ompaulthe two ti00:00
ompaulLjL, no other comments00:00
ompaulI am going to lie down and sleep 00:00
tonyyarussomneptok: wow...00:16
LjLwatch unsungloser, i suspect a troll00:27
sculework<-- bascule00:59
LjLsarah__* is, imho, trolling:01:03
LjL[Sat Mar 29 2008] [21:58:04] <LjL>      !security | sarah___01:03
LjL[Sat Mar 29 2008] [21:58:12] <sarah___> !security01:03
LjL[Wed Apr 2 2008] [02:02:30] <LjL>       !security | sarah____01:03
LjLkeep an eye01:03
sculeworkI just got MrUnagi saying he accidentally got in to kubuntu cause of an auto-join01:03
LjLsculework: that wasn't to you :)01:03
sculeworkOK, chuckle01:03
LjLsculework: yes i noticed, i see he parted though.01:04
sculeworkhe was wondering on the ban status and wasn't wanting to further the ban evading difficulty01:04
sculeworkso I am asking for him01:04
LjLbascule, the ban status is basically that no matter how hard he tries to deny it, i just can't believe someone saying "<waynrdude> <---- mrunagi" is not, well, mrunagi01:05
sculeworkI doubt it's lifted, I just wanted to let people know that he was not there 'dileberately'01:05
sculeworkswap e and i of course .. sorry01:06
LjLsculework, that was clear enough from the fact he parted01:06
LjLsculework: and, he's not banned because he's using his other connection, i believe01:07
sculeworkI see, I will let him know that, thanks for your time01:07
sculeworkI have nothing else01:07
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)01:28
stdinwell, that was interesting01:29
LjLwhat, when01:29
LjLnothing happened01:29
LjLmeh, wth does my connection have01:45
LjLmy bots all fell in turns01:45
LjLnalioth, the fellow in ##linux is doing it again01:47
LjLmeh nm01:47
ubotuIn ubotu, Pici said: tutorial is <alias> training02:12
* Pici forgot to @login02:13
* LjL @logins pici02:13
PiciLjL: I had to remove your warning about asking silly questions in +1, the release notes link was getting cut off.02:15
LjLPici: eh, wasn't my warning :)02:16
nikrudthat was a pretty nice joke in the topic :)02:17
LjLnikrud: no soul fell for it02:17
LjLmethinks rot13'd pastebin wins anyway02:17
LjLwell, automatix upload too02:17
nikrudheh. 3 months is too long, but 2 feels ok 02:17
Hobbseedamn you, jdong 02:18
LjLHobbsee: now i didn't want to recall sore memories02:18
nikrudsomeone actually bit on the automatix thing?02:19
Hobbseei think i'll remove jdong's upload rights as an april fools thing, too.  and just not put them back02:19
* nikrud is now frightened of the pointy sticks02:19
Picinikrud: just now?02:20
nikrudonly now. I see just how evi^W assertive some people can be ;)02:20
* Hobbsee has to be assertive.02:22
mneptoki like when you order me around, baby.02:23
nikrudsomeone has to. I'll just stay outside of your peripheral vision :)02:23
emmaWhat happened to the IRSeek bot in #ubuntu?02:24
Hobbseeit got klined.02:24
emmaIs this april fools?02:24
LjLi think they're having connection issues02:24
PiciThe bot was excess flooding earlier today.02:24
emmaIt's wonderful!02:24
LjLit kept excess flooding02:24
LjLyesterday too. i removed the forward to ##f_y_c too early02:25
mneptokFine Young Cannibals?02:25
Hobbseeoh, so it's only temp-klined02:25
LjLmneptok: don't make me make up mine02:25
emmaGetting rid of the IRSeekBot is a great step in the right direction. I think a lot of people will be happy and more cooperative now.02:25
emmaSee you all later.02:26
Piciemma: I wouldnt read too much into it....02:26
nikrudlol, what a part message02:26
Hobbseeshe missed the part about temporary?02:26
mneptoknikrud: i think she;s hot for you, dude! TOHLLY ASK HER OUT!02:27
mneptoksomebody send me a cheese omelette.02:27
nikrudyup, that one definitely includes canuck (honorary)02:27
nikrudmneptok I am accused of having a perverted sense of humor, but I do bow to the master ;p02:29
* mneptok polishes his halo demurely02:29
naliothnikrud: mneptok is the pervert here02:30
TaylorThanks for ridding ircseekbot :)02:30
naliothTaylor: it is not "gone"02:31
