dholbachgood morning07:05
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\shlool: hmm...I don't see wine enabled in p-a-s for lpia (http://cvs.debian.org/srcdep/Packages-arch-specific?rev=1.743&root=dak&view=markup) :)09:28
lool\sh: Yes, it's not, that's what we're discussing09:40
loolYou wrote "I need to bribe lamont to add lpia arch to p-a-s?", but lpia is already in use in this file09:40
loolConcerning adding wine for lpia, I asked Lamont implicitely by Cc:ing him, but feel free to ping him again09:41
\shlool: I meant to add to entry "%wine: i386 amd64" the lpia arch string :)10:13
\shlool: for us it's just adding some lpia specific arch identifiers to debian/control to let it build on our lpia buildds...so when lamont adds it this week, I can upload a new revision of wine to build it on lpia too 10:14
lool\sh: Ok, cool10:18
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mjg59lool: Around?16:45
agoliveiramjg59: Loic went to a doctor but he should return about 9pm UTC+216:48
mjg59agoliveira: Ah, ok. No problem.16:49
patmMega_Lin, ping17:50
Mega_Linpatm: got it17:51
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bspencerlool, ping19:28
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loolbspencer: pong19:49
loolbspencer: I'll be driving home, will be back in 45 mn19:49
bspencerlool,  no prob.19:49
loolbspencer: If you see rustyl, you can tell him about it too :)19:49
bspencerI'll update the hildon-theme-mobile-basic tarball today.  fyi.19:49
loolI'd like to chat to both of you tonight if possible19:49
bspencer(that's all)19:49
loolbspencer: Oh perfect thanks19:49
bspencerI didn't know the process was manual :P19:50
loolPerhaps it shouldn't be ;)19:50
* lool &19:50
bspenceris & you crossing your fingers?19:50
loolbspencer: It means I'm backgrounding myself ;)20:38
mjg59lool: Got a minute?20:40
loolmjg59: Sure20:53
loolmjg59: Sorry, didn't notice the ping fast enough; let me know if you want me to give you a phone call or something20:54
mjg59lool: I've been chatting to Chris - for qemu, we could do with images that use cirrus as the default X driver21:08
loolmjg59: Sure, why cirrus instead of vmware?21:12
loolOh wait, qemu, nm21:12
loolI thought Chris was running vmware21:12
loolmjg59: On my side, I worked on ubuntu-vm-builder porting to lpia, but it requires rebasing on a rewritten branch21:13
loolAnd it wasn't capable of bootstrapping 32-bits vms under amd64, but I guess I could implement this as well21:13
mjg59lool: Yeah, I was confused by that. But they're looking at qemu right now.21:31
mjg59lool: As far as I can tell, it should just be making sure the package is there and then including something other than ume-config-samsung-q121:32
rje4242question: I see a maemo branch - does this mean that Ubuntu mobile works on the n800 now?23:44

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