* tgm4883_laptop Trademarks Daviey00:00
* tgm4883_laptop sets up Daviey LLC00:00
directhexcan you set up Daviey LLC? surely it'd need to be Daviey PLC or Daviey Ltd.00:01
tgm4883_laptopah, good point00:01
* tgm4883_laptop sets up Daviey Ltd00:01
directhexwe could be enormously generous and set up Daviey CIC00:02
directhexfor the good of mankind00:02
Davieyooo, auto rejoin00:02
tgm4883_laptopI win00:02
c3rb3rus5so lets say i want to run mytharchive to create a native archive to a directory.  who has to have permissions to the directory in question?00:03
tgm4883_laptopI win00:03
majoridiotping c3rb3rus500:03
directhexc3rb3rus5, at a guess, the user running the frontend.00:03
frank23c3rb3rus5: directhex beat me to it00:03
tgm4883_laptopc3rb3rus5, (nice name BTW), most likely, mythtv00:03
c3rb3rus5ok, thanks00:03
tgm4883_laptopbut again, like above it depends on who is running the frontend00:04
majoridiotc3rb3rus5, can you do some firewire primer testing?00:04
c3rb3rus5alright, i'll have to check00:04
c3rb3rus5yea, i am gonna reinstall so i can run that script00:04
c3rb3rus5still wont run00:04
* majoridiot isn't sure if it is too restrictive for SA boxes00:04
c3rb3rus5the purpose of the native archive is so that i can reimport everything after i reinstall00:05
* frank23 has /var/lib/mythtv on a separate partition00:05
c3rb3rus5yea, i have /var/lib as a seperate partition... buuut i think that the last time i tried to reinstall over what i had, it made me format that one00:06
c3rb3rus5which is no goo00:06
c3rb3rus5good also00:06
c3rb3rus5so i am anticipating and backing up all my recordings00:06
c3rb3rus5tryingto be semi smart these days00:07
frank23c3rb3rus5: yeah... I'd like to trust ubuntu version upgrades but I don't00:07
c3rb3rus5thanks guys, that worked and the files are copying now... think that there is like 90 gigs of stuff though.. might take a while00:11
majoridiotc3rb3rus5, no firewire testing then?00:12
c3rb3rus5majoridiot: same problem as before: the script cannot be found00:12
c3rb3rus5for whatever reason00:13
c3rb3rus5i'll give it a shot again, maybe it was not found only on saturdays or something... hold on00:13
majoridiotc3rb3rus5... hold on00:13
majoridiotthere's a new version.00:13
c3rb3rus5link me00:14
majoridiotc3rb3rus5, are you i386?00:14
c3rb3rus5no dice?00:14
majoridiotneed rhpot to compile a binary.00:14
majoridiotunless you want to?00:14
c3rb3rus5how long does it take to compile?00:14
majoridiotabout 10 seconds.00:14
c3rb3rus5yea, ican compile then, just give me the command to run00:15
majoridiotsec... lemme post the source to pastebin for you.00:15
majoridiotc3rb3rus5,  can you pm here? is you nick regisitered?00:17
c3rb3rus5nick has to be registered to PM?00:17
c3rb3rus5then no00:17
c3rb3rus5whats the command?  /nickserv register or something?00:18
rhpot1991just use pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:19
majoridiotc3rb3rus5, it's ok... rhpot1991 is compiling an amd binary.  it'll be posted in a coupla minutes :)00:20
majoridiothe snuck in on us... ;)00:20
c3rb3rus5haha its ok00:20
majoridioteasier on you.00:21
c3rb3rus5i havn't compiled anything since college really, its problably better off00:21
majoridiotnah... it's a really simple compile.00:22
majoridioti'm sure you would have handled it.00:22
c3rb3rus5be back in like 10 mins00:23
majoridiotc3rb3rus5: primer binary http://www.baablogic.net/mythbuntu/mythprime  -- you need to make it executable.  either right-click and set in the permissions tab or chmod +x it00:30
rhpot1991does anyone record the same shows in both HD and SD?00:43
c3rb3rus5majoridiot: could it be that i was trying to execute a 32 bit binary the last time and that is why it didnt run?00:45
majoridiotit was permissions, i'm sure.00:46
c3rb3rus5i'm pretty certain they were set right, but in anyu case, this one runs00:47
c3rb3rus5i'll pastebin the output shortly00:47
c3rb3rus5majoridiot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6306/00:49
majoridiotfreakin perfect.  TYVM, c3rb3rus5!00:49
c3rb3rus5although a subsequent run redirecting output to a log file seems to hang... (i'm not reallys sure if you are suppoed to run back to back)00:50
majoridiotshouldn't hurt anything.00:51
* majoridiot has been doing it for days00:52
c3rb3rus5yea, subsequent ru nfailed p2p... wierd00:52
c3rb3rus5i guess the good news here is that i dont have to reinstall persay...00:52
majoridiothm.  still failing?00:53
c3rb3rus5lemme check it again00:53
