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xtknighthmm i dont understand the response to Bug 20449600:33
blueyedbug 20449600:34
xtknight( https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/204496 )00:34
xtknighti thought the patch was suppoesd to be for the current version00:34
blueyedxtknight: is the version in hardy broken? (2.x)00:36
xtknightblueyed, i haven't checked00:36
xtknightshould i run the hardy version on gutsy?00:36
xtknightok ... i think i understand.  they are trying to get me to report the problem if exists in the development version.  but im still providing a patch for gutsy right?00:38
blueyedxtknight: I think it's fixed, at least the interface changed (there's no "Help" menu, but only a button an it works)00:38
blueyedxtknight: right.00:38
blueyedFor Gutsy you'll need a SRU, as Daniel pointed out.00:38
blueyedxtknight: I think the bug should get closed and if you want to fix it for Gutsy (which is cumbersome), "Nominate [it] for release". I don't think it's critical enough though.00:40
xtknightblueyed,  what release would i be nominating it for?  it's fixed in hardy right (well, assuming it is)?00:40
blueyedxtknight: gutsy00:41
blueyedxtknight: but please read the wiki page posted by Daniel first.00:41
xtknightsome other release of gutsy?00:41
xtknightoh nominate for release places it in backports then...00:43
slangasekno, backports are separate from release nominations00:47
slangasek"nominate for release" -> SRU00:47
slangasek... which means, if the change doesn't fit the SRU policy, it will be declined00:47
xtknighti guess i don't understand what "nominate for release" does on gutsy since gutsy has already been released.00:48
blueyedxtknight: you'll nominate it for gutsy-updates00:49
xtknightok i guess i was misreading it.  i thought there would be some new release or sometihng.  i'm nominating it for an existing release..00:49
xtknightnow, it states to set hardy's bug report to Fix Released (if the bug does not exist in hardy).  hardy doesn't have a bug, so i didnt file a bug report for it.  does that mean i need to create a bug, or somehow set my current bug to Gutsy only?00:52
xtknighton this page ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates  )00:54
blueyedxtknight: you would close the existing bug and if the SRU for Gutsy gets approved, a new bug task for Gutsy appears.00:54
slangasekxtknight: any bugs you file are implicitly shown as affecting the current development release.  So you should mark the bug as 'fix released' to indicate hardy has the bugfix, then nominate the bug for an SRU via 'nominate for release'00:55
xtknightby close you mean set Bug 204496 to Fix Released?00:55
xtknighti see.  so the bug represents the latest dev version more than anything else00:56
xtknightin the whole continuum of things00:56
bobbois anyone around to check an upload for me?00:58
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slangasekFujitsu: no features added in the new upstream version for bug #208993?01:02
xtknighthow do i upload a package to release-proposed?01:10
emgentheya people01:10
xtknighti already put gutsy-proposed in the changelog01:15
emgentxtknight: subscribe motu-sru and add Test case01:16
xtknightemgent, ah ok.01:17
xtknighti mean step number 4 on procedures here.  it sounds like im supposed to uplpoad something to an ftp or something.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:18
emgentslangasek: thanks for turba201:19
xtknightbecause the earlier tests already said subscribe and add test cae?01:19
xtknightearlier steps*01:19
slangasekemgent: no worries01:27
Fujitsuslangasek: There's a FFe linked.01:49
slangasekFujitsu: why, so there is01:49
slangasekFujitsu: I'm used to seeing a single bug for the FFe and the sync request... more efficient on the submitter's side anyway, now you have a stray bug sitting open ;)01:50
Fujitsuslangasek: Ah. Not any more.01:51
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emgentheya Fujitsu :)01:53
FujitsuHi emgent.01:55
* Fujitsu disappears for lunh.01:55
bddebianHeya gang02:12
RAOFHowbidie bddebian02:13
