valrosyes i know but it says the directory doesnt exist00:00
valrosi just didnt want to put my name up00:00
damaltorvalros: go into /home and type ls00:00
IdleOneunop_, I dont understand it either00:00
Mark_soundray, Says no restricted drivers are needed when I try what you said00:00
soundrayvalros: does 'cd /home/$USER' work?00:00
Mark_zx-cell, did you use restricted drivers?00:00
zx-cell<Mark_>  course00:01
unop_valros, simply typing 'cd' should do00:01
nikitiskitche, that needs to be changed.  Or there needs to be an option to allow for manual installation of drivers to work with ubuntu-desktop effects00:01
Mark_zx-cell, hmm when I try that in Administration, it says I don't need any00:01
valrosok i got it00:01
zx-cell<Mark_>  otherwise you yust cant enable other visual effects00:01
valrosi think00:01
soundrayMark_: in that case I would recommend that you stick with what you've got and try the Restricted... method again in hardy once it's been released and you've upgraded00:01
kitchenikitis: well here it's works fine with manual drivers00:01
brainiac8008i have an nvidia geforce 6150se and i'm running a 7.10 livecd.  i enabled the nvidia-glx-new driver. When i restarted x, i went into low graphics mode, so i restarted, once again running on the livecd.  any ideas?00:01
nikitiskitche, it was working for me, then out of the blue it just died, and went to metacity00:01
Mark_soundray, roger that, I can enable effects, it's just a bit slow and heavy on cpu for some reason00:02
nikitiskitche, now i have to type compiz --replace00:02
nikitiskitche, it works when I do that00:02
nikitiskitche, but that's ghetto.00:02
joebob777as7nikitis just put that in your sessions startup00:02
nikitisjoebob777as7,  i did, but now it takes longer to load00:02
kitchenikitis: yep sounds like an update might have just screwed something up when you login or your logging in under a different session00:02
joebob777as7yeah... upgrade to hardy..00:02
nikitisis hardy 8.??00:03
soundrayMark_: you probably do need the proprietary driver to make it work better, but if it's not offered, the procedure is a bit more involved00:03
mrsolohardy is still beta right?00:03
soundray!ati | Mark_00:03
Mark_soundray, yup, i'm reading that now, thx00:03
cataldus3dplease some help meeee00:03
joebob777as7nikitis yes and it's LTS version so it's pretty stable already00:03
soundraymrsolo: those who can read the topic know00:03
cataldus3di click on set disklabel in gparted00:03
joebob777as7Long Term Support version00:03
Mark_soundray, just hope I don't hose anything hehehe00:04
nikitiscan i do dist-upgrade00:04
joebob777as7final comes out next month (april)00:04
joebob777as7nikitis yes00:04
Mark_I'm be needing some fried chicken, got a hankering, bbl00:04
nikitisjoebob777as7,  thanks00:04
joebob777as7np nikitis00:04
zx-cellcan someone help me out with dhcp3-server troubleshooting ?00:05
abrockNeed help modifying GRUB. WIndows XP is on Master IDE Channel 1. Ubuntu is on Sata Channel 1. I have been dual-booting this way fine. I now have another IDE device as slave on Master IDE Channel 1. I now get Grub Error 17. How do I fix this?00:05
sidis406evening ppl. :)00:05
brainiac8008hey guys, i have an nvidia geforce 6150se and i'm running a 7.10 livecd.  i want to use compiz, so i enabled the nvidia-glx-new driver. When i restarted x, i went into low graphics mode, so i restarted my computer, once again running on the livecd.  any ideas?00:05
zx-cellpls can someone help me out with dhcp3-server troubleshooting ?00:05
joebob777as7abrock sud apt-get install qgrubeditor00:06
AnimortisI'm having some trouble with setting up a file share between windows xp and Ubuntu, with Ubuntu gutsy serving. Anyone willing to listen?00:06
joebob777as7abrock should help a bit00:06
ReflexI have samba setup whats my intial steps as far as networking my winxp box with my ubuntu box ?00:06
AnimortisI just want to throw my technique out and if I screwed up someome tell me what.00:06
AnimortisI did wrong*00:06
kitcheAnimortis: just say what the problem is and someone will anwser if they know00:06
valroskismet configurer gives me this error, C compiler cannot create executables, is it trying to create a windows executable?00:06
zx-cell can someone help me out with dhcp3-server troubleshooting ?00:07
zx-cell ... hoping :D00:07
joebob777as7lol valros no00:07
kitchevalros: no you just need to install build-essential00:07
valrosbest way to do that?00:08
abrockjoebob777as7: I get message  Couldn't find package qgrubeditor00:08
brainiac8008hey guys, i have an nvidia geforce 6150se and i'm running a 7.10 livecd.  i want to use compiz, so i enabled the nvidia-glx-new driver. When i restarted x, i went into low graphics mode, so i restarted my computer, once again running on the livecd.  any ideas? ANYONE???00:08
AnimortisI installed Samba and started it through the cli. I made a desktop user and then made a folder in its home folder called 'share' and gave it ownership of the folder and 775 permissions. I then added the folder to System-Administration-Shared folders and added my smb workgroup name in. I restarted Ubuntu. The xp laptop I'm serving sees the Ubuntu PC but says I do not have permissions to log in.00:08
AnimortisI also did an smbpasswd -a to that desktop user00:09
AnimortisThat's important00:09
valroskitche, best way to install build-essential?00:09
joebob777as7abrock sorry follow this guide: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/qgrubeditor-a-visual-grub-configuration-editor.html00:09
tarelerulzWhen your compiling alsa what is the part you really need alsa-driver , alsa-lib and alsa-utils00:09
zx-cell can someone  pls help me out with dhcp3-server troubleshooting ?00:09
kitchevalros: either sudo apt-get install or using synaptics00:09
SinistradAnimortis, can you access it locally using smbclient or something like that?00:09
=== LukeL_ is now known as LukeL
CopterI change resolution to 1024x768 on my 17" CRT ( Radeon X1950 Pro), I get blackScreen. I installed envy, I did the dpkg-reconfigure, I donno what else to do, HELP MEH!00:10
CopterI Cant*00:10
abrockjoebob777as7: Ok, will give it a try. Thanks.00:10
AnimortisSinistrad, I am not familiar with smbclient. I did this on another install, I thought, and it worked fine...00:10
joebob777as7abrock it's in a hardy+ only repositories00:10
joebob777as7np abrock00:10
goobcan anyone recommend a good IM client?00:10
kitchegoob: umm for what?00:11
zx-cellcould someone help me out with dhcp3-server troubleshooting  pls ...  i know its easy, but this seems like an bug to me or something?00:11
tarelerulzPidgin is the best for just IM00:11
unop_now known as pidgin00:11
kitchezx-cell: just state what the problem is and someone will answer if they knos00:11
SinistradAnimortis, smbclient is a command-line samba client, you can do something like smbclient -U username //localhost/sharename from the machine samba is running on.  If you can't access the share that way, it will rule out XP as the culprit. (if you can access, it doesn't rule out your server as the culprit)00:11
tarelerulzIf you want to go the sip way there a lot00:11
linnuxya gaim is pidgin only one u need to use00:12
goobi tried sudo aptitude install pidgin with no result00:12
kitchegoob: what version of ubuntu are you on?00:12
unop_linnux, until you want to use things pidgin doesnt support :)00:12
wenton5672pidgin is great!00:12
kitcheisn't pidgin installed by default goob00:13
ubuntu_installed heron onto an exterior drive.  it put grub into the mbr.  off of a live cd, i tried to fix grub with setup (hd0) to get back to the hard drive, , but "error while parsing number".  help appreciated.00:13
wenton5672it is on gutsy00:13
unop_ubuntu_, please take this to #ubuntu+100:13
kitcheubuntu_: #ubuntu+1 for hardy sypport00:13
linnuxunop ya00:13
gooboh my, yes it is there listed as Gaim!!00:13
tarelerulzWho has try  Ubuntu 8.04 ?00:13
goobi tried hardy a little00:14
unop_tarelerulz, question to ask in #ubuntu+100:14
wenton5672goob u will want to upgrade to the lastest version00:14
soundraytarelerulz: ask in #ubuntu+1 please00:14
UberDuperHow do you disable screen blanking on the console?00:14
linnuxgoob just to "wget 'addresshere.deb'00:14
cataldus3dsomeone knows about gparted???00:14
UberDuperSetting BLANK=0 in /etc/console-tools/config doesn't seem to have any impact.00:14
goobsudo aptitude upgrade gaim?00:14
AnimortisSinistrad, I accessed the share through smbclient fine and even made a folder to test my access privileges. What does that mean?00:14
trey__tarelerulz: i am downloading it... i am going to install it to my virtualbox00:14
linnux'sudo dpkg  -i namehere.deb00:14
wenton5672yeh :)00:14
zx-cell if i try to start / stop or restart dhcp3-server, i'm always getting the same response ..  errors from 9 to 22 ending with syntax error: "}" unexpected00:14
PositronicCan someone point me in the correct direction to get an automated repository created?00:14
brainiac8008hey guys, i have an nvidia geforce 6150se and i'm running a 7.10 livecd.  i want to use compiz, so i enabled the nvidia-glx-new driver. When i restarted x, i went into low graphics mode, so i restarted my computer, once again running on the livecd.  any ideas? ANYONE???00:14
kitchezx-cell: then your syntax is wrong for the config files for it00:15
tarelerulzI have read Kopete  the newest version it on Ubuntu 8.04 . It is one of the reason I would get it. I want to get into some voice chat00:15
SinistradAnimortis, it means samba is serving your localhost correctly.  When you try to access from XP, are you sure you're entering both the username (case sensitive) and the password (case sensitive) correctly? (note: neither of those may be case sensitive for samba)00:15
ubuntu_it's not hardy, i run gutsy, now on a live cd.  trying to get the mbr back to what it was.00:15
zx-cellwell i ve checked them, and they are all fine ...00:15
kitchezx-cell: you think theya re but obvisious they are not00:16
AnimortisSinistrad, I never get to it asking username and password. It simply gives an error message about the server being not accessable and not having permission.00:16
AnimortisMaybe I need to reboot the laptop?00:16
CopterI cant change resolution to anything other than 1280x1024, (Specifically i want 1024x768) on my 17" CRT ( Radeon X1950 Pro), I get blackScreen. I installed envy, I did the dpkg-reconfigure, I donno what else to do, HELP MEH!00:16
goobanybody know the package name of the OSX kiba dock?00:16
valrosim at a brick wall, cannot get kismet to get wifi working without build-essential, cannot get that without internet, cant find where to download the package00:16
SinistradAnimortis, That's a problem ;(  Is your XP system patched?  Mine seem to ask for usernames/passwords....00:16
soundray!grub | ubuntu_: use the Recovering... instructions00:17
SinistradIs your samba server browseable in network neighborhood (or whatever they call it)00:17
wentoncan someone tell me the command to install a .tar.gz file?00:17
kitchewenton: make or ./configure && make && make install00:17
soundrayubuntu_: hold on, the bot is AWOL00:17
AnimortisSinistrad, It is patched up. No, I can't browse it at all.00:17
Ubotwoubuntu_: use the Recovering... instructions: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:18
kitchewenton: or if it's a binary you don't have to run any of those commands00:18
SinistradAnimortis, I assume you've verified network connectivity?00:18
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
wentonty kitche00:18
zx-cell<kitche> well gedit /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf   its just fine . .00:18
AnimortisSinistrad, It can get online, yes. And it SEES the server, it just refuses to open it.00:18
goobwenton: i think you can double click it to unpack locally and then sudo aptitude install /filepathhere00:18
SinistradAnimortis, have you tried start->run-> \\<ip address>\sharename ?00:19
c1xwhat is gdmsetup ?00:19
goobanybody know the package name of the OSX kiba dock?00:19
soundrayubuntu_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows00:19
kitchec1x: configure application for gdm00:19
user1hi all, I was playing around with chaning the login screen themes and colors, I was able to change all the themes to a blue color fine, but i noticed after the login screen i still get the original ubuntu orangeybrown background for a few seconds before the desktop appears, Anyone know how i can remove/change the orange/brown00:19
c1xim having problems trying to install a boot screen :S new user00:20
trey__when i try to set appearance>visual effects to custom and i get: Desktop effects could not be enabled   i have an intergrated intel graphics card... help?00:21
AnimortisSinistrad, No? But I did "add a network place" and entered the server and share name like I did on Linux through smbclient and it doesn't see it.00:21
=== pooky is now known as pooky-5ce8
SinistradAnimortis, have you tried using the server's ip address vs. the hostname?00:21
=== pooky-5ce8 is now known as pooky
soundraytrey__: when you run 'grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf', is there a line containing 'vesa'?00:21
=== pooky is now known as Pooky
jbettcher_after i compile dev libraries is there a command to run to make sure they are available to applications i wish to compile00:23
AnimortisCan you share a command to find my IP real fast?00:24
kitchejbettcher_: nope just compile00:24
SinistradAnimortis, ipconfig00:24
soundrayAnimortis: ifconfig00:24
kitcheAnimortis: got outside ip you can wget a page to grab it00:24
SinistradAnimortis, erm, on the linux box: /sbin/ifconfig -a00:24
Sinistrador leave out the -a00:24
SinistradSilvanov, does iwconfig show addresses?00:25
valroscan someone help me get wifi working o nthis laptop00:25
valrosim back to square one after 2 days00:25
AnimortisSinistrad, Success! But why...?00:25
trey__soundray: no i get this: http://www.pastebin.ca/96538100:25
SinistradAnimortis, workgroup mismatch?00:25
AnimortisSomething windows did. Blarg bg'arg.00:25
SinistradAnimortis, samba may not be configured to broadcast netbios names or something...this is outside my experience (I always use IPs out of habit...)00:26
SinistradAnimortis, Just teach your users to access hosts by IP ;)00:26
user1Valeros I missed your wifi question (im a nebie, but would like to try and help")00:26
JeffreyfRafabe: just ask your question00:26
RafabeI don't have access to my ubuntu desktop...does the Gnome Keyring let you import usernames/passwords? For example, from CSV, or XML, or maybe even Windows binaries like KeePass?00:27
AnimortisSinistrad, I don't know. I know I did exactly the same thing last time I set this up (I wrote down how) and it didn't do all this. Probably WIndows just being stupid.00:27
valrosubuntu just will not pickup my SSID at all00:27
Rafabejeffrey: I was, but I like to say Hi first00:27
soundraytrey__: looks okay, not sure why it won't do effects for you00:27
user1sounds like it picks up all other but yours00:27
SinistradAnimortis, Windows is consistently stupid...Linux/ubuntu is much more inconsistent ;)00:27
valrosidk i cant see what it detects only tell it to look for something00:28
user1ahh, What program are you using to detect.see avaiable networks00:28
Sinistradvalros, does 'iwscan ap' say anything? (is that even the right syntax?)00:28
AnimortisI get the feeling I'll try it out like two weeks from now and it'll work fine.00:28
=== anteaya_ is now known as anteaya
SinistradAnimortis, you're much more optimistic than I,.00:28
trey__soundray: :( nobody did elier either :(00:28
valrosdont have a detect/see program00:29
valrosiwscan ap isnt a command00:29
DropKickMurpheysHi, i'm having some issues updating from my 64bit edition of 7.10  to the 8.04 beta using the alternate install cd00:29
=== Luke___ is now known as Luke
user1Valeros when you do an IFconfig at the command line does it show the wireless card?00:29
Sinistradfrowns, valros00:29
StevenXHey guys. Does anyone know an nzb downloader that does automatic unrars? I have heard of nzbperl, but I was wondering what else is out there.00:29
Sinistradvalros: 'iwlist ap'00:30
valrosno list of access points on any00:30
AnimortisSinistrad, Appreciate it.00:30
valroscould it be the router?00:30
SinistradAnimortis, My pleasure.00:30
zx-sanjiif i try to start / stop or restart dhcp3-server, i'm always getting the same response ..  errors from 9 to 22 ending with syntax error: "}" unexpected any one got an answer ... ?  or know the location pf config ?00:30
Sinistradvalros, define 'any'   What were the interface names it gave?00:31
soundraytrey__: perhaps hardy will solve your problem, fingers crossed00:31
valroslo, eth0, wlan000:31
valroswlan0 being the the internal 802.11b/g00:31
Sinistradvalrus: great, wlan0 is your wireless card, theoretically.00:31
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
trey__soundray: hardy!?!?!? oh buy... you mean the hardy thats STILL in beta? 8-\00:32
kitchezx-sanji: it tells you the name of the config file actually00:32
Sinistradvalrus, What does 'iwconfig wlan0' say?  does it show an essid? mode?  (don't paste the whole output)00:32
valrosyes, and i had this working for a while00:32
DropKickMurpheysWhen i pop in my cd it wont come up with the update dialog and when i try alt-f2 and the gksu sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade, it doesn't seem to work either00:32
soundraytrey__: why "still"? It's never been announced for anything sooner than April00:32
valrosno ESSID but Mode:Managed00:33
Sinistradvalros: how are you trying to make it work? (which program? the little gnome toolbar applet thing?)00:33
trey__soundray: you mean th ubuntu distro? its in beta... isnt it?00:33
Sinistradvalros: should work ;)00:33
soundraytrey__: yes00:34
valrosyes it should, but it doesnt00:34
Sinistradvalros: try setting the essid manually: 'iwconfig wlan0 essid <whatever it is>'00:34
Sinistradthen 'ifup wlan0'00:34
zx-sanji<kitche>  well  if you change anything in etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf  it DOES NOT change a thing in the output ...00:34
valrosafter trying to connect to NETGEAR SSID for about a minute it stops00:34
DropKickMurpheyscan someone attempt to help me update to 8.04 from 7.10 using the alternate install cd?00:34
trey__soundray: oh i knoow what you mean! you mean wait until it comes out?00:34
DPicdoes anybody know the max filesize for file uploaded to the ubuntu wiki?00:34
Sinistradvalros: so the gnome applet sees the netgear ESSID?00:34
Sinistradvalros: if so, ignore my previous suggestion00:34
wentondoes compiz have a GUI apart from system>preferences>appearance>visual effects ?00:34
valros no it doesnt00:34
soundraytrey__: yes00:35
cyclonutswenton: yes it does, it is compiz config settings manager.00:35
Sinistradvalros: try setting the essid manually00:35
valrosgnome doesnt "see" anything, i cant get a list of available networks00:35
kitcheJack_Sparrow: bot has been dead for a while now :)00:35
trey__soundray: oh-well... i guess i will ask everybody else again... thanks for your help though!00:35
valrosive tried manual cofiguration, nothing, one more time though00:35
wentoncyclonuts- does this come installed with gutsy? or do u have to apt-get00:36
cyclonutswenton: you need to install it. it is in the repositories.00:36
soundraytrey__: try a /msg ubotu effects when the bot is back00:36
valrosdamnit, after closing the laptop screen(shuts off) the cursor doesnt load00:36
j3kyllwhere is the .trash of a usb device? how can i find it and "empty the trash"00:36
cyclonutswenton: I think you can just do sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager00:36
Sinistradvalros, if 'iwlist ap'  isn't showin anything, it means 1 of 3 things: 1) there aren't any APs in range 2) your stuff's broke 3) other00:36
Jack_Sparrowwenton,  sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:36
wentonty :)00:36
Sinistradvalros, I'm just trying to isolate it00:37
DropKickMurpheyscan someone attempt to help me update to 8.04 from 7.10 using the alternate install cd?00:37
trey__soundray: i will... why though?00:37
soundrayj3kyll: it's normally called .Trash in the root directory of the advice00:37
Jack_Sparrowj3kyll, It will be on the usb  partition .Trash-yourloginname00:37
soundraytrey__: there is a help factoid for effects00:37
j3kyllsoundray: ill try finding it there thanks00:37
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: Why are you trying to do it from the alternate .iso's rather than over the net?00:37
trey__soundray: kk00:37
DropKickMurpheysinternet here fails00:38
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: also keep in mind that 8.04 is still beat00:38
webtoebeta even00:38
DropKickMurpheysi understand that :D00:38
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: you need to tell apt to use the CD-ROM as your repository instead of the internet sources00:38
kitchewebtoe: umm because you can and it's better if your machine is not really on the network most likely00:38
valrosive tried kismet, whats another that wont need libraries that i cant get00:38
IdleOneDropKickMurpheys, join #ubuntu+100:38
j3kyllsoundray: got it, ha i just have a tendency to forget the small things :p00:39
soundrayj3kyll: remember that nautilus hides filenames beginning with . by default. Also that it's case sensitive00:39
SinistradDid kismet show your AP, valros?00:39
wentonso out of interest many people here completely switched to linux?00:39
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: Look at System -> Administration -> Software Sources if you're using GUI00:39
kitche!offtopic | wenton00:40
kitchebah stupid bot ...00:40
trey__wenton: kinda... its all thats installed now00:40
maarek_anyone using the Zend Data program for Google APIs?00:40
wentonoo, ur braver than me!00:40
SinistradRoot-raid5: get dropped to the initrd prompt, "root disk not found" sort of thing.  Start the array manually ('mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdb2 /dev/sdc2 /dev/sdd2') and exit the initrd prompt, everything boots and works.  What am I missing?  It looks like the udev rules are on the ramdisk, as well as a valid /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf on the initrd image (but it appears to get overwritten by the time I get into the initrd shell).  Thoughts?00:41
DropKickMurpheysthanks webtoe i think i figured it out00:41
soyeurwenton: I don't "completely" use Linux because I also use FreeBSD :D00:41
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: No worries....00:41
CopterI cant change resolution to anything other than 1280x1024, (Specifically i want 1024x768) on my 17" CRT ( Radeon X1950 Pro), I get blackScreen. I installed envy, I did the dpkg-reconfigure, I donno what else to do, HELP MEH!00:41
CopterSAVE ME!00:41
Sinistradsoyeur, it's only freeBSD if your time is worth nothing ;)00:41
webtoeCopter: No caps please; ask politely00:42
maarek_that's the limit of your drivers Copter00:42
soyeurCopter: Why would you want a worse resolution anyway lol00:42
maarek_update them and see if you can go higher00:42
Creator|afkhello people00:42
Coptersoyeur: coz my CRT monitor can only display 1280x1024 on 60hz00:42
DropKickMurpheysWebtoe: it just gave me an error saying something about the disk not being debian00:42
Sinistradmaarek_, you've got it backwards...he's wantin' lower.00:42
soyeurI see00:42
Copterand it screwes my eyez00:42
wentoni only have two things stopping me moving over completely 1 is a lack of PDA support and the other is getting my TV card to work!00:42
Nihilist_NerdSinistrad: Why only if your time is worth nothing? Is it very difficult to use?00:43
soyeurthat's kind of weird though, Copter...00:43
Jack_SparrowCopter, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)00:43
soyeurA 17" CRT should be able to display high resolutions just fine...00:43
valrosso then this internet deal is hopeless, as it seems00:43
kitcheNihilist_Nerd: license is much more different then GPL00:43
Creator|afkAauris labs ;)00:43
SinistradNihilist_Nerd, I was making a joke.  The 'if your time is worth nothing' is a standard argument against free linux/gnu/floss software...I figured I'd throw it at freeBSD, since this is a linux/GNU channel ;)00:43
Jack_SparrowCreator|afk, Please stop00:43
Creator|afkka darai :)00:43
Aaurislabas CreativeEmbassy00:43
Aauriskas cia vyksta00:43
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: I know this might sound stupid but where did you get the disk from? I've not update a machine to 8.04 so I don't know what the details are for it. Plus, I always do it over the net so can't help too much00:43
Creator|afkbbz ainam kur 10 zmoniu sedi ;)00:44
Nihilist_NerdAh okay00:44
NytoCan someone help me install babo the violent 2?00:44
DropKickMurpheysDownloaded the ISO from www.ubuntu.com00:44
webtoeDropKickMurpheys: As someone mentioned, I think #ubuntu+1 is for questions onthe next release00:44
verb3kJack_Sparrow, stgraber has made a nice nifty tool :)00:44
=== Creator|afk is now known as Lithuania
Jack_Sparrowverb3k, She did a nice job on that yes.00:45
Copterheres my xorg.conf /suicide ! http://rafb.net/p/kgbxTx44.html00:45
SinistradNihilist_Nerd, and for what it's worth, the argument applies to freeBSD as much as it does to anything ;(00:45
Nihilist_NerdI see00:45
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NytoCan someone help me install babo the violent 2?00:46
verb3kJack_Sparrow, She? he's a guy!00:46
valrossorry timed out there00:46
valrosi couldnt get kismet it needed libraries that came as updates from, guess where, the internet im trying to fix with kismet00:47
Jack_Sparrowverb3k, SInce when?00:47
Sinistradsad, valros00:47
sjovanokay... some dude said to me that wine could perform bether without doublebuffer and that the parameter was wine /dir/to/prog/ -doublebuffer. this is my shortcut for that prog ---> . env WINEPREFIX="/home/sjovan/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Fallout2\fallout2.exe" <--- could i just add <space>-doublebuffer after ...exe?00:48
Sinistradvalros, try to isolate where the problem is (set essid manually, then set IP manually and that sort of thing, and do ping tests and all that)00:48
verb3kJack_Sparrow, Stephane Graber is a girl?00:48
valroshows the ping command go?00:48
Jack_Sparrowverb3k, I thought so.. not that it matters at all..00:49
sjovanvalros: ping hostename or ip00:49
Jack_Sparrowverb3k, Just appreciate the work..00:49
Sinistradvalros, start by pinging the IP of your Access Point (AP), then move on to something further away00:49
verb3kJack_Sparrow, xD look here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/7713515/hackergotchi.png00:49
Sinistradvalros, I assume your access point works with whatever you're using to connect right now?00:49
valrosmy routers IP by ping is "Network is unreachable"00:50
valrosYa, netgear wireless router00:50
zx-sanjiany1 got an idea  ? when i try to remove the dhcp3-server pckg , the output error is like invoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "stop" failed.  ?00:50
Jordan_Uzx-sanji, You can change the init script to just exit successfully00:51
zx-sanji<Jordan_U>  what how ? :D00:51
Sinistradvalros, again, try to isolate where the problem is (set essid manually, then set IP manually and that sort of thing, and do ping tests and all that)00:51
sjovanzx-sanji: is this in apt-get? if so... have you tryed to force it? -f ?00:51
RAdamsHow do you create a server connection to a secure webdav location? I don't see that option under Connect to Server00:51
zx-sanjiapt get00:51
bramboanyone know a program, prefferably in  .deb for 64bit that I can get to monitor CPU GPU n hard drive temps here in Ubuntu?00:51
sjovanzx-sanji: so try to force it then :)00:51
Sinistradvalros, if the router is working, then the system must be wrong.  Set things manually to reasonable values and see if it works00:51
zx-sanji triing00:52
Sinistradvalros, it may end up being that the driver the system (or you, if you pickked it) is using for your wireless card is wrong.00:52
valroswould the wireless part of the router work but the ethernets continue00:52
RAdamsbrambo: gkrellm00:52
zx-sanji<sjovan>  the same00:52
saikorbrambo: or mbmon00:52
sjovanzx-sanji: sudo apt-get -f autoremove packagename --purge00:52
SinistradValros: you've not verified the wireless side of it?00:52
brambothey support 64 bit?00:52
Sinistradvalros,  they're separate hardware on the router, the wirelss and the ethernet00:53
RAdamsbrambo: gkrellm does, I don't know about mbmon00:53
valrosyes i know i know, but ive nothing to test it with and would it stop working in the middle of the night?00:53
bramboThank you both00:53
Sinistradvalros, sunspots?00:53
trey__ok guys i am having a problem with the aperance virtual effects thing when i click custom i get this error: Desktop effects could not be enabled   again... help?00:53
zx-sanji<sjovan>  still same00:53
valrosor aliens?00:53
GuiseppiThere are more people in this IRC channel than there are in my entire school.00:53
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GuiseppiThat is amazing.00:53
saikortrey__: what's the xsessions error log look like.00:54
Sinistradvalros, sunspots are more likely...it's well-known that they interfere with certain RF applications ;)00:54
omar_sudo apt-get install  libemeraldengine0 libwnck18  emerald  libwnck-common00:54
SinistradGuiseppi, define 'people'?00:54
trey__saikor,   ??00:54
RAdamsI need help connecting to an https WebDAV00:54
valrosok but odd00:54
GuiseppiI dunno, presences.00:54
valrosany ideas on testing the wireless?00:54
brambohow can I get my registered nick back? I forgot the password, I type my name and password, says its wrong00:54
crdlbbrambo: join #freenode00:55
Sinistradvalros, I'm beingfacetious, of course, (sunspots only affect long wavelength propogation :P)..  But yeah, try and set some stuff manually, tell me how it goes.00:55
saikortrey__: it's in your home dir. ~/.xsession-errors00:55
zx-sanji<sjovan> dpkg: error processing dhcp3-server ,(--purge) : subproces pre-removal script returned error exit status 200:55
omar_OI KIJY00:56
sobersabreI have a q. about "likewise"00:56
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RAdams!ask | sobersabre00:56
CopterI cant change resolution to anything other than 1280x1024, (Specifically i want 1024x768) on my 17" CRT ( Radeon X1950 Pro), I get blackScreen. I installed envy, I did the dpkg-reconfigure, no go. xorg.conf paste -> http://rafb.net/p/kgbxTx44.html00:56
Jordan_Uzx-sanji, gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server00:56
sobersabrehow is it able to map the UNIX UID/GIDs for users ?00:56
sjovanzx-sanji: maby you are running it or something. ---> ps aux | grep dhcp <--- if you are -->  kill <and the proces number> <--- don't have the <> on my nick, cause then i don't get notifyed. btw... nicks autocompleat in linux. use tab :)00:56
Mark_I screwed up my lower panel by widening it too much but can't seem to find the right place on the panel now to 'right-click' and restore it to default. Any ideas?00:56
zx-sanji<Jordan_U> everithing is fine there00:57
zx-sanjiwall should : :D00:57
trey__saikor: um... i know i sound like a complete noob but... how do i view that?00:57
Jordan_Uzx-sanji, Yes, but if you can't figure out why it is failing ( and you just want to remove the package ) you can just have the script exit before doing anything.00:58
saikortrey_: less ~/.xsession-errors00:58
zx-sanjithats true .. :D00:58
saikortrey_: error should be near the bottom. Use a pastebin to show us the results.00:58
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Sinistradvalros, Sorry I'm not better help.  Wifi is one of those things that isn't very consistent :)01:00
__mikemholly crap, what just happened01:00
Jack_Sparrow__mikem, Housekeeping01:00
Sinistradvalros, I mean ... invisible waves of electromagnetic energy? wtf?01:00
Mark_I screwed up my lower panel by widening it too much but can't seem to find the right place on the panel now to 'right-click' and restore it to default. Any ideas?01:00
Mark_oops disregard that01:01
trey__saikor: http://www.pastebin.ca/96543401:01
saikortrey__: did you trying setting to custom appearance settings them looking at the log (straight away)?01:03
saikor trey__:  after it fails ofcourse01:03
trey__saikor: not the split second but... i will do that hold on01:03
MatBoydamn, I removed compiz and now my FF and so does not appear in my screen anymore :(01:03
zx-sanjisjovan  it was yust  kill and the prooces number ?01:04
sjovanzx-sanji: mhm01:04
saikortrey__: also make sure you go to the bottom of the file01:04
maria_hey to you all greetings.....i have a proplem with knetworkmanager it doesn't find my wireless card01:04
saikortrey__:that's where the new stuff will be01:04
maria_what to do?01:04
trey__saikor, how do i get there (oh boy! anouther noob question!!!)01:05
saikortrey__: no prob. Once you have the file open in 'less'. press page down till the reading on the bottom right says "100%"01:06
bramboI got both  gkrellm and mbmon but neither show up in my menu...how can I open them?01:06
zx-sanjisjovan nothing ...01:06
saikorbrambo:  command line is easiesrt01:06
brambosaikor: you mean the Terminal ?01:06
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saikorbrambo: accessories-> terminal. Then type mbmon01:06
saikorbrambo: yeah01:06
VisionOfMalkavhi all01:07
sjovanmaria_: you prob need ndiswrapper. sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper, and then read  ---> man ndiswrapper01:07
sjovanzx-sanji: well, if you didn't get a error then you killed the ap.01:07
saikorbrambo: mbmon has to run as root so type. 'sudo mbmon'01:07
brambosaikor: Sorry, I'm still really new to Linux in general, but I'm learning...I really love Linux...01:07
zx-sanjisjovan the thin is its not running .. :D01:07
brambosaikor: oh ok, ty for tip01:07
sjovanzx-sanji: do another search to be shure. if it's gone, then try to remove it again01:07
TromBoeZoehi, how do erase the data from a floppy so that it is "unformatted"01:07
zx-sanjisjovan  only the  grep dhcp ..01:07
saikorbrambo: no problem.01:07
trey__saikor: here:                                             http://www.pastebin.ca/96544901:08
VisionOfMalkavAnyone know what pages upon pages of "SQUASHFS failed reading block / unable to read page / sb_bread failed reading block" when attempting to boot from the LiveCD is all about?01:08
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brainiac8008hey guys, i have an nvidia geforce 6150se.  I want to set up compiz so i tried the nvidia-glx-new driver but upon restarting x i could only get into low-graphics mode.  I'm using a 7.10 livecd.  any ideas?01:09
zx-sanjisjovan: nothing ...01:10
Johnson_yo, looking for purify for ubuntu for a c class im taking, can't seem to find it, anyone know where to get it at01:10
saikorsaikor: hmm. I'm not sure. what graphics card do you have?01:11
saikortrey_: hmm. I'm not sure. what graphics card do you have?01:11
sjovanzx-sanji: are you shure? you did do ---> ps aux | grep dhcp <--- or just grep dhcp?01:11
saikortrey_: and are the drivers installed?01:11
trey__saikor: intergrated intel01:11
user1sorry ws bumped b401:11
zx-sanjisjovan  ps aux | grep dhcp  ... nothing01:12
zx-sanjisjovan  just an current thread or search should i say ..01:12
sjovanzx-sanji: okay, but then i'm out of idees :/ make a topic in the forum01:12
kbiddcan anyone tell me how gnash compares to adobe flash player when it comes to performance?01:13
Mark_anyone know how I can expand a panel so as to easily see the applications running and NOT have the icons on that panel expand as well?01:13
eddyMula VM loaded by `kvm -net nic -net user vm.img` cannot resolve names to IPs using qemu's DNS server. Any suggestions?01:13
trey__saikor... me sad... :...(     <see! i am crying!01:13
Mark_kbidd, I can't get either to work properly in Firefox01:13
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saikortrey__: try installing emerald from synaptic. I doubt it'll work but it's worth a try.01:14
jjt009anyone here know anything about mysql?01:14
jjt009i need some help01:14
user1So I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the color of the screen that appears between the login screen and the desktop load, seems i could change the login screen to blubuntu and the deskctop screen theme to blubuntu but theres a brown/orange screen that appears after the login screen and before the desktop loads....any ideas on how to change that?01:14
