robinson_hello. Running Kubuntu Hardy Beta. Knetworkmanger is set to run at startup, but for some reason, i have to manually start it. How do i get it to start as it should?00:00
dwidmannUggghhhhh, I'm trying to get the alpha 6 alternate to install, but it fails on the grub installation part :(00:01
Scientuswierd shit tawmas, when i do that it asks me if i want to edit wireless network when i have a physical connection and no wireless cards00:01
Scientusdoes language offend ppl?00:02
nikrudScientus think of this as the Disney G rated channel :)00:02
macsimdwidmann, what's the error ?00:02
IdleOneScientus, he was not joking'00:02
Scientusi do know that00:02
Scientusbut i still lol00:03
Scientusso tawmas u mean me?00:03
IdleOnedwidmann, why not download the beta instead00:03
Scientusread me tawmas???00:04
IdleOneexcept for randomly turning on caps00:04
dwidmannIdleOne: well, I just downloaded that not so long ago, and I have the update packages cached on my laptop.00:04
tawmasScientus: yes, was moving the laptop to another room00:04
Scientuswhat about you , i guess with a laptop you are prob on wireless?00:05
tawmasScientus: that's quite wierd. For me, it picks the correct interface -- except that when I do configure it, networking stops working00:05
dwidmannIdleOne: Besides that, it'll take time for me to download it ... I'm restricted with the exception of between 3am and 6am ..... sooooo it'll have to wait til then.00:05
Scientuswsomething is definately wack00:05
tawmasScientus: actually, I have a problem with my desktop00:05
tawmasCan't set a static IP on it00:05
tawmasWhat's most wierd is that I used to have Hardy i386, and it worked, it stopped working when I switched to amd6400:06
macsimhum nautilus doesn't accept ctrl for multiple select ?!00:06
tawmasRight now, I'm testing with an i386 live cd, wanna see it it's the 64 bits or if it's a regression00:07
Scientusim running i38600:08
tawmasScientus: my problem is definitely a regression, I've got the same problem under the live CD00:08
tawmasScientus: putting it all together, something's rotten with Hardy networking...00:09
macsimI'm the only one how can't select multiple file with ctrl ?00:09
macsimesox, still here ?00:13
IdleOnemacsim, I dont have that issue00:13
macsimIdleOne, :/ really00:14
IdleOneyeah really00:14
tawmasScientus: tried to look up your problem on LP, didn't find anything related00:14
macsimIdleOne, when I press ctrl and click to another file nautilus unselect the first one00:14
tawmasbut I'm not that good at bug search00:14
robinson_how can I make knetworkmanager start automatically in KDE4? The setting is checkmarked in the gui, but it doesnt seem to start, i have to manuall start it.00:14
IdleOnerobinson_, #kubuntu-kde400:15
robinson_hmmm. this is in hardy beta, does that matter?00:15
IdleOnerobinson_, yes00:15
IdleOnethat is the proper place to ask for help with kubuntu and kde400:16
robinson_will try there.. sorry, just i usually got help here00:16
IdleOnerobinson_, yeah I know but that channel is specific for that release00:16
tawmasHey, I'm still new here, is asking bug-related questions on #ubuntu-bugs proper etiquette?00:17
IdleOneguess so00:17
ryanpghi all... anyone know if there's a pulseaudio or gstreamer "compressor" plugin I could use to boost my soundcard output?00:17
esoxmacsim: yes still here00:17
macsimesox, sorry, I have the anwser I was looking for00:18
esoxmacsim: ???00:18
macsimesox, I have a bug with nautilus when I try multiple selection with ctrl key I lose the selection00:19
macsimIdleOne, confirm me I'm the only one :/00:19
IdleOnemacsim, I did no such thing . I confirmed I didnt have the issue :P00:19
macsimIdleOne, it's what I say I'm the only one ;)00:20
esoxmacsim: I dont have that bug00:20
macsimesox, yes I the only one with it :/00:20
IdleOnereport it to launchpad00:20
macsimIdleOne, hum prefer to look deeper before maybe I broke something in nautilus00:21
macsimI'll create a new user to see if it still occur00:21
macsimoh :/00:22
macsimIt's happen only with right ctrl not left one00:22
macsimesox, IdleOne can you confirm ,00:22
macsimtry to select file with right ctrl00:22
IdleOneright or left click both work fine for me00:23
esoxmacsim: right, same thing00:23
IdleOneI mean right or left ctrl00:23
macsimhum I really got strange thing, left works well, right no00:23
m1rmaybe your ctrl button broken00:23
macsimm1r, no it's work fine00:23
IdleOneI was just thinking that. perhaps it is hardware00:23
IdleOnemacsim, hehe apperently not00:24
macsimmy keybord is fr, maybe something wrong with this ...00:25
IdleOnemacsim, does the right ctrl key have anything else on it?00:26
macsimIdleOne, no00:26
mactaylorwat is causing ubuntu to only play one sound from an app at a time??????????00:26
IdleOnemacsim, I dont know what would cause the right key not to work when the left does00:27
m1rmacsim: u have spare keyboard to check ?00:27
tawmasScientus: are you still there?00:28
macsimIdleOne, hum I'll bring an other keyboard from work tomorrow to be sure it's not an hardware problem00:28
IdleOnemacsim, good idea00:28
macsimm1r, sorry I don't get what you ask00:28
IdleOnemacsim, spare in this case means extra00:29
IdleOnespare = extra00:29
macsimIdleOne, ok , no with me now,00:29
m1rmacsim: just do what u told 1 min ago ;)00:29
macsimIdleOne, I was looking for a something about raid lol00:29
crimsunmactaylor: more details, please?00:29
ethana2gahh, firefox keeps segfaulting00:29
IdleOneI love being able to speak 4 languages00:29
mactaylorwhenever i open an app it locks sound just to itself.00:30
macsimm1r, I will but now it's 1:39 in the morning, I love my work but I'll way 8: to go over there ;)00:30
macsimIdleOne, sure it's usefull ;)=00:30
IdleOnemacsim, indeed00:30
crimsunmactaylor: which apps are these?00:30
macsimIdleOne, witch one do you speak ?00:30
mactaylorbasically any program that uses sound.00:31
Arandto debug the suspending process, which commands do I use?00:31
IdleOnemacsim, french english italian spanish00:31
crimsunmactaylor: and you're using a pristine install of hardy?00:31
gluernautilus keeps crashing when i do a search for *.jpg00:31
macsimIdleOne, witch one is your mother tongue ?00:31
crimsunmactaylor: yes, pristine.00:31
Arandwill lshal -m be enough00:31
IdleOne macsim italian/french/english was raised speaking all 300:32
macsimIdleOne, swiss ?00:32
mactaylorinstalled from beta00:32
crimsunmactaylor: a fresh install or a dist-upgrade?00:32
crimsunmactaylor: then that's pristine.00:32
IdleOnemacsim, canadian, italian parents. french schooling and english in the streets00:32
macsimIdleOne, nice ;)00:33
crimsunmactaylor: are you using Flash in FF?00:33
mactaylorshould i reinstall?????/00:33
crimsunmactaylor: no, you should not reinstall00:33
IdleOnelearned spanish here in the USA from working in restaurants with migrant workers00:33
mactayloris it pulseaudio/00:33
crimsunmactaylor: it could be, but don't do anything rash.00:33
IdleOnemacsim, we are offtopic....00:33
macsimIdleOne, yep ...00:34
mactaylorit started happening when i upgraded my cpu to x200:35
mactaylorbut hen again i installed an update before i upgraded00:35
jast-mxmI am using 8.04 kde4 and everytime i try to open a file from dolphin it will open a new kate window, i want it to keep loading files into an exisitng kate window00:35
jast-mxmany idea how to chagne this?00:35
hrlrHello, I'm trying to identify a bug.   When I go: System --> Administration --> Network Tools and then select the "Lookup" tab I enter the IP address for my ubuntu machine.  Nothing is returned from the query.  Can someone help?00:36
IdleOnebots still offline?>00:36
mactaylorthe bot is not in this room.00:36
IdleOnejast-mxm, #kubuntu-kde400:36
jast-mxm#kubuntu-kde4 no one's answering me i came here after not getting any advice there00:37
IdleOnejast-mxm, ok then00:37
jast-mxmi tried >.<00:38
tawmasScientus: you might need to edit your /etc/network/interfaces file by hand to let network manager and company pick up your interface correctly00:38
tawmascan you try now?00:38
tawmasI managed to solve my problem00:38
verb3kCan anyone running latest updates tell me which Transmission version is installed by default?00:38
jast-mxmso is anyone familiar w/ kate in kde4?00:39
IdleOneverb3k, 1.06-0ubuntu300:39
mneptokediting /e/n/interfaces by hand is a good way to get NM *not* to configure your stuff00:39
MattOvI am failing at the very last leg of getting VMware server working on an AMD64 box - does anyone have any hints?00:40
Aboboeveryone in here is a fag, etc00:40
jast-mxmmattov: what's up00:40
verb3kIdleOne, hope they upgrade to the latest: http://www.transmissionbt.com/   it fixes a lot of problems00:40
MattOvI get this when I run vmware:00:40
MattOvUnable to load image-loading module: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-png.so: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-png.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6400:40
verb3kIdleOne, latest is 1.1000:40
jast-mxmhmm i have the same exact issue :(00:41
jast-mxmso you can't power on your guest os either00:41
MattOvI can't do anything at all afaik00:41
jast-mxmhmm i can create mine, but i can't powe rit on00:41
m12use VBox OSE00:41
jast-mxmis that in the repos?00:42
m12should be00:42
dwidmann IdleOne: sorry to bother, but I think I very well may have found out why the install cd was failing to install grub00:42
IdleOnewhy is that?00:42
jast-mxmis it pretty comprehensive like vmware?00:42
SplexI am unable to browse windows network shares with smb in Nautilus.  I can see the shares, but I cannot open them.00:42
SplexAnyone else have this problem?00:43
m12jast-mxm: much better/simpler00:44
dwidmannIdleOne: I popped in SystemRescue and couldn't seem to get it to install grub from there either .... got an error "/dev/sda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive" or similar00:44
crimsunmactaylor: did you ever state how you installed Flash?00:44
mactaylorfrom the repos00:44
gluermatt: vmware is not working properly for hardy yet, use vbox for now00:45
DropKickMurpheysHi, i'm having some issues updating from my 64bit edition of 7.10 to the 64 bit edition of 8.04 beta using the alt. install cd00:45
jast-mxmm12: even for managing multiple guest OS? and is it for 64bit as well?00:45
MattOvok cool00:45
m12jast-mxm: didnt try 64bit, u can check on their page00:46
gluermatt: install xp/vista  on vmbox then run seemless mode ;-)00:46
m12jast-mxm: but i think it should all work00:46
m12gluer +1 ;)00:46
jast-mxmm12: hmm i don't see it in the repos00:46
IdleOneDropKickMurpheys, what issues?00:47
jast-mxmm12: yeah just found that00:47
jast-mxmyay they fixed tab completion00:47
IdleOnedwidmann, I have no idea what that error means'00:48
DropKickMurpheyswell when i insert my alt install cd it doesn't pop up with the update dialog, and when I try to run the alt -f2 gksu sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade it pops up a screen and then closes00:48
MattOvok well will give virtuabox a try - many thanks for help (as eveR!)00:49
jast-mxmi'll be trying it too see how it works on 6400:49
IdleOneDropKickMurpheys, have you tried rebooting with the cd and seeing if it gives you the option to upgrade?00:50
jast-mxmdropkickmurpheys: try running konsole first then running your command to see what the error is00:50
ArandTo debug the suspend to RAM process, which commands do I use?00:50
ArandWill "lshal -m" be enough?00:50
DropKickMurpheysyea, i tried booting from cd, then i get to the menus00:51
crimsunmactaylor: using flashplugin-nonfree?00:51
DropKickMurpheysi don't see an  upgrade option though00:51
mactaylori dont think flash is causing it00:51
crimsunmactaylor: please verify that libflashsupport is also installed00:51
mactaylorwhen i close firefox and open another app that app will lock sound and firefox wount have sound.00:51
jast-mxmhmm it says just support for xp but will that also include xp 64?00:52
crimsunmactaylor: did you create an asoundrc or something?00:52
ArandI'm having the problem that the first wakeup from suspend takes ~2 minutes, but after that it takes only the expected 7 seconds00:52
m12jast-mxm: you could just try00:52
jast-mxmwhat do i have to lose :P00:52
m12jast-mxm: but who uses M$64 bit xp ?00:53
m12i thought that died the moment it got published00:53
Arandso I'm wondering how can I get enough info for a bug report on that.00:53
crimsunmactaylor: pastebin the output from `sudo lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/mixer* /dev/seq* /dev/snd/*'00:53
IdleOneDropKickMurpheys, and internet upgrade is not working for you?00:53
DropKickMurpheysi can't use internet upgrade with my connection00:54
IdleOneI see00:54
DropKickMurpheysHughesnet limits my download amount00:54
jast-mxmi have 8 gigs of ram , i like it to be able to use more than 2.5 gigs00:54
DropKickMurpheys250mb a day00:54
mactaylorlsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/john/.gvfs00:54
mactaylor      Output information may be incomplete.00:54
jast-mxmor w/e that limit is on 32bit OSes00:54
m1232bit 3-35 gb00:55
crimsunmactaylor: is that all?00:55
crimsunmactaylor: so what does `aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav' do?00:56
mactaylorALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave00:56
mactayloraplay: main:546: audio open error: Device or resource busy00:56
jast-mxmhmm well when i was using just xp it was only seeing 2.5 of mine00:56
jast-mxmlinux sees all 800:57
crimsunmactaylor: and you used `sudo lsof ....'?00:57
ethana2my apps are segfaulting left and right00:57
ethana2firefox went down, pidgin seconds later00:57
mactaylorwith that command?00:58
crimsunmactaylor: no, I mean the lsof command I told you about earlier00:58
mactaylorjohn@john-desktop:~$ sudo lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/mixer* /dev/seq* /dev/snd00:58
mactaylorlsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/john/.gvfs00:58
mactaylor      Output information may be incomplete.00:58
crimsunmactaylor: you missed a rather critical set of characters00:59
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
mactaylorthe star * on snd?00:59
crimsunmactaylor: /dev/snd/*  <-- the "/*" is absolutely essential01:00
ethana2bam!  there firefox goes again01:00
webmarenhas the sound bug been fixed yet01:00
crimsunwebmaren: you need to give more details01:01
webmarenthe one where your sound card isn't detected01:02
mactaylorcrimsun: here is the pastebin       http://pastebin.com/d62ba1bd001:02
webmareni noticed theres a Gnome-volume-manager update01:02
crimsunmactaylor: I just read it, thanks.01:02
crimsunwebmaren: gnome-volume-manager handles mass storage devices, not audio.01:03
crimsunwebmaren: run the alsa-info.sh script, and tell me the URL that it generates..01:03
RAdamsHow do you connect to a secure WebDAV share in Hardy?01:03
crimsunmactaylor: please download http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh and run it using bash.01:04
dwidmannIdleOne: sorry, but you're the only one that I've talked about this so far .... but this is the part where I exclaim "But wait!! There's more!" .... I just mounted /dev/mapper/sda6-crypt, and it seems the /bin, /sbin, and /usr folders don't even exist. What fun.01:04
IdleOnedwidmann, sounds to me like you have a borked install01:05
mactaylorwhy do i get john@john-desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo ./alsa-info.sh01:05
mactaylorsudo: ./alsa-info.sh: command not found01:05
dwidmannIdleOne: that's been the whole going on all along. The bootloader failed to install, it looks like the bins never got installed either01:06
crimsunmactaylor: don't use sudo01:06
crimsunmactaylor: where did you save the file?01:06
jeffdHave people found the heron relatively stable? I am running archlinux (which changes much too quickly) and want to run back to the familiar, and have had luck with ubuntu in the past.01:06
crimsunmactaylor: bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh01:06
jbroomechmod +x alsa-info.sh?01:06
dwidmannIdleOne: now to hope I can get everything working with the gutsy cd and then upgrade I suppose.01:06
crimsunjbroome: that, too01:07
IdleOnewhats the name of the app that allows to put applications in the panel? systray???? something01:08
crimsunmactaylor: good, and now:  dpkg -S /usr/lib/libflashsupport.so01:08
CaesarIs there a way to disable fast user switching without uninstalling fast-user-switch-applet?01:08
dwidmannIdleOne: alltray?01:08
IdleOneyeah thats the one01:09
mactaylorlibflashsupport: /usr/lib/libflashsupport.so01:09
crimsunCaesar: remove it from your session, save your session, log out, etc.01:09
Caesarcrimsun: there's no... central way to do it?01:10
crimsunCaesar: remove it from the gnome-session template, remove ~/.gconf*, log out, etc.01:10
crimsunmactaylor: please run concurrent paplay instances that are staggered by a few seconds.01:11
mactaylornothing plays with rythmebox open01:12
crimsunmactaylor: what is the default audio sink set to in gstreamer-properties?01:12
Caesarcrimsun: where's the gnome-session template?01:12
mactaylorits on autodetect01:13
balgarathI did an update to the beta; is there any way to easily roll back to Gutsy?01:13
Caesarcrimsun: nm, found it01:13
jbroomebalgarath: restore your backup you made before upgrading, of course01:14
mactaylorshould i change the defualt audio sink?01:14
tanneranyone else experiencing significantly slower disk to usb transfers?01:15
mactaylortanner: i am although my usb drive could be dieing.01:17
tanneri'm experiencing very slow writes on 3 drives on hardy01:18
mactaylorare they fragmented?01:18
crimsunmactaylor: you could uncheck software sound mixing in the Sound Preferences (which would disable pulseaudio), and change the default audio sink to ALSA01:19
c-ronwhere can i find a guide for installing wine on hardy?01:19
mactaylorcrimsun: i will be right back01:20
m1rc-ron: apt-get install wine should do it01:20
jbroomewtf fragmented?01:23
hrlrIs there anyone here that has multiple computers on a LAN that can ping or lookup their Hardy machine?  I'm specifically looking to see if other machines on the local network get the hostname of the Hardy machine.01:23
rskc-ron: sudo apt-get install wine01:27
rskops 2late01:27
CookedGryphonhi, i want to rotate my screen but teh screen resolution dialog only has Normal rotation as an option. In gutsy i did it by changing xorg.conf, but 1, i can't remember what i did, and 2 it's all changed anyway hasn't it. I have SiS graphics01:35
Dr_willisxorg.conf is now uber-minimal. :)01:36
Dr_willisIf you had a backup of your old xorg.conf file. you might want to try it.01:37
CookedGryphonbackups are for wusses :P01:37
CookedGryphonso you reckon the gutsy method will still work if i edit xorg appropriately?01:38
IdleOneand for doing exactly what you did the last time but now forget how you did it :P01:38
Dr_willisi keep working xorg.conf copies for all my machines.. just in case. :)01:38
Dr_willisCookedGryphon,  if you can figure out what to edit.01:38
CookedGryphonfair enough, to google! i'll probably be back in a bit ...01:39
ethana2BAM!  Firefox segfaults again.01:40
Andre_Gondimthe hardy hero will have kde 4 or              3.5?01:40
mneptokAndre_Gondim: your choice01:40
Andre_Gondim mneptok I asked       cause  I need to know if in rosetta translation I work with  3.5 or 4 upstream01:41
Dr_willisI installed the kde4 kubuntu cd the other day01:41
mneptokAndre_Gondim: it's still your choice01:43
Andre_Gondimmneptok, ok01:44
hrlrIs there anyone here that has multiple computers on a LAN that can ping or lookup their Hardy machine?  I'm specifically looking to see if other machines on the local network get the hostname of the Hardy machine.01:46
jbroomehrlr: i can01:46
jbroomehrlr: but i have my hardy machine name in dns for the house LAN01:47
CookedGryphonare they meant to do that automatically, i always set my own in /etc/hosts01:47
hrlrjbroome: and it's showing to the other machines properly?01:47
jbroomeyes, dnsmasq is good for that01:48
hrlrjbroome: I can't get any of my other machines on the LAN to resolve the hostname of my Hardy machine when Gutsy worked just fine.01:48
hrlrjbroome: Even my router can't see a hostname.  It's wierd.01:49
=== ajmorris|AFK is now known as ajmorris
hrlrjbroome: But when I'm on my Hardy machine I can type hostname and it comes back properly as "ubuntu".01:50
Pedantic-Stevehrlr: I can't see how Hardy could possible be the cause for failing to look up a hostname unless Hardy is the DNS server.  Unless perhaps there is an issue with how it presents it hostname to the DHCP server when requesting an address and you are doing dynamic DNS based on DHCP leases01:51
hrlrPedantic-Steve:  Yes..  That's what is happening.  I just didn't know how to put it into words as well as you did.01:52
Pedantic-Steveyou can run tcpdump while renewing your IP address.. thencompare that to how Gutsy does it (you can use the live CD for the Gutsy test)01:53
jrrubuntu 8.0.4 (linux 2.6.24-12-server): i'm trying to compile a driver that stopped working at kernel 2.6.23.  is it possible to downgrade to an older ubuntu-packaged kernel?01:55
lusepusterHi folks. just upgraded to Hardy. and most stuff works fine, however - using compiz, dropdown menus don't show! is there an known fix?01:55
hrlrPedantic-Steve: I get "no suitable device found" when attempting to run tcpdump.01:56
lusepusterIt applies to both the system menu and menu bars in open windows01:56
Pedantic-Steve hrlr: hmm, that wierd.  I dont get that error... I get "listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes" (among other output)01:57
hrlrPedantic-Steve: I need to run it as root.  agh!  :)01:57
hrlrbbl - I'm off to compare and contrast.  Thanks Steve!01:58
sotoIs checkinstall supposed to be safe? (Doesn't overwrite files).02:01
Scientustawmas u need somethign???02:01
nabcoreI am so so very impressed with the update-manager --devel-release feature02:01
nabcoreshould this channel not be called ubuntu++ ?02:03
fabianhowardcan anyone tell me the reason why both vlc and totem are pixalated at full screen?  thanks02:03
RAOFfabianhoward: Because you're using the X11 video output, which doesn't do scaling nicely.02:04
rskRAOF: x11 dosen't even scale at all afaik02:04
fabianhowardis there an alternative?02:05
rsknot by default that is02:05
fabianhowardby default?02:05
rskx11 should have perfect quality02:05
rskbut takes more cpu than xv or gl or whatever02:05
RAOFrsk: I thought it did, by simply making the pixels bigger?  Oh, maybe that was something else.02:06
rskfabianhoward: try mplayer -vo x11 -zoom file.avi02:06
fabianhowardok, two minutes02:06
RAOFrsk: That will look horrible, though.02:07
rski doubt it, but let's see first :)02:07
RAOFHm... unless mplayer zooms itself.  I should probably try it :)02:07
crdlbRAOF: gstreamer's Xv zooms by default, mplayer's doesn't02:08
RAOFcrdlb: What is mplayer smoking?02:08
rskit's smoking ffmpeg02:08
RAOFThat's what Xv is _for_.02:08
crdlbRAOF: err02:08
crdlbsorry, X11*02:08
RAOFHardware accelerated scaling and colourspace conversion.02:09
RAOFOh, that makes more sense.02:09
RAOFrsk: That's some crazy crack.  No wonder it's weird :)02:09
fabianhowardRAOF: would you mind repeating that command please02:11
RAOFmplayer -vo x11 -zoom whatever.avi02:12
RAOFOn the other hand, what you probably _want_ is 'mplayer -vo xv whatever.avi'02:12
RAOFOr similar.02:12
rskbut the driver might be broken02:12
rskhow does x11 works fabianhoward ?02:13
rskbetter quaality02:13
rskor what you might want to improve02:13
fabianhoward"mplayer -vo x11 -zoom whatever.avi" works and doesnt look pixelated but a bit blurry.02:14
adincis there a way to turn the touchpad on a notebook of during typing, that makes human mad anytime you touch it a menu opens when typing02:14
fabianhowardI belive i'm using vesa drivers02:14
rskoh vesa02:14
rskthen it's going to be bad02:14
RAOFAh.  We don't do no stinkin acceleration :)02:14
fabianhowardwould fglrx be better?02:14
RAOFYes.  In almost every way.02:14
jszCan't get to live CD environment on my Pavilion dv9500t laptop, it hangs at "Starting bluetooth" :/02:14
IdleOneadinc, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#head-a2737e1d208c03c1942df6636f132ec412c8811502:16
adincIdleOne: thank you02:16
adincIdleOne: i suppose you had the same problem? god this is awfull, isn't it02:16
IdleOneadinc, indeed02:17
=== fabian is now known as fabianhoward
saltedlighthi. anyone using canon pixma mp150? if so, is scanning working for you?02:17
IdleOneI turned it off completly but you can disable temporarily also02:17
VTBuchi, I'm having some problems with AbiWord02:18
jszabsolutely nothing "just works", ever, under any flavor of Linux02:18
jszlearn that02:18
adincturning it totally of is not confortable, highlighting words is helpful, but the rest. ohh no02:18
VTBucI'm not sure if it's ubuntu-related or abiword-related02:18
jbroomesaltedlight: i have an mp160 that sane/cups will not talk to.  dunno if the 150 is the same02:18
VTBucMy problem is...the wikipedia and google search tools no longer work02:18
VTBuchighlighting a word and clicking google search simply takes me to the google homepage rather than searching for the term02:18
jbroomethat's 98% of my knowledge right there02:19
VTBucthe same thing with the wikipedia search...highlighting and clicking merely takes me to the wikipedia homepage02:19
VTBucit worked previously...then I rebooted and it no longer works02:19
saltedlightcups is working on mp150. worked yesterday. xsane is starting and then say I/O failure...02:20
VTBucdoes anybody have any advice? considering abiword is the default word processor for 8.0402:20
lusepusterBump - in compiz, menus don't show up when clicked. This is true for Gnome apps but not for Firefox.02:20
IdleOneadinc, that link will show you how to disable temp. but still be able to use the touchpad. I prefer a mouse that is why I turned it off02:20
RAOFVTBuc: In what variant of Ubuntu is abiword the default? :)02:20
VTBucXubuntu 8.0402:20
adincIdleOne: ohh, yes i need to buy a small one02:21
VTBucI'm not quite sure if it is in the Gnome version since I don't use it often02:21
Dr_willisYou can easially install abiword. :)02:21
RAOFVTBuc: Ok, right.  It's not default in Gnome.02:21
VTBucah okay, sorry about that02:21
VTBucdo you have experience with it regardless?02:22
RAOFNone whatsoever.  I didn't know the functionality that you say has broken existed in the first place :)02:22
HorizonXPhey, I was just watching a show, and I closed it; totem is hogging one of my CPUs. I can't kill it in system-monitor, it's status is Uninterruptible02:22
HorizonXPhow do I kill it?02:22
VTBucRAOF: yikes, okay haha. I'll search around for an abiword specific channel then02:22
RAOFVTBuc: #xubuntu would seem a good first approximation :)02:23
RAOFHorizonXP: Wait for whatever it was waiting for in the kernel to finish :)02:23
HorizonXPRAOF: what could that be? it's been a few minutes now02:23
fabianhowardRAOF: is xv compatable with fglrx?02:23
RAOFfabianhoward: Yes.02:23
HorizonXPRAOF: and it's totem, I was just watching a show and closed it02:23
HorizonXPRAOF: the gui's not even here anymore02:23
teamcobrahrmm... I've got a server colocated downtown, and ssh/nx rdesktop works, but pinging out from the ssh/nx doesn't02:24
RAOFHorizonXP: It's not possible to kill it.  That's what 'uninterruptible' means; it won't recieve any signals until whatever it's waiting for in the kernel returns.02:24
HorizonXPRAOF: so.... what do I do?02:24
fabianhowardRAOF: any idea why I it doesnt display then, i only get audio...02:25
HorizonXPRAOF: I'm just supposed to wait indefinitely?02:25
RAOFHorizonXP: Well, rebooting works :)02:25
teamcobradoes that seem like a config issue (static ip, not dhcp)?02:25
HorizonXPrebooting it is02:25
RAOFHorizonXP: Filing a bug is also a good idea, since it shouldn't hit D state.02:25
HorizonXPthanks :)02:25
sotoWhat's the environment variable for library paths?02:25
HorizonXPRAOF: you're right, but I have no info about the bug other than this02:25
fabianhowardteamcobra: whats the server running?02:25
teamcobrafabian: hardy02:26
teamcobrabelieve it or not ;p02:26
RAOF(D being 'uninterruptible', AKA "I'm waiting for the kernel to do something before I can execute any instructions at all")02:26
fabianhowardteamcobra: whats the ufw status?02:26
fabianhowardteamcobra: ie is it on?02:26
RAOFHorizonXP: What you were doing before it became uninterruptible would be pretty much the only thing you could add.  If you can reproducibly get this, then _definitely_ file a bug.02:27
