Deffy|iMac_does ubuntu-mobile work well with the eeePC?02:37
inukaping alek_desk 06:09
alek_deskinuka: pong06:10
inukaalek_desk: do you have access to the build server?06:15
inukaalek_desk: libdrm and libva do not seem to building... just give error message debian directory not found06:16
alek_deskinuka, no, only JohnV could fix this06:17
alek_deskinuka, I guess you already created GASTON branch 06:17
inukaalek_desk: yeah e-mailed JohnV and rusty. This happend once before when I first created the psb-kmd GASTON branch. JohnV did something to fix it...06:21
andy_linsorry .07:10
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woodwizzleAre there any available ubuntu mobile devices out yet?07:49
dholbachgood morning07:54
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cgreganlool: in reference to xephyr not being able to connect to ports. Does the chroot use a resolve.conf within the chroot?13:43
StevenKcgregan: It may well13:43
cgreganStevenK: Yep.....the resolve was set to a static domain and dns.13:48
StevenKcgregan: Ahhh, probably from what it was built on.13:49
StevenKcgregan: In which case, I'd suggest that merits a bug on MIC13:49
cgreganstevenK: ok....the full runs no problem, but the crownbeach target cannot start x13:51
loolcgregan: Yes13:53
loolcgregan: Networking is something you have to configure when creating a chroot; it's not bringing up and down interfaces but telling your system about hosts and DNS servers13:53
StevenKlool: MIC copies the /etc/resolv.conf from the host13:54
cgreganStevenK: This appears to be true. When creating on this machine there was not a problem, but importing uses the resolve the image was created on.13:55
loolStevenK: Yeah, but it wont work when moving the chroot around, if your DNS changes, etc.13:56
StevenKlool: Exactly. It also means information about the build environment is leaked.13:57
loolYeah, I mentionned this a long while ago about the hosts13:57
StevenKhosts I fixed13:57
StevenK/etc/resolv.conf is harder13:57
cgreganStevenK: Here is the message spit out when the xserver fails in the crownbeach target:14:01
cgreganFatal server error:14:01
cgregancould not open default font 'fixed'14:01
cgreganwaiting for X server to begin accepting connections 14:01
cgregangiving up.14:01
cgreganxinit:  Connection reset by peer (errno 104):  unable to connect to X server14:01
cgreganxinit:  No such process (errno 3):  Server error.14:01
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loolcgregan: You seem to be missing fonts14:02
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loolcgregan: xfonts-base would provide the fixed font14:04
cgreganlool: I'll try to apt-get it14:04
StevenKIt should be installed14:05
cgreganStevenK: It was not. utils and encoding were also brought down14:06
cgreganStevenK: the crownbeach target looks to be corrupted or incomplete.14:09
loolcgregan: What image is this?14:09
cgreganStevenK: yesterday daily build of Menlow14:10
StevenKfull or core?14:10
StevenKAccording to the 20080401 menlow-full logs, xfonts-base was installed14:14
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loolWill do a short test17:52
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inuka_deskping amitk_ 23:29

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