Deepsheh, in this time you probably could have installed an ubuntu server, had nfs serving from there, and be half way to finding your backup solution too00:04
Deepsoh, you've got it working now, nice :)00:04
MountainXDeeps - I was thinking the same thing00:04
Deepskey search terms would be rsync incremental backup00:05
MountainXNo, it is not working now. I thought it was, but I still have permissions issues.00:05
MountainXMy goal is to put Ubuntu on that file server eventually. This might be the right time to start. This morning I thought I would begin by testing NFS an another server running Ubuntu as a first step. That led me to start asking a bunch of new questions about NFS version 4...00:06
mok0MountainX: Just use whatever comes with Ubuntu00:07
Deepsapt-get install nfs-server00:07
MountainXmok0 - true. I tend to make things too complicated.00:07
Deepsor, probably, apt-get install nfs00:07
Deepsyou use what your package manager gives you unless you want the headache of manually maintaining your software00:08
MountainXI think I need nfs-common, portmap and nfs-server-something00:08
mok0MountainX: it's better to get something working first00:08
Deepsnfs / nfs-server will be dependant on those packages, and will install them automatically00:08
MountainXDeeps - OK00:08
DeepsPackage nfs-server is a virtual package provided by: unfs3 0.9.17+dfsg-1 nfs-user-server 2.2beta47-23 nfs-kernel-server 1:1.1.1~git-20070709-3ubuntu100:08
Deepsso that'd be nfs-kernel-server i guess00:09
MountainXDeeps - yes, that's the one I was thinking of00:09
mok0yup, that's the one00:09
MountainXI would still like to know if it supports nfs version 4. just curious.00:10
* mok0 sheds a tear from watching "extreme makeover" 00:10
MountainXis anyone here watching Oprah's "A New Earth" online? I think it's good.00:11
MountainXmok0 - http://www.oprah.com/obc_classic/webcast/archive/archive_download.jsp00:11
MountainXthe player doesn't run on Linux, so I don't watch live. I just download and play in VLC later.00:12
mok0Hmm, I'm on my Powerbook and it doesn't work here either. Booh, Oprah00:13
MountainXI think Ubuntu does support NFS version 4. On the client, the mount is like this: mount -t nfs400:14
MountainXI am going to eat. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the help -- and the encouragement to go ahead load Ubuntu on my file server too :) I will be back another day.00:17
MountainX(or maybe later today)00:17
mok0Huh? Oprah just crashed Safari :-D00:17
mok0MountainX: see you00:17
MountainXmok0 later00:17
MountainXand thx00:17
mok0No, Ubuntu NFS is v300:18
BarryToemanHow different is a Ubuntu command-line install vs base Ubuntu Server install (no extra packages installed)?01:11
Deepsif i'm right, server install install ubuntu-server package (and all the wonders that come with it)01:12
Deepsif i'm right, server install install ubuntu-server package (and all the wonders that come with it), while cli only installs ubuntu-standard01:12
Deepssee package.ubuntu.com for details as to what's in there01:13
Deeps(or apt-cache)01:13
BarryToemanDeeps: thanks.01:24
teamcobraI've got a colocated server running hardy, and I set up ldap today.... now the system hangs at starting kernel log daemon02:38
sommerteamcobra: it may be bug #15594702:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15594702:41
sommerI believe there are work arounds in the comments02:41
teamcobraok, it booted properly when removing "ldap" in /etc/nsswitch... will ldap-created users be able to log into the machine, and if not, is there a workaround? (it is an nxserver among other things)02:46
sommerI think so, but you'll want to test that02:46
sommerthat bug is a priority so, hopefully it'll be fixed before hardy release if not sooner :)02:47
geniiJust wanted to know the new package which will be replacing webmin function, if anyone may know02:48
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec02:48
teamcobrasommer: nope, ldap-created users can't log in :/02:50
geniisommer: Thanks02:51
sommergenii: np02:52
sommerteamcobra: ya, I think the best work around is to rearrange the start order of openldap02:52
sommerthere should be details in the comments to that bug02:52
sommerI've been working on setting up a test environment for that bug myself, but have had issues with finding the time lately02:53
teamcobrathat's what I was thinking, looking into it02:56
flybackapprentely I canucked up and 6.06 lts does support smp the installer just installed the wrong kernel03:04
