toorimaim installing hardy with the alternate disk, due to encryption setup, but i get to pick between 3 kernels, linux-generic, linux-image-generic and linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic, whats the difference?00:43
jbristowI'm looking to get an ATSC tuner card and looking for advice00:50
ahave_hello room01:18
ahave_can anyone recomond a compatible pci hardware card for mythtv that has spdif out?01:18
ahave_i noticed that for just stereo sound, the volume is very low.. how can i adjust this?01:40
rhpot1991ahave_: alsamixer01:44
rhpot1991there is a setting in setup>general a few pages in (I think) where you can bump that from 70 to 10001:44
rhpot1991so it doesn't keep resetting alsamixer to 70 each time01:44
rhpot1991ahave_: also can you pastebin me your lircd.conf so I can compare them and ship mine off to foxxbuntu if they are good01:45
ahave_hmm, my mythtv is off my network.. is there any reason why i could not copy something to the 'USB MEMORY' folder?01:56
ahave_let me rephrase that, how can i save it so that  windows  can see the file?01:58
ahave_sorry, nevermind01:59
ahave_it worked on the second try01:59
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foxxbuntusuperm1, http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/rc/91ab/01:59
rhpot1991thanks ahave02:00
ahaverhpot1991, thank you - for all your help02:01
rhpot1991no prob02:01
ahavei am wanting to install a front end on another box, but everytime it tries to go past the mythtv boot screen, the comptuer restarts.. what are some options that i can remove to help fix this?02:08
rhpot1991try safe graphics?02:10
ahaveyup, same thing02:10
ahavei can see the 'loading linux kernel' status bar go to 100%.. then it restarts02:10
ahaveany ideas?02:10
ahavehmm.. having alot of issues today :(02:19
rhpot1991I had that happen with my one box when I was using a pci raid controller that it apparently couldn't see02:20
ahavei accidently created a 'LiveTv' Storage group, and i belive it is causing my WatchTv to not work. how can i remove this Groups?02:20
ahaverhpot1991, ah! thanks. i just put in a USB 2.0 controller. ill try it without02:20
rhpot1991ahave: mythtv-setup is where you edit storage groups02:20
rhpot1991I have a livetv and recordings, both pointing to the same folders02:20
ahaverhpot1991, right. i am in there now.. but how can i delete?02:20
rhpot1991ahave: if it still gives you problems try the alternate install cd02:20
rhpot1991try hitting m02:20
rhpot1991or d02:20
ahavem did it - thanks02:20
ahavethat fixed it02:22
ahavebut the sound is still super quiet, in MCC i set the slider to 70 - that is controlling my sound right? is there anywhere else?02:23
rhpot1991you mean mythtvfrontend right?02:23
rhpot1991I turned the sound in the options up to 100, and turned the sound all the way up when I am playing back as well02:24
rhpot1991and its close to the sound from my STB02:24
ahavemythtvfrontend, yes02:24
ahavestill very quiet02:25
rhpot1991hit your volume buttons02:27
rhpot1991see if thats up all the way02:27
ahaveas in on remote?02:27
rhpot1991or keyboard02:27
ahavewhat is the keyboard key for it?02:28
rhpot1991let me see if I can find it02:28
rhpot1991] apparently02:28
ahavemaxed right now02:29
ahavei have headphones in, and i can barely hear it02:29
ahaveactually... volume adjustment has no effect02:30
ahaveam i using line out perhaps?02:30
rhpot1991ssh in and run alsamixer02:30
rhpot1991see if any of those effect it02:30
ahavedang, not on a network02:30
rhpot1991you can launch a terminal and try it02:31
rhpot1991gonna want to try and keep myth running so you can toggle back and forth and make sure nothing got reset02:31
ahaveah, ok. if i max out everything it kinda works02:33
rhpot1991if you find a more elegant solution I'd love to hear it, but thats all that I know of02:34
ahavebut the mythtv vol adjuster still makes no difference02:34
drfozanybody know why i cant use my pvr-350 remote and my serial irblaster at the same time on 8.04?03:42
nixternalsuperm1: he is in here -- mishehu speak up05:33
superm1mishehu, hi05:33
nixternalsuperm1: he is a CodLUGger05:34
nixternaldon't think he was there though the day you showed up05:34
mishehusuperm1: hope you can help.  I got 7.10 installed, just updated myth to 0.21 from synaptic.  audio is intel-hda.  audio works fine in myth (only tested mythmusic and dvds though so far), except when playing dvd's with a52 streams.  I get snap crackles and pops and no audio out the SPDIF to my av receiver.  but xine can send it out properly.05:35
mishehuI've tried all different combinations of playback devices from the configuration menus.05:35
superm1mishehu, on 7.10 for 0.21 we linked against liba52, you aren't the first person to complain though05:35
superm1did things for it work before on 0.20?05:36
mishehusuperm1: oh, so somebody else has had the problem too?05:36
mishehusuperm1: I *think* they did.05:36
superm1well only with a52 streams, but it wasnt spdif out issues05:36
superm1do you have some other a52 streams (non dvd maybe)05:36
superm1that you can try to verify if its just dvd specific?05:36
mishehuI'd have to look on some files, give me a moment05:37
superm1in 8.04 we are no longer linking against liba52 for that reason05:37
superm1that there were a few complaints about "tin sounding" from a52 streams05:38
superm1internal ffmpeg handles instead05:38
mishehusuperm1: ah.  ok, hang on, I think I found a file but need to go to the other room05:38
superm1mishehu, okay05:38
nixternalsuperm1: you have one of those hd usb tuners? that antennae you had at the LUG event, was that one? I can't remember and I found a good deal on one I was thinking about trying out05:39
