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pochuasac: does https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/@@/bug-status-expand loads for you from firefox3? It doesn't here, though works with ephy01:29
pochuasac: clearing the cache fixed it02:00
manchicken_So it looks like the gvfs issue has mostly been resolved.  Was it fixed, scrapped, or worked-around somehow?06:57
Amaranthfixed, mostly07:03
Amaranthjust needed a bit of polish, the framework and features were there07:04
Amaranthwell, a lot of polish, people worked their ass off on it07:04
manchicken_It certainly appears that way.07:05
manchicken_I'm impressed.07:05
manchicken_Hardy is looking rather nice right now.07:05
manchicken_I'm upgrading my laptop right now.07:05
Amaranthit went from "we're boned" to "wow this stuff works" in about a month07:05
manchicken_The only annoyance is the flash and ia32 issues.07:05
manchicken_Yeah, I remember last we spoke you seemed rather jaded.07:06
manchicken_I usually switch to the latest version shortly before it releases to help with testing.07:07
manchicken_System76 hates it though, because I'll actually bother poor Tom Aaron over there with my questions.07:07
manchicken_He's a champ though.07:07
manchicken_I've never had such good support as what I get with System76.07:08
manchicken_I wish they had a small business support contract.  I'd sign it with them in a heartbeat.  Tom Aaron has personally pulled my rear out of the blaze several times.07:08
manchicken_If only all folks provided after-sale support as well.07:09
manchicken_Amaranth: Do you use gedit for hacking?07:10
Amaranthgedit and vim07:10
manchicken_Do you know if they have an subversion plugins?07:10
Amaranthno idea, i don't use it like that07:10
manchicken_Emacs has excellent subversion support... I kinda miss that in gedit.07:11
manchicken_And do you know if gedit has repeatable macros?07:11
AmaranthI don't do anything like that either07:12
manchicken_I like the vfs capabilities--helps keep me using the same editor regardless of which client I'm working on--but some functionality like that is just sorely missed.07:12
dholbachgood morning07:54
mvohey seb128, MacSlow08:52
seb128hello mvo08:53
mvoseb128: I didn't manage the sponsoring last night, I will do it this morning08:53
MacSlowmorning mvo, seb12808:53
seb128mvo: that's alright, no hurry08:53
seb128mvo: while you are at it, you might want to apply the change on bug #17590409:02
seb128pitti seems to be on the opinion that using tabs is nicer too09:03
seb128I think firefox is broken but I'm not using it so I don't really care09:03
seb128you guys decide whatever you want for it ;-)09:03
slomoseb128: do you know what happened to the glib 2.16.2 tarball? :)09:05
seb128slomo: what do you mean?09:05
seb128it's on download.gnome.org09:05
slomoseb128: i only get 404 :) can you download it?09:06
seb128oh, no, it's not09:06
seb128no, no idea09:06
slomook :)09:06
huatsmorning everyone09:16
huatso/ crevette09:16
huatsseb128: hello :)09:16
seb128lut crevette huats09:17
seb128mvo: read what I wrote before?09:17
slomoseb128: ok, so what exactly was needed for getting new swfdec stuff into hardy? :)09:17
seb128slomo: somebody doing the work, I'm overworked09:17
slomoseb128: just testing if it works, adjust for xulrunner1.9 and upload/request syncs?09:18
seb128which means feature freeze exception bugs with rather, doing the update and the transition if there is a need to rebuild other things due to the versionning change09:18
slomoFFe shouldn't be needed because swfdec-gnome is part of gnome and the other two parts, swfdec0.6/swfdec-mozilla, are needed09:19
slomoseb128: also, no rdeps except swfdec-{gnome,mozilla}09:23
seb128slomo: not sure, swfdec-gnome is part of GNOME but swfdec is not09:25
seb128if next gedit was depending on xorg current git we would not update xorg ;-)09:25
slomoright, that argument is not good :)09:26
slomolet's ask pitti :)09:26
seb128just ask to slangasek if that's ok09:26
seb128he's around09:26
seb128slomo: ah right, that's universe09:31
seb128just upload then09:32
seb128motu rules are too complicated nowadays ;-)09:32
seb128ah, there is a sponsoring request as dholbach pointed on the other channel09:33
slomoseb128: so, you sync swfdec0.6 and swfdec-gnome, i'll sponsor swfdec-mozilla... sounds good? :)09:34
