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dholbachgood morning07:05
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dholbachhey mvo, njpatel, seb12808:57
seb128hello dholbach08:58
njpatelmorning  dholbach08:58
mvohey dholbach, seb128, njpatel09:10
seb128hello mvo09:10
seb128mvo: how went the sponsoring yesterday? ;-)09:10
seb128mvo: just teasing you ;-)09:12
* seb128 hugs mvo09:13
seb128ut crevette09:13
crevettesalut seb12809:13
seb128mvo: could you look to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/210680 if that's a known issue?09:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210680 in gedit "un able to upgrade" [Undecided,New]09:26
seb128"Package udev has broken dep on libdevmapper1.02"09:27
seb128upgrade issue09:27
seb128_mvo: did you get the gedit bug and my question before I got disconnected?09:29
crevetteyes we did seb12809:30
seb128_crevette: thanks09:33
mvoseb128_: looking09:41
mvoseb128_: comment added09:43
seb128_mvo: thanks09:44
seb128_mvo: the apt.log was not useful?09:46
seb128_<seb128> "Package udev has broken dep on libdevmapper1.02"09:46
mvoseb128_: no, that is just the resolver log09:46
seb128_dunno if you got that before the disconnect09:46
mvoseb128_: that is useful, but it should be fixed since a couple of days09:46
mvoseb128_: doing metacity sponsoring now09:52
seb128_mvo: cool09:55
seb128_mvo: did you read my comment about the firefox patch yesterday?09:55
mvoseb128_: this is something that should go upstream too I think09:56
seb128_the change for firefox?09:56
seb128_that's being discussed but the topic is not trivial09:56
seb128_the spec doesn't describe what should be done there09:56
mvoseb128_: I mean the fix for bug #19940209:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199402 in metacity "gnome-appearance-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in meta_theme_get_frame_style()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19940209:56
pochuasac: I've got bug 178558 after X crashed yesterday. I restarted X after seeing the bug to see if that would solve it but it didn't help. I'm going to reboot just in case it helps, but I doubt it as restarting X didn't help09:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178558 in xulrunner-1.9 "Firefox 3.0 makes everything annoyingly huge" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17855809:56
seb128_mvo: the patch is from the upstream maintainer so I think he'll commit to svn too if the didn't yet09:57
mvoseb128_: heh :) ok, cool09:57
asacpochu: please a screenshot09:57
pochusure, attaching in a minute09:57
asacpochu: and your screen dpi + the gconf dpi setting09:57
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asacah ok that info is there09:58
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kwwiipitti: did my gdm changes get uploaded? Sorry to bother but it is quite important10:03
pittikwwii: I know nothing10:04
pochuasac: there they are10:06
kwwiipitti: erm, on Monday I put up a source package and asked you to upload it....let me get the links again10:06
soren10:12 < kwwii> pitti: http://sinecera.de/ubuntu-gdm-themes_0.28.dsc,  http://sinecera.de/ubuntu-gdm-themes_0.28.tar.gz,  http://sinecera.de/ubuntu-gdm-themes_0.28_source.build,  http://sinecera.de/ubuntu-gdm-themes_0.28_source.changes10:09
sorenI was looking through logs anyway.. :)10:09
pittiah, I uploaded that, yes10:09
pitti$ rmadison -s hardy ubuntu-gdm-themes10:10
pittiubuntu-gdm-themes |       0.28 |         hardy | source, all10:10
pittikwwii: I thought you literally meant 'gdm'10:10
kwwiipitti: lol, you don't want me touching gdm itself :-)10:10
kwwiithanks soren :-)10:10
asacpochu: thats just the zoom level?10:20
asacnot dpi related imo10:20
asacdid you try to rest the zoom level on that page to 0?10:20
pochuasac: ctrl+0 ?10:23
pochudoesn't change it10:23
pochuor ctrl-- will make it ugly10:24
pochuas in some fonts too small10:24
pochue.g. the portlets10:24
asacpochu: maybe a non default font setup?10:25
pochudon't think so, haven't changed it10:26
pochuthis is strage, why does only launchpad looks weird?10:26
pochuasac: I'll try moving out ~/.firefox/10:26
asacpochu: well crashes might have wierd effects on preferences10:26
asactry that10:26
pochuasac: nothing changed10:29
asacpitti: we ended up having a C application (by davidm) that does the basic transformation from po2xpi ... how can we make use of that in the langpack generator? do we need that packaged in the archive?10:29