flybackwhat do I need to do to force all the smp supporting kernel packages to install, headers, etc I want to make sure I have all the steps right so I can repeat this 9 more times03:05
flybackalso is there anything in the supplied kernel that would conflict with vmware server03:05
* flyback is starting to like vmware server 2 beta 2 for windows03:07
teamcobraback, going to try to start slapd earlier in the bootprocess03:14
teamcobrawill report how it goes03:14
* flyback bbl03:17
teamcobrasommer: I don't think I did it properly.... do you have any spare time?03:27
sommerfire away03:28
teamcobrawhat's the easiest way to get slapd running before klogd (or any other daemons that need to run under their own user)?03:29
teamcobraback ;p03:29
sommerteamcobra: adjust the scripts in /etc/rc*.d03:30
sommerI think you want to look at /etc/rc3.d first03:30
sommerlower numbers start first :)03:30
sommerI'd try starting slapd right after the networking03:31
teamcobrait seems like networking starts before klogd as I can ping the device (static ip setup)03:33
teamcobrachanging the other rc folders now03:33
teamcobrahrm, still didn't fix it03:39
teamcobrabut looking at the log... it doesn't look like slapd started after networking where I told it to ;p03:40
sommerwhat if you change nsswitch.conf similar to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/155947/comments/4103:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:40
teamcobraone sec ;)03:42
teamcobrastill hanging :/03:48
flyback<flyback> hey03:51
flyback apprentely I canucked up and 6.06 lts does support smp the installer just installed the wrong kernel03:51
flyback what do I need to do to force all the smp supporting kernel packages to install, headers, etc I want to make sure I have all the steps right so I can repeat this 9 more times03:51
flyback also is there anything in the supplied kernel that would conflict with vmware server03:51
sommerteamcobra: did you try this order: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/155947/comments/4903:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:55
teamcobrayes, will make sure it is still set at s13 after this fsck03:56
teamcobrabut pretty positive it is03:56
sommerflyback: I would just install anything package with -dev in the name... I guess, not sure about vmware, but I've heard it works well in gutsy and hardy03:57
sommerteamcobra: maybe try this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/155947/comments/3604:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:03
flybacknow I just gotta find out if I can have a xvnc session off the desktop ubuntu livecd :P04:04
teamcobrawhen making a new file in rcS.d, should I just touch it as root?04:04
sommermaybe, but I'd think it'd work either way04:05
teamcobra1 sec, rebooting again04:06
teamcobraS13 didn't fix it04:07
sommerhave you tried comment 36 of that bug?  maybe it can use the cached creds04:08
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teamcobrastill hangs04:17
sommerI guess maybe try this guys script: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/155947/comments/4204:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:19
sommerteamcobra: that script is pretty large I04:23
sommer'd look through it and make sure that's what you want to do before using it04:23
sommerI'll try to get a test machine setup tomorrow, and hopefully confirm a workaround04:24
flybackugh wish I could figure this out :/04:26
LiENUSwhat package contains nbackup for firebird 2?04:41
teamcobra_hrm, looks like it booted up after running that script, but ssh logins don't work04:42
kirklandsommer: teamcobra_: i was actually trying to reproduce that bug today04:45
kirklandsommer: teamcobra_: i could get hardy to hang on login, but not on boot04:45
teamcobra_kirk: install gutsy, and follow the first 2 pages of this:04:45
teamcobra_it'll reproduce04:45
kirklandteamcobra_: hmm, i was trying with hardy04:45
teamcobra_erm, I meant hardy04:46
teamcobra_sorry, my brain is starting to scramble04:46
teamcobra_w00t, just ssh'ed04:46
teamcobra_thank goodness, sommer.... you've saved me a huge headache04:47
teamcobra_and ldap does indeed work ;)04:47
kirklandteamcobra_: which comment was your workaround?04:48
kirklandteamcobra_: for my reference?04:48
teamcobra_kirk: the script, that's gz'ed04:48
teamcobra_1 sec04:48
sommerteamcobra_: good news04:48
teamcobra_I did have to manually edit my ldap conf afterward to reflect my ip04:48
sommerya I noticed that script had a hard coded one04:49
