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andrea-bshello, <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event> is inaccessible19:14
beunoRinchen, ^^19:14
Rinchenwell, that's interesting19:18
beunointeresting is one way of putting it, yes  :)19:19
Rinchenhmm, I just cycled all the event modules with no change19:20
RinchenI got a hold of newz and he's going to look at it in a few minutes19:22
Rinchenhe didn't realize it was feeding #ubuntu-meeting19:22
beunoyes, there is a few things that depend on it19:22
Rinchenwhat else that you know of?19:23
Rinchenit looks like the rss feed is still working though19:23
beunomany websites19:23
beunosome calendars19:23
beunoand there is a notification widget that was being worked on19:24
beunospecifically for this19:24
beunobut I'm not sure it's out in the wild yet19:24
Rinchenthey all use the rss feed though I think19:25
Rinchenso the only real issue is that we can't add, delete, or change entries.19:25
beunothat's right19:26
andrea-bsCould you please put in the <pubDate> field of the Fridge Events Feed the datetime the event will be held? This helps me ordering the items with my feed aggregator and I think would be useful for other users too19:33
newz2000hi Rinchen, boredandblogging. Updating to the dev version of event didn't fix it19:34
newz2000not surprising though, the diff was very small.19:34
newz2000I'm going to ask in #drupal-support unless someone else has already done this19:36
boredandblogginggo for it19:36
Rinchennewz2000, I don't understand why it would have changed this week19:36
newz2000Rinchen: yes, that's the mystery19:37
Rinchennewz2000, I'm not aware of anything IS did19:37
newz2000but I'm going to bet...19:37
newz2000that some event was added that's messing things up19:37
newz2000I should look at the data first maybe19:37
boredandbloggingwe just delete the last few and see if the page works again19:37
newz2000doesn't that mean a lot of work for just a chance?19:38
boredandbloggingits tedious, but I don't think its a lot of events19:38
newz2000ok, let me poke at the db first19:38
Rinchenwow newz2000 ...have a look at the recent log history19:39
newz2000what do developers feel compelled to come up with creative ways to store dates when the databse has a perfectly useable datetime field?19:40
boredandbloggingyeah, the errors are caused when you pull up the calendar, theoretically19:40
boredandbloggingbut newz2000 couldn't replicate it with debugging code yesterday19:41
boredandbloggingmaybe wiping out the session table could clear up the duplicate error19:42
Rinchengmmktime() expects parameter 6 to be long, string ...19:42
newz2000yeah, that doesn't seem to be fatal though19:44
newz2000I don't think its causing this prob19:44
Rinchendamn,...there's 100 log pages just from today due to the theme errors19:44
newz2000theme errors?19:45
newz2000but yes, the logging is made less effective by the quantity of data19:45
newz2000anyone know when the prob first started happening?19:46
boredandbloggingat least after march 24th, because I created the server team meetings and checked the calendar19:47
RinchenI did kees's entry on Monday19:49
RinchenI think it was Monday19:49
Rinchenhmm my irc log sort of suggests it was last thursday19:50
newz2000the last two events were modified last on the 26th, which is last Wed19:52
newz2000there is absolutely nothing fishy looking with the events either19:53
newz2000would someone delete the last two events, one by one, so we can see if they affect the problem at all?19:55
boredandbloggingyeah, I'll do it19:55
boredandbloggingdeleted both security meetings, doesn't help19:58
newz2000it hasn't affected the rss feed19:59
boredandbloggingthose 2 aren't listed under upcoming events anymore20:00
newz2000people in drupal-support started talking about this prob before I even got a chance to mention it20:04
RinchenI tried swizzling the caching but there was no affect. It's off and has been20:10
newz2000I think its probably mem related. Our server is set to 8M max.20:14
boredandbloggingmaybe eventually turn on caching too?20:22
newz2000I've never felt that fridge was slow, and caching seems to be more hassle than its worth. But maybe I'm wrong and performance is lacking.20:26
Rinchenthe articles on drupal suggest that caching takes even more local memory20:28
Rinchenbut it might be interesting for us since 99.9% of all access to the fridge is unauthenticated20:29
boredandbloggingright, drupal stores cached pages in the db (why?)20:30
newz2000I suspect it puts them in the database because its easier... since drupal doesn't have to worry about fs permissiosn when writing files20:38
newz2000but that doesn't make it use more php ram20:39
cody-somervilleDrupal is a horrible memory hog.20:41
cody-somervilleI had the same problem with my drupal website20:41
boredandbloggingit might, after drupal pulls out of the cache from the db, it probably sits in php ram for a bit before its gets served up20:41
newz2000My prev employer's web application software used XSL for the page generation. A typical page view used over 800M of RAM and some of our reports used over 1200M of RAM. per pageview! ;-)20:43
boredandblogginganytime someone mentions reporting, I cringe20:45
newz2000My job was to make sure payroll reports worked right for our customers. It was a pain and for some reason the only time we had problems was on payday 45m before the payroll *had* to be done.20:48
newz2000anyway, drupal uses no ram compared to that app20:49
newz2000And I've seen (and written) php apps that need far more ram than 24M20:49
boredandbloggingheh, I write java, I know bloated  :-P20:51
newz2000yeah, this program was in java too20:56
boredandblogginghah, figures20:57
newz2000events works now23:16
newz2000James thought that my statement about "8M being excessively low" was funny.23:16

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