pochue.g. liferea still looks good, and in firefox only launchpad.net looks wrong10:29
asacpochu: why do you think its too large?10:30
pochuthe dpi in firefox is -1, which is the default10:30
pochuasac: did you see the screenshot? ;)10:30
asaci am really bad at look at such things though :(10:30
pochuthis is clearly broken right now10:31
asacpochu: looks ok to me10:31
asacfor me font in the main content area of bugs is considerably larger then the default font10:32
asaci remember that things were hard to read, so maybe thats intended10:32
pochuI haven't read any feed since the crash in Liferea because I can't have more than 2 lines in the window :p10:32
pochuwell yesterday before the crash everything was fine10:32
pochuI could read launchpad.net, and liferea was nice10:32
asacpochu: didn't you say that liferea is back to normal now?10:33
pochuyes, and s/good/wrong/ too, sorry :)10:33
pochulook at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043699/Screenshot-1.png, I have a 22" wide screen monitor and I can't even see the entire description of the bug report now10:34
pochuthe portlets are fine for some reason, but the description and that is big10:34
pochuis *huge* :)10:34
pochuthey should be like the fonts at ubuntu.com in the same screenshot10:35
pochuasac: may I reboot to see if it changes anything?10:35
asacyes... portlets are fine10:35
asacwhich makes me think that everything is fine10:35
asacgo to your gnome appearence dialog and see what fonts are configured there10:35
asacmaybe its also related with some theme package upgrades landed recently ... who knows10:35
pittiasac: depends which part should do the XPI generation, a script that you run yourself, or LP translations10:36
pochuSans, 1010:36
asacpitti: i think the idea is to ship translations in main language-support-XX10:36
pochuno visual effects10:36
pittiasac: if you want to run it on rookery or so, we don't need it packaged (would be nice to do so for intrepid, of course)10:36
asacthat means that its done in LP translations, right?10:36
pochuhmm, wait, I have metacity compositor enabled10:36
pittiasac: right10:36
asacok, then thats it (unless we find anything blocking)10:36
pochuI'll disble it to check10:36
pittiasac: well, not necessarily; we can do it outside until Rosetta learns to put xpi into the exported tarballs10:36
pochuwell, before the crash it was enabled too and was working fine, but it could be that it's buggy10:37
pochuI don't know why it would only affect xulrunner applications though ;)10:37
asacpitti: yes. thats what i ask. i think you already run something somewhere :) ... and i wonder if you need a package if we want that hooked in there ;)10:37
asacpitti: in intrepid i want to get that into launchpad directly of course10:38
pochuhmm, metacity has crashed when disabling the compositor... it has disabled it though10:38
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asacpitti: i can also produce a directory where the compiled tools are included (along with some meta info we still need in hardy)10:41
pochuasac: this still looks bad, I'm going to reboot, hopefully it changes anything10:42
pochuis there any xulrunner dir somewhere?10:42
pochuor only .mozilla/firefox/ ?10:42
pochu.mozilla/ ?10:42
asacpochu: not that i am aware of10:42
pittiasac: if you could put all that on rookery somewhere, that would be good; then I can integrate it into the langpack-o-matic cronjobs to call your scripts and put the resulting XPIs into the langpacks10:42
pochuok, brb10:42
pittiasac: maybe you can do that installation, and write Arne and me a mail what to call and which files to put into which directories?10:43
asacpitti: can you run a script for each language with the following arguments: 1) language 2) path_to_extracted_translation_tarball 3) debian/$language_package_name ?10:43
seb128kwwii: did you change the gdm human theme which lists users in the new version?10:44
asacor isn't that put into packages?10:44
seb128kwwii: we got several users having gdm not starting using this theme since recently10:44
kwwiiseb128: yes, I included bersace's changes10:44
pittiasac: I can (although you should be able to figure out everything from just the path to the extracted source package)10:44
seb128kwwii: did you try it?10:44
pittiasac: but I'm happy to extract the source pakcage name and language code for you10:44
kwwiiseb128: hrm, if the list theme does not work then someone should beat up bersace10:45
seb128kwwii: what was the change about?10:45
asacpitti: well ... thats too much logic imo10:45
