bluefoxxso how long until hardy goes official?00:00
jchasethe wiki page still shows april 24th?00:00
linkinxp23 days more00:01
jchaseooh, suweeet00:01
jchasethe title says there is a 3 motnh delay?00:01
jimiridgeto change acpi/suspend/resume things double check /etc/acpi/00:01
pagan0nelinkinxp sorry went afk door, yeah tried that00:02
linkinxppagan0ne:  its ok00:02
linkinxpit worked for me00:02
hydrogenyep jchase, it will be00:02
hydrogenfigure it makes sense to push the entire cycle back three months in order to be more in tune with other release cycles00:02
seiflotfyhi guys00:03
seiflotfysmall prblem here00:03
jimiridgelike add a script int /etc/acpi/resume.d/wifi   that rmmod's your wifi kmod and remodprobes it00:03
seiflotfysomehow firefox doesnt know what to open pdf files here00:03
jchasehydrgen: it wil be delayed? the lts release?00:03
pagan0nelinkinxp i think the problem it grub is looking in the wrong partition to find whatever file its looking for, not sure as i dont know much about grub, i never had to tinker with it on gutsy or fristy00:03
seiflotfyand there is nothing under open with00:03
seiflotfythat goes for almost everything00:03
seiflotfyeven videos and txt files00:03
seiflotfyeven archiver doesnt know what to do00:03
linkinxppagan0ne:  but grub install in the partition that has ubuntu so if u erase it! it wont load anymore until u install it again ( ubuntu)00:04
jimiridgesignal to noise ratio sux00:04
pagan0nelinkinxp doesnt grub boot off the bootblock, and then load the kernel from the correct partition to bring the system up?00:05
pagan0nelinkinxp i already reinstalled grub when hardy installed, it should i would think configure itself correctly?00:05
linkinxppagan0ne:  im not sure thats why my best answer will be just to erase that partition and create it again trough the ubuntu installation00:06
_keSimos Xenitellis around?00:07
seiflotfyguys somehow archivr doesnt know what to open stuff with00:07
seiflotfyneither does firefox00:07
pagan0nelinkinxp hehe tried that like i said, still no go, think its a bug with sata and the beta of hardy00:07
linkinxpi have a sata and hardy00:07
linkinxppagan0ne:  in a laptop inspiron 1525 and it did it00:07
bluefoxxpagan0ne: SATA troubles?00:08
pagan0nebluefoxx yeah00:08
pagan0nelinkinxp this is a custom built desktop00:08
bluefoxxpagan0ne: you overclocking at all>?00:08
linkinxppagan0ne:  maybe thats the key00:08
pagan0nebluefoxx not currently, maby in the future00:09
bluefoxxpagan0ne: ah. overclocking could cause the sata bus to be faulty00:09
bluefoxxit happened to me00:10
linkinxpanyone knows about a free viewer online?00:10
pagan0nebluefoxx: really dont need to overclock this system right now ;)00:10
pagan0nelinkinxp maby once i get it watercooled00:10
bluefoxxi used to puch my 2.93 celeron to 3.75 and my sata was glitchy. downing it to a meek 3.27  fixed it now00:10
bluefoxxhehe, i wan water cooling00:11
bluefoxxbut once i upgrade my nvidia00:11
linkinxpoc only get hardware dies quickly00:11
pagan0negot 2 8800gtx's 2 500 gb sata drives, 4gb 4800 ddr200:11
pagan0neon a 3.2 dual core amd 64\00:11
linkinxpno need of OC00:11
pagan0neis there any way to get the livecd to rerun just the grub config part of it? or maby a more detailed advanced grub config menu?00:13
jimiridgechroot to your installed partition and install grub from there00:13
pagan0nejimiridge how would i go about doing that?00:13
jimiridgeread through the general gentoo docs  "mount /dev/drive /mnt/drive && mount -t proc proc /mnt/drive/proc/ && chroot /mnt/drive"00:14
pagan0nemount /dev/sda1 to /mnt/linux and then chroot /mnt/linux ?00:14
m13i am trying to install amd64 livecd , but it gets stucked on importing documents and settings, which i didnt chose any to import. it is going like this for 10 min now, is that normal ?00:14
=== bluefoxx is now known as bluefox|gaming
jimiridgethen configure,run grub from the chroot00:15
linkinxpwhere u change cursors??00:15
m13i can open programs and work normaly on live cd, but installer seems stuck00:15
linkinxpi dont think its normal00:15
bluefox|gamingim going to take a wild guess and say it would be supremely stupid to plug in a hard disk controller board with no drive on it[my little sister asked XD]00:15
jimiridgelol and you were telling me i'm wrong about network init scripting m1300:15
linkinxpmaybe the CD/DVD its bad?00:16
Tuv0ksomeone here said pulseaudio is not in xubuntu00:16
Tuv0khow wrong was that?00:16
m13jimiridge: lol, i installed alternate cd without problem and livecd just dont work00:16
Tuv0kits supposed to be enabled by default00:16
Tuv0kwhat gives?00:16
teamcobra_is there another command that will allow me to boot straight into a prompt at grub, other than init=/bin/sh ?00:17
m13jimiridge: and ididnt say u are wrong, i said that is not the way lol00:17
teamcobra_I've got it to accept most commands I pass now, but init=/bin/sh or bin/bash doesn't work00:17
pagan0nejimiridge : chroot returns/; cannot run command /bin/basg : no such file or directory00:18
hydrogendon't typo?00:18
hydrogenit helps.00:18
jimiridgego pray to your pagan gods nekid and they might help you00:18
teamcobra_this f#@#@ ldap config is referencing ldapi instead of ldap, preventing me from even logging in "in front of" (kvm-over-ip) the box... it hangs now after I input my user/pass00:19
teamcobra_all I need to do is get into a prompt and change the config and reboot00:20
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:20
billisniceanyone know how to solve totem's ubuntu 8.04 movie player "could not read from resource"?00:20
bluefox|gamingbillisnice: check the device connections? make sure you have decoders/codecs?00:22
m13so, someone had similar expiriance on amd64 livecd freezing on install step 6/7 ?00:22
billisnicehow do u get the codecs?  thanks00:23
bluefox|gamingim having trouble booting my other machine off of a scsi disk. p3@450, 768 ram, hangs at grub00:23
bluefox|gamingtesting disk integrity now00:24
m13billisnice: apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:24
pagan0nejimiridge got it chrooted, but now /dev/ is missing all my entries for my drives, there in the other root's /dev00:24
ph8hmm, anyone know how i can get a copy of mkinitrd?00:24
dimitreeHow to install libstdc++.so.5 ?00:25
m13ph8 , should be on CD ?00:25
billisnicei get this msg E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)00:25
r0bbybillisnice: make sure you dont have update manager or synaptic running00:26
bluefox|gamingtry sudo or chown/chmod00:26
r0bbyalso apt-get needs to be run as root.00:26
dimitreeHow to install libstdc++.so.5 ? :)00:26
r0bbyso like bluefox|gaming said -- do sudo apt-get00:26
jimiridgepagan0ne, sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/root/dev00:26
dimitreeapt-get cant find that file00:27
ph8m13: got mkinitramfs cheers00:27
bluefox|gamingim just glancing back at this window now and then, im labeling boot cds and troubleshooting my other machine, while hunting for a cheap 3 drop 68 pin scsi cable00:27
m13ph8 nps00:27
r0bbyanybody have any luck w/ dual heads (using the configs tool) it's hell.00:28
bluefox|gamingr0bby: dual heads??...00:28
hydrogenI got dual head once00:28
hydrogenbest night of my life00:28
billisnicei did  apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and it did it thing,  does it install codecs automatically?00:28
bluefox|gaminghydrogen: ><00:28
r0bbydual monitors00:28
bluefox|gamingr0bby: oh, idk bout that. im hunting for a second one for my main as well[craigslist==win]00:29
m13which VGA u have r0bby ?00:29
r0bbyAcer AL2016W 20" Wide Screen00:31
m13graphic card robby00:32
bluefox|gamingwhat happened to my "copy disk" option in the context menu for my cds/dvds? i need to make a usage copy of my new set of ubuntu cds they sent me!00:32
bluefox|gamingi dont want to have to wait for k3b to download as my connection is more or less dialup00:33
m13brasero ?00:34
m13bluefox|gaming: u have brasero ?00:35
bluefox|gamingm13: yes00:35
m13use that00:36
r0bbyIntel onboard -- hold00:36
r0bby Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)00:36
m13and u want use that for two monitors ?00:36
r0bbyif possible -- laptops _DO_ have a VGA port :)00:37
r0bbyit's gotta be possible00:37
m13cant help you there, but yes should be posible , at least to have same screen on both00:37
r0bbyI just wanna be able to extend my screen to the left00:38
r0bbydoubling screen real estate :)00:38
linkinxphow i keep my windows shared folders from being removed everytime i reboot from my desktop???00:38
m13i use two , but on nvidia, very easy to config00:38
ph8m13: Using mkinitramfs, if i want the equivalent of mkinitrd's --preload... do i just put the name of the thing in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules?00:39
m13ph8, sry dont understand :/00:40
bluefox|gaminghehe. i need to find a linux OS that can fit on a 100 meg full height hard disk[1989 anyone?]00:40
ph8anyone? please, in desperate need of help00:40
jimiridgei have that same graphics card and i just hoooked up a monitor to try it out and works fine00:40
linkinxpbluefox|gaming:  Damn Small Linux00:41
jimiridgei have cloned output now00:41
hydrogenbluefox|gaming: why?00:41
bluefox|gaminglinkinxp: got that lol. im trying to find others00:41
linkinxpbluefox|gaming:  lol thats the smallest one that i know of00:41
bluefox|gaminghydrogen: cause i have a few laying around and wanna do sumething with them other than disassemble them00:41
hydrogenbluefox|gaming: why?00:42
hydrogenyour going to be pulling your hair out and slamming your head against the wall after three minutes00:42
jimiridgejust had to manually play with System>Screen Resolution and enable the vga out00:42
hydrogenand you'll be out a cd00:42
jimiridgeFn key doesnt do it... untill i make a script to do it00:42
jimiridgeneato compiz00:43
m13whos bright idea was to put on ISO linux that weird things ?:(00:43
m13the TEST system without install have INSTALL ICON wich DONT work00:43
xNULLhello, I need some help. I just did an upgrade from gutsy to hardy heron, and after it upgraded & rebooted my pc, the font is SUPER tiny and I get a message saying It can't start GNOME Desktop settings.00:44
bluefox|gaminghydrogen: lol. theyre 50 pin scsi, tested OK00:45
m13bluefox|gaming: search for some firewall distribution or somthing, on 100MB u wont be able to do anything00:45
xNULLdoes anyone have any ideas?00:45
m13so, on liveCD prism54usb working, on alternate cd , prism54usb droping conection00:46
AmyRoseDelayed by three months?00:47
linkinxpa good program for Webcams?00:47
bluefox|gaminglinkinxp: camstream, cheese...search repos00:49
linkinxpok :P00:49
getthearmanyone want to help me?00:50
teamcobra_getthearm, what's up00:51
=== teamcobra_ is now known as teamcobra
bluefox|gaminggetthearm: what is it?00:51
getthearmmy sound card has serious problems when i install virtual box00:51
teamcobrawhat kinds of problems?00:51
getthearmas soon as i restart, theres a red x thru the volume control int e tray and when i double click it says gstreamer could not find a device00:52
getthearmthat is, i restart when i install virtual box and before i set it up00:53
teamcobrahrm, try reinstalling your kernel modules package00:53
teamcobrait seems like vbox's modules hosed your sound modules00:53
getthearmyeah i thought it might have been an issue with my groups00:54
getthearmhow do i reinstall my kernel modules00:54
getthearmsorry i am a retard00:57
getthearmi have reinstalled ubuntu like 30 times because my computer hates me00:57
getthearmbut i love it, this sound card problem blows tho00:57
getthearmits like the only thing holding me back00:57
m13does it work without virtualbox ?00:58
getthearmits as soon as i install virtualbox thru apt-get00:58
getthearmand then it tells me to restart00:58
m13so why u instaled 25 more times ? :)00:58
getthearmwell it was compiz at first ;-P00:58
getthearmnow its virtualbox haha00:59
getthearmi am a n00b00:59
getthearmyou can tell because i used zeros instead of o's for noob00:59
jeffdWhat is the info about the 3 month delay?00:59
m13yesterday joke jeffd00:59
getthearmhow do i resintall my kernel modules?01:00
m13getthearm: did u add modules for vbox to kernel ?01:01
getthearmi dunno, i followed the lifehacker tut on "seamless ubuntu and xp"01:01
getthearmi didnt do anything much with the command line01:01
m13let me see01:02
ph8when's hardy's release date?01:02
nosrednaekimapril 2401:02
ph8ta :o)01:02
bluefox|gamingshould put it in the channel topic01:02
* r0bby kicks the wall 01:03
nosrednaekimuhh the title does say when tis coming out :P01:03
m13getthearm: did u install ose-modules ?01:04
verb3kWhatever happened to the to the kernel scheduler bug? (I've been trying to find it's entry in launchpad but no luck so far)01:05
ArandIs anybody else having problems with wireless authentications?01:06
getthearmya i installed virtualbox-ose-modules-generic01:07
getthearmthe thing is my sound works before i install virtual box01:07
m13getthearm: u added user ?01:07
getthearmyeah sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a mike01:07
getthearm(mikes my acct name)01:07
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
Arandverb3k: that happened to me with another one, do a search and include all possible statuses "new, fix released (especially)" etc.01:08
eythianHi, after the last updates and reboot, I've lost the nvidia driver and my wireless.01:09
m13what audio card u have and what driver u using ?01:09
verb3kArand, I see01:09
linkinxphow i update drivers? video drivers?01:10
jbroomelinkinxp | !nvidia01:10
getthearmok i have 2, i have an integrated intel HD and an audigy01:10
ArandI can get connection to the wireless just fine but when I try to put in certificate file and password it just dies, and then nm-applet starts crashing randomly, and asking for keyring authentications...01:10
jbroome!nvidia | linkinxp01:10
ubotulinkinxp: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:10
getthearmi disabled the instal sound card in bios01:10
getthearmand am using the audigy 101:10
getthearmintel* instead of instal01:10
getthearmoops lol01:11
Arandverb3k: If the bug has been fixed that is a likely cause01:11
r0bbywhoa a lot of people are having issues :/.01:11
verb3kArand, hope it is fixed, cause it affects the system's speed01:11
linkinxphumm ok thanks01:12
linkinxpbut its an Intel 965 Gm01:12
bluefox|gamingw00t! a box of free hard drives and a wireless router! craislist == wins!01:13
* bluefox|gaming needs lots of hard drives01:14
eythian$ sudo modprobe nvidia01:14
eythianFATAL: Error running install command for nvidia01:14
eythianany thoughts on that?01:14
getthearmnice bluefox01:14
getthearmcraigslist is the shit01:15
bluefox|gaminggetthearm: indeed^^. i got a 200$ maxtronic babyarena 3xide to scsi raid0/1/5 for $20 and a stick of ram!01:17
getthearmhaha dope01:17
getthearmcan anyone tell me why my soundcard isnt working after i install  virtualbox in hardy01:18
getthearmthere is a red x thru my sound device in the tray01:18
getthearmi have no idea how to fix it01:18
eythianOK, something really wrong with modules:01:19
eythiansudo modprobe iwl394501:19
eythianFATAL: Module iwl3945 not found.01:19
literalwill hardy inclide Perl 5.10?01:19
eythian/lib/modules/2.6.24-12-generic/ubuntu/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko exists01:19
bluefox|gaminggetthearm: got  a free 50pin seagate barracudda scsi 4.4 gig drive with it, and hes giving me a 9 gig later on once i trade a wificard or something for some 18 gig drives too!! and yesterday i got a pair of 9 gig 68 pin scsis for $5 each plus free 50pin 1988/89 100/200 meg drives XD[i dont mind old stuff]01:19
eythianOK, I figured it out. There was a kernel update to 2.6.24-13, but no restricted modules to match it, so all that stuff craps out.01:21
getthearmwow i love computer part hookupes01:22
RAOFeythian: But linux-meta hasn't been updated yet, right?  Did you manually pull in the 2.6.24-13 kernel?01:22
getthearmi am trying to build an LCD overhead prjector at the moment01:22
getthearmi want to find an old school overhead projector for like 20 bucks01:22
Tuv0khalfway there01:23
Tuv0kpulseaudio starts if I run it from cli01:23
atlefi thougt pulseaudio was enabled by default in hardy?01:24
getthearmred baron french bread pizzas are soooo tasty01:24
Tuv0kbut not from boot?01:24
eythianRAOF: nope. I just ran updates, rebooted when I was told, and it failed to work.01:24
bluefox|gaminggetthearm: lol. i could have grabbed one of those. my principal let me take w/e i needed from a room of junk before they demoed the building. tis wear i got me scsi adaptor and a few cables, plus a few copmuters worth of parts[forgot to grab PSUs or casings though o.<]01:24
getthearmdamn, i worked for my school and got like 7 comps too01:25
getthearmbut they never offered me an overhead projector, if they had i would be watching HD movies in 100" right now :-O01:26
getthearmi love free stuff :-D01:26
RAOFeythian: Hm.  I don't know why - linux-meta still points to -12, from what I can see?01:28
gluerbluefox: so are you setting up hardy on this old stuff?01:29
bluefox|gaminggluer: i got a asus p2b-f with a p3@450 and 768 ram, nvidia tnt2 or sumfin[its unlabled], adaptec 2940w with a 4.4gb seagate barracuda 50pin scsi drive on itand two maxtor 200mb 50 drives[for docs], cmi8738 OEM PCI soundcard and 3com 10baset 10/100 cyclone ethernet adaptor in it, plus a lg dvdrom drive and 52x cdrom drive in it for kicks01:32
bluefox|gamingjust finished installing hardy in it01:32
bluefox|gamingand just hit enter to reboot XD01:33
numanytime i use apt tools i get an error with timidity package, it claims that it needs to be reconfigured and errors occure. what can i do to correct this?01:38
eythianRAOF: I think it was virtualbox-ose-modules that pulled it in. I may have installed the -13 one by accident.01:38
eythianRAOF: ok, definitely virualbox, it forced the upgrade.01:40
eythian(I had manually installed the -12 ones, but an update or something pulled it up to -13)01:40
bluefox|gaminghehe, i figured out how to make pastebin readable again.01:42
DarphBobowhat? delayed 3 months?01:42
Dr_willisnum,  try sudo dpkg-reconfigure WHATEVERPACKATGENAME01:42
atlefDarphBobo:  haha01:43
atlefDarphBobo: aprilfools01:43
atlefi think01:43
DarphBobook, was that april fools joke?01:43
numDr_willis: ok01:43
getthearmif i get rickrolled one more time01:44
numDr_willis: it says /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: timidity is broken or not fully installed01:44
eythianyou guys know that it's April 2nd in over half the world now, right? :)01:44
getthearmi swear01:44
atlefDarphBobo: but they should, then ff3 will be done, and not a beta01:44
Dr_willisnum,  try removing it?01:44
mneptokgetthearm: http://cgi.fark.com/cgi/fark/youtube.pl?IDLink=350788301:44
* bluefox|gaming needs an 'angry eyes' ascii emote...01:45
atlefi really do hate ff3, and its dependencies01:45
bluefox|gamingwhy will grub not boot from a scsi disk drive?01:45
bluefox|gamingthey boot winblows fine <. <01:45
RAOFatlef: What are its' evil dependencies?01:45
numDr_willis: removed, it was a midi to whatever converter. i dont even know what for this was installed01:45
atlefnot possible to remove, screws with my ff201:46
Dr_willisnum,  :) easy enough eh..01:46
numDr_willis: thank you!01:46
DarphBoboff3 seems cool to me01:46
atlefRAOF: and a lot of the plugins will be removed if you remove ff301:46
iceswordcome on,this is april 2 today01:47
derspanksternot yet here01:47
atlefDarphBobo: i agree, but it is beta, and 8.04 is a LTS01:47
atlefDarphBobo: and the mozillateam will not be ready with ff3 until june as i understand01:48
derspanksterFF3 is good but still needs a lot of work01:48
RAOFatlef: Ah, right.  So it's not actually the dependencies of ff3 that you don't like, it's things being dependant on ff3.  Right. (Is ff2 even in the archives still?)01:48
derspanksterI'm sure it is01:49
atlefRAOF: yes, i have ff2 installed because of my extensions01:49
toorimaim installing hardy with the alternate disk, due to encryption setup, but i get to pick between 3 kernels, linux-generic, linux-image-generic and linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic, whats the difference?01:50
atlefRAOF: try removing ff3 after you have installed ff2 and you will see what i mean01:50
derspanksterOf course, I've only been running the beta since this morning01:50
atlefRAOF: it will also ruin your ff2 profile01:50
RAOFatlef: Oh, cool.  Bugs filed?01:51
atlefRAOF: yes, but no responce so far01:51
linkinxphey guys i did this mkdir ~/src; cd ~/src; git-clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mes now what?? is the next step??01:51
atlefRAOF: maybe im alone on this one01:51
atlefRAOF: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayerplug-in/+bug/20420301:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204203 in mplayerplug-in "difficult to remove FF3 beta, and keep FF2 functionality" [Undecided,New]01:54
Stroganoffafter upgrading from gutsy to hardy, the font size of the XDM login prompt is huge, no matter what Xresource file i use01:54
dotechthe beta release notes link in the topic doesn't go to an existing wiki page01:56
numis there something like mathcad a calculus application alternatif?01:56
dotechactually it probably does, my client stinks :(01:56
dotechanyone know the full link? my topic cuts off after "Bet"01:56
Picidotech: its not just you... hold on01:57
RAOFatlef: Oh, right.  That probably won't be fixed, because we'd (probably) need to build two plugins, one for ff2 & one for ff3.01:57
Picidotech: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta01:57
bluefox|gamingi there a version of this >http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown i can use with a bb sig?01:57
atlefRAOF: that is most likely the case, but i need my extensions, so i will have to live with it till they are supported by ff301:58
RAOFatlef: Yeah.  Sucks.01:58
atlefRAOF: but as i said, i get around it, but it is not ideal01:59
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
toorimaim installing hardy 32bit with the alternate disk, but i get to pick between 3 kernels, linux-generic, linux-image-generic and linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic, whats the difference?01:59
RAOFtoorima: That sounds like a bug.  All those kernels are the same, at various dependency levels.02:00
RAOFtoorima: Choose linux-generic.02:00
atlefRAOF: and as long as i use the profilemanager to start ff2 i can live with it02:00
dotechcool thanks :)02:00
gluer3 month delay???02:01
toorimaRAOF: ok thx02:01
dotechi was building a new pc this week that i was hoping to upgrade to Hardy, how can I help to make this happen sooner?02:01
dotechI am an experienced programmer02:01
dotechdefinitely installing the beta02:02
tritiumdotech: that's all you need to do.  Just keep up with the updates, and you'll have Hardy.02:02
dotechi have a fairly rare system too, 2 PCI-E 16x nvidia graphics cards and 3 monitors02:02
dotechso i want to do as much as i can to help02:03
dotechtritium, will do02:04
m13i have amd64 939 , could i put opteron procesor on this motherboard with hardy installed ?02:04
luddite_hi i updated to new dev branch from beta 3(fresh install) and now it wont get past LOADING. PLEASE WAIT02:04
dotechthe only downside for me is that i have very limited experience with Ubuntu, i have been using various distros of Linux for years though02:07
ph8Hi all - is anyone using Xen on Hardy by any chance?02:09
ph8I've just upgraded and lost all my DomU networking, it was working fine before upgrade - wondering if anyone's had similar problems02:09
nomasteryodadotech, used debian?02:09
dotechyes, often, i know Ubuntu is the successor of Debian, sort of02:09
nomasteryodaspawn of the debian more or less02:10
nomasteryodadebian still kicks tail02:10
dotechfor the most part i know the package manager02:10
nomasteryodausing it on my ppc imac02:10
dotechso thats really all i need to get past most hurdles02:10
nomasteryodaapt-get is the best02:10
dotechhaha i wish i had a ppc imac02:10
dotechi got the new intel macbook02:10
dotechi happen to be a ppc expert02:11
nomasteryodai sold an old macbook... like the 1st gen for 30$ at a yardsale last month02:11
nomasteryodahad os8.1 and yellowdog 3.0 on it02:11
dotechthey go for much more than that these days, i got the cheapest model at a discount for a grand02:11
nomasteryodait was assembled from the dumpster02:11
dotechi used that for a week or so02:12
nomasteryodaslow with only 40mb ram, but worked02:12
luddite_dotech: i cant get wireless 802.11g USB dongle to work on a old macbook PPC02:12
luddite_i was going to smash it02:12
nomasteryodaya i had over 300 updates to debian etch on this one02:12
luddite_but it would be usefull as roaming arounf the house02:12
nomasteryodathe macbook or the dongle?02:12
dotechwell i know the CPU itself, the architecture, but device drivers for an OS is another story02:12
nomasteryodafriend at work told me to drive over to her house and she'd give me a G402:13
nomasteryodacomplete system02:13
frederichello all. is there someone that could help me ... I cut / paste a directory from my Destop to another place. paste didn't work and it seems my data are lost. How may I recover them ? thanks !02:13
dotechi gave up on Gentoo, i had much more than 300 updates02:13
dotechand on my 1ghz amd thunderbird that was a daunting task02:13
fredericdid cut/past with stupid right click into nautilus (gnome).02:13
dotechnew d-link switches smell pretty good02:14
dotecheven has a nice "green ethernet" logo indicating that it consumes less power, haha.02:14
=== LjL changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
ZiggyFish_laptopI'm having a problem with gdm, I was told by Nith (in #ubuntu to ask in this channel)02:16
ZiggyFish_laptopgdm hang before i get to log in02:16
Stroganoffafter upgrading from gutsy to hardy, the font size of the XDM login prompt is huge, no matter what Xresource file i use. any ideas?02:17
ZiggyFish_laptopany ideas02:17
derspanksterhow big is it?02:18
linkinxphello why i get this???  *** No rule to make target `/home/linkinxp/src/mesa/makefile.mgw'.02:18
L33tMastaSo I'm still having an issue with shutting down/ restarting causing my screen to start displaying odd color lines and flicker02:19
Picilinkinxp: You really shouldnt have to do anything special to that model's drivers working02:20
linkinxpwell everything its special cause im new in this02:20
fatrataloalo.. lil.help. want to dl 8.04B, but is it poss to update to LTS once released or better to wait?02:20
Picilinkinxp: If you're brand new, you probably shouldn't be using the beta version02:20
linkinxpPici:  true02:21
linkinxpPici:  well im getting the Stable then02:21
PiciBeta = Buggy && Less Support02:21
linkinxpill be back :D02:21
L33tMastaAnyone have an ideas on how I can fix the screen issue? Honesly it can't be good for the moniter02:26
eythianL33tMasta: what video card?02:26
L33tMasta8600M GT02:27
eythianinstalled nvidia-glx-new?02:27
eythian(and using it?)02:27
quentusrexsmb video play seems broken....02:27
quentusrexI can't open a windows share, and double click to play a video file... I have to manually copy it to my computer, then play it....02:28
eythianL33tMasta: nvidia-settings tell you anything useful02:28
quentusrexIs this a known bug???02:28
eternal_pg'evening all...I am having an odd flash problem, any flash video freezes after two seconds02:28
eythianeternal_p: install libflashsupport?02:28
fatrat'reading' Ubuntu Hairy Hardon LOL02:29
L33tMastaWhat's the command for  nvidia-setting02:29
eternal_peythian: already installed02:29
eythianquentusrex: I just tested it from a samba share, and it works fine.02:29
eternal_pit does work, just hangs after two seconds of video02:29
atlefeternal_p: do you use any mediaplayer at the same time02:29
eternal_pnope, nothing02:29
eythianeternal_p: got the sound settings set to pulseaudio, and is pulseaudio running? It isn't stuck (I've had that happen a couple of times...try killall pulsaudio and restarting it)02:30
ZiggyFish_laptopanyway fixed my problem02:30
eythianL33tMasta: 'nvidia-settings'02:30
linkinxpwhen 8.04 comes Fully Supported will 7.04 update by itself? or do i need to install it again?02:30
L33tMastaWow..It's not installed?02:30
eternal_peythian: right now, everything is set to auto detect02:30
eythianeternal_p: perhaps try forcing it to pulseaudio. I'm thinking the audio buffers fill in 2 secs and it stalls. I've heard of it happening.02:31
RAOFlinkinxp: If you are running Gutsy (7.10) (or Dapper (6.06), I think) you will be asked whether you want to upgrade.02:31