Mark_kbidd, I tried going to gizmodo and youtube after installing one and then the other and they both stink01:14
Mark_saikor, what does emerald give you that ccsm doesn't?01:14
trey__saikor: will do hold on...01:14
zx-sanjisjovan .. well the server worked yust fine ... when ive changed the config located in /etc/dhcpd.conf , got errors  .. the same ones ... independentli if i change the config once again .. the same output ... by reinstall as well ..01:15
saikorMark_: probably nothing.01:15
Survivormanuser1, try going to appearance, background and changing solid color. that might work.01:15
Mark_saikor, ill ck it out just the same01:15
eddyMulme switching networks might be the cause. restarting....01:15
zx-sanjisjovan spend almost 10 hrs tryin to figure it out ..01:15
trooperashi from greece :)01:16
Crewsr3I would like some feedback on a topic - With the next Ubuntu Distro just days away, is it time to go 64 bit or should I stay with 3201:16
zx-sanjisjovan  .. anyway cheers for the interest ..  ty01:17
winterwolfCan anyone message me for one minute, I am trying to see if my private messages are working, I have registered I believe now01:17
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valrosI believe my routers wireless network is broken, any diagnosis or fixes?01:17
sjovanzx-sanji: yeah, and sorry that i couldn't help any more :/01:17
amenadovalros  can you ping your router?01:17
zx-sanjisjovan> no worries ..01:17
zx-sanjivalros does your router work wit something else ?01:18
crdlbwinterwolf: you are registered and identified01:18
valrosyes, this01:18
valrosim running off it right now, its just the wireless01:18
winterwolfcrdlb: What all is visible to other users?01:18
trey__saikor: nope! it dont work... :-\01:18
zx-sanjiso you are on ethernet right now  \01:19
zx-sanji ?01:19
valrosthat or ubuntu refuses to recognize it when it sees others01:19
valrosyes, ehternet now01:19
crdlbwinterwolf: what do you mean?01:19
valrosfinally, its working01:19
Crewsr3I would like some feedback on a topic - With the next Ubuntu Distro just days away, is it time to go 64 bit or should I stay with 3201:19
user1ill try that Surbivorman01:19
winterwolfcrdlb: I have been on chat networks before where other people we're able to view my IP address and more...That's not very secure01:19
valrosand only when the laptop was subjected to another location01:19
winterwolfcrdlb: is it like that here?01:19
zx-sanjihmm ..01:20
crdlbwinterwolf: if you want your ip address hidden, ask for a cloak in #freenode01:20
Ava-ok after updating to hardy everything is lagged as heck in X01:20
saikortrey: what's the output from lspci | grep VGA01:20
Ava-I have the correcnt nvidia driver installed01:20
crdlbwinterwolf: look at /whois winterwolf , that's what other people can see01:20
crdlbfor the most part01:20
zx-sanjivalros seems like the signal is too  low for an unknown reason..01:20
Ava-but it's chuggin01:20
f0rmaterm i was just wondering when i tried to mount a partition like this "sudo mount -v -t ext3 /dev/sda5 $ADN"  the partition failz to mount saying it already is mounted why would this be :S i cannot unmount from nautilus and every other way failz :(01:20
valrosno ubuntu sees it now01:20
valrosits wierd01:20
valrosonly sees it now after i took it to a different location01:20
user1Survivorman - i checked its actually already set to a solid blue color  :-(01:20
valroswhitewolf im unregistered, cant PM yet01:21
zx-sanjivalros drivers ...01:21
valrosits working now wih the drivers ubuntu came with01:21
winterwolfcrdlb: I have typed that, nothing appears01:21
nabcorecan I use apt to upgrade my gutsy 7.10 to the hardy 8.04 beta?01:21
crdlbwinterwolf: it'll go to your server tab01:21
valrosi hope this doesnt start up again01:21
kelvin911How to make new open window not sticking to the bottom of the screen?01:21
trey__saikor: http://www.pastebin.ca/96546901:21
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Ava-I don't suppose there is anyway of downgrading from hardy back to gutsy eh?01:21
amenadof0rmat-> pastebin your  mount results01:22
Survivormanuser1, how about background color in the login window prefs01:22
trey__ava: lol01:22
zx-sanjivalros  like my pci wlan .... could get more than 17kb througput ...01:22
RAdamsIn mount.davfs, how does one set the option in fstab to always trust the certificate of the share?01:22
user1Survivorman   hmmm let me check01:22
kelvin911because i am running awn dock and its very inconvinent to have new open window stick to the bottom of the screen01:22
MatBoyafter I removed compiz and emerald, I have no window decoration anymore, FF won't appear and my splashscreen is hanging01:22
valroshow can i test the current speed of the connection im on?01:22
f0rmatamenado, No need it isn't that large "mount: /dev/sda5 already mounted or /mnt/adn busy"01:22
zx-sanjivalros try some web based speedmeter01:23
RAdamsvalros: www.speedtest.net01:23
user1Survivorman   its already set to black :-(01:23
valrosthanks, forgot about that01:23
amenadof0rmat-> what is /mnt/adn busy?01:23
MatBoyis there a command I should run when I removed compiz ?01:23
MatBoyand emerald ?01:23
MrBarrettmy amarok wont play mp3 needs decoder.... what do i do? on kubuntu 7.101:23
f0rmati am using $ADN as a shortcut to /dev/sda501:23
RAdams!mp3 > MrBarrett01:24
RAdamsWhere is the bot?01:24
MatBoyman, this is annoying :) I have to start my vm to get to the internet :D01:24
zx-sanjiRAdams hmm but there is an bug ..01:24
f0rmatamenado, i am using $ADN as a shortcut to /dev/sda501:24
iceswordMatBoy, what vm?01:25
kelvin911i found that the flash in speedtest.net is really useless01:25
amenadof0rmat-> what exactly is your command? what is value of $ADN ?01:25
RAdamszx-sanji: what bug?01:25
zx-sanjiRAdams  with the mp3 ..  and xine .. . broken packages .. and so on ...01:25
MatBoyicesword, windows :\01:25
iceswordwhich one,no,whick software you use01:25
MatBoyFF won't start, no application does start01:25
RAdamszx-sanji: Ah.01:25
MatBoyicesword, vmware01:25
kelvin911i think http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ is better01:25
RAdamsMrBarrett: #kubuntu might get you a faster answer01:25
Survivormanuser1, that should have did it. I found the solution in a forum, so maybe, like with me, something like XGL loading interferes with it. I'm not sure. look into this too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1305501:25
iceswordMatBoy, oh,,,hehehe,you don't need to restart01:25
MrBarrettbeen there no responce01:25
MatBoyicesword, hehe, nicew one :P01:26
destructarhi all: having issues with mythtv playback... have v4l2 installed via restricted drivers, all videos working proper via VLC, Mplayer and Totem... mythtv fails to play recordings (same recordings work in all other mentioned programs)01:26
MatBoyI need my Gnome to run again :)01:26
MatBoyannoying compiz01:26
destructari get the error "XvMCTex Init failed"01:26
iceswordMatBoy, wait,let me check01:26
f0rmatamenado, export ADN=/mnt/adn; mkdir -pv $ADN; sudo mount -v -t ext3 /dev/sda5 $ADN01:26
MatBoyicesword, ok :)01:26
zx-sanjiRAdams  same thing happened to me, and i yust didnt have nerves  to get over it .. :D01:26
Survivormanand look into the too user1: http://www.indragunawan.com/2008/03/change-gdm-login-window-background-colour-on-ubuntu-710/01:27
amenadof0rmat-> and the error you get is ?  /dev/sda5 is busy?01:27
destructarif i disable v4l2 drivers then mythtv plays recordings and live tv just fine, all other programs unable to perform correctly01:27
iceswordMatBoy, click on edit in vmware>vitual network configure01:27
MatBoyicesword, ;) my Linux is my host :)01:27
valrosdoing speetest.net, ubuntu froze, its been freezing during connections like this01:27
f0rmatamenado, to be more presise "mount: /dev/sda5 already mounted or /mnt/lfs busy"01:27
iceswordMatBoy, it is same,01:27
zx-sanjivalros ping something01:27
zx-sanjivalros ping  yuour default gateway ..01:28
amenadof0rmat-> well just like it says its already mounted, and I asked you to paste the result of mount but you wont do, so how would we know if it is really mounted?01:28
trey__saikor: you still there?01:28
f0rmatamenado, that was the results01:28
amenadof0rmat-> please paste in pastebin result of  "mount"  command01:28
iceswordMatBoy, in that one,browse to tab dhcp,>dhcp service,>restart>apply,then to nat>nat service>restart>apply01:29
f0rmatamenado, ok01:29
Dr_willisthe pastebinit command is so handy. :)01:29
zcat[1]f0rmat: not useful.. the device may be mounted somewhere else.. or some other device may be mounted on that mountpoint..01:29
CookedGryphonHi, I'm using the hardy beta and want to rotate my display, the screen resolution dialog only has Normal as an option. I'm using an sis chipset. I had it set up in gutsy by messing with xorg.conf, but i'm not confident messing that since it's all changed over to the bulletproof x thing and can't find any relevant docs01:29
valrosfrom my router, pings are around .8 ms01:29
saikorsaikor:  sorry was away01:29
zx-sanjivalros try ping www.google.com -c 5   othervise you will end up with 1000+ requests :D01:29
saikortrey__: sorry was away.01:29
trey__saikor: then you misted this is what i get: http://www.pastebin.ca/96546901:30
iceswordMatBoy, you got me, are you using vmware workstation?01:30
MatBoyicesword, you don't know what I was talking about :)01:30
amenadoCookedGryphon-> want to get a stiff neck? try  xrandr -o 301:30
valrosgoogle pinged, runnin around 20-40 ms01:30
kelvin911when does ubuntu has this 3d desktop ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0ODskdEPnQ01:30
alteregoadoes ubuntu overtake debian?01:30
kelvin911i mean real 3d desktop01:30
NineaxisCan anyone help me install ubuntu on a server that currently is running fedora 8?01:30
zcat[1]kelvin911: when you have a 3d card and the appropriate drivers01:30
alteregoathis kindergarten desktop isn't productive at all01:30
MerevaikHey is there a how to for installing/using windows games on Linux/Ubuntu? I can't find one anywhere and I have no idea what I'm doing >_<01:30
saikortrey__: definitely an intel chip then. can you run ' glxinfo | grep direct'01:30
zx-sanjivalros hmm .. thats quite high ..01:30
kelvin911no i mean real 3D desktop not just cube01:31
valros20ms to google is high?01:31
iceswordMatBoy, then what is your problem01:31
f0rmatamenado, http://pastebin.com/d42accb7201:31
zx-sanjivalros try ping www.google.com -c 5 -s 100001:31
MatBoyicesword, my gtk window decorator does not work01:31
zcat[1]kelvin911: how 3d can it get, nobody has a true volumetric display on the market yet01:31
MatBoydoes gnome needs compiz these days by default ?01:31
sk8ballSATA is hot swappable right?01:31
kelvin911zcat[1]: look at the youtube link, i dont mean compiz-fusion, i have it, but i want something like that in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0ODskdEPnQ01:31
valrosoh god dmanit01:31
EzraEzramerevaik : yes there is, just a second01:31
zx-sanjivalros  thats really high01:31
amenadof0rmat-> please paste in pastebin result of  "mount"  command  <-- how difficult is this command to issue?01:32
valrosdid speedtest and...it froze01:32
Ava-how can I force a reinstall of hardy?01:32
Nineaxis...can anyone help me install ubuntu on a fedora 8 server?01:32
valroswhats with ubuntu freezing on this connection?01:32
Dr_willisHmm.. You may want to clarify that a bit Nineaxis01:32
CookedGryphonamenado: :D but that fails, Failed request BadMatch (Invalid parameter attributes)01:32
zx-sanjivalros   did u tried the  -s 1000 command ?01:32
alteregoais SADO masoable?01:32
amenadof0rmat-> what you showed me is your way of doing things, I asked specifcally.. "mount" only01:32
kelvin911zcat[1]: look at the link it looks quite real01:32
valrosin a sec01:32
f0rmatamenado, i don't think you understand that is the only result i am receiving from this console01:32
zx-sanjivalros ping www.google.com -c 5 -s 100001:33
NineaxisWell, I have a server that's currently running Fedora 8, and since Fedora is screwing with me, I want to install ubuntu over it01:33
saikor trey__: what's the result from glxinfo | grep direct?01:33
amenadoCookedGryphon-> oh well that works in 7.10  if you want hardy support please visit #ubuntu+101:33
Ava-how can I force a reinstall of hardy?01:33
alteregoathe result is to much proprietary bananas in the ape01:33
zcat[1]kelvin911: hmmm.. ok. Yes, I've seen that b4 .. it doesn't look all that practical to me. and afaik there's no desktop like that on linux yet.01:33
CookedGryphonamenado: aha, thanks, i tried #hardy but that didn't exist01:34
amenadof0rmat-> once more on a terminal just type  mount  by itself..01:34
zx-sanjivalros whats is your main connection ?  wireless as well ?01:34
amenado!hardy | Ava-01:34
valroswow!, zx, it was 4 seconds for 5 packets to google01:34
Dr_willisNineaxis,  start the installer, format the old system install the new....01:34
f0rmatamenado, sorry that was my fault i thout you meant in general not mount by itself :(01:34
Dr_willisNineaxis,  backing up any impiorntant stuff first - of course01:34
kelvin911zcat[1]: i know it isnt that practical but it does impress people01:35
valrosbut would that speed be due to it being wireless with 2 ethernets connected and in use01:35
kelvin911it looks cool anyway01:35
trey__saikor: sorry was away... here: http://www.pastebin.ca/96549501:35
winterwolfI opened gkrellm through sudo in terminal but when I closed my terminal it also closed gkrellm ...What did I do wrong?01:35
=== Aware-AFK is now known as Astek
NineaxisSo I write the .iso file to a disk and stick it in the server and go find the command to execute it?01:35
valroszx-sanji, 4 seconds for google 5 packets to and from01:35
zx-sanjivalros  no ..01:35
mmm4m5mHelp: network is down after reboot. When I restart network, it start working. This is random: http://pastebin.ca/96549301:35
amenadovalros  your host two nics are connected to same router?01:35
Dr_williswinterwolf,  well theres no need to run it as root.  plus use the 'exit' command do NOT NOT NOT use the terminal windows close button01:36
valroscome again amenado?01:36
zx-sanjivalros   the nics  arent an problem ..01:36
f0rmatamenado, http://pastebin.com/d3dd3741a01:36
saikortrey__: looks like your drivers aren't setup right. Go to system -> Administrator -> restricted drivers.01:36
amenadommm4m5m-> pls paste in pastebin your  /etc/network/interfaces file01:36
valrossorry but whats a "nic"01:36
zcat[1]kelvin911: I prefer useful stuff like zoom, expo, group and tab, etc.01:36
mmm4m5mamenado: all is there: http://pastebin.ca/96549301:36
silent132Hi guys01:36
amenadovalros  your host two nics are connected to same router? <-- what part of this you dont understand?01:36
zx-sanjivalros  sry cisco thing :D01:36
trey__saikor: ok hold on01:36
sk8ballSATA is hot swappable right???01:36
EzraEzramerevaik : sorry i'm gonna search some more; didn't find what i was looking for right now01:36
zx-sanjivalros   mean the ethernet cards .. D:01:36
MerevaikOk thanks01:37
saikorsk8ball: I wouldn't recommend it.01:37
MerevaikI'm useless :s01:37
sk8ballsaikor, why is that?01:37
valrosi have 2 computers wired to this router and the one ubuntu wireless01:37
zx-sanjivalros so iw works fine  with ethernet  ?01:37
sk8balli mean, not on a regular basis or anything01:37
Dr_willissk8ball,  not that i have seen actually work.01:37
sk8ballreally just one time thing01:37
saikorsk8ball: there is no way to tell if a disk has had the buffer flushed. So you could cause corruption01:37
destructardo i need v4l installed in order to use VLC ?01:37
sk8ballsaikor, what if its a dvdrw01:37
kelvin911what expo does?01:37
amenadommm4m5m-> give me a few,01:38
zx-sanjivalros what was that wor an wireless card ?01:38
valrosim confused on the terminology, what im wondering is why ubuntu is freezing during connections01:38
saikorsk8ball: hrm...dunno.01:38
zcat[1]kelvin911: I don't really need a way to make my computer desktop as messy as my real desktop.. I can live without that01:38
valrosintegrated 802.11b/g in the dell01:38
saikorsk8ball: you could give it a go and let us know, but if you break something don't blame me.01:38
zx-sanjivalros  intel one ?01:38
* sk8ball crosses his toes01:38
zx-sanjivalros  model number ?01:38
amenadof0rmat-> something is amiss, also please  paste your  sudo fdisk -l    results01:38
kelvin911my  real desktop is like a pile of trash01:39
zerosignalanyone know if there is a way to control how ubuntu controls my hdd on my laptop?  like I have a suspicion that whenever the drive isnt being used its being "spun down"01:39
valrosoh sorry, gateway not dell01:39
trey__saikor: looks like i have to install somthing ;) lol: http://www.pastebin.ca/96549801:39
zx-sanjivalroswell ive got an dell latitude d620 ... it works fine ..01:39
valrosgateway model is WS40UA01:39
silent132Question: I have two Hard drives-if i instal ubuntu on one, will i be able to access the files i backed up on the other on?01:39
kelvin911beer bottles, pop can, flash light, papers books, razar, coffees, my yesterdays dinner and stuffs01:39
saikorsaikor: go ahead and install it :)01:39
valrosalso listed as a model# MT342301:40
alan_msilent132, depends on what the other one is formatted as I believe.01:40
zcat[1]so is mine .. If I could click a menu and have my real desktop look like my ubuntu desktop, then I would do that.. but being able to scatter icons randomly and pile them up, no thanks..01:40
Ava-IS there any way to force a re-install of hardy?!01:40
saikortrey: go ahead and install it01:40
Dr_williszerosignal,  the hdparm command can tweak that. Thers a lot of discussion about over-kill-powersaving for hard drives under ubuntu, in the forums.01:40
=== AskHL_ is now known as AskHL
amenadommm4m5m-> having to interfaces  connecting to same router/gateway  how do you expect your host to choose which gateway to pick or which nic should the packets come out of?01:40
mactaylorwill 64bit boost performance?????????????01:40
=== RavenTrigun is now known as Falling-Inferno
zerosignalDr_willis ok thanks let me see what I can find01:40
IdleOneAva-, yeah pop in the cd01:40
Ava-Idle: without the CD01:40
silent132alan-i think its formatted for windows, but i dont think it has an OS on it.01:40
zx-sanjivalros hmmm ..01:40
amenadommm4m5m-> having two* interfaces  connecting to same router/gateway  how do you expect your host to choose which gateway to pick or which nic should the packets come out of?01:40
IdleOneAva-, none that I have heard of01:41
zcat[1]..ok, who killed it this time01:41
IdleOneYum! I mean APT!01:41
alan_msilent132, fat32, fa16, ntfs...what is it formatted under?01:41
mactayloryes or no?01:41
IdleOnebots are down01:41
silent132alan-oh sorry i believe it is ntfs01:41
zx-sanjivalros hmmm .. try to read here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55159601:41
zcat[1]IdleOne: Grrr.. you confused me!01:41
valros     /msg nickserv register argus01:41
mmm4m5mamenado: I do not know :), let me think a litle :)01:41
IdleOnezcat[1], lol01:41
amenadof0rmat-> something is amiss, also please  paste your  sudo fdisk -l    results  <-- anything ?01:42
crdlbvalros: make sure you don't use that password :)01:42
alan_msilent132, you should have no problems with read/write access to it, and should be able to copy everything...if thats what your asking about silent13201:42
f0rmatamenado, i can't beleive it..... thankyou so much when i ran that command i saw that the mount points were switched from sda5 to sda301:42
amenadof0rmat you're welcome01:42
mrkeishiiwhats up?01:43
MerevaikThe roof :D01:43
zx-sanjivalros well.. cant help ypu more ..01:43
valrosok, thanks im looking at the forum post01:43
silent132alan_m, ya i put all my music and movies on it. In the past i installed kubuntu and it wojuldnt read the other hard drive.01:43
mrkeishiiKubuntu looks great01:44
amenadovalros  your host (ubuntu) has two nics and are connected to same router?01:44
trey__saikor: where do i get: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-server ??01:44
sk8ballwell it got power and everything fine opened/closed etc... but it took a reboot to get ubuntu to recognize it01:44
mrkeishiibut is Kubuntu better than Ubuntu?01:44
valros....explanation to someone who knows nothing about linux?01:44
mmm4m5mamenado: I want br0 to get IP from dhcp. I want to use br0 for all connections. and I am not sure about eth0, mostly have be static IP? does it have to be the same subnet (192.168.11.xxx)?01:44
alan_m!ot | mrkeishii01:44
saikoropen up synaptic package manager. under system -> administration.01:44
JadenHow do I get wine installed?01:45
mrkeishiiyes alan01:45
soyeursudo apt-get install wine01:45
mrkeishiiJaden: go to winehq.com01:45
MatBoyis compiz default running on Ubuntu these days ?01:45
mrkeishiiyeah like soyeur said01:45
trey__matboy: no :(01:45
Jadencool thanks01:45
soyeurMatBoy: On Gutsy Gibbon (Compiz-Fusion)01:45
amenadommm4m5m-> the key is the route table, but thats a bit of an advanced topic, so just have one route to get out of your subnet and one nic to get to same subnet01:45
soyeurAs well as Hardy Heron01:45
mrkeishiihow do you install Beryl?01:45
MatBoytrey__, mhh, I removed it + emerald and I lost my window decoration01:45
valrosamenado say that again?01:45
zx-sanjivalros ... get some other wireless from carboot ... and thats it ..  5 quid .. the cheapest solution ..01:45
trey__saikor: i did that but i cant find it...01:46
soyeurMatBoy: Reinstall it?01:46
valrosget another wireless router or card?01:46
zx-sanjivalros wireless .01:46
soyeurmrkeishii: You probably don't want beryl...01:46
mrkeishiiy is that01:46
trey__matboy: sounds bad... i feel sorry for you... im just trying to get it installed now...01:46
amenadovalros  your host (ubuntu) has two nics? are connected to same router?01:46
soyeurmrkeishii: The Beryl Project has been merged into the Compiz project to form Compiz-Fusion, which is default on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and up01:46
mrkeishiioh okay01:47
saikortrey__: do a search for linux-restricted-modules in the manager.01:47
zx-sanjiamenado his wireless card is not fully suported ..01:47
valrosamenado, i dont get what your saying, say it to someone with basic knowledge please?01:47
mrkeishiibut i like the 3d block thing and other features though01:47
Flare183Moose: see?01:47
soyeurmrkeishii: If you want the cool effects, download the01:47
amenadozx-sanji-> ahh the infamous broadcom  bcm43xx ..hehe01:47
soyeurCompiz Control Settings Control Panel01:47
trey__linux-restricted-modules ok! i did one diferantly... brb01:47
mrkeishiifrom where01:47
soyeurJust do a search in Synaptic for "Compiz Control Panel"01:47
=== icesword is now known as osenvironment
soyeuryou should find it01:47
anteayaI need to add a path to $PATH so it is available regardless of whether I open and close my terminal, (it's a gem)01:47
soyeurThere, you can enable effects like the 3D cube01:48
amenadovalros-> its okay... good luck01:48
mrkeishiithanks alot01:48
MatBoysoyeur, reinstall what ?01:48
valrosnow im downloading the ndiswrapper drivers01:48
valroshopefully they'll work01:48
soyeurMatBoy: Reinstall Compiz-Fusion?01:48
amenadoanteaya-> add it to your .bashrc or .bash_profile if you got one?01:48
MatBoysoyeur, it doesn't work on 4 screens with different resolutions01:48
valrosis there an apt-get install for alsa drivers, lib, utils?01:49
MatBoysoyeur, so I don't need it, but I want my default windows back01:49
soyeurThen just use metacity instead?01:49
mmm4m5mamenado: I am learning linux language now, not sure I understand you very well. I mean - 10x for help, at least I know what to read now (I do not mind route tables or anything, but windows everything is mostly clicking). If it simple, can you tell me how interface file must looks like?01:49
mrkeishiiit can't find any01:49
anteayaamenado: .bashrc is open, where do i add it, and what should it look like?01:49
soyeurReinstall Emerald, and then right click the emerald icon and choose "Use Metacity"01:49
soyeurThen you will have the regular WM01:49
mrkeishiiI just typed Compiz Control Panel01:49
MatBoysoyeur, doesn't work01:50
mrkeishiiand it pop up in side bar, but no pakages installed.01:50
DjmackHow hard is it to get a static IP?01:50
=== ajmorris|AFK is now known as ajmorris
mrkeishiiSo how do i get that 3d cube and all other effects?01:50
=== USC_Guest is now known as FlareFlare
amenadommm4m5m-> im not sure you can learn linux language, there is none that I know of, perhaps bash or python or perl..  you can "cat /etc/network/interfaces"01:50
amenadoanteaya-> at the end, then log out or to take effect "source" .bashrc01:51
Ava-the prefix for gutsy and hardy is still /usr corrent? not /usr/local?01:51
anteayaamenado: what should the added code look like?01:51
mrkeishiii would love to have those nice effects but idk how to get them???01:51
DjmackHow hard is it to get a static IP?01:52
=== soyeur is now known as Gamma
amenadoanteaya->  export PATH=/new/added/path:$PATH01:52
osenvironmentheheh,how hard?01:52
trey__saikor: error upon error upon error! ( =(     ) now i get: http://www.pastebin.ca/965517    but i have my cd in (pulls hair out...)01:52
amenadoDjmack-> you have to pay an arm and a leg01:52
anteayaamenado: thanks will try01:52
Ava-this must be #ignore Ava-01:52
Djmackso it is something i buy from my service provider01:53
epitrondoes anyone here know how anything about fontconfig? it's having a strange problem: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont: failed to write cache"01:53
epitronit's blocking me from finishing the install of X01:53
amenadoDjmack-> yes if you want it registered under your entity, and have entries in the official name servers01:53
saikortrey__:  open up /etc/apt/sources.list in a text editor and delete the lines that reference your cdrom.01:53
mrkeishiiSo how do i get the compiz control panel up?01:54
=== alan__ is now known as Alan_M
saikortrey__: then it'll just get the file from the web instead.01:54
jrrubuntu 8.0.4 (linux 2.6.24-12-server): i'm trying to compile a driver that stopped working at kernel 2.6.23.  is it possible to downgrade to another ubuntu-packaged kernel?01:54
amenadojrr please visit #ubuntu+101:54
jrrokie dokle01:54
valrosis the bot down?01:55
mrkeishiinvm i searched for it on add/remove apps01:55
winterwolfI can't seem to get  Java Runtime Enviroment to run and work, can someone help me install it? My browser finds it and says it needs it but can't get it automatically01:55
valroswinterwolf, what browser'01:55
Djmackwell... my cousin mentioned to me that i could make some money off hosting Website back-ups on my computer... and my plan was, if i got this set up. i would just borrow my friends blade server. and use it untill i could get my own01:56
winterwolfvalros: I use  Flock cause Youtube works better on it01:56
winterwolfvalros: but it does this same thing with FireFox01:56
valrosnever heard of it, and i dont think adobe will recognize it01:56
amenadowinterwolf-> sudo  apt-get install sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin sun-java5-fonts01:56
eriscomy open office transitions are playing at a snail's pace... at best 1fps, which makes it extremely crappy and choppy. what's up with that?01:56
Stroganoffi'll never get that "free" command. could some1 tell me how much RAM is actually consumed? http://pastebin.com/m4cfde2d901:57
amenadoerisco if I was watching your presentation and you flipped pages that fast, im walking out01:57
eriscoStroganoff, free -m01:57
zcat[1]Stroganoff: on my laptop.. generally all of it..01:57
eriscoamenado, what?01:58
Djmackyou think verizon (my provider) provides a residential internet with static IP?  cause im looking at some packages and they come with a bunch of crap that i dont want01:58
Stroganofferisco, i am able to devide by 100001:58
eriscoStroganoff, what?01:58
=== looktj is now known as taylor
amenadoerisco-> do you realize how fast 1 frame per second is for an audience to capture the info?01:58
eriscoamenado, did you even read my problem?01:58
zcat[1]amenado: he's talking about the transitions.. the nice slide/fade effects between slides01:58
amenadoerisco that is my interpretation of your problem01:58
eriscoamenado, read again then :s01:59
reeeh2000Hello all, I am trying to hook up a Xbox 360 wired controller to be used with Gusty Gibbon, any one know of an up to date how to?01:59
amenadoerisco nope, do your thing and suffer01:59
eriscoboth you and Stroganoff are out to lunch01:59
zcat[1]btw I would like an answer also... the transition effects in OOo suck and I've never got them to work smoothly01:59
winterwolfMaybe this can help....This is what I get when i typed that, amenado .   http://paste.ubuntu.com/6313/01:59
amenadoerisco you dont comprehend user interface, you expect the crowd to understand your  presentation?02:00
NineaxisWhat's the difference between the "live installer" and "alternate desktop"?02:00
nikrudamenado that wasn't exactly kind02:00
DOOM_NXcan anybody suggest the best DC client for ubuntu?02:00
erisconikrud, its fine, I have no idea what he is talking about02:01
saikorStroganoff: cat /proc/meminfo might be better for you.02:01
amenadonikrud am crude sometimes, im trying to get a point across02:01
MatBoyit seems that gnome-compiz is a needed package in default gnome02:01
valrosis there a terminal command, sudo cd + <directory in current folder>02:01
valrosor such02:01
eriscovalros, how do you mean?02:01
Nineaxis...what's the difference between the live cd and alternate desktop cd?02:01
amenadowinterwolf-> you have like synaptic running at same time? or other dpkg or apt-get  running?02:01
Daisuke_Idoone's live, one's just an installer02:02
valroswell, cd - goes back one i want to go forward one, not go back and type the whole link02:02
osenvironment!alternate > Nineaxis02:02
nikrudNineaxis live cd can boot into a graphical desktop, and install. Alternate is installer only, text based, but installs on more hardware02:02
eriscovalros, cd directory_name02:02
zx-sanjivalros  type dir02:02
eriscovalros, you are perhaps doing cd /directory_name, which starts back at root02:02
prohnaim having an issue getting anything to transfer songs to my ipod02:02
NineaxisWhat would I use on a server?02:02
valrosso just type tje directory?02:02
prohnaive tried gtkpod amarok banshee02:02
eriscovalros, okay, so don't use an absolute path, use a relative path ;)02:03
eddyMul I'm running kvm/qemu under Ubuntu Gutsy. Is this the right place to ask for help w.r.t. user-mode DNS server (at failing to resolve IPs?02:03
nikrudprohna an newer classic or 3g nano?02:03
prohnathey all say theyre transfering but the ipod doesnt see any songs02:03
IndyGunFreak!enter | prohna02:03
zx-sanjivalros   you need to understant the topology of file folders a bit ..02:03
IndyGunFreakeh, ubotu is dead02:03
valrosi probably do02:03
prohnanikrud: newer02:03
osenvironmenthow come02:03
IndyGunFreakprohna: is it a really new ipod?02:03
prohnajust bought it today02:03
zx-sanjivalros   what you are trying to open ?02:03
prohna80gb video02:03
IndyGunFreakis it a touch?02:03
nikrudprohna apple changed stuff out from under you, when hardy is released it will support them02:03
prohnanot a touch02:03
eriscovalros, if the directory you are in no contains the folder "foo", then cd foo will change to that folder02:03
nathan42100hey, ummmm, I used to be able to mount my NTFS-3G drives, now I can't. No error or anything. Checked the log, nothing there either. I just updated something a few hours ago, but I don't remember what. I can't find it in the logs02:04
valrosoh just installing alsa, is there an apt-get alsa package?02:04
amenadoeddyMul-> possibly, doesnt kvm/qemu runs a name server ?02:04
eriscovalros, and you can know what is in the current directory by typing ls02:04
IndyGunFreakprohna: it depends on how long its been sitting on the shelf, wether it will work or not02:04
brambo_Sorry, I got disconnected, I dont know if anyone got what i said before... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6313/ what did i do wrong here?02:04
Erickj92how do i get unreal ircd?02:04
prohnaIndyGunFreak: how is that?02:04
amenadobrambo_-> description of problem?02:04
=== taylor is now known as Taylor
IndyGunFreakprohna: apple changed the really new ones, so they don't wrk very well w/ linux.(but will when ubuntu hardy is released next month)02:05
brambo_amenado: I typed what you put for me about the Java, and that is what I get here, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6313/  in my terminal02:05
eddyMulamenado: yes, qemu runs a name server. however, this name server is not resolving my vm's DNS requests (tested from fedora 8 guest and winxp guest)02:05
IndyGunFreakprohna: i have a 4gig nano, and 30gig video, they work fine02:05
saikorbrambo_:  looks like you've got synaptic open. Which is locking it02:05
amenadobrambo_-> you have like synaptic running at same time? or other dpkg or apt-get  running?02:05
user1Than you SurvivorMan that fixed it02:05
nathan42100hey, ummmm, I used to be able to mount my NTFS-3G drives, now I can't. No error or anything. Checked the log, nothing there either. I just updated something a few hours ago, but I don't remember what. I can't find it in the logs02:05
brambo_saikor: I closed synaptic...wait I'll try again02:05
Jordan_Unathan42100, What are you doing to try to mount them?02:06
nathan42100just double clicking on them02:06
nathan42100it asks for the pass, I put it in02:06
amenadoeddyMul-> is qemu name server getting a feed from a real name server?02:06
prohnastupid apple02:06
nathan42100and then it takes me to /02:06
brambo_saikor: ok I have closed it but now I am getting a different message,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6314/02:06
IndyGunFreakprohna: funny thing is, microsoft players work under Linux w/o issue..lol02:07
Ava-is the prefix still /usr on hardy and gutsy?02:07
Ava-someone please flippin answer me02:07
jjt009hey dudes02:07
prohnaso anyone got an idea how to rig it to work for now?02:07
jjt009is this the IRC channel with the largest number of members?02:07
amenadoeddyMul-> rather it should just resolve the vm  local ip addresses and pass on along to real name servers for resolving addresses like www.yahoo.com02:07
nikrudbrambo_ you running 64bit? if so, sun never made a 64bit browser plugin02:07
Jordan_Unathan42100, Are you a member of the 'fuse' group and can you pastebin the output of "mount" ?02:07
prohnaits weird because if i open the ipod in amarok or something i can see the songs02:07
prohnabut just cant on the actual ipod02:07
jjt0091178 people..whoah02:08
brambo_nikrud:  yes I am on 64bit....So I cannot ever use that plugin ?02:08
eddyMulamenado: so, it looks like qemu's dns server is not passing the vm's dns requests to my dns server....02:08
kelvin911do i need a firewall?02:08
IndyGunFreakprohna: don't know.02:08
nikrudprohna yeah, the linux stuff broke the database02:08
IndyGunFreakkelvin911: don't know, do you?02:08
Jordan_U!ipod | prohna02:08
nathan42100jordan_u, just "mount" and no, not fuse02:08
kelvin911i dont know02:08
saikorbrambo_: I'm sorry I haven't read your original problem. Have you tried installing sun-java5-plugin through synaptic?02:08
anteayaamenado: I followed your instructions which got the PATH in the $PATH, but the gem is still not working for me http://pastie.caboo.se/17350702:08
godlygeekcan uswsusp be made to work with a swap file, rather than partition, in gutsy?02:08
kelvin911i am not running any firewall or anti-virus here02:08
IndyGunFreakJordan_U: i think ubotu is on break02:08
valrosi got this error again, what package is needed i forgot, error: C compiler cannot create executables02:08
kelvin911am i okay?02:08
amenadoeddyMul-> if your guest cant resolve an ip address of www.yahoo.com yeah..its not passing it02:08
brambo_saikor: I think I have but one minute, I will double check02:09
anteayaamenado: a realize the gems is not an ubuntu area of expertise02:09
IndyGunFreakkelvin911: most likely you're fine...02:09
prohnabroke the database as in?02:09
Jordan_UIndyGunFreak, ubotwo as well :(02:09
nikrudAva- the question is not very complete. /usr will be around as long as unix is02:09
prohnawould syncing it up with a windows box fix it for now?02:09
IndyGunFreakJordan_U: slackers..lol02:09
nikrudprohna yes.02:09
anteayaamenado: but i though i would get back to you02:09
amenadoanteaya-> all you asked earlier is how to add  a PATH at logon noh? or available on all your windows?02:09
IndyGunFreakprohna: should02:09