sommerdid that work around fix it?04:49
sommerkirkland: it's attached to comment 4204:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:50
teamcobra_beat me to it ;)04:50
sommerheh, link is better04:50
kirklandsommer: thanks04:50
teamcobra_ack, that sudo-ldap that gets installed broke my sudo however04:52
teamcobra_which is a biiig problem04:53
sommershould be able to remove that package, I'd think04:54
teamcobra_trying now04:54
teamcobra_wooowoowooo, all better now (removed sudo-ldap and reinstalled sudo from the recovery kernel)05:00
teamcobra_thank goodness for kvm-over-ip05:00
teamcobra_yeah, party after 8h of headaches :D :D05:00
sommerheh, time to drown the woes05:01
teamcobra_heheheh, or smoke them out of their holes ;p05:01
sommerthat's good05:01
teamcobra_this should be an easy fix to implement then before the final release, since that script did the trick ;) just a matter of cleaning it up and such05:04
sommerya, I imagine the fixes will be applied directly to whichever packages need adjusting05:05
* teamcobra_ <3's seeing bugs squashed ;)05:05
footeamcobra_: You're sick05:06
footeamcobra_: :)05:06
themimehow do i partition my disk via command line05:42
foothemime: look into cfdisk05:44
themimeubuntu created 3 partitions, a linux, an extended and a swap.  whats the difference between the ext and the linux partition? why 2? whats the other meant for?06:05
themime(i mean other one besides swap, i know what that ones for)06:05
kgoetzextended is for logical partitions to go in06:06
kgoetzthe extended partition iis for logical partitions to go in.06:07
kgoetzthe 'linux' is ext3 (extention3 filsystem), but a primary partition06:07
themimei don't understand what you mean by logical partition.  why did ubuntu create it? what did it place in there (more specific than "logical partition")06:08
kgoetzthe swap is inside the extended partition06:08
themimeah ok06:08
themimei have an lzm of a kernal from "slax" that i want to use instead of the normal kernel.  is this compatable with ubuntu somehow?06:54
flybackI can't seem to figure out which is the stock kernel for ubuntu server 6,06lts08:01
flybackwhen looking thru a list of packages08:02
flybacklinux, linux-image, kernel, wtf?08:02
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sorenflyback: I'm not sure what you're really looking for?09:24
sorenthemime: No clue. Try.09:30
sorenthemime: Why, though?09:31
teamcobrahrmm, after I got ldap working, none of my users get panels once they log in (no top/bottom panel, just background image)... not even newly-created ones09:41
teamcobraand it appears that all necessary directories are created upon login09:41
teamcobralooks like the panel is segfaulting09:42
sorenYou're not likely to get qualified help for gnome panel issues here.09:44
tonyyarussosoren: What?  You don't run a GUI on your servers?  I'm shocked!09:54
sorentonyyarusso: Not if anyone asks, anyway :)09:57
teamcobrawell, this is a rdesktop server ;p ;p10:03
teamcobralooks like it's not initializing the HAL either upon gui logins :p10:04
teamcobraheh, what a catch-22, this problem falls right between server and desktop ;)10:04
teamcobrahere's the hal error, if anyone has an idea: Could not init PolicyKit context: (null)10:27
sorenteamcobra: There's no catch 22. It's a desktop thing.10:41
sorenWhat are you using to serve rdesktop, by the way?10:42
sorennx does rdp these days?10:44
teamcobranop, just nx10:45
teamcobrasorry for the confusion ;)10:45
sorenno worries :)11:01
faulkes-gonna be a long day12:09
faulkes-but I finally have access to our facilities to get at that damnable iscsi box12:10
_rubenfaulkes-: nice :)13:19
_rubenjust an equallogic reseller representative give a demo of one of their san devices .. quite impressive13:19
Deepsany benefits to ipv6 yet, other than 'because you can' and ipv6porn?13:32
akincerUnless your provider supports IPv6, not really AFIK other than getting your feet wet in it13:35
Deepsi guess i'll be going for a dip for the fun of it then13:36
Deepsforced me to learn how to handle the ripe db already, which is nice13:36
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=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Deepsand anyone here have any idea how to produce logarithmic traffic graphs with mrtg/rrdtool?13:57
Deepseg, i have a 100mbit link that usually sits around 100kbit13:57
Deepsuntil i do an apt-get update+upgrade13:57
Deepsthen the graphs become worthless cuz of the spike13:58
Deepsgoogle finds a logconvert.pl patch for mrtg that 404s13:58
