[ka]killersorry =/ was just kidding00:18
LjL[ka]killer, that's no kidding matters, people actually go and type those commands00:18
LjLand then we're left trying to fix their broken systems00:18
LjLplease never give dangerous commands in a support channel00:18
[ka]killertrust me i know -_- im the one my entire family comes ot00:18
[ka]killeri wont00:18
[ka]killerand i want  to kill this keyboard >_<00:19
LjLyou can rejoin00:19
LjLi've remade the entire ubotwo crap from scratch, and it's STILL DOING IT00:20
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
jdongcan someone join a working ubot* to #bzr?04:57
Amaranthjdong: wth, you uploaded automatix?06:07
Amaranthi hope you let the archive admins know ahead of time that it was a joke06:07
jdongAmaranth: it should be blatantly obvious06:07
Amaranthwith you one never knows :)06:08
Amarantheven considering the day :P06:08
Amaranthjdong: i pointed the automatix guy to it06:15
Amaranthfirst he thought it was a joke, then i gave him a link to the ubuntu-motu post, then he thought it was real, then i got to tease him about it :P06:15
Amaranththen he signed off06:16
jdongAmaranth: lol06:16
nikrudsome peoples sense of humor :)06:19
nikrudsince seveas's machine is down, could someone update the topic in ubuntu to point to paste.ubuntu.com for now?06:52
naliothnikrud: can't you?07:03
nikrudnalioth heh. probably could, now that you mention it07:03
hk2991hi. i was banned from ubuntu-offtopic a few months ago by a moderator with a username Pici, can I be unbanned now?09:08
Seveas`wrkubotu is on its way back10:15
Seveas`wrkhmm, retract that10:16
Seveas`wrkit's now segfaulting10:16
Seveas`wrkah well, will take some more hours :)10:16
=== Seveas`wrk is now known as Seveaz
Seveazit's now really coming back11:00
Seveazdon;t know if the bantracker is functioning, but other bits are11:00
Seveazwhy is it still not here...12:04
* PriceChild points to ubuntuforums.org12:43
Seveasah, the bot IS here12:47
Seveasmibbit just didn't show it12:47
PiciIts been here for over an hour...12:47
SeveasPriceChild, what's up with forums?12:47
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore12:47
Seveasanyway, bothost now runs hardy. The bootfailure was "interesting"12:48
PriceChildSeveas: go look lazy12:48
SeveasPriceChild, ah, april fools?12:48
PriceChildOf course not.12:49
Seveasapril vomit12:49
Seveas'orrible colors mate12:49
PriceChildThe new colour scheme has been introduced after *hours* of painstaking usability testing.12:49
PriceChildI'm told the next stage in the 5 step plan - the reinstatement of the pink pony logo - will take place very soon.12:50
SeveasThe only thing I believe about that is "pain"12:50
PiciOh how I wish I was colorblind12:50
tonyyarussoPriceChild: why not just make the whole thing pink on fuschia?12:50
PriceChildtonyyarusso: I didn't do it12:51
PriceChildI'm trying to find a picture of what it was like a couple of years ago.12:51
Seveazgrandpa :p12:54
SeveasI'm going to repeat my april fools from a few years back12:56
PriceChildnalioth: doko is in -irc claiming -java is used and whatever happenned was a one-off12:56
tonyyarussoSeveas: change ubotu's nick to pony, and make @pony say No, you can't have an ubotu! ?12:57
PriceChildDoko is someone important isn't he?12:58
PriceChildlaunchpad says he is...12:58
GaryPriceChild: eeew, even I think ubuntuforums looks rough, well done \o/12:58
SeveazPriceChild: he is12:59
PriceChildI will re-open it for him.12:59
Seveazhe's the java master12:59
tonyyarussoHobbsee took the automatix thing hook line and sinker13:02
PriceChildtonyyarusso: where?13:02
tonyyarussoPriceChild: motu mailing list13:03
Garytonyyarusso: linky?13:03
tonyyarussomaybe?  wonder how quickly they get archived13:03
Picihttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/HippyHorse/Omega/Kubuntu    13:04
