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sudobashso can i get xubuntu to work on a mac 233 256 mb ram?02:08
BunnyRevolutionsudo, prolly02:31
BunnyRevolutionsudobash: , prolly02:31
fivehorizonsCan anyone tell me how to disable my wireless card, so my wired connection will initiate on startup instead of wireless?03:26
Tu13eshaha, I was just going to ask the same question03:27
fivehorizonshopefully someone will have an answer.....cant find anything on google03:29
fivehorizonsI have another noob question. When I set up Xubuntu it asked me for a username and password to set the system up. I used jashmore as my username. The password I gave automatically got set as my root pass also. So, when I log in, I am using my root password. Is this bad?03:35
sudobashbut too tired03:41
cleokatneed help ;-004:03
inazadcleokat, what04:07
inazadwhich prob ?04:07
inazadcleokat, ?04:08
VTBuci'm having some trouble with abiword, can anyone here help?04:18
cleokatyup yup04:21
cleokatMost beginer, you can have, I just installed xubuntu and the resolution is bad04:22
cleokatthe best option I have is 800X60004:22
Stroganoffi've created an ubuntu install script based on icewm, if you're interested: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=462696904:26
fivehorizonsAnyone know how to disable wireless connection starting on startup??04:30
cleokatHow can I get better than 800X600 screen resolution?04:34
Stroganoffcleokat: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:35
fivehorizonsCan I get some help pleae?04:51
inazadI can help you04:55
fivehorizonsim trying to find a way to disable my wireless connection so it doesnt start up during startup04:56
inazadfivehorizons, hmm try "sudo network-admin"04:56
fivehorizonsor to at least make sure my wired connection takes precedent over my wireless04:56
inazaddo you have network-manager installed ?04:57
fivehorizonsnot sure, i think so04:58
inazadwhich manager do u have ? XFCE ?04:58
inazadcan I see your desktop ? printcreen ?04:59
inazadtype in a shell --> "sudo network-admin"04:59
fivehorizonsok, it brings up a windows with Network Settings at the top05:00
fivehorizonsit lists Wireless Connection, Wired Connection, and Modem Connection05:00
inazaddoes it have - in the box ?05:02
fivehorizonsdoes it have what in the box?05:03
inazadYou have a square before Wireles Connection and Wired connection...05:03
inazada checkbox05:03
inazadits a - ?05:03
fivehorizonsRight now, the Wired Connection has the check and the Wireless has nothing05:04
inazaddo Apply05:04
inazador OK05:04
inazadand in the shell05:04
inazaddo "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"05:05
inazadand then "ping yahoo.ca" to know if u have the net05:05
fivehorizonsshould it be downloading a lot of packets?05:07
fivehorizonsThe internet is working05:09
fivehorizonsSo when i restart, will the wired connection take precedent over the wireless now?05:10
cleokatthanks for the help, wouhou!05:24
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RolcolHow do I change the system font size on xubuntu?06:57
Muhammad_SaadHello, I have a question related to Edubuntu. I hope I can get an answer here.09:33
Muhammad_SaadShould I ask?09:33
coldhakdon't ask to ask, just ask :/09:34
coldhak#ubuntu might have more answers though09:35
Muhammad_SaadI had requested Edubuntu CD from the free shipping service. It seems like the CD does not contain any educational applications and I will have to install them manually. What is the reason?09:37
Muhammad_SaadI have searched the CD but could not find a single one.09:38
Muhammad_SaadNobody knows?09:46
ere4sihi all :)13:11
prinHello! My "Startbar" / "Task manager-thing" has disappeared completely from one boot to another. I just turned it off, and everything was fine, and then I turned it on again, and the bar was missing.13:38
prinIs there some way to get it back as it was? Or, alternatively, where can I find the cfg file to delete/return to default ?13:39
prinHi! I'm running xubuntu, and my "Startbar" / "Task manager-thing" has disappeared completely from one boot to another. I just turned it off, and everything was fine, and then I turned it on again, and the bar was missing. Is there some way to get it back as it was? Or, alternatively, where can I find the cfg file to delete/return to default ?13:46
prinSorry about the repeat.13:46