rhpot1991mine runs quicker on the 2nd run00:53
c3rb3rus5no it worked now00:53
rhpot1991moto though00:53
c3rb3rus5i did a soft reset of the stb, seemed to clear things up00:54
c3rb3rus5so does anyone here have a kworld atsc110?  the audio on mine for analog tv in sounds like alvine and the chipmunks... i kinds stopped using it because of this01:04
majoridiotcheck the mythbuntu wikis01:05
* majoridiot thinks there might be info there01:05
c3rb3rus5i'm not sure that analog will be much use since i record via firewire... it just seems like a waste of a perfectly good card though01:07
c3rb3rus5maybe its a good start to another backend...01:07
destructarhi all... having issues with playing dvds after re-installing mybuntu from synaptic. If I enable v4l-int-device drivers under restricted drivers and restart, DVDs play but mythtv videos will not01:11
destructarinstead I get what looks like an encrypted cable channel01:12
destructarif I disable, mythtv works fine, but DVDs do the same thing described above01:12
destructarany ideas on this?01:12
majoridiotis mythvideo installed and mythdvd not installed?01:13
majoridiotmthdvd has been deprecated in the new packages... you only want mythvideo installed.01:13
destructarcorrect, however I'm only trying to play dvd via VLC01:13
destructari'm not even running mythvideo right now actually01:14
destructarno mythtv plugins... so yea... play DVD via VLC01:14
majoridioti get a similar thing if i try to watch videos with mythtv playing on screen 3... can't play videos right again until i restart x.  it started some time ago after an update.01:15
destructar*note it's v4l2-int-device (spelled wrong above)01:15
destructari'm not even clear on what v4l2 is01:17
destructarwhat is the default player for mythtv? mplayer?01:19
destructarnote: with v4l2 enabled I can also use vlc to watch the videos.... just not mythtv .... wtf?01:19
destructar(by videos i mean recordings)01:19
destructarmplayer also able to open videos01:20
destructaras is totem... so basically mythtv doesn't like v4l2 enabled but everything else performs properly with it01:21
destructarran mythfrontend via Terminal and didn't see any errors01:21
destructarnot true: XvMCTex: Init failed01:22
Ava-is the prefix for gutsy and hardy still /usr?01:53
destructarok so now I've disabled v4l2-int-device, restarted, all video works in VLC etc. but playback still fails in mythtv02:02
destructarnote: also reinstalled vlc02:03
destructarprior setup: v4l2-int-device disabled would allow mythtv to play video... not sure why the change02:03
destructarstill getting error: "VideoOutputXv: XvMCTex: Init failed"02:03
Ava-is the prefix for gutsy and hardy still /usr?02:06
tgm4883_laptopAva-, what?02:08
Ava-like when I compiled in feisty all the time I always had to ./configure --prefix=/usr02:08
Ava-since feisty stored it's stuff in /usr and not /usr/local02:08
Ava-just wondered if that's changed with gutsy and hardy02:09
destructarit also seems that I have Xv picture controls disabled... so i don't know why mythtv is complaining about Xv02:09
yotuxhow do I add a usb-uirt to mythbuntu02:10
Stemming78Hey guys; having a problem w/ my Backend -  it is not saving the IP address.02:12
tgm4883_laptopCorey, what do you mean it's not saving the IP address?02:12
Stemming78Would like to know which file "setup/general" writes to so I can manually configure.02:12
tgm4883_laptopCorey, do you mean the IP address for the backend is changing?  Or that in mythtv it is changing02:12
Stemming78tgm4883_laptop: I enter the IP address and save - then go back in and it says "local host"02:13
tgm4883_laptopwhat address are you putting in?02:13
Stemming78Then Backend address02:13
tgm4883_laptopwhat is the backend address?02:14
tgm4883_laptopany errors in the logs?02:14
rhpot1991sounds like it can't find the backend to save it02:15
Stemming782008-03-31 19:09:44.752 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)02:15
Stemming782008-03-31 19:09:44.753 Connection timed out.  You probably should modify the Master Server settings in the setup program and set the proper IP address.02:16
rhpot1991make sure you master backend has that IP and not in mythtv-setup02:16
destructarok so it seems that my issue may not be the error message... to sum up: playback in mythtv is green / pink "noisy" screen with audio02:16
Stemming78Yah, minor glitch02:16
tgm4883_laptopwhere are you putting that ip address in, the frontend or the backend?02:16