L33tMastaAlright installed. lemme take a look02:31
RAOFlinkinxp: If you're running Feisty, you'll need to upgrade to Gutsy first, then to Hardy.02:31
atlefeythian: this has happend to me02:31
RAOFlinkinxp: The upgrade-manager will handle this02:32
linkinxpRAOF:  nice so what about if im running the beta??02:32
eternal_peythian: same thing, I will trying to kill pulseaudio02:33
eythianlinkinxp: it'll just work02:33
RAOFlinkinxp: Hardy beta?  You'll continually update until you hit the release.02:33
eythianlinkinxp: you don't upgrade from the beta to the release, it just ends up being the release02:33
linkinxpnice! well then i will continue with the beta02:33
linkinxpeythian:  RAOF u see the problem is with the Intel 965 Gm drivers i have the generics no the real ones02:34
eternal_peythian: good call02:34
L33tMastaeythian: Maybe I'm not looking at the right options but everything looks good02:34
eythianlinkinxp: I don't know anything about Intel video02:34
eythianeternal_p: cool02:34
eythianL33tMasta: your monitor is correctly plugged in? (stupid question, but you never know)02:35
eternal_peythian: ty02:35
eythianL33tMasta: ah. Hmm. running compiz? Tried disabling it?02:36
teamcobraldap is making my box refuse to start (hangs at starting kernel log daemon)02:36
eythianL33tMasta: oh, just shutdown/startup02:36
teamcobraI did, however, get recovery mode working02:36
eternal_peythian: can pulse audio handle multiple audio devices at once?02:36
eythianL33tMasta: I've seen that now I think about it, I assumed it was a bug in the nvidia drivers.02:36
eythianeternal_p: yep, it does it well. And it works over a network.02:37
L33tMastaYea. As soon as X closes I get a messed up screen02:37
linkinxpRAOF:  how the make command works?02:37
L33tMastaLooks like a program is running but control-c doesn't shut anything down02:37
eythianeternal_p: install padevchooser, paman, pavucontrol and you'll get all the cool toys.02:37
eternal_peythian: odd then, I have my wine'ed slingbox and youtube, I get: Error opening PCM device front:0: Device or resource busy02:38
JohnPhysanyone notice that Human-murrine is gone from the "controls" themes that can be selected?02:38
eythianL33tMasta: I think the only solution is to get nvidia to fix it :/ it doesn't happen on my laptop any more it seems, but it did in gutsy. It would also do a thing that look like a TV with a broken v-hold.02:38
eythianeternal_p: oh, only multiple programs if they all use pulseaudio. It's a PITA. Use 'pasuspender program' to pause pulse, and release the soundcard.02:39
eternal_pthat already sounds like more trouble than its worth02:39
eternal_pI would assume that it just would not play a la windows02:40
eythianeternal_p: http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup you can force older ALSA programs to use it, details there02:40
eythianeternal_p: however, wine's alsa plugin is buggy and doesn't work with it. I have everything else working with the custom .asoundrc that it describes on that page.02:40
eternal_peythian: or I just won't slingbox and youtube at the same time :)02:41
eternal_pJay's game is just about over any ways02:41
linkinxphow i keep the shorcuts of my windows shared folders from being deleted when i restart???02:42
eythianeternal_p: yeah, if you use pasuspender it'll take care of it for you. I know rhythmbox pauses, and then resumes when the other thing finishes.02:42
eythianlinkinxp: tell it to bookmark them I think. Although, they might hang around in the places menu anyway. The ssh thing I did does, can't remember if I told it to bookmark or not.02:43
eythianI guess I did actually..02:43
eternal_peythian: i'll take a look, thanks!@02:43
linkinxpeythian:  is the ones in the desktop02:43
linkinxpeythian:  when i go to a shared folder it creates a shortcut but it gets deleted when i reboot02:44
eythianeternal_p: I spent a while learning all this over the past few days, trying to make halflife 2 have sound again :)02:44
eythianlinkinxp: ah, not sure then. I don't do that much.02:44
linkinxpeythian:  thanks anyway :)02:44
eternal_peythian: the residant expert :)02:45
eythianeternal_p: procrastination is an educational tool :)02:45
nickwebcoukokany ideas on how to watch dvd's in 8.04? I've installed the restricted drivers package, but still no joy :(02:46
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:47
JohnPhysnickwebcoukok:  What specific steps did you take?  I've got dvd's working in 8.04 w/o medibuntu02:48
eternal_peythian: hear hear02:48
nickwebcoukokjust installed the system02:48
nickwebcoukokand installed mythtv02:48
nickwebcoukokwouldnt play DVD's, so tried totem02:48
nickwebcoukokand that gave me the Unable to read from media error02:48
nickwebcoukokhad a look through the packages, and installed anything that could be related to DVD playing (restricted formats) etc.02:49
Ashextrying to get a laptop to use a tv as it's main screen02:51
L33tMastaAnyone know a good universal repository?02:52
aaahhhso, latest updates killed my audio02:52
Ashexbios and ubuntu loading screen display on TV02:52
Ashexbut once X loads, it switches to the laptop02:52
Ashexis there any way yo set the external display as the primary monitor manually?02:52
aaahhhedit your xorg.conf02:52
Ashexdisplayconfig-gtk isn't working very well02:52
aaahhhthe gui config for x is still a little icky for advanced config02:53
Ashexany idea what specifically to add in?02:53
aaahhhwhat card you have?02:53
Ashexold school ATI radeon card02:53
RAOFAshex: xrandr will help.02:54
IdleOne!dvd | nickwebcoukok02:54
RAOFAshex: You actually won't need to edit your xorg.conf at all, you can do this all dynamically.02:54
ubotunickwebcoukok: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:54
RAOFAshex: Also, system->Preferences->Screen Resolution may help (you could turn off your laptop screen, leaving only the TV.  Only do this if the TV shows up there, though!)02:55
aaahhhanyone have any ideas why my audio died02:55
aaahhhi have a nvidia card02:55
aaahhhnforce 4 audio02:55
aaahhhbut when i updated it died02:55
AshexRAOF, I'll look into it02:55
aaahhhit died before i restarted after the kernel update02:55
aaahhhso i don't think it's the kernel02:55
AshexI was just trying to do it with displayconfig-gtk02:56
IdleOneRAOF, that little script to move files from ubuntu pc to windows pc did not work :/ the rsync thing...02:56
AshexRight now I'm seeing if booting off the live cd will have it display on the tv02:56
AshexI installed with it disconnected02:56
Ashexaaaand no dice02:56
aaahhhwhat type of output to the tv02:57
ampex2IdleOne: what are you trying to do?02:57
aaahhhis it just an rgb cable or is it svideo?02:57
Ashexaaahhh, rgb, so standard vga connector02:57
aaahhhi see02:57
IdleOneampex2, trying to rsync a folder on ubuntu pc to windows pc02:57
Ashextrying to get it to output 640x48002:57
ampex2IdleOne: is rsync installed on the windows pc?02:57
DanaGWhy are my things in /etc/cron.daily not running?02:57
IdleOnehmmm I dont think so02:58
Ashexcurrently it's just a proof of concept type of thing02:58
ampex2IdleOne: neither ubuntu or windows talk rsync out of the box02:58
hrlrCan anyone help me confirm this bug?:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/21009502:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210095 in network-manager "NM doesn't pass hostname to DHCP server" [Undecided,New]02:58
ampex2IdleOne: why setup a windows share and just mount it directly on ubuntu?02:58
ampex2IdleOne: why not rather02:58
Ashexthis laptop is sloowww02:59
guspadDanaG, crond down ? check /var/log/crond (or something like that) or /var/log/messages02:59
Ashex1.8Ghz celeron, but the drive is 4200rpm02:59
IdleOneampex2, why do it that way when I can do it the hard way :)02:59
ampex2IdleOne: if you want to use rsync, you'll have to get something like cwrsyncserver setup on the windows machine03:00
IdleOneampex2, I could always just manualy move the files over I just figured I would try being lazy and see if I couldnt get it setup03:01
ampex2IdleOne: cwrsyncserver is nice03:01
ampex2IdleOne: but it requires some configuration out of the "box"03:01
IdleOneI will take a look at it03:01
aaahhhrsync is nice if you sync often03:01
AshexRAOF, the external connection shows up in screen resolution03:02
aaahhhfor one time transfers just use sftp or scp03:02
Ashexbut changing the resolution to 640x480 and clicking apply does nothing03:02
AshexRAOF, changing both to 640x480 only changes main screen too (was testing which was which)03:03
AshexI'll keep working on this after dinner03:06
Ashexthe card is an ati radeon Mobility M703:06
Ashexis there any driver I can use aside from the "ati" driver?03:07
Ashexframebuffer or flgrx?03:07
levmattaevery update I did today just destroyed my system, now even the gnome theme is broken03:07
levmattaany ideas why my Human theme is blue ??????03:07
JohnPhyslevmatta:  yeah, I noticed that the human-murrine is gone03:07
JohnPhyslevmatta:  that's just the "controls" part though, go to appearance -> theme and select human in the meantime03:08
levmattadid that03:08
levmattathanks JohnPhys03:09
levmattawhy is everything strange today? the kernel xxx.13 is totally broken for one03:09
JohnPhyslevmatta:  odd, I haven't received a kernel update03:09
aaahhhi did03:10
levmattaI installed the xxx.13 by half (modules for example did not install)03:10
aaahhhok so pulse audio is not detecting my nvidia sound card03:11
aaahhhit just says sinks, simultaneous output03:11
aaahhhin devices03:11
aaahhhnot sure what happened03:11
levmattaaaahhh: I have the same problem with audio, but I gess it is because os the modules thing03:11
aaahhhbroke after apt-get update earlier03:11
levmattaaaahhh: check if you have the modules of xxx.13 installed03:12
RyanPriorWhat's with the new Human theme? It's totally borked!03:12
aaahhhnot really03:12
levmattaRyanPrior: mine is also03:12
aaahhhoh as in the gnome theme?03:12
=== monkeypoo2552 is now known as kumarphilly
aaahhhi guess im using clearlooks03:12
Luckriderdoes anyone know if FF Beta 3 Verson 4 offers sound03:13
aaahhhdoesn't look broken03:13
LuckriderI can't get it to work in youtube or Pandora03:13
aaahhhoffers sound?03:13
RyanPriorThe interface has been looking really slick with the latest Human, but it just regressed to something straight out of 1992.03:13
aaahhhdude, get the latest version of flash03:13
JohnPhysThe "controls" human-murrine theme seems to have been removed in the latest updates, that's why the theme for many people is messed up.03:13
LuckriderI have the latest version03:13
Luckriderbut there is no sound03:13
aaahhhwell, my sound just broke03:13
RyanPriorJohnPhys: Do you know of a workaround?03:14
Luckriderthat sucks03:14
aaahhhbut it was working with firefox before03:14
Luckridersound works with everthing else03:14
LuckriderI am gonna try a different browser03:14
JohnPhysRyanPrior:  well, the theme may still exist on the system somewhere (I dont know), but at least it's not selectable.  I just selected teh "Human" theme in the appearance -> themes applet until it gets fixed, so now it looks gutsy-esque03:15
JohnPhysOn a side note, that vertical orange bar on the left side of all menus in human-murrine should be thinned up *just* a bit, some menus look crowded with it03:15
mneptokJohnPhys: to whom are you addressing such sentiments?03:16
mneptokJohnPhys: $DEITY or actual developers? :)03:16
levmattaany knows what is going on with the packages?03:17
levmattaohhh, I waited the entire day I can wait a lot more03:18
JohnPhysmneptok:  just expressing an opinion, that's all :)  I'll always have regular human if it doesn't get thinned up, and I'd rather the devs work on some of the other bugs I filed (rendering latex in inkscape & subpixed font rendering issues in qt apps & gnome terminal) rather than thinning up some orange bar :)03:18
levmattajust to query: anyone else having problems with the clock applet03:22
IdleOnesuch as?03:22
earl_did the latest round of updates break anyone else's system?03:22
levmattaearl_:  Very much yes03:22
aaahhhaudio is broked03:22
earl_it broke mine, i had to change to another visual theme in appearances03:22
JohnPhysearl_ : please provide more info, such as what "break ones system" means03:22
IdleOneI havent had any updates since yesterday morning03:23
aaahhhit appears that the human theme is messed up03:23
earl_yes, quite03:23
crwebIdleOne: theres a whole huge batch in the last few hours03:23
levmattaIdleOne: such as it not opening and freezing the entire gnome-panel03:23
IdleOnelevmatta, nope dont have that03:23
aaahhhi didn't get that bug03:23
IdleOnecrweb, hmmm strange03:23
IdleOnecrweb, seems I needed to to an update before dist-upgrade03:24
earl_well after i installed the newest round of updates, i restarted and gdm froze on startup03:24
levmattait is really destructive, and to me is usually happens when I am not connected03:24
earl_before i could log in03:24
IdleOnehere we go03:25
earl_had to ctrlalt-F2, sudo rm tmp-lock, startx. and when x started, there was some hideous theme from like 1995.03:25
crwebi think i might hold off for a bit ;)03:25
levmattaIdleOne: the clock applet bug is happening right now, I click it and it fails to open03:26
earl_pretty sure it's the modified version of the human theme that comes as default that's broken. "human" is still available, just not "custom" as the dialog's been calling it.03:26
levmattaand the hole bar goes numb03:26
JohnPhysearl_ : yes, the part of that theme which is new, the "human-murrine" controls, seems to have been removed03:27
=== earl_ is now known as Riskbreaker
IdleOnelevmatta, was this after updates?03:27
JohnPhysearl_:  no idea, I noticed some theme packages were updated, maybe an old one slipped in that didn't include human-murrine, though I think that'd be unlikely03:28
IdleOnelevmatta, check dmesg see if it tells you anything03:28
levmattaif I kill the gnome-panel process it Usually comes back03:28
JohnPhysearl_:  I'd expect it to return shortly03:28
tkoodawhat's the "one sentance description" on how stable hardy desktop is right now?  (got new dell D830 laptop and figured I'd try just install hardy now instead of upgrading in a few weeks)03:28
RiskbreakerJohnPhys: i look forward to it03:28
aaahhhtkooda, it was extremely stable yesterday03:28
Riskbreakertkooda: it wasn't bad until today. lol03:28
JohnPhystkooda:  Still unstable enough where you don't want to install it as your main os yet, unless you want ot help with testing and filing bugs.03:29
aaahhhlatest batch of updates b0rked a lot of stuff03:29
JohnPhysRiskbreaker:  That's just a guess, I'm not a dev or anything.03:29
aaahhhi actually use it as my main OS03:29
RiskbreakerJohnPhys: it sounds reasonable to me03:29
tkoodaurl with list of broken stuff?  -so I can decide if I can deal with it as my primary os?03:29
aaahhhwell it depends on your system03:30
IdleOnetkooda, all depends on your hardware03:30
yotuxIs hardy still going to be delayed in release?03:30
JohnPhysaaahhh:  I'm just saying, if there's something he uses specifically that's broken, he'll want to stay away.  Me, for instance, I use the "rendering latex in inkscape" feature regularly, and since that is broken in hardy (still), I don't use it as my main os yet.  That's what spare partitions are for :)03:30
aaahhhalmost everything works, but the human theme is a little messed up with the updates a little while ago03:30
tkoodadell D830.  if there's a list somewhere I can prolly figure out what'll affect me03:30
levmattaIdleOne: I could not identify anything03:30
aaahhhJohnPhys, that's when i compile it from source03:31
IdleOnelevmatta, dont know what to tell you. report to launchpad.net03:31
levmattayeah, thanks again03:31
aaahhhi compiled mplayer, from source so i could use coreavc :D03:31
aaahhhwell patched mplayer03:32
levmattaon yeat another problem, I have a dell inspiron 1525 and the card reader did not work03:32
levmattaI have no clue on what to do03:32
aaahhhreport it to launchpad03:32
JohnPhysaaahhh: yeah, though I like to keep my installs as "vanilla" as possible, so that things are updated nicely through the package manager.  Also, that latex thing is affecting source too, I think.  It's not just a hardy issue iirc03:32
aaahhhwell, compiz is still pretty broken03:32
aaahhhwell not broken per say, but it doesn't work with xv03:33
Riskbreakercompiz is most definitely not broken and most definitely works with xv.03:33
Riskbreakerduck season!03:33
crdlbthe only setup left where that doesn't work is fglrx03:33
aaahhhoh really03:33
aaahhhwhen was that fixed03:33
levmattacompiz is not broken, it just has occasional problems03:33
aaahhhwell, i meant the xv problem03:34
aaahhhit works fine in general03:34
aaahhhxv, as in full screen video output03:34
crdlbXv has worked with nvidia forever, with all the open source driver cards since gutsy (except for the intel X3000/3100)03:34
levmattait does not work with Google Earth and Blender though03:34
crdlband now it works with the X3100 in hardy03:35
aaahhhnot-xjjk, i mean Xv works with nvidia03:35
levmattaany one on card readers????03:35
aaahhhbut when i turn on compiz i can't see the video03:35
crdlbyes, I mean "Xv with compiz" when I say "Xv"03:35
JohnPhyslevmatta:  no idea on the card readers03:36
levmattaoh yeah for me the video does not follow the screen until a delay03:36
aaahhhjust tried it03:36
aaahhhit plays fine, except in full screen03:36
aaahhhi think it's some opacity issue i believe03:36
brianlightanyone having crazy mouse issues today in hardy03:36
crdlbare your fullscreen windows not completely opaque?03:36
atlefbrianlight: but no, have not experienced it03:36
aaahhhthey are03:37
aaahhhalso i have dual screens03:37
levmattaJohnPhys: thanks, in the past there was an application that listed all my hardware. now I cannot find it03:37
aaahhhbut it plays fine moving from one to another03:37
levmattaalso compiz negative is totally broken03:37
aaahhhjust doesn't video, freezes frame when in full screen03:37
brianlightstarted haveing issue after a reboot after updating one of the packages that was updated was xserver-xorg-input03:38
aaahhhbut right now my main problem is sound :(03:38
levmattabrianlight: Harddy is totally broken today03:38
brianlightcruel april fools joke03:38
aaahhhno really03:39
aaahhhit is broke03:39
levmattaI would recomend not updating and booting to the xxx.12 kernel03:39
aaahhhoh god, is this some type of jokes from the developers03:39
aaahhhrelease broked updates03:39
levmattathat may be itt03:39
JohnPhyslol nice thought, but I doubt it03:39
JohnPhysif it were, they should have just changed everyone's background, or the usplash03:40
levmattabroken and false dependencies, take that joke Synaptic03:40
aaahhhi doubt that would go nicely with the users03:40
brianlightso what's all broken today?03:40
JohnPhysor autostarted a rickroll in firefox upon boot03:40
aaahhhbrb, rebooting and seeing if reverting back to older kernel works03:40
eythianaaahhh: you have virtualbox installed?03:41
levmattamy sound, wireless, the modules package of the new kernel is not available03:41
levmattathe them03:41
aaahhhi do03:41
aaahhhdid virtualbox modules break it?03:41
levmattavirtualbox updated today but is fine for me03:41
tkoodawhere can I find a list of current hardy bugs?  (perhaps one of these??:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-8.04.1  or  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/later  )03:42
brianlightI'm sure the xserver-xorg-input packages gave me crazy mouse03:42
levmattakeep in mind that I booted to the old kernel03:42
eythianaaahhh: virtualbox modules pulled in the -13 kernel, which isn't released proper yet.03:42
eythianSo no restricted modules come with.03:42
aaahhhwell it shouldn't be a restricted module03:42
brianlightI'm getting false left clicks when I move my mouse around03:43
eythianprobably didn't get ubuntu-specific modules either.03:43
aaahhhi tried search synaptic03:43
aaahhhbut no luck03:43
JohnPhysaha, that would explain why I didn't get the -13 kernel pulled in (no virtualbox install)03:43
aaahhhfor the modules03:43
eythianfor now, tell grub to start -12 until -13 is updated.03:43
aaahhhill try using .1203:43
aaahhhill do that03:43
aaahhhyou know with all the special, gui tools in ubuntu, i still find it faster just to go directly to the conf file03:44
levmattabye people and thanks for all the help03:44
DanaGCan anybody tell me what syntax this is:03:44
DanaG#@ignore = qw( **/cache **/Cache **/nobackup );03:44
eythianDanaG: perl03:44
DanaGor rather, without comment mark.03:44
aaahhhit is perl03:44
aaahhhi believe03:44
DanaGHow would I make it also match .cache and .Cache and .thumbnails?03:44
luddite_i just saw a new laptop for AUS$410. Celeron 1.8 M, 2.5GB ram, 80GB HD. Wow03:45
eythianDanaG: probably just add **/.cache etc to that list03:45
alex_mayorgahow's the "right" way to test Firefox nightly builds in Ubuntu?03:45
DanaGDoes it take the dot as 'any char' like bash?03:45
eythianluddite_: we have NZ$600 laptops preinstalled with ubuntu being sold here03:45
aaahhhyou can install it in usr/local03:45
aaahhhand then test it03:45
aaahhhand make clean if you don't like03:46
aaahhhmake uninstall*03:46
aaahhhoh, actual builds03:46
eythianDanaG: I don't think bash uses '.' as 'any'. But, perl regexes do, so it depends how it uses it.03:46
aaahhhyou might need to do \.03:47
aaahhhbut im not that familiar with perl, i'd have to look at it's little quirks03:47
aaahhhbrb reverting to .12 kernel03:47
Riskbreakeris anyone running a broadcom 43series wireless chip?03:48
alex_mayorgaI have 74 updates to go, any heavy breakage ahead?03:48
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker: I am03:48
aaahhhif you use the human theme03:48
aaahhhit's currently a little borked03:48
alex_mayorgaaaahhh: bug?03:48
eythianhuman is working fine for me...03:49
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
aaahhhwell i think it's a dependency03:49
mneptokthis is why you should always install a window manager as well as a desktop environment :)03:49
eythianoh, I take that back. I'm apparently not using human.03:49
aaahhhi personally don't use it03:49
* mneptok hugs Openbox03:49
aaahhhthe orange makes my eyes cry03:49
Riskbreakerare you running the b43-fwcutter driver or ndiswrapper03:49
DanaGI like orange, myself.03:49
aaahhhdidn't they release an opensource driver03:50
aaahhhi thought it worked with wpa203:50
DanaGoh yeah, does perl regex use * for "one or more of previous" or for "any of any character"?03:50
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker, b4303:51
aaahhhok im really rebooting now03:51
Riskbreakerare you having problems with speed?03:52
eythianDanaG: the first one.03:52
HorizonXPhey, I'm trying to dual-boot Ubuntu and Mac OS X; Ubuntu works fine, but when I select Mac OSX in the GRUB menu, I get Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format. Any help?03:52
DanaGWhat's with the double asterisk, then?03:53
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker, I'm having problems with range, not speed03:53
Riskbreakerwell the common thread is that there's problems. =)03:53
alex_mayorgabut I have to be in the same room that my router03:53
alex_mayorganot that I have much more rooms to go to :)03:53
eythianDanaG: no idea. In java (well, ant) that means 'any number of directories', followed by whatever comes after03:54
alex_mayorgaso no one doing nightly firefox build testing?03:54
eythianDanaG: perldoc File::Glob might be useful, assuming it is using globs. It doesn't mention ** though.03:56
DanaGYay, my Firewire drive gets up to 36 megabytes per second.04:01
DanaGUSB 2.0 only gets 20.04:01
DanaGUSB 2.0:  Durrh, DMA?  Never heard of it.04:01
brianlightso no one else has crazy input today?04:01
brianlightmainly from the mouse after xserver-xorg-input update?04:02
aaahhhit was the .1304:07
aaahhhthat was messing up my audio04:07
mneptokaaahhh: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$KERNELREV04:08
DanaG`uname -r` is better.04:09
DanaGor the same.04:09
aaahhhlinux-ubuntu-modules- isn't in the repo yet04:11
aaahhhbut the kernel is04:11
vlowtherso, don't dist-upgrade for the next couple on days, then?04:12
aaahhhwell it was because of virtualbox04:13
RAOFaaahhh: It seems to be virtualbox-ose-modules brokenly pulling in the -1304:13
JohnPhysanyone experiencing Bug #190848 ?04:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190848 in gnome-terminal "font in terminal does not resemble font in preview" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19084804:13
aaahhhit /unload HighlightCollector.py04:13
aaahhheythian, told me that04:14
aaahhhand reverting back to the older kernel worked04:14
aaahhhhad to reinstall nvidia-glx-new binary drivers twice :(04:15
crhylov1Hey, I can't get my wifi going on a little presario laptop.04:27
crhylov1I can't get the blue light to come on at all.04:28
crhylov1Any help?04:28
aaahhhwhat chipset?04:28
crhylov1I am using Hardy Heron Beta.  I believe it is Broadcom.04:28
crhylov1I am next to useless with a command line, btw.04:29
aaahhhyou could use ndiswrapper04:29
crhylov1But I am good at downloading things, burning cds, etc.04:29
aaahhhwith fwcutter04:29
crhylov1OK.  Is there an online tut for that with GUI step by step?04:30
bluefox|gaminghas hardinfo allways crashed a lot since feisty fawn or is it just me? cause gutsy it crashed and now i installed it again and as soon as i try to get a summary it crashes04:35
aaahhhit worked ok for me04:37
aaahhhnvm that was hardware testing04:38
crhylov1any link on how to get ndiswrapper going in the GUI?  I didn't see one on the forums.04:38
bluefox|gaming^hardinfo crash04:38
crhylov1lol.  That link was not related.04:39
bluefox|gamingcrhylov1: if you had read my second comment...04:40
voidmageanyone know why human-murrine was removed?04:41
aaahhhno clue04:41
aaahhhim generating a report now bluefox|gaming04:41
aaahhhand it hasn't crashed yet04:42
aaahhhyet it generated the report fine04:42
bluefox|gamingaaahhh: but im not after a report. i want to browse the stuff in it's GUI04:43
aaahhhooooh purty report04:43
AutoMatriXproblem : gutsy will not install on my laptop as long as there is an nnfs partition on my HD, I have to install feisty, then go to gutsy before installing hardy .... somebody has a solution ?04:43
aaahhhim browsing04:43
aaahhhit's fine04:43
crhylov1These seems to solve it, but I have to give this laptop back to my drummer later in the week, and he will completely unable to handle that every time he boots.04:44
crhylov1Any permanent work around yet?04:44
aaahhhfor what?04:44
voidmageAutoMatriX: this channel is for hardy. ask about gutsy in #ubuntu04:44
DanaGYay, finally I found a backup thingy that works.04:44
DanaGJust had to put it in cron.d somewhere, and edit the config.04:45
AutoMatriXvoidmage, actuallu I'm installing hardy ...04:45
aaahhhbacula is nice04:45
AutoMatriXvoidmage, via an upgrade, cannot do anything else04:45
aaahhhwhat's an nnfs partition04:46
aaahhhyou mean ntfs?04:46
AutoMatriXaaahhh, nice, you got it04:47
quentusrexwhat do shared lib's end with? .a? or .so???04:47
aaahhhyou mean why?04:47
bluefox|gamingcrhylov1: i didnt click the link, but i suggest making a shell script in it to be executed duing bootup04:47
Tu13escan I get the hardy beta alongside gutsy?04:49
Tu13esI'd compiled the 2.6.24 kernel myself a few weeks before the beta and had wifi issues04:49
Tu13esif the issues are still there I really don't want to have a nonworking system while I troubleshoot04:49
DanaGwtf?  All my menus are opening at the BOTTOM of the z-order.04:50
Boohbahquentusrex: .so for shared object04:50
=== bluefox|gaming is now known as bluefoxx
aaahhhautomatrix use some partition utility to resize the partition04:51
Dex-Freudii I need is to creat an empty vfat into a .img file to be mounted with VirtualBox ... any ideas?04:51
aaahhhgparted works nice04:51
Kl4mCan I set the language for a single app? I want to start a GNOME program in english to file a consistent bug report.04:52
aaahhhi think it's a variable setting04:52
aaahhhnot sure04:52
DanaGArgh, my hda-intel is broken!04:53
AutoMatriXaaahhh, that has already been done .... but it gets stuck when using 'manual' partitioning, unles I use Feisty, which works perfect04:53
RAOFDanaG: sudo module-assistant a-i alsa-source, man.04:53
aaahhhwhat are you trying to install?04:53
crhylov1I'm gonna try this: http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197102&highlight=broadcom+ndiswrapper04:53
DanaGI wonder why it randomly broke.04:54
