JazzvaWell, the package is fine now... Image zoom is compatible with FF3, but there seems to be bug in it. When it's installed then on right-click on an image it displaces the context menu a bit to the left and up. I would like if someone could check this tool: http://jzv.ath.cx/mozilla-imagezoom.deb ... Thanks00:27
Jazzvaasac, I don't think it's really a big bug, so I think this could be uploaded... What do you think?00:28
ftaasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74122200:29
asacfta: no idea :)00:41
asacJazzva: is that a regression over ffox 2?00:43
asacdoesn't look too bad00:43
asacJazzva: i think i'd be fine to have00:45
Jazzvadunno... I haven't tested it with FF2. I'd need to install it first, so I'll test it tomorrow, 'cause I'm going to sleep asap... Anyone with FF2 who could test it now :)? Anyway, I'll create the branches now, and we can file a bugreport later, upstream I suppose...00:45
asacor fix it after initial upload00:46
asacJazzva: please push branch asap :)00:47
Jazzvaasac: no problem :)... Pushed, bug 209990. I'll subscribe mozillateam now00:57
JazzvaHmm... no ubotu00:57
JazzvaBTW, should i also provide the diff against the version in the repository, or are the branches enough?00:59
asacJazzva: as its probably simplish you don't need the diff00:59
JazzvaOk... Well, I'm off... Have a good night :)...01:01
cwong1asac: ping01:09
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fta2asac, http://blogs.gnome.org/jamesh/2008/04/01/bzr-loom/12:50
fta2could be useful for your 1.5 branch12:51
asaccan i do that post-hume?13:05
asacor i loomify needed before i start :)13:05
asaci have the feeling that this midbrowser merge will fail ;)13:06
fta2it seems you can loomify an existing branch13:06
asacoh cool13:06
asaci tried the rebase plugin13:06
asacbut that was painful13:06
asacwith the huge mozilla branch13:06
fta2mozilla bug 42306013:20
ubotuMozilla bug 423060 in RSS Discovery and Preview "Feed Handling in Google/Yahoo/Bloglines broken" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42306013:20
fta2I'd like to ship this fix in b5, it's annoying13:20
asacfta2: do you remember when the preference application dialog became empty13:22
asaciirc, that was crowded with appliations from gnome registry once13:22
asaccan you remember that too or is that a false imaginatio?13:22
asacah good13:22
asaci think that should be fixed for sure.13:23
asacdamn ... would i only know something ;)13:23
asacnuclear still in beta :)13:24
asaci knew it ... midbrowser merge is broken :(13:35
asacbeta 3 -> beta 5 upgrade13:36
asaci am currently doing this dirt work13:36
asacof course i was dumb and didn't do a debug build13:36
asacso now rebuilding :(13:36
asacfta2: can we figure what the expected behaviour for this firefox.cfg thing is? do we need an application greprefs folder?13:46
asac(if thats possible at all)13:47
fta2I would says it should be per app but as only 1 file is allowed, it doesn't matter to have only 1 dir14:21
asacjimmy___: b5 merge is now available14:22
asacjimmy___: on its own branch again14:22
asacfta2: yes. per app is important. but it shouldn't be possible for users to overload the general.config.filename setting14:23
asacso we need something similar to greprefs per-app i guess14:23
asacok out for lunch14:24
asaccwong1: b5 in repo ^^^14:24
asaccwong1: now lets clean things up quick and merge to master ... then build packages out of it so i can upload to hardy14:24
asacpreferably with system-xul14:24
fta2mozilla bug 42448914:28
ubotuMozilla bug 424489 in General "Change name of Firefox 3 M13 to "Firefox 3 Beta 5" for official branding (for beta build tagging only)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42448914:28
fta2asac, there's a LP bug asking us to revert that, should we ?14:29
asaci am not out for lkunch ;)14:29
asacbe back in 20min14:29
fta2bug 20627514:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206275 in firefox-3.0 "Remove program version from titlebar" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20627514:33
fta2oh, gnomefreak killed it14:34
asacthat was quick ;)14:40
asacis the version in the .desktop file?14:41
asacfta2: ?14:41
asacbug 18562214:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185622 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox 3 doesn't act as the default browser" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18562214:42