bddebianHi RAOF02:14
marnanelI'm trying to build a package to do a debdiff.  What is it I have to do between introducing my new patch to debian/patches and running debuild -uc -us -S ?  I thought I used to know this...02:58
marnanelIt fails because "distclean" isn't a make target.02:58
RAOFmarnanel: That sounds like a bug in the package.  Does it build in Hardy?03:00
marnanelI thought it did, but I will try again03:01
RAOFWhat package?03:03
marnanelmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `gnome-alsamixer.schemas', needed by `all-am'.  Stop.03:04
marnanelBut it does compile and link the binary, so I can *test* it03:04
marnanelOkay, and having got that far, debuild is okay03:05
marnanelso I can actually make the debdiff03:05
marnaneland test it03:05
marnaneleven if I can't actually do a full make03:06
marnanelyes, rigorously engineered work going on tonight folks03:06
xtknightmay someone clarify exactly what i need to do in step four under Procedures here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/20449603:41
xtknightsorry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates03:41
jdongapologies in advance for my contributions to April 1st.04:02
Fujitsujdong: I see you got the bug reference right.04:30
jdongFujitsu: that's just about the only thing that was right in that package :)04:31
jdongFujitsu: I called make with nested sudos in rules too :)04:31
FujitsuHah, left *.ex in, I see.04:34
FujitsuKwality packaging.04:34
jdongall of em :)04:34
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jdongnow.... who can spoof Accepted e-mails?04:43
Fujitsujdong: I'm sure you can work it out.04:48
ajmitchjdong: shame you had to announce that you'd done something for april 104:58
jdongajmitch: did it ruin the surprise factor for you?04:59
ajmitchwell I looked at irc before I read my mail04:59
ajmitch'essential', a nice touch there :)05:00
jdongI almost contemplated Conflicts/Replaces: on update-manager and synaptic05:00
* ajmitch petitions the MC for revokation of upload rights05:01
ajmitchnice, even the .pyc files05:04
jdongajmitch: lol I just unpacked upstream's deb, that's all unintentional :D05:05
jdong(other than calling make with sudo in rules)05:05
Fujitsujdong: Did you do anything more than dh_make?05:05
FujitsuOh, didn't notice that.05:05
FujitsuVery good.05:05
FujitsuThat'll build well.05:05
StevenKjdong: You're evil05:07
ajmitchquick, where's an archive admin to accept it?05:07
StevenKjdong: You should have set the release as gutsy-updates05:12
jdongStevenK: hah05:13
jdongwell looks like it worked on Kees05:14
keescookit was a good few seconds of confusion.  I enjoyed it.  :)05:15
TheMusojdong: automatix... please explain?05:38
TheMusoAnd... the package desc is missing a description.05:39
jdongTheMuso: calendar05:39
TheMusojdong: It would have been nice to see that at a glance from a package description, but you left the template there.05:39
StevenKBut it can't be obvious05:39
StevenKThat's the whole point05:39
nixternaljdong: totally classic!05:40
ScottKajmitch: To bad the MC's been dithering and we don't actually have a firing policy yet.05:41
nixternalbefore we fire you!05:41
ScottKYou need the Tech Board to fire me now ...05:42
nixternalremember, LP is closed source, so they haven't found all of the security issues yet..now if it were open, you might be a tad bit safer :p05:42
jdongnixternal: it'd take you 6 months to fire him05:43
nixternalprobably more05:43
* nixternal wonders what happens when you pull "Ubuntu Membership"05:44
nixternalwonder if that causes all of the other memberships to collapse05:44
Fujitsunixternal: It doesn't.05:44
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LaserJockFujitsu: pingaloo06:04
FujitsuLaserJock: Evening.06:10
LaserJockFujitsu: have you looked at bug #194687 at all?06:10
LaserJockI think it is a -security issue06:11
FujitsuIt is -security.06:11
FujitsuAs it was broken in -security.06:11
FujitsuWas it not?06:11
Fujitsuemgent was right to subscribe ubuntu-security in the first place.06:12