kwwiiseb128: just a visual change to keep it inline with my normal gdm theme changes10:45
kwwiiwhen he comes online I will ask him about it10:45
pittiasac: WDYM with debian/$language_package_name  ?10:45
seb128kwwii: ok, thanks10:46
kwwiiouch, is it bad when a system update fails while creating the initramfs :p10:46
pittiasac: phone call?10:46
pochuasac: nothing has changed. But I've looked at the log of the X crash (which should have the DPI I had before the crash, when everything was fine), which I attached to bug 190418, and it's the same I have now, so it's not X's fault. Also, I've logged as a different user and everythings'f fine there (yelp and firefox/launchpad.net). So there's something in my profile... I guess it's safe to assume it's not Xulrunner's fault?10:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190418 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[965GM]  Server crash when starting totem-xine to play a DVD" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19041810:53
asac_pitti: for each application and language combination i have two files, like xulrunner-de.jar xulrunner-de-chrome.manifest ... should i put them in /usr/share/locale-langpack/de/ or /usr/share/locale-langpack-chrome/10:53
* pochu moves .gconf/ and .gnome2/ out10:54
asac_(those will be linked to the appropriate application chrome directories then)10:54
pittiasac_: can we have a phone call to discuss this?10:55
asac_ok. after lunch?10:55
seb128mvo: ok, so you didn't consider the firefox change while doing the upload10:55
seb128asac: you can upload the metacity change to fix firefox workspace switching issue if you want10:56
pittiasac_: sure10:56
seb128asac: that seems to be what users expect and the easier way to fix the issue10:56
asac_pitti: good. when will you do lunch?10:56
pittiasac_: around 13:30 probably, when my wife comes back from uni10:57
asac_seb128: are the negative implications for other applications?10:57
asac_pitti: ok, ill do the same then :)10:57
seb128asac_: not sure, redhat is using the change and seems they didn't get complains10:58
seb128asac_: we can give it a try and revert if users start screaming10:58
mvoseb128: no, sorry. will look at that next11:00
seb128mvo: that's alright, no need to do another upload, let asac decide since that's mainly a firefox issue11:01
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pochuasac: bah, it was .gnome2/monitors.xml11:08
pochueverything's looks fine now :)11:08
pochusorry for making so much noise... i'll comment on the bug to make clear everything's fine11:08
pochuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6354/ <--- the culprit file11:08
pochuI can't see what's wrong there though, but everything's working perfectly after removing it and logging in11:09
asacpopey: ok. thanks11:14
asacoops, pochu ^^11:15
seb128pochu: what was the bug?11:20
seb128the effects rather11:21
pochuseb128: liferea, yelp, devhelp, ephy, firefox-3 (all xul-based) had large fonts11:24
pochubut for firefox, it was only affecting launchpad.net pages11:24
pochuseb128: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043699/Screenshot-1.png, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043689/Screenshot.png11:24
pochuseb128: did you see my reply?11:39
seb128_pochu: no12:05
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pochu12:24 <     pochu> seb128: liferea, yelp, devhelp, ephy, firefox-3 (all xul-based) had large fonts12:09
pochu12:24 <     pochu> but for firefox, it was only affecting launchpad.net pages12:09
pochu12:24 <     pochu> seb128: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043699/Screenshot-1.png, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13043689/Screenshot.png12:09
pochuit started after an X crash, and after removing .gnome2/monitors.xml it's been fixed12:10
pochuasac: I could attach a screenshot with everything fixed so you see the difference ;)12:12
pochuluckily the intel driver is really more stable than it was at the beggining of the hardy cycle...12:13
asacpochu: no i don't mind ;)12:13
pochuI assumed that :)12:13
seb128kwwii: bug #21053812:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21053812:28
seb128kwwii: the theme upgrade seems to break gdm for all the users running it12:29
seb128http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=742511 too12:29
seb128_I was saying12:34
kwwiiseb128: ouch that sucks12:34
seb128_asac: btw don't bother too much fixing epiphany to work with xul1.9 since they will drop the xulrunner support soon anyway12:34