anteayaamenado: yes that is true02:09
prohnaokay question then02:09
prohnacan itunes be run under wine?02:09
=== flyback is now known as jitterbug
nikrudprohna no :)02:09
IndyGunFreakprohna: no02:09
anteayaamenado; and thank you02:10
tifinei want to give the fix ip address to pc so that no body else can get that ip is it possible ?02:10
=== jitterbug is now known as flyback
prohnaits like the worlds out to get me lol02:10
brambo_saikor: sun java 5 jdk fonts demo doc ? or just all of it?02:10
Jordan_Uprohna, There is a way to get new ipods to work with amarok, let me find the link02:10
amenadoanteaya-> so you got the PATH okay?  gem is a different problem right?02:10
nikrudprohna you can wait 3 weeks, right?02:10
prohnai guess02:10
Ava-nikrud: for feisty I always hade to ./configure --prefix=/usr because of where feisty stored it's stuff02:10
osenvironmenttoday is april fool day,and i was fooled by google02:10
IndyGunFreakprohna: na, you just need to exchange your ipod for a zune...lol02:10
prohnasucks though02:10
NineaxisHow do you start the ubuntu installer in text based fedora?02:10
Ava-just wondered if that has changed with gutsy and hardy02:10
anteayaamenado: you are correct and thank you02:10
nikrudAva- yes. That is standard for all unix's, will never change.02:10
valrosi got this error again, what package is needed i forgot, error: C compiler cannot create executables02:10
amenadoanteaya-> Make sure you have the 'universe' component enabled <-- clue02:10
Jordan_UNineaxis, Can you please be more clear?02:11
nathan42100Jordan_u, just "mount" and no, not fuse02:11
Ava-nikrud: some distros are /usr/local02:11
nikrudAva- and you an use  /usr/local for locally compiled stuff, I always do02:11
Ava-aren't they?02:11
trey__saikor... hanging in there? im still trying to open restricted drivers (installing somthin for that now...) do you remember me?02:11
anteayaamenado: i thank you i will look02:11
Erickj92i cant connect to any IRC network on my Ubuntu machine, what could be going on?02:11
saikortrey__: yeah :)02:11
IndyGunFreakErickj92: does it have internet access?02:11
Ava-for feisty when I installed mythtv I always had to --prefix=/usr or it wouldn't work02:11
Ava-and find it's libs02:11
brambo_saikor: should I get Java 5 or 6? I see both02:11
NineaxisJordan- I have the ubuntu alternate desktop installer on a cd, in my server currently running Fedora 8, and being a linux n00b, I don't know how to start it02:11
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, yes.. i get connection refused when i try to connect to one02:11
nikrudAva- the idea is /usr  is for packaged up stuff. /usr/local is where you put your own stuff. /usr/local/lib should be fine02:11
saikorbrambo_: personally I'd go for 602:11
trey__saikor: good didnt want to run through every thing again! LOL! ;)02:12
IndyGunFreakErickj92: do you ahve a firewall that could be not allowing it to run?02:12
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, i have a firewall, but i thought i disabled it02:12
IndyGunFreakErickj92: software or hardware?02:12
brambo_saikor: 5 and 6,  6 is just an updated version?02:12
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, software, and a linksys router02:12
nikrudAva- ah, /etc/ld.conf.d/glibc should have /usr/local/lib in it, which makes libs in /usr/local/lib available02:12
saikorbrambo_: yeah02:13
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, it has worked before02:13
=== alan__ is now known as Alan_M
IndyGunFreakErickj92: i'm guessing that software router is causing your issue.02:13
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, software router?02:13
=== reconnect is now known as recon
IndyGunFreak*software firewall..02:13
IndyGunFreakmy bad02:13
Erickj92oh, ok02:13
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, i have firestarter02:13
brambo_saikor: once I get this, should firefox realize its there and use it to run certain things?02:13
nathan42100hey, ummmm, I used to be able to mount my NTFS-3G drives, now I can't. No error or anything. Checked the log, nothing there either. I just updated something a few hours ago, either libc6 or libpq5.02:14
brambo_saikor: for the sites that it will work with02:14
MerevaikOk I gtg, thanks anyway EzraEzra02:14
IndyGunFreakErickj92: i know nothing about linux s/w firewalls, but i'm guesing thats where your issue is gonna be02:14
Erickj92IndyGunFreak, that fixed it :)02:14
Erickj92thank you02:14
nikrudnathan42100 after upgrading libc6 it's usually good to reboot. Have you done that?02:14
IndyGunFreakErickj92: i figured02:14
Ava-is there anyway to force a reinstall of hardy?02:14
Ava-my gdm is running so slow it's unusuable02:14
nathan42100nikrud, yeah02:14
saikorsaikor: it should work. If it doesn't firefox should popup and ask you to install plugins. Then just select java 6 plugin and it will work fine.02:14
Ava-and i've tried 2 different nvidia drivers thinking thatmight be the problem02:14
nikrudAva- a fresh install is a forced install02:14
nathan42100though it should tell you that, especially for the newbs like me02:15
Ava-I have no blank cd's and I only have inet02:15
saikorbrambo: it should work. If it doesn't firefox should popup and ask you to install plugins. Then just select java 6 plugin and it will work fine.02:15
nikrudnathan42100   tail -f /var/log/syslog , you should see some messages when you doubleclick and enter your password02:15
Ava-and I won't wanna lose a lot of what I have on this hard drive02:15
nikrudnathan42100 that is, type the /var/log/syslog02:15
eriscowhy is open office so slow?!?!?!?!?!02:15
brambo_saikor: i caught what ya said, its ok u didnt have to repeat it ;)02:15
ross`_hey, i can keep hitting back in shell and see all the way to my first command02:15
eriscoit is taking an EON to save my three slide presentation!!!!02:15
ross`_im wondering what the file is02:15
ross`_so i can search it02:15
nathan42100nikrud, im confused, what?02:15
ross`_what file is all your commands you did saved in02:16
valroswhat package fixes this error, ive done it before but forgot, error: C compiler cannot create executables02:16
nikrudAva- you should backup, and on this install add a partition for /home  also, !clone below will help you with resetting packages02:16
nikrud!clone | Ava-02:16
=== Gamma is now known as alphabetagamma
nikrudnathan42100   :)   type   tail -f /var/log/syslog    in a terminal, it will echo any messages while you mount/unmount partitions02:16
brambo_is there any major reason why I should go to Hardy vs staying with Gutsy? I have some people telling my Hardy is better in ways02:16
eriscoover two minutes so far and 75% complete saving a 3 slide presentation02:16
eriscodoes anyone else have MAJOR performance issues with open office??02:17
* IndyGunFreak begins performing CPR on ubotu and ubotwo02:17
nikrudbrambo_ it is, but it's still rough in spots. If you can't fix broken stuff, wait02:17
IndyGunFreakerisco: no, it works great for me02:17
VTBuchi does anyone here have experience with AbiWord in 8.04?02:17
brambo_nikrud: then I will wait, cause I'm still really new to linux in general02:17
eriscoIndyGunFreak, all my animations are choppy as hell and take about 10 seconds to load02:17
IndyGunFreakVTBuc: #ubunt+1 for hardy questions02:17
nathan42100nikrud: Mar 31 21:17:01 nsh-ubuntu /USR/SBIN/CRON[6830]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)02:17
nathan42100thats it02:17
nikrudVTBuc #ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release02:17
VTBucah thank you02:17
ross`_can someone tell me what the file is located to see al the commands as you have done? instead of hitting an arow key a million times to search for one? thank you02:17
Colmenai want to install my video nvidia 9600 gt02:17
eriscoIndyGunFreak, and it takes me about 4 minutes to save... three slides...02:18
bobsomebodywhen i run gnome-panel-screenshot i get an error "cannot open display:" and i cant seem to find a solution to this problem :/02:18
eriscoWHOA, they have 9000's?02:18
nikrudnathan42100 that's not the message I'm looking for. Could be hald is not running , type   sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart02:18
=== alphabetagamma is now known as Zelta
eriscoam I that behind?02:18
IndyGunFreakerisco: i don't know, i don't usually make slides with it, just write nasty letters to the editor, nasty letters tot he homeowners association, etc.02:18
* nikrud never argues with nasty gun holders02:18
nathan42100nikrud: nope, still not mounting02:19
nikrudnathan42100 not sure what it is then. what is the partition you're looking at?02:19
brambo_saikor: have you received my private message?02:19
saikorbrambo_:  no02:19
nathan42100nikrud: both the main partition on the primary and main on the secondary, Both NTFS. the dellutility partition still loads as normal, not NTFS02:20
IndyGunFreakbrambo_: only registered users can send/receive pmS02:20
eriscoI think open office has a memory leak with images02:21
eriscoor something02:21
nikrudnathan42100 but what are the actual partition devices? /dev/sda1? or some other?  when you know, type   sudo mount /dev/<partition> /mnt  in a terminal, see what message you get02:21
bruenigerisco: java.02:21
brambo_saikor: I ran into a program in Synaptic while installing Java 6...This package is an installer package, it does not actually contrain the JDK documentation.  You will need to go download one of the archives:02:21
eriscobruenig, its java? should have guessed02:21
trey__saikor, looks like i have to reboot now hold on...02:21
eriscowhy do I have HUGE performance issues with java?02:21
nathan42100nikrud: how do I find that?02:21
eriscoI cannot even run eclipse02:21
nikrudnathan42100   sudo fdisk -l02:22
brambo_saikor: says press return to try again i do and it doesnt work02:22
bruenigerisco: because java is awful02:22
eriscoit freaking locks and hangs and takes 10 seconds to do a simple text insertion02:22
nikruderisco you did   sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre  ?02:22
erisconikrud, if I didn't have that, I wouldn't be using java02:22
prohnacan i upgrade to hardy now?02:22
nikrudbruenig personal opinions don't belong here ;)02:22
eriscosomething is fishy02:22
nikruderisco could have got java another way02:22
encryptzprohna: if you want02:22
brambo_nikrud: I have done it through Synaptic, not sure who you are talking to there sorry02:23
prohnaencryptz: is it stable?02:23
eriscosomething is terribly, terribly broken with my java02:23
encryptzprohna: some would say yes. others would disagree02:23
nathan42100nikrud: how do I force it02:23
nathan42100it says unclean shutdown02:23
eriscomy computer's specs are fine... but everything java preforms like crap02:23
nikrudnathan42100 ah!!!.  Best way is to boot it into windows, let windows fix it02:23
nathan42100nikrud: usually it gives me an error. I'm guessing that why02:23
nathan42100how do I force it though?02:23
eriscomy memory instantly maxes out, and the application gets slower and slower02:23
eriscowhenever I run an app gui02:24
nathan42100nikrud: -F?02:24
eriscojava gui*02:24
=== brambo_ is now known as winterwolf
=== dtad is now known as Adderall
linxeherisco: what applications, how much memory, what jvm, etc02:24
eriscolinxeh, eclipse, open office presentation, 1GB of memory02:24
saikorbrambo_/winterwolf:  tried ' sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin'02:25
eriscolinxeh, how do I check my jvm, I believe I have more than one installed...02:25
nathan42100nikrud: =o....I just tried to force it and it disappeared...02:25
nikrudnathan42100 I'm not sure, I've never used it. NTFS is windows secret code, and all the stuff in linux is enlightened guesswork. I let windows fix windows stuff.02:25
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
winterwolfsaikor: I tryed through Synaptic and terminal like you just typed,02:25
saikorand it failed?02:25
nathan42100nikrud: for future reference it is -o force. Im gunna restart again, and HOPE it comes back.02:26
eriscoand when I exit a java app that is running really, really slowly, you can instantly hear my hard drive going like mad02:26
nikrudnathan42100 neener neener (with ears plugged and eyes covered ;)02:26
treysaikor: well restricted drivers opened... now what?02:26
eriscoperhaps it is because it is discarding the memory in the swap space02:26
eriscoas it does start overflowing...02:26
linxeherisco: java -version ?  other than that you need to look at your operating system software management tools (control panel, synaptic, system preferences/applications, etc)02:26
nathan42100nikrud: that doesn't help your nose....02:26
winterwolfI keep getting disconnected..02:26
linxeherisco: your machine has no way near enough ram. Open office is a hog, eclipse is a hog02:27
eriscolinxeh, Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode)02:27
TantorCFSJAQuick question on Ubuntu Beta... on screen refresh rate reporting..02:27
linxeherisco: what operating system is it ?02:27
saikortrey:  what do you see in there?02:27
FlannelTantorCFSJA: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks02:27
sotoWhat's the environment variable for library paths?02:27
eriscolinxeh, this would be #ubuntu...02:27
TantorCFSJAK ty02:27
treysaikor: well... i see a light... hold on lol02:27
linxeherisco: yes, but that doesnt mean you are using it, or which release, window manager etc (but ok, I thought this was ##java for a minute)02:28
eriscolinxeh, Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_03-b05)02:28
nikruderisco I agree on the memory thing, I ended up getting 2gb to run eclipse and open office at the same time02:28
linxeherisco: why are you running 64bit with only 1GB ram?02:28
winterwolfsaikor: it ran into a problem while installing  sun-java6-doc02:28
eriscolinxeh, I didn't realize 64 bit meant you had to have more ram...02:28
=== saltedlight is now known as saltedlight_
linxehyou should only be considering 64bit really if you have >2GB RAM - otherwise its just causing problems for yourself02:28
eriscolinxeh, why?02:29
valroson the gnome upper bar, do the bars accurately depict wireless conenction?02:29
saikorwinterwolf: oh? do you need the docs?02:29
eriscolinxeh, I have never heard of this kind of relation before02:29
linxeherisco: it doesnt - its just there is no real advantage till you get to 2+GB, and below that you have pain because loads of software still isnt 64bit, primarily commercial stuff. plus until recently suns 64bit linux jvm was incomplete (maybe it still is, java plugin etc)02:29
winterwolfsaikor: I dont think so but how do I skip that part?02:29
eriscolinxeh, I have a 32bit browser, that is fine. other than that all the software runs fine02:30
TizzleVCan anyone help me repair an XFS superblock?02:30
saikorwinterwolf: is it just the sun-java6-plugin you are installing?02:30
linxeherisco: ok :)02:30
nathan42100nikrud:works now, no windows02:30
saikorwinterwolf: also, what error are you getting installing the docs?02:30
linxeherisco: regardless, you need more ram :)02:30
eriscolinxeh, I do a lot of crap on this computer, and I wasn't really interested in wasting 3/4 of my processor power02:30
linxeherisco: you could try running fluxbox / xfce4 to reduce your ram usage though02:30
eriscolinxeh, I don't think I should. if java really takes that much ram it is utterly useless02:30
linxeherisco: you wont waste any processing power really02:31
treysaikor: do you mind me sending you a screenshot?02:31
saikortrey: go for it.02:31
winterwolfsaikor: Its hard to explain, can I message you via another program and send you a screenshot?02:31
sk8ballhow can i get X back to the original configuration that ubuntu detected on its own?02:31
linxeherisco: ok, fair enough, but Gnome etc is eating loads of that ram up already. openoffice just hogs memory big time, and so does eclipse. it's not java so much, just the way those apps are written (or in the case of eclipse, just how rich it is)02:32
saikorerrr you could delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf (MAKE A BACKUP)02:32
treysaikor: did you get it?02:32
winterwolfsaikor: brb02:32
saikortrey: no02:32
eriscolinxeh, well, then I need more ram02:32
eriscolinxeh, but that isn't going to happen for a long time :P02:33
valrosHey guys, heres a good question, on xp, firefox has google as its default engine if it cant find what you typed in the address bar, here on ubuntu, it goes straight to yahoo, can this be fixed02:33
IndyGunFreakerisco: what kind of Ram does it take?02:33
nikrudnathan42100 you lucky guy, you :)02:33
nathan42100c ya02:33
eriscoIndyGunFreak, DDR2, but I am not buying ram chips02:33
nathan42100usually forcing it work02:33
nathan42100I hope 8.04 will fix a lot of this stuff02:34
linxeherisco: you might find that 32bit ubuntu is more conservative on memory too02:34
treysaikor: if you didnt get it now pm me you im (if you have one)02:34
IndyGunFreakerisco: ohw much ram do you have?02:34
eriscoIndyGunFreak, 1GB02:34
pat5starvalros: i haven't looked, but can't you change that under edit -> preferences?02:34
Aval0nguys I upgraded to hardy and ever since when I log in it's DRAGS if I click to move a window it freezes02:34
kousotuAnyone know how to make an ipod work on Ubuntu?02:34
IndyGunFreaki would think thats plenty, even for OO.o to make slides02:34
linxehgiven the price of ram these days it seems barmy to have less than 2GB :o02:34
Aval0nI've tried 2 differet nvidia drivers02:34
linxehIndyGunFreak: he's running eclipse alongside it02:34
Aval0nanyone have any suggestions?02:35
bazhangAval0n: #ubuntu+1 please02:35
nikrudAval0n yes, ask in #ubuntu+102:35
eriscoIndyGunFreak, I would think it is plenty too. it starts off fine, but the more I run the slide show, the more it bogs down02:35
valrosok, ill look in it, i wondered why the preferences moved under the edit menu in linux where as in windows its under tools, is it like a linux standard?02:35
sk8ballsaikor, how do i do it... i dont have correct permissions02:35
eriscoit spells memory leak to me.02:35
kousotuAval0n: what's the problem you're having02:35
Aval0nok ty02:35
saikortrey: did my pm get through?02:35
eriscoI think I have a bad jvm02:35
sanguisdexso had installed send mail on to my machine for some software testing and when I removed it I stopped being able to get my IMAP mail.  (it just asked and asks for the password, that remains unchanged) Do you think that the package manager removed some necessary library package?02:35
treyavalon go to #ubuntu+1 for that02:35
saikorput sudo in front of your command.02:35
treysaikor: no02:35
saikorsk8ball: ^02:35
psycholvlanwhat is the package that you have to install to get advanced desktop appearance?02:36
bazhangkousotu: the latest iPod need libgpod 0.6.0; you can compile for gutsy or just wait for the next release when it will be included (next release in about 3 weeks)02:36
bazhangpsycholvlan: ccsm02:36
linxehhas anyone installed Ubuntu on a mac pro ?02:36
kousotubazhang: it's going to be preinstalled with Hardy even with an update from Gutsy?02:36
saikoranyone know why I can't seem to PM?02:36
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro linxeh02:36
alteregoaexample content?02:37
epitronwhat's the name of that sun dtrace clone that redhat made? i'm having a strange problem with fontconfig not being able to write cache files02:37
kousotusaikor: you're not registered?02:37
linxehbazhang: mac pro...02:37
alteregoa!pack example-content02:37
epitronstrace isn't being very helpful02:37
bazhangkousotu: the next release will have it02:37
psycholvlanbazhang what's the exact name02:37
kousotubazhang: it's an OLD shuffle02:37
bazhanglinxeh: oops02:37
linxehbazhang: :)02:37
sanguisdexsaikor: have you registerd your user name/02:37
saikorkousotu: I registered the name.02:37
bazhang!ccsm | psycholvlan02:37
kousotusaikor: no idea then02:37
saikoris there a command I need to send to 'login'[?02:37
bazhangthe bot is down?02:37
bazhanghttp://macprolinux.blogspot.com/2007/10/installing-ubuntu-710-gutsy-on-mac-pro.html linxeh02:38
psycholvlani know it has manager in it02:38
LifeisfunnyDoes anyone know how to make the desktop icons visible in the menu 'Places/Desktop' while removing them from the actual desktop?02:38
kelvin911anyone heard of Yodm3D ??02:39
psycholvlani've had linux uninstalled for a couple weeks... now i got a laptop02:39
bazhangcompizconfig-settings-manager psycholvlan02:39
sk8ballsaikor, didnt work02:39
kelvin911is it windows software trying to copy compiz-fusion ?02:39
treysaikor: did you get MY pm?02:39
saikortrey:sadly not02:39
sk8ballits going back to something even more limited =/02:39
epitronubuntu's supposed to work properly with reiserfs, right?02:39
treysaikor :..(02:39
bazhangext3 would be better imo epitron02:40
Azur3hello, I'm running 7.10 and using a direct cable connection to my router. I can't get my wireless adapter to work when I do lspci it says Atheros AR5006EG02:40
epitronbazhang: why do you say that? :)02:40
sk8balli just want to return to the config ubuntu setup created02:40
* trey flings his machine out the window!02:40
saikorsk8ball: ok try going to screen and graphics in system -> admin02:40
sanguisdexso I had installed send mail on to my machine for some software testing and when I removed it I stopped being able to get my IMAP mail.  (it just asked and asks for the password, that remains unchanged) Do you think that the package manager removed some necessary library package?02:40
saikortrey/winterwolf: email shadow330@hotmail.com02:40
sk8ballsaikor, been there thats where i fucked it up now im trying to put it back to the settings that were there when i started and its just not working02:41
treysaikor: this is your im?02:41
bazhangepitron: you can use reiserfs really up to you; the future of reiserfs is uncertain at this point02:41
saikorsk8ball: ohhh02:41
sk8balli am selecting what was there before but its giving me diff res/refresh rates02:41
laughzillahi :) does anyone know how to solve the Grub Loader Error 17 (doesn't recognize or see the required partition of the os) ? i have some bits of data i wanna copy from that drive .... can i copy my data if i mount my dysfunctional ubuntu hdd as a slave on another box, ie: a slack 10 box ?02:41
saikortrey: no02:41
epitronbazhang: yeah, i know. :) i'll switch when ZFS comes out ;)02:41
bazhanglanguage sk8ball02:41
treysaikor: email?02:41
sk8ballbaz, lociento02:41
LjLlo siento02:42
bazhangno cursing sk8ball02:42
valrosgotta love ubuntus load/unload times :)02:42
saikorsk8ball: look in the /etc/X11 folder, there should be a backup in there02:42
epitronbazhang: reiser really performs better with tons of tiny files i find... and it's quite stable02:42
saikor trey: yeah, then I'll give you my im02:42
sk8ballsaikor, thats what i thought xorg.conf.102:42
treysaikor: kk02:42
sk8ballbut that doesnt seem to be it02:42
epitronbazhang: (the filesystem, not the author)02:42
Colmenahow I can to install Linux_x86_Display_GeForce_9600_GT.run ?02:43
saikorsk8ball: cp the backup to /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:43
treysaikor: to thunderbird and beond!!!!!!02:43
sk8ballsaikor, i cp'd the xorg.conf.1 to it, i figured this was it as there was like 3 of em, and i thought the other ones were my other attempts at fixing it02:43
LadyNikonhey.. I am trying to change the colors for my vim.  Anyone know where they are stored? /usr/share/vim/vim71/colors doesnt have the color that is default in vim02:44
linxehbazhang: thanks - I've been searching for a while but haven't hit that one02:44
saikorsk8ball: log out then back in? did that work?02:44
LifeisfunnyI've tried to be as nice and peaches but from the impression of things I must have wronged someone here.02:44
treysaikor: i emailed you...02:45
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
saikortrey: replied02:45
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3518911&postcount=9 laughzilla02:45
treysaikor, kk02:45
laughzillathx bazhang :)02:47
test_so how many people have actually been capable of setting up a fully functioning SLI system so far?02:47
treysaikor got it!02:47
Azur3bazhang: hey, this is Azure Tide from yesterday, I'm running 7.10 smoothly on my laptop now, I usedd the terminal to run that lspci thing you said yesterday02:47
* trey downloads im client...02:47
Azur3bazhang: and it says Atheros AR5006EG02:47
bazhanghttp://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=607385 test_02:48
* trey just relized that pigin is an im client..... :\02:48
test_thanks bazhang02:48
bazhangAzur3: you wired? and want to get wireless going?02:48
Azur3bazhang: yes sir02:49
Silvanovis there any programs similar to webmin that are reccomended for ubuntu server for 8.0402:49
GrotyHello, I have a question about Chat Clients/SMS clients02:49
bazhangAzur3: open a terminal and see if ifconfig shows more than eth0 and lo (ie ath0 or the like)02:49
bazhangask away Groty; if someone knows they will answer02:50
GrotyThank bazhang02:50
bazhangSilvanov: ebox02:50
Azur3bazhang: it only has those two, but there are alot of lines for them02:51
Silvanovi just checked out ebox, but it doesnt do apache config/admin02:51
GrotySo, I've used Yahoo IM for years for work.  I've become addicted to the SMS client in the newer versions, so much better than sending a text through my phone.  I've noticed Pidgin doesn't support the feature and the latest versions of YIM don't work in Wine.  Is there another option?02:51
treysaikor: it says your offline...02:51
K_NineDoes anyone know of a graphical converter to change .avi files to .amv files for my mp4 player?02:52
saikortrey: shd have authorized now.02:52
Azur3Groty: I google searched sms client and linux and it gave me http://smsclient.org02:52
SilvanovGroty: theres a *nix version of yahoo IM http://messenger.yahoo.com/unix.php not sure if it supports the features you want though02:53
linxehbazhang: is there an ebox package for ubuntu?02:53
AdrianStraysHow can I add the computer/trash/home folder to the desktop?02:53
treysaikor: kk02:53
Silvanovlinxeh, you can apt-get install it02:53
linxehSilvanov: hmm, I guess not on some versions of ubuntu then :o02:53
RickXanyone know how I can get a main menu or application menu when I right click on the desktop?02:54
GrotySilvanov - Thx, that requires a provider - Yahoo has it's own02:54
adrock358Ok.  I had a dual install (win/ubunt).  I was having problems getting on the net and decided it would be better to just do a fresh install.  So, I erased the partition that ubuntu was installed on (on my WD 320 gb HD).  At the same time, I decided to increase my Windows Partition size, so I did that using Gparted.  I repartitioned the unallocated space, that partly housed my past Ubuntu installation.  So, I erased the Ubuntu partition from my singular HD,02:54
PeloRickX,  I know it can be done in xcfe but I don'T know if you can do it in gnome02:55
bazhanghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/web/ebox linxeh02:55
isforinsectsRickX: you can do gnome+enlightenment02:55
RickXPelo, thanks. It can easily be done in almost any window manager, or environment.02:55
pat5staradrock358: you sure there isn't a shorter way to ask your question? :)02:55
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=691992 Groty you  might look here too02:56
RickXisforinsects, how different than metacity is that?02:56
akreaoCan someone tell me how to use Emerald?02:56
adrock358pat5star.  Yes.  I am sure.02:56
Peloakreao, ask in #compiz02:56
pat5staradrock358: well, i think the end got cut off02:56
bazhangadrock358: got a question in there?02:56
linxehbazhang: I'm on feisty still02:56
isforinsectsRickX: not sure02:56
RickX... or, can I run WindowMaker as the window manger in Gnome?02:57
* Pelo read widowMaker02:57
linxehbazhang: I guess I should get around to reiinstalling the box02:57
adrock358bazhang, pat5star.  You really don't get what I am asking?  Damn...I must be off my game..02:57
isforinsectsRickX: windowmaker with gnome services, yes I think02:57
Grotybazhang - thanks I'll dig on the02:58
Grotyerr dig on that02:58
pat5staradrock358: no, not even close, feel like someone ripped out the last half of a novel i was reading02:58
RickXisforinsects, is there a way I can get xdg-menu to build a main menu in window maker?02:59
Silvanovlol @ pat5star02:59
pat5staradrock358: I'm not being smart either, just was following your post, but don't get the question you were getting too02:59
raidenhi people02:59
PeloRickX, this channel usualy deals with installation issue, basic troubleshooting and noob introductions02:59
bazhanglinxeh: then no ebox in feisty from a search of packages.ubuntu.com that I can see02:59
linxehbazhang: yeah :( I'll upgrade the distro I guess03:00
Pelo!hi | raiden03:00
raidensup ?03:00
flyback#carnage raiden?03:00
isforinsectsI was trying to play with aircrack lastnight.  I think I killed my rt2500 wireless module. is there a trivial way to revert back to stock networking settings/module?03:00
Azur3bazhang: so i only have Eth0 and Lo in the ifconfig03:00
GrotyOne other thing, just upgraded to 8.04 on my lappy, noticed one thing - when on battery power, unchecking "Reduce backlight brightness" in Power Management Prefs isn't working.  It still dims and now I know how my grandparents feel when they try to read at night03:00
flybackback on efnet03:00
bazhangadrock358: your post was incomplete; cut off or something03:00
raideni need feedback for my script03:01
raidencan any one give me feedback ?03:01
linxehis there an easy way to upgrade to a new release ?03:01
PeloGroty, for hardy info you need to go to #ubuntu+103:01
bazhanglinxeh: via the net sure03:01
flybackraiden are you the dude from efnet?03:01
raidenadd/remove linuxeh03:01
isforinsectsupdate-manager --dist-upgrade03:01
Grotygotch, thanks Pelo03:01
flybackok sorry to bug you :P03:01
raidenam from linuxAC.org03:01
Pelo!upgrade | linxeh03:01
linxehI'm remote from the machine atm, so don't really want to run X if I can help it03:01
bazhangthe bot is sleeping03:02
linxehPelo: yeah, ubuto is AWOL :)03:02
Pelobot dead again ?03:02
isforinsectslinxeh: no wait...03:02
raidenhow i can change my name ?03:02
linxehshould I just edit the apt sources file ?03:02
Peloraiden,  /nick newnick03:02
raidenok thx03:02
bazhangraiden: /nick newnick03:02
Pelolinxeh, no03:02
linxehok :)03:02
isforinsectslinxeh: update-manager --??? something about new version or beta...03:02
Pelolinxeh, check the forum for dist upgrade should be in there somewhere03:03
ScuniziDoes anyone have a link to a list of external compatable modems?03:03
Pelolinxeh, there you go03:03
linxehits not trivial to find that page though03:03
=== raiden is now known as Djr4iden
bazhanghttp://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/upgrade-ubuntu-from-feisty-to-gutsy/ linxeh03:03
PeloScunizi, might be easier to search the forum for spefic models and see if anyone had problems03:03
Flannel!upgrade | linxeh03:04
Scunizipelo k.03:04
PeloScunizi, also this  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport03:04
linxehbazhang: thanks03:04
Flannellinxeh, bazhang: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades03:04
PeloDjr4iden, and those are for ?03:04
ScuniziPelo.. thanks I forgot about that03:04
bazhangFlannel: I'm on Hardy ;]03:04
Djr4idendid any one saw that pic ?03:05
Flannelbazhang: Right, but give out wiki links when there is one03:05
aas11can someone tell me what's the best way to back up a bazaar repository?03:05
ScuniziPelo, not overly updated.. only one listed :(.. I'll have to edit if I can get this one to work03:05
bazhangFlannel: you can if you wish to03:05
PeloDjr4iden, what are those pics for ?03:05
Djr4idenmy script03:05
PeloScunizi, you might also want to inqure in #hardware03:05
akreaoHow many people have bothered trying the Heron beta?03:05
valrosman, just completely followed the hda intel alsa tutorials, no change03:06
* linxeh wonders how practical remotely upgrading to gutsy is :D03:06
Flannelakreao: #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions03:06
isforinsectsakreao: I03:06
Djr4ideni need feed back for it03:06
Peloakreao, this is the "current" release channel you want #ubuntu+1 for ppl on the bleeding edge03:06
Djr4idenwassss upppp03:06
akreaoOkay then.03:06
Pelolinxeh, I like to dl the dvd and upgrade from that ,  upgrading online can take a long time03:06
PeloDjr4iden, look for a channel for the scripting language you use03:07
Pelolinxeh, you can also do it from the alternate install cd , but not from the live cd03:07
linxehPelo: its a fairly fast connection the other end, and the machine is a 30 min drive away03:07
Pelolinxeh, nvm I thought y ou meant someting else03:07
isforinsectsis there a way to reset my network settings back to stock?03:07
* prohna_ is upgrading to hardy03:07
bazhangprohna_: tell it to #ubuntu+1 please03:08
fade2blackhello i just installed ubuntu on a friends pc but its not loading music cds when i put them in the disc drive do i need to do anything special03:08
* Pelo envies that prohna_ will be using gnome 2.22 03:08
bazhangfade2black: loading the cds? is this a hardware issue--please be specific03:08
Pelofade2black, menu > system > prefs > removable media , you probabaly need to tell it what to do with an audio cd03:08
Djr4idenecho $?03:09
* Pelo thinks ljl is a failiure03:09
bazhangDjr4iden: is that a bash script?03:10
fade2blackvolume management not supported, the hald service is required but not currently running.03:10
bazhangjoin #bash Djr4iden03:10
fade2blackenable the service and rerun this application03:10
bazhangfade2black: this is gutsy?03:11
fade2black7.10 yes03:11
* nikrud is suprised there's no footprint on Pelo yest03:11
epitronhahah.. oh lord... fontconfig was broken because the file time on the font dirs was in the future..03:11
isforinsectsok, how about this: I can associate wireless, but I cant dhcp and my dmesg spits out packet info of trying to get to the ip's of my dns servers03:11
epitronthat's ridickerous03:11
Pelonikrud,  yest ?03:12
=== administrator is now known as Empire
=== Empire is now known as Empire666
nikrudPelo couldn't decide between yesterday and yet03:12
Empire666is there a terminal command to stop/start sound?03:12
furenkuhello!! i am about to buy a soundcard, and was wondering whether someone could point me to a card that works well with ubuntu studio (for pro audio)03:12
Pelofurenku, maybe the ppl in #hardware can inform you03:13
impulzehi there, i'm remotely administrating an ubuntu box and i wonder what i'd have to invoke to create an initramfs or -rd so that i can use a logical lvm volume as my / mountpoint03:13
Azur3bazhang: its only Eth0 and Lo when I use ifconfig03:13
Empire666 is there a terminal command to stop/start sound?03:13
fade2blackbazhang do you know how to fix it03:14
PeloEmpire666, ctrl + M should mute the sound I think03:14
bazhangAzur3: is there a sticker on the bottom of the laptop?03:14
=== _rust is now known as rust
Empire666in the command line?03:15
Azur3bazhang, yes there are a few of them, is there somethig I need to look for?03:15
PeloEmpire666, it's just a keyboard shortcut03:15
bazhangAR5BXB63 Azur3? that one?03:15
fade2blackbazhang k3b can see the cd but the system does not03:16
PeloEmpire666, I can't help then03:16
bazhangfade2black: you want to play the music, rip it or what?03:16
fade2blacki want to be able to play and rip it03:16
fade2blackbut when i insert nothing03:16
Empire666would killing the soud daemon and starting work?03:16
fade2blackhappenes and i can only see it in kb303:16
PeloEmpire666, try it , let us know03:17
bazhangfade2black: if k3b can see it, why not try ripping it?03:17
Azur3bazhang: i don't see that sticker on the bottom03:17
kosheahello, anyone have any idea why i have no window decorations when i turn on desktop effects?03:17
bazhangAzur3: what about lspci -nn what does that show--168c:001c?03:17
fade2blacksound juicer cd extractor but does not see dvd drive03:17
Pelokoshea, yes,  decorator is not enable,    check in the advance effects settings03:18
kosheaPelo, already checked, its on03:18
fade2blackany better program then that for ripping cds?03:18
kosheaPelo, its set to decoration windows: any03:18
Pelokoshea, try asking in #compiz , this is a knonw problem , there is an easy solution, I jus don't know it03:19
dassoukihas anyone tried the "cheese" app yet?03:19
Pelodassouki, ask in #ubuntu+103:19
dassoukihas anyone tried the "cheese" app yet? if so does it crash right away?03:19
Azur3bazhang: yes03:19
dassoukioooh k oops03:19
Pelodassouki, ask in #ubuntu+103:19