naliothit will be back02:31
Taylornalioth: it's not k-lined?02:31
nikrudnalioth I know. We have been mastered02:31
LjLTaylor, it's k-lined because it was malfunctioning, simply that.02:32
PiciTaylor: Its only k-lined for technical difficulties, not policy changes.02:32
pleia2now I want a cheese omelette02:33
* mneptok gently flips pleia2 02:34
Picipleia2: I could try sending one, but I think I'd have trouble getting the egg out of the scanner.02:34
pleia2Pici: thanks anyway :)02:34
mneptokPici: my GF and i don't have children for the same reason02:38
LjL!ops NOTICE - the IRSeek bot was malfunctioning and got temporarily K-lined because of that. there is NO decision on anyone's part about it, that we're aware of.02:41
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL02:41
stdinnow *that's* a factoid02:42
LjLwasn't intended as such but shrug02:44
LjLjust make it clear to anyone who may ask02:44
Pici!tab | nikrud that must be annoying03:19
ubotunikrud that must be annoying: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:19
nikrudamusing mostly03:19
nikrudI do enjoy helping the real beginners, :)03:20
PiciMe too03:20
nikrudyes, I remember when you were one ;-P03:20
Pici!info is broken!03:42
ubotuPackage is does not exist in gutsy03:42
nikrudhaha. ubotu is getting creaky, showing his age. Memory gone03:43
mneptok!info vrms03:46
ubotuPackage vrms does not exist in gutsy03:46
mneptokhe uses Gnewsense03:47
nikrudvrms I've always loved that package03:47
PiciDo we have an IRC Council meeting scheduled for any time in the near or not so near future?04:09
* Pici is curious04:09
* nikrud wonders when the last one was04:12
jdong23:48 -!- crew [n=chatzill@sc-wireless-pittnet-105.wireless.pitt.edu] has  joined #ubuntuforums04:50
jdong23:49 < crew> Hey where all da white women at??04:50
jdongis this hostmask familiar to staffers?04:50
tonyyarussosince when do the floodbots grant mibbit ban exemptions, and how?05:37
stdinthey have for a while now, since a mibbit rep came here and asked05:46
tonyyarussohow do they decide who to exempt?05:49
stdinI think they just monitor #ubuntu-proxy-users for mibbit users05:51
tonyyarussostdin: it would appear that you're right.05:55
sparklehistoryHi, I'm here to report a pm invitation to join a 'free-wheeling unregulated' ubuntu channel.  06:37
* nalioth wonders which one that is . . .06:38
mneptoksparklehistory: if the channel name begins with "#sparkly-" i'm in!06:39
* mneptok crosses fingers for "-ponies"06:39
* tonyyarusso banforwards mneptok to ##shiny-objects06:39
sparklehistoryOn March 5 from either #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic (Sorry, I don't remember for sure) emma private messaged me and asked if I wanted to join/idle in a free-wheeling unregulated ubuntu channel.  After clarifying that this was not the same sort of idea as -offtopic I declined.  I believe the channel in mind was ##ubuntu-uncensored but I'm not entirely sure.  06:40
mneptokmarch 5?06:40
mneptokthat's like 1834 in IRC years06:40
sparklehistorytonyyarusso said I should report it after I mentioned it to him in another conversation06:41
tonyyarussomneptok: true, but the issue at hand is equivalent to infant diarrhea in that case (still going on today)06:41
mneptoki tip my hat to your log-fu06:41
mneptoktonyyarusso: except less pleasant06:41
naliothif it was in fact ##Ubuntu-uncensored, that is no Ubuntu channel06:42
sparklehistoryI have the log if necessary but there really isn't anything more in there than what I just posted.  06:42
sparklehistoryIt is encrypted so I can message the password to anyone who wants it06:43
* mneptok has mostly, and hopefully will, stay out of the emma ... "unpleasantness"06:44
* nalioth steals mneptoks hip waders06:45
mneptoksparklehistory: but feel free to join #sparkle-ponies. i just made it as a place to escape from the typical Ubuntu channels. or discussion of them. or discussion of discussion of Ubuntu channels. or reality.06:45