seb128_asac: having the invalid certifcate issue fixed in hardy would be still nice though ;-)12:34
seb128_kwwii: indeed12:34
seb128_kwwii: testing before uploading is a good idea usually ;-)12:34
kwwiibersace takes care of that theme12:34
seb128_can you get him to fix it?12:34
seb128_I don't blame anybody, and that's not the default theme12:35
seb128_but fixing it today would be nice12:35
kwwiiif not I will have to fix it myself or remove it12:35
kwwiiI will make sure it gets taken careof12:35
seb128_well, we can revert to the previous version12:35
seb128_that should be easy12:35
seb128_but right, if you can fix it better12:35
kwwiiseb128_: it seems my latest changes did not make it in anyway, so I am working on a new theme package anyway12:35
seb128_ok, good12:36
asacseb128_: yes, i read that. however, i read as well, that even 2.24 might not be done so in worst case even the next release will be xul12:38
seb128_asac: right12:41
pochuI hope webkit is in a sane state as to be in main for Intrepid, there's a new contributor in Liferea which has been fixind and improving the webkit backend a lot12:58
gNewPowerhi everybody. I just set up a computer with the latest version of Ubuntu and all my fonts lack "crispness" (for lack of a better word). they look kind of blurred. any idea of what might be causing this?15:01
KeybukI hate DST16:26
vuntzseb128__: stop disconnecting, I can't talk to you in a query if you do this!16:42
seb128__vuntz: tell that to orange!16:43
kwwiiseb128__: I found some more links that I needed to add so there is another human icon theme package coming soon16:45
kwwiiseb128__: and the human list error is simply freaky...cannot figure out why it is b0rked16:45
seb128__kwwii: weird17:00
seb128__kwwii: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntulooks/+bug/210837 btw17:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210837 in ubuntulooks "Colors of human theme are displayed incorrectly in gnome-appearance-properties" [Undecided,New]17:00
seb128__kwwii: the theme preview is incorrect since the ubuntulooks changes17:00
kwwiiseb128__: apparently that is a bug in the way the previews are made17:09
kwwiiseb128__: when I have the metacity with the gtkrc together it shows up right17:10
tedgSo, let's say someone has their laptop configured to suspend on lid close, but there is another application inhibiting GPM, should we blank the screen?17:11
kwwiiyes, like a normal theme, with the index.theme in the main dir and the gtkrc and metacity in subdirs17:11
seb128__kwwii: that's how it is now, no?17:12
seb128__tedg: I would say that the screen should always be cut when the lid is closed, what is the point to use energy for something which you can't look at anyway?17:12
kwwiiseb128__: erm, right in the installed system they are together17:13
kwwiigosh, I just love packaging17:14
tedgseb128__: Yeah, my only worry is that someone may perceive that as suspending, throw the laptop in a backpack and destroy their hardware.17:14
tedgseb128__: I don't know if we're thinking for them in that case.17:14
seb128__tedg: well if they don't look they will not notice that the screen which is closed is still on anyway17:14
mvoseb128__: /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%dconf-tree.xml is something we do not use, right?17:14
mvoor do we?17:15
seb128__mvo: dconf? is that the new desrt thing ;-)17:15
mvomeh, typo17:15
seb128__mvo: that's a bit complicated17:15
tedgseb128__: True, and I guess by default we do play a sound...  it's a tough situation.17:15
seb128__mvo: that's what upstream use, we do use /var/lib/gconf/defaults though17:16
tedgseb128__: I think we should blank, let's see what bugs that generates ;)17:16
seb128__tedg: it's not though, just cut the screen on lid close, there is not a lot you can't do for people who don't look at what they are doing17:16
mvoseb128__: I look at a gutsy->hardy upgrade <-> fresh hardy install diff currently and for the upgrade there is this gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml stuff with lots of gthumb in it17:16
seb128__mvo: but /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults is what broken packages (which don't use dh_gconf) and sys admins will use17:17
mvoand I was wondering if that is something we need to worry about17:17
mvogthumb in gutsy?17:17
tedgWell, no, the problem is apps like Rhythmbox don't really tell you that they're inhibiting the power manager.  And as they all add those features (which they should) people will be surprised by what happens.17:17