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seb128alright, let's do that ;-)09:35
slomoseb128: i guess swfdec-gnome wants the Xb-Npp-Applications/Xb-Npp-MimeType stuff too? how does this work? ;)09:37
seb128ask asac09:37
slomoasac: ^---09:37
asacslomo: what do you want to know? a good start would be to copy the lines from gnash and modify the -Name field09:45
asacslomo: swfdec-gnome? isn't the plugin package called swfdec-mozilla?09:46
seb128lool: btw about the glib upload, did you commit your changes to debian?10:03
seb128lool: might be rather a desktop chan thing ;-)10:03
seb128lool: because the changelog entry items are not in the debian upload10:03
loolseb128: http://paste.debian.net/52287 this is Debian SVN10:04
loolThis is Ubuntu hardy http://paste.debian.net/5228810:05
loolHmm weird choice of version in hardy from me indeed; should have been -3~hardy110:05
seb128lool: right, what confused me is that debian got a -2 which has none of those ubuntu changes10:05
seb128lool: so I though you didn't commit your local -210:06
loolseb128: I should have used -3~hardy1; or -2+hardy110:06
loolEverything is committed AFAICS10:06
seb128right, makes sense now10:06
seb128I was just wondering why the official -2 had none of your -2 snapshot changes10:06
seb128anyway no big deal ;-)10:07
seb128pitti: stop reassigning random apport bugs to gtk only because they crash in a gtk function ;-)10:07
seb128or glib2.0 rather10:08
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coNP[uni]good morning10:27
slomoasac: so the Npp stuff is for mozilla only?10:30
seb128hey coNP[uni]10:30
coNP[uni]hey seb12810:30
asacslomo: for gecko plugins, right.10:31
slomook, then swfdec-gnome doesn't need it :)10:31
asacslomo: will you take care that its upgraded?10:31
asaci think there is a sponsoring request for swfdec10:32
slomoasac: yes, seb will sync swfdec0.6 and swfdec-gnome10:32
slomoasac: and i'll care for sponsoring swfdec-mozill10:32
asacok great ... please remember to include those headers in the mozilla part.10:32
slomoasac: what do you mean?10:33
asacXb-Npp :)10:33
slomoseb128: so, please sync swfdec0.6 (and accept things from NEW) and swfdec-gnome :)10:36
seb128slomo: ok10:43
loolHmm poppler 0.810:44
seb128lool: I'm looking at it, but it has quite some changes10:45
seb128fc already has it though10:45
loolWe didn't track 0.7.x series10:46
seb128no we didn't10:49
slomowhat's new in 0.8?10:53
slomoexcept the annotations support... which won't be useful without evince supporting it10:54
laposeb128: http://people.freedesktop.org/~lapo/misc%20stuff/application-x-cd-image.tar.bz210:56
seb128lapo: ah, thanks!10:57
loolslomo: It seems to me stability fixes have been pushed to 0.8 and might not be pushed to 0.6 as often10:57
seb128sonames changed10:58
loolEven the glib one?10:58
slomoapi changes too?10:59
loolThe glib lib was supposed to be quite stable10:59
seb128" * Change glib public api to have a correct naming"11:00
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slomoasac, seb128: swfdec-mozilla uploaded, will go to dep-wait of course ;)11:09
* asac hugs slomo11:11
asacfrequently requested and constantly out of love :)11:12
asacyou definitly made some people happy11:12
slomoasac: do we have gnash by default btw? is gnash better in your oppinion? :)11:12
asacslomo: no ... we don't have a default because we lack a way to educate users about existing alternatives11:13
asaci have no strong opinion about gnash vs. swfdec. swfdec 0.6 was definitly ahead of our gutsy gnash, but i would say that hardy gnash is again ahead11:14
asacbut hard to measure11:14
seb128the swfdec upstream will be at uds btw11:14
asaci know him from university ;) ... but long time ago11:15
asacand met him in seville11:15
asache definitly does great work given that he mostly develops everything on his own11:16
pittislomo: ask me what?11:19
pittiseb128: assign bugs> ok; where should I assign it to instead?11:20
pittiseb128: pygtk?11:20
slomopitti: already solved :)11:20
seb128pitti: well, those might as well be apport bugs, we don't have enough informations to know11:20
seb128pitti: I've asked for valgrind logs, one seems to a librsvg issue11:21
seb128pitti: could you have a look on the trivial patch on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=523884 and tell me if you think it's correct?11:23
