AlejandroNew guy here! from Argentina01:34
AlejandroReading every link of the Ubuntu Doc Team01:37
AlejandroPlanning to help,  don't have that much time, but whenever I can I will01:37
jjesseAlejandro: yay for more help01:53
jjessequick docbook question how do you show or deal with exponents (that is 2 to the power of 3) or is it 2^3?01:54
AlejandroSorry are you talking to me? I'm new to the IRC thing.01:59
AlejandroIs there anyone there?02:00
jjesseAlejandro: yes i am here02:04
jjessesaid hi to you earlier02:04
jjessethen was aksing for general help on my docbook question02:04
AlejandroSorry I was reading docs to find out how to help02:04
Alejandroyeh sorry but there are some expression i dont understan like you needing help in your docbook02:05
jjesseno worries02:05
AlejandroI'm very new, I think I can help translating to spanish since I'm from Argentina so I was reading on the Rosetta thing and how to find packages to translate02:06
jjesseis there a ubunt argentina local team that could help out that way?02:06
jjessethat you could contact for help02:06
Alejandroso then I should subscribe here but locally?02:07
jjesseshows the infromation for the argentina team02:08
jjesseyou can still help here out as well02:08
Alejandro=) awesome i'll check it out THX02:10
sphinxxcan someone help me i have a question about partitioning05:33
kgoetzsphinxx: try #ubuntu05:34
sphinxxoh ok thanks05:34
sphinxxso whats this channel for?05:34
kgoetzcoordinating documentation work05:35
sphinxxoh ok05:35
mdkemorning all08:25
mdkehmm. Removing translated xml cuts our working tree down from 200MB to 60MB...08:55
mdkegood :)08:55
kgoetzmdke: wow... that nice *grin*12:04
kgoetzi might have to do an update to my checkout12:04
ubotuNew bug: #210196 in ubuntu-docs (main) "link in default polish homepage needs to be changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21019613:02
=== TeTeT_ is now known as TeTeT
TomaszDhi, any ideas why ubuntu-docs-index is missing while kubuntu-docs-index exists? I can't find the template for ubuntu for the welcome html page of firefox18:04
mdkeTomaszD: there is no reliable way to translate html using rosetta. Neither kubuntu nor ubuntu uses it for the firefox homepage - you need to send translation updates manually to the documentation team as announced from time to time on the translators list19:03
mdkeTomaszD: the kubuntu-docs-index template relates to the index page for the kubuntu help system, not the welcome page of firefox19:03

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