prinWas copypasting.13:46
prinWhere could it have gone ?13:48
ere4siif you right click the panel you can add it back13:49
prinNo no, the entire panel has gone.13:49
prinJust forgot the name of it... and I couldn't click the name to check :/13:49
ere4siso there is no panel at all - top or bottom?13:49
prinNo, nothing.13:50
ere4sithe panel is the strip across the top13:50
prinYeah, or the bottom or the sides - right ?13:50
prin"Where the apps go to rest when you put them down"13:51
prinNothing there13:52
ere4siTheSheep: ?13:55
TheSheepere4si: ?13:56
TheSheepprin: press alt+f2 and type xfce4-panel13:56
ere4siTheSheep: how do we get a panel back for prin ?13:56
prinRight, how do I run a terminal without the panel? I'm finguring I could just run the panel from the terminal13:56
prinAnd then make sure to "Save Session" when I reboot, yeah ?13:57
TheSheepprin: I thin just saving the new panel configuration is enough13:57
prinThank you so much13:57
TheSheepI may be mistaken though13:57
ablomenyeah TheSheep is right, session saving is only for open apps etc14:01
silentmindis it possible to reorder the items on the taskbar?14:56
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chewiti need help tweaking my pc, what processes could i get rid of which are running in the background17:34
chewitusing system monitor17:34
zoredacheall the services are doing something useful... but I suspect the first one I would get rid of is avahi17:36
BunnyRevolutionwhat does avahi do?17:37
zoredachebonjuer networking...17:37
zoredacheaka multicast dns17:37
chewitis it releated to the network manager17:37
zoredachesomewhat, but I am pretty sure you can use network manager without it17:38
chewiti was also using BUM, the only things i disabled was NVIDIA drivers and laptop untilties17:38
zoredacheif you don't need to print or create pdfs you can get rid of cups...17:39
chewitoh rite, well i need that17:40
ubotuFor installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.17:40
zoredachethat might have some hints, but it isn't entirely related to what you asked17:41
chewitrite thanks17:41
chewitthere really isn't alot ram difference between Ubuntu & Xubuntu, but i suppose, Xubuntu has managed to stay around the 128mb mark, but Ubuntu has not17:43
zoredachewhile a low memory system is part of the goals of xubuntu it isn't the only goal.  Trying to have a useable system is also important.  Which means adding other things17:44
zoredacheDeciding where to draw the line of useability vs performance is very challenging.  The default choices are probably not right for everyone.  But with some work you can make it fit your needs17:46
tazaerr:wgl:X11DRV_wglShareLists Could not share display lists, context already created !18:32
tazaDRM_I830_CMDBUFFER: -2218:32
tazaI get something like that with a Windows soft that SHOULD work (under wine) and an intel card. Tips?18:33
tazaThe windows soft tries to use OpenGL, this much I know18:33
tazaAnd oh, it also may cause random crashes. <318:37
TheSheeptaza: maybe try asking on #wine18:41
tazaTheSheep: To me that sounds like a driver problem actually.18:42
emdashhere's a puzzel: why does the size of the system font change when I switch between the free and non-free ATI drivers?19:00
emdashin particular, the non-free font size is larger19:00
emdashwindow deocrations, buttons, icons, all keep their size; however, a terminl window large enough to be an 80x24 display with the non-free drivers is only about 70x20 with the free drivers19:03
Ben_Csis TheSheep here?19:09
Ben_Csin second thought cody-somerville i fancy you might know19:10
Ben_Csis hardy going to have fusesmb preconfigured for windows network?19:10
Ben_Cscody-somerville: why not?19:20
cody-somervilleNo one did it.19:20
Ben_Csthat's pitty. This is why i moved from the loved xubuntu to linux mint xfce. When reinstalled xubuntu several times had to reinstall network by editing files mostly each time.19:21
evenanyone uses sabayon and/or pessulus with xfce?!19:25
evenhow can i customize xfce desktop to all users ?19:42
cody-somervilleeven, You can modify /etc/xdg/xfce4 files19:43
cody-somervilleThey're the default19:43
evencody-somerville: hm, so, where i modify the themes ?19:44
tazaWhat would be my problem if I get19:46
tazaerr:wgl:X11DRV_wglShareLists Could not share display lists, context already created !19:47