ubotuGnome bug 523884 in programs ""Eject" should eject the CD-ROM drive tray" [Normal,New]11:23
seb128Amaranth, mvo, pitti: any idea what should be changed to fix https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/206259?11:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206259 in gnome-control-center "gnome-appearance-properties won't start Compiz" [Medium,New]11:33
pittiseb128: re 523884, what is the bug? "eject" option works fine in computer:/// and on desktop for me11:34
pittiah, with no media, I see11:34
pittiseb128: IMHO the patch looks correct for what you intend to do; I'm not 100% sure whether gnome-mount is meant to behave that way11:35
pittibut *shrug*, -e without a media doesn't have any other sensible behaviour, so why not11:35
pittiseb128: IMHO, 260259 is a dup of bug 20795711:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 207957 in jockey "Driver manager tries to install unneeded FGLRX driver for Compiz" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20795711:36
pittishall I mark it as such?11:37
pittii. e. I need to teach jockey to not install fglrx with --check-composite if ati is used11:37
pittithere is a trivial, but conceptually wrong solution (mark fglrx as not being composite-capable)11:37
pittior, if I find the time, implement a concept and list of 'current' driver (more work, maybe not hardy)11:38
pittibut in all cases I'll fix it RSN11:38
seb128pitti: yes please mark it dup if that's the same issue11:38
* seb128 hugs pitti11:38
seb128pitti: I'll upload the gnome-mount change, it should not break anything anyway11:39
* pitti hugs seb128, merci11:39
slomoseb128: swfdec0.6 on binary NEW everywhere except hppa which seems to have a filled build queue ;)11:46
BUGabundohi there11:49
BUGabundocan I have some attention to wish bug  #21013311:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210133 in nautilus "[Intrepid Ibex][wishbug] separate icon view zoom for desktop and nautilus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21013311:49
seb128BUGabundo: that's not trivial to fix, require UI changes and there is thousand bugs open, I don't think this one will be worked any time soon11:52
seb128BUGabundo: and that's likely a duplicate too11:53
BUGabundodidn't kwon11:53
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BUGabundofiled it yesterday via email11:54
BUGabundoso no way to check for dupes11:54
BUGabundostill, seb128, its just a wishbug11:54
BUGabundofor hardy+1 or the near future11:54
seb128you should really check for duplicates before filling bugs11:56
seb128it takes you a few minutes to do that11:56
seb128but it takes us days to do that for the hundred of duplicates sent11:57
BUGabundonot when you are offline11:57
seb128and those are hours not spend on fixing issues11:57
BUGabundoand just using email to post to mallone11:57
seb128I would argue that if you are offline you should not send bugs11:57
BUGabundoI'll have a look at it now11:57
BUGabundoand mark it as dup, if I find the original11:57
BUGabundoI shouldn't fill bugs while offline??11:58
seb128about the feature I doubt it'll be implemented any time soon11:58
BUGabundocome on... you must be kiding with me11:58
seb128you should file bugs without checking for duplicates no11:58
BUGabundoit must be aprils fool day11:58
BUGabundothat's a question for kiko11:58
seb128what has kiko to do with that?11:58
BUGabundoI asked for a way to get a reply from malone against dups11:59
seb128I'm just saying that we spend way too much time triaging duplicates for people who don't bother doing so11:59
BUGabundoLP DEV teams says it thoesnt exist11:59
BUGabundoso I have to wait for it11:59
seb128it's not that hard to look if there is a bug already open matching the issue you are having11:59
BUGabundoI know that devs and bug-triage teams spent lots of time with this11:59
seb128as said it takes you a few minutes12:00
seb128and it takes hours to do that for hundred of people who don't care12:00
BUGabundothat Why when I report a bug via LP I always search for dups12:00
BUGabundobut I also do lots of work offline12:00
seb128well, obviously you didn't there12:00
BUGabundoand sent emails from there12:00
seb128well you can't send mails offline12:00