* Hobbsee beats tonyyarusso13:04
tonyyarussoPriceChild, Gary: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-April/003510.html13:04
PriceChildawwww poor Hobbsee 13:04
* Jucato gives Hobbsee some calming tea :)13:07
* Hobbsee has already had enough asshatery.13:07
PriceChildHobbsee: why don't you top it off by finishing ont he forums?13:08
PriceChildAnd where is this years google joke?!13:08
tonyyarussoPriceChild: "CUstom Time"13:08
tonyyarussoPriceChild: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/customtime/index.html13:08
* tonyyarusso goes to see if he can sleep for another 45 minutes13:09
HobbseePriceChild: because....see /query13:09
PriceChildah its on google mail13:09
Seveasrot13 is back on the pastebin \o_13:12
Seveastonyyarusso, automatix thing? somebody said it was revived?13:13
Garytonyyarusso: hehe13:18
PriceChildtonyyarusso: there is the google.com one13:18
* PriceChild laughs at the questionairre13:19
PriceChildHaha http://www.youtube.com/projectvirgle13:23
PriceChildMr. Branson has done a video for it13:23
Garymeh, I blocked youtube yesterday13:23
jpatrickGary: grab it now: Kubuntu in pink: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HippyHorse/Omega/Kubuntu !13:32
PiciSigh.  I dont think that the unicorn commit for kubuntu-default-settings was such a great idea.13:34
jpatrickPici: why?13:34
Garyjpatrick: wow, I'm getting about 1mb/s13:34
Picijpatrick: bug reports :(, maybe I'm just being to serious about it though.13:34
jpatrickPici: mark as invalid -> comment -> "April fools."13:35
Picijpatrick: I mean in u+113:35
PiciMaybe I'm just not in an April Fools mood because I have to go from meeting to meeting today, or that I havent had my caffeine yet.13:36
jpatrickPici: /kick $nick april fools then :p13:36
Hobbseethose forums...13:44
vorianHobbsee: you can change that by looking in the lower left corner of the window (v2.0)14:04
Hobbseevorian: i can change it much easier by closing the webpage.  :)14:04
vorianalrighty then :)14:04
Hobbseeand then i don't have to see forum-induced pain14:05
vorianthere is a style selector on the bottom, but as you wish.14:06
* Seveas hugs Hobbsee 14:07
Seveasjdong is mean!14:07
Hobbseebleck.  that one's even worse14:07
* Hobbsee hugs Seveas back14:07
HobbseeSeveas: yes, he is - and the trouble with him is tha'ts *just* something he would do, if he thought he could get away with it.14:08
LjLSeveas: jdong is actually variance14:08
Seveasthat's why it's so evil of him to do it on april fools :)14:08
Seveasit is the best april fools joke I've seen today14:08
LjLoh crap it's that day14:08
_jasonSeveas: what joke?14:09
Seveas_jason, he uploaded automatix to ubuntu. Gve Hobbsee a stroke14:09
Picijrib: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-April/003510.html14:09
=== _jason is now known as jrib
LjLSevea: uploaded? he put automatix in universe?14:10
Hobbseeit got rejected14:11
LjLyes, jdong is mean14:11
PriceChildDidn't you all know automatix has been discontinued anyway?14:12
LjLPriceChild: is that what, a reverse april fools?14:12
PriceChildno this was a few days ago14:12
ubotuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »14:12
PriceChildgrrr univode14:13
PriceChildThat's better.14:13
PriceChildmy sister just put two gerbils in a hamster ball together... that's mean, making them work together14:14
LjLtell me one thing14:16
LjLhardy isn't going to be delayed, is it?14:16
LjLPriceChild: work together.14:16
PiciNot that I'm aware of.  Besides the fact that people think it was supposed to be released today.14:16
Picis/people/some people14:16
LjLPici: now they won't think that.14:18
jribturn on color and make the channel emulate the forums14:20
HobbseeLjL: :)14:20
HobbseeLjL: although, that's not the real reason for the delay.14:20