teamcobranot sure to be honest.... I've been testing the server all week (it was at a friend's house on cable)02:27
fabianhowardteamcobra: i dont think UFS is on by default...02:27
teamcobraand everything was fine.. however, with the static ip set up, outgoing internet from inside the box doesn't work02:27
HorizonXPRAOF: first time it's happened. I don't even know what I did different to cause it02:27
HorizonXPanyway brb02:27
teamcobrashould I pastebin my /etc/network/interfaces and ifconfig?02:28
fabianhowardI have a feeling the firewalls to blame...02:28
fabianhowardjust a hunch02:28
=== saltedlight is now known as saltedlight_
teamcobrayeah, but the datacenter shouldn't be firewalling all traffic like that02:29
fabianhowardteamcobra: not the datacentre your machine02:29
teamcobrahrmmm, odd02:29
fabianhowardRAOF: sorry to ask another question, but do you have any idea why the display wont show with mplayers video output as xv?02:29
rskfabianhoward: put vo=xv in /homeu/user/.mplayer/config02:30
rski dont think vesa works with it02:30
RAOFIt definitely does not work with vesa.02:31
TantorCFSJAI have a question on screen refresh rates in Ubuntu 8.0402:31
TantorCFSJAI'm getting conflicting reports on the rate...02:31
RAOFTantorCFSJA: Your next statement will be "I have an nvidia card", right?02:31
fabianhowardI'm using fglrx02:31
TantorCFSJAScreen and graphics say 5502:31
TantorCFSJAand ...Ya... Nvidia says 75...02:31
fabianhowardnot sure about xorg config, left that up to the driver manager02:31
TantorCFSJAguess it's been brought up before eh?02:32
RAOFTantorCFSJA: nvidia deliberately mis-report the refresh rate.  nvidia-settings is correct.02:32
teamcobrajust disabled ufw, here's the pastebin while I reboot: http://pastebin.ca/96557302:32
TantorCFSJAOK my crt says it's 75 right...02:32
TantorCFSJAcool ty then...02:32
TantorCFSJAI'm new to Linux... andhave been really enjoying Ubuntu02:33
rskstarting with the beta02:33
TantorCFSJAhoping it makes some of the doze fans change their minds...02:33
TantorCFSJAwas on 7.10 for 2 weeks...02:33
teamcobrahardy is a very nice beta, esp in terms of hardware support (obviously due to the new kernel)02:33
Wrathother than for broadcom wireless cards..02:34
TantorCFSJAI think it's actually faster than 7.10...02:34
fabianhowarddoes fglrx need adintional config for xv overlay/02:34
teamcobraWrath: if you manually b43-fwcutter the firmware, they work nicely w/ b4302:34
teamcobramy 2 laptops are MUCH more stable as a resule (bcm4311rev02)02:34
TantorCFSJAwell thanx for the quick answer...02:34
TantorCFSJAmuch better than the MS support I'm used to... :)02:35
fabianhowardstrange i just get audio...02:35
teamcobraand also, rename any ndiswrapper.ko's you have floating around to ndiswrapper.old, even blacklisting doesn't seem to work ;p ;p02:35
Aval0nhey guys i just updated to hardy and my gdm is SUPER slow.. and if I click to drag a window it freezes02:35
Aval0nI've tried 2 different nvidia drivers02:35
Aval0nsame result02:35
Aval0nany suggestions?02:36
fabianhowardAval0n: whats it like with vesa/02:36
Aval0nI have not tried02:36
Aval0ngutsy worked a treat though02:36
saltedlight_Aval0n, what card do you have?02:37
teamcobradisabling ufw didn't change anything, I'm guessing it was already disabled02:38
fabianhowardteamcobra: so you can ssh to it?02:38
teamcobrafabian: yup, and connect via NX (ssh + rdesktop, so sending and receiving data from my laptop over ssh works)02:39
teamcobraboth work fine, ssh seems a bit laggy logging in at first, but it works02:39
fabianhowardfabianhoward: yet pinging it doesnt work??02:39
Aval0nsaltedlight_: 7300gs02:39
teamcobrapinging it works... but say, if I ssh into it... and ping google.com, it doesn't work02:40
teamcobraunknown host ;p02:40
fabianhowardteamcobra: can you wget google.com?02:40
teamcobrait's hanging at resolving, doesn't look like it02:40
fabianhowardteamcobra: can you ping any websites?02:41
fabianhowardteamcobra: try pinging
teamcobra30ms, works02:42
fabianhowardteamcobra: thats google02:42
fabianhowardteamcobra: looks like you need to set your dns02:42
teamcobracan I dpkg-reconfigure and get it going that way?02:42
fabianhowardteamcobra: I'm afraid i cant help you there02:43
fabianhowardteamcobra: i dont use debian/ubuntu on the server02:43
fabianhowardteamcobra: sorry02:43
teamcobraahh... thanks for the help though, I should be able to figure something out02:43
fabianhowardteamcobra: np02:43
fabianhowardteamcobra: can you cat /etc/resolv.conf02:45
teamcobra1 sec02:45
r0bbyis hardy stable enough to use that it's not gonna bust like every other beta release i've tried...02:47
teamcobraahh, let me change that, I think you've found the problem ;)02:47
fabianhowardr0bby: there are no garentuess02:47
fabianhowardteamcobra: what does it say?02:47
r0bbyI have no clue how ubuntu devs break things as bad as they do at times..02:47
teamcobrait's _scary_ how much better nx works vs the colo's kvm-over-ip02:48
teamcobrafabian: old ip addresses from my buddy's cable02:48
r0bby(i'm not trolling)02:48
fabianhowardr0bby: i find it stable enough02:48
r0bbythere were times where i'd lose X02:48
fabianhowardr0bby: well with bulletproof x...02:48
r0bbyalso have you had any luck w/ dual monitors (using Intel's onboard graphics driver)02:48
r0bbyI just managed to bust graphics on my system02:49
saltedlight_r0bby, i think is stable enough for an newbie like me :))02:49
r0bbyjust wait a few weeks02:49
r0bbyI'm a cynic when it comes to ubuntu lately02:50
teamcobrasearch hsd1.in.comcast.net.  /  nameserver / nameserver    (the 3 lines of /etc/resolv.conf, slash between each line)02:50
fabianhowardteamcobra: just change the whole thing to nameserver
saltedlight_r0bby,  i'm trying to boost my graphics too... i do have some strange bugs... and is kinda slow comparing with the ol' m$win%cra&p... but seems to be ok... if not... there is no way back to m$win%cra*p02:52
fabianhowardteamcobra: ?02:53
teamcobrafabian: rebooting the server, 1 min ;)02:53
fabianhowardteamcobra: you should need too...02:53
fabianhowardteamcobra: you shouldn't need too...02:53
teamcobraoh :p02:53
adincIdleOne: it works great!02:53
teamcobrasorry, I restarted right after I saved it ;p02:53
fabianhowardteamcobra: np02:54
IdleOneadinc, glad to hear it :)02:54
fabianhowardteamcobra: let me know, when its up02:54
teamcobrawill do02:54
LunksI configured a static IP address for my network. Now I have to do an 'ifup eth0' everytime I restart my computer.02:55
Luckrideryou could set that command to run at start up02:56
teamcobra64 bytes from py-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=6 ttl=248 time=3.83 ms02:56
LunksAlso when setting a new IP address, I have to do it as well.02:56
fabianhowardteamcobra: nice02:57
LunksLuckrider: but should I? =P02:57
fabianhowardteamcobra: glad to help02:57
LuckriderIt would make it more convinient02:57
teamcobrathanks fabian, you saved the night :)02:57
fabianhowardteamcobra: lol02:57
teamcobrafabian: once I get the quotas and ldap going, I'll give you an upgraded acct on my site02:57
teamcobra(collaboration suite + remote desktop service) ;)02:57
fabianhowardteamcobra: thats very generous, thanks you02:58
Luckrideryou can run up to 2 custom commands in prefereda applicalations, unless you run a script in there, then the script can be as long as you want Lunks02:58
Luckriderbut... I have to go to bed in a couple of minutes02:58
teamcobrano problem :) ssh is a lot snappier too02:58
Dr_willisHmm.. Why the heck is it saying the normal ubuntu updates dont have verification now.. odd...02:59
adincIdleOne: do you know how the brightness of a notebook is controlled, i've a samsung q45 and the brightnes can not be controlled via the Fn-keys02:59
teamcobrawillis: reload02:59
Luckriderso Lunks if you want to set up commands on start up go to System> preferences> Prefered Application>  Accesibility02:59
Dr_willis The following packages cannot be authenticated!  -- On everything..02:59
Dr_willisteamcobra,  ahh. yep. makes sence02:59
teamcobrawillis: out of date packages ;)02:59
LunksLuckrider: I believe this is a problem with Ubuntu, I shouldn't have to correct it02:59
Luckridersorry lunks, if you need more help ask someone else, got to get to bed02:59
LunksUnless it's a wanted behaviour, which I think it's not. ;P02:59
Dr_willisya thinkit would say so. :) not this obscoure message. heh03:00
IdleOneadinc, have not figured that out yet sorry03:00
teamcobraLunks: I have a static ip set up.... how did you configure yours in the first place, network-manager?03:00
fabianhowardteamcobra: would you like an email, in case of further queries?03:00
adincIdleOne: no problem03:00
Lunksteamcobra: yup03:00
teamcobrafabian: sure, msg me :)03:00
fabianhowardteamcobra: u get it?03:01
teamcobrafabian: nope, oddly enough03:02
Aval0nif I wanted to completely remove X and reinstall for hardy03:02
GrotyHi All03:02
Aval0nwhat would I do?03:02
fabianhowardteamcobra: how about now?03:02
Aval0nso it will be completely default03:03
GrotyIt was recommended that I bring this up on this channel03:03
GrotyI just upgraded to 8.04 on my lappy, noticed one thing - when on battery power, unchecking "Reduce backlight brightness" in Power Management Prefs isn't working.  It still dims and now I know how my grandparents feel when they try to read at night03:03
teamcobrayup, got it03:03
teamcobraLunks: hrmm, well... the quick, dirty, and easy way to fix it is to modify your startup script03:04
teamcobra1 sec03:04
Aval0nif I wanted to completely remove X and reinstall for hardy and make it compeltely default what packages would I need to remove?03:04
teamcobraLunks: add ifup eth0 to your /etc/rc.local , you'll never have to touch it again after a reboot03:05
fabianhowardAval0n: so your jsut back at ubuntu-desktop?03:05
Aval0nI want ubuntu desktop with working compiz again03:06
teamcobrait's hackish, but I didn't bump into the same problem on the 8.04 server edition that is using a static ip03:06
Lunksteamcobra: but I have when changing IP address as well. =P03:06
teamcobraand I'll see if I can reproduce it myself later03:06
teamcobrahrmm.. point taken ;)03:06
saltedlight_is emerald deprecated? how can i install it? i do not find it on synaptic...03:06
LunksI think this is an issue03:06
LunksI don't mind doing it every startup03:07
LunksAs Hardy is beta, and if I'm using it, I really don't bother broken things.03:07
teamcobrano, after adding the ifup eth0, it'd bring the interface up automatically03:07
SuperLagHow do you delete a file that exists, but Hardy says it doesn't?03:07
LunksBut I believe it should be fixed, right? =P03:07
teamcobraI will try to reproduce it in a vm though, just really busy atm03:07
fabianhowardAval0n: sorry so you want to get back to the default install of ubuntu?03:07
SuperLag-????????? ? ?    ?     ?                ? Unincorp03:08
SuperLagthat's the perms on the files03:08
SuperLagand I can't delete it03:08
SuperLagit resides in /var/lib/dpkg/triggers/03:08
d4t4min31does HH come with firefox 3?03:08
SuperLagd4t4min31: yes03:08
teamcobrad4: b403:08
d4t4min31cool... did they work on the wifi connection thing03:09
d4t4min31I couldn't get it to work with my usb wireless03:09
teamcobrawhat usb wireless chipset?03:09
Aval0nfabianhoward: ?03:10
fabianhowardAval0n: wouldnt it be eaiser to do a clean reinstall?03:10
Aval0ntoo many things I could lose03:11
Aval0nlots of recordings/videos from myth03:11
Aval0nno blanks cds...03:11
fabianhowardAval0n: /etc :P03:11
akreaoCould you explain what Myth is? I almost installed it.03:12
fabianhowardakreao: tv/media package03:12
akreaoI'm looking for desktop recording softwar.e03:12
akreaoSomething like CamStudio but working on Linux.03:13
fabianhowardAval0n: open synaptix and go to file > history03:13
Aval0nI wish I could just go back to gutsy03:14
akreaoI had too many problems with gutsy. =/03:14
fabianhowardAval0n: is that helpful?03:14
Aval0nfabianhoward: i'll check it out in a bit not there atm03:15
Silvanovhello, are there any supported programs like webmin or ispconfig for hardy server?03:15
fabianhowardAval0n: kk03:16
SuperLagtotally hosed :)03:20
* SuperLag guesses he gets to start over03:20
dassoukii installed cheese on gutsy, and it loads up stays up for a few seconds then shuts down, during which my webcam on turns on03:20
SuperLagIs there a way to blow up your package tree, and still be able to easily build it from scratch?03:21
icanhasadminHardy is amazing. I <3 it :D03:24
IdleOneSuperLag,  what do you mean by blow up the package tree?03:24
icanhasadminIdleOne: dynamite no doubt.03:25
teamcobraicanhasadmin, it is quite nice ;)03:25
teamcobrameh, anyone know of any reasonable places for colocation that they've worked with?03:25
teamcobrathis connection has a very low ping, but they chare $295/mo for an unmetered 10m line03:26
teamcobraand 128k doesn't cut it ;p03:26
icanhasadminteamcobra: seriously amazing. I installed it on the fly onto an 8gb sandisk flash drive. small menu.lst edit and everything worked genius. compiz started with a simple skip_checks and performance was quite impressive.03:27
SuperLagIdleOne: dpkg is hosed03:27
kgoetzSuperLag: can you give us more details?03:27
SuperLagIdleOne: turns out it's more serious than that. I'm going to reinstall03:28
teamcobraincanhasadmin: _sweet_ ;)03:28
SuperLagI had a bad shutdown and it corrupted the fs03:28
spinikeri have problems when i shut down my laptop,the screen goes black and it takes tolong to shut down,im running hardy beta on my laptop..03:28
SuperLagSo rather than trying to patch things back together and not being sure if it's all fixed, I'm just going to start over03:28
* SuperLag is crazy, anyways :)03:28
ethana2I have a 2GB flash drive03:29
* SuperLag runs Hardy in a VMWare Fusion virtual machine, on his Mac... running from the external Firewire drive :)03:29
ethana2...how easy would it be to put bootable ubuntu on it?03:29
* teamcobra _despises_ what apple has become03:29
SuperLagteamcobra: why?03:29
ethana2Apple has become the devil03:29
ethana2control, control, control03:29
SuperLaghow do you figure?03:29
teamcobraSuperLag: control03:29
ethana2...and control03:29
ethana2SuperLag, oh just about everything03:30
ethana2where their OS is run03:30
spinikeris there anyway to fix it?i have to remove the power cord and the battery just to turn it off...03:30
teamcobralook at the appstore for the iphone03:30
ethana2what networks their phone can use03:30
icanhasadminethana2: er... i'm actually not 100% sure if 2gb is quite enough. honestly i would NEVER suggest a usb flash/hd install. I only was confident because i've done it a 100 times :D03:30
teamcobranow _that_ is lockdown03:30
ethana2many things they do are lockdwon03:30
teamcobraand hahah... they cripple x1103:30
teamcobraso 90% of gpl software for the mac isn't usable by default03:30
ethana2..icanhasadmin: ...I may get a 4 or 8 GB...03:30
teamcobraunless you have an installation dvd, which is _supposed_ to come with the support for the pc... we've called quite a few times, no joy03:31
rustdoes anybody use send-notify with cron on Hardy?03:31
teamcobraand they'll lie to get you off of the phone03:31
SuperLagI never got into Linux for philosophical reasons. It's purely more pragmatic for me. It runs much more stable than Windows and software is cheap and/or free.03:31
teamcobrawhich isn't good support for a pc w/ a $1k premium for basically shiny and support03:31
SuperLagMy Macbook does what I need it to do.03:31
rustI'm havin' problems, in that from cron or at it wont display a message on the desktop03:31
rustbut from the terminal it comes up ok.03:32
icanhasadminethana2: it's very very doable with a tiny grub fix. 4gb should work just fine.03:32
teamcobraSuperLag: yeah, I started running linux 12 years ago (@ 12) because my first x86 pc was a dual proc p13303:32
teamcobraand win95 didn't have dual proc support03:32
teamcobraand liked to need a reinstall every day, literally03:32
rustDISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/notify-send Notify "Notified"03:33
teamcobraI mean, my first pc was a IIGS03:33
rust^^ works from the terminal but not cron, ideas/03:33
SuperLagI don't screw with my Mac. I use it. It doesn't get tinkered with, as do my Linux boxes.03:33
icanhasadminYeah, cheap vista laptop ($400 range) that doesn't even support Aero... flying colors in Hardy.. installed with DRI working default. amazingly quick and responsive too.03:33
SuperLagIt stays out of my way.03:33
SuperLagand that's exactly what I want03:33
Aval0nis the cube effect off by default in hardy?03:34
SuperLagI've done the Linux bit. Google my nick, and my name, and you can see that.03:34
teamcobramy mom was an apple freak, because back then, the only good pc's for education were the mac, and she was a high school art teacher... the IIGS had a wicked cpu + gfx combo at the time, was pretty much an amiga ;)03:34
ethana2cube is ugly03:34
Aval0nwhat about the wobble when you move the windows around03:34
SuperLagI just had better use for my time.03:34
Aval0nis that off too?03:34
ethana2i think so03:34
icanhasadmingimp ftfw..03:34
Aval0nahh then my stuff isn't messed up03:34
Aval0nit's just default03:34
Aval0nat least for that03:34
Aval0ncube is not ugly btw ;)03:35
rskyou have better use of your time than to talk about you prefering mac's in #ubuntu+103:35
SuperLagrsk: I still mess with Linux. :)03:35
* teamcobra goes back to the server ;p03:35
ethana2our windows suck03:35
SuperLagrsk: hence my earlier questions03:35
ethana2title bars are horrible03:35
ethana2..but by gnome 3.0 we should be past all this03:35
SuperLagin any case... my bad shutdown corrupted the filesystem03:35
rskrun fsck?03:36
SuperLagtoo many errors03:36
SuperLagI tried that already. and even if it fixes them all, I still wouldn't trust it03:36
rskman fsck and se if there's some force option03:36
SuperLagrsk: you an Ubuntu committer?03:37
rskand if that dosen't work, either pay good money for disc recovery from a lab03:37
rskor find the data again and put it on a new disc03:37
SuperLagit's beta03:37
SuperLagI understand that03:37
SuperLagthere is no important data on this install03:37
SuperLagI just realized, though, that I didn't keep the .iso to install from. I deleted it to recover space.03:38
SuperLagTime to download again.03:38
teamcobrasuperlag: you've run fsck -v -y /dev/hdx right?03:38
teamcobra-y is important ;)03:38
rsk-yes ? :D03:39
SuperLagtoo. many. errors.03:39
teamcobraok *ducks*03:39
SuperLag19:36 < SuperLag> I tried that already. and even if it fixes them all, I still wouldn't trust it03:39
rskyou are not trusting an app03:39
rskthat you were trusting enough to run to fix your drive?03:39
rski guess you do use mac after all03:40
SuperLagI can't TYPE03:40
SuperLagrsk: what?03:40
SuperLagyou're not making sense03:40
teamcobraI mean, I've had a _ton_ of errors before03:41
rskjust ignore me then03:41
teamcobrabut as long as there wasn't bad sectors, I've never had bad luck03:41
teamcobrafsck ftw03:41
teamcobra1 bad shutdown can make a lot of errors that get fixed03:41
SuperLagand I've had a _ton_ of errors, as well... w/no bad sectors. And it still turned out to be a mess03:42
teamcobraguess I've had a _lot_ of good luck w/ filesystems to make up for the decade of bad luck irl ;p03:42
dassoukidoes anyone kno where the cheese config files are?03:44
rsk./cheese maybe?03:44
RAOF~/.gnome2/cheese, I think.03:45
IdleOnewould anybody know how to set it up so I can download files to a certain folder and then have them moved to a folder on my windows share?03:45
dassoukiok thanks03:45
IdleOneautomagicaly of course03:45
icanhasadminIdleOne: "mv" and a lot of tab completing...03:46
IdleOneicanhasadmin, I want the content of the folder on my ubuntu box moved say 1 time a day to a folder on my windows pc03:47
IdleOnethere should be a script that can be written to do this but I dont know how to03:47
RAOFIdleOne: It'd be pretty easy.  You'd basically want to rsync the folted to the windows PC, and stick that in a script which you call from cron.03:49
icanhasadminIdleOne: sounds like someone somewhere has something that would do that lol.03:49
icanhasadminYes, exactly what RAOF said.03:49
RAOFicanhasadmin: Well, perhaps without the word "folder" replaced by "folted" :P03:50
IdleOneRAOF, you look like a person who knows about this! wanna write this up real quick :)03:50
RAOFNever done it before!03:50
icanhasadminRAOF: not so sure. folted's sometimes can hold just as much informated and be moved just as efficiently ;)03:51
RAOFIdleOne: However, what you'd be after is something like "#!/bin/sh ; rsync -a /path/to/thing /path/to/windows " and stick it in /etc/cron.daily03:51
isforinsectsWhat does it mean when my dmesg is spitting out req's from me to my dns ip03:52
Aval0nguys I am going to run mythtv on my hardy box, but with compiz is there a way to let it go fullscreen without having the menu bars at top and bottom?03:53
AutoMatriXhi folks03:56
evallesis anyone having problems with broadcom 4318 wireless card in hardy?03:56
AutoMatriXsince gutsy thye stylus on my tabletPC (an M200 Toshiba) does not work anymore ....03:57
AutoMatriXhow can i figure out if tihis is repairedi in hardy ?03:57
dwidmannDoes anybody here know what would cause a grub error 16 (inconsistent filesystem structure) error off  a new install?03:57
evallesthe driver seems to be loaded... the light is on, but it fails to find any network03:57
icanhasadmindwidmann: did you happen to install on an external harddrive?03:59
dwidmannicanhasadmin: no04:00
icanhasadmindwidmann: can you list the partitions on your drive and what their file systems are? in order?04:00
dwidmannicanhasadmin: but if you have a potential solution that worked in that scenario, I'd still love to hear it04:00
dwidmann/dev/sda1 (ntfs), /dev/sda5 (ext2 (/boot)), /dev/sda6 (encrypted XFS), /dev/sda7-11 (not formatted), /dev/sda12 (encrypted xfs (/home))04:02
icanhasadmini assume you're on a different box now?04:02
dwidmannicanhasadmin: right, this is my laptop, and I'm right next to the other one .... booted into gparted live right now .... apart from that most of my tinkering was with SystemRescue04:03
icanhasadmindwidmann: I probabaly can't fix this in this situation. but i can point you in the right direction. your MBR is screwed.04:04
dwidmannicanhasadmin: ah, that might do it04:04
icanhasadmindwidmann: honestly error 16 pretty much only happens when windows is also floating around on that drive04:05
icanhasadmindwidmann: you might want to try a windows cd + recovery console04:05
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I tried doing "grub; root (hd0,4) setup (hd0)" to no avail04:05
dwidmannicanhasadmin: well, seeing as I just copied everything over to this drive .....04:05
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I'll see what I can do04:05
icanhasadmini'm guessing you installed hardy recently?04:06
icanhasadminor this was an issue on first boot?04:06
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I still have thorough backups of everything ..... well, currently it's gutsy, seeing as the hardy disk failed to work (I have all the packages I need for the upgrade cached on my laptop)04:06
IdleOneRAOF, so I would just move the file I just created to /etc/cron.daily? how can I have it do the rsync at a specific time?04:07
dwidmannicanhasadmin: first boot sort of issue, it said that no boot devices were available, that's when I fired up the live cd and ran setup on it04:07
icanhasadminso.. wait it's an upgraded gutsy install?04:07
RAOFIdleOne: That, I don't know.04:08
dwidmannicanhasadmin: then again, this is a drive fresh out of another computer ... (was running hardy), I decided I was going to reinstall to clean some automated things up, zero filled the drive, made a new partition table and partitioned it with gparted live, tried to insstall hardy and it failed to set up grub among other things, so I popped in gutsy and it worked, but then it failed to boot04:09
IdleOneRAOF, at what time does the cron.daily perform ?04:09
dwidmannicanhasadmin: (issues with the new box perhaps)04:09
RAOFIdleOne: Dunno :)04:09
IdleOneguess I'll find out04:09
icanhasadmindwidmann: yeah... that's way too much to... yeah.. i'd never get through that. my suggestion is back up, full repartition/install04:10
icanhasadmindwidmann: and try fdisk/mkfs instead of gparted04:11
dwidmannicanhasadmin: Will do ... I hope it helps .... might as well zero fill it again first, it'll only take about a half hour ........ alright, fdisk it is04:11
dwidmannicanhasadmin: or rather than zero filling the whole thing,  I suppose I could just do the first 50 or so meg of each partition, that oughta do the trick04:12
icanhasadmini'm confused.. why are you zero filling?04:12
dwidmannicanhasadmin: just to make sure there's nothing "leftover", sometimes things have gotten confused (the hardy alternate did, for example, when I went to configure encrypted volumes)04:13
icanhasadmindwidmann: i've played with many drives. i've never had that issue.. if you delete all the partitions with fdisk and make some new ones... shouldn't be an issue04:14
RAOFdwidmann: sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda (not a good idea!)04:15
r0bbyicanhasadmin: NICE nick!04:17
dwidmannRAOF: any specific reasons?04:18
icanhasadminr0bby: ... ? actually it's sort of dumb but thanks.04:18
r0bbyno it's cute :)04:29
DanaGWTF?  Tapping is enabled!04:35
DanaGI've explicitly DISABLED it!04:35
icanhasadminDanaG: you seem upset.04:36
=== evalles is now known as effie_jayx
DanaGYeah, it's not nice for things to randomly forget settings.04:36
DanaGMy touchpad just randomly forgot that it's a touchpad.04:36
Ava-can someone point me to where I could find some docs on making haron autologin with a specific user and autorun an application?04:37
dwidmannicanhasadmin: repartitioned using cfdisk, now lets see if it worked .....04:37
icanhasadmindwidmann: we can hope?04:37
dwidmannAt least the computers fast ... I coudln't imagine how horrible it would be to go through all of this on a slow computer04:38
dwidmannI've been at this for at least 6 hours now ....04:39
DanaGGSynaptics couldn't initialize.04:39
DanaGYou have to set 'SHMConfig' 'true' in Xorg.conf or XFree86.conf to use GSynaptics04:39
DanaGWTF?  it IS true!04:40
dwidmannDanaG: calm down04:40
IdleOneDanaG, yes04:40
* cwillu huggles DanaG 04:40
DanaGI see: the synaptics driver doesn't do hotplugging.04:41
DanaGIf the device goes away, it loses all settings until the next time Xorg restarts.04:41
* Goatz Hugs DanaG 04:41
DanaGAnyway, now I have to restart Xorg.04:42
icanhasadmin!X is your friend04:42
Ava-can someone point me to where I could find some docs on making haron autologin with a specific user and autorun an application?04:43
Ava-hardy I mean04:43
cwilluAva-, it's the same as in gutsy and previous04:47
cwilluAva-, admin | login window, there's an option in there to autologin, and then prefs | session to auto start an app04:47
=== os2mac-- is now known as os2mac
dwidmannI hate how "scanning the mirror" takes forever with no indication of progress :(04:51
DanaGAAArgh, something randomly trampled on my xorg.conf!04:52
DanaGI have it backed up, but still, it shouldn't randomly disappear like that.04:53
dwidmannA system where things didn't randomly disappear .... what would be the fun in that?04:54
* dwidmann crosses his fingers and reboots his desktop04:55
icanhasadminDanaG: I've never experienced anything like that with my xorg04:55
hrlrAnyone here having problems with DHCP?04:56
hrlrIt appears that in my instance of Hardy it isn't sending all appropriate data when establishing an IP address and is withholding the my system's hostname.04:57
dwidmannicanhasadmin: wow, that flows deep into the realm of wtf .... It said no boot device found, so I fired up the kubuntu live and selected boot from first hard disk, grub comes up, but hd0 was no joy..... seems it randomly became hd2 or hd3, I forget which. Seems to be booting okay from here ...04:59
icanhasadmindwidmann: actually, THAT i've seen before.05:00
DanaGWell, now back to a WORKING one.  Now I'll stop griping about it (or at the very least, pipe it into /dev/null).05:01
dwidmannicanhasadmin: so have I on my old desktop that this one is replacing. I've not seen it fail to boot at all before though without the aid of going to a live cd and saying boot from first hard disk though, this is new05:02
DanaGWhat's a good backup app that'll let me keep multiple snapshots over time, and hardlink anything that's unchanged?05:02