Deepsrrdtool inticates there are command line flags that can be issued, but i'm using mrtg-rrd to generate hte pages and i cant work out how to alter that, and suspect that the change has to be made within mrtg rather than the website13:59
Deepsand/or scrapping mrtg entirely and using rrd on its own to poll the interfaces + update its db13:59
Deepsnm, just discovered logscale option14:22
Deepsspent 3 hours on google yesterday with no joy :(14:22
mzunguhi ppl - i'm trying to use apt-proxy on my pc so that other pc's will update through mine instead of directly. i have a slow pipe, and my pc is kept up to date, so only my pc should have to fetch the updates.  I'm having a problem with apt-proxy-import - which seems to be flagged under bug #4844.  Does anyone know how to get the .debs already in the apt cache into apt-proxy manually??14:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 4844 in apt-proxy "apt-proxy-import says "no suitable backend found"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/484414:47
blue-frogmzungu: will not be easy as they are put in folders if memory serves but you could install apt-cacher in a split second, configure it even faster and copy all your existing deb into apt-cacher folder14:50
mzunguah - so you recommend that over apt-proxy?14:50
blue-frogthen sources.list have to be tweaked with http://apt-cacher-host:3142/archive.ubunt...14:51
blue-frogI used apt-proxy for a long time until I got fed up with minor things but lots of them14:51
mzungusimilar to apt-proxy, i guess14:51
mzunguok - so apt-cacher is sold?14:52
blue-frogsame stuff maybe less options but well works well14:52
mzungus/sold/solid ;)14:52
blue-frogso far so good.  you need to tweak 2 files14:52
mzunguthanks - lemme go try that instead - and dump apt-proxy :(14:53
blue-frogone in /etc/default to make it start automatically at boot14:53
blue-frogand eventually its conf file if you want to move its homedir folder14:53
blue-frog(don't forget to restart the service if you do so..)14:54
mzunguhe he - yes14:54
mzungumany thanks, blue-frog  - i'll give another shout later if i have probs14:55
blue-frogthen you will need to copy all deb in /path/to/apt-cacher/packages/14:55
blue-frogmight need to do chown -R ww-data  to have all the deb readable14:56
mzungui'll google apt-cacher as well to see what pops up ;)14:56
blue-frogit's straight forward anyway...14:57
mzungulet's hope so....14:57
mzunguapt-proxy was straight forward too, until it came to the import - which is the whole point of the exercise ;)14:57
fromportblue0frig/mzungu: you can either tweak the sources _or_ use the apt.conf line Acquire::http::Proxy "http://[cacheserver]:3142";15:10
mzunguthis is for apt-cacher or apt-proxy?15:11
fromportmy experience with apt-cacher are positive, but dont combine ubuntu/debian machines. That will go wrong. I ended up with apt-cacher-ng, which works well with both distro's but has a memory leak15:12
fromportmzungu: apt-cacher15:12
mzungui only have ubuntu machines - all gutsy15:12
mzunguwell - in reality, there's my pc, and now the wifes ;) - so i want that to update through mine, as mine is always up-to-date - and we have a slow internet connection15:13
mzungui did also just notice that apt-cacher is not in the repositories - so prolly i'll have to get the source anyway15:15
fromportdid you enable univer/multiverse in your setup ?15:16
fromportapt-cache search apt-cacher |wc -l   gives me 4 lines ;-)15:17
mzunguwhere i'm at is: stuck importing debs from apt cache into apt-proxy. so blue-frog suggested apt-cacher - i've yet to install it15:18
mzunguah - ok - yesy, i have uni/multi15:18
mzungubut lemme check... something may have got screwed up with apt-proxy :(15:20
mzungui reverted my sources.list - but seems it now needs an update...15:22
mzunguyes - now it's fetching the whole list again ;(15:23
mzunguDAMN apt-proxy ;)15:23
fromportso it can only get better ;-)15:25
mzunguyup! ;)15:26
mzunguall i'm trying to do is save downloading all the updates since gutsy came out!  mebbe there's a moral here - perhaps it should be an install option to (a) have a machine act as proxy, and (b) the installer ask if there's already a proxy on the lan - this can't be an uncommon situation15:29
mzunguthis would also lighten the load a bit on canonical's servers15:30
fromportjust copy al *.deb files from /var/cache/apt/archives/ from your first updated machine to any other machine will also do the trick15:30
mzunguah - ok - didn't know that15:31