seb128__mvo: dunno, let me get the sources17:17
mvoand gnome-translate it seems uses /etc/gconf/schemas/ too17:17
mvoonly worry about it if its something important17:17
tedgPerhaps what we really need is something to pop up in the notification area when we're inhibiting.17:18
mvoI also have some stuff in /etc/gnome/config after the upgrade but not on a fresh install17:18
mvoMotif.ad, Tk.ad etc17:18
tedgWow, I think I might have actually come up with a *good* use of the notification area ;)17:18
dashua`tedg: I'm running Hardy on a Dell XPS m1530 and suspend works upon closing lid, but upon resume there is a blank screen which you have to blindly type in your password (nvidia driver)17:21
dashua`Need me to test anything, let me know?17:21
kwwiiseb128__: the really freaky thing about the preview stuff is that the metacity theme is exactly the same17:21
kwwiiseb128__: same as before, I mean17:21
tedgdashua`: By blank screen do you mean no graphics or no backlight?  If it's no graphics that either an X or compiz thing, if it's no backlight it might be a GPM thing.17:23
seb128kwwii: the colors slightly changed in the workspace switcher applet too, the "non active widget" color is white white now when it used to be a bit grey I think, and the orange is rather flashy it was almost brown before17:23
seb128tedg: so as said I would just not stop suspend by default and let people enable the option if you are concern about the surprise effect17:24
kwwiiseb128: yes, the new theme with choosable colors is hard to make perfectly like it used to be17:24
seb128mvo: looking to those17:24
dashua`tedg: Just a white screen.17:25
kwwiiseb128: perhaps we should just use the old version and forget the GUI configurable stuff17:25
seb128kwwii: you did a quite good job compared to the version I tried some cycles ago17:25
dashua`I'm running compiz as well.17:25
seb128kwwii: out of the workspace applet I didn't really notice a difference17:25
seb128kwwii: oh, no, the preview is likely something easy to fix, and otherwise I think there is no notable difference17:25
seb128kwwii: I was just mentionning the workspace switcher in case one color was not defined or something17:26
kwwiiseb128: the freaky thing is that when I put the theme in my .themes dir it looks correct17:26
kwwiithe preveiw I eman17:26
seb128what do you copy?17:26
seb128mvo: what was the packages? gthumb and gtranslator?17:27
tedgdashua`: My guess would be compiz on that.  I think that they must be putting some sort of overlay on.  I've seen that on my nVidia card also (doesn't seem to be happening now, but I didn't fix it).17:27
tedgdashua`: That was happening to me, but it hasn't in a while, but I've been running metacity.17:28
kwwiiseb128: hrm, I take that back...it does look different, let me look at this closer and get back to you17:28
seb128tedg: new gnome-screensaver tarball available btw17:28
dashua`tedg: Yeah, I figured it either related to compiz or the nvidia driver.17:28
seb128mvo: the hardy gthumb postinst has a case to fix the bug, maybe the transition version need to be updated for ubuntu though17:29
tedgseb128: Man, let me read my e-mail first ;)17:29
seb128tedg: I just read the svn tag on #commits ;-)17:30
tedgseb128: Could you sponsor the GPM package in my PPA?17:30
seb128tedg: sure17:30
tedgseb128: It should be 2.22.1-1ubuntu217:30
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mvoseb128: that would be the line with --makefile-uninstall-rule ?17:54
seb128mvo: right17:54
seb128mvo: the 3 lines rather17:54
mvothat looks pretty old, 2.6.917:54
* mvo tests it17:55
seb128ok, time for diner, see you later17:57
pochuseb128: hi, could you look at this RFS? The patch is from upstream, and has got confirmation that it solves the crash in the bug report. i didn't test it because I don't use Evo, but it builds and installs fine: http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/tracker.debdiff20:32
seb128pochu: sure, thanks for working on the change20:33
pochuthanks for looking into it :)20:34
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vuntzcan anyone check if http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=513138 still happens in hardy?20:59
seb128vuntz: looking21:01
seb128vuntz: no it's fixed21:01
vuntzseb128: thanks21:02
seb128you are welcome21:02
pochuseb128: thanks for the upload21:13
seb128_pochu: you are welcome21:14
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