ScottKNote to self: Do not make all your libdb database updates on the Hardy box in 4.6 and then copy the database onto the Gutsy box that's using 4.5.06:13
LaserJockFujitsu: right, so that doesn't need MOTU SRU correct?06:14
FujitsuLaserJock: correct.06:15
LaserJockFujitsu: is it worth having a gutsy task for that? I can accept emgent's nomination if so06:16
FujitsuLaserJock: We should have a task for Gutsy. I've just accepted it.06:18
LaserJockhe said it's fixed in hardy so might as well to be accurate06:18
FujitsuOooh, I like edge's release nomination stuff.06:18
FujitsuNo extra page loads for approving nominations.06:18
LaserJockwish there was more of that06:18
FujitsuI often do that for 5 releases, so it's a big thing for me.06:19
Amaranthyou mean launchpad is going web 2.0?06:24
Amaranththat reminds me, i need to get them to change someone's name06:24
Amaranthsomeone named themselves 'Compiz'06:24
jdongdoes web 2.0 mean waiting a long time and putting in CAPTCHAs for everything?06:24
StevenKIf Web 2.0 == CAPTCHAs, count me out06:25
AmaranthI'm trying to decide if I want the launchpad guys to change the name or wait for the bug triage guys to assign all bugs to that guy06:25
jdongAmaranth: reverse spam sounds more appropriate06:26
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\shjdong: you suck...you gave me just a heart stroke this morning with your automatix upload and fixing bug #107:36
\shjdong: ;)07:36
slangaseknow would it be a better follow-up joke for me to accept it...07:44
\shslangasek: well, let sabdfl push the button so it looks like that it was "gods" fault ;-)07:47
RAOFHe filed the bug, it's only fair he accepts the upload that fixes it :)07:47
dholbachgood morning07:54
dholbachhey ajmitch07:54
dholbachhow are you doing?07:54
ajmitchalright, how are you?07:54
dholbachgood, thanks07:55
ajmitchgood to hear :)07:56
\shhey....old man ajmitch :)07:57
* ajmitch is feeling old after days like today07:58
ajmitchfirst day of client testing for a big upgrade at work07:58
\shwell, yeah....I request the deletion of the MOTU team...jdong just fixed the world and everything..so it's nothing left to do for us...07:58
ajmitchdidn't anyone suggest to the TB that ubuntu switch to using fedora as a base rather than debian?08:00
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milliYggadrasil would make a much better base than debian08:02
\shajmitch: I think we should switch to BSD08:02
milliRedhat 5 wouldn't be a bad choice08:03
RAOFSurely it's time GNU Herd got a major distro based off it, right?08:04
ajmitchbddebian would be overjoyed08:04
\shmilli: na rhel was forked by centos...08:04
\shBSD is the better choice...we could even get aqua for free from apple ;)08:04
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\shUBunSD ,->08:08
milliOr perhaps DOS 5.x as a base.08:09
milliOh wait a sec.  That's been done already.08:09
\shoh well...08:15
\shmithrandir changed his job, too :(08:16
warp10Good morning08:55
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warp10Is there an admin of u-u-s that may add me to the team, please?09:14
=== cprov-afk is now known as cprov
dholbachwarp10: done09:33
warp10dholbach: great! thank you!09:33
dholbachanytime :)09:33
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Riddelljdong: ahem11:33
ajmitchRiddell: ACCEPTED?11:46
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ogra_cmpcRiddell, leave it in for today :)12:06
ogra_cmpc(and notice the date)12:06
\shRiddell: read my blog ,-)12:08
Riddell\sh: why, is this phpgroupware thing also a joke?12:09
\shRiddell: nope12:09
Riddell\sh: oh, so I shouldn't have rejected it?12:09
\shRiddell: but automatix definitely fix bug #1 ,-> you should push it to the archives...or leave Mark the honour ;)12:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112:09
Riddellah well, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-archive/2008-April/017142.html12:10
\shactually it made my day :)12:10
\shfirst I got a heart stroke this morning..and then I realized, it's time to wakeup12:11
RiddellNew Queue Zero!  I'm a genius.12:17
\shwait...I'll upload new crap ,-)12:18