asacthats ok then14:45
asaci doubt that it would be just to just call our build "final" :)14:45
asaci think we should fix the bug above ... and the bloody gnome registry14:46
asacthat would give our browser a new level of expertise ;)14:46
fta2whas it ok in b4 ?14:48
asacno ... its definitly not ok in b414:48
asaci am not sure about b314:49
asacbut it worked at some poing :(14:49
asacthats what i ment by saying "woudl i only know something" :)14:49
asaci have the feeling that this has something to do with the gio transition14:50
asacmost likely gnomevfs is just seriously broken14:50
fta2maybe ask seb12814:51
asaci ask him right now :)14:54
asacwell ... he said that its still used a lot14:54
asacfta2: do we build gnome-vfs explicitly?14:55
asaci would expect a gnome.*xpt file in components/14:55
asacbut i don't see any14:55
asacjimmy___: cwong1: b5 builds fine with current system cairo14:56
asacexcept that we crash while shutting down14:57
asacbut thats only in debug builds i guess14:57
asacfta2: midbrowser-bin: /build/buildd/cairo-1.5.14/src/cairo-hash.c:199: _cairo_hash_table_destroy: Assertion `hash_table->live_entries == 0' failed.14:57
asacthats only in debug builds? (when using system-cairo)?14:58
asacfta2: which icons do we need permission for to make prism nice?15:13
asacfta2: i heard somewhere that you can use gmail in prism while being offline15:17
asacfta2: do we need another extension for that to happen?15:17
fta2yes, an extension from google, i don't remember the name15:23
fta2Google Gears15:24
fta2it's open source so we can package it15:25
fta2asac,  "which icons do we need permission for to make prism nice?" => all those used for webapps15:26
asaccan you give me a complete list?15:26
asacat best by mail ;)15:26
asacso i can forward that15:26
fta2apt-cache search prism-15:26
asacwould be nice to have the list of urls pointing to it15:27
asacso which images are used exactly? where have they been downloaded from?15:31
fta2so far, i extract the icons from the .webapps but they are blurry on the dekstop15:32
fta2and in the menu15:32
asacbut those have been removed from upstream right?15:33
asacwhat do they ship now?15:33
fta2oh, the webapps are still in trunk15:36
fta2inspector too15:37
fta2i'd check the true 0.915:37
fta2[reed], do you know if there's a "source" package for prism 0.9 ? I see only binary packages there: http://people.mozilla.com/~mfinkle/prism/15:44
fta2asac, the binary package does not ship any webapps, so no icon15:49
asaci think we have to wait for hardy15:57
asaci will ask our bizdev folks to get the permission for that15:58
asacthey have contacts to google15:58
fta2well, as it's still in trunk, i can just do a new snapshot under the same conditions15:59
fta2I thought it had been removed15:59
fta2for intrepid, i'd like to split the webapps from the core so icons will be needed16:01
asacfta2: yes. maybe we can extend gnome to load menu icons like favicons16:01
asacthat would solve this16:01
asace.g. just specify the url and a fallback icon16:01
asaconce the user gets online for the first time he will get the good icons16:01
asac(downloaded by himself - so no licensing issue)16:01
fta2favicons are lowres16:01
fta2prism 0.9 already support that for window icons16:02
asacfta2: can you set mozillateam as driver and bug contact on https://edge.launchpad.net/mozilla-devscripts/ ?16:48
asaccwong1: i cannot find any info how to clone moblin branches without ssh access?16:50
fta2asac, ok for the driver but I can't for the bug contact as i'm not admin of mozillateam16:51
asacoh ... let me see16:52
fta2i have prism 0.9+svn20080326r11579-0ubuntu1 ready16:53
asaci cannot configure anything on mozilla-devscripts?16:53
asacbut i guess i am blind - again.16:53
asacahj maybe on the bug page16:53
asachmm nothing16:53
fta2try again16:54
asacoh i see more now16:54
fta2i've set mt as maintainer16:55
asaci don't understand why the team that wants to be bug contact needs to be the maintainer to set it16:55
asaci guess thats a bug in LP16:55
asaceither you should have been able to do it16:56
asacor a mozillateam admin16:56
asacbut well16:56
asacnow it works16:56
fta2would be easier to put me admin ;)16:59
asacfta2: looks like i can't17:00
asacthe UI allows me to remove administrator rights from anyone, but don't provide the UI to enable administrators17:02