rhpot1991as well as the mysql service in MCC02:16
rhpot1991I took it as the frontend02:16
rhpot1991which I recall is remote02:17
destructarsmall video in bottom right of screen is playing just fine02:17
Stemming78alright - one sec02:17
destructarall video in vlc etc. is playing fine... myhfrontend seems to be screwed up out of no where02:17
Stemming78Frontend Setup; for both fields:  (Local Backend (mythfrontend) and Master Backend02:19
Stemming78how do I get to mysql to check the settings; commands02:20
rhpot1991Stemming78: you need to do that on the backend in mythtv-setup02:20
rhpot1991before the frontend (which is remote, right?) can see it02:20
Stemming78No, this is my main box that is having the issue (Frontend/Backend setup).02:20
Stemming78I am sure the Remote is also down ATM.02:21
Stemming78Frontend setup is correct....  Backend Setup (in Setup/General) will not set...   Enter the address and save...  Go back in and it says ; local hose.02:22
destructarwhat program does mythtv use for video playback?02:22
Stemming78I am having issues there as well; default - mplayer02:23
rhpot1991Stemming78: verify you set that IP in mythtv-setup02:23
rhpot1991if they don't match it wont like that02:23
rhpot1991the mysql stuff shouldn't matter at this point, that might come up for the other frontend though02:23
Stemming78I verified the IP address is correct in setup; accessed from MCC - 2 fields have at option 1 (main screen)02:24
Stemming78Its just weird I cannot set an address at Setup/General - always reverts back to "local host"...  Somethings not taking.02:25
destructarthis is so lame... if mplayer is able to open videos and play them, mythtv should be able to as well...02:26
Stemming78Here is another line from the log file:  SIP listening on IP Address NAT address
Stemming78SIP: Cannot register; proxy, username or password not set02:26
Stemming78tgm4883_laptop: how do you know my name?02:28
tgm4883_laptopStemming78, sorry I hacked your machine and was reading your email02:29
tgm4883_laptopforce of habit02:29
Stemming78no shit?02:29
tgm4883_laptopwhen you sign on02:29
tgm4883_laptopit says02:29
tgm4883_laptop* Stemming78 (n=Corey@ has joined #ubuntu-mythtv02:29
Stemming78is that supposed to do that?02:29
tgm4883_laptopyou can get a default hostname to hide your ip if you like02:30
rhpot1991heh, don't worry he tried to hack my server earlier as well02:30
rhpot1991I wonder what mine says...02:31
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, want to find out?02:31
Stemming78tgm4883_laptop: well, It wouldnt surprise me as my cpus were running real high earlier - corrected after reboot.02:31
tgm4883_laptopoh rhpot1991 my way was soooo much better02:32
tgm4883_laptopit consisted of /cs k rhpot199102:32
yotuxcan somemone help me confiure lirc02:32
rhpot1991tgm4883_laptop: where does it pull that from?02:32
rhpot1991my client doesn't have a jbaab anywhere in my login02:33
Stemming78ok, no more fooling arround.  Ive got a downed server...  This is priority as my PORN is not going to record02:33
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, what irc client do you use?02:33
rhpot1991pidgin normally02:34
rhpot1991Stemming78: right now my taxes are my priority :)02:34
Stemming78true, but this is Monday night PORN.  Like football, but better.02:35
orangepeelbeefI'm having a problem where the menu disappears when i start up the frontend02:35
rhpot1991orangepeelbeef: see the FAQs02:35
Stemming78;-) really, I am kidding....  but it is pissing me off.02:35
dthackerwhere do I set the expire rate for recordings?02:35
orangepeelbeefi tried the thing with the FAQ rhpot02:35
rhpot1991Stemming78: careful with the language, ubuntu rooms have a family rating02:35
* rhpot1991 goes away for a few minutes02:35
orangepeelbeefit works if i force it to opengl on the commandline, but it won't work otherwise02:35
Stemming78dthacker: can answer that - one sec02:36
dthackerok, I've been churning through menus for 15 minutes02:36
orangepeelbeefI go in and set the appearance to opengl and it has no effect, only when i force it with -O does it work properly02:36
dthackerand I have a small hard drive02:36
dthacker.oO(for now, muwahahahahahaha)02:37
Stemming78dthacker:  Manage Recordings - Storage Options....  Allows you to set auto expire or not.  Also has the feature to "keep X ammount" of a certain recording.02:38
dthackeraha!, I don't have that option on my front end.  I'll have to zip down to the basement and try the backend machine02:40