BUGabundoWhen I go online, If I have the time I search for dups for those12:00
BUGabundoyes you can... they just are kept on the postfix queue12:01
BUGabundoneed to setup a printer12:01
seb128BUGabundo: also don't specify ubuntu versions nor tag or settings in the title12:03
seb128BUGabundo: the bug has settings and a description for a reason12:03
BUGabundosorry for that12:17
BUGabundodidn't know of a better way12:17
BUGabundocan't find a dup for it12:17
BUGabundosorry for the extra work12:17
BUGabundoas far as I can search12:17
BUGabundothis is the single one with the keywords icon zoom12:17
seb128the bug might have been closed as wontfix12:21
seb128I've read several times about the topic during the years12:21
seb128anyway lunch now12:21
BUGabundoyep, me too,12:34
slomoseb128: you want to sync gst-plugins-bad0.10 0.10.6-7 later :) fixes potentional license issues caused by linking openssl via a gstreamer plugin12:34
BUGabundogood lunch seb12812:34
BUGabundoseb128: still with advance search, and every option selected I can't find a similar bug. will see this after lunch12:37
seb128slomo: ok12:39
seb128BUGabundo: ok, don't spend too much effort on it, that's an upstream wishlist anyway12:39
pochuslomo: woops, there's no libneon28-dev in hardy13:17
slomopochu: hm? it build depends on libneon27-gnutls-dev13:17
slomofrom neon 27 to 28 the soname didn't change13:17
slomothe patch only makes configure happy with neon >= 0.27.9913:18
pochuah, right13:18
pochusorry :)13:18
pochuslomo: that's one of the consequences of not having a pkg-gstreamer-commits mailing list :p13:18
pochu[ can I have one? ]13:19
slomoi'm lazy13:19
slomohow can i create one? :)13:19
pochuhmm, no idea TBH, I guess asking on #alioth on OFTC :)13:19
pochulool: ^13:19
slomoi know how to create a list but that doesn't get us the commits there ;)13:19
fernandomoin all13:31
BUGabundohi fernando13:31
loolslomo, pochu: sure, that's very useful in my experience, we should have one13:54
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kwwiiseb128: did the screensaver stuff make it into a package yet?14:28
seb128kwwii: doh, I forgot about that, no14:28
seb128kwwii: btw there is some issues with your icon theme update14:29
seb128kwwii: try to unmount an usb key and look to the computer location14:29
kwwiiseb128: ouch, what is that?14:29
seb128itt's using a tiny icon14:29
kwwiihrm, that is freaky14:29
seb128could be that this icon has no scalable nor 48x48 versions?14:30
kwwiiseb128: here is works witha usb key but is small with a sd card14:30
kwwiithe 48x48 should be there, let me check this out again14:31
kwwiiseb128: are you sure it was with a usb key or was it a flash card of some type?14:34
loolHeh did you people see epiphany drops support for gecko?14:37
seb128bah, april 1 sucks14:38
loolIt's fun, let's release!14:38
kwwiiseb128: do you have a bug number for that? I can only reproduce the flash card stuff on my system14:40
seb128kwwii: I'm looking for the icon used a sec14:40
seb128kwwii: found it14:42
seb128kwwii: /usr/share/icons/Human/16x16/devices/drive-removable-media-usb.png14:42
seb128kwwii: there is a /usr/share/icons/Human/48x48/devices/drive-removable-media-usb, not the naming issue14:43
seb128kwwii: renaming the 48x48 one fixes the issue14:44
seb128kwwii: typos in the .links14:45
kwwiiwell, I also found that the flash link is missing at the larger sizes14:45
kwwiiseb128: I will fix both of those14:45
seb128you are welcome14:46
seb128thank you for fixing those14:46
seb128kwwii: the 24x24 has a similar typo too14:47
kwwiiseb128: about the screensaver stuff, I was looking into putting the svg and .desktop file into human-theme and then setting the gconf key in ubuntu-artwork, does that sound right?14:47
seb128yes, that would be alright14:47
seb128are you working with mvo on those changes?14:47
seb128or that was something different?14:47
mvoseb128: I will sponsors kwwii changes, but I haven't discussed screensaver stuff with him (no idea about this)14:50
seb128mvo: that's basically install the .desktop and the svg14:51
* mvo nods14:51
asacseb128: do we still use gnomevfs to figure applications by mime-type somewhere?14:51
seb128mvo: and adding the gconf-defaults14:51
* asac thinks its now gio14:51
seb128asac: yes, lot of things have not been ported to gio and gvfs yet14:51