rustCan anybody see anything wrong with this command if it's running from cron:03:19
rustDISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/notify-send Notify "Notified"03:19
bazhangAzur3: then that is the 5007 not the 5006 just a second03:19
wyndcan the ubuntu install resize partitions without wiping the contents?03:19
dassoukigone to ubuntu-1 thanks Pelo03:20
niuqwhy i don't need to defrag a disk with ubuntu?03:20
Flyerfyeso normally when I go to join a network, I click on the symbol and select the network I want to join and then it does its little thing and logs me in, well theres this one network, I click on it to log into it and when I click on it the network icon disappears.  Any ideas how to get the network icon back or at least where the control panel for the icon is?03:20
bazhangwynd: on an install, yes03:20
wyndbazhang: as opposed to?03:20
Pelorust, not sure you need the display:0.0 line, it's not a gui app03:20
luckylinfade2black: K3B is great for burning cd's03:20
maarek_oh, this is going to be fun.  I'm installing adobe AIR03:20
kosheaPelo, k thanks03:20
maarek_I also downloaded the SDK for Adobe AIR03:20
fade2blackluckylin im trying to rip music cds03:20
rustPelo, It is meant to pop up a notification message near the systray03:20
Peloniuq,  ext3 file system works differently it does not need to be defraged03:20
fade2black? restricted03:21
Pelorust, nvm then , is it not working ?03:21
niuqPelo: mmmm can you tell me why, or it's a out of topic question?03:21
Pelorust, give us the whole line, including the time stuff03:21
rustPelo, it works from a terminal but when I cron it or run it from 'at' nothing happens03:21
rust* * * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/notify-send Notify "Notified"03:22
rustfor testing ;)03:22
LadyNikonanyone use vim and colors and know the default folder for colors?03:22
Pelorust, try export DISPLAY....03:22
sk8ballsaikor: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg was the answer to my problems03:22
Tu13eshow can I disable my wifi on my desktop? it keeps coming back if i ifconfig down it03:22
Pelorust, hold on03:23
sk8balljust took all the defaults more or less03:23
saikorsk8ball: ah, glad you got it running.03:23
=== soldats_ is now known as soldats
sk8ballsaikor: thx for the help03:23
Pelo* * * * * export DISPLAY=:0.0 && /usr/bin/notify-send Notify "Notified"03:23
LadyNikonTu13es: int he admin section there is network03:23
Azur3bazhang: why would it say "AR5006EG" but have 168c:001c?03:23
Pelorust,  * * * * * export DISPLAY=:0.0 && /usr/bin/notify-send Notify "Notified"03:23
saikorsk8ball: yeah that makes sense. I always forget you can do that.03:23
LadyNikonTu13es: you can disable it there03:23
Flyerfyeanyone wanna answer my above question03:23
rustPelo, thanks I'll give that a try03:23
LadyNikonFlyerfye: please be patient.. if no one can answer try the forums.03:23
sk8ballanyone have experience with P5VD2-VM SE under linux, specifically installing drivers for the onboard video ?03:23
fade2blackwhats the restricted format site03:24
sk8ballthat is the Asus P5VD2-VM SE03:24
LadyNikonsk8ball: its better to just ask your question.03:24
Scunizisk8ball, what kind of card is on the board03:24
Tu13esLadyNikon: hm, I'm in xfce03:25
LadyNikonTu13es: oh sorry. I thought you were in ubuntu03:25
StevenXHow do I configure Amarok to recognize my iPod? Music Player recognizes it, but Amarok does not.03:25
Tu13eswell, xubuntu technically03:25
LadyNikonTu13es: ask in the xubuntu channel for the location of the gui location03:25
LadyNikonof the network application03:26
spinikeri have problems with ubuntu hardy,everytime i shut down may laptop,the screen goes black03:26
sk8ball_Scunizi: VIA Chipset P4M900 integrated graphics card03:26
Tu13esI found a Network thing that lets me choose roaming or non roaming, doesn't appear to let me disable it though03:26
barnabyHi all. I have a long winded question, forgive me please. Here goes: @ hd's in pc, orig. Vista. Gparted wiped em both installed Gutsy on sda1. Sda2 not seen by gutsy, puppy sees it. Do I add entry in fstab? Install on 2nd hd? please to advise, sorry if flood.03:26
Scunizisk8ball, intel.. hang on03:26
PeloStevenX,  I think you need to setup your ipod in amarok as a music library or some such, tehre are totorials about it in theforum03:26
spinikerand it takes to long to shut down..03:26
rustPelo, Nope, that didn't work either.03:27
StevenXPelo, thanks.03:27
fade2blackwhats the music cd ripping program03:27
Pelorust, you are putting some numbers in right ?03:27
rustPelo, I've tried all stars and */1 for the minute and ive been using at to schedule it as well03:28
barnabyMan, that weren't as long winded as I thought it was gonna be.03:28
Azur3what irc client are you all using? just curious, I'm running chatzilla through firefox03:28
rustPelo, I wanted to check it wasn't something I was doing wrong, I'm running Hardy so I guess I'll pop over to ubuntu+103:28
rustmake sure it's not a known bug03:29
bazhangAzur3: the madwifi drivers support that card; the reason for it being listed as 5006 in ubuntu may be a problem with ubuntu not searching for subsection ids (or so I've read)03:29
rustPelo, ty for the help03:29
Pelorust shouldn't make a differentce but be my guest, that was my only guess03:29
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/atheros-5007eg-with-madwifi-on-i386-platform.html here is more info azur303:30
barnabyAnyone care to take a stab at my second hard drive being a no-show?03:30
Azur3bazhang: ok thank you03:30
Pelobarnaby, pastebin it03:30
Scunizisk8ball, there's a package in synaptic called xserver-xorg-video-opench that comes from http://www.openchrome.org.. that might be it.03:30
=== Henry__ is now known as Henry
barnabyit's not that long03:30
barnaby2 hd's in the machine03:30
barnabyWiped out Vista with gparted on both drives03:31
Mezrissgreetings. I03:31
bazhangStevenX: this is the latest iPod?03:31
Pelobarnaby, I thought this was a fstab problem which is why I asked for a pastebin,  I missread the word stab for fstab03:31
StevenXbazhang, it is a 5.5g ipod.03:31
Peloanyway i have to go , later folks03:31
barnabyinstalled gutsy, asked me which drive to put it on, I said sda103:31
barnabysda2 does not show up03:32
bazhangcya pelo03:32
barnabyi know it's theroot off a puppy disk, there it ise, I can b03:32
MezrissI've installed libc6 2.7 from hardy to my gutsy install instead of 2.6 and now I get messages about unsatisfied dependencies. deb installer doesn't work due to this03:32
bazhangStevenX: not sure what that means; is this a newer iPod?03:32
Mezrisshow can I fix it?03:33
StevenXbazhang, yes.03:33
barnabyi musta merged messages03:33
bazhangMezriss: always a bad idea to add hardy stuff to gutsy; no telling what might have been damaged03:33
barnabyi can boot into puppy and there it is03:33
Mezrissther's a lit of libraries that have broken dependencies03:34
barnabybut gutsy does na see it03:34
bazhangStevenX: that requires compiling libgpod 0.6.0 for gutsy or waiting three weeks for Hardy and getting it in the release03:34
Mezrissbut what can I do now? how can I get the vercion I need back?03:34
rustbarnaby, what device handle does puppy give it03:34
bazhangMezriss: you are in trouble as far as I can see; doing things the way you did may require a backup and reinstall03:35
StevenXbazhang, I found the tutorial on ubuntuforums.org. Thank you. One last question. Will Amarok let me delete and make queues?03:35
barnabyman i misremember, but it does see it, hda1? sda1?03:35
bazhangStevenX: you mean playlists? is that queues? fairly sure the answer is yes03:35
barnabyi never formatted it, just wiped it with gparted. Maybe that's the prob?03:35
Mezrissis it possible to get libc6 2.6 sourcw and compile it to replace 2.7?03:36
StevenXbazhang, yes, playlists. thank you.03:36
Azur3bazhang: it says to inter the 7.10 gusty gibbon disk release i38603:36
Azur3bazhang: is that my livecd?03:36
bazhangAzur3: yes03:36
icanhasadminbarnaby: 100% of the time, good old fdisk/mkfs is the best way to handle it.03:36
barnabymkfs? you interest me strangely...speak on03:37
NW2190hey, does anyone know how to indent multiple lines in vim? I tried = in Visual mode but it just prints '4 lines indented' without indenting...03:37
jribNW2190: use > no?  I use V, highlight whan I want, then hit >03:38
bazhangMezriss: you can certainly try; best to backup and plan for the worst though03:38
NW2190jrib: That did it. Thanks a lot.03:38
Henryhow to build the local area network in linux03:38
bazhangHenry: please give much more info on what you wish to do03:39
dassoukiHenry, that's a tough question to answer, what exactly do you want to do?03:39
icanhasadminbarnaby: lol, maybe a google search will do you good :) fdisk allows you to partition CLI, mkfs allows you to set the file system03:39
Mezrissoh.... it IS possible to force synaptic to install older version03:39
jribNW2190: if you do 'vnoremap > >gv' in your .vimrc, it will work nicer (stays highlighted).  Also, #vim is more likely to help with these kind of things03:39
MezrissI'm saved03:39
Henryjust use the network to connect to my desktop03:40
barnabyicanhasadmin: let me throw another at you: I saved my homedir to a ext hd, reinstalled gutsy, chmodded the root dir  to import saved homedir, now when I go to restore perm bits on home it disappears03:40
bazhangHenry: if you give cryptic info we will give cryptic answers03:40
barnabyall question-marky03:40
icanhasadminbarnaby: please describe "restore perm bits".. you mean just running files that were in your old home directory?03:41
barnabyi replaced the home directory that came with my fresh install with the home directory from my last install03:42
barnabyand changed the permission bits on root to do so; to import it from my external hd03:42
tarelerulzDo you have to when You compile stuff do you to do  sudo ./configure  , sudo make , sudo make install ?03:43
icanhasadminbarnaby: so i don't understand the problems?03:43
barnabynow when i try to chmod the bits on my home dir it disappears03:43
barnabyIts 777 now, and whines about it when i restart x03:43
Henryto share the data or file with my desktop03:44
barnabyi try to set it to 644 and it appears as all question marks in terminal03:44
icanhasadmintarelerulz: yes, but only after you sudo apt-get install build-essential03:44
icanhasadminbarnaby: describe the error message when you restart x?03:45
icanhasadminbarnaby: i mean did you just chmod +x ?03:45
barnabyhere's waht i do: cmod 644 home03:45
barnabyshould I try chmod +x?03:46
* ectospasm is away: gone sleepin'03:46
bazhang!away > ectospasm03:47
isforinsects Is it possible I am piping network req's stout instead of my net connection?03:48
barnabyicanhas: I can get that message in a mo if you want me to03:48
icanhasadminbarnaby: honestly i'd try +x, it's a little odd of a thing... it's worked for me when it shouldn't tho03:49
Azur3bazhang: thank you, I'm wireless again ^^with my hour or so of using linux, i'm already head over heals for it :D03:49
MidgetSpyhey all, on a default install of 7.10 my onboard sound worked perfectly with no tinkering. I just upgraded my kernel to and after rebooting I'm now getting also errors "No such device". I assume this means that some of the default options on the new kernel are different and I didn't load the module for my sound card, correct? How can I find out what it was and load it?03:49
bazhangAzur3: wow that was fast; you did all that yourself? congrats!03:50
barnabywhen I change permissions back and do ls -la home doesn't display as dwrxrwxrwx... it looks like this ?........???03:50
Azur3bazhang: thanks, I'll prolly hang around this channel to see what else I can learn about linux, do you have any sites I should read about the basics?03:51
Henryhow to use the gcc the -o203:51
jsestri2anyone know of a music player that can learn from songs you skip / listen to similar to something like pandora?03:51
bazhanghttp://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy and http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/ Azur303:51
icanhasadminAzur3: running into problems is the best way to learn :D03:52
tarelerulzHave any of you try  gtalk's voice chat at all ? I am looking for something and I am not have much luck compiling kopete03:52
pedrosantaHi all03:52
tritiumtarelerulz: why are you compiling it, rather than using the ubuntu package?03:53
pedrosantaAnyone ever tried Plan 9 or Inferno?03:53
bazhangMidgetSpy: any reason for that kernel upgrade?03:53
icanhasadmintritium: obviously compiling is more fun.03:53
isforinsectsWhat does it mean when my dmesg is spitting out req's from me to my dns ip?03:53
tritiumicanhasadmin: no, there is nothing obvious about that03:53
MidgetSpybazhang: well I needed to change an option and recompile and it seemed easier and more logical to compile the newest stable instead of recompiling my old one03:53
tarelerulztritium , from what I read that is the only way to get gtalk's voice chat .03:53
ebovineI have a Broadcom 43xx chipset wireless card and I'm running 7.10.  Every now and then I get gaps in the transmission.  Anyone else having this issue?03:53
icanhasadmintritium: sorry... i'll keep the cynisim to a minimum...03:53
dassoukiicanhasadmin, more fun as in checking ur email with pine fun?03:54
tritiumtarelerulz: fair enough :)03:54
MidgetSpyI followed the this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31115803:54
barnabyicanhasadmin: thanks for trying to help. I'll figure it out, even if I have to RTFM. (damnit)03:54
Empire666 looks like running "nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 1" in wine will mute the sound and "nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0" to unmute it but there might be a wat to mute it in "gnome-sound-manager --help" or "gnome-sound-volume --help-all"03:54
Empire666not sure though03:54
tarelerulzI have a friend use gtalks voice chat and I wanted to talk to him03:55
Shihello how do I login remotely to my ubuntu computer if im using ssh?03:55
icanhasadminbarnaby: well that issue you're having is really very odd. i'm thinking it's probabaly something very simple.03:55
ebovineShi: install openssh server03:55
Shion Ubuntu?03:55
Shik where do I find it?03:55
ebovineIf that's the box you're trying to connect to03:55
StarnestommyShi: sudo apt-get install openssh-server03:56
barnabyyeah, my issues usually are. It will occur to me after I spend some time being stupid. I know the light will come on. Night all.03:56
pedrosantaShi: System > Administration > Synaptic03:56
pedrosantaShi: look for openssh server there03:56
Shii cant believe its that easy03:57
pedrosanta(or by apt-get... :) )03:57
ebovineI can make it harder if you'd like.03:57
Shiokay but to reiterate03:57
=== bluefox is now known as bluefox83
ShiI have a friend who wants to host something on my linux box, so I created a user account on the box03:57
Shiwould my friend be able to log on remotely?03:57
Shiusing ssh?03:58
=== noble- is now known as artenius
Shior do I need something else?03:58
FlannelShi: yes03:58
pedrosantaShi: I do think so03:58
Henrywhen i type the "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080"it show me "error"03:58
Shik using ssh on my windows desktop what command would i use to log in?03:58
Shiim trying ssh username@ip03:58
jrib!putty | Shi03:58
firefly2442My system just did a hard freeze and everything locked up, what log file should I examine to see what the culprit is?03:58
Shiand im getting connection refused03:58
bazhangno bot ;[03:59
StarnestommyShi: that should work, just make sure that port 22 is open to your server03:59
FlannelShi: You have ssh on your windows box?  I suggest PuTTy.  But, it should work fine (assuming thats the syntax).  Make sure you've port forwarded properly if you're behind a router03:59
Shik how do I open it if its not?03:59
Flannel!caps | flyback03:59
=== artenius is now known as artenius-
pedrosantaShi: check your windows firewall ... ?03:59
jribflyback: please stay on topic03:59
bazhanglose the caps flyback03:59
tarelerulzI am trying to compile Kopete and I get this error and I have no idea what that means . http://rafb.net/p/dXvIss77.html04:00
flybackyeah sorry forgot I was still here04:00
Shiport 22 is open on mu desktop i think04:00
Shibut how do i open it on my ubuntu box?04:00
joinmeindeathi'm trying to use xen with kvm but i don't have /dev/kvm with linux-image-2.6.24-12-xen kernel04:00
StarnestommyShi: is it behind a firewall?04:00
joinmeindeathdo you have any clue?04:00
FlannelShi: You don't need 22 open on the client box, just the server box.  It already is open on the server, you just need to forward if you're doing the router thing04:00
Shii just recently install ubuntu on my pentium iii i have nothing addition afaik04:00
Shik ill try that04:01
StarnestommyShi: did you run sudo apt-get install openssh-server?04:01
Shijust go to my router page and open up port 22?04:01
Shi>Starn yup04:01
StarnestommyShi: if the ssh server is behind that router, open port 22 on it04:01
smallfryhow do i get the sound working when i play movies?04:01
FlannelShi: If you're both behind the same router, you won't need to forward to reach it (just go to the LAN ip of the server)04:01
Shiweell i also want my friend to be able to log in04:02
Shiso ild still have to open port 22 i think?04:02
Henryand i can't use the java in my system04:02
Shiif hes from elsewhere04:02
FlannelShi: right, for that you'll need to forward port 22 in the router to point to your server04:02
Shikk thx ill try that04:03
bazhangHenry: install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:03
=== ce_chinnese is now known as ika
Henrylet me try it04:03
Shiso open my router at my Linux box IP, at start/end ports 22 traffic type ANY and shedual ALWAYS ?04:04
soulreapercan anyone help me install beryl onto my ubuntu?04:04
bazhangsoulreaper: it is compiz-fusion now04:04
icanhasadminsoulreaper: beryl is old and broken, but i'll help you install compiz04:04
AngryElfI've got my nvidia connected via dvi -> hdmi to my 1080P tv -- the virtual screen is bigger than the actual screen so the menus at the top and bottom are halfway off the screen -- can I fix that somehow?04:05
anteayai installed a gem and it is in /var/lib/gems and i am unable to run it, my friend installed the same gem on his server and it is in /usr/bin.  Why doesn't ubuntu put my gems in /usr/bin as well?04:05
Shiso open my router at my Linux box IP, at start/end ports 22 traffic type ANY and shedual ALWAYS ?04:05
soulreaperdose compiz have the 3d cube?04:06
jribsoulreaper: yes04:06
bazhangsoulreaper: if your card supports it yes04:06
ShiI dont think Emacs is installed04:07
Shihow do I get emacs?04:07
icanhasadminbazhang: if it supports DRI, cube will work, if it doesn't, compiz won't even start04:07
firefly2442Shi: sudo apt-get install emacs  ?04:07
Shime n3wb :)04:08
firefly2442Shi: the more the merrier ;)04:08
ShiI wonder if its a bad idea to give a college undergrad in computer science administrator privilages04:09
icanhasadminShi: yes04:09
Tamalecan I make it so my mouse cursor can be 'totally hidden'?   normally the cursor remains on the screen by a margin of a pixel or two.. you can't move it so far to the edge that it disappears completely.  Can this 'margin' be reduced to 0 so that you CAN hide the cursor off in the bottom right corner?04:09
Shithere different levels of administrator privilages?04:09
FlannelShi: The nice thing about using sudo over su is you can give him access to certain things, and not others (apt-get but not fdisk, or whatnot)04:09
Shisince he wants to setyp a gameserver thingy hes making04:09
FlannelShi: You'll need to hand-edit your sudoers, but yes.04:10
Shik how do i remove fdisk?04:10
Henryhow to use the gcc just install it and run it ?04:10
thundr2Shi: As far as installing it, you should also be able to find it in the add/remove menu in Gnome as well, though if you're installing emacs, you should learn to love the command prompt.04:10
soulreaperhow do i know if my card suports DRI my graphics card is an agp 8x ati radeon x130004:10
thundr2Shi: I'm not sure you want to.  It's a useful utility when you need it.04:10
icanhasadminsoulreaper: yep that'll work04:11
Empire666Henry: sudo apt-get install build-essentials gcc04:11
Shihow do I remove fdisk from someone elses useraccount?04:11
icanhasadminShi: by default they don't have it04:11
jamesishHenry: it'd be sudo apt-get install build-essential, not essentials.04:11
Henrygot it04:12
jamesishShi: are you trying to prevent someone from seeing it on the command line, or what?04:12
Empire666... oops04:12
Shinot sure I just wanna make sure my friend doesnt use fdisk as a mean joke :)04:12
Ava-root@htpc:/usr/bin# ls -al irw04:12
Ava--rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4420 2008-03-24 11:24 irw04:12
Ava-root@htpc:/usr/bin# ./irw04:12
Ava-connect: No such file or directory04:12
FloodBot1Ava-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
jamesishShi: you need sudo power to use it, so don't worry, unless he has sudo access. In which case, you're mostly screwed unless you remove it.04:13
soulreapericanhasadmin can you run me threw in a diffrent room on how to install compiz and get the cube working?04:13
thundr2jamesish: I think he wants to give his friend sudo privs but just limited to certain things, right, Shi?04:13
icanhasadminsoulreaper: join #compiz-fusion04:14
Aristocleshi megi04:14
=== ryzka is now known as co_laknat
FlannelShi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers04:14
jamesishthundr2: I think that's what he's aiming for, but that's a dangerous path to tread. Give someone privileges on one process and if they're the kind of person who'll break you intentionally, then they can abuse it to gain root privileges often.04:14
Empire666running wine is faster then programs running nativly in windows right?04:15
Shiworst case scenario i hit the power button04:15
travisatEmpire666: not necessarliy04:15
Shihow do I backspace in emacs? been a while04:15
jamesishShi: not if someone's fdisked you, you don't. You should wait for the partition table to be written, or you might be screwed.04:15
brrybndsis there a startup folder/boot.ini/autoexec/service for ubuntu  I want to run a [sudo] command from the terminal everytime the computer is restarted and have the window/process hidden - is this possible?04:15
jamesishbrrybnds: look into cron and @reboot04:15
jamesishbrrybnds: @reboot is a flag in cron, not a separate command ;)04:16
brrybndswill do, thanks jamesish04:16
Shihow do I backspace in emacs? been a while04:16
brrybndsstill new to this side of the tracks :)04:16
jamesishShi: use vi and hit backspace in edit mode.04:17
Shii wanna stay away from vi04:17
* ebovine casts another vote for anything but emacs04:17
Aristoclesjamesish that was a great answer. lol04:17
Shimy programming teacher will look at me funny if i use vi04:17
jamesishI was looking at an editor called sam today. Couldn't work the bloody thing out.04:17
jamesishIt made vi look positively user friendly.04:17
pat5starooooo, are we going to start a vi vs emacs war? yeah!04:18
* larryblt ducks and covers04:18
LainyHello, if I want to enable X forwarding, do I add 'X11Forwarding yes' on the client or host sshd_config?04:18
saikordid someone sully the good name of vi?04:18
* pat5star sides with vi :)04:18
* thundr2 sides with nano :P04:18
saikoroh dear04:18
jamesishLainy: host, but there're a couple of other flags to enable too.04:18
ebovineI side with the editore that's always there.  :)04:18
Shihow do I backspace in emacs?04:18
Lainyjamesish: What other flags do I need to enable?04:19
jamesishShi: something like meta-x then normal erase.04:19
joricji have a screen inside an ssh inside another screen. when i try to detach it detaches the upper screen, how can i detach the screen inside the ssh?04:19
Steven1Can someone help me out with something real quick? I don't want to mess up and destroy my grub.04:19
Henrywhat's this mean "<VirtualHost>04:19
Henry        php_value upload_max_filesize 5M04:19
Henry        php_value register_globals 104:19
=== [1]Rasta is now known as Rasta
Henry        php_value safe_mode 004:19
Henry        php_flag safe_mode Off04:19
FloodBot1Henry: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:19
Henry        php_admin_value safe_mode 0        #04:19
Steven1Can someone help me out with something real quick? I don't want to mess up and destroy my grub.04:20
icanhasadminSteven1: please don't ask to ask, just ask :)04:20
ebovineSteven1: Help with....04:20
jamesishLainy: not sure off the top of my head. May be I'm misthinking. Just remember to backup sshd_config before you start and tehn restart sshd with each change.04:20
Lainyjamesish: Okay, thanks.04:20
Steven1Sure I guess. I'm trying to follow a guide for making my Ubuntu look like OSX.04:20
AdrianStraysHow do I make a link to my trash/home folder on my desktop04:20
Steven1I'm currently trying to edit grub to show the OSX splash.04:21
corinthWhere are the default wallpers located in Hardy?04:21
travisatSteven1: that is pretty easy to do04:21
Steven1Well I didn't want to destroy grub. I've done that before.04:21
izinucs!splash | Steven104:21
jamesishAdrianStrays: as far as home dir goes, open command window and type ln -s ~<username> Desktop/04:22
Treyhello all I have a bit of a tricky question04:22
Steven1izinucs doesn't do anything.04:22
travisatSteven1: are you trying to change the boot up splash, with the progress bar or how the grub menu looks?04:23
izinucsSteve1, sorry  tried to get the bot to help out04:23
egchi all04:23
niuqhi there's a way to install ubuntu over a logical partition?04:23
Steven1The boot splash I believe. I got the login one.04:23
TreyI installed Ubuntu but it dosn't seem to be detecting my laptop screen any ideas on how to fix that04:23
jamesishAdrianStrays: looks like the trash folder is .Trash in your home dir, so just symlink that the same way. ln -s ~/.Trash Desktop/Trash04:23
egcoff the top of their head, can anybody suggest some free DNS services like zoneedit?04:23
jamesishegc: use tinydns, it's awesome.04:24
izinucsniuq, you mean IN a logical partition ... yes04:24
=== artenius- is now known as noble-
travisatSteven1: there are 4 steps to boot up 1) bios, 2) grub, 3)splash, 4)login04:24
=== noble- is now known as artenius
egcjamesish: thanks, ill check that out04:24
niuqizinucs: mm im confused, i thought you  needed an active partition to load an os, and you can't active a logical partition, can you?04:24
Steven1Yeah well it said that this particular step was going to change grub and backing up was recommended. So it would be 3)splash I believe.04:24
hikinegc, http://www.google.com/search?q=related:zoneedit.com04:25
AdrianStrays:/ I didn't work04:25
AdrianStraysI went to Create Launcer04:25
egchikin: awesome, didn't know about that ;)04:25
AdrianStraysApplication In Terminal04:25
izinucsniuq, well.. let me ask you this.. are you trying to create a dual boot and are almost out  of partitions on your HD?04:25
AdrianStraysln -s ~/.Trash Desktop/Trash04:25
AdrianStraysA link appeared, but it didn't connect to the trash04:26
travisatSteven1: I don't know what you are trying to change, I don't see how grub should effect splash, and splash has problems at least for me04:26
uboboni men shi gan hen me de04:26
Henrywhich game can run in linux OS04:26
Steven1travista: Well I saw a mention of splash in the grub list. So I think you change the splash from in there. Not sure how exactly though.04:27
Treyanyone able to help me04:27
Steven1Henry: Next to nothing.04:27
niuqizinucs: i'm just wondering xD!!,... actually i have a dual boot with linux and windows an they are IN (xD) primary partitions04:27
izinucsniuq, what happens on install is ubuntu uses the grub boot manager. I you're doing a dual boot then on boot you'll get the grub menu and will be able to choose windows or ubuntu. Grub points to the correct location04:27
Flannel!cn | ubobo04:27
Shiis it possible remotely to log onto Ubuntu and use the GUI enviroment remotely?04:27
travisatSteven1: all that does is tell grub to boot the kernel with the splash option,  the only other thing might be other kernel options to pass04:27
Flannelubobo: /join #ubuntu-cn04:28
icanhasadminShi: vnc?04:28
izinucsniuq, it doesn't matter if ubuntu is in logical or primary04:28
travisatSteven1: also unless you reboot often you won't see the splash very often.  I personally like seeing text in case something goes wrong so I can see it04:28
Henry next to nothing?04:28
niuqizinucs: so i don't need a primary partition at all?04:28
Steven1travisat: Well it calls it editing the Usplash(Boot splash).04:29
=== bluefox is now known as bluefox83
izinucsniuq, not if you're dual booting04:29
Steven1travisat: Ah well. I wouldn't understand it if I saw it.04:29
niuqizinucs: why dual boot?04:29
travisatSteven1: ah ok usplash, now I know what you are talking about.  I have never had any permanent damage from it but I have had problems getting it to work04:30
Steven1travisat: It says to use SUM Startup manager to do it. But I haven't been able to get that working.04:30
bluefox83ok, who knows how to boost signal for a dell inspiron 1525 ?04:30
bluefox83my fiance's laptop can detect open networks, but wont connect to them for some reason04:30
niuqizinucs: can't i have ubuntu in a logical partition if i'm not using dual boot?04:30
Steven1travisat: Ah.04:30
fivehorizonsAnyone know how to disable wireless connection from starting during startup in xubuntu??04:30
niuqizinucs: well that would be pretty weird...04:30
travisatSteven1: but good luck sorry I can't help04:30
izinucsniuq, because in dual boot window is typically installed first and has  the boot partition and master boot record containing  grub..04:30
ijustamis it possible to create a new tab in gnome terminal via command?04:31
izinucsijustam, right mouse click if your in the gui04:31
ijustami mean through text04:31
ijustamlike, through a script04:31
izinucsijustam, oh.. i don't know04:31
node357ijustam: http://www.penguin-soft.com/penguin/man/1/gnome-terminal.html04:32
niuqizinucs: ok i see, so windows makes the active partition and that's all you need to load an os that's in a logical partition xD....04:32
ijustamoh ho04:32
ijustamthank you very much04:32
izinucsniuq, you got it.04:32
pat5starfivehorizons: in your /etc/network/interfaces you probably have a stanza for your wireless nic (for example, if it's wlan0) set to auto, just comment that out by preceding it with a #04:32
node357hope it helps04:32
niuqizinucs: thank you :)04:32
izinucsniuq, np04:32
AlexHooverFor a network server, for file storage and some simple php/perl script testing, would 6.06 or 7.10 be more stable?04:32
Stroganoffanyone interested in testing my lightweight but feature complete install script, based on icewm? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74163104:33
izinucsAlexHoover, 7.10 then if you want  upgrade next month to  the new  LTS verion.04:33
=== [1]Rasta is now known as Rasta
erichjis flash player plugin package still broken for 7.10?04:34
AlexHooverizinucs, yeah, thought so. Thanks!04:34
icanhasadminerichj: don't know what package you're talking about. my flash works fine.04:34
hikinerichj, for 64bit editions? no, it's fixed now.04:35
fivehorizonspat5star, it has auto eth004:36
=== evalles is now known as effie_jayx
=== Sinn3rman is now known as Sinnerman
Steven1Anyone on here know how to get AWN working?04:36
r00723r0Any good guitar authoring programs similar to Guitar Pro?04:36
fivehorizonsand then iface eth0 inet static followed by the network ip details04:37
Tamalecan I make it so my mouse cursor can be 'totally hidden'?   normally the cursor remains on the screen by a margin of a pixel or two.. you can't move it so far to the edge that it disappears completely.  Can this 'margin' be reduced to 0 so that you CAN hide the cursor off in the bottom right corner?04:37
corinthSteven1, What's wrong with AWN?04:38
_IronSid3_por favor onde consigo ajuda od ubuntu em portugues?04:38
artenius!es | _IronSid3_04:38
_IronSid3_artenius ?04:39
chris062689I'm having a huge problem with my Ubuntu install.04:39
chris062689Think anyone could help?04:39
zamnedixWhats your problem?04:39
icanhasadmin!ask chris06268904:39
izinucsthe bot's down04:39
icanhasadminhm, i see lol04:39
chris062689I insert my flash drive, and it appears to detect it, but when I run the 'mount' command, it doesn't show up there04:39
icanhasadminchris062689: please don't ask to ask a question, just ask it.04:39
chris062689So I'm unable to mount it.04:39
zamnedixthe bot?04:39
chris062689But I can alter it using fstab04:40
zamnedixOh, hotplug04:40
izinucszamnedix, ubutu is a bot04:40
chris062689but I've been able to mount it before, it just suddently stopped working04:40
chris062689I've kind of crippled my install, I'm using command-line right now.04:40
zamnedixhotplug usb04:40
chris062689command not found.04:41
zamnedixok just type hotplug then04:41
zamnedixthen it should automount04:41
chris062689well it doesn't show up in 'mount'04:42
zamnedixif you are running ubuntu, it would be /media04:42
Pifferto get opengl support, which modules/libraries do I need to install?04:42
izinucsPiffer, what kind of card do you have??04:42
chris062689But zamnedix: nope.04:43
Pifferintel... hold on04:43
zamnedixWell, chris04:43
zamnedixThats the extent of my 13-year old intelligence04:43
fivehorizonsI'm still looking for a way to make my wired connection take precedent over my wireless connection on startup04:43
zamnedixbeyond editing fstab04:43
Pifferintel 855gm ..laptop04:43
izinucsPiffer hang on.04:43
Pifferjust trying to get navit to compile....04:44
chris062689Ok I'm back in GNOME04:44
chris062689But when I attempt to mount it, it says..04:44
nith_does anyone know how to type the character that shows up as ~V in vim?04:44
Ava-can someone point me to any docs about makeing gnome autologin after like 3 seconds then autolaunch and application?04:44
chris062689Unable to mount the selected volume, mount: can't find /dev/sdc1 in /etc/fstab04:44
zamnedixoh crap04:44
zamnedixyou have to modify fstab then04:44
izinucsPiffer, the driver should be installed by default.. when you installed did you get an icon by the  clock that mentioned restricted drivers? if  not go to System/Admin/Restricted drivers manager and see if you can turn them on there.04:46
Pifferok, i will check that out, thanks04:46
peepsalotam I the only one that thinks file-roller is the buggiest piece of crap ever04:47
Pifferhmm just a modem driver in restricted drivers...04:47
zamnedixfileroller works fine for me04:47
izinucsPiffer, check synaptic .. search for i81004:47
Daisuke_Idopeepsalot, yep, you are04:47
Daisuke_Idowhat exactly is your problem with it?04:48
prettyrickythis question is so of topic but does anyone know if there is a HTML chat room?04:48
peepsalotit crashes on every other file i try to extract04:48
=== [r00723r0] is now known as r00723r0
Starnestommyprettyricky: maybe #html or #web04:48
=== os2mac-- is now known as os2mac
atnanHi folks. Is it possible to specify during an "apt-get upgrade" that I only want packages to come from "gutsy-security"?04:49
jarluucan i get a free shell account here ?04:50
chris062689I can't figure this stupid thing out04:50
chris062689All I need to do is mount my jumpdrive04:50
chris062689so I can reinstall Ubuntu.04:50
chris062689But it keeps on saying it's unable to due to it can't find it in fstab.04:50
Steven1Can someone please tell me if I need an entirely different desktop environment to run Avant Window Manager.04:50
chris062689Steven1: Just compiz.04:50
corinthSteven1 What's the problem?04:50
chris062689Which is included in the default Ubuntu.04:51
izinucsSteven1 did you install it from synaptic  or apt-get?  cause it works fine for me.04:51
Steven1I got compiz...but I can't run AWN. I click on it in Applications>Accesories and nothing happens.04:51
Zeltaif I have issues about firefox on ubuntu, shall I ask here or in the firefox channel?04:51
Steven1Both izinucs and manually from the site too.04:51
bazhangSteven1: the avant window navigator? you need to enable their repos and install from there04:51
fredmvis there a simple way to record XMMS output to an audio file?04:52
corinthSteven1, launch avant-window-navigator from a terminal, tell us what the output is.04:52
fredmvperhaps a plug-in?04:52
Steven1corinth: What's the command?04:52
r00723r0Alright, whenever I use my audio driver for a few minutes, my gnome-panel dies off and I can't open gnome-terminal.04:52