icanhasadminyeah a little odd i suppose.. you won't know how to edit your menu.lst without knowing which hd lol05:03
dwidmannicanhasadmin: yeah .... what bugs me about it though is that it didn't boot it by itself, I had to go into a live cd (well, dvd) and say boot from first hdd05:03
icanhasadmindwidmann: you couldn't "e" for edit in grub and change it manually to boot?05:04
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I coudln't even get to grub05:04
dwidmannicanhasadmin: system said no boot devices were found05:04
icanhasadmin... wha?05:04
Ava-guys I configured gdm.conf to autologin a user.. well it works but when I autologin I get a HUGE resolution05:04
Ava-if I manually login the same user that doesn't happen05:05
Ava-what gives?05:05
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I'm goinng to be removing the other drives (intended to to begin with, but I have some stuff I need to do with them first before I pull them out, seeing as I might be finding a new owner for my old desktop), and I hope that might resolve this issue05:05
icanhasadminAva-: that's the curse that is put on people who configure gdm.conf, it's an ancient spell cast on those who want to auto login.05:05
icanhasadminAva-: did you check the resolution in xorg.conf?05:07
icanhasadminsometime's when there's multiple resolutions in screens it picks them at random05:08
rustAva-, I had something similar before, which was to do with DPI.05:08
rustAva-, gnome-session would set it correctly once you log in but X botches it.05:09
* cwillu giggles slightly05:13
Ava-ica: it works fine when the user is manually logged in05:13
Ava-xorg is fone05:13
AngryElfso is lirc broken for amd64 in beta4?05:17
DanaGgiggling? about what?05:19
cwilluAva-, but I can giggle about you DanaG if you want :p05:21
cwilluDanaG, I think git's actually been notable for being faster than hardlinked approaches (it will do a hardlink if you want, but that's more for multiple local repos)05:22
DanaGHmm.  Anyway, the end result I want is like Apple's new thingy in Leopard (it's not new -- I'm sure there've been ways to do that long before they came out with thier thingy), but theirs is the one that's instantly recognizable.05:24
DanaG  (oh, and I was deliberately not naming "Time Machine"05:24
Ava-cwillu: do you know how to autolaunch a program after login?05:25
cwilluAva-, depends on the environment;  xfce has autostarted-applications in one of the menus, gnome uses preferences|sessions05:25
DanaGOh yeah, I forgot to mention: I want it to cover my whole drive, not just my user profile.05:27
dwidmanncwillu: , Ava-, and kde has ~/.kde/Autostart :)05:27
orbisvicisand theres /etc/gdm ~/.Xinitrc ~/.Xsession05:27
DanaGSo, what are some good backup apps that'll do what I want?05:28
* cwillu slaps orbisvicis for suggesting /etc/gdm/* for launching apps in a desktop environment, and for mentioning both of .Xinitrc and .Xsession without any guidance to pick between them, especially as the gui tools work well enough :p05:28
cwilluwhew, that was a mouthful05:29
* orbisvicis is impressed by that mouthful05:29
cwilluand rightfully so :D05:29
* orbisvicis rubs a stinging cheek05:30
orbisviciswhy doesnt ubuntu have .gnomerc ?05:31
orbisvicisand where do the gnome preferences get stored ?05:32
cwilluall over the place;  ~/gconf*/ mostly05:33
* orbisvicis is tired too05:34
orbisvicisi meant, the gnome session preferences05:34
cwillumake that ~/.g*/05:35
DanaGI still can't find what I'm looking for in backups.05:36
DanaGAt least, not in any easy-to-use and un-boggy way.05:36
RAOFdwidmann: Oh, that's not a good idea because it will blow away all of your data on the drive in a way that makes it near-impossible to recover.05:36
orbisvicishow to make an exact duplicate of a partition to file ?05:38
orbisvicisdd? any other ways ?05:38
orbisvicis(then tar it)05:39
cwilluorbisvicis, dd works, I usually pipe it through gzip first05:39
cwillutarring it won't accomplish anything, it's already a single file :p05:39
dwidmannRAOF: yeah, that's the general idea05:39
Ava-cwillu I'm using gnome and compiz how would I go about autolaunching an app?05:40
cwilluAva-, Preferences | Session05:40
Ava-from the gui itself05:40
orbisviciscwillu, how bad an idea is it to just copy files from one partition into a tar ?05:40
cwilluAva-, ?05:40
dwidmannRAOF: backed everything up that I needed onto my laptop and some of it on one of my other hard drives, and nuked the contents of the drive (using /dev/zero it went at about 70MB/s with BS=4096)05:41
cwilluorbisvicis, you can do it, although you probably want some args to make sure it doesn't get too confused05:41
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
Ava-I got it05:42
* DanaG uses dd_rescue so it'll auto-adjust block size.05:42
DanaGI never did manage to figure out optimal block size on my own.05:42
DanaGPlus, dd_rescue updates speed info continuously.05:42
dwidmannDanaG: 4096 seems to work pretty well, lower block sizes seemed to slow it down and I tried once with 8192 and it actually slowed it down slightly05:43
DanaGDang, now I still need help choosing a backup app.05:43
DanaGAny input on backup stuff?05:46
cwilluDanaG, I just use git and rsync myself05:46
CarlFKI need to pick which sata card to use: I have Silicon Image and VIA - either one of those good/bad?05:48
corevettewhat is the difference between OOXML and ODF? i know OOXML=microsoft and ODF=sun06:02
RAOFcorevette: It's probably easier to list their similarities than their differences.06:03
Flannelcorevette: ODF isn't sun.06:03
Rob125Biggest difference is that OOXML contains binary blobs of untranslateable text, afaik.06:03
kgoetzRob125: those are two problems06:04
Flannelcorevette: Well, nevermind, I guess they were the forebearers06:04
kgoetzOOXML is also developed by a single vender behind doors, its optomised (if you can use that word) for teh USA, it includes references to external (proprietary/closed) documents for key formatting06:05
kgoetzetc etc06:05
RAOFAnd </wordBreakLikeWord95> tags, and such.06:05
Flannelkgoetz: regardlesss of the feel-good factors, OOXML is unimplementable.06:05
kgoetzFlannel: absolutely06:06
dwidmannhere's a difference (stated plainly) - ODF is actually open06:06
kgoetzand its not freely usable either06:06
Flanneler, I guess corevette, but still.06:06
AutoMatriXhi folks, stylus is not working on my tablet PC, so I had to reinstall Feisty ... how can I know if I upgrade to Hardy I will not have the same problem ?06:07
kgoetzyou cant06:07
RAOFAutoMatriX: You don't, unless you try.06:07
RAOFAutoMatriX: Trying can be easy, if you use the LiveCD.06:07
dwidmannAutoMatriX: worst case scenario you just have to reinstall feisty again06:07
corevetteso, do you think Sun or whoever will still develop ODF?06:08
kgoetzODF is under continual revisison06:08
AutoMatriXRAOF, dwidmann tx for honest anwers ... but can I upgrade from feisty to hardy without reinstalling gutsy ? otherwise I'l have the same problem, for sure06:10
dwidmannAutoMatriX: probably have to upgrade through gutsy to hardy, or use the disc06:11
RAOFAutoMatriX: You can't upgrade while skipping releases.  You need to go Feisty->Gutsy->Hardy (with the exception of the supported Dapper->Hardy upgrade)06:11
AutoMatriXso I guess I'll be in the same troubles again :(06:11
RAOFAutoMatriX: Although it's by no means certain that going through Gutsy will break your stylus.  It's possible that bug was fixed.06:12
RAOFHandy hint: test now, while there's still a slim chance that if the bug is still there, it can be fixed before release!06:12
Rob125AutoMatriX: Using the livecd to check won't necessitate you update, though, because it runs entirely from the CD06:12
DanaGANother hint: back up xorg.conf.06:12
Rob125Good hint, DanaG >_>06:12
Rob125I'd have done well to listen to that one.06:12
AutoMatriXRAOF not as far as I could read :( seems to be a kernel problem06:12
DanaGJust today, I found mine randomly trampled upon, without notification of that happening.06:13
RAOFAutoMatriX: And since we're using a new kernel, it may well be fixed.06:13
AutoMatriXDanaG, thanx to you, I already sent my xorg.conf to 2 different mailboxes :D06:13
RAOFAutoMatriX: Again, the chance that it _is_ fixed is greatly enhanced by telling someone who can do something about it.  This means: test Hardy, and file a bug if it doesn't work.06:14
AutoMatriXRAOF, will do, as soon as I get a new pack of CD's .... I burt last one yesterday06:15
jast-mxmi'm using 8.04 w/ kde4 (already tried $kubuntu-kde4 w/ no responses) but when i open multiple txt files in kate they open in new windows rather than in the same one, anyone know how to change that06:16
DanaGArgh, is there NO backup app that has a "Don't cross filesystem boundaries" option?06:16
RAOFDanaG: Doesn't rsync have a --one-filesystem option?06:16
dwidmannjast-mxm: umm, one sec, I have an idea06:16
DanaGYeah, but I want a GUI of some sort.06:16
AmaranthRAOF: dude, automatix got uploaded to universe06:17
DanaGsbackup doesn't seem to do hardlinking.06:17
dwidmannjast-mxm: try changing your launcher for kate in the menu to use the -u option06:17
jast-mxmdwidmann: how do i do that, i can't right click on it to change06:18
RAOFAmaranth: Yeah, I saw.06:18
dwidmannack, forgot about that jast-mxm, one sec06:18
RAOFThat jdong, eh?06:18
DanaGArgh, is there NO such app?06:18
AmaranthRAOF: Indeed.06:18
jast-mxmdwidmann, heh i wish they kept that >.<06:18
AmaranthDanaG: Easy to use GUI apps are used by people that don't have multiple file systems :P06:18
kgoetzAmaranth: does that mean it only breaks your system some times now?06:18
corevette(i'm sorry back to ODF v. OOXML) why did KDE vote FOR OOXML? http://dot.kde.org/1207000153/06:18
Amaranthkgoetz: that means look at the calendar06:18
DanaGThat's not quite true.06:19
DanaGThink of users who have their media on their Windows partitions.06:19
kgoetzAmaranth: oh right06:19
DanaGYou don't want to end up taking the entire Windows filesystem with you.06:19
dwidmannjast-mxm: it'll probably be readded soon, I hope.06:19
DanaGAt least, I don't.  I want Windows apps to handle backup for Windows.06:19
jast-mxmme too because it is very annoying06:19
* Amaranth goes back to listening to carmack explain megatexture06:19
kgoetzcorevette: this whole thing is really OT for here06:19
RAOFcorevette: Again, timestamping is your friend.06:19
dwidmannjast-mxm: try launching /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kmenuedit06:20
kgoetzRAOF: not on that page though06:20
kgoetzKDE Office Suite Posted by Jonathan Riddell on Monday 31/Mar/2008, @14:4906:20
kgoetzcorevette: off topic06:20
Rob125lmao, corevette06:20
Rob125"We have studied the standard hard and many changes have been made to it," said KDE's Supreme Leader Aaron Seigo "and following a $10,000 donation from an anonymous North American source we realised the market should decide the best formats to use, not technical bureaucrats".06:21
kgoetzcorevette: :)06:21
Amaranthjust turn off your computer and come back in 3 days06:21
corevetteall featured videos on youtube leak to rickroll :-)06:21
* corevette loves April Fools Day06:21
* RAOF loves chocolate06:22
Rob125oh, hell06:22
Rob125it's april fool's day?06:22
RAOFSend me chocolate!06:22
Rob125I have nothign planned!06:22
jast-mxmdwidmann: /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kate -u     is what i have but same result06:22
dwidmannjast-mxm: hmmmm06:22
jast-mxmrather it is kate -i *percent sign*U06:23
RAOFOther donations gratefully accepted include a laptop that doesn't overheat and shutdown all the frikkin time.06:23
dwidmannjast-mxm: do you open the files at the same time (ie: with that command in a shell) or do you pull them up one at a time in a gui?06:23
kgoetzraof and XO laptops which dont take 5 minutes to load a page06:23
jast-mxmdwidmann: one at a time06:24
jast-mxmkind of as i need them i open them06:24
dwidmannjast-mxm: one sec, I'm seeing how it behaves for me06:25
DanaGArgh, dirvish might also work...... but it has really hideous configuration.06:27
dwidmannjast-mxm: well, I launched them seperately with kate -u in the app launcher and it behaved okay .... Did you have to change that/those .desktop files? I'm better there are two if you have both the KDE3 and the KDE4 one installed, anyhow, if you made a change to them from their default, you might have to log out/log back in for it to take effect06:27
DanaG"faubackup" would work for me, but I don't remember how to cron it.06:28
RAOFConfiguration is for the weak.  Real men hardcode their particular into the bowels of their apps.06:28
jast-mxmdwidmann: i just did it from the menu editor and they are .php files06:28
dwidmannjast-mxm: but after making the changes, you *probably* have to log out for it to take effect is what I'm saying .... try it06:29
DanaGStill, nothing there has an easy-to-find option for "don't cross filesystems"06:29
jast-mxmdwidmann: thanks brb06:29
jast-mxmdwidmann: hurrah ty06:33
dwidmannjast-mxm: no problem06:33
jast-mxmdwidmann: lol works w/ dolphin but when opening files from kftpgrabber i have the same issue, need to find where it calls kate and can probably fix that06:34
dwidmannjast-mxm: is it a kde3 app? if it is, it might be opening a different kate and/or usiing a different .desktop file to launch it with06:35
jast-mxmany idea how to locate that?06:38
dwidmannjast-mxm: funny you should word it that way, the locate command might be a good start actually :D06:39
jast-mxmhah, but i'm not sure what i am looking for just any .desktop file?06:40
jast-mxmdwidmann: probably just happy hunting at this point06:40
dwidmannjast-mxm: maybe locate kate | grep desktop or something06:41
jast-mxmdwidmann: nothing under kde directories, just kde406:42
dwidmannjast-mxm: can you tell if its launching the kde3 kate or the kde4 kate?06:45
jast-mxmdwidmann: no, i don't know how to tell that06:47
dwidmannKDM april fools day edition is hilarious!!06:47
jast-mxmdwidmann: can tell you in just a bit06:47
Rob125yeah, we just discussed that a minute or two ago, dwidmann06:48
dwidmannRob125: guess I missed that06:49
jast-mxmdwidmann: using 306:50
jast-mxmdwidmann: launches kate in kde4 but kftpgrabber is using kde306:51
jast-mxmdwidmann: so if kftpgrabber uses kde3 but launches kate in kde4 think there is a way to fix it06:56
DanaGI've booted Windows, to back that up, at the very least.06:56
dwidmannjast-mxm: I have kde4 use a seperate color scheme to make it easier to tell the difference ... helps06:57
=== savvas_ is now known as savvas
jaffarkelshacwhen i right click on files, there is a option to encrypt how do i use this07:02
jaffarkelshacwhen i right click on files, there is a option to encrypt how do i use this07:04
dwidmannthis is odd ..... this processor is clocked to 2.5GHz, yet /proc/cpuinfo says it's only at 2GHz07:05
RAOFdwidmann: CPU scaling?07:06
dwidmannI don't think it's being throttled .... mmmm07:06
* dwidmann double checks before going crazy07:06
jbroomejaffarkelshac: keep asking.  maybe it's like beetlejuice07:06
RAOFDear nvidia: _please_ don't make me hurt you.  I'd like my windows to be rendered, uncorrupted, on _both_ heads, thanks.07:07
jaffarkelshacjbroome, i think its too early not one seems to be in here07:07
dwidmannRAOF: /proc/acpi/processor/CPU[0-3] say current state is T0 (100%)07:07
RAOFdwidmann: Then cpuinfo is marking you down for being a lucky git with a quad-core processor :P07:08
dwidmannRAOF: :D07:08
dwidmannRAOF: put her together the day before yesterday actually07:08
RAOFIn which case: does your BIOS believe you've got a 2.5GHz chip in there?07:08
dwidmannRAOF: indeed it does.07:09
dwidmannwait a minute, am I going back and forth between my desktop and my laptop again :S07:10
jbroomedoofus :P07:10
dwidmannHmm, yes and no07:10
dwidmannjbroome: that's "sleep deprived" "doofus" to you.07:11
RAOFSurprisingly enough, "bzr log | les" doesn't do anything interesting.07:11
RAOFAlthough I'm sure Les is interested.07:11
dwidmannIn any case, /proc/cpuinfo and /proc......./throttling are still lying ..... I blame powernowd.07:12
dwidmannWhat command would I use to control the throttling through powernowd?07:13
=== savvas_ is now known as savvas
savvasMEDUbuntu for medics is out: http://tinyurl.com/3ax2a6 :)07:26
penhow do I scroll in screen? I mean the screen in terminal07:34
penlike if I issue screen -DRR07:34
penI can't scroll in it07:34
kgoetzpen: use copy mode to scroll07:35
penwhat do you mean by copy mode?07:35
savvaspen: scroll and which app?07:36
penif I use screen -DRR07:36
penI can't scroll07:36
kgoetzpen: press escape, it says 'copy mode', press page up/down07:37
kgoetzpress escape again to resume normal mode07:37
penit does nothing when I press esc07:37
kgoetzsorry, ctrl+a escape07:37
kgoetzlike other screen commands07:38
penI see07:38
penbut is there a workaround?07:38
savvasnice, didn't know that07:38
savvasI was expecting an april fool's day :P07:38
pennot used to this kind of scrolling07:38
kgoetzsavvas: some people are simply genuine :P07:38
kgoetzpen: the #gnu or #screen places may help. thats how i've always done it07:39
owen1i try use virtualbox and get error: virtualbox kernel driver not installed.07:40
penbtw, is there any alternatives to screen?07:40
penI use screen just for cmatrix07:40
owen1is it risky to do this: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)   ?07:40
penso I will execute cmatrix when idle for a certain time07:40
savvasowen1: virtualbox-ose or virtualbox?07:40
owen1savvas: ose. the one from synaptic07:41
kgoetznot aware of a screen alternative07:41
owen1savvas: what's the difference?07:41
savvasowen1: well virtualbox from the .org is proprietary, but you've got everything in the package :)07:42
owen1savvas: got it. going there now...07:42
penwhatever, I will get used to it :p07:42
savvasowen1: select the gutsy package and install it07:43
DanaGHeh, finally figured it out: it looks like "backup ninja" will do what I want.07:48
virtualdhora@leksak:~$ LC_MESSAGES=C whois thepiratebay.org07:52
virtualdgetaddrinfo(whois.publicinterestregistry.net): Servname not supported for ai_socktype07:52
virtualdwhy do i get this?07:52
virtualdgot it with gutsy too07:52
MistaGeeI'm currently having issues with alsa in ubuntu hardy... whenever a program tries to list up the available devices and/or PCMs, it hangs completely and can't be killed. has anyone experienced this before?08:06
RAOFMistaGee: That's pretty cool.  No, I haven't seen that behaviour.08:11
MistaGeeI don't quite agree, as I can't use amarok or mumble anymore ;)08:12
DanaGMistaGee: Sounds like you've had a kernel oops.08:13
DanaGThat's the only thing I can think of that'd give that behavior.08:13
MistaGeesomeone in #ubuntu guessed on a hda-intel problem, which could be as I have such a card08:13
testiI have trouble logging in to a samba share with konqueror with ubuntu while it works with debian. It always asks again for the login information. But that behaviour is nonsense because it doesn't display an error.08:26
savvasif someone adds 25 hard drives, what will the /dev of the 25th be? /dev/sdaa ?08:37
Homerehello. Got an issue with Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 desktop.  Sometimes my session starts, I can launch programms (Firefox, thunderbird, terminal) and then .... got "connection refused to 0.0" and I can't starts X apps anymore08:39
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
MistaGeejussio1, playback works the way it is now08:57
MistaGeeit's just that listing the devices freezes completely08:58
tannererm wth08:59
savvas"GNUStep Preferred license: WTF Public License, Version 2" - wtf hehe09:24
flaviahi, what's the correct way of installing the nvidia drivers on kubuntu hardy?09:29
awalton__savvas, the wtfpl is an awesome license09:29
MilhousePunkRockflavia: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx[-new/-legacy], the part in [brackets] depending on your card09:29
flaviaMilhousePunkRock: tnx09:30
savvasawalton__: so i see, so i see :)09:31
MilhousePunkRockflavia: Are you looking for a special version of the driver?09:31
flaviaMilhousePunkRock: no, I think I used the nvidia-glx-new in the past and it worked09:32
MilhousePunkRockflavia: Probably you could also use the restricted-manager, I think it's called "jockey" in Hardy...09:32
hischildsavvas, lolwtf?09:33
savvashischild: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WTF_Public_License http://code.google.com/soc/2008/hurd/about.html09:37
hischildhaha ncie09:39
ccookeAn excellent choice for the Hurd, yes...09:42
MilhousePunkRock!hi | sidis40509:45
sidis405hi MilhousePunkRock09:46
sidis405finally installed hardy-09:46
sidis405looking good- having 2 problems though-09:46
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Actually I was trying to trigger the bot to give you a nice welcome message, but it seems that does not work in this channel..09:46
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Go ahead...09:46
sidis405ah thanks mate :D09:47
sidis4051. the wifi was very unstable09:47
sidis405so switched from NM to wicd which seems to behave much better.09:47
sidis405still flakey-09:47
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Was? Oh, I see... wicd is not a bad choice. I wonder why n-m is so much worse...09:47
sidis405and it's not that the signal is not strong enough. the AP i sitting right next to my desk.09:48
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Depending on your setup, it could be very well worth spending 15 minutes to just configure it manually09:48
sidis405since i use it for wifi testing and all09:48
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: What chipset does your card have? My atheros-based card has (reports, at least) a very weak reception...09:49
sidis405perhaps true yes.09:49
flaviaheh, is it normal to have a unicorn as wallpaper after installing the nvidia driver? :)09:49
MilhousePunkRockflavia: You updated kubuntu-default-settings...09:50
MilhousePunkRockLook at the changelog: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/k/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings_8.04-17/changelog09:50
sidis405so at this point maybe maybe maybe i'm contemplating if driverwise ndiswrapper would be a better choice09:50
flaviaheh ok, sorry I'm a bit in hurry and can't read the whole thing, did it change anything else important?09:51
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: I have never had to deal with ndiswrapper, depends on your card very much. How weak is the reception? Do you loose the connection if you move to the farest possible distance?09:51
sidis405well, with nm, standing right by the ap had a mere 40%09:52
sidis405with wicd is usually around 70-80%09:52
sidis405but give it 20 mins it will simply drop like nothing.09:53
sidis405that includes the pci card and two usb ones-09:53
sidis405to be noted is that on the same laptop i run a ubuntu/winxp/backtrack3 triboot.09:53
sidis405with the other two all adapters seem very stable.09:54
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: I'd suggest to just stick with wicd until n-m grows up...09:56
sidis405fair enough. i think i'll do that.09:57
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Or, if you do not need roaming, just configure it manually...09:57
sidis405and actually i was so optimistic since i got the restricted ati driver and deskttop effects to run properly.09:57
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: That's at least some improvement, isn't it...09:58
sidis405that will probably be the case-09:58
sidis405true true-09:58
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: So what was the second problem?09:58
sidis405never got 3d accel on that laptop with ubuntu09:58
sidis405well, then i set up the libs like libdecss2 and on to playback dvd and avi's and the whole deal.09:59
sidis405the problem is that the graphics are a little fragmented-09:59
marlunCan I remove the borders around windows in compiz?09:59
sidis405and it's just the stream since the resta of the display is perfectly fluid and kosher-10:00
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Since the legal status of that might vary depending on your location, I am not sure if it's ok to discuss this here... *cough* medibuntu *cough*10:00
L33tMastaHey everyonr10:01
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Did you check the file you are trying to play that it's ok? E.g. played it somewhere else?10:01
L33tMastaI'm having an issue with shutting down/ restarting causing my screen to bug out10:02
sidis405yah, it's my futurama cd's. been playin them fine even on gutsy the day before.10:02
sidis405including avi's divx and so on-10:02
sidis405the audio is fine though.10:02
MilhousePunkRockThat might be related to the ATI driver...10:03
dns53well ubuntu does come with a script to build libdvdcss10:03
sidis405ran that.10:03
sidis405that's how i  got it to play in 1st place.10:03
aslanHey guys.. I just upgraded to Hardy and it's been great so far...10:03
=== nekostar is now known as LSDyeahuknowme
aslanthe only problem I have is I have a MX revolution mouse and when I middle click it pulls up the "Tracker Search Tool"10:04
aslanI have btnx installed and running ,which used to work, but doesn't appear to be anymore10:04
aslananyone know how to disable the tracker on middle click?10:04
MilhousePunkRockaslan: How did you map the keys for the mouse? I have had great success with imwheel for my MX1000 lately...10:05
L33tMastaNow it causes the screen to flicker very fast, purple lines appear and green ones between them followed by red10:07
aslanMilhousePunkRock: I used btnx10:07
aslanhaven't used imwheel before10:08
sidis405:p had to take a quick coffee break10:09
sidis405MilhousePunkRock: any idea about that 2nd problem?10:09
MilhousePunkRockaslan: For me it's the other way around, I have never heard og btnx before...10:10
aslanMilhousePunkRock: is there a good howto for imwheel?10:10
MilhousePunkRocksidis405: Not really. I never dealt with such things as DVD playback...10:10
MilhousePunkRockaslan: I used a German howto...10:10
aslanhrmmm.. ok I"ll google..10:10
aslanMilhousePunkRock: do you have the search wheel on your mouse?10:11
aslanerr search button?10:11
aslanfor middle click?10:11
sidis405fair enough- i think i'll remove the libs i installed for it and try to repeat the whole thing again.10:11
shashi__I have updated my desktop from 7.10 to 8.04. After upgrade is over, after rebooting my box, if i login  with my "user_name/password", my desktop still looking like 7.10, i am not seeing any new effects/behaviour. But if i login as "root" user, then i my desktop is having a new look and feel, a new wallpaper. What is wrong happening if i login as my "login-ID" . I believe this is because of some settings. Please anyone can help me ?10:12
sidis405the onl problem will be all the packets that shell script for css installed.10:12
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: You probably have edited some settings in 7.10, Hardy will keep those and only use defaults if you have before10:13
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: Try applying the default setting for everything you want to see defaulted...10:13
dns53shashi__ how about creating a new user, logging in as that and then as root copy all the . directories to your own user (remember to chown and chgrp the files)10:14
shashi__But what settings will cause this problem ? . The settings in Preference->Appearence ?10:15
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: Basically, everything you changed from default, will stay that way and not be overidden with the new defaults...10:16
shashi__Create a new user will create lot of problems for me, i have to copy/migrate  many things.10:16
dns53well most settings that effect how it looks are in gconf10:17
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: KDE has a "reset to defaults" buttons for all the options, doesn't Gnome have something similar too?10:18
virtualddoes anyone else get a type mismatch warning when starting gnome-compiz-preferences?10:20
virtualdthere's no bug report and i need help writing a useful one10:20
shashi__Is there any file/directory in Ubuntu which stores all desktop settings  ?,  If yes, and if i delete that file , after if i logout/login , i will get the new 8.10 look .10:24
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: It's probably something in ~/.gnome/10:25
aslanshashi__: yes you can remove ~/.gconf10:26
shashi__Ok, let me try .10:26