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 23:01:54 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:54
aaahhhthat should work04:54
AutoMatriXaaahhh, now I'm trying to install hardy, but via update manager, since I ran out of CD's04:54
DanaGSTill on -12.04:54
aaahhhyou can actually use the gui in hardy04:54
aaahhhAutomatrix the gui installer sucks, use the alternate cd04:54
aaahhhif you want to manually partition04:54
aaahhhor if the gui installer fails04:55
AutoMatriXaaahhh, I used both, the live AND the alternate04:55
aaahhhit failed in the alternate cd too?04:55
DanaGI wonder why -12 ALSA randomly broke.04:55
DanaGThe modules are still loaded.04:55
AutoMatriXaaahhh, correct04:55
aaahhhDanaG did you just apt-update04:56
aaahhhand do you run virtualbox04:56
aaahhhor have it installed04:56
aaahhhoh nvm04:56
aaahhhyou're still on 1204:56
aaahhhtry restarting04:56
aaahhhbut pick the .12 kernel04:56
aaahhhi had the same problem, i run virtualbox, and the sound died before rebooting into .13, sound doesn't work at all in .13 due to no kernel modules in the repo04:57
aaahhhcorresponding kernel modules*04:57
DanaGI AM in 12.05:00
DanaG*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to create stream.               Unable to set hw params for playback: Input/output error               Setting of hwparams failed: Input/output error                               speaker-test: pcm_pulse.c:115: pulse_stop: Assertion `pcm->stream' failed.                      Aborted (core dumped)05:01
DanaG(removed line breaks.)05:01
DanaGaplay to the device itself works fine.05:01
aaahhhis any other device taking control of the audio device05:05
aaahhhother application*05:05
DanaGEverything should be going through PulseAudio.05:05
DanaGHow do I fix my pulseaudio?05:09
DanaGAnd yes, I do deliberately use PulseAudio, for the multiple-device features.05:09
DanaGOh, PCM was low, for some odd reason.05:10
dwidmannAnybody around a wizard with alsa by any chance?05:12
crhylov1what is the new program for formatting a USB key or other hard drive?05:13
crhylov1it says gparted is not installed.05:13
BHSPitMonkeyI heard pulseaudio could be forwarded over ssh somehow, but I could never find out how.05:14
JohnPhyscrhylov1:  just install gparted, I dont' think it is usually installed by default in gutsy or feisty either05:14
BHSPitMonkeyIt's not.05:19
dwidmannJohnPhys: rightfully shouldn't be too ... leaves newer users too much oppurtunity to play with drives while the partitions are mounted (bad thing)05:19
crhylov1huh.  OK, thnx.05:23
crhylov1I was hoping to format this USB key BEFORE I copied stuff from this machine to the one that is offline (for obvious reasons), but I will suck it up and burn a CD.....05:23
crhylov1Where should I get the .deb for that?05:25
crhylov1(It's not on getdeb).05:26
crhylov1is gparted somewhere on the hardy beta cd?05:28
* crhylov1 goes to grep.05:28
ubuntufanboyhello all05:32
* ubuntufanboy needs help with Java on Hardy 64.05:33
=== not-xjjk is now known as xjjk
ubuntucool123_has anyone tried ubuntu beta on compaq evo n800v? what is it like?05:40
VeN0mizernot I05:40
VeN0mizerupgrading to beta on my hell...I mean dell laptop as we speak05:41
ubuntucool123_i hope it works fine on the compaq evo n800v. version 7.10 had a resolution problem so i needed to go into xorg.conf and change it05:42
ubuntufanboythats why i bought a thinkpad05:42
VeN0mizerif only I had more dough05:43
crhylov1i like dell, as long as you reformat IMMEDIATELY after purchase.05:43
VeN0mizerlol yeah I did05:43
* DanaG will probably get an "HP Compaq" (wow, that's silly naming) 8510p in summer.05:44
VeN0mizerwiped off crappy home xp, installed crappier vista, went back to xp pro, then to ubuntu, and never looked back :)05:44
crhylov1dell always comes completely loaded with CRAP.05:44
VeN0mizeronly complain was the broadcom driver that ubuntu came packaged with kept locking up my system, had to use NDISwrapper05:44
aaahhhwireless is still pretty crappy in linux05:44
ubuntucool123_im going to dual boot with windoze and ubuntu 8.04 (when final comes out)05:45
VeN0mizerI'm hoping the hardy upgrade in progress won't  break my ndiswrapper config :(05:45
aaahhhhave they fixed the store wpa2 enterprise issue in networkmanager?05:45
VeN0mizerI use wicd, like it much better :)05:45
VeN0mizeroh, and I have an ATI card :(05:46
VeN0mizerwhich ati hates making linux drivers for05:46
ubuntufanboyi had an ATI.... trashed it for a NVIDIA, best think i did for my linux life.05:47
aaahhhwicd looks nice05:47
ubuntufanboyi had an ATI.... trashed it for a NVIDIA, best thing i did for my linux life.05:47
crhylov1they are SUPPOSED to be getting better.05:47
aaahhhbut their legacy support sucks05:47
VeN0mizerI love it aaahhh :) they make a .deb for it05:47
aaahhhit's basicly a frontend to wpasupplicant05:48
aaahhhdo you use wpa enterprise?05:48
aaahhhwith radius auth05:48
VeN0mizerI had 3 nvidia cards die on me in two different comps I was building....so I'm scared of them lol I need to try them out again05:48
VeN0mizernope, just wpa2 psk05:48
aaahhhi want to know if it stores the pass's in keyring05:48
VeN0mizerwhich network manager couldn't seem to handle :/05:48
aaahhhwell network managers wireless connection always seemed flaky05:49
aaahhhi always downgraded to manual scripts05:49
VeN0mizerthen again my password is 29 characters long of symbols, caps, and numbers05:49
DanaGHmm, since I removed my audigy2, I haven't had any more of those hard-lockups when under heavy disk+gpu activity.05:49
DanaGMy passphrase is *************************05:49
VeN0mizer....that's mine too!05:49
DanaGwith some mixed case, some underscores, and some punctuation.05:49
JohnPhysnice, mine too05:49
aaahhhlol h ave you read that bash quote05:49
DanaGCount them.05:50
aaahhhhey put in your password05:50
aaahhhsee, mine is ******05:50
aaahhhyour client automatically sends the asterisks05:50
DanaGMy dad doesn't leave it enabled, since he is (self-admittedly) ignorant of how security works.05:50
VeN0mizer*sean connery* and if you believe that one I'll tell ya another05:50
ubuntufanboywhy security?05:50
aaahhhleave what enabled?05:51
ubuntufanboyall computers should have no security05:51
ubuntufanboystallman way of thinking...05:51
VeN0mizerthat would be windows bud05:51
aaahhhwell it depends05:51
aaahhhpeople just pick on windows mainly because it is the most used OS05:52
DanaGAnd the users are the most ignorant.05:52
aaahhhthat too05:52
VeN0mizerI've often wondered if linux would show as many patches as windows if more people targeted it05:52
JohnPhysaaahhh:  lets not leave out the fact that it was not designed with security in mind.05:52
VeN0mizeris open source _really_ that much more secure? it makes sense in theory05:52
aaahhhseriously, don't open a freaking attachment via aim05:52
aaahhhthough i really hate vista05:53
aaahhhit has wizards for wizards05:53
aaahhhxp wireless settings was fairly easy05:54
aaahhhvista's is like a 15 step process05:54
aaahhhi mean it's not harder, but just more steps05:54
aaahhhi don't know how it is any easier for non tech folk05:55
VeN0mizeris mac just BSD with a pretty painting? does apple really know how to fix what's under the hood? (never owned a mac)05:55
DanaGHmm, now this is my theme:05:56
DanaGTry hidden SSIDs with XP... it sucks.05:56
VeN0mizerhidden ssid's always went really well with me in xp, only problem was when a network that used to broadcast it's ssid then hid it, you had to remove the profile for that network and type it in by hand for whatever reason05:57
VeN0mizerI have NEVER gotten hidden SSID's to work in ubuntu with either network manager or wicd :(05:57
tritiumDanaG: what's the box down in the corner with the TeX and LaTeX icons?05:57
DanaGNifty, eh?05:58
DanaGI R ⋙ U.05:58
tritiumWell, depending on what it does.05:58
DanaGA ≸ B.05:58
VeN0mizer9 minutes to go until upgrade done05:58
DanaGThat's what.05:58
tritiumCool.  And the TeX icon in the panel up top?05:58
DanaGSCIM also.05:59
tritiumcool, I'll check it out05:59
DanaGIt'll come in handy for science papers.05:59
tritiumI've done my fair share, but I still use LaTeX.05:59
DanaGr sin θ sin φ05:59
tritiumI believe I was the first to produce a dissertation entirely with ubuntu.06:00
ubuntufanboytritium... can u send me your tex files?06:02
tritiumubuntufanboy: no, why?06:02
ubuntufanboyi would like to write mine with tex... i could be handy...06:03
ubuntufanboybtw.. i speak portuguese... your english work wont be of any value for me.06:03
ubuntufanboyjust the templated you used..06:03
tritiumubuntufanboy: I used the Purdue latex class (puthesis)06:03
tritiumIt should be freely available online.06:04
ubuntufanboywhat is it about btw? tritium and atomic energy?06:04
tritiumubuntufanboy: http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/dissertations/AAI3185702/06:04
ubuntufanboy10x for the info06:06
tritiumubuntufanboy: heh06:06
tritiumubuntufanboy: https://engineering.purdue.edu/~mark/puthesis/06:06
ubuntufanboytome time ago i sparted playing with TeX... really powerfull...06:07
ubuntufanboywell i gotta go to bed... its late in here.06:08
ubuntufanboybye bye all06:08
VeN0mizerlater fan06:08
mr-russHi, when running a beta, like Hardy, how to installed all binaries with debug symbols so bug reports are more useful?06:25
crhylov1OK, so I think I installed the driver properly using ndiswrapper....06:27
crhylov1But the light still won't come on.06:27
=== jeffd is now known as jdrake
crhylov1do I have to sudo modprobe or something?  Will I have to every time I boot?06:28
DanaGput it in /etc/modules06:29
DanaGone line: "ndiswrapper"06:29
aaahhhyou shouldn't have to modprobe everytime06:29
aaahhhdid you use the gui06:29
aaahhhor did you manually install everything06:29
DanaGBe careful.... I put Intel drivers in ndiswrapper, and then ran into a panic every time I tried to boot thereafter.06:30
crhylov1I don't know.  I got to a point where it says (Windows Drivers Installed) Hardware installed Yes.06:30
DanaGThe only way I solved it was by removing the actual mini-PCIe card.06:30
crhylov1I've rebooted twice, it all seems to be working, but I can't get the blue light to come on.06:30
crhylov1i ran gtkndis from the command line.06:31
crhylov1sudo gtkndis06:31
vega--_is there a nightly/daily snapshot ISO of hardy available? or is the latest iso the beta release?06:33
JohnPhysvega--_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/06:35
eythianthere is a bug for some wireless cards where the light doesn't come on06:37
eythianbut they still work06:37
vega--_hm the latest image is from yesterday, hope it doesn't install windows on my machine or something..06:37
Pedantic-Stevevega--_:  yesterday for you is April 1?06:40
MeshezabeelWhen I try to run java programs it says "Locking assertion failure. Backtrace:" and produces a bunch of messages with lines containing /usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.so.0, /usr/lib/libX11.so.6, and jre/lib/amd64/xawt/libmawt.so etc. Any ideas why? Things seemed to work fine under Gutsy.06:43
freddoPedantic-Steve, yep, same here it's 7:47am, april 206:47
freddoPedantic-Steve, wednesday06:48
Pedantic-Stevefreddo: still April 1 for me.  for another hour or so06:48
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
mr-russit's wednesday afternoon here, it's all relative to where in the world you are.06:48
crhylov1Is there a version of Linux I can reinstall where the wifi will "just work"?06:49
crhylov1I'm at a loss on this thing, and wifi is a must.06:49
Meshezabeelit is Thursday here06:50
Meshezabeelcrhylov1, works fine for me on hardy06:50
Meshezabeelbut depends on what type of wifi card you have06:50
crhylov1how did you get it tow work?06:50
mr-russwow, I'm +11 that makes you at least +18.06:50
Meshezabeelcrhylov1, worked right away06:50
crhylov1i have gtkndis says hardware installed yes.06:51
kRushwhy is there a 25 minute delay on running cron.daily after startup?06:51
Meshezabeelyes mr-russ06:51
mr-russMeshezabeel: and what country is this?06:51
Meshezabeelit is the country of Fools06:51
freddoPedantic-Steve, it will still be april 1 for some people until 2 hours, i think (imay be wrong on this one), it's all about GMT+/-12 (or UTC), see http://www.timeanddate.com/06:52
mr-russI think country of liars would be more accurate.06:52
Meshezabeelyes, everything I say is a lie06:52
mr-russthat's excellent for a support channel :)06:52
Meshezabeelcrhylov1, what type of laptop and card do you have?06:53
freddoMeshezabeel, same for me, quite paradoxical, isnt it?06:53
mouseranyone here have a crazy mouse pointer in gnome after updates today06:53
Meshezabeelindeed freddo06:53
Meshezabeelmouser, nope, not with my usb06:53
crhylov1It is a presario v2000.  With broadcom.06:53
Meshezabeelhaha, thought you were going to say broadcom ;)06:53
crhylov1I've installed both the broadcom .deb driver and ndiswrapper, and neither work.06:54
mouseranyone else complain about issues with mouse today?06:54
crhylov1well, they both SAY they work, but then I still can't get the blue light to turn on.06:54
mousermouse is working fine with gusty live cd06:54
mr-russcrhylov1: do you actually get data through the interface when it says it works?06:54
mouserwas working good for weeks here until an xserver-xorg-input update06:55
crhylov1mr-russ: I do not know.06:55
crhylov1I do not know how to see that.06:55
freddoMeshezabeel, i wonder if it's the same cause? personally i always lie since i'm 4 years old because i've been punished for telling the truth. I've spent a few days in my bedroom, punished, telling to myself i wont say the truth again. i wonder what Freud would say about that...06:55
crhylov1I am good with any amount of mouse clicking and CD burning.06:55
Meshezabeelfreddo, well freud liked to blame everyone except for himself, that is the whole problem06:56
mouserwell it could just be me I have a ps2 mouse here06:56
crhylov1Freud, through faulty logic indicted all of humanity for HIS perversions.06:56
mouserI guess I could go purchase a cheap usb and see if I have the same issues06:56
freddoMeshezabeel, bah, there's no problem in fact i'm just like that, i generally lie to please peoples, often when i don't really care06:57
mr-russcrhylov1: how do you know it's not working?  the light is no real indication that it's working correctly.06:57
crhylov1the light won't come on, and I can't connect to the internet.06:57
crhylov1Other than that, I'm sure it's working great. :)06:57
mouserbut Ether this is a cruel april fools day joke for people with ps2 mice or a real bug in xorg input packages for hardy06:57
crhylov1Plus, it will not show me a list of available wireless networks.06:57
mr-russcrhylov1: so you can test, it won't connect.06:57
Meshezabeelfreddo, haha, comes down to a basic sin issue I guess, we do it because it helps us out in the short term but messes us up in the long term06:58
crhylov1mr-russ: I can open firefox and not get a page.06:58
crhylov1also, it never lists available networks.06:58
mouser-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else06:58
mouser-NickServ- If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>06:58
mouser*** Your nickname is brianlight06:58
mouser-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else06:58
mouser-NickServ- If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>06:58
mouser*** Unknown command: MOSUER06:58
Meshezabeelcrhylov1, are you able to see wireless connections?06:58
freddoMeshezabeel, yes i was often the case when i was younger, now i learned the magic trick of lies: tell the truth06:59
mouser<freddo> Meshezabeel, i wonder if it's the same cause? personally i always lie> <Meshezabeel> mouser, nope, not with my usb06:59
mouser> <crhylov1> It is a presario v2000.  With broadcom.06:59
mouser> <Meshezabeel> haha, thought you were going to say broadcom ;)06:59
mouser> <crhylov1> I've installed both the broadcom .deb driver and ndiswrapper, and06:59
mouser> +neither work.06:59
freddoMeshezabeel, it's even more mind boggling that what you can imagine ;)06:59
Meshezabeelfreddo, indeed, and no one realizes until it's too late :)06:59
Meshezabeelhmmm, must have been a copy and paste gone awry.07:00
crhylov1mouser: Yes, all of that is still true.07:00
freddoMeshezabeel, i'm generally not trying to lure peoples; but when i do, yes it helps ;)07:00
mr-russwell, his mouse is playing up :)07:00
Meshezabeelso is yours ;)07:01
srigreetings.. I was wondering if there has been any reports of issues with older broadcom wireless drivers07:01
crhylov1sri: LOL07:02
crhylov1That is EXACTLY what I'm doing here.07:02
sriI got one of those BCM4306 wireless cards.. and it's pissing me off :)07:02
crhylov1Banging my head repeatedly against all available walls.07:02
sricrhylov1: :)07:02
sriwell, mine works but I have a lot of packet loss07:02
Meshezabeelsri, broadcom is not supported very well under linux yet07:02
jussio1have you guys tried ndiswrapper?07:02
sriand I have that even with wired connections.07:02
sriMeshezabeel: yeah, especially teh older ones.07:02
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx07:03
crhylov1yes, but I don't know how to use it.07:03
srijussio1: I haven't as of yet.07:03
jussio1see the link from ubotu07:03
crhylov1ubotu: That link is broken.07:03
jussio1ubotu: is a bot.07:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is a bot. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:03
crhylov1yes i know.07:03
sriin fact, I'm on my laptop right now.. but perhaps I should do ndiswrapper.. I used that back in the feisty days.. I can't remember if I used it in gutsy07:03
crhylov1I just sent him an update.07:03
crhylov1I'm going to bring the laptop in here so I can chat and bang my head against the wall at the same time.07:04
sriyeah, sadly that link doesn't have anything for hardy.07:05
jussio1link works fine for me...07:05
crhylov1Then at midnight I'm going to the store for a steak.  Because all this head banging is hard work.07:05
sriyou should get a mean guitar and bang out YYZ07:05
crhylov1LOL The only good Rush: Where geddy doesn't sing.07:05
crhylov1I'm more of a Van Halen fan though when it comes to guitar work.07:06
sriawww.. I like geddy's singing..  their new album rocks (sorry for offtopic)07:06
crhylov1best angry smurf vocalist ever.07:06
* mneptok emits invisible airwaves that crackle with light07:07
* sri is gonna see em in June. now if Porcupine Tree shows up that would be awesome too..07:08
vaughnAnyone noticed that the auto-dim when idle doesn't return to the original brightness when no longer idle?07:09
Meshezabeelare they as good as the Arrogant Worms?07:09
srinot heard Arrogant Worms..07:10
mneptoksri: you, like, suck. now i have to fire up the external drive and shift rhythmdb.xml's around to listen to "Presto"07:10
srimneptok: heh :)07:10
srimneptok: shoot them sun dogs on the horizon07:10
Meshezabeelyou'll have to look them up on Youtube ;)07:10
crhylov1OK.  so now I'm going to plugin an ethernet cable and see what happens.07:11
srimneptok: you should see the YYZ done by drummer from foo-fighters and geddy and alex07:11
mneptokfye could wave mah magic wand ...07:11
darthanubisin gnome, the trash icon on the lower bar just disappeared, and i can no longer add it?!?07:12
Meshezabeelvaughn, I have problems with dim, after a minute it dims only partially, then when I move the mouse or keyboard, it dims all the way, I then have to manually use Fn+F6 to increase it back up again.07:13
Meshezabeeldarthanubis, reboot?07:13
mneptokjust restart GNOME07:14
darthanubisrebot? never07:14
darthanubisI'll restart gnome07:14
sriokay, be back later.. going to check to see if using bcm43xx gives me a better result.07:14
JohnPhysdarthanubis:  I've seen that bug too, just log out and in (maybe a few times), they'll show up at some point07:14
srialthough I think b44 is screwed too.. god I hate broadcom..07:14
darthanubisthx for the confirm07:14
Meshezabeeldarthanubis, lol, reboot is just as fun ;)07:15
darthanubisI'll leave to rebooting for the noobs;)07:16
Meshezabeelgood luck sri07:16
Meshezabeeldarthanubis, haha, which I assumed you were since you were having probs with the trash can ;)07:16
Ayabarahey. I often get "stale NFS file handle" on my system.07:17
darthanubisI got that once07:17
Ayabarait happens only for a subset of the files in a directory07:17
darthanubisthe share had been open for a few days07:17
darthanubisgot stale?07:17
darthanubisI was miffed as well07:18
darthanubisthen I googled it and learned aboutit07:18
Meshezabeelnight all, good luck sri and crhylov1 with the broadcom07:18
crhylov1I'm trying the update manager over a wire.07:23
brianlightfootok this jumpy mouse thing is buggin me so bad07:23
brianlightfootthis is such a show stopping bug07:26
virtualdare memory leaks a known problem in compiz?07:28
crdlbvirtuald: the nvidia driver has a terrible memory leak07:28
crdlbwhich causes compiz to appear to leak memory07:28
virtualdany hope they will update it in time for release?07:29
crdlbI don't think they'd put in an nvidia update this late07:29
crdlbsince there's really no way to know what you're getting07:30
virtualdok, any chance ubuntu will include it later as an update?07:30
LynoureEver since yesterdays upgrades, my konsole has been not working at all. How can I fix it?07:31
crdlbif later means Intrepid :)07:31
virtualdi don't know that word07:31
Lynoure(the x server resolution also went down radically, but fixed that already)07:31
crdlbvirtuald: the next version after hardy07:32
MagoonDif I decide to upgrade to hardy when it comes out will I have an option to go back to gutsy gibbon?07:34
crdlbok good hardy got that compiz-manager update07:35
crdlbMagoonD: no07:35
MagoonDcrdlb can you tell me how to create a complete backup like I would create a ghost image for windows07:35
crdlbvirtuald: you can try: INDIRECT=yes compiz --replace07:35
virtualdcrdlb: ok, what does INDIRECT=yes do?07:36
crdlbthat should avoid the memory leak but some things might not work as well07:36
crdlbmakes compiz use indirect rendering07:36
LynoureDo all other kde 3.5.9 users here also have broken konsole?07:36
virtualdMagoonD: apt doesn't support downgrading but it can be forced, though you can break everything, and it's not supported by anyone07:36
MagoonDvirtuald, if I could save my entire config and hard drive before upgrading how would I go about doing that?07:37
RkodCan anyone please help me? I am having problems achieving resolutions higher than 800x600 in Ubuntu.07:38
virtualdMagoonD: hmm, backup /home, /etc, and the package database which I don't remember where it sits, somewhere in /var07:38
MagoonDok thx virtuald07:38
LynoureRkod: seems yesterdays upgrades modified xorg.conf radically07:38
RkodI installed it two or three days ago.07:39
RkodFrom wubi.07:39
brianlightfootyeah and broke my mouse07:39
brianlightfootwhen I move around my mouse I get random left clicks07:39
LynoureRkod: oh, if it that been that way since beginning, it's something else07:39
MagoonDLynoure, i had to modify xorg.conf manually in gutsy because i am using a tablet07:39
RkodEverytime I turn the computer on, or log out and in ofubuntu, it tells me that it can't find my monitor, and sets me at 800x600Resolution. So I pick my monitor from the list and it says "Please log out andin or restart to see changes", and well, when I do, it does it over and overagain. So I can't get decent resolution whatsoever. If it helps I have anNvidia 5500 FX from BFG, and it tells me I have outside drivers or something whenever 07:39
LynoureMagoonD: sorry, I don't know anything on tablets07:40
fyrmedicIs it true that 8.04 is delayed for release by quite a lot?07:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tablet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:40
MagoonDi think i am just going to wait to upgrade to hardy i am a fairly new ubuntu user so if things mess up I wouldn't know what to do07:40
brianlightfootbut I did notice that in xorg conf mouse driver was changed to vmouse07:40
DanaG(i.e. I won't try more than twice.)07:40
crdlbfyrmedic: april 24 is the current release date07:40
LynoureRkod: if it has not been that way since the beginning, see if you have an older copy of xorg.conf in /etc/X1107:40
DanaGYeah, 2 or so days ago, something randomly slaughtered my xorg.conf without asking.07:41
LynoureMagoonD: I would not recommend Hardy yet to a new user07:41
sidis405MagoonD: that is the way to go.07:41
brianlightfootbut I've already changed back to the mouse driver and i still get random rapid left mouse clicks07:41
RkodI actually deleted it and i'm reinstalling kubuntu, to see if I have the same problem07:41
sidis405MagoonD: i installed few days ago.07:41
MagoonDLynoure, thanks07:41
Rkodi'm installing kubuntu 8.04 KDE407:41
sidis405still sorting it out ;)07:41
MagoonDthx sidis405 i will def wait07:41
fyrmediccrdlb, That's what I thought but I saw in the #ubuntu room when I signed on yesterday a MOD that said something like 3 months.07:41
RkodIt was a fresh install anyway, but it might have something to do with wubi maybe?07:42
brianlightfootI'm using a gusty live cd know the new xorg updates are show stoppers for me07:42
crdlbfyrmedic: dapper was only delayed by 6 weeks; I can't imagine them delaying hardy by twice that07:42
Lynourebrianlightfoot: I got around mine by restoring an old xorg.conf. Yey. But Konsole not working at all is a near-showstopper for me :(07:43
MagoonDi love gutsy, the only reason i am still running some windows machines is bec i am a .net developer07:43
Lynourefyrmedic: yesterday was probably April Fools07:43
DanaGKeys getting stuck... that's another blocker.07:43
* Adys ews at .net07:43
sidis405MagoonD: i mean, it's definitely fun.07:43
fyrmediccrdlb, I wouldn't think so.07:43
brianlightfootI think so07:43
DanaG11:43 Pacific Time (DST?  I don't have a clue.)07:43
fyrmedicLynoure, LOL you're right. Bet that's it. Well if so they got me.07:44
brianlightfootso many show stopping bugs and less than one month to go07:44
crdlbyou have to realize that the cycle is only 6 months, so 1 month is a long time07:44
brianlightfootI hate the way xorg is going07:45
crdlbyou'll love it once they get the kinks worked out07:45
brianlightfootI hope so07:45
DanaGI hate how SHMConfig is disabled by default.07:45
crdlbDanaG: it's a huge security vulnerability apparently07:46
DanaGHow the heck are you supposed to tweak touchpad settings (except in Xorg.conf)?07:46
DanaGIf you put it in xorg.conf, it breaks if the touchpad loses sync.07:46
DanaGThe next time the device connects, it will forget its touchpad-ey nature.07:46
DanaGAnd input hotplug (FDI files) are no good either, since there's no way to pass options to the Synaptics driver.07:46
brianlightfootthe things I do like though is that pulse audio is defacto standard07:47
DanaG... with no GUI, by default.07:47
DanaGAnd no surround, by default.07:47
DanaGOn my Audigy2, at least.07:47
crdlbbaby steps07:47
DanaGAnd no pulse-as-default-device, either.07:47
Lynourecrdlb: backwards :(07:47
DanaGIt just breaks things if you do a half-assed job (excuse the swearing, but it's a strong description).07:48
LynoureI can't believe there is not a single other kde3.5.9 user here, but I guess they are all asleep :(07:48
brianlightfootI had a good page bookmarked to get everything working under pulse audio manually07:48
DanaGI do love PulseAudio now that I've set it up and tweaked it, though.07:48
brianlightfootwell I'm not seeing any bug reports that are open on my mouse issue07:50
brianlightfootI guess I'll have to file one on launchpad07:50
penavant-window-navigator is not stable with compiz fusion sometimes for transition animation like magic lamp08:05
doogluswhich package contains ipw3945.ko in hardy?  apt-file won't update so I don't know how to search for it08:23
harrisonyHi im trying to get encrypted LVM with hardy on my laptop, although im getting "The test of the file system with type ext2 in partition #1 of LVM VG vg, LV root found uncorrected errors"08:28
penanyone got the upgrade?08:41
Lynourepen: many, ask the real question?08:44
penJust curious, because it's a distro upgrade08:44
penI just got it08:44
Lynouredistro upgrade? So you mean upgrade from gutsy to hardy and not within hardy?08:45
savvaspen: probably everyone here uses hardy, so either gutsy->hardy upgrade or clean install, we're all there :)08:49
pensavvas: I am using hardy, and I just got a distro upgrade :D08:49
penmaybe hardy left beta stage08:49
sidis405:| hmm08:50
savvasi think that's for the next distro release08:50
savvasi.. ibex something08:50
penthen I don't get it08:50
