asdafHi all15:53
asdafI was wondering if there is any way in upstart to reload a job description from file15:54
Keybukjust change the file16:02
KeybukUpstart will automatically reload it16:02
Keybukif the job is running, you will need to stop it - let it stop, and then start it again16:02
asdafok, this works if inotify works, but I have a read-only filesystem and would like to use links for some job files placed in a writable location16:11
asdafso if I change the target file of the symlink, inotify is not aware of it16:12
asdafdo you think it would be possible to add an event to force reload, something like 'initctl emit reload myjob'16:14
Keybukit'll be present in trunk16:15
Keybukeverything necessary to do it is there16:16
Keybukprobably just a general "reload" command though to reload all jobs16:16
jdongKeybuk: can Upstart start Upstart? ;-)16:22
Keybukjdong: yes16:22
Keybukjdong: kill -TERM 116:24
* jdong doesn't dare figure out what that actually does :D16:24
Keybukit makes upstart re-exec itself16:25
Keybukyou have to get the running upstart to do it so that the new copy still has pid 116:25
Keybukupstart --replace isn't possible16:25
brendan_Keybuk: is that job reloading something that was recently fixed?18:29
brendan_in 0.3.8 it doesn't seem to ever reload the job description18:30
brendan_at least, in my environment18:30
Keybukit should18:31
Keybuk0.3.8 is largely the same as 0.3.918:31
brendan_oh, is it using inotify to see that the file changed?19:30
brendan_that could be my problem, since the /etc filesystem is on nfs and i don't change the files on the host running upstart19:31
Keybukit does use inotify, yes19:52
tannewtare upstart init scripts shutdown and started up upon suspend and resume?21:00
tannewtin ubuntu?21:01
mbiebltannewt: no21:23
tannewtmbiebl: so I should not write them as upstart init files but legacy init?21:24
mbiebltannewt: why should they? suspend/resume != start/shutdown21:24
tannewtmbiebl: true, but my daemon needs to be restarted on resume21:25
mbiebltannewt: hook that up with pm-utils21:25
tannewtmbiebl: hmm, okay, I was looking in /etc/acpi/{suspend,resume}.d.  are those scripts different than regular init?21:26
tannewtok, so I'd write inits for that and upstart for startup/shutdown?21:28
mbieblthey serve a different purpose21:28
mbieblYou could set up pm-utils to emit shutdown / resume events21:28
mbieblThen your upstart job can react on this.21:29
mbieblOr, if your daemon is started via a legacy sysv init script, create a hook for pm-utils and use the restartservice method.21:29
tannewtmbiebl: oh, all right, sweet that sounds good, thanks21:30
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