asacmaybe only john can do that?17:02
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cwong1asac: sorry for late response..got your message and thanks for merging the B5 code.  I will pull it down to do a test build.17:54
asaccwong1: are the next steps ok?17:55
asaccwong1: what did you ping me bout yesterady?17:55
asacmerge or something else?17:55
cwong1It was the merge..17:56
asaccwong1: try the xulrunner build ... after installing the build deps it takes just 3 minutes ;) or so17:56
asacto build17:56
cwong1Did you have probelm cloning the repo.?17:57
asaccwong1: didn't clone today17:57
asaccwong1: ah17:57
asacno already solved17:57
asacbut you should really document the read-only clone url more obvious17:57
asacits not documented at all ... most likely not a good way to attract 3rd party contributors17:58
asaccwong1: often the git url its documented on the branch overwview page17:58
asace.g. below description or something17:58
cwong1asac: We will add some doc to it...17:58
cwong1I will do a build and send to our QA for testing17:58
asacyeah. but having the urls directly on the webgit pages would be handy ;)17:59
asaccwong1: thanks17:59
asaccwong1: and if possible send me the xul gconf patch (if jimmy didn't do that last time)17:59
* asac out for a few hours17:59
cwong1I will have jimmy do that and send to you17:59
cwong1catch you later18:00
]reed[fta_: <plasticmillion> reed: http://svn.mozilla.org/projects/webrunner/trunk18:32
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fta[reed], yes, that's what i've been using but it's a snapshot. a source tarball released as the same time as the binaries would be nice.18:35
ftaasac, bug 210155 ?18:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210155 in xulrunner "[xulrunner, iceape] [DSA-1532-1, DSA-1534-1] several vulnerabilities" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21015518:37
[reed][12:37:38PM] <mfinkle> the linux.tar.bz2 is close, it just has xulrunner in it too18:44
[reed][12:37:49PM] <plasticmillion> mfinkle: are you tagging the releases in SVN?18:44
[reed][12:37:51PM] <mfinkle> remove one folder and you're done18:44
[reed][12:38:08PM] <mfinkle> plasticmillion: I am not - I wasn't until we hit 1.018:44
[reed][12:39:02PM] <plasticmillion> well that'll be soon, hopefully :-)18:44
[reed][12:39:05PM] <plasticmillion> so not a big deal18:44
ftaok, thanks18:44
ftabtw, the build system in svn seems incomplete as it depends on the one in xul/ff to generate the makefiles and do the substs18:46
asaccwong1: any results?20:22
cwong1asac: I was able to build it on hardy and it seems to work ok. I did see couple of problems so far:20:22
asacfta: can you nominate that security bug for the products and releases?20:23
asaccwong1: regressions?20:23
ftaasac, ??20:23
cwong1asac: 1)  When I go to yahoo.com and hit the signin button it couldn't go to the sign in page.20:23
cwong1asac: 2) the back and forward buttons are not there20:23
asacfta: you can "nominate for release" ... and can select the releases that are affected (like dapper, edgy, gutsy)20:24
asaccwong1: back and forward is there for me20:24
ftaasac, i haven't looked further. I'm quite surprised to see xul and seamonkey mentioned while i've just upgraded them.20:25
asaccwong1: and i get to sign in page20:25
cwong1asac: hmmmm20:25
cwong1asac: let me try again by removing my .mozilla directory20:25
asaccwong1: for both cases: system-xul and in-source xul20:26
asacworks well for me20:26
asacfta: its not about hardy20:26
asacfta: thats why we should document the releases affected by "nominating for release"20:26
asacand can mark hardy as "fix released"20:26
asaccwong1: did you build with system-xul?20:27
asaccwong1: is your hardy up-to-date?20:27
asacthough i can't see why you won't see the back and forward button20:27
asacmaybe the icons are missing in your gnome theme?20:27
cwong1asac: I build with system-xul and downloaded your xulrunner beta packages20:27
asaccwong1: yes ... and you need the libnssX packages as well20:28
asaccwong1: so all is now at b5~rc2, right?20:28
asaclibnss3* libnspr4* xulrunner-1.9, xulrunner-1.9-dev20:28
cwong1asac: yes20:28
asacok that should work20:28
asacdid you use my .mozconfig?20:28
cwong1asac: I will double check and I did use your .mozconfig20:29