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: aslan probably knows it better than me10:26
MilhousePunkRockshashi__: I'd suggest renaming it instead of deleting though10:26
shashi__yes, i will take the backup10:27
compwiz18you might be able to select the new look from the appearance dialog10:27
shashi__Thank you all, deleting .gconf directory solved my problem. Thank you.10:33
__doc__howdy. I need some help with xorg.conf. It's automatically configured by ubuntu (Configured Monitor), but I need the exact modeline (for the second monitor that isn't recognized). Any idea how to get it?10:35
compwiz18__doc__: there is a modeline generator somewhere if you google for it10:35
__doc__nvidia-settings also doesn't help since it doesn't recognize the second monitors type either.10:35
__doc__compwiz18: the primary monitor apparently already has a perfectly working modeline... I just need to get it.10:36
cpk1iirc you shouldnt need modelines now10:36
__doc__cpk1: so how do you configure a non recognized monitor?10:36
compwiz18I never really needed them in Gutsy either10:36
* __doc__ *shrugs*10:36
__doc__well, here's the conundrum in full:10:37
__doc__hardy doesn't recognize the second monitor10:37
__doc__if you enable option "TwinView" for the card, the second monitor gets a crap resolution and refresh rate.10:37
savvas__doc__: screens and graphics?10:37
__doc__and there's no way to change it by gui10:37
__doc__screens and graphics just shows one monitor10:38
cpk1__doc__: I think all you need nowadays is HorizSync and VertRefresh in Section "Monitor" and then in the screen section set the resolutions10:38
savvasgksu displayconfig-gtk10:38
__doc__savvas: no10:39
cpk1which one of us are you a-haing?10:39
__doc__nothing, I didn't know that screens and graphics is synonymous with displayconfig-gtk10:40
savvasyou also have gnome-display-properties :)10:40
__doc__which also do not show the second monitor...10:40
__doc__(even though it's running and displaying now)10:40
__doc__the nvidia xserver settings tool isn't capable of setting the right resolution for the secondary monitor (on account of failing to identify it)10:41
cpk1__doc__: you set the HorizSync and VertRefresh and added modes that it can do as well and it didnt help?10:41
__doc__going to try that now.10:41
DistroJockey__doc__: maybe:  Xorg -configure   (type Xorg in a terminal for all options)10:41
savvasalso try: sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview10:41
__doc__savvas: that's not enough as it doesn't configure the second monitor and is the equivalent of putting option "TwinView" in there yourself.10:42
DistroJockey__doc__: backup xorg.conf first just incase it doesn't10:42
savvasI'd file a bug then :)10:42
__doc__DistroJockey: thx, but that's about the first thing I do always anyway before touching xorg.conf10:42
DistroJockey__doc__: nods :)10:43
DistroJockey__doc__: also maybe Xorg +xinerama10:43
__doc__DistroJockey: TwinView and xinerama are exclusive10:43
NET||abusehmm, how do i merge cells horizontally in OOo without changing the allignment of the cells above/below? get text to go across 4 cells and then word wrap essentially without disturbing my table of data.10:43
DistroJockey__doc__: ahh, k10:43
savvashow about: sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview --screen=0 && sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview --screen=110:43
DistroJockey__doc__: actually, Xorg by itself does not display the options, but Xorg -configure does. Sorry10:46
DistroJockeyXorg -config  even :(10:47
__doc__I think the identification of the secondary display fails because the secondary display port on the card doesn't get the edid trough to X somehow (don't know if this is an nvidia intrinistic issue)10:48
cpk1nvidia edid i think typically isnt that great10:49
oddchildIn 8.04 the program "cursor selection" does not change the cursor. You open and close it... that is about it...11:04
NeillithanHi, I installed the latest beta of Ubuntu 8.04 and I used the alternate AMD64 CD.  Upon finishing the install, it says "no operating system detected" or whatever.   I just need to know what went wrong and how to fix t.11:08
fromportno psychic people around here ;-)11:10
NeillithanI am really starting to dislike Linux11:10
Neillithanthe constant failure is really starting to boil my blood11:10
UnksiNeillithan: don't use beta software then.. you wont get an unfinished car from the factory either, right? :P11:11
fromportyou've installed a BETA ...11:11
NeillithanUnksi: it's not beta, it's all linux distros11:11
Neillithanthis happens with all linux distros11:11
Neillithanthey freeze during installation11:11
Unksiguess theres something wrong with your hardware or there is a bug relating to them then11:12
fromportthen you have another problem: do you an overclocked system ?11:12
Neillithanand besides, you're gonna be so thick as to say that an error message like "no operating system" is caused by beta software11:12
void^just install grub and make sure your bios is booting the right disk11:12
fromportmemory timings to tight ? linux is another os then the one from redmond...11:12
fromportwithout more info from your side , how do you expect us to help you ?!11:13
Neillithani'm running linux from the live cd right now. i think this rules out incompatible hardware.11:13
fromportyou're unrealistic about this11:13
DistroJockeyNeillithan: When you installed, what did you tell grub to do?11:13
Neillithani can't respond to everyone fast enough11:13
LynoureNeillithan: No, it does not. live cd does not touch your disks11:13
NeillithanDistroJockey: I am pretty sure I told grub to install. there weren't very many options.11:14
NeillithanDistroJockey: apparently i am missing the grub boot loader11:14
LynoureNeillithan: it'd expect a fake raid might cause this, but I personally tend to stay clear of those.11:14
NeillithanLynoure: a fake raid?11:14
DistroJockeyNeillithan: nothing about installing to hd rather than partition?11:15
LynoureNeillithan: it's a raid that is not a real hw raid, nor Linux sw raid11:15
NeillithanDistroJockey: i don't even recall i've installed it like 3 times now11:15
LynoureNeillithan: they can take some trickery to work right. Many motherboards offer them.11:15
NeillithanDistroJockey: all I know is that grub appears to be nonexistent11:16
LynoureNeillithan: have you tried with the alternate install cd yet?11:16
compwiz18Neillithan: how many hard drives do you have in your computer?11:16
Neillithancompwiz18: i have 2 harddrives.11:17
DistroJockeyNeillithan: you could take a look at:  man grub-install11:17
compwiz18Neillithan: are they in any sort of a raid system?11:17
NeillithanLynoure: the alternate cd is what i used to install ubuntu11:17
LynoureNeillithan: oh, ok.11:17
Neillithancompwiz18: no11:17
NeillithanDistroJockey: what do I do?11:17
dns53what i would do is boot any cd, chroot to your new partition and run grub-install again11:17
Neillithanhow do i run grub install?11:18
compwiz18you wouldn't even have to chroot, would you?11:18
cpk1maybe grub is on the wrong hard drive?11:18
compwiz18just installing grub would work?11:18
compwiz18Neillithan: is the hard drive you installed on bootable?11:18
dns53it is a command grub-install, you may need to change your grub config first11:18
compwiz18for instance, on my motherboard you can only boot from SATA ports 1 and 311:18
Neillithancompwiz18: in bios, it is set to master and yes according to gparted, the ext3 partition has the boot flag11:18
cpk1and the jumper is correct?11:19
DistroJockeyNeillithan: compwiz18: good point there, might be worth to check: sudo fdisk -l    for the bootable flag11:19
dns53do you have a /boot partition?11:19
Neillithanprobably not. lol11:19
Neillithani guess that's kind of important?11:20
compwiz18you don't need one...11:20
compwiz18it's optional11:20
dns53there can be problems when the kernel is located past the 4gb boundry on the disk11:20
compwiz18although you do need a /boot11:20
cpk1oh wait, if its sata they dont use jumpers do they?11:20
dns53it can help but not essential11:20
Neillithani don't really know. my harddrives are sata, yes11:20
DistroJockeycpk1:  nope, they don't11:20
NeillithanI have an additional 3 gigs of unpartitioned space. can i use this as the /boot partition without having to reinstall ubuntu?11:21
dns53you only need about 100mb11:21
DistroJockeyNeillithan: /boot will be in / , I wouldn't worry11:21
cpk1Neillithan: sure, but its a waste of space if you go over 500 mB11:21
NeillithanDistroJockey: yeah i have the boot folder in the main ext3 partition11:22
dns53best to make it the first partition if possible11:22
Neillithani just discovered something.11:23
DistroJockeyNeillithan: best bet is to try and install grub to the boot device11:23
Neillithanthe main ext3 partition's mountpoint is set to /media/disk. does that matter?11:23
DistroJockeyNeillithan: nope, that would be due to the live CD11:23
NeillithanDistroJockey: okay then. once again, how do i install grub to the boot device?11:24
DistroJockeyNeillithan: sudo fdisk -l   will list drives and partitions11:24
cpk1Neillithan: what is the logical name of the hard drive ubuntu is on and what hard drive is grub trying to boot from?11:24
Neillithancpk1: /dev/sdb1 is the name of the ext3 partition11:25
Infectothis white horse in kdm is a joke? :)11:25
dns53try using chroot or remount / to be /media/disk before running grub-install to make things easier11:25
Neillithancpk1: and the boot folder is in the same partition11:25
DistroJockeydns53: nice tip there, didn't know that11:25
MilhousePunkRockInfecto: Happy April Fool's day... And it's a unicorn, actually11:25
cpk1Neillithan: if your other hard drive is sda then grub needs to be looking at hd1,011:25
DistroJockeygrub-install  "INSTALL_DEVICE can be a GRUB device name or a system device filename."11:26
NeillithanDistroJockey: it shows a * under boot for sda1 and sdb1. is that bad?11:26
void^depends on which drive the bios is trying to boot11:26
InfectoMilhousePunkRock: ;]11:26
DistroJockeyNeillithan: hmm, not sure, probably should be ok11:27
MilhousePunkRockInfecto: It's even in the changelog for kubuntu-default-settings11:27
DistroJockeyNeillithan: do you switch boot devices in BIOS ?11:27
NeillithanDistroJockey: not normally11:27
DistroJockeyNeillithan: then I guess you can turn it off on the one you don't boot11:28
cpk1Neillithan: since grub is booting from the second hdd make sure it is actually using the second hdd, in /boot/grub/menu.lst it should be booting from hd1,X11:28
void^well, if the bios does indeed boot the 2nd disk sdb will be mapped to (hd0)11:28
void^but errors in menu.lst will result in reasonable error messages - "no os found" happens before grub even loads11:29
Neillithanwell i'm confused :(11:30
DistroJockeyI don't think what's in menu.lst is the issue atm, as it's not getting that far11:30
compwiz18Neillithan: if you boot into the bios, does it show you a list of hdds and their booting capabilities?11:31
DistroJockeyNeillithan: maybe a google on grub install ubuntu will give some pointers?11:31
Neillithancompwiz18: yes. the smaller harddrive (the one ubuntu is installed on) comes first11:31
dns53you could try lilo or another option if grub does not work11:31
compwiz18sounds like grub isn't installed11:31
Neillithani agree11:31
DistroJockeyme too :)11:32
Neillithan"How to restore Grub from a live Ubuntu cd."11:32
Neillithani followed this, but it did not seem to work11:32
DistroJockeyI assume  grub-install /dev/sdb  will do the job?11:32
DistroJockeysudo'ing I assume also11:32
NeillithanDistroJockey: permission denied11:33
Neillithanthere i just tried but it says11:33
Neillithan"could not find device for /boot. not found or not a block device"11:33
DistroJockeyNeillithan: still rusty on grub fixing here, never had to do it. Sorry11:34
Neillithanyeah it seems retarded.11:34
void^grub -> root (hd1,0) -> setup (hd1)11:35
DistroJockeyNeillithan: what OS's do you run, or want to?11:35
Neillithani normally run windows xp11:35
Neillithanvoid^: ?11:36
DistroJockeysudo grub, then root(hd1,0)   etc.11:36
Neillithanunrecognized command?11:37
Neillithansorry i am bad at this11:37
DistroJockeyroot (hd1,0)  rather, sorry11:37
DistroJockeyhas a space11:38
Neillithanthere that worked but11:38
Neillithannothing happened11:38
DistroJockeythat's fine, no news is good news11:38
Neillithannow what?11:38
DistroJockeysetup (hd1)11:38
Neillithansucceeded it says11:38
DistroJockeygive it a try now I guess11:39
DistroJockeygood luck11:39
Neillithanallright thanks for help i'll be back hoefully :)11:39
DistroJockeynods :)11:39
void^that's assuming you actually do boot from the 2nd disk11:39
DistroJockeywon't hurt to have it there atleast11:40
rpedroif the new CFS scheduler was meant to improve desktop interactivity, it fails miserably.11:42
rpedroanyone else agree?11:42
dns53it is better and was in gutsy wasn't it?11:42
rpedroit's new since kernel 2.6.2311:43
rpedroand so far it is much much worse, unless of course it is something that won't be fixed until the hardy RC's11:43
void^it seems problems with it are not uncommon11:43
Neillithanwell, the good news is-grub boot loader is working. the bad news is, i got an error11:44
Neillithanerror 17: cannot mount selected partition11:44
void^yeah, that's probably due to issues in menu.lst now11:44
DistroJockeygetting there :)11:44
void^replace (hd1 with (hd0 i guess11:44
Neillithanso repeat this process in terminal?11:44
DistroJockeythis is where I watch and learn :)11:44
Neillithancan someone refresh my memory?11:45
void^repeat this process? what process?11:45
dns53press e in grub and play around with the boot parameters11:45
Neillithanwell... how do i replace hd1 with hd0?11:45
DistroJockeyedit menu.lst and change hd1 to hd0 void^ ?11:46
void^edit /boot/grub/menu.lst11:46
void^(that's on your /dev/sdb1 partition - mount it first)11:46
DistroJockeylater void^11:48
Neillithanwell editing that menu.lst is complicated11:48
DistroJockeyNeillithan: what do you have on the root line?11:49
Neillithanwhere is that?11:49
Neillithanoh i've got 3 of them.11:50
DistroJockeyignore all lines that start with #11:50
Neillithani have Ubuntu hardy (development branch), kernel 2.6.24-12-generic11:50
NeillithanUbuntu hardy (development branch), kernel 2.6.24-12-generic (recovery mode)11:50
Neillithanand Ubuntu hardy (development branch), memtest86+11:50
DistroJockeyfirts one11:50
DistroJockeyok, that = the second hdd11:51
LynoureHmm, Adept shows "side-by-side" comparation of config files as one on top of each other. Huh11:51
DistroJockeyNeillithan: try changing that to hd011:51
Neillithanwhat about the ",0" ?11:51
DistroJockeykeep that11:51
Neillithando i change that for all 3?11:51
Neillithanwouldn't that mean, if this works, then the other 2 won't work?11:52
DistroJockeynot yet anyway11:52
Neillithanoh allright11:52
Neillithanlol i don't have permission to save file ;X11:52
Neillithanmust sudo!11:52
DistroJockeyyup :)11:52
DistroJockeyLynoure: that's kind of silly11:53
LynoureDistroJockey: Makes both of them impossible to read11:53
NeillithanDistroJockey: how do i get to the boot folder from terminal?11:54
DistroJockeyLynoure: can imagine11:54
DistroJockeyNeillithan: cd /boot11:54
Neillithanright but there's no grub folder inside :(11:54
Neillithanat least in terminal there isn't11:54
Neillithannevermind i figured it out lol11:55
Neillithani had to type "cd /"11:55
DistroJockeyNeillithan: good :)11:55
Neillithanthis is becoming rediculous11:56
DistroJockeyNeillithan: probably should have mentioned this earlier, but you can do Alt+F2 in X and then type: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst11:56
Neillithanthat opens a blank txt file11:57
DistroJockeyyou typed exactly?11:58
Neillithanrofl i'm going to hurt myself11:58
Neillithanmenu.lst is located in /media/disk/boot/grub11:58
DistroJockeyahh, yeah, heh, do that one :)11:58
Neillithanokay i edited the file. going to reboot now. wish me luck12:00
DistroJockeygood luck12:00
|Dreams|is there a release date yet#/12:04
Ramunashello, after latest update I can't set a resolution higher than 640x48012:04
Ramunaswhy is that?12:04
|Dreams|ok thanks will be sure to check it out towards end of the month12:05
DistroJockeyRamunas: what was updated?12:07
RamunasDistroJockey, xorg was updated, and a bunch of other stuff12:07
RamunasI'll try reconfiguring it12:07
DistroJockeyRamunas: update or upgrade 7.10 or earlier?12:08
DistroJockeyyup, good idea12:08
RamunasDistroJockey, yeah, I upgraded rom 7.10 a couple of weeks ago, this was just an update now12:08
tomahasamootIs is safe to install kde4 from adept manager in kubuntu 8.04, or will that mess up kde3?12:08
DistroJockeyRamunas: ahh12:08
DistroJockeytomahasamoot: no idea, I don't do KDE, and I don't think most of the people here do either12:10
dns53you can have both kde3 and kde4 they are independent12:11
DistroJockeytomahasamoot: if there is one, yeah, that would be better I think12:11
dns53there are going to be 2 editions of kubuntu from what i have heard12:12
Lynouretomahasamoot: they coexist, at least on my system, all nicely12:12
tomahasamootare you on 8.04?12:13
DistroJockeyok, I was wrong about KDE people :) Sorry12:13
Lynouretomahasamoot: not this minute, no12:13
LynoureDistroJockey: Missed by Adept comment, it happens :)12:14
Ramunasno luck, xorg.conf doesn't even have 640x480 or 320x24012:14
Lynouretomahasamoot: I still do most of my day-to-day stuff on 3.5.912:14
Ramunaswhy doesn't it use my config then?12:14
Ramunasits like the resolution selection screen is doing everything on its own12:15
dns53Ramunas you do not need an xorg.conf for most things, you can still manually add resolutions if it does not detect them correctly12:15
tomahasamootLynoure: Yeah, I'm not expecting kde4 to work... I'm just hoping for a preview for whenever it does work...12:15
Ramunasdns53, where?12:15
DistroJockeyLynoure: ahh, true, no wonder I didn't know much about Adept :)12:15
dns53Ramunas well in the new xorg the conf file is optional, give me a sec i'll find my line in the config12:16
NeillithanDistroJockey: well, no luck.12:16
Ramunasdns53, I have this: Modes"1024x768""800x600"12:17
DistroJockeyNeillithan: :( sorry to hear12:17
NeillithanDistroJockey: it attempted to load ubuntu, but it was a black screen.12:17
Ramunasand it worked just fine yesterday12:17
NeillithanDistroJockey: but now i have another problem.12:17
Lynouretomahasamoot: Certainly fun for that :)12:17
NeillithanDistroJockey: i attempted to restore my partition back to ntfs and put windows xp back on there, but the grub boot loader is still installled and it is not loading an OS12:17
DistroJockeyNeillithan: you could try removing splash and quiet from the line you are booting12:17
dns53Ramunas well you can add the modes you want, or remove that line from the config, you can also run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or something like the nvidia tools12:18
NeillithanDistroJockey: is there a way to remove grub?12:18
DistroJockeyNeillithan: you will probably need to run fixmbr from the xp recovery12:18
Ramunasdns53, that's the thing, I have all those modes in my xorg.conf, its just not looking at them12:18
tomahasamootLynoure: yeah, I don't know why they have a big party and call it done when it's not, guess they're shooting for an M$ reputation.12:19
NeillithanDistroJockey: oh i know how to do that12:19
DistroJockeyand possibly fixboot12:19
Ramunasdns53, I mean the resolution selection screen only gives me two options 640x480 or 320x24012:19
Ramunasneither of which are in my xorg.conf12:19
DistroJockeyNeillithan: sorry it didn't go well for you12:19
dns53Ramunas proprietary drivers can ignore that, use the nvidia tool if you have one of those cards12:19
NeillithanDistroJockey: just 1 step closer. i always have virtualbox12:20
Lynouretomahasamoot: I don't take part in those discussions :)12:20
DistroJockeyNeillithan: next time I would unplug all drives but the one you want Ubuntu on and go from there12:20
Ramunasdns53, do you happen to know how to launch it?12:20
NeillithanDistroJockey: that sounds like a good idea12:20
Ramunasand yes, I have an nvidia card12:20
elmargoldid someone here buy the fluendo codec pack?12:21
DistroJockeyNeillithan: later you can plug the working XP drive back in as a secondary and tell grub about it12:21
Lynouretomahasamoot: You can certainly contribute, to help it get better. Even bug reporting helps.12:21
lusepusterGoodmorning - I upgraded to Hardy last night, and now, when using Compiz, GTK dropdown menus are invisible - but functional! KDE and Firefix menus work as normal12:21
dns53Ramunas nvidia-settings, it might be a separate package12:21
DistroJockeyNeillithan: then you can boot to grub from your linux drive and boot either linux or windows12:22
NeillithanDistroJockey: i have an old ide harddrive that i can use to put linux on there by itself. then i can dual boot12:22
dns53elmargol bought it a while ago, what is the problem?12:22
elmargoldns53, do they work on hardy?12:22
tomahasamootSince installing 8.04, I've noticed that tab completion doesn't work very well anymore... what's up, and any thot's on how to fix it?12:22
DistroJockeyNeillithan: cool. If you can wait 23 days, that might be a good idea :)12:22
NeillithanDistroJockey: to be honest, i think my computer is incapable of running linux or vista. the only thing that actually installs is windows xp. sad huh?12:22
Ngtomahasamoot: install bash-completion12:22
NeillithanDistroJockey: what's even more sad is, i built my pc to be either linux / vista compatible.12:23
DistroJockeyNeillithan: Ubuntu will $#!t all over Vista12:23
DistroJockeyNeillithan: you'll get there12:23
dns53elmargol i have not tested it yet, i have bought the amd64 bit version and am on my eeepc which is i38612:23
tomahasamootNg: thank you, I'm surprized it's a seperate pkg that has to be installed12:24
elmargolsomehow the gstreamer quicktime plugin sucks ass12:24
NeillithanDistroJockey: yup. well i am off to restore the master boot thingy12:24
Neillithanthanks once again for the help12:24
Ramunasdns53, that tool doesn't let me switch to any other resolution either12:24
DistroJockeyNeillithan: all the best12:24
DistroJockeyNeillithan: you're welcome12:24
freddowhat perl version comes with the 8.04? 5.8.8 or 5.10?12:26
DistroJockeyThis is perl, v5.8.8 built for i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi12:26
adincwhen hardy release comes out what do i need todo in order to have my hardy beta up to date. will a apt-get dist-upgrade be enough?12:26
Ramunasdns53, also reconfiguring xorg didn't give me any options for my screen, only mouse and keyboard options, previously(on 7.10) it used to give me a bunch of screen settings12:26
freddoDistroJockey, ok, thanks12:26
DistroJockeynp :)12:27
virtualdanyone here using compiz and getting some gray drawing error on titlebars occasionally?12:27
DistroJockeyvirtuald: I'm guessing nvidia?12:27
freddoDistroJockey, i was wishing for 5.10... i hope there'll be some infos on how to install it, i'm eager to try it12:28
DistroJockeyfreddo: there is always a way :)12:28
freddoDistroJockey, yeah, i'd like to know more about linux...12:29
DistroJockeyvirtuald: thought so, as I'm on ati here and have no such grayness12:29
dns53Ramunas well i'm out of ideas myself, anyone else got ideas?12:29
DistroJockeyfreddo: ubuntuforums are a good start12:29
tomahasamootNg: I just looked and bash-completion is installed12:30
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
DistroJockeyfreddo: I like to learn by trial and error :)12:30
tomahasamootI've still got my home home directory, could it be a problem with my old bash config files?12:30
DistroJockeyvirtuald: can't see an image there12:32
virtualdme neither hehe12:33
freddoDistroJockey, yes, i do the same, but sometimes i'm a little to wreck everything on my install, perhaps i should try to install vmware and try on a small system as a test?12:33
virtualdi'll try another service12:33
freddos/little to wreck/little affraid to wreck/12:33
DistroJockeyfreddo: yeah, or have a separate hdd, even better12:33
freddoDistroJockey, another question: what is the best way, for now, to share a partition between windows and linux?12:34
Suicidal_Failurewhat do you mean "best way"?12:35
dns53freddo vfat partition is the lowest common denominator12:35
DistroJockeyfreddo: I'd go a shared FAT32 if security is not do much of a concern12:35
freddoDistroJockey, fat32 dont let files be bigger than 2G, ntfs hang when you have more than 64000 files in a directory12:35
dns53freddo try the ext3 driver from windows12:36
cupcakewhich app will allow me to check time for any time zone in the USA or in any country?12:36
DistroJockeyfreddo: that's what you get for pushing the limits ;)12:36
freddodns53, there is one?12:36
freddodns53, i mean do you have an url?12:36
Suicidal_Failurefreddo, explore2fs12:36
Suicidal_Failureit works really well12:36
DistroJockeyvirtuald: see the issue, but can't help sorry12:37
freddoSuicidal_Failure, ok i found that, i will try it rigth now12:37
scobbywhy you dont fix that errors in /usr/bin/compiz for the path !! the path is /usr/local/bin/compiz. but the right path would be /usr/bin/compiz.real !!12:37
virtualdi'm trying to find someone with the same issue in the bug tracker but i don't know what to search for12:37
dns53freddo there are a few other options including some file system drivers that allow you to mount a partition. there are some other file systems out there too i believe12:38
scobbyor is that only a problem at my laptop?12:38
freddothanks for your help DistroJockey dns53 and Suicidal_Failure :) see you later probably12:38
DistroJockeyfreddo: np, yw, later12:38
Suicidal_Failurefreddo, no worries12:38
effie_jayxis anyone exeriencing problems with b43-fwcutter. something along the lines of . card detecte but no scanning?12:38
scobbyeffie_jayx: i just solved that problem on hardy12:39
freddodns53, i'd be willing to try anything that works, but ext3 seems a right choice, i have the user/group protections, and it let me have big files, and have more than 100k files per directories12:39
scobbyeffie_jayx: in the logs it says you have to surf to a webadress about the b4312:40
freddoi'll give it a try, bye12:40
effie_jayxscobby,  really? how?12:40
scobbyeffie_jayx: do that and search for b43legacy, on hardy the b43 legacy driver is used12:40
virtualdthis might be related, from ~/.xsession-errors: /usr/bin/compiz.real (animation) - Error: Animation settings mismatch in "Animation Selection" list for Focus event.12:42
dns53freddo http://www.fs-driver.org/  is the one i used, there are other options if you google for it12:43
effie_jayxscobby,  got it... how do I remove the ones installed already12:43
scobbyeffie_jayx: only use the fwcutter and the b43legacy part12:43
effie_jayxI am downloading it atm12:43
apollo13Hi I am having a problem with sdl games, the sound is crackling al the time (except for wesnoth were I solved it by setting sampling rate to 20000); soundserver is pulse, alsa is redirected to pulse too; libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio is installed; any ideas?12:47
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris|detache
nosrednaekimwow,i'm glad i'm a KDE4 user and don't have to bother woith this pulseaudio mess12:49
apollo13nosrednaekim: as a matter of fact, it doesn't seem to be pulse's fault, it happens with alsa on ubuntu 7.04 too.... btw pulse is great, really better than art imho12:50
Suicidal_Failurenosrednaekim, i'm downloading the kubuntu remix iso at present, is it good/12:51
nosrednaekimoh.. hehe, yes... hence why I said "KDE4" arts in kde3 is gorrible12:51
Suicidal_Failurei concur12:51
nosrednaekimSuicidal_Failure: LOL.... very very good XD  tellme how you like the new color scheme12:52
BalaamsMiracleCould someone please tell me how to share a folder in Hardy? shares-admin has been replaced with nautilus-share, but i can't find any kind of menu, option or whatever to share anything over my LAN.12:52
Suicidal_Failurenosrednaekim, XD?12:52
effie_jayxscobby,  I installed etracted the legacy firmware. anything else?12:53
scobbynope, it should work12:53
Suicidal_Failurei was thinking "X Desktop" haha12:53
nosrednaekimSuicidal_Failure: right now, you are downloading a very special liveCD: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HippyHorse/Omega/Kubuntu12:53
virtualdi've always wondered why microsoft made a windows version with a smiley as a name12:54