asacseb128: is there a command line tool i can use to query by mime-type?14:52
asacto test?14:52
kwwiiseb128: I was working with mvo on the ubuntulooks stuff but I might as well add the screensaver while I am touching those packages14:52
asackwwii: ah, before i forget. someone pointed out that in /usr/share/doc/tangerine-icon-theme/copyright it reads "The Human Icon Theme is licensed under the ..." :)14:53
seb128kwwii: yes, I've read your mail, the gconf-default change seems to be already and installing the svg and desktop is only a matter of copying those in the source and changing the .install, it's trivial enough to do for mvo I think ;-)14:53
kwwiiseb128: so I do not need to add the gconf setting in ubuntu-artwork?14:54
seb128doh, can't type today14:55
seb128you need it, just add the line to the human-theme one14:56
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* Hobbsee is liking this whole "only one lot of wait" thing for her computer booting, now15:18
kwwiiseb128: updated human-icon-theme source package here:15:34
Keybukooh @ epiphany announcement16:14
pittiseb128: so which package should I assign bug 209488 to? the stack trace just has libgtkish things, and the topmost function calls xembed_set_info() with a NULL argument16:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 209488 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in XChangeProperty()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20948816:18
seb128Keybuk: april 1 joke ;-)16:19
Keybukseb128: really? that's a shame16:19
Keybuksince it was a good announcement16:19
seb128pitti: bah, I hate those bugs, they are useless, reassign this one to gtk I guess16:20
seb128pitti: those are things which happen once to one guy and where the stacktrace is of no real use16:20
seb128I'm wondering if we should close those :-p16:20
pittiseb128: what I usually do is to reassing them to the correct package, set it to needsinfo, ask whether it's reproducible, and just let them time out :)16:20
seb128right, I tend to do that16:21
seb128or ask for a valgrind log16:21
pittiseb128: well, this time the stack trace does look useful, the NULL pointer is quite obfious16:21
pittiI'll forward it upstream, let's see what happens16:21
Keybukseb128: why *aren't* they planning to target webkit fully with epiphany?16:23
seb128well, there is some tractions in this direction, but that doesn't mean they want to drop xulrunner support now16:25
seb128the "main packages can't have universe build-deps to build universe binary" thing really sucks16:26
bhaleyeah I used to run into a lot of trouble with that16:28
bhaleseb128: is daniel still alive?16:29
seb128bhale: dholbach you mean? yes, he was there some hours ago16:32
seb128Keybuk: in fact reading the mail now it might not be an april 1 joke ;-) I though from the comments on the irc channel17:09
Keybukthe epi guys *have* been saying they were planning some changes for a while17:10
Keybukand that there would be an announcement in due course17:10
Keybukseb128: uws claims it's not a joke17:36
Keybuk(if you didn't see that)17:36
seb128kwwii: the human-icon-theme tarball on your website seems to be corrupted18:28
seb128Keybuk: right18:28
Keybukdo you know what I want18:31
KeybukI want a program that I can run on all my machines18:31
Keybukand share URLs18:31
Keybukso on here, I can highlight one, and it's announced via Avahi18:31
Keybukthen I can pick it up on another18:31
Keybukwouldn't that be great?18:31
seb128you can do that using pidgin and the bonjour account thing18:34
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tedgmDNS clipboard?18:42
kwwiiseb128: hrm, no idea why...I will make another one and post it in a bit18:42
kwwiiseb128: I just installed the deb and it does fix the problem18:43
kwwiiseb128: gotta pick up my son from basketball practice first though18:43
kwwiitedg: teh screensaver stuff is done, btw18:43
seb128kwwii: the tar.gz is broken, didn't try the deb18:43
seb128it doesn't untar18:43
kwwiiseb128: ok, I will take care of it when I get back, sorry for the trouble18:43
seb128that's alright18:43
seb128jsut upload it again when you can18:43
tedgkwwii: Cool, thanks.18:44
seb128tedg: any news about moving the wnck tooltip to the context menu? that becomes urgent18:44
seb128we need some testing there18:44