mneptokthat ... probably shoul;d have been a PM06:46
mneptokfor that touch of class06:46
sparklehistorymneptok, thanks, I'll keep that in mind!  Sounds interesting...06:47
* nalioth goes to see about the ponies06:49
nikruda boy and his pony06:51
sparklehistoryIs anything more needed from me?06:51
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, crhylov1 said: ubotu: That link is broken.07:03
PiciI'm always amazed at how many people think that sh!7 is acceptable language.07:07
nikrudI like the way the channel is defending itself07:07
mneptokPici: fsck'n a right.07:09
Madpilotevening all07:09
nikrudmneptok come to LA (if you can get across the border, I'll buy you a few beers ;)07:09
Madpilothmm, Freenode's little bio on clarke.freenode.net's MotD is out of date. Doesn't have his date of death.07:10
naliothwelcome back Madpilot 07:10
tonyyarussoMadpilot: people with Freenode servers named after them don't die.07:10
mneptoknikrud: i'm a Merkin. from CT by way of Philly and DC and Portland, OR.07:10
tonyyarussothey simply devote all of their resources to IRC.07:11
tonyyarussokind of like Ubuntu ops, but more so.07:11
Madpilottonyyarusso, heh07:11
nikrudmneptok I know that. Figured you fled the law. Anyway, I think we'd have a bit of fun, trying to make the other puke07:11
Madpilotnalioth, thanks. Haven't been spending much time on IRC the last few months07:11
mneptoknikrud: in LA? you got the easy win.07:12
Madpilotnikrud, ops drinking games. Every mistaken pasteflood, one shot. Troll, two shots. Ban evader, finish the bottle. :)07:12
tonyyarussoMadpilot: I foresee very drunk ops somewhere near the end of April.07:13
mneptoktonyyarusso: May, more like.07:13
Madpilottonyyarusso, you weren't planning on facing release day *sober*, were you?07:13
mneptok(depending on UDS attendance)07:13
nikrudeither that or brain dead ones07:13
nikrudslippage? not very suprised07:14
tonyyarussoMadpilot: well, I normally don't drink, and release is on a school/work day, so yes.07:14
Madpilottonyyarusso, this is why $deity invented sick days. And alcohol. :)07:15
nikrudtonyyarusso so we'll use root beer shots. Sugar sickness, but still sober ;)07:15
jussi01sugar high ftw!!07:16
* jussi01 gets out the red cordial...07:17
tonyyarussonikrud: haha, that works, kinda07:17
nikruddang, ubotu is actually spritely08:25
nikrudshould we announce is an unnamed channel that irseek is back?08:27
nikrudor not08:27
tonyyarussoeh, let them notice themselves.08:28
nikrudit just flooded itself out again08:28
naliothit's not doing it as badly as t'other day08:32
nikrudnalioth when do you sleep? (at least I hope you do)08:33
* nikrud goes to bed08:34
Madpilotnikrud, nalioth is some form of revenant. Honest. :)08:34
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Mezubotu excess flood ? wtf?12:01
Jucatoheh :)12:02
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
=== elkbuntu_ is now known as elkbuntu
ubotuLamego called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:46
MezSeveas, ping12:46
SeveasMez, pang12:47
MezSeveas, can ubotu be made to watch for channel leave messages like "Requested by .*: !factoid"12:47
Mezand then send the factoid on the removal.12:47
Seveasfile a bug, nice idea :)12:48
Mezreport link ?12:48
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:48
PriceChildMez: ^12:49
Seveasah, my brain is slow12:49
Mezbug 21076912:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210769 in ubuntu-bots "[REQUEST] Scanning /remove messages for factoids" [Undecided,New] 12:52
MezLjL, ping12:52
MezLjL, unping12:56
ikonia-!- flea [n=blia@] has left #ubuntu ["this channel of noobs"]16:01
ikoniausername flea pretty sulky / rude part message16:01
jpatrickikonia: somoone seen to it16:07
ikoniadon't think so 16:07
ikoniaI thought jrib did, but it was my mistake he didn't16:07
ikoniathe guy just parted in a sulk and put that part mesage, pretty pathetic16:07
PriceChildjpatrick: ?16:08