effie_jayxscobby,  nothing here. I am going to see about starting b43 again12:55
Suicidal_Failurenosrednaekim, haha, but i'm not getting a daily unfortunately12:55
nosrednaekimawww :P12:56
scobbyeffie_jayx: its b43legacy. did you do a reboot?12:56
effie_jayxscobby,  no12:57
effie_jayxreboot then?12:57
farkewieHi i installed ubuntu on partion then kubuntu on another, i want to get rid of kubuntu how do i go back to using the grub ubuntu installed?12:59
dns53chroot to the partition with ubuntu and run grub-install again, you could also remount / to the ubuntu partition13:00
adincwhen hardy release comes out what do i need todo in order to have my hardy beta up to date. will a apt-get dist-upgrade be enough?13:01
Piciadinc: yep.13:01
elmargolIf I play a file using totem-xine and fast forward I get an error message that my audio device is busy... It works usign gstreamer how can this be?13:02
nosrednaekimadinc: dist-upgrade isn't neceesary even, a simple upgrade should do it as well (if not better)13:03
adincnosrednaekim: what about the kernel?13:04
nosrednaekimyou'll get the new kernel with that of course13:04
adincwhat does the dist-upgrade differ then13:04
farkewiedns53: ok at the moment i am dual booting, so from ubuntu what do i need to do? i know i could do a full format but i really dont want to start again..13:04
dns53farkewie so you have 2 partions each have a linux distro installed on them, you first had ubuntu and then installed kubuntu on a second partition?13:06
nosrednaekimadinc: it affects the process of rmoving conflicting packages IIRC13:06
farkewiei do have some other partition as well but yes 2 with linux and i installed ubuntu first13:06
dns53farkewie ok you need to reinstall grub from the original linux install, you need to run the command grub-install to install the ubuntu version of grub, this is best done from the ubuntu file system ...13:08
dns53farkewie chroot /mnt/ubunu (or whatever it is) then run grub-install from that chroot13:08
farkewiedns53: i am in ubuntu at the moment it thatwhere i want to do this from?13:09
nosrednaekimIIRC, its easier to do if you boot into it13:09
dns53farkewie that is the version of grub you want to keep? yes run it from there13:10
nosrednaekimor if you run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda --root-directory=/mnt/ubuntu"13:10
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
nosrednaekimchrooting and installing grub there requires mounting a dev FS13:10
adinci've hardy running on my samsung q45 sucessfull, unfortunately the only problem is the brightnes of the display when the notebook is not attached to the power. can someone point me to a documentation?13:10
farkewieok so ubuntu is installedon /dev/sda7 so i want to go sudo grub-install /dev/sda7 ?13:12
ubotuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org13:13
farkewiesorry i dropped out13:13
farkewiedns53: was that correct "sudo grub-install /dev/sda7"13:14
Dr_willisYou sure you want grub on sda7 and not 'sda' ?13:15
nosrednaekimfarkewie: no..... if you are on the install that you want to keep around, just run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"13:15
dns53farkewie well you need something installed on /dev/sda, another option would be to modify whatever grub you are using and chaining that to call grub from another partition13:15
RonaldHas anyone heard reports before experiencing Hardy as 'slow' ?13:16
Dr_willisRonald,  a few people in here mention it.13:16
Dr_willisdouble check what kernel you got installed and are using.13:16
RonaldLinux honegg 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 23:01:54 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux13:17
nosrednaekim!doesn't work for me13:17
dns53farkewie you could have /dev/sda1 be a linux that stores the /dev/sda grub, another linux could have grub installed on /dev/sda3 and that is chained from grub on the mbr13:17
Ronaldthats the only one installed too.13:18
ere4siI have an extra 15 sec boot time with hardy xubuntu13:18
farkewieok so i tried to just install to /dev/sda i will reboot and test13:18
Ronaldis that good or bad ;)?13:18
KRFwhy the hell do i have a unicorn as KDM background in hardy?!13:18
KRF(since last upgrade)13:18
dns53Ronald an alpha/beta version has lots of debugging stuff turned on, it gets faster in the last few days before release13:19
MilhousePunkRockKRF: Happy April fool's day!13:19
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: Well done, by the way...13:19
nosrednaekimKRF: haha :)13:20
nosrednaekimthank you thank you.... riddel figured out the packaging mysteries :)13:20
KRFMilhousePunkRock, not funny :S. it was really awkward in university today :S13:20
Ronalddns53: could it be more then earlier versions of ubuntu in beta stage? never experienced the devel builds before so slow... and i been on the same hardware for 3+ years13:20
nosrednaekimKRF: do try out the pink kde4 live :P13:21
MilhousePunkRockKRF: I can very well imagine that... I was a little shocked too, but I did not go anywhere today and neither did my laptop13:21
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: That's another point, I installed KDE4 just this morning and was a little surprised to see cute fluffy bunny as the default plasma theme13:21
nosrednaekimKRF: tomorrow's up date should fix it... sorry about that. ....13:21
dns53Ronald it is the same with all the beta versions of ubuntu, it is really slow, they turn off crash reporting and it becomes fast before release13:21
MilhousePunkRockOn the good side, now I already learned how to change plasma themes without the add cool new stuff thingy...13:22
KRFnosrednaekim, no problem. didnt think of fools day :P13:22
farkewieThanks guys that has worked a charm. i can now format all my other partitions.13:22
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: for some reason the pink color scheme doesn't seem to be working though.,.13:22
KRFbut yes, ive been quite shocked in school13:22
KRFsome others, too13:22
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: Didn't have a color scheme, only plasma...13:22
MilhousePunkRockI wonder why my girlfriend did not question my sexual orientation this morning with the unicorn and the pink fur...13:23
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: thats too bad... the color scheme was quite shocking13:23
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: and while looking at the plasmarc file, the fact that it was set to slimglow made me wonder even more...13:24
farkewieif i wanted to backup my system so if i had to format all my software / setting would be reinstalled and configured the same  how would i do tht?13:25
nosrednaekimyeah... thats just the theme... the widget background is different, rather confusing13:25
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: if you want to get rid of it, erase .kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme13:25
MilhousePunkRockRiddell acted as if he did not know about the wallpaper earlier though, he had his own nice april fool's joke on kde dot news though...13:26
virtualdshould ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard be installed on the same time or is ubuntu-desktop enough?13:26
lusepusterBump - in Hardy's Compiz, my GTK Dropdown menus are invisible, but functional. Is this in any way a known problem?13:26
Dr_willisI am betting everything in 'minimal' is included in the others..13:26
dns53farkewie dpkg --get-selections > file   then pkg --set-selections< file to import later13:27
farkewiedns53: does that save the config as well?13:27
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: I changed it to Spoons already... Pretty much in a rush, since I could not stand the pink fur...13:27
dns53farkewie no, you would need to save them seperately, they are in the /etc dir and that should be small13:28
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: Do we have the new hot stuff with the current release of kde4 already?13:29
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: don't think so. I don't think 4.0.3will have it either13:29
dns53what is this april fools image people are talking about, screens?13:30
farkewiedns53: so i could just zip that dir and then unzip there after format?13:30
DistroJockeyfarkewie: maybe check out  remastersys13:30
dns53farkewie that is what i would do13:30
MilhousePunkRockdns53: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74183313:30
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: Too bad... It''s a bit tedious to install themes for plasma now...13:31
dns53MilhousePunkRock thx, i don't think anything is going to beat the ./ OMG PONIES!!!!!13:31
farkewiedns53: thanks heaps for all your help13:31
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: When I do the math correctly, 4.0.3 is the version that will ship with the hardy final release, right?13:32
shadowhywindhay all. heres a question. how do you change the login screen in hardy? Somehow it defauled to a unicorn picture13:32
MilhousePunkRockshadowhywind: Blame nosrednaekim... And happy April fool's day...13:32
shadowhywindyou have to be kidding.. they really programed that in?!?!13:33
shadowhywindthats just so wickedly awsome!13:33
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: You should not have put it in the change log in plain text though...13:33
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: actually not sure if 4.0.3is going to be hardy... I hope so13:33
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: thats Riddell... I didn't :P13:34
nosrednaekimI don't care though :)13:34
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: I thought there was an increment of +0.0.1 every month, so 4.0.3 should be just around the corner, or not?13:34
nosrednaekimtomorrow I think13:35
* jpatrick hugs Pici 13:37
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: thanks for the forum link.... I linked the poor souls to the release announcement :)13:37
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: First google hit...13:38
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: I don't use the ubuntuforums very often, but that is not the color scheme they have always had, is it?13:42
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: nah ;)13:43
Hobbseecurse you.  now i ahve to visit to see13:43
Dr_willisHmm.. I set Konqueror to be the default filemanager,, and dolphin is getting launched for folders on the desktop still..13:43
ubotuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.13:43
Hobbseeoh, ugh.13:44
MilhousePunkRockHey Hobbsee...13:45
Hobbseehi MilhousePunkRock!13:45
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: That release note should have been on the frontpage of kubuntu.org, really...13:45
MilhousePunkRockNow the question of the day: Did the Ubuntu users have a similar experience today?13:47
nosrednaekimMilhousePunkRock: yeah...I'll get someone to do that13:47
MilhousePunkRockDon't you think it's a bit too late for it now?13:48
nosrednaekimits not like anyone reads that anyway.13:49
MilhousePunkRockBut should'n April Fool's jokes be played in the morning?13:49
* Dr_willis thinks they should just be outlawed.13:49
nosrednaekimdefine "morning" .... its still 5 in California13:50
Dr_willis"Town Outlaws April Fools Days Jokes" - That would be a good joke.13:50
MilhousePunkRocknosrednaekim: I'd define morning as CEST... ;)13:51
dns53well as long as there are ponies and instructions to make your own glitter omg ponies sign i'll be happy13:52
dns53btw there is 38 minutes of april 1st left for me so the timezones never work13:52
elmargolsomeone here owns an apple tv take2?13:53
youngmusichey people. I just did an apt-get upgrade that installed a new version of the ssh-server. And now i don't get a commandline anymore when i login with ssh. Anyone else got the same problem? I don't know if it also happens with a normal login since i'm not near the machine.13:55
MilhousePunkRockHobbsee: You totally fell for Automatix, huh? :P13:56
derspanksterlost my wireless after hardy beta upgrade, bcm431813:56
Dr_willishardy wants to use the a newer drivers for the bcm cards - i forget the package name.13:57
Dr_willisdo an apt-cache search bcm (i think)13:57
osteenbergenyoungmusic: what happens if you login?13:58
Dr_willis!find bcm13:58
ubotuFound: E:13:58
HobbseeMilhousePunkRock: well, it *was* from jdong, so it's actually not all that unlikely..13:58
osteenbergendoes the session end directly?13:58
derspanksterI see broadcom b43 driver but can't enable it13:59
derspanksterno light either - use to used ndiswrapper14:00
derspanksterndiswrapper is still installed but no wireless14:03
nosrednaekimyech... ubuntuforums now has a puke-green theme14:05
ere4sitomorrow it will be better...14:06
derspanksterubuntuforums new color scheme is awful14:09
derspanksteralmost unreadable14:09
osteenbergeni think its just a small test/bug in css14:09
rskderspankster: it's 1 april today.. :)14:09
=== _jason is now known as jrib
derspankstertrue, but that is terrible14:10
dns53or was yesterday14:10
rskdepends on timezone14:10
derspankstermy april's fool is no wireless in hardy beta14:10
osteenbergendid you try ndiswrapper?14:11
osteenbergenand did you check the logs to see wha the original driver is doing?14:11
derspanksterI feel like I'm back in dapper-land ndiswrapper is still there14:11
dns53you can use the older kernel still14:12
derspanksterI'll check the logs, enjoying complaining right now14:12
=== LjL changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | The Hardy release has been postponed to June to allow for the best possible fine-tuning of this LTS release
bazhangthank goodness14:19
bazhang8.06 ;]14:19
clarezoeI can't change my desktop background, anyone has the problem?14:20
Ronaldthats one of the things that does work for me :)14:20
nosrednaekimclarezoe: kde4?14:20
clarezoenosrednaekim, gnome14:20
pirapril fools :P14:21
derspanksterI have no trouble with backgrounds14:21
nosrednaekimpir: what?14:21
clarezoeso wired14:21
pirnosrednaekim : "The Hardy release has been postponed to June"14:21
bazhangthe delay til June is April's fool joke?14:21
piroff course :P14:21
clarezoenosrednaekim, today is 1st April, pir means that14:21
bazhangoh those wily admins!14:22
derspanksternon working wireless also April fools14:22
Hobbseethat's not the real reason for the delay.14:22
clarezoecan April fools do anything with my background?14:22
derspanksterbooted to old kernal and wireless, of course, is working14:22
derspanksterNo clarezoe14:23
pirsure Hobbsee :P14:23
clarezoederspankster, so, why it's so wired14:23
Hobbseeclarezoe: yes, run kubuntu.14:23
Hobbseepir: no really!14:24
Hobbseethe actual reason is that the release team, and the core developers, will be so far hung over, that they'll be in hospital, and only get out in june.14:24
piroh now i see14:24
speedhunt3rwhat? hardy is postponed to june?14:24
bazhangand automatix and envy will come by default14:25
nosrednaekimoh.. I didn't see the title :P14:25
LjLbazhang: you know, you're not too far from the truth14:25
bazhangLjL: haha14:25
orvokkiHobbsee: Hey, where's the party? Sounds like one worth being in. ;>14:25
LjLspeedhunt3r: it's all for the better, it'll be a really stable release14:25
bazhangubuntu will also be changing its name to LinuxMunt14:25
nosrednaekimbazhang: did you read the announce ment on kubuntu? automatix is going in by default14:26
LjLenvy won't, though.14:26
Hobbseeorvokki: at canonical HQ.14:26
bazhangnosrednaekim: that is why they disbanded?14:26
rskwhat additional info can i give here? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=456364214:26
speedhunt3rLjL, I can't wait for the improvement on  X14:26
bazhangand Canonical has been bought out by Microsoft14:26
rskbazhang: i tought apple bought microsoft and Canonical ?14:27
rskand the linux kernel went gpl v314:28
bazhangrsk: aye and Apple was bought by SCO14:28
=== LjL changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy. Please remember to search the web and forums, and not ask silly questions - this is not #ubuntu | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
rskoh i knew thoose 100$ million was going to good for all of us14:28
nosrednaekimouch... that title is getting to be a bit like #debian's ;)14:29
m1risnt opera browser in hardy repos ?14:30
osteenbergeni installed it via the opera site14:30
m1ri see14:30
m1rcause i read on forum few min ago :apt-get install opera14:31
osteenbergenmaybe the package is in the partner repository14:31
m1rhow can i enable that ?14:31
bazhanggo into synaptic and enable them14:32
osteenbergenOr sources under administration14:32
bazhangthough likely it is in medibuntu14:32
m1rtnx guys i check14:33
nosrednaekim!info opera hardy14:34
m1rye, i dont want install from deb. prefer repos if posible14:34
m1rwill check synaptic now14:34
m1ri enabled partner repo , but no opera there14:37
NET||abuseis skype available for hardy? would i be wise to wait or can i grab the gutsy build?14:37
bazhangNET||abuse: aye in the medibuntu repos14:38
NET||abusebazhang, awsome,, i'll give em a go.14:41
nosrednaekimopera is so awesome :) http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2008/04/01/acid-3-opera-first-to-10614:43
m1ranyone got quick link to medibuntu repo for 8.04 ?14:43
bazhangm1r: I just used the gutsy one14:44
m1rbazhang: is that the right way to go ?14:45
m1ri found this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71300914:46
shashiIn Ubuntu, how we can find out, for a given file name, which Ubuntu package installed that file ?14:47
nosrednaekimshashi: dpkg -S filepath14:47
bazhangm1r: then your way is best ;]14:48
shashiThank you.14:48
m1rtnx bazhang14:48
m1rbut still14:49
m1ri cant install opera with medibuntu packages14:49
bazhangNET||abuse: you might want to look at m1r's link as well14:49
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy. Please remember to search the web and forums, and not ask silly questions - this is not #ubuntu | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Har
m1r3 months ? ouch14:50
m1rnice time to squash bugs :)14:50
bazhangjune to july? so ibex will be 9.01 ;]14:51
m1ron ubuntu.com still counting 23 days tho14:51
bstocknice april fools14:51
nosrednaekimTHAT would be a good april fools... to change that sounter14:51
bazhangmore like hack14:51
nosrednaekimSeveas: can you change that to "Home of the Hardy Heron and the Hippy Horse" ? :)14:52
m1rSeveas: rather put :ubuntu project was canceled :P14:52
m1rso, how does one install opera on 8.07 beta ?14:54
onechardjust wanted to say my granddaughter loves the new wallpaper in kubuntu 8.0714:54
nosrednaekimonechard: haha14:54
onechardshe wants me to update her laptop with 7.10 just for the eye candy14:55
nosrednaekimonechard: just install the new "kubuntu-default-settings" over there....14:55
MF-Debiannosrednaekim: how do you edit the panel in kde414:56
MF-Debianive got the joke one14:56
onechardthere ya go :) she was quite impressed14:56
nosrednaekimMF-Debian: you mean the fuzzy pink border? thats a plasma theme :)14:56
MF-Debiannosrednaekim: oh ok, how do i ditch it14:56
nosrednaekimMF-Debian: its in ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme14:57
nosrednaekimerase that directory and restart plasma (or log out)14:57
nosrednaekimand if that doesn't fix it, wait for tomorrows updated kubuntu-default settings package14:58
bstocki think the title should be changed to Harry Hardon15:01
m1rso, is there a way to install opera ? i have put in medibuntu and partner repo , but nothing happenes :/15:03
bstockjust download the .deb from opera's website15:03
KRFi found another fools day joke: my suspend doesnt work anymore :/15:03
m1rbstock: isnt opera in ubuntu repos anymore ?15:03
orvokkiHeh, I don't think medibuntu has anything to do with Opera, at least...15:03
savvasomg, hardy heron is final: http://tinyurl.com/2u9y5g15:03
compwiz18it's early :D15:04
compwiz18:P :P15:04
savvas:D :D15:04
compwiz18your html isn't valid15:04
savvaseh who bothers :P15:04
compwiz18not me15:05
compwiz18or you, apparently :P15:05
bazhangwait final? not in july? oo I am comfusedled15:07
bazhanghttp://www.opera.com/download/ m1r15:09
bhsxhowdy, i need to know how to change my mousewheel scroll settings....  it just scrolls and scrolls and becomes unresponsive... this whole time im' typing firefox is scrolling up and down still... i've already changed about:config... it's not that... something to do with my ati/xorg settings i think, can anyone help?15:11
m1rbazhang: ye finally i go to 9.50b15:16
m1ri thought they put opera in 8.0715:16
bazhanghave to wait and see in August ;]15:17
luboszwtf, whats up with the ubuntuforums css oO15:21
iositdnice don't you think?15:21
chmavrhi!my gpu is x1950pro agp..is there any driver supporting my gpu???15:22
lubosziositd: is this a hack or what...15:24
iositdlubosz, my little brother of 12 got bored so he created the new skin. I like it15:25
iositdi'm not joking15:25
bazhangchmavr: ati?15:27
chmavrx1950pro agp version15:28
bazhanghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WbpoB6VS00 you decide chmavr ;]15:29
m1rok nice, i want to install opera 9.50b.deb and gdebi says politely :older version is avilable in offical repository. what am i missing ?15:29
chmavrthis is pci version...i have agp15:30
chmavrand no driver is loading correctly...15:30
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=666895 this may help chmavr15:30
arekkusuHi ! I am setting up a computer for a friend on Hardy and I have problem with a bluetooth mouse15:30
chmavrmy xorg seems to be ok but nothing happens15:30
setuidCan someone tell me where the sun java plugin is? apt-file doesn't show it, nor does dpkg -S, but I have the sun-java6 stuff installed.15:32
arekkusuLogitech V270 Bluetooth mouse. Show up in the bluetooth manager (tried every option in the GUI and reset the mouse) but mouse doesn't work any idea ?15:33
bazhangsetuid not in ubuntu-restricted-extras?15:33
setuidNope, it's nowhere15:33
bazhangyou sure?15:34
setuidotherwise apt-file would find it15:34
bazhangthat's where I got it15:34
setuidWhat's the package name that owns it?15:34
setuidm1r, The plugin is not inside that package15:37
m1rdid u try install it ?15:37
setuidIt has been installed for several days15:38
m1rit should pop it up as additinal15:38
setuidWhere is the plugin? I need to symlink it into the plugins tree for Firefox15:38
Hobbseebazhang: u-r-e is a metapackage.15:38
Hobbseeso of course setuid wouldn't be in it.15:38
bazhangsetuid in u-r-e? thanks Hobbsee ;]15:38
osteenbergenFinally got Flash plugin working in opera :| don't know why it was such a trouble this time :O15:41
m1rosteenbergen: how did u install opera ?15:44
osteenbergenvia opera.com.. download deb for gutsy (works on hardy)15:45
gargan-will 8.04 beta upgrade to the final stable or will i need to reinstall?15:45
osteenbergenno it will upgrade15:46
m1ri started install 9.50b .deb, then it says it got older version in repos15:46
m1rof opera15:46
m1rbut wehn i try apt-get install opera, it says it is under other name15:46
m1rwth ?15:46
gargan-awesome. i cant really tell that it's beta anyway. been running it on my laptop the last few days and havent had any issues at all15:46
m1rgood for you gargan-15:46
gargan-mlr: it should be under add/remove with the newest version15:47
gargan-i tried to apt-get install opera from command line too and it told me the same thing15:47
gargan-but sure enough 9.25 is available15:47
m1rok let me try ;)15:47
osteenbergenand you can ignore the message becuase you are downloading the newest beta.. so it is quick normal the message15:47
osteenbergen9.26 is out for a few weeks now15:47
m1ryes osteenbergen, but ireally want all stuff from repos15:47
gargan-actually im running 9.2615:47
gargan-yeah i just checked about15:48
m1rso waht shouled i select on add/remove15:48
gargan-mlr: i think you may need to tell it to look in all repositories, but i just typed 'opera' and it showed up15:49
m1rall available applications ?15:49
gargan-im pretty sure it's in universe since it's not open source15:49
gargan-yeah that's the one15:49
m1rnothing there15:49
gargan-actually now that you mention it i dont see it either15:49
gargan-try going to synaptic package manager15:49
m1rnothign there15:50
m1rthis is pretty fck#"$# up15:50
gargan-actually come to think of it i think i got it off opera.com15:50
gargan-they have a gutsy gibbon deb but it installs fine on heron15:50
m1rso , can somone confirm , OPERA is NOT in ubuntu repos ?15:50
osteenbergenhttp://deb.opera.com/ repositories for opera ;)15:51
osteenbergenso just add them to your sources15:51
m1rok tnx osteenbergen ;)15:51
m1rbut that still didnt answer my question15:51
osteenbergenwell it aint in the normal repository..15:52
osteenbergenbut you can add the opera repository so it will update like normal programs :)15:52
m1rso i can add debian leny one ? or ?15:53
m1rsid or etch ?15:53
osteenbergensid is the most equivalent with hardy15:54
m1rok tnx15:55
pirhi gaetronik15:56
gaetroniki've an issue with he server installer of the beta15:56
gaetronikwhen i choose to install in spanish i can choose the country after15:57
gaetroniki can choose the correct timezone15:57
osteenbergenand the problem is?15:58
gaetroniki can only choose between timezone from spain15:58
gaetronikand i live in chile15:58
osteenbergenyeah thats no good15:58
osteenbergenmaybe after the install if you change your timezone it will work15:59
gaetronikyes but if a choose english at boot prompt i can choose to do installation in spanish and it works15:59
gaetroniki can choose chile15:59
gaetronikfor me it's not really an issue since i could install it in english but it looks like a silly bug which can give a bad feeling16:01
osteenbergenso you actually can install the server with the correct settings via english setup.. then just fill in a bug report for the installer16:01
gaetronikif i choose at boot menu16:01
gaetronikenglish there's no problem16:01
jaffarkelshachas anyone been able to import public keys i keep getting invalid format16:01
gaetronikif i choose at boot menu español16:01
gaetronikthen i can't choose the right country16:01
Itakuhow do i play a dvd in kubuntu16:01
osteenbergenitake just use google ;)16:02
Itakuhttps://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html doesnt work16:02
jaffarkelshachas anyone been able to add public pgp keys16:03
BBishopis the beta stable enough to use ? ... when the final version will be out .. should anything else than apt-get update be done to get stable ?16:03
gaetronikosteenbergen, i will fill a bug for it16:03
osteenbergenbeta is stable enough16:04
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/16:04
gaetronikbut it's not a bug on the installer it's a isolinux menu bug16:04
XceIIHow to get sound back in flash?16:04
LynoureBBishop: the topic used to say that if you have to ask that, it's not stable enough for you :)16:04
RaspberryAnybody else have firefox stop working?16:05
Itaku-su: cd: /usr/share/libdvdread3: No such file or directory how do i fix that?16:05
Raspberrysince updates about 15 minutes ago16:05
BBishopLynoure, what about the rest ?16:05
jast-mxmis there any way i can disable my swap partition temporarily while i move it to a dif partition? this being done while I am working in my system? or will i need to reboot to a live cd?16:05
LynoureBBishop: the rest?16:05
LynoureBBishop: the rest upgrade when hardy comes out...16:06
BBishopyeah l.. when the stable will be out .. is a simple apt-get update enough ?16:06
BBishopahmm .. so apt-get upgrade should be enough ...16:06
LynoureBBishop: I think 24th of this month is the planned release date16:06
m1rubuntu release is set for 8.0716:06
bhsxrepeat (still googling to no avail, other than to find others that have the problem):16:07
bhsxhowdy, i need to know how to change my mousewheel scroll settings....  it just scrolls and scrolls and becomes unresponsive... this whole time im' typing firefox is scrolling up and down still... i've already changed about:config... it's not that... something to do with my ati/xorg settings i think, can anyone help?16:07
Lynourem1r: Are you serious?16:07
m1rLynoure: nope :)16:07
* Lynoure uses LART on m1r 16:07
bhsxfor example, i can make firefox 'go grey' and scroll up and down for minutes just by flicking my mousewheel up and down a few times....16:08
m1rbhsx , got another mouse near to check hw problem ?16:08
bhsxsure, but it's not a HW probelm16:08
bhsxit's a MS Wireless Laser Mouse 600016:09
jast-mxmanyone know about working w/ swap?16:09