r00723r0Any advice?04:52
chris062689Is there anyway to create a bootable iso image from Windows?04:53
Steven1corinth: What's the command for terminal to launch it?04:53
fraggedMhm, which package is mkfs.fat32 in?04:53
chris062689Of an Ubuntu iso?04:53
icanhasadminfragged: huh?04:53
corinthSteven1, avant-window-navigator04:53
Steven1chris: Have you tried alcohol 120 or Daemon Tools?04:53
Odd-rationalefragged: you mean mkfs.vfat?04:53
izinucschris062689, there are programs that will burn an iso in windows.. search for them on www.sourceforge.net04:54
chris062689I need to "burn" it to a flash drive.04:54
Odd-rationalefragged: I dont think there is a mkfs.fat3204:54
chris062689I don't have a CD drive.04:54
Steven1corinth: Tried that. Got 'bash:avant-window-manager: command not found'04:54
fraggedOdd-rationale, cheers sounds about right04:54
chris062689Would source forge have something like that?!04:54
izinucschris062689, check out Steven1 post above..04:54
bazhangwww.pendrivelinux.com chris06268904:54
chris062689How can I use Daemon Tools to create a bootable flash drive?04:54
chris062689from an iso?04:54
cwilluchris062689, the install guide for putting ubuntu on an eeepc will have the instructions you need (it doesn't have a cd either)04:55
chris062689I don't want to install the OS to the flash drive.04:55
Steven1chris: Well you can mount it. Don't know about burning to a flash drive.04:55
corinthSteven1, sounds like it's not actually installed. How did you install it?04:55
chris062689I know this, but that isn't for Windows.04:55
fraggedugh i hate usb sticks04:55
fraggedconstantly lost04:55
MTecknologyhow do I find the UUID's of certain drives?04:55
chris062689And for some reason, my linux install is really screwed, so I can't mount it in Ubuntu.04:55
izinucsMTecknology, blkid04:55
Steven1corinth from the backport repos, from the website, and also from terminal.04:55
pungagood evening, all04:55
chris062689So I need a way of creating a bootable iso install image of Ubuntu from Windows.04:55
dissocia7iveI'm going to download the lastest ubuntu stable iso do I need to choose an iso for my language or what?04:55
chris062689Is there such a program?04:56
jteachergood afternoon, all04:56
osphylost password and dont have a cd. How to recover from grub ? it is asking password for single user also.04:56
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fraggedosphy, read the grub manual04:56
pungaI'm running a freshly installed gutsy server (i386, though my architecture is amd64), and I'm having trouble getting the restricted nvidia driver to work04:56
izinucsdissocia7ive, no  .. get the 32bit version04:56
Steven1corinth: But it's not letting me install it from terminal anymore. Only from synaptic and the website.04:56
fraggedor maybe learn2use linux :D04:56
travisatchris062689: google for free cd burners, there are several for windows,04:56
cwilluchris062689, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick, look at Preparing the Flash Drive manually04:56
pungaI was hoping someone here might have some experience in this area?04:57
Shadow420ok I want to add ubuntu linux to my windows bootloader instead of grub overriding the MBR how do that04:57
Odd-rationaleMTecknology: ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ ?04:57
izinucstravisat, he wants to create a live bootable cd on a flash drive without installing it on a flash drive.. for a reinstall..04:57
dissocia7ivethen it has native language support?04:57
icanhasadminhm, i'm sorry that was odd04:57
travisatizinucs: ah04:57
FloodBot1icanhasadmin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:57
MTecknologyOdd-rationale, do you know how to reassign UUID?04:57
cwilluchris062689, and then use something like daemontools to mount the iso to copy the files where they need to go, or just burn a cd and go that way04:57
corinthTried installing it using the add/remove tool, Steven1?04:57
chris062689and I have to use Windows.04:57
Odd-rationaleMTecknology: nope. sorry.04:57
chris062689You can't just copy / paste them onto the jumpdrive.04:57
dissocia7iveI havent used ubuntu like since years04:57
cwilluchris062689, how do you mean?04:57
izinucstravisat, and he neglects to put all  the info on one line so others know what he's talking  abot.04:58
isforinsects /quit04:58
Ava-guys I set autologin up under gdm.conf but whenever it autologs in the res is wrong04:58
Ava-if I just manually logged in before that wasn't the case04:58
chris062689You can't just copy / paste the files onto the jumpdrive, you have to do it a certain way.04:58
travisatizinucs: heh04:58
Ava-anyone know what's going on?04:58
iowahcHy, i created a new swap partition, how do i add an uuid to it?04:58
cwilluchris062689, did you read the link I posted?  it tells you how to set it up from windows04:58
chris062689I don't need to INSTALL ubuntu onto the jumpdrive, just boot the installer from the jumpdrive.04:58
bazhangchris062689: I gave you a link as well best read up a bit04:58
cwilluchris062689, that's how you do it04:58
icanhasadminchris062689: although ubuntu actually does install very well on a flash drive04:59
Steven1corinth: Found out it's not 'manager' it's 'navigator' that I have installed. The message I get is: Error: Screen isn't composited. Please run compiz (-fusion) or another compositing manager.04:59
izinucschris062689, your getting bad answers because you are not stating everything you want to do in one post.. there's almost 1200 people in here..04:59
corinthSteven1, did you enable your graphics card's accelerated driver?04:59
pungaFATAL: Error running install command for nvidia_new <- what could be causing this?04:59
cwilluchris062689, if you're just wanting to use wubi, then just copying the files across will also work, just launch the autorun.ini file by hand on the target05:00
Steven1corinth: Yes. It's a 'restricted' driver but I got it.05:00
osphyIs there any way to recover password without cd and single user asks for password ?05:00
Steven1corinth: Ok the Awn manager is oddly working now.05:01
corinthSteven1, Right-click on the desktop and select "change desktop background" to get to the appearance preferences. Then, click on the Visual Effects tab. Tell me which option is selected there.05:01
izinucscwillu, he wants to install a live cd image to a flash for  reinstall..  not install to a flash for running as a hd..05:01
Shadow420I want to add ubuntu  to my windows bootloader instead of grub overriding the MBR how do that?05:01
Steven1corinth: None is selected.05:01
cwilluizinucs, that's what I was telling him to do (chris062689, )05:01
corinthSelect either "Normal" or "Extra". That should fix your problem, Steven1.05:01
cwilluizinucs, (chris062689, )  the first stage of installing to the flash drive on a eeepc is installing the livecd image to a usb thumbdrive in a bootable fashion05:02
izinucscwillu, ah ok.. I didn't look at the link.. just was following his multiline posts and put  things together.05:02
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cwilluwhich sounds like exactly what he needs05:02
cwilluizinucs, :)05:02
Steven1corinth: 'The Composite extension is not available.'05:02
iowahcCan i somehow see if my ubuntu uses a swap device?^^05:03
corinthSteven1, what version of Ubuntu are you running?05:03
Steven1corinth: 7.10 'Gutsy'05:04
Odd-rationaleiowahc: type "top" in terminal05:04
corinthSteven1: ATI or NVIDIA?05:04
cwilluiowahc, swapon -s in a terminal05:04
Steven1corinth: ATI X85005:04
iowahcok, there is none, how do i specify one, my swap Device has no UUID05:05
In-SaneCan I get the logs of Ubuntu?05:05
cwilluiowahc, do you know if the device is already setup for swap? (besides the uuid)05:06
izinucsIn-Sane, /var/log05:06
In-SaneCan I get the logs of #Ubuntu?05:06
Odd-rationaleno bot?05:06
Ava-guys I configured gdm.conf to autologin a user.. well it works but when I autologin I get a HUGE resolution05:06
iowahcok, thx got it, forgot to make swap fs05:06
Ava-if I manually login the same user that doesn't happen05:06
Ava-any ideas?05:06
cwilluAva-, how did you configure gdm.conf?05:07
cwilluAva-, pastebin it05:07
Ava-with vi05:07
Ava-I'll do better than pastebin05:07
Odd-rationaleare any of the bots working?05:07
maog_hey the vmsplice or w/e exploit is it still exploitable on 7.10 on website?05:07
Steven1Floodbot is Odd.05:07
cwilluAva-, by which I meant, /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom is the file you want to be changing :p05:07
Ava-I'm changing the wrong file?05:08
Odd-rationaleSteven1: :P05:08
cwilluAva-, ya, although it's not the root of the problem05:08
Steven1corinth: You still there?05:08
cwilluAva-, -> line 3 :p05:08
themimedoes ubuntu have a network manager for wifi?05:08
corinthSteven1: Yeah, just thinking.05:08
Steven1I belive it's built in themime.05:08
themimeSteven1: how do i access it?05:09
cwilluAva-, I don't think you want timedlogin enabled05:09
Ava-cw: what about line 3?05:09
Odd-rationaleIn-Sane: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/05:09
Steven1themime: Did you check network tools and network?05:09
cwilluAva-, read it05:09
Ava-yeah yeah05:09
Ava-I did it via keyboard05:09
themimeSteven1: i have a extremely basic install with fluxbox05:10
izinucsFeels like we're in the stone age without the bot.. no shortcuts05:10
cwilluAva-, mythtv/buntu uses xfce afaik, which acts a little bit weird in this respect05:10
iowahcmy X always has a load of 10%+ , running Gutsy with Compiz enabled, normal?05:10
Steven1themime: Have no idea what that is.05:10
Ava-cw: it's using compiz05:10
cwilluAva-, you can tell mythtv to change the resolution in the frontend (its in one of the menus),05:10
Ava-you tell it what res to use05:11
Ava-but it won't change the res of your desktop05:11
cwilluAva-, alternatively an appropriate xrandr command could be put in a script to be launched at the start05:11
Ava-no farmiliar05:11
cwilluAva-, that's how I've got mine setup to work (didn't have the patience to do it the right way :p)05:11
cwilluAva-, something like "xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1024x768" should get you started05:12
cwillualthough it depends on the card and such (just xrandr by itself should give you some clue)05:12
FloydIs there any Bandwidth limiter for linux? I want to limit bandwidth in a specif application i am running05:12
corinthHow do I activate emerald after installing it?05:12
CVD-PRMicrosolution Backpack usb cdrw driver?05:13
fivehorizonsAnyone here an expert on VNC and SSH?05:13
cwilluyes, but I'm tired :p05:13
izinucscorinth, although some have success with emerald. I didn't05:13
Steven1corinth: Was wondering that myself. I have a them I want to install with no 'Apply' button.05:13
corinthI know it's something like emerald-blah-blah --replace , or something.05:14
Odd-rationaleSteven1: If you have the theme in emerald theme manager, double click shoudl do05:14
Steven1I did that. Nothing happens.05:14
KleedracHey guys, for some reason my 7.10 box has started putting the screen to sleep at about 1/2 hour and it shouldn't be according to the screensaver settings, where should I check?05:15
Odd-rationalecorinth: yes in the run dialog (alt+f2) do "emerald --replace"05:15
Odd-rationaleSteven1: hmm.05:15
dwloetzneed some help with soundcard, AC 97-ICH4, have no sound at all, have fooled with properties and looked in forums to no avail, you are my last hope05:15
Steven1Odd-rationale: After entering that I got: (emerald:23649): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed05:16
kitchedwloetz: is everything unmuted and does sudo modprobe snd_intel8x0 output anything or no?05:16
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Ava-cwillu thanks for the help btw05:16
corinthOld-rationale, thanks man.05:16
Ava-ok once auto login is setup05:16
dwloetzeverything unmuted05:17
Ava-how do I get it to auto launch a program05:17
Odd-rationaleSteven1: after doing emerald --replace in a run dialog?05:17
Steven1corinth: Didn't work for me. I think I messed up something. Cause none of the compiz managers are working like they used to.05:17
icanhasadminkitche: I'm leaving in a minute, but he may want to reinstall the newest version of alsa and options model="auto"05:17
Steven1Odd-rationale: Yes05:17
dwloetztried that and it did nothing05:18
AdrianStraysHow do I make it so it doesn't show my partitions/drives on the desktop?05:18
Odd-rationaleSteven1: What version of ubuntu are you using? and how did you install emerald?05:18
Steven1AdrianStrays: Put them in the trash05:18
AdrianStraysWill that make them stay gone?05:18
Steven1Adrian: Unless you put them back on your desktop I'd figure.05:18
AdrianStraysIt says I can't move it to the trash05:19
Steven1Odd-rationale: 7.10 'Gutsy' and I don't remember how I installed it.05:19
Optimus55sup ppl05:19
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Odd-rationaleAdrianStrays: the easiest way is to use Ubuntu Tweaks.05:20
AdrianStraysHow do I get that?05:20
cwilluAdrianStrays, there's an option in gconf-editor-> /apps/nautilus/preferences/valumes_visible, just uncheck it05:20
cwilluvolumes_visible rather05:20
Steven1Reinstalling emerald. Maybe that will fix it.05:21
Odd-rationaleSteven1: the one in the repos works fine for me. othewise, i really don't know05:21
Steven1Maybe it is working. I just can't get the rest of the Mac OSX look finished.05:22
Steven1It called for getting AWN working.05:22
talcite_hey guys, is anyone here a web programmer?05:22
r00723r0After a few minutes of sound usage, my gnome-panel freezes and gnome-terminal doesn't open. Any suggestions?05:22
talcite_how do you figure out where someone's been directed from?05:23
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fivehorizonsIs there any way to completely disable my pci wireless card without having to physically remove it from the system?05:23
Ava-cwillus: do you know how to autolaunch and application when after login?05:23
talcite_i.e. I have page A and page B. I want to know if someone's visited page B from page A05:23
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themimeis there a network configure tool for wifi?05:23
kitchetalcite_: with simple php code05:23
kitchetalcite_: and apache logs that automatically05:24
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Steven1Ah I think I figured it out. Compiz isn't installed correctly.05:24
n2diyfivehorizons: ifdown "cardname"05:24
Odd-rationalethemime: something like networkmanager?05:24
Steven1I ran compiz in terminal and got 'Checking for Xgl: not present.  No whitelisted driver found  aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity'05:25
fivehorizonsn2diy: how do i find what "cardname" is?05:25
Odd-rationalefivehorizons: iwconfig05:25
n2diyfivehorizons: ifconfig05:25
crdlbSteven1: what driver are you using?05:25
themimeOdd-rationale: does NetworkManager work instantly? how do i configure it to my wifi?05:26
AdrianStraysAlright, someone told me there are progams which can be used to alter the workspaces so each one has its own background.  Can anyone tell me one05:26
Steven1crdlb: Restricted Driver for my ATI X850.05:26
crdlbSteven1: then you need xserver-xgl05:26
owen1when installing an app, where should i do the apt-get command? in home?05:26
Odd-rationalethemime: Your wifi is working you just want to connect to a network?05:26
crdlbthat version of fglrx does not have AIGLX support05:26
Steven1crdlb: OK installing it now.05:27
nikrudowen1 it doesn't matter05:27
nikrudAdrianStrays I've heard of wallpapoz05:27
themimeOdd-rationale: correct.  i installed the proper driver, and it shows up under ifconfig and iwconfig05:27
Optimus55is there anyway to get ubuntu wallpapers to change automatically and fade into each other?05:27
Steven1crdlb: It's still saying the same thing. Do I need to restart or relogin?05:28
owen1nikrud: so apt-get will install it in the right place or will some files will remain in the current locationL05:28
Odd-rationalethemime: you have the networkmanager applet running in your notification area on your panel?05:28
nikrudowen1 the correct location. You can see where a packages has been installed to with   dpkg -L <packagename>05:28
Name141Hello, I am trying to get my Brother Intellifax 1080c to work , anyone know how to get started?05:28
Odd-rationaleAdrianStrays: Or KDE can do that by default05:28
owen1dpkp -L paint*05:29
izinucsowen1, or if you haven't installed anything yet you might try Add/Remove or Synaptic as graphical installers.05:29
nikrudowen1 you need the full actual package name I think05:29
Name141I found the supposed driver for it online , on the brother site05:29
Steven1crdlb: I'm going to restart and see if compiz works then.05:30
owen1nikrud: ok. so if i get it right. apt-get will install my app in the current dir, and i don't need to delete any file.05:30
themimeOdd-rationale: heh, well, im actually running ubuntu-server on my laptop because it only has 128MB ram, and ubuntu was too much for it, and i have fluxbox.  i apt-get install network-manager, but my understanding is that it is just a plain daemon.  do i HAVE to install a gui to use it?05:30
Odd-rationalethemime: it should come with a gui. in a run dialog try "nm-applet?05:31
nikrudowen1 no, it doesn't install to the current dir, it gets installed where the package is defined to go. usually it'll put stuff in /usr/bin , /usr/share , and often /etc05:31
themimeOdd-rationale: not installed, needs network-manager-gnome.  someone suggested this earlier but i was hoping i could do this without installing 1000 gnome dependencies05:32
Odd-rationalethemime: i see.05:32
diagonI'm interested in always booting to bash and only loading X if I need it for something, could someone tell me where it says to load X up in the boot process?05:33
nikrudowen1 the flow is it downloads the package to /var/cache/apt/archive , then extracts it to the proper locations, and optionally runs some commands to let the rest of the system know it's installed05:33
owen1nikrud: great. is it the same when i compile and install an app? (./configure make make install)?05:33
diagonor after the boot process or whatever05:33
themimeOdd-rationale: is there some alternate, or should i find out how to manually do it and make a script?05:33
nikrudowen1 no, that's where you do need to think about location. By default, most will install  into /usr/local/<some dirs>05:33
Odd-rationalethemime: I dont know how to connect to a wireless network from the command line in Ubuntu. I do know how to do it in Arch. :P05:33
owen1nikrud: got it. thanks a lot.05:34
themimehehe, ok thanks anyway, ill just google it05:34
nikrudowen1  you can do  ./configure --help , and it will tell you much. Including the installation directories05:34
themimeand if not, ill come back and see if someone knows how, or check ##linux05:34
ShiI created user accounts for friends and w have discovered that while I installed emacs they get fatal erros/core dumps trying to use emacs05:34
Odd-rationalethemime: let me know what you find.05:34
owen1nikrud: does it matter where do i put the source files?05:34
sphinxxhi can someone pm me, i need help setting up partitions for ubuntu05:35
Odd-rationalesphinxx: It is better to ask in the channel. What help do you need?05:35
nikrudowen1 no. I usually have a directory in my home called projects, and compile in there. The main reason to do the compiling in home is you have easy editing of the files05:35
diagonI'm trying to tell my machine to not automatically load X windows, but to instead go directly to bash...05:35
sphinxxOk, thanks, I hate to sound like a noob but I am with linux, I have a laptop 30gb hard drive, I want to partition for ubuntu - i have the 7.10 alternate cd05:36
sphinxxi want to leave 16gb or so for a later windows xp install05:36
diagonI remember I did it before, by changing default_window_manager (somewhere) = /usr/bin/bash I Think05:36
nikruddiagon install sysv-rc-conf , and turn off gdm. Next boot you will get bash.05:36
Odd-rationalesphinxx: it is a better idea to install xp first05:36
ShiI created user accounts for friends and w have discovered that while I installed emacs they get fatal erros/core dumps trying to use emacs05:36
Shiwhat could be the problem05:36
Steven1Ah damnit. The toolbars are all gone again05:36
diagonnikrud: this is actually for a box that doesn't have an internet connection :P05:36
diagonnikrud: so I was trying to muck about in the files (figure it's somewhere in /etc)05:37
sphinxxwhen I do install ubuntu though, how many partitions will I need?05:37
nikruddiagon ah. then,   sudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S30gdm /etc/rc2.d/K30gdm05:37
Odd-rationalesphinxx: install xp normally first. then the ubuntu installer will offer you to shrink the xp partition. and setup for dual-booting05:37
fivehorizonsThanks for the help Odd-rationale and n2diy05:37
owen1nikrud: so the way to choose a location is by adding an argument to ./configure05:37
Odd-rationalesphinxx: reccomend 205:37
diagonahhhh that's right, the S->K thing05:37
diagonthanks very much05:37
sphinxxbecause i get confused, intially I see it just needs /root and swap05:37
sphinxxbut then I see it says its a good idea to have /home and there are others too?05:38
Odd-rationalesphinxx: one for root (/) and another for swap.05:38
Steven1Yeah the minimize and maximize buttons on firefox are gone.05:38
ShiI created user accounts for friends and w have discovered that while I installed emacs they get fatal erros/core dumps trying to use emacs, what could be the problem?05:38
alan_mrecommended 2, you CAN have home on a 3rd, but that gets things complicated for a newer user. in my opinion Sphinxx05:38
nikrudowen1 exactly.  --prefix=/usr is common, but in general you should install to /usr/local , it's defined in the file hierarchy standard as the place for locally compiled apps/libs05:38
Odd-rationalesphinxx: a /home partition is a generally a good idea05:38
Odd-rationalesphinxx: But you can even get away with just one /05:38
sphinxxhow big should a /home partition be, if my complete linux space is going to be about 14gb05:38
Azur3ok, flash isn't working on firefox (7.10 ubuntu is distro)  I have installed missing plugins, restarted firefox, and it says  that i still need to install missing plugins, that adobe is already installed05:38
Azur3should I uninstall adobe and try again? and if so how would I do that?05:39
Odd-rationalesphinxx: that size i would not make a separte home partions05:39
nikrudsphinxx with that small a partition, it makes better sense to not have a separate home. you're gonna squeeze something otherwise05:39
sphinxxhmm ok05:39
sol1tude|afkhello, somebody knows something abouut grub error 14 ? it appears when i try to boot my 7.0.405:39
sphinxxthis is a lot faster than forums heh05:39
owen1nikrud: and if i don't do anything i need to hope that the creator of the app decided to install in /usr/local/ ?05:40
alan_msphinxx, instant reply's are awesome eh :)05:40
nikrudsphinxx think in terms of at least 5-6gb for / if you still want to have a separate. home. I use 12gb.05:40
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nikrudowen1  ./configure --help will tell you specifically05:40
owen1nikrud: easy. coool.05:40
nikrudowen1 assuming it's a well designed app :)05:40
owen1nikrud: paint.net (gimp killer)05:41
kitche!away | sol1tude05:41
Steven1Awesome AWN is finally working.05:41
sphinxxif i want to do the /home, i have to go into manual , not guided partioning, on my ubuntu alternate cd?05:41
kitcheis the bot still dead .....05:41
nikrudowen1 ouch, too fresh for me :)05:41
nikrudsphinxx yes05:41
nikrudkitche very. Back tomorrow05:41
sphinxxis tehre a reason for installing xp first?05:41
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Odd-rationalesphinxx: ubuntu can find if xp is installed05:42
warriornesshey all, what package do i install to get fonts such as Impact for openoffice?05:42
bunghey i just got a new usb external with a sata drive in there, should i mount with sync or no?05:42
alan_msphinxx, because installing it later would wipe out GRUB...and thats bad.05:42
Odd-rationalesphinxx: xp can't find if ubuntu is installed.05:42
sphinxxbut if i have just have a partition ready to install xp on, that wouldn't work?05:42
Odd-rationaleat least not for me05:42
sphinxxlike i would make a /boot in the first 100mb of the hard disk05:42
taurusivyhi, how can i match '2' in the middle of two whitespace in regexp in awk?05:42
sphinxxfor the boot loader or whatever05:42
nikrudwarriorness it's downloaded and installed for you by msttcorefonts.  ubuntu-restricted-extras will pull in that package, as well as some others that are useful05:43
warriornessnikrud: thanks05:44
nikrudsphinxx no need to have a /boot partition anymore, that's a holdover from when it was a requirement for lilo (the linux loader)05:44
Odd-rationaleor if you have an old bios05:44
owen1nikrud: i don't see info about installation location...i guess migel de casa didn't think about it..05:44
nikrudowen1 hahahahaha I'd trust that guy05:44
sphinxxso where is the boot loader like grub stored if theres no /boot partition05:45
owen1nikrud: i guess...05:45
Odd-rationalesphinxx: in /boot05:45
Flannelsphinxx: /boot is inside of / if there is no separate partition05:45
Odd-rationalesphinxx: but it wont be on a sep partition05:45
nikrudsphinxx in the /boot and /boot/grub directories, and in the mbr05:45
sphinxxoh ok05:45
sphinxxwould this work05:46
sphinxx|  ||winxp ntfs   |05:46
sphinxx100mb   | ||     |05:46
FloodBot1sphinxx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
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nikrudowen1 he started gnome (or was one of the originators, he's a quality programmer)05:46
owen1nikrud: if i delete a folder from my home, and inside there is an installed app. what can happend?05:46
Odd-rationalesphinxx: please use the pastebin. see the /topic05:46
owen1nikrud: i want to clean my home..05:47
nikrudowen1 hm. you compiled it there? If it doesn't do an install, the program will disappear.  That is, if there was no make install command run05:47
Odd-rationalewhat man pages should I read to learn how to connect to a wireless network from the command line?05:47
owen1nikrud: ok05:48
sphinxxcause i thought there was some weird this, maybe this outdated, but if linux wasnt installed on the first 8.5gb it would mess up05:48
sphinxxcause of the BIOS05:48
travisatOdd-rationale: interfaces05:48
sphinxxso if installed xp first it would take up the first 14gb05:48
travisatOdd-rationale: and iwconfig05:48
nikrudsphinxx old news. I have mine after a 50gb vista05:48
Steven1Everytime I run 'emerald --replace' It fixes the menubars on my windows. But then when I close the Terminal window it fails again. How do I fix it permanently?05:48
sphinxxman im such a newbie05:48
Odd-rationaletravisat: ok thanks! any more?05:48
nikrudSteven1 run it with   alt-f2 emerald --replace .05:49
travisatOdd-rationale: make sure you have the right packages installed05:49
sphinxxso the only reason for installing xp first is so that i would be able to see linux drives in windows?05:49
Odd-rationaleSteven1: run it in a run dialog instead of terminal05:49
travisatOdd-rationale: basically you get your wireless to show up under iwconfig and ifconfig then edit /etc/network/interfaces to get it to work05:49
Steven1Odd-rationale: What do you mean run dialog? Isn't that terminal?05:49
Odd-rationaleSteven1: alt+f205:49
nikrudsphinxx mainly so that when you install windows, it doesn't overwrite the part of grub that's written to the mbr and prevent you from booting linux. If you do linux second, it'll automatically add windows to the boot menu05:49
Steven1Alt+F2 does nothing.05:50
Odd-rationaletravisat: then /etc/init.d/networking start ?05:50
cchildhow do i shred or wipe a linux part by writing 1/0 to it?05:50
travisatOdd-rationale: I have done wireless for a while but if you look for slightly older debian how-tos they work for ubuntu05:50
travisatOdd-rationale: haven't I mean05:50
cchildhow do i shred or wipe a linux partition by writing 1/0 to it?05:50
eshaasewhats the most thorough way to scan my hard disk for errors?05:50
nikrudcchild install wipe05:50
sphinxxoh ok, is there a certain way I configure grub- does it come with the ubuntu cd or is it something separate05:51
nikrudsphinxx it will be the very last thing installed during the ubuntu install05:51
cchildnikrud; linux native?05:51
Steven1Alt+F2 doesn't open anything.05:51
orbisviciscchild, cat /dev/zero05:51
nikrudcchild yes, sudo apt-get install wipe05:51
Odd-rationaletravisat: how do I make ther changes to the /etc/networks/interfaces file take effect?05:51
nikrudSteven1 you using compiz?05:51
Steven1Ok I got it now05:51
travisatOdd-rationale: ifdown [networkinterface like eth0 or wlan0], then ifup [thesame]05:52
Steven1nikrud: Yes...trying to make it look like Mac OSX.05:52
cchildnikrud, this will write 1 and 0 to the drive05:52
JanPeterhey quick question, how do you clean out files from the bin that are under root permissions?05:52
nikrudsphinxx I prefer to stay in #ubuntu, better to have people watch and catch errors05:52
Odd-rationaletravisat: oh ok. Thanks!05:52
sphinxxno problem05:52
sphinxxyou are being very helpful05:52
nikrudJanPeter in /bin ? You do not want to delete those05:52
JanPeteri meant in the recycling bin05:52
travisatOdd-rationale: you can man those to I think to learn them,  in your interfaces file if you set the network interface as auto it will connect when you reboot05:52
sphinxxnikrud im just hoping you can guide me in case i hit any errors, im installing windows xp right now05:53
nikrudJanPeter ah,  sudo rm ~/.Trash will get rid of them.05:53
prohnaattempting to upgrade to hardy alot going wrong about 1 hour in05:53
JanPetercool, thanks05:53
Odd-rationaletravisat: ok thanks!05:53
cchildorbisvicis, the drive is dying and i just got the replacement and need to return the defected. so I want to wipe it clean05:53
nikrudsphinxx it's really simple. Install windows, then boot the livecd and tell it to use the remainder of the disk ;)05:53
sphinxxwhen i was running the ubuntu live cd, i did get this 'I/O Buffer error device fdo" or something like that05:53
nikrudJanPeter stop!05:54
sphinxxsomeone told me to disable the floppy in the bios, but the bios on this laptop is really simple, there is not that option, nor is there a floppy on the laptop05:54
nikrudJanPeter   sudo rm ~/.Trash/*  , we want to remove the stuff in the trash ;)05:54
sk8ballquestion, when i hit "shutdown" option on the low graphics mode when X starts with a config/driver it cant use it drops me into a root console prompt05:55
travisatwhy with the sudo?05:55
sk8ballis this normal?05:55
nikrudsphinxx it's a bug. see alt-f4 for options to add to the boot, all_generic_ide fixes that if my memory is right05:55
sk8balli thought the ~root# account is supposed to be inaccessible05:55
sk8ballin ubuntu05:55
SmegzorI think I've messed up the permissions in my /home.  Could someone paste up the recursive chown command line I need to restore my home dir permissions?05:55
Tamalehow can i remove all references to a particular cursor set?  I keep seeing the default cursors and i don't want to!05:55
MTeckAnybody bored? I'm having troubles running 'fsck.ext3 /dev/sdb1' "Buffer I/O error on device sdb1, logigal block 0    fsck.ext3: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sdb1     Could this be a zero-length partition?05:55
Odd-rationaletravisat: so currently becuase my wireless device is managed by networkmanager, my interfaces file only contains lo. Correct?05:55
orbisviciscchild, just for completeness' sake dd using /dev/zero will write zeros. But you should do it more than once05:55
nikrudtravisat the cleaning of the trash? he has root owned files in there (from messing with sudo nautilus I'd bet)05:55
=== MTeck is now known as MTecknology
travisatOdd-rationale: I have no idea05:56
travisatnikrud: ah05:56
sk8ballis there supposed to be anyway to get to an actual root# prompt/console under ubuntu?05:56
travisatOdd-rationale: I don't use the gui stuff for network as I like the conf files better05:56
nikrudOdd-rationale yes05:56
Steven1Ok the next step is to make a launcher for Pidgin and I don't know where it's located.05:56
travisatSteven1: /usr/bin/pidgin ?05:56
nikrudSteven1 you can find where a program is with   which ,  like   which pidgin05:56
Odd-rationalenikrud, travisat: ok thanks again05:57
sphinxxnikrud is there any site you can recommend i look at for learning how to do stuff in ubuntu, like i dont know much about the terminal commands and stuff like that05:57
cchildso use the following command "dd /dev/sdb" ?05:57
cchildorbisvicis,  "dd /dev/sdb" ?05:57
Odd-rationalesphinxx: www.linuxcommand.org05:57
Steven1That's odd. I created it and it didn't show up.05:57
orbisviciscchild, i do not recommend 'fooling' around with dd05:57
=== adante_ is now known as adante
travisatchii: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb05:58
Steven1Anyone know how to use the AWN Dock?05:58
nikrudsphinxx https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal  and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training05:58
sk8ballis there supposed to be anyway to get to an actual root# prompt/console under ubuntu?????05:58
Odd-rationalesk8ball: sudo -i05:58
travisatcchild: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb   I recommend /dev/urandom instead of 005:58
nikrudsphinxx and that linuxcommand.org that Odd-rationale mentioned looks good, I hadn't seen that one yet05:59
orbisvicistravisat, good call on urandom05:59
Rob125anyone have a novel suggestion as to how to speed up gnome?05:59
Flanneltravisat, nikrud, orbisvicis: shred is built-in.05:59
Odd-rationaleRob125: swicth to xfce :)05:59
nikrudFlannel ah, thanks05:59
sk8ballOdd, w/o putting in any password??05:59
travisatFlannel: hehe shred05:59
Rob125Odd-rationale: thought about it, definitely.05:59
orbisvicisFlannel, oh06:00
Odd-rationalesk8ball: boot into recovery mode06:00
orbisvicisheh cat /dev/urandom06:00
Odd-rationaleRob125: It is a good choice, btw06:00
Rob125Odd-rationale: I've run it several times before, but I'm admittedly a bit of a Gnome junkie.06:00
Odd-rationaleRob125: If you use gnome, you get the gnome speed... period. :P06:01
Rob125I don't run compiz, mostly because this computer can't handle it, but I'm naming my first child Gnomebert.06:01
sphinxxnik, i'm in the xp setup now, doing the partitions, should I just make the partitions for the /root and /home and swap now?06:01
Kcaj2Hello friends06:01
travisatsphinxx: nah06:01
Rob125Odd-rationale: True, I suppose06:01
sphinxxjust to set up the space06:01
sphinxxthis is how i want to do i think06:01
nikrudsphinxx see travisat06:01
Flannelcchild: shred works too, and is already installed (and will automatically iterate through it however many times you want, including random, etc)06:01
Kcaj2I was wondering if there is any kind of way to utilize multiple network connections at the same time? For instance, if you have access to multiple ISPs and the network adapters to connect to them both simltaneously06:01
travisatsphinxx: just leave enough empty space for linux and let the ubuntu installer guide to free space06:01
PositronicDoes anyone know the link to the website that automatically rebuilds your repositories?06:01
Kcaj2Is there a way to harness BOTH connections? (or Three, for that matter006:01
FlannelPositronic: It's not up anymore, you can do the same thing via Software Sources06:02
nikrudsphinxx see travisat again. Like I said, you're not really using enough space to make a separate / and /home cost effective06:02
sphinxxdoes anyone know this- the only difference between NTFS format and NTFS format (quick) is that quick doesn check the disk for errors06:02
Steven1How do you move a whole directory? What's the format?06:02
PositronicFlannel: any recommended Software sources?06:02
FlannelPositronic: the official ones06:02
travisatsphinxx: its more different then that but that is a difference06:02
sphinxxi did quick just cause i don't want to wait06:03
Smegzoroops!  I meant chmod.  What do I enter to chmod my /home/smegzor folder back to what it was set at when it was created?06:03
cchildshred vs wipe vs dd ?06:03
PositronicFlannel, thanks06:03
travisatsphinxx: you normally don't need to do more then quick, although it is suggested for a new hard drive to do a full format06:03