LjLnot a single one of those 1300 fools is falling for it :(14:21
PiciNo one reads the topic14:21
LjLPici: i'm seriously tempted to do it the jdong way then.14:21
PiciLjL: I'm afraid to ask which way that is.14:22
LjLalthough i don't know how to use colors.14:22
HobbseeLjL: the actual reason is that the release team, and the core developers, will be so far hung over, that they'll be in hospital, and only get out in june.14:22
LjLHobbsee: sucks for them.14:23
LjLi'll have better luck next april.14:27
PiciLjL: Don't ask silly questions, thats what #ubuntu is for?14:29
LjLthat's just appropriate sarcasm, not an april fools... :P14:30
LjLwell anyway where's the links for google and the ietf?14:30
LjLbtw in case it wasn't clear, ubotwo can't really be relied upon anymore. i have no idea what's going on, i recreated the entire thing, but it just starts throwing exceptions and stops accepting commands after a while14:50
Seveasljl ok14:50
mez_LjL: if you want, then feel free to move it to torpor. Supybot on there is working fine.14:51
mez_Though whether that will solve the issues, I dont know14:51
LjLit must be the branch of encyclopedia that i have though, as i don't think supybot itself got upgraded anytime recently14:51
LjLalthough then again, it doesn't apparently seem related to encyclopedia either14:51
mez_LjL: one of the deps could have though14:52
mez_what errors are you getting ?14:52
mez_(pastebin some of the exceptions ?)14:52
LjLmez_, moment14:52
Seveasdon't use the ubuntu NL pastebin14:52
Seveasit rot13's :p14:52
mez_Seveas: ?14:52
mez_why does it ?14:52
Seveaslook at your calendar14:53
LjLmez_: http://pastebin.ca/96481914:53
LjLSevea: ...14:53
mez_Seveas: ah, I thought that stopped at midday14:53
LjLno, i had this pastebinned already :P14:53
LjLSeveaS: throw your darn clone out of here :P14:53
mez_LjL: I think I might know what that is.14:54
* Hobbsee throws LjL out14:55
mez_LjL: is ubot2 hosted on your own server, or something else?14:55
LjLmez_: my server yeah14:55
mez_LjL: do you have disk quotas set?14:55
LjLquotas... i really don't think so, given the stuff there's in /home/ljl (and not in ubotwo's one)14:56
LjLlemme check though14:56
LjLhm, no i don't14:57
mez_LjL: basically, the erros your getting is saying that something closed the writing to it.14:58
mez_Try just cat /dev/null > /path/to/log14:59
mez_and restart supybot 14:59
LjLi had tried that. but wait, that makes me think of something14:59
mez_may be you've hit a filesystem size limit (4G though is the smallest... )14:59
LjLUbotwo: list14:59
mez_Though, there is a fix, which is to edith the supybot program file.14:59
LjLhm it's working right now so i can't check what i wanted15:00
mez_   import signal15:00
mez_   signal.signal(signal.SIGPIPE, signal.SIG_DFL)15:00
LjLis this correct in the crontab?15:00
mez_add those two lines towards the start of supybot, and it should fix it *crosses fingers*15:00
LjL/bin/sh -c if ! pidof -x supybot; then cd ~/ubotwo ; supybot Ubotwo.conf; fi15:00
mez_LjL: more than likely not15:00
mez_one sec15:00
* mez_ finds out his supybot checker15:00
mez_* * * * * supybot-botchk --botdir=/home/mez/bots/lethargy/ --pidfile=lethargy.pid --conffile=lethargy.conf15:01
mez_* * * * * supybot-botchk --botdir=/home/mez/bots/lethargy/ --pidfile=lethargy.pid --conffile=lethargy.conf15:01
mez_damnit, double paste15:01
mez_that's the crontab for lethargy (and bugbot with different options)15:03
LjLdidn't know about botchk15:03
mez_it needs the normal bot to be stopped15:03
LjLanyway i'm thinking about this because i seem to recall seeing two supybot processes in ps15:03
mez_cause running it manually doesnt create pidfiles15:03
LjLnot right now, though - and in fact, it's working right now15:03
mez_16283 ?        S     87:16 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/supybot --daemon lethargy.conf15:03