gaetronikjast-mxm, swapoff16:10
gaetronikif you don't need to use swap at this time16:11
jast-mxmyeah i don't need it because i have plenty of free ram, but it does say it is using 43 megs of it atm16:11
RaspberryI don't think the LTR is ready  :)16:11
Raspberrynobody else has the Firefox issue?16:11
RaspberryI'll restart and see what happens16:11
gaetronikjast-mxm, do it16:11
jast-mxmgaetronik, ty16:12
gaetronikyou're welcome16:12
setuidE: Package sun-java6-plugin has no installation candidate16:12
=== HypnoToad is now known as BenderUnit22
jaffarkelshacanyone tried using, the pgp encryption software that comes with hardy, i am having some problems16:15
osteenbergensetuid the package is installed at my pc16:15
osteenbergenso maybe you need to update your information16:16
osteenbergenor the server you are using is not up to date so changing the the main server could solve it16:16
gargan-is hardy really going to be delayed by 3 months?16:17
Ronaldwhoops sorry, wrong window16:17
osteenbergengargan what day is it today?16:17
bazhangApril 1st gargan-?16:19
gargan-i hate april 1st16:20
* gargan- is an april fool16:20
=== gargan- is now known as gargan
setuidosteenbergen, it doesn't exist for my arch, 64-bit16:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about april1st - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about april1ststory - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:21
* BBishop googles16:22
jaffarkelshachas anyone tried using the pgp software in hardy16:22
osteenbergenno sry jaffarkelshac16:22
yotuxupgrade to hardy with separate home partitions ok16:22
jaffarkelshacwhy is that16:22
busanhow are you16:22
osteenbergengreat how about over there?16:23
Itakumy cd wont eject when i hit the button how do i get it out?16:25
gaetronikItaku, with a pin16:28
chillitomItaku, try eject /media/cdrom16:29
SErgeafter i reboot the ubuntu, the internet connection losts, and when try to ping gateway i got network unreacheable16:29
busanhow to make ubuntu more fastly16:29
SErgei don't have the internet connection after reboot16:29
SErgei have this on ubuntu hardy beta16:30
SErgeand on feisty too..16:30
bazhangbusan how much ram you have16:30
bazhangmore ram is always a good idea busan16:32
busanhow about swap?16:32
bazhangwont make a speed difference16:33
busan512 fast enaugh16:34
bazhangokay then no problem16:34
osteenbergenswap is rarely used.. but mem is always handy16:34
MF-Debianid probably use xubuntu on 512MB ram16:35
bazhangor fluxbuntu even16:35
MF-Debiani concur16:35
busanhardy havnt problem in my pc16:36
osteenbergeni run ubuntu on 386MB its doable but i dont recommend it..16:36
osteenbergenits also a 900mhz pc so thats also a bummer16:36
bazhangI'm guessing compiz is disabled16:37
osteenbergenyeah Compiz is not enabled on a onboard S3 8mb card :D16:37
bazhangthough even the eeepc can run ubuntu with 512 and a 600 some mhz cpu, so..16:38
osteenbergenyeah its possible but speed is not your friend16:38
setuidbazhang, With compiz16:39
setuidEee PC runs compiz _fast_16:39
bazhangsetuid can be, yeah though I dont use it ;]16:39
gaetroniki fill the bug #210302 but i didn't manage to assign it at the good version of base-installer16:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210302 in base-installer "spanish install don't let choose the country" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21030216:40
finuxhi guys, have a bit of a strange wireless problem in 8.0416:40
finuxis this the right place to bounce some ideas in16:40
finuxhow did you guess16:42
finuxnot the only one then16:42
osteenbergennope lots of people have problems :)16:42
setuidSomething has taken up my sound, but I can't figure out what...16:42
setuid# ls > /dev/dsp16:43
setuid-bash: /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy16:43
finuxyeah it seems to see it fine in lspci16:43
setuidI uninstalled pulseaudio, because it does absolutely nothing, and sound started working great after that.16:43
setuidHow can I tell what's eating my sound device now?16:43
finuxand in the hardware thing for for launchpad seems to pick it up16:43
Infectolsof |grep dsp16:44
Infectolsof |grep snd16:44
finuxis there a fix or is it patents16:44
setuidDone that16:44
setuidNothing shows up16:44
osteenbergenthen nothing is using it :O16:44
setuidoh weird, gnome-power-manager requires exclusive access to my _sound card_?16:45
setuidYep, killing that, sound now works16:45
osteenbergenlal :O16:45
setuidWhat the hell could a power daemon possibly require exclusive access to my sound card for?16:45
finuxso does anyone know what i can do to make my wireless card work16:47
finuxit shows up under lspci16:47
finuxdmesg doesn't have any strange error messages16:47
setuidfinux, Load the right driver16:47
setuidThen configure it properly16:47
finuxbut it's not showing up under anything16:48
finuxthat's why isaid it was strange16:48
finuxthe hardware test thing for launchpad picked it up to16:48
setuidyou probably dont' have any drive3r loaded for it16:48
finuxbut still to no avail16:48
trappistis there an april fool's joke in today's updates?16:48
Klanticushi ppl... I'm running hardy beta. Someone know how to change the default compiler back to gcc 4.1?16:49
nosrednaekimtrappist: why don't you check and see? :P16:49
finuxright well i'll do a wee bit more searching, but like i say everything even the hardware test has picked it up correctly16:49
trappistnosrednaekim: I did, that's why I'm asking.16:49
insomninjacan somebody recommend a recent howto/method on enabling/mapping the nonstandard stuff on the ms ergonomic kbd 4000? those recommended by xev should be mappable with xmodmap, but the others?16:50
nosrednaekimtrappist: then yes :)16:50
trappistkinda funny.16:50
macdDoes anyone know what kernel module the sound device "Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 01)" needs to load to work? since upgrading to hardy it has not been working.16:50
nosrednaekimmacd: you need linux-ubuntu-modules IIRC16:50
setuidfinux, Like I said, you need _drivers_ to make hardware function.16:51
setuidfinux, You lack the driver for your wifi card, so it won't work or be seen. lspci and the hardware test just queries the bus, it doesn't load a driver and enable function16:51
finuxokay, not a problem, i made a mistake earlier on, it's not broadcom it''s belkin16:51
macdnosrednaekim,  I have linux restricted, I dont see anything called linux-ubuntu-modules16:51
setuidmacd: linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-12-generic16:52
setuidor similar16:52
setuidapt-cache search16:52
nosrednaekimalso, you need to be running the generic kernel16:52
finuxmy mistake i only use this machine for testing out stuff, it worked out of the box with the gutsy so i never had to look into it in too much depth16:52
nosrednaekimmy freind had the same problem16:52
finuxso i don't have to load the broadcom driver, but is there a driver i need to load for belkin16:53
crimsunmacd: what's `uname -r'?16:53
macdsetuid, ohhh, Ive got that installed, and it appears all the correct modules are actually loaded: http://pastebin.com/m5cda13bb16:54
macdcrimsun, its generic, nvidia restricted modules is loaded and working16:54
crimsunmacd: I'm asking for your audio.16:54
macdcrimsun, see paste above16:54
macduname (http://pastebin.com/m5cda13bb)16:55
macdoops, 2.6.24-12-generic16:55
crimsunmacd: download http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh and run it using bash.16:55
Pedantic-Stevefinux, if there is a windows driver you can install that. I have never done it (perhaps someone else has) but I think it is something called "ndis" or something... (I am hoping someone chimes in here to let me know if I am right!)16:56
macdcrimsun, man Im lucky you knew that url, I've been looking for that script to diagnose it16:56
finuxyeah, it worked out of the box in gutsy16:56
Pedantic-Stevenosrednaekim: thx, that is it16:56
finuxand it see's it in lspci16:56
nosrednaekimfinux: whats the line in lspci?16:57
macdcrimsun, http://pastebin.ca/96620216:57
finux00:0d.0 Ethernet controller: Belkin Wireless PCI Card - F5D6001 (rev 20)16:57
nosrednaekim!hardware | finux, look it up here16:58
ubotufinux, look it up here: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:58
finuxcheers nosrednaekim16:58
crimsunmacd: your PCM is muted and zeroed.16:58
macdargg, thanks crimsun17:00
macdthe update to hardy mustve done that, which is wierd behavior.17:00
crimsunit's expected behaviour.17:01
crimsununfortunately, no one has written a script to kill the state file's sections.17:01
osteenbergenscript to do what ? maybe i could write it17:01
macdI wonder if its on LP, I could take that bitesize17:01
crimsunit's not bitesize17:02
macdI just feel a bit dumb for not looking at the volume levels17:02
MF-Debiannosrednaekim: i was awaiting your return, heh17:02
finuxyeah the last link says it works out of the box too17:02
MF-Debiannosrednaekim: kde4 is not bad at all17:02
MF-Debiani likey17:02
nosrednaekimMF-Debian: :)17:02
nosrednaekimwithout the weird borders that is ;)17:02
Itakuuh i might have found a bug17:03
Itakui got caps lock on atm17:03
crimsunosteenbergen: in alsa-util's existing debian/init, you need to check the existing state file [/var/lib/alsa/asound.state], iterate through each control, and test the possibly new control17:03
Itakuand im not holding shift17:03
Pedantic-Steveha!  I just read the channel topic!17:03
crimsunosteenbergen: at that point, if the new control differs, assign the new control the old control's value.17:04
MF-Debiannosrednaekim:  but what the hell is up with icons on the desktop, they are not normal icons i discovered, have to be manipulated in dolphin17:04
bhsxhi, i'm having scrolling issues on ubuntu hardy heron beta and FF3.0b4 with 'restricted' ATI drivers... the scrolling goes way fast when scrolling through long sites and quickly becomes unresponsive as you try to switch direction because you past what you were looking for... if you flick up and down a few times you can make FF go unresponsive, just scrolling up and down, for 5 minutes or more.... i need some help please :) and no, autosc17:04
bhsxrolling/smoothscroll and about:config haven't helped17:04
Itakuhelp me caps lock is on but no caps are coming out!17:04
nosrednaekimMF-Debian: they are just a special plasmoid...17:05
nosrednaekimMF-Debian: and unfortunately, I have to run... sorry.17:05
macdbhsx, I have the same issue with nvidia restricted, pages with flash become unresponsive almost instantly17:06
osteenbergenhow do you test the new control?17:06
MF-Debianflash on ubuntu with firefox has been borked for so long its not true17:06
MF-Debianespecially flakey on youtube17:07
crimsunosteenbergen: you test for its existence.  Use amixer.17:07
Itakuhow do i turn caps lock on?17:07
Itakuits on atm17:07
Itakuthe caps lock light is on17:07
MF-Debianit really rips my nighty17:07
Itakubut no caps are coming out17:07
osteenbergenowhkeej will check it out17:07
bhsxmacd: yeah, i cant find a fix anywhere, so i'm using Opera for now17:07
bhsxbut i love FF17:07
bhsxopera just doens't have the plugins i need17:08
cubeserious 7.04 no sound in firefox and then updated to 8.04 and works fine..both versions i was using the latest adobe17:09
cubei mean 7.1017:09
=== vednis is now known as mars
cubeso 3 more months until its official?17:14
osteenbergencrimsun: you can store/restore asound.state with "alsactl restore"17:14
crimsunosteenbergen: that's precisely what you /don't/ want to do.17:15
osteenbergenso not restore it only verify it?!17:16
jaffarkelshachas anyone used seahorse package17:16
osteenbergenor store the current version and diff it with asound.state and then add the missing ones?17:17
crimsunosteenbergen: on a dist-upgrade [meaning, between different kernels using different ALSA-driver versions], if the state file structure would have changed due to the mixer elements' names being changed, using alsactl restore /will/ munge the ones that have changed.17:17
uplinkedHi, before Hardy, fglrx/compiz worked fine, but now, glxgears & compiz use 100% cpu. Anyone know why? (direct rendering: yes)17:17
crimsunosteenbergen: thus, what you need to do is:17:18
osteenbergenbut how can you verify something when the names are changed?17:19
osteenbergenbecause that is the only identifier in asound.state17:20
crimsunosteenbergen: 1) whenever the `start' target of alsa-utils's debian/init is invoked, /before/ `alsactl restore' is invoked, you must do a dump to a temporary state file.  You then iterate through each state element in the temporary state file and verify that it exists in the old one.17:20
osteenbergenand if it not exist?17:20
crimsunosteenbergen: you leave it alone.17:21
crimsunosteenbergen: you /only/ set ones that do exist in both.17:22
osteenbergenaha okee now i get your point :D17:22
crimsunosteenbergen: obviously you don't need to write out the dump everytime `start' is invoked.  You only need to write a sentinel to /var/run (which is cleared on reboot by default), and check if the sentinel exists in `start'17:23
levmattaI just updated a lot of packages and everything when to the drain17:24
dooglusI just tried upgrading to the development version of hardy using 'update-managed -d'.  after a couple of hours it failed and told me my system may be in an unstable state.  what should I do?17:24
cubedooglus: stabalize17:25
levmattasound does not work17:25
crimsundooglus: update && full-upgrade in cli17:25
doogluscube: /usr/bin/stabalize?17:25
crimsun[using aptitude]17:25
levmattaand the ndiswrapper kernel module is not found17:25
crimsunyou picked a heck of a time to run `update-manager -d'17:25
doogluscrimsun: why's that?  it's in beta already, right?17:26
osteenbergenwell i will first write the script and then i will see the rest :)17:26
mvodooglus: please report a bug about it and make sure that you include the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade17:26
mvodooglus: what package did it fail on ?17:27
crimsundooglus: "beta" was a snapshot.  The archive is still a moving target.17:27
levmattadid something blowup today in those packages ??17:27
hackeroncan someone recommend what I could try to use to repair a truncated wav file? - I can play the file fine but when I try to do anything with it using shntool, it says file truncated17:27
dooglusmvo: something like 'education-astronomy' I think.  I tried to get it to submit a report, but that failed too17:28
dooglusmvo: yes: "education-astronomy"17:28
mvodooglus: right, please keep the logs and upload them somewhere (or mail them to me directly) - they are usually pretty good so that we can fix the problem17:28
dooglusmvo: which logfiles do you want, specifically?17:29
mvodooglus: all of them, but the most important one for this kind of error is the "apt-term.log"17:30
mvodooglus: it will have details what was run when the error happend17:30
osteenbergencrimsun: do the controls change from position or is control.0 always the same?17:30
quentusrexhow do I configure ubuntu hardy so that when I hold down a button, like the arrow key, that it repeats it after 2 seconds of being pressed?17:31
dooglusmvo: /var/log/ is 13MB.  can your email account accept attachments that big?17:31
quentusrexright now if I press and hold the arrow key it only moves once....17:31
nemoquentusrex: there is a bug in keyboard repeat17:31
nemomaybe they disabled repeat by default for your protection :-p17:32
nemoSystem->Preferences->Universal Access->Keyboard Accessibility17:32
nemoif you are using gnome17:32
levmattaanyone on why I have no sound and no ndiswrapper???17:32
quentusrexlevmatta did you just install or upgrade?17:32
osteenbergenPulseAudio could be your problem17:32
mvodooglus: please gzip (or bzip2) it, it should compress very good17:33
dooglusmvo: "very well"17:33
levmattaI had Hardy installed for quite some time, I just upgraded a lot of packages today (kernel went to xxx.13)17:33
ForsakenSoulcan someone tell me what's stable in the new version of kubuntu17:33
quentusrexisntall the kernel modules...17:33
quentusrexlevmatta, reinstall the kernel modules.... that worked for me.17:34
nemolevmatta: hm. there was a kernel update?17:34
nemomaybe it'll fix my iwl3945 brokenness :)17:34
dooglusmvo: the error message in the term.log is small enough to paste:17:34
dooglusSetting up education-astronomy (0.824) ...^M17:34
dooglus/var/lib/dpkg/info/education-astronomy.postinst: line 19: /etc/cdd/cdd.conf: No such file or directory^M17:34
dooglusnemo: what's your brokeness?17:34
dooglusnemo: I switched from ipw to iwl3945 today and achieved a 0.05 times speedup17:35
mvodooglus: cool, is that the only error in the log (you can search for ^dpkg: error) ?17:35
Klimenthello, I did the upgrade and it broke surprisingly little17:36
Klimentbut I lost samba functionality, which is a mojor issue for me17:36
levmattaoh their is NO linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-13-generic in my package listing17:36
levmattaonly linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-12-generic17:36
dooglusmvo: that's the only error in the last week or so, yes.  there are some older ones17:36
DanaG0.05 speedup?  Does that mean it's 0.05 times as fast?  Or are you thinking 1.05 times as fast?17:36
nemodooglus: I can't connect to our WPA enabled router anymore? at all.17:36
crimsunosteenbergen: there is no guarantee.17:36
nemodooglus: can show you dmesg output17:37
LunksI'm having some problem with grub17:37
DanaGWhen I think of speedup, I think of "speed new / speed old" or "time old / time new"17:37
nemodooglus: I'm chatting in the dev channel right now17:37
LunksMaybe from misconfig17:37
LunksHow to 'reset' it?17:37
DanaG"2 times faster" is not the same as "2 times as fast" to me.17:37
crimsunosteenbergen: meaning there is no structure guarantee.17:37
Lunksincluding menu.lst17:37
Klimentanyone else having samba issues?17:37
dooglusnemo: oh, that's different then.  I connect using WPA (and wpa_supplicant) as always17:37
levmattaand the Headers package is also pointing wrongly to xxx.1217:37
nemodooglus: #ipw2100 - been there for a week though. this is first attention I've gotten17:37
crimsunlevmatta: because it hasn't been built yet.17:37
osteenbergenokee but if control.0 is not always control.0  how should i know which should belong to which17:37
crimsunlevmatta: or, for that matter, uploaded.17:37
mvodooglus: great, thanks17:37
nemodooglus: it might work if I reverted to wpa_supplicant. hm.17:38
finuxthis is doing my head in17:38
dooglusmvo: I've removed the faulty edu-astronomy package, and now 'dist-upgrade' completes fine.  is there some way to resume the update-manager process?17:38
levmattaok, so I just have to boot to xxx.12 and wait for the packege17:38
finuxwhy would it work straight out of the box in 7.10 and not in 8.0417:38
osteenbergencrimsun:its easy to check the files but if the names and the control numbers change there is no way to check to which it belongs17:38
crimsunosteenbergen: you don't know.  You need to parse the state structure instead of worrying about whether there are multiple cards or not.17:38
dooglusfinux: I don't think the boxes have been printed yes for 8.0417:38
askandIs the hardydelay some kind of april fool thing?17:39
askandbazhang: and the colour in ubuntuforums too I hope ;)17:39
finuxno i mean, if it worked in 7.10, without any config, then all of the sudden 8.04 it doesn't17:39
crimsunosteenbergen: and at this point you should be realising why pulseaudio's reliance on hal to pull state is a Really Good Idea in comparison.17:39
dooglusubuntuforums is ugly today17:39
finuxi wouldn't mind the config part17:39
mvodooglus: not a simple one unfortunately, its probably best to do the cleanup manually with synaptic (auto-removal and obsolete packages)17:39
osteenbergenyeah i know..17:40
PriceChildHardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to  administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy.  Please remember to search https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta17:40
PriceChild the web and forums, and not ask slly questions - this is not #ubuntu | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowt.o | Beta  Release Notes: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to  administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy.  Please remember to search17:40
dwidmannAck :( .... Curse you grub error 16!!17:40
=== PriceChild changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy. Please remember to search the web and forums, and not ask silly questions - this is not #ubuntu | HelpLTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowt.o | Beta Release Notes: https://w
dooglusmvo: I'm not familiar with synaptic.  I usually use apt-get.  is there a webpage about how to recover from this?17:41
PriceChildOk I'm getting annoyed now17:41
finuxright guys thanks for all the advice, but i'm just going to have to leave it17:41
finuxoh well worth a try17:41
benanzolol -- hardy will be out in July17:42
bazhang8.07 ;]17:42
=== PriceChild changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy. Please search the web & forums, and not ask silly questions - this is not #ubuntu | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.c
dwidmannI see people are having fun with april 1st PriceCchild17:43
PriceChildHow is there even less space now than when i started?117:43
dooglusPriceChild: could you play with the topic in a different channel?  your topic spamming is getting annoying17:43
dooglusPriceChild: some of us are trying to ask silly questions here!17:44
PriceChildI will fix it properly later.17:44
benanzoI'd put it on Digg but no one's going to believe it anyway -- and the only ones who will are the ones who believed that Canonical's been bought by MS or that MS is giving up OOXML -- it's cruel to trick them anymore.17:45
mvodooglus: I don't think we have one, but if only this one package was broken, then all that is missing is the cleanup stage in the upgrader. that removes obsolete package and packages that are marked as auto-removalble17:45
benanzoI wonder if the fact that my screen brightness controls don't work now is an April Fools joke?  Hope so.17:46
m1rhehe , i got my wlan usb card working for 10-15 minutes today, thought that was also joke :)17:47
benanzoI should probably test the latest LiveCD build before filing a bug -- sometimes I think doing the upgrades from one alpha/beta to the next causes these weird bugs17:48
benanzoespecially since I can't find anyone else with it17:49
omarHow do I find out which version on PHP is installed on my machine?17:49
jast-mxmi need to change permissions for a file that belong to root, to my current user17:49
dooglusjast-mxm: do you mean change owner?17:50
jast-mxmi can't do this through the dolphin because my permissions on my user won't allow me to change access from root to the user17:50
jast-mxmdooglus: yes17:50
dooglusjast-mxm: if you, you use "chown" to do that17:50
jast-mxmchown -r username folder ?17:50
Lamegoomar, dpkg -l php* | grep ^ii17:50
dooglusjast-mxm: "man chown"17:50
jast-mxmdooglus: ty17:50
dooglushow do I delete 'obsolete' packages?17:51
gaetronikit's quite annoying that the server edition don't work in VirtualBox17:51
=== nemo_ is now known as nemo
magnetronthe planning of the hardy release sucks.17:53
MF-Debiandooglus: use deborphan17:53
dooglusMF-Debian: I'm not sure 'obsolete' and 'orphaned' mean the same?17:54
jast-mxmdooglus: thank you everything works perfectly now17:54
MF-DebianMF-Debian: your right, i assumed you meant packages that have accumulated and are not being used, old libraries etc17:55
dooglusMF-Debian: after upgrading to hardy, the update-manager should remove 'obsolete' packages - but it crashed before it could, so I need to do it manually17:56
MF-Debiandooglus: apt-get autoremove17:57
dooglusMF-Debian: that's different too, apparently17:57
nemodooglus: it did indeed work with a hand-coded wpa_supplicant.conf17:57
MF-Debiandooglus: well i tried :)17:58
nemodooglus: favour.  I had to specify dhcp because  dhcpcd eth1 gave me "connection timed out"  -  I'm pretty sure I had that working before though.  mind showing me your /etc/network/interfaces entry for your wireless?17:58
nemodooglus: also, I suppose I now need to file a bug on on network-admin17:58
dooglusnemo: sure17:58
dooglusnemo: http://dooglus.rincevent.net/random/interfaces.txt17:59
dooglusnemo: I didn't need to edit any wpa_supplicant config file - everything is specified right there in interfaces17:59
nemodooglus: well. let me try that then :)18:00
nemoI see you have psk in there18:00
nemonetwork-admin did not put it in18:00
dooglusnemo: I wrote the file by hand.18:00
nemowpa-driver wext18:01
nemowpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK18:01
nemothose were put in by network-admin18:02
setuidHow do I get /etc/alternatives/java* to link to the Sun jdk/jvm instead of the openjdk one?18:02
nemodooglus: I assume the indentation is optional18:02
dooglussetuid: sudo update-alternatives --config java18:03
dooglussetuid: or some such18:03
dooglusnemo: I guess so18:03
nemodooglus: the main concern I had was when my mom was on the road and she needed to connect to other networks18:03
nemoI will experiment with network-admin profiles I guess.18:03
nemoso long as network-admin restores the settings in the interfaces file, that is what is important I suppose18:03
dooglusnemo: I don't use network-applet or whatever - I've not had much luck with it18:04
nemodooglus: well, I didn't either - although wifi-radar usually wasn't too bad.18:05
nemodooglus: but, I'd wanted to move to it since I can't be around all the time when she needs maintenance18:05
nemoshe prefers the linux side, but right now on the road only windows has worked18:05
BelisarivsHi all.18:06
pvandewyngaerdehow can i measure memory bandwith ?18:07
rskpvandewyngaerde: you can see your memory's bandwith in hwinfo afaik18:08
Klimentok, I found out what the samba issue is, it is no longer possible for me to browse the root of a server18:10
pvandewyngaerdersk:  on what line ?18:11
pvandewyngaerdewhat item ?18:11
ggordonbeta is smokin'!18:12
ggordonfinally something better than XP....18:13
m1rnot much to comapre there ggordon18:13
ggordon8.04 beta is working very well for me...not a hiccup yet..18:14
ggordonI'm not too demanding though....18:15
rskpvandewyngaerde: um tty lshw-gtk18:15
ggordonI have crap-canned XP and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy for ubuntu18:16
rskoh jesus18:16
rskwindows sure can be filled with malmware18:17
m1rM$ is mal-spy-vir-ware18:18
ggordonevery web site you go to nowadays wants to slip you a little something.. :)18:18
pvandewyngaerdelshw-gtk even reports wrong memory total18:19
bazhangdont forget adware ;]18:19
stefgthehe adblock and noscript-extensions for Firefox are your friend .... living at an ubuntu repo near you ! :-)18:19
stefgBut that's actually sometging to discss in #ubuntu-offtopic, since it's not related to hardy beta testing in particular18:20
m1rpvandewyngaerde: how much mem you got ?18:20
bazhangsorry stefg18:20
stefgThat was as well directed at me, myself and I18:20
ggordonubuntu sees and works well in my network now that I got samba installed and eited smb.conf to my needs..18:20
pvandewyngaerde4 GiB18:21
pvandewyngaerdeon 64 Bit18:21
m1rhow much it sees ?18:21
ggordoncan check out XP and ubuntu box from my ppc...no probs18:21
m1rggordon , #ubuntu-offtopic18:21
dooglusI've rebooted after upgrading to hardy and not gdmgreeter hangs using 100% CPU, and doesn't show me the gdm screen18:22
ggordongimme a break...18:22
* Lunks gives ggordon18:22
ggordonsay something nice about 8.04 beta and it's off topic??18:22
mluser-workI'm having a problem with gdm after the recent updates, if I have 'Human List' theme selected gdmgreeter uses 99% of my cpu and never presents the login screen, but using the default 'Human' works fine18:23
bazhangggordon: this is more for those who have problems ;]18:24
mluser-workdooglus: if you can get a ssh terminal to that box.. just run 'sudo gdmsetup' and select the default 'Human' theme18:24
ggordonahh...no probs here....adios18:25
pvandewyngaerdem1r:  6 GiB18:25
DrHala1did the gnome drive menu change18:26
DrHala1cause there are tabs missing like "volumes"18:26
m1rpvandewyngaerde: sry m8, i didnt have problems setting up, but 4gb :/18:27
dooglusmluser-work: I hadn't tried switching themes18:28
dooglusmluser-work: but I do use human-list18:28
dooglusmluser-work: and commenting out the use of human-list fixes it - thanks!18:28
