?22:23
dwidmannJucato: just need to get to my router ....22:23
lucaciao a tutti22:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about internet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:24
pyro_17MrBarrett is there some way you can just connect to the internet with ethernet even for a few minutes to get the necesary packages22:24
MrBarrettdont think so22:24
MrBarrettis it hard to manually configure my usb modem?22:25
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: You can dowload the packages from http://packages.ubuntu.com/22:25
MrBarretton kubuntu? pyro22:25
dwidmannJucato: I only skipped that part because it takes ~15 minutes to do the scan the mirrors section (as long as the rest of the install all together ...), but I've forgotten how to fix things afterwards22:25
ricojust started using kubuntu, quick question, Im looking for a program to copy/rip .flv files of websites like myspace or imeem? Thx22:26
arkegood evening. :)22:26
arkeI must be blind - I'm not finding how to simply access a Windows share from Kubuntu in the help.22:27
pyro_17MrBarrett yes with kubuntu22:27
pyro_17MrBarrett thats the easiest way22:27
MrBarrettOdd is it the "sound" link after gus 7.10?22:28
MrBarretton that site?22:29
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: what package are you looking for?22:29
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=== ih8hp is now known as _Ace2016_
JucatoOdd-rationale: mp3 support22:29
=== _Ace2016_ is now known as Ace2016
MrBarrettthe decoders for amarok and kaffeing22:29
* Jucato thinks it would be best to get internet working first though...22:30
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: are you using gutsy?22:30
dwidmannJucato: nevermind, I finally remembered *a* way to do it22:30
MrBarrettlive CD installed22:30
pyro_17but Jucato how will he chill to tunes while tying to get thigns working22:30
dwidmannJucato: now all I need to do is figure out how to do it with dhcp instead of static22:30
MrBarrettwith no internet connection to it22:30
Jucatopyro_17: he can hum :)22:30
Jucatodwidmann: dhclient eth0 or something22:31
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: Are you running the livecd? Or have you installed it and running off your harddrive?22:31
MrBarrettpart' HD22:31
MrBarrettduel sp system22:31
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: well. here's what to do. It might be rather painstaking but it will work...22:32
dwidmannJucato: I edited /etc/network/interfaces and manually set up eth0, then ifup eth0'd22:32
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libxine1-ffmpeg22:32
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: down load this ^ and all the dep and put the .debs on your thumbdrive22:33
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: take the thumbdrive to the other computer and double click them to install. make usre to install the dependencies first.22:34
MrBarrett<-- is download now22:35
MrBarrett<-- but i have to boot now i'll try it and see.... thanks heaps!!22:36
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: did you download the dependencies too?22:36
MrBarretti'll double check22:36
MrBarrettthere seems to be about 10... get them all??22:37
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: and the dependecies of the dependencies if they have any and your computer doesn't...22:37
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: is your offline computer on?22:37
MrBarrettthis one isnt but kubuntu is22:38
MrBarrettahh its all running22:38
dennisterok, wasn't able to nap...too upset at the idea of building this server all over again :(22:38
BluesKajdennister, that's a bummer :(22:39
Odd-rationaleMrBarrett: on the offline computer you can do "aptitude search <packagename>" and see if it already has any of the deps.22:39
dennisterBUT there's no friggin way i'm going to do the whole inventory all over again, so want to get back into the apache one more time to export the data22:40
dennisterBluesKaj: in a way it's a bummer, but i started building that when I didn't have as many wonderful pieces of hardware to choose from, much of it I got donated just sunday and monday22:41
matteo_qualche italiano22:41
dennisteri was going to wait to build a bigger server until i had some $, but now i can make most of it right now, simply add a few pieces of hardware later, and have a much faster server22:42
Odd-rationale!it | matteo_22:43
ubotumatteo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!22:43
matteo_odd rationale22:44