ogra_cmpc\sh, it would have been a lot funnier if you hadnt revealed the joke already on planet12:20
ogra_cmpcwe should have slashdotted it indeed *g*12:21
affluxI've a package with debian/control.in and want to change the maintainer as in the DebianMaintainerField. Do I need to change both control and control.in?12:23
broonieafflux: Most likely.12:24
broonieafflux: If it's done sanely you should find that you only need to change control.in and control will be updated automatically.#12:24
affluxbut both will show up on the debdiff, right?12:24
affluxalright, thanks12:25
affluxdholbach: new debdiff attached to bug 186141. btw. juliux suggested you could have your bugs counted under ubuntu-de-locoteam :)12:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186141 in nautilus-actions "missing nautilus-actions menu entries" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18614112:29
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\shogra_cmpc: tbh...riddles on dot.kde.org is better ,->12:33
\shjust because it's from the 31.03 ;)12:33
Riddell\sh: I can't be held responsible for the dot's timezone12:36
\shRiddell: but it's good :)12:43
\sh3,737,000      5.15K/s12:43
\shwow...wireshark is dead ;)12:43
\shwell, everything which is under 10k is dead ;)12:45
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sorenOh, their *website*?12:51
Hobbseedholbach: i thought comments like https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission/+bug/208836/comments/7 were supposed to go away?12:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208836 in transmission "Feature Freeze Exception request for Transmission 1.10" [Wishlist,Incomplete]12:52
Hobbseejdong: would you prefer to be blasted on irc, or on the mailing list?12:55
ogra_cmpc_Hobbsee, happy first of april :)12:59
Hobbseeoh, sod it.12:59
* Hobbsee forgot!12:59
* ogra_cmpc_ hugs jdong 12:59
ogra_cmpc_thats one of the best april fool okes i've seen in years13:00
* Hobbsee beats jdong13:00
Hobbseestill, having the savage pleasure of rejecting it might have been nice....13:01
ogra_cmpc_is it rejected already ?13:02
ogra_cmpc_gah .... the archive team really should have been notified in advance to keep it for today13:02
Hobbseeit's 11pm on 1/413:03
ogra_cmpc_for you13:03
ogra_cmpc_its 2pm here13:03
* Hobbsee is reminded of the monty python "Just kill him anyway"13:03
* Hobbsee reads the MC meeting minutes13:06
Hobbseehope they're not april fools too13:06
Hobbsees/irc council/ Hobbsee/ though, i'm the chanowner.13:07
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* cody-somerville nods.13:11
Hobbsee(in effect though, for anything motu-related, they'd delegate it to me as i'm the person here, so it really makes no difference though)13:13
sorenHobbsee: The irc council has the final word, though, don't they? (I've little or no clue about our irc governance)13:17
cody-somervilleI would hope control  (ie. final say) of the channel would stay with the -motu team.13:18
Hobbseesoren: not if they delegated it to me, no.  Although, from freenode POV, yes, they do.13:21
sorenI see.13:22
Hobbseeoh wait.  does the GC trump the chanown?13:22
* Hobbsee asks13:22
Hobbseeyes, it does, i'm told.13:24
Hobbseesoren: so, the council has the final word.13:24
Hobbseebut i think it's required that they have to discuss changes with me, being the chanown, assuming i've not gone backpacking to another country, or something.13:25
sorenHobbsee: gc?13:25
Hobbseesoren: group contact.  ie, irc council. it's a freenode thing.13:26
sorenHobbsee: Ah.13:26
zulI refuse to read slashdot on the first of apirl13:44
Hobbseezul: so read the forums instead!13:45
* Hobbsee glances at it13:46
Hobbseeit's not pink this year!13:46
juliankHey, I need a motu-release ACK for bug #21021513:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210215 in aria2 "Please sync aria2 0.12.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21021513:49
zulHobbsee: sure make me gouge out my eyesockets13:49
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jdonglol morning everyone :D15:15
\shjdong: hehe...15:16
