rtgzul: I'm still having problems with xen x86. x86_64 build OK. The reason is that slow_down_io() in include/asm-x86/mach-xen/asm/io_32.h uses xen_io_delay() which is not correctly exported, or at least fails to link into vmlinuz.00:11
rtgzul: ok, I fixed the xen 32 bit build with a gross hack on the xen patch files to have it call native_io_delay (like x86_64) instead of xen_io_delay. Feel free to send an update, but now it at least builds.00:38
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jiraiasomeone knows how intercept syscall with kernel 2.6 ?08:57
ckingjiraia: hi, perhaps looking at how strace does it is worth a try 09:23
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aboganiBug #17789512:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177895 in linux "Kernel 2.6.24-2 causing ~1000 wakeups by "Rescheduling Interrupts"" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17789512:42
BenCGood morning folks13:34
rtgtjaalton: did you notice I uploaded a -14 kernel ?13:47
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tjaaltonrtg: yes, so lrm is ready to go?14:38
tjaaltonI've enabled ltmodem again, gentoo had a small patch to make it compile against .2414:38
rtgtjaalton: well, the kernel built for all arches. I'll bug an archive admin to ACCEPT it.14:39
tjaaltonand, made nvidia-glx* to depend 'lrm-VER-generic | nvidia-kernel-VER' instead of just the latter, because it's against policy to depend only on a virtual package and it's possible to get a wrong flavor kernel on upgrade14:40
tjaaltonlike I get a -386 every time, and that doesn't even boot14:40
rtgtjaalton: looks like the kernel has already been accepted into the archive. I just misread the state.14:44
tjaaltonrtg: cool, I'll do a test build and upload14:44
rtgtjaalton: did you add openvz? I'm working on lum/lbm.14:44
tjaaltonhmm nope14:45
rtgtjaalton: I'm wondering why you get a -386 kernel? Something wrong with meta still?14:45
tjaaltonno it's just apt trying to figure out what package to get to fulfill the dependancy, and uses the first in alphabetical order14:46
tjaaltonsee bug 18828714:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188287 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "dependencies installs -386 kernel which hangs on boot" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18828714:47
rtgtjaalton: are you whom marked it 'In Progress' ? You should assign yourself to the bug if so.14:49
tjaaltonrtg: yep, done14:50
rtgtjaalton: thanks14:51
tjaaltonrtg: is -openvz needed for lrm? there's no -virtual either14:56
tjaaltonand rightly so :)14:56
rtgtjaalton: hmm, you are probably correct. Doesn't really make sense :)14:59
rtgjust like there is no xen version, right?15:00
tjaaltonxen is different, since you run dom0 on real hw15:02
tjaaltonbut, it's not there.. hmm15:02
tjaaltonI know that it nvidia_new doesn't build for it, but15:02
tjaaltonhmm, there _is_ lrm for xen15:05
rtgtjaalton: right, I forget about dom0 (cause I never use xen). But, I don't think openvz/virtual is needed for LRM.15:08
BenCrtg, smb, amitk, cking: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/subscriptions to track what ISO testing you will be expected to do15:14
BenCrtg: virtual may need to be15:15
BenCrtg: openevz maybe as well. A lot of the server tools (which can be used for dom0) are GUI15:15
BenCrtg: *openvz ... anyway, if it compiles, might as well build it15:15
smbBenC: Hm, I see the list but I am not sure I know how to interpret it...15:17
rtgtjaalton: ^^15:17
ckingBenC: any instructions on what to do?15:19
tjaaltonBenC: is openvz comparable to xen in this regard? -virtual isn't :)15:19
BenCtjaalton: yes15:21
BenCtjaalton: actually, you are right, we don't need lrm for -virtual15:21
BenCbut openvz is bare-metal and virtualized, so needs it15:22
BenC(like xen)15:22
tjaaltonok, I'll add it15:22
tjaaltonopenvz is for amd64/i386?15:36
rtgtjaalton: yep15:40
tjaaltonok, let's see if it builds..15:42
tjaalton..all the modules15:42
tjaaltonwow, it did15:54
tjaaltonhmh, the build failed on 32bit which I need to look at more closely later this evening..16:18
tjaaltonin 4h or so16:18
rtgtjaalton: I've upload lum/lbm. I'll do met in awhile.16:18
rtgtjaalton: I stuck you on Bug #122703 in case the madwifi 0.9.4 update supports AR5008.17:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122703 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "Upgrade Atheros drivers to snapshot/trunk to support AR5008" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12270317:45
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rtgzul: did you review the xen fixes I hacked in yesterday?19:08
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zulrtg: sorry was on a call no I havent19:39
rtgzul: please have a look and make sure I've have not totally screwed the pooch.19:40
rtgzul: you should probably produce a better fix then what I've done.19:40
zulyeah, looks ok to me19:40