tazaDRM_I830_CMDBUFFER: -2219:47
taza(It's a wine program I feel has trouble with the intel display card. Arrgh.)19:47
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:53
tazaThis looks like my problem.19:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149260 in mesa "wine-git/google earth crashes with DRM_I830_CMDBUFFER: -22 on Thinkpad X60" [High,In progress]19:59
tazaAnyone know how I could dodge it?20:00
jhamI just tried installing the 8.04 beta and somehow got the fonts to draw so small I can't read anything while I was trying to get my monitor resolution set properly20:00
jhamAnyone know how to reset the font sizes (and also how to properly configure X for my monitor using the NVidia drivers)?20:00
evencody-somerville: no, i want make some theme default.20:02
silentmindthunar keeps opening files in the background, can I change it so they when they are opened they appear in the foreground?20:05
zoredacheubotu, what is your problem the last few days??  Is someone abusing you?20:12
* Stroganoff slaps ubotu around a bit with a large trout20:21
dr_dasosi've been searching around but keep finding gnome stuff, is there a way to have different wallpapers per desktop in xfce?20:42
zoredacheI am pretty sure there is...20:43
zoredachewhen you right click on the desktop you don't see an option so set a wallpaper per screen?20:43
dr_dasosnot when i tried it earlier20:44
zoredacheor are you talking about different workspaces20:44
dr_dasosyes, i guess workspaces20:44
dr_dasoshow you have 4 default ones20:44
zoredacheah... you can easily have different backgroud per monitor  when you have a multi-monitor setup..20:45
dr_dasosi normally split my workspaces by what i'm doing, chat/IM, websurfing, etc, I'd like to have different wallpapers so theres another visual difference20:45
tazaIf I want both evince and amarok with minimum depedency problems, what should I get?20:46
zoredacheget evince and amarok20:47
taza(some other document viewer & music player?)20:47
zoredacheapt-get install evince amarok20:47
tazazoredache: On *xubuntu*?20:47
zoredachedr_dasos: everything I read seems to say that wallpaper per workspace isn't possible on xfce20:47
zoredachetaza: sure20:48
dr_dasoszoredache, ok, thanks, just wanted to know if i should stop wasting my time looking for a hidden option20:48
tazazoredache: I just said "with minimum dependency problems"20:48
tazaI have 4gb of space20:48
tazaThe 150 megs worth of friends they'd bring... *shudder*20:49
zoredacheis that space it asks for when you try to do a apt-get install evince amarok?20:49
zoredacheon my system it only wants 42mb20:50
zoredacheanyway if you want to install a kde application you are going to have to have the kde libraries installed.  There really is nothing you can do to change that20:50
tazazoredache: False.20:51
tazaAre you on Hardy btw?20:51
taza8.04 appears to be better packaged than 7.1020:52
zoredacheoh, and what do you think you could do to change it?  Compiling it static wouldn't do much useful...20:52
tazazoredache: I don't think AmaroK is really dependant on "kamera" even if the ubuntu devs claim so20:52
zoredachetaza: the package that you get from them is dependant on it... if you want one that isn't you would probably have to build it yourself20:53
tazazoredache: yeah, I know. It's pretty much exactly what I don't want to do20:53
tazaI just wish ubuntu developers had brains20:54
tazaI guess that's why they've accomplished so much. By totally and utterly ignoring even a shed of common sense.20:54
zoredachehow do they not have brains?20:54
tazazoredache: Look at the 7.10 OpenOffice depedencies20:54
tazaSOMEONE wasn't thinking there.20:54
zoredachethey make choices based on what the majority of the users want20:54
zoredachethe majority of the users these days have computers with large hard drives20:55
tazaThe majority of users don't want idiotic packaging decisions.20:55
tazaAnd really, just go look at it.20:55
tazaIt's a mistake by someone who doesn20:55
tazadoesn't really grasp the concept of "dependency"20:55
tazaAnd/or was both high AND drunk while packaging20:56
zoredachetaza: if you are so opinionated why aren't you submitted patches and bugs with suggested fixes?20:56
zoredacheand the openoffice depends looks fine to me...20:57