mez_is all I see ;)15:03
mez_well, that and bugbot ;)15:04
LjLirc      19881  0.0  0.3   4828  1404 ?        Ss   15:08   0:00 /bin/sh -c if ! pidof -x supybot; then cd ~/ubotwo ; supybot Ubotwo.conf; fi15:04
LjLirc      19884  0.0  2.6  15748 10356 ?        S    15:08   0:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/supybot Ubotwo.conf15:04
mez_yeah, that's cause your first command doesnt exit out until the second does15:04
mez_I've noticed that with Floodbot too15:04
LjLmez_: yeah but that's not the issue, i think i've seen two actual supybot processes at some stage15:04
mez_LjL: I see 4 processes for Floodbot o_o15:05
* LjL checks15:05
PriceChildan oem installed, *activated* copy of vista just found a problem with my computer15:10
PriceChild""The problem was caused by Windows Vista, which was created by Microsoft Corporation. You are running a beta version of Windows Vista, which is no longer supported by Microsoft Corporation.15:10
mez_PriceChild: sucks to be you15:10
PriceChildmeh, i don't use this machine15:10
mez_probably their crappy way of forcing you to get SP1?15:10
PriceChildit has sp1..15:10
Seveasit still sucks to be you though15:11
mez_PriceChild: maybe it's just cause they realised how much it sucked?15:11
mez_PriceChild: was you forced to use it ?15:14
LjLmez_, bah, i've taken it down to two processes, have a look. i don't quite know how to make it just one (and still not get mail and stuff)15:19
mez_LjL: to be fair, I'd say the best bet would to be to have the PHP code daeminise itself15:26
LjLmez_: err... what about you live with two floodbot processes in your ps =)15:26
mez_LjL: :P15:27
mez_I wasnt complaining... just a bit confusing when you see 4 processes15:27
LjLi still don't understand ubotwo though. it keeps on working, now... does it only stop working when i actually make it join several channels? bah.15:28
mez_LjL: the easier way to do it would be to create a bash script (or something) that did an if, then ran it in the background (nohupped of course). As that would complete execution, leaving only the PHP script itself running15:28
LjLmez_: well that was what startbot.sh was doing, except i suppose i had the nohup and syntax subtleties wrong...15:29
* mez_ looks15:29
LjLmez_: it's not like it was when i was actually using it though, i've toyed with it now (and given up)15:30
LjLmez_: before it was, iirc, if pidof blah; then (cd bot; ./bot >log); fi15:30
mez_Ljl, mind if I kill the bot off a sec15:33
LjLgo on15:33
LjLdon't -s 9 though15:33
mez_whats the best way to kill it ?15:33
LjLjust kill pid15:33
mez_which isnt killing it15:35
LjLmez_, it gave "client quit" so you killed it the right way anyway15:36
LjLor it'd have given connection reset by peer15:36
jribpeople are getting confused in #ubuntu...15:53
mez_What's new there?15:54
jriboh right, I mean confused for different reasons :)15:56
* mez_ leaves15:56
LjLSeveas, your pb prank is having a great amount of success in -it :)15:58
LjLSeveas, surprisingly though, they went very close to the truth when they asked "what the fuck is that, dutch?"15:59
LjLjdong, you know you can be sued for eyesight damage16:05
jdongLjL: lol16:05
jdongLjL: more than one forum users thought it was something wrong with Opera and they tried Firefox before whining16:05
jdongthat's gotta say seomthing, when a website looks weird the first thing you blame is your web browser16:06
LjLjdong: ah wait... that guy who i told how to downgrade firefox... said he wanted to because he had problems with wikipedia and the forums...16:06
* LjL goes to check wikipedia16:06
LjLuhm wp is fine though16:06
jdong...that Wiener sausages are named after the mathematician Norbert Wiener?16:07
jdongexcept the Did You Knows16:07
LjLjdong: ok, but you wouldn't blame *that* on the browser, would you16:07
