_MMA_Hey. Did Usplash have an issue where the pulse part stayed for a min once the normal progressbar started? ie: it knocks back and forth for a sec the normal left to right starts but a part of the pulse stayed?02:24
_MMA_Wrong window.02:24
DaMannhey guys this is the first time ive been on the artwork channel, is the artwork team for designing anytype of art whether it is a background or a program?03:57
DaMannor are their strict things that it is specialized in03:57
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savvasandreasn: here?12:26
savvasyou got the two messages?12:26
andreasnwhat messages?12:27
savvas /msg memoserv read all :)12:27
savvasthere are two bugzillas about the bittorrent icon12:27
andreasncan you post the url:s?12:27
savvassure hold a sec12:27
savvasof the launchpad bug or the gnome bug?12:28
andreasngnome bug12:28
savvasthe one connected to the bug report is http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=330235 - I filed a feature request a couple of days ago: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52531112:29
ubotuGnome bug 330235 in general "several mimetypes have no special icon after upgrade" [Normal,Assigned]12:29
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savvasI think the mimetype problem has been resolved, so probably all that is left is to include the bittorrent icon12:32
andreasnwe currently only include the most common mimetype icons in gnome-icon-theme12:33
andreasnsuch as packages, spreadsheets, documents, images etc.12:33
andreasnwe include the rest in gnome-icon-theme-extras12:34
andreasnso I think it might fit better in that package12:34
savvastorrents? :) I bet everyone has at least 4-5 torrents sitting in a folder12:34
savvasah, should I change the feature request to that one?12:34
andreasnRodney that replied to the bug is usually the expert in that area12:35
andreasncould you reply with the mime type info?12:35
andreasnhow does a torrent-file work precisely, is it like a package?12:36
andreasnI don't seem to have any around, I download distro images from time to time using torrent, but they get deleted when the download is done12:37
savvasweird, the x-extension is probably a leftover?12:42
savvasI honestly don't know how it works, all I know is that I can double click on it and deluge-torrent application opens12:44
andreasnhm, there is a downloads icon in emblems already12:48
andreasnmaybe it would make sense to use that12:48
savvascan I take a look at it?12:49
andreasnright click on any file and go to the emblems tab12:49
savvasthe download emblem?12:50
savvashm.. that's good12:50
savvasit's fine by me, as long as the .torrent is not naked :)12:53
kwwiibersace: ping?12:56
kwwii13:28 < seb128> kwwii: bug #21053812:56
kwwii13:28 < ubotu> Launchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme12:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21053812:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21053812:56
kwwii               upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed]12:56
kwwii               https://launchpad.net/bugs/21053812:56
kwwii13:29 < seb128> kwwii: the theme upgrade seems to break gdm for all the users12:56
kwwii                running it12:56
kwwii13:29 < seb128> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=742511 too12:56
kwwiibersace: I will be submitting a new gdm theme today, so if you can fix the list theme I can include it12:57
savvasthere won't be a face browser included right?12:57
kwwiisavvas: as long as we fix that bug yes there will be12:58
kwwiibut it is not the default setting12:58
savvascool :)12:58
savvashm.. .iso have no icon either13:26
savvashah, /home/forger/.local/share/mime/application/x-extension-iso.xml - I should really stop double clicking on files :)13:28
_MMA_andreasn: I found a throbber in a set you guys might like. I'm sorry, what was your email again?13:47
andreasnandreas at andreasn dot se13:47
_MMA_kwwii: Which bits of this links file did I need again?14:00
kwwii_MMA_: you just need to link the devices/gnome-dev-* to the right media-* or drive-* names14:03
kwwiiin your case it is only a few files14:03
kwwiiso 90% of that links file I sent is not needed14:03
_MMA_kwwii: Funny. I just added a bunch of those for disk drives. :P14:05
kwwiibersace: I will wait for any changes to HumanList before uploading a new gdm theme14:18
kwwiibersace: but if something doesn't come today I am afraid that I will have to remove the list theme14:18
_MMA_andreasn: Damn. Scratch that. There's no .svg in this set and just 1 32x32px .png. Looks like the Mac spinning circle. Dont know if its best to copy that now that I think about it.14:28
andreasnoh, if it's the mac spinner it's probably best to avoid it14:30
andreasnfor copyright reasons14:30
bersacekwwii: hi15:00
bersacei'm having problem with HumanList15:00
bersacegdm doesn't stop loading15:01
bersacejust the waiting cursor :(15:01
kwwiiI hoped that you would know how to fix it :-)15:10
bersacei'm fucked, i bzr merge rather than bzr pull15:17
bersacelocal copy works15:18
bersacebut debs don't15:18
_MMA_Then something is most likely different.15:18
kwwiican you take everything in your local copy, tar it and send it to me?15:18
kwwiiI'll test it on my machine15:19
_MMA_Ill take a look also.15:19
bersaceHo god !15:20
bersacegdmthemetester works only in current directory :(15:21
bersacee.g. gdmthemetester console .15:21
bersacehow can this be possible ?!15:21
bersacecd /usr/share/gdm/themes/HumanList && gdmthemetester console . works15:26
bersacegdmthemetester console HumanList doesn't works15:26
kwwiiit works for me but it comes up fullscreen and I do not know how to reduce the size15:36
bersacekwwii: i actually think this is not HumanList bug16:06
bersaceit worked until 1st April16:06
kwwiibersace: hrm, freaky...not sure what to say16:14