amenadoKcaj2-> yes its possible with the use of iptables and iproute2 tools, look into route policy via google06:03
sphinxxI believe i did a full one on this drive before, so i just did quick now:)06:03
nikrudSmegzor   grep 1000 /etc/passwd, find the user name on that line. then   sudo chown -R <username>:<username> /home/smegzor06:03
Steven1What is the correct syntax/commands to move a folder to another folder and overwrite what's there?06:03
pat5staris there someway to reload the kicker (isn't that what you call the panel that runs across the bottom of the screen?)?06:04
pat5starafter sometime, mine starts to act up06:04
orbisvicisSmegzor, the general idea is chown user:user -R ~/; chmod -R 755 ~/ but there are some special files with different permissions06:04
travisatSteven1: mv06:04
Steven1travisat: Thanks06:04
sphinxxif I have 512mb ram should my swap be 1024mb or 768mb?06:04
amenadoSteven1-> they  use mv ... try with sample directories you can create..06:04
PositronicFlannel, how would I find a repository URL for XGL it appears the current one I have is no longer accessible?06:04
Flannelsphinxx: 102406:04
nikrudsphinxx 102406:04
Smegzororbisvicis: do I need to run both of those commands?06:05
FlannelPositronic: What version of Ubuntu are you running?06:05
Steven1travisat: It says 'unable to remove target: Is a directory'06:05
amenadosphinxx-> hard disk memory for swap is so cheap..06:05
Odd-rationaleSo if I had 4gb of ram I should have 8gb of swap?06:05
PositronicFlannel, 7.1006:05
travisatSteven1: mv -r06:05
nikrudSmegzor you probably shouldn't, there are a few things that will break if you set them to 75506:05
Odd-rationale4gb of swap seems to be the max for me...06:05
cchildwhich is best for wiping a disk, shred vs wipw vs dd?06:05
FlannelPositronic: Gutsy already does that sort of stuff, you don't need third party repos for it06:05
sphinxxisnt swap only used when theres absolute no RAM left?06:06
sphinxxand how often does that actulaly happen06:06
Smegzorno sh*t? :)  I've already broken them06:06
nikrudsphinxx not quite.06:06
Rob125travisat: mv -r shouldn't work, no? just plain mv should suffice...06:06
Steven1travisat: 'mv: invalid options -- r'06:06
orbisvicischown -R user:user mybad06:06
travisatRob125: lol you are right06:06
cchildi meant wipe06:06
tarelerulzI have been looking for hours and maybe days I have yet to see any client that use Jingle voice . Kopete does ,but I can get to compile . Jabbin and could not get to even connect . Everything is old . Nothing for 2008 .  Is there any client that can talk to gtalk's voice06:06
sphinxxyou guys have answer questions that would have probably taken me the whole day to find out on forums:)06:06
travisatSteven1: sorry mv should of done it06:06
nikrudsphinxx it swaps out unused stuff to make room for stuff that is used. It's smarter than just waiting till ram is full06:06
PositronicFlannel, when I installed 7.10 I needed to do it to get hardware acceleration to work, otherwise I had mesa06:06
sizzlewhere should i go to find some php scripts06:07
amenadoOdd-rationale-> umm on a 32bit system, you barely could even achieve 3gig from what I understood..the last 1gig is somehow not easily achievable..06:07
Flannelcchild: dd isn't.  shred is already installed, if you've installed wipe, then I guess they're both already installed.  I've never actually used wipe.06:07
travisatSteven1: what exactly are you trying to do06:07
FlannelPositronic: That doesn't mean it's not in the repositories, just that it isn't enabled for everyone by default06:07
nikrudI always installed wipe, never knew shred even existed06:07
Odd-rationaleamenado: i guess that's true...06:07
Steven1travisat: I'm moving a replacement 'Pidgin' into the old ones spot.06:07
travisatSteven1: are you trying to keep any part of the old one?06:07
Smegzornikrud: Is there a number other than 755 I should use or will things break regardless of the number used?06:07
Steven1travisat: I'm just skinning it I believe.06:08
cchildFlannel, can shred over write an entire disk?06:08
sphinxxcant wait to get this double boot set up:)06:08
Flannelcchild: yes06:08
travisatSteven1: the use cp and delete from the original06:08
nikrudSmegzor well, off the top of my head you definitely need ~/.dmrc as 60006:08
Steven1travisat: It's the Pidgin in the pixmaps folder.06:08
Flannelcchild: and over individual files as well06:08
sphinxxI was also reading about making separate partitions for /tmp and such, does this actually speed things up?06:08
travisatSteven1: are you using sudo if its in /usr/share?06:08
sphinxxlike i know on windows there is fragmentation but so there is a benefit, but linux there is none ?06:09
nikrudSmegzor and looking there  .Xauthority needs 600 as well06:09
Smegzorhmm..  I have other users that I haven't been foolish enough to mess with, I could look at the permissions there.  Is there some way to see the permissions of each directory using ls ?06:09
PositronicFlannel, I guess what I am saying is I get an error when doing the update manager stating that the XGL repository might no longer be available as it was unable to download the index for it?06:09
cchildflannel, "shred /dev/sda -n 8" would this work?06:09
Steven1travisat: Yes tried to use 'sudo cp pidgin' and 'sudo mv pidgin'06:09
Rob125Smegzor: if you're running MySQL, you should make sure you also chmod 600 your .mysql_history06:09
PositronicFlannel, you must forgive me as I am somewhat new to the linux environment as well06:09
orbisvicis2³² = 4GB so obviously the max; so why is the cap slightly under 4Gb ?06:10
nikrudSmegzor and another you'd probably want 600 is .dbus-keyrings06:10
Flannelcchild: arguments go in between shred and the thing to shred, but yes.  shred -n 8 /dev/sda06:10
travisatSteven1: ok I am confused are you trying to replace a directory or a single file06:10
Steven1travisat: sudo cp pidgin gives this: 'cp: omitting directory 'pidgin' '06:10
tarelerulzany one use gtalk voice chat at all on Linux ?06:10
Smegzorwhat about my idea of listing directories permissions?  Is that possible>06:10
travisatSteven1: ok for cp use cp -r06:10
FlannelPositronic: Just remove it entirely, Ubuntu deprecates the need for third party repos for eyecandy06:10
Steven1travisat: The whole usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin folder.06:11
FlannelPositronic: er, newer versions, that is.06:11
FY1what is the program that tracks input/output. It starts with like x or z... It will tell you the key that was pressed, mouse button, input from a controller or something06:11
Rob125Smegzor: yeah, you can do an ls -al06:11
Smegzorthanks :D06:11
Odd-rationaletravisat: I was reading through man interfaces. But how do I select a network essid and where do I put the wpa password?06:11
cchildflannel, shred -z- u -n 8 /dev/sda is what am thinking06:11
Rob125Smegzor: if they're big, don't forget to pipe it to less :)06:11
cchildflannel, shred -z -u -n 8 /dev/sda is06:11
amenadoorbisvicis-> http://dansdata.com/askdan00015.htm06:11
travisatSteven1: in the /etc/network/interfaces,  I suggest you google for debian wireless setup or something like that06:11
Steven1travisat: Ok cp -r worked.06:11
Flannelcchild: you don't use the -u on drives, that would be for a 'file' file06:12
amenadoFY1 xev06:12
PositronicFlannel, was that recently an update for ubuntu within the last few months? So you dont have to install ATI drivers and set parameters for hardware acceleration manually anymore?06:12
Steven1travisat: Uh no. usr/share/pixmaps/06:12
Odd-rationaletravisat: was that meant for me or Steven1?06:12
travisatOdd-rationale: lol you06:12
cchildflannel, thanks for your help06:12
Odd-rationaletravisat: lol ok06:12
travisatSteven1: is everything all right now?06:12
ddaltonHi im blind so can't follow this. Can you please join ##ddalton? anyway how do I connect to my wiless network with my wiless card? I believe ubuntu recognises it.06:13
FlannelPositronic: ATI drivers don't give you XGL.  I have no idea with regards to the current driver situation,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI06:13
Smegzorhow do I list my command history showing only chmod commands I've entered?  My history is HUGE.06:13
SmegzorI want to see my original chmod line that caused all the mess.06:13
orbisvicisSmegzor, cat ~/.bash_history | grep06:14
cchildflannel, I have one more question: what is "--random-source" and the -s --size for?06:14
nikrudSmegzor grep chmod ~/.bash_history06:14
FlannelSmegzor: cat ~/.bash_history | grep chmod | less06:14
orbisvicisSmegzor, it might also be in /root/.bash_history06:14
PositronicFlannel, oh ok sorry I must have been confusing that with fglrx or something...06:14
nikrudcat to grep?  ewww :)06:14
orbisvicisnikrud, bad habit ; )06:15
troxorfor all the users of ntop out there: where did the "-S" option go in recent (>2.0) versions of ntop? is there a similar option that google isn't telling me about?06:15
Rob125nikrud: whoa, hold on. please explain? why bad?06:15
Smegzorhere it is!  chmod 0700 /home/smegzor   (is that bad?)06:15
sphinxxis having a 5gb /home and a 9gb /root not good?06:15
nikrudRob125 it's an aesthetic thing :)06:15
orbisvicisway back in the days when i used rpm-websites to install xine: library by .so file ; )06:15
nikrudSmegzor no, that's not terribly bad06:15
Rob125nikrud: how would you do it, then?06:15
nikrudRob125   grep chmod ~/.bash_history06:15
Rob125Smegzor, you should be able to fix that pretty easy, since you didn't do it recursively06:16
Flannelcchild: I don't see a --random-source on mine, but it probably is a place where you can provide the source of the random data, incase you wanted to use something more random.  And --size is not useful in this situation either, but its allowing you to overwrite an arbitrarily sized chunk06:16
Smegzoryeah I wasn't sure about that..  so just do the same with 755 ?06:16
cchildOk Flannel, thanks again06:17
nikrudSmegzor 700 is not something that will break your system, it only prevents users other than yourself reading what's in there. Some people do that on principle06:17
picharrashola que tal06:17
Smegzorthats why I did it in the first place.  But then I noticed broken stuff in gnome06:17
picharrasalguien habla español por aca?06:17
Flannelpicharras: /join #ubuntu-es06:17
Smegzorprobably just my timing, noticing things after doing that.06:18
travisatI prefer to only have files I want to execute with the 7 chmod06:18
nikrudSmegzor hm. Maybe there's something new that I'm missing. I haven't done that in a few years.06:18
Steven1travisat: Ok I am now trying to do the sounds folder now and when I move the folder into /usr/share/sounds/ The folder is empty! What gives?06:18
aoshiHow does updating to a new version of ubuntu work?06:18
travisatSteven1: when you mv directories the old directory dissappears, cp leaves old files in place...at least this is what I remember06:19
Rob125Aoshi: It works marvelously -- but how do you mean? Do you need to know how to do it? What version are you using, and what do you want to upgrade to?06:19
Steven1travisat: But when I use mv. It says unable to remove target: Is a directory.06:20
nikrudaoshi when a release is made, you will be asked if you want to upgrade to it. You can force  a check  with   sudo update-manager -c06:20
travisatSteven1: ok and when you cp -r the /usr/share/sounds folder was empty correct?06:20
Steven1travisat: The destination folder was empty yes.06:21
aoshiso in 23 days06:21
aoshihow do I go about updating to 8.04?06:21
travisatSteven1: you have no files in /usr/share/sounds or in /usr/share/sounds/pidgin?06:21
coldbootWhy is this not in gutsy?: libgtkglextmm1-dev not in gutsy? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=names&keywords=libgtkglextmm1-dev06:21
Treyhey is anyone able to help me with a boot issue06:21
Steven1Such a headache. Why don't they just make it like Windows and let you just drag and drop it?06:21
Rob125Aoshi -- when you run update manager, it'll say 'A new distribution is available. Upgrade?'06:21
nikrudaoshi now? Know how to fix broken packages? If the answer is yes, ask how on #ubuntu+106:21
aoshiCool :D06:21
orbisvicisaoshi, ever so carefully: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:22
Treyguys i can't to to my ubuntu logon screen06:22
Rob125Can't see it, trey?06:22
orbisvicisTrey, why ?06:23
Treythe screen just turns off06:23
nikrudheh. If Trey knew why, he wouldn't be here asking :)06:23
Treyi have be trying some fixes from the forms but no luck06:23
orbisvicisno but he should provide more info ; )06:23
owen1what folders should i keep for a backup?06:23
Treyi know its got to do with my video and the splash thats all06:23
Rob125Trey: by 'turns off', do you mean it flickers and then goes to the terminal? What are your symptoms? :)06:23
nikrudowen1 /home , /etc , and the output of  dpkg --get-selections at the minimum06:24
Treyits a laptop monitor and it literaly turns off the screen the comp stays on but nothing happens on screen06:24
owen1nikrud: you are my personal ubuntu admin..thank06:24
Steven1travisat: Did you get my IM?06:24
Treyi tried reconfiguring the xserver no luck06:25
Rob125nikrud: Man, I need to have a long conversation with you and suck the knowledge out of your brain. Why /etc?06:25
JDSBlueDevlhi, I'm having problems with encrypted DVD playback.  I have done literally EVERYTHING to try to get it to work06:25
JDSBlueDevlI'm using Gutsy, and yes, I have the medibuntu repos in my sources.list file06:25
travisatSteven1: negative06:25
nikrudowen1 you're welcome. To be honest it's nice to have someone who only needs to ask a few questions, and fills in the blanks :)06:25
nikrudRob125 well, I usually make some custom changes there, so I back up the whole thing on principle06:25
Steven1travisat: I sent another one06:25
travisatSteven1: in irc or pidgin06:26
Steven1travisat: pidgin on this room.06:26
travisatSteven1: if pidgin you are sending to somebody else06:26
Treyi also can't use ctrl alt f1 it dose nothing06:26
Steven1travisat: I clicked on your name and clicked IM.06:26
coldbootDoes anyone know why libgtkglextmm1-dev is not in gutsy/06:27
tchaskaAnybody knows a program to show the statistics of internet connection only? (exclude the local network traffic)06:27
travisatSteven1: hehe well I have no im, you have to /msg me in irc,  and I am about to go to sleep.  I think that you don't have to install themes in /usr but you can do it in your home directory.  I am sure somebody else can help you06:27
davi1hello good people06:27
Steven1travisat: What I said was (10:22:46 PM) Steven1: No no no. I'm done with the Pidgin. I'm trying to move the MacOSX_Sounds to /usr/share/sounds06:27
nikrudcoldboot do you have the universe repositories enabled? It's there in mine (hardy, but still)06:28
Steven1So can someone tell me how to move the sounds off my Desktop and into usr/share/sounds ?06:28
nikrudSteven1   sudo mv ~/Desktop/<file> /usr/share/sounds06:29
davi1hi there, im new to linux and i just installed ubuntu but my audio is not working, any ideas?06:29
nikrudSteven1 to write to anywhere outside of /home/<username> you need admin privileges, sudo gives those06:29
Erickj92i just installed the dancer-ircd doc, buy dont know there they are isntalled to06:29
owen1nikrud: and on my fresh ubuntu i can paste all the folders and i am done?06:30
nikrudErickj92 /usr/share/doc/<packagename>06:30
Odd-rationaleSteven1: Are you going through that cam4lin tutorial?06:30
Erickj92ok, thank you06:30
nikrudowen1 erm, the stuff out of your home? yes06:30
owen1nikrud: and what do i do with etc and the output of dgkg?06:31
Steven1nikrud: It still failed. Says It's a directory. Not sheet!06:31
Treyok i have some more info06:31
nikrudowen1 the /etc you might not need to do anything with, unless you know what you changed there.   for the --get-selections, you'd run:    dpkg --set-selections < packagelist && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade to restore your package installs.06:32
nikrudSteven1 what exact command line did you use?06:32
nikrudowen1 dpkg --get-selections > packagelist creates that list for you06:33
Steven1nikrud: sudo mv ~/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v0.4/Sounds/MacOSX_Sounds /usr/share/sounds06:33
davi1any1 have an idea on how to get my audio working?06:34
owen1nikrud: so packagelist is a file i create in my old machine, and i import this file to my new machine with the < ?06:34
Treyok i did sudo lspci | grep VGA and got 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corperation GeForce 8600M GS (rev a1)06:34
nikrudowen1 exactly.06:35
Treythen i did grep -i driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf and got the list with a bunch of drivers06:35
JDSBlueDevlhi, I'm having problems with encrypted DVD playback.  I have done literally EVERYTHING to try to get it to work.  I'm using Gutsy, and yes, I have the medibuntu repos in my sources.list file06:35
Treythat help at all06:35
nikrudSteven1 that should work, moving MacOSX_Sounds to /usr/share/sounds . I was sure, and did it with a couple test dirs just now06:36
StroganoffJDSBlueDevl, you have libdvdcss2 installed? :D06:36
owen1nikrud: ubuntu is like Mac, but awesome.06:36
Odd-rationaleJDSBlueDevl: what media player are you using?06:36
ethan961!dvd | JDSBlueDevil06:36
Steven1nikrud: Ok saw your response.06:37
robmHello, I recently added a new harddrive (formated ext3) and made a new folder that I shared on samba. However previous shares that I had are not visible from windows machines anymore. Additionally, this new share slows down the windows clients and I never had problems until I mounted this new hd and created the share06:37
Henrywhat's the linux kernal?06:37
bazhangJDSBlueDevl: hd-dvd or blu-ray06:37
JDSBlueDevlregular DVD06:37
Odd-rationaleJDSBlueDevl: totem-gstreamer or totem-xine?06:37
Steven1nikrud: mv: cannot stat `/home/steven/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v0.4/Sounds/MacOSX_Sounds': No such file or directory06:37
Henryneed help what's the linux kernal?06:38
nikrudSteven1 ok, it's saying there's an error in that line. Try cd ~/home/steven/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v0.4 /Sounds , do you get there?06:38
GumbySteven1: then perhaps that directory doesnt exist?06:38
nikrudSteven1 without the space in the line06:38
bazhanghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel Henry06:39
owen1what is virtual hard disk (in virtualbox setup)?06:39
Steven1nikrud: Good idea. Just about to try that.06:39
nikrudowen1 a file that acts like a partition06:39
Odd-rationaleHenry: every OS needs a kernel. the Linux kernel is a kernel deveolped by Linus Torvalds and is open source.06:39
Henryok thanks06:40
Treyis my issue not interesting enough for you guys06:40
owen1nikrud: should i create new one? (first time using virtualbox)06:40
bazhangTrey: what is your issue06:40
TreyI can't get ubuntu to boot graphicly06:40
nikrudowen1 go thru the virtualbox installation instructions. And yes, if you don't have a virtual disk you won't have anywhere to install the virtual os to  :)06:41
Odd-rationaleTrey: Livecd?06:41
bazhangTrey: did you add acpi=off as a boot parameter06:41
owen1nikrud: and why would someone use existing one. it will override the content with new os, right?06:41
Treyno install but cd wouldn't work either06:41
nikrudTrey It is, but I'm not good with those. bazhang is a master06:41
nikrudowen1 yes, just like any install would06:41
Odd-rationaleTrey: have you tried configurin your xserver to use the vesa drivers?06:41
Steven1Since I can just point my sounds to anywhere. Do I really have to move my sounds to usr/share/sounds?06:41
owen1nikrud: ok. thanks again..06:41
Treynot yet baz06:41
Odd-rationaleSteven1: no06:41
Treyyes odd06:42
Steven1Odd-rationale: Ah thanks.06:42
nikrudSteven1 no, anywhere you like. ~/.sounds is a reasonable place06:42
bazhangTrey: what about the alternate cd? have you given that a shot--it sometimes works when the livecd chokes and allows you to install the drivers at the finish of installation06:42
Steven1Wow that could have helped sooner. Lol06:43
Treyno but i will try that too06:43
* nikrud thinks that bazhang is shaking a virtual fist at him06:43
Odd-rationaleSteven1: here's a dirty trick that is not really adviseable. in terminal do "gksudo nautilus" and move your file normally. But be careful!06:43
Treyum which one do i add acpi to06:43
Treythe root or the kernal06:43
bazhangme give nikrud his missing 'c' ;]06:43
Steven1gksudo nautilus06:43
Steven1I don't think I have that06:43
arvind_can apt-get made be read a list of sources from a file???06:44
Odd-rationaleSteven1: you don't have nautilus?06:44
Steven1Ah ok I got it.06:44
nikrudI'm on a weight loss program. I figured a little virtual weight loss couldn't hurt06:44
Steven1Thought it was something that came with KDE06:44
Rob125Stupid question: Difference between gksu and gksudo?06:44
crdlbRob125: none06:44
Odd-rationaleRob125: same06:44
Treybazhang: where do i add the acpi root or kernal06:44
crdlbone is a symlink to the other06:44
nikrudRob125 nothing anymore, gksduo is a link to gksu06:44
robmHello, I recently added a new harddrive (formated ext3) and made a new folder that I shared on samba. However previous shares that I had are not visible from windows machines anymore. Additionally, this new share slows down the windows clients and I never had sharring or connection problems until I mounted this new hd and created the share. If I unshare this new folder, I still can't see the old shares from windows.06:44
bazhanghttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/gutsy/release/ Trey here is the link for the alternate06:44
Odd-rationaleSteven1: are you using kde or gnome?06:45
nikrudbazhang  releases.ubuntu.com/7.10 is easier to type ;)06:45
nikrudyou know, this is actually more fun without the bot06:46
arvind_! patience can apt-get made be read a list of sources from a file???06:46
Odd-rationalenikrud: yeah right.06:46
nikrudarvind_ no, apt-get uses /etc/apt/sources.list for that exclusively06:47
ethan961Oh, that's why the bot didn't reply06:47
sphinxxnik you still here06:47
bazhangfor the acpi=off you need to get into grub and add it Trey06:47
nikrudsphinxx yup06:47
sphinxxok i have the alternate cd in now06:47
sphinxxwin xp is all installed06:48
Odd-rationaleethan961: are the ubot* run on windows machines or something?06:48
nikrudOdd-rationale it's like the old days, before ubotu existed06:48
arvind_nikrud, i didnt mean tat...i have list of sources to be downloaded ...can i direct it to to apt-get source somehow??06:48
Erickj92where is the documentation for setting up dancer-ircd and dancer-services?06:48
nikrudsphinxx ok, just boot the alternate cd, answer the questions as you go, and tell ubuntu to use the free space to install when it comes time to partition06:48
sphinxxyou are a great help06:49
sphinxxok one sec06:49
nikrudarvind_ I'm not sure I understand06:49
Odd-rationalenikrud: never was here in the "old days" I used to wonder how this guy seemed to pop in all the time and give some informative remards...06:49
bazhanghttp://knightlust.blogspot.com/2007/08/setting-up-dancer-ircd-in-kubuntu.html Erickj9206:49
sphinxxjust put in anything for hostname?06:49
Erickj92bazhang, i used that but i still cant connect using my external IP, only my internal :(06:49
nikrudsphinxx yup. Whatever you want to name the machine. Maybe egypt ;)06:49
sphinxxi am naming it nikrud if thats ok with you :)06:50
arvind_nikrud, is there anyway of getting the dependencies through dpkg??06:50
symptomsphinxx: pick something nifty06:50
* nikrud blushes06:50
nikrudarvind_ without knowing a lot more about what you are doing, I can't say.06:50
Erickj92bazhang, what could i be doing wrong that is keeping people from the outside world from connecting?06:50
Erickj92i have dont port forwarding and everything06:51
Treywho ever makes the MOTD needs to update it the copy paste thing dosn't work06:51
symptomErickj92: is firestarter running06:51
Erickj92symptom, its disabled06:51
robm2Can someone help me with a samba issue? After intalling a new HD and sharing a folder on that drive. All my old shares are no longer visable on windows.  I've even removed the share on the new HD but the windows pcs still can't see my old shares.06:51
Erickj92i had the same prob with apache206:51
nikrudTrey use paste.ubuntu.com06:51
symptomErickj92: ok because it took me about 2 mons to realize that it was still enabled for me... drove me batsh*t crazy06:51
Gnearobm2: install swat and reset them up06:51
Henrywho know how to write the virus06:52
Henryi want try it06:52
arvind_nikrud, ok see i lets say i want to build a package which will be having dependencies,so i want to get the dependencies at once....as i want to build this package where there is no internet06:52
brent113Quick question.  Why does the output of the network history look as such: http://officialbs.hopto.org/pic/Screenshot-System%20Monitor.png06:52
Erickj92yeah symptom, im looking at it right now, and it is stoped06:52
bazhangTrey: what copy paste thing? you might try installing pastebinit06:52
bazhangHenry not here06:52
GneaHenry: do we look like virus writers?06:52
robm2Gnea: I'd prefer to try to fix what I already had before intsalling something new. Any suggestions before trying that?06:52
ethan961Henry, ##virus maybe?06:52
Erickj92is there any other firewall that could be running and preventing people from connecting?06:53
symptomErickj92: I would try firing up wireshark and taking a peek06:53
Gnearobm2: swat will work on your current configuration06:53
Gnea!swat | robm206:53
Erickj92symptom, wireshark?06:53
symptomalso looking at your routers logs06:53
sphinxxok nikrud partition disks just came up06:53
sphinxxi'm going to manual correct?06:53
symptomwireshark = ethereal06:53
ethan961Gnea, the bot isn't here06:53
symptomwireshark/ethereal = network protocol analyzer06:53
nikrudarvind_ ah. you can use synaptic for that. Mark the package you want, then file->generate package download list06:54
FinnishCan someone help with my NVIdia-card? I started my PC today and resolution is way too high now06:54
Erickj92symptom, will that tell me what ports are open and all that?06:54
Odd-rationalehow come ubot3 works in #kubuntu?06:54
JDSBlueDevlok, I have a new problem.  Turns out my new DVD-RW drive can read encrypted DVDs, but my old DVD-ROM can't.  Why is that?06:54
Gnearobm2: apt-get install swat, then enable it via /etc/inetd.conf (should have it set) then point your web browser to http://localhost:901 and login as admin06:54
nikrudsphinxx you still want to have separate /home ?06:54
FinnishAnd when I try to make it smaller/the way it was, screen goes crazy06:54
symptomit will monitor your traffic... if you want to see your ports use nmapFE06:54
robm2Gnea: since it only takes a min to install I'll try installing swat, can you help after I do?06:54
symptomand do a connect scan on localhost06:54
bazhangFinnish: how about pastebinning your xorg.conf for those here to look at06:54
nikrudsphinxx With only 14gb assigned to linux, I strongly recommend not using one.06:54
Gnearobm2: don't forget to install samba-doc if you haven't already - once you use it you will see how nice it is06:54
Erickj92symptom, the IRCD works with localhost06:54
Gnearobm2: i'll be around for a little while, gotta sleep soon06:55
robm2gnea: how can I tell, if samba doc is installed or not06:55
sphinxxi take your recommewndation as good as any06:55
Gnearobm2: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep samba-doc06:55
sphinxxok so if im not using /home06:55
sphinxxi still want to do manual - i like to learn thigns the hard way06:55
nikrudsphinxx one question:  you will be able to back up 4-6gb of home, when you need to reinstall because you broke your ubuntu :)06:55
arvind_nikrud, how do i say download only do not install06:55
Finnishbazhang: What's the command line for that?06:56
RolcolHow do I change the system font size on xubuntu?06:56
bazhangJDSBlueDevl: that really is a hardware issue; try contacting the manufacturer06:56
symptomErickj92: well what exactly happens06:56
* Gnea tries to figure out why acidlab isn't working with *headesk*06:56
Finnishbazhang: (Just for the xorg)06:56
Erickj92symptom, i can connect using localhost as the server, but when i use my external ip, nothing works06:57
bazhangFinnish: sudo apt-get install pastebinit then cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit06:57
robm2Gnea: looks like I have it all installed now. What next06:57
Odd-rationalesphinxx: do you see an entry like Pri/log free space?06:57
Gneait installed... i threw up a virtualhost for apache2... included the apache.conf file... restarted apache... it *should* be there...06:57
symptomErickj92: do you have a router?06:57
sphinxxok nik i went to manual, i see my #1 is primary 12.6gb (c drive), #5 logical 2.6gb (D drive )06:57
themimewhat do i do with a .deb file?06:57
nikrudarvind_   sudo apt-get install --download-only <package-name> . the script that synaptic creates will only download, anyway06:57
sphinxxthen pri/log 14.8gb free space06:57
Gnearobm2: sudo netstat -nap | grep 90106:57
bazhangthemime: what deb file06:57
Erickj92symptom, yes and all port forwarding has been set up06:57
Gnearobm2: should see something like this: tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN     5096/xinetd06:58
Odd-rationalethemime: double click06:58
sphinxxso on the 14.8gb free space im setting up a partition, how should i allocate it?06:58
themimeits a custom rtl8180-sa2400 driver for newer kernels06:58
jaffarkelshaci am looking for good security practises. i have the firestarter and clamav is there any other security that i need for ubuntu06:58
nikrudsphinxx that's all you have? There should be some free space?06:58
robm2yeah I see a bunch of lines06:58
nikrudsphinxx ah, got out of sync06:58
Gnearobm2: good. open firefox or whatever and throw it at http://localhost:90106:58
sphinxxno prob06:58
bazhangjaffarkelshac: secure passwords06:58
Gnearobm2: and just hand it root's credentials06:58
sphinxxso i should do 13.8?06:58
sphinxxand 1 for swap?06:58
symptomjaffarkelshac: encrypted filesystem06:58
nikrudsphinxx 1gb swap for your 512mb mem, the rest for /06:58
themimeOdd-rationale: er oops, i meant, what about at command line06:59
symptomjaffarkelshac: delete all web browsing logs cache and cookies when you close browser06:59
nikrudsphinxx you can do a backup of the several gigs of data you'll create in /home, right?06:59
Odd-rationalethemime: dpkg -i packagename06:59
symptomErickj92: Im not sure what your issue could be06:59
Odd-rationalethemime: sudo06:59
sphinxxi have another comptuer with a large hard drive (my deksopt which i'm on now)06:59
robm2Gnea: that doesn't load up. I'm connected to ewbmin just fine though.06:59
Erickj92symptom, when i use nmapfe to scan my external IP, no ports are open06:59
symptomErickj92: I would just do an nmap scan andcheck out wireshark06:59
sphinxxand an external06:59
Erickj92but, ports are open on my internal IP06:59
Gnearobm2: is this a personal or production system?06:59
themimehehe yea, already got bitched at by it06:59
nikrudsphinxx then definitely, make it all one big partition06:59
jaffarkelshacSymons, encrypted file system?06:59
symptomErickj92: well those bad boys need tobe open... especailly 8007:00
robm2Gnea: personal07:00
Erickj92symptom, they are open in my router07:00
sphinxxok so i did a 13.8gb partition07:00
sphinxxfor use as i put it as ext3?07:00
Erickj92i just dunno why their now showing open07:00
RolcolHow do I change the system font size on xubuntu?07:00
iositdErickj92, don't bother scanning your external ip, it won't be reachable from your end.07:00
sphinxxmount point /07:00
nikrudsphinxx yes, and set it for formatting07:00
iositdsymptom, ^07:00
nikrudsphinxx and yes again07:00
Erickj92well my computers IP is showing those ports open07:00
symptomyes iositd ?07:00
Gnearobm2: egads, webmin is just... evil! okay, i'll hold back anymore opinions on that... is samba running on the same computer you're on or another host?07:00
iositdsymptom, read the message to Erickj9207:00
sphinxxare any of these mount options important, or just leave at defaults07:01
nikrudsphinxx no, defaults is fine07:01
robm2the computer is right next to me but im connected putty07:01
symptomiositd: oh good call07:01
iositdErickj92, you computer will show them as open. Your router will show them as open. The outgoing traffic can't be routed back at you, it gets lost.07:01
sphinxxreserved blocks is at 5%07:01
Gnearobm2: oh ok, then point your web browser at that system then, giving it 901 as the port number07:01
sphinxxtypical usage - standard07:01
symptomiositd: yea it needs to be bounced07:01
nikrudfine. All you need to change is ext3 , format , and  / as mount point07:01
bazhangFinnish: what is the resolution you want and what is it set to now07:01
Erickj92iositd, what does that mean? i need to do somthing more?07:01
symptomErickj92: sorry i gotta go, good luck07:02
sphinxxwhat is format i dont see that option07:02
Erickj92ok symptom, thank you07:02
iositdErickj92, no, it's something standard. However, scanning yourself with nmap isn't going to show your ports open. I can do it for you and tell you the result.07:02
iositdsymptom, afaik that's fairly though to do.07:02
Erickj92ok, so PM you my external IP?07:02
robm2Gnea: I did, unable to connect. I tried connecting using vnc and and I couldn't load http://localhost:90107:02
Odd-rationalesphinxx: if it is a new partion you may not seee the format option07:02
iositdErickj92, yes. I'll give you the result then.07:03
sphinxxwhat about "bootable flag'07:03
iositdErickj92, wait ...07:03
sphinxxits default is 'off'07:03
nikrudsphinxx probably because it needs formatting already07:03
=== iositd is now known as hischild
Gnearobm2: ok. when you installed swat, did it installed anything else, like openbsd-inetd?07:03
Odd-rationalesphinxx: turn that on07:03
hischildErickj92, there we go. Now you can pm me =)07:03
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg Finnish this command might help too07:03
sphinxxwhen would it be wise to set typical usage to 'largefile' instead of 'standard'07:04
Gnearobm2: btw, what version of ubuntu do you have on there?07:04
robm2Gnea: no it doesn't look like it installed anything else07:04
Finnishbazhang: It is now 1792x1344, and I wan't it to be 1024x76807:04
sphinxxlike if you often transfer large files?07:04
robm2Gnea: was that supposed to be netstat -nap | grep 901  ?07:04
nikrudsphinxx big file is for things like full dvd's, if you have one you won't have much room for anything else07:05
sphinxxah ok07:05
Gnearobm2: yes.07:05
sphinxxso if i had a huge hard drive, i could make multiple partitions, one of them specifically for large files?07:05
nikrudsphinxx exactly07:05
sphinxxah ok07:05
sphinxxand keep reserved blocks at 5%?07:05
earlhey guys. wondering if there's any way to have evolutoin check for mail automatically07:06
earlspecifically, to do so without having evolution open07:06
earlmaybe a notification tray app or something?07:06
Odd-rationaleearl: you can dock it with alltray07:06
Gumbyinstall kontact/kmail and do away with evolution  :)  thats my solution07:06
earlOdd-rationale: eh?07:06
=== nikrud changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Important: type « /msg ubotu etiquette » | Be patient and read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.org | Hardy 8.04 Beta Support in #ubuntu+1 | The Wiki seems to be experiencing difficulties, be patient
Odd-rationaleearl: search synaptic for alltray07:07
TreyI made some progress07:07
sphinxxok nikrud now i made the swap partition , 1gb07:07
earlwhat does it do...?07:07
sphinxxit has one option, 'bootable flag'07:07
Treyi am not sure if it works completly yet though07:07
sphinxxturn this one off or on?07:07
nikrudgood to go. bootable flag is meaningless to linux07:07
Finnishbazhang: Aargh, that didn\t help07:07
Odd-rationaleearl: it pus the app into the notification area.07:07
sphinxxis there a reason hard drives always leave like 7mb of free space?07:08
sphinxxis that the buffer or something?07:08
Odd-rationaleearl: but yeah. I like kmail better.07:08
sriramomanin ubuntu package management, how do i check the size of the file going to be downloaded for installation?07:08
earlkmail's pretty excellent but does it integrate well with gnome?07:08
bazhangFinnish: how did you install the drivers?07:08
robm2Gnea: when I typed the netstat command, the results were several lines of07:09