Stemming78rhpot1991:  will use "skin" from now on.02:40
majoridiotnot tv settings--> general?02:41
Stemming78Sorry to everyone in the forum for my blatant remarks.02:41
Stemming78That too; second screen... Mine is not enabled...02:41
Stemming78Like the "max" limit...02:42
orangepeelbeefi think it was the pi**ing off :P02:42
Stemming78dthacker: Check Tv Settings; general....  2cond screen - Auto Expire instead of Delete Recording...02:43
Stemming78Enable and set02:43
Stemming78majoridiot: you going to get my backend up and running02:43
orangepeelbeefthis is pretty irritating... why if i force the -O ThemePainter=OpenGL from the commandline it works, but even setting the painter to opengl in the appearances section doesn't make it work02:43
Stemming78It took a nose dive.02:43
Stemming78By that I mean the IP address is not setting so NO Masterbackend.02:45
orangepeelbeef2008-03-31 18:48:59.086 Using NV NPOT texture extension02:50
orangepeelbeefwonder if that is my problem02:50
rhpot1991Stemming78: was more for the curse word, just its a rule in ubuntu channels, so its good to tell people to just watch themselves before anything becomes a problem02:56
rhpot1991if someone were to complain to the right people one could get themselves banned and so on, and no one wants that02:56
Stemming78I would have to side with you on that...  Although, I think one can say in on the radio/TV.  Thanks for the headsup02:58
chukall I can say is, diskless client is the greatest thing in the world02:59
Stemming78dthacker:  I shortcutted the menus; Frontend and Backend should have the same menus...03:03
Stemming78Here is what you need to do;  First Manage Recordings --> Set Priorities --> select the recording you wish to change --> Storage Options --> Allow "auto-expire"...  Can also "episode limit" - that is the option I use; especially when recording the news.   Next goto Setup/Utilities -->  Setup --> General / Screen 2 --> set it as you need...  that should free up space...03:03
dthackerI think they all have auto-expire by default, because that's always been enabled.03:04
Stemming78dthacker: Setup/TV Settings/General --> second screen03:06
Stemming78That prob is not set03:06
dthackerauto expire default is checked03:06
dthackerlowest priority first03:07
Stemming78K, then you can set the timeframe....03:07
Stemming78I personally prefer to have a set ammount of recordings that can be on my box = Episode limit from Storage Options...03:07
Stemming78You find that03:07
dthackerI'm picking and choosing episodes because the disk is so small,  this is a trial install.03:08
Stemming78TV Settings / General --> Auto Expire instead of delete recording is checked?03:08
Stemming78That will be WHERE you can set the ammount of days recording will be held...03:09
Stemming78Hope that helps..03:10
dthackerscreen name is General(Auto Expire).  Expire Method is "Lowest Priority First"03:10
dthackeryah, that should do it.03:13
Stemming78dthacker: check "Auto Expire instead of delete recording is checked?" at bottom of screen.  That is where you set the "days"03:15
dthackerI don't seem to have that option03:17
sabhainbest way to install mythtv in 8.04?03:18
Stemming78TV Settings, General, 2cond screen / last option... . What does it say?03:18
dthackerExtra Disk Space in Megabytes03:18
Stemming78Below that?03:19
Stemming78Just sniped a PVR500 w/ remote (MCE bundle) for $76 ---> WoW03:20
dthackerStemming78: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5451/myth1af1.png03:21
dthackerLucky dog!03:22
Stemming78which version?03:25
Stemming78are do you have installed?03:25
dthackermythtv-frontend  0.20-2.  It might be just beacause it's the front end.03:29
Stemming78Which install CD image did you use; Mythbuntu?03:29
sabhaininstalling mythtv on new 8.04 system .. cannot login to database?03:37
QCJNdo you know if gbpvr got a chat room04:11
QCJNor could you help me anyway04:11
Kevin`I have a problem. at 720x480 (480p tv), the entire mythtv setup screen is not visible05:17
Kevin`the buttons on the bottom get cut off05:17
keescookKevin`: that sounds like a wrongly set DPI in X05:19
Kevin`keescook ok, where is that set?05:19
keescooknormally it's detected, but sometimes you have to force it.  (at least that fixed similar issues for me: http://www.outflux.net/blog/archives/2005/10/16/mythtv-dpi/ )05:20
Kevin`so i'd want to decrease that?05:20