mzunguso the apt cache is searched first - i thought there would be complications in terms of the packaged.db or something15:32
fromportwhen you do a "apt-get update" it will see the files allready "downloaded" and apt-get dist-upgrade wont download those files again15:32
mzunguok - so in my case, this should work - for now - but still, to keep copying before updating is a pain15:33
fromportyep , that's why i use apt-cacher-ng (about 6 machines to update)15:33
mzunguyou mentioned a memory leak? - how bad is that?15:34
mzunguwell, the update did the trick, and i now have apt-cacher - lemme go play with it, and i'll give you a shout later15:37
mzungumany thanks for the help, and info15:37
spiekeyi am wondering how this "security" bug is affecting opensshd systems http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/28531/discuss  ?15:40
spiekeyit did some googling and i found out that in some cases it executed ~./ssh/rc, but if its your rc file it does not really, care. Does it?15:40
lamontspiekey: well, if I gave you only specific commands that you could  access via forcedcommands in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, and also gave you write access to .ssh/rc, well then you could bypass my restrictions, and that might not be good. :-(16:03
lamontOTOH, if I'm locking down ssh and I leave you with write access to .ssh/rc, then I'm not very good at locking things down, am I?16:04
rhineheart_mhello.. Is there an .asp server for ubuntu-server?16:04
zulmathiaz: hey I saw your samba patch for ucf it looks good16:12
mathiazzul: thanks. slangasek is going to upload a new version of samba that fixes another bug16:13
zulmathiaz: sounds good16:13
spiekeylamont: who would leave ~./ssh/rc writeable by anyone??16:17
lamontspiekey: muppets16:17
spiekeythis is more a architecture bug, not really security related :=16:17
dthacker-workspecifically Fozzy16:18
spiekeynothing to worry about i guess. right?16:18
lamontspiekey: well, as long as you're not a muppet. :-)16:21
lamontI expect that there are enough muppets in the world that we'll see a backport of the fix16:21
lamontOTOH, I'm less concerned that I was when I first read the securityfocus non-information bulletin16:21
spiekeyi actually came here for some udp+nmap question. If i want to scan a udp port in the same subnet, it seems to work. But if the destination is a diffrent network then i keep seeing arp requests and no udp packets16:23
spiekeyand no arp reply16:24
spiekeyany idea why?16:24
lamontsounds like you have b0rked routing16:24
lamontif it's off-subnet, then you won't see an arp-reply16:24
spiekeyso arp replys only work for same subnets?16:25
lamontarp is a discovery mechanism whereby machines on the local subnet translate layer 3 (IP) addresses into layer 2 (ethernet) addresses.16:26
lamontfor off-subnet destinations, you should know the IP of the router (in the routing table), and then you should see an ARP request for the router's IP, not the destination IP16:26
lamontARP requests, being layer 2, are not forwarded off subnet16:26
lamontOTOH, if the router is configured to do proxy-arp, then it'll respond for any address that is off-subnet, with it's ethernet addr.16:27
lamontthat's not generally how it's done in most places, though16:27
spiekeylamont: thanks a lot!16:27
spiekeyi get the idea16:27
rhineheart_mhello.. Is there an .asp server for ubuntu-server?16:38
sommerrhineheart_m: I wouldn't hope for much seeing as .asp is a Microsoft technology, but I found this thread: http://forums.burst.net/archive/index.php/t-2132.html16:41
zulrhineheart_m: you might try libapache-asp-perl16:44
glycoknobhi folks16:52
glycoknobi some questions regarding security - the wiki was a not great help - is propolice enabled for packages in server-feisty? and what about grsecurity/pax are there pre-build kernel images or source-patches? or maybe someone can throw some links at me16:54
lolichanCan anyone recommend some sort of server statistic packagey thing? As in that'll show graphs and stuff of bandwidth/cpu usage/etc. ( ¯3¯)17:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mrtg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:24
dthacker-worklolichan: cactus, zabbix, nagios, or roll your own with mrtg and rrd17:25
lolichanoh ho, those look pretty good.17:25
lolichanthanks :317:25
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dho_ragusso, what is the best way to get centralized credentials across multiple linux systems?18:57