blueyedDoes it make sense to provide virtualbox modules for Xen and OpenVZ kernels? IMHO yes, but I may be wrong. There are some for -virtual already.20:00
zulblueyed: no it doesnt for xen 20:01
blueyedzul: but you could run virtualbox inside of xen, can't you?20:01
zulblueyed: maybe but if you are running xen then you want to run xen20:02
blueyedzul: yes, I see. I don't say that it's a common use case, but I can see it. E.g. a bigiron server running Xen machines and virtualbox, too.20:03
zulits overkill IMHO20:04
Solarion 7285 solarion  20   0  220m  41m  15m D  100  4.1 163:07.83 totem              20:58
Solarioncat /proc/7285/mem says "No such process"20:59
Solarionhow does this make any sense?20:59
BenCSolarion: what doesn't make sense?20:59
Solarionit's sleeping but eating 100% cpu20:59
Solarionmem says no such process21:00
BenCsounds like a kernel bug or similar21:00
Solarionthat would be why I'm here21:00
SolarionI want it dead.  :)21:00
Solariondon't want to figure out the kernel bug with me?21:00
SolarionI hate rebooting21:00
BenCcheck dmesg21:01
BenCbut to get rid of it, you have to reboot21:01
Solariondmesg says nothing21:01
Solarionah, D is "disk sleep"21:01
BenCI thought you knew that...the D is IO wait, basically21:02
SolarionI didn't, but I'm figuring it out as I go along21:02
Solarionthe question is what is the kernel spinning on21:02
BenCblock device reads most likely (especially if it's playing as cdrom or something)21:02
BenCcat /proc/7285/wchan21:03
Solarionwhat is wchan?21:05
BenChmm...wchan doesn't seem to be producing useful info anymore21:05
Solarionio isn't budging21:06
Solarion(watch cat io)21:06
BenCwchan is the function where the process is sleeping in the kernel21:07
BenCSolarion: well, not much info to go on...I'd say reboot is your only option at this point21:07
SolarionI want to know what happened tho21:08
Solarionso it doesn't happen again21:08
BenCSo far, there's no way to see that21:08
BenCyou could try "strace -p 7285", but I suspect strace will lock up as well21:08
Solarionit does21:08
Solarioncan you reset the ulimits?21:08
BenCulimits have nothing to do with it21:08
Solarione.g. make max open files 1 or something ridiculous?21:08
Solarionpart of it is trying to figure out how to kill it creatively. :)21:09
BenCyou can't21:09
Solarionrebooting has no panache21:09
BenCyou cannot kill a 'D' state process21:09
BenCit's stuck, and you have no choice but to reboot21:09
Solarionand there's no way of figuring out where it's stuck and why?21:09
BenCI've exhausted the known ways of figuring that out21:10
Solarionstupid horked thing21:10
Solarionwonder what totem is doing with xulrunner21:13
Solariontotem   7285 solarion   44u  sock        0,4           1464374 can't identify protocol21:13
Solarionwhat is that (lsof output)?21:13
tjaaltonrtg: seems like it's not in 0.9.421:28
rtgtjaalton: bummer.. then new AR5008 users are screwed for now.21:29
tjaaltonrtg: yeah21:29
infinityrtg: Is there a new LRM on the way..?21:56
rtgtjaalton: ^^21:57
infinityrtg: Updating -meta without updating LRM seems suboptimal. :)21:57
rtginfinity: it shakes out eventually, doesn't it?21:58
infinityrtg: Err, no...21:58
infinityrtg: If you update meta first, kernels get upgraded without LRM.21:58
infinityrtg: "linux-image-generic" gets upgraded, pulls in the new kernel, while "linux-generic" and "linux-restricted-modules-generic" get held back.21:58
infinityrtg: So, boom, anyone not paying attention will reboot and have no network, video, whatever.21:59
rtginfinity: my bad. I must not have any boxes using LRM or I would have noticed.22:00
infinityrtg: Well, yes, it's my own fault for using evil binary blobs, but I suspect I'm not alone. ;)22:00
rtginfinity: probably not.22:00
infinityAnyhow, if LRM doesn't have a mess of pending changes, you could just do the ABI bump and upload to keep me happy. :)22:01
infinity(If it does, you could still do the ABI bump, then followup with another upload later)22:01
tjaaltoninfinity: I'm still figuring out why 32bit build fails now22:01
tjaaltonthe -server flavour22:02
infinitytjaalton: Oh, ick.22:02
infinitytjaalton: Which module?22:02
tjaaltoninclude/xen/interface/memory.h: At top level:22:02
tjaaltoninclude/xen/interface/memory.h:32: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'GUEST_HANDLE'22:02
tjaaltonthat's nv-new22:02
infinitytjaalton: The most obvious question here is "why are we building nv stuff for -server at all?"22:02
infinityI'm pretty sure I didn't back when I maintained it..22:02
rtginfinity: a surprising number of folks run the -server flavor on their desktop22:03
tjaaltoninfinity: because someone want's to use vast amounts of memory on a workstation22:03
infinityrtg: Which is, I suppose, their problem, not ours. ;)22:03
infinitytjaalton: Define "vast"...22:03
rtginfinity: oh, I think some of the use is legitimate. 22:03
infinitySee, 16GB doesn't sound that excessive to me anymore.22:05