mluser-workdooglus: that is also the theme I was using18:29
stefgDrHala1: there's a security related discussion going on, on how to handle user mounts... my guess is that it is disabled until a reasonable way is found18:29
stefgDrHala1: Search the launchpad bug databse for 'permissions'18:30
tapoxCan someone help me with an april fools joke?18:31
m1rcan i use "prism54usb" from 7.10 and copy it to 8.04 ?18:32
dooglustapox: sure18:32
tapoxWish Nick a Happy Valentine's Day. Then hang up.18:32
tapoxdooglus: Roommate.18:33
dooglusoh, I see18:33
dooglusI'm not in the US18:33
pvandewyngaerdeme neither18:33
tapoxAlso, has anyone else experienced problems connecting to wireless networks since upgrading to Hardy?18:33
tapoxIt displays them, but it won't connect.18:33
mluser-worktapox: are you using the madwifi drivers?18:33
tapoxI don't know. I used whatever was stock on Gutsy.18:34
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
tapoxIt's an intel 3945 abg18:34
SErgewhy it is not possible to change resolution with sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?18:35
SErgein ubuntu beta18:35
CookedGryphonhi, i can't seem to get x to use the sis driver, it keeps reverting to vesa, even if i test and it works fine, i say keep configuration, next time i start it up it will have gone back to vesa. I need the sis driver so i can do screen rotation (i'm getting a pretty major crick in my neck...)18:36
ForzaPalermohey guys any lick getting system-config-samba working in hardy heron?18:37
SErgein hardy is available only 800 x 600 resolution  :)18:38
m1rwho needs more then 800x600 ?18:38
dooglustapox: I've had to take the network down and back up again to get connected once since upgrading18:39
dooglustapox: it booted with eth1 'up' but not working.  'ifdown' then 'ifup' fixed it18:39
=== dooglus_ is now known as dooglus
CookedGryphonany ideas or am i gonna have to balance my screen upside down?18:40
nemoCookedGryphon: no clue and no time to look, but I imagine you'd have better luck if you posted contents of your Xorg.0.log or whatever display you are on18:42
DanaGIs it actually trampling on xorg.conf?18:42
nemoCookedGryphon: which probably would say *why* SIS is failing18:42
raymondjtothhi need some help any one up for it18:43
raymondjtothwioth the beta18:43
raymondjtothany here cna help me with the beta18:43
jbroomecan you be a little more specific18:44
raymondjtothi have a dell e 1505 and my wireless card dotn work what i do?18:44
raymondjtothi have new 8.04 beta18:44
jbroomedid it work with gutsy?18:44
raymondjtothjb 7.10 it worked fin in18:45
raymondjtothjb fine in it whhat i do18:45
jbroomeprobably should have stayed with gutsy until hardy was done18:45
raymondjtothjb what i do now18:45
raymondjtothusing on laptop 2 pc18:46
flakehardy delayed by 3 months - april fools?18:46
raymondjtoth7.10 beta workled fine18:46
raymondjtothjb what i do now18:46
raymondjtothsee no help :(18:47
* tgelter likes the "today-themed-topic"18:47
DanaGraymondjtoth: install b43-fwcutter18:48
raymondjtoth i have a dell e 1505 and my wireless card dotn work what i do?18:48
mindframe-no xmms in hardy?!?!?!18:48
mindframe-it may be deprecated, but its simple and actually works, unlike audacious.18:49
raymondjtothmine did you see my q18:49
flakehow is hardy > feisty or what changes..  is there a link on the improvements besides updating the synaptic repository?18:50
stefgmindframe-: it's soooooo outdated that it might have run out of lib compatibility.18:50
raymondjtoth i have a dell e 1505 and my wireless card dotn work what i do?18:50
raymondjtothrealy getting anoyed18:50
stefgmindframe-: and no fun with pulse-audio ... no output module#18:50
raymondjtothand mad about realy to throw lapy out window18:50
mindframe-stefg, so what kind of simplified audio players are available?18:51
mindframe-audacious crashes every time i try to open an mp3 stream18:51
raymondjtothany helop for me18:51
m1rmindframe-: try amarok ?18:52
raymondjtothor will i have to reformat and go back to windows18:52
* magnetron is disgruntled by the release plan failure for hardy18:52
m1r8.07 :P18:52
raymondjtothany help for my q?18:52
mindframe-eww its a kde prog18:52
stefgmindframe-: 'simple' is arelative term  ... bmp is sort of related, but i use vlc in skined mode as the Grand Unified Media Player .... meaninf i use vlc for everything from watching TV to music to streaming18:52
raymondjtothor am i out of luck and need to go to a payed version18:52
mindframe-vlc is pretty good18:53
psevDi want to change server and i use the instructrion /server name of server18:53
stefgraymondjtoth: relax... breathe .... and be aware that not all restricted drivers or firmware files might be ready yet18:53
psevDbut nothing...18:54
raymondjtothyes understand and what i do if not18:54
psevDhow can i do it?18:54
raymondjtothto get wireless working for now18:54
jbroomeraymondjtoth: reload gutsy18:54
raymondjtothjb dont want to want to use the beta18:54
raymondjtothon lapy18:54
jbroomeraymondjtoth: gutsy isn't beta18:54
stefgraymondjtoth: what chipset is that ?18:54
raymondjtothjb only got beta cd made18:54
raymondjtothand burner whent out18:55
raymondjtothon desktop18:55
raymondjtothso im stuck on beta18:55
ulisse'lo guys18:55
jbroomefrom the topic:  " Please make sure you know how to18:55
jbroome          administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how18:55
jbroome          to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy."18:55
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
adinc_has anyone used a bluetooth gps with ubuntu? which tools do help here connecting?18:57
SErgeanyone know, how to change the screen resolution in hardy?18:59
DanaGOh yeah, if I use faubackup for backing up stuff, and faubackup uses lots of inodes... what filesystem should I use?18:59
DanaGFor the backup target, I mean.18:59
DanaGIt'll need to be able to have lots and lots of directories, and hardlinks to things.18:59
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto18:59
DanaGxfs, jfs, reiserfs, or just ext3?19:00
DanaGor ufs or reiser4?19:00
jbroomeif you have to ask, use ext319:00
DanaGI won't run out of inodes?19:01
DanaGI don't know what the default limit is.19:01
magnetronDanaG: you can choose the number of inodes when you create your ext2 IIRC19:03
mindframe-DanaG, what is the primary use of your system going to be?19:03
DanaGI already have my root as ext3.19:04
DanaGThe backup partition is what I'm pondering.19:04
mindframe-ext3 will be fine19:04
DerspanksterInstalled 8.04 on laptop, wireless broken now. Used ndiswrapper before. Do I need to uninstall it to use the BCM43 driver?19:09
jaffarkelshaci am having problems sharing files,19:09
jaffarkelshacis there anyone in here19:10
Derspankstersharing files on a network?19:12
Derspanksterjaffarkelshac: you still there?19:14
jbroomeLooks like he lost his spot in the help queue.  NEXT!19:16
rustIs there any reason this should fail from cron...19:17
rust* * * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/notify-send -u normal -t 3600000 MIS_Check "Check MIS page now."19:17
SErgei can't edit resolution and other stuff with  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg19:17
SErge xserver-xorg is like incomplete..19:18
SErgeBETA maybe?19:18
heartsbloodWhat is the average cpu usage for the xorg process.19:18
heartsbloodwhat should it be*?19:18
heartsbloodxorg seems to be hovering around 16%.  I can't figure why19:19
jaffarkelshacDerspankster i just got back. i am here19:20
rustheartsblood, seems really hight to me19:20
jaffarkelshaci keep getting an error when i try to share folders19:20
pedreoHi! Is it true that xserver-xorg-input-evtouch is broken?19:23
heartsbloodWhat Xorg %cpu value does everybody get with just 2 windows open?19:26
rustheartsblood, I've got 4 desktops with a total of 10 windows open19:28
rustmax 8% but usually %2-319:28
heartsbloodI wonder why mine is so high19:28
heartsbloodI noticed it right after I updated to 8.0419:28
Turskiheartsblood: what cpu?19:30
heartsbloodDon't remember tbh.  What's the command to look at the cpu?19:30
jbroomecat /proc/cpuinfo19:30
heartsbloodxp 350019:30
heartsblood6800u gfx card.  Old but not terrible19:31
jaffarkelshachas anyone got file sharing working?19:32
dooglusheartsblood: xorg seems to be a lot slower in hardy than gutsy for me too19:32
dooglusjaffarkelshac: azureus works for me19:33
nemodooglus: hey. you said you were on iwl3945 too right?19:33
dooglusnemo: yup19:33
heartsbloodJaffarkelshac: smb?19:33
nemodooglus: I asked my mom to restart to test your config19:33
jaffarkelshacnot peer to peer, network sharing19:33
jaffarkelshacfolder sharing19:33
dooglusnemo: I use these 2: iwl3945                89844  019:33
dooglusiwlwifi_mac80211      219108  1 iwl394519:33
jaffarkelshaci keep getting an error when i try to share a folder19:34
nemo# lsmod | grep iwl19:34
nemoiwl3945                89844  019:34
nemoiwlwifi_mac80211      219108  1 iwl394519:34
nemocfg80211               15112  1 iwlwifi_mac8021119:34
nemowhat is cfg80211 I wonder19:34
heartsbloodwhats the error?19:34
dooglusjaffarkelshac: using windows SMB stuff you mean?  or what protocol?19:34
nemodooglus: anyway, I'm getting what appear to be DHCP errors19:34
jaffarkelshacdooglus, 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error Permission denied19:34
jaffarkelshacthats the error19:34
dooglusnemo: grepping the process list for dhcp:19:35
dooglusdhcp      7322     1  0 19:18 ?        00:00:00 dhclient3 -e IF_METRIC=100 -pf /19:35
nemo[   59.099088] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready19:35
nemofortunately she has a wired connection so I can experiment like this19:36
dooglusjaffarkelshac: what command are you running?19:36
=== macogw_ is now known as macogw
jaffarkelshacno commands, when i right click there is an option, share option19:36
SErgeis there GUI editor of xorg.conf in hardy like in gutsy?19:37
dooglusjaffarkelshac: in nautilus?19:37
SErgebecause i can't find it..19:37
jaffarkelshacdooglus, yeah,19:38
SErgei mean other..19:38
m11gvim ?19:38
dooglusjaffarkelshac: I don't usually run nautilus, but I just tried it.  when I right-clicked a folder it just crashed, saying:19:38
dooglus** (nautilus:31999): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported19:38
dooglusnautilus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-burn-extension.so: undefined symbol: nautilus_file_info_get_location19:38
dooglusgood thing hardy's been delayed 3 months - it certainly doesn't seem to be anywhere near ready yet :)19:38
SErgegraphical configuration tool for X .19:39
jaffarkelshacdooglus, can i just be certain, so we are on the same page. what is nautilus19:39
jaffarkelshacoh so its true 3 month delay. that sucks19:39
nemodooglus: also odd. if I do ifdown eth1 it issues a DHCP release to the correct IP19:40
m11seems we have time to report more bugs19:40
nemodooglus: even though an IP was never assigned according to ifconfig19:40
dooglusjaffarkelshac: it's the GNOME file manager - it also draws the desktop icons19:40
nemodooglus: doing an ifup does fail in dhcp though19:40
SErgein xp i change the resolution in 5sec, in ubuntu i need to search all the google to do this :D19:41
jaffarkelshacdooglus, and what is X, so if you dont run nautilus what do you run19:41
dooglusnemo: http://dooglus.rincevent.net/random/ifdown-and-up.txt shows what I see when I ifdown and ifup19:42
magnetronpopey: it seems like i cannot upload your screencast to wikimedia commons, since the theme, the ubuntu and firefox logos, the websites you visit and the CD cover you show aren't licensed under a free license. thx for you effort though!19:42
nemodooglus: mine is failing at the offer19:42
dooglusjaffarkelshac: I don't really use a file manager.  I never really understood why people like seeing their files represented by icons.  I find the command line much more powerful19:42
m11jaffarkelshac: u shouldnt be runing beta version yet m819:42
mydoghaswormsHi everybody!19:43
m11!topic | jaffarkelshac19:43
jaffarkelshacit was the only version that would work on my laptop flawless,19:43
mydoghaswormsIs anyone using Aptana on 8.04?19:43
nemodooglus: http://m8y.org/tmp/wireless.txt19:44
jaffarkelshacm11,  i am able to adjust my lcd brightness, resolution is correct so i am using it for the moment from my pen drive.19:45
dooglusnemo: I see - it all seems to be working, except that its not receiving any offers of an IP address19:45
LunksI'm getting some trouble with dpkg:19:46
Lunksdpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 36:19:46
nemodooglus: only with your layout though :)19:47
nemodooglus: with network-admin doesn't even manage that19:48
dooglusnemo: is wpa_supplicant running?19:48
dooglusnemo: I see: root     32251     1  0 20:41 ?        00:00:00 /sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -P /var/run/wpa_supplicant.eth1.pid -i eth1 -D wext -C /var/run/wpa_supplicant19:49
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone know why hardy was delayed19:49
dooglusjaffarkelshac: April Fool!19:49
dooglusjaffarkelshac: (probably)19:49
LunksAlso, to let devs know one more time, I'm having to do an ifup eth0 everytime I start Ubuntu or change my static ip address19:49
nemodooglus: nope. interesting, that.19:50
nemohm :)19:50
jaffarkelshacdooglus, i did not realise ppl do that19:50
mydoghaswormsI am using Aptana Studio, but when doing a preview, I get a message that an SWT error has occurred.19:50
jaffarkelshacdooglus, so do you not use gui at all.19:50
Lunksjaffarkelshac: it didn't change on homepage, so it must be a joke indeed.19:51
dooglusnemo: it's only running after 'ifup'...  'ifdown' stops it19:51
Lunksjaffarkelshac: http://www.ubuntu.org19:51
nemodooglus: I did run ifup though19:51
nemo[ 1332.835146] eth1: deauthenticate(reason=3)19:52
nemo[ 1834.021136] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready19:52
nemolast two lines of dmesg19:52
nemoafter executing that command directly19:52
nemodooglus: it did authenticate, too19:52
nemoand associate19:52
nemodooglus: rerunning ifup19:53
dooglusnemo: I tried putting a wrong password in the file.  wpa_supplicant still ran, and was still running even after dhcp client had given up waiting for an offer19:54
nemoit *is* running now19:54
nemodooglus: now I get same output as from running it by hand. interesting19:55
dooglusis the router set up to use wpa and tkip etc?19:55
nemodooglus: http://m8y.org/tmp/dmesg.txt19:56
nemodooglus: yep. router actually is unchanged.19:56
nemodooglus: what stopped working was her machine.19:56
nemodooglus: if I run wpa_supplicant in verbose mode, the handshake occurs19:57
nemoalthough same errors still appear in dmesg.19:57
nabcoreI've updated from gutsy to hardy beta, but the OS seems to be using the old 2.6.22 kernel and not the 2.6.24 one. Any ideas why?19:57
nemoperhaps they are not critical19:57
nemodooglus: I *am* able to manually set an IP address though. odd, that.19:57
dooglusnemo: http://dooglus.rincevent.net/random/dmesg.txt -- almost identical to yours19:58
nemook. so my issue is with dhcp19:59
nemohm. let me make sure router is doing *that* correctly on wireless ;)19:59
dooglusnemo: how's your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf look?19:59
nemo$ grep -Ev "^[[:space:]]*#|^[[:space:]]*$" /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf20:00
nemosend host-name "<hostname>";20:00
nemorequest subnet-mask, broadcast-address, time-offset, routers, domain-name, domain-name-servers, host-name, netbios-name-servers, netbios-scope;20:00
nemotimeout 30;20:00
bluefoxxso i installed this morning's updates and now three of my four scsi drives wont detect. two are cause of the cable but the other should be fine20:00
nemodooglus: the wired connection works fine20:00
nemoor I wouldn't be able to work on debugging this...20:01
dooglusnemo: not sure what the problem is then...20:03
nemodooglus: when I do ifup - that's what reads /etc/network/interfaces ?20:03
dooglusnemo: i'm not sure20:04
nabcoreany ideas on my kernel question?20:04
nemonabcore: didn't reboot, didn't select right entry in grub...20:04
dooglusnemo: ifdown, edit interfces, ifup -- that's enough to break things20:04
nemo'k :)20:04
nemothat's the sort of thing I don't dare do remotely ;)20:05
dooglusnemo: sure20:05
nemoalrighty. guess I'll doublecheck router dhcp...20:05
nemodooglus: I think it works under windows though. not sure, but I think so.20:05
nabcorenemo; it's not actually appearing anywhere in grub, which is a bit of a mystery20:05
nemonabcore: you changed your grub at some point such that it can no longer add new kernel lines?20:06
dooglusnemo: I went through similar problems with my mother's laptop.  took ages to get her wireless driver working with ubuntu, but we got it sorted eventually20:06
dooglus(then the hdd crashed, she got a new laptop, and stuck with XP)20:06
nabcorenemo yes, I think I modded it with a vga=x flag.20:06
sourcemakerhave installed the kubuntu gusty beta.... now I receive the information... that there are 89 kde related upates? Why are there any changes to kde? I do not know... that there is a new revision available?20:06
nemodooglus: she's definitely used to ubuntu at this point. wants me to put it on a second laptop20:06
nabcorenemo, ok... that would explain the reason why20:06
nemonabcore: there are parts of your grub.conf you can change just fine20:07
nemonabcore: I suppose that means you *carelessly* changed your grub.conf ;)20:07
nabcorenemo: ;)20:07
nemonabcore: you should read the comments in there - global change to vga is doable, or you could have added a custom entry at the bottom20:07
nabcorenemo; is there anyway of "reversing" this?20:08
nemonabcore: I suppose you could have my grub.conf20:08
nemoI didn't put anything interesting in it.20:08
nemoon this machine anyway20:08
nemoer. menu.lst20:09
nemowhatever :-p20:09
nabcorenemo; I can edit it myself, but next time I update a kernel, I want it to "do the right thing" and add the new kernel's details20:09
nemonabcore: right. sooo, replace it with a "proper" one.20:09
nemonabcore: this is off the dell I bought to support their linux program, so the one amusing thing is  the custom entry they add :)20:10
nabcorenemo; thank you for you help and advice here20:10
nemonabcore: http://m8y.org/tmp/menu.lst20:11
nabcorethank you20:11
nemonabcore: you'll probably want to strip that last entry :-p20:11
nemoand replace # groot=(hd0,2)20:11
nemowith whatever is appropriate to yours20:11
ph8Hey all, does anyone know another about the xen-server package? I'm wondering when the next update is due20:12
nemonabcore: and regenerate it ;)20:14
sourcemakerwhy are there so many kde related updates to hardy?20:14
nabcorenemo; how do I regnerate it?20:14
nemotrivial way is to reinstall a kernel20:15
nemodooglus: WOOT20:19
nemodooglus: I enabled/disabled wireless on the router20:19
nemoAND IT WORKED20:19
nemo!@#$ pos20:20
nemothere was NOTHING in settings to imply that20:20
gaetronikis anyone intented use grub2 in order to boot from software raid?20:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:21
nemo'sok ubotu, you tried :)20:21
gaetronik!@#$ grub20:22
ph8Hey guys, i've got a server running gutsy - there's a xen-kernel package i quite fancy in hardy20:23
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:23
ph8can i just get that package? or do i have to upgrade the entire OS?20:23
gaetronik!@#$ grub220:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grub2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:24
jaffarkelshachow do you ask ubotu a question20:24
magnetron!msgthebot | jaffarkelshac20:25
SaschaRedI am beta testing 8.04, and an update just switched out my theme to the 7.10 theme20:25
SaschaRedwhy did it do that20:25
ubotujaffarkelshac: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.20:25
jbroomeubotu is srs business20:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is srs business - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:25
SaschaRedi like the new theme dammit20:26
SaschaRedwhy did it drop back to he 7.10 theme20:26
SaschaRedi had 60 somthing updates and one of theme killed my theme20:26
ph8guys, i've got a server running gutsy - there's a xen-kernel package i quite fancy in hardy20:27
ph8can i just get that package? or do i have to upgrade the entire OS?20:27
ph8i could really do with the new xen kernel to stop my machine crashing20:27
ph8if i upgrade the entire os, i should just change the apt repositorys, dist-upgrade and reboot right - do you think that'll cause problems?20:27
jbroomeupdate-manager -d20:30
nabcorehmmm with 8.04 beta, every time the machine starts, it trys to hibernate20:31
jbroomeI don't like mornings either20:32
ph8jbroome: That'll work to upgrade to beta?20:32
ph8do you ever find there are many problems with server upgrades? In my experience it's only ever gnome/compiz that stops working20:33
m13server should not run X , then problems are minimal20:33
ph8good to hear20:33
m13ph8 , of course depends what u runing on server20:34
zefanjahi...tried to install ubuntu hardy from cd but I always get this error: hdc: drive not ready for command. Any hint?20:35
ph8m13: VPS setup :o20:36
L33tMastaI'm having an issue with shutting down/ restarting causing my screen to start displaying odd color lines and flicker20:38
L33tMastaNow it causes the screen to flicker very fast, purple lines appear and green ones between them followed by red20:39
L33tMastaAny ideas? It just hangs there and I can type but it's almost like a program is running control-C does nothing20:42
joevandykhow do i set a custom resolution?  my projector is 720p (1280x720), but that's not an option in the screen resolution tool.20:42
* dwidmann prepares for another reinstall hoping for more success this run20:43
jimiridgepatch tues20:57
sourcemakeris wubi working well?20:57
SEJeffsourcemaker, Well maybe you should try it and find out :)20:58
cdm10What happened to Screens and Graphics?20:58
cdm10It's no longer in the Administration menu...21:00
cdm10Also, whenever I try changing the resolution with displayconfig-gtk, it fails (in a VM) but it works fine when changing it with Preferences>Screen Resolution21:01
jaffarkelshachow come in ubuntu you cant play 2 sound files. one does not work21:01
SEJeffcdm10, screens and graphics is displayconfig-gtk. It was removed for the new gnome resolution utility fedora is working on21:02
SEJeffLook at System --> Preferences --> Screen Resolution21:02
cdm10SEJeff: Oh, ok... but that doesn't allow for selection of drivers, and more advanced stuff.21:02
SEJeffcdm10, But it allows perfect dualhead if your graphics card supports xrandr21:03
cdm10SEJeff: Hmm, okay...21:04
SEJeffcdm10, ALT F2 and type gksudo displayconfig-gtk21:05
dwidmannI wonder why the "scanning the mirror" part of the ubuntu install process takes 10-15 minutes.....21:05
cdm10SEJeff: it just seems like a step backwards...21:06
cdm10dwidmann: ugh, on older versions, it lets you skip that step...21:06
SEJeffcdm10, If you understood the displayconfig-gtk code, you would realize that it is the other way around21:06
cdm10dwidmann: now, if the server's slow, you just have to wait.21:06
cdm10SEJeff: Well, displayconfig-gtk lets me change my monitor model and the graphics driver I'm using... the other doesn't. I guess that on a real machine, rather than a VM, it would detect resolutions properly so the new tool would work.21:07
dwidmanncmd10: even if I ifconfig down eth0, it doesn't give up and it still takes forever :\21:07
SEJeffcdm10, Correct21:07
cdm10dwidmann: whenever I install, I don't connect to a network, and it skips that step... weird21:08
cdm10Is anyone here running Hardy in a VirtualBox VM21:08
SEJeffNo, I'm running hardy on a real machine and talking to you on it21:09
cdm10I'm just wondering because VirtualBox's "Guest Additions" (software that enables guest-host file sharing, mouse sharing, faster graphics, etc.) don't install on Hardy.21:10
SEJeffWell that means they haven't made it work with the 2.6.24 kernel21:10
SEJeffThat is up to Sun (who owns Innotek) to fix21:10
dwidmanncdm10: guess I'll unplug the cable from the nic and do the install that way from now on then .....21:10
* dwidmann crawls off muttering obscenities21:10
cdm10SEJeff: That's what I was guessing, but I was wondering if anyone had been able to get it working.21:11
joevandykhow do i set a custom resolution?  my projector is 720p (1280x720), but that's not an option in the screen resolution tool.21:13
cdm10joevandyk: if you use the older Screens and Graphics tool, you can select a custom type of monitor21:14
cdm10joevandyk: hit alt-f2 and run gksudo displayconfig-gtk21:14
joevandykscreens and graphics tool?21:14
nemocdm10: what is the error you get?21:14
joevandykcdm10: ah, ok thanks21:14
nemocdm10: 'cause I had run into some build issues with vbox recently under hardy21:14
nemobut seems to be fine now21:14
cdm10nemo: really?21:14
cdm10nemo: what version of virtualbox are you running?21:15
nemocdm10: what happens when you just run make ?21:15
nemocdm10: 1.5.621:15
cdm10nemo: wait, we're talking about two different things.21:15
cdm10nemo: I'm talking about a Gutsy host and a Hardy guest.21:15
nemoI know21:15
cdm10nemo: I'm not compiling virtualbox, I'm installing the Guest Additions in Hardy...21:15
nemoI know21:15
cdm10nemo: is that what you're talking about?21:15
cdm10one minute21:15
nemomake sure you are up to date on hardy.21:16
cdm10i am21:16
nemorebuild guest extensions, and if it still fails21:16
nemoreport error21:16
nemoobviously, rebuild from cli21:16
cdm10how should I rebuild? just run the script?21:16
cdm10i mean the one on the iso...21:16
nemoyeah? :)21:16
cdm10Hmm, I'm running a slightly old version of vbox21:17
cdm10I'll fix that first.21:17
nemocdm10: that's the one that creates the kernel interface21:17
nemoer. kernel mod21:17
nemocdm10: how "slightly old" ? :)21:17
cdm10that may fix it, actually21:17
cdm10nemo: 1.5.221:17
nemothe gutsy default21:17
nemoyeah. definitely update that sucker21:17
nemojust install their package instead21:18
cdm10i installed this from their package as well, but a while ago, i guess21:18
cdm10nemo: Have you noticed any issues with really high CPU usage with Hardy on vbox?21:20
* dwidmann crosses his fingers and hopes it actually boots today21:20
cdm10nemo: like, VBox hardly uses any host CPU when the guest CPU isn't being used much, for Gutsy and for WinXP... but for Hardy, it constantly uses tons.21:20
dwidmannwhoo hoo!21:20
nemocdm10: not sure, but, could be related to initial indexing services hardy is using21:22
SEJeffcdm10, Do you have a gutsy vm available?21:22
nemocdm10: heck. could be indexing your host mount :)21:23
SEJeffhardy disabled tracker21:23
nemooh really?21:23
SEJeffYes, it was from the technical board21:23
nemomissed that21:23
cdm10SEJeff: not atm21:23
cdm10nemo: w/o Guest Additions, it's not indexing my host mount :)21:23
nemowell. he said tracker was disabled anyway21:24
nemocdm10: and this is with the actual process usage in hardy fairly low? nothing using cpu in top?21:25
nemo(don't have hardy running on vm at present, but never noticed that when I was)21:25
cdm10nemo: yep, the actual CPU usage was low...21:25
cdm10nemo: maybe guest additions will fix it21:25
cdm10nemo: hey, looks ilke the vbox upgrade itself may have fixed it21:26
cdm10nemo: because i'm not noticing the problem any more21:26
Pirate_Huntercurrently im using jfs as my filesystem but hardy seems to have other types, I would like to know whats better than jfs (excl. ext2/3 & reseirfs)?21:27
SEJeffreiser3 is fast, but just about unmaintained (google hans reiser murder trial)21:28
tgelter/etc/init.d/autofs start    <---produces this in syslog  --> http://pastebin.com/m5ff131fd21:28
tgelterany ideas?21:28
SEJeffext3 is the most stable21:28
cdm10nemo: sweet! Guest Additions installed.21:28
SEJeffxfs is a good mix of stability and speed21:28
dwidmannreiserfs was always kind of laggy for me ..... made the whole sreen flinch whenever I went to access large amounts of things ... and it used a lot of cpu while doing it21:29
SEJeffJust a sec, there was a really good set of benchmarks posted on kernel planet for linux filesystems21:30
Pirate_HunterSEJeff: xfs is that better than jfs its hard to knwo which filesystem is better i dont like ext3 and im tired of reseirfs dont ask why, its just my preference. JFs has always been good to me but now i need to know is there something better21:30
DrHala1Pirate_Hunter: why not ext3 its so common21:31