tazazoredache: Because just having the competency and motive does not equal to having sufficient resources.20:57
tazaAnd are you using 8.04?20:57
zoredacheno, gutsy20:57
tazaObv you know zilch about packaging as well then.20:57
tazaBecause those are *out of this world*20:57
taza(note that I mean both ways - what openoffice is dependant upon and what is dependant upon it)20:58
tazaAh, gah, damn maxa.20:58
tazaESPECIALLY what packages are dependant upon openoffice20:58
tazaWell, I'll give a hint.21:00
tazalanguage-support-en is dependant on openoffice's translation21:00
taza... and what is depedant on language-support-en?21:00
tazaIf you guessed "a lot of stuff that really shouldn't", you'd be perfectly right.21:01
zoredacheso your complaint isn't about open office, but one of the open office components...21:01
tazaNo, my complaint is about the packaging of ubuntu.21:01
tazaY'see, these problems just don't exist on Debian.21:02
zoredacheif you like Debian's packaging better why are you using xubuntu?21:03
tazaI should know, I've used Debian for a long, long time. I'm using Xubuntu because of the recent packaging and hardware21:03
tazaAnd because the Fedora rollup for my hardware is well, incomplete.21:03
taza* recent packages21:04
tazaNot such a big fan of a system that is supposed to crash either, as I'd experience with Sid.21:04
TheSheeptaza: install evince-gtk, it has less dependencies21:06
tazaTheSheep: Anything like that for AmaroK?21:06
TheSheeptaza: exaile21:07
tazaIs that AmaroK in new clothes or a whole different player?21:07
TheSheeptaza: a whole different player21:08
tazaLooks good anyway21:08
TheSheeptaza: amarok is a kkde app and cannot be easily divorced from it21:08
tazaHoo, 10mb21:08
tazaTheSheep: Yeah, but Ubuntu packages every single other KDE app with it21:09
tazaI want AmaroK and it wants me to get AmaroK with every single possible extra package and a few gnome packages too21:09
TheSheeptaza: say, do you have installing recommended packages enabled?21:09
tazaNot sure.21:09
TheSheeptaza: because that will pull in a lot of cruft21:09
tazaWhere do I check?21:10
tazaI have a default install AFAIK, but this is a custom distro so not sure21:10
TheSheeptaza: in synaptics preferences there is a checkbox 'consider recommended packages as dependencies'21:10
tazaWhere do I check with the commandline?21:11
tazaI can't handle all this GUI nonsense21:11
tazaI mean, I use Aptitude anyway21:11
TheSheeptaza: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*21:11
TheSheeptaza: I don't know where aptitude keeps it21:12
tazaI have a feeling aptitude doesn't try to be "smart" like that21:12
zoredachesee the --with-recommends option in the manpage...21:13
tazaI mean, yeah, ubuntu overall is bloaty, but still. There's some debian underpinnings in there.21:13
Ben_CsTheSheep: is xubuntu going to have fusesmb preconfigured sometime? It's really frustrating to make all those steps and reboots each time i reinstall the system, to configure then net....21:13
tazaA fully working debian install is... 400mb. A fully working ubuntu install... 2gb. And that's with Xubuntu21:13
TheSheeptaza: it is bloaty, that's one of its design goals21:14
TheSheeptaza: try archlinux or gentoo if you want something slim21:14
tazaTheSheep: Hiring idiots, bloating for no good reason? :P21:14
tazaTheSheep: Special hardware, only ubuntu has decent guides for it21:14
TheSheeptaza: do better if you like21:14
TheSheeptaza: calling names isn't going to help you in any way, you are aware of that?21:14
tazaDoing better than the guy who packaged openoffice with english language support? :p21:14
tazaTheSheep: I don't care tbh.21:15
TheSheeptaza: then you are just trolling here?>21:15
tazaTheSheep: Asking for lighter software and helping with config?21:15
TheSheeptaza: no, the other part21:16
tazaI'm not just trolling and I presume I won't find a) ubuntu devs who can't package or b) rapid fanboys in such a smaller channel.21:16
tazaSo I'm just voicing my frustration.21:16
TheSheeptaza: I see21:16
tazaAlso, xubuntu default docs are in English. Any way I can get Finnish xubuntu docs in Mozilla?21:16
Ben_CsTheSheep: ?21:17
TheSheeptaza: if they are not installed with finnish language support, then probably there are too few Finns to translate them :)21:17
tazaThe whole OS translates into finnish nicely, just not the starting docs. :P21:18
