BHSPitMonkeyI like the hardy incoming art submission for a wallpaper06:10
BHSPitMonkeythat's just the gutsy wallpaper desaturated06:10
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psyke83kwwii, I noticed Daniel Sargeant has uploaded a color chooser version of Human-Murrine as well, will you be going with that version instead of mine?15:22
psyke83kwwii, that theme still has hardcoded values and issues with Firefox, unfortunately15:22
kwwiipsyke83: actually, we will be going with ubuntulooks again15:27
kwwiiI just removed murrine from the dependencies15:27
kwwiiand added your gtkrc for ubuntuloooks15:27
_MMA_Boo.... Ubuntu suX0rz.15:28
kwwii_MMA_: well, if you would have only worked a bit harder on it maybe we could have finally got ahead this time15:29
_MMA_No. The issue is management. "Higher-ups"15:29
_MMA_Oh well.15:29
kwwiiactually, I agree that ubuntulooks still has nicer progress bars and scrollbars15:30
psyke83kwwii, so we're not keeping the murrine theme as an alternative, even?15:34
kwwiipsyke83: we cannot keep it due to the size of the CD15:34
_MMA_Really, Murrine the engine should be a recommend on ubuntu-desktop anyway.15:35
psyke83ah that's fine, then... I was just confused to see someone else upload a different color chooser version to the bzr, it seems like duplicated effort15:35
_MMA_psyke83: It's ok. Your work will be seen and is appreciated in Ubuntu Studio. :P15:35
psyke83_MMA_, ;) it's not a prob, I was just wondering why... the old theme has issues with Firefox and so does the new one, it seems like a step back... but if it won't get used, who cares :P15:37
_MMA_I'm just jabbin' at Ken. ;)15:37
psyke83the toolbar seems to be missing a horizontal line below the buttons15:37
_MMA_kwwii: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Elegant+Blankon?content=78134&PHPSESSID=8dc2bb4f15bdd27deb50b2bb98a1f1ae15:52
_MMA_Or, the unmodded theme screenshots: http://www.blankonlinux.or.id/screenshot.html15:53
kwwiinot bad, perhaps a bit too simple but very interesting15:57
kwwiiok, so today I updated the human-icon-theme, human-theme, ubuntulooks, and ubuntu-artwork packages15:58
kwwiiso expect a couple of changes ;-)15:58
TomaszDhi, is the welcome html page of Ubuntu part of ubuntu-artwork package?17:43
TomaszDcody-somerville, where can I find the template for this page in lp?17:48
TomaszDdpkg -S doesn't seem to associate the file with any package17:48
cody-somervilleubuntu-doc I believe17:48
TomaszDcody-somerville, kubuntu-docs-index exists, but ubuntu-docs-index is missing18:02
cody-somervilleAsk in #ubuntu-doc18:02
TomaszDcody-somerville, ok18:03
savvasI think my message didn't reach the ubuntu-art list20:37
savvashm it must be the attachment20:39
nothlitare you subscribed?20:40
nothlitotherwise kwwii has to go approve it as not spam or something i think20:40
savvasi am, but i don't know what's the attachment limit20:41
nothliti would keep it under 7.6 megs i think20:42
savvaskwwii: can you check emails sent by vicedar at gmail dot com yesterday?20:42
nothlittheres like overhead, if you go over that it creeps over 1020:42
savvasit was 13kb :(20:42
nothlitthat should be fine20:42
nothlitpeople have sent full size png wallpapers before20:42
savvasthink I should resend?20:43
savvasit was about a suggest of mine about the new bittorrent icon20:43
savvasI'll try once more20:45
savvas'ere we go :)20:48
kwwiisavvas: that should go in the gnome icon theme right?21:21
savvaskwwii: well if the license and everything is right, I'd be honoured :)21:22
kwwiisavvas: andreasn would be the right person to talk to about including it upstream in the gnome icon theme21:23
kwwiisavvas: for hardy I will put it in our version of the gnome theme21:23
savvascool :)21:23
andreasnsavvas: was it you who filed that bug against gnome-icon-theme in gnome bugzilla?22:10
crimeboysomeone have a font sackers gothic light?22:22
crimeboyor similar free22:22
andreasncrimeboy: no, sorry22:27
troy_scrimeboy: You have obviously checked out dafont and abstractfonts yes?22:36
crimeboytroy_s: and all rest of internet23:04
troy_scrimeboy: Use whatsmyfont to find a kin to it23:05
crimeboyfont.com have it23:05
crimeboy29$ us23:05
troy_scrimeboy: As I said, use whatsmyfont to find a font that is almost identical in the free capacity.23:06
troy_scrimeboy: What is sackers offering over the thousands of other light gothics out there?23:06
crimeboyis a font of a logo done23:06
crimeboybut, thank u anyway23:07
troy_scrimeboy: Did you try whatsmyfont?23:07
troy_scrimeboy: As I said, in many instances, it will pull up several in the same class / breed.23:08

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