penwhy distro upgrade?08:50
penbeta 1 to 2?08:50
harrisonyno one likes lvm eh? :(08:50
savvaspen: simple, don't distro-upgrade if you already use hardy :)08:51
penI didn't08:51
savvasjust sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade08:51
penupdate manager told me so08:51
penI have no idea08:51
savvasgive me a sec08:51
elmargolI think we need a gui to rollback updates :(08:51
elmargoldowngrading is a pain08:52
savvasonce you pop you can't really stop elmargol :P08:52
savvasno it isn't08:52
savvaskeep your /home in a separate partition, format root / and install your older release ;)08:52
elmargolI mean a security update08:52
savvaspen I don't..08:54
savvasshe left darn :P08:54
orvokkisavvas: Isn't it something like that safe-upgrade doesn't try to remove packages if there are dependency problems but dist-upgrade does?08:55
orvokkiThat is, it tries to formulate a solution for you with the dependency problem. Whether you accept it is your own choice.08:56
savvasorvokki: full-upgrade is dist-upgrade from I read08:57
savvas*from what08:58
orvokki*shrug* Aptitude terminology seems a bit vague to me.08:59
savvasit's all in man aptitude :P08:59
orvokkiMany ways to say the same thing is usually imo bad.09:00
savvasneah, they're just trying make it easier for hands i guess09:00
orvokkiMake a new term => mark the old one deprecated but still let people use it.09:00
savvasi.e. if you type sudo aptitude up<tab> it gives you update09:00
savvasand sa<tab> gives safe-upgrade09:01
savvasthey did09:01
savvastry upgrade :)09:01
savvasit says it's deprecated09:01
orvokkisavvas: I rather meant that dist-upgrade vs full-upgrade thing.09:01
savvaswell no argue there :)09:02
orvokkiIt says there that dist-upgrade is there for historical reasons. Imo it could then be marked deprecated.09:02
orvokkiAnyway, I'd probably have to suggest it to aptitude devs rather than here...09:02
m1ri am trying to get twinview to work, but when i want apply new setting it says that : XRandR x extenstion was not found. this extension must be suported by X server and enabled for display config settings to be dynamicly applicaiable09:06
m1rwhat can i do to get this working ?09:06
Lynourem1r: maybe your config just got overwritten?09:15
Lynourem1r: just a wild guess. Then restoring the older one might help, but can be something else of course too.09:15
m1rLynoure: havent messed with anything till now, just installed nvidia restricted drivers09:17
Lynourem1r: me neither, but latest upgrade hosed mine, thus the guess.09:17
pwuertzgood morning09:20
m1rLynoure: i also upgraded , no problems here09:20
pwuertzafter the latest update my human-murrine style is broken09:20
* compwiz18 makes a mental note not to update today09:20
pwuertzalso the gnome display manager has problems starting up properly09:21
pwuertzoh... you are talking about this already ;) ?09:21
m1rseems so :)09:22
KalElis it possible to access the weather information that appears along with the clock, from command line?09:23
m1rLynoure: you using 32 bit or 64 bit ?09:23
savvasKalEl: weather-util - command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts09:25
savvas$ apt-cache search weather :)09:25
KalElhmm thanks! "apt-cache search", will have to remember that :)09:26
savvasremember apt-cache policy too, useful for bug reports :P09:27
Lynourem1r: 32-bit09:39
Lynourem1r: sorry for the delay, got frustrated with the computer and went to do something else09:39
m1rnp :)09:40
m1rjust wanted to chcek, as i am on 64bit09:41
m1rseems dual monitor will wait as XRandR is not there ?!?:/09:47
elbermungsterseshello, i have a urgent problem with firefox 3 beta 4.09:48
tonyyarussoerm, I just did a bunch of updates, and now my system is slowed to a crawl, GMail won't load at all, and Network-Manager doesn't work (manual configuration through network-admin does).09:48
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: if it's urgent, maybe you could provide more info on the problem?09:50
elbermungstersesokay, i may need to pastebin the two error messages.09:51
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: sure09:51
elbermungstersesDistroJockey , http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61909/09:53
elbermungstersesit's from the firefox error console.09:53
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: so no java stuff works?09:54
elbermungstersesno, i can't manage my bookmarks, view history, or subscribe to feeds.09:56
elbermungstersesis it a package installation gone bad?09:56
phaidroshi, I am very confused: since an update last week my desktop is not able to run proper X with nvidia. worked nice before.09:56
phaidrosnow the low graphics mode starts, but only the nv driver is available in the card selection09:57
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: not sure if this will help, but I needed to do it: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61910/09:57
phaidros(restricted modules are there and I can load nvidia by hand)09:57
phaidroseven if I use backed up xorg.conf, x always comes in low graphics mode. could it be a missing package?09:58
d_rwini am having problem with ¨(double quotes ); using 7.10 ; keyboard layout (us:int1);  cant compile c programs;  i have to press quotes twice09:58
phaidrosrestricted modules are there, restricted manager is there .. what else could be missing?09:58
phaidrosd_rwin: this is ubuntu+1 channel, you should better ask in #ubuntu10:02
teamcobrahrm, I have sldapd running and configged on my hardy box... but now when I log into the box via NX, I get a big "Failed to Initialize HAL!" error, and gnome-panel segfaults (I believe it to be related, server was working fine until the ldap was dropped in)10:06
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: any luck?10:12
elbermungstersesit's not related to java10:14
elbermungstersesit's missing some kind of module10:15
DistroJockeyahh, bummer10:15
DistroJockeyelbermungsterses: there wasn't really enough in your paste for me to go on (not saying that more will help me, but it might :) )10:16
penbesides wink, is there any alternative to  that?10:17
phaidrosnvidia_glx_new was missing.10:19
penI mean wink10:20
DistroJockeysorry pen, I have no idea what wink is and was being silly10:21
teamcobrathis is my hal error, if anyone can help: *** [DIE] hald.c:main():785 : Could not init PolicyKit context: (null)10:23
tomahasamoot2I've got 4 kde4 packages that say upgradable, but that say they'll "BRAKE" if installed10:25
ArelisSince Hardy Heron is only 23 days away, would it hurt to install the "Beta"? Is there going to be a Release Candidate, or is it Beta->Final10:25
tomahasamoot2also, on kde4, konsol didn't work.... but I just upgraded, so it could work now10:25
orthodocsystem monitor shows only one processor active. my lappy has a dual core...10:26
DistroJockeyArelis: people have said that upgrading from beta will be ok, but I never upgrade (prefer fresh installs)10:28
DistroJockeyand 22 days now :)10:29
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
Sep1Ok, the new kernel headers have fucked everything up for me.10:30
Sep1It also looks like the update removed some of my themes, my screen resolution is screwed even when using the old headers, and when using the new headers, I'm forced to use safe graphic mode :s10:31
Sep1Anyone here?10:32
orthodocSep1: I suggest you install the linux-ubuntu-backports. THis may solve a number of your problems...10:32
Sep1What's in the package?10:33
KingOfDos|lapwhy is the systemsettings with kubuntu 8.04 not working properly? when i get the kdesu asking for a password. that's working. but after this the "administrator mode" is disabled again10:38
KingOfDos|lapi've got this problem on a desktop with the Display settings. And on my laptop with the networksettings (the thing from system tray)10:39
KingOfDos|lapafter running -> kdesu -u root /usr/bin/kcmshell Peripherals/displayconfig <- for about 3 or 4 times. i get the settings with root access10:40
KingOfDos|lapis this a specific kde/kubuntu problem, or more for ubuntu 8.04 (beta) in general?10:41
tomahasamoot2KingOfDos|lap: I've had the same problem, I have to use 'sudo ...' from the consol.  Alotho, I tried kde4, and it work there (but many other things don't work in kde4, considar kde4 an alpha, tech preview).10:46
KingOfDos|laptomahasamoot2: i know that it's a preview/unstable. so it's not running in production.10:49
mib_c1zei1cni need some help10:50
tomahasamoot2KingOfDos|lap: I should say that the comment about sudo is in reference to kde3.510:50
mib_c1zei1cni need some help......10:50
DistroJockey!ask | mib_c1zei1cn10:51
ubotumib_c1zei1cn: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:51
mib_c1zei1cnok then...10:51
mib_c1zei1cni have installed ubuntuserver edition onto my other computer but it is textbased, now the compuiter will not allow me to install other versions of ubuntu to replace it10:52
mib_c1zei1cnwhat can i do?10:52
DistroJockeymib_c1zei1cn:  from say an alternate ubuntu disk?10:53
DistroJockeymib_c1zei1cn: as in wipe and repartition?10:54
DistroJockeyyou said replace, I assume that means you can wipe the partitions and start again?10:54
mib_c1zei1cni would like to replace the version currently installed, with kubuntu desktop edition10:55
DistroJockeyapt-get install kubuntu-base  on the server version (or something like that) may do what you need10:56
mib_c1zei1cnthe server edition i have currently is ubuntu10:56
DistroJockeynot sure if that package name is right10:57
DistroJockeyyou should be able to get X and gnome on it if that's what you are after10:57
mib_c1zei1cni am after installing kubuntu desktop (gutsy) to replace the existing ubuntu server (textbased)10:58
Ngmib_c1zei1cn: you can install ubuntu-desktop to get the default gnome ubuntu desktop, or kubuntu-desktop to get KDE, or xubuntu-desktop10:58
mib_c1zei1cnwhere can i install that from?10:58
mib_c1zei1cndownload and burn?10:59
DistroJockeyNg: ahh, I thought I was close, cheers :)10:59
Ngmib_c1zei1cn: if the machine is on the internet you can just do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" and it will download a few hundred megabytes of packages and install them10:59
Exilanthm, bad kwallet, nothing but trouble *sigh*11:00
Sep1Ok, I installed backports, but I'm still being forced to use the vesa driver instead of nvidia-glx-new. I also tried uninstalling nvidia-glx-new and replacing it with nvidia-glx,  but to no avail.11:00
mib_c1zei1cnit is not connected to the internet11:00
mib_c1zei1cni am on a different computer currently11:00
=== ianc_ is now known as ianc
DistroJockeyNg: ubuntu-base does exist though? and it's smaller but gives X?11:00
orvokkiSep1: i386 or amd64?11:00
NgDistroJockey: there's ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal, neither of which provide X ;)11:01
DistroJockeyNg: ahh, k, thanks :)11:01
Ngmib_c1zei1cn: well if you don't want to do a fresh reinstall, you could download and burn the alternate install CD and use that as an apt repository11:01
mib_c1zei1cni have tried that (burning the alternative install for kubuntu) but all it does is make loads of noise then go to normal boot11:02
=== mib_c1zei1cn is now known as ango
Ngango: will the computer boot from other CDs? they don't always burn properly11:03
orvokkiSep1: Can you use shell without x? I'd want you to try something.11:04
Sep1Good morning.11:04
Ngango: but you can still do it after you've booted the server install, there's a tool called apt-cdrom that will let you use a CD as a source of packages11:04
angoit will burn from the cd that was posted to me11:04
angobut not from any others11:04
Sep1orvokki, you there?11:05
orvokkiSep1: Firstly /etc/init.d/gdm stop. Then run X inside a non-graphical shell (Just X, nothing more). Tell me if it says you have a conflict between 169.* Xorg and an older kernel module. Then /etc/init.d/gdm start.11:05
Ngango: it may be a problem with the burning then. maybe try burning at a slower speed?11:05
angohow would i do that...11:05
angoi use nero for burning11:05
Sep1How do I start X?11:05
orvokkiSep1: I couldn't get Nvidia to work either with nvidia-glx-new and amd64.11:05
orvokkiOops, sorry.11:06
orvokkiDidn't mean to shout.11:06
orvokkiSep1: The command is X.11:06
Sep1Lol. Easy as pie, then. brb, anything else?11:06
orvokkiNothing really. I just want to see if you have the same problem as I do.11:06
zniavrei got worries with samba11:06
orvokkiIf you do, a temporary solution would be to run the NVIDIA-installer by Nvidia.11:07
zniavreas everybody ?11:07
orvokkiBut this should really be reported if you are.11:07
angoeverything has to be done by cd because there is no internet connection11:11
Sep1I got nothing like that. It told me it encountered a fatal error because there was no NVIDIA kernel...11:11
angoi brought the computer down here11:11
angoand tried re-installing it with the connection11:11
angovia cables11:11
tyanyone got any idea why browsing through network shares would be really slow?11:13
Sep1It said something like FATAL: No NVIDA kernell detected. Or something like that.11:14
teamcobraty: not sure, I was maxing out at 6k/s yesterday over a local wifi network11:14
teamcobrasleeping now...11:14
teamcobranight all11:14
Sep1ty: I started a thread in the Hardy forum with the username NCLI, try looking there.11:14
angooh darn, i have lost the cd drive11:19
angowell, i will have to fix my desktop PC instead11:19
angocan someone give me a link for the download page for the kde addon11:21
tySep1: thanks for that but when i download i get full speed its only accessing my network shares on the xp machine i have the same result over ethernet too11:21
angoi really need it11:22
Hamraapproximatly how much gets downloaded when upgrading to hardy?11:26
teamcobracan someone help me fix my policykit/hal? I'm not going to have kvm over ip much longer, would like to get everything fixed before it gets pulled from my box :/11:26
angois there another donload that will make my existing version gusty gibbon?11:27
Hamrawhat version are you using ango?11:28
angoubuntu server ed11:28
teamcobraango: does apt-get install ubuntu-desktop help?11:30
angoit's not connected to the internet11:30
angoi need to find the link for the download and then do the whole disc burning thingy11:31
savvasango: make a temporary directory11:32
angoa what?11:33
savvasango: sudo aptitude download ubuntu-desktop && sudo aptitude download `apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | grep Depends: | sed -e 's/  Depends: //' | xargs`11:33
savvasa temporary directory11:33
angoin english11:33
savvasthen transfer the files on your server11:33
Exilantthere will be problems with that11:33
savvastemporary folder = a folder that you will use for a short time only :)11:33
Exilantthe packet list on the server is outdated if existant11:33
angoyes, but where...11:34
angothis computer, i am not meant to be on...11:34
savvasango: you have physical access on your server right?11:34
angoi only use my external hard-drive, will that work?11:34
savvasi wonder why he quit to connect a hard drive :P11:36
Exilantwhy don't you just hook it up to the internet?11:36
Exilanthm, too late11:36
savvaswhy on earth does he have a hardy server without an internet connection in the first place :p11:37
Exilantyes, weird indeed11:37
dredhammerhow do i configure my mouse in hardy? dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't seem to have mouse settings anymore11:41
Finnish Who can give me advice on setting Buffalo WHR-G125-wlan station11:43
teamcobraany amd64 users in the house?11:45
Lamegosavvas, intranet server ?11:46
m1ry teamcobra11:47
teamcobrabecause I think the amd64 policykit package from yesterday broke stuff11:47
teamcobramatter of fact, I just confirmed it myself11:48
m1rhow u confirmed ? i can try ?11:48
teamcobraI just downgraded to the package earlier11:48
teamcobrayou don't wanna try11:48
m1rok )11:49
teamcobrait'll piss you off ;)11:49
teamcobrapolicykit_0.7-2ubuntu6_amd64.deb is BROKEN, policykit_0.7-2ubuntu5_amd64.deb fixes it..... note to everyone ;)11:49
m1rhow can i set higher resolution for image in virtual box ?11:51
teamcobraI still get a hal error, but now at least panel doesn't crash11:51
teamcobram1r: install the guest additions in vbox :)11:51
m1ri did11:51
m1rit DLthem and nothing hapened11:52
m1rnow when i press install , nothing happens11:52
teamcobrahrmmm, that's odd11:52
teamcobrawindows guest vm?11:52
teamcobraor is it linux11:52
m1rxp sp211:52
teamcobraextra-weird....  the guest additions take a while to install11:52
teamcobramake sure no other cdroms are mounted11:53
teamcobraand try clicking the install virtualbox tools option in the menu again, to remount the iso11:53
m1rthey DL , then it ask if i want mount, but vbox crashed11:53
m1rafter that nothing, no sign of guest additions11:53
m1russualy they should install and show up in xp taskbar11:54
m1rbut this time asked for mount, crashed , and nothing11:54
m1ri try reboot all11:55
teamcobrarunning the ose version, or the free-but-not-gpl one?11:56
teamcobraif running ose, try the one from their site, I've gotten it working w/ guest additions and xpsp2 guest here11:57
teamcobranot sure if the ose version handles the guest additions differently, it might11:57
teamcobraand at least you'll gain usb support ;)11:57
m1rthat i dont need11:57
teamcobram1r: not sure, to be honest..... I'll keep digging around12:01
teamcobrabtw, re the policykit fiasco, rebooting did indeed fix the hal error on login as well... someone should probably topic it, else there will be a lot of pissed amd64 users this afternoon ;)12:02
hypeHi all! I cant get sound from my intel macmini12:03
ccooketeamcobra: fiasco?12:03
teamcobraccooke: yeah, it breaks hal and everything that depends on it (causes segfaults in gnome-panel for instance, thus thrashing top and bottom panel)12:04
enycHrrm virtualbox-ose hardy version (appears) to have trouble with 'seamless desktop integration'12:04
teamcobrait's a problem with the amd64 policykit_0.7-2ubuntu6_amd64.deb package, downgrading to policykit_0.7-2ubuntu5_amd64.deb fixes it12:05
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
enycbut then i've been using the hardy source package for virtualbox-ose, rebuilt on gutsy, and usind it to build a new 'vboxdrv.ko' fie too, that works on gutsy12:11
nomasteryodaenyc, using compiz at same time does cause issues with virtualbox, even the "free for personal use"12:12
enycnomasteryoda: ok but not using that12:12
nomasteryodathat version you can download from virtualbox/sun's site12:13
nomasteryodaincludes usb support12:13
mqtt_hi, i'm having this bug since upgrade : at first login (autologin via gdm), my keyboard (french) works as if the Alt Gr key was stuck: when I type an e, i get a € etc... After logout/login again, it works normally.12:17
mqtt_Are you aware of this bug or should I file a new one?12:17
edgyHi, mplayer works but smplayer and other qt/kde-based apps don't give sound, what's the problem, please?12:17
mqtt_edgy, try to find out what audio output is used by mplayer (-ao option) and smplayer12:20
LeeuwDistroJockey, you there ?12:20
mqtt_edgy, it should be set up to pulseaudio12:20
DistroJockeyLeeuw: hey12:21
LeeuwDistroJockey, maybe you know whatś going on on my system, or should I repeat question ?12:21
DistroJockeyLeeuw: best to repeat it12:21
Leeuw DistroJockey, OK:get no welcome screen anymore, just login XDMCP (like VNC ?), no servers, try machine-name, no go12:22
LeeuwDistroJockey, maybe something changed in .login script ?12:23
LeeuwDistroJockey, as in only remote login or something ?12:23
DistroJockeyLeeuw: my face went blank12:23
LeeuwDistroJockey,  ????12:23
DistroJockeyLeeuw: as in I have no idea12:23
LeeuwDistroJockey, gettit, should I repeat with no name, or just wait ? (just my3d X-chat session)12:24
DistroJockeyLeeuw: you upgraded from 7.10?12:24
DistroJockeyLeeuw: you are on 8.04 beta atm right?12:25
LeeuwDistroJockey, no, fresh install, worked fine; I think I fiddled with startup-parametrs in desktop (system0menu, startup screen) is there option to switch off local login or something that I accidentally marked ?12:25
LeeuwDistroJockey, yep, 8.04, da big birdy12:26
LeeuwDistroJockey, very new build (4 days or so)12:26
edgywhen I launch mplayer there is a message of AO: [pulse] Failed to connect to server: Connection refused12:26
DistroJockeyLeeuw: and you can't get into GDM?12:27
DistroJockeyLeeuw: sorry, I see that you can't12:28
LeeuwDistroJockey,  thatsit, I get strange window, sez login XDMCP, I googled, is some remote thing to login on other machine; I have no other machine (connected that is)12:28
LeeuwDistroJockey, or KDM, or XFce12:28
LeeuwDistroJockey, I like dif flavourz ;-)12:29
DistroJockeyLeeuw: I'm not very good in this area12:29
DistroJockeyLeeuw: sorry12:29
LeeuwDistroJockey, was running fine, have new build, won mind new instaal, but can t get in; not even with live cd to save home-partition; sez no mount, user owner is 999, live user is 0 (root ?!?!)12:30
=== elkbuntu_ is now known as elkbuntu
Leeuwanyone understand login problem: no welcome screen just window XDMCP-login ?12:31
Leeuwmaybe not particular hardy problem, probably goof-up tweaking startup-screen with system-menu...12:32
DistroJockeyLeeuw: maybe chown is worth looking at?12:33
LeeuwDistroJockey, hm, fill me in please, rings a bel but ehm...12:34
DistroJockeyLeeuw: man chown    in a terminal12:34
Leeuwdis oh yeah, change owner, you mean to save home-part ?12:34
LeeuwDistroJockey, oh yeah, change owner, you mean to save home-part ? (forgot tab key)12:35
DistroJockeyLeeuw: not sure what you mean there, but chown will change a directory to you if you want12:35
LeeuwDistroJockey, but I can't even mount the disk..12:36
DistroJockeyLeeuw: ohh12:36
LeeuwDistroJockey, I see, I mixed up chown with changing the user12:37
LeeuwDistroJockey,  as in sudo (sortof)12:37
DistroJockeyLeeuw: you're losing me, maybe as I am losing you ;)12:38
LeeuwDistroJockey, I see I'm getting vague here, I gave up to try start system, just go on with new install (have newer build anyway already burned on cd), but want to save home-dir, making sense now ?12:38
DistroJockeyLeeuw: I would just copy what you need to a different hard drive12:40
LeeuwDistroJockey, and: can't acces / - partition (where home is, alas, one of the reasons I go new install, give home own partition the easy way) to save my mail & settingz12:40
Dr_willisits handy to keep home in its own partition or hard drive.12:40
LeeuwDistroJockey, eh, yeah, thatś the problem... (as you prob get by now)12:41
DistroJockeyLeeuw: sorry, I'm fading fast. IT support by day and now I'm doing it at night but the wine has kicked in. Sorry12:42
LeeuwDistroJockey, I kannae change da laws of physics !   If I push these engines any further they ĺl blow !) frustration of a scotty-magnitude here...12:42
LeeuwDistroJockey, not your fault... Maybe I should stack to alpha's...12:43
DistroJockeyI do work with the Physics people12:43
DistroJockeyand Chemistry12:43
DistroJockeyLeeuw: 22 days and all will be good12:44
Leeuwas in eh... CH3OH ?12:44
DistroJockeyas in Hardy will be released12:45
LeeuwDistroJockey,  yeah, probably...  Think I'l just give up, do my new installl, forget about the 3 days of mail (nothing interesting), and go IMAP until I get ity all sorted out...12:45
DistroJockeyLeeuw: sorry I couldn't help more12:46
DistroJockeystill learning also12:46
LeeuwDistroJockey, never mind, is no neck-breaker anyway (else I wouldn have gone beta); thanx for yer time anyway !12:47
DistroJockeyLeeuw: nods :) you're welcome12:47
DistroJockeyLeeuw: you can't mount your drive that has your data?12:48
LeeuwDr_willis, you have any idea what's up with not being able to get into /home from live-cd ? (not a separate part yet, boohoo)12:49
LeeuwDistroJockey, yeah.12:49
LeeuwDr_willis, or / for that matter12:50
Dr_willisLeeuw,  you mounted the installed hard drive?12:50
Dr_willisthe live cd may not be auto mounting the isntalled systems filesystem.12:50
LeeuwDr_willis, I started live CD, hard drive is mounted, but can't acces / part, sez owner=999, live-cd user =0 (root, no ?)12:51
PlantainHey, I've got no audio with an upgrade to hardy, any ideas what could be wrong? (855GM chipset, ICH4 Intel AC'97)12:51
LeeuwDr_willis, no, itś not, but if I try to do so, it gives the above...12:52
DistroJockeyDr_willis: 999 seems odd, is that normal?12:53
LeeuwDistroJockey, Dr_willis, it got me baffled, never happened like that...12:54
Dr_willisLeeuw,  access it as root perhaps?12:54
Dr_willisIve seen this 999 error mentioned befor. but never looked into it12:54
Dr_willismount it, use sudo in the shell, to access/copy stuff over.. I guess. :)12:54
LeeuwDr_willis, Tried, same thing... hardy-bug ?12:54
DistroJockeynever seen or looked into it here12:54
LeeuwDr_ no wait, I used Gutsy-live (Kubu)12:55
Dr_willisNo idea on that. I rarely mess with the live cd. - Try some other disrto live cd.. try mounting it manualy, not using the gui.12:55
Dr_willischeck the output of the mount command, It may be its getting mounted weirdly12:55
LeeuwDr_willis, no wait, I used Gutsy-live (Kubu) (forgot tab again)12:55
LeeuwDr_willis, good idea, I got some Knoppix-live stuff, will try that by the way, I can't even get in with ext2 for windoze...12:56
LeeuwDr_willis,  please explain output of mount-command, I m to much of a lazy 'used-to-automount" person...12:58
DistroJockeyLeeuw: maybe a: sudo umount /what/ever   then a   sudo mkdir /mnt/test && mount /dev/sd?? /mnt/test   (replace ?? with something appropriate)12:58
LeeuwDistroJockey, why ?12:59
LeeuwDistroJockey, to see if disk-integrity is OK ?12:59
Dr_willisthats how you MOUNT it manually. :)12:59
Leeuwthat I know (just about012:59
DistroJockeyLeeuw: to check paths mainly I guess12:59
Dr_willisits possible the thing needs fscked, or similer. i guess13:00
LeeuwDr_willis, yeah, but first I need to get in, right ?  ;-P13:01
DistroJockeyLeeuw: you can probably ignore the umount part of my previous post13:01
Dr_willisget in? You mount the filesystem, then you 'get in' to it.13:01
LeeuwDr_willis, I'm running circles, gonna try the knoppix, tha the mount stuff, then get back   Action !13:02
LeeuwDr_willis, DistroJockey any more suggestions ?13:02
Dr_willisif you dont know how to manually mount a filesystem,, i would suggest learning how. :)13:03
Dr_willisit takes all of 10 sec to test. heh13:03
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/whateverthedeviceis /media/pickanameforamountpoint13:03
DistroJockeyLeeuw: not really13:04
Dr_willisthat may tell you stuff faster then trying knoppix.13:04
savvasanyone tried the new flashplugin-nonfree?13:04
DistroJockeysavvas: new?13:04
savvas  Installed:
savvas  Candidate:
DistroJockeysavvas: got a command I can check that with?13:05
savvasapt-cache policy package :)13:05
LeeuwDr_willis, you're so right... I did it many times inthe past of edgy distro's (and I don mean Eft); Mandrake, SUSE, Red Hat (faky windoze), and what else, but it's long time since...   All these distro's gathered dust on my HD, until... Ubvunut; it ś really the first distro I recommend to others, but this revives old  LINUX-  memories...13:05
chombeeI see the human-clearlooks theme has just disappeared from hardy. Anyone know where I can get it back? Is this it? http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Human-Clearlooks?content=67154&PHPSESSID=613:06
DistroJockeysavvas: thanks for the pointer. And no I havn't :)13:06
LeeuwDr_willis, My penalty for going beta. I GUESS13:06
Dr_willisfirst thing i 'teach' my newbie linux friends at work is how to manually mount  their drives/filesystems, and how fstab defines the things.. that way they know whats going on.13:06
savvasDistroJockey: n/p ;)13:07
savvaswaiting for a victim to try it out :P13:07
Dr_willis333 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 452MB of archives.13:07
Dr_willisWeee! :)13:07
DistroJockeysavvas: I'll bite. Commands?13:07
Dr_willisAfter this operation, 19.5MB disk space will be freed.13:07
savvasDistroJockey: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree13:08
Dr_willisThats.. sort of.. interesting  Makes ya wonder why it cant just download the 19.5mb differance. :)13:08
SErgethe firefox 3.0b4 in hardy have crashed 25times and he continues to crash - i think it's no-sense to use this firefox, better the old version .13:08
savvasSErge: are you using add-ons?13:08
Dr_willisSErge,  but then everyone will be flooding the channel asking how to get the 3.0b version....13:08