kwwiibersace: so does the theme work locally for you?16:45
bersacekwwii: only in current directory16:56
bersacei pushed the latest version16:56
bersacewell, nested gdm works16:57
bersacegdmthemetester console /usr/share/gdm/themes/HumanList doesn't16:58
bersacegdmthemetester console . works16:58
* bersace works on SANE/HAL16:59
DanaGHmm, I must say, I prefer the previous revision of the Hardy login screen -- the new one looks washed out and "pasty-faced" (or something like that).17:14
kwwiiDanaG: sabdfl wanted it that way17:19
kwwiibersace: freaky17:19
DanaGReminds me of a person who'll sunburn easily.17:20
DanaGOh, and the Wiki doesn't have the recolored latest Heron wallpaper!17:20
DanaGI want to get the Heron image from that, so I can make a case skin with it in the summer when I get a new laptop.17:20
kwwiiI'll have to post the svg when i get time17:20
DanaGIs there a wiki entry for the GDM theme?17:20
kwwiiI didn't make one, no17:22
DanaGOh yeah, I updated my screenshot: www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/screenshot-orange-nodoka.png17:23
DanaGI like orange.17:25
DanaGDang, I just thought of the fruit.... and now I'm hungry.17:26
DanaGOh yeah, I installed some third-party icon themes that don't have previews in Gnome's Appearance Properties thingy.  How do I make it regenerate all icon previews?17:27
_MMA_DanaG: I just delete things in .thumbnails.17:29
DanaGOkay, now nothing has thumbnails.17:37
kwwiiwell at least they are not the wrong/bad thumbnails :p17:38
DanaGMmmyeah, not very helpful, though.17:39
psyke83kwwii, hi, the problem is that it is rendering the metacity border preview using @selected_bg_color, which is not accurate21:07
ethana2Could someone here have a look at something I made in the GIMP for me?21:37
ethana2It's a mockup21:37
ethana2..I've finally illustrated where I'm trying to go with this: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52113121:38
ethana2ubotu:   http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52113121:54
ethana2hmm, nevermind21:54
* ethana2 goes to jog21:54
ubotuGnome bug 521131 in general "Merge gnome panel and window decorator, reimplement standard window components and decorations as panel applets." [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]21:55
ethana2oh hey, it works, it just takes forever ;)21:56
psyke83kwwii, I emailled you an updated gtkrc file. There's still a problem with the preview for me, though, but it's a caching problem with the app. I created a new "test" user, logged in, and the Human preview was fine23:03
psyke83I'm trying to find out exactly where this cache or setting is causing problems with my current account23:04
kwwiipsyke83: excellent, I appreciate the help23:04
psyke83kwwii, try updating the gtkrc on your system and see if it updates the colour for you; perhaps something corrupt on my machine23:05
psyke83np :)23:05
kwwiipsyke83: yeah, I'll do that once I have my mail sorted out23:06
kwwiithe ubuntu-art list just got 446 spam emails at once23:06
psyke83kwwii, rm ~/.thumnails/* -r23:10
psyke83rm ~/.thumbnails/* -r23:10
psyke83that will regenerate the previews23:10
kwwiiI was thinking that it created a thumbnail or something like that23:10
psyke83yep :)23:11
psyke83the updated gtkrc is necessary as well, though23:11
kwwiidid you add a definition for the metacity window or such in the gtkrc?23:11
kwwiimy email app is busy filtering all the apm messages atm23:12
psyke83kwwii, I changed the default @selected_bg_color and added a new variable, @selected_base_color, and matched the original Human theme with these new codes23:14
kwwiihehe, cool...you seem to know your way around gtkrc very well23:14
psyke83the original is a bit hacky, I was just replicating those hacks ;)23:15
psyke83kwwii, I'm not happy with my mod, in fact, let me look over it again before you push anything23:16
kwwiipsyke83: ok, I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon to push anything23:18
kwwiiI am going to bed soon anyway :-)23:18
kwwiipsyke83: yes! that fixed it23:21
psyke83kwwii, the color picker doesn't work well anymore, though. I'll rework it properly and have it done by tomorrow23:21
psyke83hmm it was easier than I expected, one sec23:23
kwwiipsyke83: ahhh, right I see that now23:23
kwwiipsyke83: how did you learn so much about gtkrc? you really know your stuff :-)23:23
psyke83kwwii, I learned from comparing the ones available to me ;)23:24
psyke83I sent the fix (it's just a one line modification)23:25
psyke83don't forget to delete thumbnails again23:25
kwwiipsyke83: right, will do....thanks again, great work23:26
psyke83no problem23:26
psyke83kwwii, before you head off, I was curious... perhaps we can create a human-themes-extra and put in the murrine theme? It won't be associated with ubuntu-desktop or included on the cd... what do you think?23:26
kwwiipsyke83: yes, lots of people are asking for it so I think I will put it back in23:28
kwwiiand if I can remove the extra wallpaper I put it the cd space won't be an issue23:29
kwwiiI will include the clearlooks theme anyway since that is installed by default23:29
kwwiiand try to get murrine back in to the default selection23:29
psyke83kwwii, if you do add my modified version, I think it has the same metacity preview bug. Will I send you a fixed version?23:30
kwwiiif nothing else it will be in an installable package23:30
kwwiipsyke83: if it is different than the last version you sent, please send it to me23:30
psyke83I'll work up the fix and send it to you when I'm done23:30
psyke83the Human theme should be fixed properly, anyway23:31
kwwiiyepp, the selected color look right23:37
kwwiiok, I am off to bed...see you tomorrow23:37
kwwiiboah, someone is attacking the email server23:38
kwwiianother 100+ spams just came in23:38
kwwiiwhat a waste of time23:38

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