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flacosteWelcome to this weeks' reviewers meeting15:01
flacostemootboot seems not to be available, so we'll do without15:01
flacosteso who's here today?15:02
flacoste(btw, i'm chairing in lieu of barry)15:02
flacoste(who is out sick)15:02
schwukbigjools said he might not be around.15:02
flacostesalgado: ping15:02
flacostedanilos: ping15:03
danilosflacoste: sorry, on a sprint, will miss the meeting15:03
flacostedanilos: ok15:03
flacosteintellectronica: also sent his apologies15:03
flacoste== Agenda ==15:03
intellectronicai'm here but will have to leave around 14:3015:03
flacoste * Roll call15:03
flacoste * Next meeting15:03
flacoste * Action items15:03
flacoste * Queue status15:03
flacoste * Mentoring update15:03
flacoste * Review process15:03
flacoste    * '''Pre-imp calls are falling by the wayside''' (gmb)15:03
flacoste'''pending-reviews is missing branches listed on PendingReviews'''15:04
flacoste'''Is there a policy on private name mangling?'''15:04
flacosteTopic: Next meeting15:04
flacosteSame time, same place?15:04
flacosteanybody knows they can't make it?15:04
flacostegreat, same time, same place, everybody should be there!15:05
flacosteTOPIC: Action items15:05
flacoste * gmb to hack review-submit to enforce 800 line limit.15:05
gmbThis is done15:05
gmbI've sent the patch to mwh to look at.15:05
flacostei guess people have to upgrade their plugin to have it?15:05
flacosteah, it's not landed yet15:06
flacosteanyway, that's still cool!15:06
flacostethanks gmb15:06
flacoste * schwuk to work with mwhudson to get instructions for running loggerhead onto the wiki15:06
allenapgmb: Is there an --override option, for when we're agreed in advance with a reviewer?15:06
schwukflacoste: that was finished a couple of weeks ago when gmb chaired15:06
gmballenap: Yes.15:06
allenapgmb: Cool :) And thanks sinzui :)15:07
schwukflacoste: https://launchpad.canonical.com/RunningLoggerhead15:07
* gmb forgot to update the agenda after that last minute chairing.15:07
flacosteany other actions i'm not aware of?15:07
flacostei guess not15:08
flacosteTopic: Queue status15:08
flacosteaccording to the QueueStatus, there are two stub's branch needing a review15:09
flacosteone branch that has the wrong status (that's my fault)15:09
flacosteand another branch which is 7 days old but not marked over SLA?15:10
flacostesalgado, that's the abel's branch, what's the status there?15:10
salgadoit's merge-approved, IIRC15:10
salgadolet me check15:10
salgadoyeah, I approved it15:10
* salgado updates the status15:11
flacostei guess the two stub's branch are the ASIAPAC meeting responsibility15:11
flacosteanything else to add on queue status?15:11
sinzuiIt's not showing all branches15:12
flacostesinzui: i think we have another item to discuss that15:12
flacosteor is this something eles?15:12
sinzuiflacoste: we do :)15:12
flacosteok, moving on then15:12
flacosteTopic: Mentoring update15:12
flacostewho's it going? schwuk, allenap?15:13
flacostebigjools and danilos are two other mentees being absent (or maybe their mentor have something to say)15:13
flacostehmm, bigjools mentor's is sick15:13
sinzuischwuk: Are you going to take an on-call slot?15:13
schwukLast week fell apart for me with my father, so I got no reviews done. I'm on call this Friday so I can overlap with sinzui.15:13
bacgavin and did our first on-call yesterday and it went really well15:14
allenapGoing well, did a couple of reviews on call yesterday, which bac mostly thought were good.15:14
* schwuk remembers to update the schedule15:14
* gmb cheers at the idea of having even more people to throw branches at on a Friday15:14
flacostewho is mentoring danilos?15:14
bacallenap: they were quite good!15:14
gmbflacoste: danilos graduated last cycle.15:14
allenapbac: Thanks :)15:14
sinzuidanilos: graduated15:14
flacosteoops :-)15:14
flacosteno offense meant15:15
flacosteso we only have three mentees?15:15
* flacoste will take that for a yes15:15
flacosteanything else to add on the topic?15:16
flacoste * Review process15:16
flacostewe have 3 items for discussion on the process15:16
flacostefirst one:15:16
