johnny_hi, anybody here worked with openoffice.org and using twinview or xinerama?04:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181819 in openoffice.org "SlideShow displays on 2 screens in dual-head system" [Undecided,New]04:09
johnny_i see that bug there04:09
johnny_is there a way around using sun's binaries?04:09
d_rwinstray error while compiling c prog help ; problem with keyboard layout (double quote)10:11
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praktora i am trying to install the latest ubuntu and i am getting this error Loading hardware drivers...error receiving uevent message: No buffer space available  can anyone help ?19:18
johnnytry in #ubuntu19:21
johnnyanybody here used a presentation remote with ubuntu?20:19
johnnyi must be missing something in xorg.conf20:19
LaserJockwhat do you mean by remote?20:19
johnnyuhmm.. a lil box with buttons :)20:22
johnnythat you hold in your hands20:23
LaserJockjohnny: I know, but I'm trying to figure out what kind, etc.20:39
LaserJockmy remote works fine without doing anything ... at all20:39
LaserJockwhich of course isn't any help to you20:40
johnnyLaserJock, but do you have an xorg.conf ?21:16
johnnyi had to write one manually to set up gutsy to do multi monitor with a projector the way i wanted21:17
LaserJockI do have an xorg.conf21:19
ogra_cmpcdoes anyne feel the urgent need for a meeting ? (20:00 UTC was scheduled today if im not wrong (fridge seems broken))21:19
LaserJockas far as I know that had nothing to do with my remote21:19
LaserJockogra_cmpc: I don't know that we need a meeting per se21:20
LaserJockis RichEd around?21:20
ogra_cmpcno idea, havent seen him today21:20
ogra_cmpcand i'm pretty tired, my first meeting usually starts at 6:00 UTC now so if there is nothing pressing ....21:21
LaserJockI do want to get https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Documentation/HardyRequirements fixed up21:21
LaserJockthat would probably be the only item I'd put forward21:21
LaserJockogra_cmpc: did you need to change the seeds with the tuxpaint changes?21:22
ogra_cmpchandbook isnt installe danymore, right ?21:22
LaserJockso it's just getting down what we need to write before release21:22
ogra_cmpcnpe, the packages were all listed already21:22
LaserJockah, k21:22
johnnythe device worked before i made my own xorg.conf :)21:22
ogra_cmpcshould be fine21:22
johnnywhat driver does it use?21:22
LaserJockI saw that tuxpaint and tuxpaint-data was, I didn't know about tuxpaint-stamps-default21:23
LaserJockjohnny: I have no idea, it just works so I didn't mess with it ;-)21:23
ogra_cmpcyeah, i'm likely responsible fr the install doc21:23
johnnyi'm having trouble finding info :(21:23
ogra_cmpcthe skeletn i wrote seems to be successfully used already21:24
LaserJockogra_cmpc: nixternal (I think) and I were thinking of trying to get a wiki/html version of the handbook up21:24
ogra_cmpcour users are clever enough to search the wiki \o/21:24
LaserJockon www.edubuntu.org21:24
ogra_cmpcbu there is no real pressue to do that on release day21:24
LaserJockyeah, as long as we have the content and it's organized wiki and/or www.edubuntu.org should work well21:25
LaserJockI think we really only need 2 thing on release day21:25
LaserJock1) install docs, you got that covered I think21:25
LaserJock2) changes from Gutsy/Feisty. basically good release notes21:25
ogra_cmpcwell, its only a skeleton yet21:26
ogra_cmpcneeds screenshots and some flesh21:26
ogra_cmpcand generally the advice about rebuilding the chroot on upgrades21:26
ogra_cmpc(for ltsp servers)21:27
* ogra_cmpc prays to the gods of diskspace that this classmate install suceeds21:28

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