superm1nixternal, i have a silicon dust HDHomeRun05:40
superm1its a network tuner05:40
superm1network dual tuner that is05:40
nixternalhrmm, was that you who did the first hdhomerun uploads that I revu'd?05:40
superm1probably :)05:40
nixternalk, I knew that sounded familiar05:40
Kevin`i'm getting intermittant choppy video in mythtv, any ideas what could be causing it?05:41
superm1that tool is for updating firmware, myth has native support though for the hdhomerun05:41
MattimusPrimeI'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, I upgraded a gutsy install with MythTV 0.21 and have the problem with an undefined symbol glXGetProcAddress. I read on the bug tracker that it is fixed in 0.21.0-0ubuntu3 but I can't work out how to get that update. Can someone please help me?05:41
superm1Kevin`, try changing profiles to 'slim' or 'normal' rather than CPU+05:41
Kevin`superm1 where05:42
superm1Kevin`, TV playback settings05:42
superm1MattimusPrime, that update is in hardy only right now.  we will try to do one more backport before hardy is released, but i'm not sure at what point we will get it done05:42
MattimusPrimesuperm1 Any idea if we're talking weeks or days?05:43
superm1MattimusPrime, we're talking 1-3 weeks probably05:43
MattimusPrimeI have a useless mythTV box right now and would love to avoid a complete reinstall05:43
superm1MattimusPrime, you would be best off upgrading to hardy then05:43
Kevin`superm1 the choppy audio is present in the recordig (if you rewind it sounds exactly the same), you think playback settings will correct it?05:44
superm1or rolling back to 0.20 for now05:44
MattimusPrimeWould updating my whole system to hardy but a tough process?05:44
MattimusPrimeI've tried rolling back, dependencies are too awkward to get it right.05:44
superm1MattimusPrime, pretty straightforward to upgrade.  'sudo update-manager -d -c'05:44
MattimusPrimeIt won't let me roll back as each component I try complains it has a conflict with others05:44
superm1the only big issue i've seen people run into is that the -386 kernel gets installed on the upgrade05:45
MattimusPrimeI have and amd64 install05:45
superm1MattimusPrime, then moot point :)05:45
superm1Kevin`, if this is an issue playing the file in other players no it won't solve it, but this is a solution that fixes choppy audio or video yes05:45
MattimusPrimeSo will it install an -386 kernel and make my system unbootable unless I manually install the right kernel?05:46
superm1MattimusPrime, no it wont on amd6405:46
superm1it only happens on i386 installs05:46
MattimusPrimeok, thanks05:46
MattimusPrimesuperm My wife will be happy now! We don't have a tv, only the mythtv on a large monitor! You've been a great help.05:47
Kevin`another question, how do I start and stop a recording manually (like for input from a tape)05:48
Kevin`if I press r it stops at the nearest half hour05:48
superm1MattimusPrime, best of luck :)  if there are any hiccups, bring them up here okay?05:48
MattimusPrimeWill do, thanks05:48
superm1Kevin`, you need to go to watch recordings i think and pick the recording in the menu and pick "stop recording"05:49
mishehusuperm1: damn, I lost audio output except for a52 streams, even from CLI utilities.  restarting alsa didn't resolve it, so I rebooted the machine05:49
Kevin`superm1 it stops itself without me telling it to05:49
superm1mishehu, okay so its not just myth specific stuff05:50
mishehusuperm1: apparently not now.  but it's different than what happens in myth05:50
mishehumyth it's snaps crackles pops, this was nothing unless I played an a52 stream via xine05:50
superm1mishehu, i use a workaround on my box at least to make everything play through spdif properly05:50
superm1an asoundrc05:51
superm1put that in ~/.asoundrc05:51
superm1and log out/in05:51
mishehuI'll try it, but I'm on my last bit of patience of the night.  so if it doesn't work, I'll have to work with you on this tomorrow.05:59
mishehuas it is, my av receiver is annoying me too...  gives of a strong smell of ozone, but I can't see any arcing in it.06:00
mishehusuperm1: ok, I can get sound now from aplay, but mythmusic no longer plays any sound (and oddly the visualitions aren't playing either)06:10
mishehuI give up for now, too tired.  I'll work on it tomorrow.  thanks for the help thus far.06:10
superm1set everything to output to ALSA:default now06:11
superm1and it *should* work :)06:11
mishehuit is set for alsa:default06:12
mishehu*should* is the operative word.  I had some weird glitches on a rolled-my-own install under kernels 2.6.22.x btw.06:13
superm1okay well then we'll chat in a future time period06:13
superm1night dude06:13
mishehuanyway, about to collapse.  baby wears me out.06:13
mishehuthanks again06:13
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MythbuntuGuest78Thanks  :-)12:36
aSpasticis laga about?13:03
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EvilGuruWhen I ssh into my system I get: "Unable to access MythTV Perl API.  Try with --verbose to find out why."18:04
MattimusPrimeI just upgraded my mythbuntu box to 8.04, and now it's crashing on trying to play a dvd. Has anyone else seen this and if so, is there a known fix? I can't find anything on the bug reports23:52
dthackersorry, I'm too much of a chicken to upgrade23:53
MattimusPrimeI was kind of forced to by the 0.21 backports update23:53
MattimusPrimeThere was a bug which causes it to fail on some older graphics drivers, and there was no simple way to downgrade it due to a dependency loop23:54

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