ubotuIn ubotu, erUSUL said: inetsharing is <reply>If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing. you can also use !firestarter (http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php).16:08
jpatrickerUSUL: hola16:11
erUSULjpatrick: hola16:11
erUSULjpatrick: has my factoid been added ?16:12
jpatrickerUSUL: not yet16:13
erUSUL:| ;P16:14
PriceChildlaunchpad just launched openid...17:07
PriceChildare they going to be yet another provider... or will they let me sign in using my existing openid...?17:07
PriceChild"Unfortunately, not at this time. Launchpad is currently an OpenID Provider (OP) and not a consumer (RP). "17:08
PriceChildWhat is the point in openid if everything's only going to be a provider.17:09
TheSheepcollecting users is a web2.0 hobby, it seems17:10
jdongwhat's next? twitter plugin for fixing bugs?17:19
jdong"omgz just wrote a line of patch"17:19
jdong"oops called patch with wrong argument"17:19
jdong"stupid tab complete"17:19
* PriceChild wonders why his openid url becomes launchpad.net/~id/<garbage>17:21
jdongso your browser history can contain even more private data.17:22
PriceChildaha https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/19906917:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199069 in launchpad "User profile pages should not be OpenID identities" [High,Confirmed] 17:23
Odd-rationaleHello! Are any of you also an op at ubuntuforums.org? Would it be possible for you to delete one of my threads? Thanks!17:23
PriceChilderm... "The plan is not to talk about it."17:24
jdongtalk to PriceChild, I've gotta run to class17:24
PriceChildOdd-rationale: linky? (you can normally find us in #ubuntuforums17:24
Odd-rationalePriceChild: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74060117:25
PriceChildOdd-rationale: if your network administrator is blocking something, ubuntu's support is *not* the place for getting around it.17:26
PriceChildOdd-rationale: I assume he found that thread, or you're scared of him finding it?17:27
Odd-rationalePriceChild: chilinski already helped me out via pm17:27
Odd-rationalePriceChild: My problem is soved.17:28
Odd-rationalePriceChild: I would like that the thread be deleted if possible...17:28
PriceChildWasn't what I asked.17:28
Odd-rationalePriceChild: No he hasn't found it yet. And probably would not look for it. But just to be safe.... :)17:29
PiciI think PriceChild is asking *why* you need it deleted, since its not normally policy to delete threads without reason. 17:29
Picis/reason/good reason/17:29
PriceChildOdd-rationale: Ubuntu is pro-freedom, not anti-microsoft.17:29
Odd-rationalePriceChild: I understand that. But ms is rather anti freedom17:30
PriceChildnot really, but they are pro-lotsofmoney17:31
PriceChildNot really my point though17:31
Odd-rationalePici: ok. The reason would be so that it is no longer available on the net. And no one would be able to find it. But if it is against the policy to delete threads then let it be. it is alright.17:31
PiciI'm just trying to mediate here, I have no affiliation with the forums.17:32
Odd-rationalePici: oh ok. mediate? we're not having a debate :)17:33
mc44Odd-rationale: In the future, it might be wise to remeber that things on the internet tend to say on the internet17:33
Odd-rationalemc44: true17:33
Seveaswhatever happens on the internet, stays in google17:33
Odd-rationaleIf you cannot delete the thread for whatever reason, you can just say so. I am alright with that.17:34
Seveasin case of forums it's google :)17:34
Odd-rationaleI was just asking a favor17:34
Seveasand for most of ubuntu's channels as well17:34
Seveasat least IrseekBot announces itself, googles IRC spy doesn't17:35
PiciThats what robots.txt is for17:36
Odd-rationalePriceChild: If you cannot delete the thread for whatever reason, you can just say so. I am alright with that.17:36
mc44Seveas: Google just stores all internet traffic!17:37
Odd-rationaleYou have my request. I'll leave the rest to your descretion. Thanks a lot all. Have a good day.17:39