infinityWhat's the -generic kernel currently top out at?  (My laptop only has 4GB, which works fine, so I'm not sure)22:05
tjaaltonmine too has 4Gb22:06
tjaaltonGB even22:06
tjaaltonanyway, 64bit build works fine22:06
tjaaltonsomething has changed in the headers?22:06
infinityI'd guess.22:07
infinityTime to get to bisecting? :/22:07
tjaaltonwell tbh it's not the latest headers it's using, but the first -13 upload22:11
tjaaltonI'll update the mirror22:11
rtgtjaalton: the big change with server was CGROUPS, which seems to have fundamental effect on some low level macro. 22:12
tjaaltonoh, I'm still building -13 :P22:13
rtgtjaalton: there were about a zillion ABI changes which is what forced the ABI update.22:13
rtgtjaalton: you definitely need -14 headers.22:13
tjaaltonhah, time to bump the abi again22:13
rtgtjaalton: ok, I'm outta here for awhile. I'll check back in a few hours.22:13
tjaaltonrtg: ok, hopefully this works by then22:14
tjaaltoninfinity: btw, check bug 188287 and the proposed solution (included in the lrm I'm testing). anything alarming you see?22:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188287 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "dependencies installs -386 kernel which hangs on boot" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18828722:15
tjaaltonhm, still no -1422:19
tjaalton..but now22:21
infinitytjaalton: Well, "pure virtuals" violate policy, but in this case, it's hard to define a "preferred package", which is why it's always been this way...22:24
infinitytjaalton: (For the record, this bug has existed for 3+ years)22:25
tjaaltoninfinity: a tough one22:25
infinitytjaalton: And only triggers during development cycles, generally, since we don't often update the nvidia drivers in released dists.22:25
infinity(so, nvidia-kernel-$ver doesn't bump)22:25
tjaaltoninfinity: but it does bump for dist-upgrades22:26
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, true.  But the dist-upgrader can be taught to cope with that.22:26
infinitytjaalton: And we don't technically support people doing raw apt-get dist-upgrades.22:26
infinity(We support packages not being absolutely broken, but we don't support people blindly telling apt "yeah, your package selection looks sane, I totally want 3 new kernels, and a removed openoffice!")22:27
tjaaltoninfinity: I've also seen it doing a fresh install by preseeding the package list with nvidia-glx on it, but it doesn't always do that22:28
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, if you ask apt to install "nvidia-glx linux-generic", it will install "nvidia-glx, lrm-386, linux-generic", because of its brain-dead dep resolution policy.22:30
infinityIt goes for "fastest loop unrolling" rather than "path of least possible system change" (which, say, dselect does)22:30
infinitytjaalton: The problem with the proposed solution is that it just shifts the bug to all the other kernel:nvidia combinations, while appearing to "fix" it for generic.22:31
infinitytjaalton: Given our general preference for generic, that may be a win, just pointing out that it's no more correct. ;)22:32
tjaaltoninfinity: anyway, I'll drop the change for now, since it needs further discussion22:32
infinitytjaalton: Given that one can never guarantee a kernel interface is there (because, y'know, the user might not reboot before hitting Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and blowing up X), I've often wondered if dropping the dep entirely, or even just lowering it to a Recommends, might not be out of line.22:34
infinitytjaalton: userspace:kernel dependencies are much harder to enforce than kernel:kernel or userspace:userspace, since we have no control over which grub option they select on boot.22:34
tjaaltonhmm.. true22:35
infinitytjaalton: One will note that the fglrx packages have no such painful userspace:kernel dep.22:36
tjaaltoninfinity: because there's only one version?22:36
infinitytjaalton: No, the driver->kernel dep is OLD... Predates the multiple version thing.22:36
infinitytjaalton: It's just inherited from the Debian nvidia packaging.22:37
infinitytjaalton: The multiple version thing is a red herring, since the LRM packages provide all 3 kernel modules.22:37
infinitytjaalton: But, yeah, in every release cycle, I see maybe one complaint about fglrx lacking a kernel dep, and dozens of complaints about the nvidia kernel dep being broken.22:38
infinitytjaalton: Given that fantastic bit of statistical analysis, I'd say the fglrx situation is "less broken".22:39
tjaaltoninfinity: hehe :)22:39
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tjaaltonnow it builds, the xen patch messed things up23:37
infinitytjaalton: Is "it builds" code for "I'm uploading it"? :)23:44
tjaaltoninfinity: you bet :)23:45
tjaaltoninfinity: I dropped the nvidia-kernel* dependencies23:48
tjaaltonok, uploading..23:57

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