Hobbseemorning crack lover.15:16
jdongsorry, couldn't resist :D15:16
* Hobbsee had talked about doing that at UDS, actually - but not for april fools15:17
ogra_cmpc_jdong, so what about a backport ?15:21
ogra_cmpc_feisty and gutsy users will want it as well :)15:21
jdonglol indeed :D15:21
jdongbug 21029216:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210292 in gutsy-backports "Please Backport Hardy Heron to Gutsy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21029216:08
jeromegjdong: i'm uploading it to my ppa ;) just wiat a few days16:09
jdongjeromeg: we may need a source change backport so that LSB release version is 8.04~gutsy116:10
jeromegjdong: i'll investigate this :)16:11
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norsettoa good fool's day (or night) to all16:39
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
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\shanyone read http://blog.drinsama.de/erich/en/linux/debian/2008040101-renaming-directories.html from erich schubert?16:43
jpatrick\sh: afternoon :))16:44
\shhey jpatrick16:44
jpatrick\sh: I forgot the name of the distro that did that..16:46
jpatrickah yeah: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoboLinux16:49
\shjpatrick: well, but "Ubuntu X" ,-) and the idea never came from the famous sabdfl ;)16:51
\shjpatrick: and the idea is horrible....;) /system/Administrator -> well...it's my job title ;)16:52
jpatrick\sh: I think we'll have time to implement it, seeing as Hardy is being delayed for 3 months (#ubuntu /topic)16:52
\shjpatrick: right ;)16:58
\shok...time to leave for home :)16:59
\shcu later16:59
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
mok0RainCT: ping17:37
marnanelI'm trying to debuild a package which has a patch added in debian/patches, but after I debuild -S -uc -s, debdiff just shows the changelog entry.17:38
marnanelIs there something I should do to get the patch included in the source package that I'm not already doing?17:43
mok0marnanel: no17:43
james_wmarnanel: hi, do you run "debuild -S -uc -s"17:50
james_wthat last -s looks suspicious, I think you want -us17:50
marnanelOh, I'm sorry, I put "debuild -S -us -uc", actually17:54
* marnanel tries it again17:54
james_wmarnanel: and check the output for messages about not including the file in the diff17:55
james_wfor instance it won't include files it thinks are binary.17:55
mok0debuild -S -sa -uc -us17:58
norsettoafternoon mok0, or should I say, Master mok0?18:05
mok0norsetto: afternoon! :-) The Master part is a bit premature18:05
norsettomok0: yes, timing was never my strong point either ;-)18:06
mok0Hehe, april 1st, yes...18:06
norsettomok0: I must say I'll be glad to pass the GrandDad title to somebody else :)18:06
mok0Ah, but isnt't it good to be a wise, old MOTU?18:07
mok0Like Yoda, even though he is 300 years old, he kicks ass! :-)18:08
norsettomok0: the older the kickier usually18:08
mok0norsetto:btw, the gfortran transition seems to be almost done...18:09
norsettomok0: I sure hope so!18:09
mok0I am impressed, it went really fast18:09
norsettomok0: actually, only things left is the removal of some packages and that should be it18:10
mok0Why removal?18:10
norsettomok0: heck, the biggest work was done by the good folks in Debian18:10
norsettois it me or launchpad is getting slower and slower18:14
sebnernorsetto: LP -.-18:18
sebnernorsetto: btw, looked at my FFe for monodevelop?18:23
norsettosebner: no time yet18:23
sebnernorsetto: k, np18:24
RainCTmok0: pong18:24
marnaneldpkg-genchages reported that it wasn't including source, until I added the -sa switch (thanks, mok0), but that still didn't change debdiff not showing the new file18:26
marnanelOh wait18:26
marnanel"No rule to make target 'distclean'", way back in the scrollback18:26
marnanelI thought that happened the other day;  I wonder how it can do a regular make if it can't distclean18:27
james_wmarnanel: is the debian/rules calling distclean?18:28
marnaneljames_w: the word "distclean" does not exist in debian/rules.  Where should it be?18:29