robm2unix 3 [ ]  stream connected number    number/something else /07:09
nikrudsphinxx something about making sure partitions start/end on some logical spot I think07:09
Odd-rationalesphinxx: when you set up you last partion (swap) did you set it exactly to 1gb or to max to use the rest of the drive?07:09
sphinxxto 1gb07:09
Finnishbazhang: I guess these are linux drivers07:09
sphinxxwas i suppoed to use max/07:09
sriramomanin ubuntu package management, how do i check the size of the file going to be downloaded for installation?07:09
tarkusi have a question: would you consider linux to be able to accomodate any basic user? some who doesnt know a single line of code?07:10
nikrudsphinxx 7mb wont matter, but you could go back and set it to max07:10
bazhangFinnish: you are using the nv and not the nvidia driver; how was that installed?07:10
alan_msriraman, please be patient :)07:10
Odd-rationalesphinxx: do you still have a "free space" evtry?07:10
sphinxxthanks for the help you 2 especially (you know who you are), im gonna take a shower while this is installing07:10
bazhangsriramoman: check packages.ubuntu.com07:10
Gnearobm2: ignore those, there should be one that says LISTEN on it07:10
FinnishThis was my first ever ubuntu install, I remember that it got sort of automaticallt07:10
FinnishOr I just selected it from the list07:10
sphinxxodd, im already in the setup, not sure, the linux partition was showing no freee space at all, but i remember when setting up windows, it has 7mb i couldnt touch07:10
nikrudsriramoman apt-cache show <packagename> | grep -i size07:11
FinnishThis is Gutsy 7.1007:11
carlzenoxis there a good movie maker for ubuntu?07:11
bazhangFinnish: did you use envy for this?07:11
robm2Gnea: none of them say listen  just lots of stream connected (7 lines)07:11
Gneacarlzenox: i've had some success with kino and avidemux07:11
sphinxxbe back in a bit07:11
Finnishbazhang: No envy07:11
Gneacarlzenox: they are NOT microsoft movie, though :)07:11
Gnearobm2: ok then it didn't start right - do you get any results with this command: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep inetd    ?07:12
Odd-rationalecarlzenox: unfortunately, not really. there is cinerella, kino, pitivi, and kdenlive.07:12
bazhangFinnish: well how about using the restricted drivers; the nvidia ones; or you could hand edit your xorg.conf07:12
nikrudsphinxx one thing: be very patient, the installer does not have good feeback07:12
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?07:12
sriramomannikrud: is it not possible thru the gui itself?07:12
earlodd-rationale: do you use kmail? how well does it integrate with gnome07:13
Finnishbazhang: I've hand edited xconf before, but with assistant, so I could try it07:13
bazhangsriramoman: look in synaptic package manager sure07:13
Odd-rationaleearl: i use kde anyways :P07:13
nikrudsriramoman hightlight the package, and select properties (in synaptic)07:13
robm2Gnea: -bash: pkg: command not found07:13
luckylinanyone know why it takes a couple times logging off then back on to get my menus to work with compiz fusion?07:13
Gnearobm2: dpkg  :)07:13
robm2Gnea: I copies and pasted your line exactly07:13
robm2oh hehe07:13
robm2Gnea: ii update-inetd 4.27-0.2 inetd.conf updater07:14
owen1i have winxp in a folder and i want to create iso. can i do it?07:14
Odd-rationaleearl: so a real solution would be to switch to kubuntu, ;)07:14
Gnearobm2: ok, give this a shot then: apt-get install xinetd07:14
bazhangearl kde stuff works fine in gnome07:14
earli just switched away from kubuntu07:15
nikrudOdd-rationale I knew there was a method to your nick07:15
robm2Gnea: okay done.07:15
earli prefer kde but i think ubuntu's amenities are better, and unfortunately none of them apply to kubuntu07:15
sriramomannikrud: is the default package manager synaptic? coz that method was not there in default manager...07:15
Gnearobm2: now check it again:   netstat -nap | grep 901 | grep LISTEN07:15
Odd-rationalenikrud: *gasps* you figured out the meaning to my nick ?!07:15
bazhangsriramoman: ubuntu has synaptic kubuntu has adept07:15
nikrudsriramoman ah, you're using add/remove.  close that, and go to  system->admin->synaptic package manager. More powerful, lists many more software packages07:16
Gneabazhang: and they all have apt-get ;)07:16
bazhangtrue ;]07:16
robm2Gnea: I ran netstat -nap | grep 901 | grep LISTEN and didn't get an error or anything but I still can't load the web page07:16
sriramomanyes i am used to power.07:16
luckylincan anyone help me figure out something in compiz fusion?07:16
sriramomani am new to ubuntu, though07:16
bazhang#compiz-fusion is best for that luckylin07:16
Odd-rationaleluckylin: depends on what that something is07:16
Gnearobm2: ok, check to see if this file exists: /etc/xinetd.d/swat07:17
nikrudsriramoman   linuxcommands.org , that'll start you down the power road (courtesy of Odd-rationale)07:17
luckylinI just have a little problem restarting my computer07:17
sriramomanthank u very much07:17
Treyok i need some new help now07:17
robm2Gnea: -bash: /etc/xinet.d/swat: No such file or directory07:17
Treyi found a back way in to the desktop07:17
luckylinwhen it restarts compiz fusion fails to load, and no menus come up, sometimes no desktop at all just background07:17
Gnearobm2: try this then:  dpkg-reconfigure swat07:17
RolcolHow do I change the system font size on xubuntu?07:17
owen1folder to iso     anyone?07:17
sriramomannikrud: i used to use suse. i am new to ubuntu. i know the typical unix commands07:17
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?07:17
bazhangluckylin: try disabling compiz alt f2 metacity --replace07:18
sriramomanas u see, package management is distro specific!07:18
robm2Gnea:  okay done07:18
nikrudsriramoman then you're going to find some stuff different, but much much better ;)07:18
Gnearobm2: see if it's there now07:18
robm2Gnea: still doesn't exist07:18
nikrudgood night all07:18
luckylinwhat I ended up doing was control+alt+delete and hit logout, then when I logged back in again it all works07:18
Odd-rationalenikrud: good night!07:18
Finnishbazhang: Uh, I had to restart this machine07:19
robm2Gnea: rob@Ubuntu:~# dpkg-reconfigure swat07:19
robm2--------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR XINETD USERS ----------07:19
robm2The following line will be added to your /etc/inetd.conf file:07:19
robm2 07:19
FloodBot1robm2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:19
luckylinso it does work, just not the first time07:19
sriramomanand i am very used to having all applications in my fingertips(offline). i dont mind downloading entire repos. how do i do that in suse and implement it thru synaptic  or add/remove?07:19
luckylini'll go to #compiz-fusion to see if they know what it is07:19
sriramomansorry ubuntu07:19
sriramomanslip off tongue07:20
luckylinthankyou bazhang07:20
robm2pastbin url doesn't work :(07:20
Gnearobm2: don't worry about pasting anything :)07:20
alan_mrobm2, you can truly use any pastebin site, as long as you give us the link to the paste ;)07:20
Gnearobm2: what number does this command provide?  ls /etc/xinetd.d/ | wc -l07:20
bazhanghttp://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/use-apt-mirror-to-create-your-own-ubuntu-mirror/ sriramoman07:20
robm2the site http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/ doens' t load for m e07:21
Gnearobm2: what about http://pastebin.ca ?07:21
Treyok i need some help from the graphics guru07:21
bazhangrobm2: then install pastebinit and cat and pipe the stuff there07:21
sriramomanbazhang: is it possible to see the size of each repo?07:22
robm2Gnea http://pastebin.ca/96579307:22
Gneayes, apparantly the EU is eperiencing some internet cabling issues right now07:22
earlso in kmail how do you get the tray to show up?07:22
cableroyhi, i have dualscreen, but when i login with my regular user it gets twin view, i tried to make a new user and loged in, and that worked good, how to fix this on my regular user?07:22
Gnearobm2: sec07:22
sriramomanand i need to download it in chunks, so i would prefer if i can resume downloads07:23
Treyhow do i fix restricted drivers07:23
bazhangsriramoman: I would imagine it would be in the several gb range; cant remember at the moment07:23
sriramomancoz internet connection is free for me for 8hrs a day07:23
sriramoman(5 gb a day)07:23
Gnearobm2: put that in your /etc/xinetd.d/swat  http://pastebin.ca/96579607:24
sriramomani would b happy enough is downloads can be resumed07:24
manchicken_sriramoman: I would say that it's fair to say that the Ubuntu repositories in their entirety are at least a TB or two.07:24
manchicken_Though I suspect more than that even.07:24
bazhangnah not that big07:24
Gneadebian's isn't even 1TB07:25
hischildmanchicken_, i doubt that ... how much space do you use, binaries only?07:25
alan_mbazhang, i found pastebinit but cant find cat in the repositories, are you sure thats right? (asking for future reference to users)07:25
manchicken_bazhang: Remember, you're talking Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, from Hoary through Hardy.07:25
Gneamanchicken_: you're also talking about round robin07:25
manchicken_hischild: IIRC the question was how bit the repository is...07:25
manchicken_That would include source debs as well as binary debs.07:26
knoppixWhat is the commend to make a disklabel pleae?07:26
bazhangalan_m: it would be first: install pastebinit; then cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit which will spit a url out for you to post here07:26
robm2Gnea: uh. I dont have a folder inetd.d07:26
sriramomanbazhang: are repos in ubuntu like urls?07:26
bazhangsriramoman: did you read that link even?07:26
knoppixI searched gogle and got ever command but the disk label one07:26
alan_mah, sorry bud, just got confused ;)07:26
robm2Gnea: i thought maybe I was doing someting wrong in ssh so I loggedin with vnc and I can't find it07:26
knoppixeven the man07:26
kelvin911hello is there a channel talks about linux games?07:26
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic kelvin91107:27
Gnearobm2: it's xinetd.d lol07:27
kelvin911i am looking fps games that can be play single player07:27
sriramomani read it, but is it absolutely necessary to use apt-mirror?07:27
Gneamanchicken_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=2db139e1191e1e2bcac67e5d293e7c23&t=35246007:27
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?07:27
knoppixCan I bother someone here for the linux command for disklabel please07:27
cableroyhi, i have dualscreen, but when i login with my regular user it gets twin view, i tried to make a new user and loged in, and that worked good, how to fix this on my regular user?07:27
alan_mkelvin911, please take the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.07:28
bazhangsriramoman: that was just a suggestion; this is Linux so feel free to come up with your own ;]07:28
manchicken_Gnea: I'll be happy to look at that after my dist-upgrade is done.07:28
kelvin911alan_m: thx07:28
Odd-rationaleknoppix: you will have to reformat the partion. Is that OK?07:28
Odd-rationaleknoppix: what filesystem?07:28
knoppixmk something07:28
sriramomancan u point me to some repo?07:28
bullgard4knoppix: You can use Gparted to change partition labels.07:28
knoppixgparted will not LABEL!!!!07:29
Gneasriramoman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=2db139e1191e1e2bcac67e5d293e7c23&t=35246007:29
knoppixI wnt to leabel / and home thats it07:29
Odd-rationaleknoppix: mkfs.ext3 -L your label /dev/sdb107:29
robm2Gnea: okay, I created the file swat and pasted your text07:29
bazhangknoppix: calm down please07:29
Gnearobm2: ok, now: /etc/init.d/xinetd restart07:29
robm2Gnea: stopping, starting07:29
robm2Gnea: okay I can access the webpage now, whats the un/pass same as my regular?07:30
Gnearobm2: whatever you set root to :)07:30
robm2Gnea: okay logged in07:30
Gnearobm2: if you login as regular user you won't be able to do everything07:30
robm2Gnea: I'm as root07:30
IanFHoodI am a total noobie, have installed 6.06.2 (server) but # apt-get install python2.4-setuptools returns error: couldn't find package...07:31
Gnearobm2: oh ok cool. click on stuff. read things. dive in. enjoy.07:31
martzipAN^hey , i put a file in /bin dir that will be a global command so i can use it anywhere , but if i not run it as a root user its asks me password, is there a way to run that command with any user without asking a password ?07:31
bazhangIanFHood: did you add sudo to that07:31
robm2Gnea: :( that doesn't exactly help07:31
IanFHoodwell, from sudo -i07:31
IanFHoodsame thing, no?07:31
sriramomanGnea: thank u07:32
Gnearobm2: the only way to learn it is to, quite honestly, USE it07:32
martzipAN^shouldnt i change the chmod of the file of somthing in /bin07:32
Gneasriramoman: you're welcome07:32
sriramomanGnea: this is suitable for me, only that i want to know how i can pause/resume downloads07:32
Gnearobm2: you've got icons across the top. click on them, experiment, poke around - just don't click on 'commit' yet07:32
Geoffrey2when using the tar command, how do I specify an existing directory to place the extracted files in, instead of it creating a new directory?07:32
robm2Gnea: i was fine before installing swat. it's just that ever since I installed the new hd and shared a folder my other shares weren't accessable from windows. howe am I supposed to figure out  why07:32
Gnearobm2: check out your shares button07:33
robm2Gnea: the existing shares are still there07:33
Gnearobm2: you should have a drop-down list of all of your shares.07:33
Gnearobm2: then see if they're browsable or available07:33
IanFHoodbazhang: yes, used sudo07:34
leonbrusselsMarzipan sudo chmod 775 /bin/youtfile07:34
leonbrusselsi think07:34
robm2Gnea: browsable is no. if I change that to yes, I supopse that will fix... if I set default that makes it for all shares?07:34
=== arief is now known as cow26_pngen
Gnearobm2: make it 'yes', it will only affect that share.07:34
ZoiXWanda give me water :|07:35
Gnearobm2: and if it doesn't work right away, 'restart all' on the status button will fix that :)07:35
* Gnea has been playing with samba a wee bit much lately, can you tell?07:35
IanFHoodI was able to apt-get install python2.4-imaging with no problem, but I don't understand why not the setuptools... have I got the wrong id?07:35
owen1is installing kernel headers dangerous?07:36
robm2Gnea: neat, one of my shares got deleted when I changed to to browsable and commited changes07:36
Gneaowen1: dangerous? it... might take up... a little bit of... hard drive space lol07:36
bazhangIanFHood: try an apt-cache search for the exact name; such as apt-cache search python07:36
Gnearobm2: are you sure about that? click on another button then go back to it and try to select it again07:37
orbisvicisbutt ... you need it ... to compile modules ... etc07:37
leonbrusselsMartzipAN^ use sudo chmod 775 on your file07:37
sriramomancan i use i386 packages on x86_64 ubuntu?07:37
robm2Gnea: no, I was mistaken, it keeps changeing to print$. CAn I delete print$ I dont have any printers07:37
owen1Gnea: i am trying to use virtualbox on 8.04 and get error about virtualbox kernel driver not installed.07:38
Gnearobm2: print$ is a default printer thing for samba, it's harmless. best off to leave it alone.07:38
hischildmanchicken_, i'm downloading the repo's now. Not including the sources and normally excluded ones, they account for 41gb07:38
owen1Gnea: when googling for it some say to do this: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)07:38
Gneaowen1: /join #ubuntu+1  they support hardy there07:38
=== ethan961 is now known as Ki
bazhangowen1: that would be #ubuntu+107:38
IanFHoodbazhang: nothing07:38
sriramomanowen1: add ur username under vbox?? group. that v???? name would be included in the error07:39
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?07:39
bazhangIanFHood: try some different keywords or search packages.ubuntu.com07:39
manchicken_hischild: All of them?  Over the last 2-3 years?07:40
hischildmanchicken_, i'm talking about the current repo's for hardy.07:40
manchicken_hischild: The person I was answering before just mentioned repos.  Not current repos :)07:41
=== Ki is now known as Dumbuntu_user
robm2Gnea: when it says available that does that mean. I set browsable adn available to yes on both. I stil can't connect with windows07:41
manchicken_I can't imagine that current repos would be > 100GB.  Are you including universe and restricted as well/07:41
manchicken_I'm gonna be rebooting shortly for hardy upgrade.07:41
hischildmanchicken_, i'm assuming he wants the same as i do, which is a local copy of the repo's.07:42
robm2Gnea: brb rebooting windows07:42
manchicken_hischild: That's not a terrible assumption.07:42
RaditCan anyone tell me how to take a screen shot of a window?07:43
bazhangso 1TB minus a bit ;]07:43
hischildmanchicken_, *sigh* that's a huge relief. I was afraid i made a horrible assumption and that the world was going to end because of it.07:43
hischildRadit, try print screen ;-)07:43
manchicken_hischild: Well, there was that sudden jerk as the planet began to rotate in the opposite direction... but it's a bit speculative to blame it on you... yet...07:44
hischildmanchicken_, uhoh ...07:44
manchicken_I'll find a way to blame it on you though.  Don't worry :)07:44
hischildmanchicken_, i wouldn't expect anything less from you :-)07:44
* Gnea notes that the planet kept turning just fine here07:44
manchicken_Gnea: Of course not.07:45
hischildGnea, no that's impossible... it's becoming night again while it just was morning ... o.O07:45
EdgEyscope error Gnea07:45
kjdxSomeone I know what kind of ubuntu can install on this server? ---> http://computers.pricegrabber.com/servers/m/4762544/details/st=product_tab/07:45
Radithirschild, I would like to take a screen shot of just a window not the whole program.. is this possible? using alt+printscreen doesn't include the window title...07:45
manchicken_Radit: I believe there's a screenshot program in accessories07:46
figuringouthi, i'm on ubuntu dapper drake. i cant get the video codec for m WMV files working in mplayer.  Any help here?07:46
hischildRadit, use the normal print screen and then cut it? or use the screenshot program.07:46
manchicken_rebooting.  Back shortly07:46
hischildgood luck07:46
Raditok, thanks...07:46
zcat[1]figuringout: sudo apt-get install win32codecs  .. but if they're 'protected wma' you can't play them outside of windows or a wma player (not even a zune :)07:47
sphinxxhey nik you still here07:47
Gneakjdx: not sure if that's a 64-bit cpu or not... i386 for sure, but if it is 64-bit, x86_64 (AMD64) should work just fine07:47
Gnearobm2: wb07:47
figuringoutzcat, what repo? i get Couldn't find package win32codecs07:48
robm2Gnea: hi07:48
robm2Gnea:  rebooted winows. still can't connect to \\myubuntu previously I could atleast do that and see the printers folder now it doesn't even07:48
NithHello, I'm trying to change my tty's resolution. I've attempted doing vga=794 and vga=0x31A among other vga settings with no luck. How do I do this correctly?07:48
zcat[1]figuringout: might be w32codecs, sorry07:48
robm2Gnea: windows can't find it, check spelling etc.07:48
Gnearobm2: did you set your windows box to the same workgroup as the samba server?07:48
figuringoutzcat: thanks. should work now.07:48
robm2Gnea: yes, it always has been. Aside from installing the new hd on ubuntu, and creating the share onthat hd I made absolutely no changes to anything else07:49
robm2Gnea: that's why I'm so frustrated that it just stopped working and wont see my other shares07:49
Gnearobm2: ok, just checking. what sort of security do you have set for samba? is it share or user?07:50
zcat[1]figuringout: might .. if you ripped them yourself in Windows media player, the default is 'protected' -- because MSFT knows that everybody really really wants to be able to do sfa with their own music...07:50
sphinxxis possible to network drives between ubuntu and windows xp?07:50
sphinxxso they can see each other07:50
sphinxxover a network07:50
Gneasphinxx: yes.07:50
figuringoutzcat: will get back in case of probs. i just couldn't figure out the package name. all the online forums mention old names. it has changed i believe07:50
sphinxxim new as you can tell07:50
robm2gnea: waiting for swat to load... pretty sure its user because previously I was always asked for un/pass before it would show anything07:50
cybermadhow to save command history on terminal?07:51
cybermadhow to save command history of terminal?07:51
Yashyshell specific07:51
zcat[1]figuringout: yeah, it's called 'non-free-codecs' in hardly07:51
Gneacybermad: no need, it's already done. use the history command07:51
sphinxxi just installed ubuntu 7.10, what are the first steps i need to take now?07:51
Yashysphinxx: do to what?07:51
Gneasphinxx: no idea, what do you like to do with your computer?07:51
hischildsphinxx, enjoy the best OS ever.07:51
zcat[1]hmm.. gtg07:51
cybermadGnea i want to re-install the PC with other OS, and need to backup the history07:51
sphinxxlike as far as security07:52
sphinxxor whatever07:52
Gneacybermad: check .bash_history07:52
sphinxxi was reading you should update the kernel because newer runs run better on newer cpus?07:52
sriramomancan someone pls tell me whats there in the ubuntu dvd thats not there in the cd?07:52
zcat[1]sphinxx: enable universe/multiverse repos and medibuntu, and install ubuntu-restricted-extras and dvdcss2 packages07:52
Yashysphinxx: your questions sucks.07:52
hischildsphinxx, no need. The system you have now is just perfect. What do you want to do? perhaps then we can suggest some packages.07:53
Yashysphinxx: http://hackepedia.org/?title=IRC:907:53
sphinxxall id like is to have safe web browsing07:53
hischildsphinxx, that's done by default. Anything else?07:53
sphinxxand it would be nice for it to see my drive on my windows xp desktop07:53
sphinxxover the network07:53
Yashysphinxx: define safe.07:53
hischildsphinxx, go to network and see if you see the xp box.07:53
zcat[1]sphinxx: well, restricted-extras will set up flash and java for you.. you very likely want them.. and dvdcss2 will let you watch DVD's07:53
Yashyfirefox with no script plugin is a good starting point07:54
robm2Gnea: some how smb was turned off. started it up again, seems fine.... crossing fingers by readding the share on the new hd07:54
zcat[1]dunno about noscript, but adblockplus is a must-have!07:54
Gnearobm2: ok07:54
Daisuke_Idonoscript, adblock plus....07:54
Yashyflash and java are both prolly exploitable right now07:54
sphinxxso that means i couldnt use youtube?07:54
* Gnea prefers adblock, adblockplus always screws up07:54
Daisuke_Idodownthemall, customizegoogle (those seem odd, but hey)07:54
zcat[1]actually yes, noscript -- I got rickrolled today, first time ever. Argh!07:54
mauro-blshi all07:55
hischildzcat[1], youtube has rickrolled a lot of ppl today07:55
Gneasphinxx: sure you can, just go there and when you can't view it, click on it and it should redirect you to download the ubuntu plugin07:55
Daisuke_Idoah, but that's youtube's awesomeness today :D07:55
figuringoutyoutube i heard is rickrolling from featured videos07:55
hischildfiguringout, correct07:55
zcat[1]I got the javascript page you can't quit out of.. and damn FF3b4 saves the page and goes back to it when I kill the browser too, argh!!07:55
sphinxxshould i click 'get the latest flash player'07:56
hischildzcat[1], here's the solution:07:56
Nithany tty lovers out there ever use vga=something in grub?07:56
zcat[1]all of a sudden that's not such a good feature07:56
hischildzcat[1], open up that page, open up a new page, THEN kill firefox.07:56
hansjdis there any way i change my 11g standard to 11b standard on my wireless? it seem's like i can't log on to my school network because it is 11b standard07:56
Gneasphinxx: sure07:56
=== KalEl is now known as flick
hischildzcat[1], as in: open ff twice07:56
figuringoutthis is a useful page to keep eyes open http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_1%2C_200807:56
Gneahischild: i like my method better: open a terminal, issue a killall -9 firefox-bin07:56
zcat[1]hischild: you can't open a new page, it constantly pops a javascript dialog up so you can't do anything else07:56
sphinxxhow does root work exactly, is liek the equivalent of Administrator on windows?07:56
kensomebody can sen me a midonkey for deb !07:57
zcat[1]anyhow.. I solved it in the end07:57
hischildzcat[1], alt f2 firefox && firefox07:57
sphinxxi never set a password for it, i only set a password for the username i created07:57
hischildGnea, then it'll open the page again when he opens it up07:57
IanFHoodbazhang: ok, tried the packages.ubuntu.com - got the correct id, still won't find it07:57
manchickenThere we go.07:57
DistroJockey!sudo | sphinxx07:57
Gneahischild: not if he presses up-arrow and enter really fast, one right after the other, after making sure that the terminal remains on top of all other applications07:57
robm2Gnea: okay looks good thanks. just want to say that swat gui is a little unuser friendly when choosing shares. I have to rechoose the share many times because it keeps loading the printer one even though i picked something else and clicked choose07:57
kensomebody can send me the mldonkey for deb!!! my system is 7.10 !07:58
kensomebody can send me the mldonkey for deb!!! my system is 7.10 !07:58
hischildGnea, i c07:58
DistroJockeysphinxx: sudo infront of the command gives root access07:58
sphinxxhow do i install this flash player i downloaded?07:58
sphinxxits a .tar.gz file07:58
kensomebody can send me the mldonkey for deb!!! my system is 7.10 !07:58
robm2Gnea: i appreciate it. time for bed07:58
eth01tar zxvf, cd foo07:58
Gnearobm2: yeah, it's fairly hard-edged a bit, but it's really the most user-friendly gui for setting up samba correctly07:58
kensomebody can send me the mldonkey for deb!!! my system is 7.10 !07:58
Gnearobm2: cheers, nite07:59
hischildfiguringout,  i like the april joke from nightwish ..07:59
robm2gnight all07:59
eth01ken: please don't ask your question twice, in what, the space of 5 seconds07:59
* Gnea throws barbie dolls at ken07:59
* Yashy wonders if ken is esl in obscure country08:00
sphinxxhischild ill rephrase, what do I need to do to ensure all my ports are closed08:00
* Gnea notices that too08:00
* Gnea proceeds to put his gf's barbies back where they belong.08:00
hischildsphinxx, you don't need anything. If you want to control your firewall, google for an iptables tutorial.08:00
Yashysphinxx: http://hackepedia.org/?title=ports08:00
eth01Gnea: topic please.08:01
Gneaeth01: ubotu is MIA08:01
hischildYashy, do you have any other resource then just hackepedia .... ?08:01
eth01Gnea: i don't care, topic.08:01
sphinxxis firefox 3 beta 4 ok for linux?08:01
eth01sphinxx: yes and no?08:01
SmokeyDhey, anybody knows how to turn off focus stealing prevention in metacity?08:01
Gneadefinitely time for sleep, nite.08:01
Yashyhischild: Why do I need a different one?08:01
=== Cwek_Janda_ is now known as [[Nounha|screaMO
sphinxxlike are any of you using it, i know on my xp, 3 performs a lot faster08:01
figuringouthischild: the worst is my fav xkcd. they've swtiched sites. which is a way of rickrolling. the right link to the xkcd comic for today is www.qwantz.com08:02
kenhello!~ i am looking for the mldonkey for deb !08:02
hischildYashy, instead of redirecting people you could offer help ...08:02
hischildfiguringout, lol ... well nightwish went with green energy for the day!08:02
kensomebody give me a addrees for web08:02
LunksHow to compile NVIDIA kernel module together with a custom built kernel?08:03
omnz0rsphinxx: you could use iptables08:03
Yashyhischild: ask me a question that is answered easily there, that I can answer, and I'll help any way I can.08:03
sphinxxis iptables a program?08:03
Yashythat isn't answered easily08:03
omnz0rit is08:03
LunksI don't want to wait until failsafe X loads, I kill it and then install it from nvidia script.08:03
Yashysphinxx: linux based packet filter08:04
sphinxxis there a quick way to just close every port08:04
sphinxxim not going to be doing any hosting or anything08:04
MistaGeeI'm currently having issues with alsa in ubuntu hardy... whenever a program tries to list up the available devices and/or PCMs, it hangs completely and can't be killed. has anyone experienced this before?08:04
omnz0riptables -P INPUT DROP08:04
hischildsphinxx, they are closed by default.08:05
Yashysphinxx: change your runtime/init mode then?08:05
hischildMistaGee, /j #ubuntu+108:05
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?08:05
sphinxxso i dont need to do anything im safe out of the box?08:05
manchickenMistaGee: That sounds like an intel hda issue.  I haven't found two hda issues that were the same so you may want to check #ubuntu+1, but also start googling.08:05
hischildomnz0r, that might kick him out as well as returning traffic can also be bounced08:05
Yashysphinxx: I hear there is a firewall in Hardy, but you should be OK out of the box. try http://crypto.yashy.com/nmap.php08:06
sphinxxi have 7.10 desktop08:06
hischildsphinxx, you can use firestarter to check your firewall and stuff, or set up your own using iptables.08:06
MistaGeeI actually do have an intel hda08:06
sphinxxim sorry i want to stress how new i am to this :\08:06
omnz0rhischild: yes, put it closes all ports08:06
BlinkizI need help with unison and the merge function. Where can I ask my question?08:06
Yashyfirewalling is getting better in ubuntu08:07
=== doko_ is now known as doko
hischildomnz0r, it doesn't just close all ports, it drops _ALL_ incoming traffic.08:07
YashyBlinkiz: ask and cross your finger for a pointer?08:07
omnz0rhischild: yes, that is correct08:07
hischildomnz0r, which includes responses from outgoing traffic.08:07
BlinkizYashy: ;)08:08
sphinxxit says 202 updates available, should i install these?08:10
hischildsphinxx, yes08:10
BlinkizI have two txt files that has changed on two location. Am using unison to sync changes. Problem now is that the file has changed on both sides. unison has a solution for this called "merge". Problem is that after reading the merge manual page, I can't still get it to work. Anyone wanna help me out?08:10
hischildBlinkiz, do you still have the original?08:10
sphinxxi feel so useless not doing anything after installing the OS08:11
hischildsphinxx, USE your OS, instead of spending hours finding everything you need to get it to work.08:11
YashyBlinkiz: is this a one off you can use diff to merge them, or a regular issue with unison?08:11
sphinxxill drink 2 that08:11
sphinxxalthough id like to tweak it for speed since the laptop isnt that great08:11
Yashysphinxx: search "ubuntu kernel tweaks"08:12
hischildsphinxx, windows takes me about 3 hours to get it working with drivers (vista that is, for xp is not possible due to lack of drivers) and then i don't have any programs. Ubuntu takes me 20 min for the install, and 40 min for the updates.08:12
kelvin911i accidently delete emacs(client) from main menu how do i get it back?08:12
hischildYashy, you're suggesting kernel tweaks to a newbie ... don't you think that's a little dangerous?08:13
BlinkizYashy: I think my problem is a combo between diff3 and unison. diff3 wants MYFILE OLDFILE YOURFILE. I do not have oldfile. Just myfile and yourfile.08:13
hischildBlinkiz, diff can merge between files as well, putting all differences together into one file.08:14
Blinkizhischild: Yeah, thats my goal08:14
Blinkizhischild: But diff is launched from unison.08:14
LunksYashy hischild do you know how to integrate nvidia into a custom kernel build?08:15
sphinxxis there a GUI interface for iptables?08:15
hischildBlinkiz, why not use diff yourself? from what i've read on diff, you can do that yourself.08:15
hischildsphinxx, firestarter iirc08:15
BlinkizI think I found a solution to my problem. Its about having backups all the time on old files. http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/771208:15
hischildLunks, no sorry08:15
Blinkizhischild: Can't use diff directly in my case08:15
YashyBlinkiz: Is this a one off you can diff them and merge them? Or will it happen regurily08:15
sphinxxhow do you install applications? like i have a tar.gz file i would like to install08:16
hischildBlinkiz, can you elaborate?08:16
bikeboyAny programs similar to Audacity but lighter weight/simpler? - I just want to trim some mp3 or wav files and possibly compress the resulting mp308:16
BlinkizYashy: It will happen regurily08:16
Yashyhischild: sounds like he's looking for something challenging?08:16
hischildYashy, who, lunks? yes08:16
omnz0rsphinxx: what app is it?08:16
Yashysphinxx: try $ gksudo synaptic08:17
JanPeterhey if anyone has any experience getting Age of Empires 3 to work in wine join #winehq to help someone out thanks!08:17
sphinxxsorry.. its flash 908:17
Yashy./k Janpeter spam08:18
Blinkizhischild: diff3 needs three inputs. MYFILE OLDFILE YOURFILE. Unison is providing MYFILE and YOURFILE by default. Unison is calling diff3 when it notice a change on both sides of the backup. The solution is to configure unison so it keeps old files. That way, OLDFILE will exist08:18
* Yashy does not recommend flash right now08:18
maekYashy, yeah Flash on linux is crap08:19
JanPeterim not spamming08:19
JanPeterits not even my problem....08:19
YashyBlinkiz: sounds reasonable08:19
hischildBlinkiz, i see. Then this might sound stupid: why not just copy it?08:19
Yashymaek: as an app it's been compromised.08:19
Blinkizhischild: Because it's on remote sites. Syncronizing backups over the net08:19
Blinkizhischild: unison is good for this08:20
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?08:20
hischildBlinkiz, i got that part. I meant, before you do the diff part, why not throw in a cp oldfile oldfile.bac08:21
Yashybullgard4: text parsers do08:21
Blinkizhischild: Your right. That is the solution. Thing is that that command is integrated into unison. It's called "backup". I just need to understand how it works.08:22
bullgard4Yashy: Tell me why.08:22
hischildBlinkiz, i meant: before you call this backup, unison or whichever program you use, call a cp.08:23
hischildmanchicken_, having luck with the upgrade?08:23
Yashybullgard4: they take text in, right? then they parse it.08:24
manchicken_Yeah, just trying to get my daru2 to suspend now.08:24
kelvin911how to burn lightscribe disc in ubuntu?08:24
PeddyCan someone please help me, I get this error when opening a lot of things: ImportError: /usr/lib/libgnomevfs-2.so.0: undefined symbol: g_assertion_message_expr :'(08:25
bullgard4Yashy: But parsers do not add suffixes, as far I know.08:26
Blinkizhischild: That's the beauty of unison. It handles all this commands. Unison is making backups on the remote site (ssh connection) with the cp command. I just trying to understand how. Am on my why with the command "backupcurrent" within unison08:26
hischildBlinkiz, i'm sorry, i misunderstood.08:27
=== cornelius_ is now known as c9s
bullgard4Yashy: Besides, I used ps with some options only.08:27
Yashyparsers can add whatever you want08:27
YashyBlinkiz: There is no beauty in unison if you are asking questions. rsync is the better option right now.08:28
marlunWhat package should I install if I want Default Language: English (Swedish). I don't want my ubuntu to be in swedish but I want the calendar to start with Monday and other things thats swedish. I can choose English (Denmark) but there is no English (Swedish).08:30
ubuntuQWADZSDi JUST DELETED the wrong NTFS Partition!! first thing ive done is put in the Ubuntu live boot cd and come here? any ideas? i have about 250megs of photos i REALLY cannot lose08:30
BlinkizYashy: I don't think it is in my case. Having one central server handling backup and three client synchronizing against this backup. A star topology. For example, all three computers should have the right signons3.txt that is the password file Firefox-3.0 is using.08:30
Yashymarlun: "sweedish language packs ubuntu" search08:31
eth01ubuntuQWADZSD: theres a few things you can do.. but case in point, you've lost everything.08:31
ubuntuQWADZSDeth01: okay tell me all08:31
zcat[1]ubuntuQWADZSD: recreate it.. you've only removed the partition, not the filesystem.. if you restore it just how itt was all should be well08:32
Tomatixeth01, just a thought, isn't NTFS made such it resets sectors at unused, so recover could be possible?08:32
YashyubuntuQWADZSD: promise to backup everything, everwhere, moving forward?08:32