keescookdunno what yours is set to, but getting mine to "100" worked.  (it was 75 and doing crazy things)05:21
keescookanyway, just another area to fiddle with :)05:21
Kevin`where is that in the xorg config, I don't have a displaysize line05:21
keescookI think it goes in the Screen stanza05:22
keescooksorry, "Device"05:22
keescook    Option      "DPI" "100x100"05:22
Kevin`it doesn't look any different, but i'll try the setup05:25
keescookyeah, if that doesn't work, try a different theme.  good luck!  I gotta split...05:26
Kevin`http://kwzs.be/~kevin/mythtvsmall.png - here's what happens05:27
superm1Kevin`, are you on the final 0.21?05:29
superm1there was a bug in the earlier builds related to that..05:29
Kevin`superm1 I downloaded the 7.10 cd, then updated everything from apt05:30
Kevin`what am I at05:30
superm1Kevin`, well if you used gutsy-backports (which is what it sounds like), that's the final 0.2105:30
superm1are all apps cut off the bottom, or just mythtv-setup?05:30
Kevin`yeah backports is in the list05:30
Kevin`no, other apps aren't, unless they go off the screen05:31
Kevin`which a lot of the desktop apps do, but you can move them05:31
superm1Kevin`, okay then i'd recommend just fly through mythtv-setup (hit enter on all pages)05:31
superm1and open mythfrontend05:31
superm1you can customize your display size to work around this at least05:31
Kevin`where in mythfrontend is that05:32
superm1i'm not sure why it would be happening (haven't seen in hardy at all)05:32
clarkey hey im having a bit of trouble with mythfilldatabaseit seems to freeze at 2008-04-01 16:00:20.390 Grabber prefers method: allatonce06:05
clarkey 2008-04-01 16:00:20.393 New DB connection, total: 306:05
clarkey 2008-04-01 16:00:20.395 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost06:05
clarkey  and the only way to get it moving is to press CTRL+C which after that prints the error 2008-04-01 16:00:32.767 Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file  any ideas?06:05
clarkey oh I think I have solved the mystery i think there has been a change between 0.20 and 0.21 so that now mythfilldatabase does not print the output of the grabber? now that i added '-v all' to the end I can now see that out put and see that infact the 'freeze' was infact the grabber working silently been so used to seeing all the output in 0.20 i thought something was wrong just shows how impatient I am06:28
juzzy_Hi guys, I have just updated Mythbuntu by changing my sources.list to hardy from gutsy, I rebooted as it requested, now it sits at the loading screen (one with the puprle progress bar) for a minute or two then drops back to command prompt09:04
juzzy_The prompt says Busybox v1.1.309:04
juzzy_then (initramfs) _09:04
directhex|worklooks like your system is unable to find your root partition, at a guess09:56
directhex|workwhat disk controller do you use?09:56
* juzzy_ shrugs10:02
juzzy_onboard sata2 controller10:02
juzzy_found the part it stops on "Begin: Waiting for root file system..."10:03
foka_in #ubuntu-mobile13:15
foka_Sorry.  :-)13:16
EvilGuruI am trying to get the remote which came with my PVR-150 set up. I think I have configured it all correctly16:01
EvilGurubut nothing happens when I press the buttons on it, is there an easy way to debug it?16:01
EvilGuruWhen I try to run irw it returns instantly16:19
EvilGuruconnect(3, {sa_family=AF_FILE, path="/dev/lircd"}, 110) = -1 ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)16:20
EvilGuruI have the error from lirc if anyone is interested16:31
versushi i get an error message with mythbuntu 8.04 that says cannot connect with master backend -- is it started? is its IP adress right?16:35
versussry I just translated it from german into english so it might not be identical16:36
EvilGururight it seems as if there is not lirc device in /dev16:40
versusis there some kind of pastebin I can use?16:51
directhex|workversus, in /topic when you joined16:52
EvilGuruhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4630159 is my problem16:53
versusoh thx16:54
EvilGuruAnyone have any ideas?17:08
hackmeisterso is Mythweather busted again in the new version?17:44
tgm4883sure, why not17:44
hackmeisterin Myth 0.2117:44
hackmeisterseems to be a regular occurance17:44
tgm4883of course you could help people a little more by saying whats not working17:45
hackmeisterfirst screen, no information17:45
hackmeisterother screens are ok17:45
hackmeisterI think I like the old version of Mythweather better17:46