jdongLjL: usually not? (*points to Ogra blaming Upstart last release cycle for fuzzy OpenOffice fonts*)16:08
LjLpoint taken.16:08
Seveasljl, haha :)16:14
Seveasitalians are crazy16:14
ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu (free1 ; delfino offtopic)17:22
PriceChildjpatrick: tis fine in pm...17:27
jussi01so whats up with our overworked little friend ubotu ?17:27
naliothi don't know who keeps kicking the bots from channels, but a +q is just fine for them17:27
jpatrickPriceChild: :)17:28
PriceChildIs it safe for me to -q ubotu in #ubuntu?17:28
PriceChildGoing once..17:29
* jussi01 pokes Seveas 17:30
PriceChildGoing thrice..17:30
naliothPriceChild: voice it17:30
Seveaswhhy not -q?17:30
PriceChildhow come?17:31
Seveasit's doing fine, there's no reason for a mute17:32
naliothlet it speak17:32
naliothand there's no reason to kick ubot3 from all the channels you guys requested it be in17:33
naliothanybody any good with running cgi scripts?17:37
tonyyarussoPriceChild: note:  A July release makes it possible to include FF3 final :P18:06
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
LjLwhat, you're still with ubotwo?!19:32
stefgubotu doesn't seem to feel well... is he rebooting?19:38
LjLdon't quite know19:38
LjLi can bring ubotwo back, but as you may know, it's "misbehaving" :)19:38
LjLstefg: here's your answer.19:39
stefgso anyone pat ubotu, and promise him a wage increase :-)19:39
Seveasa bit of load...19:59
tonyyarussoI bet the load on DreamHost's blingy cluster is higher.20:00
Seveasif dreamhost is any good they don't let their load get > 1020:01
tonyyarussoTry 50+.20:01
tonyyarussoblingy is getting to be quite the disaster.20:01
tonyyarussosee dreamhoststatus.com if you want details20:02
tonyyarussoerr, could we get a bot of any form into #ubuntu at least?20:11
Seveashod to powercycle the server, load was getting in the way of doing anything20:11
tonyyarussoyay :S20:12
PriceChildtonyyarusso: others should be in there, just -q then20:12
PriceChildor +v20:12
tonyyarussoPriceChild: doh, right20:12
Seveasamavis+spamassassin+clamav == no fun20:12
Seveasyes, something between them is killing20:13
PriceChildtonyyarusso: if you +v, then I guess that's a good thing because it will only stay able to talk before it screws up20:13
PriceChildso it won't disconnect/connect while none of us are around and lag and bad things20:14
tonyyarussoPriceChild: hrm?20:14
tonyyarussoPriceChild: we only have ubotu2, which isn't working either.  ubotwo is online and functional, but not joined, and I don't seem to have access.  (thought I did....)20:15
PriceChildtonyyarusso: ubotu, ubotwo, ubot320:16
tonyyarussoPriceChild: I know what they are - they aren't joined.20:17
tonyyarussoMaybe I have access to ubot3 though, will try that20:17
Seveasubotu is on its way back already20:17
Seveasclamav is disabled20:18
naliothsomeobody requested ubot3 in a bunch of channels yesterday20:18
nalioththen it got kicked out of most of 'em20:18
Seveastonyyarusso, ubotwo has issues20:19
Seveasnow, with that out of the way it's time to swoop in the new ubotu20:21
LjLSeveas, "issues".20:21
UbotwoFactoid test not found20:23
Seveasjoin lag20:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about issues - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:24
Amaranthjdong: see, i told you someone would think it was serious :P20:26
* Amaranth poke Hobbsee20:26
UbotwoHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ops!20:27
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)20:27
Seveashas ubotu been having issues all day?20:27
LjLSeveas: i think it was working earlier. except i had it muted in #ubuntu because i found ubotwo more appropriate20:28
LjLby the way, i curse python for not having static variables20:29
TheSheepLjL: you mean class variables?20:30