seb128and gnome-panel is crash land for users at the moment because the tooltip code is borked18:44
tedgseb128: No news per se, I'm still playing with the keybindings through libbonoboui -- seems it was designed for dynamic keybindings :(18:46
tedgseb128: It's sad how much a PITA this stupid patch has turned into.18:46
seb128Keybuk: is dropping this patch an option?18:46
Keybukseb128: everything is an option18:48
seb128Keybuk: you got the question ;-)18:49
Keybukseb128: what do you think we should do?18:49
seb128well, I'm not managing the ressources in this team18:49
seb128I'm too busy to fix the thing18:50
seb128MacSlow seems to have other things to do18:50
seb128and ted is working on moving that to a context menu but that seems to be hard to do18:50
Keybukno, but since you're on the front lines - your opinion of things is very important to me18:50
seb128we are past freezes, etc18:50
Keybukit sounds like the patch is causing bugs?18:50
seb128I would just drop the buggy thing and fix it next cycle18:50
Keybukthat does not sound unreasonable to me18:51
pochubug 207693 ?18:51
seb128bug #20769318:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 207693 in libwnck "gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20769318:51
tedgKeybuk: I agree with seb128, I've already spent roughly 3 days on the patch, and I'm not sure that there isn't another 3 in it.  I don't think it's worth that much time.18:51
Keybukit's always unfortunate to do, but as long as we discuss it in Prague and figure out what a better approach would be, we will not have wasted anything18:51
Keybuksince learning problems is a great use of time18:51
seb128Keybuk: that's one of the top crashers in hardy18:52
seb128Keybuk: right, that would work for me18:52
Keybukok, then you have my blessing :-)18:52
seb128good, thanks18:52
tedgOkay, I'll push the libbonoboui and libwnck patches I already have upstream, so then it should be easier (and more reasonable) for intrepid.18:54
slomopochu: the midi bug is wrong error reporting in the midi plugin, would be nice if you could file an upstream bug for this so i don't forget to look into it19:30
pochuslomo: right, do you need any further info or just "it's b0rked" ? :)19:31
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slomopochu: well, how one can reproduce, the symptoms and that i believe it's caused by wrong error reporting ;)19:32
crevetteasac: around ?19:34
pochuslomo: btw, can you reproduce midi plugins? they are reproduced by totem here, but I hear no sound...19:37
slomopochu: you mean if i can listen to midi files? yes19:37
slomodo you have freepats installed?19:37
pochuslomo: woops, I don't19:39
pochuthat was because of the config, right?19:39
pochuwow, freepats is 29MB19:39
slomopochu: wildmidi recommends freepats... so: install recommends :P19:42
kwwiiseb128: I just re-uploaded the icon theme stuff19:44
pochuslomo: do I CC you in the bug report?19:44
slomopochu: please19:45
pochuslomo: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52561319:46
pochuslomo: hmm, plugins-bad depends on libwildmidi0, which recommends freepats...19:46
pochuso I wonder why I didn't have freepats installed, since aptitude installs recommends by default19:47
slomono idea :)19:47
seb128kwwii: ok19:51
asaccrevette: in a few minutes, yes.19:57
crevetteasac: no problemo19:57
gicmola la la20:16
crevetteasac: I did the patch to have nm-applet with GNOME icons set20:18
andreasncrevette: is that ubuntu specific or gnome upstream?20:18
tedgWhere is libbonoboui's bug tracker?20:18
crevetteandreasn: ubuntu20:19
andreasnwhat icons does that affect?20:19
tedgNM, found it.20:20
crevetteconnection animation20:20
asacwhy can't we make them themable?20:21
andreasnah, so the picking up of wired network icon and encryption and stuff from the theme is correct upstream behavior?20:22
andreasnwe was discussing it yesterday and there was some confusion what was upstream specific and what was ubuntu specific20:23
crevetteperhaps I didn't get the question20:23
andreasnI should try to get hardy running on a separate disk20:24
crevetteI just took the icons jimmac sent me 6 months ago, and I put them in the ubuntu package to remplace those shipped20:24
andreasncrevette: lobby to get those upstream!20:24
andreasnthere is a bug open about it20:25
andreasnbut dan is a bit resistant20:25