chombeethe one on gnome-look doesn't appear to be quite the same. Anyone know where the human-clearlooks that was in hardy until recently can be gotten from?13:09
LeeuwDr_willis, DistroJockey, Thanx a million, I'm no further but wiser; I'm getting out of windows now and one way or the other, when we meet again it will be on Hardy.   Beta or Alpha.   Thanx and lotsa beanz to you !13:09
SErgesavvas, nope.13:09
savvasSErge: sudo aptitude install firefox-2; firefox-213:09
DistroJockeyLeeuw: see you on the green side :)13:09
savvasSErge: i hope you've sent those crash reports :)13:10
SErgesavvas, i don't know how..13:10
savvasSErge: when firefox crashes, it pops up apport, and you simply press send report13:11
DistroJockeysavvas: I should have that flas version from a normal upgrade shouldn't I?13:11
savvasDistroJockey: yeah probably, if you have the main server13:12
DistroJockeysavvas: just doing an update now13:13
savvasif anyone's interested ;)13:13
DistroJockeysavvas: and what's the issue with it?13:13
SErgesavvas, dont know,, whenthe firefox crash it doesn't pops up apport.13:13
savvasSErge: do this in terminal, it will show you the crash reports gathered: nautilus /var/crash/13:14
savvasDistroJockey: no idea, I was just looking for someone to see if it installed correctly13:15
SErgesavvas, i need to start firefox with terminal ?13:15
phaidrosgnome-settings-manager fails to start since a while here. is there a way to get gnome settings (eg keyboard layout) other ways?13:15
SErgeit's needed13:15
savvasSErge: no, you can make a launcher in your desktop or on the gnome panel for a custom application13:16
savvasSErge: if you mean to see why it crashes, then yeah, terminal could show some problems :)13:16
savvas  * add previously forgotten xulrunner-addons to alternative VARIANTS in prerm13:17
savvas    - update debian/prerm13:17
savvas -- Alexander Sack <asac@ubuntu.com>  Wed, 02 Apr 2008 10:43:14 +020013:17
m1rhow can i redownload guest additions for vitualbox ose ?13:17
savvasDistroJockey: that's the changelog for it, I guess it's ok to upgrade, i'll do it too13:18
DistroJockeysavvas: flashplugin-nonfree:  Installed:
savvasDistroJockey: works for me: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ :)13:19
DistroJockeysavvas: no problems with that  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043600/flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115.0ubuntu5_i386.deb13:20
savvasm1r: you don't have to, install the new virtualbox, do sudo /etc/init.d/vbox-drv setup and run it, it should have the new additions iso13:20
savvasDistroJockey: great :)13:20
m1rhey savvas13:20
savvasoops, sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup13:21
savvashi :P13:21
Wrathcan someone tell me how to get rid of this stupid background...13:21
Dr_willisThe Unicorn? or the Porn?13:22
savvasWrath: right click on the desktop13:22
m1rsavvas: i have vb instaled, and i dl guest add. but after mounting vbox crashed. now it didnt want to install anything further, so i deleted .iso. made bit mess there13:22
Dr_willisor the eyesore default wallpaper?13:22
dns53love ubuntu-calendar13:22
WrathNah, it showed up just while i was booting13:22
Wrathits their april fools joke13:22
Wrathit showed up right before my login screen and then after i logged in for a sec until my regular desktop loaded13:23
savvasm1r: no idea, which version? I use the gutsy package, 1.5.613:23
Wrathi think it was their april fools joke >.>13:23
m1rsavvas , i unstaled same package13:23
savvasm1r: guest o/s? :)13:24
m1rguess :P13:24
savvasfreebsd made some problems13:24
m1rthe one that shouldnt be spoken here savvas :P13:24
savvaslol, lord of the doors ;)13:24
savvasif not windows :P13:24
savvasso anyway, i have no idea :\ no crash report?13:25
Wrathupdating again better get rid of it :s13:25
m1rnot really savvas13:25
m1ri just run it again13:25
m1rbut proble, is i deleted guest adds .iso as i thought that is problem with it13:26
savvasyou can extract the .deb and get the .iso13:30
m1rwhere to get deb ?13:30
* IdleOne speask of windows13:31
m1ri cant find any on site :/13:31
IdleOnewhy shouldnt we be allowed to mention windows? if windows does/has something that is usefull then it should be looked at. what should not be allowed is the mispelling/putting down/plain old trash talk about windows13:32
IdleOneIMHO of course13:33
geserdoes sound work again with kernel 2.6.24-13-generic ?13:33
IdleOnesound has not stopped working here13:33
IdleOneI still have -12-generic13:33
geserhmm, the last working kernel with sound was -11-generic for me13:33
phaidrosok, a temporarily fix for non starting gnome-settings-daemon is to remove xserver-xgl. which unfortunately disables compiz13:34
m1rsavvas ,how do i extract .deb ? :/13:35
savvasm1r: right click > extract here ;)13:36
m1rheh :P13:36
dns53it is a tar.gz or something like that13:36
Wrathyou might have to install the kernel modules package to get sound to work again13:36
crimsungeser: considering l-u-m for linux_14.24 hasn't been accepted yet, it'll be difficult for sound to work for most people ;)13:36
WrathI had to with the last kernel update13:36
savvasm1r: n/p, it should be in /usr/share/virtualbox/13:37
gesercrimsun: thanks13:37
crimsungeser: do you have any additional details regarding where -12.2[23] broke?13:37
blinkizhaving trouble with DNS. I can run "dig sigma.local" and I get the correct ip's from configured dns. Doing "ping sigma.local" and it does not work. It does not seems like ubuntu is trying to ask the dns server (wireshark sniffing). What can be wrong?13:38
crimsungeser: e.g., while running a kernel with broken audio, the URL generated from the alsa-info.sh script?13:38
geserno, I didn't look into it, I've read that -12 has sound problems so I booted -11 till now13:38
blinkizBut I can take the ip's from the dig command and ping all ip's- they respond13:38
gesercrimsun: let me boot -1213:38
chombee /quit13:39
savvas /cheer13:40
dns53 /tell joke13:40
savvas /pretend to laugh :P13:41
m1rnothing in that deb package savvas :/13:42
m1ri mean from guest additions13:42
IdleOne  /gag me with a spoon13:43
gesercrimsun: gah, as expected sound works now with -12 :( so it fixed itself since the last time I tested13:43
savvasm1r: data.tar.gz ./usr/share/virtualbox ?13:43
m1rsavvas , i have it installed already13:44
crimsungeser: ok13:44
m1ri need just guest additions .iso13:44
gesercrimsun: have you an idea why my digitalout doesn't work anymore? (it doesn't work with -11 anymore too)13:44
m1roh wait13:44
m1rit is here13:45
crimsungeser: meaning with ALSA directly or with PulseAudio?13:45
savvasm1r: extract the .deb > extract the data.tar.gz > look in ./usr/share/virtualbox :)13:45
m1rye, was looking on wrong one :P13:45
geseralsa directly (at least I hope it's alsa directly)13:45
bardyrHey, i have tried to enabled Nvidia's Coolbits but everytime i add it to Xorg, Xorg crashes without any errors, using hardy 32bit repo driver nvidia-glx-new with a nvidia 7600 go, what can i do to fix it?13:46
crimsungeser: so `aplay -Dplug:spdif /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav' and `aplay -Dplug:iec958 /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav' both fail?13:46
IdleOneTpop,  welcome13:48
m1rok got it, many tnx savvas :)13:48
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gesercrimsun: that works, audacious works too, but rhythmbox doesn't work. so it seems to be a rhythmbox/gstreamer problem?13:50
crimsungeser: is GSt set to use PulseAudio for its default audio sink?  If so, what happens if you change the default audio sink to ALSA using `gstreamer-properties'?13:51
TpopSo, IdleOne, do you have a link to where I can get the current beta?13:51
crimsun(I'm iffy about having PA as default, but that was never my call.  Oh well.)13:51
nextstepgood morning13:51
IdleOneTpop, www.ubuntu.com/testing13:52
TpopThanks. I can tell it is going to be a fun day.13:52
IdleOneTpop, with ubuntu+1 it always is :)13:52
nextstepI have an oddity with Hardy figured someone might be able to help.  My welcome/login screen is in 640x480, but once I login the screen goes to my default resolution of 1920x1200.  Any ideas?13:53
dns53if you set the resolution with the gnome applet it will adjust it on login13:53
IdleOnenextstep: when logging in stand about 12 feet from the monitor . you wont be able to tell the difference :)13:54
gesercrimsun: when I set ALSA and device to "Default" then I hear the test only in the headset, but after setting the device to "ALC883 Digital" it works with digital out but not in the headset anymore13:54
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crimsungeser: I'd be very, very impressed if your headset had digital out.13:55
gesercrimsun: setting it to "OSS" I hear the testsignal both on digitalout and headset13:55
crimsungeser: simultaneously?!13:55
TpopOk, downloading torrent and now back to work I get paid for.13:56
IdleOneTpop: have a good day13:56
gesercrimsun: yes, with OSS on both13:56
* IdleOne returns to seeding the ubuntu iso13:56
crimsungeser: "both" refers to `gstreamer-properties'->default audio sink, or ...?13:56
gesercrimsun: both refers to my headset and my digitally connected receiver13:57
crimsunah, ok.13:58
crimsungeser: right, that seems to be a feature13:58
crimsun(well, either a feature in the osssink or a "feature" in the alsasink)13:58
crimsungeser: (the "feature" in the latter being that one can't easily construct linked multi pcm plugins - hence partly why PulseAudio exists)13:59
geserit worked already in the past but stopped around the time when linux kernel -12 was available14:00
crimsungeser: are you certain it's not related to a mixer element name change?14:01
MaliqueOK, I got sent in here LOL14:02
MaliqueI'm running Kubuntu Hardy Beta14:02
dbmoodbhow does knetworkingmanager handle ?(with wifi)14:02
MaliqueI've got ndiswrapper running with the drivers for my RaLink RT2790 installed. Now my card is detected and I can see wireless access points, but it won't connect, it seems to hang on "obtaining IP address" (in wicd). Any idea where to go now?14:02
MaliqueOh, not to mention it now takes ages to boot, with errors something about usb device descriptor read errors under "Loading manual drivers"14:03
dbmoodb.... an rt2790 is that new ? -- i thought they only had a 2570 or something ?14:03
MaliqueYer I think so. It apparently fits under the rt2860 drivers, according to their website14:04
crimsungeser: i.e., erase /var/lib/alsa/asound.state after booting into -11, do "alsactl store", copy the created /var/lib/alsa/asound.state to someplace safe, then repeat with -12, then diff them.14:04
MaliqueI had to use the Windows drivers with ndiswrapper because the Linux drivers won't compile under 2.6.24 kernel14:04
dbmoodboh really ? .....14:05
compwiz18Malique: does your card work otherwise?14:05
compwiz18like with dhclient and iwconfig and stuff?14:05
bardyrHey, i have tried to enabled Nvidia's Coolbits but everytime i add it to Xorg, Xorg crashes without any errors, using hardy 32bit repo driver nvidia-glx-new with a nvidia 7600 go, are there anybody who got coolbits working with hardy?14:05
MaliqueYou mean in Windows? Sure, and by some strange fluke of nature I even got it working for about 5 minutes in Kubuntu. But then I restarted the system and it wouldn't connect anymore (still detected though, and can scan for wireless AP's)14:06
gesercrimsun: should this have an effect if I use audacious (I can hear with audacious on my headset and my receiver) or rhythmbox?14:06
Maliqueiwconfig does work yer14:06
compwiz18Malique: what driver do you have selected in wicd?14:06
zarlinohi all: i've been hit by the SUDO after upgrading to Kubuntu Hardy14:06
compwiz18and does the AP use some sort of encryption?14:06
zarlinoplease help me14:07
MaliqueI've left it as default wext, but I also tried a couple of the others including ndiswrapper14:07
crimsungeser: depends on what audacious uses as its backend (ALSA?  OSS [via ALSA's emulation]?  GSt configured to ALSA?  GSt configured to OSS [via ALSA's emulation]?  GSt configured to PulseAudio [using ALSA hw:]?)14:07
MaliqueThe AP is using WPA2, but I also disabled the encryption to try it out, no luck with that either14:07
nextstep I have an oddity with Hardy figured someone might be able to help.  My welcome/login screen is in 640x480, but once I login the screen goes to my default resolution of 1920x1200.  Any ideas?14:08
gesercrimsun: I've set up audacious to use the "ALSA output plugin"14:09
crimsungeser: ok, and did you have to create a custom asoundrc?14:10
MaliqueI just tried swapping back to knetworkmanager, and it doesn't detect the card at all :s so wicd can pick up the card and find networks but it just can't connect to them14:10
zarlinoI've been hit by the sudo bug after upgrading to Kubuntu Hardy. Please help me14:11
bardyrgeser, why dont you just set audacious to use pulseaudio?14:11
bardyrzarlino, sudo bug?14:11
MaliqueAlso, it seems there may be a link between these usb device descriptor errors and such and the wicd daemon not being loaded properly at startup14:11
crimsunbardyr: because it breaks.  See above.14:11
zarlinobardyr: yes, sudo says: sudo: unable to resolve host X14:11
gesercrimsun: no ~/.asoundrc14:12
bardyrzarlino, boot up in recovery add your host name in your /etc/hosts file14:12
crimsungeser: ok, then it's definitely an alsasink "feature"14:12
zarlinobardyr: wow i knew about /etc/hosts but did not think about recovery mode14:12
crimsungeser: thanks for helping chase it down14:12
bardyrzarlino, or i think you can go to System -> Administration -> Network and add the host rule14:13
zarlinobardyr: no beacuse i'm on kde14:13
bardyrzarlino, it should use policykit and not sudo14:13
MaliqueWhen wicd tries to connect to my AP, it swaps between "NETGEAR: Obtaining IP address" and "None: Obtaining IP addrsss" for about a minute or two, before it gives up and goes back to "Not connected"14:13
bardyrzarlino, thats a problem then :)14:13
zarlinobardyr: :) anyway a lot of thanks!14:13
zarlinobardyr: i'll the recovery mode14:13
gesercrimsun: if I set output to "OSS" in gstreamer-properties" I can hear the test signal on both outputs, but when I start then rhythmbox then I can hear the music only on the headset14:14
bazhangodd amarok behaviour; should I pursue this in amarok or here?14:14
bardyrzarlino, np14:14
geserbardyr: I've no pulseaudio installed14:14
Maliquecompwiz18: Still with me?14:15
crimsungeser: how is System>Preferences>Sound configured for each profile?14:15
MaliqueAnyone? :(14:18
gesercrimsun: when I set in gstreamer-properties output to "ALSA" an device to Digital I can hear the Test sound on my receiver (but not on the head set) and playing music in rhythmbox is the other way around14:18
gesercrimsun: all playbacks are set to "Autodetect"14:18
MaliqueNobody can help me with my wireless problem?14:19
gesercrimsun: what the difference between "Autodecect" and "Autodetect (Custom)"?14:19
crimsungeser: when it honours an asoundrc14:21
gesercrimsun: "Autodetect" -> only headset, "Autodetect (Custom)" -> only receiver14:21
sveriMalique: i can tell you that you are not the only one with a wireless problem :D14:22
bluecakehow to switch 'tabs' in firefox, since alt-tab will not worlk14:22
MaliqueIf I run dhclient it tries to send out a DHCPDISCOVER on my wireless card, but gets nothing back14:22
digin4bluecake alt+1 alt+2 etc14:23
bluecakedigin4, is there alt-X where it will cycle through?14:23
digin4bluecake no idea14:24
bluecakedigin4, how to close tab with keyboard? like alt-f414:24
digin4ctrl+w bluecake14:25
gesercrimsun: after setting in the Sound preferences "Music and Movies" to "ALC883 Digital" rhythmbox uses digital out (but no headset anymore)14:26
derspanksterMalique: I had a problem with my broadcom driver.  Hardy had the bcm43 available but I couldn't enable it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it all works now.14:26
bluecakedigin4, oh....14:26
derspanksterNot sure that helps you situation but thought I'd share it.14:27
Maliquederspanker: My card isn't supported by the kernel drivers at all :( there's nothing really for me to try and reinstall14:27
MaliqueThanks though14:28
J-_Is the VMware player in the repos?14:28
MaliqueIt's really the only suggestiong anyone's bothered to give me here14:28
derspanksterah, I see. I was using ndiswrapper in Gutsy.14:28
derspanksterMalique: I understand. I've had my fair share of wireless issues myself.14:29
bluecakedigin4, control-tab to cycle14:29
MaliqueMy wireless on my old laptop works flawlessly. It''s just this damn new laptop :@ I've had to make do with ndiswrapper drivers14:29
digin4bluecake cool ;D14:30
savvasMalique: i think you can find a driver module and easily install it using module-assistant14:30
savvaswell.. if it works i see no problem then :P14:30
savvasnew laptops means they need time to get tested14:30
savvasmy intel core 2 duo wasn't working in feisty, but was ok in gutsy :)14:31
Maliquesavvas: The sad thing is, there's a Linux driver just SITTING there for me to use, but because it won't compile on 2.6.24 kernel I can't use it :(14:31
savvasMalique: once again, a lot of people have had success with: apt-get install module-assistant14:32
compwiz18Malique: you said you got it to work once14:33
compwiz18(sorry, had to go downstairs)14:33
Maliquecompwiz18: Yer, for no particular reason it just connected once! Then I had to restart, and it didn't do it again after that. It just went back to trying to connect and failling14:34
sveriMalique: i have the same prob here14:35
compwiz18have you tried network-manager or something?14:35
compwiz18It sounds like a driver problem though14:35
sveriMalique: yesterday i installed gutsy on my notebook, after installing i could connect to my wlan once, but not again14:35
sveriMalique: today i installed hardy, i was able to connect once to my wlan, make the upgrades, but after rebooting, it doesnt work anymore14:36
compwiz18sveri: what tool are you using to connect?14:36
svericompwiz18: the networkmanager14:36
gesercrimsun: I'm a little bit nearer to the problem: downgrading gstreamer0.10-alsa to 0.10.17-3 "fixed" it14:36
svericompwiz18: especially the applet14:36
Maliquecompwiz18: I'm running Kubuntu, so I tried knetwork-manager, but it wouldn't even pick up the card at all. iwlist and iwconfig do, as does dhclient (but it can't get anything back from DHCPDISCOVER)14:36
savvasdid you report a bug? :)14:36
sverisavvas: not yet14:37
savvaswell that sounds like a bug :p14:37
sverii am about to search the forums and all to maybe find a solution14:37
compwiz18wicd, networkmanager, and iwlist and friends fail14:37
compwiz18sounds like a driver problem to me14:37
sverisavvas: the problem is, my sister goes to england in a week, and she needs a running notebook14:38
sveriand no bug report :D14:38
Maliquecompwiz18: Mine, or sveri's? My wicd can pick up the card and find the network, it just can't connect to it14:38
compwiz18they'll be lots of updates in a week :P14:38
compwiz18sveri: can your card see the network?14:38
compwiz18using networkmanager?14:39
svericompwiz18: yes14:39
savvassveri: gutsy doesn't work?14:39
MaliqueSame problem as me: can SEE the network, just can't connect to it14:39
compwiz18sveri: Malique you both have the same card, yes?14:39
gesercrimsun: it broke between gstreamer0.10-alsa 0.10.17-3 and (with 0.10.17-3 playback works on both outputs but not anymore with
sverisavvas: no, it didnt recognize the usb module, i had to install ndiswrapper and the drivers from cd14:39
edgecasewhat's the randr applet pkg in Hardy?14:40
sverii have a dlink dwl-g122 Rev B usb adapter14:40
edgecasegrandr, gnome-randr-applet, ?14:40
Maliquecompwiz18: not sure, mine's a RaLink I know that much (I'm guessing RT2790 due to it's lspci output "Unknown device 2790")14:40
sveriMalique: which one do you have?14:40
sveriah ok, mine uses the rt2500 usb driver14:40
MaliqueWell, they're both still RaLink's ;)14:41
sveriMalique: ok, i think i file a bug report14:41
savvasI have dwlg12214:41
Maliquesveri: but I have to use ndiswrapper and the Windows drivers to make mine work14:41
savvassays c114:41
MaliqueWhereas you're using native drivers14:41
MaliqueMight make it a bit different14:42
sverisavvas: and it works out of the box? under hardy?14:42
sveriMalique: i think you got a newer chipset than me14:42
savvassveri: never had a wireless to connect to :\14:42
sverisavvas: :D14:42
sverilucky guy14:42
savvassveri: actually..14:42
savvasit does work14:42
Maliquesveri: Yer I think so, it's only a very new laptop14:43
savvasit sees an "alphabravocharlie" wireless nearby14:43
sverisavvas: youre running ubuntu or kubuntu or xubuntu?14:43
savvasgnome 2.22 :)14:43
lopovhey guys, im having touble adding a proxy in konqueror... when i try to apply the setting it say update failed "please restart kde for this to take effect", is there any reason why its doing that?14:43
edgecaseThis Beta brings a new Screen Resolution utility that allows users to dynamically configure the resolution, refresh rate, and rotation of a second monitor <--- what pkg provides that?14:43
sverisavvas: maybe its a bug with the nm?14:44
Turskilopov: maybe you should restart kde?14:44
lopovwell ive tried many times14:44
folpHello, I've a very strange problem: I'm running hardy and the other day my notebook has started to behave oddly14:44
savvassveri: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 07d1:3c03 D-Link System14:44
lopovTurski: but since when do you have to restart kde for something so small like tht??14:45
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sverisavvas: 2001:3c0014:45
compwiz18folp: we'll be able to help you better if you define "oddly"14:45
b4l74z4ri can't get youtube videos in fullscreen to work properly in 8.04 beta14:45
folpBasically: the CPU runs at 1/10 when it doesn't run from the battery alone14:45
compwiz18folp: so you're saying that the CPU scales down even when plugged in?14:46
folpIt seems like some hardware problem, my I'm literaly clueless about this14:46
compwiz18folp: when you do something CPU intensive, does the CPU scale up?14:46
savvas  iManufacturer           1 Ralink14:47
savvas  iProduct                2 802.11 bg WLAN14:47
folpcompwiz18: The funny thing is that it doesn't scale. cpufreq reports always the same frequency14:47
savvaslet me try it out14:47
folpAnd besides that, my CPU can scale down to 1GHz as the minimum14:48
folplmbench says that it runs at about 130Mhz14:48
Maliquesavvas: BTW, I tried module-assistant to make fresh rt2x00 modules. It failed miserably during the compile process14:48
folpcompwiz18: No, it's not related to usage14:48
compwiz18folp: so you're saying that the CPU is scaling down way to far?14:49
MaliqueDue to the fact the drivers are already built directly into the kernel so it won't recompile them14:49
compwiz18recompile the kernel14:49
compwiz18always a good wednesday evening activity14:49
sveriMalique, savvas, compwiz18: i created a new user, and see, he can connect to the wlan, i think its a bug within the xfce wallet system14:50
MaliqueOh **** that for a joke LOL14:50
folpcompwiz18: Something like that but it's not "scaling down" as in Speedstep14:50
folpIt's "scaling down" as in "WTF?!"14:50
savvassveri: try clear the hidden dir of xfce then :P14:50
compwiz18sveri: using network-manager, right?14:51
nextstep I have an oddity with Hardy figured someone might be able to help.  My welcome/login screen is in 640x480, but once I login the screen goes to my default resolution of 1920x1200.  Any ideas?14:51
svericompwiz18: right14:51
folpThe logs say nothing about that nor something that I can relate to hardware problems14:51
sverisavvas: yea, its a workaround, but not a good one ;-)14:51
folpHas anyone experienced anything like that with a notebook, ever?14:52
compwiz18sorry, folp, I'm totally confused14:52
compwiz18so you have a computer, right?14:52
compwiz18and it has a CPU?14:52
J-_When will Vmware server, and player be in the repos?14:52
Maliquesveri: Isn't xfce another WM? I'm using KDE14:52
compwiz18and the scaling for said CPU isn't working correctly?14:52
folpcompwiz18: It's not the CPU scaling that slows down the CPU14:53
sveriMalique: yes14:53
compwiz18folp: so then what is slowing down the CPU?14:53
compwiz18theoretically the ability to connect to a network is not connected in any way to the WM you are using...14:53
folpcompwiz18: I've a Core Duo, it can scale down to 1GHz and not below.14:54
folpcompwiz18: I don't know :-)14:54
compwiz18folp: OK. how are you seeing what it is currently scaled to?14:54
folpcompwiz18: Now it's at 1GHz14:54
compwiz18folp: what program are you using to see the speed?14:55
Maliquesveri: Well that probably won't help me then LOL14:55
folpcompwiz18: BUT it's painfully slow. A benchmark says that the CPU is a 130MHz and that seems about right judging from what I'm seeing.14:55
compwiz18Malique: sveri it sounds to me like you two have different bugs14:55
compwiz18folp: is something eating your CPU?14:55
compwiz18like running in the background?14:56
svericompwiz18: Malique yeah, i think so too14:56
folpcompwiz18:  cpufreq-info14:56
folpcompwiz18: Nope.14:56
compwiz18folp: are you sure?14:56
compwiz18if it says it is scaled to 1ghz, it probably is14:57
folpIt's like some evil spirit replaced my Core Duo with a Pentium14:57
Maliquesveri / compwiz18: yer I think so too. I've already got a bug report up for my wireless card, I'll think I'll addmy experience with ndiswrapper to it14:57
compwiz18it sounds like sveri's problem is with networkmanager and the keyring manager14:57
sveriMalique: could you paste the url here plz?14:57
compwiz18wicd doesn't use the keyring manager, so that isn't your problem14:57
Malique**** it, I got it working again, but it's just like last time, weird ass bug14:57
compwiz18Malique: how'd you do that?14:58
Maliquesveri: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21072514:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210725 in ubuntu "RaLink RT2790 not working" [Undecided,New]14:58
sveriMalique: thx14:58
folpcompwiz18: I've the ondemand governor, if there would be something eating my CPU it would scale UP to 1.67 GHz.14:58
compwiz18folp: this is true.14:58
Maliquecompwiz18: OK, I did sveri's trick with the new user. I tried to connect, nothing. I then connected with the wired connection, that worked. I then tried connecting to the wireless without disconnecting the wired, and it connected me to wireless. It only works once though14:59
compwiz18Malique: this is using Wicd?14:59
Maliquecompwiz18: Yup, wicd. knetworkmanager doesn't pick up networks at all14:59
folpI can rmmod acpi-cpufreq and see the same thing, so it's not Speedstep related.15:00
compwiz18folp: hard drive usage?15:00
folpcompwiz18: Zero15:00
compwiz18Malique: it shouldn't matter if you connect to the wired network first...15:00
Maliquecompwiz18: Yer, it does for some reason. Don't know why. That's how it happened the last time too, I thought it was just a random occurrence. But this time it NEEDED me to connect wired first before it would connect to the wireless15:01
compwiz18Malique: that is one weird bug15:01
folpAnd, if I remove the power cord, all is fine15:01
Maliquecompwiz18: You're telling me! LOL. And it's definitely only once it works. If you disconnect even during that session and try it again it doesn't work.15:02
folpCan I dying battery do this?15:02
compwiz18folp: just out of curiousity: what happens if you take the battery out while the laptop is plugged in?15:03
MaliqueGrrrr, is anyone else having a problem in Kubuntu Hardy trying to log out BTW? If I try logging out it just goes black screen and I can't access other consoles or anything :s15:03
compwiz18Malique: you are having a lot of trouble :P15:03
folpcompwiz18: Let's see...15:04
MaliqueTell me about it :'( I've been trying to get this damn laptop converted from Vista to Kubuntu for the past THREE DAYS!!! I'm starting to run out of valium and sleep15:04
folpIt's still slow...15:04
MaliqueI've been Windows-free since Dapper, and I'll be damned if I'm going back there! LOL15:04
folpI guess this rules out the battery.15:04
compwiz18folp: it would appear15:05
compwiz18I'd tell you to unplug the power now and see if it still happens15:05
compwiz18but somehow...15:05
folpIt would be slower. :)15:05
compwiz18I think it might be too :)15:06
compwiz18my laptop thinks its fun to randomly alternate between the battery and the ac plug15:07
compwiz18it makes that little icon in the corner go crazy15:07
folpBTW this state persist during a reboot.15:08
folpI.e. the kernel itself loads slowly15:08
compwiz18I think the AC adapter is messed up15:09