hackmeisterI'm looking forward to the new HD capture device from Hauppauge17:46
versushi I mythbuntu works now but Im looking for a good howto about mythweather the only german cities I found were Berlin and Munich how can I add other sources or add a different city?17:48
hackmeisteranybody test out the new beta yet?17:52
versusyes i do17:55
versustoo late17:55
versusno ideas?18:32
a1fa_whats the name of that home automatization based of ubuntu18:37
frank_a1fa_: linuxmce?19:05
a1fa_thats it19:06
frank_a1fa_: np19:06
darthanubisdoes not appear myth is finding my newly added mp3 folders after the scan19:10
darthanubisthe scan should scan recursively in the set music storage folder no?19:10
darthanubisis there a level at which it does not?19:10
darthanubiswell it says the 100 files are already in the database19:15
versusHi does someone know an howto to change your weather sources for mythweather?19:43
versusHi does someone know an howto to change your weather sources for mythweather?21:01
keescookversus: afair, it's in the config options from the main menu in myth frontend21:16
piglithello when i try to start "watch video" nothing happens there isnt anny error msg so i can google on, can annyone please point me in the right directtion ? i can watch video's but then i have to exit mythtv and i dont want that21:29
foxxbuntupiglit, you make sure the videos storage directory is accessable by mythtv? is it setup correctly in the frontend?21:37
versuskeescook do you remember the direct path?21:40
rhpot1991_laptoppiglit: you can try switching from the internal player if its crashing, see wiki.mythtv.org21:41
keescookversus: sorry, don't remember :(21:41
versuskeescook Id like to tell mythweather to look for weather inforamtions at www.wetter.de instead of www.weather.com do the sources change that?21:44
keescookversus: oh!  that part I don't know.  I thought you wanted to move the location it was looking up.21:50
piglitfound the logfile my mistake sorry21:53
versuskeescook no problem thanks for trying22:02
foxxbuntuversus, if you have alittle programming skill you can add it to the sources code in the source for mythweather without too much pain22:03
versusfoxxbuntu if its all  about editing a config file I can do it else Ill probablz have a problem22:14
foxxbuntuversus, no its contained in one of the code files22:18
foxxbuntuversus, its been awhile since I have looked at it though22:18
Tuv0kI added 100mp3s to the mythmusic database. The frontend sees them, but mythweb is playing dumb?22:18
versusim using mythbuntu 8.04 beta it seems some things have changed since feisty22:19
foxxbuntuversus, one big thing... Its the latest and greatest MythTV 0.2122:20
foxxbuntuTuv0k, check out the FAQs in the troubleshooting Wiki for mythweb symlinks22:20
Tuv0kI already did22:21
Tuv0kmy symlinks are proper22:21
Tuv0kit seems to have a problem with a particular set of files, or directory22:21
foxxbuntusorry that was my quick 2 cents...I have to run now22:21
foxxbuntube back later though22:21
Tuv0kmy symlinks were broken once, but I fixed that22:22
versusHi I just found this: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MythWeather#Sources may this help me to get better weather informations for germany?22:48
majoridiotversus: you may be able to use the info from BBC weather centre to get info from geramny22:50
versusmajoridiot this sounds like the infos from BBC weather centre are already integrated into the mythweeather plugin, right?22:52
majoridiotversus: look in /usr//share/mythtv/mythweather/scripts/  for the two scripts bbccurrentxml.pl and BBCLocation.pm bbcthreedayxml.pl22:53
majoridiotthose should be the ones you need22:53
majoridiotif you have them, then you should be able to set it up.22:53
majoridiotversus: you probably want to look @ the README in that directory for more info on the scripts22:54
versusmajoridiot I found both scripts and I can get some informations for Berlin for example but this is about 250km away I read the README but, to be honest. I dont unterstand it23:01
Tuv0kmaybe the mime types on the files added are borked?23:06
Tuv0kOne cd it added no problem23:06
Tuv0kthe other 4, mythweb won't see23:06
Tuv0kI think its the weird file names23:13
Tuv0kspecial characters23:13
EvilGuruhow can I re-configure MySQL so that it is accessible to other systems on my network23:32
Adman65can anyone gimme a hand setting up a proxy?23:41

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