crevetteandreasn: I've open it :)20:25
crevettemy mindset is never to lobby20:25
andreasnah, of course20:26
crevettenot enough time to praise someone20:26
crevetteI did sent mails and tried to explain (perhaps not clearly enough)20:26
andreasnI didn't get the bugzilla name - irc name connection20:26
andreasnoh, that's what I meant by lobby basically20:26
crevetteBaptiste Mille-Mathias20:26
andreasnlobby = comment on the bug20:26
andreasnand you did that already20:26
andreasnI totally owe you a beer for that20:27
crevetteI'm rather alcohol free person, but I'm okay for a coke20:27
crevetteI'm sure monreal is the guy for that kind of job20:28
crevetteI've seen him on irc arguying to have beautiful icons20:28
falken_has anyone else set up their wifi on a laptop?20:30
crevetteandreasn: something cool would be the strengh signal color is taken from GTK colors :)20:31
andreasncrevette: perhaps I can buy you dinner20:31
crevetteandreasn: :)20:31
crevettenot until the icons are commited20:31
andreasnyeah, yeah... :)20:31
crevetteandreasn: do you think I can cc jimmac on this bug20:37
andreasnisn't he cc:ed already?20:37
crevetteas he was the artist who did the icons20:37
crevettejimmac [@] novell ?20:37
andreasnlet me check20:38
crevetteit is that20:39
andreasnjimmac at ximian dot com ?20:39
seb128asac: around?21:02
crevetteasac: ah you're back21:03
asackwwii: the Human icon theme lacks a refresh icon in 48x48 size (dialog)21:03
asacmidbrowser looks funny that way :)21:03
asaccrevette: seb128: what can i do?21:03
asackwwii: do you want a bug about that?21:04
seb128asac: I got epiphany hanging after opening the first instance after booting, that was a bugzilla url and I closed it before the page content was loaded21:04
seb128asac: not sure if that's useful for the hang bug context21:04
asacseb128: i saw some memory issues in the package i couldn't see in the upstream package. can you try to a pristine epiphany build?21:05
asaci think it should just build out of the box.21:05
seb128upstream svn or tarball?21:05
asacyou will see a few regressions in the dialog box i guess.21:05
crevetteasac: I did the packaging of nm-applet to have GNOME icons21:05
asacseb128: use svn. no idea how up to date the tarballs are21:05
asacseb128: build with --with-engine=mozilla --with-gecko=libxul-embedding21:06
seb128asac: ok, will try21:06
asaccrevette: ah right. did you answer my question about the themability?21:06
crevetteasac: how can I provide it to you ?21:06
* asac scrolling back21:06
crevetteasac: no21:06
crevetteasac: I don't know21:06
crevettethe icons are put under hicolor, so any themes providing the icons should supersed them21:07
crevettefrom what I understand21:07
asaceasiest is just pushing a bzr branch and requesting a merge ;)21:07
crevettehu ...21:07
crevettehow should I do that21:07
asacotherwise a reasonable patch21:07
crevettea debdiff ?21:07
asaci think bzr would be much easier if its new binary files :)21:08
crevetteasac: I uuencoede them21:08
crevettethat's why it took so long21:08
crevetteI never touch uuencode before21:08
asaccrevette: do you have multiple .uu files in debian/ dir? or just one?21:10
crevetteI didn't figure out out do with only one21:10
asacin a subdir of debian/ ?21:10
asacwell... you can give me a tarball with the .uu files only and give me a debdiff for the rest21:10
asacat best as a bug21:11
asacwell at best as a bzr branch :)21:11
crevetteasac: http://bmm80.free.fr/Debian/nm-applet/nm-applet.debdiff21:13
asaccrevette: i'd really appreciate if you'd encapsulate those icons in a subdir of debian/ .. at least21:15
asaccrevette: eh sorry. you already do that21:15
asaci think its ok that way.21:15
crevetteasac: if something is not okay don't hesitate21:16
asacill look21:17
asaccan you make a bug out of that?21:17
crevetteyep, of course21:18
kwwiiasac: where is a 48x48 refresh icon used?21:18
kwwiiunfortunately we do not have an svg of that icon so I will have to redraw all of them21:20
asackwwii: damn ;)21:20
asacthere is no scalable one either, right21:20
asackwwii: its used in midbrowser21:20
asacnot the most important usecase, but since i develop in under plain hardy I was curious why the icon was so small :)21:21
kwwiihrm, I guess making a bug for it would be the best for now21:21