PriceChildI removed the thread immediately after he asked for anyone that's interested, I didn't approve of it in the first place, nevermind whether we delete threads or not.17:50
PiciPriceChild: I figured you or someone else did, since I couldnt get to it.17:57
ubotuIn ubotu, erUSUL said: inetsharing is <reply>If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing. you can also use !firestarter (http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php).18:01
Pici!inetsharing > erUSUL 18:04
Picialso aliased to !ics18:05
erUSULPici: thanks much ;)18:15
Seveasubotu, ping20:00
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LjL[21:15:30] *** FloodBot1 sets mode: -o PriceChild20:20
LjLno, not really, what the hell is this20:20
ompaul!test | ForLag20:22
ubotuForLag: Failed.20:22
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tonyyarussoPriceChild: my blog is a consumer :)  not quite sure if it's working yet, but that's the idea20:44
nikrudafter that part message, I think I'll just go back to using none20:44
Seveasubotu's staying off for a while20:53
Seveasserver's hitting OOM, dunno why20:54
tonyyarussoas in, botty go boom?21:03
jpatrickthanks nalioth 21:23
naliothhad to restart the box21:38
Seveasfound the OOM condition21:38
jpatrickSeveas: been meditating?21:40
Seveastonyyarusso/jpatrick out-of-memory21:44
Seveasgoogle for oom-killer21:44
Seveasbut it's probably not ubotu causeing it so I'll bring it back21:44
jpatricksounds evil..21:45
Seveasjpatrick, basically, you run out of memory and the kernel kills the process that malloc()s the final bits and a bit more21:47
Seveaswhich isn't necessarily the memory chewing one21:47
ompaulSeveas, so can you log what the last 40 -pids were22:06
ompaulso when it kicks in again you might see a pattern i.e. the guilty party22:06
Seeker`Seveas: Have you put anything new on the server?22:08
AmaranthSeveas: that's not true, the oom killer is smarter than that22:09
SeveasSeeker`, hardy :)22:11
Seeker`ah, quite a bit then22:11
Seeker`how much memory does the server have?22:11
Seveasonly 1g22:14
Seveasand mysql and apache are fighting for it22:15
Seveasgot apache sort-of under control22:15
Seveasbut why the F* does mysql want 137MB22:15
Seveasright from the start22:15
ompaulit is playing the MS game - gime ram you ain't using it?22:15
ompaulSeveas, stick it in a jail of some sort - selinux and keep it below a 1/4 22:16
Seveasneh, I'd rather config it correctly22:17
Seveaskinda need it :)22:17
ompaulso what additional parts did you launch 22:17
ompaulsome sucky api most likely going "YIPPPEEEEE ME GOTZ RAMZ"22:18
Seeker`i'm in ur apache, stealin your ramz22:19
ompaullagggg 22:19
Seveasyesterday the problem was far, far worse22:19
Seveasthen I did s/postfix+amavis+clamav+spamassassin/exim+spamassassin/22:20
Seveasgave me back my cpu's22:20
Seveasnow for the memory22:20
ompaulall speed no place to putz the dataz22:21
Seeker`I want a terabyte of ram22:23
ompaulfor what? (I tried not to swear in the middle of those words)22:23
ompaulnot sure that I succeeded 22:23
Seeker`because then the space/time tradeoff for my coursework wont be an issue22:24
Seeker`because i'll have all the space I need :)22:24
ompauljust as things expand to fill shelf space data expands to fill the ram 22:25
Seeker`ompaul: But this is a valid reason for using this much ram :)22:26
ompauldono ask google22:26
Seeker`ompaul: Generating every possible combination of assembly instructions takes up quite a bit of ram22:27
ompaulSeeker`, a terabyte hmmm if you think so22:28
Seeker`ompaul: well, I have an algorithm that means you only require a small subset22:28
Seeker`for certain values of small22:29
ompaulSeeker`, you could bz2 the data and have a database point to the combination of links22:30
Seeker`I still dont think it would fit in a reasonable amount of RAM22:30
PriceChildLjL: you didn't -r23:59

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