derspanksterJust got notice of 53 Hardy updates15:09
heartsbloodWhats the command to replace metacity with compiz?15:10
compwiz18(for my laptop, not yours, folp)15:10
sveridoes somebody know where xfce stores the passwords information?15:10
bazhangcompiz --replace in run window heartsblood15:10
heartsbloodI thought there was more to it..15:10
heartsbloodo.o ty15:11
folpcompwiz18: I bought one and it costed me 80€ :-( I hope your doesn't cost as much...15:11
compwiz18I hope it doesn't too15:11
compwiz18that's pretty high for a power cord15:11
compwiz18I have no idea what the problem with yours is15:12
compwiz18what about your graphics card?15:12
compwiz18and how much ram do you have?15:12
folpThe graphic board is an Intel945.15:13
compwiz18folp: did you have this problem in other linux distros?15:13
compwiz18I presume not15:13
folpAt first I tought of something X-related, messing up with registers in my card (there were an update for the intel driver), but I'm using vesa right now.15:14
folpcompwiz18: I've just Ubuntu on this machine.15:14
compwiz18never had this problem before though?15:15
folpcompwiz18: Never in my life. It started two days ago when I bought the Wii :D15:15
compwiz18does your laptop have a bluetooth adapter?15:16
folpI considered the Wii wi-fi as well as the culprit...15:16
compwiz18how many prongs does your laptop power cord have?15:16
Stroganoffafter upgrading to hardy, the fonts of XDM are huge no matter what theme file I use. http://www.abload.de/img/xdm-hardy-huge4t9.png http://pastebin.com/m3199cd2015:17
Stroganoffany ideas?15:17
folpWhat's strange to me it's that it seems some sort of hardware problem and yet there is no error or crashes anywhere15:17
compwiz18folp: how many prongs does your laptop power cord have?15:17
compwiz18folp: just a weird idea: what happens if you unplug the wii?15:18
folpcompwiz18: I had to look up prongs in Google images, sorry, english is not my mother tongue15:19
compwiz18folp: ah, sorry15:19
folpcompwiz18: Are you into furry fandom? :P15:19
compwiz18folp: I thought you just missed my message :)15:20
folpcompwiz18: Three, BTW.15:20
folpcompwiz18: I've unplugged it yesterday, and it's the same15:20
MaliqueOK, I tried to replicate the whole make a new user and connect to wired then wireless thing, but now it won't do it again. It seems to be just as random as it was the first time :(15:20
compwiz18I've seen some weird interfernce with the three prong plugs15:20
folpcompwiz18: I would expect disastrous crashes with interferences at the power source15:21
compwiz18for me, it just caused audio distortion and video distortion15:21
compwiz18but it was really weird15:21
compwiz18and have the same symptoms15:21
compwiz18unhappy when plugged in, perfect when unplugged15:22
folpUhm... the gnome-power-manager graph says that in these 10 minutes the battery charge is stable15:22
folpAnd I'm plugged now15:22
folpThis means it's not recharging15:22
compwiz18folp: do you have an adapter like pictured here: http://home.earthlink.net/~huston2/images/adapter_3_prong_vlh.gif15:23
NET||abusehm, just got a new lappy, d630, it's nice,, but it has Vista on it... was thinking of using the windows image idea, but then i was also thinking of running vista as a vmware image inside linux.. not sure what i should do here15:23
folpcompwiz18: I'm in Europe, I've got this:15:24
folpNow, I would say this is the battery's fault, but before we've tested it without the battery...15:26
MaliqueNote to all: DON'T EVER GET THIS LAPTOP IF YOU EXPECT LINUX TO WORK ON IT: http://www.medion.de/md96420/au/flash.html15:26
folpPlease god-of-laptops, don't make me spend money on this :-/15:27
compwiz18folp: random idea again: can you take it somewhere else and plug it in? work, school, etc, and see if the problem is solved?15:27
folpcompwiz18: I will try that tomorrow.15:27
compwiz18the god-of-laptops is unhappy today, I think15:27
compwiz18it turns out my power cord is partially severed in one location15:28
compwiz18I can see the wires...15:28
compwiz18and it doesn't let hte computer run...15:28
folpcompwiz18: If this will work consider you invited to a session of Wii Sports :-)15:28
* compwiz18 is unhappy15:28
bjwebb_why is there no gstreamer-mad package?15:28
compwiz18folp: ah ha :) I do hope it works, but I wouldn't count on it :/15:28
folpcompwiz18: If it's just the cable you can solder it and get away with that.15:29
compwiz18i'm not sure if its shorted or something15:29
folpcompwiz18: I will need my electrical system replaced, if it works that way. :-)15:29
compwiz18and the thing turns on for a fraction of a second when I press the pwoer button15:30
Stroganoffis there anyone here using XDM in hardy?15:30
MaliqueOh for **** sake, now my laptop is possessed, it connected to the network by ITSELF this time!15:31
folpMalique: Medion? WTF is that?15:31
Maliquefolp: it's a German brand, little known, almost exclusively sold in ALDI stores15:31
folpMalique: I see, it seems nice estetically15:32
derspanksterALDI only sells groceries in the US15:32
MaliqueOh it does doesn't it? Except I have no sound or wireless and chances are the TV tuner card won't work either but I haven't bothered with that just yet. And don't even THINK about the webcam LOL15:33
AdysHow can i restart SCIM from the terminal?15:33
Maliquederspanker: Fair enough, here in Australia they sell everything, kind of like Walmart I guess15:33
derspanksterI like their stores actually15:34
folpMalique: Frame it for others to see. ;)15:34
derspanksterat least you're not stuck with a SIS POS video card as I am15:35
folpUgh, a new battery comes at 90€.15:35
compwiz18I think a new power cord is in my future15:36
compwiz18I tried one for another model, same brand, and it works perfectly... :(15:36
compwiz18on the brightside, that means my laptop isn't screwed up15:36
folpRemember kids, buy notebooks with Intel video cards.15:38
jimqodeand also don't buy notebooks with broadcom or dell wireless cards15:38
compwiz18I bought a notebook with an ATI card and a Broadcom card15:39
folpAnd don't buy a Wii if you have a notebook in the same room! Something evil will happen.15:39
* compwiz18 is smart :P15:39
* Malique is dumb and bought a cheap ass laptop :(15:40
compwiz18looks like a nice laptop thoiugh15:41
derspanksterBroadcom is much better supported now15:42
compwiz18not a whole lot that I've found15:42
compwiz18I still do it the same way I did when I got the thing15:42
derspanksterbut hardy supplies a driver15:43
compwiz18which didn't work15:44
compwiz18but I blame the fact that it is an old install of Gutsy beta15:44
compwiz18not hardy15:44
derspanksterI got it to work by first uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. Through terminal.15:45
=== bjwebb_ is now known as bjwebb
derspanksterusing it right now15:45
compwiz18it refused to scan for networks15:45
compwiz18I'm gonna reinstall hardy from the disk on that computer, I think15:45
compwiz18see if it works then15:45
DanaGOdd, the -13 kernel has been replaced by the -14 kernel, yet neither has an -ubuntu-modules package.15:46
derspanksterthat link is for the uninstall/install howto - sorry15:47
compwiz18I unchecked the box and rmmod'ed the driver and modprobe'd it and stuff15:48
compwiz18no love15:48
compwiz18toggled the hardware manager box a bunch of times too15:48
compwiz18and rebooted15:48
compwiz18a lot15:48
* compwiz18 is glad the floodbot only lives in #ubuntu15:48
SmygisWhy doesnt firefox 3 do any spellchecking. Well it does but why dont i get any sugesstions on correct spelling? I clearly remember getting that back in the days with firefox 2. If its broken i might as well go back to use opera.15:48
derspanksterSmygis: likely because FF3 isn't final15:49
compwiz18folp: if you have a chance after you try a different outlet/electrical system, I'd be interested to know the results15:50
derspankstercompwiz18:did you read the link I posted?15:51
compwiz18derspankster: yeah15:51
compwiz18i'll try that tomorrow15:52
SmygisIts beta 4... And comes as the browser of choice in hardy. Than it shuld not be broken in such a way.15:52
compwiz18too late to get the hardy box out now15:52
derspanksterit worked perfectly for me15:52
TurskiSmygis: and you think hardy is final now?15:52
Turskilooks like there isnät even all locales in repos15:53
derspanksterI have a Broadcom 431815:53
savvasSmygis: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:315:54
derspanksterSmygis:FF3 has other bugs as well. Be patient.15:54
briareos90hi everyone15:54
briareos90is hardy beta stable enough for desktop install yet ?15:55
compwiz18briareos90: it will be stable when it is release ;)15:55
savvasSmygis: some language packs aren't compatible with the new firefox 3, try them, or switch to opera or switch to opera if you would like your old firefox back: sudo apt-get install firefox-2; firefox-215:55
MaliqueNot particularly :s15:55
savvas-"or switch to opera" :P15:56
briareos90compwiz18: lol .. its okay if it isnt very unstable15:57
briareos90compwiz18: like the time i tried fedora 8 rawhide :p15:57
hydrogenswitch to opera.15:59
savvasbriareos90: fedora 9 rawhide?16:00
compwiz18derspankster: I have a 4318 too16:04
compwiz18there is hope!16:04
compwiz18bcm43xx worked, so I see no reason b43 shouldn't16:04
numusthis might sound really stupid.. but does ubuntu eat battery life more then winblows? my battery doesnt seem to last as long on hardy16:04
compwiz18it very well may16:04
jimiridgecheckout powertop numus16:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about powertop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:04
compwiz18!info powertop16:04
ubotuPackage powertop does not exist in hardy16:04
jimiridgeyes it does16:05
compwiz18ubotu was broken yesterday16:05
numusubotu never lies :-)16:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about never lies :-) - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:05
compwiz18he might still be today16:05
compwiz18<ubotu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligen16:05
numuswhat is powertop.. i am logged into vista right noow so i cant search repos16:06
Lamegonumus, is a utility which displays processes power consuption16:06
briareos90savvas: nope the ;ast fedora i tried was 8 :p16:06
numuslamego ahh thanks16:06
numusi gotta say i am not liking firefox 3 so much16:06
briareos90savvas: i dont really like not being able to turn dma on for my IDE hdds16:07
folpBye guys.16:07
numusnow that that is solved.. is there any easy way to interface windows with ext3? i ran ubuntu server on my server once and i couldnt' get most of my terminals to connect properly.. including my xbmc xbox to view movies.. and ubuntu didnt like reading the ntfs drive THAT much...16:08
Lamegothere is an ext3 driver16:08
numuslamego that caused a huge problem in the past when attempting over samba16:08
briareos90i'd prefer using ntfs3g with linux than using an ext3 with windows16:08
briareos90because in my experience ext3 drivers for windows have higher chance to corrupt linux partitions16:09
numusbriaros90 my problem is it would mount the drive and the swap drive.. then if i restarted it. .they were still mounted but no data could be access.. then i would reinstall it and i would have 2 copies of each drive and swap16:10
MaliqueDoes anyone know what the hell this means when I try to run alsamixer?16:10
numus!info ntfs16:10
MaliqueALSA lib simple_none.c:1491:(simple_add1) helem (MIXER,'Headphone Playback Switch',0,2,0) appears twice or more16:11
ubotuPackage ntfs does not exist in hardy16:11
Maliquealsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: Invalid argument16:11
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE16:11
numusi hate how i have to run tuncfg everytime i want to login to hamachi.. kinda blows16:11
jimiridgethats cause hamachi is lame16:11
jimiridgea real person would use VPN16:12
numusjimridge need a cross platform vpn16:12
jimiridgewhat do you think openvpn is?16:12
MaliqueI can NOT get this damn sound working :'(16:12
nemoyou know, I've never seen the need for vpn16:12
numusjimridge when i originally looked at it a while ago it didnt say it supported cross platform16:12
nemoeverything I've ever needed to do has worked fine over SSH16:12
numusi might have to research that more16:12
nemordesktop, nxclient, X, sshfs...16:13
numusmemo you have never been outside your network on a private network hvae you?16:13
MaliqueI tried recompiling the alsa drivers etc. from source, it didn't work16:13
nemonumus: um. I have that setup right now16:13
numusi use radmin with a vpn16:13
nemonumus: damn vpn at work is way too slow16:13
nemonumus: they use aventail16:13
nemonumus: so. I switched to using an ssh tunnel16:13
nemofaster, more reliable.16:13
numusnemo i have problems with everything but vpn on my college networks16:13
nemoand doesn't screw with my routing table16:14
numusok firefox 3 is way way to flashy16:15
wangfg-x31why my kde4 cannot display pop window?16:16
jimiridgeopenvpn's site got a fresh new look16:16
jimiridgevery pretty16:16
adincwhich screensaver is hardy using? is it still xscreensaver?16:17
MaliqueScrew it, I'll just make another bug report16:17
RolandoVIIcan I get fresher iso's of hardy than the first beta somewhere?16:18
adincjimiridge: but the wiki says it is xscreensaver16:18
jessica_dose GeForce 6100 graphics card work with hardy16:18
jimiridgei think they share16:18
adincjimiridge: how you mean?16:19
jimiridgethey share libs16:19
adincis there a repository for screensavers?16:20
savvasyou need more? :P16:23
savvasno offense but there are like 50 included right?16:24
numus hciconfig hci0 down ; rmmod hci_usb16:26
numusERROR: Removing 'hci_usb': Operation not permitted16:26
savvassudo ?16:26
numusran it16:27
numussame thing16:27
savvaserm.. ls -l /lib/modules/2.6.24-12-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.ko16:27
numusnumus@numus-laptop:~$ sudo echo 1500 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs16:27
numusbash: /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs: Permission denied16:27
jimiridgeneed to be root16:29
numusstill wont allow hciconfig hci0 down16:29
numusi ran it as root16:29
savvasnumus: the output of ls -l ?16:29
numus-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28760 2008-03-12 20:26 /lib/modules/2.6.24-12-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.ko16:29
=== chand is now known as chand[aw]
savvasnumus: sudo rm -v /lib/modules/2.6.24-12-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.ko16:30
numusk did that16:31
savvastry the rmmod now16:31
numusoperation not permitted16:32
savvassudo rmmod -f16:32
numusi just killed bluetooth16:32
numusit is ok savvas16:32
numusdidnt realize powertop allows you to automaticly do it16:32
numuswhat is haldon storage?16:32
savvasnumus: mind you you might have to reinstall linux modules to get your bluetooth working16:33
danagemadwifi broken in current beta?16:33
danageeh, kernel -13 i mean?16:33
numussavvas i wotn be using bluetooth on ubuntu16:33
wangfg-x31why my system windows pop menu not work16:33
savvaswangfg-x31: what system window?16:35
numusstill only getting 2 hours off my battery16:35
numusshould be getting 4-616:35
danageis madwifi broken in current kernel? is sound broken in current kernel?16:36
numusgranted it might be because i am running on wubi16:36
savvastry the live cd :)16:37
=== chand[aw] is now known as chand
numussavvas only problem is i cant partition this drive.. it is only 80 gig16:37
savvasnumus: how come?16:37
numussavvas need winblows vista on this laptop.. cant risk removing 10-20 gigs from avalible16:37
savvastough luck :p you could try xp and ubuntu16:38
numussavvas need vista16:38
savvasthen you probably don't need ubuntu, it has a lot of stuff included16:39
numussavvas no i dont need ubuntu.. but i want it16:39
savvas..ahh the joys of free software ;)16:39
savvasone would be that I don't have to type a 20-30 character serial key :P16:40
w0nderdoes anyone have a tutorial for setting up VirtualBox in Hardy Heron to boot your windows XP partition using a raw data disk?16:42
jasoncorvallisfor the past week or so, hal has been breaking my updates. here's the output message of sudo su -c 'mount /boot && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade && umount /boot': (at least the relevant part): http://pastebin.com/d1786e70416:43
savvasthey probably have it in their manual w0nder, they have a lot of stuff there :)16:43
wangfg-x31savvas: just like the kde system bar, and applications menu bar, it popout only very quickly and disapreared16:44
savvaswangfg-x31: what? :\16:45
savvasjasoncorvallis: why do you do apt-get dist-upgrade ?16:45
jasoncorvallissavvas: habit i've had since hoary16:47
savvasjasoncorvallis: how about this one: sudo apt-get install --reinstall dbus hal16:48
jasoncorvallissavvas: wonderful! thanks16:48
wangfg-x31savvas: ok, now hardy, kde4, when i want to access system settings use the graph interface, the system bar left corner below poped out,but shows nothing and quickly disappered, and the most windows menu cannot be accessed when click them :((((16:48
savvasjasoncorvallis: just try it out first, if it works, then do: sudo apt-get -f install16:49
savvaswangfg-x31: sorry, i don't use kde :)16:50
wangfg-x31savvas: it is also with xfce :((, it seems with the x-windows :((((16:54
collusionWith an intel i855gm card in my laptop, I'm getting "AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable"; is that really likely to be true? or is there something wrong with my config?16:54
savvascollusion: google shows some netbsd info: http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-users/2008/03/03/msg000495.html - might be useful16:57
collusionhm. intel is crashing on my laptop (bug 188178) so I am using the i810 driver at the moment.16:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188178 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[Hardy] [regression] xorg with Intel driver crashes if Virtual > 2048" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18817816:58
collusionAlso getting a dmesg "no more MTRRs available" and "(EE) I810(0): Failed to allocate texture space." in Xorg.0.log17:01
darth_mallis there a known reason why I might not be seeing drop shadows?17:02
savvasyou dropped them!17:02
darth_malloh dear ;)17:02
darth_mallthey work when I switch to metacity as my composite manager, but in compiz they just don't show17:02
darth_mallI'm just trying to figure out if this is a bug in compiz, or if it's a mistake I've made on my system somewhere17:03
w0nderwhats the package name for the kernel source?17:06
Danielg42anyone try 8.04 with an ati graphics card?17:07
benanzoAnyone having trouble with screen brightness control keys not working and the LED indicator for caps/num lock to working?  Hardy latest on first gen macbook17:10
DanaGI've been having the issue where power-source changes break all ACPI hotkeys.17:11
DanaGThat includes lid, brightness, sleep, and power buttons.17:11
Tu13eshm, my wifi is dead in hardy, dmesg gives this, any ideas? : http://pastebin.ca/96768417:11
DanaGIf I try changing brightness under those conditions, nothing happens.... and then later, I get spammed with every keystroke I had previously pressed.17:11
benanzoEven the brightness control applet doesn't work.  With the keys the meter appears on screen but stays at zero17:11
benanzothe brightness doesn't change17:12
mattlhey, how do i install fonts thru the GUI in Hardy?17:12
benanzoI think you just drag the font file onto the GUI like themes/icons?  I might be wrong though17:12
savvasmattl: add them in: ~/.fonts/17:13
savvasmattl: then: fc-cache -f -v ~/.fonts17:13
mattlsavvas: that's not really the GUI though, is it? I mean, I could sudo mv them to /usr/share/fonts - I'm trying to work out a way for someone who doesn't use the Terminal to do this.17:13
savvasmattl: they can press alt-f2 and type the command then :P17:14
DanaGgksu nautilus17:14
DanaGthen browse to /usr/share/fonts17:14
mattl /ignore savvas17:14
savvaswell you're not using the terminal :)17:14
savvasbut if you see a gui for fonts let me know17:15
DanaGHmm, I must say, I prefer the previous revision of the Hardy login screen -- the new one looks washed out and "pasty-faced" (or something like that).17:16
savvasthere is a way through gimp, but I'm ignored now so there's not much point in talking :)17:16
* jussio1 hugs savvas17:16
savvasyello bazz ;)17:16
bazhangwrong guy to /ignore mattl17:17
savvasoh is it a hug day? :P17:17
mattlbazhang: how come?17:17
* savvas returns the hug to graceful jussi01 :)17:17
Picimattl: Browsing to fonts:/// should work17:17
mattlPici: yeah, that used to work, certainly in Dapper, but no longer works either :)17:18
savvasPici: Couldn't display "fonts:///".17:18
DanaGgksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts17:18
PiciI think I remember seeing a bug report about that17:18
savvascan't handle fonts: location17:18
* savvas looks17:19
DanaGI like the Heron, though.17:19
JohnPhysPici, savvas:  The new gvfs used in Gnome 2.22 breaks things like fonts:/// and network:///17:19
DanaGOh, and the Wiki doesn't have the recolored latest Heron wallpaper!17:19
mooboo1put firefox3 beta5 in repo17:19
savvasJohnPhys: it breaks a lot of other stuff too, ftp sftp smb.. :P17:19
JohnPhyssavaas:  that's why I said "breaks things like" :P17:20
savvasmooboo1: I believe you forgot your shotgun :p17:20
savvasah ok :)17:20
bazhangtomoyuki28jp: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta17:21
savvasbug 19389717:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193897 in nautilus ""Go to Fonts Folder" button and fonts:/// URL scheme broken in Hardy" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19389717:21
JohnPhyssavvas:  You can look around the gnome website, I think they might be planning to fix that up by Gnome 2.2417:22
=== _Wiseguy is now known as Wiseguy
savvasseems like there is a patch already: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51763217:24
ubotuGnome bug 517632 in general "Need fonts: and themes: backend implementation" [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:24
JohnPhyswell maybe we'll get lucky and it will show up soon :)  I know my fav. thing about gnome 2.24 will be nautilus *finally* getting a column view17:27
DanaGColumn view?  What's that?17:28
mooboo1i wonder too17:28
danagenorton commander style?17:28
bazhangdolphin style ;]17:28
DanaGStill don't know it.17:28
mooboo1split view? oh that sucks17:29
Danielg42here goes! got the .iso downloaded :D17:29
mooboo1two panes17:29
DanaGIs it like Finder's view with different levels left-to-right?17:29
mooboo1that suck17:30
xNULLhello there has anyone had any video issues when updating from gutsy to hardy?17:30
mooboo1danage, there is Midnight Commander for Linux, its a Norton Commander clone17:31
xNULLit seemed to have messed up something for me and I get an error saying GNOME desktop can't be started17:31
savvasI finally found out how to disable rhythmbox from popping up when i connect my mp3 player17:31
mooboo1URL dont work in xchat for me, anyone else?17:31
savvassystem > preferences > file management > media ;)17:31
Danielg42mooboo1: right click the link and see if you can "open in browser"17:32
mooboo1Danielg42, does not work17:32
xNULLany help here with the GNOME desktop manager please?17:33
=== wangfg-x31 is now known as stuttgarter
savvasmooboo1: irc:// protocol can't open xchat or?17:34
feldanyone here having issues with their dvdrom or cdrom?17:34
feldmine is screwed up in Hardy. It is using /dev/sr0 instead of /dev/hda like it should (and every other distro I've run). /dev/dvd, /dev/dvdrom, /dev/dvdrw don't exist. they're /dev/dvd1, etc. and no program can read/write to the dvd player. Yes, I've checked permissions on the block devices.17:35
DanaGStill don't know what Column View is.17:35
DanaGIs it just "Details" view?17:36
feld[16126.656010] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 125025617:36
feldlike seriously what is going on here? =/17:36
DanaGfeld: try removing /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules17:36
DanaGand then /etc/init.d/udev force-reload17:36
savvasmooboo1: if you mean you can't open url links from xchat, change your default browser in system > preferences > preferred applications17:36
feldDanaG: no luck17:39
darthanubistrash icon will not appear on the gnome panel as of yesterday17:40
darthanubisand no, restarting/rebooting is not the answer that was cavalierly retorted last night.17:41
JohnPhysDanaG:  Column-view, as in having multiple columns of the icons there, that scroll left/right as you go through them, I believe it's "list" view in WinXP17:41
xNULLis there any way to manually load gnome?17:41
h3sp4wndarthanubis: right click -> add to panel17:41
DanaGI hate that list view.  No wonder I didn't know what you meant.17:41
darthanubisthats not the fix17:41
DanaGI always use Details view.17:41
darthanubisit adds, but does not show the icon17:41
darthanubiswhy would anyone assume that was not tried?17:42
h3sp4wnwhy would anyone care ?17:42
darthanubiswell why would that nonthinker attempt to help?17:43
darthanubisplease nevermind, I'd appreciate it17:43
danageis madwifi broken in current updates? and sound?17:43
h3sp4wndanage: The madwifi is really old I seriously hope its updated before release17:44
danagemine worked yesterday, then i did -13 kernel update and BOOM17:44
danageit's gone17:44
danageno wifi0, no ath017:44
h3sp4wnIts in linux-restricted-modules17:44
h3sp4wnunless they switched to ath5k17:44
danageit'll fix, it'll fix... :)17:45
JohnPhysdarthanubis:  logging out and logging in can sometimes cause the trashes (and all the added ones) to become visible.  It sounds like you are describing Bug #207761 .  Perhaps you should subscribe to it.17:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 207761 in gnome-applets "Trash applet is invisible" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20776117:45
h3sp4wndanage: There is no matching restricted-modules on my mirror for that kernel17:46
darthanubisJohnPhys, I was in the process, but I see gnome-panel updates coming in now. Hopefully the fix is in the mix?17:46
JohnPhysdarthanubis: indeed, hopefully.  But the "changes" hadn't been uploaded yet, so I don't know.  I know mine hasn't disappeared in a day or so.17:47
h3sp4wndanage: I would just boot -12 for a bit and then wait for the lrm to hit the mirrors17:47
darthanubisJohnPhys, thx for the info17:47
h3sp4wndanage: I really hope it contains madwifi 0.9.417:47
JohnPhysdarthanubis: I should be more clear, by "changes" I meant the list of changes.17:47
danageh3sp4wn: thanks17:52
h3sp4wndanage: You could build the modules yourself but its not worth it as there is the whole of vmware-server stuck in with this stuff (150MB download :/)17:54
Q-FUNKhowdy! am I the only one for whom the human theme suddenly stopped working after today's updates?17:56
Q-FUNKprobavbly after something removed the muraine theme17:57
JohnPhysQ-FUNK:  No, and it's the "controls" human-murrine theme that seems to have either been removed or made unavailable.  Selecting "human" in the theme app will get you a gutsy-looking desktop17:57
=== schierbeck is now known as schierbeck_afk
Q-FUNKJohnPhys: if you mean in the Looks capplet, nope.  deselcting it and re-selecting it doesn't return the theme18:00
=== erich is now known as erichj
savvasmm banana split18:01
Q-FUNKthe gtk compoent of the theme seems to be gone.  there's no human brown in the metacity mover widget, anymore18:03
Q-FUNKit's in default blue18:03
w0nderwhat source do i need enabled in apt to get kernel headers?18:08
penI have a problem with Amarok and pulseaudio. My audio is working but amarok will get a warning about xine can't get audio device once in a while while my other GTK music player like Rhythmbox working like a charm18:09
macogwanyone else's gdm broken after today's updates?18:10
Picimacogw: I rebooted earlier today and had no problems.18:12
macogwgdmgreeter was eating 104% of cpu according to top18:13
macogwi killed it and switched to screen18:13
macogwby killed, i mean i stopped gdm18:13
jbroomeDon't remember an audacious update coming in, but it's playing my streamed music w/o crashing after 4 secs.  yay!18:15
tigersteinI have upgraded to hardy last week without a problem, but today when i wanted to start openoffice it doesn't started, when i start it from console, it exits right after, without an error18:18
jester7i have all the latest updates and openoffice works for me18:20
jester7just fyi18:20