asackwwii: well, if you are aware of and there is nothing you can do, there is no point imo21:22
asaci guess in case you really redo it, we will get it automatically21:22
kwwiigood point21:22
asacmaybe i can find another theme that has a scalable refresh ;)21:22
kwwiithe gnome theme should have it21:22
asacis that the ugly one?21:22
asacyau ... gnome-appearence dialog crashes21:23
asacall themes are somehow greyed out with a question mark, but i can change them21:23
crevetteasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/21044921:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210449 in network-manager-applet "GNOME icons for nm-applet" [Undecided,New]21:24
vuntztedg: ping?21:38
tedgvuntz: Pong.21:38
vuntztedg: tell me more about you want to do with the pager21:38
tedgWell, what I was doing (got canceled this morning) was the right click menu for the WM actions.21:39
tedgSo I wanted to make them sensitive to where you were in the pager.21:39
tedgSo to do that I needed to determine "if left" or "if right" were available.21:39
vuntzok, I see21:39
vuntzhrm, the thing is that all the high-level widgets in libwnck are more or less independent of all the low-level wnck stuff21:40
vuntzand I think it's a good thing21:40
tedgI don't disagree, but the problem comes when trying to connect all of the bonobo stuff on down.  I don't think you want a libbonoboui dependency for libwnck.21:41
kwwiiasac: actually, for mid you will see these problems again and again with the human theme because we only have a handfull of svg's - all the more reason to make a new theme which is totally svg ;-)21:42
vuntztedg: yep, but the three function calls seem the best trade-off to me. If you really need to do it often, it's easy to write an helper function.21:42
vuntzeven if it's to get something that lives in the internal pager structure21:43
tedgkwwii: I thought there were AI files for them, were you unable to get those?21:43
vuntzI guess I'll wait for feedback from elijah or hp21:43
seb128_kwwii: human-icon-theme update uploaded21:43
tedgvuntz: Okay, well it came down to a few functions really.21:43
kwwiitedg: nope, we did not get the AI files afaik21:44
kwwiiseb128_: great, thanks :-)21:44
tedgvuntz: There was wm_can_go(dir), wm_do_go(dir), and then probably a wm_get_keybinding(dir)21:44
tedgvuntz: And, while I'm making requests... I think it would make sense for an "advanced functionality" type function.  For things like scale and expo that metacity and others are like to implement in the future.21:45
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
tedgvuntz: But, in reality, I have most of the code already, it's just in a gnome-panel patch.  I could move it.21:46
seb128untz untz untz!21:47
vuntztedg: not quite sure how you'd integrate "scale" and "expo" in libwnck21:51
vuntzunless it's standardized, in which case it'd be easy21:51
seb128hey vuntz ;-)21:51
crevetteVUNTZ !!!!!!21:51
crevetteVUNTZ !!!!!!21:51
vuntzseb128: I'm only here to spy on you, you know this ;-)21:52
tedgvuntz: I'm thinking "wm_has_capability(SHOW_ALL_WINDOWS)" or "wm_has_capability(SHOW_ALL_WORKSPACES)"21:52
* seb128 hugs vuntz21:52
seb128vuntz: I've noticed, making summaries about ubuntu nice ideas on the novell wiki for example21:53
vuntztedg: not going to happen if things are not in the ewmh spec21:54
tedgvuntz: "wm_has_capability_beyond_ewmh(...)"? :)21:56
tedgvuntz: It does make sense that there should be a way to expose such functionality of the WM though.21:57
vuntztedg: if you assume SHOW_ALL_WINDOWS and SHOW_ALL_WORKSPACES work on two WM, then the right thing to do is to add them as optional features of the EWMH21:58
vuntznot to have them implemented in two different ways in the two WMs21:58
vuntz(or some compositor spec that would extend the ewmh)21:59
tedgDo you really think I want to put my name on a spec with anything compiz related? ;)21:59
crevettethe translation of bluez has been updated22:20
crevettethe french one was awful22:20
seb128crevette: it was made by you? ;-)22:28
crevetteseb128: yep22:30
crevetteof course22:30
crevettethe one that made me crazy for weeks was the 1|un in the notification bubble of evo22:30
seb128ah, I don't use the bubble22:31
seb128I get too many mails for that22:31
crevetteyeah :)22:31

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