tazaI used to fix windows systems for dad but got busy with rl21:18
TheSheeptaza: most of the translations come from the ubuntu project, xubuntu is much smaller21:18
tazaso I stuck him a Xubuntu Alternate Install CD and he's learning that now.21:18
taza... better than he did Ubuntu.21:18
tazaOr Windows.21:18
TheSheepless to learn21:18
taza(ubuntu had the problem of being slowww on old p2 hardware)21:18
TheSheepah, that too21:18
tazaMabbe I should just give him a Kubuntu alternative install next time21:20
tazaKDE handles slower hardware much more nicely than Gnome21:20
tazaI mean, icewm ftw, but there isn't an Icewmbuntu, especially not one translated to Finnish.21:20
taza(icewm is the uncontested king of fast easy-to-learn window enviroments)21:21
TheSheeptaza: there is flubuntu21:22
TheSheepor how do they call it21:22
TheSheepwith fluxbox21:22
tazaPermanent RC, no translations, locales horribly broken21:23
mindframe-Fluxbuntu will release with Ubuntu 9.04 Final Failure21:23
tazaI think you're being a bit excessively optimistic about that.21:23
tazaYeah, fluxbuntu has the smallest footprint but it's nowhere near finished21:24
TheSheeptaza: that's how it works, the bigger the project, the better support it has21:24
mindframe-fluxbox would be nice one something like an eeepc21:24
tazaAnd they ALREADY have a nazi op in their chatroom and it's a small project.21:24
tazamindframe-: Not so much21:24
mindframe-I like it21:25
TheSheeptaza: be glad the ops were away when you started your bithcing here :)21:25
tazaxfce works just as well, tho I'd LOVE ion-style split windows.21:25
tazaI mean, xfce with split workspaces? Yes please!21:25
Ben_CsTheSheep: no response to my question?21:26
TheSheepBen_Cs: sorry, I must have missed it21:27
TheSheepBen_Cs: no idea, sorry21:27
TheSheepBen_Cs: maybe ask on the mailing list21:27
zoredacheBen_Cs: what steps are you going through to set it up?  Are the steps even generic enough that the could be doen automagically?21:28
Ben_Cszoredache , TheSheep: i'll tell u the steps in a moment21:30
TheSheepBen_Cs: maybe post them on the ml, really, this way you won't have to repeat yourself21:31
Ben_CsTheSheep: i am just doing that :)21:31
Ben_CsTheSheep: how it called, the ubuntu posting place?21:32
zoredachexubuntu-devel, or the wiki, or launchpad...21:32
Ben_Cs  TheSheep, zoredache: what i'm doing is: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413121:33
TheSheepugh, it's unnecessarily complicated, I believe you can mount with fuse using fstab too21:36
TheSheepBen_Cs: what happens when the windows servers are not available when you start up? Do you have to wait for timeout?21:37
Ben_CsTheSheep: never tried it. my other pc with winXP is almost always online21:37
zoredacheoh, that howto...  It sucks...  I perfer autofs plus a excutable mount-map21:38
zoredacheand my mount-map script uses smbclient to go probe the netowrk..21:38
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zoredacheI really should document it one of these days...21:39
chewitneed some help with my ati driver setup21:39
TheSheepzoredache: cool, maybe you could post it somewhere too :)21:39
Ben_Cszoredache: yes, it'll be nice21:39
TheSheepchewit: the restricted driver manager doesn't do its job?21:39
chewitno it does21:39
chewitcurrently i'm using the "ati", but i want to switch it to "radeon", but ever time i try it keeps reverting it back21:40
Ben_Cswell, thanks for letting me know, to look for easier ways.21:40
Ben_Csi'm off21:40
Ben_Csnighty night all21:40
zoredacheBen_Cs: check out https://svn.esd189.org/linuxdev/misc_scripts/cifs_automount/21:40
TheSheepchewit: what is exactly happening?21:41
TheSheepgood night Ben_Cs21:41
Ben_Cszoredache: will do, thanks21:41
chewitmy card is an ATi Radeon 7000, i using the "ati" driver, but i want to change it to "radeon" driver, but when i do it, it reverts me back to the "ati" one. I'm using "screen & graphics" to do iy21:42
TheSheepchewit: maybe you could use 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' instead, in terminal21:43
chewitok, i will try that21:43
chewitwhats 64mb in kb21:44
TheSheepchewit: you dont have to set the memory, just leave it blank21:47
chewitoh, alrdy have21:48
chewitthanks, The Sheep21:54
chewiti have the new driver enabled now :D21:55
mike_sal ce faci?23:10
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