LjLthen again, it was split for most of the time, so wth, i don't even get to see whatever it told people.20:30
LjLTheSheep: no, i mean frigging static variables.20:30
TheSheepLjL: static as in which other language, because every one uses this keyword for something different?20:31
LjLTheSheep, variables local to a function that keep their value between function calls20:32
TheSheepah, these are not in python :)20:34
LjLi *know* they're not, i spent like ten minutes looking for them before using globals20:34
TheSheepthere is also no goto20:35
UbotwoSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, spreading propaganda, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Policy)20:35
LjLmeh, that's different20:35
LjLi've never been looking for a goto instruction in the past 10 years20:35
LjLbut i have been looking for static variables20:35
SeveasLjL, descriptors without setters20:36
LjLSeveas, artelfllides abforly brawerd?20:36
LjLSeveas: kind of overkill it seems to me if you just want to hack factoid_lookup to return the previous factoid asked20:40
jdongAmaranth: Hobbsee already thwacked me a few times for that :D20:40
LjLjdong: what, still automatix?20:40
tonyyarussolike, IRL thwacking?20:42
jdongLjL: yes20:43
jdongtonyyarusso: no we're oceans apart20:43
LjLjdong: you'd think that protects you...20:44
tonyyarussojdong: it is a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG pointy stick20:48
LjLalthough the flat earth society mantains that it's straight, while we all know it has to be bent20:48
tonyyarussoLjL: depends what direction it's pointed.  Sticks are not 100% rigid, thus it is possible that the flex coefficient is such that when pointed up it is completely straight, and when perpendicular to that has the same radius of curvature of the earth, while still normally returning to straightness.20:54
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
Seveasok, so it's definitely fricken amavis causing the load21:07
Seveastime to s/postfix/exim/ and get rid of amavis21:07
Seveastonyyarusso, it's still bent.21:08
tonyyarussoSeveas: what, relativistically?21:09
Seveasno, just bent21:09
ubotucdm10 called the ops in #ubuntu+1 (whoop)21:53
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (realmccoy_)22:04
Seveasjpatrick, that was ascii art of a penis with sperm...22:05
jpatrickstdin: gah, should of seen it22:05
* jpatrick thought it was just random22:05
jdongmy my we have some ubuntu art team wannabes22:15
GaryI'm not impressed, that was only like 1.5cm !22:16
jdongGary: increase your font size :)22:17
Garyeven at pt72 it is still a weiner22:18
jdongwell better be a weiner than a sore loser.22:19
jdong(sorry that was bad)22:19
jdongmy presence on the internet today has probably not been appreciated :D22:19
jdongI think my pranks have been the meanest :)22:20
jdongyou ops might get a kick out of this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74208222:21
jdong(for those unfamiliar, 10pts puts all your posts on moderation queue, 15pts is a ban)22:21
Garyjdong: you are evil22:27
nikrudI think I'm gonna digg that ;)22:42
* mneptok sent that to the company-wide list today23:06
ompaulmneptok, and this will endear you to one and all 23:12
stefgI think the !mirrors factoid needs an update ... i'd guess the run on gutsy is over now23:27
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!23:32
ompaul!search gutsy23:33
ubotuFound: studiorepo, links, kde, dolphin, torrents, download, 7.10, virtualbox, rt, gibbon23:33
UbotwoFound: studiorepo, links, kde, dolphin, torrents, download, 7.10, virtualbox, rt, gibbon23:33
ompaul!search Gutsy23:34
ompaulLjL, ^^23:34
ompaulis that intentional?23:34
ompauledit war on wiki23:36
LjLompaul, what is intentional? :)23:58

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