edgecasepen, i think you need to tell your apps to use pulseaudio for output.  it sounds like it's trying to use alsa device directly, which is in use by pulseaudio daemon18:21
penedgecase: but in case of amarok, how do I set it to use pulseaudio?18:21
pagan0nehey, how do i make grub look in / instead of /boot for the images?18:21
edgecasepen, i've never used it, but look at http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup#Amarok18:22
edgecasepaganOne, edit menu.lst?18:23
daekdroomtigerstein: It's a beta version, what do you expect?18:23
tigersteindaekdroom: I know, just asked18:23
daekdroomOO doesn't run here as well. It says it doesn't have the rights to edit the ~/.openoffice.org218:24
penedgecase: but there is only one engine avilable in amarok18:24
penwhich is xine18:24
jbroomethe check the perms on ~/openoffice.org218:24
daekdroomI did.18:24
daekdroomI setted it to 777 as well. and It still didn't work18:24
macogwno idea if OOo runs here.  gdm doesn't get to the login screen. it goes all spinning-beach-ball-of-death instead18:24
penAnd xine can't initialize audio device18:25
Pedantic-SteveOOo works for me and I jsut updated this morning.18:25
daekdroomThat and the poorly made xorg.conf are the only problems that hardy have here18:25
macogwand if i recall correctly, you cant submit a bug on launchpad from lynx18:25
macogwdaekdroom: huh? its really bare, but it *works*18:25
tigersteinI deleted ~/openoffice.org2, and he recreated it, but thats all :/18:26
edgecasepen, try http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup#Xine18:26
daekdroomHumf. I blame all those graphical stuff to configure Xorg. Now Xorg.conf doesn't have any info about the devices names and now I can't use Hardware util to install fglrx.18:26
macogwany idea how to debug gdmgreeter being a cpu hog?18:27
macogwand not finishing loading to get to the actual login screen?18:27
Pici!language | Typhox18:27
ubotuTyphox: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:27
penedgecase: well, my version doesn't apply to the problem since i have version 2 not 1.0-1.1.218:28
penedgecase: it is using pulseaudio already, I think the problem is amarok itself but I have no idea where to start18:28
TyphoxBecause of my even not correct working sd-cardreader i made a udev rule, but the mounted sd-card can just be accessed as root. I just got the /dev/mmcblk0p1 to be owned my normal users but NOT the mounted folder.18:30
macogwjust chown the mountpoint to yourself18:30
macogwor make its group be "users" and add yourself and the other normal users to it18:30
Typhoxi did that already18:31
Typhoxbut it doesn't work with fat16 i think18:31
macogwyou have to do it before you mount the drive18:31
Typhoxi now18:31
Typhoxbut it doesn't change the situation18:32
macogwmake the mount point owned and 7'accessibility and then mount it with yourself as owner and it should work...18:32
FinnishI have a problem with Hardys SSH18:41
FinnishCan't display location "sftp://muntunnus@koulunkone" Timed out when logging in18:41
FinnishI could connect my remote folder with Gutsy, but not with Hardy18:41
xNULLHow do you force restart through terminal?18:42
FinnishI could connect it with terminal, but not with graphical SSH18:43
FinnishPlaces->Connect to server18:43
macogwxNULL: sudo reboot18:44
woodwizzle_Is firefox going to keep getting constantly updated in hardy until it reaches 3.0?18:51
macogwi think so18:51
woodwizzle_Or will we be stuck with beta 4 after 3.0 stable comes out18:51
jbroomeif not in hardy specifically FF will update itself when a new version comes out18:51
macogwthere's going to be a point release in junish18:51
woodwizzle_jbroome: Will that not screw with Apt?18:52
macogwpretty sure ubuntu disables ff's builtin updater18:53
jbroomei don't think so.  They'll probably push a new .deb out through apt also18:53
macogwthere should be a new deb when 8.04.1 comes out18:53
woodwizzle_and I have alpha 8 on gutsy. It doesn't update itself18:53
frank_woodwizzle_: FF gets updated (minor version) troughout a release. They gave on only backporting the security fixes a long time ago (well maybe 2 years)18:53
frank_gave up*18:53
woodwizzle_ok good =) That makes me happy.18:53
macogwfrank_: theres a difference18:53
bobbo85I love hardy so far, my only problem right now is that no flash videos work in firefox 3 (youtube for example).  What happens is they load up, play with no sound for 2 seconds, then "pause" there18:54
macogwthere's an "updates" repo for bugfixes18:54
macogwbobbo85: libflashsupport installed?18:54
bobbo85macogw, hold on i'll check18:54
bobbo85btw macogw, what is the command to check for installed applications?  I use synaptic usually because I'm not too familiar with the CLI stuff for apt18:55
DanaGHere's part of how fix SD card mounting: format fat32, not fat16.18:55
macogwbobbo85: dpkg -l libflashsupport18:55
bobbo85ok i had it, but i'm reinstalling it just incase18:55
bobbo85I also reinstalled gnash, and the nonfree adobe player, tried enabling them one at a time in firefox - the adobe nonfree one shows the video for 2 seconds as I said, the gnash one does not load the video at all.18:56
macogwgnash is crap18:57
prometheusit was when I used it a year ago don't know about now though18:57
macogwit was definitely crap then18:57
macogwnow it supposedly semi-sorta-kinda-works18:57
prometheusya, that is what I hear18:58
macogwthat's one area where i dont bother with finding the FOSS one18:58
macogwit just doesnt compare to adobe's18:58
bobbo85hah yup macogw i'm with you on that.  so after reinstalling libflashsupport and nonfree flash adobe I still get the same issue, any ideas?18:58
prometheusreinstall firefox?19:04
TyphoxHow do I get permissions to use a fat16 sdcard as non-root? Is there something that I can change?19:06
jk_how do i resize icons, image preview without doing it invidually19:07
bobbo85prometheus, I am now uninstalling firefox 2.0 (which also uninstalls ubuntu themes i guess), and reinstalling all of the firefox 3 packages, wish me luc19:08
prometheusthe luck has been wished19:10
edgecasepen, try and find out what output module it's using19:10
penedgecase: how?19:10
edgecasei don't know, i don't use amarok, but does it have some preferences?19:11
jk_how do i resize icons, image preview without doing it invidually19:11
uchimatahi, i run thunderbird + enigmail and my passphrase is not cached, and i have to type it two times every time i want to send a mail19:13
uchimataany ideas how to solve this? ;)19:13
tgelteruchimata: I have that same setup and don't experience that problem. care to compare settings?19:14
uchimatano problem... i read something about checking/unchecking "use gpg cli agent"19:16
DanaGHmm, my themes thingy shows no previews; how do I fix that?19:17
Max_DettweilerHi, I've noticed that in Ubuntu 8.04 beta, CPU-intensive apps run at about half their normal speed.19:17
Max_DettweilerI was wondering if it has anything to do with the new scheduler improvements in the latest kernel, but the problem persists when I select the older kernel in the GRUB menu.19:17
Max_DettweilerAt first I thought it might be dust in the CPU fan, but the problem showed up exactly when I upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 beta.19:18
LynoureUh, something bad has happened, I thought I got the konsole problem fixed, but no :(19:19
Max_Dettweilerhello? anybody there?19:19
uchimatatgelter: do you see any special options which could cause my problems?19:19
joebob777as7Max_Dettweiler yes there are ppl here.19:19
joebob777as7Max_Dettweiler did you search in the ubuntu bugs?19:20
bobbo85awww no luck prometheus thanks for the luck though19:21
bobbo85it seems that if i try to play the video on youtube enough, firefox will force close itself19:22
joebob777as7Max_Dettweiler if you find it in there subscribe if not then post one.19:22
Max_Dettweileryes I searched there.19:22
DanaGMy impression of Flash:19:22
bobbo85i can play about 1 second of video without sound, and i can click anywhere on the seek bar, like try starting the video from the middle instead of the beginning, but it just does the same one second of video and then "pauses"19:22
LynoureIs kde 3.5.9 currently fine for all of you who use it? I'm having trouble with everything19:23
DanaGIf you try browsing YouTube, it crashes approximately every two or three pages.19:23
Max_DettweilerI tried rebooting a gazillion times, and even rebooting with the older kernel (which shouldn't have the new scheduler modifications), and none of that fixed it.19:23
bobesponjaLynoure: fine here19:23
Lynourethings crash, anything involving text input hardly starts at all :/19:23
bobesponjaLynoure: when was your last update?19:23
tgelteruchimata: now that I look at it, I don't actually have any of the settings modified from the default install...19:23
Lynourebobesponja: earlier today19:23
tgelteruchimata: if you click "Never ask for a passphrase", does it still ask for a passphrase?19:24
Lynourebobesponja: looked to be mostly kde4 stuff... had some of these symptoms since the upgrade yesterday, seemed to be caused by scim-bridge, but now similar symptoms without it19:24
joebob777as7Max_Dettweiler my guess is that it is not related to the scheduler19:24
bobesponjaLynoure: I'm updating now, I might stop then :)19:24
Max_Dettweileroh, okay.19:24
Max_Dettweilerwhat might be causing it then?19:25
uchimatahehe, same thing here ;-)19:25
Lynourebobesponja: I could be just unlucky, not sure. Out of curiousity, do you have scim-brigde-agent installed?19:25
Max_Dettweilerand what might I do to at least work around it in the meantime?19:25
bobesponjaLynoure: I don't have KDE4 installed cause it messed up with my kde3 so I removed it long ago19:25
uchimataok, solved the problem: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mozillateam-bugs/2008-March/030966.html19:25
joebob777as7Max_Dettweiler well if you try the old kernel and it still does the same thing then i'm pretty sure we can rule out sheduler changes. I would post a bug.19:25
Lynourebobesponja: earlier I had no problem with them co-existing...19:25
Max_Dettweilerokay, I'll do that then. :-)19:26
bobesponjaLynoure: no I don't have scim-brigde-agent installed19:26
Lynourebobesponja: ok, then it's removal is not the cause...19:26
mintsoupHey everyone, I installed the ndiswrapper package through synaptic, but after i set it up and try to run 'sudo modprobe ndiswrapper' it throws the error that ndiswrapper.ko could not be found.  Should this have been setup by the package manager or do i need to do something else to get it?19:28
Infectowhat can be problem19:28
Infectok3b burns audio but my cd reader in car cant read this? any idea?19:28
joebob777as7Infecto if you are sure that you didn't just burn mp3's to a cd try different media or get a different cd reader19:29
Infectojoebob777as7: yes i`m suere 7 tracks onw all cd19:29
ichatgood day all -19:29
Infectojoebob777as7: its bmw build cd reader with navi :) that can be problem19:30
ichatquestion :  epyfany  - will support  Webkit only now right,  - what wil happen to  ubuntu -19:30
Lynourebobesponja: You'll probably be save if you haven't had scim stuff, seems it's the cause still :/19:31
ichatregarding to that browser?19:31
DrHala1hey guys19:32
DrHala1suddenly gdm needs really long to startup and some of my skinning is missing in gtk19:32
joebob777as7Infecto try different media19:33
joebob777as7how old is the bmw?19:33
Infecto3 years19:36
joebob777as7Infecto well my xbox isn't too old and will only handle cd-rw ;)19:37
pani1greetings, my dear open sorcerers19:37
DrHala1also i cant detect any usb mass storage19:38
pani1unfortunately, my wumps-or-whatever installation of todays ubuntu 8.04 image on a local windows xp ntfs drive did not survive the first system update.19:38
pani1it boots up into busybox, stays there and looks at me stupidly.19:39
pani1note its not installed on its own partition, its done through the windows installer19:39
pani1anyone got a clue what might be the fauxpas here?19:40
len I'm getting this when trying to run adept: The APT Database could not be opened! This may be caused by incorrect APT configuration or some similar problem. Try running apt-setup and apt-get update in terminal and see if it helps to resolve the problem.19:44
DragonLarmahello everybody19:45
lenI can't run apt-setup because it is not installed by default.19:45
lenand I can't get it because apt can't open the status file.19:45
pani1len, apt-get install apt-setup ?19:45
lenHow do I fix this?19:46
pani1i have no idea... is your apt configuration ok?19:46
pani1wish i could help you more right now, but i've been kicked from my os :>19:46
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
lenI have been up to this point, but it  looks like something got corrupted in the status file.19:47
lenDoes apt-setup repair/regenerate/reconstruct the status file?19:47
lenFunny it wouldn't be  included in a default install  if you need it when things get messed up and will be  unable to get it via apt if it is.19:48
manchickenIs it just me, or is the desktop wall plugin for compiz kinda... not good...19:49
JohnPhysmanchicken:  you're going to have to be more specific19:49
lenI have a status.old file.  I  wonder if that is a backup file  to prev version when chages are make.19:50
lenWonder if I could "cp status.old status" to get it working.19:50
JohnPhyslen:  not sure, maybe try it?  I'd recommend backing up status first though :)19:52
lenI'm guessing that the updates I made yeasterday wouldn't be reflected if I did that though.19:53
manchickenJohnPhys: I get a lot of freezing if I have a 2x2 desktop pane, and I hit Ctrl+Alt and any left/right/up/down combination.  It's usually more troublesome in diagaonals.19:54
manchickenIt wasn't on Gutsy.19:54
lenWhat are you supposed to do if you have a problem with the dpkg status file?19:54
h3sp4wnlen: Use a backup19:54
JohnPhysmanchicken:  ah, no idea.  I only have a 1r x 2c pane19:54
h3sp4wnlen: remember what you added since then19:54
lenI didn't add anything, I just accepted updates, so  it would be hard to remember since they weren't anything I specifically requested.19:55
h3sp4wnlen: /var/lib/dpkg/status-old - copy that to /var/lib/dpkg/status - if thats also broken then look in /var/backups/19:55
lenThat's what I was thinking of trying.  What  would be the repercussions of doing that, as far to some things not being in sync?19:56
h3sp4wnlen: List of installed packages19:57
h3sp4wnlen: Do you use aptitude ?19:57
h3sp4wnlen: have you actually had a look at the corrupted file ?19:58
lenSo, if they were just updates, it would be ok, just version would be wrong so it would want to reinstalled again  'cause it wouldn't see them as upgraded yet?19:58
lenYeah, but it's looks like a binary file, not straight text?19:58
h3sp4wn/var/lib/dpkg/status is text here19:59
h3sp4wnhave a look further down19:59
h3sp4wnIf you get rid of all the binary stuff at the top and upto the next complete package you might be ok (take a backup)19:59
lenI usually use apt-get from the command line, but use apept for routine update that it alerts me on kicker.20:00
h3sp4wnCan you upload the messed up file somewhere ?20:00
lenWhat is the limit for the pastebin?20:01
h3sp4wnI want the untouched file20:01
_KAMI_len: I think you cannot copy a DVD there20:01
h3sp4wnCan you try to dcc it to me ? (dunno whether it will work)20:01
h3sp4wndunno what irc client you use20:03
h3sp4wnlen: just try to send a file to me20:04
b4l74z4rwhere can i find the numerical values for mouse sensitivity and acceleration, so that i can get back the default settings after having played around with them?20:06
=== Dave2 is now known as Dave3
h3sp4wnb4l74z4r: gconf-editor20:08
=== _Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
b4l74z4rh3sp4wn, how do i fire that up?20:08
h3sp4wnb4l74z4r: Run it at a terminal20:09
h3sp4wnthen search around - like the windows registry20:09
b4l74z4ri just type "gconf-editor" in the terminal?20:09
b4l74z4rok, thanks20:10
b4l74z4rdo i need to type sudo first?20:10
h3sp4wnyou don't want to run that as root - risks messing up settings for everybody20:10
Luckriderwas there a net split just a second ago?20:11
tannerseems so20:12
JaymacLuckrider: looks like it20:12
b4l74z4rh3sp4wn, if i adjust the mouse settings in gconf editor, will the sliders in the mouse menu get adjusted accordingly?20:12
Jaymacone of the freenode servers imploded20:13
h3sp4wnb4l74z4r: Almost everything in gnome is in gconf20:13
Luckridercan anyone help me connect a wiimote to Hardy, every time I do #hcitool scan20:13
Luckriderit just goes to the next line20:13
h3sp4wnb4l74z4r: All the gui does is change stuff in there20:13
Luckrideruser@Corbett-Laptop:~$ #hcitool scan20:14
Luckriderthat is what I get20:14
Luckrideranother one20:14
Luckriderwhat is going on here?20:14
tannerLuckrider: because the tool reports no findings. your wiimote isnt looking to pair up20:14
LuckriderI am pushing the buttoms20:15
Luckridertanner, I push the reset button on the back, or I puh the 1 and 2 button, and it doesn't do anything20:17
darkphaderyikes! latest update/upgrade wants to remove kubuntu-desktop20:17
LuckriderI have connected it to windows bfore20:17
=== Marduck is now known as SErge
Lunar_LampFF3b5 has been released now - is hardy planning to upgrade to this, or will that wait until after hardy is released?20:20
JohnPhysis there going to be a nice gui frontend for ufw?20:20
daekdroomLunar_Lamp: we'll have it soon.20:20
LuckriderI think it may upgrade possibly tomorrow with the daily updates20:21
Lunar_Lampdaekdroom, ah ok :-)20:21
Lunar_LampThat sounds good to me :-)20:21
b4l74z4rthe default motion acceleration and treshold is both set at -1 in the gconf-editor, does that sound right?20:22
jbroomeLuckrider: why are you including the "#" in your hcitool command?20:22
Luckriderbecause when I don't I get20:22
Luckriderhold on20:22
Luckrideruser@Corbett-Laptop:~$ hcitool scan20:23
LuckriderDevice is not available: No such device20:23
Luckriderthat is what I get20:23
jbroomeare you running it as root?20:23
Luckriderdo you have any suggestions jbroome?20:23
Luckriderlet me try that20:23
collusionwhy might fonts in X look fuzzy when using the xorg-i810 server but okay with the intel server?20:24
Luckridernope jbroome20:24
LuckriderI still get  no such device20:24
eddieftwhey all, im in hardy and my sound isn't working (video, or mp3)20:25
jbroomeLuckrider: i ran it as a regular user and it found my phone over BT.20:25
Luckriderhave you tried a different file format?>20:25
eddieftwi wonder why, i had to do a reinstall but i was using hardy before and it all worked perfectly20:25
Luckriderwhat was the specific command?20:25
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)20:26
Luckriderjbroome, what was the specific command that you used?20:27
jbroomehold on, damn20:27
Luckrideryeah, I just keep getting the stupid20:29
Luckrideruser@Corbett-Laptop:~$ hcitool scan20:29
LuckriderDevice is not available: No such device20:29
Luckriderthat is what it spits out20:29
=== SErge is now known as sergiu87
* tanner feels like merde20:32
JohnPhysthere are some updates available now that don't seem to want to come through, update manager is asking to run a partial upgrade, but then it doesn't complete that20:35
jbroomeLuckrider: i have no further suggestions20:36
Luckriderok, thanks for the heklp20:37
eddieftwanyone? im trying to get my sound working20:38
KalEleither there has been no updates for last two days, or my automatic updates has stopped working20:39
KalElhaving experienced the stability of ubuntu, i'd guess the former :)20:39
tanneranyone know how to take a screen cap in mplayer?20:40
nemotanner: why not just alter the -vo ?20:41
=== tonyyarusso is now known as anthony
nemoor use mencoder ?20:41
nemotanner: oh. waitasec20:41
nemoyou just want a screenshot20:41
nemotanner: s and S  (see man page)20:41
=== anthony is now known as tonyyarusso
AyabaraI run Hardy on a Dell laptop, and sometimes leave it on over night. It seems to me that even though I have set the display to power down after 40 minutes of inactivity, that never happens. Known issue?20:45
bjwebbgdm won't start :S20:48
bjwebbits stuck on brown screen + waiting icon20:48
bjwebbive tried ctrl + alt  + delete and restart, but it gets stuck at this screen20:49
bjwebbhow can i find out why it is doing this?20:49
savvasbjwebb: i think it's a bug, it's going to be fixed today probably20:57
ethana2hey savvas20:57
ethana2are you identified right now, savvas?20:58
savvashello :)20:58
marsjeany chance I can make the Remote Desktop Viewer listen to connections?20:58
marsjeI'm used to have other people make connections to me since that is easier to setup firewall/NAT-wise20:59
numdoes the vlc plugin for firefox work also with firefox 3 beta 421:01
nibblesmxHi! The ability to share folders seems to be lost in hardy. Can someone tell me how to enable it?21:01
ethana2nibblesmx: I assumed I brought that problem on myself because of my dual seat21:02
ethana2permissions and jazz21:02
nibblesmxethana2: I had the share folder option in hardy on day 1. Then I updated the packages and it seems to be lost21:03
nibblesmxnot even "Shared Folders" under administrations shows up21:03
Iowahchy there, when I first installed hardy, my laptop made a sound when i closed the screen, but now it is gone21:04
Iowahcwhere do i config it?21:04
bjwebbsavvas: okay, thanks21:05
bjwebbits times like this when im glad i have a separate stable partition ;)21:06
Iowahchy there, when I first installed hardy, my laptop made a sound when i closed the screen, but now it is gone. where to config?21:08
tonyyarussoIowahc: let me know if you find it - noticed the same thing21:10
Blakesmithanyone having trouble logging out?21:15
Blakesmithmy panel monitors still run but it seems everything else stops, and i lose mouse control21:16
Blakesmithctrl+alt+backspace still works at this point, though21:16
Iowahctonyyarusso: ok21:18
=== olegb_ is now known as olegb
Iowahctonyyarusso: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=442969121:21
Iowahcok, seems, its not a feature planned ^^21:21
Blakesmithanyone having trouble logging out of Gnome?21:22
kane77is this known bug? amarok gives me: xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers.21:22
Iowahctonyyarusso: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56368721:22
Iowahcthats it ^^21:22
orvokkiHmm. I think I'm starting to realize my problem.21:23
orvokkiI seem to have two nvidia kernel modules somewhere on my system and for some reason Hardy is loading the wrong one. Any tips on locating and distinguishing them?21:24
orvokkiThe other one is for nvidia-glx-legacy and the other for nvidia-glx-new. So I get a version mismatch on every boot...21:25
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
orvokkibicyclis3: Hey, again. ^^21:25
orvokkiThis was a stupid mistake on my part though, I should have noticed it earlier.21:26
orvokkiSolving it is another issue.21:27
osteenbergenquestion: My hardy just updated and now the Human theme is blue.. someone knows the fix?21:29
osteenbergenwell blue and grey21:29
solarionumm, so what is in charge of drawing the close buttons and things on the various windows?21:29
osteenbergendont know21:30
solarion'cause whatever it is ain't doing its job.  :)21:30
osteenbergenyeah i thought about that but i can change the theme to anything but Human ;)21:31
DarphBoboff3-b5 will be available in hardy repos anytime soon?21:31
osteenbergenMist theme works great21:31
osteenbergenonly Human not21:32
solarionosteenbergen: horked here21:32
solarionyeah, is what I thought21:32
solarionbroken bzr stuff kept the install from completing21:33
osteenbergenshould a reinstall of the thme fix it?21:33
solarionno idea what's broken21:34
solarionit can't hurt anyhow21:34
osteenbergennope did a clean of the archives and a reinstall but no fix21:36
plurthi folks21:37
plurtI'm having trouble upgrading because update-manager hangs21:38
osteenbergentry updating via console21:38
osteenbergenaka sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:38
plurtI'll try, thx21:38
kane77where can I find what were the packages updated today/yesterday?21:39
osteenbergenmaybe in synaptic21:39
osteenbergensynaptic file>hisotry21:40
Lamegoor check /var/log/dpkg.log21:40
=== schierbeck_afk is now known as schierbeck
osteenbergenHuman theme is completely missing after update :O21:46
kane77hmm my pulse audio seems to be gone under amarok...21:46
bigjoeywill abiword 2.6 be in hardy?21:47
jacobi know this was probably asked many times before, but what happened to human-murrine?21:47
osteenbergenjacob i miss it too.. no clue why21:47
osteenbergenSort of late april fool thing :O21:48
jacobi'm thinking a packaging error, because it disappeared completely instead of just not being the default, but i don't know why for sure21:48
jacobyeah heh21:48
osteenbergenpackage is still there only after install nothing is there.. will check the package now21:49
Spion_I know its a stupid question but, when will 8.04 (non-beta) be released? :P21:50
Spion_thank you21:51
osteenbergenthink it a package problem.. files are in the package only not extracted21:53
ChrisAshton84Hi, anyone here have problems with thunderbird after upgrading?  It won't start for me - unfortunately with the script I'm having trouble finding the exact problem, but I do get some locale errors printing out21:54
kane77why exactly does the upgrades want to remove openoffice?21:55
osteenbergengot the human theme back21:55
bigjoeywill abiword be updated in hardy?21:59
pwuertzhmm... gutsy does not use the murrina theme anymore?22:04
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone use seahorse for encryption22:05
tgelterjaffarkelshac: I use seahorse22:06
tgelterwhat's the question?22:06
jaffarkelshaci want to back up my private keys, which files do i need. from the gnup folder22:07
tgelterjaffarkelshac: I usually back up the entire folder, but just a sec22:08
tgelterjaffarkelshac: if my memory serves me, secring.gpg is the private key, pubring.gpg is the public key22:08
tgeltertrustdb.gpg is the list of trust established w/ all the keys22:09
tgelterand that's all I can remember (if it's even correct)22:09
tgelterjust back up the entire directory ...22:09
jaffarkelshacwhen i export public keys in a file.asc i cant import it on a different computer. i keep getting invalid format. the only way is to copy the armored text22:11
jaffarkelshacsame with downloaded keys using find remote keys22:12
duendeHelp: I was messing with some settings trying to bind Alt+Right mouse button to resize windows ala KDE inside of compiz, but I messed something up and now my Alt+Right button doesn't move windows anymore.  I disabled desktop effects, but its still bound that way.  Where is this configured?22:15
jaffarkelshactgelter, are you there22:15
duendein gnome btw22:15
w0ndercan anyone point me in the right direction to get my sound card working in hardy?22:18
w0nder00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)22:19
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins22:20
w0nderThe volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.22:21
w0nderGStreamer seems to be installed22:21
w0nderALSA and Pulse22:21
HorizonXPis there an updated package for firefox 3 beta 5?22:21
duendealsa should support ich9 since 1.0.1322:22
coz_mm I see a bunch of new updates  and one held back  any issues so far with this update?22:22
duendesorry, since 1.0.1422:22
w0nderi try to test ALSA in sound properties:  audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.22:22
duendeso, it should be working for you, anything outputting to console?22:22
w0nderlet me check22:22
h3sp4wnw0nder: There is 2 directions - m-a a-i alsa or www.opensound.com22:22
HorizonXPhey, is there an updated package for firefox 3 beta 5?22:23
w0nderwhen i do a tail -f of /var/log/messages , nothing is logged when i get those errors in Sound properties22:24
duendeis snd_hda_intel module loaded?22:24
w0ndersry, how do i find out?22:25
duendesorry,    lsmod | grep snd_hda_intel22:25
w0ndernp, thx22:25
w0nderapparently not22:25
w0ndernothing returned from grep22:25
penwhere is libexpat.so.022:25
duendesudo modprobe -v snd_hda_intel22:25
duendeweird that its not installed by default22:25
penOne of my app needs this to compile22:25
h3sp4wnw0nder: First try the new alsa-driver22:26
duendepen: apt-cache search libexpat22:26
w0nderhehe maybe this is why: FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel not found.22:26
h3sp4wnw0nder: install - alsa-source and build it with module-assistant - if its already fixed their you don't want to waste your time22:26