dennisteri mean, we all plan these projects, but then new, better stuff comes in, and you end up benefiting from the learning curve the first time around as well as the better hardware22:44
matteo_is a person or a bot?22:44
dennisterubotu is a u-bot-u22:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is a u-bot-u - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:44
dennistersee, bots r stupid :)22:44
BluesKajdennister, nice to hear about donated HW :)22:45
JasonWardhi. I have kde3.5 and would like to upgrade to KDE4 on gutsy22:46
JasonWardsudo apt-get install kde4 didn't quite work22:46
=== xRaich[o12x is now known as xRaich[o]2x
dennisterBluesKaj: yeah, but the very slow fileserver was making it really hard to enter the inventory, and when I initially built the fileserver i wasn't really expecting to use it as a database server as well as storage server for files22:47
Odd-rationale!kde4 | JasonWard22:47
ubotuJasonWard: KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde422:47
dennisteranyway, just downloaded the gutzy ubuntu-server...will use that this time around for the lamp stack22:47
dwidmannJasonWard: it works flawlessly in hardy though, so you know22:47
dennisterwhen gutsy's server first came out it was very problematic, more so than the desktop cd, but it should be much better now22:48
Stofferi'm trying to format my external hdd with gparted, but I keep getting an error: http://www.pastebin.org/26771  Can someone help me out?22:49
matteo_i need to import in konversation 1.0.1 a .ini servers list22:51
stdinmatt__: you can ask in #konversation22:51
matteo_i am in ubuntu irc server22:52
matteo_if i want the channels list?22:52
Matt1728can anyonke tell why dvdshrink doesn't work with wine on kubuntu22:54
matteo_not all windows aps runs on kubuntu!22:55
Matt1728oh it runs perfectly in fedora22:55
Matt1728i need something to burn dvds with the nothing on linux works for me22:55
matteo_try wine emulation of clone-dvd22:56
Matt1728does it work with kubuntu?22:56
matteo_clone-dvd is a good program22:56
matteo_i don't know if is emulated22:57
venikI keep losing my USB hard drive... How can I remind the system of its existence?22:58
matteo_i think for korks like DVD copy , mpeg4 conversion,ripping ecc...22:58
Level15if i boot off the alternate cd in recovery mode and choose Reinstall Grub boot loader option, is there a way to know if it worked (besides rebooting), and if it didn't work, see the error messages?22:58
matteo_i think for works like DVD copy , mpeg4 conversion,ripping ecc...22:59
matteo_windows is still better22:59
venikbut then I have to use the horrible Zune software... ;-(23:00
Matt1728i had to mess with the configureration23:00
Matt1728works perfectly now23:01
venikthe Zune software is the only reason I still use Windows, and it is AWFUL, but there is no Linux equivalent, as far as I know23:01
Matt1728oh you bought a zune?23:01
Matt1728try amarok23:01
Matt1728it works perfectly with ipods23:01
venikthe hardware is OK, but the "software" is below pathetic23:02
Matt1728well that's MS for you23:02
Matt1728is it worst then itunes?23:02
venikthe Zune is better than the ipods in several ways, but until they fix the software it is nearly unusable23:02
mike_hi all23:02
venika $249 paperweight23:03
mike_cine e pe aici?23:03
Matt1728how many songs can you put on it?23:03
Jucatohm... #kubuntu-offtopic please23:03
venikthe sad thing is that they had a pretty decent software, based on WMP, and they rewrote the whole thing, making it awful23:03
venikit is 80 gb23:04
venikand has an FM tuner, too23:04
=== nivek_ is now known as nivek
venikthat works despite the software23:04
YuukiHi and sorry if my question is noobish, but is there a good tuto about laptop and projector (using the vga output of the laptop) with an ati card ?23:04
venikMatt-- can you help me with my USB external hard drive that disappears from time to time?23:04
Matt1728i could try23:05
Matt1728on linux or windows?23:05
venikkubuntu 7.1023:05
Matt1728what's wrong with it?23:05
venikIt does not see it23:05
venikso I cannot mount it23:05
Matt1728what happens when you plug it in?23:05
venikyes it says that it is mounted at another spot... it is confusing23:06
veniknothing happens, and it does not appear in the STORAGE system23:06
Matt1728type mount in the command to see if it's mounted23:07
mike_nici un roman pe aici?23:07
venikactually, I think that the whole USB thing is sick, since now it fails to see my Flashcruiser, too23:07
venikAfter typing mount, I do not see it-- I think it was supposed to be sdd123:09
Matt1728type mount /sdd1 or something like that23:10
Matt1728to see if you can mounted it23:10
venikthe FlashCruiser is not seen either23:10
Matt1728maybe you dont have driver23:10