dho_ragusand what is the best place for me to find information on how to implement features of that nature in ubuntu?  i assume ubuntuguide.org won't be the place...  their LDAP section is incomplete.19:00
dho_ragus...is LDAP the only/best way to do it?19:00
good_danadho_ragus: LDAP is the best way to do it19:17
good_danai'm having a problem with setting up my SSH server, i cant access it from remote networks, however the port is forwarded19:18
dho_ragusgood_dana: any info in ssh -vvv ?19:25
good_dananeither ssh nor sshd accept -vvv or -v as a command switch19:29
dho_ragusssh should...19:29
dho_ragus-vvv will spit out the version, then debug: [1234] lines19:29
dho_ragusgood_dana: oh, i mean ssh -vvv user@host19:30
good_danai'm just connecting through putty19:30
dho_raguswhat's the IP# you're trying to connect to?19:31
good_danai sent it to you in a pm19:31
good_danai think19:31
dho_ragusport 22 connection refused, so we know at least that much.19:34
dho_ragusalternate port?19:35
good_danai'm connecting from a different external ip address19:35
good_danain the 64.200.16.x range19:36
good_danaso it's definitely on that port19:36
dho_raguswell port 22 is closed for me19:36
dho_raguscan you ssh to the local IP# from the machine itself?19:36
good_danawait whats the question?19:37
good_danacan it ssh to itself?19:37
dho_ragusyes, that is the question19:39
good_danai can ssh to it from my ip (which is a different external ip, but in the same class c), i can ssh to it from the private network its on, i cant connect to it from anything else19:39
dho_ragusah.  what kind of gateway to the internet do you have?  perhaps a bridged firewall preventing inbound connections on 22?19:39
good_danacisco 260019:40
good_danalocal ip19:41
dho_raguswell, it's possible that something is blocking inbound connections from the internet on 22.19:42
dho_ragusi'd try an alternate port.19:42
good_danawell, i have control over every router between it and public internet, so i'm going to see if i can fix the acl19:43
dho_ragusoh, wait, you *can't* connect to it on its public IP#?19:43
good_danathanks for your help19:43
good_danaif i use the private ip it works19:44
pr0legood_dana: yeah, I'd watch your acl hits when trying to connect - it's probably just buried in your acls19:44
dho_ragusyeah, definitely sounds like a router problem.19:44
pr0le*something* buried in your acl, I should say19:44
good_danadho_ragus and pr0le: i figured it out, i had an explicit deny on 22 for every host that wasnt mine!20:14
pr0leah, that would do it :)20:15
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spiekeydoes anyone know how a nmap udp scan works since a handshake (SYN, ACK, FIN) does not exist?20:51
Deepsspiekey: google: nmap udp scan, 5th link http://www.linuxsecurity.com/content/view/117695/171/ says20:55
DeepsNmap will send a 0-byte UDP packet to each port. If the host returns a "port unreachable" message, that port is considered closed. This method can be time consuming because most UNIX hosts limit the rate of ICMP errors. Fortunately, Nmap detects this rate and slows itself down, so not to overflow the target with messages that would have been ignored.20:55
mindframe-spiekey, udp scans are super slow and inaccurate.  it's best to use something like nessus that uses "udp scripts" to determine if a udp service is responding.21:31
mzungufromport: update- all working now - thanks :D21:56
zulergh meeting in 5 minutes?21:57
fromportmzungu: good job! ;-)21:58
spiekeythanks Deeps and mindframe22:06
akincerit seems that on Hardy, /etc/init.d/bacula-sd restart is broken22:32
akincerI had to issue a start command to get it to run22:33
zulakincer: please open a bug in launchpad and I will take a look at it when I get a chance thanks..22:34
akincerevidence will be slim as the logs just don't show anything useful22:34
akincerI may issue a bug report on this as well, but the default configs have the FDAddress, DirAddress and SDAddress as This breaks any remote bwx-console or bat connections22:40
mathiazowh: I've closed the udev task for the status action script23:50
mathiazowh: and remove the init script from the bug attachment23:51
mathiazowh: udev maintainer said it was really a bad idea and doesn't want to see such a thing23:51
J-_what permissions do I have to change to access /var/www as user? So I can drag and drop files, etc.? And, what do I need to do?23:54
fooJ-_: ls -ld /var/www23:56
J-_foo: what will that do?23:58
fooJ-_: tell you the perms you need to know to answer your question23:58

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