w0nderhmm.. ok22:26
penduende: which one relates to libexpat.so.0?22:27
duendepen: you're looking for the -dev package22:27
duendepen: i'd go with libexpat1-dev22:27
penduende: but I don't see libexpat0 but libexpat122:27
h3sp4wnThat will get you alsa-driver 1.0.16 + patches22:27
duendethere is a way to find out for sure, but i forget22:27
w0nderok i installed it, where do i build it?22:27
penduende: well22:27
w0ndersorry h3sp4wn, i learn quick but this is new to me22:28
penduende: libexpat.so.0 is still missing22:28
co0lingFir4is there a repo which hosts firefox 3.0b5?22:28
h3sp4wnw0nder: Did you also install module-assistant ?22:28
w0nderoh, one sec22:28
w0nderohhh you mean use module assistant to install it22:29
w0nderi thought you meant compile it with that flag or something22:29
w0ndersee, im thinking too hard :)22:29
h3sp4wnsudo module-assistant (then use the curses interface)22:29
duendepen: hrm, i'm not sure, i think libexpat.so.0 isn't available anymore22:29
h3sp4wnIf you want you can edit /etc/alsa/alsa-source.conf22:30
w0nderyeah this is cool so far22:30
h3sp4wn(To only build the driver you need - saves a bit of time)22:30
penduende: I see22:30
duendewhat are you building?22:30
RAOFh3sp4wn: Or, for a single-shot solution, you can sudo module-assistant a-i alsa-source :)22:31
h3sp4wnRAOF: m-a a-i alsa22:31
RAOFh3sp4wn: I see you've refined it over many careful iterations ;)22:31
h3sp4wnRAOF: Thats what I originally said - but for once he actually cared to understand22:31
RAOFDear lord!  Surely not!22:31
w0nderi'll take that as a compliment22:32
w0nderbuilding.. building22:32
w0nderi didn't bother to edit alsa.conf22:32
w0nderi'm sure i'll do this again in the future22:32
duendepen: if you have no other choice, and are feel adventurous, you can symlink libexpat.so.1 to libexpat.so.0 and see what happens :)22:33
plurtnautilus doesn't work on my hardy?22:33
penduende: I just want to install wink22:33
duendeisn't that in apt?22:33
gluerhas anyone installed firefox beta 5 on hardy, if so how is the correct way?22:33
duendewhy are you compiling it?22:33
penduende: it has a bug22:34
duendei see22:34
icanhasadmin_Quick question about a super odd issue i'm having. I suppose its possible for something to work in one version of the kernel and not the other? and why does Hardy install two different versions? or is it just keeping the old gutsy one?22:34
duendewell, try symlinking that library and trying22:34
penduende: I was hoping compiling myself would solved it, but apprently it's not22:34
h3sp4wnw0nder: Even if the new alsa works it quite possibly will sound really distorted22:34
duendepen: what's the bug?22:34
w0ndershould i try installing something other than alsa?22:34
h3sp4wnw0nder: (My new laptop falls into that catagory) - Then the choices are OSS4 or junk sound22:35
w0nderlol k22:35
duendepen: nm, i see it now :)22:35
penduende: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wink/+bug/18586822:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185868 in wink "wink complains about not finding libexpat.so.0" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:35
calckane77: got your answer about OOo yet? its due to ooo-l10n not being uploaded yet22:35
duendepen: i just tried  sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libexpat.so.1 /usr/lib/libexpat.so.0 and it worked for me22:36
kane77calc, oh.. I see.. so I will upgrade in the morning22:36
calckane77: er maybe22:36
duendepen: its dirty, but it should work in the meantime22:36
penduende: how do I disconnect it if it's solved?22:36
h3sp4wnsudo ln -s /usr/lib/libexpat.so /usr/lib/libexpat.so.022:36
calckane77: the person who was going to help me do the new way of ooo-l10n isn't around currently and he didn't finish explaining what to do for it yet22:36
HorizonXPis openoffice.org broken in the repos?22:36
calckane77: so i still don't have it finished yet22:36
calcHorizonXP: see ^ wrt kane7722:36
w0nderwhat do  ineed to get from apt to install oss4?22:37
HorizonXPgood thing word processor didn't get broken yet22:37
HorizonXPbecause I need that, not the others, lol22:37
HorizonXPI'll wait it out then :)22:37
w0nderalsa keeps failing when trying to build.. probably doesn't work yet22:37
calcHorizonXP: its working it just doesn't have any translations right now22:37
penduende: thx, :)22:38
h3sp4wnw0nder: Are you on x86 or amd64 ?22:38
penduende: it works now22:38
calcHorizonXP: so if you use en-us you can remove the language-support-* packages and it will let you install ooo, but it will be fixed in a day or two22:38
duendepen: nice22:38
calcit takes ~ 8hr to build once i get it uploaded22:38
calcbut it won't be uploaded until i can determine what to do with the translations off launchpad22:38
HorizonXPthanks for the solution :)22:38
calcor rather how to get them and feed them to the po->sdf translator22:39
calcHorizonXP: if you do remove language-support-* be sure to reinstall it later :)22:39
h3sp4wnw0nder: You can either download the stable version from www.opensound.com - or try this one I built it a few mins ago for hardy22:40
w0ndernice, lets try yours22:40
HorizonXPcalc: because the only language-support-* package I had was for English. I assume that I need that.22:40
kane77at one time it happened to me that I was editing very important document and I was doing some stuff in the background and by mistake I removed OO.org but the editor was still running :)22:40
icanhasadmin_hooray for netsplits22:41
HorizonXPwhat just happened there?22:41
h3sp4wnw0nder: http://hydra.audio-science.org.uk/junk/oss-linux_v4.1-080323_i386.deb22:41
kane77too bad I have join/part messages off :(22:42
w0nderinstalling packages has gotten so much easier nowadays22:42
w0nderhell, everything in linux has22:42
icanhasadmin_w0nder: yes a few million times22:42
HorizonXPcalc: I removed the package you said to, but update-manager still won't allow me to update the packages22:42
h3sp4wnNot everything some things that were always easy have become a pita22:43
HorizonXPdo I need to do a full removal of OO, and reinstall?22:43
w0nderbut it still maintains its power.. i love it22:43
w0nderlol oh yeah?22:43
icanhasadmin_h3sp4wn: really? like what?22:43
cyclonutwb everybody22:44
icanhasadmin_apt-get has never failed me. what package problem are you having?22:44
h3sp4wnicanhasadmin_: Here is not really the place22:45
h3sp4wnw0nder: Is it installed ?22:45
w0nderi installed the package, updated module-assistant but i dont see it in the list?22:46
w0ndermaybe im going about it wrong...22:46
h3sp4wn(this could be one of those cases where the gui dpkg installer did it wrong22:46
h3sp4wntry running - sudo soundon22:46
w0nderOSS is already loaded.. nice22:47
w0nderstill no sound tho :\22:47
HorizonXPcalc: the problem is openoffice.org-common. Apt-get wants a version higher than 1:2.4.0, but 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 is going to be installed; obviously it can't see that they're the same22:47
w0nderi hear pianos22:47
w0nderbut now to get my volume control to work22:48
w0ndersorry to suggest this---- reboot? ;)22:48
calcHorizonXP: yes, but if you had current ooo l10n debs it would just work (but they don't exist yet)22:48
HorizonXPcalc: so I'm SoL for now?22:48
calcHorizonXP: if you dig a bit deeper you will see that the reason its having a problem with that package is due to the ooo l10n packages :\22:48
h3sp4wnw0nder: There is - ossxmix22:48
icanhasadmin_i'm an alsa guy myself..22:48
w0nderoh so i should probably hide this one22:48
calcHorizonXP: yes unless you remove the language-support-* and any ooo-l10n-* ooo-help-* packages (forgot about those two sets when i told you earlier)22:49
calcHorizonXP: hopefully it will be done by sometime tomorrow22:49
h3sp4wnw0nder: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clive_wright/download/gstreamer-ossv4.tar.gz22:49
Exilantso the oo-update i just did was a bad idea?22:50
calcExilant: if it works that is fine, it probably won't install for you though until (hopefully) later tomorrow22:50
HorizonXPcalc: I have none of those packages installed :S22:51
h3sp4wnw0nder: http://www.4front-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Configuring_Applications_for_OSSv4 - Its annoying but OSS sounds so much nicer22:51
Exilantwell, i did dist-upgrade22:51
Exilantdon't need oo, so i don't mind if it breaks22:51
calcHorizonXP:  openoffice.org-common 1:2.4.0-3ubuntu1 - installed for me22:51
calcHorizonXP: of course i had to harass it into installing22:52
HorizonXPcalc: how? mine's complaining that it needs openoffice.org-core22:52
Exilantanyone knows when the new restricted-modules get into the reps?22:52
h3sp4wnw0nder: Don't understand how alsa can need quirks for all the different hd-audio chips but I have never heard of OSS4 not working with one22:53
evermind-Hi, has someone tried to compile  linux-kernel 2.6.25-rcX on 8.04? Here after make install_modules the dir /lib/modules/2.6.25-rcX is about 450Mb in size and the initrd is also very large (about 46Mb) -- This seems a big large is. I used make oldconfig to configure the kernel22:53
icanhasadmin_h3sp4wn: oss4 does not work with my audio at all.22:54
w0nderthere are a lot of things about different apps\modules i dont understand :)22:54
calcHorizonXP: pastebin the output of dpkg -l22:54
h3sp4wnw0nder: gstreamer-properties (select OSS for both for now) - still messing around with pulse22:54
* calc notes he uses dselect since it is good at helping correct weird issues like this22:54
h3sp4wnicanhasadmin_: What card ?22:54
calcof course the manner in which helps can be annoying but it makes it clear what is causing problems22:55
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)22:55
calcor pastebin.ubuntu.com22:55
calcah ok22:56
icanhasadmin_h3sp4wn: Intel HDA... er.. something.. hold on :P22:57
calctry dpkg --purge --force-depends openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-au openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us language-support-translations-en language-support-writing-en22:57
HorizonXPcalc: is that a good 'ah ok'22:57
calcthen apt-get install openoffice.org22:57
calci think that might fix it22:57
spiderfiredid the new kernel omit nvidia?22:58
calcHorizonXP: you may also want to run apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade first22:58
calcif it doesn't puke on your22:58
calcer you22:58
h3sp4wnicanhasadmin_: And you are certain you unloaded the alsa modules first ?22:58
HorizonXPcalc: it says that a bunch of OOO packages aren't going to be installed22:58
h3sp4wnicanhasadmin_: ossinfo -v22:58
calcHorizonXP: hmm try doing this:22:59
HorizonXPcalc: so it puked on me, lol22:59
icanhasadmin_calc: yes, and realtek alc861, and i don't have oss installed at the moment22:59
calcdpkg -l | grep 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 | cut -f 3 -d " " | xargs dpkg --purge --force-depends22:59
calcthat will remove all of your openoffice related packages from the openoffice.org source23:00
calcok now dpkg --purge --force-depends openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-au  openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us language-support-translations-en  language-support-writing-en23:00
calcthen see what apt-get dist-upgrade says23:01
HorizonXPdist-upgrade does nothing23:01
calchmm, let me see one other thing in a sec23:01
calcHorizonXP: doesn't bomb, just does nothing?23:01
HorizonXPit doesn't install anything23:01
calcHorizonXP: if so see what 'apt-get install openoffice.org' will do23:01
HorizonXPmaybe update first23:02
HorizonXPsame issue23:02
calcif apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't give any error output it is probably ok23:02
calcHorizonXP: pastebin the output of apt-get install openoffice.org please23:02
ExilantHorizonXP: apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes dist-upgrade23:03
calcHorizonXP: do what he said above and also run apt-get update to make sure you have to date package list23:03
Exilanthm, looks weird23:03
Oli``Each time I login and use an app that uses the keyring, it asks me for my keyring password (different from my login). Is there a way I can stop this happening? Can I auto-authenticate on login without any interaction from me?23:04
HorizonXPcalc: did those 2 commands, apt-get install openoffice.org has same output23:04
ExilantOli``: not for kdm, unfortunately23:05
aguitel_anyone install hardy in eeepc ?23:05
h3sp4wnaguitel_: No but there is a patch on madwifi.org for the wifi23:06
aguitel_h3sp4wn: yes i know about this23:06
h3sp4wnaguitel_: Shouldn't have any trouble23:06
aguitel_h3sp4wn: i have gutsy working fine23:07
calcHorizonXP: did the output apt-get dist-upgrade that Exilant told you show anything?23:07
h3sp4wnaguitel_: the wifi is the only ee specific thing but thats the same for both23:07
HorizonXPcalc: not much really, want me to pastebin it?23:08
calcHorizonXP: sure23:08
aguitel_h3sp4wn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC23:08
calcHorizonXP: interesting, it appears that apt doesn't think you are in a wedged state, but it won't let you install openoffice.org either23:10
HorizonXPcalc: lol, it may be interesting, but it's damned annoying for sure! lol23:10
cps1966need a little hardware advice23:10
HorizonXPI wonder what I could do...23:10
calcHorizonXP: hmm maybe see what synaptic says if you try to select openoffice.org package?23:10
cps1966what is the best webcam to get for flat pannel display23:11
h3sp4wnHorizonXP: sudo aptitude full-upgrade - wait until it gives you a solution you are happy with23:11
HorizonXPcalc: ok, it's asking to install additional packages, like some java things23:12
HorizonXPI click mark and....23:12
plurtlol, I'm trying to boot ubuntu in text mode, how?23:12
cps1966safe mode23:12
HorizonXPit can't mark them because of the same dependencies as apt-get23:12
Blakesmithanyone having trouble logging out of Gnome?23:12
h3sp4wnplurt: Just stop gdm23:12
plurth3sp4wn: that will bring the graphic login up again23:12
HorizonXPh3sp4wn: that'd work if openoffice were installed; it's currently removed23:13
h3sp4wnsudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove23:13
h3sp4wnHorizonXP: Just install the old version23:13
calcHorizonXP: what does something simpler like apt-get install openoffice.org-writer say?23:13
JohnPhysis there a simple gui for the new ufw firewall?23:14
Killeroidhi everyone, need a little help. i tired updating from gutsy to herdy heron beta and the upgrade run into problems. the upgrade wont start because there are some broken dependencies. apparently, language-support-en depends on openoffice.org-l10n-en-za and openoffice.org-l10n-en-gb and those two are broken or something. i tired uninstalling them but they take language-support-en with them. what can i do?23:14
aguitel_h3sp4wn: one question ,how upgrade from gutsy to hardy (in april 24) ?23:14
HorizonXPThe following packages have unmet dependencies:23:15
HorizonXP  openoffice.org-writer: Depends: openoffice.org-core (= 1:2.4.0-3ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed23:15
HorizonXP                         Depends: python-uno (>= 1:2.4.0) but it is not going to be installed23:15
HorizonXPwhoops, guess I should've pastebin'd that23:15
h3sp4wnaguitel_: I would rebuild with such limited space23:15
ExilantHorizonXP: well, if you try to install those manually?23:15
aguitel_h3sp4wn: ??23:15
Exilantor look at installed versions or whatever23:16
h3sp4wnHorizonXP: Try something like - sudo aptitude install openoffice.org-core=1:2.4.0~rc2.123:16
HorizonXPExilant: okay, so ooo-core depends on ooo-common23:16
h3sp4wnaguitel_: Start again in the same way you installed gutsy23:16
HorizonXPExilant: and then when I try to install that, it doesn't recognize it as being the right version23:16
aguitel_h3sp4wn: i have fresh gutsy23:16
Exilanthm, something really is weird with that oo-stuff23:17
h3sp4wnaguitel_: You only have limited space though23:17
HorizonXPh3sp4wn: doesn't work23:17
HorizonXPExilant: agreed23:17
JohnPhysyeah, my ooo won't update either23:17
h3sp4wnNah just running into a long standing issue with apt23:17
aguitel_h3sp4wn: 800 mg free23:17
HorizonXPsudo apt-get install openoffice.org-writer openoffice.org-core python-uno openoffice.org-common results in openoffice.org-core: Depends: openoffice.org-common (> 1:2.4.0) but 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 is to be installed23:18
linkinxphey guys can u tell me if u can go to this website www.pandora.com and let me know if it works23:18
jbroomeit does23:18
Killeroidlinkinxp: pandora works, using it right now23:19
digin4it doesn't here, since i dont live in U.S.23:19
linkinxpKilleroid,  it frozes for me in firefox23:19
teamcobrawhat's the easiest way to get rid of the suspend/hibernate buttons on logout for _all_ users, even ones created in the future?23:19
linkinxpi have flash installed23:19
h3sp4wnaguitel_: Probably not enough for an upgrade23:19
Killeroidlinkinxp: i use firefox and it has never frozen firefox.23:19
jbroomei'm on hardy 64 and i'm playing along fine23:20
linkinxpKilleroid,  what plugins do i need?23:20
HorizonXPcalc: no way to force it to install it anyway?23:20
Killeroidjust flash, i  am guessing23:20
plurtmy suspend/hibernate buttons have dissapeared, how do I reactivate them?23:20
linkinxpKilleroid,  no worky :(23:21
Killeroidlinkinxp: did you manually install flash or did you install flash from the repos? i shouldnt be actually helping you since i am actually on gutsy and  trying to upgrade to hardy right now23:22
linkinxpKilleroid,  my bad but i installed when i said "Hey i need flash" and i did but still no worky23:22
linkinxpi cant see videos neither23:23
JohnPhyslinkinxp: it works for me23:23
linkinxpso what could be the problem?23:24
Killeroidso you never said, did you install flash manually or from the repos? does flash even work on any other site?23:24
JohnPhyslinkinxp:  not sure, are you sure you got flash installed?23:24
HorizonXPcalc: I'm really wishing I didn't do an update! lol23:24
linkinxpyes im sure its installed23:24
Exilantit works here, except for some youtube-vids23:24
tanneranyone else have adblock plus suddenly... die?23:24
h3sp4wnHorizonXP: Do you not use -s (simulate) first23:24
linkinxplet me uninstall23:24
Exilant(and performance issues, and maybe strange sites)23:25
JohnPhyslinkinxp:  how did you install flash?23:25
Killeroidlinkinxp: enter this "about:plugins" in url bar in firefox   (without quotes of course)23:25
linkinxpwhen the browser ask for it23:25
HorizonXPh3sp4wn: well.... I think the answer to that question is obvious.23:25
linkinxpapplication/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash swf Yes23:25
linkinxpits says is there23:26
mooboo1put ff3b5 in repo23:26
Killeroidlinkinxp: what version?23:26
JohnPhyslinkinxp:  did you restart firefox after installing flash?23:26
linkinxpCompatible Shockwave Flash 8.0 r9923:27
HorizonXPcalc: at this point, what would be wrong with me installing OpenOffice from the debs off the main site?23:27
JohnPhyslinkinxp:  as in, close all open firefox windows, including the downloads window23:27
linkinxpyes i did23:27
JohnPhysHorizonXP:  from what I can gather in synaptic, there are some other packages that haven't been updated yet, that might be dependencies23:27
Exilantcalc, have you removed all the oo-packages?23:27
ExilantHorizonXP, i meant23:28
Exilantah, new packages23:28
Killeroidlinkinxp: you are using really old version of lfash23:28
Killeroidcurrent version is Shockwave Flash 9.0 r11523:28
Exilantstill no restricted-modules23:29
HorizonX1stupid freezing23:30
HorizonX1anyone else having problems with hardy's screen randomly freezing?23:30
PrefixAnyone having problems with right click type menus? Mine are under my windows23:30
Prefixmaking it very hard to use23:30
HorizonX1programs seem to keep working (like music continues to play) and so does the mouse, but otherwise the whole thing is frozen23:30
daekdroomHm.. How'd you reproduce the bug?23:31
=== HorizonX1 is now known as HorizonXP
Prefixmy bug or horizons?23:31
frank__a unicorn??????23:31
emet!info firefox23:31
ubotuPackage firefox does not exist in hardy23:31
HorizonXPdaekdroom: No idea. It may be compiz related23:32
HorizonXPor nvidia driver related23:32
daekdroomHorizonXP: Whenever I click the hour on top of screen my X freezes.23:32
daekdroomIs that how it happens?23:32
emet!info mozilla-firefox23:32
ubotuPackage mozilla-firefox does not exist in hardy23:32
calcExilant: i am pretty sure he has them all removed23:32
Prefixany idea on my issue guys?23:32
HorizonXPseems to happen when I switch windows23:32
emetwhat did the package get renamed to?23:32
daekdroom!info firefox323:32
ubotuPackage firefox3 does not exist in hardy23:32
calcExilant: not sure why it refuses to install for him, it doesn't really give useful output23:32
daekdroom!info firefox223:32
ubotuPackage firefox2 does not exist in hardy23:32
emet!info firefox gutsy23:32
ubotuPackage firefox does not exist in gutsy23:32
Prefixmenus (like righ tclick ones I dont know their genre..) appear below my windows23:32
emetthat's BS23:33
Exilanti had freezes with compiz recently, with ati, ctrl-alt-f1, then f7 ->crash23:33
Prefix!info firefox323:33
bobbo85Anyone know why adding the medibuntu hardy repository caused me to have 21 updates that cant install?  They're always being "Held back" and asking me to do a "partial update"23:33
emet!info ubuntu-desktop23:33
ubotuPackage ubuntu-desktop does not exist in hardy23:33
calc17:18 < HorizonXP> sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-writer  openoffice.org-core python-uno openoffice.org-common results  in openoffice.org-core: Depends: openoffice.org-common (>  1:2.4.0) but 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 is to be installed23:33
emetit lies23:33
HorizonXPcalc: ah?23:33
HorizonXPcalc: revelation?23:33
HorizonXPExilant: My keyboard is useless during these freezes23:34
Prefixseriously, can anyone help?23:34
calchold, got a phone call23:34
HorizonXPdaekdroom: clicking the clock works fine for me23:34
alex_mayorgaanyone can give me a hand to get video working bug 14670623:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146706 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "[Hardy alpha 6] Live cd graphics fail with nvidia geforce4 440 go " [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14670623:34
linkinxp_IT works !!!23:35
linkinxp_ITs ALIVE!!!23:35
linkinxp_was the gnash Swf Viewer i had to uninstall it :D23:35
Prefixoh wow, now i cant even take a screenshot to show people the bug....23:36
Prefixlol :<23:36
Prefixok.... it just fixed itself23:37
Prefixim going to try and find out how to repeat it.23:37
calcok back23:38
* calc reads scrollback23:38
calcHorizonXP: yea i have a command for you to run but i have to figure out what it is first23:39
Blakesmithooo you touch my tralala23:39
HorizonXPcalc: yay! lol23:39
calcHorizonXP: what does apt-cache policy openoffice.org-common show23:40
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Prefixanyone elses sound lagging in hardy?23:40
calcHorizonXP: for it to still claim it wants to install the old version of openoffice.org-common means something is either messed up with your system or your mirror23:40
calcHorizonXP: hopefully apt-cache policy will help us determine that23:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beta - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:41
Killeroidhmm, seems no one is able to help me, i guess i will just download the current cdimage and upgrade from the cd23:41
HorizonXP  Installed: (none)23:41
HorizonXP  Candidate: 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu323:41
HorizonXP  Version table:23:41
HorizonXP     1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3 023:41
HorizonXP        500 http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages23:41
ubotuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/23:41
HorizonXPmaybe the canadian repos are messed?23:42
calcHorizonXP: switch your mirror if you can to archive.ubuntu.com and then apt-get update and then apt-get install openoffice.org to see if that fixes it23:42
calcHorizonXP: well maybe not messed up, but at least slow and not up to date23:42
HorizonXPcanada always gets the shaft :(23:42
calcHorizonXP: for it to say that version means it must be out of date23:42
calcHorizonXP: it may be they only mirror once a day and haven't done it for today yet23:43
calcHorizonXP: thought that doesn't explain why they have some of the up to date openoffice.org packages in that case23:43
HorizonXP  Installed: (none)23:43
HorizonXP  Candidate: 1:2.4.0-3ubuntu123:43
HorizonXP  Version table:23:43
HorizonXP     1:2.4.0-3ubuntu1 023:43
HorizonXP        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages23:43
HorizonXPtry now?23:43
HorizonXPlooks like it's going to work23:43
HorizonXPit wants to install 70.9 MB of packages23:44
calcyipee :)23:44
HorizonXPcalc: thank goodness for my fat, university pipe :)23:44
HorizonXPthis is only going to take 1 min23:45
lucasvois anyone having issues with too big fonts in firefox and gdm-login-screen?23:47
Exilanthey Lucas23:47
lucasvohi Exilant23:48
lucasvohow are you?23:48
alex_mayorgalucasvo, I do23:48
icanhasadmin_lucasvo: no, but people are having issues with fonts being too small at login23:48
Exilantfine, and you?23:48
lucasvoalex_mayorga: does dopplr.com look ok?23:48
lucasvoalex_mayorga: what about facebook?23:49
alex_mayorgalet me check23:49
h3sp4wnlucasvo: what says - sudo xdpyinfo| grep -i res23:49
Antireligionanyone have problems with youtube fullscreen in 8.04 using a geforce 8800gt23:49
lucasvoh3sp4wn: 195x88 dots per inch23:49
lucasvoExilant: not very consequent with my trainig23:49
h3sp4wnlucasvo: Do you have any idea what it should be ?23:49
h3sp4wn(or do you have a huge screen)23:50
alex_mayorgalucasvo, on the passwords the "dots" look too big23:50
lucasvoalex_mayorga: I have the same problem23:50
Exilantlucasvo: me neither23:50
dwidmannWouldn't something like 90x90 be normal for screen dpi?23:50
alex_mayorgaI recall some one reported it not long ago23:50
alex_mayorgain GDM I believe23:50
Antireligionwill there be a new wine version out soon with sorted keyboard issue?23:51
h3sp4wndwidmann: Depends - hardcoding normal is annoying23:51
lucasvoh3sp4wn: it's dualhead, one is 15": 1024x786 and one is 12": with much bigger resolution23:51
h3sp4wnlucasvo: What video card ?23:51
lucasvoh3sp4wn: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)23:52
lucasvoh3sp4wn: it's a HP 2710p23:52
h3sp4wnlucasvo: You will have to use xrandr23:52
h3sp4wndunno how to make it permanent though23:53
h3sp4wnxrandr --help23:53
h3sp4wn--dpi <dpi>/<output>23:53
alex_mayorgalucasvo, maybe bug 9914523:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99145 in gdm "[feisty] GDM font seems to be to big or too high DPI" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9914523:53
HorizonXPcalc: looks like it's all working, thanks a bunch :D23:54
calcHorizonXP: great :)23:54
lucasvoh3sp4wn: how can I find out the resolution?23:54
HorizonXPcalc: that definitely took a while, such a small problem though eh?23:54
h3sp4wnlucasvo: xrandr23:55
lucasvogreat english. sorry. What's the best way to tell what resolution is best for me?23:55
ethana2..so when hardy is released, this will turn into the intrepid channel, right?23:55
calcHorizonXP: yea, i never thought of a mirror being partially out of date, heh23:55
lucasvoh3sp4wn: I don't understand what it tries to tell me, when I run xrandr23:55
lucasvowithout arguments23:55
h3sp4wnlucasvo: Really you just want the dpi set right for both heads and sane resolutions and it sthould just work23:55
calcHorizonXP: there is more than one issue there though, the part i originally told you would have needed to be done (afaik) but it should have just worked at that point if the mirror wasn't outdated23:56
akkWhat kernel does hardy use? The installer seems to be hanging, so I'm wondering if it has 2.6.22 and has the kacpid bug23:56
HorizonXPyeah, makes sense23:56
h3sp4wnlucasvo: Look at the manpage for xrandr or try to find someone with the same hardware23:57
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Exilantthere's krandrtray and probably sth. for gnome as well23:58
h3sp4wnlucasvo: try reading - http://sidux.com/index.php?module=pnWikka&tag=xrandr23:58
Exilantnm, doesn't seem to be able to do what needs to be done23:59
akkIs there any point in reporting a bug for "installer hangs with cpu at 100%"?23:59

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