Matt1728google for it23:10
venikthis USED to work as of this afternoon,23:10
venikand I did not remove any drivers23:10
Matt1728that cant be good23:11
venikthis is almost as bad as the Zune junk23:11
Matt1728did you install anything else? or uninstall?23:11
veniknot today23:11
Matt1728did you try restarting? things usually fix themselves haha23:11
venikI did, twice23:11
venikno help23:12
Matt1728ahh i have no idea then23:12
Yuukidoes it work with a usb key?23:12
ross_Has anyone been getting "Plasma Workspace" Errors?: "KLauncher could not be reached via D-Bus, error when calling start_service_by_desktop_path: empty"23:12
venikno, it does not (now) see the usb key, although it used to23:17
veniksomehow my fstab file must have been corrupted23:17
Yuukimaybe hal23:17
Yuukii dont think its fstab related23:18
Yuukihald is running?23:20
Yuukips -aux | grep hald23:20
Yuukiif not, try sudo update-rc.d -f hald defaults23:23
Bizzehhey, does anyone know of any problems with ubuntu/kubuntu and the logitech wave keyboard23:24
Yuukisi it hot key related?23:24
Yuuki(hot key meaning the extra keys like volume up or down etc...)23:25
Bizzehwell, ever since i got this keyboard, the live cd refuses to boot23:27
Yuukiwhat do you mean by "refuses"23:29
Bizzehas in, it just hangs, and does nothing, and stops, and doesnt do anything23:30
Yuukithats wierd23:31
Yuukiaccording to that topic, it works fine except for special keys23:31
Yuuki(and that is kernel related i think, so just have to wait updates)23:32
Bizzehwhich wouldnt be hard for me to write a filter driver to map them to some key combos23:32
Yuukimaybe the problem occurs with the live CD only23:33
Bizzehit might even be something to do with my hdds23:34
Bizzehsince i have managed to get it to boot once23:34
Bizzehbut then it locked up at "starting partitioner"23:34
=== rjb is now known as drbobb
Yuukihow do you know it is the keybaord fault?23:34
Bizzehkeyboard mini reciever plugged in, livecd wont boot23:35
Bizzehunplug it, boots fine23:35
Bizzehunplug it, boot, and plug it in after live cd booted, everything is also fine23:35
blue_anyone know why i'd be getting the following error when doing "make all", "make: *** No rule to make target `clean'. Stop.", the cpp file im trying to make compiles fine with "g++"23:36
dennisternow let's home cdrdao isn't going to get silly on me23:36
adz21cblue_: tried just make?23:36
dennisterand freeze my whole bloody system just to burn an iso23:36
blue_adz21c: "make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop."23:36
adz21cblue_: 'no makefile found' sure you got a makefile in there?23:37
blue_there is none, eclipse doesnt make one, should it?23:37
adz21cblue_: i only ever used eclipse with java, but i would think it should23:38
YuukiBizzeh check your bios23:39
Yuukiand look for USB Legacy Keyboard Support23:40
Yuukiand USB Legacy Mouse Support23:40
Bizzehboth on23:40
=== tackat_ is now known as tackat
blue_adz21c: it makes a make file for managed projects...23:41
Yuukiis this related to your problem?23:42
adz21cblue_: are you just opening the file with eclipse, its not part of a project?23:42
blue_adz21c: imtrying to make the project with eclipse, file->new etc..23:43
adz21cblue_: hmmm, i dunno then, i never used eclipse for cpp, u tried the eclipse channel?23:43
blue_i didnt know there was one :P23:44
adz21cblue_: yea theres a channel for almost anything and everything lol particularly larges projects like eclipse23:45
blue_adz21c: im on it now23:46
blue_adz21c: thanks so much man23:46
=== lucasmetal is now known as k0001
stondCan some one please help me with a problem I am having with Kaffine I am trrying to watch a video but it keeps popping up an window saying Audio output unavailable. Device is busy. () I have Kaffine 0.8.6 and I never had this problem before can someone please help23:49
pagan0neis there another support channel for kubuntu 8.04?23:53
Ukonpoikastond, try closing all applications that require sound (including your web browser), then start them again. Works for me usually. Unfortunately I cannot help fixing the issue permanently :/23:53
algyz!hardy | pagan0ne23:53
ubotupagan0ne: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu23:53
pagan0nethanx algyz23:54
pagan0nehydrogen im aware, im just having grub issues, and was hoping for help ;)23:56
jessica_what kind of grub issus's23:56
jessica_what grub problems are you having ?23:57
Ukonpoikajessica_, he was having issues with Kubuntu 8.04, but was already redirected to the right channel.23:58
jessica_#ubuntu+1 we dont help with that stuff23:59

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