flacoste    * '''Pre-imp calls are falling by the wayside''' (gmb)15:16
gmbflacoste: Was that not covered last week?15:16
flacosteTOPIC: 'Pre-imp calls are falling by the wayside (gmb)15:16
* gmb was on vacation15:16
flacostei guess15:16
sinzuiI was covered here and in asiapac15:17
flacostethere was an action about "barry to remind lp devs to do pre-impl calls "15:17
flacostedid that occured?15:17
* flacoste can't remember15:17
* gmb didn't see anything15:17
flacostei guess not then15:17
flacosteACTION: barry to remind lp devs to do pre-impl calls (repost)15:17
flacosteso let's move on15:17
flacosteTOPIC: pending-reviews is missing branches listed on PendingReviews (sinzui)15:18
* flacoste hands the mic to sinzui15:18
sinzuiI noticed that the two of jtv's branches I reviewed are not on pending-reviews15:18
flacostesinzui: is it because they are not on PendingReviews, or because of a bug?15:19
sinzuiI also noticed that one of cprov's branches that was marked merge-approved several days ago still states it was need-reply15:19
sinzuiThe branchs were/are on PendingReviews. All came from the general queue to my queue15:19
sinzuiI removed cprovs branch because I saw the commit message.15:20
flacostejtv's branch are still missing though15:20
flacostei guess there is a bug in the script15:21
flacostejamesh maintains that15:21
flacostesinzui: can you email jamesh about the problem?15:21
flacostecc list15:21
sinzuiI will15:21
flacosteACTION: sinzui to email jamesh about some branches not being picked up by pending-reviews15:22
flacosteanything else to add here?15:22
flacosteTOPIC: Is there a policy on private name mangling? (allenap)15:22
flacosteallenap has the floor15:22
* allenap starts copying and pasting frantically.15:23
allenapA branch I reviewed yesterday had a _pseudo_private method on a mix-in class. Not that it's a big danger, but this seems like a sensible place to use __private_name_mangling. Or is mangling frowned upon, or deprecated?15:23
flacosteallenap: what's your opinion15:24
allenapI'm all for it, but I wanted other's opinions.15:24
intellectronicai don't think we should do this unless it's really dangerous for a consumer to touch an attribute15:24
allenapBut, even in this case, it didn't matter too much. I wanted to see if there were good reasons for or against.15:24
intellectronicayou never know, for example, when you might need to monkeypatch15:25
gmbI'm with intellectronica here.15:25
gmbNot that I'm advocating monkeypatching ;)15:25
gmbBut I don't think we'd gain too much from using mangling.15:25
flacostethe problem with mangling is that it makes it very hard to work with the attribute15:25
flacostein the debugger15:25
flacosteor in subclass15:25
flacosteso i usually prefer _pseudo_private to __mangling15:26
flacostebut this all might be because I'm an ex-perl hacker and I live by the motto 'we rather you don't come in our living room because you weren't invited, not because I have a shotgun'15:26
gmbflacoste: There's also the Python motto "We kind of expect you to know what you're doing; on your head be it if you don't."15:27
gmbWhich is less snappy but...15:27
BjornT_+1 for _pseudo_private15:27
allenapI don't really see name mangling as a way to prevent access, more as a way to avoid shooting self in foot.15:27
gmballenap: True, but the test suite *should* pick up on foot-shooting anyway.15:28
allenapOkay, consensus seems to be for _singles, so I'll add that to the guidelines on the wiki.15:28
intellectronicaallenap: you see, if you didn't have a shotgun, you wouldn't have the problem of shooting yourself in the foot ;)15:28
allenapPerl hackers and their shotguns, heh.15:28
allenapflacoste: Back to you I think.15:29
intellectronicaanyway, gotta go now. my apologies again15:29
flacosteACTION: allenap to update Reviewers' guidelines with _pseudo_private policy15:29
flacostethat's it for the items on the agenda15:29
flacostewe have some time left15:29
flacosteanybody has a topic to propose?15:29
flacosteThen we are done15:30
flacosteMeeting Ends15:30
flacostethanks a lot everyone15:30
gmbThanks flacoste15:31
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