eth01zcat[1]: uhh, not really.08:32
ubuntuQWADZSDzcat[1]: i can just recreate it with gparted?08:32
zcat[1]eth01: how not really?08:32
ubuntuQWADZSDwont that overwrite data?08:32
eth01zcat[1]: if he does that, he'll lose even more, duh.08:33
zcat[1]ubuntuQWADZSD: dod you do anything at all other than remove the partition in the pattiton editor?08:33
ubuntuQWADZSDzcat[1]: nope08:33
ubuntuQWADZSDgod damned fdisk and its lack of detail08:33
zcat[1]ubuntuQWADZSD: if they files are really important, you might be best to call a data recovery expert ASAP... I would be 99% sure that you can just put the partiton settings back.. but not 100% sure08:34
ubuntuQWADZSDzcat[1]: ok thats enough to go on, its just photos i already have on facebook but i will give it a try =)08:34
zcat[1]If you've done nothing else thogh I am 100% sure you can get every last bit back again08:34
Yashypretty much like someone ripped the table of contents out of your harddrive08:34
Yashyworth it to bring back the table of contents or it's not08:35
eth01theres every possibility that the actual FS has been wiped too08:35
ubuntuQWADZSDzcat[1]:  ITS THERE =D THANKS!!!08:35
xp_prgI just got my passport, anyone want to invite me to their country so I can say hi to them?08:36
Yashybut you fail in the area of being positive :)08:36
zcat[1]eth01: depends if he just saved partition changes, or went ahead and created a new FS over the top.. if he didn't, he should be pretty safe08:36
eth01xp_prg: bai08:36
eth01Yashy: you can't always be positive :(08:36
DistroJockeyubuntuQWADZSD: testdisk may be worth a look: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk08:37
zcat[1]ubuntuQWADZSD: cool!! Probably a good idea to backup the files, cos if you got even one cylinder out you're going to see massive FS corruption as soon as you start doing anything else with the FS08:37
eth01ubuntuQWADZSD: defrag it08:37
zcat[1]eth01: NO!!!!!08:37
ubuntuQWADZSDzcat[1]: yeah im going to install ntfs3g and back up to another safe partition08:37
zcat[1]ignore eth01he's giving terrible advice08:37
ubuntuQWADZSDim not that silly haha =p08:37
ubuntuQWADZSDjust wanted a second opinion08:38
hischildubuntuQWADZSD, if you're going to do ANYTHING with it, be sure to back it up first. If possible (and you know how) mount it read only to prevent accidents08:38
eth01zcat[1]: don't be so over-the-top.08:38
Homerehello. Got an issue with Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 desktop.  Sometimes my session starts, I can launch programms (Firefox, thunderbird, terminal) and then .... got "connection refused to 0.0" and I can't starts X apps anymore08:38
DASPRiDread the first passage :D08:38
FloodBot1DASPRiD: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:38
Yashyzcat[1]: what is the process to kick him, if so?08:38
ubuntuQWADZSDhischild: yeah its already mounted as read only the second i deleted the partition08:38
hischildhomere: /j #ubuntu+108:38
zcat[1]eth01: If it's not 100% where it was, defraging it might well completely destroy any chance of recovering all the files08:39
hischildubuntuQWADZSD, ok gd =)08:39
eth01Yashy: whats the process to kick you more like.08:39
Homerehischild: ok08:39
eth01zcat[1]: theres no harm in using defrag, once backed up obv.. (but isn't that just common sense after one fright?)08:39
zcat[1]eth01: why don't you just go ahead and tell him to rm -rf while he's at it...08:39
zcat[1]eth01: yes, AFTER..08:40
hischildeth01, zcat[1], please stop the useless discussion.08:40
eth01zcat[1]: /topoc08:40
eth01/topic, even08:40
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SmegzorI edited grub's menu.lst because splashy just gives me a blank screen, but I want to re-enable splashy.  All I have to do is edit menu.lst but I don't have a backup of the original.  What goes after ro?   /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-12-generic root=UUID=e5f70ba4-7566-45d9-b123-2fd983ea3c7f ro08:41
zcat[1]eth01: If the files are recoverable, he should mount the filesystem and copy them somewhere safer .. if the partiton settings aren't right, it may be in a very fragile condition08:41
Filiphhow can I format my HDD; full format. I have 6 partitions on 200Gig HDD. and I want to set it all to 0... is it possible with terminal?08:41
hischildFiliph, are you absolutely sure that you want to remove EVERYTHING from the disc?08:41
zcat[1]mount RO rather..08:41
hischildSmegzor, quiet splash08:42
Filiphyes... it has some bad sectors on C:\08:42
ubuntuQWADZSDthis only happened because of damned vista stuffing up, lucky i know a chunk of linux to help me when this crapbox crashes08:42
Smegzorsplashy has had a few updates so I'm going to see if its fixed yet08:42
hischildFiliph, bad sectors is one thing. But if you're absolutely sure, i'll help you through the process.08:42
[[thufir]]what's a good p2p for downloading mp3's please?08:42
jussio1!piracy | [[thufir]]08:43
SmegzorI also set my maximum resolution in splashy (somewhere).  I might actually see something this time!  brb08:43
hischildFiliph, do you know where the hd is located? like /dev/sdb08:43
[[thufir]]jussi01: in canada it's not illegal :)08:43
Yashy[[thufir]]: ktorrent08:43
[[thufir]]nor norway08:44
MistaGeeI've blacklisted snd_hda_intel now, now aplay -l works (just doesn't find any devices), so the problem definitely has something to do with the hda thing08:44
D32697Quick question how can I point to my drive "New Volume" what is the correct syntax... /media/New\ Volume/  is that how it works or?08:44
eth01Smegzor: once formatted, you'll lose 10gb or so08:44
eth01ah, he's gone08:44
ubuntuQWADZSDMistaGee: i guessing you have alsa installed properly?08:45
nomopofomoHi, I'm trying to get a bunch of .otf files from various folders on a CD into one single directory. How would I go about doing that? In Windows I'd be able to use the search tool to locate them all on the CD and then transfer them but how about in Linux?08:45
Filiphhischild, i am on live CD...08:46
MistaGeeI hope I do, I've tried with the default packages (and before the update, it worked), and I've tried compiling using module-assistant08:46
hischildFiliph, that's ok. Do you have only one hard disc?08:46
jussi01MistaGee: you have a intel hda correct?08:46
Filiphhischild, one HDD and 6 partitions08:46
jussi01MistaGee: have you looked at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto08:46
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?08:47
eshaasedo 100mbit network cards really get you the supposed 12.5 MB/s or is it kinda like how HDs are where you never reach the maximum speed transfer rate?08:47
eth01eshaase: that depends on your internet connection08:47
hischildFiliph, in terminal type this ==> sudo fdisk /dev/sda08:48
eth01eshaase: or, what you've got in-between. router/switch and so on08:48
hischildeshaase, i get around 10 - 12 meg a sec when wired.08:48
eshaaseeth01: assumign the ideal conditions08:48
eshaasehischild: 100mbit?08:48
hischildeshaase, yes.08:48
eth01eshaase: 100mbit...08:48
Filiphhischild, yes...08:49
hischildFiliph, you get a new menu, correct?08:49
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Shadow420ha found a solution for my dual boot problem08:50
Blinkizdiff3 needs three input files. MYFILE OLDFILE YOURFILE. Does it exist a diff tool that only require MYFILE and YOURFILE?08:50
hischildFiliph, type h for the help menu. p for a list of current partitions with partition numbers. d for deleting a partition. The rest guides itself.08:50
eth01eshaase: we're working with 1gibt here -- never, have I got the "full" gbit08:50
eshaaseeth01: well assuming you ahve 100mbit hardware in between08:50
eshaaseeth01: realistically08:50
Shadow420!find pastebin08:50
eshaaseeth01: lets say a simple 100mbit hub08:50
hischildFiliph, type p to get a list of partition numbers.08:50
hischildFiliph, then type d and the partition number you want to remove.08:50
eth01eshaase: if your NIC supports 1/10/100/ its ok?08:51
eshaaseeth01: well, i don't expect the "full" gbit, just wanted to know what the realistic rates are08:51
eshaaseeth01: what do you mean?08:51
eth01eshaase: mbit.08:51
hischildFiliph, that's a normal message. You can ignore it.08:51
D32697I have a drive named New Volume.. I need to know how to get a program to download files to it.. how do you point to a two word directory?08:51
eth01eshaase: point is, if your NIC supports that -- whats wrong?08:51
markxchandoes anyone know a free local dictionary for ubuntu?08:52
Filiphah, k. so... "p"?08:52
markxchanmuch like encarta dictionary08:52
demianmexwell hello to everyone08:52
marlunCan I remove the thick border that is around windows in the ubuntu theme?08:52
eshaaseeth01: i'm trying to get a feel for how fast gigabit will be if i get it and how much i'll lose out on considering my HD speed08:52
hischildFilbert, yes. (try to add my name, type his and hit tab to complete it. Makes your text red)08:52
demianmexthis is my first time in a irc channel in more than 6 years08:52
Filiphhischild,  ok :-p08:52
sphinxxif i have dual boot, and my windows installtion gets infected with virus, my linux installation will be fine right?08:53
eth01eshaase: gbit, £940.53 p/m!08:53
sphinxxunless the grub loader got corrupted or something08:53
demianmexand finally i can make work properly my usb modem HDSPA with gusty08:53
hischildsphinxx, yes.08:53
hischildFiliph, just makes it a bit easier :-)08:53
eshaaseeth01: whats that?08:53
nomopofomoI need cp help :(08:53
hischildnomopofomo, what's up?08:53
eth01eshaase: i don't think you understand.08:54
Filiphhischild, ok. it's done...08:54
nomopofomohischild, I'm trying to copy all of my fonts from a CD that are in various directories into just one direcotry.08:54
eshaaseeth01: i don't =)08:54
demianmexso guys, what you all up too?08:54
eth01eshaase: 1gbit is something the home-user (generally) won't have.08:54
hischildFiliph, you removed all the partitions?08:54
eshaaseeth01: what does a home-user not generally having it have to do with what i want to do?08:55
eth01eshaase: it's used in data centre, businesses sharing it internally.08:55
hischildFiliph, do you want to create a new partition.08:55
eth01a *08:55
eth01eshaase: you won't be able to experience such speeds on your connection...08:55
eshaaseeth01: why not?08:56
YashyI wonder if there is a !bot command to paste the answer from hackpedia into IRC08:56
hischildeth01, if you do a lot of home copying it most certainly is usefull.08:56
Yashyerr hackepedia08:56
eshaaseeth01: i have a network of systems at home08:56
eshaaseeth01: which is what i plan to use it for08:56
Filiphhischild, not yet first of all I want full format08:56
eth01err, you didn't say this was happening internally. sigh.08:56
eshaaseeth01: i wouldn't consider it if it were just for the internet08:56
eth01you said it was for WAN purposes.08:56
eshaaseeth01: i didn't say that08:57
eth01you didn't say it was for "wan" exactly like that. you implied it though.08:57
MistaGeejussi01, playback does work the way it is now08:57
hischildFiliph, that's what you've done when you removed the partitions. You can then type w to write the new partition (in this case, none)08:57
eshaaseeth01: anyways, waht realistic for transfer rates considering i have two systems, two gbit cards and a gbit hub08:57
eth01eshaase: wrapping it up. if your routers/switches and nics support 100/1gbit or whatever, then it'll work - no probs.08:57
eshaaseeth01: well i know it will work, i'm concerned about how fast it will work08:58
Filiphhischild, hmm... it was TO easy!!! cant be... and no format?08:58
eth01eshaase: we can't predict that, and that's being very realistic.08:58
Smegzoryay!  Splashy works! :D08:58
eshaaseeth01: well i was hoping for a ball-park figure, like 25%, 75%, etc.08:59
eshaaseeth01: kinda like how you can't expect ATA 100 to perform at 100MB/s08:59
hischildFiliph, we'll have to write the entire disc with dd once you've created a new partition (which is the formatting)08:59
DistroJockeyeshaase: It would be around the 25% mark08:59
eshaaseeth01: its more like 50% of that08:59
eth01eshaase: not possible08:59
eshaaseDistroJockey: ouch, really? you think HD speeds are limiting that?09:00
DistroJockeyeshaase: yeah, SATA2 = 300Gb/s09:00
eth01eshaase: whats with the % figures? heh09:00
Filiphhischild, but if i go to places => computer, I see all HDD listed... :-s09:00
=== negge^ is now known as negge
eshaaseeth01: i'm a % kind of guy =)09:00
sphinxxwhat does 'roaming mode' mean - its checked on my etho0 network adapter09:00
bsdnewb07hi guys with ubuntu if im a root user is there a way to become another user without knowing thre password?09:01
eth01eshaase: thats just not ideal in this scenario09:01
snowolfbsdnewb07: su09:01
DistroJockeyeshaase: and that's max for the interface, and the drives can't even get up near that09:01
bsdnewb07su is just to become root isnt it09:01
snowolfsu user09:01
snowolfand you became that user09:01
eshaaseDistroJockey: what do you mean?09:01
hischildFiliph, that's odd. You did type w to write it, correct?09:02
DistroJockeyeshaase: the drive doesn't spin fast enough to pump out 300Gb/s09:02
kelvin911300 Gb/s?09:02
DistroJockeyoops even09:02
eth01not all drives do.09:03
Filiphhischild, ow :-p not seen09:03
kelvin911about 39 GB/s ?? that fast?09:03
sphinxxhey guys i just did port scan on and found 631 open (ipp), 37042, 42033, 58408 open09:03
sphinxxis there a reason those are open?09:03
hischildsphinxx, if you scan yourself, you'll also see the local ports.09:03
sphinxxso port scan of an address sees what ports that address can see on u?09:04
DistroJockeyOfcourse, I did mean 300Mb/s :) sorry09:04
Filiphhaschild, I have to reboot...09:04
DistroJockeyhmm, actually, it's 300MB/s *whaps self*09:04
zcat[1]services are often bound to 'localhost' -- you'll see them open if you scan but you won't see them if you scan from elsewhere on the network09:05
hischildFiliph, can you pastebin me the contents of fstab? sudo aptitude install pastebinit && cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit (provide link in channel please)09:05
hischildFiliph, no you don't. We can do this all after each other.09:05
jimmy_ok it wasn't compiz, i saw that when the game setup runs its auto directx install (becasue it can't see that it's already installed) it gives lots of theese errors: err:setupapi:do_file_copyW Unsupported style(s) 0x14409:06
bsdnewb07snowolf  su user  is asking me for a password but i dont know there password09:06
Filiphhischild, eh? what have I to do?09:06
jimmy_does anyone know what they mean?09:06
=== ce_kesepian is now known as icha_mnizz
zcat[1]bsdnewb07: sudo su user  -- will ask for your password, then log you in as 'user'09:06
hischildFiliph, you did write it now, correct?09:06
juzzy_Mythbuntu 7.1 to 8 upgrade issue: upgraded and now won't boot, dumps to initramfs prompt after 1-2mins sitting on loading screen09:07
hischildFiliph, then please paste me the content of fstab: sudo aptitude install pastebinit && cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit (provide link in channel please)09:07
Filiphhischild, what wrote?09:07
hischildFiliph, the new partition table.09:07
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m7d56b1b809:09
hischildFiliph, yes. Type w and hit enter.09:10
Yashy71.231 -09:10
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m7ccae7fe09:10
YashyHow can you tell if your paranoia is justified?09:10
hischildFiliph, yes.09:11
hischildFiliph, now pastebin me the output of mount please.09:11
zcat[1]Yashy: it is.09:11
Filiphhischild, srry I am not so advanced in linux... I am just a beginner... what's "ouput of mount"?09:12
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?09:13
YashyFiliph: type "mount" and what you see is the output.09:13
hischildFiliph, type mount and copy the output of mount on pastebin.09:13
Yashybullgard4: your last chance... a parser.09:14
zcat[1]Filiph: mount | pastebinit09:14
bullgard4Yashy: top is no parser.09:14
Filiphhischild, aaah http://pastebin.com/m7180a7b409:14
zcat[1]    3 root      RT  -5     0    0    0 S  0.0  0.0   0:00.00 migration/009:15
zcat[1]like those??09:15
hischildFiliph, alright. Type this to unmount your drive ==> sudo umount /dev/sda5.09:15
jimmy_when i run 'wine AutoRun.exe' in NFS most wanted i get this error: err:service:service_get_status service protocol error - failed to read pipe r = 0  count = 0!  Could this be the reason that it can't see that directx is installed?09:15
hischildFiliph, then we can go create a new partition.09:16
hischildjimmy_, type #wine09:16
Filiphhischild, done09:16
hischildFiliph, alright, back to fdisk again. ==> sudo fdisk /dev/sda09:16
jimmy_i get no output with #wine09:17
zcat[1]only 117 users on #winehq ...09:17
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m20c31e4609:17
hischildFiliph, same warning, ignore it again.09:18
hischildFiliph, now we have to create the new partitions. Do you need help on that part?09:18
zcat[1]jimmy_: type "# this line is a comment in bash"09:19
* zcat[1] imagines #wine will never be very effective as a command09:19
zcat[1]anything you type in bash that starts with # is a comment and is ignored09:20
jimmy_why would i have to run a commented command?09:20
zcat[1]I don't know.. not sure what hischild was suggesting there..09:20
jimmy_hischild: why did u suggest to run a comment?09:21
hischildjimmy_, i did not. I suggested you would try the channel of wine which i mistook for #wine instead of #winehq09:21
hischildzcat[1], ^09:21
zcat[1]jimmy_: Ahh.. you didn't say that :)09:21
Filiphhischild, I think so... i want one of 30gig, 80, 50, 2009:22
sphinxxhischild, its stuff like this that makes me overwhelmed09:22
YashyI suggest unicorns09:22
=== Pooky is now known as pooky-5ce8
Yashybelieve in them09:22
=== pooky-5ce8 is now known as Pooky
hischildFiliph, alright. Then let's get to it.09:23
Filiphhischild, hehe, I'm ready :-D09:23
hischildFiliph, if you're sure you want to have a total of 4 partitions, you can create all primary.09:23
* zcat[1] has never had much luck in wine .. I got ie6 installed with a script but it runs terribly.. and I got WoW to run.. nothing else ever works.09:23
zcat[1]come to think of it, I don't think ie6 runs that great in windows either :)09:24
zcat[1].. but no, I'm sure it actually runs much worse in wine09:24
Filiphhischild, primary? there is only one for boot: C:\. rest is for games, media, temp, and rest for linux ;-)09:25
sphinxxi just installed noscript, should i allow youtube.com permanently?09:25
zcat[1]sphinxx: I would.09:25
hischildFiliph, how many partitions do you want _TOTAL_ including linux partitions09:26
Yashysphinxx: depends on your priorities?09:26
Filiphhischild, swap included?09:26
sphinxxon my windows machine i have firefox 3 beta 4, noscript isn't available for that yet right?09:26
hischildFiliph, yes09:26
Filiphhischild, 6 (six) ;-)09:27
hischildFiliph, then we'll create 3 primary partitions and 1 extended holding 3 logical partitions.09:27
Filiphhischild, ok09:28
CaBa|how do i provide an uncompressed kernel if a thinclient of mine doesnt support compressed kernel images?09:28
CaBa|can i umcompress it somehow or do i need compile it myself?09:28
hischildFiliph, so from the start after that warning => type n for new <enter>, type p for primary <enter>, <enter> for starting cylinder, type +<size in MB> <enter> for the size.09:29
bsdnewb07guys in ubuntu how can i find out how ram i have09:30
BlinkizAm trying to install comerr-dev but apt-get get stuck when trying to install this package. What todo?09:30
sphinxxi just installed NOscript on my windows xp machine with firefox 3 beta09:30
=== dufeeducky is now known as LuvFuk
sphinxxi marked youtube.com as trusted but it saying i need flash player when i go there now09:30
jghryf327bandeeeeeee deeeeeee boulettttttt09:30
jghryf327bandeeeeeee deeeeeee boulettttttt09:30
jghryf327bandeeeeeee deeeeeee boulettttttt09:30
jghryf327bandeeeeeee deeeeeee boulettttttt09:30
kelvin911how to write a script that can rename like a series of file?09:30
sphinxxnvmind i got it working09:31
kelvin911for example i want to rename 01.avi to 09.avi to like abc01.avi to abc09.avi09:31
Filiphhischild, partition number (1-4)?09:31
DistroJockeybsdnewb07: in a teminal, type:   less /proc/meminfo09:32
hischildFiliph, i'm sorry. For the first one type 109:32
Filiphhischild, :-D09:32
bsdnewb072066496 kB09:33
bsdnewb07whats that in MB09:33
IAMSAMdivide by 10409:33
DistroJockeybsdnewb07: that be 2GB09:33
mbs348hey sorry for a slightly off topic question, but why do any of you think IRC is still so widely used when there is lots of other newfangled technologys communities could use to chat?09:34
juzzy_IRC is instant09:34
bsdnewb07mbs348: it used to, not any more09:34
hischildmbs348, it's easy to use, even for new people.09:34
IAMSAMall of the above09:35
bsdnewb07irc isnt as popular as it was about 5 years ago09:35
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m3383353709:35
juzzy_mbs348, why do you think usenet is still used? because it still works09:35
mbs348but do you think maybe it out of habit?09:35
IAMSAMplus, you can incorporate into chat rooms on websites easily09:35
mbs348ok cool09:35
mbs348thats a good answer09:35
bsdnewb07yeh java applets09:35
mbs348so its portable09:35
juzzy_mbs348, what else is out that is better than irc?09:35
hischildFiliph, you should type +30000M09:35
BlinkizAm trying to install comerr-dev but apt-get get stuck when trying to install this package. What todo?09:35
Filiphhischild, aah09:35
bsdnewb07Blinkiz what is the problem your getting09:36
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?09:36
juzzy_Blinkiz, what does apt-get tell you?09:36
keisangihi there09:36
Blinkizbsdnewb07: juzzy_: I do not get any error. It just hangs. Pressing ctrl+c and the package is skipped. Problem is that it results in that other packages can't be configured.09:36
bsdnewb07how long do you leave it before escaping it?09:37
IAMSAMBlinkiz, which package?09:37
LetterRiphi Hoary doesn't mount my cdrom it appears09:37
Blinkizbsdnewb07: maybe two minutes.09:37
BlinkizIAMSAM: comerr-dev09:37
bsdnewb07are you installing from terminal or a control panel like webmin or something?09:37
LetterRipanyone else have that issue?09:38
IAMSAMhm. Blinkiz, i had that issue with acidlab as well09:38
LetterRipor suggestions to try09:38
Blinkizbsdnewb07: sudo apt-get install09:38
bsdnewb07very weird09:38
bsdnewb07try apt-get update09:38
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m2c6c1d2809:38
IAMSAMusing hardy09:38
keisangii was wondering how i can change compiz settings in hardy ? i clicked on "extra effects" it works well, but how can i change settings? like minimize animations, desktop cube and all the other goodies ?09:38
LetterRiper hardy i mean09:38
kelvin911anyone know how to rename more than 1 file?09:38
hischildFiliph, start from the beginning again.09:39
kelvin911rename 01.avi - 09.avi to a01.avi to a09.avi09:39
kelvin911rename like 100 files09:39
kelvin911how to do that in one line?09:39
zcat[1]kelvin911:  I think  rename /^/a *.avi09:39
Ignaciusis 8.04 a Beta??09:40
IAMSAMkelvin911, also might want to try mv 0*.avi a0*.avi09:40
sidis405so far yes.09:40
zcat[1]still no bot?09:40
hischildzcat[1], ubotu and ubotwo are dead :(09:40
Ignaciusand then release will be?09:40
Filiphhischild, done09:40
zcat[1]is ubotu a Beta?09:40
kelvin911what if i have files like 1.jpg, 2.jpg 003.jpg, 4.jpg  zz.jpg  want them to be like manga01.jpg to manga05.jpg09:41
DistroJockeyIgnacius: 23 days hopefully09:41
IgnaciusUbotu is a biot09:41
IAMSAMubuntu hardy is in beta zcat09:41
simplexiokelvin911: rename09:41
Ignaciusthe release will be 8.10?09:41
DistroJockeyIgnacius: nope 8.0409:41
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m5b4a2cb209:41
kelvin911simplexio: rename them in 1 line09:41
LetterRipalso there is no cdrom0 listed under my dev09:41
dgjonesIgnacius, its due 28th April (I think)09:41
Ignaciusok, then09:41
hischildFiliph, hit enter09:41
kelvin911where they dont have names in common pattern09:41
Filiphhischild, ok09:42
DistroJockeyIgnacius: .04 = April, .10 = October09:42
Ignaciusohhh I know understand :)09:42
zcat[1]kelvin911: for that I would use "ls -1 *.jpg | { x=0 ; while read file ; do mv "$file" image_${x}.jpg ; x= $[ $x + 1 ]; done }09:42
IAMSAMI love the ubuntu versioning process :D09:42
Ignaciusand 8 is year09:42
DistroJockeyme too :)09:42
aguyhow to disguise a promised tor-exit-node?09:42
zcat[1]or something like that09:42
DistroJockeyyup :)09:43
kelvin911simplexio: like 00.jpg  1.jpg  2.jpg  003.jpg  a.jpg   gt.jpg  xx.jpg to aaa01.jpg to aaa07.jpg ?09:43
=== Nettle|office is now known as Nettle
Filiphhischild, now the same but with nr°2?09:43
Ignaciusok, thanks09:43
souperok, here's an apparently simple question: how do i disable the ubuntu splash screen? I like to see what is actually happening during boot.09:43
sidis405hey fellas, is anyone havin issues with ralink drivers on Hardy?09:43
hischildFiliph, yes.09:43
hischildFiliph, and with the third09:43
aguyanyone an idea here?09:43
hischildand with the fourth, give me a call09:43
zcat[1]sidis405: #ubuntu+109:43
IAMSAMsouper, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:43
IAMSAMand remove the option for quiet and splash09:43
=== jomino_ is now known as jomino
Filiphhischild, third? for swap also prim?09:44
IAMSAMthe run sudo update-grub09:44
sidis405thank you zcat[1]09:44
IAMSAMaguy, what are you trying to do w. tor-node?09:44
zcat[1]actually haven't tried that card on hardy yet09:44
hischildFiliph, that's possible yes. We're just creating partitions now, whether they are primary or extended does not matter.09:44
Smegzoris it really necessary to run update-grub?  I never have and just editing menu.lst has always worked for me.09:44
IAMSAMhischild, primary should be boot, if you are putting it on a seperate partition09:45
aguyi just want to no if the tor-node is clear - no gov listening to it for eg.09:45
IAMSAMsmegzor, yes, you have to, or the changes don't take effect09:45
simplexiokelvin911: rename s/^/manga/g * -n09:45
zcat[1]Smegzor: no, it's not necessary.. stage 1.5 is filesystem-aware and reads the menu.list09:45
kelvin911simplexio: rename /^/a *.avi doesnt work09:45
DistroJockeyIAMSAM:  souper: update-grub should not be needed09:45
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/m7f86debc09:46
souperIAMSAM, thanks i'll bback09:46
SmegzorIAMSAM: I am living proof that you're wrong :D09:46
souperDistroJockey, thanks as well09:46
simplexiomaybe it nee 's/^/manga/g'09:46
IAMSAMit's recommended after all changes to the grub entries on all sites i've seen09:46
DistroJockeysouper: np09:46
zcat[1]I have NEVER run anything after editing /boot/grub/menu.list09:46
IAMSAMgood to know09:46
IAMSAMi stand corrected :)09:46
zcat[1]GRUB is not LILO09:46
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: but it says "program used to generate the menu.lst"09:46
IAMSAMaguy, you just want to make sure that tor is an anonymous proxy, basically?09:46
hischildFiliph, type p and pastebin the output again please.09:47
kelvin911simplexio: still dont work09:47
hischildIAMSAM, from what i understand it'll just be a root partition, nothing special for the rest.09:47
* DistroJockey agrees with zcat[1]09:47
dibblegoif I want to record the image from a webcam, what is the recommended software?09:47
IAMSAMDistroJockey, hm, idk, when i add the options for data=writeback, the site said to run update-grub09:47
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/d3111540809:47
zcat[1]dibblego: I'd probably use vlc09:47
kelvin911VLC can capture image from webcam?09:48
hischildIAMSAM, if you add them to the default options and not hte kernel line, that's true. When editing the kernel line directly, there's no need.09:48
zcat[1]mind you, I use vlc for far too many things09:48
bertvdphi, can someone tell me how I can give instructions from one tty to another ?09:48
kelvin911what about video capture?09:48
aguybasically, yes09:48
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: *shrugs* just looking at  man update-grub  it shouldn't be needed09:48
zcat[1]vlc can do all kinds of things09:48
IAMSAMhischild, gotcha, thank you for the clerification :)09:48
aguybasicaly yes09:48
bullgard4What mechanism appends to the name of a process a / and a digit, for example 'migration/0' or 'ata/0'?09:48
kelvin911how about capturing the screenshot?09:48
hischildIAMSAM, you're welcome09:48
aguyvery basically....09:48
kelvin911capture the screen for 1 minute and save it as avi?09:48
DistroJockeyhischild: ahh, I see09:48
dibblegozcat[1], does it require some kind of plugin?09:49
zcat[1]kelvin911: for watching things, 'motion' is aewsome..09:49
IAMSAMaguy, yes, tor is set up using anonymous servers, but not all, it's always a good idea to chain our proxies for full coverage09:49
aguyIAMSAM: its just the exit nodes that are a possible leak, i guess09:49
souperworked beautifully thanks very much09:49
hischildFiliph, you already used the second partition. delete the second and third, then do it again please. =)09:49
kelvin911zcat[1]: watching what?09:49
kelvin911zcat[1]: i uses vlc to watch movies and listening to music09:49
zcat[1]dibblego: not sure.. depends on the webcam possibly.. I have bt878 cards and analog cams here.. USB is a bit different I think09:49
kelvin911zcat[1]: only mplayer for realplayer09:50
Viper111guys my Ubuntu 6.06 LTS server is shutdowning down every time after about 2 hours of starting, any body can advice09:50
hischildFiliph, and be sure to only use a partition number once.09:50
IAMSAMDistroJunkie, have you used hard drive encryption on your / partition at all?09:50
zcat[1]sorry.. for monitoring/security of the webcam, motion is cool..09:50
sphinxxcan i have gnome and xfce running simultaneously09:50
hischildalso a general question: usually a disc can only have 4 primary partitions. His fdisk tells him he can use 8 primary partitions. Is there a reason as to why?09:50
IAMSAMViper111, can you get to your system logs?09:50
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: DistroJunkie hehe I like that name too ;)09:50
Filiphhischild, yes I did... eh how to delete? :-p :-S09:50
sphinxxlike so i can switch between them in the bottom right09:50
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: nope09:50
aguyIAMSAM couldn't one determine HIS own exit-node and test it somehow?09:50
IAMSAMDistroJockey, sry =/09:50
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: np :)09:51
Filiphhischild, ok it's good09:51
IAMSAMaguy, i'm not sure, that's best for googling =/09:51
hischildFiliph, for the 4th primary partition, instead of primary, make it extended and make it cover the free space that is left.09:51
aguyof course... i did a little already, wanted to give reading a break09:51
sphinxxi went to do this command and it said 'this aptitude does not have super cow powers"09:51
IAMSAMDistroJockey, i've noticed tremendous lag in read write, causing horrendous system lags... I reccomend against it :p09:51
aguysee you09:51
sphinxxsudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop09:51
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: yeah, doesn't sound like a good idea09:52
hischildsphinxx, you've probably made a type with install. Try it again.09:52
zcat[1]aptitude doesn't have super-cow powers .. only apt does09:52
hischildzcat[1], orly?09:52
souperwhat about portege?09:52
Filiphhischild,  why 4th? I want only 2 boot partitions..; or is that not what I think?09:52
* souper stands corrected09:52
zcat[1]hischild: you know one that does?09:52
hischildzcat[1], not really09:52
IAMSAMDistroJockey, yeah, today's project will be a full reinstall of Hardy. btw, do you know when or if Hardy will ever get the mondo package to be installable?09:52
hischildFiliph, the 2 boot partitions (your root and the windows c:) should be primary partitions. The rest does not matter. In the extended partition we're going to create some more partitions.09:53
zcat[1]zcat@mandela:~$ aptitude moo09:53
zcat[1]There are no Easter Eggs in this program.09:53
hischildIAMSAM, you're going to install hardy? good luck :-) works like a charm here09:53
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: I may take a look at that package though as I am running Hardy atm. What's it for?09:54
souperWhat is the best method to upgrade from i386 gutsy to x64_32 hardy?09:54
juzzy_lol i don't think you can souper09:54
IAMSAMhischild, i've been using it since it came out as alpha, only downside is i used twofish hard drive encryption, and it slowed the system down too much, so I will be reinstalling when I get out of here09:54
souperit's possible09:54
juzzy_format? :P09:54
souperwell that would be my fallback09:54
hischildIAMSAM, i see. I really like it (just broke it a couple dozen times)09:54
Filiphhischild, is that good? http://pastebin.com/d4e71848b09:55
hischildsouper, from what i understand, the differences are much to large to be able to upgrade in the way you want to.09:55
juzzy_I'm just trying to fix my mythbuntu install, went from 7.10 to 8.04 and now it won't boot09:55
hischildFiliph, if you type p i can understand what you did =)09:55
IAMSAMDistroJockey, it allows you to take basically an image of your computer in it's current state, and if (God forbid) your system dies, you can use that disk to nuke the partitions and set it up again just like it was, w. out the need to install individual packages again09:55
IAMSAMit's nice09:55
souperwell will the configurations stored in my home partition still hold true?09:55
IAMSAMhischild, yeah my sound broke after ubuntustudio-audio was installed, i learned to stay away from that for a while :p09:56
hischildIAMSAM, haha ... i understand then yh ...09:56
souperbecause i suppose that's really only what's important09:56
hischildIAMSAM, though i am very pleased with the current state of fluxbox with hardy09:56
IAMSAMjussy_ any error messages on boot?09:56
Filiphhischild, http://pastebin.com/d52fcd30209:56
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: ahh, cool09:56
juzzy_IAMSAM, none09:57
IAMSAMhischild, orly? i may have to look into it... xfce is going downhill :(09:57
juzzy_IAMSAM, it goes to the boot screen (mythbuntu logo) and then drops out 2mins later09:57
juzzy_IAMSAM, then it comes to a screen with Busybox 1.1.3 on it saying initramfs09:57
juzzy_Then eventually just blanks out like 10mins later09:57
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: You may like to check out remastersys also then09:57
hischildIAMSAM, i use conky (i know...) for monitoring stuff, along with wmbattery and nm-applet ... i'm still editing the conky thing though, not happy with it yet09:57
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: does the same, but makes a live CD09:58
IAMSAMjuzzy_ when the system starts, hit esc to get to the grub menu, edit the kernel line in the first entry so it does not have the splash and quiet options, then you should have an error09:58
hischildFiliph, copy the entire screen, including the next prompt please.09:58
juzzy_IAMSAM, ta09:58
hischildFiliph, i don't mind reading through a bit of text to find what i'm looking for =)09:58
IAMSAMDIstroJockey, yeah, i've heard of that, but basically modo doesn't give you the live cd, it's just a back up tool :) it allows the fixing of individual files, or to nuke your entire system, and replace it w. the copy you made09:59
Viper111IAMSAM yes i can get09:59
DistroJockeyIAMSAM: fair enough09:59
hischildIAMSAM, can i also not backup certain folders? (i got about 40gb of video files i don't need backed up again)09:59
FinnishHow do I make a backup-copy of xconf?09:59
IAMSAMViper111, check to see what is happening right before the system shuts down, there should be an entry in the logs to help us out a little10:00
DistroJockeyFinnish: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup10:00
IAMSAMhischild, yeah, mondo is curses based and allows for excusion of file types and entire directories :)10:00
Viper111IAMSAM which log file i'l see10:00
IAMSAMDistroJockey, I'm going to check out remastersys though, so I can get a copy of Ubuntu for my neighbors to use10:01
hischildIAMSAM, then it just sounds awesome. Usable from a running system i assume? because now it is starting to sound very interesting.10:01
FinnishDistroJockey: And for the future, how do I bring it when i need it?10:01
Filiphhischild, ok terminal copied... ;-) http://pastebin.com/m43380db10:01
IAMSAMViper111, check the syslog10:01