cwong1asac: are those packages available for gutsy?20:29
asaccwong1: no.20:29
asaccwong1: will take a bit longer, but usually someone provides them through -backports20:30
cwong1asac: so I can't build midbrowser (beta5) on gutsy, right?20:30
asaccwong1: you can20:30
asacbut not with system-cairo20:30
asacnot with system-nss/nspr20:30
asaccwong1: but we should really look forward and use hardy imo20:30
asacat least during development20:31
cwong1so I will have the rendering issues in some of the webpages...20:31
asacotherwise we fight fires that are not really driving things forward ;)20:31
cwong1I agree but I have some internal milestones to meet20:31
cwong1like our internal beta4 which is schedule to release next week.....sigh...20:31
cwong1and its gutsy based..20:32
asaccwong1: i know, i just hope that those are worth regularaly fixing things instead of driving them ;)20:32
asacand i feel with you20:32
asaccwong1: no the rendering should be fine20:32
asacbut why are you guys really care for rendering issues if you know that they will be fixed automatically?20:32
asacanyway. give it a try20:33
cwong1the UMG group cares and they are doing a demo in the one of the event coming up shortly20:33
cwong1I will give it a try and do some more testing and let you know20:33
cwong1thanks for  your help20:33
asaccwong1: np. just get me the gconf patch and QA feedback20:35
asacso i can drive this forward in hardy20:35
cwong1Will do.. Jimmy is going to get the gconf patch today and will send to you20:36
asacfta: yeah i had that on the gnome announce lis20:40
asacfta: i did that now in bug 21015520:50
ftaoops, sorry, i was on prism20:51
asacretitled  bug 21015520:51
asacbug 21015520:51
asacwake up20:51
asacare there other packages affected?20:51
asacthunderbird has outstanding issues, but is not yet released20:52
asacbug 21015520:54
asaci think its dead ;)20:54
armin76mozilla bug 21015520:55
asacubotu suffers20:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suffers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:55
VolansHi asac, today I have changed my icons with that of gnome-icon-theme that is GPL, then I will try to make a pure GPL extension21:20
asacVolans: that is great news.21:20
VolansI have only some little dubt on some icons and on one file21:20
Volansthe file is the install.js, that is not mine, I have used one founded when I have created the extension one year ago21:21
Volansand I don't know the license...21:22
asacVolans: install.js is for seamonkey, right? we don't need that for firefox21:27
asacVolans: maybe you can just copy an example from the mozilla dev net?21:27
VolansIn the past I have tried to adapt the extension also for SeaMonkey but it never worked... and after I never found the time to check again this compatibility21:29
Volansthen if you are sure that is not necessary for firefox I can delete it21:29
asacVolans: install.rdf should be enough. you can easily test, but excluding it from the .xpi and installing21:30
asacin fact install.js is not supported in gecko 1.9 anymore21:30
Volansyes of course :D21:30
Volansok thanks, very good news!21:30
asachehe ;)21:30
Volanslast thing are some icons that I can substitute, the *ubuntu logos and some icons form LP21:31
Volansbut is not clear if I can use it or not21:31
asacVolans: are you using stock icons?21:31
asac(e.g. gnome stock icons)21:31
asacdidn't you say that they are in a ubuntu theme?21:32
Volansmaybe due to my bad english I'm not explained well... let me retry :)21:33
Volansuntil yesterday I used the tango icons for quite all icons and a little number of external icons (*ubuntu logos and launchpad icons)21:34
Volanstoday I have changed all the possibile icons to the ones of gnome theme, then GPL and without problems, but the extenal icon problem still remain21:34
Volansfor clarification I use the icons of the size of 16x16px like a favicon near the links that are in my extension that is a menu, like ubuntuforums menu extension21:35
asac[reed]: do you know a NSPR_DEBUG module that will give parser errors (e.g. for locale .dtd files)21:48
jimmy___asac: ping21:49
asacjimmy___: i just talked a second ago ... no need to ping ;)21:49
asacjimmy___: found the mail about b5 ;)?21:49
jimmy___asac: carl asked me to provide you the diff for the gconf patch? what exactly do you need? i see the gconf already merged into b521:50