SEJeffPirate_Hunter, And there are a set of unbiased benchmarks21:32
dwidmannKeeping in mind regarding to any benchmarks, it'll probably vary based on the speed of your cpu and your drive(s)21:32
cps1966what about dual xeon p4 dual core21:33
Pirate_HunterDrHala1: like i said i just dont like it it didnt treat me nicely as jfs :( had a some bad encounters with it21:34
Pirate_Hunterwhat im looking for is the best file system in speed, reliability and good at defragmentation21:34
whoophowdy, can anybody help me with my audio? It totally stopped working after upgrade today. Volume control icon says:No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.21:34
dwidmannPirate_Hunter: they should all be rather good at keeping fragmentation to a minimum really21:35
gaetronikwhoop do you use the last alsa version21:35
whoopgaetronik: let me check21:36
cps1966i,ve been using reiserfs for about 2 yrs now and never had any trouble21:36
Pirate_Hunterdwidmann: in other words it depends on the user so everyone would have different opinions on different filesystems, in y case jfs but for other it would be ext3?21:36
gaetronikwhy use morderfs since it's not supported21:36
jbroomeOne does not simply fdisk into mordor21:37
gaetroniki ruined my joke21:37
Pirate_Huntercps1966: i do admit that ext2/3 do give you much more hd space i.e. my 115gb hdd gets read as 120 if im not mistaken21:37
jbroomei tried for the assist21:37
whoopgaetronik: I am using alsa-base
Pirate_Huntergaetronik: :)21:37
whoopgaetronik: this should be the latest. As I ran all updates21:38
gaetronikwhoop, you upgrade kernel?21:38
cps1966i have 1.9 TB so size dont really matter21:38
gaetronikmodules too?21:38
Pirate_Huntercps1966: curse you i want that AHHHHHH :(21:39
whoopgaetronik: I updated every available update21:39
cps1966well i have lots of data to handle so i need double backups21:39
gaetroniklook likes modules and kernel are not at the same version21:39
gaetronikwhat give a lsmod | grep snd?21:40
whoopgaetronik: this gives back nothing21:40
cps1966alsa should be 1.0.1621:41
gaetronikwhoop, looks like you don't have any sound module loaded21:41
_Angelus_who putted that unicorn image on desktop of hardy ? O_O21:41
_Angelus_i got it after the updates21:41
gaetronikso your message is quite normal21:41
whoopgaetronik: ok so what do I do?21:41
teamcobrahey guys, I have a big problem21:41
cps1966whoop:  did you reboot21:42
whoopI have 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller, it worked before the kernel upgrade21:42
cps1966modprobe your module21:42
gaetronikwhoop, like cps1966 said21:42
_Angelus_why will hardy be delayed by 3months? :o21:42
gaetronikand if it don't work21:42
teamcobraI followed the first 2 pages of the openldap + samba controller howto at http://www.howtoforge.com/openldap-samba-domain-controller-ubuntu7.10-p2, at at the end of the 2nd page, I restarted the server.... I can ping it, but it denies all ssh/http requests21:42
Pedantic-SteveAngelus: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=741833  will explain your desktop]21:43
gaetronikuse the source luke21:43
whoopgaetronik: how do I do modprobe?21:43
gaetronikmodprobe snd_yourdriver21:43
whoopok, but I don't know which sound driver I was using...21:44
cps1966only trouble i'm having is damn usb cam kills off tvcard21:44
gaetronikwhoop, google is your friend21:44
rpedroHAY, Just installed  the LiNsta theme so I can curse at my computer freely, for all the bugs in hardy beta =P21:44
teamcobraaugh, brb, rebooting21:44
whoopallright, maybe I can boot into older kernel, check for sound driver and try in newer kernel ?21:45
gaetronikgood way to see21:45
whoopok, thanks allot. I'll go and try now21:45
dwidmanncdm10: you still around, I have a quick question if you are21:46
cdm10dwidmann: hey21:50
icanhasadminquestion, if i have a beta version of hardy installed.. is there a specific command to get the "final" version come it's release?21:50
dwidmanncdm10: assuming you did skip the network configuration stage in the installer, how do you configure the network so it comes up without issue after the install. I've done it before I think, but it has been a long time21:51
dwidmannicanhasadmin: nothing more than sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:51
icanhasadminok that's what i thought21:51
icanhasadminoh and this is probably a stupid question, why do i have 2 options of kernel versions in grub on boot?21:52
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I finally resolved my weird boot issue from yesterday this afternoon :)21:52
_Angelus_so why is hardy delayed ? :O21:52
dwidmannicanhasadmin: iss one gutsy (ie: 2.6.22-14) and the other hardy (2.6.24-12) or do you mean the recovery options?21:52
gaetronik_Angelus_, look at your calendar21:52
whoopgaetronik: just booted into old kernel and lsmod | grep sn returns allot of stuff21:53
astanhey. something is weird. i made a file containing just echo "hello" and tried sourcing it (source <file>). and i get "bash: ELF: command not found".21:53
_Angelus_another april fool :@21:53
cdm10dwidmann: after the install, it should just recognize the network as normal.21:53
HorizonXPmy laptop with an NVidia GoForce 7600 seems to freeze randomly. The mouse still works, and it seems like my applications still run (i.e. music keeps playing), but I can't do anything. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing. Any help?21:53
whoopsnd_hda_intel         439768  321:53
whoopsnd_pcm_oss            47648  021:53
whoopsnd_mixer_oss          20224  1 snd_pcm_oss21:53
whoopsnd_pcm                92168  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm_oss21:53
whoopsnd_page_alloc         13200  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm21:53
whoopsnd_hwdep              12552  1 snd_hda_intel21:53
cdm10dwidmann: nothing special21:53
whoopsnd_seq_dummy           5764  021:53
gaetronikwhoop, hay one which looks at which seems to be the driver of you card21:53
whoopsnd_seq_oss            38912  021:53
cdm10!paste | whoop21:53
ubotuwhoop: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:53
whoopsnd_seq_midi           10688  021:53
whoopsnd_rawmidi            29856  1 snd_seq_midi21:53
whoopsnd_seq_midi_event     10112  2 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi21:53
whoopsnd_seq                63232  6 snd_seq_dummy,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi,snd_seq_midi_event21:53
cdm10!ops | whoop21:53
whoopsnd_timer              27912  2 snd_pcm,snd_seq21:53
ubotuwhoop: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!21:53
whoopsnd_seq_device         10644  5 snd_seq_dummy,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq21:53
whoopsnd                    70856  17 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_hwdep,snd_seq_dummy,snd_seq_oss,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device21:53
dwidmanncdm10: doesn't seem to here ....21:54
whoopsoundcore              10400  1 snd21:54
gaetronikwhoop, modprobe snd_hda_intel21:54
icanhasadmindwidmann: no, its what you mentioned. they both say hardy but they are those 2 kernel versions. it's very odd21:54
cdm10dwidmann: that's strange... I haven't ever had issues connecting to a network after an install.21:54
dwidmanncdm10: wait, I'm a dingbat, nevermind21:54
Luckriderhey linkinxp21:54
linkinxpi just install ubuntu and i like it21:54
linkinxpon my laptop21:54
Luckriderthis is the chan for hardy heron21:54
linkinxphow i update my Video drivers?21:55
linkinxpi have an inspiron 152521:55
cdm10linkinxp: what do you mean by updating your video drivers?21:55
linkinxpdoes it do it by itself?21:55
linkinxplike windows i think it has the generic ones21:55
dwidmanncmd10: or wait, nope, still the same problem :(21:55
cdm10linkinxp: what type of graphics card do you have?21:55
linkinxpis an intel one21:56
linkinxpim using a laptop21:56
Luckriderwhat model?21:56
cdm10linkinxp: it should be set up automatically21:56
icanhasadminlinkinxp: please please please type complete thoughts out on 1 line. there are too many people here to write 2 words per line.21:56
Luckriderif not you can go to applications> other> Monitors and Graphics21:56
cdm10linkinxp: if you were using a card that would need restricted drivers (nVidia or ATi), it would prompt you to install it, but intel will work fine without any additional work on your part.21:56
Luckriderthere you can change it21:56
dwidmannlinkinxp: should need the intel driver ... xserver-xorg-video-intel21:56
linkinxpmmm ok ok ill check it21:57
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:57
astanah nevermind, i found the solution to my problem (http://thats-not-working.blogspot.com/2007/12/bash-elf-command-not-found.html)21:57
icanhasadmindwidmann: hardy supports DRI with all intel cards by default.. i've seen it..21:57
linkinxpu see it has a Generic one! ill see how to install the right ones thanks guys\21:58
adinc_i'm getting Errors were encountered while processing: timidity21:58
dwidmannicanhasadmin: I agree, I'm using a 1420n right now!!21:58
adinc_does someone know how to fix this21:58
teamcobraanyone have any ideas re: the refusing ssh/http?22:00
teamcobraI kind of need to figure it out before I get kvm over ip going, it's $20/hr :/22:00
linkinxpHardy wont come out in 23 days?22:00
icanhasadminwhy not?22:01
teamcobrait's not scheduled to ;p22:01
jbroomeit comes out when it's ready22:01
Luckriderit should be ready though22:02
sotapso the topic is an April Fools?22:02
jbroomeis that today?22:02
teamcobraI'm guessing ;p22:02
icanhasadminis it bad if apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't work?22:03
_Angelus_if there is no updates, it will not work22:04
billisnicei can not get movie player to play dvd's. I am using the gstream version?22:05
icanhasadmin_Angelus_: except on this box, i'm running gutsy22:05
teamcobraI'm having a crisis ;p22:05
dwidmanncdm10: I'm still getting a hostname lookup failure :(22:05
dwidmanncdm10: more proof that I'm a dingbat, I put in the command backwards o.O22:07
dwidmanncmd10: wait, that dind't work either22:09
billisniceit says it can not find autorun22:15
mc-georgehey guys, was just wondering if the sound problem is fixed in 8.04?22:16
teamcobraok, kvm is up, the box is hanging at starting kernel log daemon22:16
icanhasadminmc-george: what sound problem?22:16
teamcobrawhich is no good.... ;p ;p how do I fix it?22:16
icanhasadminmc-george: every sound card works in ubuntu with few exceptions. sometimes it just takes some tweaking.22:17
mc-georgethe problem where you hear static or random noise with headphones22:17
icanhasadminmc-george: that would be more of an alsa update/upgrade if i'm not mistaken22:17
mc-georgea what?22:17
ph8Is update-manager a GUI app?22:17
Tuv0kI associated totem with m3u and told ffbeta4 to remember it, yet nothing appears in the applications preferences. Where can I tell ff to forget that last request?22:18
icanhasadminalsa... the audio drivers.22:18
ph8is there a way to upgrade to hardy for a server? i.e. without using update-manager?22:18
mc-georgehow do I update those?22:18
icanhasadminmc-george: manual download from their website and compile it yourself22:18
mc-georgeI don't know how to do that, you think there is a tutorial?22:18
icanhasadminmc-george: there are hundreds of them, lol22:19
icanhasadmingoogle is your friend. for now i must take off tho.22:19
mc-georgehow do I find out which one i need?22:19
mindframe-ph8, i think(not sure) you just replace all instances of gutsy w/ hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list. apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade22:19
icanhasadminmc-george: well i would just use the latest drivers, there aren't different ones for different cards.22:19
mc-georgehow do I know if I'm using them22:20
teamcobrawow, looks like this box is h0sed22:20
mc-georgeanyone know about my problem and if it is fixed in 8.04?22:21
linkinxphey guys how i put this commando xkill into a keyboard shortcut?22:22
_Angelus_is there a way to make hardy use emerald as window decorator?22:23
m13replace --emerald ?22:24
_Angelus_not the geeky way22:24
_Angelus_like from ccsm22:24
whoopMy sound driver is gone after latest kernel update. I try to modprobe snd_hda_intel but I get: FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel not found22:28
dooglusthis new iwl3945 wireless module is amazing!  I've been online for over 3 hours now without having to reconnect to the router!22:28
nemodooglus: well. I got happy that mine was finally working...22:30
nemobut, now it seems to be failing again22:30
nemomy only small point of joy is that it apparently is failing in windows too22:30
nemoso, is probably all due to the router22:30
jbroomeor bad hardware22:31
nemodooglus: the interesting thing is that the recorded lease did work22:31
nemojbroome: well. resetting the router worked22:31
nemoDHCPDISCOVER on eth1 to port 67 interval 722:31
nemoNo DHCPOFFERS received.22:31
nemoTrying recorded lease
crimsunwhoop: because l-u-m hasn't built yet.22:31
linkinxpwhat do i press to invoke this /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1???22:31
crimsunwhoop: just be patient; it'll be available in the next couple days.22:31
nemodooglus: the odd thing about the above results from ifup is that it did not manage even that on its own22:31
nemodooglus: the recorded lease thing I mean...22:32
nemowhen I connected, eth1 was still down.22:32
whoopcrimsun: ok so I guess I use old kernel untill release...22:33
nemoeven though I had asked my mom to try a reboot to test the setup22:33
Raspberryanother dist-upgrade today22:33
nemojbroome: I 'spose. although only one card to test, and I'm remote22:33
Raspberryyeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwww22:33
crimsunwhoop: right, I'm using a locally modified -12.22 myself.22:33
nemojbroome: and yeah, starting/stopping wifi on router did seem to do the trick22:33
Raspberrydooglus: I bought a new router and my connectivity issues went away22:33
RaspberryI can't get 802.11n working on my Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN22:37
RaspberryIt comes with N disabled from the factory :)22:37
Raspberrybut that was because Intel didn't have working drivers for it last year22:37
teamcobra_ok, this box hangs on boot at klogd..... any ideas?22:38
teamcobra_it's a server... so I'm working over kvm22:38
Raspberrythis looks to be the configuration... configuration: broadcast=yes driver=iwl4965 ip= latency=0 module=iwl4965 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11g22:38
Raspberrybut that changes based on the network I'm connected to22:38
nemo17:38 -!- Topic for #ipw2100: http://intellinuxwireless.org - Need ipw{2{{1,2}00,915},3945} iwl{3945,4965} help?  Pastebin  your lspci, dmesg output - http://rafb.net/paste/ || 2.6.24's iwlwifi does not have led or .n support enabled22:38
nemoRaspberry: that last bit seems relevant to you22:39
Raspberrynemo thx22:39
Raspberryyeah :)22:39
RaspberryI'm in the channel, I suppose I should read the topic22:39
Raspberry2.4.26 must incorporate the new N support... i hope22:39
RaspberryI suppose I could check out 2.6.25 and see what they're doing22:39
RaspberryI can't wait until these SSD come down in price22:41
ph8should my server be running 2.6.24-12-xen or 2.6.24-12-server?22:41
ph8is -server my distribution's kernel and i'm just getting confused -- nothing to do with xen?22:42
rskph8: do you want xen support ?22:42
Raspberryph8: are you virtualizing anything with XEN on the server?22:42
Raspberryph8: you can run generic and be safe... you can run server and potentially improve performance / memory management22:42
ph8quite a lot22:43
ph8well, it's a virtualisation server :p22:43
ph8i've just upgraded my entire OS to get the latest available xen kernel22:43
ph8upgrade actually worked and it reboots, which shocks me22:44
ph8the VMs won't start quite properly though - 2 out of 4 start and they start as 'paused'22:44
ph8any idea why?22:44
=== Ronald|Laptop is now known as Ronald
linkinxpi got it!!!!22:45
Raspberryph8: not really no22:45
m13ph8 , try reconfigure VMs ?22:45
ph8m13: how do you mean?22:45
ph8the cfg files haven't changed22:46
ph8oh shit22:46
ph8the kernels22:46
ph8of course22:46
ph8good shout :p22:46
Raspberryanother big KDE4 update today, eh22:46
Raspberryit took 15 minutes to download @ 320KBps22:46
irelinquishhey how well does ubuntu work with reading hfs+ partitions?22:46
ph8is it just a configuration file thing m13, or do i need to edit anything in the VM?22:47
ph8Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. losetup /dev/loop18 /home/xen/domains/hades/disk.img22:48
ph8anyone seen that before?22:48
teamcobra_recovery mode is hanging when I boot the machine up as well22:54
r0bbywhose ingenius idea was this message: http://pastebin.stonekeep.com/181822:57
r0bbyit looks like monkeys randomly choose words and strung em together hoping to make an intelligent sentence.22:57
teamcobra_is there a good list somewhere of every single option that can be passed to the kernel from grub?22:58
ph8m13, Rasberry: I don't suppose you've ever seen that error before? i can't get any of my vms back online!23:00
ph8* Raspberry apols23:00
m13ph8 , if they there , they should work23:00
m13ph8 , reconfigure VM's23:00
m13resintall if needed23:00
ph8you mean change their config files to use the new kernels?23:01
ph8i can't really reinstall, they're not all mine :o23:01
m13reinstall VM23:01
m13not images23:01
ph8i'm not sure i know what you mean?23:01
m13program with what u run images ?23:01
ph8reinstall Xen?23:01
m13if it not working i would try resintall that23:02
m13just dont touch disk images23:02
m13and ushould be fine23:02
m13btw , i run 8.04 with 2 monitors attached23:02
m13and u dont know how perfect lightshow i got on 2nd monitor23:03
ph8i just realised i wasn't in the xen channel :-)23:03
ethana2Creative's at it again!23:04
r0bbyany idea what http://pastebin.stonekeep.com/1818 << that means23:04
ethana2Maybe people will realize the value of freedom23:04
=== lamalex_2 is now known as lamalex
r0bbyaside from the fact whoever wrote it is a a moron?23:04
lime4x4Anyone else running ubuntu-kde4-desktop and having it removed with today's updates?23:05
lamalexCan anyone help me troubleshoot pulse audio? I can't get it to play sound out of my card. It worked in alpha623:09
mneptok*THIS* IS SETI ALPHA SIX!23:10
r0bbyWhat kind of morons are developing this thing... :/23:12
r0bbyi have the weirdest error which makes no sense.23:12
r0bbyshits crashing left and right -- can't boot into gnome except if i choose "failsafe GNOME"23:12
teamcobra_hrm, when I pass any options to grub, my server hangs before the kernel even seems to load23:12
r0bbyall in less than 24hrs of having upgraded...23:13
tommostAre you running Xgl?23:13
r0bbywhatever is default i didnt touch a thing23:13
m13r0bby , that why it is called beta :)23:13
teamcobra_if anyone has any ideas, _please_  let me know23:13
r0bbym13: even debian doesn't fuck up this bad.23:14
m13read up r0bby23:14
r0bbyI know :x23:14
ompaul!language | r0bby23:14
ubotur0bby: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.23:14
r0bbyJust venting :(23:14
m13or read topic23:14
=== stefg_ is now known as stefg
marsje_does anyone know how I can tell transmission to save my torrents somewhere else (instead of on my desktop)?23:14
r0bbywhy is it being delayed by 3 months?23:15
ompaulr0bby, venting at beta / alpha and not bug fixing reporting or whatever not so productive ;-)23:15
r0bbyompaul: yeh but it makes me feel better :)23:15
r0bbyompaul: did you see this lovely beauty23:15
teamcobra_because I need to pass init=/bin/sh  and vga=778 (so the remote kvm has a compatible res)23:15
r0bbyLinux rob-laptop 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 23:01:54 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux23:15
mneptokr0bby: andf if banniong you for language makes us feel better ... ? >:)23:15
m13u dont contribute by insulting people that working on it r0bby23:16
r0bbygood point23:16
r0bbythat was in dmesg.23:16
m13rather go make 5000 line post ;)23:16
c-ronmarsje_:  Edit -> Preferences , uncheck "prompt for download directory" then pick a directory to the right of that23:16
r0bbythat is just weird -- and odd that's all I apologize for insulting the devs23:17
* r0bby hugs ompaul 23:17
m13spread love :)23:17
r0bbym13: did ya ever see that error?23:17
m13kde4 ?23:17
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer23:17
marsje_c-ron: I must be blind because I didn't see the setting even after looking 5 times23:17
ompaulr0bby, sorry doing updates error not on display yet23:17
marsje_c-ron: thanks :)23:18
venka1im running gibbon23:18
venka1and i hav to boot with acpi=off23:18
CptAtomguys, i have one question. i am using hardy heron beta right now...after every restart of my system, the ip settings for my eth0 are gone. they are still displayed correctly on the network manager GUI but i ll have to configure them completely new with "ifconfig" and "route"....any suggestion where i could fix that. i never encountered that problem before with ubuntu23:18
m13venka , join #ubuntu23:18
r0bbyit's just weird23:18
r0bby!dual monitors23:19
ompaulvenka1, that is not a +1 question which is about the next release beta software23:19
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama23:19
venka1else it won't boot, but acpi=off is causing my computer to overheat, i was wondering would heron help fix this acpi problem?23:19
venka1like does heron use a better kernel/23:19
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead23:19
marsje_CptAtom: check /etc/network/interfaces and see if it has a line that says: auto eth023:19
m13ye, dual monitor should be autodetected  on install, and not have light show on 2nd screen, pitty i can record this, like C64 loading from tape :P23:19
teamcobra_so I guess my system's hosed, and there's nothing I can do about it23:20
teamcobra_even though I found what's causing klogd to crash23:20
teamcobra_and I have a 1500 colocated paperweight ;p23:21
CptAtom@ marsje_ nope...no auto eth0, it saysauto lo23:21
CptAtomiface lo inet loopback23:21
CptAtomiface eth0 inet static23:21
rpedrocan someone check something for me if their not too busy: check if the bitstream vera monospace, the dejavu sans monospace, and monospace fonts all look the same please?23:21
CptAtomso it's a static entry23:21
marsje_CptAtom: check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/18585423:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed]23:21
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r0bbym13: I'm not a troll honestly23:22
c-ronvenka1: read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47648923:22
r0bbyubuntu uses Xorg or Xfree86 :/23:22
r0bbyGOD I _HATE_ asking questions on irc23:22
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto23:22
ompaul!msgthebot | r0bby23:23
m13r0bby ?23:23
ubotur0bby: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.23:23
r0bbyompaul: sorry.23:23
* r0bby sighs 23:23
CptAtomso i fixed the file...23:24
CptAtomthx guys...i am going to test it right now23:24
teamcobra_r0bby: xorg23:24
RaspberryGod here23:24
Raspberrywhat seems to be the problem?23:25
r0bbyteamcobra_: thought so23:25
Raspberrythen why'd you ask23:25
r0bbythanks :)23:25
Raspberryfrom somebody on IRC?23:25
teamcobra_Raspberry: I have a prob for ya.... passing any options to the kernel in grub makes it hang right off the bad (blinking cursor, no activity)23:26
Raspberryteamcobra_: nvidia card?23:26
teamcobra_Rasp: nope, ati integrated23:26
RaspberryI've seen it with Nvidia23:26
Raspberrybasically the splashy thing can't set the right resolution23:27
teamcobra_I just want to init=/bin/sh :( :(23:27
teamcobra_if I disable splash, it hangs too23:27
teamcobra_same w/ quiet23:27
Raspberryhave you tried  the recovery kernel?23:28
teamcobra_yeah, same result23:28
teamcobra_and I don't have physical access to the box23:28
sourcemakerdoes kubuntu supports WPA2?23:28
Raspberryi like how you add critical pieces at the end :P23:29
teamcobra_I've been talking about it for the past hr23:29
Raspberryi tune out a lot23:29
RaspberryI'm getting old23:29
teamcobra_if I had physical access, I'd just reinstall ;p but nop23:29
teamcobra_it's a colocated server23:29
Raspberryso what is it doing?23:29
Raspberryso you can get to the box23:29
tgeltersourcemaker: yes23:29
Raspberryvia the network23:29
Raspberryand when you reboot it hangs?23:29
sourcemakertgelter: only with ndiswrapper or can I configure this via GUI?23:30
Raspberryyou have a control card in it to reboot it remotely?23:30
teamcobra_hanging at klogd, looks like this is the issue: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1546223:30
Raspberryare you running 7.10 or 8.04?23:30
teamcobra_yeah, I can reboot remotely, and have kvm-over-ip running today23:30
tgeltersourcemaker: I assume you are using NetworkManager. if so, it should work out-of-the-box assuming your wireless adapter is working at all...(you can connect to unsecured networks, yes?)23:31
Raspberryyou're saying passing ANY options makes it hang?23:31
Raspberrylike passing VGA=23:31
jimiridgesourcemaker, what wifi card/chip do you have23:31
teamcobra_yup, or changing ANY options23:31
tgeltersourcemaker: some adapters may need updated kernel modules however23:31
Raspberryteamcobra_: what kernel?23:31
teamcobra_yeah, server23:32
Raspberryi haven't worked with the server kernel23:32
teamcobra_yeah, my first time and not so fun ;p23:32
teamcobra_it is stable as hell when it's up tho ;)23:32
Raspberryso is generic23:33
RaspberryI haven't had a kernel panic since I debian SID when I a bad hard drive23:33
Raspberryin 200323:33
RaspberryI'd say try installing generic once23:34
Raspberryfor fun23:34
Raspberryand see if you can set any options23:34
Raspberryeliminate the variables23:34
Raspberryhave you run a update-grub, btw?23:34
Raspberryanother thing... what's the fstab look like23:35
Raspberryand another thing... what are the permissions of /var/log23:35
RaspberryI think the question you sent me has little or nothing to do with your issue23:35
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m13is it normal that liveCD drops u out language menu when it boots ?23:37
jcoleim trying to install the latest hardy beta from the destop cd and cant figure out how to find my raided /home partition23:38
jcoleperhaps i can modprobe something in ctrl-alt-f1?23:38
jcolesoftware raid023:39
abarbacciahey - what package do i file a bug under like this : wireless network connections are not established until the first user logs in. this causes problems when you reboot the machine from over the network and the connection is never re-established23:43
butterfreebefore I search the forum... is there a known issue for firefox and gmail... specifically, also... some of the fonts look "off"23:44
jngbutterfree: are you on an lcd display?23:45
jngfonts looked horrible when i first got on to hardy23:45
tgelterabarbaccia: NetworkManager would be my guess (assuming you are using it)23:45
tgelterabarbaccia: if not, whatever package provides the tool you are using to configure your device. (or whatever package provides the network config script if you aren't using any tool to configure)23:46
jngsystem -> preferences -> appearance and tweaking the fonts stuff helped for me..23:46
jng(ie needed subpixel smoothing turning on)23:46
m13abarbaccia: same problems here23:47
jimiridgewell there are ways to get network initiated during boot23:47
m13jimiridge: yes there are ways , but thats not the solution :)23:48
teamcobra_rasp: I can't get into the box :p :p :p23:49
jimiridgeyes actually it would be a solution23:49
jimiridgehas nothing to do with gnome-network-manager23:50
Raspberryteamcobra_: ok .. I have to run an errand23:51
Daisuke_Idolovely...  networkmanager completely loses my wireless between a suspend and resume23:51
teamcobra_ok ;)23:51
jimiridgeneed to remove and reinsert the kernel module23:52
pagan0nehey, im having trouble getting kubuntu 8.04 up and running, installed it on a sata setup, dualbooting vista (rarley used). upgraded from gutsy, now grub says file not found when trying to boot anything other than windows, i do have a seprate /boot partition, and my /home partition is on a 2nd drive... any ideas?23:55
linkinxpis should work fine23:56
linkinxpfrom windows erase the linux partitions23:56
linkinxpand reinstall everything23:56
linkinxpthats what i did for ubuntu cause i had kubuntu before23:56
linkinxppagan0ne:  did u read me?23:57

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