james_wmarnanel: I don't know, what's trying to execute it then?18:31
marnaneloh, I see18:31
marnanelHang on, running again and watching carefully18:31
james_wif you want you can pastebin the output and we can have a look.18:32
warp10Hi all18:32
james_wI'm sure you can spot it, but sometimes you just want to get it done.18:32
sebnerhoi warp10 our newest motu :P18:32
marnanelThanks :) I'm sure it's something obvious but I can't see it.  Hang on, pastebin coming up.18:33
RainCThi warp10, gratz18:33
marnanelwarp10: congrats.18:33
warp10hey sebner :)18:33
norsettocongrats warpie18:33
warp10RainCT, marnanel: thank you! :)18:33
norsettoops, congrats master warpie ...18:33
=== fta_ is now known as fta
warp10ciao norsetto, thank you :D18:35
norsettosebner: I think tomorrow or day after we should have a conky package source ready for the FFe18:48
sebnernorsetto: in sid?18:49
norsettosebner: no, in the svn. It will take longer for it to be in the archive18:49
marnaneljames_w: any ideas?  I'm stuck, for now.  I'll have another look when I get home :/18:50
sebnernorsetto: ah. ok. btw. I never had anything to do with these svn repos. any links, docs for me?18:50
james_wmarnanel: ah, sorry, missed it at first18:50
slytherinWow. That April fool's joke was nice. :-)18:50
slytherinjdong: Thanks for the entertainment. :-)18:51
norsettosebner: just install svn (if you don't have it already) and do an svn co address destination and it will create a local copy18:51
sebnernorsetto: yeah. I know that ^^ but in generel for ubuntu related things18:51
james_wmarnanel: Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/bin/dpkg-source line 429. looks a little odd18:51
norsettosebner: what related things!?18:52
sebnernorsetto: ah sry. misunderstood something. btw conky 1.5.1 is out18:52
norsettosebner: yes, thats what we packaged18:53
sebnernorsetto: fine :D18:53
mario_limoncielljdong, what was the joke?, i missed it :(18:54
james_wmarnanel: it's a cdbs package, so it's probably one of the included makefile snippets that calls it.18:54
slytherinDoes anyone know how the new archive backend in gvfs works? How to make use of it?18:54
slytherinmario_limonciell: Check motu mailing list archives18:54
marnaneljames_w: ah, weird.18:55
jdongmario_limonciell: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-April/thread.html18:55
mario_limonciellvery nice.18:55
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
* marnanel will look at this tonight; I should be working now, and it's beyond what I know how to fix trivially18:57
bddebianHeya gang19:01
norsettoheya bddebian19:01
cody-somervilleHeya bddebian19:02
bddebianHi norsetto, cody-somerville19:02
sebnerheya bddebian19:03
bddebianHi sebner19:03
* norsetto -> dinner19:06
mok0you mean dinner -> norsetto19:06
IulianIs Hardy going to be delayed by three months?19:15
IulianUhhmm, is this a joke?19:16
IulianAh ha, thought so :)19:24
IulianWell, I shouldn't ask that question anyway.19:25
slytherinIulian: franly you shouldn't read any blogs, news sites on 1st April :-P19:25
Iulianslytherin: Yeah indeed.19:26
DktrKranzneither hardy-changes :P19:27
slytherinDktrKranz: Which mail are you referring to?19:29
slytherinDktrKranz: I thought only motu list was affected by 1st April19:29
DktrKranzslytherin, God save NEW queue :)19:29
nixternalhow goeth greyskull today?19:54
* norsetto <- dinner19:55
* pochu wishes mok0 good luck with his MOTU application, so that he can upload his stuff himself ;)20:46
pochumok0: not that you need it though... :)20:46
* mok0 thanks pochu :-)20:47
pochumok0: I don't feel very comfortable uploading xtide. It looks fine, but it's a bit late and I don't know it20:47
pochubut hopefully you will be able to upload it on your behalf very soon :)20:48
mok0pochu: that ok, I can ask norsetto or one of the guys who have looked at it before20:48
mok0pochu: I just want to get it off my list :-)20:49
* norsetto thinks mok0 will soon make his furst upload20:49
mok0norsetto: I think I will just wait and see20:50
mok0norsetto: If I'm not able to upload before the 23. I'll ping you :-)20:51
norsettomok0: wait and see ....20:52
