munckfishHi, I have a patch which re-enables fullscreen mode in Java on Xorg server 1.3+.09:37
munckfishAlthough the freeze is on Hardy, I wondered if it was likely that I'd get it in to the openjdk package at this stage09:37
munckfishI'm a bit short of time this month but if it's likely to get included, I'll try to find time to add it in.09:38
munckfishPatch is on upstream java2d mailing list attached to this post:09:38
munckfishThe stuff about mouse problems can be safely ignore - they went away once I stopped using the Gutsy LiveCD and updated xorg09:41
munckfishanyway, tdv (Dmitri T) has been testing it and seems happy with it09:44
munckfishIt fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+bug/15461309:46
munckfishdoko: you're the current maintainer right?09:47
dokomunckfish: thanks, could you close the report for openjdk? I think it is `wontfix' for icedtea in gutsy unless somebody adds a patch and starts the sru process for gutsy09:56
dokoahh, you already did write this =)09:57
munckfishHi doko, what do you mean close for openjdk?10:05
munckfishI hadn't got around to connecting that bug10:05
munckfishto the new openjdk package source in LP10:05
munckfish:) I was just trying to remember how to connect it10:05
munckfishYes I don't think it's worth worry about IcedTea/gutsy10:06
munckfishat the moment10:06
munckfishdoko: I don't have perms to set "Won't Fix" for IcedTea10:49
munckfishdoko: let me know what you want to do (or not) about it. Cheers10:51
Mezdoko, I guess you got it sorted then ? :P11:59
dokomunckfish: done13:02
dokomunckfish: ohh, didn't reload the page, if you do want to backport that, then maybe I should reopen the report13:04
munckfishHi doko13:04
munckfishI'm not bothered about backporting13:05
munckfishI'm running against a custom openjdk build on gutsy13:05
munckfishI'll be upgrading immediately on hardy release13:05
munckfishso lets wait and see if anyone wants the backport13:05
dokomunckfish: is the patch technically accepted by upstream?13:06
munckfishI believe so13:06
munckfishDmitri had tested on hardy himself13:06
munckfishI think the only thing outstanding for him was testing on solaris13:07
dokook, I'll try to get it in13:07
munckfishI'll find you the relevant mail13:07
munckfishso you can be sure13:07
munckfishHe's been 'preparing' it for inclusion for a wee while now13:08
munckfishbut in the mail he advocates passing it to Icedtea project13:08
munckfishdoko: on the way I've checked with various people including Xorg f13:10
munckfishXorg folk13:10
munckfishand this seems to be the correct approach for post 1.3 X servers13:10
munckfishDo you recommend I open a bug on IcedTea bugzilla and then make noise on a mailing list?13:11
munckfishTo be honest there's so many different lists and trackers I wasn't quite sure how best to efficiently advance the patch13:12
munckfishdown from upstream13:12
munckfishdoko: thanks for for considering it. Let me know if you run out of time and need me to make up a debdiff or something13:15
dokomunckfish: a ChangeLog entry would be nice =)13:18
munckfishAha ok13:19
munckfishShall I attach it to the bug?13:19
dokosure, or paste it here13:22
munckfishdoko: how about this:13:24
munckfish* Make Java Full Screen Exclusive Mode work again with Xorg Server 1.3 and above. LP: #154613 (Java bug 6636469).13:25
munckfishOr do you want more detail?13:25
munckfishdoko: do you need anything else from me now? If not I'll be away for about an hour then I'll be avail to assist again.13:30
dokomunckfish: no, won't do that now.13:34
munckfishdoko: thx speak later13:34

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