jimmy___yeah i saw the email, and i am testing it now21:50
asacjimmy___: i need the patch ;) .. .so i can move it to ubuntu xulrunner21:50
asacthe complete toolkit patch i guess, but without the default preference flip21:50
jimmy___asac: i thought you did the the toolkit patch21:50
Volansasac: you think that I can use those icons? for example one is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/@@/bug-unknown for a link to LP bugs for ubuntu, ecc...21:51
asacjimmy___: yeah, but i don't have it in patch form anymore21:51
jimmy___asac: we never did have a patch, because we checked them into the repository, we never created a patch for it21:52
asacyeah :/ but now we need it21:53
asaclet me look in the mail21:53
jimmy___so what would be an easy way to do this? diff our master branch against the original source, and take out anything not-related to gconf?21:54
asacjimmy___: i cannot find your mail right now21:54
asacjimmy___: yes, just diff the merge 0.5 branch (if gconf still work) against UPSTREAM.3.x for the files affected21:54
asacif there is no overlap then that should be easy21:55
asaclike git diff UPSTREAM.3.x merge.3.0b5 FILES21:55
jimmy___but that would include all the diffs we made as well besides gconf21:55
asacnot if you only name the files that were touched21:56
asacif there is overlap one need to strip manually21:56
asacbut i hope that overlap is rare21:56
cwong1asac: quick question22:28
cwong1asac: I update my hardy build enivornment and try to do a build built ran into a compilation error in jsxml.c. I got bunch of underfined reference to "PR_Lock" and "PR_Unlock".  Is it because I have an old nspr lbirary in my system?22:29
asaccwong1: yes, upgrade against the archive i send you22:34
asacthose will be in hardy tomorrow or so22:35
asacthose or similar ;)22:35
jimmy___asac: how do you use git-diff to compare files multiple files, i am not git-master23:44
asacjimmy___: like what i pasted about23:48
asacgit diff UPSTREAM.3.x merge.3.0b5 FILE1 FILE2 ...23:48
asacdoes that work?23:48
asac(use the proper branch name for merge)23:48
asac\o/ this translation thing works ... somewhat ;)23:49
asacVolans: where did you take your icons from. do you have an example?23:49
asacpath in ubuntu23:49
Volansasac: yes I have send you the link in query some minutes ago23:49
asacVolans: if you are using icons that are in the gnome themes you can use stock icons23:50
asacthat will automatically bring you the themed icons23:50
asacVolans: no ... i am interested in the origin path23:50
Volansactually the icons are included in the xpi23:50
asacVolans: yes i know23:51
asacjust tell me an example path :)23:51
asacVolans: otherwise i don't mind23:51
asacVolans: you can ship the extension now as discussed (with the exception)23:51
asaclater we can clean this up23:52
asac(once i have more time)23:52
VolansI'm not sure to understand what you want23:52
Volansfrom the css file, for example a path is list-style-image: url("chrome://ubuntuit/skin/icons/ubuntu.png");23:52
asacVolans: yes. but where did you copy it from  :)?23:52
asacthe path on the ubuntu disk i want to know :)23:52
asacwhere you initially took it ;)23:53
Volanseheheh sincerly I don't remember... but some icons I have tooked directly from sites, like the LP ones23:53
asacyeah ok23:54
Volanswhy this strange question... there is a difference tooking from my system or from web?23:55
asac#zoom-reduce-button { list-style-image: url("moz-icon://stock/gtk-zoom-out?size=dialog");23:55
asacthats possible in your css23:55
asacyou just need to know how its named on your disk :)23:55
asacat least we could try that23:56
Volansok, but this is true only for themeicons, not the ones tooked from sites, true?23:56
asacVolans: yes, but maybe you can find them in the theme?23:56
VolansI can find substituite, but near a link to Ubuntu Bugs in Launchpad will be great to have the LP "original" icon23:57
Volansbut if this can't be done in GPL, I can substitute them with other icons23:58
asacah ... now i see23:59
asaci have no answer for the ubuntu icons yet.23:59
Volansin the link I have sended to you in query you can see a screenshot of a submenu of the extension23:59
Volanswith "utils" link to ubuntu community23:59
asacmost likely replacing them is the right thing to do23:59

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