sebnermok0: what's on the 23ten?20:52
sebner23 th20:52
mok0sebner: last day before hardy release :-)20:52
sebnermok0: I know  but why aren't you able to upload before this day?20:53
mok0sebner: because I am not a MOTU20:53
sebnermok0: but on 23th you become one?20:53
mok0sebner: but hope to be soon20:53
sebnermok0: ^^. I will follow you in some months :D20:53
mok0sebner: lol20:54
pochuhi emgent20:56
sebnerpochu: you are ff crazy guy, right?21:07
pochusebner: lol, yes I am :)21:09
sebnerpochu: ff 3.0 beta5 is out. /me waves :D21:10
pochuI love exceptions ;)21:10
sebnerpochu: ff = firefox21:10
pochuwell, I'm not a mozilla guy... tell fta, but he's likely aware :)21:10
RainCTsebner: officialy Fx but well :P21:10
sebnerRainCT: never heard about Fx for firefox ^^21:10
pochutry: upload_package()21:11
RainCTlearned that in spreadfirefox.com (and it's explained on firefox.com's FAQ iirc) :P21:11
pochuexcept FeatureFreezeException: request_exception()21:11
ftabeta5 out ? i don't think so; it's still in QA21:11
sebnerRainCT: well in german it's common to say ff21:11
RainCTsebner: everywhere I know actually :)21:12
sebnerfta: not offical I suppose ^^ ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/3.0b5/linux-i686/21:13
ftayes, but that's just b5 rc2 for now21:14
ftaand if you run it, you'll get: http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.0b5/whatsnew/21:15
fta"it's a trap! You've downloaded a release candidate of Firefox 3 Beta 5"21:15
sebnerfta: ohhh :\ ^^21:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204066 in puppet "Please sync puppet 0.24.4-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,Confirmed]21:42
jcastrocan a motu look at this when they get a chance?21:42
jcastroaccording to the wiki a sync request should have a ubuntu-universe-sponsors added to it, I hope that's still the case.21:43
sebnerjcastro: why is ubuntu-archive subscribed? and set to Confirmed?21:43
jcastroI don't know how ubuntu-archive got subscribed21:44
jcastroshould the status be New?21:44
sebnerjcastro: yes21:44
DktrKranzsebner, basically because thom is core-dev :)21:45
sebnerDktrKranz: ^^21:45
sebnerjcastro: btw. it's a new upstream release. only bugfixes?21:45
sebnerjcastro: otherwise you need a FFe21:45
jcastroaccording to the upstream maintainer it's strictly bugfixes21:46
andrea_c7aHi. I created a debdiff to fix bug #201330. Now I should look for a sponsor but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess is not very clear on how to do this. Shall I set it as "Fix Released" ? Why not "Fix Committed" ? Why "unsubscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors" ?21:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201330 in compiz "Need to whitelist multiple ATI cards, or remove blacklisting" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20133021:46
sebnerjcastro: ok21:46
sebnerDktrKranz: It's you turn :P21:46
DktrKranzsebner, huh=21:48
sebnerDktrKranz: he is looking for a motu :P21:48
DktrKranzcompiz requires core-dev superpowers :)21:49
sebnerDktrKranz: they should leave a comment -.-21:49
sebnerjcastro: they are already working on it. just wait21:49
jcastrocool, thanks so much!21:49
sebnerI haven't done anything but ok. you're welcome ^^21:50
andrea_c7aDktrKranz: I have no core-dev superpowers but aren't common mortals still allowed to propose a patch to fix a bug ?21:51
DktrKranzandrea_c7a, of course :)21:52
ajmitchjcastro: hey dude21:53
DktrKranzbut I could be little help here21:53
andrea_c7ashall I click "nominate for release" after sending a comment with the patch attached ?21:54
andrea_c7ahas anybody here ever done this before ?21:54
affluxandrea_c7a: first of all, you should create a debdiff. Afterwards, subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors and then wait untill the patch get's uploaded by a sponsor.21:57
andrea_c7adebdiff is done. I'm about to send it and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors as you say. Thanx for help22:01
RainCTgood night23:05
norsettoyes, g'night all23:58

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